Hot Girls Need Your Best Game

Hot girls are different than other women. Not radically so, but enough to notice by those with an unfiltered eye. The universality of female sexual nature bends and distorts a bit when the subject is a smoking hot 22 year old 8, 9 or 10, like travel at the speed of light will warp the passage of time. In fact, speed of light travel is a pretty good metaphor for how fast you will jizz inside a hard 10’s vagina.

The difference in sexual predilection, temperament and reactiveness between hot chicks and the rest of womankind lies primarily in two interacting social phenomena: one, hot chicks know they’re hotter than other girls and two, hot chicks receive a lot more tangible and intangible attention from men. (An example of intangible attention: while fewer men may approach a 10 than would approach a 7, the 10 can’t help but notice how many men swivel their heads in her direction when she breezes past them. Tangible attention: hot chicks get their meals paid more often than other women.)

Knowing these two things, the master seducer tailors his game as befits the degree of beauty of his preferred conquest. He knows, for instance, that hot chicks will rebuke flattery much more aggressively than will lesser women. Hot chicks squeal with glee for negs and teasing bordering on insults. Hot chicks expect you to be flustered around them; stay calm and unmoved, and you capture their interest. Hot chicks love love love to be disqualified. And hot chicks don’t suffer weak men gladly.

Most invidiously, hot chicks may even be greater cheating and cuckold risks than less attractive girls. (h/t: reader wudang)

Unrestricted sociosexuality was generally associated with greater attractiveness in female composites and real female faces and greater masculinity in male composites.

They may also be sluttier.

It has been found that symmetrical men (and women) have a tendency to begin to have sexual intercourse at an earlier age, to have more sexual partners, and to have more one-night stands.

And their very special combination of genes makes them not only more attractive to men, but also apt to have more lifetime partners.

Scientists have found a link between genetically diverse females and high numbers of sexual partners.

New research from Western Australia has shown that a series of genes linked to the immune system could explain why some women are more sexually successful than others. The genes are thought to make them more attractive to potential partners.

There are two ways to avoid sluts, whores and manipulative users, and reduce the risk that your girlfriend or future wife will cheat on you:

1. Don’t date hot girls.

2. Break in hot girls with incredibly tight game, like you would break in a wild bronco.

Now number 1 doesn’t sound like much fun. It’s easy, but nothing good in life comes easy.

Number 2 is where it’s at. Tight game will tame the hottest girls. Those frisky mares need and love a strong crop to the flanks. The good news is that hot girls lap up tight game like a kitten does a bowl of milk, because they so rarely experience the thrill of it from the men who surround them. You will set yourself apart if you game a 9 the same way you game an annoying 6 who’s full of herself: like she’s nothing special.

The bad news is that hot girls are the best at sussing out even the tiniest hints of weakness or incongruity in men. If your game isn’t consistently good and believable, you’ll be lunch meat. And you have to be on top of your game for YEARS. The beta margin of error that you normally get with plainer girls will be greatly attenuated with hot girls. If you want to prevent a hot girlfriend from straying, you’ve either got to mate guard like a drug lord’s right hand man, or you’ve got to game guard like Casanova.

This is why most greater beta males shoot for the 6 and 7 sweet spot in feminine beauty; they’re manageable with some minimal game and they let the beta male sleep at night without constantly worrying every five minutes if the kid is his.


  1. was this a guest post?


  2. I wrote a detailed response on Quora on this very subject in response to a an anonymous beta who was pining for Jennifer Love Hewitt


  3. Gingers are for banging.
    Mary Anns are for dating.


  4. My favorite book is about an elephant hunter in africa about 100 years ago.

    The natives thought that it was strange that the white men preferred beautiful wives. The beautiful women are wanted by all mean, they thought, and the beautiful women wanted all men. So the hottest women did not marry, but were not lonely either.


  5. I remember a guy name Phil and when he walked into the room and I preconsciously said, ” we had our Phil”. He was my first Phil. When the bubble in my head made plumb, I realized he had heard that shit all his life. Don’t make this mistake with Phil.


  6. ya a lot of PUAs learn how to land the 10s and then date a few and are like “fuck this is a hassle” and end up happily settling with a 7-8 because it’s way less work. Even when the chick herself is cool, you have to deal with an onslaught of male attention. It takes a shit-ton of security and abundance mentality to handle that stuff and most guys aren’t up to it.

    Cue the fat feminist uggo lecturing us “that GAME stuff with your NEGS won’t work on MEEEEE”. No shit, it’s for hot girls who live in a reality you can’t even comprehend, the way a beta can’t comprehend the reality an alpha lives in lol


    • on August 23, 2012 at 6:32 pm furiousferret

      So if you are going out with your 10, what kind of hassles do you deal with? I’m not even talking about a nightclub, just out and about normal style.


      • Think of yourself when you see a girl with awesome tits and/or a great ass with her boyfriend. First thing most men think is “god damn I’d fuck that” and they will size you up. If they’re drunk, prepare for a bunch of hollering. Best counter to this is to be physically intimidating and have a great vibe with the girl.


      • If you build a home on the frontier, or go out with a 10, be ready to fight.


      • Most people don’t do anything. Most people are pathetic pussies and just look and that’s it. The vast majority of men are pussies.

        You only ever have problems in bars, clubs and maybe a shopping mall, but those guys are 14 so it doesn’t matter. And you shouldnt go to malls in the first place.

        If you’re the type to notice people looking at you, you already lost.

        Any male friends or male strangers who try anything should immediately be destroyed to the point where he doesn’t want to live anymore. Even if the girl you’re with isn’t your girlfriend. It’s an assault on you and that’s that.

        Do it swiftly and then leave.

        If you’re not capable of doing so because you’re afraid of police or you’re just capable then what the fuck are you doing going to bars and clubs? You’re worthless and of low value and that’s why you’re worried about bullshit like other guys looking at your girlfriend.

        Men of value and with enough social standing and ability to kick the living shit out of deserving scumbags without fear of retaliation or arrest for whatever reason don’t worry about other men looking at or buying their girlfriends shit.


      • And if you can’t be physically intimidating looking (as in, kinda short) learn some sort of practical martial art like Muay Thai or Boxing (real boxing, not kickboxing bullshit) so you know that you can take out most of untrained people.


      • Also most of the trained people won’t fight needlessly or profess about how they are a black belt, making them more likely to be a new friend than an asshole who starts a barfight.


      • I love this. I love to fight so much. I’ll take on 4 in a night even at once.


      • A CCW permit will do wonders too.


      • – the constant angry glares coming your way from guys wherever you go because they’re thinking “why is she with HIM? That’s bullshit, she should be with a guy like me…”

        – your friends awkwardly hitting on her whenever you bring her out, because she’s social and friendly and they’ve never talked to a girl that hot before so they’re all constantly vying for her attention, bro code goes way out the window

        – every single male you guys encounter together blatantly trying to flirt with her (not necessarily WELL, but TRYING). From store clerks trying to hit on her while they bag your groceries to cops letting her get off from tickets to bouncers saying “She can come in, but you have to wait in line” etc. Guys giving her free shit left and right. Most of them are all trying to get in “under the radar” and get on her Facebook or whatever just to “be friends”, and as a social girl she’ll often take their offers of friendship because that’s why she’s a 10 with a million friends in the first place. But we all know every single one of those guys is hoping they can sneak her out to hang out with them and fuck her.

        – at bars you get huge drunk AMOG guys (groups of them, at times) physically intimidating you and hitting on her and groping her and shit to try to get her away from you, which is fine if you’re a huge dude who wants to get into fights multiple times a night, but if you’re a normal guy you have to learn to deal with these guys allllll night long. Even if you CAN kick their ass, this’ll happen multiple times in a night every single night you go out, so it’s a fool’s errand to go that route unless you want to eventually end up in jail or with serious injuries when after you beat up the first 9 guys the 10th finally lands a hit on you.

        – the irony is that she’ll WANT to go out to bars with you. She’ll want to go out with her girlfriends and dance and shit because she’s a 10 so she’s probably in the 20-25 age range and that’s what they do. She’s willfully oblivious to all of this stuff and convinces herself “they’re just being nice” so any jealousy you show will make you look insecure and help throw her into their arms.

        – a lot of guys will actually be super nice to you, but again it’s with an ulterior motive of figuring out their competition and sneaking in under the radar, and you can pick up on that vibe pretty quick (ie – that bartender wouldn’t be giving you those shots on the house if you weren’t with this chick, oh and look he poured her an extra one)

        – in bars especially but also in daytime, you’ll run into the rich guys who will literally tell the girl they want to fly her to Paris and they’ll pay for it and everything. Like retarded offers that sound made up, but these guys have the money to do that. That’s part of why the value competition of “who has the tightest 6-pack abs and who has the most money” is silly, you will NEVER EVER WIN THAT. Even if you’re better looking and richer than everyone in your city, you’ll go on vacation to LA with your girl and a celebrity will mack on her. This is also why the really hot girls don’t care about that stuff, they’re surrounded by it so they’re looking for a guy with internal value since most of those guys don’t have it since they base their worth externally. This is why you’ll see smokin hot girls with ugly scrubby loser guys and go “wtf is that shit???” Meanwhile now you’re that guy from my first point staring daggers at that scrubby guy, which is what he has to put up with alllll day every day when he’s with her

        – in bars guys will SHOWER her with free drinks, shots, etc. because to them if they get her shit-faced they might have a chance to feel her up and get in her pants or rape her

        – super hot girls are used to being able to get away with more drama because no one EVER calls them out on their bullshit, so they’ll test you way more frequently than other girls. They also tend to like drama more because it’s so rare for their world to be unpredictable and scary since everything is handed to them on a silver platter by the world being extremely cautious about daring to offend the princess. So they’ll try to start drama with you just in hopes that they’ll get to feel something other than “being perfect”

        – girls and female friends will constantly insult your girlfriend when she’s not around and behind your guys’ backs and call you shallow and imply that she’s a dumb bimbo etc. etc. just out of jealousy so you have negativity on that side too. God forbid if she’s much younger than you and then you get the pedophile jokes on top of it and the implications that you’re taking advantage of this poor naive innocent girl (doesn’t matter if she’s smart as fuck and has degrees and shit)

        – she’ll have male orbiters, hundreds of them, from all walks of life, and a ton of them will be better looking, richer, etc. than you but she’ll consider them all her “friends”. They’re alllllll friend-zoned, but they’ll alllllll still TRY to get in her pants. So she’ll go out on what anyone else would call a “date” with them, but she’ll say they’re just “hanging out”, because hell, she gets a free steak dinner and to drive around in a lambourghini, why wouldn’t she want to go “hang out”? You would too if a girl was offering you that shit. She won’t fuck them, but the pangs of jealousy will eat away at your soul every minute she’s not around you. You could cut her off from all her male friends but then you’ll look insecure and controlling and they’ll all make sure to let her know that about you and try to poison her against you so that she’ll break up with you and they can fuck her

        – you have way less bargaining posture over her than you do with an average girl because an average girl has maybe a handful of orbiters and they’re all kind of lame compared to you so you have “hand” in the relationship since you can walk and get another girl. But with this girl, you probably can’t get another one as hot as her very easily since they’re rare to begin with especially if you live in a small town, and she has hundreds of amazing guys all lined up if she wants to pull “hand” and you both know this. As long as you have a solid frame and she sees you as higher value than all those guys, you’re fine, but she’s finely tuned to sniffing out low value in men so if you drop the ball at all, she can move on and not give a single fuck

        – on top of it, when you’re NOT around her, you don’t know what she’s up to except that every guy around her is hitting on her constantly and trying to fuck her. So she goes on a “girls night out” with her ladies, where you know they’ll be dressed up hot and get all the attention of the room and she’ll be drinking at a nightclub while you’re sitting at home paranoid that she’s going to get fucked by some other guy…and then she legit falls asleep or something when she gets home and forgets to txt you and your last txt from her was at midnight and said “baby im soooo drnk lol!!” and your mind fills in a million disaster scenarios till you hear from her the next afternoon at which point you worry because you have no idea if she was banging a guy all night and kicked him out or what and you know women lie about that shit…remember, all those guys at the bar are showering her with free drinks to try to fuck her

        – also, all of the guy’s hitting on her stuff still happens even if you’re claiming your space and have your arm around her, holding her hand, she’s holding onto your arm, etc., this will all still happen…especially when guys are drinking. Guys will have entire conversations just with her as if you don’t exist at all, so you have to either barge your way into the conversation and risk looking insecure or ignore her and walk off and hope that she doesn’t run off with that guy

        – god forbid if you end up in something really long-term with her and get married and then all of this is compounded by the fact that if she divorces you she gets half your money, kids, etc.

        so ya, there’s a lot of bullshit to deal with. Average girls don’t even understand that hot girls have this sort of lifestyle because they get way less attention and perks. And guys who haven’t dated 10s don’t understand what this is like, they just think “naw I’d keep her at home and she’d just be super hot and I’d be in heaven”.

        It’s possible to handle these girls, but you have to have absolutely no insecurity (which is where jealousy stems from) and KNOW, 100%, that you are the highest value male she can get…even if that’s not true objectively or based on external things like looks, money, etc. This is very difficult for most guys to do, so most guys who get 10s will fuck it up within a few months because they can’t keep up with the barrage of tests that’ll come their way from her and the rest of the world and as soon as you cave once she knows there’s chinks in your armor and you’re not as high value as you pretended to be.

        This is why ultimately game is to help you learn to BE high value, after you fake it for a while. You eventually become it and it’s internalized and you’re no longer faking it, and that’s where you can handle dating a legit 10.

        (side note, a girl who’s super hot isn’t necessarily a 10…girls who are super hot but still insecure or low self-esteem (usually these are the super bratty bitchy girls in clubs) aren’t 10s because they only have the looks not the personality. A legit 10 will be smokin hot and cool as fuck and friendly to everyone around her, which is part of what causes all the trouble I listed lol every guy thinks he’s getting Approach Invites and iois lol)


      • Wow, yeah, I couldn’t have come up with all of this by myself. I forgot the other counter other than having great game – it’s to go out banging other girls. You’ll be a lot less needy and much more outcome independent around her. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m pulling in two really hot girls at once but I know it helps tremendously with 7s and whatnot.


      • bars, clubs, stupid fake friends, and all that shit is lame meaningless bullshit for the stupid worthless masses.

        a woman who doesn’t want to tend the garden and house and grow food for you and stay home is worthless and not marriage material. if a girl is not marriage and mother material, just treat her like a hole. Because she IS a hole and theres no reason to imagine she’s anything but a hole. if you want nothing but her holes and some company and social proof, then she’s not worth fussing over.


      • Dude, not everyone strives to get shackled. Get that in your head.


      • Honestly, you wreak of insecurity.

        If a girl you’re “dating” is going on dated with other guys in expensive cars and shit then she isn’t that into you.

        And if she tells you one of her faggot male friends is taking her out and she doesn’t immediately blow him off when you tell her you’re going some where and she’s going with you, then she is not that into you and you should cut your losses before you’re officially chumpified.


      • Sorry, I don’t speak Keyboard Jockey. Come back after you’ve left your computer room a few times.


      • on August 23, 2012 at 8:59 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        This is a bit lengthy but on the mark.

        I remember my days dating a model-type and guys who behaved like this to her actually pissed her off. She felt like they were just going to use her in one way or another. The bigger the offer, the angrier she got. That’s when I realized she felt about her looks like I felt about the kind of people that demanded I play piano every time I walked into the room — exploited. Or people who tried to make me edit their papers for free since I was a writer.

        I found the best method of dealing with this was no method. Just treat her like you would one of the guys (so to speak).

        The funniest thing was that where most women enjoyed things like flowers, she’d bitterly complain if some guy tried to woo her that way, seeing it as another in a long line of empty gestures.


      • on August 23, 2012 at 9:47 pm furiousferret

        Holy Hell.

        Be careful what you wish for.


      • It’s not that bad unless you are stuck with urban club bitches. Beach 10’s are typically foreign, can’t legally drink, and have a different vibe.


      • Yeah, manjaw’s gonna manjaw.


      • on August 23, 2012 at 9:57 pm furiousferret


        ‘A legit 10 will be smokin hot and cool as fuck and friendly to everyone around her, which is part of what causes all the trouble I listed lol every guy thinks he’s getting Approach Invites and iois lol)’

        This one area where I completely understand bitch shields from attractive women. Without the shield up all the lesser betas/omegas crawl out of the woodwork and she now has a bonafide stalker.

        I have seen this happen to attractive women with bubbly personalities. They are super friendly and giving out false IOIs and all the sudden the creepy overweight lesser beta now has found a pussy oasis in the blueballan desert.

        That’s why I never critcize super hot women from putting up bitch shields.


      • ya, it’s survival for them. Once you understand that you stop looking at shit-tests as bitchy behavior that pisses you off and you see it for what it is: her method of weeding out guys who aren’t as awesome as you are. 🙂

        The whole strip-club industry is based off guys not being able to read real from fake iois and coming back because Sapphire loves them, no you guys don’t understand, we have a connection, blah blah. Meanwhile as soon as he’s gone she’s laughing to her friends about her regular “whale” (aka sucker who she can get tons of money out of by leading him on).

        If you go to Vegas the hookers try to blend in with the rest of the crowd and make up fake stories and shit to explain why they’re there and it’s all pretty believable but if you can tell the different between real and fake iois you can figure out which chicks are working girls and which are legit pretty fast. Same principle applies to really hot girls who are just being friendly or using you to make someone else jealous or using you for attention VS actually INTO you.

        This all comes from field experience.


      • I read a post once where a babe said she decided she was going to be more friendly to the world. So she started to smile and say high at the super market. You know what happened. Stalked to the register with a pit bull clamp on where the guy would not take a no for an answer. His sac was probably 250 psi of pressurized jizz . Quite a feat to get out of such naivete cleanly unmounted by the entire Greek alphabet. She was very clear that she was not doing that again.

        To understand: Go to a third world country dressed in rich clothing in the townie section of a tourist town, and be friendly. Bend over and expose some cash too.


      • @YaReally

        Where did you start out when you first started learning game in terms of the girls you were taking down.

        Did you start with the 5s and get the experience/confidence and work your way up or did you just say fuck it and aim much higher and do the fake it until you make it gambit?

        Just curious because I see the merits of both strategies and would like to hear your perspective and how you went about it once you started learning.


      • oh no I fucked some super uggos when I started lol I was a hard case newbie though, I was starting off from a way worse position than most guys. I had never even had female friends in my life, let alone dates or anything like that, and I was in my early 20s. So at the start ANYTHING was amazing success to me.

        Now I just honestly can’t get a boner for girls who aren’t a certain level or type of hotness. I have pretty specific tastes both in looks/style and personality type. I like the bitchy loud girls lol, ’cause they’re a challenge and most guys can’t handle those types.

        Ironically before I got into game all I wanted was a quiet submissive little asian chick I could be all romantic and cuddle with. But that was because I hadn’t been with any chicks and didn’t know what actually gets me hard or keeps me interested in a relationship.


      • Ya seems to me that the fact that you started at zero was very beneficial for your trajectory in pick-up.

        No real negative dispositions like getting shot down harshly in middle/high-school, no ex-gfs cheating on you or dumping you, no girls friend-zoning you and you cannot understand why. No bitterness, hang-ups or trauma to start out with really.

        I’m not sure if I would trade in my positive/negative “references” for your tabula rasa because ultimately they’ve hardened me up and given me experiences I can revert to.

        It would be nice to not have future decisions and girls clouded by my past. That’s life though and I’m sure I will get past it if I stick with it. Just saying.

        Thanks for the insight all around.



      • “Ya seems to me that the fact that you started at zero was very beneficial for your trajectory in pick-up.”

        Ya, I wouldn’t have believed it at the time, but it all worked out in my favor. I was able to absorb PUA concepts quickly because I didn’t have a lot of “no way, that’s not how it works!!!” or “but I don’t want it to BE like that!!!” notions getting in the way. My thinking was more “Oh, what? THAT’S how it works? Okay, these guys clearly know more than I do so I’ll go try this shit out then!”

        Ultimately I had other areas to catch up on (learning to connect with women and see them as more than just for sex, though I’ve got that down now) and I am pretty fucked up when it comes to actual long-term relationships, the concept of being with one person for years and years is completely foreign to me because I never dated before. So those are things I have to work on that most people who went through the normal dating process already have some experience, good or bad, with.

        Is it a better trade-off? Hard to say, depends on your goals I guess. I know that if I want to ever settle down and have the white-pickett fence and 2.5 kids and all that, I’m going to have a shit-load of challenges ahead of me compared to a lot of people (like how to stay interested in a girl for more than a few months). But for this period in my life where I like just getting laid and having multiple on-going relationships with the occasional dabble into something more serious, this works out nice for me. 🙂

        (there IS PUA literature on managing long-term relationships and living with a woman and raising kids with her and stuff and I’ve read a lot of it but I don’t have much interest in actually applying it right now)


      • You talk a pretty big game, champ, and I find much of your commentary quite insightful. However, this comment leaves me scratching my head about your actual, as opposed to theoretical, prowess. Throughout this detailed post about the pitfalls of dating a 10, you seem to accept a shit ton of bad behavior from these “10s” that I NEVER tolerate from ANY female under my dominion, and yes, I date 8s, 9s, and 10s.

        Why don’t you just lay down the laws of what it means to be your bitch, and kick her to the curb if she doesn’t comply? None of your complex observations about 10s ever enter my world (they used to, years ago), because they know it’s forbidden. They either willingly abide by my rules, which I lay down upfront, or they go elsewhere, voluntarily or otherwise.

        I find that more than any other principle, the one thing that the really hot bitches all desire is RULES THAT WILL BE ENFORCED WITHOUT PASSION OR PREJUDICE. All the world bends its rules for them, and this creates an ever shifting reality (like the Matrix flicks) for which the female mind is ill equipped. What they really desire is to know that they have secured a FIXED place in the clan, and this social definition is delineated by rules that are enforced, with no consideration given to their beauty.


      • I see how his elongated post gives you this impression. I could write this up myself given the time and the passion. I still consider my game well above average but far from perfect. I know within a few years I’ll be solid as hell…and when it gets to that point I would not write something like this. But it’s not like these points aren’t true…everyone starts somewhere.

        Though your point goes back to what I said, and what is commonly said on this blog, is that you must have the self confidence as a man to dump even the hottest chicks on their ass when you can and move on to another girl. Really I don’t think this can be faked, you have to have the game and self confidence to go out there and be able to pick up some hot girls without too much effort. It takes time to get to that point.


      • “I know within a few years I’ll be solid as hell…and when it gets to that point I would not write something like this. But it’s not like these points aren’t true…everyone starts somewhere.”

        Oh, I get it now. My bad, I didn’t realize I was giving the impression that I put up with all of that stuff or don’t have my own ways of dealing with it or training it out of girls.

        No, my post was describing what that intermediate guy who gets his first 10 is going to run into and get gobsmacked by because he completely wasn’t expecting any of it. All of that shit is laughable to me now, but when you date your first 10 you run into it and are like “wait I thought this was supposed to be awesome?? fuuuuuuck 😦 :(”

        I’ve seen a LOT of guys lose a lot of hot girls over the years because they couldn’t get rid of their insecure jealousy and they ultimately sabotaged themselves.

        I’m actually partly built without a “jealousy switch” because of how I started out. I never went through the romantic phase of life with puppy-love and all that, I went right from no interactions with women to seeing them from a PUA perspective. So for me women are completely sexual creatures and I view their actions from a pretty cold perspective…if a girl ditches me for another guy I don’t think “what a bitch grrr 😦 :(” I just think “oh, cool, ya he was doing such and such so of course she’d go to him.” No emotional reaction really…that’s part of what really hot social girls like about me.


      • I have some 18 year olds in rotation precisely because I’m not jealous of their desire to go clubbing with their friends a night or two per week. In fact, they know that I know I’m funding it and don’t want to be cut off from the weekly $50 allowance (the hottest girls can’t help wanting to be sugar babies). So they tell me they laugh off the many attempts to bed them by other guys. At that young age I’d like to assume they’re just attention whoring. It took me months or at least weeks to get each of them into bed myself so I’d rather not think that other guys are doing it faster.

        They know I wouldn’t be attracted to them anymore if they admitted to doing something with another guy. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening. My frame is just that they know I have a small rotation and I want my women to be true to me.


      • oh, cool, are we comparing e-Penises, “champ”? lol

        I let them get away with that behavior because it doesn’t bother me.

        Like she can take a dozen guys’ numbers right in front of me if she wants, it doesn’t matter, none of those guys have enough game to fuck her and if they did they wouldn’t be able to fuck her the way I fuck her. I know that, and she knows that, so it doesn’t matter to me if she “disrespects” me that way.

        She can act like a bitch to me or throw a temper tantrum if she wants, I don’t care any more than I’d care if my 5 year old niece called me a poopy-head or didn’t want to eat her vegetables. I’m not going to be like “fuck you, 5 year old niece! I don’t tolerate that shit, I’m an alpha badass!! NEXT!!!!” That’s just what girls do and it’s silly and doesn’t affect me in any way.

        If she does something that crosses one of my personal lines, I don’t even bother to bitch her out about it. I just call up a different girl instead of her next time. Wtf do I care?

        The irony is that the fact that I’m so apathetic about it is what makes them tend not to test me with it. They’ll test at the start to see how I handle it and when they realize I legit don’t give a shit because I can get other girls, they shape up and choose not to do a lot of that stuff because they’re scared I’ll leave them.

        A girl you take out accepts a drink from a random guy at the bar and starts flirting with him. In your world, you go “NEXT!!! Fuck you bitch! That’s against my rules!!” and flip her off. In mine I shrug and start talking to a table of girls nearby and trust that my girl will come back to me. If she doesn’t, I fuck one of the girls at the table, who cares?

        The fear of loss can be a lot more powerful than the fear of authority. Especially with really hot chicks who know that meeting a man who can handle them is rare. Remember we’re talking 10s here, not 8s and 9s.

        Your way sets rules and all and works and you can definitely just bang them on the side that way, but you’re throwing away a lot of trainable girls unneccesarily. Plus you’ll have a harder time dating a popular young 10 long-term because you’ll have more trouble getting along with her social circles. A 10 isn’t a recluse sitting inside playing Warcraft with no real life friends, a 10 is a chick that has an entire world she’s used to that’s all vying for her attention 24/7. When she posts a pic up on Facebook it gets 100 Likes in 10 minutes. Her phone is going off all day with people wanting to hang out with her. She has hundreds of orbiters buzzing around her constantly and a lot of those orbiters are people she can’t just cut out from her life because they do things for her that she needs done.

        It’s like an open relationship, most guys are like “OMG you can’t be in an open relationship, she’s going to fuck all these other guys you’re such a pussy to let that happen!” But that’s because they don’t understand that her hypergamy makes her only want to fuck me, because all those other guys are lame compared to me. The very fact that I tell her “go ahead and fuck other guys if you want (shrug)” is what makes her see me as high enough value that I don’t even care if she fucks other guys…she ends up choosing to be faithful to me because she hopes to finally win me over from my open lifestyle one day.

        We’re talking about really advanced shit here though. I’m sure your e-Penis is much bigger than mine.


      • Yep,
        Rule n°1: No flirting with other guys.
        Rule n°2: If she goes out with her girlfriends, she must be home by 10.

        Call me an insecure chump, but I prefer that to being a cuckold. And I dated girls in many categories. Although I don’t really go for the very social types.
        I prefer shy girls. They can be pretty damn hot, and they’re way easier to deal with.


      • You’ve obviously never had a girl who was 8 or above.


      • That’s cool man, whatever floats your boat. We’re talking about a different type of girl here, is all.


      • NYC

        Don’t be so quick to judge. I know what YR is talking about.
        It’s just that I’m maybe more careful about the types of girls I get into ltrs with. It’s obvious that a social butterfly 10 with a flirty vibe will make your life miserable. I had a couple of these (although not the victoria secret model types glorified in here. I’m all about T&A lol)

        But even if I ever decided to get “serious” with an extrovert 10, I will try to impose my rules, and if she doesn’t comply, fuck it. She’ll be N°3 instead of being N°1, that’s all.


      • NYC,

        Anon is right. With a strong enough frame you can impose your will on any chick, no matter how hot she is. Now, of course an extrovert 10 will be more difficult than a slightly shy 9, but it all still applies.

        Lay down whatever rules you are comfortable with, and if she doesn’t comply, next her. It’s not very hard, and women know you aren’t fucking around if you are firm with your convictions. The only thing I would say is that if your girl abides, you can’t be an asshole who goes out and flirts with every single chick you can right in front of her. Having a 9 follow you around like a puppy dog and not even think about making eyes at another guy is a great feeling and a confirmation of your game.


      • The thing is 18 year olds mostly really don’t want to be officially tied down. They hottest often want a year or two of the club scene. I’ve seen them reject the serious young alphas their own age who want to control them.

        If you live within walking distance of the clubs, you can be their refuge for before and after they hit the scene. Have a well stocked fridge. At that age, their parents are curfewing them to be at least home by midnight or 1AM so they can’t even stay overnight with you. But you will get them drunk at 11PM or you get them wanting money to enjoy the club with at 8PM. In any case they will have lots of stories of other men hitting on them.

        They may want you to come with them to the clubs but you can tell them “why would I ever need to go to a club when I get the hottest girls like you coming to me?”

        They respect that frame a lot.

        You can tell them that you won’t be attracted to them anymore if they ever have sex with another guy. They’ll know their friends might betray them on this if their friends also want to be with you. I may or may not have been effective with this. But I’d honestly stop fucking them if I seriously thought other guys were succeeding. And they know I feel this way.

        But this advice probably doesn’t apply to the anglosphere where they have to be 21 just to go to the clubs. In most of the world, women that age are already retiring from that scene and settling down.


      • “It’s obvious that a social butterfly 10 with a flirty vibe will make your life miserable.”

        This is absolutely true, if you aren’t a social butterfly 10 with a flirty vibe yourself. aka – someone who can handle and enjoys these kinds of girls instead of wanting to jump out of the shadows, interact with as few people as infrequently as possible, throw a sack over a 10 and bring her back to your shadowy lair where you can imprison her and make sure she never speaks to another soul but yourself again because you hate interacting with the world and being in social environments.

        Not meaning you, specifically, but this is the mentality of a lot of guys in the manosphere and pickup communities. 🙂 “I want that super hot 10 that all the other guys want…but I want to still be an anti-social creeper. How do I make this happen?”


      • Ya really, I agree with most of your post except for one thng. It is not enough to internalize high status and game to get a 10. Life should be that simple. You need some status, some looks, some money or a good deal of one or two of the above. We cannot rely on only Jedi mind tricks. Women need a threshhold level of desireability.

        This means we can’t take shortcuts. And we can aspire just to date or marry to our highest ability.


      • Yareally focuses on attraction. And he’s absolutely right that money, status and looks don’t count… as long as you’re not unbearably ugly or deformed.

        But you’re right about relationships. You can’t have a successful long-term relationship with a 10 if you’re not successful, or at least ambitious and “on a mission” like in the 16 commandments of poon.

        But still, you can be a rich master of the universe alpha, with a strong frame and game. Your wife can be totally madly in love and some guy like yareally can still fuck her while she is shopping, solely because of attraction.

        On the other hand, a loser alpha like Yareally likes to portray himself has higher odds of losing the girl early because she will want security and money or whatever. She could leave him, find a rich beta boyfriend/husband, and still fuck yareally on the side. Again, because of attraction.


      • “or at least ambitious and “on a mission” like in the 16 commandments of poon.”

        This. A girl cares more about your potential than what you have. You can have money, a 6-pack, confidence, and an amazing 6 figure career, but I’ll pit my “walking into a restaraunt where all the staff know me by name and the waitresses flirt with me and the manager comes out to shake my hand and my smokin’ hot ex drops a jealous comment on her way past our table while I tell the girl I’m with all about my ambitious hopes and dreams for the future” against your external shit any day. 🙂

        “But still, you can be a rich master of the universe alpha, with a strong frame and game.”

        The problem is to get the 6-pack and earn the 6-figures, often guys will be working 80+ hour weeks and spending 2 hours a day in the gym. Then they’re driving around in their expensive BMW to get places.

        Meanwhile I have no job or do minimal work and I work out once a week, so I have tons of free time, and I have a roommate who parties so I meet people through him, and I ride the public bus or subway so I’m pretty much surrounded by women and people in general to chat up all day long. And when a girl is horny I have a flexible schedule so I’m available at a moment’s notice while the master of the universe has to find time to schedule her in. I can sit around all day txting dirty shit to all the girls on my phone, I’m not a CEO making important calls to Japan.

        Which of us is going to have sharper seduction skills?

        One of my Natural buddies with no job literally calls up a fuckbuddy, then comes out to the bar to pick up a new one, then bangs that new one and sends her home and comes back to the bar to get another one for last call lol He’s done it a few times. Dude’s sex drive is thru the roof though, legit sex addict. Fascinating to see though. For a while he was working two jobs, he had tons of money but no free time to get laid. He actually quit one of his jobs so he could get pussy again lol

        “She could leave him, find a rich beta boyfriend/husband, and still fuck yareally on the side.”

        This is basically what happens. I lose fuckbuddies all the time, I call it “boyfriending up”. There’s actually a pattern to when/why/how it happens so I’m usually expecting it. Suddenly I won’t hear from a girl anymore or she’ll start txting less in general or she’ll send a big dramatic “I can’t see you anymore, I’ve met someone…” speech txt lol or she’ll put up LMR when I try to fuck her and then get all dramatic on me. I don’t care at all, I can get other girls and if I want to pursue those particular girls for whatever reason, I can…the way I set the frame up, I’m not a provider at all, so the only reason she’s looking for another guy to be her “boyfriend” is that she wants someone who’ll give her provider shit. To get her all I have to do is start showing provider potential to her.

        But I’m actually in favor of them finding guys they can settle down with. If that’s what she’s looking for, and some other guy will provide it, cool, best of luck to them both, there are other girls for me. I don’t need to hog the ones that want more than I’m offering, I back off completely and let the other guy have them.

        But inevitably they either come back (since I’m a good fuck and the other guy usually has no game and she gets bored) or they keep my number “just in case…” and I get a txt when they’re drunk/horny etc. God forbid I run into them out at a bar or something, if their guy isn’t there it’s pretty much a done deal that we’ll fuck. Hell, even if their guy IS there, I can flirt with her subtly behind his back or right in front of him because the connection is already there from before. My above-mentioned Natural buddy does the same thing all the time.

        “I have a boyfriend now!”
        “lol of course you do…(proceed as normal, to sex)”

        She won’t break up with him, but I’ll be the guy on the side that she’s using his money to buy sexy lingerie for.


      • Killer writeup. Unfortunately, all true. The doorman sayin, “She can come in, but you have to wait in line.” — obviously borne of experience.


      • Who cares though? If you’re bitch would actually go in without you are either lacking serious game or you’re a supplicating beta bitch who would wait around hoping to get in just to have a slim chance at sniffing her pussy later that night.

        This exact scenario happened when I went out with 5 SEC sorority girls in NYC. I had already fucked one when on spring break and all of them loved me. Bouncer tried to toss this line out and all of the girls started giving him shit, especially the one I fucked. If they didn’t I simply would leave and go find some randoms (I’m in NYC, pussy is everywhere).


      • I read this stuff from this ectodweeb Ya Really because I find it hilarious. This little virgin nerd must be living some sort of Walter Mitty life in his head as he rides the bus and has all of these fantasies. Sounds like some poor little schoolboy or kid who stocks shelves at the supermarket. Can you imagine this loser dictating any terms and conditions to even a 2? 🙂


      • So how does Game help you overcome all that ? I’m a total newb so I’m kind of confused by some of the comments saying you’ve got to set down rules and control the girl. I thought that was a bad thing to do ? Wouldn’t it make you look jealous, insecure, uptight, etc not someone a hot girl would want to be around ? I thought you were just supposed to act aloof and like you couldn’t care less about what she does ?


      • The regulars here, like Yareally, are saying don’t be a dictator. My experience is that, if one of the girls you’re dating is a clubber, make sure she knows evo psych enough to know you wouldn’t be sexually interested in her anymore if she did anything with another guy.That’s all the dictating you need to do if she’s smart.

        But you shouldn’t be putting any emotional energy into a clubber. There are enough good girls who spend age 16-21 reading books and watching films and losing their virginity to someone like you.

        Yesterday I was with just such a good girl who showed off her bikini for me in my kitchen with her best friend chaperoning her, and she discussed at length how the American show “Sex and the City” presented older women with a false fantasy. She agreed that the men depicted in that show would probably want to have sex with her but not Sarah Jessica Parker and co, and mostly because of her youth and lack of experience. This one’s marriage material and wouldn’t go near a night club. Date women who “get it”.

        Carousel riders, including those who haven’t shown you they “get it”, aren’t worth considering as your gf.


      • No one said anything about being a dictator.
        Come on now, forbidding a serious girlfriend to openly flirt with other guys strikes me as common sense. Yareally obviously doesn’t give a shit about the girl fucking other guys as long as he gets some because he only cares about flings and short-term relationships, props to him. But we’re talking about LTRs here. A minimum of discipline is required.
        It’s been discussed over and over in this blog. Women don’t like control freaks but they also don’t like naïve chumps. Aim towards the middle.

        “make sure she knows evo psych enough to know you wouldn’t be sexually interested in her anymore”

        A cheat is gonna cheat, even she is smart and evo psych educated. I’m sure a sizeable bunch of the female readers of this blog are cheating on their boyfriends right now.
        The cuckoldry risk depends on her sexual past, family upbringing, quality of the boyfriend, opportunity and sheer luck (if she crosses the path of a masterful seducer, you’re pretty much fucked).

        She can read all the evo psych she wants, she won’t be able to control herself if she’s ever in the thrall of a charming alpha.


      • But you may be right that a girl who knows about evo psych is less likely to actively seek an affair.

        But I’m sure very few affairs start with the woman actively pursuing the interloper, except when hubby/bf is a hopeless beta.


      • All agrees with what I’ve experienced dating some stripper porn star types (not top tier porn stars but big enough to have online fan sites and such). I can imagine that girls of similar hotness who aren’t as psychologically fucked up as strippers might be a little different, but all of this stuff still happens.

        I say forget trying to LTR these girls and just enjoy it for what it is. Long term FB, as well as using them as social proof to get even more hotties, is probably be the best frame.


      • If you do marry her, learn Russian and haul her off to the former Soviet Union where she ain’t anything special in the looks dept


      • I dated one “10” in my life. One or two 9’s maybe, but only one 10. She was a working model for the best (or one of them) agency.

        Everywhere you went people would gravitate to her. It was a spectacle. Servers would get nervous. People were honored to be near her.

        She created drama you could write a book about. I had a sense of what “game” was at the time, but eventually I got too close to the sun and her tests too twisted.


      • THIS. And YaReally’s post too.

        I dated an Elite model for about two months. She was 31, but her hair, face, and figure were 21. She was a 10, thru and thru.

        I landed her with a cocky bet about how long it would be before she would let me fuck her. (My guess: Two weeks. Reality: Two hours.)

        Still, I couldn’t hold onto her because of the shit tests. Like H says, it really wasn’t worth it. She was mediocre in the sack, and the number of men who hit on her WHILE SHE WAS ON MY ARM was maddening.

        Moral: An 8 is the sweet spot, especially one who grew up in a cave and doesn’t know that she’s an 8.

        Well said, YaReally.


      • Agree it generally is not worth it. It is not her fault, but with the whole world after her she is going to go crazy and test everyone’s limits. And these limits will stretch to grotesque proportions. Theft, betrayal, capital crimes.

        8’s that are smart and fun to be around are better prospects for virtually anyone. Given the freedom women have here to do whatever makes them feel good, 10s are powder kegs. Imagine having kids with one and just waiting for the day for her to tell you she is bored and needs to move on because she is not fulfilled and needs someone different.


      • “It is not her fault”

        That’s the main thing to remember. In a way I actually feel bad for some of them. Imagine if you couldn’t go ANYWHERE without fat gross toothless women hitting on you CONSTANTLY. Ya, getting some free shit would be cool here and there at first, but for the most part not only would you have to develop ways to get them to fuck off, but you’d also be frustrated because with them surrounding you all the time the super hot chick across the room who you WANT to fuck and who WANTS to fuck you, won’t come over and say hi.

        It’s like celebrities who can’t escape the paparazzi and who will never experience having privacy again. It’s sad in a way.


      • Imagine having kids with one and just waiting for the day for her to tell you she is bored and needs to move on because she is not fulfilled and needs someone different.

        It sounds like you guys live in a country that lets women think they will hold onto their looks category for more than two years before falling a branch or two and holding that for a year or two before falling another notch again.

        In a normal society, she’d be clinging to whatever man would have her by age 24.

        I noticed in the nuclear neg post comment section that many of you guys who live in the anglosphere seem to have to live with this female frame.

        Outside the anglosphere, I can politely tell 18 year olds that they may drop a notch within 3 months, which keeps them on their toes. At that age it will not upset them and make them reject you for a more pc compliant man. It’s a feminist meme to think they will think a man is pathetic for bringing the subject up. The opposite happens.

        Here’s an example from today showing how easy it is to tactfully do this without sounding desperate, nerdy, try-hard or bitter:

        About six months ago, I asked a 19 year old 7 who had been a 10 when I met her two years before, to please introduce me to someone hot that I could maybe marry. She took a 10 aged 17 to dinner with me. The new girl liked me but said in the bathroom to my friend that she was too young to date, especially a middle aged man even though she really liked me, especially for my sense of humor. The girl was a committed virgin to boot. She had brought her 20 year old sister along as a chaperone.

        It was decided that she and her sister would clean my kitchen every two weeks for $50. We would use that time to get to know each other. Recently her sister asked me if I had any similar friends she could meet, implying that I was her sister’s territory. My girl and I agreed that, on her 18th birthday, she wouldn’t wash my dishes but do a fashion show for me in her bikini.

        Today she finally did that show (a week late because she was shy). She was self conscious about her body and while I told her she was a 10, we also discussed how a woman could lose that status within any 3 month period. She completely agreed with this and said she’d like to try to hold her 10 status with me as long as possible. She let me feel around to confirm she was perfectly toned. She had actually gone to the gym before coming to me because she was concerned about being toned enough for me.

        She says that several men try to pick her up on the street every day and she always blows them off. But it has not gone to her head.

        Don’t assume it really goes to their heads guys. That should be your frame anyway. Tell the girl that you assume it isn’t going to her head.

        I figure I will get this woman in the sweet spot from around 18 and a half to around 20. If I’m lucky we’ll have sex by Christmas. I’m not worried about the competition. I don’t care if someone else marries her after I’ve had her for awhile. This one refuses to go to night clubs and is definitely a virgin at this point. I’ve got others in the MLTR so I’m not to emotionally invested in this particular venture.

        When dealing with a 10, have a Zen like attitude.


      • Yeah, my 10 was broke as hell — she was literally having her electricity cut off. Turns out she’d been lying about how much money she was making. She was often in a horrible mood. She flaked on me regularly.

        In retrospect, it reminds me of that Steinbeck novella “The Pearl”. She was the pearl, I was Kino, and I tossed her back into the ocean before she could ruin my life.

        About a year later, she came a-callin’ again, saying she wanted to apologize. I let her buy me lunch — with free desserts courtesy of the smitten manager — before I realized that she was testing me out to see if she could use me as an emotional crutch. So I bolted. It was a very easy decision.

        My blonde wife, even though she’s “just” an 8, is smart and incredibly funny and an amazing cook and much better in bed … a far better deal in every way.


    • Funny story. I was with my Pops in the city last week. He was looking for a particular store. I noticed this 6-foot 10 with long, black, straight hair walking with a shorter 6 behind us, so I asked them if they knew where this store was. So odd, but in that split second I thought to myself how this hot girl probably thinks my question was a typical pickup attempt, so I decided to keep 99% of my eye contact on her shorter friend during the interaction, basically ignoring her. I figured I’m not banging the 10 so I might as well have a bit of fun(even if only in my own mind) with her. The next day, I saw this 10 across the street and she smiled at me. I smiled back and went on walking. I can’t help but imagine what I did had an effect. Fuck it if it didn’t. I had fun with it.


      • Great to do once in your life, but do not ever do this again for your own sake.

        This is the reason we older guys can take the 10’s away from you younger guys.

        You’re settling for a smile. That leaves the barn door wide open for the competition.


      • That’s not a story, that’s typical beta shit.
        I prefer to get rejected with hysterical screams rather than getting a bullshit smile.


    • on August 24, 2012 at 11:23 am RappaccinisDaughter

      Exactly. So please help spread the word: Keep the negs to a minimum with sixes. Please? We already know we’re “Gentlemen’s C’s” and don’t need to be reminded.
      A while ago I was waiting at a bar for my friends to join me for dinner (I’d gotten there ridiculously early) and Sumdood struck up a conversation with me. He said something funny, I laughed, I said something funny back…and then:
      “Those child-bearing hips of yours almost make up for how small your tits are.”
      I’d have been less shocked, hurt, and furious if he’d slapped me across the face. I generally don’t give the Finger in public because I think it’s trashy, but in this case I made an exception.


      • That’s not a neg, that’s just creepy.


      • on August 24, 2012 at 11:54 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Maybe it wasn’t. But I later asked a male friend of mine why somebody would say something so vicious to me when I’d been nothing but polite and friendly to him, and that was his suggestion…that it was a neg.


      • a neg is a backhanded compliment. what goes through a girl’s mind when a guy negs her is ‘thanks, that was a nice thing to say. wait……what did he really mean by that?’


      • It can be interpreted as a neg by a newbie because it was clearly an attempt to lower your value. The purpose of a neg is just that, and even that guy wanted to kick you out of the pedestal. Except he was clumsy about it and downright rude.

        To qualify as a neg, the line must be smooth and fly under the radar. It must also keep plausible deniability.

        Lots of examples online. The neg is a subtle art, and the line tried on you definitely doesn’t qualify.


      • It’s not creepy. It’s disrespectful and this guy is just some boring idiot.


      • He’s just a jerk. I’d have walked away from him after I gave him the finger.


      • after I gave him the finger.

        Eric von Zipper Himalayan Suspension Technique game?


      • so did you bang him or not


      • Of course she did… women love jerks.


      • on August 27, 2012 at 9:38 am RappaccinisDaughter

        No, I didn’t bang him. I gave him the Rigid Digit and walked away. Normally I don’t flip the bird because I agree, it’s trashy for a woman to do that. But I was so stunned it was literally the only response I had.


      • Giving the finger is trashy… especially in a woman.


      • I agree, but sometimes it’s called for. The only reason I may not have done it in this case, is because I wouldn’t want him to get angry. I probably would have just tried to get away from him. There are a lot of men like him, and they are best ignored.


      • Hmm… an ass man, not a tit man. Don’t know if I’d trust that.


      • I am going to use that, FOR SURE. i love being a dick


  7. Yep, hot chicks require the best game, shit test the hardest, have the highest sense of entitlement…it’s all been said a million times on this blog. They are also by in large the most socially savvy because of all the dudes who have thrown their game at her in the past. The reward is sweet for gaming these girls but it can be a pain in the ass, especially if she’s an attention whore (and a whore in general) and you know all the other guys in the room would gladly fuck the girl you’re with – and are more likely to think that they have a shot because of her flirty nature.

    All of this said, every guy who is out there needs the experience. Hot chicks will keep your game the tightest by their very nature and will make lesser women that much easier to bang. When I started getting hotter chicks I realized much more about the game – such as the fact that guys (and girls – but girls don’t interlope unless she’s a cock block) know when your game is tight with the girl you’re with because of the vibe you have with her – and they react to this instinctively and almost always will look elsewhere.


    • “every guy who is out there needs the experience. Hot chicks will keep your game the tightest by their very nature and will make lesser women that much easier to bang.”

      Agreed. I like these girls for that reason (plus they’re hot lol). The challenge toughens you up and hones your game. Part of why I have no problems handling AMOGs and taking girls off most of the rich good-looking club guys is because I’ve been with girls where I had to do that constantly. The guys who are like “I’d punch a guy if he hit on my girl in front of me” are guys who haven’t been with a 10 because they don’t understand just how many guys they’d have to be punching (it’d be like that old Kung Fu arcade game) and all the social dynamics involved in being around a 10s social circle. She would ditch you if you went around taking swings at her social circle of “friends” who are “just being nice” (since she convinces herself they don’t want to fuck her and are just being nice since she doesn’t actually WANT to fuck them but she wants to be able to accept all the free shit and attention guilt-free). Mystery Method is actually solid studying for dating a 10 (no surprise, that was the purpose of it) because it’s very non-aggressive and shows you how to handle a lot of the problems I mentioned in a friendly and social but higher value than everyone else way. It’s very subtle and a 10 needs a guy like that to handle her “world”.

      “know when your game is tight with the girl you’re with because of the vibe you have with her – and they react to this instinctively and almost always will look elsewhere.”

      Yep. One way to see how high value a guy is is to look at how other people in the room are reacting to him, especially the hot girls.

      Ultimately if you’re extremely confident and high value and a guy hits on your girl, she’ll be friendly to him and even take #s and stuff just to not be rude, but she’ll be clinging to your arm or looking around for you and the guy will get a wall in front of him where if he’s not a socially inept aspie, he’ll realize he has no shot because she’s too into you. He might still TRY because she’s hot enough to be worth trying against impossible odds, but he’ll get the “keep you at arms length” politeness that a hot celebrity would give you if you ran into them at a bar. Like “hey I’ll be nice but seriously this isn’t gonna happen sorry :)”


      • Are you for real?You sound like some sex starved 20yo ectodoofus from Podunk. 🙂


      • Okay, you evidently have your own method for training them to abide by your rules. It seems to me from this comment that you achieve that through indirect means. I can respect that. In the interest of complete explanation for the other readers, I just do it directly, by explaining to them the rules required for being in my life.

        I submit to the readership that this approach works for 10s, as well as it would work for 6s and 7s. I suppose it comes back to the whole direct vs. indirect spectrum. I go direct on every facet of human relationships — just works more efficiently for me… but for that worldview to work, you’ve got to be willing to walk away, at any given moment. There are six billion humans on the planet, and half of them are bitches. That’s a lot of bitches.


      • “It seems to me from this comment that you achieve that through indirect means. I can respect that.”

        ya, sorry for the e-Peen jokes, I didn’t realize my intial post wasn’t clear.

        I always prefer the indirect way because I have really wide boundaries. My rules are way more tolerant than most guys because I just don’t care. I have other girls, I can get other girls, and I have other shit to do with my time so if a girl “disrespects” me it’s like shrug, okay, now you don’t get to hang out with me until you smarten up. It’s her loss, not mine.

        “I just do it directly, by explaining to them the rules required for being in my life.”

        Ya, this works, I don’t disagree, I’m just really chill and laid back as a person. If you cause a scene at my party I won’t bitch you out and lecture you, I’m not your dad, you just won’t get an invite to my next party, ya know?

        Some guys get off on lecturing a chick and being like “hah, I showed HER!!!” I just can’t work up the energy to give enough of a shit to do that lol

        Some guys will run into a dude who talks smack to them and punch them out. Some guys will just shrug and walk away to hang out with someone else. Both ways end the interaction. I like the indirect route because it causes less negative vibes around me, I don’t like drama in my life.


      • I kind of get what you’re talking about. If you truly don’t give a shit and have really wide boundaries, then more power to you. I’m very territorial, it’s in my DNA, and while I’ll next a girl quickly, I will lay the ground work and see if she is worthy.

        I completely understand that hot girls I’m with will get attention, but that doesn’t mean they have to reciprocate. Personally, dealing with that behavior isn’t worth it to me, but I see where you are coming from.


      • “I always prefer the indirect way because I have really wide boundaries. My rules are way more tolerant than most guys because I just don’t care.”

        Assuming that you really developed yourself from zero to hero, I respect you… but you’re not perfect. We’re all works in progress.

        I say this not to attack you, but for the men who look to your commentary. Having “really wide boundaries” and just not caring, is diametrically opposed to the reality of visceral manhood. It may be a good strategy when dealing with poon, but it is most definitely NOT a good strategy when dealing with life, and it is most definitely NOT a strategy that is good for the men in the trenches at your shoulder. THE defining characteristic of manhood is CARING. Women have babies sucked out of their uterus by vacuum tubes, precisely because they DON’T care. And they know this. A man who CARES is precisely the quality of masculine energy that a 10 wants to devote her life to (as opposed to dalliance), because they desire CARING, caring about one’s clan, about something worthy of their 10 status, something that is not inherent to their feminine being. The yin to the yang, and all that. This, above all else, is what the 10s seek. And, in the face of potential rejection, it takes considerable courage to express that, especially to a 10.

        So, to the readers, listen to YaReally. He spits a great deal of truth, but know that he’s on his own individual path. Don’t follow him over the edge, into oblivion.


      • lol I’ll be a student of game till I die. I’m not perfect, I just have a lot more PUA-specific experience than most of the manosphere.

        To clarify tho: I do care about things, but they’re things that are actually important to me. I’m cut-throat when it comes to male friendships, do me wrong and you can go fuck yourself. Because from guys I expect a certain level of behavior and no bullshit. And from a girl I make my actual serious girlfriend, I’ll end that shit on a dime if she crosses certain rules I have.

        But having a young clubbing-aged 10 in my rotation of girls as a casual fuckbuddy, I just don’t see where it’s worth the stress to get all worked up over her doing silly “girl shit”. It’s like getting into bar fights at 2am because some guy disrespected you by looking at you funny…ya, you’re passionate, cool, but that’s what drunk idiots DO at 2am, is try to pick fights. I’m 30, wtf do I care about that nonsense? lol

        You can tell yourself you Next all the girls who don’t follow your rules but make no mistake, they’re Nexting YOU by not giving a shit about your rules in the first place.


      • What code did you enter, Ms Chipps, to get that image to show like that?


      • I’m a big fan of what you are talking about. Sorry YaReally, but no chick I’m with is giving the time of day to some other guy, let alone exchanging numbers. I regard myself as too high value, and that is an insta-ban for even the hottest chicks. I also don’t beat around this fact.

        If I am dating a girl or she is my gf, then she is MINE, and I make it known. If they are not cool with that, they are completely free to walk, as I couldn’t give two shits. If I’m sacrificing variety to be with one girl, she sure as hell better abide because if not I’ll find another 3 chicks that want to take her place. I pretty much take the female agenda and flip the script, though I’m able to back it up. Pussys are never wetter than when you lay down the law.


      • But Yareally is coming from the angle of how to deal with members of his harem or MLTR, not from your angle of having one gf.Those are two different job categories so you’re talking apples and oranges.


      • ” I just do it directly, by explaining to them the rules required for being in my life.”

        Anon – I don’t understand. Per CH: the worst thing to do to a girl before you’ve slept with her is to “lay it on the line,” and give her a do and dont list

        “giving ultimatums is beta and needy” -

        Are you saying you have a direct “talk” with these chicks before you bang them that they can’t sleep with other guys?


  8. World class beauties need game AND money. Simple as that.

    Money alone isn’t enough. See that twilight vampire.

    Game alone will only get you so far on the long-term. Psychological games and dominance won’t be enough to counterbalance her greener pasture instincts and the high status male attention she gets.

    She needs something more substantial, and she should be aware that a single mistake can cost her a lot.

    But again, even world class beauties are a perishable good. The hottest woman on earth doesn’t deserve a rich powerful alpha all for herself. She should learn to share, or find a lesser male that she can cuckold.


  9. Seems hot chicks are best for physical relationships,not serious love. Does that embitter the HC?


  10. on August 23, 2012 at 7:02 pm The Real Vince

    OT: Piff the Magic Dragon… magician exhibits tight game. He completely wins over the crowd in spite of (because of??) his assholeness:


    • Wow. For those who read the Nuclear Neg post, Stacey from this video looks almost exactly like my MLTR member, a 9, who wouldn’t talk to me for a week after I told her she wouldn’t look so great herself past age 22 in response to her telling me “we’d be together if you weren’t my mom’s age”. My remark wasn’t necessary in that instance as I was only being told she wouldn’t introduce me to her mom as her bf, but we’re still together twice a week. Girls that young aren’t as vindictive as those even a few years older and they really get evo psych as it naturally spells out their advantages over other women.

      I guess the moral of that story is, the younger they are, the more they can handle the truth. Girls like it when you’re saying they are at the height of their powers now.

      In this video, the magician was right to say “Just kidding, you don’t have a chance with me” after joking that he just met his future wife and before inviting Stacey up. That’s push, pull.


  11. Hot chicks are great for serial monogamy. And if you want to marry, like heartiste says, either step down or hold tight game. On the flip side, you can be a serial monogamist for a long time as a many, so there’s little rush (and low financial risk). Plus, if you know how to spin a breakup with a hot chick right, you can set yourself up for more of them (“irreconcilable differences” *smirk*)


  12. Who do 10s marry? I realize that they will date naturals/alphas. But who do they marry? Does it break down according to socio-economic lines? Do many 10s end up lonely spinsters?


  13. on August 23, 2012 at 7:44 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I was window shopping and came across an OKCupid profile where a woman said, at the end, something like “And don’t try that Neil Strauss shit on me. It won’t work.”

    She’s in the 8-9 category, so I thought this might merit an email to you. What do you do when a woman is onto game. I’ll send you info if you’re interested.


    • Run game anyway. If she catches on, you move on the next one.


    • on August 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm Sredny Vashtar

      The Game principles will still work. There isn’t a pretty woman on this planet who doesn’t fall for push-pull: just gotta be more subtle and avoid the peacocking and other stuff that radiates PUA.

      All countries know that Stealth Bombers exist, but no country can shoot one down.


    • Post profile here.


    • lol E-Mail her “hey, I can only stay for a minute and then I have to get back to my friends, but I need a female opinion: who do you think lies more, men or women?

      Did it work? Are you dying to jump my bones? Wait, let me try page 38, there’s a really good one about how I’m supposed to make fun of your hair…”


      • on August 23, 2012 at 8:48 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        That’s pretty damned clever I have to admit. And it just might work. I should mention this is someone I might not want to be in touch with because at one point she wrote “I am a feminist.”

        I didn’t notice that at first, as I was too busy reading the survey questions about her perverted sex life and checking out her pics.


      • Send it and let us know if she responds. I figure if she reads it she’ll have to respond because it’s purposely poking her buttons. I would just make fun of the whole thing if she responds and lead it into stuff like “well shit, I guess I’ll just have to try having a normal conversation with you and do that whole “get to know you and actually take an interest in you” thing…god, dating is so much work these days! I’m pretty sure the pickup book would tell me to just invite you to my sex dungeon, but how about we try a cup of coffee sometime instead lol”

        And then do her in the bum.


      • Damn dude, you are on fire.


      • on August 24, 2012 at 11:53 am Harcourt Mudd

        Dude, don’t worry about the feminist thing. A lot of smart girls will adopt that label de rigueur but when you actually discuss HBD or game with them, are very open and even agree with you. Some few girls actually do think divorce laws are garbage, men get a raw deal, etc. But they can’t bring themselves to reject the label. Also, it’s always the feminists (whether left-stripe or evo-psych friendly) who want to be dominated and like strong men the most. So game away.


      • I’d just stop after the first paragraph.


    • write her and say “Neil Strauss shit? the dude that writes for Rolling Stone?”


  14. What about aging 9s and 10s? Lets say post 29 9s and 10s. Do they get any easier to deal with as they get older?


  15. Well, I just saw like 9 10’s in my whole life… Just finding them is difficult I think.


    • Follow this simple recipe for a mock 10.

      Find a 9 and mark her location.
      don’t have any sex for a week
      return to location.
      Viola, a 10!


    • agreed.

      and a simple, yet overlooked point. It is work to just find where these women are and then create opportunities with them.

      and they are almost always in the company of other men and women, and in some sort of relationship.

      hence the original post: your game has to be extra tight, not much room for beta error.

      challenging, but not impossible.


  16. on August 23, 2012 at 8:15 pm Sredny Vashtar

    This Greater Beta is happy with his 7: thanks to this knowledge gained from this site, she’s lived for years under the impression that I’m Don Draper minus the neuroses. And thus I get the sort of treatment thought lost since 1958- unbelievable cooking, no chores and total loyalty.

    If I landed an 8 (tricky but doable), 9 (miraculous) or 10 (probably requires a Faustian pact in my case), they would probably not treat me so well: Besides, running game with a tight margin of error is a stressful business.


  17. I girlfriended up a 9 one time. She was a bangin’ sort of Paris Hilton knockoff. Did some modeling on the side. 5’10” platinum blonde, 125lbs and it was -work- at almost all times. She was bat shit crazy like lots of hotties are (see the Hot-Crazy scale which in my experience has some merit in empirical evidence. YaReally, above nailed it better than me repeating it. Everything he described was my life during that time period. I would -routinely- get into physical confrontations with drunk guys and she could care less. I was only fuckable as the alpha predator. I could trust her approximately to slightly beyond visual range. No further. I don’t know any guy that would want to deal with that shit for even half as long as I did. Yes, banging her was a near religious experience, I cannot lie, and she was down for ANYTHING sexually. She liked some physical pain, choking, smacking, all that good stuff. But just like a really good heroin habit, that euphoria of otherworldly nature comes with a very significant price tag and cost. And just like heroin, the longer you try and attain that same thing the higher and higher the cost. For me now, having done it once in a girlfriend capacity. Never again. They are great for fucking, horrific for trying to date with any seriousness.


  18. on August 23, 2012 at 9:42 pm Mike Hockenballs

    My guess is that YaReally wrote this article. Whoever it is, it’s not Heartiste.

    My longest LTR was with a dangerously hot chick. It was 4 years of exquisite pleasure and excruciating pain. She was a good girl for the most part, but this was in my pre-game days and I had insecurities. My natural alpha qualities kept me above water, but when beta reared its head boy did she make me pay for it.

    My relationship with her is what got me to seek out game in the first place. I began to notice the stark differences in how she treated me depending on my behaviors. The pattern emerged: amused mastery, teasing and assholish = good. Pandering nice-guy = bad.

    After reading Heartiste it all came together and I looked back and realized how easy it would have been to dominate that relationship. She craved to be dominated because of all the slobbering attention she received from guys. She was deeply disappointed with me for having too much beta, she loved me (the alpha me) and wanted to have little alpha kids, not that I wanted that. Live and learn.


  19. This one is right up your alley..

    “Some women had fake boyfriends, whom they considered sub–marriage quality. “I don’t want anyone else to influence what I do after I graduate.”


    • on August 23, 2012 at 10:34 pm Cynical Moron

      “The hookup culture that has largely replaced dating on college campuses has been viewed, in many quarters, as socially corrosive and ultimately toxic to women, who seemingly have little choice but to participate. ”

      I almost cried when read “little choice but to participate”

      Girls living in a penis paradise, where hordes of betas throw themselves at your feet. Poor girls


    • this is about B-school. B-school girls are unfailingly high-T, career-oriented, and ugly as shit – not to mention they have substantial ratio odds (good B-schools skew heavily male, and women get enormous AA boosts). B-school guys at my institution of higher education used to come to the law school to pick up girls as a better alternative. that alone should tell you what reality they were mired in.


    • their hookup years are likely to end up as a series of photographs, buried somewhere on their Facebook page, that they do or don’t share with their husband—a memory that they recall fondly or sourly, but that hardly defines them.

      This Hannah Rosin is mentally disturbed.

      She’s older and unhappy and wants younger women to ruin their lives like she did, so she can have “equality” with them in misery.

      Almost the only way for a woman to snare an alpha is to get him to commit while she’s in college or her senior year of high school. At least that way she’ll get his DNA


  20. It’s SO boring to be a hot girl. People are designed to evolve by struggling against the greater forces of survival. When everything is just handed to you with no effort, you lose your sense of purpose. You become dissolute and reckless. You start abusing your sexual power in petty ways, just to see how far you can push it. When you find someone who finally pushes back, it elicits an intense (albeit temporary) thrill.

    Childbirth makes it all settle, and gives the hot girl a greater sense of purpose. That’s why most hot girls, if they stay single and don’t have kids as they get older, slowly go insane.


  21. I will not go so far as to say that 5 minutes with a 10 is better than 5 years with an 7-8. But I will state without hesitation that a couple of hours with a 10 is pretty dam fine even when you know how it will end.


  22. My dad put an interesting spin on this theme when he was giving my young self a talk about women.

    “Son, I’ve dated some very, very pretty women. (he was a musician in the 70s, so it’s not surprising). Now, your mother is pretty, don’t get me wrong, but she is no supermodel. You don’t want to marry a model, trust me. You’re always looking over your should and putting up with shit from guys either checking her out or who want to steal her. Ain’t worth it.”


  23. The way I see the matter, there are two quite distinct types of 20 something 10s. The first just goes with the nearly limitless opportunities that are rushing at her like a firehouse without much deep thinking slowing anything down. She likes being invited to S. Berlusconis “House Parties” and never much liked
    wearing underwear anyway.
    She takes the rewards without second guessing and by her straight-ahead, high end slutiness she has a decent chance of landing on a celebrity cock like Harry – Prince of Poontang – long enough to get rich from the follow-on reality TV show. And maybe and then turn that prize into a wealthy husband-for-a-while.
    Regardless what happens next in this deranged faiytail of slutness by 10ish girls the girls with enjoy most everything that happens.for years and years .

    But imagine a solid 10 who is plenty smart enough to figure out from high school at least that if she contiunues to work out and eat right she will almost always be the best looking worman in whatever room she is in for the next few decades her life. Except she REALLY enjoys her elite career.and was raised, on all the main points , in the way of the 19th century. Horses before school-was the rule . Late to date, and may have been heard to say, “I know I am beautiful, but I will not be forever. So, like, what at the end of the day can I really get out of this.?
    Behold the event horizon; behold the Singularity. A Woman who is conscious. First, you buy her a first class handgun and carefully train her to use it; all the while knowing that you are answering a good question; just not the one she asked.


    • You need to get on a plane if you haven’t met this type. With you guys mostly in the States, this result of feminism is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.


  24. Elizabeth Warren, former Harvard professor, a boy scout, and priest are on a small plane.

    The pilot comes charging back into the cabin and goes into the back storage area. He comes out wearing a parachute and says,

    “The plane is going down. There are only two parachutes left”

    and he jumped out of the plane.

    While the boy scout and the priest sit in utter disbelief about what they just heard, Elizabeth Warren jumps up quickly and runs back into to storage area and comes out fastening shoulder straps and a harness and says,

    “I am the World’s Smartest Feminist and I deserve to live”

    And she jumps out the plane.

    The priest says to the boy “Son, I am old. I have already lived a long life. I am a man of God and surely He has a place for me in heaven. You take the final parachute.”

    The boy scout says “Father. There’s still two parachutes left. The World’s Smartest Feminist just jumped out of the airplane wearing my backpack.”


  25. Remember guys….Beauty is fleeting, but Pain in the Ass is forever !


    • Shhhhh. Don’t ruin it. I love when they realize it and whine endlessly but don’t save their fellow men from making the same mistake.


      • You seem bitter and jealous. The reason men go for the hot ones is that the work necessary is worth the price.


      • I know plenty of men who say the work is not always worth the price.


      • Especially in big blue metro areas. I lived around the DC area for a while and even the 7’s weren’t worth more than a drunken fuck. I now live in paradise.


      • It’s opposite but keep making assumptions it’s cute. Men suffer the same delusional lack of taste many of them complain woman have they just don’t see it. If I enjoy when people realize they sabotage themselves because then they can stop if it’s not to late. When it’s too late to un marry and have kids with crazy bitch it’s not so funny. It’s still kind of funny because some people manage to not be so dazzled by bullshit to begin with.


      • Oh wow, are you drunk? The truth is that men do require a certain level of hotness in their woman, though they may become blind to their faults if the woman is hotter than what they usually get.


      • That level drops as they realize their limitations though. Not all of us are destined to reaching the top.


      • Beauty does not, ipso facto, lead to being a pain in the ass.

        That just comes from being female… so might as well have the eye candy.

        Then again, there’s no woman so beautiful that some guy, somewhere, isn’t tired of her bullshit.


  26. The other thing to take note is that beautiful women tend not to make good moms – they are generally too narcisstic/self absorbed and love competing with their own children (whom we all know are born attention seekers) for attention !


  27. “There are two ways to avoid sluts, whores and manipulative users, and reduce the risk that your girlfriend or future wife will cheat on you:”

    3. Don’t get married and get a vasectomy.


    • Most people want to get married and have children. Your advice is a touch out of touch for most people. There’s a better way it’s called getting to know people’s motivations and values before fucking them. It works for most things except the cheating part. You can’t control other people and there are no certainties in life. Take it for what it is.


      • “There’s a better way it’s called getting to know people’s motivations and values before fucking them”

        There’s a better way it’s called getting to know people’s motivations and values before DATING them.

        There. All fixed.


      • Are you sure about that? A lot of people get dragged into marriage and having kids because “that’s what people are supposed to do” when they grow up, not because they have a genuine desire for it. A lot of people (specially men) deeply regret it down the road, but grit their teeth and move forward since they believe it’s their lot in life and hey, it beats being alone and having to hunt for pussy.


  28. I am starting to learn game. I am not really good at it. When I approach a 10 it seems so unnatural and forced and nothing comes out of it. Should I still approach 10s at the moment? or move gradually from 6s to 7s to 8s….


    • Approach a 10. It’s pathetic to be afraid of someone just because she’s pretty. She hasn’t done anything for this, beauty has been given to her for free so she’s no better than anyone else.


    • Stick to the best looking because your sense of entitlement will start to work more in your favor as your other skills catch up.


  29. Heh. A write-up about a study that shows that multiple sexual partners in women causes, (not correlates with but causes), an increased risk for divorce.


    • Actually scratch that, it should be; an increased risk for divorce in women with multiple sex partners is caused by having had those multiple sex partners rather than as the result of women who are prone to divorce selecting to have multiple sexual partners.


  30. I really really really want to be with my baby 😥


  31. Great post CH. I would guess that many of your long time viewers like myself are looking to graduate to the next step – 9s and 10s. Any more posts on game techniques aimed aimed at hot chicks are appreciated!


  32. “This is why most greater beta males shoot for the 6 and 7 sweet spot in feminine beauty; they’re manageable with some minimal game and they let the beta male sleep at night without constantly worrying every five minutes if the kid is his”

    I don’t understand the big worry about cuckolding considering most Chateau readers are aware of it and it can be avoided as long as you’re smart about it. You’re not being cuckolded as long as you confirm your paternity through testing from day one and you hold back your signature on birth certificate.

    The only thing you have to loose is relatively little money that’s spent on the baby’s things. Then again, that’s what receipts are for.


  33. true – there’s a definite attention difference between a 7 or so and a 9 or 10.

    I’m about a 7. (5 “3, 105, D cup, cute, glasses) My sister is a solid 9 or 10 (awesome body, stunning face).

    Mostly I dress cute, but modestly & not to attract attention. Heads do turn in normal life when I’m not dressed up, and I do sometimes get approached out of the blue, but it’s not constant. That kind of attention is nice, but isn’t crazy.

    With my sister the attention is constant. I can dress down for less attention & to blend in, but she would have to wear a disguise. The attention can be non-stop. Restaurants, walking down the street, the library, the grocery store. If we go out, and when I say go out, I mean like to lunch or the grocery store, we’ll either get stares or get approached. It’s nuts.

    If you have a daughter who is a 9 or a 10 you have to teach her that the attention is superficial and bullshit. Get her involved in other activities away from boys. Or the attention will fuck her up.


    • “The attention can be non-stop. Restaurants, walking down the street, the library, the grocery store. If we go out, and when I say go out, I mean like to lunch or the grocery store, we’ll either get stares or get approached. It’s nuts.”

      GRRRRR!!!! She better not be nice to any of those people or dare flirt or smile or anything, she better be shouting all day long at every single one of those people “fuck off, I’m with YaReally!!” or I’m gonna NEXT her!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

      lol like I say dating a legit 10 is something most guys can’t comprehend. In their head they’re going to lay down the law and they might have dated a pretty hot girl or a really hot but quiet/shy girl, but they’re extrapolating the world of an 8 or 9 and basing their theory on that. The world is literally a different world for a legit 10. If you Next them as fast as some of the guys here want to, it’s no wonder you haven’t experienced their world first hand.

      It’s worse than this lol:


    • I’m about a 7. (5 “3, 105, D cup, cute, glasses)

      Guys will make passes at lasses in glasses,
      So long as those dames have games-worthy frames.


  34. I have a legitimate question. I’ve been accused previously of trying to troll, and I promise that I am not. This is somewhat off-topic, so delete if you want.

    I am attractive (sorry for being arrogant- I would not admit that in real life but it is pertinent). For example, on my way to the train today, I was stopped by two different men who asked if I was a model. I would never call myself incredibly hot, I am nowhere near a 10, I am not overtly ‘sexual’ looking, but I think I have strong niche appeal to a certain pseudo-intellectual demographic of men that is pervasive in urban areas, sort of in the way that Zooey Deschanel might (I hope that is informative…) Also, I am married and in my mid-20s.

    Knowing this, are my male friends actually my friends, particularly my male acquaintances who I met after I was married? Do men ever actually want to be friends with a married woman? Do you actually enjoy hanging out with women friends, or is it all in hopes of trying to hook up with them? I’m very paranoid about this. I like my male friends. But a few of them have had ulterior motives.

    I’ve gotten a wide range of opinions on this from people that I know, but I figured that I would get the most honest answer from here.


  35. Hats off to CH and commenters. I am amazed at the quality of information presented and shared in posts and comments here lately.

    Thank you all.


  36. yeah – one last thing.

    A lot of the people saying they’ve dated a 10 — I don’t think they have. The whole “I’d just punch him” or “I walk away” wouldn’t fly. Those two strategies would irritate or bore a solid 9 or a 10.

    Solid 9 or 10s, it’s the looks, but it’s not just looks, it’s charisma or body language or something. She’s magnetic. Men can do this too. But people turn when they walk into rooms & their social skills are awesome. People want to be around them.


    • Yes, thankyou, this is what I’m trying to get across lol

      There’s theory and then there’s real life. Hey my rule is a girl can’t ever blink. Oh shit Megan Fox just blinked. NEXT!! I just Nexted Megan Fox, guys, aren’t I a badass?

      Like okay, way to demonstrate how high you value yourself. But you’re not fucking her. She Nexted you by ignoring your macho rule-laying-down because she knows she can have her pick from a thousand other guys and she’s not going to turn down a lifetime of free vacations to Paris and modeling contracts and guys who can help her acting career if she adds them to her Facebook etc for your ass. 🙂

      I’m not kidding about these free trips and shit. I’ve been to high-end clubs where guys literally have private jets and offer girls shit like that. I know a fuckbuddy and her friend (both with boyfriends) who were flown to another country and put up in a 5 star hotel and given like a thousand bucks each to go shopping by a 50yo sugar daddy the friend WASN’T EVEN ACTUALLY FUCKING lol. My FB was nervous about it so the guy even promised he wouldn’t stay at their hotel with them and shit. He was just buying some time to flirt with the friend (he got a BJ from her out of it).

      And these girls weren’t even 10s.


    • Only if you are talking about spoiled, slutty dressing dimes from NYC or similar. I’m fucking a 9 who works at the local supermarket. Incredible ass. Pretty. Titties like produce. 19. None of the hot girls issues you describe.

      And another thing. Charisma does not add to a woman’s rubberneck appeal.


  37. Nature doesn’t really give a shit about social constructs like monogamy. It may be that the reproductive strategy of 10 genes is to fuck around (because they can, and they can still get high quality males even though they fuck around like crazy, which a “slutty 7” could not), and you can’t ever really tame it.


  38. I think the hotter the girl is, the more inclined she will cheat on you regardless of how great your game is. It will not stop the fact that she has options and takers every day of the week.

    In fact, getting into a relationship with this type of girl will only put you in a losing position because regardless of how good your game is, she has still effectively won you over and are in a relationship with her versus the guys who she hasn’t yet won over.

    The only way you can ever compete with a girl like this with minimal game is if you:

    a) Have status/wealth

    b) Have female options who are just as hot or hotter than her

    c) Have access to resources that she needs.

    Sure you may be able to keep her for a while with ultra tight game, but you will never be able to sustain it or win her over next to a guy who has genuine value.


    • Smoke and mirrors only go so far, and that’s true for any kind of woman. Which is why readers are advised to develop some substance themselves, and what you can carve for yourself determines the quality of women you can get and pin down.


  39. […] Heartiste – The First SWPL President, Hot Girls Need Your Best Game, The Allure Of Male Dominance, Older Man Game, Comment Of The Week, Women Gossip To Compete For […]


  40. Contagious cancer that cannot be prevented with standard prophylaxis (condoms), detected easily by visual observation, and is rapidly transmitted exists in the form of HPV. Multi-drug resistant STIs are also present.

    This means that the winning strategy (minimizing exposure to parasites) is going to swing back to monogamy in the near future.

    The best strategy is to bang one young, less than super-hot virgin, and keep her with you for life using mastery of relationship game.


  41. You’d be surprised how often hot girls that lost their virginity at 13 start turning tricks by the time they are 19.

    Considering that 9s and 10s can be rented for $250 an hour or less (outside the USA) why bother with dating?


  42. I agree with many of the things that are being said about hot girls.
    Now I may not be a 10 but I’m a solid 8-9 (depending on what you like).
    I can’t imagine what a real 10 goes through.
    But generally I take the head turns and stares for granted. You know it’s a good day when babies and other hot girls are staring as well.
    Those are the stares I relish. The baby because he knows what a beautiful face looks like and other hot chicks sizing me up.

    I frequently put my guys through a number of tests depending on my mood.
    As a rule you should never never tell a hot girl that she is hot or anything like that. If you are going to do it keep it rare for god’s sake!

    I am dating this good looking alpha male (rich, high status job, tall and with a perfect body/full head of hair and an aussie). He never compliments me. Do you remember that “Dread” post heartiste wrote a little while ago?

    Well because he never compliments me I start to get very insecure because it is so unusual. Sometimes I honestly think I am not that hot in his eyes. This is not possible because I happen to know I am an 8-9 but his attitude still makes me second guess myself when I am around him and when we are apart.

    No compliments?! He must date girls waaaay hotter than me. He must not think I am hot at all. This causes dread. This makes me want to buy nice lingerie all the time. New outfits, perfect makeup just waiting for a compliment.
    The other day I met up with him and he finally said “you look nice.” Truth is I was turning heads on my way to see him but his opinion is the only one that matters now because he seems so hard to please. I nearly swooned at the compliment. It was the only one in weeks and now I am starved again.

    We dont have an established relationship but I have no interest in any other man despite the fact that there a couple of younger, hotter “bad boy” types who are currently interested. These guys are known heartbreakers. I happen to know two close friends that fought over one of them and the other one’s ex threw herself on the train tracks when he asked her for a break.

    but they don’t interest me at all. All I think about is the aussie guy. When we go out I keep my eyes on him at all times because he seems so wonderful. There is no other man. Just him. Because he is hard to please and withholds his opinion of me. I always question whether I am smart enough, funny enough, pretty enough, sophisticated enough to keep his attention and dread the day that he will disappear when he finds a better girl.

    I probably wouldn’t flirt with anyone either, for fear that he would look down on that.

    I generally don’t agree that you shouldn’t tell your hot gf, a 10, that she can’t flirt. Maybe not tell her directly. But make it known that you don’t like it and that she shouldn’t do it.

    she should not want to flirt, she should not want to displease you.

    i also must add that not all hot girls are looking to use and take advantage of betas. I have two or more friends who are 7s and lesser 8s that use men and constantly get offered free trips to Hawaii and Berlin. Are they 10s? nope.

    But betas will be betas. I on the other hand have never accepted a trip from a man except one which later became my long term bf. I was faithful for the two years we were together.
    I have several opportunities every few months to use and abuse a beta but I would not do that to anyone. I just tell them I am not interested and cut them off.
    Being beautiful is no excuse for being a bad person.
    Look for the 9 or 8 who is a natural introvert.


  43. […] a current post on heartiste, about relationships with 8s, 9s, 10s.  It’s verbatim what Blue Eyes isn’t getting in her marriage. […]


  44. I posted this at Rollos and think it is relevant to this discussion:

    Emma, start looking at couples you observe. Really look intently. Try to see how attracted to each other they are. This is revealed fully in their body language and interaction. What you will find is that more attractive couples show clear signs of higher attraction on average. You will also find people with very low SMV that show clear signs of being highly attracted to each other. You will see 3s that are clearly strongly in love. But you will find a lot less of them. Generally I find that lower down the scale a lot of couples look like they are quite happy together in a comfort type way. They seem like they have good friendships, decent pair bonding and modest attraction.
    The way I think it works is that people will feel more strongly for someone higher up because there needs to be strong incentives for people to try to get them. But because realistically people will have to settle in their range nature has ordered it so that people with lower rank still can feel a lot for what is in their reach otherwise they wouldn`t pair up and their relationships would be too dysfunctional. I think their ability to feel more from less is combined with an ability to be happy with less feeling. Their expectations for what they are supposed to feel attraction wise are far lower. It is very much the same as peoples expectations for income or how exciting their jobs are supposed to be etc. I would get seriously depressed having on of the low end jobs that are common in the small town I spend my summer vacations in. But the people there are probably not that much less happy with their jobs than I am with my more exciting higher status one in the big city because they are working class country side people with low expectations.
    This general pattern of an ability to feel more from less and feel happy with less attraction is combined with a lot of people that clearly don`t feel much for their lower ranked partner or the people within their reach. Some people expect too much and are unable to feel much for what they can get.
    I think a lot of this ability to feel more from less is subconscious and partly conscious adjustments in response to what you can get. I remember learning in middle school and high school that the one or two prettiest girls in school and girls form other schools that where as pretty did not give me any IOIs or any sexual response when talking to them. Girls that where just slightly less attractive than them however did so frequently. So I learnt to instinctively identify women at a certain level as out of my league. Interestingly no woman 4 or lower has ever given me any sign of interest. Not a single flirty direct look. I`m sure they have looked but they have never given me clear IOIs and approach invitations through body language. 5s almost never do in daily life, only when drunk in night clubs, 6s do some of the time but mostly I get 7-9. So women have filtered accordingly and to women below a certain range I don`t seem to exist. I`m just filtered out because of their expectations.
    I think that the environmental feedback is mixed with genes. I think some genes make women a lot more hypergamous. Thrill seeking personality seem to correspond with higher hypergamy and security seeking personality seem to correspond with lower hypergamy. ugh social intelligence corresponds with hypergamy while low social intelligence lowers it a lot. Socially smooth women have a hard time dealing with bad game. Introversion seem to lower hypergamy in a lot of cases but far from all.
    The genes that correspond to high hypergamy IMO corresponds a lot with looks. I think that genes that correspond to SMV and genes that lead people to take advantage of high SMV have coupled up over time. Anything else would just be idiotic and counterproductive evo wise. For example, high T corresponds both to alpha behavior, and to muscle strength to back up to attempt at gaining alpha position. It also corresponds to the high sex drive and promiscuous inclination that let you take advantage of an alpha position. High estradiol in women correspond both to very good looks and to becoming easily dissatisfied with romantic partners, cheating and serially monogamy. These are things hotter women can do more of without being punished and since they are better of with the babies of different high value men than only babies with one high level man (a diversified portfolio is far safer in terms of having someone survive, this goes for ability to withstand decease as well as cards to play in terms of eve competition such as high T man vs good looking vs smart and social etc.) and women are better of changing men whenever their value changes and it is highly normal for a mans value to fluctuate over a lifetime. High estradiol also corresponds with catty feminine behavior and feminine competitiveness. Hot women become queen bees and the estradiol gives them the abilities to be a queen be and fight hard in female competition.
    High sociosexuality, the degree to with one is willing to follow short term sexual strategies, corresponds with good looks in women. Good looking women can be promiscuous and be punished little for it. Less attractive women sell chastity in the same way betas sell comfort and safety. If you don`t have what is attractive to begin with you sell to security of that which you can give.
    To me it is self evident for anyone that bothers to look twice and think it over that people with good looks are on average far more socially intelligent than people with lesser looks on average. They also tend to have a far higher ability to be “cool” and they are loads more socially competitive. I`m sure those genes are coupled up as well to a large extent although certainly socialization plays a role here.
    When I look at more attractive women they also strike me as one average far more willing to take social risk. Women 5 and below generally are very careful and unassertive socially and just seem to be more careful in everything they do. A fairly high degree of social risk tolerance is necessary to handle both the battles at the top of the social hierarchy, handling cheating and handling being an alphas woman as his life definitively will contain a lot of risk. It makes sense that good looking women have at least fairly high risk tolerance genes to play the cards they are dealt well.
    Most, maybe all, of the genes that I believe are connected to degree of hypergamy are genes that attractive women have a lot more of on average. But obviously a lot of less attractive women also often have these genes and can be as socially intelligent, catty, thrill seeking, in the moment etc. as hotter women. I think the degree to which the genes I have mentioned are had by less attractive women plays a huge role in how high their hypergamy is. It also works the other way around. A very attractive woman with a high aversion to all sorts of risk, with dislike of and poor ability to handle female competition, not too socially smooth, very high future time orientation to the degree of being boring, low sex drive etc. will be much more likely to have less attraction for alphas. Certainly for the rougher and riskier types of alphas. Such women will probably be more drawn to very good looking and successful, socially respected and confident men with some dominance but not a lot and tons of comforting beta traits.
    Start observing people more intently, look closely at body language and look for the factors I mentioned and grade people on SMV and see how stuff corresponds. If you compare the average for people 1-5 with 7-10 the picture is crustal clear IMO.