A Father’s Question

First, thank you for the excellent blog.

The writing, content, and resulting purposeful applications are first rate.  You attract much insightful, interesting, and humorous content, too.  Please keep up the good work.

On to my question:  so, I am a dad and wondering, with Father’s Day 2011 just around the corner, your thoughts on how, when, and at what rate should matters of game be introduced to your male offspring?

I did read this:


It made my heart ache.

My son and I frequently go about town alone.  Dining together.  Talking to the people around us.  Looking them in the eye at all times.  Assessing strangers at other tables and trying to read them based upon what we observe.  He and I scored girls in the mall a few weeks back.  He is only 10.  I’m not going to rush him into things, but want to give him the tools and tactics to use when he is ready.  I don’t have a great playbook for rearing him, but I do want him to lead his life and not the other way around.  Any feedback and thoughts would be appreciated.

How, when, and at what rate to introduce game to your son? A few classic Chateau thoughts on the matter are here.

To my son:  You will learn how to say Hi to girls before the age of 16 if it kills you.  There will be no Star Trek or Lord of the Rings posters in your room.  You will instead have Helmut Newton photographs hanging on your walls and a copy of Mystery Method.  I will treat the family dog better than you if you major in anything that doesn’t ensure a salary high enough to keep you from grubbing off me.  Learn how to throw a punch.  If you turn out gay, don’t ever bring your “boyfriend” around me.  Certain things are best left in the realm of the abstract.


if I find out your mother was a two-timing whore and you are not my kid, you will never hear from me again.  Kindly direct all your rage her way.

I’m glad to see you’re taking your son out and showing him the ropes. As a father, you have no more important duty than guiding your son on the path of alphadom. What greater gift can a father give his son than the knowledge and example he needs to navigate the initially confusing world of women, and to live as a free man in an increasingly corporatized, feminized, Orwellian world?

You want to introduce game concepts to your son now, as he’s hitting his teenage years. Your first forays into this dark knowledge should be couched in terms a kid can relate to, i.e., lay off the sex talk and arid evo psych theories. Tell him that girls are different from boys and that this will matter as he gets older and starts to like them.

In your specific case, it seems as if your son is maturing early, if he’s “scoring” girls at age 10. He probably knows the basics at this point? If that’s so, then you can go to the next stage, where you analyze specific female behaviors and make them relevant to him. For instance, he might complain about a girl who only likes him when he’s mean to her, and he doesn’t understand why. You can then segue into a discussion about why girls like that sort of attitude from boys, and how he can have that attitude but still grow up to be a good man.

Note: Do not ever fall back on the typical beta herb father response of “Well, son, women are a mystery. You’ll find that out soon enough.” That’s the cheap and easy way out, and prepares him for nothing. Patiently explain WHY women are the way they are, that women aren’t really mysterious at all, it just seems that way because they think differently than men. Remind him, too, that men seem mysterious to women, so the confusion goes both ways. The whole “mystery” cop-out is just another form of female pedestalization.

As he’s becoming more aware of true female nature, there is a risk his young mind and heart will slip into cynicism and disgust for girls. Don’t let that happen. Remind him that, though the world works this way, there is no reason to let it get him down. There are some rules to follow, but the game itself is still a lot of fun, and nothing feels better than falling in love with a girl who loves you back. (Abstain from discussions of “love” until he’s well into his teens. A 10 year old is likely to turn up his nose at that.)

As his mind matures (age 16 or so), begin introducing him to the literature and science that scaffolds game concepts. You can start with this blog and these resources. If he’s anything like a normal heterosexual man, his eyes will widen with wonder when he first reads this forbidden knowledge. This is a critical juncture. If you have not laid the groundwork, a sudden infusion of game material can send him careening through a labyrinth of haphazard self-discovery, his journey littered with dangerous risks and broken hearts. You must start his reality education NOW if you want him to put the future knowledge to good use. An unanchored padawan is a light saber duel away from joining the Sith.

The rate he should learn this stuff will largely be up to him. Once the floodgates open, he’ll likely seek out further knowledge on his own, without your guidance. The internet guarantees that the window for active parental guidance is smaller now than it has ever been. That’s why you must begin your teachings before he gets to high school.

As a responsible father the setbacks you most want your son to avoid are:

Surprise dumpings.
Grinding celibacy.
Marriage to an ugly feminist.

Give him the knowledge and tools to circumvent those unhappy fates and the wisdom of your experience and you will be a hero to him for life.


  1. Bang on and concise.

    This was the single most important CR post ever.

    I don’t know if I’d send off a kid I’d thought was mine but wasn’t so brusquely – the relationship would definitely change – but the sentiment is the point and on that score, bang-on. Cheating duplicitous lying snake of a whore; deserves contempt and outright hatred from her son and anyone else with a sense of justice.

    And “women are a mystery” – women are not in any way mysterious. It’s not just not useful; it’s a lie.


    • on June 20, 2011 at 3:19 pm Miley Cyrax

      Capricious? Yes. Frivolous? Yes. Erratic? Yes. Fickle? Yes. Mysterious? No.


    • “[S]ingle most important…”? I’m not so sure. Having read up on the subject of behavioral genetics, if parents behave within a standard range, parents’ parenting basically has no long term impact on their kids. Kids are influenced by genetics and peers.

      It might be fun to bond with sons over game, but don’t expect to solve their long-term problems with women.

      See The Nurture Assumption and No Two Alike by J. R. Harris, and Selfish Reason to Have More Kids by B. Caplan.


      • I remember younger, deluded days when I wanted to believe that women were mysterious, but they’re not. Some are dangerous and maybe that counts in a way. The best advice my Dad ever gave me on the subject was not to confuse love with sex. “Shoot,” he said with a grin, “sex is a lot like pizza: the worst I ever had was pretty good.”


  2. on June 20, 2011 at 1:26 pm French Connection

    Ah, the Open Letter post. I remember stumbling upon that while browsing the archives, pure gold.

    You condemn Star Trek and LotR yet use Start Wars anologies, whats up with that?

    Any chance of seeing a similar post aimed at fathers with daughters?


  3. on June 20, 2011 at 1:28 pm Ricardo di Matteo

    Wish I’d know about all this stuff fifteen years ago. Better late than never I guess…


  4. I was talking with an old friend recently and was shocked to learn that he wasn’t even aware of the term “beta.” Needless to say, his father is a mousy, beta English teacher. Despite being a tall, laid-back guy who could get all sorts of chicks, my friend has simply been instilled with zero will to power. This makes him a good wingman, incidentally, but it has hurt his career and love life.

    My father, on the other hand, was a Vietnam-era drill sergeant and owner of a business employing ~200 people. His marriage, which is thriving to this day, was to a “trophy wife” 11 years his junior. My old man and I didn’t always get along, but he instilled in me an instinctive sense of how to be the boss. I can’t help but dominate a room of hipster betas. Thanks, dad.


  5. on June 20, 2011 at 1:31 pm Ricardo di Matteo

    @French Connection
    There is advice for Roissy’s fictitious daughter in one of the links in the above post.


  6. In a similar vein, make an effort to highlight stuff like this:



  7. My dad is the epitome of the Alpha who falls into Betadom because he has this White Knight belief that society is right about women being protected.

    In the 70s, he was a 10 year immigrant from India, but dressed the part of the player and had dozens of beautiful women in his rotation. My mom was unbelievably gorgeous at the time, maybe a 10, and she fell for him instantly. Hell, she still has all the old 70s photos of him with a plethora of women, and even though they’re divorced, she still pines for the old days, for the old dad. He’s remarried to a woman 30 years his junior, but now he’s fallen back into the same Betadom boat with her after being together 20 years.

    I’ve learned from him, repeatedly. I don’t hide my dalliances. I made the Marriage Mistake, and I won’t make it again. When I fail with women, I see specifically the same things my dad has done to fail. I learn, and on the rare occasion that a woman meets my dad and says I am just like him, I take it as the greatest compliment, but I sometimes add “Thanks. I did learn from his mistakes though.”

    If I ever have a son (when I have sons, maybe), I plan on raising them to be strong willed and determined but not be bullies. A good man has orbiters, and I wish I did when I was 10. Now I have orbiters, both women and men, and I could’ve done it at 10 — but I was weak minded and undetermined in action.

    Great post.


  8. My son is almost 16 and has enough game now to pull a very cute, popular girlfriend that chauffeurs him around. He is/was short, thin, frail, shy. So here are my observations:

    Start early! I started early with concepts and if he was not receptive I left it alone and tried 6 months later. Just keep putting out the knowledge and as he matures you will know when he is receptive. Put him in competitive sports and worked with him enough so he had success. Started weight lifting when he turned thirteen and he is no longer frail. Taught him to dance. Taught him how to interact with peers and what makes a kid popular. Monitored his progress and constantly pushed him past his comfort level.


    • This is good stuff, JT. My dad never played sports with me (boohoo) and I was always picked last because I had no athletic confidence whatsoever. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I realized I’m a fast little fucker, and finally gained that confidence by myself, but never left the “never picked” group in sports in high school. Now I have a gang of male fans (orbiters) who I train with.

      Learning to dance was something I also gained at 14 or 15, and it helped with my popularity. I went to a lot of proms where the gals asked me out, even through post-high school. I love weddings because I’m not shy to get on the floor (first with the 7 year old princesses and then their grandmothers).

      Weight lifting is a good tactic — as is diet. My pal is raising his son using paleo methods and the kid looks amazing for a 13 year old. None of this cardio bullshit.

      Question, JT: how is your wife with you, in front of your son?


      • AB I’ve been divorced for 8 years, but I planned well pre-divorce so I was able to have my kids live with me half the time and maintained a relationship with the x to ensure continued influence. I never brought my women around my daughter but I let my son casually meet a few just to maintain my credibility.


  9. “For instance, he might complain about a girl who only likes him when he’s mean to her, and he doesn’t understand why. You can then segue into a discussion about why girls like that sort of attitude from boys, and how he can have that attitude but still grow up to be a good man.”

    And what exactly should he say?


    • “Some guys dream, and some guys do. With girls, they dream one thing but do another. They say that want a good man who listens, but they dream about a man they have to constantly chase. Be the doer not the dreamer, and give your women reason to chase you. That’s what they want.”


  10. As a father, you have no more important duty than guiding your son on the path of alphadom.

    I agree with the rationale 100%,
    Still, I can’t help shake this encroaching feeling that these methods are enough to suffice stemming the tide of Fail approaching America.

    Instead of seeing a resurgence of the long-gone “Archetypal Men”,
    what is emerging instead is
    (in the typical modern American bastardization)
    an army of tatooed shbags.
    Assholes spittin’ negs
    in Feather Boas


  11. This stuff is real talk. But I wouldn’t steer him away from LOTR or Star Trek or Star Wars as many of those will help foster imagination which can be important for gaming girls. Rather I would balance that stuff with sports and making sure he left his room to explore the real world


  12. Number one lesson is leading by example. Your son has to see that your wife respects you.


    • Dead on. I screwed that one up bigtime, by “staying together for the kids.” Maybe he knows better now that I kicked her fat ass out and he sees me banging someone hotter.


  13. Perhaps Roissy’s greatest yet elusive contribution is a complete guide to fatherhood that covers both sons and daughters.


  14. on June 20, 2011 at 2:44 pm Harry Morgan

    Also relevant: steer the kid towards playing (rock oriented) musical instrument and/or playing sports before high school. These are such dramatic DHVs for high school and college aged boys and men its ridiculous. Have him get a job in Jr. high and save for a car, match his investment in it 1-to-1.

    A high school kid who knows some game fundementals, plays guitar, is on the football/rugby team, and drives a decent car will be unstoppable.

    And that alphaness in HS will pour the foundations of his life-long frame interacting with girls.


    • True. I’m a somewhat cred-having guitarist/singer/songwriter. I have always said to myself: “Music is sacred. Do not use it to get women.” But that doesn’t mean women can hear my thoughts.


      • Also, I’ve taught guitar to a number of adolescent boys, hopefully helping their future ass-kickingness and general competency. Pay it forward.


  15. My dad was very alpha his whole life, even though he was a short guy, only 5’7″. He and my mom were 20 years apart, to the month. He isn’t around anymore, but his presence is still felt. In regards to game, my dad told me that women want a man with confidence, strength and the ability to not take her seriously. He was always giving my mom those sideways answers that women eat up. Two of the most important things he told me were 1) Noblesse oblige: the obligation of the noble, or that men should protect their own women. 2) Women don’t want weak men, and that in your household, you are in charge, and you are in charge of your woman. He told me that if you let her run the show, your life will be miserable. When women reach out for you, they want to grab hold of a rock, not oatmeal. Don’t be oatmeal, be a man.

    He had to tell my sister’s first boyfriend constantly that he was in charge. That guy never got it. My sister has a very dominant personality, so it took a strong man to tame her.


  16. Actual converation from when I was a teenager

    Son: Dad, does it ever feel like you are not in an equal partnership with mom, that you are actually the one who has to make it work, otherwise it is over?

    Dad: (Staring out the windsheild) Son, no woman is your partner; she does not want to be your equal. Every woman wants to be at least lightly dominated, even if they won’t admit it. They *want* to be told what to do. And don’t expect their support when you need it.

    That was all he said, because if I could not figure it out from that simple truth, there was no hope for me. I lived by those words thereafter.


    • Bitchez iz cowardz!


    • on June 20, 2011 at 9:24 pm Johnny Caustic

      Exactly. Support is what your male friends are for. If you look too much for support from a woman in your moments of weakness, she will lose respect for you, and she will probably never feel sexual attraction for you again.

      You had a great dad.


      • I think the people who are saying that you can’t expect support from your wife/girlfriend when you need it have never known anyone in a happy relationship.

        A good partner will definitely be there for you when push comes to shove (you are diagnosed with cancer; you lose your job; your parents die). Of course abandonment does happen, but it’s pretty rare (who is taking care of all the old decrepit men after all? Their wives). If you think that your male friends are going to change your catheter or adult diapers, or support you for months while you search for work (all of which I have seen wives do), then you are delusional.

        Having seen my parents and grandparents go through health challenges, economic hard times, etc., a mutually supportive relationship is a beautiful thing.

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      • on June 21, 2011 at 1:05 pm DiamondEyes

        Grace the only way your comment makes any sense is if you are solely referring to marriages that begun 40+ years ago – i.e. before feminism.

        Today’s men do not have access to selfless women who would change their catheter, unless they are multimillionaires.


      • …multimillionaires who’ll die shortly, leaving the gold-diggers fabulously weathy, that is.


      • Actually my mother is a feminist AND changed my father’s catheter due to his (now gone) prostate cancer. (This was about 4 years ago, and yes of course they are still happily married).

        Since most (unpaid) caregivers in the US are women (which is even more true for the sickest patients), I do not think my mother is some kind of unicorn.

        When you love someone, you are happy to care for them, even if it requires you to do unpleasant tasks (why parents don’t mind changing poopy diapers for years on end). I don’t think you understand what love or marriage means. Maybe therapy?

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  17. on June 20, 2011 at 3:57 pm Some Bullshit Handle

    And don’t expect their support when you need it.

    I am not necessarily arguing with that logic, but still, it is depressing.


    • This is sad. You can choose somebody who will support you. Don’t choose somebody without a sense of honor and don’t choose a weak person who will break under stress.

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    • I didn’t like it much at the time, I suppose. But I subsequently watched plenty of guys need the support of their wife, girlfriend, whatever at key moments. The results have often been not good. Yes, sometimes she was there for the guy. Way too often, though, the man’s sudden need engendered a panic-like reaction, and things went bad. A few guys I know of were treated with naked hatred by formerly-loving wives when the mens’ businesses or careers went sour. It was sobering to see women who had happily spent money frivolously, and without working themselves, hold their hard-working, formerly-successful husbands in contempt for not keeping the gravy boat full.

      I now don’t find that any more depressing than the realization that a boss, customer, or other relatively well-known, well-disposed party may not be there for you when you need them. That is just how it is for men in this life. When you find exceptions to this general fact of live for men, take care of such folks and keep them around.

      in short, don’t expect their support when you need it. So try to avoid ever needing it, and if you do get their support in such an instance, that is a bonus.


      • don’t be satisfied with mediocre. If for no one else — your kids need a mother that will be strong enough to take care of buisness if you die or get sick. They don’t need someone who will spend money frivolously or have no strength of character or collapse into watching Oprah instead of doing what needs to be done for the family.

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      • Well, the thing is that for the woman’s kids it’s different. That’s what makes the situation harder to understand for a man. How she can be so utterly selfless for her kids (an emotional reflex that feminism hasn’t been quite able to kill off – and men falsely believe applies to them) and so cold with her husband. However, there are instances, as Roissy has pointed out, where a woman will even leave her kids if the presence of the beta male is too cloying.


  18. on June 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm DiamondEyes

    “And don’t expect their support when you need it.”

    once you realize how true this is, the idea of marriage loses its very last little bit of appeal. when you debate marriage with a married guy, that is the last resort they always fall back on – they married because they want a “supportive partner”.

    she will not “be there for you” when you face the hardships in life – those are the times when she will act disgusted with you and abandon your ass. seen it happen many times.


    • “those are the times when she will act disgusted with you and abandon your ass. ”

      Been there. Done that. My quality of life increased greatly when I accepted that finding a partner was far too unlikely to waste time searching for that instead of playing with 22-25 year old women every chance I get.


    • “when you debate marriage with a married guy, that is the last resort they always fall back on – they married because they want a ‘supportive partner’.”

      Guys in their 40s and 50s will not say such things, I find. They have seen too much at that point.


      • The supportive female partners are there provided there is no real risk involved. They don’t all want to be rich, but they definitely do not want any risk of sliding backwards economically. So, if you slave away for The Man for 20 years, and then decide to start your own business, do not expect her to support your dream – unless she understands that she has no other option. Then she will keep her criticisms muted.


  19. Passingby and Some BS Handle,

    I married an alpha, stay home with the kids and am happily submissive. All the alphas I have known (my dad included) are very quiet, confident men. Now, I can only speak for myself, but the support is ALWAYS 100% when I know it is needed, but I can’t always tell. If you don’t make it known, the wife can’t give it.


    • That was then… today, “alphas” are insecure loudmouths who get away with “edgy” crap tingling to the ‘ginas because they not worth hitting– perception is reality and anyone who actually does hit anybody is a male monster who needs to be castrated by feminist vigilantes (as pussified as we’ve gotten).


  20. Passingby’s dad is pretty spot on. The vast majority of women would ditch their husbands in rough times. Happens every day.


  21. Reading shit like this makes me resent my dad more and more. He grew up without a father mind you (dead – not divorced), but his general absenteeism in parenting matters all too relevant for growing boys had deeply ingrained a beta seed in me. It took two decades to rid myself of the afflication, and it’s finally today paying dividends like nobody’s business.

    I sincerely worry about the next generation of young men who are systematically growing up without fathers. Feminists, if nothing else – do your daughters a favour and let boys be boys.


  22. Good post. One thing is left unsaid however: what is the essential thing about a woman’s nature that you would want a 12-15 year old to know? Boiling it down to its simple essence, what is the key difference between a woman’s outlook in the sexual marketplace from a man’s outlook?

    The man’s outlook can be summarized as “driven by an attraction to indicators of female youth, fertility, health and overall wellness.”

    But what about the woman’s perspective? I think the key difference, to boil it down, is that whether they know it or not, women are testing men for strength of character. Is this man worthy of investing their resources? As negs, game, and assholes clearly demonstrate, their testing mechanisms often misfire, or are easily subverted, but the key difference is that they are sizing you up in relation to others in their social group. A man can find a girl with a nice body and he doesn’t feel any social pressure regarding whether she has the “best” tits, or the “nicest” ass…he may not rate hot girls in relation to one another at all beyond hot, or not hot.

    But women do evaluate hypergamously in relation to others. Thankfully, they are more comfortable settling than men, but unfortunately, deep down they are always lusting after the top dog. I bet even girls banging average NBA player alphas still lust after Kobe or Lebron.


    • I hope they don’t lust after that crybaby. I think all that is needed is to be higher than the woman, not necessarily to be the highest on the planet. If you flinch, and show that she’s higher than you, you are doomed. She will cheat that night.


    • women want to be lead


  23. If you spent my inheritence on floozies in Ukraine, I’d piss on your grave if you were my father and make kinks in your oxygen hose when you’re in intensive care.


    • Yes, because that is yours and yours alone. You deserve it and how dare the person who actually worked and slaved to create the wealth in the first place keep what is rightfully yours from you by instead choosing to reward himself for his efforts.

      If your dad never left you a penny but taught you how to create and accumulate wealth on your own, he would have given you more than it appears you can possibly understand. Loser.


    • Asshole. I would be thrilled to know my father fucked Ukranian floozies. Dont you want your parents to have been happy?


  24. Yes, women are like rats off a sinking ship when the chips are down for a man. However, if you have effective alpha game your chances are much better that a woman will go out of her way to please you and “be there for her man” to prevent from ever losing you.


    • Lost you job, honey? Well, I’m moving in with a nice Dentist, toodles!


    • That much is true. The more alpha you are, the more she will TRUST you when the chips are down, and the more time that you will have to straighten things out. However, it would go south for every man eventually if he doesn’t recover. That’s the essence of “pimp” game where you don’t have shit and are still able to pull hot women and get them to pay for everything. She’s deluded (trusts) that your alphaness will eventually pay out for her materially. Also, you make her feel good. Eventually, she realizes that the payout will never happen, the relationship is hers alone to fund, and it ends usually once something stressful happens.


  25. Good comment indeed from Passingby’s dad.

    “You condemn Star Trek and LotR yet use Start Wars anologies, whats up with that?”

    He is not condemning the things themselves, but geeky obsession with them. It’s fine to watch something, enjoy it, and then move on to other things with the knowledge that you have added yet another arrow to your quiver of pop references for future rapport use.


  26. on June 20, 2011 at 4:58 pm almost there

    this is the most relevant post you have ever published.


  27. “Passingby’s dad is pretty spot on. The vast majority of women would ditch their husbands in rough times. Happens every day.”

    “And don’t expect their support when you need it.”

    “once you realize how true this is, the idea of marriage loses its very last little bit of appeal. when you debate marriage with a married guy, that is the last resort they always fall back on – they married because they want a ‘supportive partner’.

    she will not “be there for you” when you face the hardships in life – those are the times when she will act disgusted with you and abandon your ass. seen it happen many times.”

    This is tragic. One of the basic roles of a wife is to support and encourage her husband. That why a wife is referred to as the “help mate” or perhaps the “help-meet”.

    After reading posts over here a post over at Susan’s Hooking Up Smart, I’m sometimes wary of what it exactly means to be an alpha and teaching that to children. No not the dominance, joking, and negging (not harmful negging but playful ones), or other more positive, productive characteristics, but the more “dark” aspects of it. But then I read this part:

    For instance, he might complain about a girl who only likes him when he’s mean to her, and he doesn’t understand why. You can then segue into a discussion about why girls like that sort of attitude from boys, and how he can have that attitude but still grow up to be a good man.

    People seem to equate alphadom with negative characteristics, but I believe a guy can be an alpha and be a fundamentally good person by moral and society standards. Not sure if that made sense…….

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    • Of course. Most guys want to learn this stuff because it’s forced upon them, not because they are natural alpha assholes. They are most likely nice underneath, acting the asshole to please you. And it is tragic that those underneath-it-all nice guys will get chewed up and spit out if they ever let the facade slip.


      • The False Self is the result of my need to defend myself against the craziness of the people I was dependent on.

        It must die, so that I may live.


      • It’s one thing to take on alpha characteristics to get laid or to sustain a LTR or marriage. It’s another thing entirely to live with a facade 24/7. If you’re with a female who chews you up and spits you out at the slightest appearance of “the nice guy”, then they aren’t worth your time and tell them to get the steppin’ (although I admit that it’s bound to be a more difficult situation in a marriage – which is why one needs to get to truely know someone before marriage). You should be able to be yourself (with a dice of alphaness) with your partner.

        Of course, this all sounds a little idealistic, not to mention that I’m a chick, so…..

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  28. Since game is largely relating effectively to other people, you should teach a boy the basics of game as soon as he can talk, or no later than kindergarten. When he develops an interest in girls you can teach him the sexual part, but it will be much easier if he has the non-sexual part down pat.


  29. And let me say that there is nothing wrong with liking Lord of the Rings or Star Trek 😉

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  30. Passingby–

    And don’t expect their support when you need it.

    This is wrong. You can expect it as an alpha and get it.

    However, just don’t need it too much. The balance of emotional support should be way in the other direction. You’re her rock.


    • Neediness is the attraction-killer.
      Neediness is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
      I will face my neediness.
      I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
      And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
      Where the neediness has gone there will be nothing.
      Only I will remain.


  31. on June 20, 2011 at 5:19 pm Chris from Dublin

    Great stuff … BUT … don’t shame the lad if he’s born gay. I didn’t choose being gay. Let him own his sexuality with pride even if you aren’t gay.

    If he’s gay he won’t need to learn game from you. He’ll have it already.

    HOWEVER … he most certainly WILL have to know how to throw a punch. Oh fucking yes!! With bells on!

    He’ll also need to learn to box and to learn – from as early an age as possible – the importance of heavy and hard weight lifting.

    Dress should be conventional jock but maybe with piercings or tattoos to taste.

    As you say the straight boy needs to learn to say hi to girls, the gay boy needs to learn to fart in front of strangers without blushing or giggling. Or lisping “exthuse mee”. Nail that and you’ve already got a man you can be proud of.

    Re. avoiding posters like Star Trek, The Turd of the Rings etc – yes, absolutely, multiplied by three. Gay men need to avoid herby, nerdy, loner shit. If they’re into interior design, fashion etc. fine – but shut your mouth in
    straight company.

    * AVOID GLEE *

    Go to a reputable drama teacher and get acting and voice lessons; acting to conquer shyness, voice to counteract the faggy voice by improving breathing and flattening out any lisp (these are very serious tips – they made all the difference to me).

    See an earlier post of mine in this blog about my 27 yr old gay Brit friend Jack,

    And, yes – keep your boyfriend to yourself. Trust me, he’ll be more than happy to.

    But don’t hate a gay son – use the advice here to mature him into a normal well-rounded man you can still love and be proud of.

    I love being gay and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

    Other than a one way ticket to Uganda.


    • on June 20, 2011 at 5:53 pm Malcolm Tucker

      I was going to recommend boxing as well, or kickboxing or MT. Anything that will eventually involve full contact sparring when he gets to the appropriate physical stage and is properly trained to spar.

      Find a good youth coach who’ll teach him correctly given his age and physical development, because every man needs to know how to throw a punch *correctly* and more importantly how to avoid a punch correctly. Bareknuckle boxing is a hell of a lot different than boxing with gloves and wraps. Overall boxing will provide him with discipline, confidence, and the ability to properly defend himself when, not if, he needs to do so.

      And personally I’d take him aside when I think he’s mature enough and, without anyone else’s knowledge, directly tell him that I will back up anything he needs to do so long as he is in the right, but if he tells anyone that I said that or if he ever bullies anyone and I find out then there will be hell to pay. I might need to scold him publicly at some point to avoid trouble with school authorities or whoever, but it will all be an act so long as he follows our agreement.

      I’d also make sure he knew that being fat was wrong, not just ugly and stupid but wrong, and that living a healthy lifestyle is the most rewarding way to live. I didn’t get that until later and it was much harder to instill the discipline necessary to get fit than if it had been done by my parents while I was younger.

      Finally, I’d suggest instilling in him the skepticism necessary to survive in the corporate mass consumerist shithole in which he will need to eventually fend for himself. I don’t know how to do it but he has to learn that if he allows himself to be taken advantage of in any sphere of life then he will be, and to me that includes fighting rich old men’s wars based on nationalistic propaganda just as much as buying useless shit based on corporate propaganda.

      Basically he has to learn not to be a sucker and you will have to teach him or he’ll learn the hard way.


    • You sound like a feminist. One can’t really be proud of a gay son. They’re inherently defective.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 9:47 pm Chris from Dublin

        Defective? Dunno.
        Different. Yep.
        Source of shame? Depends on how the son behaves. A man can be a cunt separate from his sexuality – one example: the 75% majority of paedophiles are straight.
        I’d be ashamed of that, right enough.

        Liked by 1 person

      • on June 21, 2011 at 11:55 am John Norman Howard

        Source of shame? Depends on how the son behaves. A man can be a cunt separate from his sexuality – one example: the 75% majority of paedophiles are straight.
        I’d be ashamed of that, right enough.

        Assuming that figure is true, it still means that homosexuals, not being 25% of the population, but more like 3% or so, are vastly overrepresented in pedophilia.

        Which is yet another proof that the classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder was accurate from the start.


      • on June 21, 2011 at 1:39 pm Chris from Dublin

        This does not correlate.
        You are, in my opinion, deliberately trying to make a leap from adult heterosexuality into adult homosexuality into homosexual pederasty and onto homosexual paedophilia. None of them automatically connects to another. I want sex with men, not boys.


      • on June 21, 2011 at 3:04 pm John Norman Howard

        The hell it doesn’t correlate… and the point isn’t what you yourself prefer.

        It’s about those like you who want homosexuality to be considered “just another lifestyle” rather than the mental disorder it is.

        Indeed, you yourself quote pedophiles as being “75% majority straight”… as if to cast a pall on heterosexuality engaging in perversions… therein taking ‘the heat’ off of homosexuals… when in fact, it does just the opposite… it substantiates the bitter truth that homosexuals, in re their statistical representation of the general population, are more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals.


      • on June 21, 2011 at 6:39 pm Chris from Dublin

        I accept that I don’t, singlehandedly, prove the rule. Furthermore I don’t try to pass homosexuality off as a “normal lifestyle”. Is it a mental or sexual disorder? I dunno. Is it a reality? Yes. Do I feel entitled to insist on the straight community liking it or not voicing their entirely valid distaste for the notion of two men fucking? Not a bit – free expression includes the right to disagree with and insult me. You’re not obliged to like me. However I agree with another poster – when gays stop doing the World’s Most Oppressed People Ever routine, it’ll help us all.

        Regarding paedophilia / pederasty: until very very recently even the idea of two consenting adult men fucking in private was considered highly immoral. So: lots of gays repressed and hid it. Many became clerics and used their position to prey on boys and juveniles. Repressed gays are dangerous, sick vicious men. This is why the present statistic reflects a manifestation of repressed sexuality. Try and imagine what it would be like if, as a straight man, you were prevented from chasing tail.
        These days gays can be open about who they are and, when they want man-sex, they go to gay bars.

        Over time I think the statistic will level.


      • Unless you’re his mother and his fashion sense is to die for.


    • Sorry, but being gay is neither normal nor biological. It is a choice.

      No matter how often you say it doesn’t make it true.


      • on June 20, 2011 at 9:53 pm Chris from Dublin

        I’ll repeat what I put earlier – I’ve never lusted for a woman but I’ve been looking sexually at men since I was twelve.

        I was born this way, I didn’t choose it.
        I know myself better than you.

        Neither do I understand the antipathy – I like straight men, I am concerned for the proper treatment of all men in an increasingly warped western society which is being devoured by political correctness. If we’re posting on this blog it means that we share at least some of the opinions expressed herein.

        We’re all men.

        [Editor: Usually through girlfriends, I’ve met and hung out with quite a few gay men. I can tell you from observation that there is no way they chose their predilection. It’s biology in some form or another.]


      • “I can tell you from observation that there is no way they chose their predilection. It’s biology in some form or another.”

        Finally some sanity on this issue.

        What 12-year old boy would choose to be bullied, ridiculed and called a faggot? It’s just absurd on it’s face. Besides, homosexual mating behaviors have been observed in nearly 1500 species, many of them vertebrate mammals so I really don’t see why it’s all that weird that a small percentage of humans would also be born gay.

        The truth is that women view ALL men in utilitarian terms. We are ALL expendable (except the alphas) for all they care. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to gender relations gay & straight men would be on the same team if the homos hadn’t formed a (somewhat understandable but nonetheless disastrous) cultural alliance with institutional feminism.


      • on June 21, 2011 at 4:56 pm Chris from Dublin

        “As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to gender relations gay & straight men would be on the same team if the homos hadn’t formed a (somewhat understandable but nonetheless disastrous) cultural alliance with institutional feminism”

        Yep, 100%. Well analysed and expressed.

        This has manifested itself in an expression of victimhood which older gays (40 , 50 ) still tend to revert to thru habit and instinct.
        As already written, I like being gay. I wouldn’t choose heterosexuality even if I could. Younger gays are losing the victim shtick and becoming great friends with straight men. Nearly all my good male friends are straight.


      • on June 21, 2011 at 1:22 pm DiamondEyes

        I don’t understand the antipathy toward gays either. It’s stupid.
        If anything, straight men should be grateful to gays – they remove themselves from the competitive hetero dating pool, and they also soak up a lot of girlfriends time taking them shopping and clubbing and whatnot, so that the straight boyfriend doesn’t have to do all that “faggy” stuff.

        I like most gay men a hell of a lot more than most self-centered, obnoxious women, when it comes to just hanging out.

        It’s obviously not a choice to be gay. If you’ve spent much time at all exposed to gay people you would know that.


      • The MRA movement and associated blogs draws a lot of guys that revert completely back to 1950’s mores. I agree that 99% of those mores are basically correct to keep society in good shape, but there are a few left over flaws like the religious fundamentalism driven belief that being gay is a choice. Even if you aren’t religious, but believe that “gay is a choice”, religion is where the “gay is a choice” meme came from. Men would do the MRA movement well to modernize that specific belief to be in line with science. This uneducated opinion that has been scientifically proven to be wrong won’t bring respect for the movement and the men in it, but cause it to dissipate and it’s members be taken less seriously. It’s basically backwoods prole superstitious self-serving garbage.

        Now, that being said, I do agree that homosexuality should basically be approached the same way that we approach care for the mentally defective, at least until they unhinge themselves from feminism. In an alpha male driven society, we realize that there will be certain defectives produced in the large groups. Just like we don’t persecute the mentally retarded, we don’t persecute gays. A family oriented society extends that orientation to all of it’s members, even if defective. As long as they do not choose what is bad for society when a choice is available. Furthermore, they should ideally have the legal rights of others, in full. However, until their anti-society support for feminism was reversed, I would be politically inclined to deny them rights. If they were to support the rights of health of the nuclear family, and not feminist oriented politics, then I would be inclined to see them as allies. You’re either pro-society or anti-society, and should be treated accordingly.


      • C said: “The MRA movement and associated blogs draws a lot of guys that revert completely back to 1950′s mores.”

        Pretty much. Need anyone say more?


      • on June 21, 2011 at 10:32 pm Chris from Dublin

        I’m a sexually active openly gay man.

        I’m NOT a feminist. I’m skeptical about the propriety of gay adoption because I’m not sure that the highly sexually charged environment of faggotry is a suitable one for a child to be exposed to.

        I’m a strict libertarian (and you’d be surprised how many gays are as well).

        Does that make me NOT retarded? Or are these concepts too subjective to properly quantify?


      • @Chris from Dublin

        I don’t see gays as “retarded”, but an unavoidable genetic / in utero aberration that will occur in any large group of humans. Like people that are retarded. However, although the unavoidable occurrence of both groups serves well as an analogy, the characteristics of the individuals aren’t analogous beyond being an aberration. So, don’t take it as me liking the individual characteristics of retards to gays, beyond the unavoidable occurrence of both groups. Both groups can possibly act as either a resource drain (retards) or negative influences on society (gays when their political motives become antithetical to the society that they thrive in). However, they also, imo, must be dealt with in an advanced society in a way that respects their lives and their rights to exist harmoniously within that society. That is, if that is what they want. If they want to choose disrupt the optional functioning of the advanced and successful society in which they thrive, then I believe that society has the right to defend itself politically, usually through politics that make it uncomfortable for gays to be politically self-centered in a way that hurts society ( eg: the support of feminism, and by extension, pushing for special privileges for themselves).

        If you were straight, then you wouldn’t care if there were no gays. Because your gay, then you “wouldn’t have it any other way”. Its simply the only thing that you know. However, gays must be aware that they are a highly visible minority in society and they don’t fit into the central unit that allows society to thrive an advance: the nuclear family. Because gays represent a minority group, that will always be a minority, they will rationally have self-interested political motivations that aren’t necessarily good for society. However, for society to fully accept the aberration of the gay population, gays must push their self interest aside and do what is necessary for society to function at its best. Just like other minority interest groups must, inclusive of all demographics.

        It sounds like your aware of all of this, though, and I’m not trying to lecture you individually. Just voicing a point.


      • Riiiight. And a guy would choose a fat,hairy,pimply smell-of-death ass over a sweet puzzy? Its not a choice,its who you rae. And RACE is not a social construct,and the sexes are not equal.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 4:29 pm Chris from Dublin

        “And a guy would choose a fat,hairy,pimply smell-of-death ass over a sweet puzzy?”


        No, not fat.

        Don’t draw me any further!


  32. I have a 19 month old boy and having found this place a few weeks ago has completely changed the way I planned on raising him. Thank you for providing what I need to shed my beta shell and instill true value in my boy.


  33. on June 20, 2011 at 5:25 pm Backdoor Man

    The guys who claim that women will jump ship during tough times are full of shit. If you are the man of the house, and you have a good woman, she will support you unconditionally when necessary. It has happened to me plenty of times….even when I have played cruel jokes, like telling her I accepted a job in Afghanistan and would be leaving in two weeks; she was taken aback, started to cry, and between sobs said that if I thought it was the right thing to do for my career, she supported my decision.


    • Dude, your wife is not an American broad. In my experience, the foreign women are in it through thick and thin (assuming you’re a man). Americanos will jump ship for virtually any turbulence, and feel justified enough to write magazine articles about it.


    • yeah, she supported you because she suddenly realized that she could probably fuck the mailman relentlessly while your gone. Trust me, women are always planning the next move that will either recover or advance their position. If she truly thought that you going to Afghanistan would have lowered her position, then she would have fought harder. It wasn’t true support. Trust me. It was opportunity realized. She hit rock bottom very quickly, then started to think, and realized that it wouldn’t be that bad. I would be much less worried if she fought harder. The primary nature of woman is to fuck and keep their support systems in place.

      The biggest, and I mean biggest, mistake that most so called “alpha males with good women” make is over-confidence in their position with their woman. Most men aren’t as alpha as they think and their women simultaneously aren’t as good and loyal as they assume.


  34. Here here! There are still good women around.


  35. Chris from Dublin is gay? How does that go over in Ireland?

    As far as ‘women are mysterious’, yes that needs to be addressed. It’s a shit test, nothing more.


    • on June 20, 2011 at 10:09 pm Chris from Dublin

      Dublin is, and always has been, a very tolerant city. The rest of the Republic of Ireland is, generally, tolerant enough. Besides we’ve got a gay man (a senator) seeking nomination in our presidential ejection in November 2011. I oppose him because, years ago, he gave an interview in which he was equivocal about pederasty.

      Fuck that NAMBLA shit. It was wrong in Greek times and it’s wrong now. If you’re gay you’ve to be socially conservative – keep away from pervy shit and the underaged.

      But it’s easy to live openly gay in Ireland. Loads of us do it.
      North Americans think Ireland is in the stone age but it’s actually a very nice, civilised, progressive place.

      Northern Ireland and gays? Don’t go there.


  36. Blood Meridian.


  37. @ediitor
    You can teach Evo Psych to a young teenager, even younger than that, if he
    has any inclination towards theory. Also helps if he is above average IQ.
    (The odds are with you on IQ if you read this, YOU are very likely above average,
    and thus probably your offspring).

    Start with animals, how they fight, pose, present etc. Then move on to people.


    “If you spent my inheritence on floozies in Ukraine, I’d piss on your grave if you were my father and make kinks in your oxygen hose when you’re in intensive care.”

    You are an ungrateful twit. I told my dad (back when he was 78, now 89) the
    opposite. “If I read your last will and testament, and it says ‘being of sound
    mind and body, I spent every cent’, that will be OK with me. You gave me so
    much when I was a child and teenager. You owe me NOTHING more.”

    But individual cases vary of course.



    • Good for you. I feel otherwise and would never do such a thing to my children unless I wanted to punish them.


  38. Straigh Male Power, right on!


  39. on June 20, 2011 at 6:45 pm Obstinance Works

    And always keep your head UP kid.


  40. Wow. Lots of butthurt nerds showing up to defend Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.

    Sorry, neckbeards. Whatever the merits of these may be (and in my rather well-read opinion said merits are pretty darn limited) they’re not good things for a young man to like. I don’t know exactly why it happens, but somehow they suck you into a vortex of obsessive narrow interests, poor grooming and general social retardation.

    In a world with so many interesting things to offer, choosing a set of interests that forever marks you out as a social outcast is a terrible idea.


    • on June 20, 2011 at 10:17 pm Chris from Dublin

      *** LIKES


    • on June 21, 2011 at 9:34 am Some Bullshit Handle

      Joe, it is probably the opposite. That, those people who were likely to be socially retarded in the first place become REALLY attached to various SciFi bullshit.

      The real problem is that people who could have had certain kinds of positive “obsessions” (like that of John Harrison, so obsessed with Clocks that he revolutionized navigating at sea) instead spend there time dissecting the minutiae of the latest Comic Book Hero movie.


    • Usually the low IQ socially retarded assign extreme emotion and value to harmless literature and movies. Adults, and mature children, generally read the books, see the movies, and don’t think about them much again. A very, very small percentage of kids get a little more obsessed bu generally grow out of it quick. Some, though, take that inspiration and imagination and make movies or books that later make them millions. The obsession and the millions are both pretty rare and aren’t reason enough to avoid or gravitate to these things.


    • Nice trolling /b/tard. Your language betrays your origins. By the way, obsessive-compulsive personalities will become attached to pretty much anything that piques their interest, whether it’s LoTR, historical battles, computer science or automotive mechanics.


  41. Very few girls want to hear about how you won a trivia contest concerning Glabdalf and Fodo.


  42. There is nothing wrong with nerdy stuff. In its place. Hot girls won’t think any the worse of you for watching a little Star Trek or Star Wars. But there is a line and you should not cross that line.

    [Editor: Yes, for instance, don’t talk about it in a bar with mixed groups, not even if it’s in the form of a humorous reference.]


  43. This kid will be a fucking beast.

    Can you imagine being trained in this stuff at such an early age? Unreal.


  44. Kipling’s “If” is a worthwhile read. Solid wisdom in Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” After a good day with your boy, enjoy yourself by cranking Muse “Invincible.”


  45. on June 20, 2011 at 7:52 pm explictcontent

    not only was my old man alpha, but he had a deep understanding of all this stuff (unlike many naturals who just do it w/o knowing it). he tried to share it with me at a young age. his mistake was the way he presented it. he didn’t ease into it and it scared me away from it. i could have learned a lot from him but i ignored it because it was too embarrassing to discuss. the feminist-run school system contradicting everything he said didn’t help either…


  46. You can successfully use nerdy things to get girls. I’ve got girl’s interest when talking about different female tastes in men with the film, with reference to Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom playing Aragorn and Legolas. Knowledge of the Sims is actually quite useful since a surprising number of girls actually play it.

    But in the vast vast field of nerdity useful things for flirting are far and long between. Any actual boon you gain will be vastly outweighed by the huge time loss from playing it, your physical weakness from lack of exercise, and slip ups you make raising it in casual conversation. In raising a son there are far more productive ways to have fun.

    You can do pick ups with nerdy stuff, as the starcraft video proved, but it’s a self imposed challenge, not an actual boon.


  47. Son, you have testicles and you have them for a reason… be a man and don’t take and shit.

    Or, as Tony Montana said,…


  48. Great post. In a bit of a twist on this, I was having a chat with my gf on the differences between men and women.

    The context was she had suggested we see “Something Borrowed”…that chick flick.

    I saw it through the eyes of game. She liked it…obviously…because the dumpy girl in the movie wins back the guy because of her personality while the hot Kate Hudson character cheats on the guy, gets pregnant by another guy, then gets up set when she learns her best friend has “stolen” her cuckholded fiance.

    I described for her the elements of a woman’s behaviour: women can rationalize anything, this is the ultimate fantasy: women love seeing films where guys talk about their feelings….but they hate in real life….demonstrates the competitive nature of women….there is a natural pecking order and women always defer to the mother hen in their social circle who dictates the accepted behaviour in that group with her own rationalization.

    Interesting…..at first she got quite upset by this…but after a few days, she started to actually change her bitchy beahviour and became much more submissive, wearing make up, dressing up, buying me stuff…

    So….as a father to a son explaining game….explaining the laws of attraction and demonstrating to women that you truly understand them has a very big impact on how they act.


  49. Charlie Harper vs. Allan Harper … who do you want your dad to be?


  50. When you know about game and if you’re not too stupid, you can pretty easily be a great father if you have male offspring. Great article though as usual.
    What really scares me is having a baby girl. Any insight on how to prevent her falling into the abyss of feminazism, or slutting it up and banging football players and low-life thugs?


  51. Not so long ago, men turned became true alphas without having to be so self-aware of it. I am thinking of some of my male fore-bearers. They were the real thing, and by all accounts the air around them was constantly filled with the aroma of gina tingles.
    But looking back, I doubt that any of them could have verbalized what they had. Indeed, they were prone to pedalistalizing their (lucky) womenfolk.
    I know that many of their formative experiences would likely never be allowed to happen nowadays. At least outside the Hood.


  52. Roissy, drop this blog and start breeding an army.


  53. “and a copy of Mystery Method” ?!! Hold on. Sarcasm is one thing but to lend any credibility to the biggest douchebag in the history of the world is going too far.

    Mystery might get tons of poontang but when it’s all over, he is still Mystery and he has to live with that.


  54. Unrelated.

    I can’t believe this. So I am watching the Bachelorette for the first time ever. There’s this guy who got kicked off for saying (I googled and am paraphrasing):

    “I am not attracted to you- I’m here for the fame and future pussy

    If you were the other hotter Bachelorette maybe I’d be down…”

    and so on, and so forth. Very rude and careless. Certainly not in it for the right reasons. The girl kicks him out.

    WELL!!! Wouldn’t you know it, but the Bachelorette is now sad she kicked him out, thinks of him exclusively (even when she is sad), and wonders “what might have been”….so she’s going to bring him back.

    BTW, there are tons of really nice cute guys that seem to genuinely like her.

    Females embarrass the fuck out of me. I guess a deluded fame whore like this chick is not representative of all women, but this alpha cock chaser is pathetic.


    • “I guess a deluded fame whore like this chick is not representative of all women”

      NAWALT? Seriously? Ahahahahahahaha! *wipes eyes*

      How long have you been reading The Chateau again?


  55. One major roadblock is that too many young men think they know it all re women. In part, this is a result of the non-stop agitprop from the media and schools. Some examples:

    * Young men who believe in the romantic myth (per media and other fairy tales): that somewhere out there is Ms Rite and all you have to do to meet her is start dating, treat her as your pwincess, and it’s happy-ever-after.
    * Young men who buy into feminism and think that if only they treat women as really, really equal, then women will line up for them.
    * Young men who buy into the Playboy myth: that there is a great big orgy going on, and it is open to every guy who walks into a singles bar or college dormitory. There may be a little truth to this one for alpha males and men who can get in on game, but not for your average guy.
    * Young men who want to go white knight. When older, wiser guys try to tell them about the true nature of females, these fellows will rise to the defense of womynhood. They will attack other men who try to tell them the truth, claiming that those men have had some bad experiences or “hate womyn.”

    These young men know it all about women, because, you see, they have never had any experience with women. (Huh?) Often, the truth is unacceptable to their worldview. Too many young men have to learn the hard way by getting cut to pieces in No Man’s Land. But you can still be there for them to tell them the truth when it is time to drag them in off the barbed wire.

    One more thing: with the Internet, more knowledge is being disseminated to men every day. For example, look at the number of men who google “American women suck” and come to any number of MRA/MGTOW websites.


  56. on June 20, 2011 at 10:43 pm Bohemian Rockstar

    Great post.

    I have 2 sons. 10 and 14.

    They have watched their mother leave when the times got hard and then self destruct over the last 4 years.

    They have watched their Father recover and grow stonger over the years and they have watched as he has a brand new, better girlfriend who commented the other day “You know your boys adore you, they copy the way you dress and how you act”.

    This is the greatest compliment a Father can have, when his son legally does not have to hang out with him and chooses to.

    And I also do boxing and I take my sons to a “real” boxing gym every weekend I have them. No “Thai Bo” crap.

    Great Post.


    • Get them to a wrestling club / to join the wrestling team at school, and force them to endure it for at least 4 years. It’ll be the best gift that you ever give to them in terms of their character. Boxing is good to(2nd to wrestling, imo), but there is a lot more head trauma.


      • Wrestling best IMO for boys to just become tough SOBs in any real-life confrontation. I wrestle all the time with my 5-yr old and offer small tips here and there. Specialized technique can always be adopted and studied later. The main thing is to lose the fear of pressure and contact and learning to think under duress.

        Only danger with wrestling is the kid can get that hideous cauliflower ear, even with headgear. Boxing or any martial art is a must.


  57. Game is the best fucking thing you can teach your son.
    Hell I’m so glad I got into this at an early age. Its taught me so much stuff about hard work and built a lot of confidence.
    I would suggest making him read a mix of Roissy and RSD. Roissy keeps me grounded on female nature and has great practical suggestions while RSD helps me from becoming cynical and generally having a positive mindset to life.

    I would also suggest some Roosh and his forum, to give your son the inspiration to travel and become a well cultured man.


  58. on June 21, 2011 at 12:06 am 1st time caller

    I wish I had the male support some of you guys had growing up. My old man never took an interest in my life and we never got along despite living in the same household. I looked up to my grandfather for the most part but he never taught me about women. Sadly, I listened to my mom and was “nice” to all of my girlfriends. I’m sure you all can take a guess out how those relationships panned out.

    I’m 26 now and sometimes I feel like I’m trying to right the sinking ship that is my love life. Thanks to anyone who has posted a comment that’s motivated me or given me a new spin on things. You all have guided my much more than father ever has. Much appreciated.


  59. Kids learn, first and foremost by what they observe in the home and around them.
    A father is a son’s role model (up to a point) and will usually form his view of the world and women based on his father’s behaviour towards his mother and other women.
    Also, don’t discount the role that a mother plays in setting the foundation for her son’s development as a man. A mother can either make or greatly hinder a son’s development.
    When the dynamic between father and mother is healthy, then chances are the son will benefit immensely.


  60. Uncle Wayne…everyone needs one.


  61. on June 21, 2011 at 8:30 am Trimegistus

    I’d also like to hear what people (and Roissy) have to say about raising a girl. I’ve got one just entering adolescence.

    Fortunately I never fell into the trap of making her “Daddy’s little princess.” (I have a distant relative whose father did that and it made her a VERY high-maintenance woman as an adult.) She gets the same sort of friendly banter I give her mother, strictly PG-rated, of course.

    My biggest fear is that she’ll settle for some loser. She’s smart and all the natural alpha kids at her school are, frankly, dumb as so many boxes of hammers. So she has the choice between going out with some lummox who just wants poontang, or some brainy kid with no testosterone to speak of.

    Let’s turn Game inside out for a moment: what’s the best way for a girl to wrap a high-status alpha around her little finger? (It might be an interesting thought experiment.)


    • 1. Have your wife teach her how to cook.
      2. Teach her all about smart nutrition now, so when her metabolism slows down later in life she will know how to combat it after gaining five pounds and not 50.
      3. Teach her how to lift weights and and build muscle now.
      4. Teach her how it makes you feel when your wife takes care of you and your family and how very important this is to you and why.
      5. Have your wife take her to someone who understands makeup and how to wear it tastefully. Also, how to dress in a sophisticated manner to attract a man and not like a slut.
      6. Teach her about how having a high sex count will be detrimental to her. She needs to have patience and a whole lot of respect for herself.
      7. (I believe this is the most important) When she is old enough for this, teach her how important sex is to her husband. Women are taught from a young age that sex is just sex and has no meaning beyond this for men. We are taught that it is not important, just fun. You have got to counter this in every way that you can. Teach her how it will make her husband feel if she rejects him on a regular basis and why. I cannot stress this one enough.


    • Basically, you want to keep her from being a histrionic or a narcissist. Both of these closely related personality disorders (its a spectrum) most often give birth to the whorish persona that will result in her getting pumped and dumped her entire life, and likely single motherhood.

      According to textbooks, the best way to avoid this is to be very, very careful to give your love and approval out unconditionally. That is, if she gets trained to act overly feminine / cute / hypersexual (what it translates into as an adult) just to get your love and attention that then is how she will be as an adult. These women are created by cycles of being ignored, and when they act a certain, way, paid attention to and loved. You have to make it so that she is loved and paid attention to no matter what, no matter how she looks, smells, or behaves. Doing otherwise will cultivate the hypersexual, non-empathetic, self-centered personality of the female histrionic and/or narcissist.

      For more, see the book “Personality Disorders in Modern Life” by Millon.

      If you raise a woman without a personalty disorder, then you’ve basically done you’re job to raise an empathetic well adjusted normal adult.

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  62. Make sure your son’s future wife didn’t bang anyone before the age of 16.


    They ask for theories as to why this might be. Too easy to answer for any student of the blog. But it still might be worth a post.


    • Easy… da more promiscuity before marriage, da more promiscuity after marriage and, so, more divorce.


  63. Commentary (from a woman of course) on Dilbert creator Soctt Adams’ alleged “sexism.”



  64. And from Adams…


    “society is organized in such a way that the natural instincts of men are shameful and criminal while the natural instincts of women are mostly legal and acceptable. In other words, men are born as round pegs in a society full of square holes. Whose fault is that? Do you blame the baby who didn’t ask to be born male? Or do you blame the society that
    brought him into the world, all round-pegged and turgid, and said, “Here’s your square hole”?

    The way society is organized at the moment, we have no choice but to blame men for bad behavior. If we allowed men to act like unrestrained horny animals, all hell would break loose. All I’m saying is that society has evolved to keep males in a state of continuous unfulfilled urges, more commonly known as unhappiness. No one planned it that way. Things just drifted in that direction.”


  65. Roissy: “Note: Do not ever fall back on the typical beta herb father response of ‘Well, son, women are a mystery. You’ll find that out soon enough.’ That’s the cheap and easy way out, and prepares him for nothing.”

    Eliezer Yudkowsky: “[I]gnorance exists in the map, not in the territory. If I am ignorant about a phenomenon, that is a fact about my own state of mind, not a fact about the phenomenon itself. A phenomenon can seem mysterious to some particular person. There are no phenomena which are mysterious of themselves. To worship a phenomenon because it seems so wonderfully mysterious, is to worship your own ignorance.”

    Great minds think alike.


  66. “I’d also like to hear what people have to say about raising a girl.”

    No time for a longer comment but here is a template: raise her so she sees where she came from, and not her pussy, as her biggest asset. Also, don’t be permissive. Curfew. Stay at home mom in her teen years is extremely important. Afterschool sports keep her supervised and burn her energy. No slutty clothes, including no writing of any kind on her ass. Meet all the boys she dates. Don’t be remote or emotionally unavailable. Don’t raise her as a princess. She has to respect you and be wary if disappointing you.


  67. My farher was and is a total beta. He never had a clue about how life worked. He taught me nothing and we had no relationship. My mother wore the pants in the family. I believe my mother is afraid of strong men. She married a weak man, and then raised her sons to be weak.

    Of course, I was doomed.I grew up totally unconfident, no idea how to approach life. I’m 41 now. No wife, girlfriends, no kids. Is there any hope for me to salvage my life? I think it might be too late for me, even with the great information on this blog. I’m too defective.

    Btw – don’t knock Star Trek. If I hadn’t had Star Trek I would have killed myself back when I was a teenager.


    • on June 21, 2011 at 1:41 pm DiamondEyes

      I had the same exact setbacks you describe but I am not counting myself out yet. I’m not much younger than you.

      Lift the fuck out of weights, read the fuck out of this blog, and start gaming 6s and 7s until you become more confident. Don’t give up man.


    • This blog will definitely help, but only after knowing the basics. Read the mystery method first or some david deangelo material. And yeah , hit the gym (read about bodybuilding and nutrition, don’t go there without a plan), wear better clothes. 41 is not too late, you can bed hotties for the next 20 years, get out of your head and start doing shit.


    • Go to a doctor, get a blood test for low testosterone. Hormone Replatement Therapy is salvation. Get your test over 1000 and let the animal take over.

      Plus insurance covers it.


  68. Of course, you may wanna defer to girl-raising advice of our favorite MRA Jerry. He might tell you to keep young American boys away from her and instead let her hook up with elderly foreign sex tourists. I dunno, maybe Arab or Indian businessmen? This will prove that you have solidarity with felliow alphas, LOL.


    • PA,

      You may keep the “SLUT” off her shorts, but how are you going to keep the cock out of her asshole?

      Think about it before you rag on guys who, quite naturally, want to fuck hot young cunt.


  69. So, I’m 19 going on 20 in September. I absolutely adored my father and consider him my hero, but he passed away when I was 12 years old… and even though he wasn’t around for my teen years, he taught me a lot about being a leader rather than a follower, taking charge and working hard without fabricating a bunch of excuses.

    But the problem is that he passed away before my teenage years, so I had to teach myself how to be a man, which worked fine for a while.

    I’d consider himself a damned handsome guy. Tall (about 6’3″), rugged, masculine, strong and I have a deep voice for kicks.

    I’ve had three ‘real’ girlfriends in my young life (when I say ‘real’ I mean at least in high school). The first two were in between 2006-early 2008. During that time, I never made an intense connection with them on a complete emotional level. I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friends and playing pick-up games at the rec. park. This drove them crazy and thus I had them in the ‘bag’.

    The first one finally ‘gave up’ and left. The second one, I broke up with her in February 2008 because I didn’t see any resolution to the relationship.

    So, it was 2008, which I consider today as a great year, and I’d just been in two fun relationships where I was clearly an ‘Alpha’ by all the standards expressed on this site. Then it happened… summer 2008… I fell into the abyss of Betadom. I met a girl who hooked me with her laugh, her giggling, personalty, looks and last but not least…her round ass.

    That year was also my senior year of high school. We had a blast together. Our personalities ran parallel together. We were together for 2 years/3+ months. The chemicals slowed down, the pheromones relaxed and I was already overly-emotionally connected to her.

    When the relationship ended in late December, I’d realized how big of a pansy-ass I’d become compared to how I was pre-summer 2008. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t regret the relationship at all, considering that it was a learning experience even though it hurt like hell losing her.

    I’ve been trying to get back in touch with the person I was before the summer of 2008. Should I keep trying or should I simply reinvent myself on an inner-personal level?

    I’ll keep reading this blog. All responses are truly appreciated. I apologize for writing a damn essay.


    • When I said ‘himself’ I meant ‘myself’*.


    • on June 21, 2011 at 6:52 pm Chris from Dublin

      Keep trying but lose your vanity. Yes, 6’3″ with a deep voice are two assets. Damned handsome guy? Smacks of narcissism. Narcissism kills game.

      (Yes it does, guys – think about it …)


      • Chris, elaborate if you don’t mind. Anybody, for that matter, chime in. Again, it would be appreciated. What would you rather see upend “damned handsome guy” in a description in a minuscule text box? Are confident guys or Alphas, when asked if they are handsome or not, supposed to not say anything along the likes of “damned handsome”?


      • on June 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm Chris from Dublin

        Certainly Troy but before I do so please accept my sympathy for the early death of your father.   It is possible that my previous post did not properly express this and that I might come across as rather callous.   For any man to lose his father in childhood is a devastating blow – I know many men who have not recovered from this – from reading your remarks it is obvious that you have not let this untimely death destroy your prospects in life.  
        It is obvious that you have are a man who gets the respect of other men.   My concern is that men like you should not, in time, have that respect stolen away from you.   Think of a frog: throw the frog into a pot of boiling water and the frog leaps out.   Put the frog gently into a pot of cold water, place it on a cooker, turn up the heat gradually but consistently and the frog is boiled to death without even knowing it.   The second example is like encroaching beta-dom – it rarely happens immediately because the alpha can smell it and he resists it immediately.   The really dangerous beta-dom creeps up on the man announced.   On the other hand think of my 81 yr old father – a few weeks ago I overheard my parents in their bedroom.   My mother was crying (she’s done this at least since I was born, talk about shit-test extraordinaire!) and I heard my father saying “Mother, for the last time, shut the fuck up. That’s it now!”   He then went to look at his computer.   They’re married 54 years and my mother, also 81, thinks my father walks on water.   I am also very grateful to still have both of them at this stage, in good enough health.
        Answering your question, Troy: from an earlier post of yours, you state that you are very tall, good looking and have a deep voice.   Great: with the right attitude and approach these get the gina tingling on first instance.   Be grateful to God for these gifts but always remember the Beta of the Month post in which a total arsehat, with similar physical attributes to you, severs his testicles and surrenders them to the greater mirth of everyone else (including the jackals of the Chateau) by compiling a video of his love for a girlfriend who fucked off on him, like, a year beforehand.    A visual alpha, a behavioural beta.
        So, Troy, these physical attributes of yours do not entitle you to be an alpha – alpha derives from attitude and conduct.   I sensed from your initial posting a notion of entitlement on your part.   Also a possible tendency to oneitis (re 3rd girlfriend).
        Do not imagine that being good looking will count in your favour in any significant and non-superficial way, either in life or in fucking – get over it and get ready to fuck all around you.

        But, rereading your initial post you seem fairly clued into that already.

        Good luck.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 2:12 pm Chris from Dublin

        My typo: that should read, “it is obvious that you are a man who gets the respect of other men”.


      • on June 22, 2011 at 2:38 pm Chris from Dublin

        Another type:-
        “The really dangerous beta-dom creeps up on the man announced”

        should read:-

        “UNannouced …”


      • Thanks for the reply, Chris. I appreciate it. I remember back in late 2009, one of the ‘darker’ times of my life, I was sitting at the cafe in my local college, sort of laughing in my head and smirking at all the guys who were practically molesting their girlfriends in the presence of other guys. One guy was evening leaning in, smiling like a daft idiot, while his girlfriend was doing some kind of homework. Even at that time, I knew that was silly, but outside forces were bothering me at the time.

        Heard the quote “Don’t regret. If it was good, it was good. If it was bad, it’s experience” yesterday. I like that approach and that’s the true way, I believe, to positively move forward confidently and re-piece my ‘true’ confidence. Again, I thank you for your words, Chris.


      • By the way, Chris, I’m not trying to come off as defensive or anything. Just trying to gain a better perspective by hearing yours and others’ perspectives on the facet of my comment you brought up.


  70. What an ineffable, crying shame none of you will ever stick around and raise the STD-infested bastard spawn you sire with cock-carousel sluts and third-world hookers. My God, what a complete loss to humanity.


  71. how about asking him to read mark twain?


  72. Troy, the story about your dad dying when you were twelve reminded me of filmmaker Andrzej Wajda. A few years who, at the age of eighty two, he talked about his dad, who was murdered by Soviets at Katyn at the onset of WWII. Despite how much time had passed, he choked up when he said this:

    “I can’t really talk about him except to say that he was my ideal and that he died at the age when I needed him the most.”


  73. on June 21, 2011 at 12:10 pm David Rockefeller

    My dad was an alpha. Army lifer. Totally macho — a very good combat officer. Also a world-class pussyhound. My mom was a 10. (Seriously. Mom had been the face in the ads for a company famous for its good-looking employees.) By age 10 or so, I knew dad was also fucking every skank in town. They should have divorced at the first hint the marriage sucked. Instead, they stayed together for the sake of the kids and made everyone’s lives miserable. I was in my mid-20s before my depression lifted.

    I doubt my dad liked women. But, God, he liked fucking them. He was charming, outgoing, and always looking for the next piece of ass. It didn’t hurt that he’d been voted best-looking, smartest and most likely to succeed in his high school class. He knew how to get what he wanted. Dad couldn’t buy a pack of gum without coming on to the cashier or order a meal in a restaurant without flirting with the waitress.

    He was always showing his sons how to talk girls into lifting their skirts. In high school, when one of us had a date, he’d make a point of handing us a 3-pack of condoms. “Use all three or don’t bother coming home.” He was only semi-joking. And yeah, I got laid a lot — thanks, dad.

    But I was also screwed up about women in the same ways he was. His advice about girls just reflected his own kooky upbringing. (I think he was much happier when there were no women around. When I’d find him bullshitting around with his fellow officers, even some green second lieutenant, I got why men liked being around him. For all his charm, I never got why women liked him.

    Fathers are right to ensure their sons not turn out to be douchebags with girls. More pussy is almost always better than less pussy. Lots of high quality pussy is best of all. Don’t let girls walk all over you.

    But sons need to be free to learn for themselves and make their own mistakes. I’d have been a lot happier if my dad had just kept the fuck out of my private life and not tried to turn me (and my brothers) into junior versions of him.

    Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it.

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    • Right. I see where your coming from, but realize this. Hos job was to mold your character and approach to the world. It may have sucked while it was occurring, but if the result was worth it then the process was worth it. If you aren’t happy with the result, then perhaps you are right. But what I know is that nothing that was ever worthwhile, especially when it comes to learning and character building, is ever, ever easy.


  74. “He and I scored girls in the mall a few weeks back. He is only 10”

    Does anyone think this is more than a little odd. In fact it’s downright low rent.

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  75. on June 21, 2011 at 1:19 pm Some Bullshit Handle

    “I’d also like to hear what people have to say about raising a girl.”

    She needs to know exactly what her mom and dad think of the likes of Madonna, Brittany, Gaga, etc. And, hopefully, that is that they are whores.

    When she is 11 and with her mom at the market and they see 13 year old Kaitlyn wearing the kind of clothes that you think she is wearing…she should here her mom almost instantly refer to her as a slut…or at least see it in her eyes.

    If they have any interest in seeing their daughter marry a gentleman, then they should expect their daughter to be a lady. And if there definition of “Lady” does not include demure, then they are shooting themselves in the foot.

    I am guessing that this goes for less than 5 percent of the white families in America.

    And, I can not stress this enough, the mother’s influence is absolutely crucial. The daughter should never be allowed to grow into that teenager that divulges all sorts of info to her mother that she does not to her father. That is just fucked up!


    • on June 21, 2011 at 1:20 pm Some Bullshit Handle

      “…he should here her mom…”

      here = hear


    • “The daughter should never be allowed to grow into that teenager that divulges all sorts of info to her mother that she does not to her father. That is just fucked up!”

      Because Dad wants to hear about monthly issues? No he really doesn’t. He also doesn’t want to hear about the Jamie’s purple dress or who said what about who at volleyball practice.

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      • on June 22, 2011 at 8:09 am Some Bullshit Handle

        She is not keeping her Menstrual cycle a secret from her father or anyone else. Everyone already knows that she, and every other girl, gets a period.

        However, when she goes to that party on Saturday night, and, well, you know…and she volunteers this information to her mother, but makes sure that her father does not know…that is fucked up.

        And she is doing this because she knows that her mother will be OK with this, if only grudgingly so. Whereas her father will think that she is a slut and have some difficulty even looking at her.


  76. Let’s turn Game inside out for a moment: what’s the best way for a girl to wrap a high-status alpha around her little finger?

    She should:

    1) Take the initiative.
    2) Ask out a decent guy.
    3) Pay for her half of the date.
    4) Not play any games.

    Tell her to:
    1) Never stand up a guy.
    2) Never say “yes” when she means “no,” or “no” when she means “yes.”
    3) Never lie about using birth control.
    4) Never lie about being abused or rayped.

    And even more:
    1) To not spout off about feminism and then expect men to take her seriously when she says she wants a traditional relationship.
    2) To claim that she wants a traditional relationship and then expect men to take her seriously when she spouts off about feminism.

    Any female who did these things would immediately become a high priority item for decent guys. Of course, if she wants an “alpha” male, she will be competing against every other female for that 10 percent. Those may be decent odds in a state lottery, but for marriage?

    I did an entire website on this at http://home.earthlink.net/~jamiranda/GWPindex.html


  77. on June 21, 2011 at 2:31 pm Ave Veritas

    Teaching your son game basics may not even be necessary. Just act like a man in front of him and he’ll learn by your example. I learned to tease women I was interested in by watching my Dad interact w my Mom from the time I was born. I watched my Dad lay down the law and clearly act as the head of our family, and I watched him run shit on his employees and put loud mouthed minorities in place. Women love all of this shit. He never once explained to me that it would generate gina tingles, he just told me it was part of being a man. I paid attention when he spoke and acted and I’m a better man for it. Plus it helps me get laid.


  78. Hi

    I’m 12 and what is this

    The Deutsch


  79. Don’t let girls walk all over you.

    That sums up “game” (and life!) nicely.

    Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it.

    As has been stated elsewhere, “karma is man’s second best friend.”


  80. Look at how alpha this guy is… 51 year old marrying 16 year old…



    • Able to get a 16 year old at 51 = alpha

      Marrying her = there’s no word in the Greek alphabet adequate for how stupid that is.

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    • Meh. Celebrity. Money and status cancels out any discussion on how “Alpha” he is.


      • So you want to define “alpha” as personality characteristics.

        If you were the female race, it would make a difference how you define it with your actions of who you fuck.

        Otherwise, it makes no difference.

        Whoever women are attracted to, for the purposes of game and a working useful definition of attraction that we can talk about, are “alpha”.

        Makes no difference how or why, deserved or undeserved, innate or learned, external or internal, fair or unfair, righteous or deplorable, admirable or despicable. An alpha is who women want to fuck. Has nothing to do you your preferences or your heros.


      • pre-teen girls become moist over justin bieber. does that mean he’s alpha?


      • Alpha is not about what a person is or isn’t. It’s what he’s perceived to be and how he is treated.

        It’s a social position, not an existential one.

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      • Well said, xsplat.

        What’s your personal opinion on the whole “don’t care about what others think of you” adage? Also, if you don’t mind, I wrote a comment a few up (was a pretty long comment) and I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts and advice if you have a couple of minutes to spare. Thanks.


      • Was this the question in your comment?

        I’ve been trying to get back in touch with the person I was before the summer of 2008. Should I keep trying or should I simply reinvent myself on an inner-personal level?

        By the way you frame it, it seems you already intuit that the only direction is forward. Even if you try to recapture an old self, you’ll wind up creating a new one. You’ve changed, and next year you change again.

        So the question is in what direction to change. And that no one can tell you. We all have different interests and passions. If you’re lucky, some of those passions will be so captivating to you that others will pick up on your intensity and find you interesting for it. You’ll garner an air of authority and respectable knowledge. But if you’re specifically talking about how to change yourself relating to the core principles of game – even that will become tailored personally by you.

        I have my style. Others have very different, successful styles.

        I preach here because my style is currently socially taboo. So the conflict I can arouse is entertaining.

        Sounds like your intuitions and skills will take care of you fine. Follow your bliss and allow yourself many minor diversions.


      • I appreciate it, xsplat. I have a major affinity for nostalgia. Any time I start remembering the ‘great times’ I mentioned in the other post, I bust out 50 push-ups or I force myself to read part of a book I’ve always meant to get to. At the same time, I remember that creating newer memories is the way to go. Thanks again for the reply.


      • This a celebrity to you? the whole point is that this guy is BARELY famous, and i doubt he has much money too, nothing a successful proffessional or businessman couldn’t throw together by age 50. The dude isn’t a looker either.


  81. Mad Mel Gibson, 55, is apparently dating a 25 year old fetish model.


  82. Mad Mel Gibson, 55, is apparently dating a 25 year old fetish model.

    Researching ideas for his next movie?


  83. -Be higher value.
    – Beware of women that will act to lower your value or limit your choices.
    -Make the best of yourself.
    -Demand respect and behave in a way that commands respect.
    -Do not put women on a pedestal.
    -Do not judge a woman soley on her looks. She has to have more to offer than that. If you choose to be with her, she must be an asset, not a liability.
    -You cannot change women, they are what they are.
    -Choose your friends carefully and cut out anyone that does not return “value for value” in your life.
    – If you fuck a woman, all you owe her is to be as honest as possible, treat her with (relative) respect and to fuck her well. You owe her little more.
    – If you find yourself complaining about women, you are probably doing the wrong things to begin with.
    – Never give a woman 100% of yourself. Keep something for yourself. It will keep you grounded, sane and ultimately she will respect you for it.
    – Do not take relationship advice from women.


  84. Can commenting within comments be done away with? It’s impossible to find new comments in mobile more.


  85. Using film and tv stars and even sports stars as role models or good examples for men to follow needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt.
    These people live in a different world and the higher their profile (fame, money, etc) the more they are removed from the world of men that have to work for a living and face the challenges of living in the real world.

    Sure that 51 year old actor married a 16 year old hottie.
    Lets see how this one pans out hey. The length of that marriage could very well be used to time the boiling on an egg.

    The sole purpose of Hollywood the entertainment industry and the media in general is primarily in the business of selling bullshit and making money. Never forget that.

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    • True. But Doug has balls, you don’t see that kind of age difference that often and it may be a bit too much to take even by Hollyweird standards.

      At her age, she is quite impressionable. If he doesn’t blow it somewhere along the road, he can probably mold her to become a fine wifey specimen.


      • lol sorry is this dude Brad pitt?

        Dude is barely famous, not particularly good looking and most likely not particularly wealthy. Doing good for himself though still.


  86. Gene Simmons. Any thoughts?


  87. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2006574/Green-Mile-actor-Doug-Hutchisons-16-year-old-bride-good-Christian-girl-insist-parents-new-saucy-photos-emerge.html

    The link says it all. She looks older, 18-ish, though. Doug is 51.
    The father of the young wench is 47 and does not see anything wrong with the age difference.


  88. I’ll alway give Roissy credit for a lot of his knowledge and even analysis of the world we live in these days, but this post makes it clear to me again what’s so wrong about all of this: He writes “As [your son’s] becoming more aware of true female nature, there is a risk his young mind and heart will slip into cynicism and disgust for girls.” Really? Cynicism and disgust? That’s not a risk, that’s pretty much a certainty if you teach your young son what Roissy wants you to teach him. He’s telling fathers to teach their sons to be sociopaths.


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  89. on June 22, 2011 at 2:58 am Gunslingergregi

    ””””Today’s men do not have access to selfless women who would change their catheter, unless they are multimillionaires.”””’

    Disagree I found one who is with me till hell freezes over he he he

    Possible to find just never know what ya got till shit hits the fan. I suggest making sure shit hits the fan to test your woman then you know what the fucks gonna happen when it is catheter time if that is a concern.


  90. on June 22, 2011 at 3:05 am Gunslingergregi

    ””””””Jay Stang
    Passingby’s dad is pretty spot on. The vast majority of women would ditch their husbands in rough times. Happens every day.””””’
    Which is also true why you must test the woman. Quit your job live on the street with her for a couple years lol see what happens to the relationship.


  91. on June 22, 2011 at 3:33 am Gunslingergregi

    Yea xsplat dam back in states I drive into my city it has sign zero tolerance city wtf happened to land of the free. Now might as well just say land of the gay or female. Guys so bored all ya can do is make money.


  92. “Gene Simmons. Any thoughts?”

    Still cashing in and milking the KISS franchise for all its worth.
    Narcissist and probably a high functioning psychopath.
    Has probably fucked nowhere as many women as he claims to have and the ones he did fuck were either band groupies or hired help brought in by management, promoters and record companies.
    For the common man in the modern world and in relation to women it is still probably better to be more like him than less like him.


  93. “What really scares me is having a baby girl. Any insight on how to prevent her falling into the abyss of feminazism, or slutting it up and banging football players and low-life thugs?”

    I currently have a single mom in my rotation. She’s 26 with two little girs age 2 and 4. As sure as the sun rises in the east, both of those girls are heading straight for the stripper pole and will be pregnant by 16.

    Not having children myself, I can’t comment on how to teach daughters anything. But what I do know is that women make the shittiest parents on earth – and I’m not using my current single mom chick as the only example, I’ve met most of the moms in her “single mom support group” and they are absolutely incapable of discipline. Have you ever watched a grown woman try to reason with a 2 year old? Asking permission from her daughter before serving her healthy food or putting her to bed at a reasonable hour? It would be fucking hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

    I just sit quietly and watch. They’re not my kids, and I don’t need some false accusation of abuse for stepping up and giving those two little girls what they need by way of discipline. I’m only around two days per week, because it’s all I can stand.

    Gentlemen, teach your sons game. There’s a whole crop of little girls being raised right now who will absolutely demand an alpha. This shit is only going to get worse in the next 10 years, I promise.


  94. Hi,

    Thought of you when I read this. A bit lenghty, but REALLY worth the read. Discussion on women’s natural inclination towards infidelity. They call it Rotating Polyandry.



  95. The more I read your blog, the more I hate my Dad. I hope he dies soon.


  96. I can’t argue enough for the importance of this. I volunteer with teens, and the lack of game these kids learn, especially the ones with single moms, or the ones who’s parents have divorced and the dad isn’t around much is mind blowing. Once the boys realized I was good with hot chicks there is a pretty much steady line of them asking for advice, and I see it as a manly duty to teach them the principles of game. Nothing is better than the look of joy on their faces when they tell me they swooped the girl they thought was out of their league.

    With my own son I’ve already started with him. He’s barely a year, but he has already heard, “No fatties.” “Don’t commit to sluts.” “The chaster the girl, the better the LTR” and numerous other similar lines. More important, however, is actions. Kids watch you all the time, and if you tell them no fatties, but are bringing home whales, they will settle for whales like you, or resent you. Just watching me, my son already is starting to flirt in specific ways with women, and he is also starting to show signs of selection for the thinner women. You CAN’T start early enough. Not with something that important.


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  98. Don’t give him game materials.   Game material is reparative or corrective for “men” who never properly developed the attitudes and behavior of a man when they were growing up.  The Game is a way of being and doing, not a body of knowledge.  Your job is to foster his natural development into a man that plays the game without having to think about it. It’s just the way he is. 

    Bunch of things come to mind. Here is a nonexhaustive list:

    Lead by example. Always demonstrate impeccable game in front of him especially with his mother. He will come to believe that that’s just how men and women are supposed to get along. 

    Let him fall over and over again.  There’s a reason its the first thing you learn in karate.  Because it happens over and over again and you can’t be afraid of it.  Encourage him to get back up when he does. He will fall off a bike, screw up at work, flub a relationship. He should have no fear of these things. 

    Do not tolerate crying. Especially if it’s for being treated unfairly. 

    Unless he has a highly contagious disease, send him to school when he’s sick and tell him not to bring attention to himself or make a display of being sick. Nobody cares. He has to push through it. 

    Get him into a competitive sport. Bodybuilding doesn’t count. There’s a reason it’s popular among gay men. It’s nonconfrontational and obsessed with a beautiful body. Direct competition and physical contact are the object. Boxing is real good. It takes a lot to go in a ring with another man and know his one objective is to pummel you into a knock out.

    Have daughters. If that doesn’t happen, make sure he’s around girl relatives his age a lot and is completely familiar with them.  He has to learn to tease, make fun of, play with, and vibe with girls without fearing the consequences.

    Do something risky. Be a fireman, an EMT. Get him involved.  Make him think risking his life is routine and expected in this world. 

    Get him self-reliant as soon as possible. Buying things with his own allowance, speaking for himself in social situations, then a part-time job, driving, living on his own.

    Part of this is be scarce yourself. Don’t dote on him or make all the decisions for him. He’s a man that must come to determine his own destiny without your interference. 

    Show him how to wield powerful and dangerous things with control and responsibility: trucks, motorcycles, heavy machinery, guns, fire. 

    Encourage him his whole life when he plays in a way that just might leave a scar. Jumping from a high branch, riding a motorcycle, dating a heartbreaker.

    You guys get the idea. Let him be a man and the game is natural to him.