Chicks Despise Niceguys

Horror is a woman’s secret id revealed. Unenlightened men recoil, and even the women who allow the full expression of their deepest feelings are revolted by the specter of their own fallen desire.

I am severely chafed by my gentle, compassionate boyfriend.

I feel sick just writing this, and I don’t want to lose something good, so here goes:

I’m a 34-year-old single mother of a beautiful, sweet, and healthy three-year-old boy. I never imagined having kids, but accidentally became pregnant three months into a destructive relationship. I kept the child and eventually got rid of the man (with the help of a domestic violence counselor and a restraining order), which was a healthy decision.

You see, healthy decisions are not my forte. With a few exceptions, I usually date the damaged bad boy, the alcoholic who needs rescuing, or the tortured artist. I scrapped all that when I had my son, and haven’t dated since removing baby daddy from my life 2 years ago. Until recently.

Five months ago, I met a man at my sister’s wedding (one of the groomsmen), and we connected. Talked all night, laughing like crazy, connected. We hugged briefly at the end of the evening and we both felt it was worth pursuing. He lives 1400 miles away from me, and we began an email correspondence, sharing our relationship history, likes and dislikes, and getting to know each other. We have a lot in common. We fell in love. We made plans for him to relocate to my city and move in together. We decided all this before spending a great deal of physical time with each other. He’s visited once a month for the past five months, and the trips have gone from elated, nervous excitedness to awkward arguing and annoyance. He is sensitive, kind, attentive, and doting. He is so very patient and loving with my child. Because of these traits, I find myself feeling less attracted to him physically. He seems meek. It is truly something sick. I have a hard time looking at him on occasion, because every little quiver, every timid step, every noise he makes while eating makes my skin crawl. He follows me around and paws at me. He is far less experienced than I am in the bedroom, and yet I do not know how to let him know what I like, because he is not keeping up with me in that department.

I don’t have a lot going on, aside from an unsatisfying job, my son, and my love of animals. I don’t have the financial resources to pursue hobbies or interests, and this man offers stability. I love him, but I’m not sure why I’m so uncontrollably moody around him, and why he has turned me off. He is so gentle—the gentle man I always thought I wanted, because underneath it all I’m gentle, too—but I’m pushing away and I don’t know if I love myself enough to make this work. I have tried talking to him about this and he just apologizes and says he feels out of his element. He picks up on my annoyance which makes him feel uncomfortable, which triggers a neediness, which I find unattractive. I don’t want my son to have a bad boy for a father figure, but I don’t want to resent my lover over petty things. Are these petty things? Is love about being able to be annoyed by someone, and loving them anyway? I tell myself that I have a good man—and I don’t want to lose him—but how can I really snap out of this? I feel terrible, ungrateful, and confused.

A woman is as viscerally repulsed by a sensitive niceguy as a man is by a fat woman. If you want to know what a woman feels when a niceguy dotes on her in needy supplication, just remember how you feel when you see a land whale bend over in short shorts to pick up a donut crumb. The stimuli are different, but the disgust reflex is the same. And the reflex serves the same underlying reproductive purpose in both sexes: to avoid contamination of the egg with inferior sperm, and to avoid fertilizing and investing resources in inferior eggs.

Most women aren’t capable of this sort of self-reflection, and with good reason; if women had to grapple with their malignant sexual natures on a regular basis, they might very well go crazy. Or crazier than they already are. From an evolutionary perspective, mental stopgaps (aka the hamster) that block access to understanding of primal limbic impulses is a useful adaptation for ensuring women capitalize when the superior seed of self-driven, aloof, challenging, emotionally distant and often unkind men is available to them.

If you are a gentle, compassionate niceguy… a man of God…, a woman will become, inexplicably to you, cranky and moody if she’s in a relationship with you. You will be confused and wonder why she won’t listen to reason about all the good you do for her, and then you will blame her for your pain, unless you are an emasculated quasi-man, in which case you’ll direct the blame upon yourself. And through all the emotional ups and downs, the turmoil that is out of your control to manage, the cold sexlessness that feeds your spiraling resentment and unfocused rage, the microinsults that pile higher atop your wounded dignity with every increasingly despairing day together, the misplaced guilt that poisons your soul… through all that punishment, punishment that on some days will seem less bearable than the acute pain of physical torture, one demonic truth pulsates at the center of the chaos:

She has as little power over her feelings as you do.

But there is redemption, persecuted niceguy. You just have to know where to look.


  1. Shorter version: Women HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Beta Males.

    So don’t ever EVER be beta.


    • > “I am severely chafed by my gentle, compassionate boyfriend. I feel sick just writing this, and I don’t want to lose something good, so here goes… A woman is as viscerally repulsed by a sensitive niceguy as a man is by a fat woman… If you are a gentle, compassionate niceguy… a man of God…, a woman will become, inexplicably to you, cranky and moody if she’s in a relationship with you…”

      Heartiste, man, let’s hope and pray that this bitch is just a little to the left of center on the greater bell curve of female insanity – which stretches from completely nuts in the far negative, to reasonably sane in the far positive [with a mean of only moderately bitchy and moderately moody and moderately nuts].

      There just HAVE to be some nice girls from good families out there, who are capable of summoning up some modest sense of appreciation for what a good father brings to the equation – there HAVE to be.

      It can’t all devolve into grotesquely vulgar and obscene Darwinian Nihlism.

      I mean – it can devolve into precisely that – but I’m a romantic, and I cling bitterly to this idea that folks [even womenfolk!] can exercise the Freedom of the Will so as to make themselves just a little better at this whole humanity thang than they otherwise ought to be [given what was burned into their DNA at conception].


      • One thing I might add to my comment while it sits in LIFO Stack Moderation Hell.

        When the bitch says, “He is far less experienced than I am in the bedroom, and yet I do not know how to let him know what I like, because he is not keeping up with me in that department,” I kinda feel a little sympathy for her.

        [Otherwise she’s just completely morally repugnant.]

        As I was saying to some dudes on another recent thread, this “Abstinence Game FTW” is some extremely dangerous shit.

        You withhold sex from your woman at your own peril.

        Woman need to be sexed, and sexed hard.

        They need orgasms.

        A woman needs to be ravaged.

        She needs to feel that she has given everything which can be given, and that you have taken everything which can be took.

        She needs that rosy glow in her cheeks afterwards.

        It completes her.

        And if you don’t complete her, then some sneaky-assed mother-fucker like YaReally or Scray is gonna move in on your turf and do your job for you.

        PS: 50 or 75 years ago, it was maybe understandable that goody two-shoes altar boys wouldn’t know how to sex a woman, but in this day and age of limitless 24×7 pr0n, it is simply unacceptable to still be clueless about it.

        Just download some dyke pr0n and watch how they fuck each other [cause dykes actually know what they’re doing].

        Watch how the dykes massage each others’ clits, and how they work the dildos on one another.

        All you have to do is get a wet finger [or wet fingers] on her clit, and massage it gently but consistently, and get the head of your cock in just behind her pubic bone, where her G-Spot is [although some chicks prefer the cervix to be banged really hard, which is at the far end of her birth canal], and she will cum and cum and cum for you.

        There was a scene in HBO’s Rome, where Titus Pullo taught Lucius Vorenus about all of this, but I can’t seem to find it on JewTube.


      • You mean this?


      • BOO-YAH!!!

        That’s exactly what I was looking for.

        I honestly feel like some of the nerdier/geekier dudes who are finding their way into the Dark Enlightenment actually need to hear that talk from an experienced world-wise take-no-prisoners playah like a Titus Pullo.

        Titus Pullo seems to understand that shiznat at a very visceral level [or else he grew up on the streets, where it was talked about openly during his childhood].

        Lucius Vorenus, on the other hand, either doesn’t understand it viscerally, or else he grew up in a family of sufficient refinement that that sort of vulgarity was not an considered acceptable topic for conversation [even amongst the children].

        BOTTOM LINE: Either you sex your woman, or else a YaReally or a Scray will be more than happy to move in behind your back and do it for you.

        PS: And just look at what happened to poor Lucius Vorenus, when he was gone for so many years, with Gaius Julius & Marcus Antonius, up North, fighting the Germanics.

        [I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but it rhymes with “he was fuckholded”].


    • You’re so right Whiskey, women also HATE HATE HATE HATE white men because they are boring, meek, and lifeless in bed

      There I said it, and im right


      • AW SHIT MY Comments are ALL in moderation, I need to get my message out there, hurry the fuck up


      • LOL Live-Evil must be pissed because of the repulsed looks women give him when they see his disgusting swarthy skin and ape-like features.


    • the more time goes on the more it seems like i could grab any given dog training manual and it’d have more useful advice for dealing with women than a mainstream relationship guide.

      polly’s response over there could have been a single sentence. look how long it takes her to build a rationalization that doesn’t include ‘girls hate nice guys’.


    • The problem with propagandizing the fact that “chicks despise niceguys” along with “chicks dig sociopaths” over and over and over is that your average student comes to see those two extremes as binary options rather than opposite poles between which a golden mean must be found.

      The omega overreaction in the comments to this link shows how easily the frustrated nerd herd can be spooked into stampede, a year after publication:

      Now, since official culture has gone all to the one side, it’s tempting to think we are the balancing factor that rights the equation. But that idea doesn’t come through in most manosphere writing; nobody even seems aware of the need for balance. In fact, I’d wager your thinking is so muddled that you don’t imagine balance is needed, only shock tactics from the margins.



      • Absolutely. I’m annoyed by CH’s superficialities, shallowness & pop psychology (although he sometimes has some good points). This whole “nice guy” image, whole rooted in reality, is an oversimplification. Many famous men were “niceguys”: Chekhov, Bach (*the* Bach, not his multiple progeny), Charles Darwin, John Bardeen ( ), Mozart (don’t be deluded by popular misrepresentations), …. This woman is not *the* representative of all, nor even a majority of females (no such thing), but of a class of psychologically damaged or simply a bit loony women (she’s aware of that). Heck, what can one expect from a site where a 5th rate dead actor was glorified as a “superalpha” …


      • if one were to gravitate to poles, the niceguy is guaranteed to get shit on while charles manson is decrepit as shit and still getting young trim, so it is a necessary logical conclusion for your AFCs to try to force the 180 in response to being awared


      • No, I’m not a nice guy. I used to be. That guy is gone, and he isn’t coming back. Women like my ex and Natalie killed him. They’re killing more and more guys like him every day. And they’re creating more and more guys like me. I’m reminded of the old saying “Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

        I lol’d at this comment. This guy thinks he’s won some victory by debasing himself.


      • The guy has won a victory if he’s happier with his life now. Bust a nut in the ex’s face then shut off all communication; why not?

        Revenge is a dish best served cold.

        I think a lot of guys seriously underestimate just how evil women really are. I’m stuck in a legally binding contract with a big fat parasite, and the more immoral and evil I become, the more she loves me. It’s a Chinese finger trap. The farther I go, the more I want rid of her, and the harder it is to achieve that, because I’m practical, and she’s evil.

        We just had a conversation where I spoke of my plans to, in her words, “get my freak on” with younger girls. How did she react? The more malevolence toward her I put into my voice, the more fire I showed in my eyes, the stronger my fantasies of watching her fat face sail off a cliff and then taking a steaming shit on her bloated corpse, the closer she drew to me, until she was petting my beard and staring up at me with total love and adoration on her face.

        She’s what you’d call a nice girl, and the evil version of me is much more to her liking than the non-debased version of me. Imagine, then, how much more true this must be with girls who aren’t nearly so nice, like strippers.

        Am I debasing myself? In a lot of ways, I am, yes. The right thing to do is dump her, move on, and probably buy a wife from abroad, because me as the kind of guy who would go through the divorce to do the right thing is me being a guy who needn’t bother with the American meat market.

        But that wife from abroad, while even nicer than my current wife, will still be every bit as evil. I have a friend who did exactly that, and it pains me to see him fail shit test after shit test after shit test. Like CH said above, “If you are a gentle, compassionate niceguy… a man of God…, a woman will become, inexplicably to you, cranky and moody if she’s in a relationship with you.”

        Sing it brother! That’s why Brad’s wife is going all psycho right now. It was the pimp hand that got him to paradise, and he’s fucking himself over by putting the pimp hand back in the box.

        Personally, I have concluded that me in love is just too stupid to ever have a good relationship with a woman, so I’m embracing evil instead, and getting my beard petted.


      • The guy has won a victory if he’s happier with his life now.

        Nothing in his comment reads as “happy.” He’s out for revenge, still. He’s just swung himself from one extreme — idiot beta who gets fleeced — to another — asshole who tries to turn off basic human empathy. Both extremes are cheats. Controlling your feelings is meaningless if you pursue that which you lack feeling for. Like I said, if you are “banging hot chicks” and you — somehow — face little struggle or internal strife in your efforts at the game….you are just cheating.


      • How is he debasing himself? He probably means “I am not going to be stupid any more and will be more strategic in the future.” In my own case, I stopped being so nice unless the woman earned it. Then everything’s natural.

        Scray you’re confusing me, I thought you would fully agree with what I just wrote.


      • Because he’s trying to “get revenge.” He has yet to just accept the world for what it is — he feels “wronged.” He has yet to just a) take accountability and b) separate his ‘niceness’ from his ‘being a pussy.’ You can be nice, you can be good, etc. and get girls. Just don’t be a pussy.

        Just read his story. He’s writing it to proclaim that yes, indeed justice is coming.

        I do agree with what you wrote, tho. People should earn your specific favors. But if you’re just a naturally nice and good person — that’s good! If you are that way and outcome independent, the puss will roll your way. And ultimately, you will do better in your relationships than the “asshole” who also is outcome independent.


      • on December 15, 2013 at 5:31 pm FamilyMan (formerly David)

        I can relate to this guy’s frame of mind, still. But it’s not revenge, all that emotion was worked through long ago. At the beginning of this learning, it may feel like revenge. Whatever, learning is not always a smooth process.

        In my case the programming to be nice and help women is pretty deeply ingrained and I still feel like a badboy when I push against it, 15 or 20 years after I figured this stuff out. Which is fun.

        When I use superior intelligence and rationality to steer the direction of a relationship, I reduce the other’s freedom of choice. Not in any way that’s ever gotten me bawled out, I guess I am allowed to do this. But morally, I had to decide to do it so that I would achieve my romantic goals.

        I’m still pushing against this sometimes, but now that I am married and responsible for a family, it is brutally obvious that between me steering things and my wife steering things, it had better be me. Sometimes I let myself get pushed out, and the results were unfortunate. Wife constantly shit-tests this, and I just have to stand and take it and not react strategically.


      • That’s funny, Scray. That’s the exact same reaction I have whenever I read one of your comments. Learning game is one thing, but devoting your entire life to learning scripts and figuring out how to jump through hoops to the point where it crowds out everything else in your life (If the amount of time you spend on this website is any indication) to earn the attention of women seems pretty pathetic to me.


      • ya i used to tell myself shit like that when my dick was constantly dry too


      • And it still is. Most of you twerps on here are big mouths and tiny unsatisfied penii.


      • Oh really, Matthew? You left that site too soon. She pleads for tolerance and time, but her tribe can only dry heave for so long. CH’s audit was even more appropriate for the post a few days later…


      • Written like a rambling, drunken, six-part, 4am voice-mail, which every man should be blessed to receive at least once in his life. I curse myself for not figuring out a way to permanently keep them.


      • At the end of it, his SMV has gone up and hers has gone down. When he stops crying this he’ll realize this and do at least as well or better next time. She’ll eat a lot of tomato soup.


      • You play it into something that you can keep, like a voice recorder or the mic on your computer.

        If your phone has headphones, you can get a cable at any audio/electronics seller to take the audio out and convert it into mic in so you don’t lose quality.

        I know it’s too late for you, but there should be a few people on this thread who are saving a voicemail or six that they’d hate to lose.


      • You could even go old school and use a cassette tape recorded, play the message from your cell phone right above its microphone.

        That way it would be saved “forever”


      • Except that my writing is great, I really liked your previous comment on my comment. I like this comment too, but I offer the refinement that there is NO inverse correlation between being a socialpath vs. being a nice guy. You are putting the female imperative honed for the wild of fluid human packs for culture anchored by agriculture and wealth accrual. For women, everything is socially relative. She simply wants a man that both tears down social relationships in his way and builds social relationships optimal to his RELATIVE success. If you destroy her country by being number 1, she’ll love your for it and not know why. From comment before, what keeps us in line? Culture is a hashed out agreement between men of agency (patriarchs to whatever degrees). Men compete as patriarchal units. The lack of participation means few and worthless options, a slowing down of evolution but not much overall difference. The team of men that is mightiest is usually the best at constructing productive social relationships and utilizing material resources. A man can be the most civilized and the most attractive to women at the same time. No conflict if you realize women are the perfect judges of only the more raw aspects of masculinity as far as means goes and the results. Women get confused when the raw masculity and the overall results do not correlate like in the wild, but they sure like the wealth and luxury of civilization. What creatures. For everyone, there is NEVER a reason to measure up to a woman’s standards. Use her as a mirror to refine your coarse masculinity but ignore her on refined masculinity and pursue both aspects without qualm or conflict. Don’t be post-civilized like a pacifist, mangina, etc.


      • What do you mean Matthew, she deserved all the ridiculs. She even knows she’s dating the wrong guys but the “nice guys” are supposed to put up with it? Even nice guys can sometimes dig up that much self respect.

        They’re not omegas. They are learning. They are on the road to alpha if they want it. Why does it make you uncomfortable?


      • The overkill was the Average Frustrated Chumps’ feeding frenzy of frustration. It’s silly MGTOW internet bitterness. They’re blowing off steam when they should be channeling their frustration into self-improvement, mission focus, and indifference toward the irrelevant, as men do.


      • Oh come on, they were just having fun and declaring victory. I thought it was great. They are no longer Average Frustrated Chumps if they are no longer Frustrated. And MGTOW isn’t silly, it’s the basis of mental equilibrium from which you can play the stock market, or women, or a musical instrument, however you choose to occupy your time today.


      • I once read about wolves being re-introduced to a small island off one of the coasts. What the scientists observed surprised them. Contrary to what television has told us the wolves did not coexist with the game animals, taking only what they needed to live. The wolves fed until they drove the elk to near extinction, and only the strongest and fittest survived. The survivors were so strong that the wolves could no longer take game, and they starved to near extinction while the elk grew numerous. The whole cycle then repeated itself. I suppose that is a balance in a sense, but not the peaceful zen kind. There is only the pendulum favoring first one side and then the next.


      • I would hate to fuck with an elk thats too tough for a wolf;thats one bad ass elk!


      • so being the nice guy in the middle was a more appropriate strategy when the average girl wasn’t a cunt?


      • I think the comments over there are a good thing. We suffer from an abundance of “nice guys” (i.e. emasculated pussies), here in the U.S. And from what I’ve seen, anger and bitterness is the natural reaction most men have once they first start to realize that what they’ve been taught about female nature is a lie. Balance comes later. First the anger starts to fade. Then they simply accept that it’s in women’s nature to want more masculine, dominant men. And eventually they balance back out and become happier, more well adjusted men who realize that they don’t have to pedestalize women. What you’re seeing over there is a whole bunch of betas who have just been force fed the red pill all at once. Eventually they’ll choke it down and mellow out. I could be wrong, but that’s my take…


      • That’s my take too, exactly. With the proviso that I am not so far past that moment 20 years ago that I cannot still relate to the feeling. It’s like when I learned Newton’s laws properly, I got a feeling of clarity and release from confusion and vagueness. Within the proper domain one should apply them rigidly and ruthlessly. That is called competence, not fanaticism.

        Women like Natalie still present an emotional/ethical quandary that I have resolved by saying they are simply to be pitched over the side and left alone with their cats. I say it clearly because a guy in the battlefield has to have mental clarity. Of course in person I would still be polite to her, while telling myself that what she says is bullshit.

        I don’t do canned lines, I never learned how. Best wishes to those who use them, but that’s not been me. Instead I am clear on one or two basic principles and hold them consciously in mind. Then good-enough words flow out of my mouth, When I read sites like CH my words and attitude become better.

        Very important to be clear on the basic principles, otherwise it doesn’t work. I may appear to be mellow on the outside (I think that’s most people’s impression) but inside I have not softened my views on these things at all.


    • This should be taught to boys in every sex ed class. May cause the burning of Rome to capitulate, but for the Phoenix of a New West to arise it must happen.


      • I was thinking the same thing. This needs to be information that you don’t have to dig up in dark corners of the Internet.


      • This is NOT going to happen. Any formalization of red pill theory/practice would be shut down by the feminist and political correctness agenda.

        It is up to fathers, uncles and men in general to take on this role and to do their best to counter the pervasive nature and bullshit of the above “two headed, one bodied snake” and its mainstream media enabler.


      • I am trying to imagine what my middle schooler’s school would be like in that case.

        Instead of the gay pride and diversity posters, with those messages reinforced in social studies and English classes, there would be “game” principles for guys and reminders for girls that they’d better get settled down by 25 and 9th grade wouldn’t be too early to start thinking about guys seriously and respectfully.

        A better world, but not one I expect to see.


    • on December 14, 2013 at 4:49 pm The Prince that was promised

      You can spoil your girl rotten as long as you…white knight for her?


      • Nah, he said he had impregnated her with his son. And the other guy wanted to fuck her too, is that right?

        That’s not white knighting.


      • Wrong. He was bragging because his woman was rising up to his standards, and the other guy (beta) was pissed off because he was being denied access to women.

        Best you can say, if you read the book, is that Khal Drogo’s wife tamed him a bit by learning the art of love so he’d accept impregnating her instead of fucking her in the ass every night.


    • on December 15, 2013 at 12:18 pm MakeshiftButter

      Beta make up 99% of society. I’m one, you are too most probably


    • If you’re a dude, be an asshole. If you’re a chick, stop being fat. Life is easy.


    • We need a new kitchen faucet. How’s that for the wife’s xmas present?


      • As she unwraps it, tell her that plumbing is important. Then go install it, finally pull her into the bedroom and insert your plumbing into hers to prove the point.


  2. I don’t know if I ever was really a nice guy, but I played that role in a relationship once. Of course, after a while, she broke it off, but wanted to stay friends. I gave it a shot in the hope of rekindling what we had during the summer we dated. Long story short, I ended up visiting her at college during Thanksgiving and found a note she had written to a friend describing how unbelievably attracted she had become to some dude who had spent time undercover investigating neo-Nazis. Her prior boyfriend had been a 40-year old artist (she was 19 at the time), so she definitely had a thing for bad boys. I still look back on finding that note as one of the greatest strokes of luck in my life.

    BTW, you want to talk about a feminist, this chick was a socialist-feminist-communist-pacifist-vegan-dont-shave-my-legs-pot-smoking loon who thought every type of male except the kind who had her politics should be kept down for the good of society, so even an extremist SWPL (before the term was even a gleam in anyone’s eye) like her could not resist jerks.


    • on December 14, 2013 at 3:55 pm haunted trilobite

      Yet another revealing anecdote. This site is a treasure trove for them. The veneer of the ‘fairer sex’ is really slipping


    • I always wonder how they keep those things coexisting in their heads: carnal attraction to the bad boy and intellectual condemnation of bad boy behavior.

      And a wish to reorganize society and change men according to the feminist ideology. Turn every man into a sissy.

      We can’t let them do this. For their own good.


    • How easy to find was said note? I only ask because I once dated a girl back in my lost years who wrote in stark detail about a jerk she was attracted to in a journal. It was some pretty messed up stuff; really shocked my sheltered mind reading it. Looking back, I think that journal was way too easily located and it was actually her way of communicating with me.

      Years later I told a friend about it and he offered that perhaps this other guy didn’t exist, or maybe he did but all she really wanted was for me to start acting like the man she wrote about. I think he was right.


    • I never understood the idea of being friends after a relationship. With billions of people in the world why spend more time in the situation where one of you already rejected the other? The rejected one is much better off sealing it with a “fuck you” and going on to win big elsewhere.

      Staying “friends” is just a way of staying one-down, saying you still can’t function without that person.


  3. “Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid”


    • Not so, “nice guys” will get laid, reason being women know if she is not throwing some his way, he’ll leave and take the provisioning and support with him. Then the faux love stuff and co habitation begins.etc.

      As the article states though, she was doing this for reasons that did not revolve around her placing a high value on the Nice Guy personally and in a sexually way, but for keeping the lights on and a roof over her and the boys head.

      Even that runs out of energy as the emotional neediness kicks in, that dude is probably thinking things are going great, that is the Nice Guys fatal flaw. Not understanding the female nature and “how could she do this to me after as “good” as I’ve been to her and little Tommy”’s a rather common situation for the Nice Guy who gets some pussy thrown his way.


      • Nice guys get missionary position once or twice a month, provided they’ve been good little slaves.
        As he stumbles to the bathroom to remove the condom she forced him to wear and urinate, he could never imagine her shithead asshole druggie ex fuckbuddy would take that same post coital piss inside her as makeshift birth control, and she loved every drop of it.


      • > “post coital piss inside her”


        That’s up there with YaReally shitting on the bitch’s chest.



    • Nice guys get second-hand goods, and then not even the second-hand goods want the nice guys.


      • Yep, this is a classic “Nice Guy” trap, and probably not talked about enough in the manosphere. When that scarcity of poon is ended by the single mom, it is not a sign of “game” it is a sign (or can be) a sign that single mom has lined you up like a field goal kicker. She sounds sexually aggressive when that meets scarcity of pussy the nice guy then falls into a white knight frame and picks up another man’s burden if he goes LTR.

        Like the FG kicker in American Football, sooner or later the boot will be placed to the backside and out you go. Hypergamy at work.


    • Sure, we nice guys get laid; it just takes some bad boy to set the hook.


    • “NIce guys don’t finish nice”


  4. The guy may or may not have a problem but this whackjob woman sure as hell does.


    • That’s really the problem too. So many women have no value beyond their vaginas.


      • Did you ever expect a woman to be anything else without the right cultural framework to control her?
        A mule that isn’t hitched to a plow, minus the blinders and a man to control it’s path, is just a directionless jackass.


      • > “Did you ever expect a woman to be anything else without the right cultural framework to control her?”


        Yeah, when I was younger.

        But over the years, I came to realize that morality is utterly foreign to the female nature – women seem innately incapable of understanding morality in any visceral sense – ergo it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that we have “the right cultural framework” [namely, their biological fathers both living in the house with them and also actually giving a damn about what kind of women they grow up to be, all while they are still little girls] so as to TEACH our females the difference between right and wrong.

        Of course, The Frankfurt School knew all of this from Day One.

        They knew that if they could unleash the power of the female mind, then they could use the ensuing insanity to completely destroy Western Civilization:

        It’s why you have Frankfurt School high priests, like Michael Eisner, and Frankfurt School high priestesses, like Annie Leibovitz, working so furiously to burn the image of a filthy stinking Electra-Complexified child-pornographied twerking mudsharking whore as a role model for all of the little shiksa girls to emulate:

        And it’s why the Divorce Industrial Complex wing of The Frankfurt School works so furiously to get the biological fathers out of the house, and away from their little girls.

        So that the little girls CANNOT [and WILL NOT] be taught the difference between right and wrong.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 3:58 pm haunted trilobite

        Yup. Her father should never have allowed her maidenhead to be breached by a detestable low-life. Arranged marriages certainly served their purposes in the past


      • A mule that isn’t hitched to a plow, minus the blinders and a man to control it’s path, is just a directionless jackass.

        Is that original? +1 quotable. Like something a dad tells his son before his first date.

        “So Dad, you’re saying that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly, and that fortune is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her?”

        Welling up with pride: “You will do just fine, son.”


      • … And aren’t you essentially saying that it is all the man’s fault? I wholeheartedly agree.

        I don’t understand the MRA MGTOW whinery when what they’re moaning about to each other, in their cry-circle) is their own inability to Tame The Cunt™ (Frank T.J. Mackey Productions, All Rights Reserved).



      • See, now a good bit of the poor lurkers are getting some of your wisdom, Matt.
        I was reading it to myself saying “come on you brilliant bastard, two point words all the way to the end…they need what’s in your head.”


      • It’s a fairly well-known Machiavelli quote.


      • If we’re talking about an actual mule, one that isn’t hitched to a plow, etc. is just a free, happy mule.


      • That would depend on the gender of the “mule” in question.


      • But it’s not about the mule.

        It’s about the farmer’s happiness.


    • He has the problem if he stays. He should get a woman without another man’s child attached.


      • He has a problem if he has to commute 1400 miles and uproot his life to get a chance at getting laid by a single mother.

        $10,000 says had he raw dogged and impregnated her at the wedding reception and never talked to her again, she would’ve kept his child and lived the rest of her days dreaming about him.


      • Or tell her to give it up for adoption. That’s anti-nice.


      • on December 15, 2013 at 5:10 pm FamilyMan (formerly David)

        It’s anti-nice and unlikely to work. I mean you can ask, but still that mom is attached to that kid. Women really truly love one sort of people in this life, and that is their own kids.

        Adopting the kid out wouldn’t be enough, there’s no way our “system” would allow you to keep Mom and the kid totally separate forever. The animal solution of killing the kid is illegal and to say the least, I would not go there.

        What’s wrong with my solution of simply ignoring all single moms? There are enough other women in the world, and the single mom situation is basically all downside.


      • on December 15, 2013 at 5:13 pm FamilyMan (formerly David)

        And in the larger sense, if women are finding that when they throw their husband over they cannot get another, it will promote better attitudes within the marriage. Respect for the solemn vows they took and providing a stable normal home for the kids, and all that.


      • Her single mom status isn’t the reason she’s put off by this guy, though. It may be one of the reasons she wants to keep him, although single childless women can get into this fix too, when they want to settle down.

        Every woman knows this feeling; it’s behind every lamentation to our friends that “he’s such a nice guy; I wish I liked him.” Most women don’t understand what they want, or they fight it if they do. And this is what happens. It’s depressing.


      • Doesn’t depress me. Guys have got to stop taking on women’s problems. What do you get for helping women? Friendzoned and disrespected.

        I suspect we see this the same way, you just have to listen to girlfriends griping about this sort of thing.


      • I know, and helping here and there is one thing… but this guy was following her around the house like a little lost puppy. He wasn’t acting like a man. Women don’t really want to be doted on. We’d rather dote on you. Acting timid around us, particularly sexually, is a huge attraction killer.

        I actually blame her for not being in touch with what she wants or honest about her feelings. She let her need for stability override her need for real sexual attraction, and we know that never works. If a girl knows herself and accepts what she wants in a man, this doesn’t happen. She knows to LJBF this kind of guy early on.


    • No. The guy has a problem. He’s too weak and accomodating.


  5. I see cats in her future…


    • Lol yeah, i am actually an actress in Mexico and i don’t like much nice guys either : ) .


      • As a non-nice guy, I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love that they are such pussies it is easy to walk all over them, but I hate them for the same reason. Nietzsche said that the hardest part of his philosophy was accepting the fact that the ‘last man’ would also recur eternally alongside the Ubermensch.

        There’s really nothing more that needs to be said on the matter, except perhaps taking Nietzsche’s comment that “What is falling needs to be pushed” and applying it to nice guys, which actually seems like what women are starting to do, so kudos to them for that.


      • You seem like a really nice guy.


      • That’s because you don’t know me in real life. If you did, you’d know that I’d kill my own mother, under certain circumstances.


      • As a non-nice guy, I …

        Nietzsche said that the hardest part of his philosophy was accepting the fact that the ‘last man’ would also recur eternally alongside the Ubermensch.

        Everyone thinks he’s the Übermensch after skimming Nietzsche. “Hey, he just described me to a T!”

        Just like every professor of philosophy is a philosopher, every doggerelist is a poet, and every player who reads PUA blogs is alpha.

        Der letzte Mensch is not the equivalent of “niceguy.”


      • …and every fatass who wanders around aimlessly for two hours at the gym believes they’re Stalone as they nearly choke to death on the combination of protein shake and smug.
        Will to Power…lift.


      • And every chick who believes in reincarnation was Cleopatra or Joan d’Arc.


      • One girl told me she was an Aztec warrior princess in a past life…
        Just once I’d like to hear about someone being a retarded hermaphrodite kept in a cage for the amusement of a Persian king in a past incarnation.


      • In my experience most women have those grandiosity delusions such as ;” I was a beautiful/powerful queen/princess in a previous life”
        or ;
        ” I have great powers, I can heal people just with the power of my mind” etc etc

        a few have even told me they were witches with great powers and that they had to be careful so powerful they were

        and obviously such delusions of grandiosity are not, well… exactly signs of sanity…

        ( from Wikipedia)

        Grandiose delusions (GD) or delusions of grandeur is principally a subtype of delusional disorder that occurs in patients suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses, including two-thirds of patients in manic state of bipolar disorder, half of those with schizophrenia and a substantial portion of those with substance abuse disorders.[1][2] GDs are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, wealthy, or otherwise very powerful. The delusions are generally fantastic and typically have a supernatural, science-fictional, or religious theme.

        Yup that sounds like most women I have dated.

        Either I am a magnet for nut cases or most women are like that.


      • I was told my last incarnation was some sort of wiseman in New Zealand 1000 years ago. I have no recollection of any of that.

        From wiseman to wiseass, is that progress?


      • That reminds me of something similar…

        all the women who ever told me they consulted a medium about their “previous lives” ( re-incarnation) turned out to have been a queen or princess !!!

        none of them were ever poor ugly stupid or prostitutes, they were all queens and princesses!

        yeah right. (((eye roll)))


      • Lol yeah, i am actually an actress in Mexico and i don’t like much nice guys either : ) .

        I imagine you don’t meet too many during the intermission to your donkey act.


      • Well done.


      • (takes a bow)

        Heh, heh… proud feminist, but a Mexican actress.

        I’m guess the casting couch south of the border makes even Hollywood’s ooJ’s blush.


      • I’ll certainly be wearing a condom.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 2:26 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Lame. I’m an astronaut/fighter pilot/porn star.


      • who let you away from the donkey show long enough to steal a computer?


      • on December 14, 2013 at 3:10 pm Theodore Logan

        Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Rape!


      • I want to ram it in your butt.


      • Can’t wait till you meet a group of “Obama’s sons” in a back alley when you’re drunk and they can teach you the true meaning of diversity.



      • Yo like 6 9?


    • I also see either an emasculated male or a thugspawn who grows up to hate his mother in the future.


  6. This chick literally sees this guy once a month and she’s done with him. HA!


    • Would be ironic if she kept seeing him during her period, when the attraction to alphas is even higher than the rest of the month.


      • No, dumbass. Women are more attracted to Alpha/badboys during ovulation, i.e. 14 days before/after her period.

        During her period in fact she is more likely to be attracted to Beta/niceguys (relatively).


    • And of course there is only one cure for her lack of love… rape!


  7. This poor guy is going to get fleeced, then cuckolded, then fleeced again, and all he’ll be left with is an empty wallet and a shriveled dick.

    I know, we’re going to get the “NAWALT” cries, but here’s the way I see it: David killed Goliath; but that’s not the way to bet. The way to bet is that a huge majority of women are like this tart, and men should plan and act accordingly.


    • Yes, and Your “amazing and accomplished” female friends, faggy, are all like this.

      BTW, which did you lie about: when you said that you had game or you said that you didn’t? Just checking which lie you’re going with today.



      • WF: Perhaps I’d be interested if you posted your childish insults under your real name, like a man, instead of hiding behind a silly pseudonym which is, I’m guessing, about as pseudo as the rest of you. Stick to your silly fantasies, little man. I’m not interested in talking to you.


      • lmao. Welcome to the internet! I know that old, decrepit liars like yourself have an inability to grasp the new fangled technology. I sincerely find it humorous that an old sackless 1970s musician is pretending he-man like abilities and chivalry.

        Now, explain again which lie you are going with today.



      • Whorefinder isn’t difficult to find.
        He’s that hairy fellow sitting in the dumpster behind your work by your car, with one of those 4 hour Viagra erections, the kind you’re going to need a doctor for after he’s done.


      • Viagra, nothing. It’s cocaine I snort straight off my 10 foot dick.



      • And Kim du Twat isn’t a pseudonym?


      • You just know Kim Jong Un reads CH…


    • He was already cuckolded going into the relationship, since she had some other guy’s bastard spawn.


    • And child support payment for spawn that aren’t his.



      Had to look it up.

      Thought that maybe it might mean something like, “Not Anything Walter White would ever do.”

      RIP, WW.



  8. The spotlight can’t be centered on this theme enough. It’s the undeniable basic truth that punches nice guy betas square in the gut (or the balls) and causes us to retch the blue pill and reach for the red pill.


  9. The chick seems too self-aware. I suspect that site is being trolled by a red-pill insurgent.


    • @Robard

      No, I’ve heard many girls I’ve been banging say this….

      But, there have been posts in other blogs written about the difference between “alpha” and “jerk”…

      I heard these things from my ex-gf who I had been banging hard then pulled back when she started pulling back and giving me drama:

      “I want a guy who will take care of me…”

      Me: I’m you’re lover not your brother….

      This dynamic, the “I want a guy who will take care of me…” from a girl I was pounding hard is the classic logic/emotion dynamic….

      To interfere with this now would be counter-productive. A girl’s imagination is your most powerful game tool.


    • Possible.

      She may also be a negro-woman who let her guard down and bought into a non-negro-man relationship…and now is upset he doesn’t beat her like her brothers do. Then again, the kinds of humans who date black women are either whiggers or else real wusses (DiBlasio) who are totaly committed to their left-wing religion.

      Heck, if she’s a mudshark, that would explain it—she hooked up with her first non-savage in years. Bet the guy has been proudly showing pictures of the little mulatto niglet to all his friends: “I’m not a racist!”


      • on December 14, 2013 at 11:05 am North Vinlander

        Are you implying that everyone who’s more than a single step above chimps in the evolutionary scale acts like that needy pussy-man?


      • No.

        There is plenty of vital non-black male heterosexuality out there–modern P.C. dogma’s goal is to stamp it out.

        Considering the ugliness, lack of intelligence, lack of feminine qualities, and crass behavior of 99% of black women, there are only two types of non-black men who will seek them out: whigger-types and the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel p.c. dogmatists. They force their hard-ons for these black she-bitches by screaming “racist” at their penises. Both types of men are so self-loathing that their patheticness is obvious.

        Non-supplicating non-black men (i.e. dominant, virile men, and betas with some ounce of self -respect left) do not bother with black women, because they like themselves too much to want to mate with ugly subhumans they have no attraction towards. Sure, they may grab a hard-on for an exception –a Stacey Dash, a Tyra Banks (note that both have non-black features and play them up)– but for a non-black male, 99% of the black female population is as undesirable to mate with as another man or a dog would be.

        The penis is racist, ladies.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 11:24 am North Vinlander

        Well now you’re making sense. LOL


      • You have to admit, though, maybe 8 times out of 10 a black man will be more alpha than a white. Black men are more used to beating up their women, beating up other dudes, raping both sexes, surviving by any means necessary, cussing, arguing, all that shit my N!gga

        That’s a very visceral type of alpha maleness that pretty everyone is equally repulsed by and attracted to at the same time, regardless of what culture they come from. Most women can use their powers of rational self-control to avoid mating with black men, but the allure is always there.


      • You have to admit, though, maybe 8 times out of 10 a black man will be more alpha than a white.
        –Acting like a 12-year-old is not alpha, son.

        beating up other dudes,
        –lol. You actually believe the hype. In Stepin Fetchit ville, it’s usuallygang attacks bya few pussies beating the one guy down. All the rest is just 12-year -old loudmouthed braggery. Hint: do you also believe rappers when they tell you that they were “high up” in a big time gang? Yeah, you’re believe the hype.

        raping both sexes</i.
        —actually,most black guys are on the down low and give it willingly—hence the astronomically high HIV raids rates amongst porch monkeys v. actual humans.

        surviving by any means necessary
        —lmao. If you think living on welfare, shouting “racism” any time they experience difficulty, and running from fair fights is “alpha,” boy, you gotta another thing coming.

        Posturing is not the same thing as reality.

        cussing, arguing
        –lol. Again, acting like you’re 12 does not equal alpha.

        That’s a very visceral type of alpha maleness that pretty everyone is equally repulsed by and attracted to at the same time, regardless of what culture they come from.

        —And now we see what kind of guy this is: a whi-g-ger.



      • Not really. The Bushqueens all screw the same 5% of the negro population and the rest of you are on the DL. It makes the transition to and from prison easier.


      • FWIW I personally have found your typical black alpha to be cowardly if confronted while on his own. Contemptible types really.


      • Not really. It’s a myth perpetuated by the media that black men are all super alphas. The truth is that the ones that are in the cage are still no more alpha than white dudes, despite their numbers advantage. The black community has all sorts of slang about their vast numbers of beta males: Simpin, cupcakin, trickin etc. They might try to put on front, but most are complete pussies.


      • Racism is defined as a belief, but the penis is not a sentient being thus not capable of having beliefs and is not even able to be aware that it would have beliefs ( or prejudices or preferences).

        Thus I absolve our penises of racism accusations!


      • They all purple on the inside.


      • The penis shows emotions, the same as a pussy does. A man has to let himself hear his mind, as the woman is being controlled by her pussy.

        Relatively better decision making ability than the other has is a key to getting what you want from an adversarial (i.e. social) relationship.


      • The penis is racist, ladies.

        No its not, never has been and never will be:–LA-hooker-wrecked-image-lost-Liz-Hurley.html


      • lmao. oh, poor little stepin fetchit, trying that black-based illogic that hasn’t built a single society on earth. Remember boy: “every man goes dumpster diving once in a while.”


      • 1 example. U be tellin da wyte man.


      • Yeah, mulattos didn’t just appear out of thin air. On that note, this whorefinder guy isn’t very clever when it comes to the insults. Get on Matt and Greg’s level, you’re bad at it and you sound bitter/beta.


      • For the record, I know one mulatto chick who is an absolute ANGEL of a human being.

        And very, very easy on the eyes.


      • Woudln’t doubt it. As I said, Stacey Dash, Tyra Banks–and I’ll bet your friend has white features.

        They are the 1%. No wonder porch monkeys hate the 1%.



      • A case of the exception proving the rule?


      • I had no idea who Hugh Grant was but Im glad this incident occured because it reveals something significant about the nature of the white male/black female sexual arrangement; both parties often prefer it covert.

        That being said, how many of you white guys here will go on record as having had sex with a black girl?

        After all, isn’t it important to know what you are talking about?


      • Bumqueesha’s spawn is at his ignorance again:

        I had no idea who Hugh Grant was
        —this shows how insular, ignorant, and inbred black people are–and deliberately so. Hugh Grant had a massive Q rating at the time this happened; he was in big Hollywood productions and was featured above the title. Ad campaigns for films centered on him. Even if you’d never seen a film, if you had any awareness of reality at all, you would have realized

        But no, Bumqueeshea’s turd dropping was too busy watching BET and talking about some 5th-rate pop tart and some lol-able black preacher with 500 followers to pick his head up out of the sand and just hear this guy’s name.

        it reveals something significant about the nature of the white male/black female sexual arrangement; both parties often prefer it covert.
        —or, it happens rarely and only when the white guy is so strung out that he’ll even fuck a wildebeast to get a thrill.

        Poor son of Bumqueesha: he knows he’s subhuman, and his ladies are all ugly, dumb toads, but he’s in complete denial of this fact.

        The Negro hamster is only beaten by the female hamster in this regard.



      • That being said, how many of you white guys here will go on record as having had sex with a black girl?

        Here’s one lumberjack who never split the black oak.

        I’m holding out for Neecy.


  10. I think it would be wonderful if pretty much every guy could read this, understand this type of woman represents easily 90% plus of all fertile women, and react accordingly.

    You owe your mother, sister, and cousins love and affection. All other women must EARN what little you dole out, and that should be carefully measured.

    Really, this candor is wonderful. It means the end of marriage AND relationships, sooner or later, because if something can’t go on, eventually it won’t. Beta males unwilling to change can always patronize pr0n and prostitutes, or even sex bots, and while it will a lesser experience, it will be better than being the court eunuch of some single mother bad boy addict.

    Women want transient bad boys, and I say they should get it, good and hard. And if they can’t find help, support, or whatever raising their bad boy spawn, well not my problem. Or yours.


  11. If you’re dealing with an alpha widow like this, there’s nothing you can do but be alpha also. Bonus points if you deliver some sort of new experience — great sex, etc.

    The guide is simple — find out what the last guy did to her and always bring yourself to the edge of doing that same thing. Yeah, I said it. If he cheated, you will mercilessly flirt with all women, indirectly drop hints at your vast sexual history, etc. If he was crazy, you also will be crazy — just roll off before there’s anything criminal lol. If you do all this and you deliver a new type of alpha behavior, she’ll be like any girl — worse probably actually. She will do anything for you; she’ll insist on buying you shit, etc. etc. etc. It’s pretty nuts.


    • “Bonus points if you deliver some sort of new experience — great sex, etc.”

      Great sex…and calling her your favorite punching bag.


    • Fuck that…she worships what I am or she can hit the road. Why would you dance like a monkey to be like what you thought she liked in her ex? Save your machinations for your purpose in life, and pussy is not your purpose – it comes as a byproduct of vigorously pursuing your purpose.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 4:10 pm haunted trilobite

        Scray gets marks for a reactive solution – suggesting becoming a kind of chameleon to suit her needs. Zimbikilr’s frame is probably the healthier overall.


      • ya ok. be urself and shit when ur focused on ur purpose, cool. when u want to give her tingles, it helps to kno precisely how to give them. i like precision strikes, what can i say.


      • Vagina worship. That’s only one step above being a nice guy because you think that’s what vagina wants. Vagina wants to be along for the ride with a man who seizes what he wants, and it will dance for the privilege. With the world awash in emo femininity and manginas, it’s not rocket science.


      • winners figure out how best to win.


      • Money for nothin and yer chicks for free is best.


      • well you kno ur in dire straits when you quote dire straights.


    • If you are alpha why would you wanna deal with a woman like that to begin with? If you are alpha and already dealing with her why would you wanna make such an effort to appease to her. She would beed to be the one having to prove her worth.


      • um….k? im just talking about the most efficient ways to DHV in a certain situ for maximum tingles. u can do wat u like tho


      • people who are natural alphas (i.e. not us) don’t need game websites or strategy guides. If you are winning at life, women will naturally follow you but life won’t always be going your way and it’s then that you need to choose your actions wisely if you want to get/keep a woman.


  12. The letter was written in C==, the new feminist programming language that falls hot on the heels of recent media campaigns to make “coding”, and concomitant high salaries, accessible to women, minorities. One can plainly see the programming “patterns” in constructs such as MakeObject(34-year-old single mother), Relate(DamagedBadBoy OR Alcoholic OR TorturedArtist), Do Until GetRandom(SistersWeddingGuest) While Delete(UnsatisfyingJob) AND Broadcast(AnimalLove).

    While we pull our hair over these essays, Womyn in Tech have programmed computers to generate gender content while we sleep to harvest “page clicks” in massive passive-income generation schemes.


  13. @YaReally

    Just another update…so it’s our weekly social. I come to it dressed cool, sit in my spot and am wearing the belt my ex gf got me that I hated wearing when we were together. Somehow it now looks cool

    She shows up…all smiley and bouncey. There’s an orbiter. I immediately blank her again and dance and game other girls.

    The “alcohol” as you put it is there….I make eye contact.

    Weird…and I’m not projecting here…I get this ‘invitation’ to ask her to dance….it’s subtle, but clear to me.

    Then the smile fades and the energy drops…she’s now acting. I can tell it’s forced because when she sits down she looks over at me, I stare blankly through her, she looks away with a very neutral, blank look until some else engages her.

    The “nice guy” theme here is that the orbiter who is clearly making an effort has flamed out. I see how she politely blows him off.

    With me there’s a kind of frustration or longing in the eyes that I now stare through and then break and look away or at my drink before moving on to other girls.

    Radio silence still. Hard…but your posts have helped me tremendously since that break in No Contact we discussed previously. It’s now 4 weeks. She didn’t buy a ticket to my New Year’s Eve party.

    It’s sold out but I built in some buffer for out of town guests…YaReally….Do I invite her? IF yes, how? If no….ok


    • “YaReally….Do I invite her? IF yes, how?”

      …are you SERIOUSLY asking this? Come on man lol

      You shouldn’t even be going to these parties or letting her come to them and seeing her as it IS. But I get the impression these parties are a social obligation so I don’t harp on that.

      The less she sees of you, the faster she gives up, the sooner you can let her come back. The more she sees you the longer it takes her to give up because she still gets a walawala fix (any news is good news) and thinks there’s still a chance, so the longer it is before you can let her come back.

      So no, no New Years.

      Also you should consider the possibility that you get off on drama lol like that you actually love this whole dramatic Dawson’s Creek love story you guys have going on. That’s not an insult or judgement, lots of people like drama (naturals often love the emotional rollercoasters which is part of why they treat girls shitty and secretly enjoy when girls are ms at them and fight and make-up sex etc). It’s just something you should be aware of for your own self-awareness because if you know you’re drawn to drama that can be something you need to take into consideration when you screen girls and establish relationships.

      Like I love dramatic outgoing obnoxious/bitchy feminine girls that other guys couldn’t handle and I get bored with shy quiet ones, but I don’t like actual drama that affects my day to day life. So I have to screen for certain types of girls and allow a certain amount of drama and develop an extremely strong “oak tree” frame so that their drama doesn’t affect me. Before I got into game I thought I wanted the shy quiet girls, but this is something I’ve learned about myself and what I respond to.

      So consider that you might be the type who secretly enjoys a little drama. That doesn’t change anything with this girl or the situation or how a Soft Next works, but it’s something to look back at your relationships and think about for your own sake 🙂


      • This whole thing would be over fast if you had a slightly crazy 18 year old chick with big boobs hanging on your arm. Bonus points if she is bi. Move on and quit torturing yourself.


      • @YaReally awesome. AnonYmous—yes. I think to put it into perspective on the outside, everything is normal. Inside I’m struggling. So i’m going to parties, meeting girls in different situations, practicing new things—“ellipsis game” is my contribution. But there’s this monkey on my back…. Normally I would be clear but this whole thing totally fucked with my head. Appreciate the support.


  14. She’s 34, and “accidentally” got pregnant by the bad boy at 32—i.e. as she panicked as her eggs were rotting.

    Yeah, right.


  15. Polly’s epic response “advice,” is a blabbery about how she needs to accept the nice guy. How likely is this when she has even said herself that she was attracted to abusive deuchebags?

    The response echos why game is so necessary in today’s (western) society. If that dude had just two ounces of game…hell, just a little mmsl, could be a different story for him.


    • @Keanu

      Yes. Polly’s advice is counter-intuitive to relationships:

      “”In my opinion, great relationships between smart, complicated people are only possible when total honesty is in the mix. You won’t accept this generous man in your life until you accept your own flaws enough to make them clear to him. You’re judgmental and fault-finding. So am I. But you value generosity and gentleness. And you’ll learn to tolerate neediness, even as it reminds you of yourself in ways that are uncomfortable.””

      Right….women want to be with guys who remind them of their worst side…

      Before I learned game…I would have bought this hook line and sinker: the “just hang in there” advice.

      This dick head is going to get dumped on his ass…and fast.

      As hard as it is for some of us to be dicks….it’s a skill we need to learn. Stop returning calls, stop being so available to bitches who don’t appreciate you, stop helping and for fuck’s sake stop being so understanding like a parent.

      As I’ve said above to the girl I was with who started acting out “I’m you’re lover not your brother….”

      This idea of “being taken care of” but then being totally turned off is one of THE BIGGEST LIES men have ever had to endure.

      Sure, just “take care of her”….she’ll love you more… NOT!


      • “Sure, just “take care of her”….she’ll love you more… NOT!” Now if you replace the words “take care” with “Rape!” she will love you more. Rape, it’s the new red pill.


      • This comment seems like a false-flag operation from a feminasty. Because for an alpha rape is always wrong, and pointless.

        A red-pill man has an abundance mindset because he has many options, and those options badly want him and his cock, and this means that he does not care about women who don’t want him, just forgets them and moves on to someone who wants to be taken by him.

        What women love from confident, handsome, uncaring assholes is not rape, it is raw, selfish sex. For women “consent” does not mean “not violent” it means “with chemistry”, and for most when the tingle is spiced with brutality, that’s the best.


      • The comment seems lest feminist and more like a joke, unless there’s a hidden message.

        Your mistake is deriving an ought from an is.
        Morality may or may not play a role in the psychology of an alpha male. It is irrelevant, not part of the defining characteristic of alpha: dominance is the issue.
        I would speculate, given the commonality of rape fantasies among women today, and from what I know about male psychology, rape was a reoccuring theme in our deep past.
        With no other option, women evolved to like it.
        Culture suppresses the expression of the pleasure they derive, albeit the pleasure itself being on a spectrum obviously.


    • I hope CH does a follow-up fisking Polly’s response to Annoyed.

      It’s not clear that Polly’s dilemma is on par with Annoyed’s dilemma. The supposedly empathetic doubts Polly listed about her husband are superficial: an occasional speech twitch that seems unconscious on his part and a frenemy humble-brag about how her man dressed and cut his hair because (get this) “It’s criminal, almost, how you cover up your pretty looks”. Polly sounds like she was hypercritical about minor superficial details, which is a lesson in and of itself for betas, but was otherwise complimentary about her man’s character.

      Polly’s husband sounds like a hipster, and as Gavin McInnes shows, hipsterdom is a style. In character, hipsters can be red-pill, positive masculine, too.

      In contrast to Polly, Annoyed is repulsed by the core character of her nice guy. Not the same problem.


      • I gotta believe that the guy is pandering to her every want from what she says…when what he really needs is to skate right through this for what it is: a shit test.

        If he had a clear purpose in life (purpose before girl, the golden rule) he wouldn’t have the time to pander to her.

        But then again, who is psyched up to wife up a 34 year old with a young baby? Loser betas who don’t have a clear purpose in life, and thus seek to make the girl their purpose. Classic dream girl syndrome.


      • Agreed. I’ve been that guy. As Robard said upthread, Annoyed could be a troll just because her letter hit the markers of the red-pill conversion narrative so neatly. It’s like she used a Manosphere checklist to write her outline.

        What this guy needs to do is read M3’s blog and go MGTOW for a while to center himself.


      • Never marry the girl you love.
        It will not end well.
        If you must marry, marry the girl you can live without and tolerate her presence.
        She will apreciate it.
        Women love out of their league, men simply tolerate.


      • Insightfully said, Keanu.


  16. Read the comment section:

    Best: “Moral of the story: Bad pants = Dealbreaker.”

    Chicks with major issues manufacture things they don’t like about any guy who displays any sort of serious interest in them.

    The “bad pants”….right.


    • Important to note is the chick’s reasoning for leaving a nice guy bf.

      1) “I need time to find myself”
      2) “The spark isn’t there”
      3) “I want to focus on my life right now and have so many things going on”
      4) “Maybe we can be in a relationship again in the future”

      If you have heard any of these as a reason for a breakup, then it’s 100% that she lost attraction to you. She either cannot articulate it or she can but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.


      • “I have a lot going on right now.” Would be another one. Women always will make time for tingles.


      • oh lol you had that one hahahaha


      • Lol precisely.

        Conversely, its cool to hear how a chick will rationalize your good qualities to her friends that don’t like you because you don’t treat her “good” as society demands it.


      • Polly re her husband’s bad pants and haircut: “It’s criminal, almost, how you cover up your pretty looks”. Polly had doubts about marrying him but was also attracted to him. The hamster is a magical creature that can spin the wheel in more than one direction at the same time.


      • The million dollar question is why chicks think crazy mate guarding behavior is sexy, but at the same time, they believe that beta neediness is unsexy. They’re both just forms of insecurity/neediness.


      • Not when kids are in the picture. Then mate-guarding is protective to the kids.

        Women are flawed in that such protective behavior does not turn them on often enough. It is often seen as beta, does not produce tingles, etc.

        But then I guess the man is supposed to go away and score some other pussy. The black community way is really the most aligned with human primal impulses, hence the need for aggressive eugenics programs to cut down the black population. We can learn from them.

        Black guys have a lot to teach us and a tough role in life. Look at the women they are supposed to be attracted to. Imagine a strapping Trayvon Martin trying to impress corpulent Rachel Jeantel — why!? Because she was better than some of his other choices among black females.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 4:19 pm haunted trilobite

        Yeah, but I suppose that’s some element of an emotional roller-coaster or drama that they can latch onto. “Oh he’s such a brute, I can’t take him anywhere” to their BFFs, as they bask in being the centre of their little hen group’s attention.


      • I actually think I found my answer in young journeyman’s FR —
        “‘Me : If my expectations aren’t clear enough then I’ll spit it right out.

        Me : My expectation was to atleast get to know each other before we made any decisions. But if you don’t think you’re in the right state of mind for this then it’s ok.’”

        Look, if you’re going to try and control a girl — you gotta do that shit hardcore. They will buck like crazy and you will have to fight to get them under your thumb to your satisfaction. So, a beta feels these impulses, but he fails to follow through….and the girl resents him for it even more.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 4:14 pm Hugh G. Rection

        It’s not you, it’s me.


      • “Wait a minute! You’re giving ME the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ routine?!!! I invented ‘it’s not you, it’s me’! If it’s anything in this relationship, it’s not YOU… it’s ME!”

        “All right, it’s you.”


      • Even when you ape a good line you leave out the best part.


        Goddamn, son…get it together.


  17. So she “got rid” of the father of her child, but I’d bet he still writes a Child-support check every month.


  18. She is seeking his kindness and meekness as weakness. He needs to beat the living sh** out of someone in front of her.


  19. Women HATE HATE HATE beta males
    How do you fix that?
    Be violent!
    Slap up some hoes, do shit that scares them
    Figuratively (or maybe literally) shit in their mouths
    Beat up some dudes too, if you think you can win
    Learn to enjoy violence and you’re own your way to getting shittons of pussy!


  20. Over under on Polly cheating on her beta male husband?


  21. EVIL women hate and seek to exploit kind men. EVIL men hate and seek to exploit kind men. This is more a general character issue. This isn’t a socioeconomic or education issue, it is purely character. A gorgeous and sincerely god fearing 16 year old Mormon virgin is not going to be chasing after sleave tattoos. All corrupt, spoiled, bored and vile suburban 16 year olds do chase after sleave tattoos and otherwise highly inappropriate men. We are too afraid to discuss good vs. evil or sin vs. virtue (because we are far too clinical to do that). They aren’t evil, they are “psychopaths” or “narcissists.” Evil women LOVE evil men and a great many bored and entitled modern women are evil.


  22. It seems that there are two kinds of id-driven women: ones who stay in love with their asshole alpha, and ones who only keep them around long enough to extract their fux (sperm).


  23. “He lives 1400 miles away from me…” Chick is a beta male herself?


  24. I’m a 34-year-old single mother of a beautiful, sweet, and healthy three-year-old boy. I never imagined having kids, but accidentally became pregnant three months into a destructive relationship. I kept the child and eventually got rid of the man

    These are the least attractive sentences I’ve ever seen committed to print.

    My scrotum has retracted so forcefully that it resembles the hard outer surface of a turtle shell.

    Sex addicts should be forced to read this paragraph as a surefire way to kill all arousal.

    I’m giving 3:1 odds that the ‘child’ is a mulatto.


  25. Yes! CH posted that article.

    There’s something else to note. The advice columnist who responded to this letter shared her own story of being disgusted by beta. And then wove a fascinating fantasy tale which casts the blame for this disgust on the alpha men who abused her in the past.


    • on December 14, 2013 at 11:46 am North Vinlander

      This is why women shouldn’t be let out of the kitchen. They wouldn’t mind anyway. They’ll fall madly in love with whoever keeps them in the kitchen.


      • I’ve often wondered if Stockholm Syndrome is more pronounced in women than men. I’m betting it wholeheartedly is, but that scientists refuse to record the data on it for fear of Pissing Off The Left who control their tenure, grants, and other university niceties.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm North Vinlander

        In the context of a man capturing and controlling a woman, there’s a whole extra sexual element introduced to it.

        Though it wouldn’t surprise me if women were more prone to Stockholm syndrome even when captured by women.


      • Women are programmed to be group oriented; whatever the group is doing will be what she wants (men are too, but to a distinctive lesser extent). So if the group is led by a lesbian who demands lesbian sex, then, by golly, she’ll acquiesce to it, even if it disgusts her.


      • on December 14, 2013 at 12:22 pm North Vinlander

        What if the group demands that the women have sex with beta males who cry and say “I’m so sorry! This is my first time! Am I doing this right? I need your approval! I’m a feminist, by the way!”? See how conformist women are then!


      • Then they will –no matter how disgusted they are. This is why slut shaming and social enforcement of morality works wonders—women will commit to beta marriages and remain virginal/faithful if the group adds the pressure adequately–though they may become miserable.

        The church’s morality–combined with supernatural damnation–made for excellent, functioning social dynamics when done right.

        It is not for nothing, however, that Freud entitled his book “Civilization and its Discontents.” Civilization requires sacrifice, and that sacrifice is often unpleasant and never-ending. For men and and women. And for women, that is being faithful and obedient to a beta male.


      • I’m pretty sure that has already been proven to be so. In any event, it is merely a syndrome named after the normal female socialization process in a relationship.


      • Most women I’ve known are best kept as far away from kitchens as possible.


      • Lol yep. Gen X women made a point of refusing to learn how to cook. They are useless.


  26. Also want to add that if more guys were actually “men of God,” then we’d be way better off. They’d be traditional, strong patriarchs. What we have today is the mega church man of God, because the golden rule of the mega church is the “Golden Rule.” We don’t want to scare anyone off right?

    It seems to me like it comes from the attitude in the modern church that to get people to convert to Christianity, you have to appear “nice” (weak) and entirely welcoming of everything. After all, how could we dare judge people for anything?! Hence the beta tendency to accept all sorts of foul behavior from women. Reality is that Christianity (and betas) would be winning over converts (babes) if they balled up and took the moral high-ground (became assertive and non-apologetically masculine) .


    • Anyone — within the church or without — who reduces Christianity to “Do unto others” as the controlling rule of the faith is an enemy of Christ and his bride. That statement is a philosophical premise designed to generally guide one’s behavior. It is not a dogma, nor is it meant to substitute for thinking, which is, the reasonable application of the premise made under good faith.

      The “Golden Rule” (dread term) savors more of an eastern-mystical koan to be meditated upon than anything that could properly be called a “rule.” Most pagan religions of the rising sun have some version of it. Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31 are how the idea was translated into the Christian soteriological narrative.

      The real controlling commandments are two:

      The first is, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

      The second is this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no other commandment greater than these.

      — Mark 12:30-31

      To be a Christian means to be able to inculcate those directives into one’s daily life, and to do so takes great care. It is no wonder that outside critics will confuse “do unto others” with “love your neighbor” and “judge not” because they are not immersed in an environment where it matters getting the subtleties right. They are only interested in destroying the church with any weapon available, even if they contradict each other.

      So confusion abounds, and erstwhile allies find themselves parroting leftist attack lines, like CH does above in his ignorant Frankfurt School disparagement of “Men of God” as cringing pussies rather than his crusading ancestors who constructed this civilization upon the backwaters, effected their will over the face of the planet, and conquered all comers for the better part of a millennia, down to this very day. Charles Martel, Don John of Austria, and Charles V were “niceguys” in his estimation.

      The “niceguy” infestation of American worship is 100% a factor of feminist infiltration, just as the downfall of other venerable institutions like politics, military, and the entertainment culture is the result of succumbing to the alien agent. There is nothing inherent in Christianity that invites safe harbor to feminism (and therefore niceguyism), any more than there is anything inherent to warrior culture that would have women join the ranks of the infantry (or join at all).

      In fact, it is only by the preservation of the last remnants of those institutions’ bias for manliness that we will see our civilization through this comprehensive cultural corruption. Presidents and politicians, generals and grunts, CEO’s and middle-managers, bishops and priests must once again become men-only domains. And here at our cultural nadir, the church is one of the last places officially keeping the male prerogative alive.



    • on December 14, 2013 at 3:41 pm Theodore Logan

      Anything short of an apocalyptic social collapse won’t change anything. Lots of razing buildings to the ground and murder and wait for it… Rape!


  27. “I’m a 34-year-old single mother of a beautiful, sweet, and healthy three-year-old boy.”


    “I never imagined having kids, but accidentally became pregnant three months into a destructive relationship.’

    “You see, healthy decisions are not my forte.”

    Why is this woman still talking…get a muzzle!!!!


    • I always wonder if the left actually realizes that they themselves are the best argument one can make in favor of abortion; this is why abortion may never solidly banned; once you ban it, the number of leftists increase exponentially and demand baby killing on demand for their worthless fuckitry, and people who hate them comply, knowing it will cause them to disappear; but once they disappear, people forget their negative effects, and start believing all humanity is good, and ban abortion.

      Its a vicious cycle.


      • Leftists don’t have kids. The men would just wrap their rascals two times and the women will take so much birth control they’ll grow facial hair.


      • Some do have them, but mostly to molest sexually and to turn them into mindless little drones.


      • The reason why this 34 yr old slut is not attracted to the beta male who wants to be with her is because she knows he is incapable of getting a 17 year old virgin and probably has a pc opinion that it would be bad to even try. The slut didn’t say but he’s probably an Obama fan or a Santorum fan. If he had his own opinions she would have mentioned that as good or bad in her description, so it’s clear that his POV was politically correct enough to be considered a “non factor” in the way he made her skin crawl.

        Related to this, a popular video blogger, Stefan Molyneux, who is normally a libertarian anti-nanny-state and anti-feminist guy, clearly hasn’t been reading the manosphere. He just posted this idiotic video rant against Paul Walker because he feels the “corruption of the elitists” allowed him to date 16 year olds in California.

        Molyneux would have a point if he had just made the point that the Hollywood elitists want two separate justice systems, one for themselves and another for the common man, but Molyneux expresses the feminist point of view that it’s supposedly really bad for a 33 year old alpha to nail someone when she’s at her most attractive. He believes Walker belonged in jail, despite being otherwise a libertarian hero on the vlogosphere.

        It was good to see most of his fans disagree with him in the comments. Some even pointed out that studies have shown that someone age 16.8 is what men of all ages tend to prefer in bed.

        But nobody has mentioned the word feminism in the comments nor anything about “alpha” males. It needs some more informed comments. Not enough Evo Psych being talked about.

        This Daily Mail comment section has a lot of bitter old women thumbing up comments that say Walker deserved to die because he was dating younger women:


      • The smart leftoids don’t, but the dumb ones do. Hence the warp-speed dysgenics among the leftoid (and black) population. Anybody else notice how much stupider leftoids have gotten since the 1960s?


      • Jewish women are absolutely hellbent on keeping abortion.They dont want to face their 30’s in a boring job and their jew doctor bf turns on his heels and departs when he spies the angry mullatto child


      • That may be sure. However, I’ve more and more come to believe that secular lefty Jews side with blacks because they don’t like white gentiles , so they push interracial marriage (which Jews will seldom do, except the dreg-hippies of the bunch) and side with blacks over white gentiles on issues.

        Jews don’t fear blacks ever being an overall threat, though they do recognize the random violent attacks. The big fear are white gentiles, who not only have pretty good success but have built nations that could over come them.


  28. I never imagined having kids either…but one time somebody pushed me from behind and my dick landed in a vagina over and over again. Weirdest thing.


  29. she’s looking for the type of nigga that offed adrian petersons kid


  30. on December 14, 2013 at 12:39 pm the latent sadist

    Anybody heard of the 6 year old boy who got suspended for “sexually harassing” a girl he had a crush on at school? I actually cant think of a more cruel thing than to totally fuck up a boy at that age with guilt regarding girls and his desires.

    I was 5 or 6 and during recess i made three girls show me their pussies. A teacher caught me with one of the girls, and i was so terrified of what was going to happen with my parents. Fortunately the teacher didnt say anything…but i’ve wondered at times if this young incident has tampered with my natural aggressiveness. Honestly if i ever see my child (theoretical child), or any other children doing this, i will smile and fuckin go about my business.


  31. on December 14, 2013 at 12:44 pm Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.


  32. It’s hard NOT to become a misogynist reading that. But I keep this in mind: a gentleman who acts like gentleman will eventually find a lady who acts like a lady. A groomsman hitting on tipsy chicks at a wedding will find trash like this.

    There ARE still ladies out there. I married one. But what a rate breed anymore.


  33. I’ve been dating a chick for a while now but I want to keep my flirt game sharp, so I spar with random women, online and in ‘meat world,’ (as GE says) to avoid decay.

    I’ll share this exchange with a chick from POF. I’d say she’s a 6.5-7. I’ll send CH the link to her profile and he can confirm or deny if he wants.


    Me: You have a cyber crush on me. (No response)

    Me: Surrender your number. (~24 hours later)

    Her: I won’t lie your profile cracks me up

    Me: *taking a bow* So, tell me more about yourself: your dreams, your ambitions, your aspirations, your telephone number.

    Her: Lol you’re a little out of my age bracket. I did the whole date someone with a double digit age gap. Didn’t end too well

    Me: gay

    Her: Yup. Not sure I want to go down that road again.

    Me: . . .


    Me: Perhaps you view yourself as a little girl, I don’t. Now, I like your look, but beauty is WAY too common in Miami. You seem like you might have character. (h/t: #7)

    I’ll give you five words to explain why I should consider you for an interview.

    Her: You need to do the convincing. (I stopped responding)

    Her: You read my profile, I’ve made my case there. (I’ll probably respond to this Sunday night.)


    For the record, I have no interest in actually fucking this girl — I mean I do, but I won’t — because I don’t want to cheat to my current girlfriend.


    • on December 14, 2013 at 1:42 pm the latent sadist

      Its alot of over the top alpha posturing. This is common. Things like this become much more clear when you understand what leads to failure in this situation. She is framing you as the one pursuing her, and while the “gay” and the ellipses don’t play into her frame, they dont exactly reframe either. ALot of what should be said becomes clear when you realize that that the name of the game is avoiding her frames, and reframing in a way that benefits you. In short, ignoring her attempts to qualify you, and instead qualifying her. The more subtle, the better.

      “Her: Lol you’re a little out of my age bracket. I did the whole date someone with a double digit age gap. Didn’t end too well”

      **you: ‘Let me guess he died during sex.”

      “her hahahah noooo blah blah blah”

      She liked your response and she’s just putting up a bit of resistance. A chance for you to get her tingles going, by reframing, and showing control over the conversation.

      Plus when the “gay” fell flat you started saying that she might have character and all that. My opinion is that you’re using the right alpha spirit but you just havent grasped when and how to use it. This took me awhile to understand. Realize that pretty much every girl even down to the fugs will, by default, position themselves as the ones judging your worth. If you let them do so, you become invisible to them. Time to fight back. In the sense that you stop being willing to play along, and instead you shake off their self righteousness and start fucking with her sense of entitlement. Its like clockwork, the way they respond positively.

      Its most effective when you can really smoothly hijack the frame, and slither into the role of her being just a silly girl you’re schooling.


      • Realize that pretty much every girl even down to the fugs will, by default, position themselves as the ones judging your worth. If you let them do so, you become invisible to them. Time to fight back. In the sense that you stop being willing to play along, and instead you shake off their self righteousness and start fucking with her sense of entitlement. Its like clockwork, the way they respond positively.”
        “She is framing you as the one pursuing her, and while the “gay” and the ellipses don’t play into her frame, they dont exactly reframe either. ALot of what should be said becomes clear when you realize that that the name of the game is avoiding her frames, and reframing in a way that benefits you. In short, ignoring her attempts to qualify you, and instead qualifying her. The more subtle, the better.”

        Read it over and over and over and over until it sinks in, lurkers.


    • Your profile cracks me up…

      I have a big glue dispenser… heh


      • “Let me guess he died during sex”


        The “gay” worked, her response is the evidence, so I wouldn’t say it fell flat. “Gay” almost always triggers a variety of hamster algorithms. As long as she’s responding, it can potentially lead to sex, which, under normal circumstances, is the goal.

        Good points on the re-frame.


    • you motherfuckers are gonna turn ellipses and “gay” into the next “i was having an argument with my friend and want a girls opinion”, stop overgaming


    • For the record, I have no interest in actually fucking this girl — I mean I do, but I won’t…

      Tao of Steve precept #1, executed as well as the POF platform allows. Be desireless.

      Before RSD came along to make this ancient wisdom so much more Canadian-funky hipster kewl:

      So much harder to do on a medium designed to aggrandize an already grandiose female ego, reinforce women’s social strengths, and eliminate men’s. But, as you said, good exercise nonetheless, like morning push-ups.




    • on December 14, 2013 at 4:46 pm haunted trilobite

      response: “Don’t worry, I’ve dated the whole someone with a double-digit notch count. Not my cup of tea”


    • @Pluvilophile.

      Interesting, I had a similar exchange with a girl online. She keeps insisting I send her my photos like it’s a job interview.

      Here’s mine.

      Me: Spank your ass

      Her: is that is your kinky preference?

      Me: I have several…

      Her: send me over the list. (+ your face photos) 😉

      Me: I’m a man you”re a woman….. Rough not painful …. Still curious ?

      Her: oh, yes I am.

      Me: Besides your lips what part of your body do you most like kissed ?

      Her: before we go on, I need your face photos first.

      Her: then you will get my answer.

      Me: Answer the question

      Her: i’d love to answer. you know what you should do. 🙂

      Me: I’m a man… You’re woman… You want to experience that intensity of pleasure just short of pain … answer ….

      Her: let’s be honest. are you doing this to any woman? you contacted me because you saw my pics. send me your face pics.

      Her: fyi, i am very interested in hopping on the journey.

      me: what’s your whatsapp and name, I’ll add you…photos there. we can take it from there. you look interesting but I do have additional criteria if we go further…

      Girl is refusing to give me her contact details…I’m having a blast with this.

      Pull from this whatever you guys think works and dump whatever you think doesn’t.


    • Get out of miami


  34. “He is so gentle—the gentle man I always thought I wanted, because underneath it all I’m gentle, too”

    WRONG. Underneath it all she is not gentle too, she is the female equivalent of the bad boys she dated. Human mating is assortative. The human pollution will seek each other out.


    • “I’m gentle, too”

      I took that to mean she’s submissive, but submissive women want dominant men, not submissive men.


  35. Sasquatch feminist moans about the “last acceptable prejudice”: men preferring women shorter than them (and of course, women have been brainwashed by PATRIARCHY to prefer men taller than them)


    • She doesn’t seem so bad, she says she is tall but dates shorter men.

      But “the last acceptable prejudice”? Any prejudice is acceptable in dating. It’s not like the EEO laws where you have to prove you interviewed a certain number of minorities etc. Whatever you like, that you can get.


  36. on December 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm Young Journeyman

    What does a woman mean when she’s 19 y/o and says her 5-year long relationship just ended and “she’s not ready to date yet”, “she’s sick of guys, she’s allright all on her own” etc?

    Is it possible that a 19 y/o girl be so ‘widowed’ by an alpha that she doesn’t want to date for two months or is she just really selective in guys and I didn’t make the cut?

    Full [long] story : met her once in university about 1.5 months ago, she seemed interested. Since i haven’t seen her in person since , I added her on facebook about a week ago and started chatting. She ignored my initial simple ‘hey’, punished her two days later and had a medium length chat after she appologized. Had another one two days later, I was more sexual and playful ; at the end i said we should meet in the weekend. She said we’ll “talk more and see” ( this was thursday) . On Friday I send her a time and place message ( saturday, 7pm ) then didn’t get on facebook until sat. 6pm.

    I was pretty sure she’d turn me down but I didn’t see any other choice. So 2 hours before we should’ve met i see her message saying “… sorry I’m busy … i said maybe we’d meet … advice from her to ‘change my strategy’ cuz girls don’t like it when they’re being bossed around [ i giggled ]”

    Next this convo happened ( translated ) :

    Me : it’s ok now, i just found out I’ll have a lot of stuff to do this weekend ( which is true ) but we’re gonna have a problem in the future if this happens again.

    Her : ‘what, why?’

    Me : you’re just refusing out of principle, not because you’re busy

    Her : I refuse because I don’t know your intentions, why do you want to go out?

    Me : Of course, I’m sorry I’m giving myself away but in reality i’m a serial killer, you got me.

    Her: yea yea :)) . Seriously now..

    Me : seriously, would one joke about this sort of stuff?

    – now i’m not sure if she just left the convo or is typing a long ass message, fucking facebook bugs –

    Me : I don’t know what you’re imagining, i just thought you’re pretty and you made a good impression on me.

    Her [ long ass message, damn.. should’ve waited one more god damn minute.. ] : I get it, you’re avoiding the subject but i’m a more direct person : we can meet as friends, we can talk about university or whatever you want but if you want more, you’re losing your time… i just got out of a 5 year relationship.

    Her : The last thing i want now is to meet guys, no way. I’me super ok as I am [ alone , lol ]

    Me : You should send me the summary. [ in retrospect although this seems like an alpha line i think it’s a punishment to her long texting.. which i shouldn’t have done since she SHOULD type out entire novels.. ]

    Me : I’m tired of new friends and I call bullshit, not on the 5 year relationship but the fact that you’re sick and tired of guys.

    Her : I don’t understand . I have guy friends , i grew up with guy friends and i believe in friendships between guys and girls [ this really got me laughing ]

    Me : i’m sorry for them lol

    Her : why?

    Me : this debate is useless, i don’t tell you what to believe in

    Her : ok

    Me : If my expectations aren’t clear enough then I’ll spit it right out.

    Me : My expectation was to atleast get to know each other before we made any decisions. But if you don’t think you’re in the right state of mind for this then it’s ok.

    Her : No offence but I’m not really in the mood right now … you seem like an ok guy .. but i don’t think you would’ve been my type .. you’re too pragmatic .. reserved and a little cold … atleast that’s the impression you gave me … i’m the total opposite , i’m a dreamer , playful and childish .. i don’t think we would’ve made a great match. [ her punctuation, was similar earlier but i ommitted it ]

    [ maybe i should’ve said something along the lines of ‘ever heard the saying the opposites attract?’ ]

    Me : The point of meeting up is to get to know each other. There’s no fun in describing my every thought on facebook. In general you can’t form good impressions about someone personality out of 2 facebook chats . And this isn’t an exception, you’re impression is not aligned with reality , i’m saying this to help you in the future.

    [ well.. fuck me that was pretty bad ]

    Her : maybe :))

    Her : maybe we’ll go out after the holidays … when i’ll be better psychologically… i don’t want to go out with anybody until i don’t sort myself out… it wouldn’t be fair .. to forget someone through someone else … i hope you understand!!

    Me : it’s ok, i hope someone’s helping you through it.. that you’re not just helping yourself

    Her : i’m trying alone at the moment, i have my friends beside me.

    Her : You can join my ‘gang’ if you want :))

    Me : :))

    Her : Out of all those boys [friendzoned] you don’t trust any one of them to let them help you?

    Her: It’s not about.. i told you what i told them

    Her : it’s not fair … i think that if we hurt someone it comes back tenfold.. i’d be disrespectful to someone if i tried to be with him just to forget the other one.

    Her : Until i don’t consider i’m ready to invest feelings into someone else … until i don’t feel something, until i don’t fall in love… i prefer to be alone

    Her : And yes, i know everybody’s saying that I don’t give anyone a chance .. that i chase off all of them and i don’t have enough patience to get to know them

    Me : Who’d you hurt?

    Her : That guy.. who’d help me forget

    Me : The problem with solving problems all on your own at your age is that you don’t have a clear picture of a lot of things.

    Me : I’m not saying you should solve your problems with a guy but atleast get help from someone in your family with great life experience.

    [spoken like a true priest, damn these things are painful to analyz.. ]

    Her : Yes I have X , my bff

    Her : I’m mostly over it.. i’m not crying or suffering anymore … it’s been a month and a half … the critical part is over

    Her : I talked to the guy, we remained friends… i got over the part when it was painful to talk to him etc etc

    Her : But i just don’t know.. i want more time to pass

    Me : Depending on what type of guy you find, you’ll find that he doesn’t do it from the goodness of his heart but for his own benefit.

    Me : Not everyone is emotionally instable .. it’s not as easy to hurt someone as you might think

    Me : Relationships should be beneficial for both sides, regardless of the type of relationship. [ now i’m just saying gibberish ]

    Her : yea.. they should

    Her : ok, we’ll talk later , i gotta go cause i’m sleeping at my [ supposedly female ] cousin.

    Me : bye

    Her : bye



    I thought it went better than that.. honestly.. i was too high with adrenaline and feeling too good navigating the conversation having learned a little game . I even thought i applied some principles. Well I guess I’ll do a lot more of these as they seem helpful even if i’m writing them only for myself.

    It seems obvious now that I should’ve just cut the conversation off when she said we should meet after the holidays.

    But did I do good enough? As in is it possible to hook up with her after all this ? If yes, do I have an uphill battle and should just forget the lead or am I on even ground with say, a ‘stranger’?

    I’m asking because my opinion is obviously biased and i of course believe not all is yet lost. For now I’ll wait for her to init convos.. if she doesn’t for about two weeks I’ll reinit altough i feel if she doesn’t init after that time i should just forget about it.

    Also, do you get the feeling she has a fuckbuddy on the side and I’m just being pushed aside for something better? Please keep in mind that I’m from a somewhat traditional EE country and for anyone who’s read roosh’s reports on those.. one night stands are VERY hard to come by here. From what we’ve talked so far she seems to be from a very good family so outright sluttiness is a low probability.

    If she’s 19 and been in a relationship for 5 years that means she started at 14, at that age girls usually date 16-17 y/o guys so that makes him now about my age, possibly a little older. I’m guessing they split up because she moved to a university city and he didn’t want a LDR which puts him on the alpha side, her being hurt means he ended it.


    • on December 14, 2013 at 1:59 pm Flashing Lights

      I’ll be honest man but I didn’t read your whole transcription of events… just the start and the end paragraphs

      Keep in mind this- pay attention to what the girl does, not what she says.

      Especially girls from traditional/”good” families or cultures. She probably did date this guy for 5 years because that’s what was expected of “being boyfriend and girlfriend.”

      He may have been alpha, he may have not.

      He may have been so sickeningly beta that she IS done with guys.

      Or he may have been so sickeningly alpha that she couldn’t deal with him hitting on/banging/being chased by other women.

      If you steadily apply game principles, you will get the bang/relationship even if she SAYS that’s not what she wants. I got a 2 year sexual relationship with a girl in college who told me the same thing the first night I met her- “I just got out of a relationship and I’m done with those for a while.”

      Have demonstrable social value, have solid inner game, apply game principles to interactions with her (flirting, teasing, escalating physical contact, venue hopping, etc) and you can get her.


    • I think you sounded butthurt at the beginning, OK neutral at the end. The end probably helped erase the butthurt feeling (your suspicion there’s someone else came thru) at the beginning, and she didn’t def. say goodbye. Priestlike may be OK atm given her state of mind, but don’t get sucked into helping mode now or later, you see that.

      She may just not think much of herself right now, I’m no expert at this but I guess I’d wait like she says, it will seem a long time to her. Then ask for something neutral like coffee. If she asks why, just say you only wanted to have coffee. Don’t clarify, and if she demands clarification, politely say goodbye. She’ll wonder where she went wrong and probably do the coffee date.

      I have no advice on how to handle the coffee date, probably the usual attraction stuff but others would be far more clever about it.


    • on December 14, 2013 at 3:01 pm Young Journeyman

      Well that was a little long. Next time i’ll try to summarize convos but since i’m a newbie i’m afraid of losing subtle but significant details.

      I don’t think I was that butthurt at the begining or atleast she didn’t seem to perceive it so, based on her response.

      I appreciate the feedback.

      I’ve thought of something, if a girl ever asks me to LJBF I’ll say “sure. (small pause) . Got any single friends?” or some variation that involves her hooking me up with one of her friends.


      • Here’s the main issue — you are getting sucked into her reality and her bullshit. You are arguing on her terms — ‘you are refusing out of principle, I think it’s BS to be friends.’ Lol, that just makes her fight you harder.

        HOWEVER, I’m a big believer in “the attitude” conquering all. If you watch ‘alphas’ with their girls, you can see some serious mate guarding behavior, some serious drama, etc. The girls love it though, because the guy is just expressing how he feels without regard to how anyone else feels.

        So, just because you’re calling her on her shit doesn’t kill you — this can be sexy to chix. HOWEVER —>

        ‘Me : If my expectations aren’t clear enough then I’ll spit it right out.

        Me : My expectation was to atleast get to know each other before we made any decisions. But if you don’t think you’re in the right state of mind for this then it’s ok.’

        Lol if you’re going to present this frame of ‘we’re gonna fuck and that’s that,’ don’t be a bitch. If you’re a bitch in this specific situ, you will wreck urself. You should have followed it up with something like —

        me: come over and hang out, we’re young and i kno you want a good time

        She probably would have pushed back, but the ball would have been moved up to the 5 yard line. You would have had cajones. ‘get to know each other?’ Lol….laaaaaame. Either shit or get off the pot if you’re gonna go for this ‘IM A STRAIGHT SHOOTER’ style.

        And then you start talking about her past? Lol, naaaaaah. Big red flag is if a girl talks about her past with you before you’ve been fucking for a few months and she’s trying to extract commitment. Girls do not want to think about past tingles in the presence of present tingles. This just puts you in the position of emotional tampon.

        Go after what you want more aggressively. Do you REALLY want to sit there and talk about her stupid bullshit that has nothing to do with you? I thought not. So don’t do it. Always be working toward what you want to get from her.


      • Pretty on point overall, but let me call out something specific:

        No offence but I’m not really in the mood right now … you seem like an ok guy .. but i don’t think you would’ve been my type .. you’re too pragmatic .. reserved and a little cold … atleast that’s the impression you gave me … i’m the total opposite , i’m a dreamer , playful and childish .. i don’t think we would’ve made a great match.

        This was your “2nd lease on life”, I could have spun this statement alone into a major victory. I would have spun her out on this emotionally by agreeing and amplifying.

        “You are right, I am those things, but maybe instead of judging me so fast, when we meet next I will tell you WHY I’m those things, it is a story that will blow your mind.”

        You’ve now generated interest in the story. It can be true, or false, it matters not. You can tell her about how your Dad tried to kill you, how your last girlfriend swallowed a bottle of pills, what the fuck ever. You now have a potential hook.

        Or you could do the same thing but with the opposite spin of agree & amplify. Which is that yes, I maintain a cold exterior but when we meet next I will show a dreamer you cannot imagine in ways you have never encountered. Again, you better damn sight -deliver- the goods if you roll this angle.


    • Hey man, I do not have the time, energy, or experience to break that down completely so I’ll focus on one theme that can hopefully help.

      It seems like you are trying to “convince” this girl to change her mind about you. But that violates one of the PUA rules “Change her mood, not her mind.” You can’t logically coerce this girl into being attracted to you.

      “you’re just refusing out of principle, not because you’re busy”

      “The point of meeting up is to get to know each other. There’s no fun in describing my every thought on facebook. In general you can’t form good impressions about someone personality out of 2 facebook chats .”

      “Me : My expectation was to atleast get to know each other before we made any decisions. But if you don’t think you’re in the right state of mind for this then it’s ok.”

      See the pattern here? You’re trying to sway her with this kind of stuff but it’s not working.

      How do we usually see the attraction go down?

      1) Guy runs great game, has pre-selection, demonstrates value, playfully teases the girl, passes her shit-test, reframes the interaction in his favor, escalates, etc

      2) Guy convinces the girl to be with him

      So one thing to remember and I will quote Scray :

      “The strongest frame wins, but the strongest frame never wins by arguing. Whenever she resists, you need to plow without her knowing you’re plowing. Be like water. She shuts you down when you’re funny but you get on her good side by being a little vulnerable, and when she catches on to that, surprise surprise, who’s pre-selected, and so on and so on until her panties accidentally fell off.

      So if she tries to slow you up or pick you apart or be difficult — never fall into the frame of “you are equal to me and therefore I will engage you like I would engage an equal.” Nah, you aren’t going to argue with her. You’ll just talk about something different, because who gives a shit. ”

      Thanks for posting that exchange and putting yourself out there. Do not expect this to click overnight but keep learning and trying as you’re not quite there yet. I don’t say this in a condescending way, I’m not quite there yet either but your exchange resonated with me as I’ve been there.

      And done that.


      • @immoral


        “you’re just refusing out of principle, not because you’re busy”

        “The point of meeting up is to get to know each other. There’s no fun in describing my every thought on facebook. In general you can’t form good impressions about someone personality out of 2 facebook chats .”

        I don’t think you need to explain why you would meet up.

        I’ve done this and then realized….uh oh…

        Girls know what they want very early and let you know.

        I don’t see a lot of IOI’s in that chat.

        What I do see is a girl who likes attention.

        In this case, walk away. Seriously. There is a point in every interaction where you can walk away.

        You can always reframe the above passage as “I’m a guy, I state my intentions” but that’s only in your own head.

        In future read some of the posts on text game and pull it back a bit.

        There are some great patterns you can run that work for me EVERY time.


      • on December 15, 2013 at 1:23 am Young Journeyman

        Thanks guys, I much appreciate it.

        If you happen to see my posts in the future please just give me the straight dope. I know I’m bad and most of you here are better than me so I don’t care if you sound condecending or what not. I just want to get good. As long as I can work off your feedback you can give me any shit you like 😀


      • Back to your original tl;dr post:

        What does a woman mean when she’s 19 y/o and says her 5-year long relationship just ended and “she’s not ready to date yet”, “she’s sick of guys, she’s allright all on her own” etc?

        Didn’t need to read much beyond that, because it’s very straightforward. When a chick says she’s not ready to date yet, what she means is, she’s not ready to date YOU.

        That’s it.

        You can bet your left nut that if the right kind of jerkboy asshole showed up, she’d drop her drawers in a heartbeat. And he wouldn’t need to ‘date’ her first to fuck her either. If you’re hearing that speech, you’re simply not that guy. Yet.

        Just NEXT her and pursue other options. Preferably several other options, simultaneously.

        I could go on, but that’s all you need to know about this one.


  37. Polly is probably giving all this advice for her to “show up” and genuinely open up to this man, because she sees that his SMV is already above hers and the difference will only grow, she’s GOT to get this guy locked in.

    The guy should run the same calculation and will get the same result, but with a minus sign in front. And then he should run, away.


  38. It has been said that in the old days, in Russia and elsewhere, the folk tradition was that a man was expected, upon marriage, to beat his wife, one time.

    He was not supposed to enjoy it, as might a demented sadist, but he was expected to do it.

    And then she always knew.


  39. This woman clearly makes the case against herself and most all other women. This is why women were not allowed ‘rights’ nor were taken seriously as adults in saner eras. When such eras return, after women such as this destroy civilization, then ‘right’s will be permanently removed and women shall be legally minors.

    God have mercy upon this whore’s poor little son.


  40. What can anyone say to this? One can only read and learn. I echo what others have said – this needs to be learned young. Alas the young men have been feed lies their whole lives.


  41. This type of stuff doesn’t really sink in until you witness it or experienced first hand.

    Case in point, I knew a couple (let’s just say they were very close to me, as one was related to me). They had been married for 15 years. The man did everything to raise their social economical standing from near poverty to mid-middle class. He did just that through hard work and dedication. They both seemed to be in love and for quite some time (atleast it seemed to me, I was very young at the time). Years pass and they had three children together. We see them at family gatherings and they look to be very much in love with each other but as we know here, in these parts, looks can be very deceving. Especially on the woman’s part. Anyway, fast forward some years and the man grows suspicious about his woman’s love for him. She acts distant in general and starts to come home later than usual. The man then purchases a voice recorder and places it underneath her truck’s dashboard.

    what was revealed later, shocked him so much, he went on a deep depression for about a week before confronting the matter. I’ve heard the tapes, and a women’s id is really the most unfiltered, debased, and crass piece of shit known to man… but eh, back to the story.

    He confronts her about this and she doesn’t deny it. He asked how long, and she says, “I’ve been seeing him for 2 years now.” He doesn’t puss out at this level and begs for forgiveness but does something so evil, I won’t even bother to post it here. A man can only take so much before revealing his id too, I suppose.

    She leaves him alone with their three children, but for him, he still feels somethings not right. So he gets a paternity test on his three children and he comes to find out his youngest child, his 10 year old one, is not his.

    He was cuckolded for 10 years.

    Let that sink in.

    10 years.

    He banished the child from his two others and now the bastard child lives with her. You can only imagine the damage this causes to the other siblings but the bitch doesn’t really care. At her very core, her id is the only thing that matters. Damn be all.

    I still see both of them from time to time and while the man has tried to raise himself, he can’t. He’s too old now. He’s invested well over half his life into a traitor and for what? Nothing. He’s nearing 60 and the other thing that keeps him alive is his two legitimate children. As for the woman? She’s currently with some man who pulled the exact same thing to his own family, just to be with her. They’re currently broke but it doesn’t matter to her.

    I believe heartiste here said it himself. Something along the lines of, ” when the love is gone, it’s almost as if a woman doesn’t even know you…”

    Well, she’s in love with her badboy and knowing that she’s nearing poverty doesn’t matter to her.

    That’s enough #realtalk for the day.


  42. I’m currently de-betaizing after gorging on some redpill and can confirm this.

    Have a relationship full of fight with my wife. So saturday before a week told wifey to STFU after some shit I didn’t like. Have been giving her the cold treatment for the week. She’s been becoming more and more sweet but I aver it’s only trying to manipulate me, so more cold treatment.

    Today she came with some “you’ve changed” blah-blah.
    Me WTF.
    She (angry) “I want divorce!”
    Me “Ok”
    She looks at incredulous, goes to bathroom to do some boo-hoo-hoo.
    After 15 minutes she comes back and sez a sniffling sorry and since then sweetness.


    • Bravo. I love that incredulous look as much as the teary-eyed one. You need to fuck her senseless now.


    • If true, high five.


    • I hear ya. 15+ years into my marriage with kids and the fight’s still there. Wife has no emotional control. Good luck riding the tiger, and well done in this instance.


    • Yes. My now ex gf would be awesome then have a mood swing I’d tell her off and she’d break up just like that . I’d say ok and a week later she’d be sweet and banging me again. Then she amped it up and broke up 2 days before a massive event with overseas gueSts I had created and she helped plan. To add more drama she said she would t come. I told her she was an immature princess. Sure enough after ending things in this cruel immature way she starts trial texting asking if we are still taking a class I’d arranged together. Told her I had to make other arrangements. Here’s where it all back fried on her. I ignored and stayed focused she didn’t come. The sense of entitlement was there but she was shocked I could walk away. It’s been tough but I leArned a lot. Girls with princess and entitlement can’t believe that after they break up you walk away. So while their nice guy exas pine Away for them a dick like me who ignores her and flirts with other girls on her prescience is a source of anger. Think of it. If girl breaks up with A guy shouldn’t she be happy? Relived? Bit angry? My advice is that now that you have asserted yourself be prepared for the worst. Women hate having the script flipped on them. The woman in the original article is classic. She hates her. Bf for having bad pants, but if he dumped her or she dumped him and he said ok she’s go mental .


    • Cold shoulder for a week? That is lame. Sounds to me like you don’t know how to have an argument. You should just state your view, listen to her view, look at the evidence and what can and can’t be done. Be calm and in control of yourself without getting upset or acting cold. That is to say, act like an intelligent and mature person. If she then acts out you don’t respond to that by acting out yourself.


  43. on December 14, 2013 at 3:44 pm haunted trilobite

    “He is far less experienced than I am in the bedroom, and yet I do not know how to let him know what I like, because he is not keeping up with me in that department.” – Ruined by hardcore sex with a more dominant man. A great advertisement for only considering virgins for marriage.

    “I don’t have the financial resources to pursue hobbies or interests, and this man offers stability.” – Unsurprisingly, extremely lazy, unimaginative and materialistic.

    As is typical of women who’ve become accustomed to their aggressive and overpowering experiences on the modern cock carousel, you can tell this lady has little in the way of the attention to detail, and ability for self-introspection, needed to really fix her life. She does deserve some credit for at least recognising her problem, and asking for help.

    Women’s need for a dominant man (not every single woman need that obviously) is similar to the craving a junkie has for drugs. They want to be passive and allow an external influence to flood through their reality, taking them on an exciting ride full of emotional peaks and troughs, so they don’t have the opportunity to face the horror of their responsibilities and their own lonely, existence.


  44. The problem the mainstream has with this info is that it demolishes egalitarianism. Harsh realities that many don’t want to face – but it’s reality!


  45. Another classic in this genre:

    “Anonymous Mom: I’m Tired Of Feeling Grateful To My Husband For Marrying A Single Mom”


  46. “Most women aren’t capable of this sort of self-reflection, and with good reason;”

    Esther Vilar is one such individual. The Manipulated Man will be mandatory reading by any future progeny.


  47. This has nothing to do with whether he’s “nice”, and this certainly doesn’t serve as license not to be a good person. Rather, she’s dissatisfied because:

    1) He sucks in bed

    2) He isn’t assertive enough

    The solution? Learn how to please women and actually hold your own in a conversation. You can do this while still remaining a gentleman.


    • Totally this. Altho I think 1) depends a lot on 2) in many ways.


    • Yes you can do it while being a gentleman. Indeed I think you are more of a gentleman as a leader, at least in the traditional sense of a gentleman as a title of respect, a description of a property owner, etc.

      But to me at least, it requires a less nice frame of mind. The outcome may be described by others as “nice”, for me it usually is I guess, but that’s not my goal. I stop thinking so much about what she wants and more about what’s proper overall.


    • Agree with this. The woman in the story says he follows her around and paws at her. That is some sleazy, strange guy she has found. She wants a man who acts like a man, not like a bastard or a weirdo.

      The reason we use the “nice guy” label in a sarcastic way is that it is what women say when they turn down a guy in a polite way: “You are such a nice guy, I’m sure you’ll find someone.” And some guys then like to think that the only problem with them is being nice, because that way they don’t have to address their actual problems. But it doesn’t mean that being nice is something bad. Women don’t have a problem with nice, they have a problem with boring.


  48. “And the reflex serves the same underlying reproductive purpose in both sexes: to avoid contamination of the egg with inferior sperm, and to avoid fertilizing and investing resources in inferior eggs.”

    Pure gold. Yet a man is a “chauvanistic asshole” for this disgust reflex while a woman is “wise or prudent” for it.


    • To some asshole women maybe. I’ve found most women supportive when I dumped women who didn’t suit me for one reason or another. Even the sister of one chick I dumped. Dumped with politeness and consideration, but there was no give in my decision, and the sister understood and appreciated that I had done it as a gentleman.

      Looking back I guess I got social proof from it. That wasn’t my goal of course, I just wanted to do it properly.

      Just stop reading the feminist crap and stop dating feminist chicks. Stop caring what unnamed “they’s” you don’t even meet say on the MSM etc.


    • Funnily, I went to a coffee shop last Friday with a girl, and I told her about the basics regarding male and female differences: how men are turned on quicker by the visual (as science has proven) because that helps spreading genes, while women hold back and use romance (in its classical form: flowers, chocolate, playing the guitar under the balcony) as a test of a man’s commitment, because she needs to find the best possible man who will also stay and care for the offspring.

      And I went on about what men look for in a woman’s body and vice versa, explaining it by showing how these are signs of health and fertility: the hip-to-waist ratio, long and lush hair, smooth skin, firm breasts, etc.

      And it worked! She was fascinated by it all. She had heard something in that direction, but never had it spelled out clearly.

      I am going to send her some links to scientific studies. Always fun to spread knowledge. All of this should be taught in high school in mandatory Evolutionary Psychology Class.


  49. When not pushing white nationalism, Heartiste makes his anti-semetic jibes about how Jews are overly concerned about Israel (unlike, say, German Americans not being concerned about Germany). I am not sure if he sees the contradiction.

    Last time I checked, hundreds of millions of Polish, French, Swiss, Dutch and Danes don’t spent their days whacking off to genocidal fantasies of wiping out their neighbor, Germany.

    Cultural Marxism was developed by a Sardinian (Gramsci). The ideas are an extension of liberal protestantism gone amok. The most famous 19th century Jews were conservatives Disraeli and Judah Benjamin.

    Hitler was the one who thought it would be hilarious to kick out the Frankfurt School and dump them on Columbia University, where they quickly intellectually dominated the Ivies. The only Jews he didn’t kill. This was his revenge for our intervention in WWI.


  50. I’ve known many alcoholics, in particular, who maintained harems (in as well as out of rehab). They make shitty wingmen though.


  51. […] savagely funny writers alive today. Virtually every post contains proofs of this thesis, such as the one that just appeared in my […]


  52. This guy needs to watch Blue Valentine with his eyes pried open Clockwork Orange Style.


  53. Somewhat off topic, but not completely:

    How long until a man can be accused of “sexual harrassment” for NOT paying enough attention to one girl.

    You could see the fatties demanding that they get equal time from men. So, if a guys is chatting up a slim, attractive girl, he is “harrassing” the fat one because of her butthurt feelings.


  54. “I love him, but I’m not sure why I’m so uncontrollably moody around him, and why he has turned me off.”

    There is a way out of this, but I doubt this guy could pull it off. This gal sounds like a classic spanko – she’s begging to have a man pick her up, throw her over his knee, forcibly pull her pants down and redden her ass with a mix of pain yielding to pleasure. The most important part is that she must have no idea it is coming, and he must not have asked her permission first. Obviously, there is a problem with this behavior not being congruent with his personality, but it can still be done.


  55. […] Horror is a woman’s secret id revealed. Unenlightened men recoil, and even the women who allow the full expression of their deepest feelings are revolted by the specter of their own fallen desire.  […]


  56. I had a look at Polly Esther’s response and gave up after a paragraph or two – lost the will to live, actually, drowning in a sea of irrelevant verbiage. As usual therefore one must assume women are incapable of giving cogent advice on anything related to feeeeeeeeelings.

    Obviously this 34 year old unwed wall-banger with the illegitimate child (surely deliberately and wilfully conceived) and taste for anal (surely that is what she is referring to when she says he is unadventurous in bed or perhaps being slapped around and told that she is a dirty cock-sucking whore is what she likes) was as the sister of the Bride on for romance as all women are at weddings. I wonder if the child was there too? Being one of the grooms vouches for you, such that had she met the guy in a club or bar she would have never even have noticed him.

    It is I feel a bit much blaming the guy for being patient and loving with the child – those are surely qualities that all men have – perhaps she realises that if she and the dude moved in with her the child would no longer be her trophy child alone. It also suggest that contrary to her assertion that the child is beautiful sweet and healthy (strange thing to add, healthy) that he is in fact very difficult to handle what with having an awful mother.

    She talks as if the relationship is over as she refers to the visits – five of them – as being in the past. Would it perchance be that the guy has lost interest in her hence the agony letter to Polly Esther? Either way I trust the guy is ‘howling for the hills’ which given the 1400 mile gap should make distancing himself from that baby mamma not too difficult. He can afford the trips, she obviously cannot. Why I wonder was there no talk of her moving in his direction?

    It is also of course possible that the bad-boy father is anything but, and that as usual the restraining order was obtained on no evidence and against a blameless man who had been sucked in (were they married?) by a drama queen. That is all too common.


  57. I am also sensing that as she is 34 and as it was her sister’s wedding the sister is younger as would be her husband, and thus likewise the grooms friends. You then have a woman with illegitimate sprog in her mid-thirtieshurtling towards the wall and a younger guy who has probably not dated an unwed-mother before – but being younger he is perceived as cute and validates her feelings that yes she is still desirable. The child may well (from his point of view) be getting in the way of the love-making which will restrain his behaviour, but it is always hard to turn down free-pussy.

    This is essentially a holiday romance.


  58. […] Most women aren’t capable of this sort of self-reflection, and with good reason; if women had to g… […]


  59. Great movie for Game was “Blue Velvet”. Forget alcoholic game. Go all the way to total raving madness. .. Just kidding.
    The best short cut out of the pit of despair and hopeless beta-loserdom is, imho, to grasp how unable women really are to rewire their own hind-brains. Then we can see our way clear to spending zero effort trying to help them with it.


  60. The more I learn about human beings, the more I think that what planet Earth REALLY needs is an H-bomb type weapon to destroy all traces of humanity, leaving animal- and plant life intact.
    Yes, I am serious.


    • They already got one, its called “The White Man”

      oops, Im sorry; I’ll get my coat.


      • on December 15, 2013 at 1:42 pm Theodore Logan

        says the uppity uncle tom who lives in a white neighborhood. Damn negro.
        Shakin’ ma head.


      • on December 15, 2013 at 6:38 pm Black Man Zanus

        You tell em ma brotha


      • Typical n166er… one of you breaks wind, and the other sings praises as to the redolence.


      • Ever notice how Dresden, Berlin, and Nagasaki are going concerns these days, but Detroit and Camden are wrecks?

        Moral: If you want to destroy a city, drop nuclear bombs on it… but if you want to permanently [email protected] it up, fill it with negros.


      • edit the previous to “firebomb and/or drop nuclear bombs”


      • but if you want to permanently [email protected] it up, fill it with negros.

        But where would you get the negros?

        Oh I know; that WHITEMAN I mentioned will cut down all the trees to build boats, to go to Africa to drag NEGROS over here in chains;

        I ain’t thru!

        Rape the women and children

        work the men to death (just like you did the Red man)

        Make it a crime to teach them to read

        Split up families

        Support and encourage the production of bastard children

        Make mistreatment on the basis of color the law of the land….

        And you got the nerve to whine that ni66as is fucked up?

        Wait till you get a taste of your own medicine whiteman.

        Itz coming.


      • on December 18, 2013 at 9:34 pm Theodore Logan

        But where would you get the negros?
        It’s called White flight, Black follow.

        Oh I know; that WHITEMAN I mentioned will cut down all the trees to build boats, to go to Africa to drag NEGROS over here in chains;
        Your people sold other blacks to jews who took them to both north america and the caribbean.

        I ain’t thru!
        Negro please.

        Rape the women and children

        work the men to death (just like you did the Red man)
        Slavery does that. The institution was practiced by all races all over the world.

        Make it a crime to teach them to read
        Most negroes in their natural state and habitat can’t read anyway.
        You do realize your people have no written language of your own?

        Split up families
        Blacks have never really had a nuclear family ever. That’s why they never built any civilization in historical record. Look at the tribes in mainland Africa.

        Support and encourage the production of bastard children
        Your people are complicit in support of said action.

        Make mistreatment on the basis of color the law of the land….
        You saying your people don’t benefit from affirmative action?

        And you got the nerve to whine that ni66as is fucked up?
        Ain’t whinin’ negro, it’s a fact you conveniently ignore.


      • I thought “white man” was destroying all plants and animals with global warming?

        Now you say we “white men” are killing everything but plants and animals?

        So which is it?


    • Human beings…they are as foolish as they are brilliant.


    • on December 15, 2013 at 9:17 am haunted trilobite

      If you like, you can learn about human beings, and what the future holds for the human world, from the perspective of the Fa-rectification.


  61. Would it annoy you if your boss, who makes.more than you, always asked for your input?

    Woman is at Mans heel. And He has put enmity between us. This is the way it has been and always will be. This way and not some other. For this is what is taught in the


    BTW where has he been lately?


  62. Someone needs to find this “nice guy” and set him straight before we see one more man sucked into the femiMatrix.


  63. I’ve the dark triad almost mastered, I saw on the test that you would apreciate some answer to get more knowledge of dark triad daily use.

    I’m disponible if you want to do questions, I just want to advise that my english isn’t so good.


  64. “He is so gentle—the gentle man I always thought I wanted,”

    This is why, if you ask a woman “what she wants in a man” you get almost the exact opposite of what turns her on. Once you accept that you can completely discount everything a woman says about “what she wants” and instead look at what they are attracted to, you will be a lot happier, and have a MUCH better life. That is the key – do what you want.

    Heck, long ago I used to look at the things I had done to women and feel bad about it – I mean I wouldn’t do some of it to my dog. But my dog is loyal and will pay me back in kind, a woman will cheat on you without a second thought. That is the difference. Don’t blame her for it – it is the way that women are. But use it to your benefit, and enjoy life. Women are wonderful as long as you use them to make your life easier, and do NOT depend on them to ever be loyal, or trustworthy. It’s the nature of the beast.

    Just sent a sweet young thing home after being with me this weekend. Her boyfriend is visiting his mother who is sick. He’s a nice guy – I’m not. That is a choice you have to make for yourself. I made my choice long long ago….


  65. I recently took a girl out to dinner for the heck of it. We’ve been friends for a long while. She looked good.

    I may have given her a compliment or two, but most of the night was just funny chitter chatter. She also talked deeper about her sexual desires (aka ‘I like aloof bad guys’) but it wasn’t too revealing.

    I paid for our dinner in a non-caring way. Like I just felt like doing it.

    2 days later, she asked me if I’d like to go see the movie “Frozen” with her …

    … and my response being ” ………. ”

    What a friggin joke.

    The moral here is … don’t even pay for her on the first date. Otherwise a shit-test will most likely come about.


  66. The response merits a post, too: advice columnist’s husband laughed when she told him she was turned off by his bad pants. Being love is more workable if you don’t take her reservations about your being in love seriously.


    • Polly: “It’s criminal, almost, how you cover up your pretty looks”.

      Polly may have been on the fence about him, but she was basically attracted to her husband. It sounds like she was giving her husband a shit test. ‘Annoyed’ is not attracted to her LDR who she says “paws” at her.


      • agree 100%, highlights distinction between the two IMO. advice columnist thinks she understands what “annoyed” is experiencing, but she describes completely different behavior.


  67. […] women say they want nice guys, but they don’t really want them because nice guys do not dampen their panties like the alphas […]


  68. […] opportunities to to inside the female locker room and hear what they really liked – and didn’t like – about the men they were dating. This kind of stuff is the real empirical evidence as […]


  69. It is rather unfair to deduct the practices of good game by observing the losers of said game.

    Both the man and the woman are ill prepared for their relationship.

    The man seems to be a good person, but not a real man:
    He depends on the woman for making him feel like a man, which translates into neediness. Instead he should make himself feel like a man by having a mission in life and being outcome independant.
    Outcome independance implies that it would be best that the mission isn’t the woman or the family.

    The woman hit the wall, has her back against the wall and has squandered her youth and her chances, so she settled.

    English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.


    • Yes. Positive Masculinity. We have our differences in different corners of the Manosphere, but the unifying concept we all share is the emphasis on Positive Masculinity.


  70. Single mothers are almost always, with very very few exceptions, toxic people. Do not date them, nothing says desperate chump like dating a single mother.


    • Now hold on a minute… Hollywood told us that shoplifting the pootie was underhanded because single motherhood was (and I quote) “sacred”.

      Are you saying they lied?


      • If I did gamble on a single mom, she’d better look like Dorothy Boyd (ie, mid-20s Renee Zellweger) and act feminine like her.


  71. That was painful to read.


  72. This woman’s confessional essay is pure gold. Here’s the money-quote:

    “every little quiver, every timid step, every noise he makes while eating makes my skin crawl. He follows me around and paws at me. He is far less experienced than I am in the bedroom”

    This article should be cast into a bronze plaque and bolted to the side of the Capitol building and made required reading for every 13 year-old male.


  73. I wonder if it occurs to anyone that “nice guys” are just as complicit into bringing these bastard spawn into the world?


  74. There is a disease in men wherein they love Fat women.
    What is that equivalent in women where they sincerely love meek men in the same manner that diseased men love land whales?????


  75. Sweeping Generalization made from a narrow specific example.

    Damaged goods woman attracted to troubled men in order to avoid dealing with her own issues matched with a codependent man: recipe for disaster.

    Sure, men like this can grow a backbone. But to make such a generalization based on this specific example is poor logic. Confirmation bias.


  76. I’m not sure “man of God” quite equates to “gentle, compassionate niceguy.” The four guys I know with the hands-down best game, are bad-ass Catholic dudes. They are moral – their game was good before marriage, even, when a couple of them strayed a bit and tom-catted around – but they still use game to excellent effect with their wives. They are strong, no-nonsense, fellas who have their wives locked-down and let people know where they stand with them.

    I suppose there is a lot of “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” bs going around in some corners of Christendom, especially Evangelical Protestantism. But the real Jesus took a whip to some bozos ot the temple, walked open-eyed into a Crucifixion voluntarily, said that He came to cast fire on the earth and promised to come back drenched in blood to slaughter the wicked and burn the universe to a cinder. So, I think guys that really know their faith tend to understand that learning the virtue of humility – and even being willing to be treated scornfully by our enemies for certain reasons – doesn’t mean turning into a gigantic pussy all the time, nor giving your wife the impression that you don’t have an handle on her or on life.


  77. aging single moms face desperate choices.


  78. on December 17, 2013 at 6:40 am gunslingergregi

    my problem is on the fuck her good
    I always end up getting tired of fucking the same bitch no matter how much I love fucking them in beginning
    could be the holy grail of pussy it seems and I will still get tired of it
    and woman need fucked so yea
    its a real bitch
    I guess im just destined to always find new loves and have that sunshine time in the beginning and that is all
    but the love don’t seem to go away as much as the wanting to fuck their brains out does
    hard to come to terms with really


  79. Sent the link to a friend in her 30’s: “I think that’s me. But the girl is giving her good advise”.

    Me: can’t tell someone to be in love using logic. That chick is used to alpha (who dump her) and bored with beta. It lies in her and there’s no way she is changing because of someone telling her that.


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