Reformed Beta Of The Month

Le Chateau has highlighted great and gruesome stories of alphas and betas, but what about those beta males who transcend, through sheer force of will, the prison of their supplicating souls? More than a learning tool or a life lesson, these enlightened post-betas are inspirations. The 80% or so of men who qualify as beta males need a role model like them; someone who can show them the way. There is a better life if they would just take it, and the reformed beta is proof that you don’t have to be born an alpha to have the good things in life and experience the flush of power that the alpha male takes for granted.

My prudish husband has left me because I lied about my sex life

When I met my husband 40 years ago I knew he was ‘the one.’ He had firm opinions on sex before marriage (outdated even then) and was a virgin.

As I got to know him, it became clear that he’d never consider marrying somebody with ‘history.’ He thought sex special and wouldn’t want to imagine his wife having it with others.

But, by 22, I’d been having sex for four years. Madly in love and wanting him to marry me, I lied.

He was bound to realise I wasn’t a virgin, so I made up a story that I’d been in a long engagement, giving up my virginity under pressure only a month before my wedding day, then reluctantly had sex twice with my fiancé, who then dumped me, leaving me devastated and ashamed.

He was very understanding and proposed soon after. We married and moved to his home town — a relief, as I’d worried we might bump into a friend who might speak out of turn.

We had two children and a very happy and successful marriage. But a few weeks ago, an old friend contacted me over the internet, and I invited her round.

My husband left us to talk and went off to the garden. Inevitably we talked of the past.

After she left, I found my husband looking devastated. He said he’d gone into the conservatory to read and heard everything.

He said he felt utterly betrayed, as he had a right to expect honesty, but our entire marriage had been based on a fundamental lie.

I said we’d had a wonderful 40 years, so what could it matter what I did before I met him?

He moved in to the spare room and avoided me. A week later he moved to a bedsit and told me he wanted a divorce.

Nothing would change his mind. Our adult children have tried, but he is absolutely fixed.

Men who want to find a woman for a long-term relationship or marriage (a codified LTR) are put off by histories of a slutty past. The woman who has given herself freely to men before him proves that old GBFM aphorism that it makes no sense for a man to pay for the pussy that was handed over no strings attached to other men when it was younger, hotter, tighter. You don’t seriously invest in a rode hard and tossed away wet pussy; instead, you ride it harder and wear it out a little more, then look for fresher pussy that doesn’t need its 60,000 cockas maintenance as soon as you sign the dotted line.

My method may be glib, intended to inflict maximum emotional pain for make benefit of my personal amusement, but the foundation upon which the glibness rests is true. Men have evolved intricate mental algorithms that subconsciously push them to devalue women with extensive sexual histories as long-term partners. The reason for this is obivous: the slut is a bigger infidelity risk, and thus a bigger cuckolding risk, than the chaste woman. Science has proven this, in yet another example of the lab coat crowd catching up with conventional wisdom and common sense observation.

Therefore, when a long-loyal husband finds out his wife rode the cock carousel, even if discovered to have occurred in a prior life of hers, his respect for her drops a notch. His love for her shrinks three sizes. His honed beta ability and predilection to put her on a pedestal and adore her suffers a grievous diminishment. She has, in a word, become a less worthy woman in his eyes. And, likewise, in the eyes of all men, because men, like women, share universal preferences for certain types of mates.

So good for this reformed beta for walking away from his once-whore wife. In the big picture, the sin she committed may be small, but sometimes it takes horrible and swift retribution by a man to violently shake a woman, and women in her sphere of influence, from comfortable delusions and easy expectations regarding the self-imposition of controls on their behavior. All it takes is a relatively few betas to toss a stone cold rock in the world of women and the ripples will eddy and swirl through the masses. The beta male has suddenly become uncontrollable, unpredictable, untamable! This is the stuff of revolution, and it will set women on the path to happiness more powerfully than a million grrlpower tomes, feminist blogs or fat acceptance hugboxes.

The haters are apoplectic. Their splutter is the stuff of delicious slo-mo videos. “But but but,” they will protest, “I can be slutty and still land a man! Any man who leaves me because I’m a slut doesn’t deserve me!”

Deservin’s got nothin’ to do with it, honey. It’s biomechanical turtles all the way down.

But I’ll throw the haters a bone, here. Yes, it’s true that a slut, assuming she is sufficiently physically attractive, can cajole a man into a relationship. Men are, before all else, born slaves to a pretty female face, and it takes effort to break those chains forged of unalloyed pulchritude. Many men do indeed slavishly pursue sluts simply because those sluts are hot with perfect apple bottoms.

But “sufficiently attractive” is the key word. The higher value the man, the more beautiful the slut has to be to ensnare him in a relationship. High value men, aka alphas, have options in the mating market that beta males don’t; these men, when they aren’t just plowing through sluts for fun and penile profit, will generally balk at dating sluts in favor of settling down with more modest, and less sexually experienced, women.

There is, then, a tacit assumption that the sorts of men the feminist sluts are pulling aren’t exactly the top of the alpha male heap. They are likely beta males, maybe some of them greater omegas with cute undulating manboobs and receding chins, who are so desperate for sex and female love that they can readily suppress their distaste for sluts if it means having a girl on their arms.

Maxim #56: The more limited a person’s options in the sexual market, the laxer his or her mate standards.

(For those interested in the science behind this, I believe there is a study floating around internetland which purports to show that very beautiful women with extensive sexual histories don’t suffer too much of a hit to their marriage marketability, because the betas who marry them are quick to forgive their slutty ways. In short, very hot women are so intoxicating that many men will assume the higher risk of getting cuckolded by them for the chance to enjoy a few years of glorious, incomparably pleasurable sex.)

In stark contrast, have you ever seen what an alpha male does to plain-looking sluts? It isn’t pretty. To call it pump and dump would be a euphemism. Think more along the lines of “facelessly screw and scatter to the wind”.

These realities of the sexual market aren’t often instantly apprehensible. You can go a few years only subconsciously picking up cues that your behavior is hurting your mate value. But in the aggregate of many lifetimes, and over each lifetime, the god of biomechanics imposes his relentless, merciless, unavoidable will. And you will bend the knee to him, sooner or later. You have no choice.


  1. A few posts back a reader listed his default text responses to womens b.s. Girls hes banged. My favs were “hahahahha” and “my dick is a rocketship”. Do you think these would be good if you dont have hand, like responding to a flake/ignored text?

    [heartiste: yes. just don’t make the follow-up mistake by hoping and praying for her to reply to your aloof wit. you have to cultivate an attitude of disinterest.]


  2. We’re talking about a couple of 60 year olds here. Who gives a shit about alpha and beta and who has hand in the relationship? These are OLD PEOPLE.

    You’re a fucking lunatic dude. I think the election finally pushed you over the edge.

    [heartiste: beta and alpha are not ages, they are states of mind. think about it. then hie to your catatorium.]


    • on November 8, 2012 at 2:23 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Makes his point even more valid. If a 60 year old guy can show some balls, then so can a 30 year old.

      Besides, the 60 year old guy can just find a woman of 45 or 50. Good luck to his old hag wife.


      • This. Well-done.


      • We only have her side of the story too. If the guy found out that he was a consolation prize he should definately leave her. I hope he finds someone new, an ok looking late 40s year old might be within reach.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 3:02 pm Hugh G. Rection

        The 60 year olds balls are longer, so they show more easily.


      • There were undoubtedly other factors which pushed the guy to dump his wife, besides those outlined in the article. Said article, in case people haven’t noticed, tries to paint him as unreasonable. Maybe the four other guys she fucked did her anally, whereas she insisted to the husband that she hated butthexing.


      • More likely corvinus, is that he feels used because he spent 40 years thinking that he saved his wife from the devastating emotional effects of being rejected a month before her wedding by a guy who pumped and dumped her. He bends his principles to save her and becomes the object of a 40 year running joke.

        Can any posters imagine a reverse situation ?

        A woman marries a man thinking that he has saved her from a relationship with an abusive psycopath. 40 years later she discovers that he lied about the guy ?

        A woman is entranced by a man’s inherent masculinity (alpha maleness). 40 years later she discovers that he learnt this off the heartiste website ?

        suggestions ?


      • lol

        She wouldn’t mind, really.


      • Let the hooker suffer.
        But what about the children?


    • You’re either a whore or you’re not. Just as you’re either a virgin or not. And noone should (at least unknowingly) marry a whore.

      As others have said, chances are this guy will get to live out the rest of his life taken care of by a younger whore. And when we’re talking whores, pretty much all they have to offer, declines predictably with age.

      Now, one could only hope the guy also has the sense to recognize that noone should be forced to care for Ms. Lying-Whore, and vote/agitate/behave accordingly. And that, by the time a whore can no longer earn her keep the way whores do, she is, literally, utterly expendable. America’s future as a place worth bothering with, is dependent on that realization.


    • Age is also, to some extent, a state of mind. I plan to continue to not act my age for the foreseeable future.


  3. On some level, she must have known that her dirty secret would come out at some point. As you mention, the sin itself (4 years of sex) isn’t that crazy, but predicating 40 years of marriage on a lie is, especially to a man who valued sex so much. Unfortunately the fallout will probably be worse for him, even though he asked for the divorce.


  4. It’s biomechanical turtles all the way down.

    Tanquam ex ungue leonem.


  5. I agree with some of the tenets on this blog, but others can be grossly exaggerated at times, I suppose for humor’s sake.

    However, with this post, I’m a bit confused as to where “slut-shaming” lies among the PUA community. Most instructors seem to suggest a non-judgmental attitude about a woman’s promiscuity, especially before she has met you. How do your values align with that?


    • If you are just using the woman for penile pleasure…the past doesn’t matter.

      If you want to marry her…that’s a different story.


      • That sums it up succinctly… but the rub is, when one doesn’t really respect the “solely out for penile pleasure” brigade, one hears a caterwauling not unlike the screeching of harpies when one barbeques one of that camp’s sacred cows.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 7:57 am Ed the Department Head



    • Most instructors would still be left wing and pro feminist. The PUA sphere has only been trending to the right for the past five years.

      Not exaggerated post. I won’t get into an LTR with someone who isn’t extremely low count, preferably 0.


    • Slut shaming is the province of women. It used to be effectively used to corral the herd into chaste behavior. This raised the value of all women’s vaginas, and therefore helped women land higher quality men in aggregate.

      Men don’t slut shame. If we do anything like it, that is only a tactic to neg a girl to either land her or another nearby woman into bed.

      We don’t do it because once a woman IS a slut, her market value is already diminished below buying level to any man who still has both testicles intact (and in their proper place).


  6. If the dude read this 40 years ago…

    And looked at her objectively (i.e. not putting her on the pedestal)…he probably could have flushed out that information long before they got married.

    I’d also suggest men have an idea about what body language cues a person shows when lying. Women are not better liars than men…men just don’t pay attention.


  7. I wouldn’t call that particular sin “small,” not even with a qualifying “may be.” It might be small if she told him she’d have 2 partners instead of six, with the best of intentions dashed, and neglected to mention the half dozen blowjobs and other non- PIV encounters. But she took pains to create an elaborate cover story for a lie about something she knew was EXTREMELY important to him. Indeed it may have been his only disqualifying criterion. Such a sin can only be called “small” if his values and priorities are completely meaningless.


    • And I congratulate him for scorning her for what she is, as soon as he learned what she is – a former slut and a non-stop liar.


      • The liar part is sufficient. She knowingly fed a guy a ton of bullshit for forty years, and expects (as is quite clear from the letter), to suffer zero consequences as a result.


  8. I could feel myself boiling with rage when I read the column. Both the writer and the past slut wife prove the maxim of women being solipsistic, they are truly incapable of understanding how devastating such a lie could be to a man.

    It happened to my brother, and I’m taking all necessary precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen to me.


  9. God, that was a great story. And it is nice to see men who have principles regardless of elapsed time. Too many pussified men running around. This man is a victim & has my sympathies.


    Maxim #54: When a woman has incentive to lie, she will choose lying over honesty EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    I hope that he doesn’t allow her to talk him out of divorce


    • And of course, without fail, that bitch, Bel Mooney did not hesitate to spew feminist drivel all over her response.


    • The really funny thing is that I’m sure she wasn’t weeping and wailing with her friend over how ashamed she was of her past. It is certain they were relishing the “good times” and her friend was updating her with all the juicy hamster food needed to envision what her life would have been like if she hadn’t swallowed her slut-hood and tricked a man into marrying her.

      That had to burn as he over heard their giggling. Also, the fact that his children side with her show she successfully corrupted them with her, not his, moral values. So she was unfaithful to him in every possible way that counts, perhaps except for getting him killed.


      • True. She doesn’t seem to regret her actions, only that she was caught and punished (with him leaving her). Maybe this is the real reason he left.


  10. Such reaction to finding out about such fundamental, decades old lie is uncontrollable and coming from deep down inside a man. Myself, too, found out a few years ago that my wife of 23 years has been lying about being a virgin before becoming my girlfriend and ultimately my wife, and I have experienced a very significant drop in my love for her. I feel like it is not the me of today who was betrayed, but the young me who for years held her up in such high standing (pedestal?), and what a crime it was to lie to such a caring, wonderful man (beta?) that I was 20 yrs ago. Needless to say, I have changed, and boy do I handle my relationship with her, and other women different today.


    • How did you find out?
      What consequences did you make her suffer for it?

      Any advice to young guys so they don’t get hood/hyman-winked as well?


      • Advice?
        Yes: Take EVERYTHING you hear from ANY human female with an ocean tanker full of salt.
        Flip whatever she says upside down, turn it 180 and you MIGHT be somewhere on the outskirts of the truth.


  11. I thought women were supposed to be the ones who got frivolous divorces that endanger the mental sanity of our children/society?

    “Oh, mommy had sex with people before I existed, and my crazy evangelical daddy found out 40 years later. That’s why I don’t have a normal, happy family anymore.”

    [heartiste: i know you are a feminist troll, but i will humor you. first, i partly agree with you. it is borderline frivolous to leave a faithful wife after 40 years of marriage for a lie she concealed about her sexual past which occurred before she even got married. the point of the post is not the frivolity or seriousness of this man’s decision to leave the wife he thought was a more modest woman, but to reveal, in technicolor glory, how deadly serious men judge women’s sluttiness, and how biologically ingrained this cruel judgment happens to be. if women don’t want to risk losing their marriages to enraged, betrayed men, then they had better think twice before running riot in their premarital days with a battalion of cockas.]


    • on November 8, 2012 at 6:31 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

      “Oh, mommy had sex with people before I existed, and my crazy evangelical daddy found out 40 years later.”

      Who ever said this guy was an evangelical? I love when the “no-hate” dregs show they deep, all-encompassing hatred. Is delicious.


    • Realizing your entire marriage / life was based on a lie and divorcing yourself from the source of that lie is not frivolous, you thickheaded wench.


    • Nadia,

      Your post here shows that you don’t understand how much gravity men put on this subject. To women, it comes off as “Oh, mommy had sex with people before I existed…”. To men, it’s “You lied. You knowingly told a lie to get me to commit to you, and you kept that lie up for 40 years. This marriage was based on a falsehood and as such there is no reason to stay with you.” To women it’s one more lie, nothing to worry about. To men, it’s a betrayal of trust in the one relationship that is supposed to be built on honesty, caring, compassion and love.

      Be warned; every single man thinks this way. All of us. The ones who say differently are lying, both to you and to themselves.

      Also, I have to disagree with our host here. Namely, this isn’t a frivolous divorce. He married her under false pretenses that she orchestrated. He’s not leaving because he’s bored or because she threw a hissy-fit over a forgotten birthday, etc. He’s leaving because the marriage was a sham to begin with. She knowingly lied to him. That’s one of the worst sins she could have committed against him. Let her rot alone.


    • Looking at the scoreboard

      A man leaving a marriage for “frivolous” reasons….1
      A woman leaving a marriage for frivolous reasons…..3,443,456


  12. Yareally, his fanboys and the accompanying assortment of slut-forgiving manboobs all wept.

    [heartiste: yareally is a valuable contributor of game knowledge. as i’ve said before, encouraging sluttiness in women, or at least acting “nonjudgmental” of women’s unrestricted sexuality, is an excellent calculated pickup strategy that will win you more lays than it loses you. but that’s all it is: a strategy. it’s not a high-minded philosophy or a call to arms to save the world by allowing women free reign to indulge cock hopping. anyone who thinks it is has drunk the femcunt koolaid.]


    • “yareally is a valuable contributor of game knowledge”

      Sure he is. And I even got shit from other commenters because I called for a truce with him exactly because of his knowledge. But he took a big old dump on my mediation attempt, and we all know how much he likes it…

      The problem with yareally is that he’s too hung up on the femcunt expression “madonna-whore complex” and tries to convince us that all women are potential sluts (We agree) and that it doesn’t matter if they acted on that potential of sluttery or not (We disagree).


      • Do you think Ralph a couple comments above thought his wife was a Slutty Slutterson? No, he thought he found the unicorn.

        Except it doesn’t exist because once a woman realizes you have a Madonna/whore complex (and they spend most of their lives learning to sniff that out, your poker face isn’t good enough to hide it long-term) she’ll just lie, rewrite her history, make up her own truths, say she was raped, and any number of other hamster bullshit to make you think she’s the unicorn. And you won’t discover it till 60years later when you overhear her talking to her NON-JUDGEMENTAL friend. 🙂

        See the part you don’t get is that by not judging I can actually get her full sexual history out of her. Whether it bothers me or not is a personal choice, but the point is that she’ll tell me about the football team she blew while she tells you she lost her hymen horseback riding.

        But good luck with your strategy. I’m sure you will find the unicorn one day. She won’t be like all the OTHER girls. You don’t understand guys, this one’s SPECIAL. lol

        Swallow the red pill! It’s the only way.


      • YaReally is right on here. The only way to get a woman’s sexual history is to SHOW no judgement, not HAVE no judgement. Maxim 54 applies, if she thinks that you are at all long term relationship material, she’ll zip her lips even when she can’t zip her legs.

        Just hit on women, fuck who you want to fuck, and if you’re looking for a long term thing, listen closely, but keep your opinion to yourself. You never have to explain yourself to a woman, she’ll hamsterbate your opinions all by herself.


      • Of course and there’s no disagreement here.

        The problem is what will you do when you get the information?

        I am non-judgemental only when I’m around people, but those who are genuinely non-judgemental end up marrying whores.


      • Anon, if her past history sets a bad precedent, you find someone else when listening to her is not worth fucking her. If a non-judgemental guy marries a whore, and she was honest about being a whore, then it’s on him. But at least he knows before hand what to expect.

        Some men can only get a beautiful woman that is a whore, so that’s what they get. With genetic testing, at least they can find out if they won the lottery.

        The point with this reformed beta, is that he pressed the point before deciding to commit, so she lied. Don’t give her a reason to lie before you have enough information to make your decision.


      • @Anon

        “The problem is what will you do when you get the information?”

        Maybe you should be concerned with your own penis instead of what other men do with theirs?

        The PUA community accepts all types of goals, ultimately (though we warn against the silly ones like monogamous marriage). If you just want an LTR with a virgin, that’s cool, but we’re not going to bullshit you and pretend there’s a magical unicorn out there. We’re going to give you the reality of how women work so you can decide how logical or realistic waiting for your unicorn really is.

        Better truth and reality than sticking our heads in the sand refusing to open our eyes and look around and see what’s going on, which seems to be what you advocate. Better to live in the fantasy Matrix and enjoy your steak than live in the real world where the steak might not be perfect? Hey, that’s your choice. 😛

        Personally, I don’t really care about a girl’s history. But that’s me. Why are you so concerned with what I stick my dick in?


        “The point with this reformed beta, is that he pressed the point before deciding to commit, so she lied. Don’t give her a reason to lie before you have enough information to make your decision.”

        Yep. If he had been less judgemental she would’ve mentioned her actual number and he could say to himself “Hmm, well, I’m not really interested in that. Good to know!” and exited stage left.


      • “your poker face isn’t good enough to hide it long-term”

        It doesn’t take “long-term” to know about a woman’s past. And even if you find a virgin, you can never be sure. You can’t be sure about her past and you can never be sure about her current loyalty. It’s all an odds game. And I choose to maximize the odds.

        “See the part you don’t get is that by not judging I can actually get her full sexual history out of her.”

        No, I get it, and I think everyone gets it except you.
        Maybe I’m more sociopathic than average, maybe not. But I got many girls to open up. And I heard some horrific shit without flinching. Actually I don’t really care. A girl who admits lots of past dicks or cheating on her former bfs doesn’t bother me at all. It even adds more to the fun. I fucking love sluts.

        But since I don’t intend to play the field forever, I’m trying to be smart. And I concur with Ch that choosing a virgin (if I find one) for marriage is the safest bet possible. Especially when all the cards are stacked against you (divorce laws etc).


      • The fact that you would even be CONSIDERING getting married (not just having a family but actually getting legally tied to a woman) means you should probably do some more reading.

        Hey everyone, stabbing yourself in the eye is a bad idea. “That’s cool man, I get it, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to find that knife that doesn’t cut you when you stab it in your eye and then I’m going to willingly stab it in my eye. Wish me luck!!!!1111”

        lol good luck brah.


      • Like

      • lol Ya Really, your funny…gotta give you that.


      • “Hey everyone, stabbing yourself in the eye is a bad idea. “That’s cool man, I get it, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to find that knife that doesn’t cut you when you stab it in your eye and then I’m going to willingly stab it in my eye. Wish me luck!!!!1111″”

        Boom. For the Truth.


    • on November 8, 2012 at 2:23 pm The Man Who Was . . .

      It’s hard for men to hold two contradictory attitudes towards sluttiness at once, so PUA advice to just be non-judgmental is better if your only goal is getting laid.


    • Remember Yareally is not in the business of committment. If he was, he might feel different.

      But its important to note that being sexually non-judgmental about women in general and at the same time caring about your LTR’s N count are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

      I don’t judge any woman for wanting to suck 50 dicks. I’d judge her for wanting a diamond ring from me afterwards.


  13. When I posted this article a few threads ago, many beta commenters were revolted and called the guy in the article a beta.

    CH must engage in more slut-bashing. Even the regular readers still have a hard time becoming adamant about women’s sexual past.

    “very beautiful women with extensive sexual histories don’t suffer too much of a hit to their marriage marketability, because the betas who marry them are quick to forgive their slutty ways”

    The keyword here is BETA. Even a turbohot 10 with a shady past is just as desirable LTR-wise as a calcutta whore in my book.


    • What a fucking crybaby. Why do you (and some choice others) give so much of a shit about yareally? He doesn’t care about you or making a truce or sluttiness or being a traditionalist dinosaur curmudgeon. Why? Because that shit is BORING, bro. I’m trying to imagine what hanging out with guys like you and Eliot or whatever his name is and I can’t help but suspect that you wouldn’t be fun to even have a drink with. Life is not that serious. Please, God, loosen your tie up and have some fun before the ride ends.


      • Hey, I had fun once… the summer of ’84, if memory serves.


      • And for the record, nobody really gives a shit about yareally… except maybe you, to bring up this strange scolding of Anon and myself at this time and place.

        If you’d pay attention, you’d realize that people such as us call out bullshit when we see it, no matter who posts.


      • “He doesn’t care about you or making a truce”

        lol this. That’s what 12yo girls on Facebook do. Ohhhh no a truuuuce!! Mediation attempts!! Omg Greg and King A and the other guys who haven’t seen new pussy in 10+ years are high-fiving eachothers’ cocks because they think they’ve skewered me THUSLY with their pointed words and magnificent revealing of my cloaked bullshit! ZOUNDS!!!

        You get me. ❤ lol I'm just here to spread PUA knowledge and clear up misconceptions about the community and what we teach. Anon thinking there's some kind of war/truce is like the fat chick with pictures of Twilight on her wall with X's drawn through K-Stew, thinking her and R-Pat have a secret romance lol


      • In case you didn’t notice, I was talking about truce and mediation a little bit ironically.

        But please carry on, your frame is solid, bro.
        lol and shit.


      • lol you lost all credibility in my books … props to the your primary school comeback attempt failing your arms around imitating your opponent with the most slapstick of mockeries.


      • Omg Greg and King A and the other guys who haven’t seen new pussy in 10+ years are high-fiving eachothers’ cocks…

        You just can’t help yourself on that homoerotic stuff, can you?

        As far as “new pussy in 10+ years”, well… let’s just say there are those who TALK about pussy, and those for whom discretion is the better part of value.

        Granted, that whole ‘discretion’ concept is terra incognita on your South Park generation in general, and especially those who admit to defecation as sex-play in particular… nicht wahr, scatman?


      • Hell… better part of valor.


      • Sure, you’re right. I’m way more easy-going in real life. Otherwise I would never get laid.

        However, I don’t give a shit about hanging out with you or yareally.


      • I’m trying to imagine what hanging out with guys like you and Eliot or whatever his name is and I can’t help but suspect that you wouldn’t be fun to even have a drink with. Life is not that serious. Please, God, loosen your tie up and have some fun before the ride ends.

        You talk like a woman. A stupid woman at that.

        Who extrapolates an online commentary persona into a drinking buddy and then makes a judgment based on his fractionally informed, imaginary guesswork? Is this site a bar? Do they serve any good vodka here? Are you my friend? Did you think this was chit-chat over fruity rum drinks? Are we here to titillate each other with lols and :Ps?

        For the record, I do not “imagine … hanging out with guys like you.” You are a known quantity, and there aren’t many layers to your onion. I do not wonder what your drunk conversational skills are. I do not wonder about you at all, to coin a phrase. Nor can my checklist of respectable qualities be mistaken for an invite to a 14-year-old’s birthday party at the roller rink (LETZ BE FUN!!!!!).

        I express opinions and present arguments. I am not constantly obsessing about the shifting social value of everyone around me, like a vacuous and forlorn girl constantly refreshing her Facebook page.

        You little chirpers have no idea how much you expose of yourselves through your attempted confrontations. I know what the bravado conceals. And frankly, what you are trying to conceal is so common to your type that it is a bore to even passively notice, much less point it out to you. I’d rather you just stop leaking all over the place. Nobody cares.



      • “You little chirpers have no idea how much you expose of yourselves through your attempted confrontations. I know what the bravado conceals.”

        lol I love it.


      • The way you respond to challenge makes me think you have a very feminine core. I think you learned so well how to respond to women, to baffle them and seduce them that you forgot that shit does not fly with a rational person.

        Do you know how I gauge who’s feminine and who’s not? I ask myself a la Deida : “If I were to go to war tomorrow, who would I rather have my back, King A, or Yareally?”

        Young guys trying to find themselves should really ask themselves that question when they choose who to listen to.


      • Ok bro I forgive u


  14. In before the torrent of tales from beta-providers who got caught in the trap…

    This will be good.


  15. Men: Beware the woman who tells you you’re just being “insecure” because you have standards. There is nothing more secure than having standards and sticking to them, even – especially – if it means jettisoning an attractive but indiscriminate woman from your life.


  16. Her having slept with someone else prior to meeting him really doesn’t matter since we don’t know any of the relevant details other than the fact she wasn’t a virgin. The part that matters is that she lied about it and concocted a believable story which she planned to never reveal.

    We can’t really tell if she’s a slut, but she’s a deceitful cunt, that’s for sure.


  17. See former porn stars and who they end up with. I think Tito Ortiz is known to be mentally ill. I think the female fantasy was that season of Entourage where Vince falls for Sasha Grey.


  18. The simple fact of the matter is that there are no more good girls left.

    If she’s gone to college, she’s fucked around with at least 5 different men (those are the chaste ones).

    It makes no sense to get hung up over a woman’s past, but you’re definitely right about not marrying a slut.

    If I find myself trapped in America, the solution will be to have children but never get married. I can’t trust any woman who’s been education, and most likely a woman who hasn’t been through school comes from a fucked up family that has resulted in her being a skank as well.


    • Good Girls are the counter point to Nice Guys.
      Your numbers are off. I knew a virgin (not that I can confirm such things) and a chick who dated a pimp so it varies WIDELY. Judge people by their character traits not background or demographics.


  19. I wonder what exactly he overheard? These two old ladies were probably laughing and carrying on about all of the alpha cock they rode and how much fun they had. The husband evidently gathered from their conversation something that he couldn’t live with. We only hear the woman’s side of the story in this article. For those who think the guy is over reacting, I ask the question, is there nothing that you could find out about a spouse that would that would cause you to say you are through?


    • “is there nothing that you could find out about a spouse that would that would cause you to say you are through?”

      I’ve done things with girlfriends/fiances/wives of other men that would fucking TERRIFY the guy to learn that his sweet angle was capable of that. I keep in touch with some of them and they have zero problem lying to their guy about it (like the virgin I introduced to bondage who’s now-fiancé thinks he’s the first one to tie her up and that tying her hands to the bedpost is “risqué” lol), because all they fear is judgement.

      I say again, there is no difference between the Madonna and the whore’s potential sluttiness, how much they act on it depends on their environment. She’ll just lie about her past more depending on how judgemental you seem, and that only accounts for her PAST…

      cause even if you FOUND the unicorn, even if you defied all odds and legitimately GOT yourself a chaste unicorn, hedging your bets that your chaste unicorn will remain that way through your marriage is just silly. You would have to keep her away from every man better than you which, if you’ve beta’ed yourself up into promising monogamy and willingly given away your freedom and manhood, is pretty much any other guy out there.

      Literally all a guy like me has to do when we meet her is say “oh you’ve only been with one guy? That’s weird…most girls don’t even have good sex with their first guy. That’s other girls though, you probably don’t even wonder what another guy’s cock looks like lol I’m sure your guy is a Nice Dude who loves you and probably hasn’t been with any other girls either. Oh? He has? That’s weird, are you ever intimidated that he has more sexual experience than you? I wonder if he compares you to the other girls he’s had sex with.”

      Etc etc etc. easy by-the-books PUA tactics.


      • I’m getting into a space where it’s starting to feel hopeless. I recently started sarging, and my approach count is still low—a solid 30….but, as anyone can guess, the success rate thus far is zero. Rejection now feels like I have zero value to these people as a man, and while I’m thankful for the red pill…it still hits hard.

        Reading stories like the above just makes me more depressed. The impression is that unless you are alpha, either you will get completely shut out of the sexual marketplace or marry a lying slut. It’s also difficult to remain a non-misogynist, as more and more topics discussed on this blog are confirmed by experience—-mainly the zero-accountability, value-sucking existence women are allowed to live, even undesirable women.


      • lol jesus, 30. It’s waaaaay too soon for you to lose hope. That should be one weekend, if you’re just starting out.

        Remember: Rejection is only a rejection of your approach, not of you as a man. They don’t know you, they can’t tell how awesome you are based off the first 30 seconds if you aren’t presenting yourself properly…their rejection is completely not an assessment of your worth as a man. Once you learn to present yourself properly, you’ll get rejected less.

        It’s a long, long road. But worth it. 🙂

        “The impression is that unless you are alpha, either you will get completely shut out of the sexual marketplace or marry a lying slut.”

        More depressing would be NOT learning that information now, while you still have time to adapt to it, and instead learning it when you catch your wife banging your best friend the day before she files for divorce and takes your kids away.

        You’ve been presented with an amazing opportunity to take charge of your love-life and dominate the world around you instead of pinging off the universe reacting to the world around you like a pinball. It’s a tough road, it’ll take time, but it’ll teach you more about yourself than you can imagine and the payoff will be a life you can’t even imagine at this point.

        “It’s also difficult to remain a non-misogynist”

        This takes time and exposure to a lot of women, where you meet a lot of cool chicks who are just slaves to their nature. It’s like how the first time you meet a dog or a baby you’re like “fuck, shut up already” as it barks or cries constantly. But when it’s your own dog or baby or you spend enough time around them in general you’re like “shit that’s just what they DO, it’s cool. I wish they wouldn’t, but hey, they can’t help it, it’s their nature. I can love them despite that.”

        Hang in there. It gets better. 🙂 Type in “Tyler hard-case rsd” in YouTube for some vids that might help you forge mindsets that make the journey easier.


      • I guess it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the majority of what attracts women is out of one’s control, i.e. looks + height.


      • @ Scray: sadly, you are right on target.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 7:10 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        If you can deal with the fact that the female in front of you didn’t live in a freezer before she met you, you have a 50% chance of having a faithful, long-term relationship with her.

        I happen to be the owner of a vagina, and I’m here to tell you this: These things are rinse n’ re-use. The fact that somebody else got there before you only means something if you want it to. And if you do, hey, bully for you–it’s your life and these are your choices.


      • I happen to be the owner of a vagina, and I’m here to tell you this: These things are rinse n’ re-use.

        They’re actually not too bad… once you get past the used portion.


      • These things are rinse n’ re-use.

        White trash poetess. As alluring as a creaking, swaying single-wide.


      • “only means something if you want it to”

        Yes, of course! It’s obvious: as long as us betas stand obediently at the end of the line (the long, long line), the system works… for women and alphas, at least.

        “unless you are alpha, either you will get completely shut out of the sexual marketplace or marry a lying slut”

        Sadder and truer words were never spoken.


      • “I happen to be the owner of a vagina, and I’m here to tell you this: These things are rinse n’ re-use.”

        It’s not so much the value of your vagina…it’s the bonding chemical that keeps the past cocks in your brain that lower your value. It’s the strongest with the first one…and lessens as you stay on the the lotsa cocka highway.

        By number 15 what’s the difference anymore???


      • on November 9, 2012 at 10:23 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Not in my experience. Dumping the bad first boyfriend was very easy for me.


      • Oh silly me…I forgot if one woman has a bad boyfriend as her first time that throws the whole biology thing for all women out of the water.


      • I’ve done things with girlfriends/fiances/wives of other men that would fucking TERRIFY the guy to learn that his sweet angle [sic] was capable of that.

        Another chapter in the endless Unabomber manifesto titled, “All women are sluts.”

        You think you’re a bed-headed James Bond in skinny jeans and shoe-lifts, conquering a planet of sophisticated ladies, when you obviously have never met one. If and when you do, you will be as entranced and tongue-tied as one of the broken-legged fawns you target for game. Your wife secretly wants to give me blowjobs in the club shitter is so tiresome, absurd, repetitive, and fantastical, and here you think you can expand a slut bluff into an entire modus vivendi.

        At least listen to your master before you attempt stretching a condom-thin notion into a Macy’s Parade float of a life philosophy:

        that’s all it is: a strategy. it’s not a high-minded philosophy or a call to arms to save the world by allowing women free reign [sic] to indulge cock hopping.

        Do you realize — can you fathom — that men have always killed other men for touching their women, whether it be their wives, sisters, daughters, acquaintances, or just on general principle? Do you know that such men exist? Most important, are you aware that pliant women only respond to your aggressive pawing because their lives are devoid of real men, just as yours apparently is?

        You imagine yourself to be some grand rooster-rapist with the key to the hen house, when you are closer to an orderly who humps drugged and defenseless mental patients at night. It is easy to damage women, and damaged women are easy. There are scads of them around. Your sharpshooter prowess with fish in a barrel is amusing in a way, but it is not remarkable, and you are as dull as your “conquests.”

        Yours is a quantity strategy, not a quality one. Always “two in the kitty” in case you run into one who isn’t loose enough to fall for your oleaginous shtick. Because she’s a bitch anyway, amirite, brah?

        Let’s go have that drink. I’ll introduce you to some untouchable and unbelievable women who aren’t fazed by your low-grade David Blaine street magic and preposterous overestimation of yourself. Drink’s on me if you get them to do more than blink. They’re not “unicorns.” They’re just girls who grew up intact who know men better than you.



      • lol ya I’ve heard the “I know you have your little “game” thing but that wouldn’t work on a REAL woman like Janice at my office” thing from blue-pill guys before.

        Attraction is attraction. You are literally convinced that there is a secret magic unicorn subset of women who’s fudamental biology is different from other women. It would be like me saying “oh some babies just don’t eat food. They have no system of hunger in their bodies. I know a bunch of them!” Of course you do lol


      • Slow clap.


  20. I’m not even sure that guy was beta. He could have just really wanted a family. Sounds like he had clear standards, went for what he wanted, and got it (or so he thought). If he hadn’t been lied to, he’d have made out with exactly what he wanted.


  21. I don’t understand how this makes him a “reformed” beta. If he’s reformed, he would not have been shocked by his wife’s past – she would have fallen off the pedestal long before. In any case, as previous comments have noted, I don’t see what he gains from a divorce. If he truly understood the wickedness of the human heart, he would not be one bit surprised and would have decided before this revelation whether he would stay with her.

    [heartiste: i used the term “reformed” because a man who has unwittingly married a woman with a sordid sexual history is likely a beta male who didn’t have enough boudoir experience with women to be able to identify those crucial slut tells. granted, this is an assumption based on interpolation, so it is possible this guy was actually a very religious alpha who believed in his principled stand against premarital sex.]


  22. “You’ve told him how sorry you are, explained that your lie stemmed from love and that those others meant nothing to you.”

    That made me laugh reading that. It was saying her love and marriage was based on a lie. Then saying her virginity means nothing.


  23. I have always hated that word ‘outdated’. What does it mean? ‘Not trendy’? Who cares if it isn’t trendy?

    Believe it or not, this guy has it a lot better than many guys marrying today. He found out his wife slept with a couple of guys before him; many guys marrying today will find their wives has slept with a couple dozen guys before them. The guys of tomorrow will have it worse still: they won’t even know if their wives were actually born women.


    • The guys of tomorrow will have it worse still: they won’t even know if their wives were actually born women.

      Heh, heh… Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are already making this one of their ongoing freak fest subjects.


  24. For sticking by his principles, for not letting forty years of lies shadow his mind, let’s applaud this man.

    Sleep well! Nothing remains to save once trust is lost. The dam of deceit has been removed, and its acrid waters rush over the land—destroying, yet cleansing. After the deluge, only clarity ends the suppuration. Never tolerate betrayal; betrayers get men crucified.


  25. Called it.


  26. Learn from this guy’s mistake, fellas. Only marry the girl if you are the one who broke her cherry. No exceptions. No excuses. Fuck her sap stories. Fuck her imperative. Do not sign your life away for a used pussy.


    • Yes. Do this.

      Then in a few years after the magic has died down I’ll run into her on a girls’ night out.

      “Oh wow you’ve only been with one guy? That’s really impressive, most girls have to sleep with a few guys before they figure out what they really like in be. You’re so lucky that the first guy you slept with is perfect in bed. Oh? It’s not perfect? Well I’m sure he’s trying, I mean you guys have role played right? No? Well he lets you have toys doesn’t he? Oh he’s jealous of those? Huh…I don’t know, I mean personally I think we should all explore our sexual sides before we commit to someone so that we know that person is the right one for us. I don’t mean you and I, I’m totally not the kind of guy you’d want to sleep with…you saw those other girls that i was kissing, I’m not the commitment type and you’d never hear from me again after tonight, even your friends wouldn’t know about us playing around you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a big secret like that.”

      And then I fuck her. And she never tells you. And you continue to think your Madonna isn’t like “those whores” while I show the naked pics she sent me to my buddies.


      • You are assuming that I can’t satisfy a girl’s hypergamic impulse. Perhaps you are confusing me with one of the MRA betas who frequent this site.


      • That could happen to any beta, whether his wife is a slut or not.
        Most of us are on this blog to learn LTR game.

        LTR game alone is a good start but the combination of LTR game + virgin bride = Considerably lower odds of her accidentally falling on your dick.


      • Yep, what YaReally can’t seem to admit here is that (young) virgins make the best wives, and instead attributes men’s innate preferences for mating partners to the Madonna/whore complex.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 6:38 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

        I think your story need more dragons and shit.


      • Thread winnah!


      • cool story bro, mind telling it again ?


      • “Oh wow you’ve only been with one guy? That’s really impressive, most girls have to sleep with a few guys before they figure out what they really like in be. You’re so lucky that the first guy you slept with is perfect in bed. Oh? It’s not perfect? Well I’m sure he’s trying, I mean you guys have role played right? No? Well he lets you have toys doesn’t he? Oh he’s jealous of those? Huh…I don’t know, I mean personally I think we should all explore our sexual sides before we commit to someone so that we know that person is the right one for us. I don’t mean you and I, I’m totally not the kind of guy you’d want to sleep with…you saw those other girls that i was kissing, I’m not the commitment type and you’d never hear from me again after tonight, even your friends wouldn’t know about us playing around you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a big secret like that.”

        What woman could resist such a slick charm offensive?

        There it is, betas. Memorize it like a script, but add some improv to make it flow naturalistically. Yes. Do this.

        Step 1: Meet somebody’s loyal wife.
        Step 2: Read her YaReally’s magic paragraph.
        Step 3: ????
        Step 4: PUSSY PROFIT!!!

        Here is an illustration of the difference between low-rent strivers like YaReally and the artist in charge of this site. One of them can write dialogue that sounds as though it can come from a real person. One of them dribbles spontaneous doggerel. The mishmash above tramples all over the tramp like the inner monologue of an autistic. If there’s an essence he was trying to convey, well, he missed it.

        Okay. I’m off to read a couple of Juliet’s soliloquies to rehabilitate my soul now. Slogging through that dense verbal load above risks contracting necrosis of the heart. Wherefore art thou YaRomeo?



      • It is better indeed to stick to Romeo’s wailings to woo thy maiden’s heart. (spoiler: he ends up killing himself over a girl)


      • The reason I know you don’t get laid is because you think the dialogue has to be more eloquent and poetic than that. You live in a fantasy world where you play interactions out in your head like a child playing with toys, instead of going out and actually hitting on girls.

        Everyone laughing at what I wrote, try saying what I wrote to the next sexually inexperienced chick you meet. That stuff is right out of my experience, being out, getting those girls to cheat on their men with me.

        But then you’d have to actually go out and talk to girls to run into girls like that. It’s Friday night. Are any of you going out? Buncha keyboard jockeys lol


  27. What? They’ve been been married for 40 years and he left because of something that happened when she was a teenager?

    Unless he didn’t want to be married to his wife, he is an idiot.

    Whatev. This is gonna be a mess for his retirement finances.


    • Why would he want to stay married to a woman who literally swindled his life from him?


    • He left because his 40 year marriage was all based on a lie, dumbass.


      • This happened over 40 years ago when she was a stupid teenager. They have grown kids who tried to convince him to go back. He’s living in a bed-sit.

        Now if she couldn’t cook, this might make sense.

        But whatev – maybe he wanted out of the marriage.


      • He married her because of a lie.

        He had children with her because of a lie.

        He committed his time and resources to raising these children with her because of a lie.

        He withered into an old man who’s only been with 1 woman because of a lie.

        That lie would only continue if he stayed with her. Hence the divorce. An argument could be made that this is the feminine equivalent of rape and you are telling the rape victim to stay with his rapist.


      • Maybe SHE wanted out of the marriage and wanted to make that happen in a way that would make her like the victim.

        She had that salacious conversation with her friend knowing that she could get caught. Either she didn’t value the marriage or she wanted to hurt him for some unspecified reason…or she was crumbling under the pressure of a 40-year lie and had to confess.


  28. Her mistaking his principles for “prudishness” is just more hamster talk.


  29. […] Read More @ […]


  30. IMO Sounds like alot of trouble to divorce after 40 years, as long as they were still compatible otherwise and enjoyed their family. And sounds like HE had the problem, not necessarily her. Yes, she lied – women lie – but he acted on feelings of bitterness and regret at his own missed opportunities. What he might have done is kept the marriage, but then found himself a younger mistress or just gone on a sex romp in the Philippines. Then call the whole thing even in his mind, or even directly let her know they were now square.


    • Square? Are you retarded? The man’s entire adult life was built on a lie. Fucking a few girls in the Philippines will not make things square. Square is suing the cunt for false advertising and using the money to build a time machine.


    • “And sounds like HE had the problem, not necessarily her.”

      That is an absolutely insane statement. She commited a fraud, got caught, and that “his problem” not hers? That’s like a job candidate flasely representing himself as a Bronze Star recipient with an Ivy League degree, getting found out by his employer, and then saying it was the bosses problem when he gets fired.

      “…as long as they were still compatible otherwise and enjoyed their family”

      I think you’re missing a huge amount of the subtext here – he’s a man of principle, he can’t end a marriage on an “Eat, Pray, Love” whim. She wasn’t that good a wife, but he stuck by her out of principle. When he discovered the whole thing was a lie, he was no longer obligated to stay with her wrinkly ass.


    • Following up on my comment…
      Adam, no – not “retarded” – a guy posting a fucking comment… Why so angry? You sound young, son, but I understand this perspective… You and DarkTriad both sound principled – but IMO being a “man of principle” can be a problem for men with women in many ways. In this case, when this guy married (with his principles) he really wanted to believe his wife was a certain way (chaste) … but he found out 40 years later she wasn’t. Yet now it’s his choice to believe his “entire adult life” is built on a lie. That is a belief he may accept, or not. IMO women are fluid, life is fluid, and one’s interpretation of life is fluid – and you can win without holding dogma in your own mind. Why advocate a rigid belief that “the whole thing was a lie” or “fraud” – especially by folks who know the nature of women from the outset?
      I applaud the guy, as a “reformed beta”, for finding a way to restore self-respect, but I still hold that he acted with emotional weakness and it was not necessary that he scuttle his family or even the legal entity of his marriage on a principle that he alone was foolish to accept in the first place.
      Nota bene – Google “china fake hymen” and see what a man with rigid and verified principles may still end up with…


  31. she might have been a nagging old bitch that didn’t look so good anymore, but he stuck with her because of his principles and her supposed chasteness when they married. but a lying old slut who hit the wall decades earlier? he might as well get something younger, hotter, and tighter.


  32. But as the culture is now, if you intend to get married where are you going to find a chaste women or a relatively chaste woman? Say you play the game until the age of 30 or 35 or 40 and say you then want to marry. You marry a woman 25 to 35. What do you think her number count will be, especially if she has lived in a big city? It could be as high as 100 or more.

    What are your choices? Foreign women? OK but not every man has the career logistics to pull that off.

    But an even deeper philosophic question of sorts. There are women who do grow up and mature. She could make a good wife at 33 even though she was a slut at 23. Do you not marry her if you are in love with her and she has become a good woman?

    I mean can we really expect women to have low partner counts any more? I don’t know how realistic that is in the modern era.


    • “You marry a woman 18 to 24”.



    • 33? When her youth and fertility are plummeting and the wall looms in half a decade? Fuck no, she would not make a good wife wtf lol.


    • You must be new around here.


    • ” She could make a good wife at 33 even though she was a slut at 23. Do you not marry her if you are in love with her and she has become a good woman? ”

      I suppose the term “you can’t make a whore a housewife” means nothing to you?

      There are still some women who were raised right and wait…it’s like finding an needle in a haystack but they are there. I’d rather marry Filet Mignon than a greasy hamburger.


  33. Damn. This is a frigging great article. Definitely going in my next Best of the Manosphere on virginity vs sluttery.


  34. I’m not going to judge this man at all because of all the valid reasons that you explained, but does having 1 premarital partner make the woman a slut? Where do we draw the line?

    Actually, scratch that. The 1 partner was the story she sold him and he (reasonably, wouldn’t you say?) tolerated. In reality she had lots and lots, at least 10 by my estimate. That would indeed make her a slut.


  35. The point is that she lied. Not the virginity. Not her partner count.

    For you guys that are going to require virginity, I think you are painting yourself into a corner.

    Back on topic: Here’s a story about a 77 year marriage that ended when the husband found letters from an affair.


  36. on November 8, 2012 at 4:44 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    Oh my, what a charming tale. He left his wife, who had been faithful to him for 40 years, alienating his adult children and probably from any grandchildren as well, because she’d had sex before they married, and lied about the circumstances. But I have a better one for you!

    I submit to you: Alpha! Of! The! Month!

    My first real boyfriend. After a year of blowjobs and begging, he finally wheedled his way into my virginal pants. Despite my obvious discomfort during this event, he was audibly annoyed by the fact that I didn’t bleed. I explained to him, patiently, and for the third time, that I’d broken my hymen horseback riding several years before. He tenuously accepted my explanation, but then, a few weeks later, started wondering aloud if I’d missed my period yet.

    No, I explained, there was no need to worry about any of that. I’d been put on the Pill at 14 for medical reasons. (And yes, there are valid medical reasons for the Pill. In my case, it was periods that showed up whenever they wanted and stayed as long as they liked, accompanied by a gore show rival to that scene in “The Shining” when the elevator doors opened.)

    That was when he started getting really suspicious. Didn’t I have to undergo an exam to get the Pill? he asked. Yes, I replied, I did, and although it wasn’t pleasant, it was brief. And was my GYN male? he asked. Yes, I said.

    And that was when he punched me in the stomach. ALPHA MOVE ALL THE WAY, YOU GUYS!

    Let me know if you’d like his deets so you can buy him a drink the next time you’re in his neck of the woods. Which is a single-wide trailer, common-law married to a woman 15 years his senior, who already had 3 kids by the time she queefed out 2 with him.

    [heartiste: great story. i laughed. i cried. i piddled myself a little.

    but, can i ask you a question? if your story is true, why was this obvious violent asshole your first real boyfriend?
    inquiring minds want to know!]


    • Sounds rather tongue-in-cheek to me. That dude would not have gone after, and had two kids with, an old single mom.


    • on November 8, 2012 at 4:59 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      Because he was Dark and Brooding and Mysterious and Older, and I was a teenaged idiot with two diseases: an eating disorder and a need to walk on a side a little wilder than my life of white-middle-class privilege. He cured the latter for me quite nicely, thanks.

      [heartiste: an asshole captured your heart when you were younger and hotter and tighter. i understand. no really, i do. and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. you are a woman of womanly soul. and woman does as women do. you could no more control your desire for him than i could my desire for pretty girls with plump breasts and firm bottoms.
      now that you are older you have learned your lesson.
      and, far the distance, deep in the dark wood aka studio apt, another incel beta male niceguy wailed in anguish.]


      • on November 8, 2012 at 5:46 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Ah, I see that it begins with insults to my current incarnation.

        [heartiste: don’t be so sensitive. it’s not an insult. it’s perfectly natural and expected that most women, and likely you included, will be hotter and tighter at 17 than they are ten years later. i never said you couldn’t be hot right now. i implied you are less hot now than you were when younger. (although you may be the rare exception who was an ugly duckling and became a swan later in life). it’s all relative.]

        I’ll open with an apology for having had the bad taste to age past 17.

        [i forgive you.]

        Younger? Yes. I was.
        Tighter? No. I’m in much better shape now than I was then.

        [were you a fat teenager?]

        Hotter? Debatable. Now that my baby fat–aka bulimia pudge–is gone, I actually get much more attention than I did at that age.

        [one exception to the general “hotter at 17 than 27” rule is when a girl who was fat as a teen lost the weight in her 20s. fatness is truly SMV debilitating.]

        And that experience taught me a lot.

        [to ignore your pulsing desire for assholes.]

        It taught me to value beta male niceguys,

        [by value, do you mean fuck?]

        and to treat them with respect.

        [by respect, do you mean fuck?]

        Why do you think I’m here, Heartiste?

        [my detachable penis!]


      • on November 8, 2012 at 6:16 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Great. Now I have that King Missile song going through my head.

        Yes, I mean fuck, if they treated me with the same level of respect.

        What motivated me to tell my story is that, although I deplore the excesses of feminism in the last 30 years, the antidote is not to treat women the way Islam does. Just because you can’t hang a bloody sheet outside your window doesn’t mean you should stone her.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 6:36 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I’ve just realized that I failed to answer your other questions. No, I wasn’t “fat,” although it took several months of cognitive therapy to be able to find a way to deal with that objectively. I am talking about the difference between being a 5’5″ 127-pounder (then) and a 5’5″ 117-pounder (now), with weight training and diet changes thrown in.


      • So you were fat.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 1:27 am driveallnight

        Noooooo, she was just big-boned.


      • Yup. I’m thinking a real plumper.

        Wow, women are stupid!


      • You have a man’s personality, sex drive, and jaw. It’s not an attractive package, though it does explain your defense of slutitude: all of the forthrightness of a man but none of the logic.

        I respect the masculine bluntness. Very efficient, and in matters of truth, greatly preferred by your fellow men everywhere. You are a valuable commenter because of this.


      • You are a valuable commenter because of this.

        Well, let’s not go crazy now.


      • But isn’t it funny that when men date pretty girls with plump breast they usually make them very happy and when women choose to be with an asshole it almost always ends really badly. Apparently it would be better not to listen to our instincts.


      • Men love feminine women…women love masculine men. Being an asshole comes into the territory of being masculine.


      • when women choose to be with an asshole it almost always ends really badly

        it may end badly, but she remembers him wistfully forever.

        Apparently it would be better not to listen to our instincts.

        poor maya. the voice of her instincts is drowned out by the voices in her head.


      • when women choose to be with an asshole it almost always ends really badly

        it may end badly, but she remembers him wistfully forever.

        Apparently it would be better not to listen to our instincts

        poor [email protected] the voice of her instincts is drowned out by the voices in her head.


      • Sloots gonna sloot as we say on the misc


      • Daddy issues…it’s always daddy issues.


    • He was her First Boyfriend most likely because he was the tallest/hottest/most aggressive. Duh.
      I can confirm the fact that such violent and frequent menstrual periods do indeed exist from first-hand experience.
      The part about Mr. Alpha shacking up with Wrinkly Snaggletooth and her brats is hilarious!


    • What was the horse’s name?


    • Wow. What a fucking beta.

      An alpha would’ve punched you in the cunt.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 5:51 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Agreed, Adam. You’ll be rewarded. Soon someone will put you to sleep, and make you a perfect virginal soulmate baby-incubator out of one of your ribs. Just make sure you don’t leave her alone in the garden too long.


      • Men want virginity. Men prize virginity. Men dish out millions of dollars for virginity.

        Assuming you are here for your daily fix of the red pill, this is the dosage you need to swallow. Bitching and ranting about men’s innate preferences wont make it go away.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 6:18 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Didn’t you read the story? I’ve had the red pill. You only think you have.


      • Warning. Slut is a troll.


    • Ma’am,

      If she wanted to get married, she should have told him the truth about her past and let him decide whether he wanted to risk it or not. It is not for her to decide what he’ll live with.

      Love is not selfish. It is not self-serving. It is not deceiving. For her to make up a story in order to deceive him into accepting something that she knew he didn’t want is not harmless. It’s disgusting, shameless, self-centred and downright wicked. The pain his children and grandchildren are now enduring is on her, not him.

      I celebrate the man for sticking to his principles. She got what she deserved for pulling this.


      • on November 8, 2012 at 6:39 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        No, my name isn’t Ma’am. It’s RD, (RappaccinisDaughter, if you’re nasty).

        I agree that she should never have yoked herself to a man who indicated that he cared more about what had gone into her twat than the woman who happened to be serving as a life-support system thereof.

        It just seems a little bit “cutting off your nose to spite your face” to do that to a woman who has been your faithful partner for four decades.


      • Ma’am is much more sarcastic. Though I like the Janet Jackson reference.

        No, it’s not “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. This is something that I’m starting to think women will never understand. Men put a lot of weight onto how many sex partners their potential wife has had. The fact that women instinctively low-ball their actual number means that they, to some extent, do understand this.

        She created an entire fiction to get this guy to commit to her. She did this knowing how much importance he put on this subject. She then kept this up for 40 years. He owes her nothing since she entered into marriage already violating the trust that that relationship is supposed to represent. The tone of her letter makes it sound that she’s not sorry about what she did, only that she got caught. This man has principles and has stood by them. He deserves ovations, not to be shackled to some woman who’s been lying continuously for almost half a century.

        About your second point, understand that men don’t spend time getting to know the “life-support system” until all of our other requirements have been met. If one man wants his potential mate to either have low-mileage or be a virgin, he will disqualify her as soon as he finds out that that requirement is broken. He will then find another potential “life-support system” and learn about that one. If she fits the bill, he’ll marry her. If she doesn’t, he’ll move to another one. In short, women are not unique snowflakes. Men do not share this deranged idea that there’s only “One woman in the entire world just for me”. We have a modest list of requirements for a mate. When we find a woman that meets that list, we marry her. If we never find one, we don’t.

        This woman wasn’t a virgin. Her husband wanted a virgin and compromised that principle based on her fiction. She lied. Let her die alone. I have no sympathy for her and nothing but for him. I’d do the same thing he did with no guilt or a second thought.


      • Nope, i rather think he’ll die alone, and she will have happines in grandchildren of her’s. He wasn’t something that she wanted anymore, she got from him everything she needed.

        Or maybe they both may be seeing the grandchildren, but separately, by which she will probably get to see them more.

        Let say she was faithfull to him for 40 years. That would be an acomplishement: to turn whore into a housewife!
        They moved to small town, that meant that chance has been significantly reduced due to much smaller population(everybody know each other), and stronger societal preasurre, to which she adapted well as we can see. Plus his behaviour was probably more alpha as hothead like these usually are.

        But still, this story as many of you noted is flawed in many ways, starting with her questionable honesty, to his treatement of her and family(maybe he was drunkard, or lazy or something much worse), which would made her support system role much more harder,
        but if he was ordinary moderately working man, he owes her nothing for that 40 yrs of support, since he too contributed to the house…

        if i got into his situation, no grandchildren could force me to stay with that person, no matter what.


      • “It just seems a little bit “cutting off your nose to spite your face” to do that to a woman who has been your faithful partner for four decades.”

        It’s not cutting your nose off to spite your face, it is the face.


      • I have to agree with you here Matt. I cannot believe there are people actually dumping on the man. I applaud him for sticking to his principles and Love should NOT be deceiving, self-serving or selfish no matter how some people try to rationalize their selfish acts for “love”. It does not matter if his subsequent reaction is grossly non-proportional to the revelation. What matters is this man just spent his whole life loving a false version of someone he thought he knew in the purest sense. That’s some bullshit! Good for him!


    • on November 8, 2012 at 9:44 pm AlmostAnonymous

      Yes, she lied, in the most hurtful, and deceitful way possible. As for her claims of faithfulness, how do you know? We already know she’s a lying, moralless, deceitful cow. Why should we believe she’s been faithful?

      And what your poor choice of a first boyfriend has to do with the topic, other than nothing, I don’t know.


    • If she lied about something that she KNEW was so extremely important to him, how do we know she was honest with him about anything else? Did she sleep with anyone else after they were married? Is there a chance that the kids might not be his?.


      • She’s a slut looking for sympathy because some poor sod she was trying to fuck over as a teenage American princess bit back and gave her a little lesson.

        Get over it toots.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 9:32 am RappaccinisDaughter

        I like that you called me a slut in three separate comments in three minutes. Now come on, pull my hair. I’m almost there.


      • Back to what actually matters.
        5’5 127 isn’t bad, right in the middle of what is considered a healthy weight for that height. 117 is better.
        Either way, compared to your average 12-year old Japanese figure skater, Rappacinella’s a hog, compared to your average Walmart shopper, she’s a twig.


  37. The point is not that she lied, or that she rode some cock 40 years earlier. I don’t think that’s why the husband would seek an immediate divorce.

    The point is what I’m sure this lying bitch left out of her story — how after 40 long years, she still fondly remembers all that sweet, sweet cock of her youth.

    What’s probably eating at him is comparing her intense emotional response to the mere memory of her 5 minutes of Alpha (from 4 decades ago) to how she treats her loyal, principled, devoted husband. My guess is she once showed some real zest and spontaneity, but hasn’t surprised her husband with shower sex, or a hummer before breakfast, since 1978.

    My guess is that he couldn’t imagine his dear wife yucking it up with her friends about how thrilling it is to bang him. My guess is that he realized that she had more enthusiasm for men whose names she can’t remember anymore than she’s ever had for him.

    He’s divorcing her because he can’t believe that’s how women actually are. He’s had the red pill shoved down his throat, and he’s choking on it a little before it goes down.


    • Either that or he’s simply principled and won’t compromise on certain things.

      Regardless of his alpha- or beta-ness, that man deserves congratulations. Kick her ass to the curb, world be damned. She married him on a lie, then perpetrated that lie for 40 years.

      Let her die alone.


    • He did 40 trips around the sun with her, slept in bed with her every night, and yet he never really knew her. Pretty lies, woven around the corpse of his fantasies, like a bale of razor wire.


  38. The thing that hamsters ignore is the sword of truth cuts both ways. If they think that her being a slut for four years should be part of what he has to deal with now the truth is out, then on the other side his being a f’n man and sticking to his principles is just something she will have to deal with.


  39. To be a man that concedes no pride…

    would mean to have a woman that hasn’t fucked other guys.

    It is no wonder then a man with such big pride….isn’t irrationally proud of his woman, but irrationally proud of HIMSELF.

    And his world will stand as evidence.


    • Well, in this area, he will also have to stand in court as a child predator, because if he wants a virgin or at least a girl who doesn’t have kids, he’s gonna have to go with <14.
      That's when they start pumping 'em out, provided they're not war hogs.


      • I’m not too concerned about virginity, maybe he is…but the best man has ways of finding out whos proud enough of him and not allowing them precious Kjoules.

        my mrs won’t be reminiscing with friends about past lovers…she won’t be openly or secretly too proud of anything but me.

        Just because i’m that proud of myself.


  40. whatever it is she did, bitch better take it to the grave with her.


  41. Imagine the conversation between this woman and her old friend…

    Old Friend: You were such a slut back then, and now you are the only one from our slut gang who became a mother and started a solid family, congrats!

    Wife: Thank you, I tricked this fool and kept his balls on ice for 40yrs



  42. on November 8, 2012 at 10:12 pm Johnycomelately

    The man’s logic is sound, if she lied to him about such a significant issue 40 years ago and had the audacity reminisce about past escapes within ear shot then what else has she lied about?

    Even sluts have the discretion to make sure the person they’re cheating on isn’t in the same building when regaling about triumphs.

    Why should he believe she has been faithful for 40 years? On her say so?


  43. on November 8, 2012 at 10:14 pm Johnycomelately

    But I’m not haaaapy is perfectly good grounds for divorce?


  44. “It’s biomechanical turtles all the way down.”

    I now have this image of an army of giant cyborg warrior turtles being led by a Borg Stephen Hawking.


  45. This is for ANON and YaReally.

    For those who are commenting on desiring a wife who have never left the states you have no fucking clue what a real wife is. A real wife is your property. That doesn’t mean she is not valuable to you and that you shouldn’t treat her anything less than the human being you care most for, but this bullshit about finding a woman to marry in the US is just that: Bullshit. The Education program in the US ruins ALL women for potential marriage. I have dated Americans and EE and EE are ten times better, but I won’t wife up either. Fuck. That. Eventually I want kids, but I will not marry their mother. I will support her. Yes, for my kids. Marry? No. Money allows me the power to do this. But I cannot make enough money to get a real wife in the modern age.

    Why is this? Why is this reality? Governments have too much control. Women had wives in the years 0-1900 because their was no Gov’t education system and not a lot of police. That means a man was on his own and could deal with potential suitors with bloodshed. In 200 Rome a man makes sexual advances on your wife? Society gave you full license to kill that suitor. That’s why strong men were able to marry virgins and not worry about infidelity. It is the strength of power of the man that fends off the hordes of gamers. Even though I agree with ANON sentiments, YaReally gets it more. In this age, unless you are Putin or some shit, even if you are rich, real wives are practically unattainable. I love women and I love the age I live in because I can travel lots of places and fuck lots of different women very easily, but lets be real. Marriage, in its traditional sense, only continues in the middle east because only there are the men serious about that shit. They are willing to spill blood.

    Personally, I’m not willing to kill just to protect my claim to some woman, especially considering the harsh sentences that follow and I don’t value women as much as I used to pre not fucking a lot of good looking ones.
    Anon-that is why you are suspected of not getting much pussy-once you get a lot you tend to value them less and realize how stupid it would be to marry ONE, because they are pretty much all the same, their environment can make them a lot better though. USA is a real toxic environment for them, but in EE they are super sweet, loyal(er) and affectionate because their is a lack of men with the means to be long term mates.

    I hope this settles your debates. America’s system denies men real marriage, women know this so they don’t give marriage a fucking thought in this environment. You shouldn’t either man. Plenty of fucking fine ass hoes are perfectly okay with just being a girlfriend. You want a wife…You gotta compete with thousands of government goons who don’t respect that she’s your property, they only respect the fact that you are now another sucker handing over your freedom to a hoe.


    • “But I cannot make enough money to get a real wife in the modern age.”

      Therefore your manhamster devalues it and labels it a bad bet, impossible etc because it takes courage to face risk and put in effort. Thanks for the laugh. Humans have such an ability to justify their (non) choices it never ceases to amaze me.


  46. Most of you dudes are very hypocrites. U want to fuck lots of woman but then you expect a prudish wife. When you marry a chick you are in the state of neediness. Girls are boning guys from when they are 13yo till when their sexual life is over at 23yo when they want to marry with a loyal dude. Off course they lie. That’s their very nature. How can you expect a creature that is only designed for whelping kids to reason with you?

    I still read here lots about “swallowing the red pill”. I rarely to never read about how using the red pill. How much of you dudes bone every night another hot girl? I guess none of u, otherwise U wouldn’t be writing here. U would be busy fucking. Girls are attracted to a very limited group of dudes.

    Until the governments decides to tax parents who breed male children we will have wars and unhappiness in this world. Modern society doesn’t need soldiers/slaves anymore.


    • Boning and marrying are two different things with two different sets of standards, chump.


    • Of course modern society needs slaves.
      Who do you think made all that crap they’re putting on the shelves for the shopping, erm, ‘holiday’ season?


  47. on November 9, 2012 at 5:44 am metamorphosis

    When committing to a slut, the dick might think it is happy, but the soul burns in hell.

    Every time she turns down sex, because her head hurts, or because you just want sex, or because you dont show that you love her enough, you know there are men out there whom she walked up to and asked if they want to fuck, or men, who asked if she wants to fuck, and she complied.

    Every time she says you will not be getting a blowjob because she does not like giving them, you know there are men out there who got their cock sucked enthusiastically while looking into their eyes with her puppy eyes, hands and lips hugging those cocks.

    Every time she asks that you take her out, you know there are men out there, “you busy?” “no” “come suck my cock” “ok”…

    Not one, not two. When your fingers and toes are not enough to count the number, no matter how hard and throbbing your dick is, no matter if it is inside that cunthole, the former cuck-highway, you soul will be burning in the deepest levels of hell.

    Does not matter how much sex you get, does not matter how many blowjobs you get, it does not lessen the fires of hell.

    If you made the mistake of going down on her, especially without expecting reciprocation, burning in hell is not enough description for the treatment that you get from the Devil as his favorite subject deserving personal attention.

    And knowing that you left the market at one of your best times to commit to a full fledged village cycle on the national cock caroussel, adds a dildo handling ogre to the mix, who’s assfucking you with a dildo burning with hell fire.

    And fuck my “friends” who advised me that these are modern times, and these things are normal. Fuck you with dildos still hot with hellfire. Fuck the society which told me to commit, fuck the society which told me I am wrong to feel this way, fuck the media, fuck everybody who did not say “fuck.. that is worse than a prostitute”. Except one person, who while not uttering these words, stood there in silence, and then said “guess these modern times”… You could not have known. Your generation has no idea.


    • Yeah, it sucks how men are expected to uphold the archaic tradition of marriage while women get to call “modern times!!!” and disregard the archaic requirement of being a virgin bride.

      Yeah, it’s the modern times, bitch. Pump and dump city is modern as fuck.


    • @ Metamorphosis — hey, are you King A, writing under a pen name?


    • on November 9, 2012 at 9:44 am blackbird.young

      Meta shit 4 reel’s.

      Though, good point’s.

      I doubt “King A” would be that emotionally involved in any format considering language.

      This guy’s right though.

      I choose where I am alone at 6AM over placating to the C*nt I know in this town, after my “text game” got me naked pictures of girls I’ve been fucking & my “Game”-‘game’ got me free drugs, alcohol, & towns to passively activate thought’s in.

      12 hours of driving, 8 hours of playing, 4 hours of hooking up, stranger’s as personell. My company is you.

      Too bad all I require is the imbibing of that which I know will in time be ill-willing & deconstructive. Hence my need to abolish said practices.

      I saw the title for the how to game women into sending nude pic’s, and didn’t read it.

      Instead I wanted to see how to get women to send me sexy pictures of themselves.

      I just asked.

      That’s why hellfire and brimstone brewery above is correct in his accusations.

      Thought I’d again chime in.

      Always forgetful, never in naught’s remembrance, & always where thought’s are predominately preponderance’s profiting SEO word-use for a change, or a movement, plus a color (not to be exuding actualities).


  48. Another point is…how do we know that the sloot stayed faithful in her marriage? Are those kids his? If she lied about this…it wouldn’t surprise me if she had some fun behind his back during the marriage.


  49. Very timely post. I just saw this film on the plane, thought it would be lame, but when viewed through the filter of game this mirrors the post.

    It’s about a couple of highschool sweethearts who married, were “best friends” say “love you” all the time, but when we pick up the movie, they are 6 months into a separation, heading for divorce and still doing that shit.

    He’s super beta loser artist, she’s the alpha man-jaw pr professional who we learn is divorcing her “best friend” because she just can’t see herself having this loser’s kid.

    He’s beta throughout, but at one point, he reveals he’s banged some hot “elegant” Belgian stunner and then knocked her up so will “do the right thing” and “Make it work” with her so he wants Jesse to accelerate signing the divorce papers.

    That’s when she starts to panic.

    You gotta watch it, classic. All the beta males lining up to try to bang her including some dude who tries to lamely game her in yoga class, then ends up becoming her orbiter playing scrabble with her. He makes the bold move of kissing her and when she looks surprised, he talks about it and draws attention to it.

    Then there’s her drug dealer, another orbiter who she uses to get information about her ex.

    She hits a wall.

    There are so many failed “game” moments in there.

    Perhaps the worst is when yoga guy is hanging out hoping for another failed kiss and she tells him “I’m just not ready”. He says “Ok, call me when you’re ready” or some such.

    I think with these types of chick flicks in the mainstream of pop culture, it’s no wonder guys are becoming more and more like the losers in this film who they start identifying with.



    • What separates this yoga-dude’s beta-game from alpha-game? In reality they wouldn’t even TRY.
      The beta tries to be alpha but fails. WHY?


      • @Marcellus, in this movie as the context, the beta yoga guy fails because he loses hand. He follows her instead of the other way around.

        The one time he is aloof and mysterious by taking her to that secret salsa club with the hot exotic dancers, he loses hand again.

        This is the scene where yoga dude mans up and makes a move and kisses Celeste. She pulls back in surprise. He kind of crumbles at that point rather than 1) ignoring it and ploughing on 2)) building more comfort through dancing, then ploughing on or 3) ignoring it, then walking away to get ONE Corona bringing it back offering it to her, then pulling it away and drinking it down in front of her.


    • “Best friends”…is the worst thing you can be to your wife.


  50. on November 9, 2012 at 5:50 am metamorphosis

    Left at alphagame:

    “What was so bad about her lying about something important to him…”

    In the old days, when I did not know better, when I was fully suffocated by the blue pill, when society was telling me I am sick for having standards,

    A four year relationship fell apart.

    A relationship during which I literally begged for blowjobs (blue pill), and got to hear that she does not like them, she never liked them, she will never like them, she has never given them, etc. the ones I got were half assed and not much fun.

    After the break up, I could not get over her. Oneitis, a bad case.

    We started hooking up.

    One night she, without my prompting, out of the blue, gives me a blowjob. After so many years, it happens to be still one of the best I ever got.

    After I came, did I think “wow that was great”,

    No, I was angry, I was disgusted, “Where the fuck was that willingness and talent when I was a boyfriend, bitch. Now that I am done with you, the skills come out, fuck you, fucking liar”

    Those five seconds were when I got over her. The disgust, the betrayal was too much for a oneitis to overcome.

    Wasted four years, out of which the biggest benefit was paving the road for the red pill.

    this man wasted forty fucking years on a woman who casted a play in her head, and lied to him to get him to accept his part. She lied to him about a vital factor for him, he will feel betrayed, he will feel disgusted, and after forty years, that disgust will not be forgiven, but be multiplied.

    Even his children, now on her side, are a product of this lie, if they are his product.

    I thank God for the day she decided to suck the chrome out of my trailer hitch, after years of even declining to hand wax it. I saw what was available before me, and what was denied to me.

    No amount of “you don’t understand her”, “her feelings” changes the fact that I was betrayed, lied to, and paid for the village cycle with no tires.

    Forty years of this? Fuck.


    • One night she, without my prompting, out of the blue, gives me a blowjob. After so many years, it happens to be still one of the best I ever got.

      maybe it was beginner’s luck.


      • on November 9, 2012 at 9:51 am blackbird.young

        The way that blowjob is explained makes me think blowjobs aren’t sexy.

        I told the recent one to not suck my dick when I’m soft. IT doesn’t feel good if I don’t feel anything.

        I highly doubt the person who is quoted above even knows what it means to get head.

        I am so fucking angry right now, so I apologize if I am being rude to other people. I just fucking had an ex to deal with. More than that, I have exes to deal with, in person, for Christ’s non-existent idea of a sake in the last stake.

        Pray I sleep so I can make it to detox.


  51. Fun story, not mine, from a friend.

    He was in first or second year in college, and dating a girl still in high school. He’d started working, unlike her. So he had much more money than her. And he gave her a very nice gift for Christmas, in her view. But the girl got embarassed because she couldn’t match his gift. And they started talking about how could she “repay” him

    Well, after some talk, he came to the answer. Everything would be settled, and she would have no reason to be embarrased, if she gave him her ass for his birthday, several months ahead. He argued that her as.s was something very special for him that it would cement a very strong bond between them and make their relationship much deeper. If you know what I mean….

    So he spent the next months “dreaming” about the day. And the day came. But the girl said that she couldn’t do it, it would hurt her, she was not of that type, she coulnd’t do it. He decided to break up with her because of that

    fast forward a couple years. They meet again. He asks her to come to his new apartment. He didn’t ask anything, just went for the kill. And he got her ass. I did try to find some moral teaching here, but I have failed so far….


  52. on November 9, 2012 at 7:44 am crashedupderby

    cudos to our bloke! he has done the right thing…and I got one thing to say to the woman….HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAHHAHAAHAHAHAAA!!!!!


  53. on November 9, 2012 at 7:50 am The Gayest Shade

    This is one of the fakest sounding posts of the whole lot. No one left his wife of 40 years, 60 year old women were not kibbitzing about sexual relations in any great detail that may have happened 40 years ago. It just sounds so dumb. Perhaps you needed a foil to make your point, but this is such classic, bad, fake writing.


  54. Prepare to be infuriated if you click the link and read the full article. Craziness! Basically this broad is saying she wanted to be with this man so she lived a lie she KNEW would hurt him for 40 damn year! “I wanted it so I did what I had to, who cares who gets hurt.” Unbelievable, I hope she pays a terrible price for what she did.


  55. on November 9, 2012 at 8:34 am crashedupderby

    never forget maxim # gg 3:16 “you dont get what you expect, you get what you deserve”


  56. I dont see how you can refer to the guy as Beta when he was clearly duped.It could easily happen to even the most Alpha of males.CH i am disappoint.


  57. on November 9, 2012 at 9:35 am blackbird.young

    that was written by a mane


  58. I am a highly paid companionship escort, or a professional sugar baby in other words. I make by any average estimation a good salary. My no. of sex partners by virtue of being in an extension of the sex industry is relatively low for a woman in my early 20s such as myself. I used to be paranoid about finding a serious companion to commit to me and in some capacity still am, but every prospect I have been interested in and revealed my secret profession to might be marginally deterred but their desire tends to win out. Especially if they are industry men or drug dealers, it’s a status marker to court a hot women who usually gets paid for free. Civilian men in comparison are boring.


    • I used to moonlight as a driver in my late teens / early 20’s. Trust me, that feeling of “I’m fucking hot girls for free that other men have to pay to fuck” is a huuuuge ego boost, especially for a youngen. But that feeling was novelty at best and I still thought of them as shit at the end of the day. I had a white knight’s mentality back then and even I felt those girls weren’t worth commitment, no matter how hard some of them tried. The feeling of disgust runs deep. You may get a pimp or drug dealer to treat you like arm candy for a few months but don’t expect anything more.


      • Not a prostitite. A sugar baby. “Companionship escort.” Prostitutes have the looks without the intelligence or cultivation. I’m well educated and from a good family. I mistress professionally. Men overestimate their ability to identify sluts from good girls. Even my clients get confused.


      • LMAO @ your hamster. Holy fucking shit LOLOLOLOL.


      • My dad’s secretary has a daughter my age who says this exact same thing about what she does for a living. You know what everybody in that office refers to the girl as? The whore.


    • I’m sure your future with porn producers and drug dealers is assured.


    • It is easy to damage women, and damaged women are easy.


  59. now this is proper ‘rinse ‘n re-use’.


  60. at Anonymous
    Quality men get girls as hot as you who aren’t prostitutes to fuck them real good then they leave them shortly after and on to the next one. You get to fuck the alpha’s of the dregs of society and your a prostitute. You are a loser, your choices are awful for your kids if you decide to have them. Kids don’t want a mother who’s a prostitute and a dad who is a drug dealer who now lives in the federal pen.


    • I’m a professional mistress not a by the hour whore. I fuck multi millionaires. By your estimation I have no future but I probably make more money than you, hotter than your girlfriend, am a whore and still wouldn’t cast a glance in your direction.


      • Do you really think you’ll make some man a good wife? Your whole life will be pretense.


      • If he had money you would, because you’re a whore. And you’re a professional whore, calling yourself a mistress is just semantics. What you don’t seem to realize is that men with game can fuck women as hot or hotter than you without paying for it.


  61. There was a story some years ago (maybe Readers Digest or some such pulp) about a woman who late in her life had discovered her husband’s porn addiction and some affairs. She divorced him with the full support of her children and of course all her friends and the readers joined the choir.


  62. Slow clap for this guy.

    If we all had balls like this dude, we’d never be in the mess we are now.


  63. on November 13, 2012 at 1:59 am Renaissance Beast

    Chateau (is that his name?) would be highly interested by Ian Fleming’s short story “Quantum of Solace”. The main protagonists of the story story do not feature James Bond, but a modest and very bêta government cypher clerk, and his bloodsucking socialite wife.

    The story has absolutely nothing to do with the movie bearing the same title. It a story on the theme of the proverbial straw who broke the beast of burden’s back. where the beta sees his innocence broken and turns into an implacable and ruthless alpha.
    It can fall in the abovementionned inspirational category.

    The story is quite short, only maybe (from memory) fifty pages or so.


  64. […] Le Chateau has highlighted great and gruesome stories of alphas and betas, but what about those beta males who transcend, through sheer force of will, the prison of their supplicating souls? More than a learning tool or a life lesson, these enlightened post-betas are inspirations. The 80% or so of men who qualify as beta males need a role model like them; someone who can show them the way. There is a better life if they would just take it, and the reformed beta is proof that you don’t have to be born an alpha to have the good things in Source: Chateau Heartiste   […]


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