The Modren Man

The only thing this picture is missing that would make it the absolute perfect representation of the de-balled and de-souled modern SWPL man-lite is a “vibrant” infant tucked into the fat bride’s meatloaf arm.

secret secret, i’ve got a secret!

You might call this the 21st century Western equivalent of the drawing and quartering.


  1. it’s Modern


  2. A journey into the grotesque.


    • A journey into the spacious, glutenenous caverns of a 250 pound hippo


    • on October 5, 2011 at 4:39 pm drunicusequus

      Also, is it me or does she not look like the tranny from those John Waters films?
      I can’t picture hopping on that. I could be swallowed into a fat roll, never to return, like a mountaineer vanishing into a crevasse.


      • And y’know the thing? That’s the best she’ll ever look. In her life.

        It’s her wedding day. She’s gone and lost weight and got her hair done just for the day. Her makeup was applied by an expert. She’s wearing a carefully tailored wedding dress with enough ruffles to hide a hippopotamus and a bust cut to draw attention to the foot-and-a-half of cleavage she’s showing.

        And then she’s photographed from above — essentially the myspace angle, ensuring that we see all the cleavage and none of the fat — indeed, we’re forced to infer the existence of the fat from the chin and the arms.

        Yessirree, this is the best this woman is ever going to look.

        (Seriously though, unassertive men and ugly women have existed at every point in history, let’s not kid ourselves that it’s the downfall of civilization just yet…)


  3. But they look so happy.


  4. I’ve started RSVPing “regrets” to wedding invitations where the guy is obviously omega or weak beta. I’ve discovered that the couple’s female friends aren’t worth being within earshot of.

    Used to love weddings but the hot women (a la Wedding Crashers) are no more, usually.


  5. Read and weap:


    • “We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.”


      i think the pic might be photoshopped, though. it’s rare for a woman to put on that much blubber everywhere on her body except from the neck up.

      a glance at the comments unsurprisingly reveals overwhelming fat acceptance.

      [Heartiste: Fat acceptance is like SWPL liberalism. They make damn sure their actions don’t match their words.

      On the possible photoshopping of her face and neck to look slimmer — the bloating up of the face is usually the most critical body change that turns a woman into a monster.]


      • i meant that it was a photoshopping of a picture of a beautiful woman into a fat whale, and they didn’t do her face and neck.

        actually, scratch that, i think that head could be from someone else entirely – the shadows are all wrong.

        without having a high res picture, it’s difficult to suss out exactly what’s been altered, but i can guarantee that the photo’s been tampered with.


      • The woman in the photo is not her,its some French model. The model is beautiful,and within the range for me to bang,if given the chance. The real life “whales’ are not(usually) beautiful French models!


      • This is the comment at the end of the Page

        We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
        We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
        Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: “How amazing am I ?!”

        Wow. The only thing amazing is the amout of cookies you can shove down your thoat, or the amout of self delusion you obtain in a lifetime of false positive affirmation


      • They gain weight because as soon as the knot is tied, they know everything.


      • I consider that photo tragic. Most fat women would be 6’s at best and usually 5’s on down if they weren’t fat. She’d be a solid 8.


    • And read the comments! My favorite: “The idea that thin = health and longevity is a myth. Thin people get diabetes, cancer and heart disease.” It didn’t appear that this commenter was joking :S

      However, Tara Lynn has a gorgeous face, most overweight women are not as lucky as she is. And she’s early twenties – maybe her fat looks hot now but in ten years it will be all saggy.


    • Holy fuck I’ve never seen such a clear harbinger of the EOTWAWKI.
      The amount of white knighting and blubber boosting in the comments made me want to yak up my paleo meal of steak and carrots.

      Read the comments carefully gents. This is how women view their obesity. It is not a problem or a weakness it is a triumph and something to be celebrated. It makes them even more sexy.

      With attitudes like this, your meek request that the wifey lose a few pounds this spring will be met with shrieks of indignation, backed by thousands of angry Moonpie Militia members.


    • “I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.”

      Its noteworthy that her ideas of fun all revolve around food and eating. How about going dancing with her husband or actually playing with her kids in the playground. The exercise would clear and focus the mind better, thus short-circuiting the Orwellian statement below:

      “We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
      We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
      Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: “How amazing am I ?! ”

      Long term residency in a Funhouse can be detrimental to one’s life.


    • Jesus fing Christ, this is terrible. Look at this comment, by a dude. What is this world coming to!!!

      James Boyd
      The model is stunning…a brown-haired beauty with glorious curves. Ravissant!! And for the record, men have it easier than their female counterparts. Remember ‘some fat dude with his gut hanging out’ will probably still get the promotion, paid more, and not one comment will be made, in public, about what he wears, his waist size, with whom he sleeps, drinks with or anything. Why? Because for the past 10,000 years my sex has gottten away with being nothing more than a bunch of vagina-crazed slobs who, if it weren’t for women, would still be shitting in their nests and throwing rocks at the Brontasaurus walking by. For every Kennedy, Roosevelt and de Gaulle, there was a Mrs. who was advising her husband not to end the world because someone pulled out his pee pee first. I’m afraid it’s that simple. We have Cro-Manon and the Woman. Which one do you think has evolved further?


      • Kennedy is a great example. His wife said that she let her husband decide all politics because he just knows better. Directly contradicts his statement.


      • Of course the statement is completely false, actually the exact opposite is more so true – in history it was men who were the driving force of progress. Of course women were performing the very important nurturing and child rearing role. But on average women are simply more driven by their emotions and less able to think rationally, even though they could be extremely intelligent. An that’s how it should be – man should be rational and unshakeable like a rock and woman should be nurturing and empathetic.

        It just left me completely dumbfounded to read a statement like this from a man, it sounds like something Andrea Dworkin would say. He should get his manhood revoked…


      • Actually, all three men are examples entirely at odds to what he thinks is reality. Kennedy and Roosevelt at least were known for their philandering, and DeGaulle fell in the same camp if I recall correctly. So he is extolling men that married, then fooled around on the side.


  6. on October 5, 2011 at 11:15 am Dr. Grzlickson

    I’m Kilroy.


  7. Fix the typo pls.


  8. These guys may be modern, but they look much more prole than SWPL.


  9. Not only do men still get married which is stupid, they get married to that?


  10. Is this a gag photo?


  11. The “secret secret” should have been a clue. It’s how it was pronounced in “Mr. Roboto”. Tool.


  12. oh, how cute ❤ (the spelling error)


  13. Some people don’t know a Styx reference when they see one!


  14. The truly disturbing part of this picture is that judging by the clothes, hairstyles, and faces, this is coming from Eastern Europe.. the last outpost is becoming a beta SWPL place too.


  15. She ate it.


  16. Well this was a lovely way to wake up….


  17. Then again, she has big tits.


    • And no waist. This should be the number one indicator for a man in determining a woman’s reproductive worth. Correct waist to hip ratio and BMI. Failure in either or both of those and she is DQ’ed.


    • The tits would be nice if they weren’t also spilling out the SIDE of her top and smooshing against her arm. That ruins what vanishingly little hope there was to be had here.


  18. mmmmmm….big titties


  19. I was at a social function yesterday with my attractive Mrs. While at the banquet table, the gals started chatting and I (like most guys) started to day dream, reflexively nodding my head, faint smile, vague answers to questions I wasn’t paying any attention to. Then I thought, what broad in this room would I bed if given the chance. Other than Mrs, NOT ONE! Mind you, there were 150 plus people, probably 3/4 women. The poundage was enough to make me swear off food forever. I one case, I attended the wedding of a couple not 1 years ago, the beautiful bride is now a riverpig sow…and new hubby has the thousand yard stare, slumped shoulders, foot dragging lurch step… Good God ladies, push your chair away from the table, take off the feed bag, find a vegetable to eat. The wedding picture that begins this stream is just typical of the choices men have these days. My question, why would you marry that lard ass?


    • If he doesn’t have a kid he should divorce her now. She can’t do him too much damage in divorce after 1 year if childless. Tell him that and to read this blog. Well have him start at say the beginning of 2009 in the archives. Actually the famous Roissy post where he culls some of the best of Dave from Hawaii’s married game comments here in his Relationship Game Week is probably the place for a married guy to start.


  20. yeah, I’m sensing something very Canadian about this picture (dude where’s my car doesn’t get an urban dictionary entry for that bon mot). Maybe this picture is taken from a bizarro eastern euro place, a country where fat white girls’ dreams come true, because men there lust after their supple fatness.


  21. on October 5, 2011 at 11:49 am Dr. Grzlickson

    Holy crap, I just saw this on facebook:

    “At a time when the media tells us that only thin is beautiful, I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.

    We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
    We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
    Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: “How amazing am I ?!”

    [Heartiste: Of course she has to tell herself that. No one else will. Well, no one of any worth will.]


    • yeah, that was from the facebook link above that j-style posted.

      but i thought something was fishy about it. i mean, what gym in america would have the balls to post up a sign like that and not be hit by a massive backlash from fat beluga femcunts?

      well as it turns out, the facebook page left out a minor detail – the gym was in france.

      sometimes the french just get it. sometimes.


      • Yeah just imagine an US gym doing that, alienating all the potential customers. I read Planet Fitness is now actively banning Bodybuilders and advertising the “judgement free zone”. They have now successfully created a gym for people WHO DON’T WANT TO FUCKING EXERCISE! I read some comments about there even being days where they eat fucking pizza. This is how far it has come.


    • “How amazing am I ?!”

      And the mirror answers, “I’m not sure; I can’t measure it until you can fit your whole body into my field of vision.”


    • I recently moved into a new neighborhood. I met one of my new neighbors yesterday. He was a normal weight guy. Probably an IT guy, because of where I live and his demeanor. Wife just popped out two yard apes. Kids are cute. Mom has become a whale with a huge belly and three tiered ass, walking around in public with sweats and a T-shirt on. I won’t allow my wife to go out in public that way, and frankly, the thought has never really crossed her mind. She just wouldn’t do it. Women who look this way, their husbands walk around with a dejected and defeated look on their faces. I feel sorry for men who experience such a fate. That kind of fat is not normal. I can handle a few extra pounds and on some women, it can even be sexy. 100 or more extra pounds does not meet that criteria. Women who think it does are deluding themselves. In my opinion, a woman getting this fat is the same as a man who quits working and becomes an alcoholic lay about in terms of reneging on her marriage commitments. Men are justified in cheating and in quitting work in such a case.


      • Women who add more than 20 – 30 lbs after child birth and keep it on may be expressing resentment at having to grow up into a full grown woman and mother. They add fat layers around the body over the years as protection and fortification against the cruel truths out there – about their own aging, about the inevitability of newer and better-looking models replacing their place – and feeling envy that childbirth does not change their husbands’ looks much.

        It takes a tremendous amount of courage to face these truths. While women typically have less of this quality than men, westernized women pamper themselves to the point of actively atrophying it. What a mess!


  22. on October 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Well, some guys will just fuck anything that moves, which is why even the fat bitches can get anything they want from men losers, up to and including marriage.

    [Heartiste: ftfy.]

    Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to the belief that something is better than nothing. If all I can get is fat bitches, I’m gonna use my right hand… and with the way the west is going right now, fat bitches are the future of western womankind.

    Jeez, I hate fat bitches.

    [I don’t hate fat bitches who don’t proselytize that fat is fine, nor do I hate fat bitches who understand their fatness is a handicap in life and work to lose weight.]


    • sigh…just pile on. again. don’t you guys ever get tired of it?

      read “good calories, bad calories” or the more accessible “why we get fat” both by gary taubes, and then appreciate just what we’re up against. the wonder is that we ALL don’t get fat. i’m sure it’s already been brought up here, that he postulates that our current low fat frenzy is the cause of much heart disease and “diabesity”. i wish the word was spread further and wider. it should be shouted from the rooftops.

      we have been lied to. the way to go is low-carb where hunger is minimized. I’ve been more successful at dropping weight than i ever was on any low-cal diet. but don’t let me ruin your fun. go ahead and mock the poor girl.

      [Heartiste: The major issue — the venal sin, if you will — is not the shift to empty carb bad calories that has occurred in western nations. It’s the delusion that fatness is OK, even sexy, and those who say otherwise are evil people to be shunned to the outer wastelands of the PC mirror funhouse. Fat apologists are the true evil, bringing their message of ugliness and loserness and phony self-esteem assuaging to all who are weak in the face of temptation and liable to actually heed that message, thus making the world an uglier place by the day.
      It is those messengers of malignancy who earn the full brunt of my righteous wrath.]


      • Jesus. “We’ve been lied to” — by who? Nobody every says eating too much won’t make you fat. Or are you trying to blame restaurants and groceries for making you eat too damned much?

        Forget this week’s fad diet. It’s not what you eat, it’s how much you fucking eat, and how little fucking exercise you get. Put down the pint of Ben&Jerry’s and go take a fucking walk.

        Develop some god-damned self-control, and self-respect. Take responsibility for yourself and stop looking for an excuse to claim victimhood.


      • all i can say is read the book. “gc,bc” is very dense so “why we…”is better if you don’t have much time. of course self control is important, but when being faced with soul-deep hunger on a low-cal diet is a constant, you won’t take it for long. given freedom to eat meat, eggs, fish certain vegetables to fullness is easily tolerated in comparison. when you’re satiated that cupcake doesn’t have the same power over you.

        taubes even claims that exercise, while desirable, is counterproductive to weight loss; you’ll just develop a bigger appetite.

        as for blaming the food industry-yes, i do in part. high fructose corn syrup and sugar is in everything. it’s almost inescapable unless you read the labels. i believe it’s no accident that taubes’ premise hasn’t been rigorously tested. possibly the money isn’t there to do it because the findings might inconvenience conagra. the food pyramid? what a load.

        don’t get me started on the busiesses advertising crap food to children.

        [Heartiste: I agree that the food industry and government are worthy of some blame. But my target designator is not limited in scope, and it is happiest when zeroing in on the juiciest, most loudmouthed, most hypocritical enemy encampments.]


      • I don’t know about these guys, but that white whale’s blubber bombs are making me hungry!


      • Ω beckons.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 4:48 pm drunicusequus

        I think Carolyn is correct – obesity skyrocketed along with the trend towards low fat (ie, high sugar/high starch) diets.
        I personally lost 40 lbs with low Carb dieting and weight training. My game (& the rest of my alpha traits – confidence, leadership, career success) skyrocketed up accordingly.
        Twasn’t easy – carbs can be mighty tasty – but nowhere near as satisfying as higher energy levels, a clear head, and pretty girlfriends.


      • true

        but here again it’s short term reward (carbs = sugar rush = addiction) vs a “deferred” long term reward

        whitey’s been gorging on grains for millennia

        women like th’above are of a race predisposed to plumpness ; no amount of desserts makes tits balloon like that, it is a racial construct lolzozlz

        go to scotland if you don’t believe me

        these women have been fat forever; it won’t do to elide two clearly distinct breeds of fatty — the american porker that is often entirely the result of gorging and laziness, and the racial plumper who is born to it

        in between are american girls mostly who are just dumpy cigarette-smokers and the like


      • why would you listen to what the food industry is telling you? their priority is making money, not making people healthy. it is not in their best interest to tell you the truth. this is like men asking for dating advice from women. we all know how well that works out.

        as for the government…not to worry, osamacare will make everyone healthy.


      • ‘…it’s not in their best interest to tell you the truth’

        exactly. so why aren’t they prosecuted for false advertising?

        even their lackeys in the usda aren’t interested. the whole bunch are in thrall to the industry instead of doing their jobs to at least slow down the ongoing assault on the public health.


      • “taubes even claims that exercise, while desirable, is counterproductive to weight loss; you’ll just develop a bigger appetite”

        Bigger appetite. So what?
        He’s full of shit. Did you ever see a picture of a FAT farmer from the late 1800′, early 1900’s?
        They ate like hogs. But when you are pushing/guiding a plow while walking behind a mule all day, you tend to burn it off.
        Eat what you want. Just move around. The problem is, people do all the wrong excersises. 40 minutes on a cardio machine 3 times a week isn’t enough. Stack a field of hay bales.
        If you feel that you must use a cardio machine, don’t walk on it, pull the fucker around the gym 5 times.


      • Neither is correct.

        Exercise will spike appetite and so may become counterproductive.

        But, purely from a mathematical perspective, it is much easier to lose by extreme dieting than the infinitesimally slow burning of 100 or so cals per HOUR of hard cardio.

        Stack a field of hay bales.

        Tough advice. Unfortunately just 1 or 2% of the population works on farms, so such advice is worthless; farming gals didn’t go out once or twice a week for some hard work, they were at every day from childhood.

        We’re trapped in our circumstances. More effort ought to be put into dieting than exercise, unless it comes easily to one. Starving a little works and should be the ultimate goal of the paleo diet, in which a variety and ready supply of food was not available.

        Don’t listen to the reformed purgers who say otherwise. They’re just fatties who succumbed again to their love for venti chai lattes and muffins every three hours.


      • It’s their hamster. It tells them to hamster, instead of something that will actually work.


      • You don’t need to literally “stack bales”… get a job in a warehouse or on a construction site, that might do the trick.


      • Right, if you want to lose weight you have to end the day with a calorie deficit.


      • I took nutrition and food science in college, thinking it was going to be an easy jerk off elective that I needed and would breeze by it. Actually it was a true science course, and I was only able to cheat on a few assignments, I actually had to study a little bit. Anyways…I learned one very important principal above any other diet horse shit exercise plans blah blah blah.

        Per Day:
        Caloric Intake vs. Caloric Expenditure.


        For example those pretty young 18yr hotties that come in freshmen year in the fall with flat stomachs, only to go home at winter break with a pudgy little belly and muffin top…”the freshmen 15.” Ya know the soccer champ or volleyball girl from high school that then comes to college and trades that sport for guzzlig cheap booz and beer, swallowing tablespoons of DNA from frat guy assholes like me, and eating late night pizza…etc.

        Genetics play some role. But at the end of the day, if you’re sitting on your fat ass and not exercising and eating more calories then expending, your body will store these extra cals as fat.

        1) Diet
        2) Exercise
        3) Shut the fuck up


      • “Soul-deep hunger” is a phrase appropriate to a denizen of Treblinka and not to your fat ass sitting in front of the fridge.


      • show a little respect. i’m probably old enough to be your mother. (oh what’s the use. nobody takes the concept seriously in this forum.)

        soul deep hunger is exactly what i experienced on the many semi-starvation diets i went on let me tell you. ultimately fruitlessly, as i’d drop some weight but later put it back on. when i started DREAMING about food in my sleep (like my mom in WW2 antwerp experienced as she told me), i’d know it was all over.

        the low carb route was a complete eye-opener. how to diet successfully and have only moderate, tolerable hunger.

        there’s an unseemly eagerness here in the midst of an obesity epidemic to blame obesity solely on the sufferer. there was much less obesity 100 years ago. does anyone really believe that the american moral character declined enough in that time to account for it?


      • I think the American diet is laden with hidden fats, salts, and sugars. Much of the sodium is due to artificial preservatives. German food is also very rich. Germans don’t like margarin for instance and use real butter almost exclusively. Whole Foods or Wegmans makes it to about the 85% point in being able to match European food quality of an average mega store like Real or in France Rond Point. However, European food doesn’t produce the same number of obese people. I think the biggest difference is our car centered lives here. We have no system paved walking paths (really tractor roads and secondary defense road network). Throughout the country that lets you avoid cars. People here don’t walk enough in their daily lives to compensate for the food we eat. Another thing that amazed me on returning to the US was seeing how many people actually look forward to fast food. We have dozens of these places here. All full of grease and preservatives. A cart full of fruit and vegetables costs far less than an equivalent volume of processed foods. Learn to cook from scratch again. Use that pool in your apartment complex. I bought a pool with my house this time and will never go back. I love it. But you have to swim. Floating around doesn’t count. You can pull your wife’s bikini bottoms down and all kinds of fun stuff, but I digress. Better diet, food a few steps closer to nature and moderate exercise will go a long way to keeping one fit. You will never become 100 pounds overweight that way. And you can still enjoy food.


      • @Trimegistus

        Even though they are to blame for overeating (the fat chicks) you american diet is simply crap. I bet my food weighs more (in kilograms) than most fat people meals, the difference lies in that I don´t eat icecream, french fries, hamburguer, doritos, et al, my food is basically vegetables and meat from any source (cow, fish, etc).

        Even if you eat “low amounts” of the industrialized crap your body will be damaged beyond repair in the long run buddy. Just look at your ancestors, they ate bacon and all that animal fat stuff and still they were a lot fitter and Stronger than most people today, even those who exercise at gyms.


      • One doesn’t even need to go that far – go Harvard Pyramid or Mediterranean with whole grain carbs replacing processed carbs and the results are nothing short of stunning.


      • This is only a problem in the Anglosphere. Why is that? You just don’t see many grossly overweight women in Europe. They exist, but are very rare, less than 1%.


      • Your entire post blames someone else for your decisions to eat shit.

        Typical woman


    • on October 5, 2011 at 3:32 pm Dr. Grzlickson

      “some guys will just fuck anything that moves”

      Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet?


  23. Fat bitch should have done the guy a favor and tied the end of that cravat to the highest branch of the nearest tree … better death by hanging than a life with that sow.


  24. I guess she’s pulling him back after he started walking towards the water to drown himself?


  25. on October 5, 2011 at 12:18 pm The Real Vince

    Eastern European? I thought they looked British.


  26. on October 5, 2011 at 12:21 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    secret secert i;ve got a secret! lzozlzl

    womenz are given a valuable assett to invest–their looks lzozllzozozo

    if they were wise, they would invest their looks into a man with honor character integrity goodness nicesness lzozozlz

    but ’tis women’s nature to invest their assetts in getting assocked by as many men as possible lzozozo

    and so they squander their welath and end up with sore anuthes instaed of fmailies and being a mother and grandmother and honored and loved with the stoyr of the biblical grek homer’s penelope loved and honored lzozozozol

    what i am saying if that a woman sees

    a nice guy/family/motherhood/honor over here

    and a big pile of

    assocking over there

    she is gonna run towards the assocking going weeeee weeeee wehheehhew w wheeeeeeee assockock me! asock me! Assockckka meee!!! bernankify me through my buttholeioloiol!!! weeee!!

    then after they put on figfty b pounds they go on teh marriage market like the picture above.

    and some beta gottta buy da meatloaf a ring zlzozzllzl

    which is how the neocons want it in their fiat butthexing matrix lzozzzoo

    and so they egts it buttehxhualluhah!


    • GBFM nails woman again:

      “what i am saying if that a woman sees

      a nice guy/family/motherhood/honor over here

      and a big pile of

      assocking over there

      she is gonna run towards the assocking going weeeee weeeee wehheehhew w wheeeeeeee assockock me! asock me! Assockckka meee!!! bernankify me through my buttholeioloiol!!! weeee!!”


      • Nailed it again. The voice I hear your writing in could be best described as a man trying to bring truth to the world in the gap between 2 radio stations on the FM dial.


  27. on October 5, 2011 at 12:23 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    i bet these monkeys scoree mor ethan all the bae beats betas combined lzozzlzllz


  28. Update from Asia:

    In Seoul, a city where women acquire social status through beauty almost exclusively, being thin and/or sexily voluptuous is a massive industry and a social norm. Fat women are deeply shamed all the time; resumes require photos on applications and it’s absolutely acceptable to deny or give any job to someone based on any fact of appearance you deem relevant.

    Recently, there have been numerous “fat acceptance” movements: “this is beautiful”, etc. A lot of it is complaints from “marginalized” (heh – word translates well) women.

    But the majority, vast majority, all of them non-fat, and quite proud of the fact, have none of it. You still hear the typical “Oh, bastard is dating some skinny little Korean girl” from foreign women here – but there’s no more of the self-indulgent self-righteousness you get in the West from these same women. The fact of the matter is that local women are, far and away, more attractive than almost every foreign woman here. The ugly ones, the ones Koreans don’t give a second glance, are hot by Western standards by the mere fact of not being fat.

    But the fat normalization movement is hitting Korean traditional morality hard. It’s amusing to watch:

    It’s like a big, squishy fat-filled plastic bag smacking into a brick wall at 50 miles an hour. It stretches for a bit, and you can hear the whining of the plastic as it tries to absorb the shock, and then the bag bursts open like a massive blast of stretched cellulite as dreams of social acceptance slowly drain away like globs of fat dripping down a brick wall, slurping quietly to the floor like so much formless sludge.


    • I can attest this is all very true.

      Korean women are harsh. Very cold at times. But many are absolutely smoking hot.

      “It’s like a big, squishy fat-filled plastic bag smacking into a brick wall at 50 miles an hour. It stretches for a bit, and you can hear the whining of the plastic as it tries to absorb the shock, and then the bag bursts open like a massive blast of stretched cellulite as dreams of social acceptance slowly drain away like globs of fat dripping down a brick wall, slurping quietly to the floor like so much formless sludge.”

      This reminded me of fight club for some reason… great comment G.


    • Damn, what an image!


  29. At my husbands work, they have Europeans come work here in the States from time to time. One such man spent Saturday with my husband. He told him that he has noticed that a full 1% of American women are attractive. The other 99% are either too fat or simply have so little care for their appearance it renders them unattractive. Is it truly that bad our there?


    • on October 5, 2011 at 2:56 pm driveallnight

      It is that bad. I spend months each year (as many as I can get away with, natch) in latin america and asia, and the wall of overweight, aesthetically unmaintained american swpls I stumble into upon returning through LAX or SFO just about flattens me every time.


    • Did the wise European ever walk around Portland, Seattle, DC or South Beach for ten minutes on a sunny day? does he understand that cities draw in vast quantities of the most attractive specimens with its promises of prestige, wealth and diversion? There’s no Wal-Mart on Madison Ave. The chicks there don’t waddle.

      I saw a French girl the size of my Ukrainian uncle, with something like GGG chest-cannons, stuffing her face with a “royale wit cheese” outside Paris that nearly voided my own lunch of McWraps and a Sprite. There are real beasts in Europe. This is a trick of perspective that has more to do with class and place than some critical mass of fatties. No doubt we have more, but the Europe of famine and delicacy is dead.

      [Heartiste: Europe is following America’s lead, as usual. This time, it’s straight down the belly thick road. Studies show pretty conclusively that Europeans in general, and Brits in particular, are getting fatter. Female fatness, besides being a total boner killer, is probably the most outward sign of a civilization’s impending collapse.]


      • Heh, he moved from Zurich. It is not Paris, but it is a fashion mecca and there are lots of beautiful women. he’s only been here a couple of weeks but he did find a place in the city. But compared to Zurich, the level of attractiveness will be lacking.


      • Heartiste,

        My husband has to travel to Switzerland once a year. Anecdotally, there are more fat women each time he goes. He laments when he returns home.


      • Swiss women are only average in Europe, about like Germans. Its not the same as Italy or Ukraine for lovely women. Zurich is close to my German house, about 70 minutes drive. I was disappointed with the ladies there myself, but the average was still far better than the equivalent US average.


      • “Female fatness, besides being a total boner killer, is probably the most outward sign of a civilization’s impending collapse.”

        hahaha, I would agree.

        Fat chicks = end is near.


      • With regard to Europe; Southeast of the alpsl is fine,. Northwest, on the other hand, is a lost cause.


      • Scandinavians are the real shocker (if you believe in the all mighty benevolent power of the welfare state). I was in downtown DC and saw a group of teenagers being lead by teachers in a tour group who I could not quite place. They were generally over weight but not American mid-west over weight – more Canadian except it was evenly distributed between guys and chicks as opposed to guys being in rather good shape in Canada. When they opened their mouths they were speaking Danish. What’s the point in paying 70% effective tax rate when you end up with fat chicks anyway?


      • It has become worse in Europe, but its still nowhere near as bad as in the Anglosphere. The percentage increase is from a very low number in the first place.


    • I’ll just note that the ugly people in the horrendous photo that opens this post are all, very clearly, British


    • It’s nowhere near that bad in Manhattan, no. Well the white majority of Manhattan that is.

      In fact the large majority of white or Asian girls here aren’t fat, and lots are attractive.


    • Yes. I lived in Germany for 23 years. It became such a truism for me, that I stopped even noticing this difference. I just focused on European women. German women eat normally too. German food is also pretty rich, but still almost no fatties.


  30. I understand the concept that modern feminism is the root of this ‘fat is okay’ behavior, but I just struggle how humans are letting it cultivate from an evolutionary perspective. Right now, being fat should set off alarm bells as far as passing on your genes, because it’s an incredible detriment. Being fat should be, if not scorned, at least actively looked down upon. Because if you’re fat and you think it’s okay, it’s reasonable to assume that there’s something wrong with your brain or your genetics that’s telling you so, right?


    • Humans, like other eusocial species, are evolved to follow the strongest or most present social lead. The strongest lead today, Greater Judaea, 2011, is a narrative that, among other lies, pushes extreme self-affirmation no matter one’s flaws or irrelevance. Fatties follow the lead. Everyone wants validation, and everyone will move toward it by the shortest path. These are women who lack the determination and often the genetics to ever be thin — so deferring ego gratification is impossible, and the narrative provides them with a ready substitute in the effusive altruistic mirroring available through social networking and television. This is ultimately to more concretely align a demographic behind the metanarrative designed to cancel the dominance of males of the native element in this country. QED per the photo.

      There is nothing wrong with their brains, despite the shallowness and juvenility. What’s wrong are the people who have released these notions into the ideosphere to be absorbed and mirrored by cake-eating proles who really hate themselves and are looking for a way out.


  31. What pisses me off the most is not that fat women proclaim that fat is sexy but hot good looking women saying the same. A lady friend of mine, slim and very attractive, poured this BS on my ears for quite some time. Yet, when we go out to eat you can clearly see how she watches every damn morsel that comes to her mouth and pays close attention to caloric intake and all that. And you can bet she enjoys ice cream or cheese cake like everyone else but she abstains because, obviously she knows the value of her attractiveness.

    The fat is sexy argument comes, I think, from evolution when people needed to rationalize somehow things outside their control. If you can’t protect from lightning might as well believe it comes from Gods and pray to them. Same way, if you think you will be fat forever might as well believe that it is sexy and what men want. You can bring tons of facts to the contrary, until the person believes she/he can lose weight, that person will still believe in the fantasy as a protective mental mechanism

    [Heartiste: It makes sense from a Darwinian perspective for a hot slender babe to boost a fat chick’s ego and keep her mired in the fatness of her life. Less competition for primo males.]


    • on the same note, another woman I know (obese) she claims her being single is a personal choice…The stronger she claims that’s what she wants the more I am convinced of the contrary and that embracing loneliness is really a mental protective mechanism…


      • Well it’s a choice in that she chooses to be single opposed to facing the harsh truth that trying to lose weight is the only way she can get males with the value she wants.

        But then again I think being fat is mostly a choice.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 4:56 pm drunicusequus

        Mostly. It is very hard to lose that much weight – exercise is difficult, and their huge bodies keep squealing “feed me! Feed me more!”
        But it can be done, a la “biggest loser” style, in a year or two – low Carb, high protein diets, tons of exercise.
        But, realistically, most won’t work that hard. Most will simply expand until they implode in a sugary, syrupy eruption of piggy-fat sludge.


      • The hell of it is, it takes work to become a lard ass too. Feeling miserable because you never exercise is not pleasant, nor is stuffing your face until you’re physically uncomfortable.


    • Same reason why women coo over short, bob haircuts and call them “cute”. Its pure sabotage that need not even be conscious. Every time I was involved with a girl who fell for this, I’d count the times women would comment on it. Never do they say a thing about long hair. Men’s long hair would go against them in battle(Plutarch) . Women on the other hand simulate poor health rather nicely by chopping it. So surely women have no problem with fat women which is the female analog of “men look best when they cut their dick off.”

      [Heartiste: There’s this scene in Californication where one of the male characters — an older guy who is Hank’s writer competition and former lover of Hank’s gf — tucks his junk in between his legs and does a flamboyantly girlish dance routine. The girl I was watching this with cringed and said that was the most unattractive thing she’d ever seen a man do. I gathered she hadn’t watched Silence of the Lambs.]


      • “tucks his junk in between his legs and does a flamboyantly girlish dance routine. The girl I was watching this with cringed”

        Pamela Anderson had the same reaction with tommy lee in their sextape.


      • One of my favorite scenes. That was also the first time I heard the term “mangina”.


      • It called tuck, pull, and pose.


  32. I hate fatties as well, but when I see them in the gym trying to be less of a disgusting lardass I hate them slightly less.

    [Heartiste: Right. I don’t give fatties who are trying to improve themselves a hard time. Just the opposite; I’ll give them encouragement. But not too much. You don’t want them to give up on their goals before they reach the BMI 19 finish line.]


    • I have respect for anyone who makes the effort to better themselves. No matter how far away they are from results, as long as they steadily plug away making changes, they’ve earned my respect. What I can’t abide by are those who challenge the very perception of beauty as a way to deflect the need to get in shape. It is an attempt to make it the man’s fault. “We are not ugly, you are just seeing us wrong, through those male-chauvinist glasses of yours.”. Of course these same women don’t hesitate to call guys “losers” for all kinds of issues that are difficult to control.

      Fatties also have a problem of unreasonable standards. I don’t think I’ve ever met a fat chick who was not convinced that she was still entitled to a 99-point checklist and a man every bit as desirable as what her younger, thinner self would have bagged.

      Another thing – never, ever make the mistake of committing to an overweight woman in hopes that she’ll change. She will tell you that she’s on a diet and losing the weight, when you first meet. Later, after she feels she’s hooked you sufficiently, that pretense will fly out the window. After you get tired of it and bring it up, she will use that as a reason to lash out at you and claim that you do not love her for who she is. And that is the beginning of the end.

      The only way to get a fat woman into the gym is to break up with her or don’t date her. Working out and being in shape is hard work, and women don’t have the drive for it without powerful incentives.

      Look at all the fat women at the gym and do an informal poll – see how many have wedding rings. Dollars to doughnuts, most of them are newly single and only went to the gym to try and land a new sucker after the last one dumped them.


      • I only WISH that fatso wives were being dumped by their beta hubbies,but I fear its quite the opposite:Hubby puts up with the increasingly hippo-like wives until the wives get sick of him,and dump HIM. THEN they go to the gym…


      • I had a mate whose wife (de facto, I think) suddenly started losing weight. I knew right away that she was fixing to leave. Wish I had said something.


      • Funny how that works. Baby’s on the road again, wearing brand new clothes again….


      • on October 5, 2011 at 3:26 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        “Fatties also have a problem of unreasonable standards. I don’t think I’ve ever met a fat chick who was not convinced that she was still entitled to a 99-point checklist and a man every bit as desirable as what her younger, thinner self would have bagged.”

        I’ve been going through online dating Web site profiles and this statement is DEFINITELY true. It’s disturbing and doesn’t bode well for the country that seriously obese women will put out profiles demanding men be a certain height and weight. WTF?

        [Heartiste: My take on what’s going on: When you have such horribly low SMV that most men find you repulsive, it makes a certain amount of self-gratifying sense to carelessly throw realistic expectations out the window and feed (heh) your ego as a dopaminergic substitute.]


      • 99 point checklists are female anti-game. They use them to avoid commitment.


      • There’s not enough neurochemical payoff for a woman in admitting the truth to herself if the choice is between that and easy self-affirmation. Given that choice, which may be thought of as a false consciousness imposed/reinforced from above (media), and laterally (other women), the woman becomes alienated from true acceptance of herself as a relational being and enters the narrow straits of denial. Neurochemically this almost resembles the pathway of cigarette addiction: cheap self-affirmation gives quick temporary rewards necessitated only by the presence of the toxin — the subnarrative itself.


      • I call this phenomenon pre-emptive rejection.


  33. Damn, I swear that’s Gene Simmon’s of Kiss. Good gawd, this guy has everything going for him still and what does he do? Chump himself to an aging Shannon Tweed. And she manipulates the hell out of him.

    Anytime any woman gets a man into some sort of counseling, she’s basically made him surrender. Poor guy.


  34. de-souled

    The master himself, who is clearly back in charge these days, adopting a meme from GBFM! Interesting. Though in GBFM’s rants, it’s always women who have been desouled by the fiat masters et al, not SWPL males. I guess the (correct) idea is the feminist/androgynizing deracination of traditional cultural sex roles cuts both ways.


  35. Until this blog, I never realized just how beta it is for a guy to “mug” at a camera….


    • I’ve come to recognize that “mug” over the years to mean something along the lines of “I really do not want to be doing this, it’s God awful, but this is what’s expected of me so I will go along.” I always feel bad seeing a guy with that look on his face. He is usually standing next to his wife or gf while wearing it.

      [Heartiste: According to conventional feminist wisdom, women supposedly have superior skills at accurately reading facial expressions. Yet, oddly, they are blind to the dead man walking look that is so common on the faces of men shackled to nags, fatties and has-beens, oftentimes mistaking it for a look of sheer delight and happiness.
      There is no force in the cosmos more powerful than the delusion spinning hamster of a woman’s brain.]


      • I’ve seen the look and I want to slap the woman next to him for giving it to him and then slap him for staying with her and putting up with it. Now, before any one jumps down my throat for wanting to slap him, I know why he is the way he is and I understand it. But I don’t have to like it.

        However, I did not think it was feminist thinking that women are better at it, but shown in some studies that the part of the brain that reads facial expressions is larger in the female brain. Has this been debunked? Purely anecdotally, it seems mostly true.


      • Women have absolutely remarkable self delusion capabilities, especially when it is in their selfish best interest to be so.


  36. He can do better.


  37. […] so many things that are wrong witht his picture. The way the guy is dressed is just as awful as everything else. No one’s […]


  38. [Heartiste: The major issue — the venal sin, if you will — is not the shift to empty carb bad calories that has occurred in western nations. It’s the delusion that fatness is OK, even sexy, and those who say otherwise are evil people to be shunned to the outer wastelands of the PC mirror funhouse. Fat apologists are the true evil, bringing their message of ugliness and loserness and phony self-esteem assuaging to all who are weak in the face of temptation and liable to actually heed that message, thus making the world an uglier place by the day.
    It is those messengers of malignancy who earn the full brunt of my righteous wrath.]

    I feel the same way about the beta acceptance movement.


  39. Well, if this kid lived in Mexico at least he’d have a escape clause in two years:


  40. on October 5, 2011 at 1:55 pm FairNBalanced

    The clear parallels between the thinking on this blog and feminist thought would be hilarious if they weren’t such a stark insight into the depravity that is in human nature.

    Both sides here believe everyone is basically the same. Feminists believe that men who don’t like fat chicks are misogynistic oppressors who could (presumably) change their preferences but refuse to in order to propagate the patriarchy. CH believes that all men value the exact same things he values in women, which I’ve gathered are flat stomachs, moderate-sized breasts, and slightly-bigger-than-standard-white-chick asses. Both sides are obviously wrong. Some men are, for example, ass men and want a particular kind of ass with less concern as to what it’s attached to. Some men only care about a woman having a flat stomach and care a lot less about the rest of her. Some guys care a lot about face. Some don’t.

    There’s pretty good evidence that a non-negligible part of the male world does not share CH’s views on the importance of a flat stomach. This disconnect probably explains why this is issue generates so much vitriol around these parts – not a lot of posts on how important it is for a woman to have a symmetric face or most of her teeth, because no one would disagree on those. But from what I recall, 20% of readership here liked that 200+ lb porn star you posted a while back, and closer to 50% would tap that at least once. Fat acceptance basically recognizes that more dudes would be nailing and marrying fat chicks if it were socially acceptable. CH reasonably realizes this would probably lead to more fat chicks, and justifiably opposes it out of self-interest, because there are probably already a lot more fat chicks than men who find fat chicks appealing.

    Interestingly, black men, perhaps the most naturally alpha subgroup of men, tend to favor heavier women. How would you explain that? Yes, if you look at a lot of the very hottest of them, they do have pretty small waists, but looking more broadly, black guys appear to care more about T&A than about flat stomachs, unlike many white guys. Perhaps because black women tend to carry extra weight better, on average, than white chicks.

    Of course, most fat chicks aren’t hot. Particularly older ones. Just as, unsurprisingly, most women aren’t that hot. Particularly, surprise surprise, older ones. For your typical woman, the existence of attractive plus-sized models does her no more good than the existence of attractive supermodels: she isn’t either of them. But this idea that every man looks for the same things in a woman is patently false.

    Also, I’m curious: women who run away from their husbands to live in sin with convicts obviously show deep, profound insight into the psychology of all women. When some dude marries a land whale, what insight does that give us into the psychology of all men?


    • My theory is that there are two types of people in this world: those who will keep fighting until they get what they want, and those who are too weak and lazy to do that. The latter group takes whatever “good enough” comes their way. They deal with the disappointment through false rationalizations. This describes the vast majority of people in any society, especially the pussified West.

      The truth is that all things being equal, no one prefers an overweight woman except a tiny number of fetishists. But all things are not equal. Some men are broke losers, omegas, thugs, or otherwise low SMV, and these are the guys who commit to fat women.

      Every one of them, if you get them alone and ply them with a few drinks, will reveal that they are not turned on by their fat wife but they have myriad lame reasons to stay with her.

      Most guys will bang a fat woman once in a while just for the sex, but that says nothing at all about her attractiveness, it merely says she was an available wet hole.

      Black guys go for fugly fatties for two reasons:
      Their own women are such lard asses that they have become conditioned to accept it, and dating a white woman is so important to them that they’ll take a disgusting land whale just cause she’s white.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 4:52 pm FairNBalanced

        This is what we call circular reasoning. You don’t offer actual counterevidence, you just say that if you were to go look for it, it would totally confirm your own position.

        First of all, black rappers and NFL players could have goddamn near any woman they wanted, and they still pick women with considerably higher BMI’s than are approved of around here.

        Second, I’d take that girl in that facebook post people were linking earlier over any number of plain-looking white chicks who have nothing going for them other than their narrow waists. I don’t prefer a woman with a BMI of 35 over a woman with a BMI of 19, but I do generally prefer a 26 over a 19. I unequivocally prefer a 26 over a 17. I definitely have options, though obviously as an anonymous poster on the internet there’s no real way for me to prove that.

        Look around the internet and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of stories of dudes who are still into their wives, even though they’re bigger when they got married. You’ll also find plenty of stories about dudes who dumped their fat wives on their asses ’cause they couldn’t stand looking at them. This suggests that both worldviews exist, not that your personal view is shared in common by every single man. So you’re almost guaranteed to be wrong about “every single one,” but no doubt right about a large number of men.

        Also note that since you’ve helped to establish that it’s low-status for men to like fat chicks, how honest are dude’s going to be? If you surveyed men on how many like a finger slipped up their ass during a blowjob, and then asked their girlfriends the same thing, think there might be a difference? It’s a similar problem.

        Think about it this way: how interested would you be in having sex with a big hairy dude? Do you think gay men are all faking it? Do you think women also share your tastes? Many men no doubt share your perspective, but many don’t. Pretending it must be otherwise doesn’t change that fact.


    • This is wreaking of female POV and FA, hairy armpit butyric acid. Some things come with a choice of sauce, but no one wants a shit kabob. Nature hedges with a few idiots in case of a gas line leak at university , but she’s generally selective for the best. Africans are certainly adapted to look for characteristics adapted to survival in their environment, just like men in temperate zones are adapted for theirs. However it fits the general rule of adaptivity . A flat stomach is just that much more of a stress relief of the woman-with-child’s circulatory system to be an advantage. In subsistence situations and constant migrations, fat stored in the middle is gaining efficiencies in that context, hence the difference.


      • I don’t know what you just said, but I’m keeping this one as an elegant summation of the critique of multiracialism:

        “Some things come with a choice of sauce, but no one wants a shit kabob.”


    • Your argument is mostly vapid, but here it goes anyway:

      “There’s pretty good evidence that a non-negligible part of the male world does not share CH’s views on the importance of a flat stomach.

      Please present this evidence. Here is evidence for dudes not liking fatties(hint: it decreases fertility)

      From the study:
      There are clear advantages to using BMI as a basis for mate selection: BMI is closely correlated with health and fertility. In a recent cohort study, 115195 women were followed over a period of 16 years. The lowest mortality rate (for all causes) was associated with BMIs close to 19 (Manson et al. 1995). Although representing the `normal’ range as declined by Bray (1978), women whose BMI fell between 19.0 and 24.9 had a 20% increase in relative risk of mortality. At still higher values of BMI, relative risk of mortality accelerated considerably: 33% increase in relative risk for BMIs of 25.0^26.9; 60% increase in relative risk for BMIs of 27.0^28.9 and over 100% increase in relative risk for BMIs of 29^32. A high BMI also has a negative impact on fertility. Put together, the evidence suggests that the balance between the optimal BMI for health and fertility is struck at around a value of 18^19, which, in this study, is also the preferred BMI for attractiveness.

      “not a lot of posts on how important it is for a woman to have a symmetric face

      Because they were born with a crooked face and cannot change it short of drastic surgery. However a fatty can become slim by not inhaling cookies and hitting the stair-master. No sense berating an asymmetrical women. She just got unlucky.

      “But from what I recall, 20% of readership here liked that 200+ lb porn star you posted a while back, and closer to 50% would tap that at least once.

      Selection bias. Do you think that fact that she was a PORN STAR had anything to do with that?

      “Fat acceptance basically recognizes that more dudes would be nailing and marrying fat chicks if it were socially acceptable.”

      Manginas will marry what they can get. Fat acceptance merely alleviates people of personal responsibility and rationalizes their shitty and dangerous life choices(being fat is fucking terrible for your health). Much easier to rationalize things away than hit the treadmill.

      If you get anything from the study I posted above, it should be that being fat negatively effects fertility. It is well accepted that women are most sexy when their fertility is at its peak. We can then argue that women are hottest at a 18-19 BMI.

      “interestingly, black men, perhaps the most naturally alpha subgroup of men, tend to favor heavier women. How would you explain that?

      Favor? Or has necessity become a virtue?

      Who do rich and successful black men date?

      “But this idea that every man looks for the same things in a woman is patently false.

      Straw man.

      “Also, I’m curious: women who run away from their husbands to live in sin with convicts obviously show deep, profound insight into the psychology of all women. When some dude marries a land whale, what insight does that give us into the psychology of all men?”

      That most men aren’t alphas.


      • Dan Fletcher = 1
        FairNBalanced = -9999

        FairNBalanced, you got owned buddy.

        “But this idea that every man looks for the same things in a woman is patently false.”

        I understand the argument you are trying to introduce with the representation of peculiar fetishes of men; not every single existing man will 100% agree on what the exact most attractive attributes of a woman should be. You’re splitting hairs.

        It is in the aggregate where CH is correct.

        BMI 26? I see you like a little FUPA on you’re women…(Fat Upper Pussy Area)

        [Heartiste: Strawmen and false equivalencies are all the haters have left in their quivers.]


    • You make the mistake of assuming that these men would tap it given a choice between the whale or the mermaid especially if they are expected to be exclusively faithful to one or the other for the remainder of their natural born days . If there is no mermaid, then the whale will have to do. Most men will have sex with a fat girl once or even a few times. Few have a strong preference for it. Art throughout history has strongly tended towards an hourglass shape for women. Only in borderline starving neolithic societies does one see fat worship.

      A young man considering marriage thinks this is the last woman I’m supposed to have sex with. I know I’m going to get bored with sex, so it had best be the most beautiful woman I can find. Sex with a beautiful woman is still better than sex with one less attractive, if their skills are roughlly equal. I gaze at my wife’s body in awe every day. Her beauty makes her a precious treasure for me. When we are old, I will look into her eyes and see the young beautiful woman I married. I would be settling and telling myself I was happy with it under any other circumstances now that I have tasted this fruit. Men who marry women who then gain 100 pounds are angry for good reason. They were robbed.


  41. I find it hard to believe that the Chateau opted to post about this photo in favor of this truly grotesque display that’s gone viral in the manosphere:


    • so….this is your example of a grotesque fattie? gee, you’re harsh. and childish. and cruel. oh look, the bride’s so big she broke the dock! aha hahahaha ha.

      [Heartiste: I laughed.]

      true, white doesn’t become someone who could stand to lose 25 lbs, as i think she could.

      [Closer to 50 than 25.]

      other than that….dress her up like her bridesmaids and she’d look ok.

      [Nope. The white isn’t what’s making her look fat. It’s the fat that makes her look fat.]

      she does have a pretty face.

      [Hiding somewhere underneath mounds of blubber. btw, “she has a pretty face” is the mewling fatty equivalent of “she’s got big tits”. it’s transparent code that lets the male listener know he’s about to be introduced to a landwhale of anthropological significance.]

      a discernable waist too.

      [Damn right it’s discernable… from outer space! ha haaw!]

      maybe because she is truly large-framed rather than flabby.

      [“But I’m big-boned, dammit!”]

      sure, not an ideal bmi,

      [“not ideal” is the fat apologist euphemism for “so far from ideal as to establish a new pathology”.]

      but someone will find her appealing,

      [“There’s someone for everyone” is the fatty generation’s worst lie. The truth: many, MANY people go to their miserable graves having never been loved by anyone.]

      the groom apparently did.

      [Pump the groom full of 6,000 cc’s of alpha juice and watch in wonder as his standards skyrocket and he dumps his fat bride faster than she can lift the cake to her porcine maw.]

      and from the video he seems to be having a good time.

      [I’ve read that auschwitz prisoners would concoct elaborate mental games to bring some levity to their awful predicaments.]

      so this has gone viral ‘cos someone in the party mistakenly thought to put it up so as to amuse her buddies and families.

      [Some humor writes itself.]

      everyone smiling, breaking out the beer after the mishap, just having fun.

      [If you can’t laugh at a fat chick fracturing the ground upon which she stands, what can you laugh at?]

      but no, she is to be mocked by strangers.

      [Welcome to the jungle. ps: she deserves the mocking. did you hear her nasty, princess attitude? Hint: If you’re gonna act like a princess, it helps to actually be a princess.]

      sometimes i can’t stand visiting here, but must make reconnaissance trips in order to formulate advice for my sons.

      [Tell them to cultivate an air of unstoppable confidence so that they will never feel like they have to settle for a fatty.]

      AND daughters

      [Tell them to stay thin and feminine.


      • No, it went viral because she called her brand spanking new husband an idiot on their wedding day and made him towel off her legs like the princess she thinks she is. And he sheepishly did it. Her falling in the lake is just funny.

        She is somewhat pretty and could be quite pretty thinner. However, any woman who calls her husband an idiot, any time, let alone on their wedding day deserve the ridicule she gets. She even goes so far as to tell the bridesmaids to not worry about how they look. She’s over it and they don’t need to look good for her any more. All she is concerned about is herself.


      • Stingray:

        She is somewhat pretty and could be quite pretty thinner. However, any woman who calls her husband an idiot, any time, let alone on their wedding day deserve the ridicule she gets. She even goes so far as to tell the bridesmaids to not worry about how they look. She’s over it and they don’t need to look good for her any more. All she is concerned about is herself.

        Of course Carolyn chooses to overlook this ugly behavior on the part of o one of her ‘sistas’…


      • carolyn:
        so….this is your example of a grotesque fattie? gee, you’re harsh. and childish. and cruel. oh look, the bride’s so big she broke the dock! aha hahahaha ha.

        Well, certainly her rather um ‘ample’ friends contributed to the dock’s sinking.


      • damn I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks (at the ed)


      • I like it when H gets all fisky like that.


      • hmmmm…..besides noting the cruelty displayed here( what if she were a close relative? c’mon, guys) my point was that she wasn’t a good example of what everyone seems to deplore around here. while overweight, she is not obese.

        i know it’s fun to dismiss the bone structure ‘excuse’ as a rationalization, but it IS real and has an impact on one’s ideal weight. take a 2nd look at that girl’s shoulders.

        while mr groom probably would prefer she lose weight, i’m betting he’s thankful she’s pretty. what’s better: a pain overweight girl or a pretty one? weight can come and go, ugly stays forever. (mounds of blubber? now i know you’re kidding)

        i’m not a fat apologist. my advice to that girl would be the same as yours.

        i’m done here.

        [Heartiste: Carolyn, you write like a decent woman, so let me put this in terms that will make my point more comprehensible to you and others like you.
        Imagine a spindly-armed, short, balding, unemployed, watery-eyed man with a humpback and a squeaky girly voice who
        a. begs you for sex
        b. always defers to you to make decisions
        c. cries at every sad scene in a movie
        d. runs away from fights or threatening situations
        e. allows other men to hit on you in front of him without saying a word in protest
        f. gabs incessantly about the plot of gossip girl and glee
        g. cums before he enters your vagina
        h. cuddles for hours afterwards
        i. sends you love notes in email and text every two minutes
        j. calls you all the time to ask where you are and what you’re doing
        k. waxes eloquent every time he sees you how you and him will be together in happiness forever
        l. shaves his armpits
        m. says “sorry” for everything he does, including things that you don’t think are worth apologizing for
        n. giggles like a schoolgirl
        o. sobs after orgasm
        p. pees sitting down
        q. has no friends and no contact with any women besides yourself
        r. whines about everything, including his bowel movements
        s. is constantly afraid you’ll leave him and begs for reassurance every chance he gets

        You have that image in your head? Are feelings beginning to gurgle up in you? Good, ok.
        Now that’s how men feel when we see a fat chick.]


      • If she were a close relative I’d be even more harsh on her, because I’d care.


      • heh. you’re funny. really.

        i’m telling the truth here: prior to hearing about my boys’ romantic disappointments, i just unthinkingly assumed that ‘its a man’s world’. seriously, women were in a relatively powerless position. what an eyeopener to find out otherwise.

        still, your litany of repellent characteristics of a potential male bed partner (ick) gotta be several light years away from the analogous female one. but what do i know?


      • women do have power…..over beta men.

        it’s a man’s world for those men who know how to play the game.

        sometimes i can’t stand visiting here, but must make reconnaissance trips in order to formulate advice for my sons

        epic lolz at this one.

        [Heartiste: It’s an alpha male’s world, followed by an alpha female’s world, followed by a beta female’s world, and then, least of all, is it a beta male’s world.]


      • while overweight, she is not obese.

        fat is fat. splitting hairs on this is like choosing between banging a 1 or a 2. nobody should have to make that choice.

        i’m not a fat apologist

        no, you aren’t. you’re a fat sympathizer.

        six of one, half a dozen of the other.


      • She’s ok now, but she’s where she would normally be in ten or fifeen years NOW. She’ll just be twice her present size in a few years. That’s the problem with her weight at this point.


      • u mad swpl fat girl, sis?


      • Take this girl out of the wedding dress, put her in an oversized t-shirt and loose-fit ‘mom shorts’, place her in a kitchen cleaning up the evening meal of Wendy’s with her hair tied back and her token effort makeup on. Now imagine this guy making a meek attempt to settle some minor domestic dispute with her. That’s reality.

        66% of western culture is overweight, 33% are morbidly obese. This woman and 2/3rds of her bride’s maids are morbidly obese. Not ‘more to love’, not ‘heavy set’, not ‘large framed’, morbidly obese.


      • That bitch is fat! and with a bad attitude. I hate how it has become acceptable for wives to berate and order their husbands around in front of others in a so called “jokingly” manner and get away with it, while if husbands try to do the same, they get called on it.

        That stupid slave beta of a newly husband got down on his knees to towel this cunt off and still gets shitted on. The right protocol was to throw this whale back into the water after she “jokingly” berated him and see if she finds his “joke” funny as well.


      • The male female dynamic is naturally much more balanced and respectful if you start out with architecture that supports it.

        The foundation of your relationship house is an age difference. The man is at least 10 years older.

        The walls are an income differential. The man earns at least three times what the woman earns.

        The roof is his alpha attitude. Any bad attitude from her and thunder rains down.

        Marrying a same aged fatty who earns comparable income is stupid.


      • Exactly. This is not a case of putting on a few extra middle age pounds. Society collectively doesn’t get enough exercise. It starts in childhood now. Childrens’ play is now monitored by CPS “experts” to make work for women who would otherwise be unemployable, and they don’t go around wandering around in the countryside as they used to. They watch TV instead. We used to be gone all day and our parents had to call us in for dinner and then we went out to play again if it was summer. We have a nice creek nearby here and a fair number of children in the neighborhood. When I was a child, one would have seen the children in the creek often, probably fishing or trying to catch turtles.I have seen exactly one child fish in that creek over this past summer. He was not from our neighborhood.This lack of true contact with nature is also why environmentalism has crossed over into religion.


      • A discernible waist???

        The crease where her grotesque tits and obese abdomen meet do not qualify as a waist ma’am.


      • Heartiste,

        “[“There’s someone for everyone” is the fatty generation’s worst lie. The truth: many, MANY people go to their miserable graves having never been loved by anyone.]”

        Thanks for reminding us about that.

        However, I believe that to be happy, you don’t need to be loved, it’s more important that you love others. So it probably holds no importance whether you’re loved or not.


      • I have learned most importantly of all, is to be happy with yourself. That way one has something to offer others besides an opportunity to be rescued.


    • That poor beta needs to read this blog ASAP.
      Reminds me of cuckolding porn. If nothing changes, he will be sucking her lover’s dick, soon.

      “Towel my legs” ? “You idiot” ?? on a wedding day?!!

      Wow. Just wow.


    • I like the guy who goes: “that was awesome”
      I would be that guy

      “john stand up at least, man!”

      hahahaha great.

      Thanks to the alpha for shoting this video, too bad we didn’t get an action shot.

      Wow, watch the groom dry her legs off as she chugs a beer. Wow.



    • The bride’s shrill nasal voice is boring a hole through my brain. Horrific.


    • Bunch of out of shape sows and flabby-bodied men.

      Pathetic. She likely dieted for weeks to looks that…heavy.

      These people are in their twenties, and they look more jowly and blubbering than they should at fifty.


    • Nothing says classy wedding like cans of Old Milwaukee.


  42. Roissy, have a swat at this beta viewpoint…


    • May be a beta viewpoint from Roger Ebert-mouth, but if less men are getting married, doesn’t that discredit this post? Seems to me like it’s stating more men are playing video games, drinking, fucking random girls, and having kids with more than one woman. I don’t see how alpha mentality is in short supply. All I see is more competition for me.


    • When women start inventing things, taking on risk or starting businesses that are not related to beauty/beads/prostitution then I’ll know men are in real trouble.

      Until then I can’t say I’m too worried about higher numbers of girls being in college. On paper, to the zeitgeist riding stat-hunting journalist it all points towards a new breed of girls being more career minded thus more serious & stronger, but that doesn’t correspond with the reality I live in no matter how many times it’s repeated. Girls do well in education and do seem suited to studying, but that’s because of it being the path of least resistance to a higher SMV.

      On the other hand,guys being told this kind of nonsense and chastised for being men is a cause for concern.

      The guy in the video on the seminal End Of Men article needs to take his pimp hand, dip it in molten steel, galvanise it, armour plate it, kevlar coat it , 24 karat gold plate it, and then go back to the debating table.


      • also, lots of women go to college and beyond… find men.


      • Absolutely. Also, we can’t live with Daddy forever. If we don’t marry, we need a way to provide for ourselves. This is why I went to school. Then I left the workplace as soon as I had kids. If I never have to return I will be thrilled.


      • That’s a dilemma of mine when it comes to having children (which I want). I was married, and it was the biggest mistake of my life — putting me in financial ruin for almost a decade (we’re talking about 7 figures lost, mind you) and harmed both my reputation and my self-confidence.

        On the flip-side, my main lady (going on 2 years) has openly said she wants my children. I do get that a lot from women I date LTR, but in this case I’ve never argued with this one, the attraction is strong in both directions, she takes my lead 100% of the time and her shit testing comes only once every month or so. Plus, she’s got her life together, and I’d hate to bring ruin to it because she’s not a loser, ex-cock carousel rider.

        So even though my alpha side is happy with where I’m at, I do want a child or a few, but I haven’t really put enough thought to the process.

        Would I want her (or any woman) to leave her very comfortable job? No. But I do want mom at home. Decisions, decisions.


      • Purely from the standpoint of her work, you may be surprised at the number of women who would rather stay home with the kids. The funny thing about this is, her mind will change depending on the man she may be talking to about it. My husband likes to tell the women he works with how I stay home and care for the family. Most often their back goes up for split second and then they say how nice that would actually be. Thing is, he’s alpha. Hearing it coming from him makes all the difference in the world. I GUARANTEE if their beta husbands ever suggested staying home these same women would throw a hissy fit. Your girl may be 100% for it without question.


      • Perhaps spending the majority of time telecommuting with in-home childcare assistance if she can’t/doesn’t want to give up working. Of course, this setup doesn’t always work out as well as imagined by most people.


      • On this day when we lost Steve Jobs, it should be noted that our economy is turning Japanese (stagnant growth, declining productivity, zombie firms/loans, consensus over innovation) as the future Steve Jobs’ are being denied opportunities in favor of affirmative action for female rule-followers and their attendance-award degrees.

        When those men, like Jobs, make their own opportunities, they’re being strangled alive by the metastasizing bureaucracies created to make work for all those “strong, successful” women to feed their over-sized egos, both within the corporate world (HR/compliance departments) and without (endless layers of regulatory agencies).

        Turning Japanese. Mr. Roboto would be an improvement.


    • on October 5, 2011 at 5:17 pm drunicusequus

      Mmm-hmm. I believe this is the same Bill Bennett who weighs well over 300 lbs, and has lost millions of dollars in casinos. Man up, indeed.
      It is true that women earn the majority of college degrees. It is also true that the majority of US college “degrees” are in such challenging and necessary disciplines as English, education, sociology, psych, history, and “gender studies.”
      Rest assured, the vast majority of degrees in such useless and irrelevant disciplines as engineering, physics, quantitative finance, computer science, etc are earned by MEN.
      This explains the (slight) wage gap still (very very slightly) skewed in favor of men.
      Men are fine. We still do most of the math, science, and tech – fields where America still reigns supreme – we’ve just seen what a complete ripoff marriage is for most of us.
      “Manning Up” is really a synonym for “give your life away to something that really sucks balls.”


      • SAT scores don’t lie. They’ve been constant since literally the first year: boys outperforming girls, later on whites outperforming blacks, etc. Not until the day when psychotropic agents are passed out to boys at lunch will this change.

        Y-chromes are the agents of both genius and labor. X-chromes lend a useful hand here & there, and cause a world of trouble in political fiat professions designed to suppress the leaven of civilization: us.


    • Heh, I was thinking the same thing. Probably traumatized from the second Laura Bush administration and is now suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

      Wonder what it would take to actually tar and feather the bastard?


    • Roosh already wrote an awesome response.


    • on October 5, 2011 at 10:40 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


      what the FUCKTARDS always forget is that the fmeinist moevemnt coniinced with with the EXPLOSION OF DEPBT LZOOZOZLZ

      sure womenz excel in today’s american workforce because today;s america workforce CREATES DEBT THE COUNTRY IS IN DEBT BY TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONSSSS lzozozozllzolz fucktard neoconconsns lzozozl

      women do not make create nor build anything real lzozolzl

      they create debt and debauchery. assocking and slutty womenz and stoopid menzz lzozozlzz betamakles single motherss lzozlzl

      the federal resvereve deoulsoed womenz and used them to stransfwer assetts from men, sending armies, armies of women forth to transfer asetts form men lzozlzl armies upon armies of desouled, assocked womenzzz, to raise femininzed little boyz who will never man up zlozozo

      bennet is classic neoocn neocon. his book of virtues was just a collectio nof what othe rpeope wrote not him zlzolzlzo

      how da university works: feminism = debt & debauchery & divorce & Desecration machine/army lzozlzlzlzlzlgh weo


      univeristies are at the tip (tit lzozlzlzoz) of our debt empire

      over the past thirty years or so univeristies desouled women in prima noctae assocking sessins (some of tehm secretly taped iwthout thei girls conthent as the neocons like it best) and they sent the army forth to 1) transfer assetts form menz, 2) destory the family, 3) murder 50,000,000 unborn innocent souls, 4) hype and sell sub prime loans while wearing short skirts lzozlzlzlzllzlzlz 5) lure men into marriage iwth their coconpirators the ministers who front the legal system that does what no pimp would wever do–charge men for past use of a pussy lzolsoslslslslslslslslsls

      the fembot army;s main corporate state job is to create debt debauchery destiutution debt divorce deconstruction and devastation lzozlzlzlz

      and they have succeeded!! lzozlzlzlzlzlzl

      today our debt deficit will be greater than the gnp!!!!1

      the feminsimt movement cooinnded with the largest greatest increase of debt ever known to namankinds lzozlzlzlzl this is because womenz who stamp their little feet and bitch and complain and tranfer and destory welath and say “me me m em e more material welath for me me me me for my gina!!!! it’s for the children (even though women aborted/killed/vacuumed 50,000,000 fetuss by their choice alone) lzozlzlz it takes a village–fund my village where we get to bang alphas and the betas pay for it whether we cuckold them in tehir homes or via the welfare state zlozlzozlzzlzl” and they bitch and complain and talk about handbags and butthex and twilight vampires and enocurage girls to long for and lust after undead bloodsucking vampire twilight monsters and butthexing douchebags and otehr things which make their bginas tingle repalced menz at univeristies menz who built invent iengineer buuikld invent reason truth write great books read great bookz think lzozlzl eb=engineer lzozlzlzozlzl replaced exaltation eand greatness with bdebt debuachery destitution lzozlz

      short beta men rose fast in teh unievristy as they were handed fiat bernanke cash fronm helicopter ben and they used it to surrpound themselves with syocphantic harems of womenze as all teh betas love honor worship tucker max their ultimate master because he rhymes with goldman sax and also he butthexes girls and films it woithout teh girlths ocnthent and the weekly stanadrd neocns repeat his lies lzozlzlzlzzl that he is six foot tall zlozzlzllzlzlzlzl honoring their #1 butthexual hero lzozlzlzl

      so anyeways teh fiat masters trianed owmen in the arts of divorce debuachery deseefxation destruction lozlzolzlzlz and abortion and debt creation, and as womenze rose to power on teh ffront lines of the epreemptive wars against teh unborn they murdered 50,000,000 since rose vs. wade they deconstructed and debuached tehc ulture on campuses as when yhou put womenze in charge it soons becomes all butthex all the time as priscilia paintion woemnze editor in chief of simon and schuster is publishing tucker max’s next book zlzolslssslslsoslsoslzozlzlzlzlz c hecks che-=checks it out peoples are saying and speaking out about the way womenze are debucahing defiling and butthexing the culture lozlzlzlzlzl:

      Why are Female Executives Publishing Tucker Max?

      Saw this floating around. good question!


      Ms. Priscilla Painton

      Simon & Schuster Editor in Chief

      RE: ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST, Secretive Tapings of Anal Sex without The Girl’s Consent, Corporate Douchebaggery, and the Epic Failure of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

      Despite the fact that teenagers nationwide are going to hear gem pick-up lines like “get away from me or I’m going to carve another fuck hole in your torso”, what truly crowns this film as an epic fail is its apologetic attempt to masquerade gratuity as an Apatovian bromance. –

      “Little Italy is fighting back against Tucker Max ‘s controversial ad campaign . Yeah, that poster on the right says, “Blind Girls Never See You Coming.” Va fan culo, indeed.” –

      Dear Ms. Painton,

      I and my colleagues in the ART, FILM & LITERATURE GUILD have a couple questions regarding the direction you are taking Simon and Schuster in. Why are you guys/gals hating on art, literature, culture and America? It was recently brought to our attention that you are intent on publishing Tucker Max’s ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST, and that your company actually gave him a $300,000 advance for his fart art. As the editor in chief of Simon and Schuster, owned the CBS corporation, do you truly believe Assholes Finish First? It is oft said that girls like “bad boys.” Does Tucker’s fart art douchebag wit titillate and excite you? Is that why you are publishing and profiting from it? Did you laugh during Tucker’s recent film flop when what’s-his-name stated that overweight women aren’t real people? Do you smile smugly when your billion-dollar corporation profits from douchebaggery? “The ads were poetic ditties of white text on a black background . Like: “Blind girls never see you coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding).””

      “Over at the Washington, D.C., premiere, Max’s video minion ridicules both Vietnamese and African-American women, the former for being employed as a pedicurist, and the latter for having a name he finds funny.”

      Do you enjoy profiting from making fun of Asians and overweight women?

      Does this make you laugh Ms. Painton? It is not too late to choose the right direction for Simon and Schuster and CBS and walk away from publishing Assholes Finish First . At most it will bring in a few pennies, which will lead everyone to conclude that you and CBS aren’t in it for the money, but just the debauchery and destruction of the culture. As Tucker Max pointed out, the feminist movement empowered women and gave them the right to choose the art they affiliated with and promote. So now, with all the power in your hands, what will you chose on behalf of women all over the world? Please do us proud and choose the right thing.

      “The ad campaign for the new flick “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” includes slogans like “Deaf Girls Can’t Hear You Coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding!).””


      Why is corporate America, under your direction Ms. Painton, forcing epic “Richard Kelly” fail fart art and film on the common public? Do you also find secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent to be entertaining and titillating art?

      Let’s talk for a sec about something Tucker glamorizes and pretends is funny in his ‘book’: filming a naked women in his bedroom without her consent. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that while he’s doing this he is coaxing the girl to have anal sex with him, an exploitative act that a guy like him probably especially enjoys.


      “OK, we can try anal sex , but I want it to be special and romantic. …. process: I was going to fuck her in the butt and film it without her consent ,” —

      Do you and the CBS Corporation find this entertaining? As you know, sodomy is a sin in the Old Testament as is sex out of wedlock and fornication. What is your motivation in working with those who promote and profit from secretive tapings of anal sex?

      Do you find such “literature” and “art” to be representative of Simon and Schuster and CBS?

      “In one of his most notorious pieces, he convinces a girl to have anal sex and tapes it without her consent.” —

      Despite the fact that teenagers nationwide are going to hear gem pick-up lines like “get away from me or I’m going to carve another fuck hole in your torso”, what truly crowns this film as an epic fail is its apologetic attempt to masquerade gratuity as an Apatovian bromance. –

      Ms. Painton–do you find that entertaining? Is it good literature? Do you consider demeaning stories about having sex with midgets good literature? Do you consider it good business to make fun of Asians, overweight women, and minorities so as to bolster your bottom line?

      What is driving you to publish Assholes Finish First ? What are your motivations? Money? America does not want Tucker Max, as demonstrated this past weekend at the boxoffice. Do you find these signs to be entertaining/a good CBS investment?

      Is Tucker Max’s fan base the group that Simon & Schuster is seeking to serve under your leadership?

      It seems that America believes otherwise as Richard Kelly and Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has proven to be a colossal artistic and financial failure.

      “Not faring so well, however, was the Tucker Max adaptation I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which took in $369,000 from 120 theaters with a well-below-average $3,075 per-screen average.” —

      So Priscilla, please tell us about your douchetastic love affair with Tucker Max and his fart art. Does it really titillate you as a woman and feminist? Say it isn’t so! Is this good Simon and Schuster/CBS branding? Why did your massive billion-dollar corporation reward Tucker with a $300,000 advance?

      “Little Italy is fighting back against Tucker Max ‘s controversial ad campaign . Yeah, that poster on the right says, “Blind Girls Never See You Coming.” Va fan culo, indeed.” –

      Does CBS and Simon & Schuster approve of registering fake email accounts to promote stories regarding secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent?

      ” The lack of traditional plugs forced Max to promote his web site and book via the internet. He would create fake e-mail accounts and then bombard entertainment sites and news aggregators with links to his material.” —

      For this, your billion-dollar corporation rewarded Tucker with a $300,000 advance.

      “Max may have to concentrate on his agent style business moving forward because he’s running out of material. He’s received a $300,000 advance for a second version of his drunken, sexual exploits – a tome that will contain the stories not ripe enough for the first cut.” —

      Are you proud of Simon & Schuster and your corporation? Funding and encouraging hype, failure, douchebaggery, debauchery, lies, secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent, and making fun of Asians, overweight women, and minorities. Is that what attracts you to Tucker Max, or is it the epic artistic and financial failure of his film?

      “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell fails in its attempts at raunchy humor, and Tucker Max comes across so unlikable and outrageous that the film’s inevitable story arc feels forced.”

      It is not too late to choose the right direction for Simon and Schuster and walk away from publishing Assholes Finish First .


      McCoy Mountain & The ART, FILM & LITERATURE GUILD


      Will Priscilla Painton at Simon & Shuster still Publish *beep* Finish First?

      the title makes no sense. *beep* might finish first in some silly women’s eyes, but they epic fail in reality, as demonstrated by tucker’s epic fart art film fail, which priscilla painton is pretendning not to notice.

      What’s up with women these days?

      It seems the more they run things, the more they try to force douchebag fart art on everyone:

      Former ‘Time’ Exec. Relieves Venerable Editor Mayhew At Simon & Schuster–schuster

      Anywho, does Priscilla Painton at Simon & Shuster have a personal vendetta against asians, minorities, overweight women, and little people?

      Does she think tucker’s ads are cute and humorous?

      Does she get off on this?

      “The ad campaign for the new flick “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” includes slogans like “Deaf Girls Can’t Hear You Coming” and “Strippers Will Not Tolerate Disrespect (Just Kidding!).”

      Is that supposed to be funny?” –

      Is this the new face and culture of simon and schuster?

      Does Priscilla Painton at Simon and Schuster giggle at secretive tapings of anal sex without the girl’s consent and also this:

      “11:17: The girl starts saying something about what a horrible person I am. I stare at her, but I am not listening. I am preparing myself. I am B-Rabbit. This is the final battle rap. I will win the hostile crowd:

      [I interrupt the fat girl] “Ward, I think you’re being a little hard on the Beaver, [as I point to each in turn] so is Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Miss Cleaver.”

      [To the fat guy with greasy hair in the camo vest] “Look out everyone! It’s the Pillsbury Commando! Hey Chunk, when was the last time you washed your hair? Does it give you more hit points to have that grease helmet? I hate to break the news, but +5 defense only counts in Dungeons and Dragons.”

      [To the ugly Asian girl] “Why you no rike me? You want me frip over? You no piss me off! ME FIND YOU IN POCKING ROT!! YOU NO TAKE MING ARIVE!!”

      [To the small frail dork–I notice he has a lazy eye] “Dude–Look at me when I’m talking to you–BOTH EYES AT ONCE. Are you really this ugly or are you just playing? EVERYONE, BE CAREFUL, THIS GUY LURKS UNDER THE STAIRS AND TRIES TO LICK YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU PASS BY!”

      [To the original fatty, pause for effect] “Why do you do this to yourself? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF? Look, I’m gonna give you some advice-leave the party, take the geek squad with you, go to Denny’s, order about 10 Grand Slam Breakfasts, and eat your pain away. Won’t be the first time will it?”

      11:19: I am finished. The kitchen is quiet, except for Eddie and Rich laughing. The four freaks are completely speechless. Everyone is staring at me. I blurt out, “WHAT? I’m pretty sure it’s what Jesus would’ve done.” Eddie and Rich promptly remove me from the kitchen.”

      Is Priscilla Painton publishing tucker’s next book for the love of literature, art, or money?

      ‘Cause it seems that those who work with tucker generally hate and lose literature, art, and money.

      “What ensues, according the film’s trailer, is alcohol-fueled misogynistic mayhem. Max has sex with several women, including, to his smug satisfaction, a dwarf.”

      See? That is the clever banker ruse.

      Have women such as Priscilla fund and promote it, while others protest it, enriching the bankers as marriage is destroyed and the state is grown.

      “A Site about the Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption,
      and Government’s War on Fathers”

      “The divorce regime is the most totalitarian institution ever to arise in the United States. Its operatives in the family courts and the social service agencies recognize no private sphere of life. “The power of family court judges is almost unlimited,” according to Judge Robert Page of the New Jersey family court. “Social workers are perceived to have nearly unlimited power,” a San Diego Grand Jury concludes. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Total immunity [enjoyed by social workers] is absolute power.”

      The divorce regime is responsible for much more than “ugly divorces,” “nasty custody battles,” and other clichés. It is the most serious perpetrator of human and constitutional rights violations in America today. Because it strikes the most basic institution of any civilization – the family – the divorce regime is a threat not only to social order but to civil freedom. It is also almost completely unopposed. No political party and no politicians question it. No journalists investigate it in any depth. A few attorneys have spoken out, but they are eventually suspended or disbarred. Some academics have written about it, but they soon stop. No human rights or civil liberties groups challenge it, and some positively support it. Very few “pro-family” lobbies question it. This is because the divorce regime operates through money, political power, and fear.” —


      Have you seen/read END THE FED by Ron Paul? “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”
      –Vince Vaughn

      When you think about it, Tucker Max was the Fed’s ultimate creation–a soulless, debased douchebag:

      “My name is Tucker Max, and I am an *beep*

      Think about it–Tucker’s motto @ could be the Fed’s motto:
      “I get excessively drunk via inflating the currency at inappropriate times, disregard social norms (funding feminism/debauchery & debasement of the family/currency/culture/tucker max(educated at the Fed’s University of Chicago’s School of Economics (school of freakanomics) and Duke scholarship)), indulge every whim/war, ignore the consequences of my actions/bubbles/bailouts, fund idiots and posers and tucker-max-like CEOs, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable/luring them with fiat currency & a fiat-funded bus, and just generally act like a raging darko/douchebag/dickhead.”

      What do you think of Ron Paul’s new book–End the Fed?

      End the Fed

      Review for End The Fed
      “Rarely has a single book not only challenged, but decisively changed my mind. “
      –Arlo Guthrie

      “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”
      –Vince Vaughn

      Vince Vaughn is a far, far better actor/director/writer than Tucker Max, so it makes sense that Tucker and his jealous friends at the Fed detest Arlo Guthrie and Vince Vaughan as well as art, film, and literature.

      The book has much better reviews and is far-higher ranked than Tucker’s douchey books/film/trailer–Five solid stars!

      Why do you donnie darko douchos/cbs haterz hate on art, the Constitution, morality, goodness, sound money, peace, prosperity, love, the family, kindness, and Ron Paul so much?

      And like the Fed, tucker privatizes all the profits of his private jet while sharing all the risk with his volunteer employees, who work for free.

      “Feminism which espoused “women’s rights” actually has driven femininity underground, torn the sexes asunder, and stripped woman of recognition for being wives and mothers, roles essential to their own fulfillment, to men, and to children and society.” –


  43. (Completely Relevant):

    What’s with that smiley-face at the very bottom of this blog? It’s kinda creepy.


  44. I’m surprised that no one has point out that this is the bride in her young and thin years.

    “Finally, now I can eat.”


  45. I got a question for the audience. Alpha-male Opie of Opie and Anthony was talking about his disgust for the spanglish sassy character played by Sofia Vergara on Modern Family. “Who would deal with that?” Btw, Opie has history with the hispanics, he dumped his puerto rican gf to marry a blonde, blue eyed 11.
    Obviously this is an American version, written by Americans for an american audience, but is that image of the South American ball-buster hottie true in real life? If so, then why do a lot of game/manosphere advocates talk about South American women being superior to American women?


    • My old lady is Colombian (like Sofia Vergara), and yeah, Vergara’s character is an over-the-top caricature, but, as in all stereotypes, there is a core truth to it. If you watch, you’ll also see that she is a devoted family woman, is very expressive and loving, and lives life to its fullest. There is never a dull moment with her.

      When my woman was younger, especially, she was a real firecracker, feisty and combative, but if you can get her to direct that passion in the right way, you’ll be rewarded. Latin women are not for every man, but if you get what they are about and know how to channel their energies, it can pay off. The simplest advice is to always be THE MAN, no matter how liberated and modern they claim to be.


  46. The Internet is a part of the weight gain vector — because it induces everyone to spend even more time under artificial light.

    The latest generation of energy efficient lamps alter the hormones of human beings.

    Weight gain is the result.

    Spending enough time out doors is enough to counter the effect — which is why anyone with an active outdoors life style is so much leaner.

    Likewise, migraine headaches are now known to be optically induced.

    So while everyone is off looking at food intake — the real battle lies in normalizing ones hormones — which are massively linked to sunlight.

    Since the modern woman now spends a tremendous amount of time it the ‘cave’ — under CFL radiance — she’s amped into over eating.

    And then a diet of TV is yet another burden on the psyche. What woman can watch Law & Order without stuffing her face?

    TV + Haagen-Dazs = the end.

    When calibrating a babe for LTR — it is imperative that you examine her TV habits. If they are intense — then you can forget about a LTR — you’ve got a whale on your hands.


  47. on October 5, 2011 at 3:14 pm CesareBorgiaKnewTheScore

    The only thing that could make the article pic look all the more wonderfully liberal is if she had a little mixed-race child tugging at her dress with a “cheeky alpha in the making” grin on his face as his mother tugs on her beta-male wage slave. Maybe those boys chopped to pieces on Omaha beach were the lucky ones . . . . . . . . . . .


  48. Like a picture of the ruins of the Minoan Palace, another of a dead civilization.


  49. Her boobies are bigger than his head. Let us not be as radical as the ancient Greeks who worried about sinister stuff like “proportion”, “simmetry” and “the golden ratio”

    But it is still true taht women shouldn’t have boobs bigger than the average dude’s head.


  50. the look on her face, she’s going to eat him. It’s a trap!


  51. on October 5, 2011 at 4:48 pm So, Do the Zonk

    Literally gag-making.


  52. Perhaps the conventional wisdom regarding positive correlation between the stress whoremoan Cortisol, and belly fat, is backwards. The larger ones belly, the more stressed out one becomes!


  53. I wouldn’t disown him, but I would slap him silly and drag him kicking and screaming OUT of the goddamn church. I don’t give a fuck if he’s a grown ass man, I can’t let him ruin my legacy.


  54. on October 5, 2011 at 6:36 pm Chris from Dublin

    The stink of betadom from the picture is nauseating


  55. The fatties need the vibrant cocks because they’re the only ones long enough to reach their vaginas through all the fat.


  56. … and she probably went on a diet to fit into that dress !


  57. You know, there are a lot of guys who would look at the blushing bride and start drooling, “Big breasts, big breasts!”

    Take the Red Pill, men.


  58. As fun as it is to mock the bride, the only thing left to do here is to mercilessly ridiculize the groom. What can we tell to that lardass, that she is going to join the ranks of spinterhood? Nope, she was actually able to grow that lardass and get away with it. It’s that pathetic beta the one that deserves utter bashing: thanks to guys like him, women can be as ugly and slutty as they want without having to suffer their deserved fate as solitary spinters next to Liz Jones. I don’t pity him: he, just as many white knightning betas, is going to join women in their mockery of unmarried men: “look that 35 year old single man, something must be going on him right hubby? – yes indeed, kinda creepy, my darling, I’m betting he’s getting old alone with so many quality girs around”.

    For a marriage strike to be succesful, there need to be no scabs, so let’s punish does who wiilingly betray their peers.


  59. I don’t think I’d marry her. I’d open her dress and titty-fuck her. I might even hand her a tissue afterwards. But I wouldn’t marry her. (Does that count as rape?)


    • “Does that count as rape?”

      That is up to her to decide. At any point she wishes to decide it. Regardless of prior objective acts, statements, thoughts, or consents.


  60. She’s got a decent-looking face and huge boobs. He looks like a dork. Give him a break.


    • on October 6, 2011 at 7:27 am Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

      She’s a land whale. What’s wrong with you? Are you into fat porn? By promoting attitudes like that, you’re encouraging Western women to become big and fat.

      Fat bitches should be shunned for their disgusting habits, unless they reform.


  61. totally disgusting. “women” like this need to be rounded up and eliminated from society. revolting


  62. I’m sure there are US equivalents, but that picture has a very UK Chav quality to it. So “Good By, America” might not be quite the right tag in this case.

    Everything else, spot on.


  63. Fat people with pseudo-beards repulse me.


  64. Whalesome lardesse.


  65. Is that a lesbian couple?

    [Heartiste: Ya know, upon closer inspection, that guy does look like a short-haired lesbo.]


  66. Don’t worry the groom will learn. In a few years fatty will divorce him and take half his assets!


  67. Who are you to pass judgment…. Maybe she swallows?


  68. Oh hell no! This might be the single most disgusting thing Roissy’s ever cited. My God!


  69. This is off topic, but shouldn’t a bride wear a dress which is more chaste and modest than this one, especially a fat bride? Isn’t a low cut dress disrespectful to the institution of marriage?


  70. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s — back when the sickness of our civilization was not yet terminal — a woman might lovingly say to her tender daughter who was beginning to chunkify, “Now sweetheart, you are very beautiful; but you are going to have to watch what you eat. After all, you will want to get married someday.”

    Apparently, that advice is no longer necessary,

    Good Grief!


  71. Beautiful list for Caroline! And so very true!


  72. Off topic:

    Don’t ever compare anything to rape.

    What are we left to compare shit with? Cuckoldry?


  73. I’m actually glad to see this picture. It means the competition is weak & likely getting weaker.


  74. on October 6, 2011 at 11:47 am greatbooksformen GBFM

    GBFM vs. fatass gambler Bill Bennett lzozllzlzozozllzzozozo (hey bill-instead of gambling away millions, why don’t you invest the moneys in great books for men programs at univeresties, you fat fiat fuck?)

    Editor’s note: William J. Bennett, a CNN (communist neocon neoconning) contributor, is the author of “The Book of Man (lozozlzl he stole my title great books for men zlzoozlzzo butethexxx): Readings on the Path to Manhood. (to betahood mroe liekeit lzozlzlo)” Bennett is the Washington (inside the belytway with pro feminsist honah goldberg lzozozlz) fellow of the Claremont Institute. He was U.S. secretary of education from 1985 to 1988 and was director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George H.W. Bush.
    (CNN) — For the first time in history, women are better educated, more ambitious and arguably more successful than men.


    Now, society has rightly celebrated the ascension of one sex. We said, “You go girl,” and they went. We celebrate the ascension of women but what will we do about what appears to be the very real decline of the other sex?
    The data does not bode well for men. In 1970, men earned 60% of all college degrees. In 1980, the figure fell to 50%, by 2006 it was 43%. Women now surpass men in college degrees by almost three to two. Women’s earnings grew 44% in real dollars from 1970 to 2007, compared with 6% growth for men.


    William J. Bennett
    In 1950, 5% of men at the prime working age were unemployed. As of last year, 20% were not working, the highest ever recorded. Men still maintain a majority of the highest paid and most powerful occupations, but women are catching them and will soon be passing them if this trend continues.


    The warning signs for men stretch far beyond their wallets. Men are more distant from a family or their children then they have ever been. The out-of-wedlock birthrate is more than 40% in America. In 1960, only 11% of children in the U.S. lived apart from their fathers. In 2010, that share had risen to 27%. Men are also less religious than ever before. According to Gallup polling, 39% of men reported attending church regularly in 2010, compared to 47% of women.


    "wonce upon a time mens wents 2 church 2 find a good wownenez lzozlzlzloz

    wonce upon a time mens wents 2 church 2 find a good wownenez lzozlzlzloz to be a wife and mother and faithful honor cherish lzozlzzozlolzozlz

    today woemnz go 2 churrhc 2 find a beta or gammamale to pay for their three children forrm three fatehrs who pumped dand dudmped theier zazzez afetr asszzcockcing them lzozlzlzlzo"

    lzozozolooz you fuckcity neocon fucktRAD

    If you don't believe the numbers, just ask young women about men today. You will find them talking about prolonged adolescence and men who refuse to grow up. I've heard too many young women asking, "Where are the decent single men?" There is a maturity deficit among men out there, and men are falling behind.


    This decline in founding virtues — work, marriage, and religion — has caught the eye of social commentators from all corners. In her seminal article, "The End of Men," Hanna Rosin unearthed the unprecedented role reversal that is taking place today. "Man has been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind. But for the first time in human history, that is changing—and with shocking speed," writes Rosin. The changes in modern labor — from backs to brains — have catapulted women to the top of the work force, leaving men in their dust.



    Hanna Rosin: Are women leaving men behind?
    Man's response has been pathetic. Today, 18-to- 34-year-old men spend more time playing video games a day than 12-to- 17-year-old boys.

    While women are graduating college and finding good jobs, too many men are not going to work, not getting married and not raising families. Women are beginning to take the place of men in many ways. This has led some to ask: do we even need men?


    So what's wrong? Increasingly, the messages to boys about what it means to be a man are confusing. The machismo of the street gang calls out with a swagger. (AS THE WEKLY STANDARD EXLATS SECTRIVE TAPER OF BUTTHEX AND BULLY TUCKE RMAX RHYMES IWTH GOLDMAN SAX WHILE JONAH GOLDEBER AEXLATS FMEINSISMS ZLOZOZOZ) Video games, television and music (CRETAED BY LEFTIST NEOEONCS LIKE BILL BENNETT) offer dubious lessons to boys who have been abandoned by their fathers. Some coaches and drill sergeants bark, "What kind of man are you?" but don't explain.

    Movies (CREATED BY BULL EBEBNENETES NEOCON FRIENDS LZOZOZ) are filled with stories of men who refuse to grow up and refuse to take responsibility in relationships. Men, some obsessed with sex (SOME OBSESED WIT BUTTHEX LILKKE THE ONES THE NEONECS PUBISH AND WIRE FIAT CASH ADVACED STOO), treat women as toys to be discarded when things get complicated (THIS IS BEVCAUSE THE WOMEN HAVE BEEN ASSOCKED AND DEOSULED BY NEOCNS). Through all these different and conflicting signals, our boys must decipher what it means to be a man, and for many of them it is harder to figure out.


    For boys to become men, they need to be guided through advice, habit, instruction, example and correction. It is true in all ages. Someone once characterized the two essential questions Plato posed as: Who teaches the children, and what do we teach them? Each generation of men and women have an obligation to teach the younger males (and females of course) coming behind them. William Wordsworth said, "What we have loved, others will love, and we will teach them how." When they fail in that obligation, trouble surely follows.
    We need to respond to this culture that sends confusing signals to young men, a culture that is agnostic about what it wants men to be, with a clear and achievable notion of manhood.
    The Founding Fathers believed, and the evidence still shows, that industriousness, marriage and religion are a very important basis for male empowerment and achievement. We may need to say to a number of our twenty-something men, "Get off the video games five hours a day, get yourself together, get a challenging job and get married." It's time for men to man up.


    BAsiclaly the fiat banking masters sned for their tucker mx rhyes with goldman sax asscocker to assock women and deosul them and beernaniky them, making women loyal firtst and ofoertemost to the fita dollar instaed of to man god and family. Then they banking masters ocmmand the owmens to assock their huds=pand in divorce court and transfer mens asseeettss to the nabnking centeral banking firat masters zzoozllzlzlzl

    read all about it!!!!



  75. This group looks English. I know we have similar issues in the United States, but betaness is perhaps even more pronounced in the U.K. .


  76. […] Heartiste had an interesting article yesterday, but the really telling part came in the comments, here. Whether or not you read the article, the gist of the video (and the exchange following) is that an […]


  77. Those can’t be Americans in the photo, it’s daylight and the man isn’t inappropriately wearing a tux.


  78. When I see a photo like this, I announce, “Man down!”


  79. on October 6, 2011 at 5:36 pm Тарас Шевченко

    Seeing the picture of this hapless kid’s fat wife, i shake my head in disgust for he violated one common rule before marrying a woman.

    in many cultures, men are always told to look at your prospective wife’s mother to determine what your fate may be in 20-30 years. It is no secret that many mediterranean women and eastern european women are very ravishing in their younger years, but end up becoming beluga whales as they age.

    This is particularly the case with Italian-American women, and many hispanic women, including cuban/puerto rican/dominican (countries with substantial african genetic heritage) whose derrieres inflate to monstruous proportions with each month of married life!.

    in this picture with the hapless kid, the mother of the bride-whale hybrid is herself fat but apparently not as big as her offspring…..


  80. Quite likely to be an English couple. They look like familiar types.

    Looking up the guy and his lame haircut, that woman’s probably his lot in life. I think this is the game equivalent of “see this annihilated pair of smoker’s lungs? that’s you if you don’t stop smoking”.


  81. GBFM,


    No. Not the first.

    “Socialism is the fantastic younger brother of almost decrepit despotism, which it wants to succeed; its efforts are, therefore, in the deepest sense reactionary. For it desires such an amount of State power as only despotism has possessed, indeed, it outdoes all the past, in that it aims at the complete annihilation of the individual, whom it deems an unauthorised luxury of nature, which is to be improved by it into an appropriate organ of the general community. Owing to its relationship, it always appears in proximity to excessive developments of power, like the old typical socialist, Plato, at the court of the Sicilian tyrant; it desires (and under certain circumstances furthers) the Caesarian despotism of this century, because, as has been said, it would like to become its heir.

    But even this inheritance would not suffice for its objects, it requires the most submissive prostration of all citizens before the absolute State, such as has never yet been realised; and as it can no longer even count upon the old religious piety towards the State, but must rather strive involuntarily and continuously for the abolition thereof, because it strives for the abolition of all existing States, it can only hope for existence occasionally, here and there for short periods, by means of the extremest terrorism.

    It is therefore silently preparing itself for reigns of terror, and drives the word “justice“ like a nail into the heads of the half cultured masses in order to deprive them completely of their understanding (after they had already suffered seriously from the half culture), and to provide them with a good conscience for the bad game they are to play. Socialism may serve to teach, very brutally and impressively, the danger of all accumulations of State power, and may serve so far to inspire distrust of the State itself. When it’s rough voice strikes up the way cry “as much State as possible” the shout at first becomes louder than ever, but soon the opposition cry also breaks forth, with so much greater force: “as little State as possible”.”

    Nietzsche from Human, All Too Human


  82. Michael reblogged this on Alpha Swag and commented: test


  83. Are we sure it is a modren man? This person wearing a suit has a certain “Pat” look to them. Could it not be a joyous lesbian marriage, with a manatee choosing a fat assed, flat chested “partner”?



    Gotta love how they bitch and moan about how men are so damn weak nowadays, yet they fail to realize it’s their own damn fault.

    No wonder that guy married the fatso, he’s probably a spineless twat that got strongarmed into it.


  85. I’ve made a similar post on this blog before: that couple in the photo may as well be my younger brother and his wife. Most of you have no idea how more fucked up these sorts of people get after they find each other. The degree of entitlement that his bitch carries with her is maddening. My brother is a total omega man. Being a slave to this brontosaurus is the thing that has given him a sense of status, and he looks to yours truly, his whoremaster older brother, with superiority and contempt because he is married and I am not. We’re both over 40, and I am positive this is his first successful lay. I still bang the 23-33 set with zero effort. Few of you know how horrifying it is to have such a situation in your family. Punch line: they’re not gonna have kids because she doesn’t want them – and he still married this whale! Just fucking shoot me…..


  86. $10 says those people in that last pic are British.


  87. on October 10, 2011 at 7:44 pm whale watcher

    I think the guy in the photo is gently trying to coax the whale back into water.


  88. […] so much as take your name in marriage. Stay single and let it die.Pictured above – the Beverstocks’ wedding day.Tagged as: Australia, Bernald Salt, Juster Beverstock, Lisa Beverstock, The Geographer About […]


  89. Maybe it’s just western, I’m sorry, American foods culture that their women tend to grow a lumpy truck Tyre beneath their arms and thighs after birth?

    I went to Osaka, Japan last month. Me and my two mates couldn’t believe our eyes that there were many perfect 8 hot, clean, fashionable mothers pushing strollers or carrying their baby. Now that’s how you treat your husband right, women. By showing you make extra efforts to groom up even when you got kids. Now that something your men would be proud of when walking with you down the street as omega male look by and sigh as he waiting for his fat wife queuing up for triple scoops ice-cream.


  90. on October 11, 2011 at 2:27 pm George Hetzel

    “The only thing this picture is missing that would make it the absolute perfect representation of the de-balled and de-souled modern SWPL man-lite is a “vibrant” infant tucked into the fat bride’s meatloaf arm.”

    Very good. Perhaps insert the word “mulatto” in between vibrant and infant.


  91. Whew, nice boobs.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I consider it my personal mission to provide as much well-performed sex as possible with women of this curvaceous variety.


  92. Hey, what’s not to love about marriage? After a couple of kids and a few years, maybe she’ll demand to be able to fuck other dudes?