The Sexiness Of Shallow Communication

There are two fault lines running through an otherwise generally cohesive mass of seduction literature. The first, and better known, is the long-simmering war between direct and indirect game proponents. (Smart players use both.) The second, less known, is the tension between those who advocate high energy game (aka social alpha) and those who believe low energy game (aka stoic alpha) produces the best results. (Again, smart players resort to both high and low energy as the circumstance demands.)

In archetypal terms, high energy game = Trent from Swingers, low energy game = John from Nine 1/2 Weeks.

Low energy game is CH’s preferred method of applied charisma, but high energy has its usefulness, particularly during those first few critical minutes of meeting when the needle on a woman’s attraction thermometer is still swinging wildly and waiting to settle on a hot or cold temperature reading.

Low energy game is:

Best suited for one-on-one.

High energy game is:

Loquaciously funny.
Best suited for crowds.

There’s a strong introvert/extrovert divergence here that maps closely with a man’s preferred pickup energy level. Introverts will be more comfortable with low energy game, extroverts with high energy. Energy level also varies intra-game; you’ll be higher energy at the outset and downshift to lower energy during the comfort, i.e. leather couch, stage.

However, I’ve known plenty of introverts who can tolerate, and even relish, “acting out”. The catch is that introverts socially exhaust themselves faster than do extroverts, and need a time-out to recharge. A short burst of energy is about all an introvert can muster before he begins turtling as the realization “hey, i’m the center of attention!” hits him. Introverts therefore should focus their unrenewable high energy firepower when it’s most needed: during the meet and entreat.

Some will argue that a man’s looks dictate to a degree the energy level that will most benefit him. I won’t get into that discussion for this post, but readers may engage in the comments. I’ve heard differing theories on the matter, and my real world observations don’t lend much support to one theory or the other. Broadly speaking, uglier men will need to be higher energy in the beginning of a pickup, in order to “cut through the noise”.

Energy level also influences your mode of verbal communication. A high energy man will necessarily speak a lot more words than will a low energy man. Astute readers will note that this apparently violates Poon Commandment V: adhere to the golden ratio of giving your woman 2/3s of everything she gives you, verbosity presumably included. But the Poon Commandments are better understood as lifelong guidelines rather than specific pickup tactics that apply to every situation one may encounter along his romantic journeys. There will be those times when it’ll be to your advantage to say more than the girl in your company.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that, on the whole and in the general, women love men who aren’t blabbermouths. The more of your store you give away, the less she’ll want to browse your product line. Enigmatic men are alluring. Succinctness is sexy. Ambiguity is alpha.

On that point, a regular reader writes,

You can use shallow communication to get positive association principle benefits in your dating life and life in general.

If you ever meet a powerful person, like your CEO, they really don’t have much to say. “This is a nice day!” “The Blackhawks looked great last night.”

Ditto if you see press coverage of the Pope, Queen, or President working a crowd or rope line.

The reason is simple: more people want to talk to powerful people and powerful people need to budget their attention.

The more you invest in deep substantial conversation, the smaller the number of people you must have in your life and the less attractive you become.

A man with many women can’t know everything about them. Seeking to learn everything about her is going to work against you over time.

Making statements versus asking questions subcommunicates less desire to learn about her.

That’s probably the main failing of stalkers, and she’ll think you’re a stalker if you know everything about her, which is exactly the opposite of what she wants.

Shallow communication is alpha. Listen to alpha males banter: it’s almost all jokes and taunts and teases and sharp comebacks (when required). Then listen to beta males banter: droning, nerdy expositions on boring topics, receivers more often than givers of gibes, conspicuous inability to disengage from dying conversational threads, stilted speech in place of charming quips.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and place when the alpha benefits from “deep” conversation with a girl. Women like when you ask about them, but only after some attraction has been sparked. Women also like when you open up about yourself, even if in a guarded way, when they’ve decided they want to know more about you. The comfort stage isn’t just some afterthought tacked onto the seduction process. It’s the meat and potatoes of pickup. If you don’t “connect” with a girl in a meaningful way, all you’ll have are a few laughs… and a dry dick.

All the points the reader made above are true, and most crucial when the dance of love is just spinning up. You hold your cards close at the start. You make statements more than you ask questions. You stick to superficial topics instead of delving deeply into your listener’s life and values. These behaviors are, undoubtedly, the hallmark of the alpha male.

But what if the girl doesn’t know you from Adam? You’ve just walked up to her, a stranger. Four-word vacant blurbs about the weather aren’t going to cut it. A chill, laconic, 007 pose over a martini glass is great if you’re already preselected as a man of interest. But if you’re the average guy without a license to thrill, you’ll need to do more than cock an eyebrow as the rim of your glass hits your lips. You’ll need to talk and, more often than not, talk a lot, if you want to engage a girl and get her invested in the outcome.

You square this circle by recognizing that shallow communication is not the same as terseness. You can talk your mouth off without really saying anything. “You girls look like you’re having the most fun here…” is an excellent prelude to a two-way exchange of ideated emotions, but it’s not exactly the stuff of profound thought. It is, however, high energy. If you watch Tyler Durden’s videos, he’s the classic example of a high energy player whose communication during the attraction stage is almost entirely substance-free. He rarely uses any “getting to know her” tropes. “Getting to know her” is the feeble strategy of earnest betatude.

If low energy game is more to your liking, you’ll need to locate venues where one-on-one sit-downs are possible. Any of the usual pickup spots are more favorable to low energy game on weekdays than weekends. Target events that cater to girls who don’t grok the club scene. If you can’t find it in you to amp up your energy level, then daytime game will feel more right to you, where crowd-owning court-holding isn’t a prerequisite for love. Finally, work on your bounce and isolation techniques. The sooner you can move a girl away from a busy social scene to a quieter, secluded pre-bone zone, the sooner you can switch to your preferred low-key, smirk-inflected, laconic cad game.


  1. on October 23, 2013 at 8:57 am Lucky White Male

    Well said

    Another way to look at this post is that: High Energy Game is for the “Chooser Man” (see link below) and Low Energy for the “Chosen” Man:

    I’m starting to think the fault line for pussy extraction lies in the domain of “Investment” and “Compliance”

    Whether you are playing High Energy (Chooser) or Low Energy (Chosen) critical to both is somehow dialling down the energy after she hooks and making her invest.

    Moving from High Energy to Low Energy. Whoever is talking is investing.

    When a girl is investing in you, every fiber of her being is telling her the same thing: You, are Higher Status and Higher Value than her. You MUST be Higher Status than her, otherwise why would she be investing?

    We only “invest” in things that are higher value than us. We reject what is beneath us.

    What girls are fucking is never “You.” The God of Biomechanics has decreed that what any girl is ultimately fucking is: Higher Status.

    She only knows you are higher status if she sees herself Investing in you way more than you are investing in her.

    And a girl can’t invest in you if you’re constantly talking. Whoever is talking is investing.

    When she’s the one talking, she’s the one investing

    The “Investee” – the one being invested in, gets to determine the rules of engagement (i.e. Compliance). Getting a girls pants off and getting inside her is the end of a long process of compliance


    • Jesus H Christ you guys are burning a ton of calories worrying about this shit.

      Some tail just ain’t worth pursuing.

      Have you ever thought about how much simpler your life would be if you found one of these HB10s whose company you really enjoy, and you sealed the deal with her, and you settled down with her, and you MADE A BUNCH OF BABIES WITH HER?

      I mean, that is why we have dicks and they have pussies.



    • Juggler was ahead of his time. His game was all about making statements, prompting the girl to invest in the interaction by asking open ended questions etc, and then rewarding her by escalating verbally or physically when she invests.


      • a lot of what i do is meant to be modeled on those lines with open ended questions and eliciting values to put her in the space of thinking about things she loves, etc. but that does seem like ‘getting to know her’ also. so i guess while i understand the post, it’d be a major change for me to drop that part of my approach


    • on October 23, 2013 at 10:17 am The Burninator

      Chosen/Chooser sounds about right. These sites are set up to make regular men into choosers with a chance at decent or high quality women. Chosen generally either teach, or show up to observe.

      The article you site seems accurate as well. If you’re Chosen you don’t have to have sixteen jokes a the ready, fifteen come on routines rehearsed, nor 30 minutes a day in front of a mirror trying to convey a confident cocky look. You’re chosen, all you have to do is filter for what you like and run with it. This, I can identify with.

      The Choosers need a lot more, but their advantage lies in being able to be more in tune with their exact type and seek only that, whereas the Chosen has types presented to him that may or may not be his thing.



    • on October 23, 2013 at 10:21 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)





    • on October 23, 2013 at 11:22 am the latent sadist

      the question i wonder about regarding very hot women. Its common knowledge that game can overcome limitations, such as your station in life. You hear it said that Game is its own status, which i wont deny. But you hear this shit all the time about her wanting your higher status. Can you realistically convince the hottest women that you are higher status, simply through game alone? And is it enough to inspire their devotion to you?

      [CH: yes. game is a status signaling strategy that triggers the exact same positive responses in women as do the organic status signals that arise from conventional types of male achievement, because the signals are identical. women don’t viscerally respond to the achievement; they viscerally respond to the confident and cocky attitude — i.e. the alpha male signals — of the man who has achieved. the science of game says that men can co-opt those alpha signals and basically circumvent the traditional (and laborious) means for attaining that winner’s attitude that is so sexy to women.]

      Is there a threshold for where the hotness of the girl requires legit signals of higher status, such as power, money etc.

      [your premise is off. the only diff b/t hot and less hot women is the degree of their selectivity and the ability to act upon their desires. alpha signals are alpha signals: hot and ugly women respond to the same sets of signals of mate desirability. the same is true of winner and loser men, who both respond to the same desirable hot babes.]

      If the entire world spits game at her, does the requirement then become game + actual social status?

      [you’re getting into long-term prognostication about the evolution of sexual dynamics. irrelevant for anyone reading here, but interesting nonetheless. it’s possible that women will evolve a psychological mechanism to more easily identify and discount “false” signals of long-term mate worth. but the opposite could happen as well, and if you look at current dysgenic trends you could make a compelling argument that game is becoming more effective, not less.]


      • on October 23, 2013 at 11:31 am Lucky White Male

        You convince a girl you are higher status through Game alone when Game is simply a vehicle to efficiently convey you real High Value personality

        It’s very easy for the right kind of man to be Higher Status than even the hottest girl in your scene

        A legitimate Alpha/ Sigma is like a 20 compared to a girl who is an 8 or 9


      • on October 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm the latent sadist

        maybe it then becomes a question of how those who co opt the winners attitude sustain the womens devotion. Assuming thats the goal (it is mine). This does lead back to a point you often make to “fake it till you become it”. There is a saturation point, where the abundance of your lead generation positively influences your lay probability. Obviously this inches you closer towards sexual abundance. True sexual abundance, banging multiple high quality girls….your game basically goes into autopilot.

        Its so easy to tailspin into all sorts of rationalizations for your behavior when you dont have many options. You overthink things, you repel women. The skeleton key to mens issues with the opposite sex is attaining and maintaining abundance, i’m convinced. Lack of options leaks out of your pores into the atmosphere. The only remedy is to work to generate leads. Lead generation = prospect abundance. Prospect abundance minimizes your neediness as much as possible within the context of not getting laid at all. Like stripping the gunk that clogs up your seduction efforts. Then, you’ve maxed out your potential to come across as collected and confident….until you start to actually bed women. Then, you enter a higher level…of true sexual abundance. Which is easier maintained. Things can spiral downward and things can spiral upward…the difference being that it requires effort to make them spiral upwards. It takes no effort, and in fact will default to spiraling downward if you are a man and remain idle.

        It takes a lot of fortitude to climb the ladder of abundance generation. Maybe im unique, but i have a much harder time kicking back with few options and co-opting the winners attitude. I see your point that we can force ourselves to win in the arena of game proficiency, as an adjunct to the struggle for material achievement. You might even argue it could be a better investment of your time, since sexual abundance positively influences every area of your social life…and thus career. It all influences each other, but i see your point in taking the easiest route. Still, there is inertia to overcome with game proficiency.


      • i think one example of game vs status is prisoners. that dude a while back had like 6 guards on him, multiples pregnant, and not the best economic prospects. it helps your attitude to really have status but i don’t think there’s a minimum level really


      • Well said. Regarding the last part, I think actually Game is becoming more effective, in some ways. Men who try and apply Red Pill, ARE alpha in a way, and I would argue that when done right, learned alphas are “better” than natural alphas. Seeking to be alpha, and adopting and internalizing alpha/leader traits means you are those traits to a degree. I may not be a “natural”, in the same way a 250lb completely ripped football player is (though I’m trying), but actually I consider that a benefit.

        Successful learned alphas actually have brains, a business mindset, and a desire for self-improvement, which a lot of the natural frat boy alphas lack- PLUS the amused mastery and confidence of naturals. K-selection traits baby. As far as attracting high quality mates, it’s all about balancing those traits, without seeming like a pansy nerd, or a stupid alpha. It’s been written on at length, but I think naturals can pull more ONS, but learned alphas have way better LTRs with higher quality girls, becasue they are aware of hypergamy etc…. my 2 cents man.


      • Right here. This is what I’m talking about.

        Along comes an excellent line of inquiry about the limits of game, and still you can’t bring yourself to admit a single one of them.

        [game is a status signaling strategy that triggers the exact same positive responses in women as do the organic status signals that arise from conventional types of male achievement]

        Yes, but you fail to mention that the “visceral” is a fleeting reaction which, if not backed up by further (and deeper and more elaborate) evidence, dissipates quickly. You make up for this by shortening the timelines radically into “same night lay,” because once the bullshit begins unraveling (unless you’re living the life of Tom Ripley, which brings a different set of problems), you are exposed as a fraud.

        The fraud is okay. But the disappointing come-down is the panty-drying killer. “I thought he owned the Lamborghini, but he just rented it.” Your counsel for these earnestly inquiring men is, essentially, get in and out of her vag before she figures it out.

        That’s not Latent Sadist’s point, though.

        What advice do you have for a sustained seduction? Or are you depending on a bait-and-switch when “the hottest women” uncover the fraudulence? Like: “I came for the money, but stayed for the charm”? That’ll be a metric fuck-ton of charm you’ll need to keep an 8-9-10 coming back. You’ll always have to be “on” like a circus performer dancing for his life.

        Or is this an admission of the inapplicability of game to long-term prospects? I would hope not, but you leave little room for other interpretations. Your best bet is to acknowledge game as the spice that makes an otherwise bland meal tasty, but not a meal in itself. Context is king.

        … prognostication about the evolution of sexual dynamics …

        True headscratcher. You always leap like Springheeled Jack out of rhetorical cul-de-sacs of your own making with evo-psych tangents.

        This isn’t the place to mock your Reductio ad Darwinus, but it does seem to signal when you are backed into a corner.

        What’s wrong with saying game isn’t an omnipotent solution? It is what it is. You operate as though admitting a flaw would be a chink in the armor through which phantom Enemies of Game (like you imagine I am) will wound your thesis. A confident truth teller does not hesitate to recognize vulnerabilities in his presentation, not just for credibility’s sake, but to isolate and neutralize the soft spots in his case. Your hesitation betrays a lack of trust in your own wisdom. Instead you leave criticism to us so you can demonize the critics themselves rather than addressing the question. Quite Obamoid of you.

        Fantastic analysis, Sadist.



      • ” …That’ll be a metric fuck-ton of charm you’ll need to keep an 8-9-10 coming back. You’ll always have to be “on” like a circus performer dancing for his life.”

        Not really, once you’ve successfully batted away the first few salvos of shit-tests and shown an ample supply of pre-selection, the hook is pretty much set. You don’t have to reel her in, you just have to keep tension on the line. Leavin’ a little slack here and there for her to work her way towards you. Maintenance game is second nature once you’ve truly grasped pickup.

        I’m a middle class guy, average in most ways. I don’t have Lamborghini game and I don’t need it. Your point seems to be that game is necessarily fake, that it’s all peacocking and creating sparkly illusions to dazzle your quarry into a perpetually hypnotic state. What I’ve learned here isn’t about faking it, It’s about becoming it. CH is not dealing in parlour tricks, snake oils or dancing monkey routines, he’s building better men.

        The 8’s and 9’s I pull out of coffee shops or off the hike&bike trails don’t care if my confidence and charisma are natural or learned. Their perception of my value is based on my perception of my value. The repeated successes have taught me that there is nothing irrational about my overconfidence.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 8:45 am the latent sadist

        thanks matt. i just came back to read this. Always enjoy what you have to say.


      • on October 28, 2013 at 9:14 am the latent sadist

        I hope this wont get censored because theres no criticism of Ch involved. Ch has been enormously beneficial to my life. But regarding the sustained seduction, and your criticism of his counsel:

        I dont think anybody fully knows how to keep women. By the nature of blogging i dont think CH would openly air out any contradictions within himself. Even though hed have to be superhiman to not have them. But thats why we come back to read, because CH is larger than life and provides more value than anybody and he deserves his reputation. Even if someone disagrees with him, it’s kinda like criticizing the Beatles. John lennon was a lousy solo artist, people complained he was a rich peace promoting hypocrite and a bad father. But the fucking guy paid his dues and worked his ass off and sacrificed the best years of his life for the world. The parallel here is that CH is a treasure of knowledge.

        There are successful confident guys, celebrities, and whatnot that still get dumped and taken to the cleaners. Im partly reluctant to admit here that sustained love is a goal. Its an issue that you watch the entire “manosphere” dance around and express in fleeting moments. Two camps, where the majority tries to deny that they have desires that run deeper than sexual fulfillment…and the smaller minority of guys that advocate being vulnerable and honest while having clear boundaries. I’ve swung between both mentalities…feeling that because we live in a cultural wasteland, my pair bonding instincts are futile. Or at best, that i have to be the vagina whisperer 24/7 in order to sustain any connection.

        But i cant destroy the romantic in me. There are people here that only want sex and game tactics will work for that. But again, i feel like the broader issue is that there really isnt any consensus on how to toe the line between being open and vulnerable to real connection, and the dark triad approach to quick fucks. All you have to do is read around to realize that sex in and of itself is not satisfying, and read between the lines of mens hatred of women to know that they long for something deeper and more transcending. Most guys will not admit this, but its painfully obvious. I am still on the woman hating path at times, but starting this past summer i realized i cant sustain this attitude. It is taxing to try to deny your desires, and put up an alpha front at all times. I remain unsure of what the healthier approach is. Part of the issue is we are able to have lust and love simultaneously. I have no answers but i guess thats why we all comment and share our knowledge.


      • [you’re getting into long-term prognostication about the evolution of sexual dynamics. irrelevant for anyone reading here, but interesting nonetheless. it’s possible that women will evolve a psychological mechanism to more easily identify and discount “false” signals of long-term mate worth. but the opposite could happen as well, and if you look at current dysgenic trends you could make a compelling argument that game is becoming more effective, not less.]

        The reason is because game is not fake, it brings out our actual real potential that this mindtwisting world had successfully suppressed in us until we learn and apply game. The most successful people in the world game their own minds into achieving, it’s called determination which manifests into confidence. .


      • on October 28, 2013 at 9:27 am the latent sadist

        game is not fake. And game is fake. It depends on what you define as fake. If one is able to sustain their game with a woman they are interested in keeping around, then the question becomes pointless. But the liklier scenario (which most men are loathe to admit) is that most men crumble under the weight of having to sustain what does not come naturally to them. So unless you dont care about any particular girl, the “fakeness” of game isn’t an issue. But if you do, (and i bet there is a sizable majority of guys that do care about keeping girls around) then the question becomes can it be sustained? If you’re unable to apply what got you laid to the situation you’re in once the sex is over, and she loses interest…is this fake? I think i may be delving into things that dont outwardly concern most people. It is absolutely brewing in the comments section of every manosphere outpost though. The key point here is the intention. Game will absolutely get you laid. Ive used it and continue to do so.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 3:47 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



      Low energy game is:

      Laconic. lolz
      Smooth. loooolzloz
      Ambiguous. lzlzlzoz?
      Quippy. lzozl! lzlzoz! lzlzozo!
      Imperturbable. LOZZLZOLZOZOZOZLZOL
      Best suited for one-on-one.

      High energy game is:

      Sociable. lotsa cockas 4u and u and u and u2! lzozozllzozoz
      Loquaciously funny. LZOZOZo lzlzo LZOOZZOOL lzlzozo LZOZOZ OZLlzlzozo LZOZOZZLZl lzozlz
      Fun. lzlzozolzLZOZOZL zlzlzozolzZLZOZOZLLZlz nlzlzozzLZOZOZOZ OLZlzlzozo zlzzLZOZOZ
      Best suited for crowds.


    • “What girls are fucking is never “You.” The God of Biomechanics has decreed that what any girl is ultimately fucking is: Higher Status.”

      Yahoo!! Beeg Genius! You done gitchoo some Cosmic Penetration thar!!


    • Would you say that one way to get her “investing” is to try “ordering” her to talk about herself? (“Tell me what you’re doing this summer/school year/whatever.” “Talk about yourself.”) Is the distinction there?


  2. For someone just starting out, it seems like the high energy social game is probably easier and faster to learn. It’s tough to teach someone how to be the “man of few words” alpha in social settings ithout looking uncomfortable, antisocial, etc. And I think this is an area where girls do have different preferences. I lean strongly toward the low energy alpha… the opposite of that hyper redhead in the videos. Any guy chattier than I am just doesn’t seem masculine to me, even during the meet phase. But I’m sure he does really well in clubs.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 10:31 am The Burninator

      Few words != no words. A guy can hang with fellow friends, crack a few well placed jokes/jabs, let others do most of the talking, etc. Basically look social without looking like a springing rabbit dork. The chick “chooses” him, approaches and he can then speak as he will, but as you say, not so chatty. It’s natural and easy.

      It’s the guys who have no words at all, nothing to say, that generally sit staring at the wall.


  3. If you are doing something interesting: hosting something, giving a speech, delivering a pizza, mixing a drink…then after an opener, if you get IOI’s you really don’t have to do much and you also have an exit strategy: “Let me get your number and we can chat more when I finish [this very important thing i’m doing]”

    I just hosted a major event that later featured tons of photos of me giving that speech and posing for pictures with people of high or higher social status….

    In my own personal situation it allowed me to quickly DHV the ex-gf who had just broken up with me perhaps out of spite a few days before this big event.

    Great way to divert or hide any personal feels of inadequacy that come with a break-up…just plough on like nothing’s wrong and get your picture taken with other hot girls and have those photos posted by someone else….


  4. Chateau, thanks for this article. It made me feel like I’m doing something right. Could you please elaborate a bit on typical response rates from Daygame?

    [CH: response rates from day game are better than response rates from night game. simple reason: night game girls sober up and have change of heart.]

    You hint at possessing more introverted alpha style. I too prefer my own company. Ive been using your suggested shallow communication for daygame. Ex. I cold-approached 3 girls yesterday and got three numbers. The deepest thing I talked about was how huge one girls’ eyes were. After a subsequent shout out text to each, I get (drum roll)…you guessed it, zero responses.


    Is this to be expected? There were no, IHABs and I always used a mixture of indirect and direct.

    [when did you send the followup texts? the next day? try a walk-off text. that is, text something stupidly funny as you’re walking away from the girl after having said goodbye. ex: “stop looking at my ass. i can tell.”]


    • You’re probably hitting that phase where you realize it’s damn easy to get #’s daygaming, but tough to follow up. Solutions are: tighten up your game during the pick-up (more attraction + some comfort), try insta-dating instead of bouncing, and then (as CH mentions) tighten up your text/phone follow up.


    • Hi Chateau,

      I sent them about 5 or 6 hours after. Thank you for the response- I’ll try out that immediate hilarious follow up text you suggested. I actually laughed out loud at that one.

      Bonus (no need for respone to this, just for your amusement). I just gamed a girl in lunch line. Since she said she was an aspiring writer I teased her by saying that she’d make me a character in her romance. The “charming, medium height stranger.” I confirmed logistically that she’d be eating alone. I suggested we dine together her for a tad. She responded that she’d be “reading.”

      Cockblocked by litra-choor.



      • I suggested we dine together her for a tad. She responded that she’d be “reading.”

        You have much to learn young padawan…


      • … like how to lean back and sip on chocolate milk LIKE A BOSS

        [CH: pinky out, like a finger phallus penetrating the world’s muff.]


    • on October 24, 2013 at 3:18 am Cad and Bounder

      There I a guy in the UK (Tom Torero) who advocates a very good number close technique.

      Make sure you are ending the conversation, and leaving with the implication that you are busy etc. Before you go, look her in the eye and nonchalantly mention that ‘we could meet for a coffee some time’. Do not get your phone out. Wait for her response. If its ‘sure why not?’ etc then get your phone out as if its totally natural to you, and swap numbers (better get her to give you a missed call). Then leave.

      If its ‘oh I don’t know’ or ‘I’m busy the next couple of weeks’ or IHAB etc, then you will quickly know its a duff lead.

      By doing it this way, its clear to both that the only reason you swapped numbers was to have a date. You are not just another validator or a beta orbiter to add to her list. Moreover, you have framed the next texting interaction as being arranging the date.

      Remember, a large part of game is filtering out the false positives. They waste your time, and damage your confidence.


  5. This is correct, but needs to be adapted to context (venue, setting, atmosphere, etc.) and the girl in question. Reading people and situations well is the underlying key to a lot of the elements of pickup, including whether to be high-energy or laconic/mysterious.

    related point: I always thought the guys in “Swingers” looked a little ridiculous, like the movie was making fun of them and their desperation. They keep getting shot down, over and over again, after all. If that’s the case, then that is not a good archetype for high-energy game. How about RDJ in “Iron Man”-? High-energy dialogue as an expression of cockiness and swaggering confidence. Much better.


  6. I’m trying to picture ‘high energy game’. All I’m coming up with are college guys (boys being boys), Robin Williams and Jim Carey (i.e., psychos). And even Robin Williams can be wry. Jack Nicholson only uses high energy on male buds, and Warren Beatty is totally low energy.

    I think high energy game would alarm the shit out of any woman over 27 with a functioning hippocampus. She’d be cycling through that gray matter of habit and routinized expectation and be thinking: “frat boy” “forex trader” “Jersey Shore” “Girls Gone Wild” and coming up with RUN AWAY NOW.

    Pretty hard to imagine 007/Thomas Crowne deploying high-energy game. While it’s easy to picture a suave guy being “chosen”, if he’s 8-10 no woman will approach him. I think a suave guy with presence actually has to do the choosing, and the only way he won’t scare the shit out of a woman is by going laconic and reticent, while remaining focused.

    The only time I cut loose with high energy is if I want a woman to disappear, or don’t care if she does. It’s more entertaining for me, than her, and the ones who stick around and dish it out in return can be fascinating for an extra hour or two (because they have a freaky side that the high energy licenses).

    Help me out, someone, and suggest an iconic, desireable male figure over 30 who uses high energy game. I see its utility to be very low once a woman is attracted to accomplishment, protection, intelligence and wealth as much as looks. As CH’s Reader adds, above, successful people are scrupulously frugal in their conversation.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 10:20 am The Burninator

      Actually, sometimes Matthew McCaughnehey (sp) is written into rather energetic roles, and he clearly requires no high energy to score chicks (or didn’t used to, in any event). It works for the right kind of guy who might not need it, such as ol’ Matt.


      • I guess I haven’t seen him in an appropriate ‘mature’ role. Whenever I’ve seen him he’s taking his shirt off like a frat boy alpha at a tailgate. I would like to watch him do high-energy if you can suggest an example where he’s playing an executive, artist or leader of some other sort.


      • Or Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. Ari Gold in Entourage. Anything with Hugh Grant.


      • Jerry Maguire: boy. Anyway, I know too much about Cruise to credit him with anything. I literally can’t watch him for five minutes without replaying certain anecdotes.

        Hugh Grant: seriously? Well, he’s smart. And, he’s literate. But don’t Love Actually and Notting Hill argue directly against you? He’s a befuddled sop in both. All Hugh Grant has going for me is real-life Liz Hurley, and I seriously would not have left her for a streetwalker.

        I don’t watch TV so no comment on Ari Gold.

        I’m really puzzled by ‘high-energy’ game as practiced by grown-ups. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, except in professional settings (non sexual) when I work it myself.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 2:06 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Tom Cruise is a fudgepacker.


      • I can’t stand Cruise or Grant but women like them, and they have that high energy game in the romcoms. I liked the Ari Gold character in the beginning because he was harder edged; he got mushy in subsequent seasons.

        But whomever said Russell Brand, below… he’s the best example. He doesn’t do much for me, but he obviously does extremely well.

        I’m sure it’s best to go with the game congruent to your fundamental personality. The guy I’m seeing is classic “man of few words” alpha, but it’s not calculated; it’s just how he is. Laconic, unflappable, dominant, masculine. I send a four paragraph text, I get a one sentence response.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 3:15 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        psst. Hey, BV. Is that you in the photo?


      • No it’s my head-double. Why?


      • on October 24, 2013 at 8:05 am RappaccinisDaughter

        It’s actually close to the mental image I had of you, only the hair is a lot longer.


      • How bout you do you look like Rappaccini?


      • on October 24, 2013 at 10:52 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Given that my nick is based on a Hawthorne story, not an actual person, I don’t know how to answer that, Mob.


      • Beatrice, shorter now as I’ve had some gray install itself this year.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 10:43 am The Burninator

        High energy as described is basically frat boy. High powered executives are not “high energy”, they’re more the strong, confident, less chatty types.


      • Le Burninator find something we agree upon. Didn’t think that would happen.


      • 1. You just repeated what CH wrote about the executives. Try to come up with original thoughts. Save electrons.
        2. You’re wrong. PLEnTY of men in power are chatty, high energy guys.
        3. But you didn’t think about that but instead simply repeated something everyone had already ead.
        4. Try to bring something to the table.
        5. And if you can’t, don’t post.


      • Get back to me when you have made payroll for 20 years, KidB, and we’ll compare notes.


      • And maybe within those 20 years he’ll figure out what civil discourse means.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 10:34 am Lucky White Male

      Iconic male figures by nature are “Chosen” guys. The very reason why they are “iconic” is because they are Chosens. So you are not going to find many high energy guys, by nature Chosen is low energy

      An iconic High Energy could possibly be a Russell Brand. High energy in sense of the flowery, evocative language, almost half-gay at times. But even here you see Brand has super frame control and fantastic eye contact. A feminine-leaning sensibility yet clearly strong and masculine

      High energy players are “Women’s Men” to cite another CH post. Low energy Chosens I’d call, in contrast, “Man’s Men”

      Desirable High Energy PUA’s are someone like Krauser mentioned in that link, Torero. High Energy in the sense they roll up with the flowery, evocative language – cheeky, witty. They have to rely on their mouths and brains up front- because they have nothing else to get the attention of hot babes with


    • Intolerable Cruelty- George Clooney is the only one I can think of. Though he isn’t really going high energy necessarily at a crowd he is an extrovert alpha male womanizing captain of industry in his 40s. Watch and learn.


      • No. Intolerable Cruelty is satire. He’s high energy in the Coen Bros. pics because he’s impersonating a high-energy buffoon. (cf. O Brother …) Totally disagree.


      • Touche… that is a true statement so would probably lead a newbie into a disasterously laughable parody.


    • Tony Stark is the archetype of high energy game. You can’t get that level in real life, but that’s sort of what high energy game aspires to.

      Don Draper, Michael Coraleone and anything Clint Eastwood plays is low energy.

      IRL, you know who’s best at low energy game? Might surprise you, but it’s East Asian Alphas. They nail it.


      • It’s easy to be a low-energy bad-ass in Rappongi or Macau, given that the cultures produce submissive women like we produce M&Ms. Those guys whiff when confronted with an entitled, trust-funded, Smith/Harvard McKinsey consultant in Manolos. They whiff. Sorry. I lived in Japan.


      • lol.

        Well, what I mean is that on the spectrum of alpha from high to “low energy”, I would put a Tony stark at the extreme of high energy. I wouldn’t really refer to the other end of the spectrum as “low energy”, personally. It’s more of a stoic alpha with its own unstated (but still apparent form) of ferocity.

        My own experience is that more men are towards the low energy side of the spectrum vs the high energy side. This could be a facet of who games me. Presumably I attract higher IQ and nerdier guys than average. Or at least those are the ones that get past hello with me. Maybe they prefer low energy more than average. For me, most white guys that have game tend towards low energy but have aspects of high energy woven in. However, sometimes I see an East Asian guy that gets by 100% on distant stoic alpha game.


      • Nice Manolo-Moneychick image there. Does “whiff” mean they get scared when faced with a money-crazed, soulless Ameribitch?


      • They’re from a culture in which women are overwhelmingly submissive, compared to ours. They simply have no idea what to do if confronted with a dripping sexual monster hedge fund hooker. Clueless. There’s no such creature in east Asia.


    • RDJ, Russell Brand, Casanova (probably).

      High-energy game is well-suited for men who lack a lot of passive value — e.g., height, good-looks, etc.

      The high-energy comes down to you demonstrating your value — and your value is your personality, your charm, your charisma, etc.


      • Danny DeVito. Prince. The little ethnic guys probably need it.

        Putting ‘high-energy game’ on a chiseled WASP with gray temples? Good god. People will call the local insane asylum and call out the National Guard. I don’t think so.


      • Or the fat guy. I bet John Goodman, if he were single, has awesome high energy game.

        So, my theorem: for the over-30 set, high-energy game is appropriate for the unattractive, disadvantaged, and poorly-dressed: it’s the avenue to exploding the physical image they present.


      • Maybe starting out, ya. But to be honest, if you had two chiseled WASPs in a bar…the more outgoing, fun guy will get the most girls. The problem on this board is that people confuse ‘high energy’ with ‘constant-qualifying/trying to impress.’

        I mean, what you ideally want is Step 1 — high energy game, which allows you to maximally DHV and land the hottest girl you can land. Step 2 — low energy game, which is just maintenance of that attraction.

        low energy game works only when SHE IS ALREADY ATTRACTED. DUCY?


      • The noisy one won’t get the most difficult, particular girls. He will get the most girls, because most girls are … mostly in the middle of the bell curve.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 2:54 pm Hugh G. Rection

        And in the USA, also bell shaped…


      • As soon as one opens one’s mouth in American, you’ve moved out in front of the 97-99% of the guilt-infected. Because unless the man is a .1%-er, women cannot ask for a date.


      • The most difficult, particular girls are the ones who are least impressed by passive value. Why? Because that’s their life — hot chiseled guys who want them. It’s going to be the guy who differentiates himself by being a fun, extroverted non-chode that intrigues them. Girls who are in the middle of the bell curve will place more significance on looks alone, and they will probably shy away from Mr. Extroversion because his Extroversion is a ‘I’m a pussy magnet/player’ signal, so they’ll go for ‘Mr. Quiet but MAYBE I’LL BE FAITHFUL TO YOU BECAUSE I’M KIND OF LAME.’ So…….if anything, induction (and Field Experience) supports what I’m saying. The scarcer commodity gains the most value.


      • “The problem on this board is that people confuse ‘high energy’ with ‘constant-qualifying/trying to impress.’”

        This. I’m slipping on all the jizz from Buena’s mental masturbation on this. Go out more.


    • Icons, huh. How about the classic latin lover for some energetic wooing? or Scarface?

      We probably have different energy baselines but: When I’m energetic, happy, charming, interested, interesting, takes charge, then women and social gatherings respond. When I’m laid back low energy, they are harder to convince.


      • Tony Montana is a great example. That dude would be swimming in pussy. Notice too, that there’s nothing quiet about him. He goes after what he wants, he emotes to the extreme, and he’s reactive to the point of being volatile. The common thread? He makes no apologies.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 7:51 pm Imperial Leather

      Russell Brand – always has girly makeup on, dresses like a second rate dandy, has a high pitched women’s voice, uses new age foo-foo talk to beguile airhead pussy

      Is there any thing this so called man won’t stoop too

      if only he was funny


      • Imperial Feather– Now THERE’S some impressively charged hater talk!

        You KNOW Brand is brilliant when people exert that level of talent to put him down.

        You get the Subway Masturbator “HATE THE GUY WHO FUCKED KATE MOSS THE MOST” award. I claim second place.


    • From the Field:

      So, in WashDC there’s a fairly prominent meat market for the middle-aged and well-suited: the place lawyers, senators, TV talking heads, CEOs lobbyists go in their ill-fitting suits to hustle women. It’s called Cafe Milano. The dynamics are like any Beverly Hills cafe of similar stripe, only it’s DC: DC is Hollywood for ugly people. Young women from the age of 20 up through women pushing 50 are in this place. Later in the evening it often gets quite insane when all the working men go home and the place fills up with Middle Eastern men chasing shiksa tail.

      This is where I went last night to experiment with the difference between “high energy” and laconic “low energy.” I had a date so I went half an hour early for my experiment.

      I was the only guy in the place not wearing a tie or sport coat; I had on a flight jacket, black sweater, jeans, Guccis, no socks.

      I’m not funny, when ad hoc, in most instances, unless “irony” counts as funny — and it usually doesn’t. So I resolved to just smile, speak up, raise my eyebrows, and engage — i.e., the opposite of laconic pilot leaning against bar waiting to be chosen. In the first five minutes I looked straight at the Russian girl serving a full bar and quickly entered a five-minute conversation about the merits of American rye, how long she’s been in the country, what she drinks at home, and how funny is this shit with all these fat guys hustling Georgetown girls. I would say I was looking directly at her, only smiling to punctuate, listening, querying, listening, commenting. The bar was busy but she talked to me. I would estimate that she is 25 years younger than I am. She served me and my eventual date well all night and slipped us a couple freebie bottles of sparkling mineral water.

      The next person I spoke to was a 45 year-old in a Chanel suit, cheekbones like Charlotte Rampling, a German accent, and a firm bust and small waist that means: Yoga every single day. This was a divorcee of some apparent means. In the past I just leave these women alone and they either open me (life was better when a woman could ask for a light in a bar, at least it was better for introverted me) or I didn’t talk to them. I turned, smiled briefly, complimented her on her suit, asked her if she had just come from an event of some sort, smiled, queried, commented, smiled, queried. I asked her what she would like to drink and ordered her glass of wine for her from the Russian. She name-dropped her summer place, I’ve been there many times, which school her son attends, blah blah blah. I don’t think I have done something like that more than five times in my life. As *her* date entered and was coming to grab her, I slipped her my card and she gave me a look that, perhaps unrealistically, said, “I just might follow up on this.” I didn’t get her number because I didn’t have time once her lawyer/lobbyist/whatever showed up.

      Question: is “high energy” reducible to: choosing to open, managing the rhythm of the conversation and keeping it moving moving moving with a focus on her her her, not slobbering all over her looks, treating her more like the au pair than the princess the au pair works for. I mean, I can do this. This is little different than opening a potential business contact, male or female, on a long flight someplace.

      Or is it really this: halfway through the evening another software ceo, very successful guy, very notorious for his harems and runins with the SEC, was holding court with his usual gaggle of staff and the groupies the ceo always has about. Then he stood up (he’s kind of a short guy with a plain face, but he’s worth $500mm) shouting about some shit I couldn’t understand and his group started roaring. I’m never doing this: I think he’s a buffoon, albeit one with a net worth I’ll likely never approach.

      Or, if it requires R. Brand levels of realtime wit and invention, forget it. I will never attempt that.

      Any comments appreciated.

      (See, Ya Really, I do actually go out.)


    • “forex trader”….brutal hahaha


  7. be interested to hear a chateau article on breaking down the game of Porfirio Rubirosa…guy bedded some of the most famous women in the world even though he wasnt famous himself….obviously a natural his game would have had to be flawless though


    • on October 23, 2013 at 11:05 am Lucky White Male

      Rubiroso was a clear low energy Chosen

      Besides the killer looks and masculinity ( a bullfighter I believe) he also had a legendary size cock

      Not much high energy you need after that

      At one point, the worlds most beautiful woman at the time, Ava Gardner, was hooking up with both Rubiroso and Sinatra.

      The two men found themselves one night at the same party in Monte Carlo. A showdown between two chosens, possibly slyly orchestrated by Gardner, a true ball busting drams queen.

      Sinatra responded by leaving early, he was either rattled or didn’t want to lose his temper and cause a scene, which he apt to do


  8. Shallow communication is also key to maintaining sanity in a relationship. Girls be yapping, you can’t engage that shit, they just want perfunctory “yups” every now and then. Chances are she is going to talk 10 times more than you during a day. Just the way it is.

    The more preselected you are, it seems the lower energy you have to go. It’s like I’ve only seen high interest girls lose interest the more energy the pre-selected expend. My natural friends who are not easy on the eyes have to go higher energy, it is true, but that’s because they’re natural extroverts.


    • on October 23, 2013 at 11:58 am The Burninator

      A slow talking, man of few words cowboy is sexy.

      A guy in a Stetson who tries to go 100mph with talk is annoying. I knew this kind of guy, from Texas even, never shut his trap with constant chatter, almost to the level of a chick. Girls liked him from a distance, spoke with him for 10 minutes then ran for the hills.


  9. Great post.

    “hot and ugly women respond to the same sets of signals of mate desirability.”

    -I have noticed this^ quite a few times. You often see it right in their change of expression.

    Fat black whale, 8.5 Hottie at the mall, Slutty Filipina, etc., all the same.

    It’s as-if one woman’s hindbrain processes your value exactly the same as any other. It’s just the different contexts, value/attention-history, status-among-peers, who the f**k that bitch Becky thinks she is, etc. modifies things as the impulse moves forward from there.


  10. ‘adhere to the golden ratio of giving your woman 2/3s of everything she gives you, verbosity presumably included.’

    2/3 EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT. As time goes on, more and more women love to hear me talk. Just imagine yourself as Tony Stark. You just say whatever the fuck you want without a filter — chicks dig that. It demonstrates the exact same non-reactivity as ‘stoic silence.’

    ‘The more of your store you give away, the less she’ll want to browse your product line.’

    This is only if you have nothing/little to offer, and so you wear out your bag of tricks in a few long-winded conversations. However, if you DEVELOP the skill of being creative, having fun observations…what you’ll get is rapt fascination. They’ll always be continuously surprised (and aroused) by what you say…because a) you continually remind them of the fact that you’re still a mystery, despite all that you’ve said, and b) you’re so much of an inscrutable force of nature that you can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk and people still won’t be able to figure you out. What do we have? Mystery in a) and then overconfidence in your own mysteriousness in b)….all the ingredients of a tomahawk tinglebomb.


    • re: talking without filter. I have the same issue in an opposite manner. I -always- am without filter and as I’ve said before I’ve lit my own dick on fire not only in a game context, but social settings, and even professionally. I am much better at dialing it back these days but your point is salient though you cannot come out of the gate like that. Once you have the hooks in, you can shed your human skin…


      • “though you cannot come out of the gate like that.”

        Yes you can. This is pretty much my style of game. Try it for a year and learn to calibrate it.

        Girls primarily care about whether you’re congruent. That’s why everyone loves the Stifler characte in American Pie, ya he’s an asshole but he’s completely congruent and unashamed of it so people watching the movie go “that guy’s awesome”. Same with Russel Brand, Tony Stark, Hank Moody, etc.

        The problem with most James Bond wannabes at the bar is that they’re not being laconic low-energy James Bond because that’s congruent to who they are…they’re being it because:

        1) they’ve been brainwashed to think that’s what an alpha is

        2) they’ve been brainwashed to believe that all girls want that (so in a way they’re supplicating more than the high-energy guy who’s just being himself…does the James Bond guy speak in only a few words to their bro-friends when there are no women around and they’re sitting around pre-drinking and playing Xbox before the bar? Or are they only James Bond at the bar? If you’re talkative with your friends and clam up at the bar trying to be the Jumbotron alpha, you are being incongruent and supplicating and high-quality hot girls who are surrounded by guys like that, will sniff it out)

        and/or 3) they’re hypnotized by the environment and pinging off the environment for how they should act (this is what women do, men are supposed to have a stronger frame than their environment), so they walk into a classy martini lounge or they meet a high-value girl and they go “oop, I’d better be classy so I fit in with this crowd! That high-energy “being fun” stuff might work on those slutty drunk college girls but THESE classy women would laugh at Russel Brand and after they let him be a dancing monkey and glance over to me to rescue them, we’ll cheers our martini glasses with our pinkies up and chortle together over what a silly uncouth low-value dancing monkey this Russel fellow was before she begs me to take her back to my mansion!”

        You can see these guys at every bar…standing on Death Row trying to act aloof waiting for girls to open them while their body-language oozes “I’m uncomfortable here and acting the way I think I’m supposed to act in this environment”.

        Consider high-energy as not reacting to your environment, but instead making your environment react to you.

        Scray’s droppin straight-up field wisdom in this thread. The guys who say it can’t be done or it wouldn’t work in such and such situation haven’t seen it done well or gotten good at it themselves.


      • YaReally:

        Excellent post. Spot on.

        I don’t see how a mindset of overt friendliness is anothing other than the best possible strategy in the vast majority of social situations.

        I can’t imagine a mindset of avoiding overt friendliness so as to appear preselected results in anything other than an evening of standing against a wall mean-mugging while thinking about how the world is unfair because nobody realizes how mad alpha you are.

        To the guys who post about low energy beign for chosen guys: tell us about how you became chosen. Take as much time as you need.


      • on October 24, 2013 at 6:30 am Lucky White Male

        It can’t be said often enough:

        Not even “trying” around a hot girl.

        The second you are “trying” to attract her, game over.

        Instead: talk without a filter. Talk off the top of your head. Be naturally high value, interesting, and congruent.

        Whether you are naturally high energy or low energy, you are not changing anything you’re doing just for some girl.

        This is alone puts you in top 10% or 5% of guys she’s EVER talked to.

        Literally 9 out of 10 guys in her entire life have come at her from the total opposite direction


      • “The problem with most James Bond wannabes at the bar …”

        The doana open their mouth. Their mouth. They no speak. De chick don’t know who he is. She can’t open him. She has no independent mind, she’s just a node of Womant.


    • I think that comes down to frame control. What sinks the hooks in is that the girl realizes she can just BE HERSELF around you. That’s the key difference, and it’s powerful.

      If you go full non-filter from the get-go and hold your frame, pretty soon she will test the water. And if you can encourage it (while passing all appropriate shit tests), she will feel a connection to you that’s rare. Sometimes you HAVE to behave in this manner to even get them to shit test you.


  11. As an introvert myself I find it can be a little overwhelming when a man tries to talk to me in very extroverted way straight from the beginning… it makes your head spin a little, his larger than life personality unleashed straight away. It can be unsettling.

    But if a man is quieter I am more inclined to feel comfortable and to even try to bring him more out of his shell to talk with me, or even be curious about him as to why he is not talking so much. It is more intriguing, it’s nice for when you are just meeting.


    • folks, i highly recommend that you disregard this anecdotal advice. EOF, i bet you look very… let’s say… different IRL.


      • TITS or GTFO


      • ??Sorry I speak English but I don’t speak whatever dialect it is that you are speaking.,..


      • on October 23, 2013 at 2:39 pm FuriousFerret

        You went full potato there buddy.

        She is the one woman that actually deserves respect on these parts. Now Amy or Lily …… 4chan away.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 2:55 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Come on, she’s just here because the churchians salivate over her. Not one useful contribution so far. Just your run of the mill attention whore, this time with a churchy bent.


      • Thank you FuriousFerret 🙂

        Hugh,,,,I don’t know of any Churchians who salivate over me.
        And maybe some other people like my comment- you don’t have to. You don’t know me and if my intentions are genuine or not– so you have perceived about me wrongly.If you don’t like my comments you don’t have to speak bad of me. Was I rude or mean to you? No.


      • And how about if I move my photo of me out of the gravatar and put the giraffe back.. then you will not even know I am a woman, and you may even like my comments. It is because you know I am a woman not from America that you don’t like me, and it’s not kind.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 3:13 pm FuriousFerret

        “Just your run of the mill attention whore, this time with a churchy bent.”

        All women attention whore to some extent. She’s a foreign hottie who doesn’t believe in ‘strong independent woman’ bullshit. I don’t know man, I want to encourage this in the world.

        I think one thing that the red pill can do to some guys is give them ‘When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail’ syndrome.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 3:27 pm FuriousFerret

        “And how about if I move my photo of me out of the gravatar and put the giraffe back.. then you will not even know I am a woman, and you may even like my comments.”

        Hugh G. Reaction

        You fucker. Look what you did :(.

        Do you really think the world is better place with hotties not posting pics?

        No EOM. More full body shots.

        Lest we forget one vital lesson in game. “Never say your judgment of women”.

        Also, dude c’mon, it like the only girl on here that’s isn’t either a space cadet or a raging slut.


      • “No EOM. More full body shots.
        Lest we forget one vital lesson in game. “Never say your judgment of women”.”

        What do you mean Furious Ferret? EOM?…..

        The giraffe is funny though right…. 🙂
        Thank you..


      • on October 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm FuriousFerret


        Your name, Embracingourfeminity.

        Be honest. You do exist right? You’re not a secret feminazi? I feel like we are going to be reading an article in Newsweek, with the following in it

        ” Amanda put in months of hard work in using her cover name, Embracingourfeminity infiltrating alt right sites like CH. This cover consisted of a cartoon version of a traditional feminine woman from the island of Cyprus. Eventually she earned their trust and was invited to some of the members inner sanctum meetings. This was the break through she needed to complete her expose. All this from her apartment in San Francisco.”


      • ” Amanda put in months of hard work in using her cover name, Embracingourfeminity infiltrating alt right sites like CH. This cover consisted of a cartoon version of a traditional feminine woman from the island of Cyprus. Eventually she earned their trust and was invited to some of the members inner sanctum meetings. This was the break through she needed to complete her expose. All this from her apartment in San Francisco.”

        LOL That was hilarious.
        I can assure you I have no ulterior motive here.
        My mission is simple- to get the word out to any other women to embrace their femininity, I am passionate about it. I am passionate about women realizing the beauty and fulfillment they will find in embracing our traditional roles. I am Orthodox in my views, and I have strong beliefs that that guideline is the right one for women that when embraced, will create harmony between men and women, and children will be raised better, and they will realize how abortion is cold blooded murder and how women have a very important and blessed purpose.Too many women are now sadly losing touch with that and we see the destruction it causes.. Nobody will change if the message is not spread, and the internet is an excellent medium for this.

        So I am not Amanda… I am Naomi. 🙂


      • on October 23, 2013 at 5:45 pm Hugh G. Rection

        ,I don’t know of any Churchians who salivate over me

        Don’t play coy.

        And how about if I move my photo of me out of the gravatar and put the giraffe back.. then you will not even know I am a woman,

        That’s clearly a female giraffe. And there are other dead giveaways.

        It is because you know I am a woman not from America that you don’t like me, and it’s not kind.

        I’m not a kind person. That being said, I like Europe and European women. But any woman who reads posts here has something wrong with her.

        You project this wholesome christian girl personality, yet you hang out here with the degenerates. Just look at YaReally, he poops on people for Thor’s sake! Seems odd at the very least, incongruent.


      • Yes Hugh you are right.. I don’t comment on every post but I comment when I see something interesting to me or somebody’s comment I like, but still I understand your point, that I probably shouldn’t- there is truth in it.
        But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me — I have no idea what you are talking about with YaReally.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 6:15 pm Hugh G. Rection

        My mission is simple- to get the word out to any other women to embrace their femininity,

        Well you’re not doing a good job at that by going to a site that’s mostly frequented and read by males. Why not try that at Jezebel or Feministing?

        Yes Hugh you are right.

        Indeed I am.


      • Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t know those sites.

        And yes I am doing a good job – this is not the only place I comment. and offline too in my life,
        I don’t want to talk about this anymore…you made your point to me and I thought about it.


      • “And yes I am doing a good job”

        At what? There is a reason red pill Christian women stay among their own blogs. This place is out of their depth and beyond their scope. Now, I’m not trying to put you down, but understand its presumptuous of you to think you are touching the women here, many of whom have already succeeded in the areas you have yet to embark upon. Your gifts are for men, not women.


      • “At what?” I said offline too – I wasn’t meaning just here. Because I comment here I am presumptuous? I don’t have some opinion of myself that I am more than I am. I maybe write 1 or 2 comments every couple of posts if I feel I have something to say-for the most part it doesn’t turn into a long thread like this, and I go on my way.This thread is pointless, it’s just a couple of people feeling to need to call me out without good reason. I don’t have gifts for men or women- what I say is just some thoughts of mine, why must my comments be blown out of proportion and taken to mean I am insincere or with ulterior motives? This isn’t made of other people’s comments.


      • It is presumptuous to think untested metal is fit for an advisory role. You do have a gift. Several, in fact. You have your beauty, your piety, your innocence. But to direct them to women is futile as neither party benefits from the dynamic. A man, on the other hand, will cherish and guard what you have to offer. Your efforts should be directed towards securing one.

        Don’t be so quick to dismiss that the men are calling you out for no good reason. Even if their words don’t make sense to you, their instinct may be correct. I disagree that you don’t have some opinion of yourself that you are more than you are. I have seen many women online corrode due to flattery and attention, and though it may seem rude, its better to have someone ground you and say, you’re starting to get a bit full of yourself. If you continue to write online, your comments *will* be taken out of all kinds of context, and you had better be prepared to face all kinds of flak- far more than this.


      • Embracingourfemininity,
        I think Kate’s point is that you probably on the young side to giving too much advice to other women. Actually, the older I get, and more experience I have, the less I feel comfortable giving advice to other women. I can barely manage my own life.


      • Kate’s right. You’re young, beautiful and innocent, you have more to offer men than women, at this point in your life.


      • I think embracing is the one of the nicest and sweetest commenters here. I also think she’s very beautiful and young. She shouldn’t be wasting her time on the internet. If I was her, I’d go out and have fun and I’m sure she could meet a nice man.

        [CH: i knew there was something between you two!



      • “Embracingourfemininity,
        I think Kate’s point is that you probably on the young side to giving too much advice to other women. Actually, the older I get, and more experience I have, the less I feel comfortable giving advice to other women. I can barely manage my own life.”

        Don’t listen to them EOF. These woman are soul sucking harpies. Your advice to other women is to not be femicunts. Preach away sister.


        On the spectrum of whore/Madonna:

        Madonna Whore

        EOF >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lara/Amy/RP,etc.


      • hahaha, hearts, i love you :*


      • I don’t get it. Embracing is very pretty. If I were a man, I wouldn’t want her to be too good. I’d prefer her bad.


      • ”If I were a man, I wouldn’t want her to be too good. I’d prefer her bad.”

        She will be a whore for her husband but now she’s not married yet.


      • Yeah … better to jab at, Amy, the resident chocolate dipper.


      • Lol. What does this even mean?


      • on October 24, 2013 at 9:06 am FuriousFerret

        “Lol. What does this even mean?”

        I believe the gentleman is referring to your alleged love of BBC. Do I really need to spell the acronym out for you or are you smart enough to figure this one out all by yourself?


      • Ah, how did I know you would show up? Thank you for the clarification. “Alleged” is right.


      • EOF…. we’re debating a cute, well-meaning but not brilliant country bumpkin hairdresser… probably a ton of guys here have doctorates or millions.. this is the level of desperation American men are reduced to… well, I’m reduced even more. Leering in the subway…


      • She’s right. It’s the pauses, not the stream of words, that matter to an introverted woman with options.


      • Thank you BuenaVista. Maybe for extroverted women it is different.

        I felt something like an infatuation/going crazy for a man only once, and it was in the moments of silence that I fell in love, not in the constant extroverted vocal stream of consciousness. A man’s silence makes a woman’s feelings get crazy.


      • I disagree. I’d describe two of the girls I regularly see as introverts, and they enjoy my extroversion. I was extroverted with them from the get-go. Demonstrating is value is demonstrating value.

        Everyone focuses on being the rock, but being a force of nature elicits the same amount of tingles.

        Whether you say a million words or two words, what matters is the attitude.


      • Reason I disagree is that any high-value (8-10) woman gets hit on ALL DAY LONG. They’ve heard it all. They just want a single fucking conversation with an intelligent man who obviously is not DTF. This is different than the introvert/extrovert divide. A 6 who is introverted will roar with laughter and be all over a man who brings the energy.


      • Lol no they haven’t heard it all. I agree that they get hit on. But the ‘quality’ of game is pretty low, on average. Here is what the majority of women seem to experience —

        guy they CHOOSE displaying classic ‘low-energy’ game
        guys that try to get chosen displaying high-energy insecurity/qualification

        If you are a guy that CHOOSES her with high-energy DHV’ing…. = you have a high chance of being way diff than any man she’s known.


      • This.

        Other guys’ game is TERRIBLE. The hot girl is often surrounded by a social circle of super good-looking jacked rich dudes, but they don’t have game and are usually not very alpha and aren’t attractive to her.

        The guys cat-calling her and hitting on her during her day are usually low-value guys throwing awkward shit out there crossing their fingers. She’s not getting approached by alpha guys with game.

        On top of that, when a girl is a 9+, often a lot of guys put on a “shtick” and sub-consciously KNOW they’re going to get blown out, so they go over-the-top bold and in-her-face in a way that they know isn’t good game but is ego-protection because when they blow themselves out they can sub-consciously tell themselves that THEY didn’t get rejected, it was the shtick they put on that got rejected so their self-esteem stays intact. It’s like injuring yourself on purpose so you don’t have to compete in a sport event you know you’d lose at.

        On top of ALL of that, often these girls are frustrated that they can’t get rid of these guys so that a cool alpha dude can approach them. They want the guy at the other end of the bar to come say hi but they have 4 dudes blocking her from his view and scaring off other guys and she doesn’t even want to fuck those guys, and most dudes won’t approach a chick surrounded by good-looking rich-looking guys.

        Best analogy for this is from BradP that goes something like: imagine you’re going out with your buddy and all day you’ve been looking forward to it and you’re psyched and you’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on bootcamps and products and you get a haircut and buy a sick new shirt and you read some game shit and you and your buddy watch some game vids to get inspired and pumped up and you’re both ready to kill the club jacked on energy and in state and you enter the club and there’s all these 10 hotties there and you’re like “fuck ya we’re gonna get a couple of these hotties tonight woo!!!!”

        …and then a group of disgusting fat 300lbs trolls approach you and your buddy and won’t leave you alone and hit on you all night and every hot girl stays away from you because they see you’re “occupied” AND the fat gross girls are family friends or something where you can’t be an asshole to them and tell them to fuck off and get lost so you can get some hotties and you look over these fatties at the 10 hottie who’s looking at you like “I sure would like to meet this guy but I’m not fighting my way through those gross girls to get to him, oh well”

        That’s what it’s like for hot girls lol

        So ya, they get approached and guys “spit game” at them, but it’s TERRIBLE game and half the time the guys are more of an annoyance than anything (but they buy her shit and give her free access to the bar and pay for vacations to Paris for her etc and she hates feeling awkward/rude so she can’t get rid of them).

        Verbosity is just faster to convey high-value in a chaotic environment because its pro-active while being passively laconic blends into the background (you can be pro-actively laconic but it’s not what 99% of the James Bond wannabes are). Plus being pro-actively verbose allows you more choice…passive laconic alphas tend to have to bang whatever chooses them because they don’t have the energy to overcome obstacles and take the girls they want. I’m not saying that makes them inferior but it’s a drawback of that style.

        Being pro-active is key. Take what you want, your game is better than 99.999% of the men that hit on her, whether you’re verbose or laconic.


      • Disagree. The US and UK are not planet earth. Hot, intelligent, introverted, and feminine women are quite common in other places. I feel like you are viewing her with that angle. For American chicks you are pretty much on the money, however.


      • Thank you Jay. I am introvert and feminine it’s true…. I was with you until you said Intelligent.. hahaha:D


      • You are a dumb cunt. This ain’t your hang out joint GTFO.


      • But women are women, they can’t help being themselves. We might as well get mad that it snows when it gets below 32 degrees. I used to get angry at the constant irrational antics of chicks in my life, but learning more from CH, and the truth about feminism has helped me realize they are just going to react the way they do based on the conditions in their lives/culture.


      • She’s a dumb, sweet girl. I’ll bet she ends up getting pretty nasty for her husband who’ll effectively pose as a Christian.


      • jay, i’ve traveled pretty extensively. i’m not coming at this from some position of ignorance. even though there are vast differences between manfolk and womanfolk the world over, i think, as a general rule, men should disregard the advice that women give men about what turns them on. this includes “foreign” chicks (since, well, they’re chicks after-all). my wife was born in russia and moved to the us when she was 16. she’s got all that shit that you listed down pat, but i don’t trust her “advice” for a second. i know much better than she does what she wants and doesn’t want. if pressed, she’d admit the same. that was the point of my first sentence.

        the point of my second sentence was to suggest: 1) that EOF is possibly an elaborate troll/ruse and you all should be careful about lavishing her with praise; and 2) if EOF is “real,” i imagine that she would look weird if i were to meet her in person.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 3:41 pm FuriousFerret

        “1) that EOF is possibly an elaborate troll/ruse and you all should be careful about lavishing her with praise;”

        This does seem like a strong possibility but that would be very elaborate. She has her own blog which is heavily Christians and is linked a bunch of other Christian type blogs.

        She’s looks too ideal/good to be true. But at the end of the day who cares? It’s not like she’s a real actual person who I interact with in real life. So no harm, no foul.


      • fair enough. and, actually, i agree with you completely. as far as the various talking heads go, “she’s” preferable to many others.


      • LOL you guys are funny.
        I don’t want to look too ideal/good to be true. I’m just a normal woman believe me- with good points and bad points. The difference is when we interact with people online we don’t go advertising our bad parts, I just type how I would normally talk in real life but you must know somebody some time in real life to see also their flaws and shortcomings, we are all only human. So I don’t want to look too good to be true, please don’t feel that,I am just myself.

        And Furiousferrett… I am an actual real person and we are interacting, even if is through words on a computer screen we are interacting and it is a comfort to know our words are not wasted and we are actually talking to somebody real.


      • For clarity: I don’t think you look ideal/too good to be true. If anything, you seem very insincere and your supposed face is oddly crooked and resembles some reimagining of the joker.


      • yeahokcool ..He didn’t mean in looks..he meant character.Regarding your opinion of me, you can think what you like, like I said everybody is flawed.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 6:55 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Agree on EOF. There’s something really off about this character, something doesn’t sit right. For example her command of the English language, something I rarely see in Europeans or foreigners, especially those whose language isn’t Germanic.

        But really I take none of you guys seriously. And I love stirring up the shit once in a while as much as the next guy.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 7:08 pm Hugh G. Rection

        And then there is the time difference.


      • lol. it’s 4:08 am here and I am about to sleep.
        You can say what you want I am a troll I am an American I am fake I am ugly.. Okay.


      • Listen up… You are not realizing what was said above. She may be a CONSTRUCT, so fucking what? Will you meet her? Will you fuck her? Will you find her opinions on busted Western bitches more or less relevant? The cascade of answers is NO.

        You take none of us guys seriously but care about some pretty hot Euro bitch? Full stop.

        EOF, you strike me as primarily female and passive as has been my experience with most women east of London. Fuck your giraffe— put your bangin hottie face back on the avatar and be done with it.

        If you are a 50 year old balding white man who lives in the States and jacks off to younger men who sweat you SO WHAT. Illusion is reality and has been for hundreds of years.

        This is where conspiracy theorists here don’t get out of the house much. You can build a totally fake online profile to what end? To entice young beta males to suck off your old as fuck omega dick. This, in my experience, is the ONLY outcome for the “I don’t trust your profile” crowd.

        Sometimes, reality is just what is presented, sorry to say…


      • on October 23, 2013 at 9:39 pm FuriousFerret

        “EOF, you strike me as primarily female and passive as has been my experience with most women east of London. Fuck your giraffe— put your bangin hottie face back on the avatar and be done with it. ”


        Exactly my comment as well. Fuck the giraffe.

        It’s kind of sad that a girl like this is seen as a unicorn because of what we are used to in the states.

        ” You mean to tell that a non obese good looking chick isn’t completely entitled. Nah man that doesn’t exist in this world. That’s like a myth or something”.


      • on October 23, 2013 at 9:52 pm Hugh G. Rection

        You take none of us guys seriously but care about some pretty hot Euro bitch?

        No I don’t. You may care though, which kinda derails the whole point you’re trying to make.


  12. on October 23, 2013 at 3:23 pm Reservoir Tip

    Quick question. This is probably a pretty obvious one, and I probably already know the answer, but a good brushing her hair behind her ear with her hand, or “primping” as she walks past you is obviously an IOI, right? Even if she’s doing it subconsciously.


    • Any body language by itself is not indicative of anything. Did she walk by you just to stand close to you. Any glances. Licking lips. Covering her neck. Adjusting clothes or jewelry. Does she look down after you catch her eyes. Did her posture change (straighter w/ breasts pushed out). Look for ‘phrases’ or clusters of body language if you want substantive signals. Then again, you can just assume all women want you. Works for me.


  13. Another study that confirms evolutionary psychology and refutes feminism: gay men have higher rates of anorexia than straight women

    How is the straight male patriarchy making gay men focus too much on youth and beauty?


  14. “hot and ugly women respond to the same sets of signals of mate desirability.”

    just gotta watch the self ejections AFTER the response. that’s when you gotta assess how she see’s the world and calibrate, calibrate, calibrate.


  15. “The sooner you can move a girl away from a busy social scene to a quieter, secluded pre-bone zone, the sooner you can switch to your preferred low-key, smirk-inflected, laconic cad game.”

    He ain’t even mad.


  16. on October 23, 2013 at 7:06 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco



  17. High energy game: Ricardo Tubbs
    Low energy game: Sonny Crockett

    Miami Vice is a great show.


  18. “..plenty of introverts who can tolerate, and even relish, “acting out”. The catch is that introverts socially exhaust themselves faster than do extroverts, and need a time-out to recharge.
    A short burst of energy is about all an introvert can muster before he begins turtling as the realization “hey, i’m the center of attention!” hits him. Introverts therefore should focus their unrenewable high energy firepower when it’s most needed: during the meet and entreat.”
    The story of my life. CH is very profound in his understanding of human nature. Thank you Sir for putting into words what I’ve always felt. and that’s where I have run aground; start off fine then choke when decisive action was needed. I’m still working on it…..


  19. OT: Thanks Feminism!

    Them imported bitches be ugly


  20. […] There are two fault lines running through an otherwise generally cohesive mass of seduction literature. The first, and better known, is the long-simmering war between direct and indirect game proponents.  […]


  21. I find this easier in text but it also works in face-to-face….just let the pauses build tension.

    In text, I now think twice or three-times before sending whether what I’m sending is concise enough.

    A trial text I send out to girls I’ve been gaming:

    “I’m laying in bed…”

    You’d be surprised at the responses:

    Her: “Missing me?”

    Her: “What are you wearing?”

    Her: Can’t sleep?

    etc etc etc Try this.


  22. What would James Bond do? This.. Great breakdown


  23. I can see how low energy game is a superior product to high energy game on several different levels. But more often than not, it just isn’t an option. I think you could pretty easily flow hcart this out:

    If low energy game = feasible, run low energy game
    else run high energy game.

    1. The feasibility of low energy game is going to depend on factors related to the existence or non-existence of social proof. As CH noted, if you walk into a place by yourself where you don’t know anybody, good luck trying to low energy game. It just won’t work. You first have to get over the familiarity hurdle before shifting into low energy game. And this doesn’t mean asking the chick a zillion questions. Just say something interesting and keep running your mouth. Imagine a hockey game is playing on tv at the bar:

    “man, I don’t know the first thing about hockey, but how do you not love Ovi? I mean, I gotta root for the Caps as long as they’ve got that guy. His first season a reporter asked him what had changed about his life since he signed his first contract. Dude said, ‘well nothing really, except that I have more sex now…..” She’ll feel compelled to say something, which will give you the opportunnity to change convo threads.

    Her: Yeah, I don’t understand hockey either. I went to a few nats games this year.

    You: I actually can’t think of something I hate mrore in this world than the sport of baseball, but going to a Nats game is a way to drinks some cold beers on a hot day, and who can’t get on board with that

    And on and on.

    2. The feasibility of low energy game isn’t fixed when you walk in the door. At some point wehn you feel like get indications from the chick that she’s attracted, and you switch fiip the feasibility variable to back to the one position and transition into low energy game.

    3. Low energy game is tough for a high energy person. I’m a high energy person, and trying to bring that down a notch takes me to an uncomfortable state that is probably conveyed non-verbally.

    4. But I hope nobody thinks high energy game is beta. It’s just your personality. Trent from Swingers is an excellent example. LIke Vince Vaughn, I talk real damn fast, and there’s no undoing that. But it’s pretty easy to tell when I guy is talking fast because he’s nervous and when he’s just a guy who talks fast.

    5. The juxtaposition between talking energetically about superficial subjects and then asking a follow-up question that gives her an opportunity to talk about herself makes her think she’s is a beautiful effortless way to transition to comfort.

    Her: “and plus Nats games are easy for me to go to with my teacher friends since we get summers off”
    you: Teacher, huh. M mom’s a teacher. I’d actually like to to get inot teaching one day, I think it’s somethng I would really enoy.
    Her: I really like it. it can be fulfilling
    You: Elaborate. Give me an example from this week……

    6. I can also see how it would be tough to go high energy if you are more of a low energy guy. But in certain situations, you would just have to make that switch or you’ll end up sitting in the bar all night by yourself.


  24. “makes her think she’s [something I forgot to write], and is…..”


  25. Another example of high energy game is John Mayer….and possibly Justin Timberlake. And Ashton Kutcher.


    • In PUA circles, Justin Wayne. The guy never stops talking.


    • on October 24, 2013 at 8:30 am Lucky White Male

      You just named 4 toolboxes. These guys are total clowns and are getting laid only on fame. Betas with fame

      Kutcher marries Demi Moore – 20 yrs older than him. Seriously?

      You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. What kind of legitimate Alpha/Sigma would even think about doing this? Pussy whipped clown

      Timberlake, half gay, dont get me started with the Mila Kunis movie. How do you agree to play such a kiss ass in a fem-centric story? He then marries that model –

      Really – at 33?


      I don;t care if you’re paying me 10 mil. I never take that role, and I dont even think of getting married for the next 2 decades

      Justin Wayne: a black PUA becomes the PUA of the century because he happens to be a black PUA

      John Mayer – a pussy sucking clown on wheels.

      Betas at heart with no game

      We’ve got to toughen you guys up in here, Jesus Christ


      • lol ya what a loser, starring in a HIT BOX-OFFICE MOVIE and marrying an extremely desirable woman. lolwtf.

        John Mayer, such a clown and yet he has left a trail of desirable pussy in his wake.

        There are plenty of betas with fame who never seem to get laid. Frankie Muniz comes to mind. And remember, the women these guys are banging are ALSO famous. As in, the value of fame alone lessens. So……..


      • Mostly correct. Of course, it’s worth pointing out that game develops out of necessity. The famous simply don’t need it.


      • OR….people become famous because of a natural abundance of charisma = Super Naturals. Think about actors who play themselves in movie after movie. Do you honestly believe that they lack charisma or game in real life? Renown finds those worth knowing. People don’t become worth knowing because they’ve found renown.


  26. ”Former “ally” of the manosphere loses footing with reality, goes full femtard. 1 hour ago”

    I don’t see a problem with her feeling sexy in her fifties … You have to understand that it’s difficult for women to accept the reality of our declining SMV. It’s not that we are femtards, we just want to feel good about ourselves. Isn’t it better for an older woman to be self-confident and happy rather than depressed and suicidal? Manosphere bloggers apparently believe that 30 year old women should settle for 50 year old men – but most normal 30 year olds who want to start a family are not attracted to these men who are probably going to die in 20 years. Most women are not able and do not want to take care of children, aging parents AND aging husband. Hearts, why don’t you just get married while you’re still young? If I was you, I’d find a nice, smart and feminine girl and fall in love with her. If you are going to wait until you are 60 no young girl will want you. You will be alone and depressed and you will cry everyday and regret that you were so selfish when you were younger.


  27. Here is one I use that I’ll share with the fellas;

    I like big breasts, I cannot lie, so when Im at the supermarket checkout and the cashier asks me “would you like to make a donation to breast cancer research?”

    I say: “I have my own lab where I conduct key research…”

    Since they are not looking at me when I say it, I tip my head down and look up at them until they look up at me and make eye contact.

    Now where you go from here is up to you, and specific to the reaction you get (and who else is in line).

    But I have never recieved a negetive response; to the contrary I always get at least a smile back, even from the ones who try to remain “professional”. But that could be due to my cheshire grin which I can hold or expand at will.

    16 to 60; its always been good.

    Tally ho!


  28. ”Prediction: Femcunts will soon push to get the age of consent raised to 21 nationally.… 38 minutes ago”

    What is the problem with that? Why would anyone want to have sex with or marry a teenager? Girls in their twenties and thirties are more mature, ready to have children – and take care of them, more fun, trustworthy and self-confident.


  29. […] a woman how she sees herself. Related: Using “good girl”. Related: Sadly, shallow communication is where I am the most […]