Gaming Crazy Chicks

The crazy chick is practically an American institution. Delayed marriage, cats as alpha male fill-ins, marathon trash TV, childlessness, anti-depressants, and energy drinks with five pounds of added sugar will turn most normal girls into genuine headcases or poseurs who want men to think they’re headcases. A disconcertingly large minority of American women seem to believe that acting like a mentally imbalanced fruitcake substitutes for a paucity of femininity. It doesn’t. It only makes men think you’ll put out on the first date.

The crazy chick can be gamed, and there’s good reason to try. Men want three primary attributes in the ideal woman: beauty, an openness to sexual experimentation, and a sweet disposition. Crazy chicks often possess attribute #1, and always possess attribute #2. The problem is that they never have #3, so the smart man knows the crazy chick was put on the earth for fun only, to be discarded as soon as the ratio of her pain-in-the-assery exceeds her ability to sexually please. The crazier the chick, the quicker that P-to-P ratio turns upside down.

If you’re going to mix it up with crazy chicks, you had better know what you’re doing. Lesser men have gotten chewed up and spit out by the sexy siren who made a sport of baffling and blind-siding her prey. A man unacquainted with the Lokianne side of female nature can be ruined for all good women after a few months dangling on the painted meathook of a crazy chick. You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to fling ’em out the door and change the locks.

It also helps to know which chicks are crazy to the bone, and which are just sad, tragic figurines fronting crazy for the attention whore fix.

Commenter Troubadour writes,

I’ve decided to seek outside opinions profiling the girl.

She has piercing, dark eyes that drill straight into mine, and our eyes stay locked while she throws out shit tests like these:

“It was my fault I was raped when I was 11. Everybody tells me I was asking for it, and I agree. I was asking for it.”

“I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to call a hooker over and then murder her.”

“I almost killed myself a little while ago. I cut too deep. That’s why I’m wearing the long sleeves.”

“I hope I die soon. I haven’t eaten in over a month to lose all that weight, and I’m in danger of passing out. I might pass out behind the wheel and die. I hope it happens.”

Is that the kind of crap a garden variety scene kid throws out to get attention, or is this chick scary fucked up?

What am I messing with here?

I’m no psychiatrist… just a humble man with a working penis and a blessedly light genetic mutational load… but I can tell you this chick is fucked in the head. She’s either a raging narcissist or a certified nut; in practice, it makes no difference to you. The emotional basket case attention whore won’t make your life any easier than the subclinical loon.

Maxim #41: A girl who mentions rape or suicide during the first few months of dating in any context other than as a third party making a wryly humorous observation immediately outs herself as a crank with borderline personality disorder who will be a living nightmare as a girlfriend.

Many crazy chicks will fool you with their lavish dependency, and then surprise you one night with a story about “this one dude at the art expo I went to (yeah I forgot to tell you I was planning to go) who kept pestering me and eventually I just gave up and had to kiss him to get it out of the way”. And you’ll be like, “Ok, what the fuck just happened here? Do I need to get myself tested?”

What I’ve learned is that the winning tack with crazy chicks is a studied indifference to their assorted psychological manipulations. And by the buttplug of pajamboy do they have a warehouse of mind games. Know what you’re getting into, and be ready to get out as soon as you catch her freak coming round the corner. One, you’ll want pussy on the side; crazy chick pussy is usually pretty good, and hard to tear yourself from if you don’t have a fallback. Two, whatever you do, don’t indulge her outbursts, her passive-aggressiveness, her pity ploys, her martyrdom, or her sensationalism.

The worst decision you can make is to be “exclusive” with a crazy chick, and try to reform her. That’s just begging for a world of hurt. You’re no magnanimous minister to the moon units, saving hos like Jesus saving sinners. The crazy chicks FEASTS on do-gooder betas. You show a glimmer of kindness, or patience, or a “need to understand” and your cuckoo boo will have your sanity for lunch.

The only cure for the crazy chick that’s been known to work on at least a few of them is The Wall. A headlong splat and total invisibility to men is worth more than ten years of therapy and annual pregnancy scares. When a young hottie has lost her source of power, her crazy stops befuddling betas and testing the tolerance of alphas. She gets ignored, and learns through Instant Feedback that her crazy antics, once so entertaining and lovable in the form of a 21 year old vixen, now isolates her from every social circle she knows.

The best counterstrategy for dealing with crazy chicks is bracing candor wrapped in condescension. Tell her what’s really going through your head, but do it in a way that leaves no doubt how little you care what she thinks or feels:

“It’s amazing how you can say shit like this while holding eye contact like a serial killer. Great stuff. Love it. What other tricks do you do?”

Meet crazy with the kind of male crazy that *really* drives crazy chicks nuts: detached amusement. The sex should be incredible. Just don’t stick around.


  1. As they say, crazy in the head = crazy in bed.


    • > “I almost killed myself a little while ago. I cut too deep. That’s why I’m wearing the long sleeves.”

      > “I hope I die soon. I haven’t eaten in over a month to lose all that weight, and I’m in danger of passing out. I might pass out behind the wheel and die. I hope it happens.”

      Honestly, if you can convince yourself that she is speaking truthfully – and not just lying through her teeth, like the psychopath which she probably is – then a REAL MAN [as opposed to a snake in the grass] would go to her parents and tell them what you have heard and that you believe she is speaking truthfully.

      Obviously, if you see fresh cut marks on her wrists, then it is IMPERATIVE that you inform her parents.

      That’s what a REAL MAN would do.

      PS: And for the snake-in-the-grass contingent at The Chateau – yep, crazy sex is the very best sex of all.

      Not even debatable.

      [For normal chicks, it’s like how furious raging borderline-felonious make-up sex after a nukular argument is always the very best sex.]


      • “do you like to creampie?” ms. crazy-off-limits-and-hot-paleness wondered, as i strained the fabric of my slacks. what could be better?… so fast forward to near morning, and two major internals later, and she mumbles, “you better not have gotten me pregnant.”

        i was young, and i assumed her open eagerness for the au naturelle experience was matched with proper safeguards. but thinking is not for the crazy chick. yeah, best sex of all, sure. but you’ll also shorten your lifespan and have to watch the plan b go down her hatch with your own eyes in order to ever sleep again.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 9:15 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      hey hearrtatsietz!!! dey made a noviesz about da american crazy chcixkx lzzoozoz



    • All women are “crazy,” and it is a difference of degree not kind. It goes with their nature, it goes with their hormones, it goes with their weakness.

      In every case the object is to replace her will with your own. If her female condition is affecting the relationship, she has not submitted enough. If she has submitted but still her will is leaking through, you are not commanding enough.

      Early trauma can cross their wires while young, menopause will throw them for a loop, and feminism has made a hash of even the earnest ones’ understanding of their sex. In other words, some women will more easily submit than others. That’s not to say there isn’t a time and place for their volition, but only within the schemata already laid down by the man, without whom she is a wandering sylph.

      Therefore the “crazier” the chick, the stronger you have to be to get the same result. And in this era of pharmacological “solutions,” some pills can be useful but they all come with the possibility of creating fresh neuroses.

      The solution to femaleness is deliberate manliness. Extreme femaleness is also known as BPD. Most soi-disant chemical imbalances are just spiritual problems without a proper outlet in a godless culture. Our soul doctors are quacks, and so everyone self-medicates.

      There is no “craziness” that cannot be unfucked by a strong enough man who is also wise enough to know how to deploy his strength effectively, i.e., a man who is familiar with the deepest female desires and needs. The best psychological therapy is fucking: but we overprescribed the orgasm solution so much that the early century dead-souled chicks have become immune to its natural effects. Some cultural experimentation in withholding is in order, just as in the antibiotics crisis.



      • The primary factor IF women are crazy are the deranged machinations of men on the make, who focus on bedding them without serious contemplation of the consequences involved. The result is a society littered with contemptuous creatures who luridly stake out their claim.


    • “As they say, crazy in the head = crazy in bed.” No. Just because the word “crazy” is used for both doesn’t make them connected. “Crazy” for a mental state is the correct meaning. “Crazy” regarding sex, however, is just an expression, which has no connection to real insanity. If you had seen what real insanity looks like you would know that.


    • Definitely. Was with a scorching hot woman raised by a clinical psychopath for eight years. Have a resilient personality and/or be Charlie Sheen and you can ride that like horse.


  2. Fantasizing about killing hookers??! That chick is scary, bunny-boiler crazy, Troubadour. Make sure you give her a fake name and number and always go to her place. You don’t want her knowing where you live.


  3. Dated a narcissist woman…. learned a lot about gaming because that’s all she did: playing games… never gets tired of it. Good sex…. but really crazy. Dangerous.


    • Yeah, that’s my thinking. Not worth the bother, it ain’t a game dealing with the damaged. Most here will probably conflate “really high maintenance” with actualy crazy – I’d use this strategy on super high maintenance women, but not actual crazies. Once a woman has come at you with a butcher knife, the calculus changes and you start asking questions like, “is she going to kill me in my sleep” and “if I move on, will she stalk me up in 10 years and kill my family?” I broke up with a crazy wench I dated for about a year off and on. Really liked her at first then the crazy – like weekend long blackouts where she wouldn’t know what she had done – surfaced. I broke up with her after she came at me with a knife and tried to kill me one night in a misplaced fit of jealous rage, not believing that my smell of booze, cigarette smoke and booze came from a night out with the boys. I ran into her and her husband – an old friend of mine – 12 years later when they moved into my town. She gives me the full body crotch grinding hug. She put a wear spot in my jeans in about 4 seconds during which I’m trying to push away. I felt awful for my buddy – he’s a good dude and if I’d known he was going to wind up with this crazy beeotch after I left town, I’d have waved him off. She killed herself a year or two later, apparently unintentionally, with booze and drugs, but not before she’d put my beta buddy through the wringer good and hard and really messed him up for life.

      You are only interested in insanely good sex with somebody who is mildly unstable and interesting? Find a woman who is mid- or just-divorced after a starter marriage, and hard on the rebound. There’s no need to get it from actual insane people.


    • I know the feeling Jaap. I was in the same boat. This was when I was blue pill and she rang rings around me…

      You show a glimmer of kindness, or patience, or a “need to understand” and your cuckoo boo will have your sanity for lunch.

      This is so true. I was so beta that I tried everything to understand. Consider that this chick was also banging me on the side. She had a boyfriend. I was the bit of fun.

      She recently wanted to meet up. Part of me wanted to see what the fruit loop would be like now that I’ve swallowed the red pill. I could see myself just bursting out in fits of giggles as she’d tell me some fucked-up tale of the woe.

      But the red pill is wise. Why court crazy. I just politely declined and told her I had to see a man about a dog.


      • There are actually a lot of red flags in the beginning… They get too close too soon, start drama’s…, talk bad about all past relations, want to fuck without condom…

        They study your responses because that’s what they have been doing their whole life in absence of a real-self: studying responses from people to make them do what they want. In the end it’s all about power and control… I made a study of it.

        There’s is just no winning against someone with NPD or BPD… they lack empathy so they are the best gamers in the world. The lack of reciprocity just drove me crazy… without exception they think they have the right to do anything they please and “punish” you for the slightest thing (imagegined or not)…

        I mean…they are just capable of doing anything… they give you the silent treatment (for whatever reason) and in the meantime sleep with others… . They lie on purpose…about anything.. Any expression of feelings or sincerity is used against you sooner or later…

        What drives them crazy is ignoring them…or make them jealous. They have no self esteem and always look at others for confirmation. They love to put others down, just to feel better. So sad.

        What changed everything for me was when I found out it’s all conscious… (they will even say: Oh yeah..there’s something wrong with I can’t help it.. )….

        The girl I dated was proud about how she framed others and expressed it. So she said something like: Oh.. he’s an asshole because such and such.. yeah..well.. I know I did the same thing to him but he is an asshole anyway…. so I thought: wait a minute…. you know what you are doing, you crazy bitch…

        These crazy girls tend to say too much in the beginning of the “relation”…when they haven’t studied you enough yet..Pay attention!! Pay attention to what they say because they do themselves what they say about others…. (he had me in his power means I had him in my power… I was used means I was using…etc etc… projection)

        I learned so much…and can easily see through “normal women” now… (as far as they are normal LOL)… and with a crazy bitch I can play along for a while… but the problem is they keep annoying you (on purpose) and the pressure builds up in my mind… and then sooner or later I am sincere and tell them: stop the bullshit….. get out!!! They they do just everything to get you back (to feel better about themselves)… This pattern repeats and repeats…and drives you crazy…always behind you back… never admitting anything… shifting blame constantly.. making drama’s…. terrible…


      • Dude you nailed it with the first par:

        There are actually a lot of red flags in the beginning… They get too close too soon, start drama’s…, talk bad about all past relations, want to fuck without condom…

        I read this and I was like woah you’ve just summed up that relationship.

        Too close, bad past relationships and no condoms.

        How can these people use the sam tricks.

        It’s sick?


      • Oh man

        they lack empathy so they are the best gamers in the world.

        I had the chance to meet mine again. I wanted to see whether I could game her but this is so true….


  4. Detachment is the way to go to maintain hand with crazy girls. Be prepared to walk away at the drop of a hat and demonstrate this when she goes off. Switch of your phone and wake up to a fifty text novel where she goes through all stages of grief (denial, bargaining, anger, depression, acceptance) within a single night. By then her need for drama will be fulfilled and when you meet her again the sex will be great and she’ll be sweet for a while. Rinse and repeat whenever neccesary


    • To illustrate, watch this vid of a girl arguing and making out with a tree. Be like the tree. Your stoic nature will fuel her hamster and provide the tingles she craves


    • on December 27, 2013 at 8:28 am Hugh G. Rection

      Better get a burner phone then I guess.


    • I got you beat.
      After I told my own little miss Jekyll and Snide to take a hike I woke up to 12 misses calls and 72 text messages.
      It was like 50 shades of psychosis. She covered all aspects of guilt and confessed she was mad but still planned on having my baby…
      Be careful…you could be one busted condom away from gooble gobble one of us territory.


  5. Many of my fondest memories are whirlwind flings with crazy chicks. Volcanic sex, hot/cold games between us, battles of will, the showdown, volcanic sex, hot/cold games… etc… etc…

    Staying two steps ahead of her four steps ahead strategy.

    You have to get out early though

    This shit you can only really beat with experience.

    If I would have ran into those chicks 5-6 years ago… eh, I’d rather not think about it. Probably end up like pajama boy


  6. The worst decision you can make is to be “exclusive” with a crazy chick, and try to reform her. That’s just begging for a world of hurt. […] The crazy chicks FEASTS on do-gooder betas. You show a glimmer of kindness, or patience, or a “need to understand” and your cuckoo boo will have your sanity for lunch.

    “Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish


  7. Life is too short to leave yourself vulnerable to this nonsense. This is the kind of woman you get involved with if you want to find your car’s tires slashed, your voicemail filled with screamed invective, your front door painted with “Fuck You” or similar, and your future girlfriends stalked and harassed.

    If you want to risk all that just for some pussy invasion, be my guest. Otherwise, treat her like a rabid dog and stay well away. Psychotic chicks are only worthy of anthropological / psychological study or at best, an anonymous parking-lot quickie. Anything more than that is just foolhardy.


    • If life were just so simple just to get something sticky inside my balls to outside my balls.

      I wish I were a tree stump of a dumb fuck looking to get off, but when I wish on a star, a meteoroid and a creator are soon to follow. My damage control protocols always said no. One case I look back on still haunts me as a waste of an amusement park’s worth of pulchritude. Daddy fucked her up enough to inspire her to put out cigarettes near her fun spots. I can’t deal with that shit. It did not help to know that she made it known that she was quite available to me. Does not compute,, tilt….


    • Agreement. I had to learn this shit the hard way. There is -definitely- some upper high watermark that just shouldn’t be touched even if she is a straight up dime.

      I can’t quite quantify exactly what it is but I think what you said above should be the test. If you can imagine, that even for a moment, there is a pretty good chance this bitch will jack your ride, bust up your house, or fuck you up at your job, etc. Leave her. Immediately. Stay around at your own peril.

      I spent way too long w/ a chick just like this and yes, she was -gorgeous- but oh brother did she try to fuck me up at every turn. Purposefully getting me into fisticuffs, drunken rages sometimes in public, definitely bangin’ other dudes, wanting to try and stalk my ex-GFs, etc.

      And like someone mentioned below, you invite this into your home at your own peril. I woke up one morning with her raging against the machine because while I was sleeping she had rifled through all my shit and I had some ahh “candid” photos of exes. That was one of many examples of what your life will be like.

      After I finally couldn’t lose more sanity with her and broke it off. A few months later I was with some new girl and saw her, made eye contact no big deal, right? Hours later I went outside of this bar to go home. I had a bad ass BMW M3 and the shit was carved up on all 4 sides with a key. Several thousand dollar paint job to get the shit fixed.

      That is your destiny if you engage this level of crazy. I don’t recommend it. I’d say stay at about 85% or lower on the Barney Stinson Hot/Crazy Scale.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 1:53 pm Hypergamy Hamster

      As a young naïve, inexperienced man in a pre-game/pre-red pill (pre manosphere) time I got involved with and dated a f*cking batshit crazy c*nt for four months.
      Let me tell you, batshit crazy wears you down and can be highly adept at emotional manipulation.
      Their hamster spins furiously but the wheel is off centre and wobbly.
      I have since looked her up on Facebook (morbid curiosity) and she is a divorced single mother.
      I shudder to think about what horror some poor hapless fool has had to endure.


  8. “Crazy girl” is a redundancy.

    You could just say “girl” or “woman”.


  9. I work at an establishment that tends to attract the offspring of the wealthy and well to do. The spoiling and emotional over indulging these better off parents allow in their children’s upbringing leads to a uniquely potent brand of chick screwiness, and toe curling betaness among the male. I have lost count of how many times I have seen one of the hotter crazy girls reject multiple advances of many a prinked up thoroughbred, only to fall on her back, legs splayed for a mongrel gutter snipe, (yours truly on occasion) and the subsequent baffled wining of the rich kid betas.


    • > “a mongrel gutter snipe… yours truly on occasion…”



    • tspark156

      I work at an establishment that tends to attract the offspring of the wealthy and well to do.

      I live in their skulls rent free.


  10. Crazy generous.


  11. currently fucking a yoga teacher with a suicidal past… sex is just brutal. problem is i dont know how or when to leave her.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 8:57 am North Vinlander

      Why would you ever leave her? :O


    • I generally don’t take issue with PUA ethics. Pump & dump is fine. But honestly… does she think this is an LTR? if that’s the case, congrats, you’re in an LTR with somebody who is liable to kill themselves if you bail out. That’s like punching the kid in a hockey helmet on the short bus. It’s as merciless as… well, a chick. Moreso even.


      • Ever read about how the Marines behaved during the push to take some of the islands close to the Japanese home islands? To survive a savage wasteland You’ll need to think and act like a savage.


      • Metaphor fail. You go to war, you kill the enemy soldiers – you don’t put their insane asylums high up on the targeting matrix.


      • Compose your emotions.
        You’re misunderstanding my point.
        If you wanna game crazy sluts and live to tell the tale you’re ggoing to have to leave your moral concerns at the door unless you enjoy being the only one playing by the rules and subsequently get eaten alive.


      • Morality isn’t a categorical choice. Just because you choose to use game and sex up a woman – even a crazy chick – doesn’t mean you are then obligated to be a wholly amoral and destructive dipshit about it. If you really feel like morality and your own integrity has to be checked at the door, you’re a dark triad asshole dude and why are you here anyhow?


      • @Joe blow
        Whachoo got against dark triad mofos. How is it not ok to be a destructive dipshit. Works great for me so far.


      • He’s having an allergic reaction to the redpill.


      • Anything less than complete dark triad with a crazy chick and you will get swallowed by their craziness eventually. You can not care about them at all or they will use it to destroy you.


      • to tell you the truth, when i mete her all i cared was about her ass. i only knew she was crazy after a few fuckign sessions. she is the kind who orgasms with tears , goies into a mental state in which you dont know if she is crying or laughing and talks about her past, and about her insecurities. i live in an 8 million people city, and she is convinced im out of the country. no Facebook, , no pone. but she has my email and she emails me 4 times a day. at the beggining it was fun to see her naked in pics, but it gets old and now im really scared. on the other hand, im thankful for this kind of problems… before game, my problema was solitude.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 8:29 pm Michael of Charlotte

        Right now I’m stuck in a small town till my contract ends. I’ve been playing around Gaming married women trying to keep my skills up without sleeping with them. Generally speaking, what I’ve found is if I ever felt like they were ever getting a little too close, I’d just make it awkward or bore them with conversation. The awkward thing is amazing in how quickly it repels women.

        So, if you really want her gone, just make it awkward.


    • Try acting beta?


      • You mean when it’s time to end?

        Needy, boring beta with poor hygeine. Don’t take a shower. Ask her what she wants to do. Tell her how pretty she is and that you can’t believe that you’re with her. Dress poorly. Watch anime. Discuss it with her.

        I do this whenever it is time to bail on a crazy girl. Make it her idea. Saves a LOT of problems, I’ve tried it the other way in the past.


      • This the the best way hands down to escape the crazies. Self sabotage.


      • > “Self sabotage.”

        Anti-Game FTW!

        I swear to God, I laugh harder at the commentary here than at anything I’ve heard a “professional” comedian say in years.


      • Being alpha-ish then dumping a loon kitty is seriously looking for trouble.
        Scuttle the ship, live to fuck another day.


      • You could save her life.

        For true saint hood status you could help some wide eyed beta chump friend of yours steal her from you. Think of the field testing you could do.

        And then as a master manipulator, just think how cocky you’ll get. The babes will just smell it.

        So yeah I think stinking up the place and giving her a parachute might work. Do you really want a phone call at 1 AM when she is ready to slit her wrists in a cold bath?


      • i really like your input. ill try this… 🙂


      • awesome advice…
        ill fuck her after 7 days of no showering.


      • Oh, and when all else fails, cry.


      • Oh yeah …like when someone cuts you off in traffic or when a coupon expired. LOL


      • Cry about how the MRAs aren’t taken seriously as men by the media.


      • Yeah if you want to get rid of a clingy psycho, tell her you’re an MRA.


      • Hmmm, good one, but it can work both ways. I’ve used bitter angry guy who hates women game with great success. But I can see how it could be turned around into whiny MRA crying that life isn’t fair.


      • Acting beta to get rid of a crazy chick…Seems like an easy screen play to me.


      • Very easy. Can become the go to for a variety of girl problems, including keeping girls at work at arms length.


    • currently fucking a yoga teacher with a suicidal past… sex is just brutal. problem is i dont know how or when to leave her.

      There must be (at least) 50 ways… just get on the bus, Gus… make a new plan, Stan… drop off the key, Lee… and set yo’self free.


  12. crazy is my fave. i love the sting of battle. its hard not to get bored w/ a legit decent girl. she goes alpha widow, and i just fucked it up for every guy going forward.


    • I’m curious Tilikum. What’s up with the lowercases after each period? Do you actually take the time and effort to change the default uppercases to lowercases? It kind of defeats the purpose. Am I missing something here?


    • Appreciate the concern for the female ecology. Truly I do. I was concerned about that when I was in the wild too, take what I wanted and could get but no more. I don’t think that conflicts with abundance mentality, in fact it preserves abundance for men to come.


  13. A true psychopatch / narcissist / borderline will try to kill you emotionally (and physically as well, if you’re not careful).

    They are just excellent for practicing your gaming skills because that is all they do, gaming and they are good at it. They like to see you crawl. Very hard to keep the upper hand, they will find a way to get to you. They find your weak spot. For a narcissist good attention and bad attention is the same, they love to be hated.

    Detached amusement is the best indeed… but they remember….and will manipulate themselves back into the “relation”… and when you least expect it come up with all kinds of shit…cheat on you..cancel dates… try to make you jealous, etc etc… pretend you don’t care. Silence is golden…


    • “For a narcissist good attention and bad attention is the same, they love to be hated.”

      that’s pretty damn interesting and it makes disgusting sense. also makes me feel better that at least the insane woman i’m seeing is good practice. i broke up with her once, and she did get back in. i find myself convincing myself to not give a shit about her every day for when the inevitable explosion or cheating or whatever arrives. the kind of detachment which if i could accomplish in general would be great going forward.


      • Never ever become dependend on them…. NEVER….no sexually or in any other way.

        In the meantime they do everything to make you dependent… that’s the game. it’s crazy making.


      • > i find myself convincing myself to not give a shit about her
        every day for when the inevitable explosion or cheating or whatever arrives.

        That is impossible because she´ll feel when to do it. She´ll be nice and then when you finally have your guard down: kaboooom!!! The longer it takes the harder it becomes to “not care”

        In fact: she’s the one not caring about you. The only thing she cares about is herself and keeping you to play with…..


    • The attention part, and manipulating themselves back in, that sound like my wife. But when you’ve got a household to run together, it’s hard to go dark for long.


  14. I’ve always found that a simple “and?” As a response to faux declarations of insanity from women has worked wonders. Deliver it with a hint of boredom or disappointed dad in your voice and you’re gold.


    • “Of course!”

      “Tell me something I didn’t know.”

      “So what’s for dinner?”

      Anything utterly banal and unflinching and unperturbed like that.

      You’re just stalling for time until the next opportunity to fuck her brains out and then everything is good between the two of you again.

      In fact, invoke some “Carpe Diem” Game right then and there and indulge yourself in a little Clown Rape FTW.


    • They project their own anger at you. Everything they don’t want to happen to them they do to you.

      So yeah…this works.

      They always try to provoke an emotion. When they cancel a date say something like: No wasn’t convenient for me anyway……


  15. Just cut the cord with a 25 year old (I’m 40) BPD chick, native Latina to boot. Talk about nutzzzz, but the sex was some of the best I have notched. How did I handle it? Went dark on her. Moderate flipping out on her part, but there is currently some geographic distance as well. Greatly sharpened my game over a 6 month period. The one thing that worked best? Complete aloofness and indifference to the constant shit testing and attempted mind games.


  16. Just cut the cord with a 25 year old (I’m 40) BPD chick, native Latina to boot. Talk about nutzzzz, but the sex was some of the best I have notched. How did I handle it? Went dark on her. Moderate flipping out on her part, but there is currently some geographic distance as well. Greatly sharpened my game over a 6 month period. The one thing that worked best? Complete aloofness and indifference to the constant shit testing and attempted mind games.


  17. Couple things from my past. And things I wish I would of done better. Using a fake name. Not showing her where I live. Not letting her follow me home. Using a burner phone(I have my main cell and a lot of chicks at work have access to databases and know know way too much about a person) I dated a chick who worked at the storage vault for the county courthouse and it was the same place they stored all of the local hospitals and clinics medical records. Needless to say she knew quite a bit about me. Also, if you plan to move get a new drivers license before you move, say you lost it or whatever. Just make sure not to give them the new address. Always keep ur phone locked and dont use a SD card on ur burner phone. Also remember that newish phones can stay connected to towers while the phone is off, so pull the battery on your main phone. The govt can use gps data to “link” two phones to an owner. The other thing I would add is to save incriminating evidence. If shit hits the fan always have a mountain of evidence on chicks. I also leave my wallet at home, and throw a hundred underneath the insole of my shoe in case I get in a bind. Though 100 doesnt go very far when something comes up. But you could put a prepaid cc under ur insole too. A crazy chick will regularly go though ur pockets when ur using the bathroom or whatever. Course you can use this to your advantage and have a friend write a fake phone number and a chicks name on it on a piece of napkin or something to stoke the fire.


  18. I’ve been involved with two chicks I would consider crazy.

    The best advice…don’t even get involved. No vagina is worth that.


    • +1


    • That’s if you have something else going on in life.

      I once dated a crazy chick for a while. It was in college, andI had a ton of free time on my hands. What a rush! She was the hottest girl in college, and my friends just nearly killed themselves out of jealousy.

      I had too much time, and I really was enjoying her manipulations.

      Of course now I can smell crazy from a mile, and I simply don’t have time for any of that, so I stay away.

      But it’s certainly an experience worth having.


  19. The danger is staying too long with them and not having someone else on the side can get you hooked (been there, done that).

    The only other thing in terms of gaming them is: break up regularly with them, they will do anything to get you back.

    The downside is: they are all the vices of women times ten. They are sleeping around, they are lying to you, they are capable of anything. They will try and get pregnant as a way to control you, they will look for any way to control you any weakness of any kind to exploit.

    about 9% of women are borderlines (probably double that but that’s the stat). About 4% are narcissist (again I suspect its at least double).

    From observation and listening to guys stories about 1 in 3 women a man dates is fucked up crazy.


    • Thanks for the figures, been trying to work that out myself and started to doubt how nutz they were (or, was it me). Some are so subtle that by the time it dawned on me it was a little late. The sex was great in and, in some cases, often (3 or 4 times a day for months on end – hard to bail on that).

      I’d add the OCDs, bipolars, cocaine paranoids, alcoholics, and stroke survivors.

      1 in 3 sounds a little high though. Be nice to get some hard data.


      • The general pattern they follow is 3-4 months of intense sex, where you are their world, they are so in to you its flattering, but they’re starting to look for weaknesses to exploit.

        Then you will get the jealousy and rages(especially at night) and they will gage your reaction. If they think you’ll break up, the crazy sex resumes. If they get under your skin, they will alternate between crazy and sex, so that they reward you for putting up with the crazy.

        They try and get concessions out of you during sex, or with hold sex to get things like that, they try to move in with you after one “crisis” after another and these chicks always have a crisis they want to be rescued from.

        If they move in your life will become a living hell.

        As for the figures, its what my gut tells me. The mainstream figures for borderline are 9%, but I think of borderline as kind of extreme femaleness just like antisocial is extreme maleness. Make no mistake the borderlines and antisocials are just the male/female version of sociopaths.

        Again, its like cuckoldry, the mainstream statistic is about 5%, but any manospherian knows it is way higher than that, closer to 18% or more.

        Its the same, female pathology is under reported. The crazy borderline behavior is often seen as female courtship and mate guarding behavior.

        (For a perfect example of how borderlines think, listen to Pink).

        I submit that if you talk to any man he has at least one crazy girlfriend story for about every three women he has dated for more than three months.

        I will grant you the crazy women get around because their relationships tend to be short and stormy and they are highly promiscuous so that probably skews things. But even if the stats are right, counting borderlines, narcissists, bipolar and all the other mental health problems its at least 1 in 5.

        Keep in mind half of all women take some kind of mental health medication . . .


      • That’s a pretty good summary.


      • I am a crazy girl magnet, so I have plenty of experience.


      • Well, here’s your hard data, its women self reporting on lying. And since we know that self reporting by women alway underreports their behavior, its pretty bad.

        Even if we take them at face value, my 1 in 3 is under estimating they sociopathic femal population:

        83 percent admit to making “life changing lies.” Think about that. A lie so big the course of their (and probably their significant other’s life would go one way or another).

        42% would lie about contraception to get pregnant (a classic crazy chick manuever). 50% would cuckold their significant other.


  20. Think of this as the Normandy invasion, the first crazy ones to hit the shore and be prepared for later in life….from being in an LTR with a narcissist, they crazy will come out with the red pill. the “non-crazy” 30 year old will hit 40 and on her own spectrum hit the crazy…not slashing your tires perhaps but just on the border of sane to get all her girlfriends and orbiters to still shower her with attention….the dumb crazy ones are overt, the smart crazy ones are like functional alcoholics, taking it out on you and sweetly engaging the rest of the world. I handed LTR’s BPD mom better since I knew it going in, I wouldn’t put up with her shite…but Snowflake was different, SO aware that her mum was BPD. Yeah until they’re unhaaaaaapy.


  21. Speaking of crazy, watch out for those man jaws.


  22. It is well and good that the host drops science like this. Crazy chicks that latch on to you are a bane. And in today’s climate, a fucking legal time bomb. I found that they use “understanding” betas as clubs with which to beat up other men with, psychological chess pieces with which they manipulate the main man in their lives. “Oh, well, Tony said you should be nicer” or propose or whatever. Sure sure, a bemused, master alpha will tell her to screw off, but if you’re young and impressionable, the Alien like suction to you she embodies will be hard to resist or understand.

    The best advice is “don’t indulge her outbursts, her passive-aggressiveness, her pity ploys, her martyrdom, or her sensationalism.” For the crazy girl is chock full of pity ploys, “oh my uncle raped me, my last boyfriend raped me” See a trend? Who do you think will be “raping” her next?

    Or suppose once you get wise and try to ditch? You’ll get the most pathetic crying fit ever.

    Be strong and know your role. Distance and aloofness are your only friends if you decide to forge ahead to crazy town.


  23. on December 27, 2013 at 10:12 am Abelard Lindsey

    Two comments for you guys:

    1) Is it not better simply to avoid crazy women? These women are the ones who are most likely to land you either in legal trouble or long term financial damage. These kind of women are more likely to make false rape charges or engage in drug use that can result in busts while you are involved with them. They may also get you in trouble with previous boy friends who may also be violent and unstable. They may also allow themselves to get knocked up on your dime. Any interaction with this kind of woman can really fuck up your life long term. It seems to me that it is better to avoid such women and to find one’s life fulfillment somewhere else.

    2) I see a lot of the “man-o-sphere” criticizing women for not getting married early or not having kids. Given the high probability of radical life extension in the next decade or two, is it not likely these social trends will go the way of the horse and buggy? Indefinitely youthful lifespans allow for ageless “yuppie” lifestyles, childless “immortals” who live lives of travel, leisure, and productive enterprise. It seems likely that childlessness will become the norm in such an “immortalist” society and that both men and women can adapt to such social changes. It seems to me this obsession that people must have kids is a little over the top.


    • Your assessment is correct they are more likely to pull all of those thing Abelard.

      Second, I doubt immortality or life extension will come to pass, just as I doubt the singularity will come.


      • Actually, life extension has already come to pass for a lot of white people; childhood has been extended into the late twenties and old age has been extended into the nineties.

        No thanks.


    • >1) Is it not better simply to avoid crazy women?

      Some are incredibly smart… she studied me and gave me exactly what I wanted to hear. Then as soon as she felt I was hooked the bullshitting started..

      if you don’t have experience with them then it’s too late…you’re hooked.. Now I smell crazy bitches from a mile away..


      • Just as all women tend to change themselves to fit the man they are with, crazy women do it more so. They are complete Chameleons.

        They will get into whatever you’re into, they will seem like the perfect woman . . . for a while. (You can see this happen with men that get married and suddenly their woman “changes” and doesn’t want to do any of the things they did before.)

        They will do this to get you to reveal more and more of yourself (You’re “soul mates” after all) so they can find weaknesses to exploit.

        They’re exceptionally good at finding a person’s triggers.

        While all women tend to be empty, It is something that nags all of them, they want to be “loved for who I am” because at their gut level they feel like there is nothing there and that’s the sad reality of females.

        They don’t have to BE anything than a mobile body to have stuff handed to them when they are young, they don’t have to accomplish anything be anything or do anything. That causes a great existential problem for them and this is more so with the crazy ones.

        They are empty, a great emptiness that is ever hungry and needs to be fed, but it can never be sated.

        A red flag, a single red flag, if a man wants to be safe, means that his relationship with the woman should not go over 6 months.

        This of course means that 90% of them women in western civilization are not acceptable for over 6 months.


  24. Although if you are crazy and alpha enough as a man to choose to get into the lion cage with one of these predators…I give you respect. Risk taking is the hallmark of men..just some risks are more foolish than others.


    • They are predators. While all women judge a man on what he can do/give them whether it is tingles or resources.

      A crazy wants it all. All your wealth, all your emotions, all your sanity.


  25. The signs are often be easy to see before there’s even a relationship.

    My two special little cupcakes from my past sent red flags shooting right up the ol’ flagpole. The first one I didn’t catch on fast enough at first, being at the time 19 or so and just generally happy to be with such a hot number. The second one had enough red flags that she could possibly provide the entire Chinese government with flags to fly across China for the next year and still have some left over.

    Things to look for, based on my two encounters, that have helped me quickly filter out the insane ones to this day:

    – Daddy issues/abuse. Dad either left early and didn’t care about her afterward, or he was a raging arsehole and beat her/sexually abused her.

    – Rape/inappropriate sexuality at an early age. Say, for example, that dad taught his daughters to trot out at the age of 16 and give his friends lap dances, that kind of thing (I’m not making that up, that came from gal 2 to my ears, yikes).

    – Former/current stripper – sorry guys, but a lot of strippers are fucked up from so many directions that it’s a fairly good tell for me, if combined with other factors that point towards a BSC verdict.

    – Messed up kids. If she has kids that have turned sexually deviant on her watch or have a violent criminal record (real violence, the stabby/bashed in skull kind, not the being arrested for a school yard fight at age 11 kind) – guess what – warning sign

    – Institutionalization for things like anger management or suicidal impulses/borderline personality disorder. Keep away. Keep way the fuck away.

    – Cutting/pseudo-self loathing self destruction. Take the hint, be a gent, and inform her to go get bent.

    – 10,000 tattoos. It’s harder to tell on this one these days, since basically everybody under the age of 30 feels the need to cover most of their body in tats, so I use it as a “combined with” sign instead of a straight out tell.

    – Slipped details from her past. Say, for example, she casually let it slip that she slit tires/tracked down/killed pets of/destroyed property of an ex, especially if told with excruciating glee.

    – Falls in love in a very inappropriately short amount of time. If she blurts out the big “L” after a night or two of sex, get the hell out and away and throw away your burner phone. There are a few innocent women out there who may actually do this, but chances are they will have ZERO of any of the above traits. Good luck finding such a chick, I suspect they are as mythical as bigfoot these days.

    – Says how nice and perfect you are and how you’re the only guy who has treated her this nicely if you do so much as bring her a doughnut without her asking for it first. If that qualifies you as the nicest guy she’s ever met, guess what, she has a long line of far worse guys and thus a very solid track record of making very poor decisions. If you don’t want to be the guy she takes it all out on as a form of payback to the others in her past, don’t even start a relationship with her.

    – The incessant attempts to re-start the relationship after you leave using every mind trick possible, for as long as possible (and I mean months or longer). This is of course after the fact and not really a tell so much as a confirmation. Rig for red, run silent, run deep. Do not respond, do not read, do not listen, go full ghost. Eventually she gets bored and moves on to the next victim.

    That’s all I got for now. The first BSC was subtle and it took a while for me to catch on to the “You treat me nicer than I’m used to” despite my not technically treating her like a pedestal princess. Had to figure out that this meant that she basically dated really bad scumbags before me, and my options were to commence with the beatings (which I swear she was hinting at) or leave. I left. The second one was everything else and a bag of chips thrown in. The sex was mind blowing, but not worth it, not even once. Learn and avoid at all costs guys.


    • The prior boyfriends may or may not have been abusive. She’s using that to manipulate straight up.


      • Excellent observation.
        Those stories usually come out as you dhv through story telling…she’s trying to one up your value by demonstrating how desirable she is…
        “Look how amasing I am, I have tons of crazy exes who stalk me and rape me because I have such an emotional hold on them.” Is what I hear during her woe is me nonsense.


  26. A couple of months ago I banged an american HB 29 years old. I was just beginning to ingest the red pill, and still was caught off guard by his craziness, immaturity and attention whoring. Only two dates. She even told me that I couldn’t handle her. At that moment I was not beta enough for her to cruch me, nor alpha enough to be a challenge to her.

    Some years ago, I would have put her on a pedestal and, perhaps, would have been extracted of time and money (but not sexual impulse) by her. Now, I know better. I should have treated her like trash. Then, I would have been a challenge to her.


    • An American HB 29? Dude, you’ve moved right into Deity territory!

      Frigga or Freya? Did you get out before Thor showed up?


      • 29. years. old.


      • You omegas only know about one through ten. Above the Ophanim are Cherubim, and above the Cherubim are Seraphim.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 1:59 pm The Burninator

        Bah. Posers all. Real men go for the HB 30 embodiment of Nordic female perfection – the Valkyrie. The trick is to sustain a mortal wound in such a way that it is not mortal (that’s the tricky part), preferably in a melee of some kind with an opponent. When the Valkyrie come down to take you to Valhalla you pull her bitch ass off of that flying donkey, rip off her metal bodice and battle fuck her until she opera-screams her orgasms and begs you to not thrust harder as she’s can’t take so much of your fabled Yggdrasil without splitting wide open. Dump her exhausted ass naked on the back of her horse and walk away. Also, think about getting that wound bandaged up.

        Later in Valhalla she’s paening away for you and sighs wistfully while staring into the distance. She is waiting for the call to see you again as she serves mead to warriors she now views with contempt as unworthy. Even Odin gets little more than a bored, tired look and rolled eyes.

        If you ain’t creatin’ alpha widows in Valhalla, you’re doing it wrong.


      • AMOGing Odin is some dangerous shit.

        Could be consequences.


      • Ch readers dropping educated knowledge like bombs.


      • (slow nod) Better.

        Don’t forget ZS’ directive: to put a g.d. bun in her oven to replenish the white race. zlozlozl


      • Demigod Total Fertility Rate Game FTW!!!


      • Spartans! Tonight we dine at the Y in Elysium.


      • Dude… it is too much. I was LOL’ing the whole way. You nailed this comedy completely. Thank you for this, my weekend comedy quota is now met.


      • When the Valkyrie come down to take you to Valhalla you pull her bitch ass off of that flying donkey, rip off her metal bodice and battle fuck her until she opera-screams her orgasms and begs you to not thrust harder as she’s can’t take so much of your fabled Yggdrasil without splitting wide open.

        This paragraph bro, no shit, is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the interwebz in 2013. Comedic gold…


      • Mere flesh isn’t worth more than a 10. Nor even that much attention if you can help it.

        I thought a holy man would have at least that useful and extremely practical reserve that spirituality can bring. Rather than hyping attraction and deifying the flesh.


      • I saw an 11 once. Saw.
        Watched her ignore the advances of a man who owned a car I wouldn’t be allowed to test drive. Ignore. Not blow him out of the set but straight up deny that he existed through her inaction. The bouncers, without being needed to be told, made him leave.
        I did not approach.


      • White knighting bouncers gave her social proof.


      • Less like bouncers, more like synthetic testosterone injected homo erectus/gorrilla hybrids.
        These freaks were all over six foot five and built like underground cagefighters, cauliflowered ears and tatted up like how you think Tarantino would imagine the Spetnaz to look in one of his movies.


      • Patriarch’s amps go up to 11 too.

        Beauty is defined in moments and angles and context, not by the physically measurable.


      • Exactly.
        Hogtied in the trunk of Thwacks ’89 Cutlass, she would have just been a ten that was shit out of luck.
        In that club, at that particular moment, she was above my ability.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 1:40 pm The Burninator


        Humor. Applied from the abstract to the concrete. Attempt: apparent failure. Recalibrating humor device. Adjustments…finished.


      • Simply, Terminator… just say “Alas, another jest fallen flat!”


  27. Am I a crazy chick?

    [CH: in your own way.]


  28. I see a lot of similarities between these crazy chicks and the manipulative, low-life, abusive bad boys that women are also attracted to.


    • I was thinking the same thing. I have guy friends, so I’ve definitely heard the “great sex” justification for pursuing psychos. But I don’t understand why so many of these guys will STAY with these girls and even get attached to them. There has to be something else going on. I have a hard time believing men thrive off the volatility and drama like women do, but then what is it? Is it attraction to danger? The extreme challenge of managing this type of girl? It really baffles me.


    • No correlation. All women have the hots for the bad boy, but bad boys are often attracted to broken woman as i am normally.


      • I think his point is that crazy chicks are to men, what bad boys are to women. It’s true. Men SAY they want sane women, but what do they actually go for? The zonked out chick dancing on the pool table who thinks she has CIA tooth implants and ends up stealing your cat.

        The only difference is that men tend to do less NAMALTing about it. (Although there’s still get quite a bit of denial.)


  29. Speaking of crazy…

    I’ve dated this one girl on and off for a while. From a rich family that buys her cars and condos. Guys swoon over her and wait on her hand and foot.

    I was with her for a while and decided I thought she was pretty boring so I split with her, then she goes and overdoses on on pills in the bath. Ended up being alright, fortunately, but then she went on to the cutting thing. She’s all good now, but definitely crazy.


    • Say a woman like that is physically healthy for the most part, I wonder if a person could redirect the crazy to something else. Like suggesting she is fat, and also suggesting salt and water are evil. heh. It would keep her weak and feeling miserable. Then when she complains about feeling like crap tell her its because shes still having too much salt and water. heh


  30. I know a Crazy Chick who adapts her personality/interests to at least superficially match whoever she is dating at the time, so in high school when I first met her she was a wigger/Rasta but with crazy, then it was goth but with crazy, then she dated three alcoholic musicians in a row so she was an alcoholic musician (they let her sing in their bands) but with crazy. Now she’s about 25 and currently with some 47 year old ultimate beta geek creep, and this relationship seems to be the longest of all. She’s the full package with the ‘daddy hit me’ stories and knife marks on the wrists and nonstop attention seeking, and she’s done the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball on so many hapless dudes, but the sick part of me loves watching the carnage, so I stay in touch with her.


  31. Dont foget that crazy is rarely an all or nothing thing. The ones that are a little bit crazy are the most damaging because you may not pick up on it until you are emotionally, legally, or financially tied to them before you learn their true nature. If they are little too good to be true then they just may be. You will need to spend enough time with her to learn her true nature before making a committment. One common trait of crazy selfish bitches is impatience and/or add. She can keep her dysfunction under wraps for a while but if you can make it to 2 years and have not seen any red flags you may be safe. This is not a recommendation to committ to a woman since we know that an otherwise sane woman (heh) can eventually decide she is unhaaaapy and take you to the cleaners anyway.


    • If you are with her two years, unless you are stone cold you’re going to get attached and you’re more likely to disregard the red flags.


    • This is true. They are almost perfect at hiding their true selves until they sink their hooks into you.


    • >The ones that are a little bit crazy are the most damaging

      What about the ones that are completely crazy…AND completely conscious about how to fuck you up…..about how other people think..

      The complete crazy lie about small things just as much as about big things. You know why? They simply don’t know the difference between good and bad… so they also don’t know the difference between a littlebit good and bad…

      If they lie about small things they don’t really have to lie about: big red flag!!


  32. Speaking of crazy: Girl carves her name into the arm of a guy after a one night stand:

    There’s a pretty good site that describes a lot of the behaviors of crazy women and If you want to read some messed up shit regarding guys that married the crazy:


  33. Crazy girls. The first girl I ever was with, I was fifteen, she thirteen, and the craziest god damned thing on two legs. I was fucking hooked. We dated for three years (and fucked around occasionally afterwards for years) and brother, it was not easy. Being basically just a kid at the time, I lacked the testicular fortitude to drop her and fuck some of the nice girls in high school instead, so really my only choices were to adapt or die. I tell you man, no average woman’s shit can phase me after that girl. I see these poor guys worried about approaching or getting physical, ha. I recommend every young man fall in love with a crazy crazy girl. It would be great. A huge rash of suicides followed by a generation of steely eyed men. Almost as good as a nice big war.


  34. I kinda get the impression that many crazy chicks are aging sluts losing their mojo. Heck, that would nicely explain why they’re so good in bed.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 1:41 pm The Burninator

      Nah, there’s some young ones out there too, but generally men tend to forgive them their insanity in order to bang them.


    • Nice site …

      Most really hot looking white girls will be anorexic by some standards, especially including models. (I am too short for models but I have known some.) They do practice self-denial, which means they are less bitchy and self centered. They’re hated by other women, so they won’t use their girlfriends against you.

      I like them. Who defines what’s a “disorder” anyway?


    • whatever you do. dont fall in love and dont be beta… women are not nice to betas, anorexics and bulimics can be brutal to betas. being a naive 27 year old a long time ago, i made the mistake of falling for a girl like this. it costed me my job, my relationship with my brother. make it a short term thing. the article states that the sex is good. nothing could be further from the truth. some of this chicks are so screwed in the head that they cannot stand the fact of being naked. on the other hand, bipolars and manic depressives are very good lays.


      • >the article states that the sex is good.

        It’s good in the beginning because they do everything to get you hooked…

        Then later on true colors emerge and the sex is selfish…,.. They want you to be around when they feel like having sex or they have sex when you are losing your interest, to hoover you back.

        It’s a constant struggle. They are just like pigs: like to fight in the mud!!


  35. The chick that sent me on the “What the fuck is the deal here?” search that led to the’Sphere was a headcase. She was thirty, and looking at the wall the same way a may fly looks at tomorrow morning (strike one) was a high school art teacher (strike two), had a long history of affairs with married and single men (strike three through ten), and was going through a divorce. Oh, yeah– and she was mixing antidepressants with Chantix, with truly godawful results, including waking hallucinations of being choked by a ghost.

    The only defense I can offer was that I was a near hopeless Omega and she was DTF like I’d never seen. But I suppose I can thank her for knocking me out of stable blue pill SWPL orbit and forcing me to look for answers.


  36. Personally, I love crazy women…

    … ’cause that’s the only kind there is.


  37. Yeah, well American society seems full of ‘tards who think it’s cool to tell you how victimized they were. Either way, unless you plan to wife her I don’t see why anyone should care what a girlfriend thinks. Surface politeness is enough with your sex partner.


    • Doesn’t China have a bit of a population problem?
      The West has a multicultural/liberal problem.
      Thinking of ways to scratch each others backs…


  38. “It was my fault”

    When she said this, did you happen to see a black cat go by? And then did you see it again?


  39. Men want three primary attributes in the ideal woman: beauty, an openness to sexual experimentation, and a sweet disposition.

    Good looks, good sex and good manners.


  40. I was unfortunate enough to get a crazy bitch pregnant. One thing about crazy bitches is that they have buttons that you can push and they will have a full blown meltdown when you push those buttons. I could give my baby-mama a look or say a word in a certain way and she would totally lose her shit. This worked out great for me in court and during the court ordered parental assessment. I got custody of my daughter when my daughter was five right after I got out of the military. My daughter is now 17 and has nothing to do with her crazy ass mother.


    • It certainly beats the hell out of brilliantly malevolent and methodically evil.


    • Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? These women will soul-siphon your sanity and you will love them for it. Personally, I relish the challenge of keeping and bedding these exquisite creatures. And make no mistake, a great majority of them are HB9+..

      “If you’re going to mix it up with crazy chicks, you had better know what you’re doing.” Should be a maxim.

      While the initial lay might seem easy, there are essential tactics to keeping these women around and interested. “Detached amusement” is indeed your modus operandi, but is just the beginning as heartiste alludes.

      A mostly no-nonsense and “pua friendly” summary of borderline personality disorder from a psych perspective:

      Of particular note are the unmistakeable parallels to game theory in this article. These women are zen-master level manipulators. Tread forth carefully — with cock in hand and at the ready!


  41. Timely post for me. I’ve posted considerably on this because of the ex-gf.

    Some early signs of this I noted but ignored:

    She had a tattoo on her ass of another guy’s name. When I asked her about it she said “We were supposed to get married but…” I didn’t want to hear the last part.

    But I can guess what happened, she got the tattoo as a sort of blood pact, the dude started to see her controlling neediness and manipulative distancing and it all broke down.

    Early red flag #2. She showed me a series of photos on the night I banged her. We were just chatting or sharing. There was a photo of her sister’s wedding. I pointed to her with some heavy-set guy, “Cousin?” I asked.

    “Boyfriend..” Wow..he was hanging off her she couldn’t give a shit. Then she showed some more photos and mentioned to me that they went to Russia on a holiday and then “I had a fight and left my boyfriend behind and went to Finland on my own.” Wtf??? You leave a guy behind in a foreign country and go on a remote holiday by yourself??!!

    I looked at the photos with her: Cruise for New Year’s that year, trip to romantic island getaway that May—-which she complained was boring.

    Wedding in August…then….Nothing.

    The dude spent a fortune on her and then he suddenly disappears from her life.

    Then me: we spend a year together, 9 months fucking hard, she stays at my place.

    Big red flag: one day in late June comes over all gushing that she wants to see me after a party or some dinner. Seemed odd that she was so effusive. But it turned out her close friend had announced she was getting married—to a guy my ex gf claimed “I never saw any closeness between them”—bitchy thing to say about best friend.

    Then I get a text saying her crazy hoarding mother broke her hand and wants to stay in my ex gf’s apartment for the summer so would it be ok if she lived with me?

    I replied: “NO”—and said I worked and while I didn’t mind some time but that would be too much.

    She was quiet about this, but then brought it up after she broke up with me.

    Then….I find this video recently:

    I’m slowly getting my inner game back but true to form, mine has manipulated the situation so that she is now sucking in a beta orbiter with a nice car, money and who is reasonably popular in the social circle.

    He had asked her out “as a friend” on her birthday—which was the final red flag for me pulling back.

    His game was: “Let’s go out as friends…I know you sister”…and she never bothered telling him we were together at the time.

    It was tough. Gaming her was easy…and my tight game kept this going longer than it should have through effective push-pull. But then she started mimicking my texts, my distancing my approach to things. Weird.


    • The last crazy chick I dated tried this “You have to let me move in.”

      My response was “That’s never going to happen.”

      Nasty break up to follow. She moved in with some chum 5 months later. The poor bastard.


      • How’d that work out?


      • It was, like yours easy to game her, but I was with her way too long.

        Her current relationship is still going right now but the guy is completely screwed. I give even odds on suicide/red pill man after she’s done with him and he will be bankrupt.

        She is a complete sociopath.


      • This girl I was defiling once got into a hideous argument with her mom…
        Asked to move in with me…
        “Bitch please, your mom doesn’t want you and neither do I…”
        6 months later shes pregnant and planning on moving in with the loser…she still texts me wanting to fuck me.


    • walawala,

      My first reaction to what you wrote above, since tbh I don’t recal what else you wrote about it, is that the husband dumped her (otherwise why would she give up that lifestyle) and she’s getting older and would have jumped at a proposal from you to normalize things in marriage. But she’s getting older and must find some man who doesn’t distance endlessly.

      Not saying you had to offer marriage. That’s your decision.

      Certainly I am missing a lot of the texture and may be way off. But you dumped her as well as her dumping you, from what you write there.


  42. Excellent piece. I enjoyed this. Fucked a crazy bitch before (I’m talking being on meds for her crazy kind of crazy) and holy shit that sex was insane.


  43. I reckon the other red flag pertaining to maxim #41 is the girl who mentions a prior abusive relationship.

    Be warned – you’ll have to leave these girls. They won’t leave you.

    The old adage of borderline personality disorder is true: “I hate you, don’t leave me.”


  44. Thanks for posting something about this subject. As successful as I have been with game, my experience with crazy has cause for me to reflect on my own sanity.

    Another great video that helped me understand what the fuck was going on in my own situation.

    When I began reading into the pathology of this, there is nothing fun about it.

    These girls plug in, then unplug and they’re gone, you don’t exist.

    The sex is outstanding but as I read on about this, it’s outstanding because their own abandonment issues make them use sex not as a bonding experience but to manipulate you.

    I was banging other girls on the side and I STILL got one-it is when it ended because the ending was so sudden, weird and cruel.


  45. So basically guys act exactly as women do – fuck the brains out of crazy alphas and settle down with sweet submissive betas that may not be wild in bed or that much of a lookers but are homemakers instead of troublemakers.

    [CH: Incorrect. Given a choice, men fuck and commit to the hottest and sexiest emotionally stable girls. Given a choice, women still fuck and beg for commitment from charming assholes.]


    • Nice try troll.
      Semantics and generalization games are clever, but not enough.


    • Nice try trolling.


    • A somewhat cogent point. In either case, after the guy or girl has had the fling, he/she settles for a female or male “beta”. In a good settled relationship, both parties are contributing to the massive and ongoing work required to raise kids. Two such “providers” make a good couple and probably excellent parents. So I’ve heard anyway.

      The difference, as I see it, is that men get better with age (women agree) but women get worse (men agree.) Women do lose their reproductive ability rapidly starting around 25, but I will even overlook that fact that, while perhaps unfair, is in no sense men’s fault.

      I am waiting to see when women start giving young geeky boys the time of day, indeed their full and respectful attention, rather than waiting 15 years for those boys to accumulate a small fortune and some distinguished-looking gray highlights, to take the risks with them and to help them during that critical period by working or by starting the family.

      When that happens, which will be the same week that hell freezes over, then men and women will have comparable roles in the battle of the sexes.


      • The geeky guys do have fans: geeky girls. They just don’t want the geeky girls.

        Well, most of them anyway. It usually evens out for smart people when we’re in university or around that age. The ones who don’t get husbanded up are the ones who got brainwashed by misandrists that being harmless and feminine was a good thing. The masculine geeky guys I knew then and know now have no problems finding wifely types or just getting laid…perhaps not with the success rate of full on alpha types, but they do get some.

        This is mostly about upbringing. Guys who are more balanced do okay, but girly dudes don’t, not because they’re intelligent but because they’re girly.


      • I went to engineering school and the girls were both ugly and bitches. I shut down my social life for college. Tried a little then gave up. Too hard to find desirable supply, no spare time or energy for it. Interestingly I had a non-geeky (by my standards at least) gf in high school, so college killed my social life and it took a long time for me to get back to it. I seemed to run into competitive girls, but I didn’t want a competitor as a wife, so I went cold on them. Maybe if I’d hung out in a humanities department I would have found something But I can’t ignore that it seemed the whole US female population had few of what I was looking for: a healthy girl with some attractiveness (legs do it for me), a good brain and a feminine personality. Instead I found a lot of feisty women and a society telling me in various subtle ways that I was supposed to wife one of them.

        Ended up marrying much later, a former geeky girl who got most of the competitiveness out of her system earlier. And not feisty.

        So I have not observed your matings of young (<25) geeky guys and young geeky girls, and I've spent my life in good position to see it. Have you actually seen this?


      • Word of caution for geeks who are deprogramming though…Intelligent, masculine guys get oops pregnancied, in my observation, at a similar rate to ghetto thugs. Most of the single dads under 30 I know were eggheads.

        For some reason, perhaps knowing you’re destined for success, women want to have your babies. Be really careful in condom wear and disposal.


      • The oops pregnancy is a favorite tactic of crazy chicks


  46. Heartiste,

    In addition to talking about suicide I think crazy chicks also bring up the following topics:

    Ex fiance/long term boyfriend
    How many guys are after them
    Obsession with pets
    Pregnancy scares


  47. Some curious feminist hamster LOL:
    “Thomas The Tank Engine is to blame for a lack of female train drivers because all characters are male, claims female Labour MP”


  48. There is a very good miniseries on youtube,called Psycho Girlfriend

    I recommend to watch.Massive lols and genuine acting.


    • I didn’t find that video funny at all.
      Too much reality in it.


    • Now how can you watch that satirical but typical exchange and not conclude the escalation of innocuous curiosity into tragedy is always the man’s fault?

      He got defensive, answered her batshit questions earnestly, he let her take command. He fed that dumpster fire at every step.

      He thinks he’s talking to his buddy, for whom the elimination of mystery in this confusing world is the mutual goal. For women it is the opposite, or course.


  49. My 2 cents:

    typical “professions” of clinically crazy chicks:

    Yoga instructor
    Dance teacher or performer
    Something to do with arts
    Nurse/veterinary nurse

    -Has a history of volunteering in animal shelters,poor communities or countries.
    -(For europeans): lived in Spain for a while and can’t explain why
    -(For europeans,americans and especially russians): lived in Goa or Thailand for a while and can’t explain why.

    -likes to wear pajamas,or better so called “harem” trousers
    has her hair unkept,or dreads
    -likes “artisanal” hand-made handbags,handmade shit in latinamerican or maroccan style
    -flip-flops or sandals OR high hills only
    -no make up OR constantly a lot of make up

    -This one is very typical for crazy ex-USSR chicks,have not noticed much among western europeans or american: calls herself with different names and surnames.For example fb name might differ from real name,and might differ from the one in her passport.


    • on December 28, 2013 at 6:26 am Hypergamous Hamster

      The obvious one. She tells you she is or has been on psych medication.
      Also, anything that looks like a self harm scar.

      Danger! Will Robinson …. Danger!


    • Took the black diamond once; white girl assault cop alot.

      Never again.


      • Dafuq?! English ma’fucka… do you speak it? Either don’t suck the glass dick prior to posting or translate from ni66a to english. I have no idea what that one sentence is about, and I have decades of speaking to sub-humans… I’m “fluent” in a language that makes Ebonics look like Old Latin.


      • Hmmm…?

        Did I fuck up my ski reference?

        My bad.

        I thought the “black diamond” was the universal sign used for the most difficult and dangerous slopes at the ski resort? At least thats what they told me?

        It is far better to get a good white girl and make her “bad” than to risk an encounter with a frosted snow beast.


      • Thank you, I sort of thought that was where you were headed but I couldn’t grok it.


    • You forgot psychologist/counselor/social worker or any woman with a psych degree.

      As for the medication: The most common one is antianxiety medication. Most doctors won’t diagnosis that they have a personality disorder so will instead try and treat one of the most common symptoms which is their crazy night time behavior with antianxiety medication.

      Side note: If she needs tylenol pm to sleep when she’s over she’s a crazy chick.


    • Good call on professions. High count of histrionic/narcissistic/borderline personality disorders (cluster b ‘dramatic’ disordered personalities) in these having gone out with all of the above. Lots of faux bohemian affectations amongst (almost) affluent psuedo-cosmopolitan crazies and their offspring due to ‘romantic’ ‘worldly’ appeal.

      Spain — and, to an equally impulsive demographic amongst non-Euros, Italy and France — caters to crazy with stereotypes of unflinchingly aloof dark/handsome romance language speakers dripping with Antonio Banderas panache and carrying on multiple relationships behind a thin veneer of historical courtly love. The reality is very different, but the cultures of staying up til the wee hours of the morning drinking, eating, and dancing combined with old world architecture are catnip to young, inexperienced manic pixie chicks seeing the world for the first time.

      Goa is known for what I’ve dubbed ‘born-again hippies’ finding themselves through pop psychology and a thin pretense of spirituality that reconciles their longing to belong to themselves, another (stronger male force), and the world with wanton passionate sex and polysubstance bacchanalia as is customary in the rave scene — hint: there’s a subgenre of psychedelic trance called Goa. Thailand similar on sex/drugs/music on the cheap for first-worlders but also ‘exotic’ (read:megagay) and full of brothels and bloodsport (at least there’s some redeeming factor). Cheap lobster and surfing on the plus side.

      SWPL crazy hippie poseur chick also loves helping things she perceives as being under the station of her expected male savior who will shower her with material and spiritual wealth to be the stabilizing superegoic balance to the id monster in her ego’s closet to demonstrate what she wants of said imaginary mortal man-Jesus (no offense re: metaphor to my religious brothers) who is the Beta and the Omega while she trolls for Alpha elsewhere in the lap of luxury. Doing so also rationalizes her worthiness of being so endowed as well as puts her near kind caretaker males who do likewise and are ripe for genetic exploitation.

      All of the (un)fashion accoutrements exist to corroborate aforementioned psychological fantasy personality while letting her off the hook on traditional mores and standards of beauty so she can show off how much of ‘herself’ she is to all of her girlfriends ‘because that’s how it’s done in ‘.

      The last item — the falsified credentials, if you will — is a calling card of a girl psychologically breaking free from a less-than-desirable past. By taking on a new name she unhinges her old ego from her existing id like the jaws of a snake and frees herself to do as she pleases while feeling ‘reborn’ — or at least not attached to the consequences of her actions as they would impact her familial name’s traditional honor or respectability, echoing the cognitive dissonance in the ego between the old-fashioned psychosocial superego, itself a construct of our mutual biological imperatives as a species, and the id, the primitive narcissitic animal urges. If it is a very young girl, she is expecting wantonness in her future. If a pre-wall woman, she is embroiled in the consequences of her youthful drama — whether once or actively being engaged in being somewhere on the gradient of ‘party girl’ (party girl – stripper – escort). If she is near- or post-wall, she has accepted her station and is reconciling it with youthful shenanigans and cougarish antics (‘fun’,’athletic’) — or has relegated herself to cats and TV shows about cooking, houses, and travel.


      • Lemme see if I understand about the SWPL poseur chick. She wants provision from a high status super-beta while taking some of his stuff and giving charity to those lower down the material totem pole — thus assuaging her pangs of guilt or awareness over the whole thing. Is that what you’re saying?


  50. A variation of “Crazy” and the beta orbiter they suck in….


    • Jesus. You can see the inner torment in her eyes without even playing the video.


    • This is effectively, a documentary on the Death of the West. Brown chick of anomalous background wants to fuck for money. Beta herb white boy with more money than brains and a radically dysfunctional sack pays her not to get ass fucked, but for her role in a Rom-Com parody. You may laugh at this vid, but depending on who you are, you laugh at your own doom. This is not a parody as I said, it is a documentary.


      • Jay in DC

        This is effectively, a documentary on the Death of the West.

        Ni66a Pahleeeez, a few weak simp white boys does not an extinction event make. White guys are out doing all kinds of great and vast stuff you never even hear about.

        Theres a white dude at my gym that raped Godzilla.

        Who do you hang out with?

        get over it.


      • on January 2, 2014 at 9:00 am ain't nuttin but a gansta partayyy

        holy shit that video is fucking sick


  51. It’s no coincidence that hysterical and hysterectomy have the same etymology.


    • Does this mean they all get worse after menopause? OMG …


    • Yes. All insanity is born from the Uterus. We knew of this since the time of the Greeks who the etymology is born from.

      Only recently, did we make the mistake of giving hysterical women agency which is now called radical feminism. In times past, we’d have done what is right and proper to maintain a functional society. They’d have been strapped to an operating table and had their uterus removed, much like how they are currently trying to castrate men on all fronts.

      After that, they generally would be much more pleasant and amicable. We’ve lost the old methods sadly…


      • But isn’t menopause when the uterus formally stops working? I’d expect a reversion to a state more like post-hysterectomy which you say would be more pleasant and amicable.



      “More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin on Thursday at 5 p.m., sources said.

      The mall was shuttered at around 7 p.m. for roughly an hour and has since issued a temporary “no teens” rule, in which anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult, police sources said.”

      Since “teens” now means “blacks”, I’m afraid this is racist. I demand we shut down the King’s Plaza mall for attempting to bring apartheid to America, and reopen it as the People’s Plaza mall.

      “Some of the teens — who had planned the rowdy meet-up on social media — later took to Facebook to brag about it.

      “[Kings Plaza] was on tilt today but n-ggas wasn’t catching me,” Ray Ray Sextana posted on Facebook.

      The Visigoths are on the loose and barbarians are running amok among us. What is the response of the authorities and their mouthpieces in the media?

      No such thing as the “knockout game.” And let’s not mention the race of the rioters lest we offend someone. ”

      Wrong, Mr. Columnist. There IS such a thing as the knockout game, but only when whitey plays it.

      “The Obama administration filed a federal hate-crimes charge Thursday against a man whom authorities accused of using the “knockout game” to target a black man, videotaping it, and then bragging about the assault to strangers.

      The charge marks the first time the administration has taken action on a “knockout” case after the game became an Internet and media phenomenon. It chose a case in which the person accused is white, even though most other cases reported in the news have involved black assailants.”

      How dare you mention that, Washington Times. I think you best check your white privilege.



      ‘The latest sexually charged ad campaign pushing Obamacare has now offended some members of its target audience, namely gay men.

      A video advertisement released shortly before Christmas by Out2Enroll, which features four young buff men wearing tight underwear and not much else, drew an angry blast from the gay conservative organization Log Cabin Republicans.

      SEE ALSO: MILLER: New Obamacare ads make young women look like sluts

      “This cynical ad betrays the depths Obamacare advocates will sink to in order to pad their pathetic enrollment numbers,” Log Cabin Republicans executive director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement.

      Mr. Angelo urged President Obama to “distance himself from this nonsense and denounce it immediately,” saying that the campaign promotes “harmful stereotypes that gay men are nothing but sex-crazed lechers.”

      “At a time when left-wing propagandists are decrying Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for equating homosexuality with promiscuity and deviance, Out2Enroll and others should take a look in the mirror and ask if the truth is that they are the ones responsible for promoting such harmful stereotypes,” said Mr. Angelo.’


      • They’re pushing too hard, outrunning their supply lines.
        The crippled debased morality of America isn’t quite completely washed from the collective psyche, and now they’re catching some resistance. Just a minor roadbump on our path to oblivion though, the closer we get to collapse the quiter the resistance will become until it all really hits the fan, and then it’s too late for them.


      • Patriarch— don’t be fucking naive. Barry is in full court press for the destruction of the States. He has been taking his orders from Frank Marshall Davis, down to Bill Ayers more recently. You already know this. The fact that it takes some busted redneck to be the touchstone for the entire nation to resist the destruction of the west is very telling about how we cannot recover.

        I saw a very salient post about this elsewhere. I’m paraphrasing—

        Support of flaming faggotry— #1 issue in the mind’s of ‘conservatives’.
        #2 issue– when should a baby be allowed to be legally aborted.
        #3 issue– why should we pay for birth control, federally?
        #100 issue- defenestration of every general in the military who doesn’t chant the progressive party line.
        #101 issue- the ‘bullet dodge’ (props- the matrix) on Benghazi
        #102 issue- HNIC and Eric Ma’Peeps Holder mum about Fast & Furious
        #103 issue- Economic recovery = zero. We are in free fall since 2008. The only ‘recovery’ that occured is in the 2% top bracket which skews the stats for all of us.
        #104 issue- 30 million illegal immigrants will probably be allowed to stay here in 2014, utterly changing the demography of the US forever. ‘Demography is destiny’

        This was the short list, I dare not speak more…


      • You misunderstood what I meant.
        Of course they’re slated to destroy the west.
        What did you think I meant?


      • Ok my bad, you seemed to infer that this little Duck incident would somehow slow the aggressive push which I assure you it will not in the least.


      • Ah I see. Nah that’s the little speed bump i was talking about.Too little too late for it to effect anything.


      • “Demography is destiny.”

        Yup, whoever has the most white males wins.

        Blood is real. All these borders are artificial. America is a social construct.


    • I had always wanted to try diving off Roatan. Guess things are getting less comfortable on the diversity front, I may give that a pass even if a good opportunity comes up.


  52. Reading over the comments…It’s like reading a chick forum full of women defending Chris Brown or something. It would be awful to me if I hadn’t recently learned that in order to be taken somewhat seriously, I have to learn to fake being crazy in certain ways.

    Like, situations in which I’d normally go radio silence or just get up and walk away and never speak to the guy again, I have to start yelling and throw something.

    I hate it, but damned if it doesn’t work.


    • As is the case here, it largely depends on your “target”. If you have a fairly well adjusted dude, you wouldn’t need the theatrics.


      • I’ve learned that even very well adjusted dudes can get twisted or broken in a screwed up environment. It takes a hell of a man to stand against the tide, and a superman to stand tall against it.


      • Thats why you should change your behavior and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

        His reerection after 3 days?

        What more proof do you need?


      • If it takes him 3 days to resurrect, it’s not worth it.


  53. on December 28, 2013 at 11:16 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

    Key points:

    “Women, they love bastards.”

    “He could be, like, doing bad things all the time… it was just get her more and more horny.”

    “Treat ’em rough, you’ll get your muff.”


  54. “Delayed marriage, cats as alpha male fill-ins, marathon trash TV, childlessness, anti-depressants, and energy drinks with five pounds of added sugar”

    You forgot the biggie – hormonal contraception.


  55. […] The crazy chick is practically an American institution.  […]



    Great post that goes in to greater depth on the Original Post.

    It cuts deep.

    I found it very insightful as well as helpful in dispelling any reunion fantasies or “Christmas Magic” or “Auld Lang Syne” nonsense.

    Too often we get sucked into this because as an alpha or aspiring alpha by being cool, distant, aloof and having tight game we are a real tease and challenge for these emotional vampires.

    As we get deeper into them, the roles are reversed. The girl’s “Crazy” starts to emerge more clearly but I was ignoring all the red flags. Then when I became clear about boundaries, acted needy and jealous and called her out…I was discarded.

    It’s a cruel world out there.


    • Such relationships can be codependent, I was in a somewhat codependent relationship with a girlfriend for a while. It sucked. Breaking free is the right thing to do. Maybe you’ll get back together, almost certainly you won’t, but either way you escape that muck.


    • Interesting blog, wala. I got a lot out of that post myself.


  57. on December 29, 2013 at 12:17 pm Abelard Lindsey

    Speaking of movies featuring a man trying to change a crazy women, Casino comes to mind. Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro) marries a crazy hustler woman Ginger (Sharon Stone) thinking he can reform her. The marriage proves disastrous in the end. This is based on a true story where Frank Rosenthal married Geri McGee (who was actually FAR more attractive than Sharon Stone).


  58. you’re a dark triad asshole dude and why are you here anyhow?

    Uhhhhh… Because I’m a dark triad asshole dude? Duh. Why you think I wanna play with Psycho Chick?


  59. The one described in the article is very likely a borderliner, the female counterpart to what in males is called a psychopath. I’d also bet a 6-pack or two that she was raped by daddy/brothers as a child.

    As somebody who is there, is doing that and has found no way back to a normal life, my only advice would be to run for your life as soon as you even suspect her to be “crazy”. Any good sex you can get from a woman like that will cost you sorrow and sadness without end once she hooks you.


  60. Update to my above posts…and totally as YaReally has predicted…

    I’m organizing a huge New Year’s Eve event which has been sold out for weeks.

    One of my ex gf’s friends booked a bunch of tickets months ago including “a friend”…I asked the name for the record and go some weird made up sounding name: “Mabel”.

    Today this same girl texts to say “Mabel” can’t make it so in her place my ex gf will take up the place.

    No surprise.

    Me: Cool. Added.

    Meanwhile I’m thinking….WTF!???

    So I look over the list…none of the ex gf’s recent orbiters are attending.

    Another in a whole slew of weirdness.

    Ex gf wants plausible deniability so instead of contacting me directly has gf do it at the 11th hour.

    I think the thinking went a little like this:

    “I’m not going…dick. I will get a ticket under a fake name….let’s see if that DICK calls me…he’s still ignoring me???!!! WTF???!!!! OK.. tell him “Mabel” can’t come and say it’s me instead….”

    Will update if anything game-worthy comes out of this.

    There are a ton of girls coming and I’m hosting it and it’s something I’ve done for years so it’s become a tradition and a DHV.


    • I told you she would try and come back.

      They always do. All predators return to where they have hunted before.


  61. Good guide to minimize the impact that crazy can have on your life.


  62. I just remembered one critical detail in all of this that I missed. She didn’t mention the word “rape” first. I did. Let me pause to let that sink in, so the same shiver can go up your spine that I’m feeling right now.

    She kept talking to me after that, I took note, because I like rough sex. Consensual, voluntary, controlled rough sex. Any chick who keeps talking to you after you say “rape” is down for some freaky shit, I thought.

    But when you look back at this complete picture and factor that missing detail back in, we have gone from freaky shit to “Are you a stone cold psychopath, or are you a pussy?” Translated from chick speak, that is the challenge she raised.

    Gentlemen, I am a dark triad asshole dude, and I am crazy enough to get in her head and win this game, but I am not stupid. I cope with my abnormal psych issues very well.

    Pandora can keep that box.

    I think the most prudent thing to do at this point is delete the number and watch my back for the next 10 years.

    I’ve been running game for a year, and this was my first number. Wow.


    • Watch your back. I’m watching mine. I have had 4 different people from very different walks of life make cracks about me being lucky to be alive. I take that as a warning.


  63. Avril Lavigne’s new song “Hello Heartache” made me cry thinking of ex GF. Super good song. A theme that’s been done a zillion times, but she did a good job with it. The main phrase “Goodbye, my friend” really hurts.


  64. I’ve had a smattering of these. Boy is this post 100% truth!


  65. […] managed to get CH’s direct attention, I ended up becoming the subject of an entire post not once, but […]