Great Scenes Of Game In The Movies

A reader forwarded a scene from the movie As Good As It Gets, featuring a suave and somewhat caustic Jack Nicholson meeting Helen Hunt for dinner. The reader writes:

Here is a scene from Nicholson’s all time classic “As Good As It Gets” (spoiler, please don’t watch this if you haven’t seen movie, better to watch it in movie)

Even though it is on screen, it’s great! It’s all about him yet she felt so good.

Do you think Jack’s body language is like a true alpha?

Here’s the video. I do think it’s a great demonstration of alpha body language and game in action, but of course this is Jack we’re talking about. The man bleeds alpha, in role and in real life. Commentary below.

0:24 — “Should I get her for you?” “No, that’s OK. I’ll just watch.” This is a glimpse into the inner world of the alpha. He’s going to take his time, just watch, move to her slowly, like a predatory big cat. No one will rush him. No one will disturb his mojo. When you think this way, your actions and behavior will follow suit. I don’t go in for new agey motivational stuff very much, but it’s true that forcing yourself into positive thought patterns will impact how you behave. There is a reinforcing feedback loop that runs from your thoughts out through your body and voice and vice versa. And studies have actually proven this phenomenon: when you assume alpha male physical poses, you feel more powerful and take more risks.

0:28 to 0:54 — The alpha male walks slowly to his prey. When he’s sure that she’s seen him, he doesn’t rush up to her like most betas would; he stops at a distance and allows the moment to percolate with blissful anticipation, which women LOVE LOVE LOVE.

1:03 — COME HERE. That hand wave is supremely alpha. Again, most beta males would have rushed over to the girl when she happily waved at them. An alpha accepts her wave, and shits on her expectations by motioning her to come to him. SHe is now sliding off her seat at this point, and no words have yet been exchanged.

1:04 to 1:48 — There’s a lot going on in this half minute that could befuddle the average man, but Jack stands rooted to his original spot when he first made eye contact with Helen Hunt. The king rarely approaches; the king is approached.

1:50 — She almost slips and says he’s “sexy”, but catches herself and dilutes her compliment a bit. The importance of this scene rests in his reaction; arched quizzical eyebrows, followed by a warm smile. What’s alpha here is not what is done, but what is omitted; he doesn’t latch onto her flattery like a needy beta who can’t believe his luck. He just accepts it and moves on to another topic.

2:02 — Showing a little bit of chivalry won’t kill you as long as you are alpha in all other ways.

2:10 to 2:20 — “You wanna dance?” “Well. I’ve been thinking about that since you brought it up before.” “And?” As she’s getting up from her chair assuming he meant he would like to dance: “No.” When you defy women’s expectations, you electrify their pelvic easements. Plus, this was damn funny.

2:24 — This is what we in the industry call a nuclear neg. Note: NOT recommended for newbs, or most any man really. There is a line where a neg, even an unintentional one, morphs into a blatant insult, which can crush a woman’s ego so thoroughly her shame shuts her down to further gaming. This is why Jack has to console her and, in his own alpha way, make amends. Helen Hunt is cute, but she’s no hard 10 club slut begging for abuse, so the nuclear neg worked against Jack.

2:44 — Notice that when Jack is quasi-apologizing, he never says “I’m sorry” (“I didn’t mean it that way” is the closest he comes to saying sorry) and he never stops delivering commands to her. “You gotta sit down. You can still give me the dirty look, just sit down and give it to me.”

2:50 — She demands he pay her a compliment. This sets up an alpha reply perfectly, because at this point her expectation that he will either say nothing or ramble stupidly or compliment something about her beauty are cemented firmly in place. The beta male would abide, ultimately disappointing her. The alpha male would do what Jack does next.

3:10 onward — He really takes his sweet time getting around to formulating that compliment. When a woman says “jump”, the beta male jumps. The alpha male ties his shoelaces and does a few warm-up stretches before accosting the ref about the rules of jumping and the distance he’s obliged to go. That is, when he feels like jumping.

3:25 — A good way to tease a woman is to overly dramatize your suffering and sacrifice that you do for her. Jack rubbing his hands and his forehead, and furrowing his brow because paying her a compliment is so tough, is just the kind of playful drama that chicks LOVE LOVE LOVE.

3:32 — “Can we order first?” This is the first time he up-ends her expectation. When his defiance crows thrice, she will be in love.

3:38 — Yelling across the room to place your order: alpha. This is the second time he defies her expectation.

4:05 — Helen: “I’m so afraid you’re about to say something awful.” My friends, you WANT to hear this line from a woman. You know why? Because it means you’re INTERESTING to her. INTRIGUING. And that’s a beautiful foundation for love sex and intimacy.

4:10 — “Don’t be pessimistic. It’s not your style.” General game note here: girls love it when you make a comment about what is or isn’t “their style”. To them, it means you’re connecting.

4:15 — “Clearly a mistake.” The Bill Clinton non-apology. Coming soon to a horde of admiring female fans near you.

4:20 — “I’ve got this.. what.. ailment.” He launches into a seemingly irrelevant story about himself that does not begin with a compliment for her. This is the third time he defies her expectation, and now the stage for love is nearly set.

5:15 — The payoff. Was it a compliment about her looks? Her eyes? Her generosity? Her dancing skills? No. It was a nebulous compliment about her that centered on himself. Why did she love it so much? Because a woman LOVES LOVES LOVES the thought that she is the one, the only one among all women, who can soften a hard man, coax him into her embracing redemption, and persuade him to turn his back, at least for a little bit, on his wild and independent and intemperate and free range masculinity.

Of course, she would be disappointed if he ever did such a thing in totality, because that would mean he’s no longer the project she can fix, the untamed thoroughbred she can break. He’d just be a lapdog if he ever acceded fully to her claimed demands and desires. This is something beta males don’t get about women; they do as their women tell them, and they never stop paying for their obedience.


  1. Earlier in the movie the hot receptionist at his publisher’s office asks him how he writes female characters so well. He responds “I think of a man; then I take away reason and accountability”


  2. Good Post – He ignored the better looking woman at the bar who thought he was smiling at her. This happens to me and, taking the advice from this blog, I go ahead and quickly acknowledge that other woman before looking back, if the other woman is actually better looking than the one I’m meeting.


    • In other words it’s not necessary to always behave like your woman is the only woman in the venue and you’re not allowed to even acknowledge the others. The scene, as in most american films, was written for women however so I just accepted that he was going to ignore that other woman smiling back at him.


      • I learned this the hard way some years ago…

        I used to (quite innocently) play a mental game at parties where I’d study the various people and mention, as mere party chatter, the ones who looked like famous people.

        At this one event, there were several “spitting images” of famous actresses… namely, Denise Richards and Kim Basinger… uncanny, I tell you.

        When I mentioned this to the small group with whom I happened to be chatting, one woman pipes up: “And your OWN wife?”

        I was taken aback, since (as I said) for me it was an innocent party game merely to have something to say to break the ice.

        My wife said nothing, but months later, during an argument, she threw this up in my face… and when I went into my “WTF?” mode, she mentioned how “even the other woman said something!”, as if they were right in their accusatory tone and I was not innocent in intent.

        I think if that other broad hadn’t said anything, my wife wouldn’t have thought much of it and taken no notice. But that other woman’s remark, though she was a stranger to us, must have stung… for what reason the devil knows.

        Alas, one hamster stirs up another.


  3. on October 11, 2012 at 1:33 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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    dis was considered alpha in the 70s lzozoz



  4. I always thought Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) in Ghostbusters was just masterful in game. Apparently he ad-libbed most of his lines. Bill was just natural.


  5. Vicki Cristina Barcelona. Javier Bardem’s direct game worked like a charm.

    The dark-haired girl’s hamster self-destructed later on in the movie, when she angrily announced that he was full of bullshit — despite the fact that he was as clear, confident, and direct about his sexual intentions as any man possibly could be.

    Great depiction of an angry American woman’s reaction to tight game.


  6. on October 11, 2012 at 1:55 pm MenDiscontinued

    What do you expect when a generation + of men are taught to do everything nice for women? They only know one way because it defies all logic to do the opposite (alpha). None of this is shocking anymore once you realize how society cons people and indoctrinates them.


    • That paradigm has already sizable cracks in it. Young men today DON’T.WANT.TO.MARRY. Even those who may be considered betas, There is nothing in it for them. With that, even the “do something nice for girls” goes out of window. They may have tried a few times, but getting nowhere, the strategy gets old. So, they are adapting.


      • on October 12, 2012 at 3:51 pm Anti Blue pill

        Facepalm of my past betaness,thanks for reminding me of what i had to learn the hard way. but thanks to blogs like this the red pill is easier to swallow (no homo)

        p.s hell fucking no to marriage


  7. Quite interesting, the scene and the analysis.

    “There is a reinforcing feedback loop that runs from your thoughts out through your body and voice and vice versa.”

    Sometime the feedback breaks down; for instance Obama would have known that he lost the debate, if he had been getting feedback from his own body language.

    BTW I did not get the nuclear neg, meaning I didn’t understand what was said and more importantly I don’t get why he made it at that point: wasn’t it enough of a neg to decline her invitation to dance?


    • He wasn’t allowed in the restaurant without a tie and jacket, and though they offered him one (like most restaurants of that kind will), he was an obsessive/compulsive germophobe and so ran out to buy a suit and tie… note he also suffered from a lack of impulse control and all through the movie said insulting things to any- and everyone, usually merely the first thing that came to his mind.

      The nuclear neg was him saying “I had to buy a new outfit and they let you in here with a house dress.” Pretty much one of the worst things you could do to a woman to start a date is to criticize how she’s presenting herself.

      The only reason she didn’t take off right away, I think, is because she understood at least partially that he had this malady.


      • Thank you. I can sympathize with him, it’s the sort of thing I could have said before learning to control my aspieness. I might still say it in a moment of weakness.


  8. Like

    • He runs the entire gamut here… from über-asshole to dangerous badass to vulnerability to warrior-philosopher… in my book, the most compelling 10 minutes of cinema in re “game”.


      • This is far more compelling than the original vid. Way more presence and poise. I place unflappability pretty high up on the list of alpha traits, and Nicholson seemed nervous and distracted in his video. Caan, on the other hand, is pretty engaging and in control throughout this.

        Nobody beats Brando though.


    • Caan’s posture in that scene is why I always get a booth at the diner. So many possibilities to sit like you own the fuckin place.


  9. It would be interesting to get some insight into how those movie scenes of Game are conceived. Do the presumably bookish and introverted script writers *know* how a realistic alpha convo would run? Do natural alpha actors ad-lib parts of the dialogue?


    • Emphasis on “presumably”. Actors usually add just the body language and directors refine situational elements.


      • Oh, I disagree. Actors really create the characters from scratch; the written dialogue counts for very little. Every director manages differently, but acting in general seems like a more collaborative job than most. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a director who wouldn’t say the actors create the movie.


      • Awrighty then. Let’s try a thought experiment. Hire a bunch of Oscar winning actors and have just an outline script with no dialogues. Let ’em at it. What do you think the result would be?


      • You couldn’t be more wrong.

        The occasional ad-lib, a touch of “method” here and there, do not ‘create characters from scratch’.

        Auteur credit goes to the director… he’s the virtuoso who gives life to the composer’s (screenwriter’s) opus… the actors are merely the instruments… and yes, certain instruments sound sweeter than others.

        You’ll notice that, barring very rare instances, the director has a far greater hand in screenwriting as well than do actors. And the movies where one can make a strong case for the actor are usually the ones where said actor played a large part in either writing, directing, or producing his/her baby.


      • Well, you’re wrong, so refer back to my original post. Find me a director who agrees with you. I can find 10 who agree with me. Don’t care enough to say much more than that.


      • Look up auteur theory for a start… this is Cinema 101 stuff.


      • You’re making my point for me… ahem, from my previous post:

        The occasional ad-lib, a touch of “method” here and there, do not ‘create characters from scratch’.

        Brando, the long-acknowledged master of “method”, is sure to be given much more leeway for input into characters than usual… yet notice the comprehensive explanations that Coppola is giving him to pull out said ad-libs.

        This is not creating Colonel Kurtz “from scratch.” This is putting icing on a cake already baked by the screenwriter and director.

        Equally as important, notice that much of the ad-lib dialogue from this very clip never wound up in the movie… so again, the director, working hand-in-glove with the editor(s), is responsible for the lion’s share of what culminates as the final product brought to the screen.

        In short, you’re confusing a few powerful pieces of ad-lib dialogue (which may or may not make it to the screen) as the actor himself “creating the character FROM SCRATCH”.

        As I first mentioned, you couldn’t be more wrong.


      • I might also add, that using Coppola’s experience with Apocalypse Now as an example of movie making is like calling game 163 of the 1978 season between the Yanks and Bosox as ‘typical baseball’.

        Btw,.. a movie I consider in the Top 10 of all time, despite its sprawling extravagances, eccentricities, and plethora textbook examples of how NOT to go about directing… faults which understandably dismiss it from the list of many critics.


      • 100% extemporaneous acting with no written dialogue, by an actor who hasn’t read the story beforehand =/= an “occasional ad lib.” You’re still wrong buddy.


      • Where do you come up with Apocalypse Now being totally unscripted? You might want to check out the credits… hint: look for SCREENPLAY and/or John Milius.

        And apparently you haven’t read Heart Of Darkness if you think Brando invented anything “from scratch”.

        You should pay attention to your own videos, if you would post them… Marlon Brando’s scenes were NOT totally unscripted… additionally, they only make up about 10% of the total screen time, if that… so whatever point you’re trying to make with his “method” acting and Coppola’s latitude is falling short.

        Just learn to admit when you’re wrong and move on.


      • I watched the video where Coppola said the lines were improvisational, that he didn’t write any dialogue for Brando, and where Brando walks off set saying he can’t come up with any more dialogue for the day. Not sure which one you saw. You can keep pulling fake quotes out of my comments indefinitely if it keeps your feelings from getting hurt though. Stay proud, Greg, this is where I get off.


      • Though to be fair, we could be talking about different material. I have no doubt that what you said applies to assembly line pulp like Scrubs and Will and Grace. My standpoint comes from listening to Matthew Wiener, Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, Coppola, etc… talk about their shit, as well as a friend who worked as Spielberg’s production bitch last year. To hear this from the director of Pulp Fiction or Natural Born Killers, which are so obviously ordered around the director’s vision, is telling. But actors are responsible for basically 100% of spontaneous generation of material, and art is always half planned and half spontaneous. Most people don’t get that, and most of the readers of this blog are exactly the type of person I’d expect not to (no disrespect to the proprietor).


      • Heh, heh… nice try at a tap dance, but mentioning pap TV shows are not part of this discussion… and your attempt at dismissive comparisons is anything but fair.

        I, too, have heard many interviews of directors… both the seat-of-the-pants propaganda hacks (like Stone and Tarantino), as well as the more introspective (like Scorcese and Coppola and Leone)… and for every utterance praising what actors bring to the table, they will speak twenty about THEIR vision and how they create and shape a film.

        But you didn’t really read the entirety of my previous post with an open mind… not addressing the provisos I admitted about ad-lib and method, nor the gist of the argument in re the script writing, especially when shared by the directory and screenwriter.

        Just keep watching histrionic tripe like Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers and pat yourself on the back for imagined artistic acumen… you, who probably couldn’t name one John Ford or William Wyler movie without googling.


  10. 1. Helen Hunt looks a lot better in real life. Though, she’s older now.

    2. Screen writers are almost always beta. They’re obviously aware of what constitutes alpha behavior but are somehow unable to channel that behavior themselves. I wonder why?


    • Helen was one of my top-five crushes as a boy. I was never able to figure the exact quality that made her so magnetic — something about the doleful downturned eyes.

      Here she is at 17/18 with her peer in beauty, Diane Lane (who aged freakishly well):

      Maybe it’s the whole religious-child-bride-polygamy thing that animated the nascent theocon in me. Maybe Helen Hunt is responsible for my politics…


    • I wonder how many screenwriters you know personally.


    • Next time you watch the Oscars, take a look at the girls on those “beta” screenwriters’ arms….. And, remember, we’re talking about guys who live in social circles where they simply cannot afford to show up with just any old 10, either; as she also has to be able to hold her own in what passes for intellectual conversation in LA.

      Many wannabe screenwriters, aka lifelong barristas, may well be betas. Those who write scripts for Jack and James movies; not so much.


      • Style, is that you?


      • watching Oscars = gay


      • Smile when you say that, pilgrim.


      • Greg defends the one eyed jew?



      • Good point, and touche’.

        What can I say… I’m enamoured of the silver screen.

        Although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find something that doesn’t try to beat you over the head with PC agenda.

        Still, even then, it’s fun deconstructing the propaganda, for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.


      • Not only have I never watched the Oscars, for a couple of years I played a little game with myself to see how far I could get before I accidently heard who won any of the categories. My record was 6 days.


      • on October 12, 2012 at 10:38 am Lucky White Male

        James Brooks wrote the screenplay – a very high level writer for TV and Film if you look at his resume – bordering on “novelist Pulitizer Prize” talent if he put it in another direction earlier in life.

        Keep in mind – Brooks was writing for “Jack” – it’s amazing that we know how to portray an Alpha Man when we need to, and have to, and what people are paying to see.

        Isn’t it amazing, then, that so many male characters in TV and film otherwise sound gay?

        Isn’t it amazing how the beta men in “Friends”, the TV sitcom, were written – when we know in reality these schlubs would never fuck a 25 year old Jennifer Aniston in real life?

        Hollywood Screenwriters; Behold the power of high verbal IQ, self-deception, and cultural subversion,…


      • Hollywood Screenwriters; Behold the power of high verbal IQ, self-deception, and cultural subversion,…

        As good a summation as any… except I think it’s less self-deception and more wish-fulfillment on their part.


      • Yeah Greg good point whether it’s wish fulfillment

        Kevin MacDonald thinks it’s unconscious self deception – they are inherently subversive in any culture in history

        A great quote for all PUA’s from K Mac: “The greatest deceivers are those who are most self deceived”

        You believe your own bullshit= Overconfidence= The Stronger Frame Always Wins = Alpha


      • Ah, in that light it’s hard to gainsay. Well-done.


      • “Hollywood Screenwriters; Behold the power of high verbal IQ, self-deception, and cultural subversion,…”

        Look, ya’ll gonna hafta put me on the payroll if I gotta go National Socialist on a regular basis?

        Ya’ll need to borrow some bass from my voice?


      • Next time you watch the Oscars, take a look at the girls on those “beta” screenwriters’ arms…

        Not a good gauge… whoring starlets and other behind-the-scenes wannabes will latch onto damn near anyone they feel can boost their career in the industry.

        Look at the PUA clowns touted on this very site who run “casting call” scams to attract would-be Snookis.


  11. Leia: I love you.

    Han: I know.


    • He did, however, sound butthurt here, when her good bye was stand-offish:

      “Don’t get all mushy on me… well, so long, princess.”


      • I’ll bet George Lucas wrote that line.


      • Wouldn’t doubt it… good point.


      • Pretty much everything that was awesome about Star Wars Lucas ripped off of old Westerns and Samurai movies. Most of the stupid and gay crap was his idea. The most pure-Lucas of the Star Wars movies was Episode I.


      • Yep. Star Wars has often been described as the first “space Western”. Ironically, Lucas killed the entire Western genre with the success of his own movie. Also, ironically, he’s a pretty lousy writer — everything else he’s written or directed, except for Episode 4, has been awful.

        Maybe it’s because he stopped consulting The Hero With A Thousand Faces by mythologist Joseph Campbell.


    • Yeah, and that was Harrison Ford’s ad-lib too. Alpha.


  12. Melvin is more curmudgeon than alpha, or at least what mojo he has is ancillary. Most of the alpha that comes through is actually Jack’s (the posture, the smiles, the gestures) or the screenwriter’s coincidental expression of Melvin’s misanthropy. That misanthropy creates the detachment that comes off as aloof. He is an accidental alpha.

    It helps to point out what he did right as a pedagogical exercise, but there is no criticism about what he does wrong. Is this an endorsement of Melvin’s performance as flawless?

    He has too many flashes of eager-to-please, entirely too invested in honoring her feminine whim (“Pay me a complement right now” or she’s leaving). It’s a minor concession when he indulges her, and yes he ride it out artfully/backhandedly, but it is still a concession. Rather than pleading with her to sit down, he could have just as easily teased her into it without losing hand.

    But Melvin’s misanthropy becomes the barrier to true alphatude. His house-dress comment wasn’t a “nuclear neg.” It was a gratuitous insult that he didn’t even realize he was making — a sledgehammer on a gnat. Carol was already feeling crushed, she wasn’t some 10 in need of getting knocked down a few pegs. Melvin’s lack of self-control precipitated the entire incident, when an alpha in command would have set the stage and purposely led her through the desired emotions from beginning to end like a maestro conducting an orchestra. The whole scene was devised (by the screenwriter) for Jack’s killer line to have maximum impact, but it was clear the character didn’t do it on purpose. Alphas do it on purpose. Melvin broadcasted signs of surprise whenever maneuvers worked or didn’t work. Clearly he had no idea what was going on. He was just Melvin being Melvin.

    Jack the real-life alpha playing Melvin the well-written curmudgeon is the lede here. The alpha knows what he is doing, he calibrates his responses and reactions precisely, he anticipates reactions perfectly, and is three chess-moves ahead of his prey. Jack is an icon more than an actor; like John Wayne, he brings the same appealing alpha to every role. He is a serviceable but not great character actor. So when he lowers himself to embodying a curmudgeon, he is trying to fit the outsized alpha aura into an ill-tailored suit. The charm leaks out now matter how he tries to hate the world, as required by the part of Melvin.

    So Jack the mediocre actor calibrated his natural alpha downwards — see in the beginning where he is trying to act nervous (as Melvin would be), and can’t quite pull it off (because Jack never is)! Jack the supreme alpha over-calibrates his lines past what is possible for the curmudgeon, delivering them with a tonal subtext that Melvin could never deliberately exude. He didn’t bark commands at the waiter to show off, he did it because he is autistic. This is how alphas play men with Asperger’s. There is significant sociopathic overlap between those extremes.

    The alpha knows how the conversation will go just as the actor knows how the script will go. So that helped the actor play the curmudgeon better. Alphas understand the effect of stark contrasts, and Jack knew the scene was going to pay off with a masterful close. But that close is only possible through empathy or accident. The alpha knows and appreciates what his prey is feeling, and manipulates it to his advantage: it is a manifestation of his command over the environment. In this case, Carol was feeling horrified at his insensitivity. But clearly the scene was written to highlight the accidental nature of Melvin’s seemingly empathic statement.

    Imagine Paul Giamatti playing the scene instead, and you’ll better discern how much of that encounter was Jack and how much of it was Melvin.



    • Imagine Paul Giamatti playing the scene instead, and you’ll better discern how much of that encounter was Jack and how much of it was Melvin.

      A very fair point… I always felt this wasn’t one of his strongest roles, yet they awarded him the Oscar anyway… in my mind, to make up for Ironweed.


    • Great commentary Matt.
      Also I appreciated your recent insights about changing trends in novel plots during the 20th Century, but for some reason all my posts here that day/week just vanished without a trace (???).


    • What a post to return to…

      I disagree.

      Increasingly I have come to believe that alpha is about congruence. Internal and external congruence, without fear of judgement. It does not have to be about seamlessly leading prey towards the kitchen.

      Did Jack play Melville incorrectly? Maybe, but true misanthropes believe people to be contemptable, beneath them. An aspie, angry man who secretly wishes he didnt hate people, who feels “contempt” as a result of rejection, is not the same. Which is more alpha?

      Paul Giamatti, who is a superb actor, would have brought considerable nuance to the role, but he would have been the latter. His soulful eyes, his face full of a lifetime of anxiety and self reproach, these would have bled through, and instead of a misanthrope you’d have an angry omega, who secretly wished the world was kinder so that he could participate.


  13. I always thought that was a great movie. This post has made me take a look at in in a whole new way. Thanks Heartiste.


  14. “I’m so afraid you’re about to say something awful.”

    This happens to me all the time…


  15. “4:05 — Helen: “I’m so afraid you’re about to say something awful.” My friends, you WANT to hear this line from a woman. You know why? Because it means you’re INTERESTING to her. INTRIGUING. And that’s a beautiful foundation for love sex and intimacy.”

    Also, UNPREDICTABLE. She demands a compliment, and beta would PREDICTABLY immediately say something about her beauty or looks, probably nervously stumbling over his own words. Predictable is boring, while unpredictability is INTERESTING and INTRIGUING.


  16. 4:05 — Helen: “I’m so afraid you’re about to say something awful.” My friends, you WANT to hear this line from a woman. You know why? Because it means you’re INTERESTING to her. INTRIGUING. And that’s a beautiful foundation for love sex and intimacy.

    You also want to hear these type of phrases with a look of intrigue and a smile on the ladies face. I know I’m getting somewhere with a girl that tells me “I hate you” or “you’re such a jerk” while she is smiling.


  17. Obviously I don’t “get” why this is great game. Jack Nicholson’s always struck me as creepy, Melvin’s a jerk, and if it weren’t for the script she would have gone away forever after that “housedress” insult. No alpha would need to holler to the busboy, either.

    Since you guys are talking about Jack Nicholson, have any of you seen Something’s Gotta Give? I’m curious about your opinion on the Jack vs Keanu characters.


    • Our host already did qualify the house dress as a bit over the top for non Jacks. And many, many natural alphas DO holler at the busboy.

      These days, pretty much anything you do, that would make most people uncomfortable, is alpha. Up to, and including, leering at, and making comments about, your single mom date’s 12 year old daughter. This ain’t Ghengis’ world, no more.


      • “This ain’t Ghengis’ world, no more.”

        Give it some time. Whether you’d like that world or not, it’s coming to the neighborhood near you.


    • I love, love, love, love that movie and pretty much think Diane Keaton’s performance was the funniest depiction of misery anyone could ever do. Her character was so full of life (recall her elation upon finding his blood pressure was strong enough to have sex) that I think even a younger man would find her attractive. However, I do think it would be unrealistic for it to go much beyond that.


  18. next up Groundhog Day?


    • “I’m a god. I’m not the God, I don’t think.”


    • Nope. There was a lot cringe worthy moments and PC bullshit. It would have been more fun if some asshole biker swept her off her feet before Phil was finished.


      • Tend to agree… as much fun as it is to watch Bill Murray, the whole premise of the movie is oneitis and “getting that second (+n) chance”… the desire of every omega.


      • on October 11, 2012 at 6:28 pm Cail Corishev

        The one good lesson from Groundhog Day was that the harder he tried, the more he pushed her away, and he didn’t get her until he stopped trying and was content with himself as-is.


      • Did not know there was a remake.


  19. Chivalry is the one weakness that an alpha is allowed to display (in the eyes of women.) Chivalry, in the hands of a beta, is a guarantee panty tightener. It’s been said here before, but the idea of chivalry is based on the power disparity between men and women: the more power a man has over a woman (note, in the movie, he’s a celebrated author and she’s a frigging diner waitress!), the more personal power he’s allowed to cede. If Melvin had been an accountant or the manager of a local McDonald’s, his sudden gift of chivalry would have seemed supplicatory (co-sign on the nuclear neg. If the movie had been more realistic, she would have ran out of the venue.) When a woman knows that you’re holding the cookie jar, she’s going to feel grateful when you give her an Oreo. If she has her bag of snickerdoodles, and you’re falling over your feet trying to hand her a Fig Newton, she’s going to treat you like you’re “special” (and not the kind of special that ends with a blowjob in the Coat Check room.)

    P.S.-in real life, celebrities flout rules. If Stephen King had walked into that restaurant and he didnt meet dress code standards, the maitre d’ would have been made aware that the unkempt guess was kind of a big deal (by the restaurant owner, after firing his ass.) Hermes’ flagship store in Paris underwent a managerial overhaul after the Oprah incident (and Hermes could afford the backlash! Do you think that any non 3 or 5-star restaurant would be able to afford the reputation damage?)


  20. Nicholson in “Witches of Eastwick” ripped the veil off feminine pretense: an early Red Pill for me.


  21. “Don’t be pessimistic, it’s not your style.”

    That was a better compliment than the other one.


  22. Also…

    Nancy Collins: “You genuinely like women, don’t you?”
    Jack Nicholson: “Yeah, I genuinely do. I prefer the company of women, and I have deep respect for them. I’m buzzed by the female mystique. I always tell young men there are three rules: They hate us, we hate them; they’re stronger, they’re smarter; and, most important, they don’t play fair.” (Rolling Stone Interview, March 29, 1984)


  23. on October 11, 2012 at 6:44 pm alonzo portfolio

    From the same film:

    Q: how do you write women so well?

    A: I think of a man. Then I take away reason, and responsibility.


  24. Nigel Farage, alpha male:


  25. on October 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm alonzo portfolio

    Something’s Gotta Give? I’m curious about your opinion on the Jack vs Keanu characters.

    How about the very notion that the 33-year old physician (Reeves) would fall for the 55-year old Keaton?


  26. Actually, I believe it’s:

    Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
    Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson): I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.


  27. Yours truly specializes in the nuclear neg. I enjoy watching them shut down completely and retreat into deep, genuine shame that will last forever. Sweeter than sex, itz.


  28. A few months ago a man in CVS told me I looked like Helen Hunt. I answered, “Thanks, I guess.” He replied, “Come on, she’s not bad.”


  29. a little Octopushy


  30. Gene Simmons full spectrum alpha facial on Terry Gross


    • Stupid lefties never could understand that Gene was mocking Terry throughout the entire thing with his act.

      And probably neither could you, nigs.


      • How white of you to state the obvious Casper.

        I guess you need something to do other than stand around all pale and stiff like a corpse.


      • lol. I know you didn’t get till I pointed out, little darky. It’s ok, admitting it’s the first step.

        I also like how you think that calling me white will ever insult me like calling you black insults you. So cute.

        Hey nigs, got a good video of you and your boyz hanging out in the ghetto here:

        Now tell us all again how a word in the dictionary isn’t a word. lol.


      • on October 12, 2012 at 10:46 am Lucky White Male

        Priceless whorefinder

        “Thwack” – what a tough sounding name. Must be a “tough nigga” lol

        I love how this guy comes on this board and every comment is about “niggers” and “whites” – in every post – whether or not it has anything to do with race.

        It’s interesting how CH doesn’t see this as trolling and ban this clown


      • Looks more like a bunch of females trying to protect one of the younger members from a surly big bad dad.

        I’m surprised at you for posting such a poor analogy, whorefinder… you can’t compare these simians to negroes… there’s a present father in this video.


      • “I also like how you think that calling me white will ever insult me like calling you black insults you. So cute.”

        Insulting someone because he’s black is about as poor form as making fun of a special olympics gymnastic performance.


      • What you ignore, either purposely or, benefit of doubt, inadvertently, is that the behavior (snarky post) is what spurs the name-calling… the outward manifestation of the soul who invariably manifests said behavior is merely the easily-identified characteristic at which to throw a barb.

        In short… (and it’s getting awfully tiresome to repeat this, so pay attention this time, there’s a good fellow)… it’s the attitude and behavior, not merely the colour.


  31. I prefer Jack Nicholson in Carnal Knowledge.


  32. Helen Hunt was not raised in the US. I know for a fact that in her youth, she was fed only raw meat and artic lichens since birth. As a result, she has a finely shaped ass and healthy tits. Her = normal single mom = total raving bullshit. She was paid a professional SAG wage for the time she spent opposite J. Nicholson/ Just like a Pediatrician would get for taking care of a 2 year old with a case of genital warts or a puss-draining pit-bull bite.


  33. There is nothing more alpha than spending several hours dissecting your favorite film scenes second-by-second in order to gain insight on how to get pussy.

    Truly alpha.


    • Poor little faggot.

      Upset that your favorite SWPL fare is somehow confirming the truth about game?


    • What are they supposed to do origimi? Western civ is fucked. Do you really want whitey shooting up classrooms and theaters once a week?

      I say we need more Rambo, John Wayne, Rocky Balboa, superwhateverwhiteman movies.

      Gotta keep em occupied with visions of past glory (white supremacy); otherwise they will be staring at you and me and not saying anything.


      • That’s odd… I hadn’t noticed how the MSM visions sewn of whole cloth in re the pseudo-glory black supremacy magic negro-filled movies haven’t stopped your kind from running amok.


      • Hell…”have stopped”.


      • I recently watched a video where a few white students, at a small college, wanted to start a white student club. The school already has a black student union. The hysterical black students, who were in opposition to it, continued to refer to it as a “white supremacy” club, even though no one had used that term.

        [heartiste: white student clubs will become less anathema to the general public and to whiny nams once whites themselves become a minority.
        small comfort, i know.]


      • True, and it’s why I wouldn’t have much of an interest in joining one. Maybe my grandchildren will feel differently.


      • [heartiste: white student clubs will become less anathema to the general public and to whiny nams once whites themselves become a minority.

        White people are already a minority population, but they are still incharge of everything. This is why “nams” freak at the thought of a “white club” and the SWPL whites don’t want to draw attention to the white supremacy system


      • When whites become a minority they’ll be more in need of student militias.


      • Lara
        The hysterical black students, who were in opposition to it, continued to refer to it as a “white supremacy” club, even though no one had used that term.

        White people are already a minority population, but they are still incharge of everything. This is why “nams” freak at the thought of a “white club” and the SWPL whites don’t want to draw attention to the white supremacy system by having a “white club”.

        Don’t be fooled by the thought “black student” could stop white people from doing something they want to do. Matter of fact, when its time for white people to do something vast or great (like they often do) Do they go clear it with niggers first?

        Hell no.

        When Lincoln DECIDED to end slavery, did he discuss it with niggers first? Hell no. He just got drunk one night, scribbled some impressive sounding white man freedum stuff and signed his name to it.

        This “what about niggers feelings?” crap is just white theater.


      • thwack, maybe. I just don’t feel like writing western civ off yet. It may find its mooring, when this shameful period collapses on itself.

        But how about thwacky civ? Actually, you can see it in akshun in ZimBobWe, or better yet, Congo. They are so besotted with each other that they feel compelled to eat each others liver or other gibblets..


      • Cad, when western civ goes down, niggers will be double fucked because we depend on white people for everything. But thats the key to the nigger problem; that big white tit drying up.

        The sooner the better.


      • That’s like saying about someone “he was finally cured of cancer”, while lowering his casket.

        And then what? Going back to spears and gnawing on human femur or giblets?


      • I don’t know. But I suspect white people may need to lose what they had in order to appreciate it enough to understand why they should have improved it; instead of running it into the ground?

        There is nothing wrong with the smartest people being in charge.


      • It’s not just blacks that are addicted to the gummint teat, though that group takes a cream. Socialism (or it’s incarnation obamunism) is quite corrosive to young impressionable minds. Nearly 50 years of gradual creep really did its number. And it’s not just the collectivistic ideas with class warfare as its standard fare, it’s the other stuff that got piggybacked on it. Feminism, greenism, multi-culti, group victimology and the acceptance of sexual deviations that in total fucked things up nearly beyond repair.

        The funny part is that even in my old country during the commie era, this stuff was not in vogue, being considered for western consumption only, feminism was derided as an example of bourgeois decadence and derangement. You’ll find these items listed in Frankfurt School action programs, which were originating from active measures subversion programs devised by Moscow ideologues. This is what Khrushchev meant when he said “We will bury you”.

        Is it fixable? Haven’t a faintest. Yuri Bezmenov (search youtube) thought that we are essentially fucked.


      • lol. Poor dumb nigger.

        Hey thwack, you do know that “averagely” is a word, right, boy?


  34. Best scenes of game are always rape porn.


  35. Actually, Jack did a fine job in The Witches of Eastwick seducing three women at the same time, one being a man-hating, man-blaming Susan Sarandon:


  36. Someone needs to do an analysis of “Pride and Prejudice”, either the book or one of the TV series, the Ur-source of every romance novel out there.


    • Heh… Jane Austen, the queen of hypergamy… what’s to dissect?

      Liz is, of course, at first attracted to a man out of her league, but then acts like she could care less about D’Arcy because she thinks he’s an asshole who fucked up her beloved older sister’s chance to marry up… but when D’Arcy then turns beta as hell… and ESPECIALLY once she sees his mansion… and finds out he pulled her slut little sister’s bacon out of the fire with his wallet… does she then get a wet clam… leastwise, as wet as this proto-empowered grrrl’s clam can get in jolly olde England.

      Might as well do an analysis of Valley Of The Dolls.


  37. It is impossible to forget an 11. Especially when she makes tears…For you and no one else…


  38. Jack has another excellent alpha display in 1994’s “Wolf.” He gets bitten by a werewolf and gradually transforms from henpecked beta schlub with dumpy wife to apex alpha with young hottie Michelle Pfeiffer.

    Best scene showing this is when a bitchy Michelle Pfeiffer disses him mightily. He owns the frame, breaks her, then has her eating out of his hand a minute later. Highly recommended.


  39. This is a classy buddy movie of two dudes trying to get laid. If you want to fast forward start watching at 0:16:15 – The contrast between Alpha and beta is very clear between the two friends as they try to lay a smoking hot blonde throughout the movie.


  40. Nicholson also gave a prime performance as an aged beta in About Schmidt.


  41. Run your game like you plan to kill yourself in a week. Don’t consider your weaknesses to be detrimental, live in the moment, keep it light but intentioned.


    • “Run your game like you plan to kill yourself in a week. Don’t consider your weaknesses to be detrimental, live in the moment, keep it light but intentioned.”


      Yeah thats it, act like a nigger 24 hours a day…

      ((9shakin my head)))


    • “Run your game like you plan to kill yourself in a week. Don’t consider your weaknesses to be detrimental, live in the moment,”

      Yeah, just like a nigger.


      clean up aisle 9


  42. A personal fave is the opening scene of Hitch. Granted it’s a little over-dramatic but it’s a good way of handling your typical ‘ice queen’ type of girl.


  43. Here’s Wild Orchid, the dog of a film starring Mickey Rourke.

    This is classic

    Watch the body language, the slow deliberate movements, the low hushed tones, the slow languid speech.

    1:21 “I was kidnapped once and I don’t want to go through that experience again.” DHV by having body guards, vulnerability game—he’s wanted–pre-selection. Only important people get kidnapped.

    1:33 he stops. Sets the frame. She stops.

    1:44 “If you want me to apologize for being rich then I will. We could take we a bus instead of a car, should I tell him to go?” He’s apologizing—beta? It’s all in the tone and perspective.

    2:37 He stops again, she keeps walking, then stops and turns around, “Something wrong?” He sets the frame. Him: “I just like watching you walk.” immediately starts sexualizing the frame.

    3:12 Check it out….he gets greeted by the hostess who gives him a major IOI when they arrive. His date is trying to compensate by dealing with the female AMOG, speaking Portuguese to the parrot….the camera goes wide—where’s Mickey Roure??? Doting over her and waiting while she pets the parrot? Nope, he’s sat down already and has an impatient look when she notices.

    4:05 “Some day, you’re gonna tell your grandchildren you were once in Rio…” Future projection, setting the frame that she is with a very cool guy on what will become a pivotal moment in her life…and you walk across the room in another woman’s dress…”

    “How do you know it isn’t my dress?”

    Neg: “Because I bought it for Claudia…” she looks dejected, but mission accomplished. She stays instead of leaving.

    4:35 “What makes you think I’m going to have grand children?”
    “Well your mother always said….” Cold read.

    5;15 “We all have to lose ourselves sometimes”—now he’s escalating.

    5:55 He’s playing that Eat Fuck Kill game “What would it take for her to lose control?” this is an awesome game they play…she complies totally in his frame. Now he gets her talking….and she’s in the zone…

    Check out how it ends…this is classic and could be any PUA training infield video


  44. hahaha I’ve never thought this scene was a good showing of any male, let alone an alpha. He’s so socially incompetent it’s like he’s got Aspergers. She only dated him out of pity and compassion, and because as a poor single-mother, the grouchy, ugly old dude with lots of cash was her only prospect for improving her situation. I’d hardly call that lust or respect.


  45. I read Le Chateau for two things: original material (including gems like “they never shop paying for their obedience”) and Whorefinder’s comments.

    Say what you will about PC, but the Overton Window has been moving rightward since about 2008; in the underground for now, but everyone alive today is one foot in the official narrative and one foot in dissident facts.


  46. He’s too old.

    [heartiste: his bevy of pretty lovers younger than you don’t seem to mind.]


    • Stop reminding me that I am old, please. His lovers are not like me, they probably don’t love him

      [heartiste: i bet some of them do. you still seem to be having problems coming to terms with the fact that what women love about men is different than what men love about women.]

      and don’t want to have his babies (btw. he’s 75 now so I doubt his lovers really are younger than me).

      [if a man is sufficiently high status, women will sacrifice his fatherhood potential for his seed.]

      Why don’t you just accept the fact that for men too it is much better to have babies earlier in life???

      [it is much easier for a man to have a baby at 75 than it is for a woman to have a baby at 45.


      • “you still seem to be having problems coming to terms with the fact that what women love about men is different than what men love about women.”

        No, I do not have any problems with this.

        [heartiste: your desperate contrarianism in these comments suggests otherwise.]

        “if a man is sufficiently high status, women will sacrifice his fatherhood potential for his seed.”

        Yeah, but there is some age limit, sorry.

        [the higher the man’s status, the more flexible the upper age limit. sorry.]

        Why do you think most fertility clinics do not accept sperm from 70 year old pensioners? Feminism, maybe?

        [fertility clinics aren’t women swooning for high status older alpha males. the correct comparison would be between once-beautiful 45 year old women and high status 75 year old men. in that case, the latter’s sperm will be more viable than the former’s (lack of) eggs.]

        “It is much easier for a man to have a baby at 75 than it is for a woman to have a baby at 45.”

        Women don’t only want man’s sperm but his money and time, too.

        [the point appears to be whooshing right over your butthurt head.]

        So a 75 year old pensioner is usually just as useless (reproductively) as a postmenopausal women.

        [except he isn’t. a 75 year old pensioner has better odds, given a willing partner, of fathering a healthy baby than does a post-menopausal woman of bearing a healthy baby with a younger man.
        now, either you accept this truth about the sexes or you get the fuck off this board to lick your wounds elsewhere. it’s unseemly to do it here in front of everyone.]


      • I thought we were friends but you are so mean with me.

        [heartiste: that’s because you frequently resort to lying, slithery, sneaky troll bitchery instead of discussing subject matters in good faith. for instance, here you attempted to move the goal posts, or rather to segue entirely into a different subject matter without anyone noticing (you hoped), by ignoring the relevant point i made that old men have more reproductive potential than do middle-aged women, to instead harp on some irrelevant nonsense about how being old is worse than being young all else equal; a banal assertion that no one was arguing against to begin with. your style of arguing, when you have clearly lost a point, is to slap a fat red herring in the face of whoever will abide your semantic antics. but i see right through you, and i will call you out on your shit, and laugh at you when you whine for mercy afterwards.]

        I really don’t get the things you are saying.

        [yes you do. you just don’t like what i’m saying.]

        I’d never have babies with a 75 year old pensioner, no matter how high his status.

        [anecdote is not data. apparently plenty of younger women than yourself fuck the daylights out of old jack n.]


      • “I’m a pretty cynical guy. Maybe I should start being more happy clappy? 10 minutes ago”

        Yes, you should become more happy clappy. ❤ Also, I'm glad we are friends again. I love u ❤

        [heartiste: jpeg.]

        "but i see right through you, and i will call you out on your shit"

        Thanks, I need that. But you have to explain me things afterwards. Or rather, let's not argue about unimportant things.

        [au cuntraire. sex love and procreation are the most important things.]


      • You have my jpeg already (don’t show it to anyone please).

        [heartiste: not enough tit. you can do better. you make me want to make you a better woman.]

        “[au cuntraire. sex love and procreation are the most important things.]”


        [ok then, shouldn’t something as vitally important as SLandP be discussed more often than less important subjects? wouldn’t that make intrinsic sense?]

        But discussing too much whether girls want to sleep with 75 year old men is not so important.

        [define “too much”, because in your head it seems the line is crossed after the first mention.]


      • “[heartiste: not enough tit. you can do better. you make me want to make you a better woman.]”

        I don’t think making sexy photographs and sending them to a stranger on the internet would make me a better woman. You’ll see more but not on the photograph.

        “[ok then, shouldn’t something as vitally important as SLandP be discussed more often than less important subjects? wouldn’t that make intrinsic sense?]”

        Yes, we’re discussing it every day on your blog.


      • I’m glad you finally realized this is the most important topic CH.

        In years past, guys in the PUA scene assumed they all had to retire before 40 and it was controversial to suggest a man would keep going after that and still target the most nubile without compromise.


  47. on October 12, 2012 at 10:53 am Lucky White Male

    [if a man is sufficiently high status, women will sacrifice his fatherhood potential for his seed.]

    CH – this deserves a separate future post.

    An insight into how alpha men can get away with multiple relationships where there is no chance of future commitment or marriage.


  48. on October 12, 2012 at 10:56 am Lucky White Male

    Great recent interview with Jack at age 75:

    “I’m definitely still wild at heart. But I’ve struck bio-gravity. I can’t hit on women in public any more. I didn’t decide this; it just doesn’t feel right at my age.’

    He pauses to get straight to the heart of his own theory of life.

    ‘If men are honest, everything they do and everywhere they go is for a chance to see women. There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.

    ‘But I also believe that a lot of the improvements in my character have come through ageing and the diminishing of powers. It’s all a balancing act; you just have to get used to the ride.’”


  49. “It’s easier and more probable for a 75 year old man to have a healthy baby than it is for a 45 year old woman to have a healthy baby. 15 minutes ago”

    It’s much easier for a 75 year old man to have a healthy baby than it is for a 45 year old woman to have a healthy baby.

    [heartiste: you don’t need to say it again.]


    • You schooled me. Basically, what I wanted to say was that men don’t want to fuck totally infertile women. (There are even more 45 year old spinsters than 75 year old fathers, I’m sure.)

      [heartiste: glad to see you coming around to logic on this issue. a new maya?]


  50. “Human female estrus is real. Ovulating lap dancers scored the highest tip earnings. Feminists… wait for it… wept. 11 minutes ago”

    Yup. I’ve noticed that I get so much more attention from you when I’m ovulating. Funny, isn’t it?


    • Sorry for this comment. I’m stupid and not funny at all, just boring and repulsive.

      [heartiste: self-pity ploy, news at 11.]

      I’m happy you decided to become more happy clappy ❤

      [thanks! i love how you actually shoot rainbows instead of turds out of your ass when you defecate!]


  51. Americans have a very strong tendency to relate everything to movies and TV. No other culture on the planet does this to anywhere near the same extent.
    Pretty much everything you see in any movie is wishful thinking bullshit made up by some nerd Beta/Delta male.
    Besides, if you are Jack Nicholson (read: world famous, filthy rich actor), it matters beans if you’re ‘Alpha’ or not, women will ‘accidentally’ trip and fall into your bed no matter what.
    Begs the question what the hell he’s doing with a 6 (Helen Hunt).


  52. You do realise this was all written and directed by somone else.Jacks real-life alpha is yet to be displayed as such

    [heartiste: 1. jack’s real life alphaness has been displayed. see the link in the post.
    2. movies sell fantasies that appeal to real human desires. therefore, when a movie character is written so that he acts alpha to turn on a girl, it’s a good bet that acting that way in real life will turn on real life girls.
    or: the fantasy won’t sell if it’s too far removed from reality.]


  53. Interesting bit of game displayed in The Big Bang Theory last night. Even though last episode she was thinking of breaking up with him Penny suddenly found Leonard interesting again once another woman started flirting with him. Preselection at work.

    Teaching game to the geeks is the best way to prevent eventual idiocrasy.


  54. on October 12, 2012 at 2:51 pm gunslingergregi

    welcome back sex is some pretty good sheot

    returned home from mini vacation and let the chick that slit wrist back to my house and fucked for 8 hours my shit is raw as fuck but yea putty never ran out juice my head feels surprizingly good he he he

    spur of moment bought some of those fireplace logs and went to lake lit em up they are badass it was chilly but they kept it nice and warm.
    added to it was being in the middle of pitch blackness with light going off the trees nobody else anywhere
    finally into gushing pussy territory broke through all the mental shit into a new frontier and once it gushes it is on.
    chick said never came that hard in her life including with me
    Can it be believed?
    she might of actually really fell in love/lust
    he he he

    my resolve is so weak with this chick i made it like 11 days though


  55. From the paper on strippers and estrus:

    “Normally cycling participants earned about US$335 per 5-h shift during estrus, US$260 per shift during the luteal phase, and US$185 per shift during menstruation. By contrast, participants using contraceptive pills showed no estrous earnings peak.”

    1. When strippers are in heat, they earn nearly TWICE AS MUCH in tips.
    2. The Pill is bad for strippers economically.


    • Do they try harder, i.e., move sexier and give more “come hither” looks, when in heat?

      Or is it merely the poonhounds are onto the scent?


      • Probably both, with the hound dogs (us) responding to their pheromones unconsciously, and their sexiness more consciously.

        I have only recently started to figure out how women go into heat, noticing that they seem to have “it” “on” a given week, but “off” a couple weeks later.


  56. I wonder if any one would like to deal with this study that just came out:

    “Testosterone Increases Honesty, Study Suggests” —

    Now of course that would not be true across the board, because there are a good number of high-testosterone sociopathic scum out there, but most people aren’t natural-born sociopaths. So how does this all fit in?


  57. I didn’t realize that movie was so full of zingers by Melvin toward or about his gay neighbor Simon. These lines would all be banned now, just a few years later. Just goes to show that PC ruins comedy.

    Quit worrying. You’ll be back on your knees in no time.

    I can’t do this without you. I’m afraid he might pull the stiff one-eye on me.

    I work all the time. So never, NEVER interrupt me, okay? Not if there’s a fire… Or, if it’s election night, and you’re excited and you wanna celebrate because some fudge-packer that you date has been elected the first queer president of the United States, and he’s going to have you down to Camp David, and you want someone to share the moment with. Even then, don’t knock. Not on this door. Not for ANY reason. Do you get me, sweetheart?

    As long as you keep your work zipped up around me, I don’t give a rat-crap when or where you shove your show. Are we done being neighbors for now?

    Carol the waitress, meet Simon the fag.

    [After Simon knocks on Melvin’s door] Son of a bitch! Pansy-ass stool pusher!


  58. I had a real-life alpha male-Helen Hunt experience years ago.

    I was at dinner in a posh part of Brentwood (not on a date). The restaurant was small and cozy. At the next table over was Helen Hunt sitting by herself. She looked more attractive than in the movies. (No, it would not have been appropriate to approach her.)

    She sat by herself maybe reading a book or something. You could not tell that she was waiting for anyone. After about a half-hour, a large guy comes in wearing a hockey jersey. (This was when it was still fashionable to wear hockey jerseys.) He was very casual. Maybe unshaven.

    She greeted him in a friendly fashion and they have an intimate meal together. He treated her with his body language that she was just some chick he was dating and it was perfectly natural that she be waiting for him.

    It really impressed me how she was so attractive and successful but still “followed” this guy.

    Now if he had been groveling and had been early to the restaurant, etc., she would already have dumped him.


  59. You want to see pure game in a movie watch “Days of Being Wild” a Hong Kong film from 1990. Its a clinic. Streaming now on Netflix.


  60. Watch Goldeneye and about 37 minutes into the movie, watch his interactions with Moneypenny. Or hell, watch his interactions with all of the women in that movie. Top level game there.


  61. […] Are Dumpy, I Didn’t Need Game To Land My Wife, Did Obama Have Game, Why Women Have A Sixth Sense, Great Scenes Of Game In The Movies, Hookup Men Vs Real […]