Ignore Female Exhibitionists To Win Them Over

In this post, readers were asked to open the set shown in the photo, which included one girl who was an obvious exhibitionist. (Exhibitionism is an extreme form of attention whoring that focuses on display of the body to attract stares and drama.)

Overall, readers responded with higher quality than expected.

Joe Alpha:

On my way past them, I would say to the tall one: “you are kinda cute for a big girl.”

That’s a pretty good neg for tall chicks.


“My grandma has those same panties, and she sucks a mean dick. I bet you’re a good little cocksucker. Show me.” Immediately extract my penis and start helicoptering to the beat whilst maintaining eye contact and a straight face.

I’m dead fucking serious.

If any of you tries this opener and it works, you have a god-given duty to write up a field report. It might get its own page at the top of this blog.


1) Addressing the whole group:

“Does anyone here smell fish?”



I would call Alek Novy over and let him anti-game the trio for me. Then the five of us would run to the nearest motel and have five-way together. Easy peasy.

I imagine anti-gamers would say it’s all about standing there looking good until a girl comes over to offer sex.


Approach the group, say hello while making direct eye contact with Whitedress, and ask if she’s being paid to babysit or just volunteering.
The strongest neg is towards Exhibitionist, while the bottom-rung slut wonders if that was a dig at her or if she was ignored completely.

If Whitedress responds positively, keep the attention somewhat focused on her. Even if she doesn’t put out that night, when she finds herself saying “I’ve never done that before,” in a week or so, she may well be telling the truth.

If not, then both the Exhibitionist and the Express Pussy will look to regain center stage.

But it should be noted that the only way the easy one is worth the time is if she can be nailed on premises (which is a good possibility) for sport value.

A good opener for a set like this should include a strong neg. Ignoring the attention whore qualifies as a neg.


If you said “hold that pose”, and started to unbuckle your belt, you’d definitely get a reaction.

This is not a good opener, but it is funny.


Look at panties-girl and say with hint of mock-prudery “for chrissakes cover yourself.”

To the middle girl, say with a genuine smile “you’re the wild one here?”

TitsGirl on the right will interject. Cut her off at once with a sharp, loud rebuke — euro-accented aristocratic growl “you wait your turn.”

Turn back to middle girl, take it from there.

Total gender role reversal, which is 3/5s of seduction. I like it. The girls won’t be expecting this. Also note that this is a mild form of asshole game, which is catnip to cute chicks who like to flaunt themselves.


Simple. Walk up to all three, flip them all the double bird, then one by one, left to right — kick to the stomach to Stunner. The DJ breaks some glass and the bartender throw you two Coors Lights, you double fist chug them over the girls, spilling at least half the beer on their twitching bodies. Too easy.

Humorless Amanda Marcuntte read this comment and her eyes went wide with excitement. “I knew this site was full of serial killer misogynists!”, she says, as her manjaw grinds with repressed fury against an invisible stone wheel.

not a clue:

ignore the exhibitionist on the left

to the two on the right: “bless you for putting up with that (pointing to the exhibitionist)”

I don’t think divide-and-conquer is the optimal strategy as an approach opener, but it certainly works as the conversation begins to develop.


I use the fact that there are two attention whores to my advantage. My three-pronged strategy is to engage the three as follows:

HBminiskirt- give her shit
HBwhitedress- respect
HBhellovagina- ignore, eventually neg

After I take the picture, I go straight over to HBmsand tease her about her handbag. Negs/teasing is not the strategy to pick up a 4.5 (which is the point; she’s not my target). “My god, look at the size of your bag, you trying to sneak in a bowling ball?” I then look to HBwd as the exemplary female. “The key to fashion is… subtlety,” I tell HBms as I reach for HBwd’s blue flower in her hair. “This is more like it,” I say as I smile at my pivot, whilst shooting annoyed looks toward HBms. I engage these two for a moment, while ignoring HBhv (with the exception of shooting a disapproving glance or two), whose hamster will begin spinning away, wondering why I didn’t make a show of her showy split. Eventually I make a comment to HBwd to the effect of “How do you make it through these nights babysitting Flashy McHandbag and Gumby over here? I’d want to pull my hair out,” This is my first comment directed toward HBhv specifically. As she tries to defend herself (which she will), I keep going with the theme of: HBwd has it right and the other two are way over the top. Eventually, I say, “OK, I’m taking another picture, but you [HBms] lose the potato sack and you [HBhv] stand like a lady. Do you know how much digital film costs?”

This is a good breakdown of set dynamics. Just be careful about giving a 4.5 shit. Less attractive girls can react poorly — i.e. cockblock — to criticism.

There were more great openers from commenters. Go to the post to read them.

A lot of people think negging HBhellovagina! is a good move. Maybe. But it’s been my experience that the best neg for exhibitionists is totally ignoring them. Include them piecemeal into the conversation you are having with her friends. This drives them nuts. And a girl getting nutty is a girl getting horny and intrigued.

One more thing. It’s good policy to avoid referencing any body part or revealing clothing of an exhibitionist. So that means no mention of her preteen underoo panties. She wants that kind of attention. She gets it and she’s won. Deny her. Make her work for your raised eyebrow.


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  2. First etc etc

    I would personally use HBhv and HBms minimally as instrumental towards gaming HBwd. Through experience I can imagine HBhv being an abrasive foghorn; the human equivalent of a yapping chihuahua. It’s probably my personal distaste for her face.

    HBms is evidently a prole.


  3. People underestimate the power of the penis helicopter, especially when executed in public.


  4. I’m a game lightweight tryin to step up. Would appreciate some feedback on my comment yesterday:

    1. Target: HB7.5

    CS [Address everyone including guy(s) holding camera, look at posing girls ambivalently]: Looks good but try this pose…

    [walk over to girls in original pose and direct HB4.5 to put her left hand on HB6’s right shoulder, HB7.5 to put her right arm around HB4.5’s waist and then move HB4.5 and 6’s heads together to kiss – this will get a laugh and cause them to recoil]

    CS [to group]: What’s wrong? I’m a photography enthusiast and this is purely for the sake of art.

    Girls: blah blah, perhaps some remark about buying them drinks before they pose like that

    CS [To camera guy]: I hope they’re paying you for taking this pic. We in the photography guild don’t work for free [This is meant to challenge dude who must either draw attention to his Beta favor or come up with a witty rejoinder on the spot to upstage me]

    CS [To girls]: Is this a random facebook pic or is there actually something significant to commemorate? I would guess its your [to HB6] birthday.

    One of the girls: Why do you think it’s her (my) birthday?

    CS: Accoutrement like your flower and frills on your dress as well as standing in the middle usually mean a special occasion (or some other BS)

    Girls: blah blah, well smarty pants it’s not her birthday, blah blah blah

    CS: Well I like your (HB6’s) style then. Usually I can read people like the back of my hand.

    Girls: Really? Blah, blah, some sort of question to test my assertion…

    CS: I don’t have time to run through all my amazing psychic predictions now, its my turn to buy a round so I gotta run. [to HB 7.5] Tell you what, you come to the bar with me and we’ll play a little “guess your personality” game while we wait in line. Loser has to buy twiggy here a birthday drink

    [she’ll have a hunch that you like her friend; take her to bar, run some cube-type routine on her made into a game where you predict things about her, frame the interaction as though you weren’t sure about her but she’s earning your affection after your qualification, etc. etc.]


    • Sounds gay. Don’t get sad about it, everybody fucks up, but once you let go and pay attention to the masters, alpha is easy to understand. Impossibly hard to do, but if u can’t name what ur fucking up you suck. You’re fucking up.


  5. Great post.Surprised it hadn’t gotten a dozen replies yet like most of your stuff.

    Good break down of a little neg theory in set.I’d agree that those are the ideal openers for sets which has attention whores.


  6. I kept trying and trying to think of clever lines and fantasy dialogues playing out in my head, but they all started with

    Left roundhouse kick to the box …

    Somebody alert Amanda Marcotte. I need her counseling.

    But c’mon, that snatch is such a dirty irresistible target (literally dirty: it looks like she has a five-o’clock shadow crawling up outta her underoos.) And if my shoe sunk in to the ankle, I’d know for certain what kind of lady I’m dealing with. Plus, the move would be a conversation starter.

    As my alpha mentor taught me, “Kick vulva first, ask questions later.”


  7. Exhibitionists are looking for attention. Any type of reaction would make her view you as just another guy. You must ignore them until they get crazier & crazier in their attempt to get a reaction from you.

    Best bet would be to open the tall girl & the slutty girl.

    Win over the tall girl, who is the leader of the group, while taking attention away from the slutty girl. Vag girl goes crazy. Refocus on slutty girl. Ask tall girl to shepherd vag girl and her crazy antics away, which she probably does all the time. Isolate slutty girl. Pull.


    • Dude I agree but alpha is all relative. You know what the alpha move is? Pull the vag girl. You know how you do it? Me neither.


  8. on December 30, 2011 at 9:26 pm lonely chubby man

    LCM had a date with a cute chick! Alas her personality left much to be desired. Ah well.


  9. Oxycontin is amazing. I swear my dick just grew four inches. Paging Billy Mays from the underworld please suck me off it’s like a baseball bat.


  10. on December 31, 2011 at 8:36 am crashedupderby

    how about an opening neg on a short girl, “you are kinda cute for a short girl”
    would it have the same effect?


  11. “On my way past them, I would say to the tall one: “you are kinda cute for a big girl.”

    This is pretty good. Guys tease short girls all the time, but they rarely tease girls about being tall.


  12. The only men who I ever heard tease girls about being tall, were older men, like their fathers. All guys tease short girls.


  13. I have to agree with “Eric.” The babysitter is the only one I’d be interested in. The sluts flanking her are just there for the show. And by “there” I mean Life in general: pump-and-dump if that’s what you need for the night, but for them, my indifference would not be feigned.

    Cinderella, on the gripping hand, might be LTR material. Who knows? Probably has substance and character, might even be good for interesting conversation. Moreover, she probably *expects* to be over-shadowed by the Slutty Step-sisters and might eat-up the attention.


  14. Ive had this situation happen before…just pointed out how the girl must be an exhibitionist, and when everyone asked “whats that”, “someone who gets off on sexual acts in public”…that garnered a pretty big laugh while the girl turned beet-red.

    Never underestimate the poor vocabulary of people


  15. So you are saying the general rule of thumb is the more someone is an attention whore, the less attention you have to give them.


  16. @JD
    “Moreover, she probably *expects* to be over-shadowed by the Slutty Step-sisters and might eat-up the attention.”

    Wishful thinking. My guess is the middle girl already knows men like her the best. That’s why the other two have to carry on the way they do.


  17. @Lara
    “My guess is the middle girl already knows men like her the best. That’s why the other two have to carry on the way they do.”

    That could always be the case; if so, you’ll find out right away if she’s a seasoned vet.


  18. >If you said “hold that pose”, and started to unbuckle your belt, you’d definitely get a reaction.

    >This is not a good opener, but it is funny

    On a similar note, while on my vacation to San Diego, I went to a local dive. Stepped outside to light a cigar. A blonde who maybe 10 years ago was an 8 was sitting on the end of the bench, talking to her hotter friend. Her legs were propped up, blocking anyone else from sitting down.

    As I walked up, she said, “What’s the password?”

    “Suck my dick,” I replied.

    Her friend gasped, and old blonde looked in utter shock.

    “What? That’s not the password? Did they change it to ‘Move the fuck outta they way’?”

    Again she gasped. “Well, I was going to invite you to sit next to me, but forget it now.”

    This I knew to be bullshit because her boyfriend was inside.


    • Imagine her hurt had you replied, “Ten years ago, I still would not have accepted that invitiation.”


      • That would be funny.

        Instead, she goes in and tells the bar tender what I said. When I got back inside, the bar tender bought me a beer and wrote her # on the beer coaster. She told me that I was the first guy to not take her shit.


  19. This may sound crazy, but I think it would best to try get these girls all into a foursome. Unless you have wings with you to keep the other two girls occupied, trying isolate any of them is going elicit cockblocking from the others.

    So, how to do this? A general blue print might include coming in with observably high social value. This might be taking some kind of rockstar pose, like rolling up with pivots, or acting like a promoter and inviting them all to an after party with other people.

    Once you get them to comply, you can start breaking down their defenses. Get simultaneous kino going with all of them in the cab. In my experience, if they are cool with this, it’s a sign that they’d be cool with an orgy. Also initiate jealousy plot-lines. Figure out who the leader is, because if you win her over, then the others will likely follow.

    If you DHV enough, you can make it seem like you pull foresomes all the time, and them not participating would be the socially awkward thing thing to do.


    • Honestly, smartest comment in here. You know why? Because he prefaces it with the idea that you act like shit is normal. Even approaching a random girl is hard if u don’t start with the idea that shit is normal. Foursome? Doable. Just make it normal.


  20. The one with the panties should be really flexible to hold that pose, might be a better screw than the other two


  21. Why would anyone want to know these females in the first place?


  22. I remember the post you did on Katy Perry and Russell Brand. It seems oneitis Katy Perry refused to grow Russell Brand’s sperm into a new reproductive organism! Brand has dumped her… would have saved himself a year had he read this blog http://www.metro.co.uk/showbiz/886139-russell-brand-and-katy-perry-split-after-rows-over-children


  23. Just a passing note, I genuinely don’t understand how the “general consensus” about the hottie on the right could be a 4.5

    From a purely face + body point of view, I’d give them 6, 5, and 9. Adding the other factors in: all three are dressed horribly (-1 point) and HelloVagina is a total nutcase (-2 points) but the Nordic beauty on the right is so beautiful it makes up for her lack of style, still coming out at 8 in my book.

    Though I’m from another part of the world than you guys, that could explain it.


  24. Reading this analysis, can’t believe those game deniers. What Heartiste has written here is heartbreakingly, horribly, awfully true. It’s a wonder that gamers AREN’T all bitter misogynists.


  25. “Overall, readers responded with higher quality than expected.”

    Irrelevant. All that matters is, what did they come up with in 3 seconds?

    But kudos to Heartiste for finally not shying away from an opener at a loud, trance-y type club.


  26. oh! there is another toby… hehehe

    I agree with the premise though. ignore the pantyshowoff and give missgoodgirl all the right attention. her demeanor and they way she dress make her the deserving recipient of your grandiose persona


  27. Nice … “openers”. So witty.

    Besides the fact that in some subtle way all of them sound like dudes that never actually get out from behind a keyboard.

    The real issue is “opening” those hoes at all. Case of American evolution of social dynamics, I mean seriously … I see that picture, I see the question, and all I can think is that if I was in that place, I’d hope I have a drink and my friends around nearby.

    Talking to those three chicks is a) propagating bad shit and b) desperate. Pass.


  28. negging a 4.5 never turns out well

    Good responces overall though


  29. I’m a bottomfeeder. I’d initially go for center and ignore left, but eventually sour purposefully on center and approach right with a smug smile and accuse her of hanging out with a toy dog and an iceberg.

    I just dont have the energy to waste trying for a crazy 7.5 or a frigid 6. I’d rather go for the more certain lay. Maybe in the aftermath of their rage over losing potential cock to a 4.5, they’ll be easier to lasso. Maybe the 4.5 is a kinky devil and will be the better lay anyway.

    I’m a little shocked at all the bravura here. Why work uphill?