The Unpalatable Truth About Giving Women Gifts

On a number of blogs and websites covering the story of Steve Jobs’ death, there was much consternation among the commentariat about a small anecdote from his personal life retold in his new biography. Supposedly, Jobs was on a date with Joan Baez and he refrained from buying her an expensive dress that she swooned over when she saw it in the store window. Instead, he opened his billionaire’s wallet with his alligator arms and bought himself a few shirts.


Naturally, the dweebs that typically infest comments sections took this as evidence that Jobs is an asshole (true) and a beta who doesn’t know how to win a lady’s heart (false). The manginiac whining crescendoed in a giant betaboy wail that real men buy women stuff if they want to impress them. You could call these panty piddlers part of the lost beta generation. They have no clue.

It is much more likely that Jobs’ refusal to buy Baez that dress made him seem *more* alpha, and hence more desirable, to her. Buying women stuff — particularly buying them stuff before you have sexed them numerous times — is a surefire way to fast track yourself into the beta provider zone where women lose all arousal and make you wait three months for sex.

For the slow learners: Women do not get viscerally turned on by men who buy them things. They get avaricious when they think they have a gullible mark in their grasp. Buying women stuff to win their approval is a great way to ensure you date only heartless golddiggers.

Buying shit for women is best done AFTER you have established your alpha male bona fides. At that point, long after a relationship has evolved and she is fully enslaved by her love for you, the largesse you shower upon her won’t cannibalize your alpha allure. When the time comes that she needs small reminders of your beta resource investment to feel secure and safe with you, your gifts will carry more import.

Reader “Jack” passes along a story from his life that illustrates the points made above:

Yesterday was the birthday of one of the women I’m dating. I didn’t send her anything. I didn’t even throw out a “Happy Birthday” email during the day while I was at work. I even waited a few minutes after showing up for her birthday party (late I might add), before finally saying something.

Better still was to find out that she got flowers at work from her bosses. Every person she worked with would walk in and ask “are those from [Jack]?”. Despite all of that, or rather because of all that, I subsequently ended up with the hottest sex yet that I’ve had with her.

A year ago, I’d have either sent her flowers and various other gifts during the day, or would have been apologizing like mad for forgetting.  Granted, I’d have also only had one girlfriend, who wasn’t nearly as hot as the multiple ones I have going now.  I’m definitely glad that Glenn Reynolds or Dr. Helen linked to your site earlier this year, or I’d have never learned all the things I was doing wrong all of these years.  Thank you.

Ugly, ugly truth. But, being true, it’s best not to ignore its lessons.


  1. I used to give women I was hanging out with (but not yet dating) small, inexpensive thoughtful gifts – like an origami crane that I made or something like that. Eventually I’ve realized that this shit simply doesn’t help and I save it all for after we’re already firmly together.


    • on November 9, 2011 at 3:33 pm (r)Evoluzione



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        i predict these will be a hit with women’s studies majors everywhere. just gotta tell them that bernanke is a revolutionary like che.


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      • GBFM–
        I like your items on cafepress. Is it possible to make some of your items into posters or put more of your tshirt wording onto coffee mugs? I like the “college” one the best. Very funny.


  2. My inner white knight is still strong (fifty years of beta is hard to overcome) and I like doing things for women. I recovered a bunch of photos from a dead PC for a female friend just the other day (yeah, my inner geek is also strong). However, at least I’ve learned enough to only do favors for women that I absolutely have no interest in fucking. Outcome: they show their appreciation through home-cooked meals (nice, when you’re an older bachelor) and favorable attention at social gatherings (social cred). And then it’s kind of funny when they flirt and I can respond with amused (and genuine) disinterest. The Proprietor will no doubt scorn my weakness but I’m playing the game as best I can.


    • Perhaps this could still work to sexual advantage if balanced with push/pull? Try to imagine the swing to the dark side you’d need to counter balance. What would/could you do?


      • Well, I didn’t mention that a couple of these women (my generation) have attractive daughters. Dark side enough for you? Not that I’ve yet banged a girl half my age, but with game and perseverance…


      • Well, a couple of these women have attractive daughters. Dark side enough for you? Not that I’ve ever bagged a girl half my age, but with game and perseverance…


    • It’s unfair, isn’t it? I like doing these things for girls too, but i realized long ago that it comes with the high cost of a dry pussy.

      Women will often claim that they like nice guys, they just dislike the insecure types.
      This case proves them wrong. I can be confident just the way women like it, and dry up a pussy quickly if I do a nice gesture like say, buying them a gift.

      Women love dark triad characters, ’nuff said.


    • The next level would be when you suggest to these females your not interested in, how it would be nice for you while your doing the odd favour for them what it would mean to you should they loose weight while getting fitter and tighter, grow their hair long etc etc

      can you see the possibilities?


    • on November 9, 2011 at 5:37 pm Manuel Dexter

      Not really. 50+ Game is not easy to pull off, I imagine. Doug1 apparently pulls it off, but its my understanding he is also flush with money.


      • It is easy to pull off outside of the US. Half one’s age is not hard in Europe.


      • I concur. When I was working in Europe I saw plenty of 50+ guys on dates with beautiful younger in their 20s and early 30s. This wasn’t a rare occasion either. I saw this practically every day.


  3. This is very true. If you give gifts before you’re banging them or established alpha cred, you’re lowering your value and supplicating to women.

    Women don’t like getting roses unless they’re banging you and even then it has to be “earned”.

    It’s a turn off because it seems weak and taps into either a chick’s inferiority complex or her superiority complex and makes you seem like a “nice” guy–non-sexual.


  4. This cannot be emphasized enough to guys: buying a woman shit does NOT make her horny for you. Read that again.

    If she is already horny for you, buying shit is, at best, superfluous. If she is not horny for you, gifts will not change that. I know, I know–those rom com movies, your spinster aunt, your screwed up female friends are saying something else. Ignore them. Observe the world and apply something akin to scientific observation: is there a correlation between buying shit for women and sexing them? And is it reasonable to assumen causation, even if we find correlation?

    I would argue there is neither correlation nor causation. Very generally, if a woman’s lust was won by some flowers and some expensive baubles, what man would go lonely? Only those unable to buy expensive baubles (or gay).

    However, many straight men capable of buying expensive baubles and willing to buy such baubles (or even buying them already) are lonely or getting no sex from women in their lives. No correlation.

    Moreover, many men incapable of buying expensive baubles regularly get sex from women who get no baubles from those impecunious men. Again, no correlation. Without even correlation, we do not bother with causation questions.

    Think on those circumstances for a while, guys, if you think the author here is wrong.


    • If she is already horny for you, buying shit is, at best, superfluous.

      Not quite – depends on what kind of relationship you have. A girl in an LTR needs signals of stability and bonding. Otherwise she’ll eventually force herself out of love (perhaps with an outburst of drama), and find a guy who will commit in a more family oriented way.

      You need to at least keep alive the dream.

      Of course you also maintain your frame. For instance my girl, when she gets jealous, thinks the solution is babies and marriage. I need to maintain the frame of that she’s lucky just to be near me, and if she pressures me I may bolt. She’s attached enough that the fear of me leaving altogether overcomes the fear of me not committing, or the fear of wasting her prime baby making years.

      But still, I have no choice but to keep alive the dream. To at least pretend to play house, a bit.

      Or you could use the shorthand – a little dash of beta provider for a big scoop of alpha. Alpha alone and she’ll think, rightfully, that you will never be serious. And if she is serious, that will pose a deep internal problem for her.


      • Guys, hold on here.

        Of course buying gifts before sexing isn’t right.

        In fact, guys who do that need to be shot because they cause women to expect favors for nothing, such as the girl expecting Cain to give her a job because she wore a mini-skirt to meet with him in Washington 14 years ago, as if that was supposed to be enough for him to do her the favor rather than provoke him to be less willing to do her a favor. Southern Man was correct when he said above that the less good looking women are more likely to have a man do a favor for them for nothing.

        Cain’s now fat accuser expected something for nothing when she was young and hot and probably had had lots of smaller gifts given to her by betas before she was “schocked” by Cain’s alleged “You want a job, right”? remark (discussion of whether Cain could have handled that seduction attempt differently is a separate issue).

        The big thing that has to be drilled into the feeble minds of American men is that women should not expect to get anything for nothing.

        In a world where betas aren’t giving women money and things for nothing in return, if there’s no interest from one side or the other in a relationship or a quick lay, tons of women will directly do sexual things for money.

        Betas have lowered the cost of a favor to nothing.


      • It’s the same concept as the fucking gammas on ECCIE who, by being willing to PAY MONEY to sleep with FAT and OLD women, have inflated the price and deflated the quality of rentable pussy.

        Which screws me up, because now I browse the site and I can’t find a single girl who is a) slim b) young c) pretty d) willing to to CFS with DFK for $250 or less for the hour!


  5. True enough – hold off on the gifts until she’s well and truly smitten.

    Then, a timely and thoughtful gift can refresh and amplify her wetness for you.

    Many women see gifts as acts of love and love is mutual and two-way. If she’s not in love with you, a gift is ergo unrequitted. At best, she may love the object but she won’t love you, sucker.



    Morality:Men vs Women


  7. I don’t know understand the “buy women shit” mentality. I got quality ass before I could legally have a job. And I banged quality ass while piling up debt in college. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


  8. Friend: “What did you get her for her birthday.”

    Me: “A hair dryer.”

    Friend: “Why?”

    Me: “I broke her old one a few months back.”

    Friend: “I’m surprised you didn’t buy her a vacuum cleaner or a toaster oven.”

    Me: “Then she’d have it easier doing the job at home that I expect her to do. This gift is more for me, so she looks good for me.”

    Friend: “Does she know that?”

    Me: “Yeah, I wrote on the back of a recipe card ‘This is for you, because a woman can always look hotter for her dude.'”

    Friend: “No ‘happy birthday?'”

    Me: “She was with me, that’s as happy as she’ll ever be.”

    Postface: I actually did break her hair dryer when I tripped over the cord, sent it flying into a wall and cracked it. Of course I disciplined her for leaving her shit all over her apartment (which actually is very neat and tidy). Since then she keeps it even tidier.


    • “Me: “She was with me, that’s as happy as she’ll ever be.””

      I just echoed this sentiment in a recent comment.

      I actually believe that. Really.

      Reading it sounds kinda fucked up, but even so, you’ve described exactly the world in my head.


      • A woman has to show me how electrified she is to spend time with me or I bail. If a gal shows any sadness (work, family, friends) I tell her we’ll get together another time.

        I don’t do sad.*

        * family member dying or dog/cat dying is acceptable. Job loss is not.


  9. Question: I have a much younger and very sexy girl who is flirting with me–but my Inner beta is trying its best to destroy this.She has given me small (food) presents in the past:,like cookies,candy,a cupcake. I had thought of giving her some really good pastry–which maybe we’ll share heh heh heh–to move things along. This is no good? (PS:I am a beta clumsy socially inept guy.),


    • Reward her with sex.


      • on November 10, 2011 at 2:09 am Too smart to fail

        Yes, deprive and reward her with sex.
        If she knows you can afford nice shit, but you take the Steve Jobs route, she knows she cannot manipulate or control you otherwise, and will work harder to ingratiate herself with you.
        Xsplat is right in that you need to keep the fantasy in her mind alive. Beta behavior emerging from alpha every now and then provide her some assurance that commitment is a possibility. Run hamster, Run!


    • No . Do not give her anything. I made this mistake myself when in college — I used to burn girls CDs of cool music. It never worked. Resist the urge; don’t give her anything.

      I assume you are in a school-type setting. Instead, say a curt but gracious “thanks” for the gift, then start telling a story. Then tell another one. Tell her about whitewater rafting the past weekend, or the really cool party you went to on Saturday night where everyone took turns on a Drum set, etc. Don’t make something up — make your life cool enough so you can tell her a story about something fun you did recently.

      Don’t brag, just be natural . But try to avoid awkward silences, so just keep talking. Keep good posture. Make eye contact about 50% of the time while talking; the rest of the time look around your surroundings.

      After talking with her for a few minutes, you should be able to maneuver to either (A) Get her number (“Hey , give me your number, I’ll drop you a line on the parties happening this weekend”) or just go on a instant-date after class / work/ whatever. (B) Instant-date (“Hey, I’m going to grab a coffee in the lounge, come downstairs with me.”) or both.

      Do not under any circumstances give her a pastry until you have sexed her, it’s way too needy/beta.


    • john wrote: “She has given me small (food) presents in the past: like cookies, candy, a cupcake.”

      Was the candy Skittles by chance?


  10. Oh,BTW. If Jobs was so alpha,what was he doing banging Joan Baez? Joan Baez??


    • At the time, she was considered very pretty and she was extremely popular. He probably used her as social proof and DHV that he could land such an “attractive” and popular gal.


      • Even Bob Dylan associated himself with Baez for some time. She helped his career but he wrote several songs implying subtly that she was a dead lay.

        Later, she came out as a lesbian.

        Social proof is the best explanation.

        What I always wondered about was Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt. Catholic chasity? Career building PR? Some real hotness? A mystery still


      • Baez was way past her peak in both looks and popularity at the time. I’d bet he was fulfilling a teenage crush more than anything.

        Also the story wasn’t so much that they ‘dated’ but that he’d do weird shit like bring her to corporate meetings.


    • Blue pill alphas tend to do the exact same mistakes as betas.

      Taking the red pill doesn’t necessarily mean reading game literature, but it means understanding the corrupt side of female nature. Some alphas attract women without really understanding them.

      When one understands even superficially the ugly dynamics of mating, going for young hot chicks becomes a second nature. And women are appreciated only if they’re cheerful and doting.
      Women’s achievements, “maturity”, confidence… don’t mean anything for a clearheaded perceptive alpha.

      SJ clearly was not one of those.


  11. I once suckered myself into a LDR with a great chick. I’m no beta by a long shot, but there was basically a 4 month window where it seemed like we saw each other around gift-giving holidays- Xmas shopping, Valentine’s day, Birthday, etc. Without even thinking about it, I had spent more dough on this girl than I ever had previously. It was a mistake- my ‘here comes daddy’ visits became ‘what did daddy bring me?’ The coup de grace was buying her the designer jeans she slyly hinted she wanted the week before her birthday. The attitude was always, no sweat off my back. She now wears those jeans while grinding on other guys. Overall, a mistake.

    When it was my birthday, I wouldn’t let her buy me anything nice. I think she wanted to get me a Kindle. I figured, go buy yourself some lingerie instead. What do you think? Mistake? Should I let the girl invest in me? Or is my original instinct right- that it’s worse to have a girl see she can provide *anything* in your life?


    • Yes, get what you can. Fundamentally the more a woman invests, the greater her desire for you. Women may come and women may go, but a Kindle will last forever. It’s like most of game, you flip the script and act differently to other men. This, in turn, makes you attractive.

      P.s. Here is a book that details how to effectively blag women for cash. Some will find it morally questionable, but it is filled with wisdom from a high status and in-charge male. In summary, it provides tips and tools on how to sow seeds of doubt within a womans mind (the writer, Paradise, even goes as far to suggest turning down her offers of sex for periods) that when you hint subtley she will react to you by overinvesting. The end result is your woman providing gifts, sexual favours and whatever she can to gain your attention.

      By the way, if anyone has any info on ‘Paradise’ I would love to hear it. The book is fantastic and any more writing by him would be appreciated.


    • Allow me to echo Diomedes: let her buy you shit.

      Women have all together too much money nowadays, and nothing useful to spend it on (65-70% of consumer spending is female). The fritter it away on utterly worthless endeavours, supporting the zombie-economy of useless crap out there.

      Because their instincts aren’t oriented towards frugality, when they’re in love with you they’ll buy you shit like there’s no tomorrow. Accept it. Refusing it is like turning down sex; it’ll wind up offending them.

      Plus, it’s nice getting shit for free. I have a full set of gear wrenches (metric and imperial) that an ex bought me a few years back. Consider it payback for all those poor schmoes who take her out to dinner.


    • The incident or straw that broke the beta’s back was giving a girl I was chasing a series of gifts and doing nice things for her including:

      1) inviting her to a fancy, exclusive restaurant with two artist friends of mine: result…pushed her further away from me
      2) on Christmas Eve, arranged to cook for her…she passive-aggressively was 3 hours late making excuses she had to work. When I joked that the extra time gave her more time to buy my gift, she showed up to meet me with a box of chocolates she picked up 5 minutes before our meet up.

      I cooked for her, gave her a home-made card and a DVD of a rare film I wrapped myself. She was doing her make-up to go out later in the evening while we were watching that movie.

      I then discovered game the next day.

      I never ever spoke to her again. When I saw her, I blanked her.

      She never cared. She apparently used that incident to tell people I was some sort of desperate loser who invited her to dinner expecting to get banged. The fact she even told people about it afterwards was bad enough, but the implication that I did it to get banged shows she knew there were some sort of “strings” attached to my doing nice stuff for her…and when she’d already LBJF’d me…it only drove her further away.

      So anyone reading this and is completely gormless about game…this is a cautionary tale.

      So yah…doing nice things for girls you aren’t already banging seems to bring out some sort of rage in them that manifests itself in seeing how far she can push it.


      • Yuup. It’s completely clueless to spend lots of money or do other big favors for a girl before you’re regularly banging her from within an alpha frame.


  12. before learning game I did not recognize two mistakes which ultimately led me to lose a young hottie with a 10 ass:

    1. Bought the girl 3 dozen roses, delivered on 3 consecutive days
    2. First gift of sizable (put a dent in a young bank account) monetary value was a necklace. Then came a bracelet, then a more expensive necklace. Realizing I couldn’t keep the pace of buying more expensive gifts each time a birthday or holiday came around, I openely stated we should cap gift amounts. Must have already instilled the greed at this point, meanwhile building a pushover status that would come to make the girl want to puke.

    if one doesn’t give women gifts early in a relationship, establishes his alpha male bona fides, he has slack to buy her shit here an there later on. Now say he starts giving right off the bat, escalates gift value, and then retracts – that is more likely to result in pissing the girl off rather than restructuring beta provider to alpha status. You could plot a women’s waning interest in a man based on the timing and gift amounts, and relationship duration.


  13. Wife is tall and usually wears her weight well. She started gaining a few here and there while simultaneously stopping her workouts. I bought her a Weight Watchers cook book for Valentine’s Day. Since then she’s lost over 30lbs and is thinner than when we got together over 15yrs ago. And that’s after pushing out a few kids in-between. Don’t let them give you that post-partem weight gain is normal and should be acceptable. Its all BS.

    Additionally, she was pissed when I gave it to her, but is now thankful that I put her back on the path to healthy sexy living. And yes, some of her “friends” are now telling her she’s too thin and needs to gain a few pounds. the same ones that used to flaunt their own slim figures around the hood while jogging in tight yoga pants & tank tops until my old lady surpassed them on the hottness scale.


    • “And yes, some of her “friends” are now telling her she’s too thin and needs to gain a few pounds.”

      Yup. Women are catty like that. Backstabbing advice. Meorw!

      I respond with “it doesn’t make a difference what other people think. What you need to concern yourself with is what I think.”


  14. on November 9, 2011 at 1:12 pm Dr. Van Nostrand

    Aint that the truth.It explains why I got laid more when I was broke than when I was raking it in(excess cash brought out the beta in me and started buying them stuff-expensive stuff).

    “If she is already horny for you, buying shit is, at best, superfluous. If she is not horny for you, gifts will not change that. ”
    Well if horny then yes- early stage of attraction then NO!…as CH said -be a skittles man.A Skittles from a guy she is already hot for means more than a Cartier diamond bracelet from a supplicating beta!

    Compare the latest Herman Cain “scandal” where his female aide alleged that he got her to ask a woman out to dinner and then stiffed them both with a $400 bill(Classic) to Newt Gingrich where he has $2million line of credit at Tiffanys(Jeez man!)


  15. Want proof that women REFUSE to condemn the crimes of their fellow women? Download and read this 11 page letter that Peter Nolan wrote to the International Women’s Club in Dublin, requesting them to CONDEMN the CRIMES that one of their MEMBERS, who is also Peter Nolan’s ex-wife, was committing against him.

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    • on November 9, 2011 at 3:09 pm View from inside a hot chick

      Near as I can tell, PA-N(C)(R)(TM)(MPH) is an internet kook of the highest degree. He gambled that he didn’t need a lawyer to fight for him in his divorce because “that would eat up hundreds of thousands of dollars” now he whines that he’s out his wife, his money, and his kids, and it’s all the fault of feminism.


    • Hey, if I received an 11-page rambling letter demanding that I denounce someone I’ve never heard of, I’d chuck it in the waste basket, too. I’m sorry to hear about Peter Nolan’s personal troubles, but he really does come across as a spergy, egomaniacal dickhead and loon.


  16. it’s ok to give a girl this gift:


  17. Maybe this is the wrong place to put this…but read this feminist “man” on why it’s awful for men to date younger women, but it’s okay for older women to date younger men.

    [Heartiste: “Hugo Schwyzer” is an idiot. He/she/it is probably a feminist nutjob impersonating a man. He/she/it has a history of asserting the most dumbassed shit this side of Naomi Wolf.]


    • Oh man this ‘guy’ Hugo is the biggest fool I’ve read in a long time. Looks like common sense is a threat to their system after all.


      • He’s not a fool, but a sell out. This shit is his way to get importance, money and pussy. Deep down he doesn’t really believe anything he writes… as is indicated by the fact that he fucked some of his students which is about as counter to his writings as you can get.


      • Haha… they closed comments on the article because we swarmed them with evolutionary biology. Well done


    • Agreed, this “Hugo” is a fool with no logical arguments. Instead, it is just baloney justification for the feminist line.

      So he “refutes” evolutionary biology (and common sense) by simply asserting a social construct of his and feminist making.

      But probably that’s what the Frisky’s editors think their readership wants to believe.

      Oh well, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.


      • At least Hugo is presenting, unvarnished, what feminists consider to be their top issue. It’s up to all PUA/MRAs to recognize what the enemy is most concerned about and to see how this hatred of age differences hurts men very early on.

        For instance, 18 year old college males are immediately hit by American feminist rhetoric warning them not to hit on 17 year old freshman females. This badly damages the lives of the non-alphas who take this crap to heart and it legally jeopardizes the alphas whom younger women than that are lying about their ages to.

        Almost every PUA’s interest is being attacked by this mangina Hugo.

        At least he admits in the article that it’s for the sake of progressive society that silver foxes need to be condemned, not individual interest.

        His most damaging rhetoric is the one where he condemns the quality of his own “swimmers”. That libel can really hurt and more doctors need to come out and admit that children born to older men actually tend to be smarter (a man who can mate with a much younger woman is likelier to be smarter).

        [Heartiste: It doesn’t matter what Shyster spews. His grandstanding and feminist bootlicking isn’t going to change human nature any time soon.]


    • He’s not an idiot. He’s using the same techniques as women who tell their thin friends they need to eat more. He’s a lying hypocrite scam artist.

      Do as he does, not as he says:


    • on November 10, 2011 at 11:17 am mavala (wife & mother)

      I read the article and it’s completely stupid.

      First, how the media glorify old man-young woman relationships only? I see tons of media attention to Brad and Angelina, who are not that far apart. I see tons of attention to Madonna, Demi Moore, kate Winslet. So, the media covering Michael Douglas and Catherine Z Jones is not all the media covers.

      Second, I am a woman approaching 40 myself. I keep fit and slim and as good-looking as I can. But I perfectly understand that if I were out there “on the market” any woman 5 years older than me would be chosen over me.

      [Heartiste: I think you meant to say “5 years younger”. The good news for single 40 year old women who stay slim and toned is that the obesity epidemic is so out of control, a slim 40yo will trump the legions of fat disgsuting slovenly 30 yos. The bad news for men is that there are more fat 40yos than fat 30yos. Most women give up when they realize their salad days are behind them.]

      For me this is a fact of life (and I feel lucky not to be “on the market”). I fail to see how anyone can see this as a conspiracy.


      • on November 10, 2011 at 2:12 pm mavala (wife & mother)

        Yes! I meant younger, of course! Thank you!

        And now that I am at it: In my life i have been several relationships with old guy-young woman go wrong (i.e. i wouldn’t like my son to be the guy in that relationship), but it’s no mistery to me that women are, as a general rule, way more attractive in their younger years.

        I don’t look bad now at 39. But my 19 year old self looked way better.

        As for giving up: my own grandmother and mother are slim, elegant ladies. And that is what I aim for. Become a good looking old lady, but not in a sexually attractive sense (gross!!) but in a grace and elegance sense.

        Changing subject: this frisky guy arguing that an old gay guy with a young toy boy is not “as bad” as an old guy with a young woman… stupid, stupid, stupid!


  18. on November 9, 2011 at 2:09 pm The Real Vince

    Steve Jobs also used the handicapped parking spot (and didn’t give a fuck because he had no license plate; he’d lease a new Mercedes every six months to avoid getting plates). Major asshole.

    I don’t understand the cult surrounding him though. Why? Because he told people to invent shit he thought up?


    • SJ seems to be lionized by the same sort of people who think Che is neat, that Obama is the cat’s tits, or who like hipster douchebags. Good marketing beats everything, eh?


      • The proof’s in the pudding with SJ. The original Apple could be a lucky oneoff, but Next->New Apple and Pixar hints that the guy did indeed have an unusual knack for picking winners and getting them to the finish line.

        Coming off as an asshole by being extremely self obsessed and demanding of others, is OK if what you demand is just hard enough that people really can achieve it if they try, and is at the same time something truly worth achieving. That kind of “assholes” really do bring more to the table than they take away, hence are a net benefit to “society”.

        In 99% of assholes, this is simply not the case. They’re just self assured because they are too stupid to realize how useless they are. But it takes women lots of time to figure out which is which. In fact, much longer than it takes post civilized Western ones to spread their legs, which is where Game comes in.


      • You don’t know alot about business or products do you? Jobs was way more than marketing.


      • I was referring to how apple was marketed to the zeitgeist of what the host called the smug’s “splurge on status whoring necessities like $5 lattes and Macbook pros.” You’re just not the right kind of white person without one. That kind of marketing.
        However, I saw a leadership video, and Jobs was one of the examples. And this being the mid-90’s, every other business type was making fun of Jobs’s focus on “yeah, but what color will it be?” leadership. Jobs didn’t care about technology or leadership or anything but the marketing. Marketing above all. I guess the jokes on us because Jobs figured out that technology is fungible, but the cultural self-awesomeness of status whoring is priceless. Your Zune weeps.
        So there. Maybe he was awesome an awesome numbers and strategy guy, but that leadership clip of him always stuck with me.



        I especially like “ethnic-looking clip art model”.


    • He got what was coming to him.


    • Glad to hear the handicap parking spot at Apple got some use.


      • Agree, good for him for giving Uncle Thug the finger. My gym has a fucking ton of those spots (file “handicap spots at the gym” next to “solar-powered flashlights” and “helicopter ejection seats”) and naturally the only people who use them are non-handicapped assholes. Yet another example of goverment meddling that works out so well.


    • Actually, he didn’t invent anything. The supersmart beta geniuses he made sure to surround himself with did all that.

      What he did was lead.

      That means he kept his people focused and working hard, but working towards a goal that got done what needed to be done. He also made sure to reward his people.

      He understood how to keep the message on target. Functionality coupled with aesthetics.

      At the same time, because he was an asshole he forced his vision to be the one and only goal. Sometimes this backfired and he made shitty decisions or overdid it, but mostly he got his people to produce amazing quality work.

      It’s thoughtless to only focus on his asshole qualities. There are plenty of assholes in this world who get nowhere. This man had incredible leadership talent as well as a visionary sense of what would work.

      He was also an asshole.


  19. on November 9, 2011 at 2:15 pm John Norman Howard

    I wouldn’t buy a Mexican lesbian a dress either.


  20. What about a woman who buys a gift for you? I was briefly with a woman a few years ago and early in our relationship she bought me a book because I like to read. Besides the ovious, what do the expeerts here make of woman who buy YOU a gift?


    • I assumed this was common.


    • Usually happens after you’ve “touched her deeply” – had good sex with her.

      It’s ommon behavior but usually they are ill-considered and/or cheesy – the items a girl would want for herself.

      Best course is to thank her politely but neither rave nor show them to her….and keep giving her good sex.


    • In my experience, if a woman buys you a book or a cd, there’s some inner-meaning she’s trying to convey. What was the book?


      • Some sort of Italian travel/adventure/romance book*. I didn’t read it; not my cup of tea. Reading your response and remembering the book, I can’t believe I was so obtuse.



    • on November 10, 2011 at 2:29 am Too smart to fail

      In my experience with woman who buy you stuff, it is more of a thoughtful token of appreciation in that the gifts are personalized and an expression symbolizing your unique qualities that make you special in her eyes. Not the flower, candy, dinner, movie, trinket and bauble buying non-sense that is not original or unpredictable. This not only signals her investment in you beyond her spreading her legs, but she wants to bring more to the table in her rivalry with other females.


  21. on November 9, 2011 at 2:31 pm beenreadingthearchives



  22. I seem to never do a damn thing for valentines, or birthdays either. When I was married I only gave a cheap silver ring that I paid $2.25 for wholesale. And I’m habitually late.

    I don’t do any of that for game reasons. I never thought any of those qualities was particularly seductive. I just was always very self centered, and considered that any time spent with me was a gift, and that objects weren’t important. I never was able to give a shit.

    So it seems a beneficial coincidence that this seeming aberrant mental pathology is good for my life.

    But when I have some dosh and am established in a happy bonded relationship, occasional random expenditures (not for occasions) come out naturally.


    • Here is a visual dramatization of how to put this article (and most of the articles on this site) into practice:


    • Yeah once in a relationship occasional random gifts are the way to go. Gives her comfort and a warm glow. Intermittent reinforcement creates the strongest conditioning effect in pigeons and it works on girls too.

      I also avoid giving gifts, certainly sizable ones, when I’m supposed to be obligated to. Well I do always give gifts on Christmas but not real big ones. And an acknowledgement at least on birthdays.

      After giving nothing on valentines day for the previous three years to my live in gf (I told her I hated valentines day and I wasn’t going to feel like a chump) this past year I took her to one of the top French restaurants in NYC (made reservations three months in advance). Didn’t tell her where we going but that she should dress up. She cried a little when we got there.


  23. Agreed, buying a gift early on is telling her you don’t think your mere presence is gift enough. DLV.


  24. What is your policy on paying for dinner?


    • The policy is don’t!

      Any new girl should be meeting you for drinks, not dinner. If you’re out say I’ll get this round, you get the next. However I prefer to “date” in my living room cuz its conveniently near my bed. I like efficiency.


    • “bring the pizza”


  25. Steve Jobs made it close, he almost married joan baez when she was 40. Her personal life section on Wikipedia is loooong as fuck. When a female celebrity has more than a paragraph on personal life on wiki, it means she’s a skank.

    No doubt Steve jobs is alpha, but even alphas can do stupid shit.

    I wonder how she’s doing now…

    “…lives with her mother in a house that has a backyard tree house in which she spends a good deal of time meditating, writing, and “being close to nature.”

    oh boy…


    • Once guys get stuck in the illusion that they should look for something other than well bred and reared children from an LTR woman, things just get out of whack. Even if one assumes women can be “just as good” at non childbearing/rearing activities as men, fact remains that whatever she could achieve in those venues herself, is almost always dwarfed by what could be achieved by the 5 sons she is foregoing ,by choosing not to pursue the traditional path.

      For guys, fathering children is sufficiently low effort that it can easily be combined with external work. For women, this is simply not the case. It’s either/or.


    • “When a female celebrity has more than a paragraph on personal life on wiki, it means she’s a skank.”

      Now that kind of technology needs to trickle down to the average joe. You could look it up on an your i-knew-she-was-a-skank.


    • on November 9, 2011 at 3:52 pm Dirty Sanchez

      Steve Jobs fell in love with his wife the first time they met. True story.

      Soulmate game.


      • Ya – soulmate game is not a joke. Selling her the dream.

        Any attraction trigger is a real attraction trigger.


      • on November 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm (r)Evoluzione

        Soulmate game is high-risk behavior. Done wrong, it will scare her off.

        Done right, however, especially on new-age SWPL girls who are already falling hard–soulmate game is chick crack of the highest order.

        When done with authentic attraction and appreciation on your part (without the pedestal, of course) sex in those kinds of relationships can be mindblowing.


      • What is soulmate game?


      • Nothing you’ll ever have to worry about.


    • Steve Jobs made the right choice… WTF did he consider marrying Joan Baez for anyway?


  26. You always need to do something for a girl. However its about the leverage behind your fingernail, not the head one sticks up her ass at the ratio of a 100 to 1 dishwasher glove hand jobs. Do little with a lot behind it.


  27. Where the hell is GB4M™ GBFM™ Great Books for Men™ on this topic?

    He surely has something positive to say about betas who get asscocked with the butthex by the Federal Reserve over a woman who gave it away free when she was hotter, younger, tighter.


    • You guys need each other, no?


    • I agree. If one can read past the poor spelling and “lozzlzzl”s, GBFM’s posts are quite clever, even profound. He is one of the few men who adequately correlates the feminine hamster with the Neocon agenda.


    • on November 10, 2011 at 10:29 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)

      Hey A.B. Dada/No Cocka–how do u get your little TMs trademakr inteelletcual proeprty lrights sympoblols how do you make them supersciptrs cool like that I need yto proertenct my ip agaisnst all da ebenrnakifieirss zlzozozlzoz

      you are elarning well my grasshopper–“He surely has something positive to say about betas who get asscocked with the butthex by the Federal Reserve over a woman who gave it away free when she was hotter, younger, tighter.”

      but here is how do da flow gows zlzozozllzo–He surely has something positive to say about betas who get asscocked by their wives in divorce ocurts after they got butthexed by da fed funded assocking sessons in cooleegege funedded y da ebebrmenniked i by the Federal Reserve whence a betamale provider must pay an arm and legg (losing his ass in teh rocoiess zlozzozloz) to a woman who gave it away free when she was hotter, younger, tighter and 100 pounds lighter and now she is getting rveenenge on all teh assockers who assockeoekd her in college by asskcoockcing her husband and her chicldrenss in divorce courts killing the family as is a cenrtal plank of the uccocomunist/nebernake manifesto alongside the rcwtaretaion of da enrtal bank zlozlzlzlz is it any wonder tucker maax rhymes iwth godlaman sax and dante DANTE place dteh butthexersss sodomites in teh same leverl of HELL in heis his INFERNO as da usurists counterfeiters both for ocmmitting crimes against art and nature?

      See AB DADA/NO COCKA? BEcaus eyou are a afanboy mashing videoeomgame buttons in your single momesms baabsmemenet who neeveer read DNATES DANTE DIVINE COMEEDY u fall far far short of your master d a alpha of alalal apallhas (except for heartistse who is high above) GBFM lzzlzolzolzzlzlo

      class disismisisiseddd!!!



        I could barely get past “lalsicaettee ogeneee spreeazzzna, vvvvioi ch”neetraettte lzozoollzozzoz” myself.


  28. Things…maybe not, but what about events? Like dinners, tables at clubs, and vacations. Bitches love vacations. Travel sex, it’s real, no?


  29. on November 9, 2011 at 3:50 pm Sociopathic Narcissist

    “…lives with her mother in a house that has a backyard tree house in which she spends a good deal of time meditating, writing, and ‘being close to nature.'”

    Which is a euphemism for “has a lot of cats whom she regales with stories of her past sexual exploits with alphas.”


  30. The biggest mistake so many men make is that it is not evil to trat women like this. How can it be wrong to give exactly what their subconscious has been begging for.


  31. it is CH wisdom like this, makes me feel bad about my beta personality. And I am trying to absorb the information at HUS, CH and increase my awareness to reposition myself in the dating market. Trying to transition from beta to alphas.
    Thank you, CH.


  32. Was wondering if you were going to talk about Steve Jobs.

    I’ve been reading a bit about him. The man possessed text-book Dark Triad traits.

    He was a fucking asshole who never really produced anything unique or new yet is hailed as an innovator and inventor. He stole ideas from others and claimed them as his own(Law 7).

    Apple products are overpriced compared to similar products of equivalent specifications/functionality. However, brilliant marketing made Apple products a staple of SWPL culture. His marketing created a cult-like following(Law 27). He knew marketing game.

    What did this assholery get him? A cult following, fame, fortune, an outpouring of praise upon his death and countless people ready to defend his memory despite his blatant jerk ways.

    Thus is the incredible pull of alpha males. There are lessons to be learned here.


  33. I think that buying gifts would work quite well as a dumping strategy.

    You dry up her pussy because you seem like another nice chump, and in the same time, you feed her golddigging instincts.
    Instinctively, she may feel that she got what she needed (i.e sperm and resources to take care of the offspring).


    • Beta


    • Or just dump her, or better still just don’t respond to her calls/texts once you’re bored with her.

      Who cares if she felt like she got what she needed. She wouldn’t care if you felt that way if she got bored with you.


    • Why not just shit on her chest instead? Cheaper.


    • Poor, poor, poor. Start at the basics and begin by reading the Mystery Method. You have not understood game and need to begin by reading and applying from the ground up.


    • All of you stupid fucks who attacked my brilliant idea should be ashamed of yourselves.
      “Technically”, I’m not a beta, and i read the fucking mystery method.

      Maybe what i forgot to say was that buying her gifts should be included in a supllicating beta frame. And i was only suggesting that because some other betas on this board don’t have the balls to properly dump their girlfriends without feigning a beta relapse.



  34. CH,

    Check out the new gem from Jezebel.

    Here are some of the gems:

    * “Middle-aged men don’t seem to value validation from women their own age as much as they value it from women 10 to 25 years younger.” (No why would a man want the “validation” of an aging skank?)

    * “Veronica, age 37: “When I was first dating online in my late 20s, I got hundreds of emails a week. Eight years later, even though my pictures are better and my accomplishments more substantial, I get only a quarter as many.” (This aging one really thinks that men care about women’s “accomplishments).

    * “Amelia, 28, wrote: “I see lots of men online over 35 who are looking for women 18-30. I wish they knew how big a turn-off that is. If you can’t handle your peers, then you can’t handle me.” – (hahah But men don’t want to handle you. They are going after thinner, firm-er, and good looking girl NOT YOU).

    * “The obvious question is why so few men are interested in dating women their own age.” – (Men do date women their own age…. when men are young.)

    Aging feminists honestly don’t know why men go after young women. Either that, or they are in the Nile [river]


    • Woman hate the thought that the men they swoon over have a sexual preference that doesn’t include them, so any man who speaks of his preferences (pushing them to the side in the process) is considered low quality.


      • funny story.

        I’m at my friend’s house in San Diego. A neighbor girl of his comes over, she’s prob a 6 AT BEST. She keeps complaining guys don’t buy her flowers, meanwhile i tell her to give blowjobs.

        She brings up this guy who keeps inviting her out, but hasn’t spent money on her yet. She keeps asking if she should turn him down cause she thinks he likes her. I ask her for the signs he’s given. She provides none. I then tell her, well, maybe he doesn’t like you like that.

        Her hamster went into overdrive and she couldn’t process the idea of a guy not liking her.

        Women are literally the dumbest things i’ve ever seen, or the smartest thing i’ve ever seen merely playing dumb.


      • Not in my experience. You need to try some of this stuff.


  35. I need some real-time advice on gaming this girl at work. (21, legitimate 9). Yesterday night she stopped by my office to chat. Today I negged her hard for failing to pick up the phone. The following is our text convo, starting with my reprimand:

    Me: hey
    where were you at 11 am this morning.

    Her: I was at the front desk! Why? .

    Me: an attorney tried to call me twice and nobody picked upI noticed one of the calls ringing…what is our backup plan when you are away from the desk.

    Her: I wrote out a long message but in short that simply is not possPossible that he called twice without an answer. Jan or Sandra answer when I’m using the restroom, which is the only reason I get up. But I’m sorry.

    Me: its cool. I just want to know what the process is so it doesn’t happen in the future. Do they know when you’re using the restroom (gross).

    Her: First of all I’m convinced the attorney is a liar. That never happened. Second of all if it rings twice they know to pick it up and that I’m away. It’s a secretary thing. You wouldn’t understand. And third of all not gross. Let’s be a little mature now Mr. [Sidewinder]. 🙂

    Is she DTF or intrigued by the prospect, or just having fun flirting with an older guy at work (I’m 35)? How do I convert this to something outside of work? (please refrain from advising me against hooking up with a girl from work….) What is my next move?

    [Heartiste: Sounds like she’s flirting a little in her last text. DTF? Uh, not so fast, speedy gonzales. Work pickups are tough, especially if she’s in the same department. Discretion is needed, so it’s best not to go right up to her desk and chat. Try to arrange it so you see her before or after work, on the way in or out of the building. Then tell her that you’d rather chat with her over drinks.]


    • Yeah, mention “drinks” but don’t fucking mention “coffee”.


    • Good advice. I did not respond to her last text. I want her to think about whether she was out of line to talk to her superior like that (14 years her senior). Ha. Speedy Gonzales is right. You can intellectualize it all you want, but when a 21 year old tight body comes into play, the mind starts to overthink. You don’t want to miss a fleeting opportunity…I realize its irrational, but the mind acts differently when the stakes appear to be raised. (Imagine walking on a sidewalk…no problem. Now elevate the sidewalk 1000 feet in the air, and you’re going to overthink every single step) I realize overcoming this anxiety is a key to inner game, but its harder in practice than it seems.


      • your overthinking is gonna kill it. none of your text conversation was fun or funny. it all seemed strictly work, which is of course boring.


      • How about a suggestion?

        The legitimate point of the communication was to reprimand her for missing the call. After ignoring her last attempt at flirting, she emailed me at 10 pm last night “I just wanted to say that I hope you know that I was definitely joking!”

        I responded with “you’re in big trouble” It was intended to be teasing; hopefully she doesn’t take it as me being seriously angry.

        [Heartiste: I would say you’ve definitely got something to work with here. Remember, women have a natural desire for men in higher status positions who are their superiors. You’ve started the game with a built-in attraction credit. Since you have this built-in credit, it may be wise to project attainability. Your last text would have been better worded like “whoo boy you’re in big trouble”, so there’s less chance she mistakes it for real anger. Anyhow, let us know how it proceeds. It’s time to stop the texting and move into face to face interaction.]


      • i agree with the mod. treating the her like she’s been a “bad little girl” is an obvious move in.

        Remember, you’re the boss, she’s the underling. treat her as such. she isn’t an equal, she isn’t calling the shots. u are.


    • Text is too far into the teenager-college kid zone. You’re on her turf. She is comfortable and detached and noncommittal on text. Even though text has become an indispensable method of communication, we were made to talk face-to-face, especially between the sexes. This is a becoming a special advantage for older men who grew up unburdened by a reliance on the deceptively “sociable” text function (or Facebook page).

      “Miss Tessmacher, would you kindly step into my office, please? And close the door behind you.”

      Not really, but you know what I mean. Heartiste is right, you have to move it away from the work atmosphere. Ideally by having the bunny chasing her curiosities and following you out of the office.


  36. While there would have been something very unsexy about Steve Jobs buying Joan that dress on the date, there is something very hurtful about not remembering your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s birthday. If you’ve just started dating it’s less important, but if you’ve been dating a bit you should at least call at some point and wish her happy birthday and then maybe spring for dinner. Major gifts should be reserved for after you’re married, etc.


    • Hey, I showed up for the birthday dinner, and that was clearly enough for her. If I do something nice for her, or give her something, it’s when I feel like doing it, not because some holiday or event dictates it.


    • Exactly. I give women texts for their birthday and before Noon even.


    • So we should:

      Remember birthdays of our girlfriends ans stuff


      Get MARRIED??

      Are you sure you’re on the right blog?


    • if he were properly alpha, he would have bought the dress in front of her….and had it gift wrapped for another girlfriend.


    • Birthdays are little princess days for Special Suzy Center-of-the-Universe. The last celebration should be when you’re 10, max. (And maybe when she turns 18, but that’s a very different proposition.)

      I ignore birthdays and heap contempt on irritable fusspots who whine about how “very hurtful” it is not to recognize her Me-Me-Me Day. If you have a 5-year-old daughter, okay. But even then. It’s such a stupid and corrosive tradition. And completely antithetical to the game imperative of melting special little snowflakes into puddles of compliant liquid.



    It must be stressed that one of the most important aspects of game is to game your girlfriend/wife, and not lose your edge. It’s MORE important than gaming new pussy, b/c a LTR is growing stale, by definition.

    It is grossly overlooked BC ITS “NOT NEEDED”. This is why its more like insurance, you don’t even know if its working, b/c you’re already fucking her. This is just all for good measure.

    I have taken this to a new level. It is so counterintuitive, yet is pure gold. I am increasingly bold about talking about my past. I glorify past conquests. I made it damn clear that I can and will get laid again, if this ends. All in such a laid back, matter of fact manner. I engage with random women on the street, right in front of her face.

    This topic should be addressed more here. It really is the MAJORITY of game, b/c guys with game eventually settle into serial relationships, since they are able to drum up options. Eventually, pickup is more of a chore than enjoying your new slampiece(s) at home.


    • Good points. I openly discuss cheating if my needs aren’t met. I openly look at other women, etc. A woman needs to think you have other options or they won’t respect you.


    • the importance of game for ltr’s has been addressed here before….go read the archives.


    • I agree. The issue of gaming your girlfriend/wife should be brought up more. It is also very convenient to keep the skill journeyman’d (not mastered since you wouldn’t be banging that 6-7/10 pussy otherwise) because you can never be sure when things start going south. Suddenly you might find yourself all (forever) alone with no gaming skills whatsoever if you neglect it completely.


  38. That (gross) comment was actually pretty funny. Really breaks down the formality walls. Great job.


  39. Jobs was not an Alpha. He was a documented MISER.

    He didn’t even pay for his daughter’s Harvard until some random AAPL EMPLOYEE paid it for her.

    Jobs was an obsessive cheap fuck control freak.

    [Heartiste: Obsessive cheap fuck control freakery and alpha are not necessarily mutually exclusive.]


  40. “Women do not get viscerally turned on by men who buy them things. They get avaricious when they think they have a gullible mark in their grasp.”

    True, might as well wave a big juicy steak in front of a starving dog. “She’ll take what you give her, as long as it’s free…”


  41. on November 9, 2011 at 9:16 pm Dirty Sanchez

    Hah, a test of your game. You’re new fling asks, “Are Sundays for football?”

    McDonald’s, aka corporate America, says take it in the ass you skinny Obama wanna-be:


    • Tell her “You make a better door than a window, now make your self useful and get me a sammich, I don’t wanna miss the pre-game show”


  42. on November 9, 2011 at 9:16 pm Dirty Sanchez



  43. That article that shows “why gender studies professors are a joke” deserves a more thorough disemboweling.

    “Though women are delivering higher academic scores than their male counterparts, colleges are limited in female admissions as they must adhere to rules stipulating a fair ‘gender balance’. ‘Individual women aren’t just being victimized by these preferential admissions policies, but their relationships with their female peers,’ he writes.”

    So now women are victimized by admissions quotas because they don’t discriminate against men ENOUGH.

    You know, there were Nazis who felt victimized by having to work in the death camps (“no one understands this terrible and lonely burden we bear for the good of the Fatherland…”)


    • on November 10, 2011 at 8:21 am John Norman Howard

      Hey, knock off the Nazi KZ references… I had a relative die in a camp… fell out of the guard tower, dead drunk.


  44. I couldn’t disagree more. I had an alpha swing home from yet another meeting in a foreign country and explain that the gift he got me was ‘not a gift at all’ but given to him on the plane for his business class. A lawyer douche-bag who cringes at corporate. Loves to spat the word pro-bone. And, lives in the east village. And, then I met him. The one you so call Beta. The nice man. The kind man. The hot man. Who treats me to dinners. lunches. flowers. picks me up when I have a flat tire. Will always be there. before SEX was even involved. The latter got it. And, has my heart and soul forever. Your just saying crap. because your masochists who indulge in the fancy of perfect. Love. Well in alpha. You may get crapped on. Then traded up to wife-hood with ego-masked in pleasure. But love my dear…leave that for the betas.
    Bite Me.

    [Heartiste: Cute story, bro.]


  45. If you’ve been dating for a while, I think it would be hurtful to most women not to at least have a happy birthday phone call and spring for dinner. I think most women would do the same for their boyfriend. No elaborate gifts, just a nice gesture.


    • on November 10, 2011 at 12:42 am Obstinance Works

      I never give a shit about a birthday. She’s another year older. Not celebrating that. Usually a girl will invite me to whatever she’s doing for her birthday I may go or may not whatever. And I either give her a crappy little gift usually a few day late with some smart ass humor behind it or I don’t get her anything. If she bitches I just tell her I’m her gift, priceless, or something like that. It’s really not that important.


    • Maybe if he cooks the dinner at home, near the bedroom


    • The best birthday present to give a girl is to dump her for a younger woman because she is now TOO OLD 🙂


    • i would pay for dinner on a girl’s birthday.

      but i would also make sure she does not eat more than 3 white castles. i won’t have a girl i’m investing in getting fat.


  46. And Another thing, Mr. David “I don’t pay for anything” or to “You get drinks and I’ll get the next round–outside my living room”. Your all a bunch of pansy wuss asses that have no money. the living room is your mama’s and the next round is a exit sign to your next buy back on the third. I got your number. the next round on the buy back is usually the alpha financial analyst (aka anal) in the corner proceeding with the check list of how do I score more for paying less. Alphas—you got no game. Crawl back to mama when the stock market crashes in 2008. your out of a 401K plan, and your company is below marginal.
    Bite Me

    [Heartiste: I sense bitterness in the force with this one.]


    • he mad!


    • Shouldn’t any modern women jump at the opportunity to pay half if only to prove how independent and empowered she is. I’m mean I’m not asking you to pull your own weight out of fairness since that’s beyond the moral limits of the your kind.

      Her: “Buy me a drink”
      Me: “Suck my dick”


    • on November 10, 2011 at 8:23 am John Norman Howard

      What can you expect from a dude who loves Siamese fighting fish?


  47. The one-year anniversary is the Skittles anniversary.


  48. Heartiste,

    Take a look at this freakshow.


  49. Beta gets a bottle of urine dumped on him. News Network runs the story on prime time. Piss Game is born:


  50. I have this guy down as my alpha of the year:

    Needs to work on the body language a bit (and Vonn’s picking up a kind of a creepy cougar look really early), but still. That scrawny kid has nuts.


  51. Vietnamese-American women (fat and unattractive) refuse their guys’ “second visa”.

    I might need to take a visit to Vietnam…


    • Vietnam rocks. But that national law forbidding Viet women from being in a hotel room with a foreign man they’re not married to can make things tricky.

      PS- That part in the article where the Westernized Viet women forbid their men to visit VN alone? That’s why you visit your girls in SEA, but never import them to the West. They’re ruined the minute they start watching Oprah, The View, etc.

      Men in SEA haven’t lost the frame like men in the Beta States of America.


      • If you want to fuck
        a gook raised in
        a Communist State

        fuck a Frisco gal


      • I live part-time in SF. And those gooks are fucking worthless.


      • Back in the Viet Nam War days, a friend who had been there told me he KNEW right off that the North would win.

        I asked why he knew that.

        In the South, the men let the women handle the money. In the North, the men are in charge of the finances.


  52. In other gift giving news, some women are even willing to pay for conjugal visits with their incarcerated bad boys.

    This blog has taught me so much about context when reading women in the news, that it’s astonishing.

    This one comes from the ‘slum circles’ in Mexico and it’s about women who got caught up in a jail audit that weren’t even interns. So why would a human being even want to be willingly in jail ? Well — slum culture as it may be — to have conjugal visits with their recluse bad boys of course (Video in Spanish : ).

    If I wouldn’t have been enlightened by this blog, I would still be left wondering why these women didn’t find other aspiring thugs, outside jail. But alas, they want the real deal ‘proven’ thugs doing hard-time. A pick-pocket or neighborhood crack dealer just doesn’t make their ‘gina tingle’.

    The cherry on top of this story is that these women PAYED the guards/warden a daily fee for a night in the slammer to sex-up their prized bad boys. The amount is irrelevant, though in context this amount for these women probably took them a few days/’jobs’ to accrue, but it’s a case in point that within their social circles, women are willing to PAY to be with ‘their man’. More evidence to a point that’s already been exposed in other entries on this blog.


    • In Imperial Rome, aristocratic matrons would hire gladiators to service them sexually.

      Pretty much the same female human behavior.


      • That’s fascinating. Apparently there were several Empresses in ancient China that did the same. They were usually the outliers tho. Mostly it was male Emperors that had vast harems.

        Got any links on the Roman thing?


      • Google “roman matrons gladiators” – plenty of references to ancient sources.

        Also, wasn’t there a scene in HBO’s “Rome” about this?


      • Read “Those About to Die” on the Arena. Its a pretty good book. Wikipedia will also no doubt talk about that phenomenon, which was widespread in Rome. Every book I’ve read on gladiators discusses this. A big gladiator made a lot of money and men would sign away their freedom on purpose to become a gladiator and achieve potential glory in the arena. Some did it to pay off debts as well. Popular gladiators were the sports stars of their day.


  53. on November 10, 2011 at 11:27 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM)



  54. This article is one more reason why the internet is revolutionary. Men in the past had to learn this kind of thing only via hard experience. Now this info is shared globally.

    Of course, the real dilemma is getting some men to listen. There are too many manginae, nice guys, Beta males, or whatever they might be called, who will insist on playing the White Knight.

    Beta males? Heck, they are lower than that.They are proving themselves to be nothing more than the village serfs. Delta males, one might label them. At least a Beta might have a reasonable expectation of regular sex with a spouse.

    Given the high number of divorces in this wasteland, I wonder if we are not seeing the end of Beta males altogether. Females will cluster around a small number of Alpha types, while relegating the remainder of males to the status of Delta serfs, paying child support, and taxes for welfare and governmental womyn’s programs.

    But again, what is so irking is that so many men demand to be Deltas. They do so by supporting feminism. It’s a sort of gift giving on a grand political scale. Give womyn what they want, and in return they will treat you like an equal, which means John Q. Male-Feminist will get all the sex he’s seen the campus alphas get.

    Doesn’t work that way, not in reality.

    Anyway, thanks for spreading the Word.

    Buying shit for women is best done AFTER you have established your alpha male bona fides.

    You have to look at it like Pavlovian conditioning. Gifts are a reward to females only after they have exhibited proper behavior.


  55. I bought a new iPad 2, and gave my steady my old iPad for her bday.

    Felt right.


  56. Spot on advice here.

    I prefer not to be given presents (at least not unless we’re in a long term relationship and it’s Christmas or something). It makes me worry the guy is desperate, or sexist.


  57. What about food? I like to cook and bake. Am I undermining myself by giving a girl I like some cookies or whatnot?


    • Sadly, yes. Girls don’t care about your virtues. They’re just humoring you to get free homemade food.


    • Yes you are. Tell her they were delicious and you were going to save her some, but you got hungry.


    • one girl i’m seeing likes muffins. every once in a while i’ll buy her one.

      me: i bought a muffin for you

      her (opening the bag): thanks….hey, where’s the rest of it? [holds up muffin, which has clearly been half eaten, teeth marks and all, by someone]

      me: i couldn’t finish it


      me: that’s why it was half price


      me: it’s the thought that counts


      me: i bought it from a bum

      each time, i’ll use a different excuse. she loves it, and eats the muffin every time.

      once, she found a pubic hair on it. it wasn’t mine and i’d no idea how it got there.

      her (holding up pube): WTF?

      me: secret spice

      she ate the muffin anyway. i think she assumed i put my pube on it as a joke. don’t ask, don’t tell.

      so, you can give a girl some cookies you made, but only after she’s done something to earn it and you frame it in a way that the gift giving comes across as an afterthought, not as a way to buy her approval.


  58. This is another one of those posts where I say, God-fucking-dammit, where was Rossy when I was in my teens and 20s? This is the kind of advice I desperately needed, but it wasn’t available anywhere.

    It also made me cringe at my past betatude and realize that’s why I got LJBFd on more than one occasion. Ah well, wisdom of hindsight is better than no wisdom at all.


  59. There was this older, horse-faced ugly blonde chick I worked with at a restaurant several years back. I went into the restaurant one day to eat something while I made my rounds to a few other places.

    She served me well, so I tipped her a few extra bucks just to be nice and show her I’m cool with her. (absolutely no interest in banging her, she’s GROSS)

    Next thing you know, another co-worker threw a birthday party for himself at a bar down the road. Most of the co-workers were invited and a big group of us showed up. This guy is one of my fraternity brothers, so I bought him a few rounds. However, horse-face blondie came up to me and asked me to buy her a Long Island Iced Tea. I was pissed and told her ‘what the fuck?’ But just to be nice, I went through with it anyway.

    This ugly ass took the liberty of taking advantage of me, and getting away with it. And she succeeded, because I was easy to manipulate.

    Fast forward to a week ago, where I’m dating this somewhat attractive 28 year old female. She’d look better if she threw on some make up, but her body is in decent shape. We saw Paranormal Activity where we payed our own tickets. We went out for drinks later where we got our first 2 rounds. 3rd round, I bought. She was cool with it.
    4th AND 5th round, she bought for me.

    I took her back home, and took control of the situation. Stripping her down against the wall, pulling her hair, and did some techniques that got her whole body tingling and shaking. It was more of a relief for her, than it was for me.

    Moral here is this – I’m willing to spend a tiny bit on a girl first hand. A drink, a cheap thing, or perhaps rent a movie for 2-3 bucks before I bang her. Why? Because it’s so cheap that I won’t give a shit. I won’t be doing it to be ‘nice’. But spending more than 10 bucks = not happening. That’s when it becomes a problem to me when she hasn’t done much. Afterall, when it’s a date, I’m the one who’s the catch, and the thrill to be with. I’m the stallion.


  60. Meh. Women do not get viscerally turned on by Betas/Omegas, period.


  61. Girl I’ve been seeing had her birthday recently.

    I arranged tickets to a concert, then a dance, dinner, and a very personalized gift.

    This is a woman I game regularly so doing this was part of LTR.

    Here’s her reaction: complains that at the party I’m spending too much time with other guests, that I’m “selfish”. While I’m hosting the party and making a speech I look across the room….chicks are laughing and smiling…she’s glaring at me…

    I decide to leave. she goes mental,complains I didn’t give he enough time to leave.

    Then…she asks if she can spend the night at my place the next night.

    I say…

    She brings me medicine for my cough.

    The bottom line is whether you’re banging them or not, the idea of doing super nice things is NEVER appreciated…i think there’s a secret resentment associated with it, a kind of sense that since i’ve been nice then I’m somehow unworthy and the shit tests need to be stepped up…


  62. “Despite all of that, or rather because of all that, I subsequently ended up with the hottest sex yet that I’ve had with her.”



  63. This definitely jibes with my experience. I used to be buying gifts kind of dude, but I learned it doesn’t get you laid. I swear it seemed like it kind of pisses them off.

    It seems paradoxical that being nice actually works against you, but it does and this is really the core lesson of the game.


  64. on December 5, 2011 at 8:13 am What kind of gift for LDR?

    I am looking to give a girl a birthday/xmas gift. We’ve been in a LDR for almost 9 months, and this is the tail-end of it. she’s coming back in January. Our relationship has been very up and down, the distance taking its toll on both of us.

    Now I don’t want to do too much, but I also don’t want to blow it off. Last year I forgot her birthday completely (which was awesome, now that I look back at it). But with the distance, I don’t have that same level of attraction and rapport that I had last year, so I need to be careful and not drop the ball. I’ve been thinking of just sending a card with a personal message, and say something like “I’ll give you your real present when you get back here…” Then take it from there if we stay together and she comes back to me. Any suggestions about how to handle this?

    [Heartiste: You’re on the right track. Whatever you do, don’t ship a gift to her while she’s away from you. Tell her you’ve got a surprise waiting for her. Be opaque about it.]