“Get lost”

Most girls avoid inciting confrontation. But some girls are constitutionally nasty. All girls can occasionally be nasty if they are pushed hard enough (or PMSing hard enough). American girls are getting manlier and, hence, nastier, so the occasions you will encounter nastiness from a girl in America and her Western satellites are likely increasing in frequency.

Some things a nasty bitch will utter are so grating you feel impelled to haul back and send her to the moon. “Get lost” is one of those things. Of course, you don’t want to do this. Not only will it result in a white knight brigade gang-tackling you in hopes of receiving a pat on the back from some fat hog in flip-flops, it will kill your pickup momentum.

The best answer to female nastiness is calm. As long as your demeanor is calm and you look unflustered, you will knock a nasty cunt off her game plan. She’s expecting one reaction; you’re giving her another.

Calmness is essentially non-reactiveness. When you react, you accede, implicitly or explicitly, to your antagonist’s frame. When you react, you confess defensive insecurity, even if objectively you are not, because perception is all that matters in seduction. Defensiveness is the biggest game-killer, outside of supplication. If you ever observe naturals or experienced players hitting on women, one thing you’ll notice they all have in common is a complete and total lack of defensiveness or supplication. The non-neediness and self-certainty of the inveterate player are so ingrained that he couldn’t be otherwise if he tried.

So, to sum up, when you encounter shocking nastiness from a girl:

1. Stay calm
2. Don’t react
3. Announce your preferred intention

Number 1 is very hard to do if you are a young man full of impulsivity and heavy balls. But it comes with practice. Hot emotions can be corralled and channeled, just like yogis can train themselves to focus inwardly and feel less pain.

Number 2 can be mastered simply by willing yourself to pause for a second or two in mental silence before responding to a girl who has attempted to get under your skin. The pause of alphaness is a powerful technique, and will help you gather your thoughts and keep a poker face. It is also very unsettling to your opponent.

Number 3 is reframing. This is where you apply the proper tension with the words you choose to relay to her. A substitution of her tacit demands with your alternative preference implies your indifference and perhaps mild annoyance. You are not angry or spiteful. You are condescending.

So, for example, a girl says this to you:

“Get lost.”

You would ideally respond with this:

“No, I think I’ll stay right here.”

No anger, no spite, no sulking, no defensive flailing. Just a calm iteration of fact and an imposition of your will on the world, wrapped in an unmovable frame.

If she really hates you, she’ll mutter something like “fuck you” under her breath and walk off, which is the equivalent of taking her ball home and declaring victory. But the perception will be that you will have won, standing your ground like an unflappable mofo. A small measure of self-satisfaction will materialize in a smirk on your face. It’s these little victories that add up to a rich, fulfilling life.

If she doesn’t really hate you, and was just being bitchy because bitch, her reaction will be an amalgam of surprise, indignation and intrigue. All these reactions are better than the alternative, because they all mean her frame has been broken and subsumed into yours. Great love often germinates in such difficult soil.

Now I know some of you are incredulously asking yourselves, “So an alpha male is never supposed to get angry, even when such anger is fully justified?”

No, I didn’t say that. An alpha male should favor being proactive over reactive. What this means in practice is that anger is best displayed intermittently, infrequently, and unexpectedly. It is also best used when its usage is personally advantageous. The rules of the sexual market are not guided by principles of fairness; an angry defensive outburst moves you no closer to your goal of pleasure, and usually moves you further from it.

Bitchiness should be answered first with bemused calm, which steals the bitch’s thunder and robs her of the satisfaction of provoking the expected butthurt response. Preternatural calm and steadfast state control will induce in the bitch complacency, guard-lowering, and second thoughts, from which a seduction may move forward, or from which you may lower the war hammer of ego smiting. Give the bitch room to bitch, implant in her the impression that you aren’t easily provoked and might even be worth getting to know, and then, when she least expects it, reveal the awesome glory of your disgust with her as a person.

Dishing out unforeseen comeuppance is almost as satisfying as sex. But it’s a long game, for those who have the patience and discipline to master not only the egos of others, but one’s own ego.


  1. Dealing with a lot of women at work, I find this to be just as true in that setting. Probably with a lot more beneficial long term implications.


    • It’s a good way to deal with any harsh social situation. Like in “The Godfather”. The Godfather never lost his temper. He remained calm while others screamed and raged. And then, at a time of his choosing, the other guy found a horse’s head in his bed,

      Remaining calm (not timid, not retreating, just calm) projects that you are above the fuss.


      • When Johnny started whining about his career, the Godfather slapped him and yelled “BE A MAN!!!” But he’d only do that behind closed doors, and to family.


      • Greg eliot , get outside and find something else to do


      • I’m involved in an occupation that entails a lot of “hurry-up-and-wait” type tasks… and, as you will have noticed, a great aficionado of films, blessed with a near photographic memory… albeit weakening a bit as the years roll on.

        Still, point taken… I have been overstaying my welcome at the chateau recently.


  2. Any poking or prodding from a woman has the ulterior motive of one thing…she wants attention.

    It doesn’t matter if the attention is positive or negative…you feed the beast if you are anything but calm, cool, and collected.


    • on September 24, 2012 at 3:09 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      You’re onto something here. And I know someone who used to just stand there and stare when confronted. This is a good way to not give attention while unnerving the hell out of someone. Maybe making the 5 second pause 30 seconds would be a good way of not indulging her attention whore needs while getting the upper hand.


    • Very true. Women have a lot of ego invested in getting a reaction from men. The best reaction to this is not merely indifference, but to move on unrepentantly, never look back, and have as much fun as possible.

      That will destroy their ego’s more than you realize.


  3. Great debaters use this strategy. Whenever confronted with a loud-mouthed agressive opponent, they never get defensive, and instead calm things down before returning the favor, and being aggressive themselves, on their terms and with more class and authority.


    • watch Barack Obama in the upcoming debates for a clear demonstration of this.


      • i had to jump in here: you are aware that Democrats will only debate once they are sure of victory or, at the very least, not losing? Obama would lose his cool in a second if he was in a debate in which he and the MSM didn’t have complete control, because his entire slick facade would crumble under facts.

        Cold facts, starting with what he studied in college and under Jeremiah.


  4. Why’d you close the comments on the previous post?


    • I think you guys pushed things too far.
      This ain’t stormfront after all.


    • Is that a first for the chateau?

      Shoot, I was this close (holds up thumb and forefinger about 1/2 inch apart) to reconciling with Nicole and scoring with Neecy.


      • First time I ever noticed it. Although he’s banned and deleted comments from one ridiculous commentator back in the day (whose name may not be mentioned, since he had the curious habit of appearing whenever someone mentioned his name).


      • Only if you say it three times.


      • Heartiste is such a cock block! 😡

        hehehe!!! J/K Heartiste!


      • And you are such an ugly little monkey.


      • Aw, hell… just when everyone was starting to get along again. 😦


      • LOL omegas can never get along with other humans. Forgive him.


      • Sorry dude, most niggers are incapable of getting along with anything civilized.

        I just give back to them what they give to us.


      • …and apparently, wannabe White nationalists are incapable of understanding irony.


      • lol. Note how Neecy the Nigger tells people to “ignore” me but responds at every chance. Typical dumb woman logic.

        Now tell us again how non-white men are DESPERATELY FIENDING for the MAJORITY of black ass.

        We’re waiting, jungle bunny…


      • When you lie to press your agenda, it is admitting defeat. You can’t win this with truth because your whole argument is grounded on an illusion, so you have to resort to lying about posts that everyone here can very plainly read for themselves, and has read if they’re following the conversation.

        You can’t defend your “race” because you are far to busy disgracing yourself, and it when you claim to be representative of it.

        It is no wonder that some truly do hate White people when its supposed defenders are pathetic, lying sacks of shit such as yourself.

        Fortunately, being European does not automatically mean that one will be so defective. If the only White person someone ever met was you or like you though, you couldn’t blame someone for thinking so.


      • Your racism is just as ugly as that of the people you are arguing with. Until you see that you have no point to make. You can rationalize it however you like but you obviously hate people that don’t look or think like you.


      • Turbo, read what I told whore about lying.

        I hate those who hate me. That’s it. When people behave hatefully towards me, I hate them…not really even emotionally, but I understand they are my enemy, and if it is within my power, I neutralize or destroy them.

        When it is not within my power, I wait for an opportunity to do so.

        See, I am not a safe nigger. You might believe this is so because I’m mixed. Just rest assured, it’s not the African side of me that is disgusted by you and your fellow racial pity party attendants. It is the Heathen.

        You people begging for respect instead of earning it are what makes me almost ashamed sometimes to admit any European ancestry. At those moments, it is only respect for my ancestors, not nearly as pathetic and weak willed as you lot, that gets me through it.

        You WISH I had a problem with you because of my Blackness, but I assure you it is rather the blackness.

        If you even knew your own history, you would be ashamed of yourself for such displays of pitiable behavior.


      • lol. Look like the SWPL parade and War Pig are out to defend Neecy the Nigger.

        Hey war pig: point out where I lied.


      • Nicole,

        You have neither the intellect nor fortitude to argue a moral point with me, but I’m enjoying your barbaric gibbering… please continue.

        Your daddy, Turbo


      • Whore, you lied when you accused any of us for claiming that all White men want to shag Black women, or that we’re equally sought after, especially in the west. You’ve been told numerous times that this is definitely not the case, but that those of us who are not complete harpies do get by with enough male attention. You somehow twist that into us saying every White man wants to shag a Black woman, and then argue against that imaginary person who said that, while calling them by our names.

        Maybe you’re not lying on purpose, but you’re just mentally ill. It’s got to be one or the other.

        You also lie every time you pull one of those feminist doctored statistics out. Worse, you commit the unforgivably punk assed act of suddenly goose stepping with the system that is fucking you and other men the world over, when it suits you.

        You need to pick a side. Are you for reclaiming masculinity without apology, or are you for being “civilized” and getting fucked by a system increasingly hostile to men?

        I don’t give a fuck who you fuck or don’t, but at least don’t run around here promoting the idea that pussification of men is a good thing.


      • @Warpig:

        when you accused any of us for claiming that all White men want to shag Black women, or that we’re equally sought after
        —Neecy the Nigger has. You lose, war pig.

        Maybe you’re not lying on purpose, but you’re just mentally ill. It’s got to be one or the other.
        —lol. Gotta love war pig: a mentally deficient balloon of a woman deliberately ignoring everything Neecy the Nigger says and claiming anyone who notes it is mentally deficient.

        These are the people who elect Obama, everyone.

        You also lie every time you pull one of those feminist doctored statistics out. Worse, you commit the unforgivably punk assed act of suddenly goose stepping with the system that is fucking you and other men the world over, when it suits you.

        —–Trying to put nigger savagery on the same footing as feminazi attacks on masculinity is laughable, fatty.

        Your people are more violent, have lower IQs, and are more anti-social.

        You need to pick a side. Are you for reclaiming masculinity without apology, or are you for being “civilized” and getting fucked by a system increasingly hostile to men?
        —-lol. So this is where nigger bitches have fallen to: no longer desired even by nigger men, the worst of the worst will try to claim that feminazism is causing black men to murder each other and steal from everyone.

        Its amazing how deep the denial is amongst the jungle-bunny set of their own dysfunction. No wonder their communities are a disaster.


      • Whore

        1. Provide a quote.

        2. I am not Neecy, and I am not defending Neecy. I am defending manhood, the true Heathens, and the blogger and admins’ decision to shut shit down.

        3. Killing is what men do when someone is threatening them. Despite the feminist hype otherwise, war is the context under which most men who kill do so. Whining about men who kill their enemies being considered more manly than those who whine wreaks of pussy.

        So long as you promote pussification, you will be viewed by men and aware women as a pussy. If you don’t want people to know you’re a pussy, stop menstruating all over the blog. It’s that simple.


      • Turbo, seriously, “moral”???



        If you want morality, stay out of game blogs. This is about Nature.

        You apparently don’t even have the intellect to understand where you are.


      • @War pig:

        Oh boy, here we go.

        1. Provide a quote.

        Nigger, please. You claim Neecy never said it, then demand I comb through her bullshit to prove it to you? Click on her website and search her name in the threads. Nigger’s got a problem understanding white men thinks she’s a pig.

        I ain’t fucking you, I ain’t doing the work for you, woman. But denying what Neecy the Nigger said…and then never bothering to read her b.s….pure womanish bullshit gold right there.

        2. I am not Neecy, and I am not defending Neecy.
        —lmao. Yes, saying the sisters never said this and then claiming you’re “not defending Neecy” really isn’t contradictory, is it, warpig? (/sarcasm).

        I am defending manhood, the true Heathens, and the blogger and admins’ decision to shut shit down.
        —lol. Defending the savagery of niggers will only get you points in liberal lala land, bitch.

        3. Killing is what men do when someone is threatening them. Despite the feminist hype otherwise, war is the context under which most men who kill do so. Whining about men who kill their enemies being considered more manly than those who whine wreaks of pussy.

        —-LMAO. Oh yeah, those random drive by shootings, murders of people for Nike shoes and “disrespect”, and robberies of random bodegas are all examples of people “threatening” your people.

        …Or…a low IQ, savage people act like low IQ savages. Perhaps living in Israel has helped you forget how your fellow sub-humans act. I encourage you to move to Newark…or Detroit…or Baltimore…or D.C. and see how “your people’ act when unthreatened, i.e. surrounded by other darkies.

        So long as you promote pussification
        —ROFL. Yes, pointing out black savagery is “pussification.” We should all be like the glorious, parasitic black beasts committing crime after crime in every country around the world, contribute nothing but cheap pop music and some piss poor sportsmanship, and murder each other at rates not seen since the animal kingdom.

        lol.. You pee all over self with your nigger-excuses.


      • In other words whore, you got nothing.

        I don’t have the motivation to deal with the rest of your delusional ramblings. It’s all bluster and no chance in hell of your actually sacking up and doing anything about it.

        That would be uncivilized. LOL!


      • @war pig:

        I don’t have the motivation to deal with the rest of your delusional ramblings.
        —lol. That’s nigger speak for “I will deny reality and all its facts to live in my nigger-prepared, lefty-protected cocoon of lies!”

        It’s all bluster and no chance in hell of your actually sacking up and doing anything about it.
        —Like all your nigger brothers in the ghetto, lol.

        That would be uncivilized.
        —Nigger is as nigger does.

        Enjoy denying reality, Auntie J!


    • Because instead of talking about how to fuck black chicks that are worth fucking…you wrote 1 million words to some nappy headed ho’s.

      You could have provide us a link to images of the slutty black bitches you would bang but nope….

      Nevertheless. I’m not a fan of a lock down.


      • Neecy’s my huckleberry.


      • 😛 deep down there is a good man in you. I have good intuition. That’s why I can’t be mad at you even when you make me mad. :mrgreen:


      • I’m hoping you’ll help me work on my “don’t react” frame around the sistahs. :p


      • You’ll be juuuust fiiine! 😉


      • Behold the might and fury of the hamster and despair, equalists.


      • He’s saying we’re in love, doll-baby.


      • There are very few black chicks worth fucking—if you want a monkey, merely minimum game will do.

        Why would I send you images of black chicks I would be adverse to fucking? lol. Sorry, that’s for you to work on with you porn, little man.


      • I suspect Whorefinder is actually a feminist troll trying to get this blog put on “hate site” lists.


      • I’m just a very harsh truth teller.


      • And your obnoxious approach is ineffective, and has been for decades. But keep talking about “niggers” as if it’s going to make any white people join the cause. Are the idiots at SF still praising Hitler and the KKK? That worked like a charm! But they keep doing it. Geniuses.


      • No, you are a liar.

        You lie about the posters here.

        You lie about what other people post.

        You lie about the nature of this blog, and behave as if you are wanted and respected here instead of merely tolerated.

        The only connection between you and truth is indicated by your constant expressions of extreme insecurity about it, and compulsion to consistently lie.

        You are fooling nobody but yourself.


      • lol.

        War Pig: I’ve never lied here. Auntie J’s just aren’t all that fuckable. Deal with it. And please, show me where I “lied” (i.e. where I presented a fact inconvenient to your nigger-worshiping cult).

        External the SWPL bitch: All the SWPL propaganda in the world won’t change reality: niggers are sub-human, niggers commit more crimes, are stupider, and more anti-social than non-blacks. You’ve tried to shut it down with constant Big Brother propaganda, and its failed. Deal with it, liar bitch.


      • Whore, where exactly did you get your crime statistics? Do any of them take the war on men into account?

        What happens in a society when being male essentially becomes a crime? Who gets targeted the most?

        Pick a side.


      • @War Pig:

        Whore, where exactly did you get your crime statistics?
        —The FBI. Bureau of Federal Prisons. Various state prison statistics.

        Do any of them take the war on men into account?
        —-WTF does that mean? Sexual Harassment isn’t punished criminally, its punished civilly. Crime statistics—murder, rape, etc.—-broken down by race overwhelmingly show blacks committing crimes at a much higher rate than non-blacks.

        What happens in a society when being male essentially becomes a crime?
        —-If “being a male” is punished as a crime, then the crime statistics should show equal outcomes if that is the only factor. However, the much higher rate your nigger males commit crimes—especially against other nigger males—shows “being a male” isn’t being punished; it’s being a savage.

        Who gets targeted the most?
        —Murderers, rapists, and violent thugs. I.e. niggers.

        Pick a side.
        —Civilization, please, but without you savages.


      • Whore, in other words, you are a tool of the state (feminists) and think Black people are savages for loving masculinity. So rather than butch up, you think the rest of the world should pussy down so the powdered, fru-fru-fruity-fu waving your handkerchiefs calling others “savages” like you can seem like a good fuck.

        We get it.

        …but we don’t want it.


      • In a way, I feel flattered not to be counted among the slutty Black bitches whorefinder would bang.

        Were I to encounter one, I’d imagine it would be while attempting to prevent her from eating a bullet.


      • lol. Niggers always do get off on the illogical.

        And nigger bitches enjoy giving it up to those who would murder them. See: the majority of black men.

        Pwned, bizznich.


      • I’d be amazed if anyone would bang your fat ass, black, white, or other. On the other hand, there’s some desperate betas out there so I’m sure you get the occasional pity lay.


      • Oh dear, narrow ass weaklings don’t want to pathetically attempt to climb on top of me and fuck me like a mosquito. What ever shall I do.


      • Did I seriously get banned AGAIN? Jesus.


    • Oh no; I just tried to reply to Canadian Friend on the other thread but the comment won’t post.


  5. I think this is one of the most broadly applicable concepts you’ve covered. Stoicism in the face of adversity is something everyone should master.


    • I agree. Really useful at work, I would think. Poker face is one of my most common looks as a teacher. I don’t know if it would work on a woman, but maintaining eye contact with the deadpan look often results in a “sorry.” And dispassionate reactions make it easier to re-engage.


  6. Ironically I had a situation where this came up today. I was doing laundry and took the last available washer. There was a lady there who had filled the other two washers and asked me if I had to do my laundry at that moment. Now she wasn’t being a bitch to me…but the old me would of let her have the machine. I’m a busy guy so I calmly told her “No, I have things I got to do today…I need it now.” She let me have the machine.

    Point is most guys would look at that scenario and say “what’s the big deal”…it was a big deal for me. That actually took guts for me to do that and stuff the beta chump I used to be. I felt my balls growing.


  7. Instant classic. Bitches aint shit.


  8. Indifference kills women. Men usually don’t know this because it has no effect on them.


  9. on September 24, 2012 at 3:04 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Reframe and comment on the situation rather than on what she said:

    “Oh I get it, you’re the mean girl and you have to insult people. Wow.”

    Or something like this. Maybe Ya Really or someone can improve on that, but my general idea is to be aloof and not react to what she said per se, but on how she’s behaving. Roosh had some good comeback for cockblocking that might work here: “Did you parents teach you those wonderful manners?” “Gee, you’ll make a great mom someday with people skills like that.”



  10. Reacting is always a sign of weakness. If you want to sleep with a girl you shouldn’t yell at her; that should go without saying. A calm confident and strong demeanor of acceptance in the face of all storms–most especially hers– is the way to sex. If you’re getting angry at the girl then you’re doing it wrong. Especially when she is going out of her way to make you angry.


    • If a hot girl gets bitchy and tells me to get lost but is still physically there and not running off to huddle with her girlfriends, my particular style would be something like “but the girl I want to talk to is right here.”


  11. “Get lost.”
    “You’re not pretty enough to have that kind of attitude.”


    • “I am lost, and apparently wandered into the land of bitchiness.”

      Yeah, Heartiste says not to snap back at, but it came into my mind.


      • Same here. But if I don’t give a rat’s, I’ll blast the broad just for my own amusement.


      • “I am lost, and apparently wandered into the land of bitchiness.”

        Yes, this is an excellent retort, it definitely sounds like something a real human person would say in real life.


    • I like this one. Depending on the delivery you could spin it either way. Deadpan for maximum carnage or that alpha smirk to try and switch her around.


  12. Betas and men-learning-game are best to avoid anger 100% of the time. The problem isn’t that anger is always 100% unsexy. The problem is that the beta newbie is not sophisticated enough to distinguish between when it’s good and when it’s bad. He’s going to make errors, and he should always err on the side of not being angry. Anger only seems to be appropriate about 1-5% of the time, and later in a relationship, because women can always find other men to fuck them. Alpha males seem to only get away with occasional anger when they, too, can very easily find other equally-attractive women to fuck them. If she can detect that you can’t, then your anger just comes across as attraction-killing whining.


    • Just the opposite. Betas have been taught all their life to hold it in for the sake of others. It’s much better to make mistakes and learn to calibrate.

      But you gotta know how to show anger without losing control. Small change in voice tone is usually enough. Shouting match is how women express anger….it’s not manly.


  13. Romney could really use some lessons in framing/re-framing, AMOG tactics, change their mood not their mind, and social proof.


    • He’s the Al gore of the republican party. Maybe he too could hire a female consultant to show him how to be more “manly”


      • More like the John Kerry of the Republican party.

        Republicans are going to learn this election what the dems did in 04 .
        You can’t win an election on “Anything is better than this guy. ”

        You’ve got to give people a positive and proactive message. Kerry , er , Romney is failing to do that.


      • It’s hard to get your message out when the entire media establishment has disappeared up Obama’s ass four years ago.


      • Romney’s message blows so the point is moot.


  14. This happened exactly once. I answered “No, I’m staying right here. How about you getting lost”. She stood her ground (subway platform). Then I couldn’t help myself and said “You know you have too ugly a face to have assumed that I asked you when the train was coming because I was interested in you as a woman”. She responded “But you’re really ugly on the inside”. I was shocked that she would really think that way and asked “Are you seriously thinking that it’s ugly for a man to ask someone else on the platform what time the train is coming but it’s not ugly on the inside for a woman to rudely offend him for asking?” She walked way down the platform.

    She really wasn’t all that good looking.

    It was clear she had a hateful feminist upbringing, one that said that men should be aggressively “put in their place”. All it took was one incident like that for feminists to become my enemy.

    Peripherally, I saw the potential white knighters looking but this was in the nineties before the manginas were liberated enough to express themselves.

    You probably don’t want to live in a region where any woman would behave like that.


    • Telling a woman she has an ugly face when she knows she doesn’t is beta as hell. I understand you were pissy, but I would have reacted the same way (walked the fuck away) because when men start making increasingly hostile comments like that, there’s a good chance that he’s about to lose it and start screaming about evil feminists and how this and that bitch left him, mommy never loved him, etc.

      Happens all the time, particularly on public transport.


      • That sort of thing doesn’t happen here in Alabama. Big cities attract a lot of wierdos. In the country they blend into the scenery and you never notice them.


      • Well, when you tell a guy to get lost on a platform you dont own, and he says what he wants to say and refuses to budge, than yes, you should be the one to leave if you dont want to deal with him. I notice women seem to overextend themselves in that they give orders when they dont have any power or authority to.


    • Telling a woman that she has an ugly face when she and everyone else knows she doesn’t is beta and pathetic as hell. I would have reacted the exact same way (walked the fuck away) because when men start making increasingly hostile comments like that, they’re two seconds away from having a meltdown and start screaming about evil bitch whore cunts, how this and that bitch left him, mommy never loved him, etc.

      Happens all the time, particularly on public transport.


      • What’s up with the double comment? You sound upset.


      • He is upset. Guys who feel the need to say “that’s beta and pathetic” to someone who has presumably been reading this blog, often having something up their butt.

        We should reserve the “that was beta and pathetic” to a story where the man wanted to get the girl and he didn’t.

        It does not fit for stories about plain fembots reacting with hostility to a man asking when the train was coming.

        It also does not fit for stories where the man got the girl and the cantankerous commenter calls him “beta and pathetic” despite the victory, adding that he doesn’t believe the guy got the girl. There’s often envy in that kind of response.


    • What a cunt. I probably would’ve called her a fucking psycho on the spot.


    • So… you asked her what time the train was coming, and she said “get lost?” That is kind of weird. I’m not really sure I even believe that story, because I can’t imagine that any human being would react in such a hostile way over asking when the train was coming. But if this is true, it does seem a little overblown. It’s like, she said something aggressive, and you said something even more aggressive, and it just escalated from there. I would have just shrugged and walked away.

      You know, one thing I want to point out is that not EVERY woman who is rude is necessarily a feminist. I know a lot of people think that, but some unpleasant people are just that: unpleasant. She may be like that with everybody. Or, you could have triggered her “creep alarm,” so she responded negatively. It just sounds like an infantile spat to me. It’s like both of you went, “No, YOU’RE uglier! No YOU are!” I think it is funny that this happened 15 or 20 years ago, and you still remember it.


    • “It was clear she had a hateful feminist upbringing, one that said that men should be aggressively “put in their place”. All it took was one incident like that for feminists to become my enemy.”
      OMG! This is so very close to what happened with a friend of mine a little while back. She was working as an assistant to a man that owned many expansive properties, which he rented on a short-term basis. One time, he rented one of his properties to a famous and handsome actor who I don’t want to name. This girl, who’s no longer my friend (not good girl friend material either), was supposed to be there on the first day to make sure everything was satisfactory when he and his team moved into the mansion before they start filming. She was young and pretty, and he famous and wealthy movie star, and probably at least 15 years older than she is. I guess besides her attractiveness, he enjoyed her being there that first day, especially since she wasn’t a Hollywood insider, and he asked her to have dinner with him to show his appreciation. When she refused, he invited her to have dinner with him and his team that night to show “he doesn’t bite.” She refused that invitation as well, citing she has other plans. When I saw her, she started to trash him saying things such as: “men like him think they can have whatever they want, I showed him he can’t have me when he wants me. Men like him think their money can buy any woman. Not me, he can’t have me just because he is rich and famous. He is nothing but a spoiled brat who treats women like sex objects.” Blah, blah, blah…….

      I knew she had a feminist streak, but I didn’t know how bad it was. I questioned her as to exactly what happened and it didn’t sound to me like this guy did anything wrong to her. All he was (even according to her story) is the epitome of politeness and consideration. How refreshing. But in her delusional mind he was tantamount to a rapist. I told her she was making too much of it, but to no avail. A few days later, he called her to make a request in connection with the property that required her to visit him. At that point, after they discussed business, he asked her again if she would go to dinner with him. Again she turned him down, this time (she says) in a much more firmer unpleasant tone. Poor guy; I don’t think he knew what hit him with this girl. From the tone of her voice I understood she was very nasty to him. All she kept saying is how powerful men like him were drunk with power and potential rapist etc. Well, that made me so mad. Here is an attractive, successful, and very famous man being very polite and respectful to her, he obviously thought she was pretty and wanted to spend some time in her company, but all she could do is trash him and disrespect him. If by any chance she thought it was inappropriate to mix business and pleasure, she should have said so without all the trashing or whatever. But honestly, I don’t think she thought it inappropriate, and neither would her boss as long as his client(s) was happy. I think she just created this situation to satisfy her ego. She felt good turning him down because in her delusional mind “he is a powerful man who likes to use women as sex objects” and it was up to her to get back at him. There was nothing he said that she didn’t turn sinister. I retorted that she isn’t handling it well and being unreasonable and overreacting, and that one day when she is in her 40s she’d give her right arm to get such propositions or compliments from men. She sounded disillusioned and told me that all the women in her family were feminists and they would never approve if she let any man have his way. She said she would never bow down to any man and accused me of having low self-esteem because I considered being propositioned by men a compliment.

      There was no talking to her, and it goes to show how feminists with their nonsense can ruin the femininity of even very young girls who have lots of raging hormones. It’s very rare for women to turn down a hot movie star. so I knew her feminism was deeply ingrained. As I got to know her a little better, I realized she has great disdain for all men. We didn’t remain friends because I didn’t like her attitude about most other things either. And one last thing about that actor, I think he figured her out pretty quickly because I noticed his people, specifically his personal assistant, starting to call her and bug her about all kinds of things he wanted from the owner of the property. I think it was just his way of getting back at her (under the guise of her job to attend to his needs) for turning him down in such a nasty way a few times (I think he propositioned her one more time at some point). She just had an attitude about her, but the actor always kept his cool, which is why she was full of venom, telling me how angry she was with him in subsequent meetings with him or his people, even though he never asked her out again.


    • She was a rude jerk and you were a rude jerk. Typical exchange on public transportation.


  15. Twenty-first!!!

    A friend of mine came up with a great adage recently: “No one ever sulked their way into someone’s heart.” LOL


  16. I’m glad CH agrees that it’s unforgivable for a woman to say Get Lost.

    Let’s remember that all PUA advice should withstand the “Would feminists agree with this advice” test.

    It used to be that almost all PUA advice used different rationalizations than feminists would use but still arrived at the same accepted behaviors that feminists ultimately approved of. PUA experts wrote books where they said things like “Don’t ever lie to a woman such as about your age. That’s weak and the karma will hit back at you”. Feminists loved watching these PUA experts carry water for them like that.

    Now, thanks in large part to CH, PUA advice goes more on the principle “If feminists would approve of this advice, notwithstanding the different logic that went into it, it would still be bad advice”.

    So it’s great that CH didn’t say “All men should walk away and let women get away with telling men to “get lost” because it will show that the man “doesn’t care”.

    Because that advice would have been exactly what feminists not only expect but demand.


    • on September 24, 2012 at 5:43 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      Why do you consider it unforgivable to say “get lost”? Serious question. Are there any situations in which you would say “get lost” to a woman?


      • No. I would just give her an open-handed smack across the face and tell her to get her skanky ass home.

        Remember, bitches: its not domestic violence if we’re not sleeping or living with you. It’s equality, since I’d do the same to any many acting like a cunt.


      • Sure, if she pissed me off enough. I’ve done it to a few women. It never meant the end of the relationship. I’ve told my wife to go away a few times if I was really angry about something. It didn’t necessarily have anything to do with her, but I didn’t want to start a fight for some deliberately misunderstood remark I might make while angry to obtain my approval. It messes with her head. It’s the heavy artillery option.


    • Both PUA’s and feminists agree that you should use a condom. So do 4 out of 5 dentist surveyed… Raw dogging is not the answer.


      • The 5th dentist caved… now they all recommend it.


      • That’s funny but I hope you’re not denying here that the PUA scene used to be pro-feminist just a few years ago and many famous hucksters were writing books and using their real names because they knew their “advice” was basically what older women wanted to hear.

        A real PUA expert has to be anonymous like CH because the best advice will be hated by hags. Feminism has only to do with it because feminism, like any other religion, encourages older women to speak out and be heard and try to force changes in male behavior when they should shut up and let men do what they want.

        In the case of raw-dogging, that’s not an issue older women care about because feminism has made it so women are covered either way (outrageous child support laws vs taxpayer funded birth control).

        You can say feminists and PUAs might agree that chocolate ice cream is the best flavor. That’s because feminist ideology doesn’t consider the issue important.

        On every issue that feminists consider important, PUAs should think differently and come to opposite conclusions not just differing forms of reasoning in order to come to the same conclusions.

        Lying to women about your age, paying virgins for sex, supporting a polygamous lifestyle, telling them the truth about evo psych when they get uppity about their youth and beauty. These are all issues important to feminists (the sexual trade union for older women). They don’t want men to lie, buy, sleep with someone younger or tell the truth about their fast aging. They want PUAs to come to the same conclusions regardless of the reasoning the PUAs purport to use to get there.

        This blog became popular because it pisses on what the opposing trade union wants. Go ahead and agree with fembots about raw-dogging and chocolate ice cream. But oppose them on the issues they care about most.


      • wow you’re crazy. I regret putting so much effort into writing a coherent response below lol


    • We say don’t lie about your age because you don’t have to. Lying about your age is a sign that you’re insecure about it and/or concerned in some way with what the girl will think of it. Saying you’re the age you think she wants to be is approval seeking, like dressing how you think she likes or pretending to have hobbies you think she’ll approve of.

      Nothing to do with feminism.


      • As a young man you don’t know what you’re talking about on this subject.

        This has been covered many times before. With respect to your knowledge on other aspects of game, you’re flat out wrong and CH can even back this up.

        And it’s absurd for a man under 30 to even try to weigh in on it, unless they look 22 but are really 29 and realize that telling an 18 year old the truth would make things a lot harder. But, even then, the real issue is when the man is more than 15 years older than the girl.

        This is one of the biggest things feminists want PUAs to agree with them on.

        But this blog has covered the issue many times and the jury is in: While in most cases you can say “You guessed right” when you make them guess, if push comes to shove and they really need to hear a number not more than 15 years older, you have to say that number (15 years older and no more).


      • And it has to do with feminism only in that the problem is exacerbated by feminist ideology infecting the younger woman. With non-feminists you can do the 15 year age gap thing but feminists may demand only a 10 year age gap.


      • With respect to your knowledge on other aspects of game, you’re flat out wrong,

        I meant “With all due respect, you’re flat out wrong on this point”.

        You’re pretty good on most other points Yeareally. You just don’t understand this at all because you’re probably 15 years away from this being an issue for you personally.

        But if you ever tell a 43 year old man who looks 33 that he should tell that 19 year old feminist American girl the truth, you’d committing a crime on him.


      • I’ve known 18-25 year old girls knowingly banging 40-60yos. Young chicks will bang George Clooney and Brad Pitt. A bunch of the top PUA instructors are in their mid to late 30s. If you have high enough value to the girl and you frame it right, your age won’t matter much (unless you want to date the girl long-term where you’ll have to meet her social circle who will judge her).

        Doing 50 like a boss:

        Doing 50 like a chump:

        Sometimes girls will want you to lie so they can justify it but you can start with the truth. Actual conversation I’ve had:

        “how old are you?”
        “ewww no way you can’t be, how old are you REALLY??”
        “whew that’s better. I’m SO glad you aren’t REALLY 31…”

        She just thought I was high value enough that she needed me to be within the age range she’s pictured herself in. But there was no problem telling her my real age right off the bat. If I can tell she’s super young, like 18-19 my first response will be “Way too old for YOU.” which starts her asking questions and investing, and after I say my age I’ll throw in an “Are you intimidated by older men?” to get her qualifying herself.

        Take care of yourself (body and grooming), be an outgoing social guy (be the guy who’s important and knows everyone and has social power instead of an insecure creepy old man lurking around with a beer up at his chest), and don’t dress like you’re a silicon valley office drone.

        I’m not saying you won’t instantly get cut from a number of chicks compared to a guy who’s younger, but if you just want to lie to get laid, fuck it, why not say you’re a rocket scientist and find out what hobbies she’s into and pretend to like those and hide your own actual hobbies too? The point of self-development is to learn to accept and express yourself and improve yourself to the point where you aren’t ashamed of yourself.

        On the flip side a newbie might want to lie just because he should be focusing more on approaching and running game in general until he gets the vibe of a guy who’s sexworthy, so whatever it takes to get in a set, go for it, my only issue is with how absolute you are on this like it’s set in stone.


      • Excuse the different avatar here Yareally. I can’t reproduce the other one.

        If anyone could get away with what you describe, it’s me. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

        But that’s too simplistic and, in the end, wrong for guys more than 5 years older than you. You can’t say you’re more than 15 years older than the target. Except for me. I can get away with saying I’m 20 years older, but probably not in feminist SWPL regions. Read Lily’s rundown of the psychology of the young woman who treated the middle aged movie star badly.

        I have enough game to get away with mentioning a large age difference. But I won’t go with saying it’s above a 20 year difference before sex. The only time I tried that the target turned off like a light bulb and started pushing her out of shape forties single mother on me. You can’t say you’re older than her parents on the first date.

        But lying isn’t a big deal. You were correct in pointing out that they want you to give the right answer. Give them the age you feel you are because you exercise so much and eat so much better than your true age peers.

        If you think you’re physically the younger age, you’re actually not really lying. I feel nothing in common at all with my true age group. Nothing. I don’t really believe I’m the same age as them. Especially the women my age who are all white haired grandmas.

        The really hot young ones want you to lie. You almost even said that, but you had to qualify it by bragging about how you prefer to admit the truth first that you’re, gasp, 31.

        If you’re really 31, then hey, I know you’re smart and have a lot of worthy things to say, but you really don’t know what you’re talking about here if you think you can project that onto other stages of your life. Wait until you’re 36 before you can even weigh in. Really. This has been discussed before and the jury is in. Ask CH to do another post about it. He mentioned in a post or two that 15 years is about the max difference you can tell the hottest girls.

        Any legal age female will fuck a 31 year old male, even in the most feminist of countries. 32 is considered the perfect age. 32 minus 15 is 17 which means there’s almost no legal age female who would reject you for telling the truth now.

        But you will be 35 for many years, I guarantee you. That’s if you want those who are 18, 19 or 20. You’ll make them guess your age and then tell them that they are good guessers when they judge you to be younger than you are because you’ve kept yourself in much better shape than others.

        And it’s no big deal. It doesn’t reflect insecurity. You’ll have no problem telling the truth after sex. They won’t reject you then. They’ll know why you lied and agree you probably needed to.

        Let people guess how old you are and then that is what you are. That’s not insecure after 35. It’s just common sense and what works.


      • People said the reverse when I was younger. “Ohh you’re only 23, you have to say you’re 30+ to get the cougars, you can’t be less than X age.” I’ve fucked the age gamut from 17 all the way to 49 lol

        People told me you can’t tell a girl you have a girlfriend or she won’t sleep with you. I literally keep a big framed photo of my GF on my nightstand beside my bed and bang girls while they can see it and know 100% that I have a GF. My friends are mind-blown by this, their first question is ALWAYS “don’t you hide it when you have another girl over?” And the reality is that I did at first until I decided to experiment and see if that was a limiting belief. I lost a few girls as I calibrated it but over time I learned how to control the frame to make it work.

        People told my short buddy he couldn’t get taller girls and he does regularly. The only reason you think your limiting belief is more valid than the others is because it affects you directly right now.

        “You can’t say you’re more than 15 years older than the target.”

        Okay, the next time I’m at a college bar (my buddies are younger than me so we hit them a lot) I’ll tell girls I’m 40. It won’t make a difference in my results except that it’ll take more frame control to make them look past it.

        “The only time I tried that the target turned off…”

        Well that’s kind of the problem right there. Try it a hundred times. This is exactly the same as a short guy going “I talked to a tall girl once and she said I was too short so it’s not possible for short guys to get taller girls”.

        I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m saying you can’t break thru a limiting belief with a small sample size.

        “Read Lily’s rundown…treated the movie star badly.”

        A whole one sample again. Do the thousands of women who’d bend over backwards to fuck Clooney cancel that sample out or do you ignore that “data” because it doesn’t support your limiting belief?

        “If you think you’re physically the younger age, you’re actually not really lying.”

        You can justify it to yourself however you want, as long as you understand that that’s what you’re doing.

        “Ask CH to do another post about it.”

        I completely don’t care what CH says (no offense CH). What I care about is that I’ve gone out in the field enough and SEEN guys shattering this belief you have. I’ve literally watched it happen (my social circles are of all sorts of age ranges).

        Your problem is this: you are too afraid to really test this out and risk losing a bunch of pussy because you come from a scarcity frame where when you do get a girl you’re scared to risk fucking it up so you keep re-enforcing your own limiting belief because you’re not gathering any reference experiences to shatter it. And each time you lie and succeed, you’re just further re-enforcing the belief that “lying about my age = getting pussy”.

        So not only are you not gathering any reference but you’re looking to others for support. So you find an article by CH or whoever the “treated an aging movie star badly” girl was and these feed into your belief as well, and make you feel good about it. This is just your Reticular Activation System saying “this is my belief now lets find evidence to support it.”

        You are too afraid to lose the girl because your mind flashes back to the “set you up with my mom” incident that scarred your psyche, so you’ll continue not just limiting yourself but also projecting it onto other men like you’re doing, to make yourself feel better about it and to avoid admitting that you haven’t tested it enough to make the conclusions you’re making.

        Plenty of 35+ year olds are banging 18-20 year olds who know their age. This is ALL AROUND YOU. You just can’t see it because your RAS is shutting it out of your reality to protect the ego/identity your brain has built up for you that “I can’t do it so its not possible.”

        Limiting beliefs are tricky as fuck to destroy, and your mind will fight it every inch of the way because its invested and forged a large part of your outlook and behavior on those beliefs so it doesn’t want to admit that 1) it’s wrong, 2) other people can do what you can’t do an 3) allllll this time you could’ve been doing it too.

        You will probably completely ignore this, but I’m writing it for the lurkers more than to convince you of anything. Before I choked a girl in the bedroom I would’ve ignored anyone who told me girls like being choked during sex too.


      • My rule is 11 years but that’s just my 2 cents. If one has a much younger look it would help.


      • Always fun reading YR’s stuff. Getting old as a guy only sucks if you’re losing sleep (literally) while raising kids. The difference between the dad-boner pic and the Duchovney pic, eh?


  17. Slightly related with this post and the former posts about clean appartments and messy girls etc…
    I was banging this 24 yo 8.5 for a month, and this week-end, she asked me to drive her to her place because she needed her lenses, and when we arrived, she invited me in, since I haven’t seen her place yet.
    Her place was messy, not the filthy level that I was used to live in a few years ago, but messy enough to create drama over it. Btw, thanks for the last posts about messy girls etc… it gave me the idea.

    I told her I’ll be waiting downstairs, but I just drove away. I figured I would try something.

    5 minutes later, she called, I didn’t answer. Then she texted : “Where are you? I’m outside looking for the car. Please answer”
    Another text after a couple of missed calls: “Why don’t you answer? I’m getting worried:(”

    She called again, and I answered:

    -“Where are you? Are you ok?”

    – “Yes, I’m driving home”

    – “Why did you leave? We were supposed to…”

    – “Listen. Your room was filthy. And for me, that’s a lack of respect. I’m not your girlfriend. Besides, it just reveals character flaws that I can’t tolerate”



    I knew it was a risky move, but I honestly didn’t give a fuck. But it was congruent with my personality because I already bitched her out a couple of times, and she knows that I’m a former military, I sometimes overplay the badass psychorigidity of military officers.

    She didn’t call for at least 4 hours. I thought it was lost, but she called again and I didn’t answer. Then she started to text. After two texts I already knew that it was a “bring da moviez” scenario.

    “listen, i really don’t understand. can we at least talk???”

    “my condo was messy. I GET IT. i already cleaned it up. you can come and see it yourself”

    “please talk to me. that’s all i ask”.
    “you’re an asshole. i already said I’m sorry…” (she didn’t actually)

    “omg. I didn’t want to insult you. But you’re driving me CRAZY…”

    “please forgive me. please”

    “TALK TO ME”

    “ok, i’m done. good night. and have a nice life”

    The day after, 10 o’clock:

    “i’m sorry about yesterday. i said some crazy stuff. you already mean a lot to me. take your time, but please call me. what happened yesterday will never happen again”

    3 pm
    “i’m in tears right now. i couldn’t sleep yesterday. i can’t eat now, all because of you. please call me”

    “not because of you. i know it’s my fault. omg, my brain is gonna explode and i can’t write, i can’t talk”

    8 pm
    “good night. i think i can wait another day, but not more, please call me tomorrow”

    30 minutes later, I finally responded
    “Bring your ass back home. We need to talk”


    • Bad ass… the only way I could pull that off for that long is if I truly didn’t care whether I ever saw her again or not.


    • on September 24, 2012 at 10:48 pm gunslingergregi

      and that is why on regular chicks when you really don’t give a fuck shit like this happens. cause the when you do have plenty of regular pussy you really don’t give a fuck about this particular one


      • Well, even if it gets me banned from the chateau, I’ll admit right now that I was never the kind of guy to be carrying a harem, even before marriage.

        Given things like STDs, time juggling, and the fact that I never really went in for the club scene, and was attracted only to women who were more down-home types, well… “plenty of regular pussy” was always a one or two women in my life type of deal, never a stable.

        So my interest in game always stemmed from LTR maintenance or initial contact which could lead to a LTR.

        That’s why I marvel at Olympius’s scenario.


    • on September 24, 2012 at 10:49 pm gunslingergregi

      life so full of irony but yea when you both on it though 110 percent it goes pretty smooth for the most part


    • I bet she was a fugly 2 🙂


    • So I don’t understand, if you don’t really care about this girl why bother wasting time trying to change her cleaning habits? Just bang her as long as you please, until you tire of her and move on. Why use mind games be sadistic? She’ll just cling to you even more, and when you’ll want to break up it will be hard getting rid of her?


      • A fair point… but to be honest, I myself wouldn’t even bang her if I didn’t care at least somewhat about her.

        Nothing personal to Olympius here, because he sounds like an otherwise hale fellow, well-met. But I think we’re seeing a bit of the seamier side of human nature and game here… a sort of will-to-power gone awry, just for the sake of ego.


      • “a sort of will-to-power gone awry, just for the sake of ego.”
        This is what I think too – he did it just because he can. Another thing, if a man is not careful he could really destroy a woman with these types of games. Therefore, if a man really doesn’t care about a woman and is just doing it for his ego, he should really think twice about doing this. He can mess her up for life. Why be so cruel? Even if she is not someone you want to marry why ruin her for someone else? Destroying things is purely wasteful.

        On the other hand, if he’s doing it because he loves her but he wants her to submit to him, it’s a little bit different. He can play this game a little bit, never talking it too far. Giving her a little taste of what he can do to her could help a relationship. Too much can destroy it and the woman. Guys should be very careful when playing this game. Don’t overdo it.


      • +1

        King A and I made comments to this effect some threads ago.

        We all, men and women, have a karmic responsibility… and anyone who fancies himself stronger or smarter then has a greater share in that responsibility.

        Those who would play like the devil had beware, lest they become the Devil’s playthings.


      • I wouldn’t be surprised if all this drama he’s creating in this relationship ends up backfiring on him in the sense that he might also get attached to her and will not be able to let go in the end. Mind you, I can think of worse fates for him, lol. This girl sounds lovely. I hope he’s able to see through all of his marriage “fears” and takes the plunge, or just lets her down easy. If he stops acting like an Alpha and starts behaving like a weak bata, that will do the trick without hurting the girl when he’s ready to end it. She won’t go crazy or gets very emotionally hurt if he breaks up with her under his “bata” guise. Nothing can lessen the attraction for a woman more than when her man is being a complete spineless wuss.


      • It’s sadistic but it only coincides with (most) women’s masochist nature. Women crave this emotional roller-coaster, and I’m happy to oblige. It makes them clingy because it pushes every button in their limbic system, while their neo-cortex is impotently trying to rationalize the vaginal outcome (see the reaction of other women (and men suffering from intellectual gynecomastia) to my post).
        Making her clingy is my purpose. I enjoy nothing more in this world than the loved-up stares of women while they’re seeking refuge in my masculine essence, as the amoral fragile creatures that they really are.

        When it comes to breaking up, sure it’s gonna be harder than when you’re a beta, but there are ways to soften the impact of the bad news. Such as feigning weakness and betatude for a few weeks beforehand. Or finding an excuse, like her flirting with someone else etc…

        It’s a war out there, honey. More insidious than the real wars I’ve been in. And for those who lack gear and preparation, ie game and awareness of female nature, the effects on them can be equally devastating.


      • I realize you want to see her vulnerable and submit to you, but read my comment above about how men doing this need to be careful not to destroy the woman. At least have some compassion.

        Anyway, why don’t you think you’d want to marry her? You say she is 24 and 8.5. These are pretty good numbers. Also, she seems like she cares about you, probably in love with you by now and will do anything for you. Just curious, why not marry her? Is she not marriage material?


      • lol I knew it would eventually come down to this.
        Short answer: No, I won’t marry her. I watched too many divorce horror stories and read too many manosphere posts to even start considering marriage under femtopia laws.
        Even under a different legislation, I would only consider marriage if the bride is a virgin. Not because virgins are different, but because my inner caveman insists on that specific requirement. I’d love to have kids, and I’m very family-oriented, but the risks are just too high.

        Therefore she doesn’t qualify as marriage material to me, but maybe others would consider it.
        I don’t wanna harm this girl, or any other girl. I’m really past the point of being angry at women because of the red pill or whatever.
        Episodes like the one I depicted are rare, but they are part of my conception of seduction and romance. There are many other things, the sweet gestures, the comfort building, the squirting orgasms lol etc… My agenda is not to destroy her, but to have a female companion who doesn’t view me as a puppy or a eunuch. And creating drama like I did is vital for a relationship. I was in drama-free relationships before and it’s really not worth it. Women get bored very easily and the number of love gestures, kitty behavior and passionate blowjobs is just too low when the woman doesn’t feel dread.

        And actually, I’m fairly honest with her. She knows that I’m not considering marriage, although she doesn’t know to what extent I’m against it. And she even knows that I see other girls, although I’m discreet about them.
        If we break up, and that’s very likely to happen at some point. And depending on how we break up, she is very likely to feel heart-broken. If she doesn’t find another alpha-ish type, she will probably never feel fulfilled in a relationship.
        But that’s what happens when you deregulate the sexual market and implement misandrist divorce laws. Things are unbearably screwed, and I don’t feel like being an upstanding honourable man. Most of them are now cuckolds.


      • on September 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm gunslingergregi

        lol I knew it would eventually come down to this.
        Short answer: No, I won’t marry her. I watched too many divorce horror stories and read too many manosphere posts to even start considering marriage under femtopia laws.

        and thats what happens all the sudden marriage is not even an option anymore for the ladies


      • “Women get bored very easily and the number of love gestures, kitty behavior and passionate blowjobs is just too low when the woman doesn’t feel dread.”

        Ha ha ha ha….”feel dread”. You’re killing me with this stuff. LOL, OK fair enough.
        “watched too many divorce horror stories and read too many manosphere posts to even start considering marriage under femtopia laws.
        Even under a different legislation, I would only consider marriage if the bride is a virgin. Not because virgins are different, but because my inner caveman insists on that specific requirement. I’d love to have kids, and I’m very family-oriented, but the risks are just too high.”

        Yeah, the divorce laws in this country and others in the West are very unfair to men. No question about it, but still don’t rule marriage out completely and shortchange yourself. You need to find a traditional woman that really likes being a wife and a mother who doesn’t consider using the courts against her man – a non-liberal woman who doesn’t thinks gov’t is the answer for everything/hates the gov’t and knows it’s nothing more than a scam to take away power from the people. In addition, if you can use game on her, she’d happily stay your wife forever. I don’t think most relationships between traditional people while the man using game on his wife end in divorce. Quite the contrary – these relationships beat egalitarian marriages in their longevity keeping both the man and the woman very satisfied sexually and emotionally. You just have to find the right girl, that’s all. Too many guys posting against marriage here. Marriage isn’t the enemy; marriage is good for both men and women when it’s done right. The enemy is feminism, so don’t marry any girl with the slightest feminist hint. Meanwhile keep at it with this girl, so long as you don’t hurt her too bad in the end.


      • Dread is a fairly old CH concept

        Otherwise, may your words help someone else. I’m kind of a lost cause lol. But it’s a pleasure talking to an old-school conservative woman. You should keep posting here, and take a look at stingray’s blog.


    • This didn’t happen.


      • A 24 y.o. 8.5 still has enough male options (and an artificially-inflated enough ego) not to grovel and act pathetic after a guy gets all weird and OCD with her about her room.

        If you said she was a 30 y.o. 5 with serious daddy issues, it might be plausible.


      • You’ve obviously never had a girl really stuck on you. A few years ago I would never have believed this either. I was classic beta. Fully indoctrinated by the feminine imperative, a master in pedastalization but with enough natural game and looks to always have had cute (not hot) girlfriends who I fell for. I couldnt believe the first time a girl texted me she had just finished mastubating while thinking the filthiest thoughts about me. The difference was I had approached her from the moment of our first meet with a strong masculine non-needy frame and kept it up. No gifts, no apologies, no changing up my plans for her, never qualifying myself or anything I said to make her like me. I was basically the same guy, I just decided I liked me a whole lot more. These days, Olympius texts sound very familar to me.


      • If you say so.


  18. Is squirting feminine?


  19. The best response is to just laugh and say,”Damn, who pissed in your cheerios?”


  20. If I lose my temper with someone, I always feel very foolish if he or she remains calm. I definitely feel like the weaker person.


  21. You really have to act like Caine in the Wild West anymore. Fortunately, the way young American girls act when they’re out gives one a lot of practice to be stoic.


  22. Revenge of the Nerds game:

    “Damn, you’re cute when angry!”

    And then laugh like Robert Caradine.


  23. This is also the jist of how to handle AMOGs. There’s a certain point where the AMOG is so legitimately fuming on the inside that it’s best to just leave the situation, but like 99% of the time you can not just calm him down but befriend him, by staying unreactive, calm, and controlling the frame.

    Part of keeping a strong frame in these situations is having 100% belief that the thing the other person wants to happen (you to quit hitting on her friend, you to engage in a fist-fight, you to do whatever a bully wants, etc) is not just not going to happen, but is not even something that COULD happen. As if the person was saying “fly to the moon RIGHT NOW grrrrr!!” it’s like your vibe is 100% calm and not even acknowledging his anger with logic (“there’s no rocketship and space flight…”), it’s just steamrolling over his frame with a vibe of no, that’s ridiculous, we’re all here having fun right now, there’s nothing to be upset over, it’s cool, we’re good.

    You have to see/do this in person for it to not sound like bullshit but it’s gotten my ass out of sticky situations a lot of times. My openers and general flirting are WAY more offensive than most peoples’ so I cross the line into pissing girls or white knights who overhear what I’m saying off a lot and have collected a lot of experience in frame control because of it.

    And yes, I do this with your big scary jacked up sparkly Affliction shirt wearing MMA buddies who would kick my ass in a real fight. If you combine it with pacing and leading their reality you can lead them into being your friend lol it’s pretty funny when a guy who wanted to kick your ass a few minutes ago is qualifying himself to you for approval and buying you a shot. This is advanced shit tho, you need field experience to learn the calibration. In the old days PUAs would purposely try to take girls from guys just to learn how to deal with the guys’ reactions lol

    One of the best mentalities to keep in mind in these situs is to treat the girl like she’s your little 5yo niece. Would you really get upset or even logical engage in trying to convince her why she’s wrong or come up with a witty comeback when your little 5yo niece is saying “you’re a poopy-head!!!”? No, if anything it would make you chuckle. It sure as shit wouldn’t affect your feeling of self-worth or make you react butt-hurt, the whole notion of her being miffed at you would be cute and funny at worst and you’d treat it as such.

    Now of course when I say treat her like your little 5yo niece, that doesn’t mean sneak into her room at night and touch her naughty places, Greg.


    • I remember reading one of your comments where some White-knight who knew Kung fu was ready to kick your head in and you talked him out, fucked the girl he was white-knighting for and lived another day.

      At the end, a lot of us have that impulse to do and say that really cool or badass thing when being confronted. I still feel it but bottom line is that long term it is better to not have the arrest record, scars and violent stalkers that being “alpha” in confrontations causes.


      • That situ was scary as fuck lol it would’ve been one of those YouTube vids where you’re like “oh wow that guy’s head just got caved in no way he survived that”.

        Years later tho, who the fuck is that guy to me? I don’t even remember his name or face and guaranteed he never got with that chick. It would’ve been retarded to get my head caved in trying to protect my “alpha cred” by standing up to him. If anger is a 1-10 scale and 10 is unstoppable hulk rage, he was a 9. Most angry AMOGs are like the 4-7 range (though guys who don’t go out much imagine the 4-7s are all 10s) and can be calmed down. If I had tried to be witty or tough, dude would’ve tipped into the 10 range and I’d be toast. I remember it taking like a solid 10-20 min to get him from a 9 slowwwwwwly down to an 8 with multiple dips back into 9, then finally slowwwwly down into a 7 and I made my exit when he was around a 6 because I just needed to be able to stand up (I had been sitting against a brick wall almost totally defenseless) and walk around a nearby corner and having been at a 9 level it’s easy for him to jolt back into that…that’s why it’s best to pre-empt AMOGs and snuff all that our when they’re in the 2-4 range and then they never get the taste of adrenaline in the higher stage and they’re less likely to venture into it.

        Same concept as Caeser the Dog Whisperer snapping dogs out of escalating rage as soon as their ears perk up at a passing car instead of waiting till they’re chasing it in anger.


      • Chicks dig scars. As long as you have good story to go with them.


    • It helps if you go into the set with the knowledge, embedded deep into your inner core, that they really are pretty much a 5-year old girl living in a grown up woman’s body.

      5 year old girls can be a lot of fun to engage in conversation. My son is about that age, so I get lots of practice, the funny thing is watching their moms quickly tuning in and working to steal some of the attention from their own offspring!

      The only difference is the amount of surface sophistication and the fact that with grownups it is more fun because there is a sexual component to the interaction. And the grown up women have much stronger hamsters.


    • Now of course when I say treat her like your little 5yo niece, that doesn’t mean sneak into her room at night and touch her naughty places, Greg.

      Good to know that there’s a line that even YOU won’t cross, Scatman.


    • Greg Eliot pedophile? No way. He’s all about WHITE CHILDREN!

      …Wait, what?


      • Ya know, this shit ain’t really something to be joking about.

        I mean, I’m not surprised at what goes through YaReally’s mind, given that he admits to things like shitting on women as sexual play…

        But he should keep the more lurid thoughts to himself… and the names of other posters out of it.


      • If you can’t stand the heat, Greg, stay out of the kitchen.


      • Nice try, but it’s not really heat… leastwise, not fair heat.

        It’s more like sewage, and nobody like to stand around in it… except maybe those self-admitted purveyors of scat.


      • Greg’s jimmies status: rustled.

        P.S. I did even more fucked up shit with a chick last week. You don’t even wanna KNOW lol


      • “I did even more fucked up shit with a chick last week”

        Maybe greg doesn’t, but we all do.
        Spit it out, man.


      • Who’s joking? Racists are infamous for child fucking. The good news for you is that it is a global thing.

        See, in those little compounds you people like to hole yourselves up in, one of the first things your type do is use the bible to make it okay in whatever wacked out cult you follow to shag little boys and girls.

        Nobody here honestly gives a good god damn what kind of women you prefer to shag, but when you come out as one of those crazy nutjobs who can’t control himself well enough to stay somewhat on topic, well…these kinds of suspicions are going to come out.

        State control. Get some.


      • Only your twisted dark mind could take YaReally’s lurid ill-conceived attempt at a jest and run it as interference for your own projections.

        Your own people are waist-deep in child molesting and champions of pre-age of consent illegitimate births.

        But let’s not discuss that… that would be, why…. RAY-CISS!!!

        Once again, one finger out, three back at yourself.

        Guess that whole non-reaction frame I was hoping for is shot to hell, alas… but some swineries just can’t go unanswered.

        Done with you now. Feel free to spew your poison unchallenged, Black Medusa.

        And may the Lord rebuke you.


      • Some of my own people are European, Greg.

        As a person of mixed ancestry who is not a flaming idiot like yourself, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the good and bad of a variety of branches in the human family. I did say this was a global thing.

        Cultists are well known child fuckers, and no matter what color you are, if you come out spewing and hating the infidel like a mad Muslim, people understand that like them, you’re probably not averse to a little thighing.

        It is, after all, the best way to enforce genetic limitation…to get ’em while they’re young.

        Can’t blame people for jumping to pedophilia when you’re promoting systems that encourage it.


      • Oh, and I truly love the part where the dude who calls others who aren’t afflicted with such deep self pity “sheeple” runs under the skirt of feminist doctored statistics to condemn others.



  24. A corollary to this, is that if you’re not provoking a steady diet of “get lost’s”, you’re probably not pushing hard enough.


  25. Said calmly:

    “Did your dad not pay you enough attention? Or too much?”


    • Say that last part with an amused raise of the eyebrow.


    • Too petty and vengeful.
      Reeks of beta butthurt.


      • True, it’s probably a little too snarky to be alpha, but better to be an aggressive beta than a passive one that silently takes abuse from women. In fact, I would posit that going from passive to aggressive beta is a necessary step to becoming alpha.


  26. I find that the best comback to a woman you don’t want to hit on (or maybe one you do), is to make eye contact, look at her feet and say “Ugly shoes”. Every single one has tried to justify their shoe purchases to me. But they’re still ugly.


  27. The only thing with telling a woman that has told you to get lost and you respond with “no I’m not going anywhere” even if you’re calm – if she’s that angry and bitchy nothing would stop her from calling security or police saying that you were harassing her and after she asked you to go away you said no.

    I’d say just be careful b/c some women would go that far if she’s already pissed, angry or feeling somewhat cornered in her own mind.

    Personally, telling a dude to “get lost” is beyond rude (granted hes not being a jerk or ass) I think the best thing a woman can do is just simply walk away if she’s THAT bothered.


  28. I’ve never had a girl tell me to get lost, but if I did, I’d probably just look amused for a while, smile and say “alright, well, have a good night” and move on to the next bitch. There’s no need for a witty retort or hanging around trying to make her laugh or turn her on or entertain her in some other ways, you’ll just end up looking desperate. I think it’s best to just make sure she knows your feelings aren’t hurt, wish her well, and walk away.


  29. Nicole, baby, you have me fapping to your intellect!


  30. Too bad we cannot have days of yesteryear…a good slam up against the wall and smack in face would stop this nonsense real fast.


  31. Increasingly women are becoming ruder all over the world. I’ve gamed a few girls on OK Cupid and when they see my photo some will write: “Bald? No way.” Even though I”m tall, considered handsome and yah, have a shaved head along the lines of Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel.

    I usually just ignore it.

    But one new tactic I’ve tried and shared with other guys here that works with rude texts, shit tests or other written blow offs that I adapted from here is:


    I wrote a girl I’d been gaming and took out a few times who gave me major ioi’s inviting her for drinks that we had long talked about:

    “Hey princess. Monday. Patron.”

    Here: waffle about “usually tied up, quite busy, blah blah blah, need to prepare for whatever”

    Me: one day later. “Oh.”

    A friend of mine also used this in a similar situation with a lot of hamster-like “What do you means?” from the girl he sent that too.

    I think “Oh.” is a good reframe. It’s boredome. It’s non-acknowledgement. It’s amused mastery. It’s dismissive.

    In fact, it’s whatever the recipient wants it to be and more.

    If this is in text form: Her: “Get lost”



  32. My Rule – AI: Avoid & Ignore

    Savor the peace and tranquility. Take it away Maurice…


  33. What time is the next race war?

    Calm down, Im just kidding.

    I suspect at least partially, women are turned on by guys who don’t “soft shoe” or run from racial discussions?

    At least thats been my experience.


    • I speak for myself but I think it’s quite annoying when people talk about race. There are many more interesting things to discuss. I think if you can hold your own in any conversation it’s seen as attractive but someone might find ones particular opinions repulsive to the point it’s a net negative.


      • No kidding. Sexual and socioeconomic conditions are so much more relevant to our lives today anyways. A college-educated person has far more in common with other college-educated people, regardless of skin color. Education, not melatonin, is the true dividing line in society today.


      • Yes, yes. We all know race is a social construct…or society is a racial construct… I forget how the saying goes. My tiny prole head just swims sometimes when I’m among smart college educated types throwing around all them 50 cent words! I don’t have much in common with them types, and I wonder if it’s the melanin or the melatonin that’s makes em so bright and me so slow.


      • Fallacy.

        Drop the sarcasm for a second, and you’ll see that I never said “race was a social construct”. YOU said that.

        My simple point: Education is a more significant difference in today’s society than race is. Those little diplomas, whether worthless or not, lead to socioeconomic advancement. Or at least they did, before 2008 wiped everybody out and changed the rules of this particular game.


      • Sounds good in theory, which probably why that folderol flies in the colleges.

        So how do we explain that, with so many more people graduating these days than yesteryear… and the average person has the opportunity to avail him or herself of educational resources undreamt of a mere three generations ago… that Western society becomes more and more polemic?

        More women graduate, yet the more ‘educated’ they become, the more the battle of the sexes heats up.

        More so-called minorities graduate, yet past injustices, both real and imagined, are amplified in their minds, and the battle lines of impending chaos grow more distinct.

        No, my friend… giving degrees out like candy only makes adversaries sound more eloquent in their squabbles… and teaches them more and newer ways to discover grievances.


      • Melanin, not melatonin.


      • My bad. It was late and I was really tired.



  34. i started reading this blog because i was interested in the insights on gender relations, but the comments have devolved into an anti-intellectual racist circle jerk. i am sure that no one cares about my readership specifically, but i think a lot of potential readers and commenters (with potentially useful commentary) will be turned off by the level of racism. you’re free to say whatever you want, but readers are also free to stop visiting the blog. which is what i have to do


    • I wouldn’t let them run you away. Honestly, racists are fear ridden idiots – and really the more they talk the more stupid they look. IMO they look like fools spouting the cliched racial rhetoric. Doesn’t bother me one bit b/c I am confident within myself as a Black woman and person and no amount of immature idiotc racists will make me feel otherwise.

      Stick around and ignore them 🙂

      I do believe however, that H should not allow racial epithets to run around on his blog b/c it can come off as a reflection of him or what this blog is about – and I don’t think he is a racist or one who approves of such insane racist rhetoric and epithets.

      Its one thing to have heated discussions and debates about race, its another when people are acting like 10 year old idiotic clowns with no upbringing – they just look stupid.


    • Gender denial is also the norm amongst the intellectuals.


      • a debate on the relative contributions of genetics and environment on group level IQs is one thing. relentlessly calling any black commenter disgusting racial slurs and stereotypes from the 1890s is another


      • I agree. but truly I can’t even get mad at stupidity anymore. People who act like 10 year old trash with no upbringing cannot get under my skin. Obvious insults like racial slurs are so played out already.


      • I wouldn’t let them run you away. Honestly, racists are fear ridden idiots – and really the more they talk the more stupid they look. IMO they look like fools spouting the cliched racial rhetoric. Doesn’t bother me one bit b/c I am confident within myself as a Black woman and person and no amount of immature idiotc racists will make me feel otherwise.


      • Interesting that we have yet another decrier of racism who only sees the pale end of it… and says nothing about the black instigators who bring the vitriol upon themselves.

        You sheeple can really bleat.


      • You’re one to talk, Splash.

        You wouldn’t know an instigator from an alligator because you have no will. Black people existing is bringing vitriol on themselves to you. You are operating at an infantile level of oversensitivity.

        So you learned the term “sheeple”, good for you. Now stop behaving like one, taking pride in an accident of birth, and you might seem something like credible for once.

        Non sheeple take pride in their accomplishments, not being successfully farted out of a vagina like every other mammal.


      • +1

        I’m SO glad that other people are finally criticizing Greg Eliot for his months of hateful comments about skin color. Which, he now says, aren’t *really* hateful, if you just squint your eyes, tilt your head, and chew on your lip … just so.

        This is a blog about evolutionary psychology. Let H enlighten us.


      • You’re interrupting my exercise in “don’t react” frame. And Neecy said I’d do just fine… sigh. 😦


      • And here’s Jason again, blinders on and congratulating people who have shoveled the racist antiwhite manure pretty high… but alas, though swallowing those camels whole, he remains choking on the gnats of Eliot’s racism, both real and imagined.

        Haven’t you been mocked enough, alphie?


      • Way to maintain that “no-reaction” frame. That’s poor impulse control.

        It’s funny how you keep saying “anti-white” like a jabbering idiot when nobody here is even mentioning those words–and certainly not me, a white male with a whole family and neighborhood full of white males around me.

        But keep spinning around and yammering your race-based hatred, Greg Eliot. It won’t change the fact that socioeconomic class trumps race, every time, for those who need to accurately rank individuals.

        But thanks for the comment — this white alpha male loves to fight.


      • “this white alpha male shabbaz goy loves to fight type.”

        Fixed it for you, alphie.


      • Stick and stones….
        All the fights here are fair so there really is no need for your liberal sympathies…even if it makes you feel “tolerant”


      • None of the people coming out against the yammering pity party can be accused of trying to seem more tolerant.

        It’s just that if one is going to be evil, they should also be intelligent.


      • Gender denial…well i guess it shouldnt surprise me. I dont deny race, but i wish more people would understand thats it is caste subjective. In detroit there is a caste where folks steal, rape & murder. Most of it is black folks. In the UK that caste is entirely white, and they are called chavs. Its class or caste specific, not race specific.

        We live in an age where folks are trying to ‘get in touch with their roots’, their Irishness or Germanness or Africanness. But I think its their humaneness they have lost tra k of in all of this ethnocentric breast beating.

        Some travel does a person good to realize that racism only works in america be ause all the people in each caste are mostly the same race. Not really minorities that are the problem, but the less than middle class society they dont know how to escape from. No onementored them & taught them what they need to be confident and work hard. So they stay in the same caste, generation after generation. That js what racism in america means to me.


      • Cosigned.


    • abcdefg
      but i think a lot of potential readers and commenters (with potentially useful commentary) will be turned off by the level of racism.


      OK, so what is an acceptable level of racism for you Mr. super intelectual?

      What.., you think racism is supposed to be fun?

      Racism will not end until it results in loss for all rather than profit for any.

      I intend to do my duty to make it so; by myself If I have to.

      Expect no quarter.


      • Uh i think the point he is making is that this is not a place for your racist agenda. its a friggin GAME BLOG! There are places where your kind can dwell without interrupting other intelligent conversations and blogs with your nonsense.


      • thwack is a negro like.
        You monkeys can’t even get along.


      • Ok I tried to play civil but it’s time to break out NASTY NEECY.

        Kinda how all those attractive white women can’t get along with the likes of you and the rest of your racist pansy assed brethrren b/c they don’t even want to screw you?

        Yeah it’s clear why losers like you can’t get laid. A woman can smell an emasculated pathetic wuss a mile away.

        You pathetic racist white f&(5),/@” can carry on like the bjtches you are b/c deep down you’re misguided anger shouldn’t be at me or blacks but your own women for making you feel like the worthless shit you are.

        Yep I went there! Have yet another Good lonely sexless night racist f&);;!


      • You forgot to mention small dicks…


      • Neecy, I think it’s time you and I go to one of those ‘anger management’ type deals, assuming they have one for issues racial.

        I’ll even carry your books.


      • Small d!cks would actually be a compliment. More like pencil STUB d!cks!.

        Definitely something going on for a bunch of “men” to be so angry and bitch like.


      • Hey, I was just an asshole because H made me believe that I can get into your panties by being an asshole. Because you know, my lifeplan is to have a lot of baby neecys running around.

        H, your advice sucks. This bitch is now mad.
        Wait a second, today’s post is exactly about how to deal with these situations. Hold on neecy…

        “No, I think I’ll stay right here”

        How do you feel right now? Did it work?


      • @ Greg lol! M’kay you find the place and we’ll go hand in hand.

        WAIT! I ain’t a racist! I’ll go with you for support though 😉


      • Small d!cks would actually be a compliment. More like pencil STUB d!cks!.

        Definitely something going on for a bunch of “men” to be so angry and bitch like.

        Can’t speak for the others, but I’m constantly irritable from having to carry around so much meat.


      • You’d be angry too if you had a small dick…

        (You don’t have a small dick, do you?)


      • @ anon

        Dammit I failed? Ugh! Ok I take everything back – were cool again. And I don’t think you have a pencil stub eraser dick anymore 😀


      • @ turbo

        Well I’d just get a penise enhancement first before turning racist. Now if that didn’t work, then.. Yeah I’d turn I to an angry racist. LOL!


      • Ok I tried to play civil but it’s time to break out NASTY NEECY.


        Sorry Neecy, but you brought that bitch slap on yourself; now do you see my point? Racists don’t care how “noble and good” you are. Your color is enough qualification for mistreatment, but this is the lesson niggers refuse to learn.

        Please miss me with that Morgan Freeman/Obama noble negro rising above racism BS…

        Confused black people like yourself are the reason I can’t wait for white people to start hanging niggers from trees again.


      • Ok. Now I’m really confrused.

        Thwack – are you Black or White?


      • thwack’s black, Neecy-wheecy… blacker yet, his heart of darkness.


      • Neecy said: “WAIT! I ain’t a racist! I’ll go with you for support though ;)”

        Everyone’s a little bit racist, my dove.

        Exhibit A:

        Keep recycling the used up SORELY OVERRATED Non Black hoes amongst yourselves that you deserve.


      • That ain’t the kind of “nasty” I like.


      • an acceptable level of racism is none. all i meant was that it is easy to ignore sporadic idiotic posts, but when they dominate the conversation, it’s too much.


      • I think namby-pamby posts crying about racism, especially those who give a pass to the more virulent party, are idiotic and highly offensive… please don’t post here anymore.

        How do ya like them apples?


      • don’t worry, this will be the last thing i ever post. and i am a girl, just to make it clear.

        where did i give a pass to anyone? this all blows my mind- it’s completely illogical. i don’t tolerate idiotic behavior by anyone.

        i initially liked this blog because it discussed non “politically correct” theories about gender with logical arguments and scientific data to back them up. the racist diatribes from some of the commenters have absolutely nothing to do with this, and it’s distracting and it sucks.

        neecy and others do not deserve any of the racist vitriol that has been spewed at them. i feel kind of sick that i’ve even continued to read this blog and occasionally post without saying anything against it, like i was tacitly supporting the awfulness.

        like i said, freedom of speech allows you to be an asshole, and it allows me to call you an asshole. so fuck you.


      • Hey girl!

        Thanks for speaking up I admire you for that!!!

        But don’t fret much. Online forums can bring out the ugly trash that dwell amongst us day to day.


      • where did i give a pass to anyone? this all blows my mind- it’s completely illogical. i don’t tolerate idiotic behavior by anyone.

        Well, knowing you’re a girl now, there’s no point in further logical discussion, but just on the rare instance that you take something truly to heart, I’ll explain:

        You gave a pass to thwack and Nicole and some of the other anonymous ones who start in with their antiwhite nonsense by only mentioning your distaste with the white racism, and not acknowledging that most, if not all, was caused by the initial black agents provocateur..

        FWIW, I agree that Neecy didn’t deserve some of the splashback… but when one weighs into the fray, sometimes the splatters hit other targets..


      • I agree. I pretty much stayed out of it. And like you said everyone had a right to defend their peeps.


      • bye bitch.


      • So Greg admits to he and his butthurt buddies being mindless, hysterical reactors who “splash” instead of thinking men.

        Just so we’re all clear what we’re dealing with.

        Funny how the barely human presume to attempt to dehumanize others.

        Please, would the mindless return to grazing in your own pastures instead of troubling the truly critical thinkers with your prattle?


      • Never one to support awfulness, abcdefg came here for non politically correct discussion but then gets her knickers in a twist about non politically correct discussion. Also basks in a glow of moral outrage about ‘disgusting racial slurs’ – words can be so hurtful you know – by saying fuck you to those assholes! Yeah!

        Neecy, disappointed with how such awful racism is ‘interrupting intelligent conversation’, beguiles us with the following thoughtful input: ‘pathetic racist white f&(5),/@’, ‘bjtches’, ‘worthless shit’, ‘pencil STUB d!cks!’. She really hits it home with the eloquent ‘Well I’d just get a penise enhancement first before turning racist’. As would I, Neecy, as would I.

        Nicole, the perpetually incoherent, adds the cherry on top by talking about ‘critical thinkers’. It certainly is a relief to know that we have these inspirational, right-thinking intellectuals around to set us on the correct path. I may just have exceeded abcdefg’s acceptable racism level of ‘none’ otherwise, which would make me a real f&(5),/@ing bjtch.


      • Nutmeg, I am probably one of the most verbally precise people you’ll ever meet. If you fail to understand, it’s because you failed elementary English.

        It is not my aim to set you on a correct path. It is my aim to run all the idiots who can’t read the damned site description back to the pasture where you belong. Since you can’t stand on your own, your path is whatever field your keepers put you in. You should go back there and leave those who are interested in actually improving their lives to do that without your pathetic whining about how the world owes you because you’re White.


      • Well done, Nutmeg.

        As you will have noticed, especially now in this thread, there are those who point fingers and decry certain behaviors in others, often in high-sounding terms which signify even less than the usual sound and fury, yet are so oblivious to themselves that they don’t realize that three of their own fingers point back to them.

        Odd that these self-styled intellectuals would lack self-realization to such a degree, but I digress.

        In short, the type of people that will call you an asshole (or some variation of ‘butthurt reactor’) for saying “Ouch!” after they tread on your foot.

        I felt a certain introspection after the previous thread was closed… an unprecedented event here at the chateau… and decided to give the “don’t react” frame the good ol’ college try when the antiwhite crowd starts their trolling.

        I’m feeling immediate benefits in a lower blood pressure and the proverbial amused mastery of self.


      • *waving* HEEEY Nicole!! How ya been??? Haven’t seen you around awhile.


      • Greg, what you got was an abrupt reminder that we are all here at the blogger and admins’ leisure and that you should probably respect that.

        Putting aside that it could become more heavily moderated, I have seen blogs disappear because people failed to respect that they’re powered by individuals, not some government agency required to put up with their garbage in the name of “freedom of speech”.

        This is a blog, not a democracy, though the blogger is gracious enough to allow some degree of freedom for the sake of hashing things out. So mind your manners.


      • Neecy
        Ok. Now I’m really confrused.

        Thwack – are you Black or White?

        Im a black person, but people are aften confused about my identity because I use logic instead of emotion. When it comes to race, most black people argue emotionally. Matter of fact, Ive been banned from discussion boards by black people who thought I was a white person. Then, in the height of absurdity, I found myself trying to prove Im a nigger to a bunch of niggers.

        All because I used logic instead of joining the coon pep rally, talking about all our great kings and queens, and we invented this and that…

        Think about what that means?

        If you use logic everybody thinks you are a white person. But when you use logic to counter racism, people are much more confused because although the use of logic says “white person”; the direction of the logic says non white person.

        Its at this point I usually get accused of being a Joo.


      • I’ll give credit where credit is due. That was funny.


      • Now that thwack has recently allied with the Eskimos, he’s really innuit.

        Me, I’m having nunavit.


      • The most aggressive sheep is still no wolf.


      • How’s my “don’t react” frame working, hon?


  35. Bitch’s gonna bitch.


  36. on September 24, 2012 at 10:44 pm gunslingergregi

    calmness not giving a fuck with most chicks i’m good with the 99.99 i really don’t give a fuck about but with the ones i do that is when it is most important but then ya get shit like ok we gonna seperate cause it is prob best when she starts the i will kill you if i see you with another woman thing and you like my wife don’t get me to do that and she is like well i just don’t want to know about it but yea she like get in touch in a month or something
    then you get a text after you drive away from house i see you

    ahh yeaa ahhh


  37. on September 24, 2012 at 10:57 pm gunslingergregi

    actually i c u
    so i’ll catch you all on other side lolzzzzzzzzzzz


  38. on September 24, 2012 at 10:59 pm gunslingergregi

    yea neecy don’t have a racial agenda gtfo
    what was that post you had on your blog again about race being this big deal he he he


  39. on September 24, 2012 at 11:02 pm gunslingergregi

    all black chicks think about is race and they hate white chicks there it is


  40. on September 24, 2012 at 11:03 pm gunslingergregi

    not race as much as color


  41. I think it’s time to close this comments section. Not because the comments bother me, but I like the idea of closing the comments and interrupting conversations.

    Badass shit.


    • +1


      • -1

        Poor addition to Anon’s jest.


      • OK Lord Kotex, lets say everything in that article is true, actually, lets add some pathology and say I got flat feet, HIV, my breathe stinks, Im retarded, I got short fingers…


        What are you going to do about me?

        You only have 3 choices:

        1. Nothing

        2. Help me

        3. Kill me, dump my body in a furnace, place my ashes in a rocket and launch it into the sun.

        Here is the paradox about white supremacists; even if they got rid of all the nonwhite people, they would have to invent some, so they can feel good about themselves.

        Your “100 facts about blax” is just mental masturbation.

        Matter of fact, should you really be getting an erection by proving you are better than niggers?

        Thos who care (niggers), do not matter; and those who matter(wise men), do not care.


      • Here is the paradox about white supremacists; even if they got rid of all the nonwhite people, they would have to invent some, so they can feel good about themselves.

        That’s just a play on Sarte’s remark about antisemites… an old play, so played.

        A good start in improving the human condition is when people doing rank things admit it and correct themselves, rather than palm off the devil on the people who hurt their feelings by pointing it out.

        And as you and I know, it gets especially nasty in the meat world when said rank things make living conditions unbearable, and cause people to start making political and social movements out of both the other guy’s swinery and their own rightful grievances.

        Now, back to my new found “don’t react” mantra.


      • First, Lady Kotex is my wife.

        Second, are the facts valid or not? If not, which ones?


      • on September 25, 2012 at 2:54 pm Matt Strictland

        What does race have a thing to do with this topic? I can’t see it. There will be differences but the basic idea when confronted with bitches “stay frosty” is universal.

        Off topic I suspect thwack is right. If magic comet AH14 killed off all the non Whites, they’d go back to hating on “Dagos” or Micks or Krauts or Gyro Eaters or something . Whites would go back to killing each other like usual. Haters gonna hate .

        .Unfortunately a lot of the WN movement is stupid, rather than focusing on “making better Whites” they waste time on ideological bullshit.

        You’d think they’d never met a non White or something. Bell Curve? OK I can handle that. Seems true to me

        All Blacks are categorically stupid or inferior in every way? Thats just horse turds.

        I’ve met plenty of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others who are smart, decent, hard working moral and solidly good people. Yes even Jews.

        Now being that I’m White other races aren’t MY people so in aggregate I am not responsible for them and will use my limited resources for my own kith and kin as much as they would for me

        I’d assume anyone else (save some religious types) would do this as as well (humans always help their own) and that fine.

        However this doesn’t obviate my responsibility to treat decent people with civility and courtesy. Its the way we do things where I come from.

        Now on the other hand if want to hate people that wronged you? Go for it. Hate a group that you can show is wronging you. I am fine with that. Hate for the sake of hate. I don’t have time for that.

        Back on topic, can we not talk about race any more? Its not important here. I want to know more game so I can bang chicks and avoid the traps. I have plenty of other places to talk about race .


  42. Her walking away= victory? lol oh k then. Man hamster in action right there.
    There are only so many ways for chicks to let men know they aren’t interested. “Get Lost” is pretty mild. As to the commentary about confrontation I have to agree and disagree. When there is a conflict of interests and this needs to be made clear it’s hard to make a situation seem non confrontational. People shouldn’t be afraid of a verbal confrontation of a relatively minor nature. I agree woman have opinions and may state them more then they used too. Not everybody including men is able or feels the need to state things diplomatically. People tend to mirror the energy they are given as feedback so staying calm and not escalating the snotty attitude is the right move. Try not to take random peoples opinions personally as they don’t know you and aren’t important.


    • My man hamster can beat your chick hamster in a race…


      • I’m laying three to five on the distaff side… the strongest man hamster is nevertheless invariably shadowed by even the weakest woman hamster.


    • Her walking away= victory?

      –Hey, sub-human: male self-esteem> groveling to bitches.

      There are only so many ways for chicks to let men know they aren’t interested.
      —-You don’t have that problem, do you?

      “Get Lost” is pretty mild.
      —To a worthless sub-human cunt, it is.

      Try not to take random peoples opinions personally
      —That’s the point of the post, dumb ass.


      • on September 25, 2012 at 9:57 am RappaccinisDaughter

        “Get lost” has a place. I prefer not to do it, because it’s rude and disruptive. Generally I start with body language–turning to the side, crossing my arms, not really smiling, responding in monosyllables. If he still doesn’t get it, I move on to pretending to text. Then I’ll try to sidle away.

        98% of men get it by that point and will move on to someone else without me having to explicitly tell them I’m not interested. But every so often, usually when I’m dealing with someone who is very drunk, he’ll go too far. Get grabby. And that’s when I’ll bring out the Command Voice: “HEY. That’s enough. Stop that now. Leave me alone.”

        As long as you are working within the boundaries of what’s considered socially acceptable, yes, you have a right to be treated with courtesy. But we–men and women–have a right to decide who touches us and when.

        If that makes me a worthless sub-human cunt, then praise the Lord and pass the Tampax, ’cause I’m feeling leaky.


    • I’m still trying to figure out what would happen if the woman in question actually insulted the man in question.

      If “get lost” causes a man to wet his proverbial sheets in beta-terror or beta-rage, he should probably stick to trolling Craigslist for poon so he doesn’t upset his delicate system.


  43. on September 25, 2012 at 12:09 am 3rd Millenium Men

    Really enjoyed this, and great advice. Staying calm, logical and rational may drive women mad, but it should be the automatic fallback when they’re amped up. Of course the problem is that too many guys go too far and don’t know how to make women feel emotions in the first place! http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/you-need-to-stir-girls-emotions/


    • The Art of War (Between the Sexes): By Sun Tzu might advocate not getting into the fight, with the girl, in the first place. Let her defeat herself.


  44. One time a few years ago I was laying in bed with my gf at the time and I said something that pissed her off. She got huffy and stormed out the room. A couple of seconds later she came back and was like “when I storm out you’re supposed to follow me you know” and then stormed off again. The entire time I was laying in bed just thinking to myself “Meh, she’ll get over it/come back to bed”. Of course she did, and I told her that I knew that she would get over it.

    Course I don’t remember what the “argument” was about but I obviously didn’t take it as seriously as she did. Eventually she didn’t either.


  45. This happened to me a couple months ago while I was shopping for some new jeans. Two girls, around 20, were walking past me and in classic bimbo speak, half spoke, half squeaked ”oh look at the short guy with short hair haha” just enough so I could hear them. Now, I’ve always been at least semi-alpha, if this blog is to be believed, not a complete sad sack beta.

    I stayed calm, just barely glancing in their direction all the while keeping my mask of indifference/ poker face on. The effect was obvious, they gave me that bewildered this isn’t suppose to go down like this look. Had to either be that or regret, for despite being only 5’8-5’9 at best, women have told me I am good looking guy,nice eyes, sexy even.

    The regretful explanation makes even more sense if you take into account that on the scale these chicks were 4 and a 5, completely average, at best. I never got to step 3, their looks and rudeness failed to inspire me. In any case, I recovered and went on my merry way, my day unspoiled by the two hamsters.


  46. anyone want to take the 225 lb 50 times challenge
    just started but at 45 80 times no prob and 65 50 times no prob


    • Bench or squat?


      • Ain’t bench. No NFL lineman has ever done that at the combine.


      • It did sound tough for bench, but I know there are a lot of NHL players who can do 30 pull-ups, which I think are far harder than benches, so I thought maybe this was some sort of “Super X” type new program which was a goal, but not necessarily achievable by most.


      • on September 26, 2012 at 5:06 am gunslingergregi

        i did it in iraq with 190 though actually made the shit up myself based on a bet that i could do 135 32 times bout to bet a months paycheck my buddy was like woohh dude do like 70 make it friendly lol so made the bet with my other buddy who lifted but then when i tried to do it i got like 24 wasen’t lifting at time so didn’t get it but then the story had spread and the people who did lift were there to watch and they tried to do it and not one of them could. So i came up with the new lifting program of think i was doing like 40 now 50 reps a time. Which seems to make you a lot stronger cause i was only doing 95 for 40 or 50 reps when my manager came down to visit and was former football player and said lets put some weight on there and i still banged out the 190 like it wasen’t shit.


      • on September 26, 2012 at 7:04 am gunslingergregi

        i think it is achievable by most cause i think most people can prob do 50 reps with a 45 pound bar or if not can get to point where they can do it easy then raise weight in small increments from there till that easy. It is just that your max goes up it seems i’m playing right now but going back to the 10 on each side that i can do without struggling


      • There’s a Greek myth, if memory serves, about a wrestler whose goal it was to train for the Olympics by lifting an entire bull, so he started with it as a calf and lifted it every day until it became a bull.

        Supposedly, some modern day guy tried this as well. I think he made it to day 180.


      • on September 29, 2012 at 8:25 am gunslingergregi


        Dam thats interesting shit
        i guess i am superalpha lol if that was criteria so ok i’ll be lifting more than majority of professional athletes when i do it wild shit
        key is though how many lifting programs say to do 50 reps none i have ever heard about


      • I’ve had both knees operated on in my younger days, so squats are out… would 50 times, say, 400lbs, on a hip sled count, to even out the difficulty factor?


      • on September 26, 2012 at 4:57 am gunslingergregi

        talkin bench my chick noticed the diference right away when i raised weight so its allready working he he he


      • on September 26, 2012 at 5:17 am gunslingergregi

        same type of theory at work i was doing just the bar for a while just bumped to 10 each side yesterday and i put 25’s on each side just now so 95 lbs and just knocked out 50 it wasen’t easy though but got it done


      • on September 26, 2012 at 5:30 am gunslingergregi

        took video file to big to send wtf


      • My usual bench routine is now on a Powertec, because as I got older, doing a free bar caused rotator cuff tendonitis…. whenever I moved to put the bar back on the bench, I’d get a sudden sharp pain and then the shoulder wouldn’t feel right for days. This after a lifetime of benching, go figure.

        Now I usually do reps of 15 to warm up (4 sets at 120 with sit-ups in-between), and then add 40 lbs and do a set of 12, add 40 more and a set of 12, then four sets of 10 at 225. This helped me get my shoulders back in shape, and over the next few months I’d like to work back to four sets of 6 at 300.

        But your extreme rep system sounds interesting. I might give it a try, just for fun, to see if I can actually do sets of 50, even at lower weights. Doubt I’ll ever get to 50 at 225.


      • on September 27, 2012 at 5:50 am gunslingergregi

        that is the beauty of it though is you don’t get hurt. I was feeling what i did yesterday cause i pushed it to fast but not when i do what i can manage easy. Yea i hurt my wrist before when i was curling 165 straight bar and know what that is like but doing the reps of 50 before bench i had no problems.


      • on September 27, 2012 at 5:51 am gunslingergregi

        thats the point though we are conditioned in all the training that we are supposed to raise weight where it is hard in order to become stronger but you actually become stronger by not tearing your shit up


      • on September 26, 2012 at 6:28 am gunslingergregi

        50 reps at 90


      • on September 26, 2012 at 4:58 am gunslingergregi

        it will be my bench in 3 months or so he he he
        even get the video goin


  47. figure 3 months or so


  48. ok been actually doing it for a month just taking it slow he he he


  49. Well I skipped all 182 responses so if anyone else has a storey like this one, then eh. It’s really applicable to this post, and fits CH advice, in rather amazing detail, though it’s not in the frame of a pick up. It helped set the path to free a beta co-worker from a money sucking bitch.

    Anyhow a mate at work had been living with this bitch for 9 months or so, the bitch followed him 2000km away down south when we were on a training course. We’re all AJ’s (Army Jerks) some of us more jerks then others. 😀 I was 20 years old at the time, young, dumb and trying to get rid of all my cum.

    Now, I knew this bitch didn’t like me for what ever reason, so much so, she would avoid social events, parties, darts, pool, sport what ever, when our paths did cross she was always icy cold, distant and I was the only one in the group that the bitch felt this way towards. No idea if it was something I said to her when pissed, if I rooted one of her friends down south, maybe I looked similar to an ex, I’ll never know. Bitch sure did hate me to eternity after the ‘Incident’.

    The night I set my mate onto the path of Freedom.

    Myself about 10-12 AJ’s were on the piss, in a pub/night club on a night of the weekend. Every one was sitting on bar stools around a rather large table, when I walked in with one of my mates. 10 -12 AJ’s, Beta mate with his bitch and one of his civi mates who was apparently the best man for his wedding, yeah I forgot they were engaged. Oops. 😀 Are sitting at the table.

    So I go to sit down, obviously I had to go tap bitch on the shoulder, talk in her ear in a semi loud volume due to semi loud music, “Could you please move over!”, Bitch ignores me. So I start kicking her chair a little so I could squeeze in, bitch still ignores me. Funny enough, the civi best man joins in on kicking the chair over, gently bit by bit, bitch ignores both of us. Finally there’s enough room and I sit down, at the table.

    Bitch turns to me and says some really nasty shit, can’t remember what, but I with my cheeky grin puts fingers in beer and then proceeds to flick beer in bitches face, which is caked in make-up. Bitch is shocked from this, bitch looks down to see beer on her blouse to. Bitch looks up in a raging icy cold anger that’s oozing from the eyes, face, and then the bitch, BITCH slaps me as hard as a bitch could across my face, probably left a red mark for a little, BOO HOO. Everyone at the table and surrounding crowd all went silent looking at me, still with a cheeky grin I hold for 2 – 3 seconds, then with a growing Cheshire cats grin I say in a booming voice( I have a loud voice, add beer and it’s like a mega phone when roused.), “Well that didn’t hurt!”, in a calm but slightly sarcastic tone. Everyone at the table and surrounding crowd absolutely cracked up and started laughing hard, some fella’s at the table laughed so hard it hurt, as I know I did.

    Bitches reaction? Well the bitches eyes were streaming rivers of tears, the face screwed up like a British Pitbull, still this did not stop the laughter. 5 seconds later Bitch stands up and ran into the crowd, to the dance floor, still the bitch’s balling it’s little bitchy eyes out. Beta mate reaction? Stands up slowly not knowing what had just happened, and promptly runs after bitch to find out what is wrong and to comfort, the bitch. I didn’t hear from beta mate for a couple of weeks, when we did have a chat, beta mate was spouting “Wasn’t impressed, but wasn’t all your fault as I didn’t know my best man was kicking the chair too.”, I said something along the lines of, “OK, she hates me and was being bitchy, and it just happened.”. This was quite a few years ago but I’ll never forget it, it felt like a cumulative victory over many bitches that’d crossed my path.

    Best thing was no white knights from the crowd came out to avenge her, as even the best man hated her, as did all my AJ mates, apparently I was the only one the bitch hated, yet everyone and I mean everyone hated the thing. So it was mainly shits and giggles with all my mates over this ‘Incident’ the whole night, where we all proceeded to drink copious amounts of beer and had an all round smashing good time.

    This ‘Incident’ also encouraged everyone at work who had been holding their tongues, of their opinions on this bitch, to let loose, so after about another 24 months, the beta peeled off the bitches leech like teeth, off his pulsating bleeding neck, to a new spell of sexless freedom.

    Must be a record at CH using the ‘Bitch’ word, 31 times in my response. Bitch, just to make it an even 32.


    • You sound like an asshole. I see nothing in this story to brag about. Especially since it took him 24 months later. That’s 2 years. (Don’t you love when people use months instead of years to make it sound shorter? 104 weeks later…) So you didn’t make a dent in any of that, if anything you kept him with her longer by making him feel guilty and sorry for her.

      I’m confused over why we are hurrah-ing this story.

      Also, may I give you men one word of Caution…..Sometimes the evil money seeking bitch is not so bad of a choice for your uber-beta friends. I have some weird beta friends (imagine a 6′ tall man who rarely speaks with a trust fund) who married girls like that…even the parents refused to attend the wedding….but I said to my friends “You know she’s a bitch…but…she won’t cheat and have lots of his babies. He’s a weird guy whose not going to change…better her than who knows what.”

      A relative of mine actually broke up a wedding to a bitch…and the guy ended up not getting someone better…but doing way worse and destroying his life and future and children. The first girl, though problematic, was safer than what was waiting for him out there…in the darkness….


  50. In situations like that I have laughed into the girl’s face, turned to one of the others in the group and said, “So she’s channeling her inner b*tch tonight? I think I’ll go off to greener pastures. Good luck with her tonight, you’ll need it…”

    I’ve actually had some of the cuter girls come up to the group I’m with and apologize for the biotch and want to “make it up” to me.

    I always carry comp tickets for some of the shows I produce and direct, so situations like that are great for recruiting, the nicer ones. And since the tickets have my name and say clearly all proceeds go to benefit a charity – it almost always turns out to benefit me one way or another. Either through reputation, or direct action… Of course I tell her, “Bring a date, or one of your nicer friends.”

    I think it was Obama that said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” I disagree with him about most things, but that’s a motto that I’ve lived by all of my life.


  51. I simply don’t care enough to get angry.


  52. “… Hot emotions can be corralled and channeled, just like yogis can train themselves to focus inwardly and feel less pain. …”
    For a yogi there are two broad categories of pain – the sharp, shooting pain caused by too rapid or too intense of a movement for the body in that moment, and general pain. The body naturally defends against the first kind by its automatic reaction. General pain is what yogis work with – in the beginning with tricks, treats, promises of rewards, and later by learning to exhale slowly thus releasing this ‘pain’. Not sure if and how this would apply to hot emotions. But practice does lift the fog from the mind and improve vision.


  53. “Number 2 can be mastered simply by willing yourself to pause for a second or two in mental silence before responding to a girl who has attempted to get under your skin. The pause of alphaness is a powerful technique, and will help you gather your thoughts and keep a poker face. It is also very unsettling to your opponent.”

    Dude, this is application of mindfulness to Game! They teach this as a general technique for all stress-inducing stimuli.


  54. I’ll admit I had a much beloved experience like explicated in the article. I was having a good time at a party, hitting on girls, getting drunk really fast, and generally being a loveable douche, when the Queen Bitch of the girl clan decided to assert her social superiority, figuring that because I was being so openly lame that I’d be vulnerable to her acerbic and cutting assault of decribing precisely all of my failings that she had instantly divined, and that I’d be ripped up and left bleeding in a pool of my inadequacy. (Obviously, she’s fully embodies the character of ‘killjoy’).

    Not only was I genuinely unimpressed by her (being a somewhat lower caliber of woman than I’m used to), I was in far too good a mood to care, and I only listened to her little flailing accostment (or whatever the word’d be) because I’m secretly courteous.

    Turns out, courtesy completely annihilates Queen Bitches. Not only did I fully embrace my love of lameness (my crime was asking girls their names and trying to remember them like it was important, admittedly lame, except I was playing by my rules which unlames everything :D), but I distinctly remember responding to what the Queen Bitch likely felt was a devastating expose’ of my inner child, that in the time that she had been talking to me she had completely lost my interest in any conversation with her (I was even so callous as to suggest that I wasn’t interested in learning her name anymore, not like I was before; not with someone so obviously anti-lame). I said this with what was to my recollection unfailing politeness and complete selfless honesty. And it totally gamed her. Not only did I basically put her away in a corner to contemplate her smallness, but I instantly won the love of all her (?) friends. And I did this with the equivalent alcohol-reduced IQ of an over-talkative (but seductive) orangutan. She was basically forced to concede that actually I was really awesome and King-like (and possessed of saint-like humility), and she was some sort of anachronistic stone-age douche for not immediately realising it.

    I don’t know why, but somehow, it’s the most satisfying thing to devastate a douchebag by treating them really decently. (Well, I felt like I was being decent.) The best way to beat pettiness is to make them realise they are playing by your rules. (A modern interpolation of New Testament scripture about shining lamps and such, is my opinion. :D)

    I think it must be so satisfying because you didn’t ‘beat’ someone by being a clever liar, you were the genuine you-should-be-admiring-me thing.

    So while the defeated antagonist was not worth much in herself, as social conflicts go (of which I experience surprisingly few, which is why I remember this singular one), it’s still immensely satisfying to realise that retaliating with the combined fury of a thousand flying laserbears isn’t actually the Jack of Spades in these sitches. It must be why Jesus kicked ass.

    Actually, come to think of it, I’ve done this twice. This time at the party was just combating pettiness, but I did something of this nature (because I behave more drunk when I’m sober to be honest, but I seldom need to defend my character) to another woman, except I was just converting a quite attractive woman to my team. It was glorious. And it’s all because I watched too much Kim Possible. Ron Stoppable is like the Nikola Tesla of my girl getting strategy. That dude has been vastly underestimated by a whole generation of cartoon watchers for his social acumen. XD
    Don’t pretend you don’t TOTES love that cartoon too! O.O (Unless you haven’t seen it, in which case your life is a cold, bleak place. And see how I just embrace my deep-souled enigmatic ways?)

    And I can see your suspicious telemetric thoughts, but this totally wasn’t just a beer-addled delusion of a party where I actually was a horrible crime against love, joy and merciful nature. I haz fotos. So HAH.

    And just to clarify, this whole post wasn’t just so I could rub my sticky self-love all over your faces with unnecessarily invoked sexual imagery… Well no, actually it was. XD REGRET. REGRET YOUR LITERACY! O.O


  55. I think, by definition, every guy in the MRM has a story to tell of having to restrain himself at the sheer arrogance and vulgarity of a female. No surprise.

    And one of the benefits and goals of the MRM is to share these truths and stories with other men (for support and encouragement) as well as the younger lads (too naive to know better).


  56. my natural friend has a amazing response to this sort of behavior.

    he slowly tilts his head to the side as his facial expression gradually turns from neutral to strange and dumb (it’s tough to describe). all while maintaining eye contact and saying nothing. ‘wait, you’re not being serious right now, are you?’ would be its the verbal equal. the key is to do it slowly.


  57. on September 25, 2012 at 5:28 pm Obstinance Works

    You don’t have to learn pickup to get hot black girls. You just have to be white and really drunk.


  58. ”It’s obvious.
    Either you’re really short, or you’re trying to draw attention since you feel inadequate because of your height. 5’8-5’9 is average and no one will ever notice it. Especially tall girls who themselves feel inadequate because most girls are tiny.

    But most probably, you’re a beta aspie keyboard jockey wannabe. At least learn to make your stories believable.”

    So that’s all you got huh? Technically 5’10 is average and I am about 1 1/2 inches shorter than that and people have commented on my height on more than one occasion. Don’t you know If you’re average you’re considered small in this world?

    Not seeing what makes my story so unbelievable. Don’t want to believe that bitches can be that rude/stupid? Nice ad hominem attack btw, beta aspie keyboard jockey wannabe haha. Got any other brilliant insights?


  59. “American girls are getting manlier and, hence, nastier”

    Nastiness is much closer related to estrogen than testosterone.


  60. on September 25, 2012 at 8:34 pm gunslingergregi

    calm also works pretty good in life or death situations every one i have been in calm even when i fight i am calm


  61. on September 25, 2012 at 8:37 pm gunslingergregi

    dude came at me with hammer didn’t yell didn’t scream didn’t say don’t hit me just looked at his hand with the hammer calm and shufflin waiting for the move


  62. WOW. Heavy ass shit goin on in this comment board. I just wanna address this “American girls are getting manlier” which I guess makes the presumption manliness = nastiness…which, is that true? Is this something men are proud of?

    Anyhow, not the question. I suffer from a lack of femininity. I can be nasty, but my nastiness usually exposes itself during girl on girl cat fights and is rare. I’m just not “girly”. I know men like this, need this. I grew up with a mom who fixed things around the house and a dad who packed more clothes than all of the fam combined on vaca’s (and yes he is def an Alpha…just a well dressed one who’d rather play sports than built stuff). So I’m used to doing things on my own, not appearing “needy”, not good at being affectionate etc.

    What are some things I can do to be less “manly”? By just looking at a chic, you can feel femininity or not, I don’t exude it, any tips. I’m trying to grow here, allow vulnerability…


    • Hon, this is not the place for vulnerability and asking these guys for tips on how to be more feminine is like a gazelle asking a hyena how it could make itself more tasty for their digesting pleasure.

      Pro-tip: If you’re looking to be more feminine, observe the women around you that you find have that quality as you define it. Determine what exactly you find feminine about them and mimic it.


      • I have to agree with Poetry, but since I’ve had to walk the same road, maybe I can give you some more specific advice.

        Do not be vulnerable or allow yourself to look so in public generally. Nobody is used to that anymore, and it will confuse people into thinking you are an easy target. Some predatory betas and omegas seek out women who they believe have low self esteem because they’ve been taught this means more than it does, who have just enough girliness to pass the boner test, but who aren’t what one would call “conventionally attractive”. You don’t want one of those.

        Get a mentor who is an older eastern European woman who is aging extremely well. They are a wealth of good information on how to optimize your looks as an individual, rather than necessarily conforming to the general or media “ideal”.

        If you are fat or tall and relatively thickly built, you’re going to have some trouble because size differential is part of the sexual dimorphism that shapes men’s ideas about femininity. So focus on how you appear to guys who are bigger and taller than you. Don’t let guys who are less than a few inches taller than you, or who look physically weak, especially if they have skinny thighs and underdeveloped buttocks anywhere near you. Don’t be mean to them or something, just don’t consider them a sexual prospect because they are settling, not really attracted to you.

        Use them as target practice for your graciousness. Being nice to people shows that you can be nice, and if you are being hunted by someone butch, this is a good thing.

        However, to the general public, keep your guard up, but just don’t be bitchy about it. One thing relatively masculine but non feminist women do that messes them up is behaving in a way that makes it too clear that you feel safe in your world, and being overly friendly in the let’s all be pals kind of way. It is more feminine to have a shield that comes off not like a bitch shield, but a fear shield. It’s hard to explain…basically, you should have borders.

        Only when you meet a guy who is butch enough for you, has other options and chooses you, should you let your submissive side come out. Then it’s just a matter of listening to what he’s offering, deciding if you want any, and rolling with it. Let the man lead.

        Seriously though, get a mentor. Best thing I ever did for myself in that regard.


      • Wow Nicole, thanks, that was articulate and helpful. Any chance you would like to be my mentor;)?

        I am 5’5 and 120-125 lbs. I have like those “perfect female dimensions” mentioned in another article here. 34-26-36, sometimes I gain 5lbs and go a size up, but I’m so proportional and am always fit – that it always looks feminine. I am also not particularly picky about height as some women are. If a man “stands tall”, meaning, exudes confidence, I won’t notice or care if he is 5’6.

        Funny you mention finding an older eastern European woman who is aging well to mentor me. I happen to live with one and she is the person that told me my problem in finding “the right guy” is that I am not feminine enough. Well, she doesn’t speak English, but that was how my roommate explained it (I live with a girl my age and her older Russian aunt).

        I definitely need to learn to tread the line between being closed off and coming off as bitchy and mastering the feminine mystique. Telling enough, holding back enough to keep them interested. A problem I often run into is I write men off quickly, if I don’t find myself interested in them I put my guard down right away, which is no good because feelings change or he may have friends that are potential mates. I’ll see what I can do about finding an English speaking mentor… thanks!


      • Audacious, your welcome, and thank you for the offer, but I’m not ready. Maybe when I’m 60 or so, I’ll be able to touch the meticulously polished pinky toe of my mentor.

        Probe your live-in for more specifics, or follow them around for awhile, and do what they do. This is how I discovered all sorts of goodies like that facials really matter, that just about all women who stay slim and low on wrinkles into their later years are actually doing intermittent fasting, and to be engaging and entertaining, but have something like a “professional distance”. The latter was the most difficult because I was like everybody’s pal.

        About body size and men, since you’re relatively small, just about all men are big to you. Even for us larger girls, most men are going to be stronger than us. You have to look at how they relate and compare to each other though.

        A strong woman is not going to register in a relatively weak man’s mind as female enough to trigger his protective instincts. You may be able to lure them with femininity, but as soon as your bodies start intertwining, he’s going to feel if he’s outmatched. He may like it, but it is not telling his hindbrain this is a fragile flower or treasure. For him, it’s going to be like doing another dude, and he’s going to try to make it casual.

        This was part of my problem back when I was of just about the same dimensions and even smaller. The guys who actually committed were the bad asses to whom both psychologically and physically, I was a fragile flower.

        We’d love to be able to be democratic and friendly and give everybody a chance based on personality or whatever, but one’s physical reality shapes their mental, including emotional, reality. There are the superminds…I dated a disabled guy for awhile who was, let’s just say, a scary person for other reasons. These are very rare though.

        So a small man exuding confidence is not enough. If he hasn’t seen action in Mogadishu or something similar, it is unlikely that he will have enough caveman protector juice for you. Not enough scars, not enough Mars. 😉


      • I’m not vulnerable. I wanna be ravaged like a gazelle, just romantically ravaged. Thanks for the tip though, I’ll do some people watching, listening and… not be myself to catch a man. How sweet is that 🙂


      • Your primary objective whether you’ve realised it yet or not is to attract a high quality male, keep him using your charms and to bear some happy children. Don’t overcomplicate – it’s that simple.

        Be thin, don’t be opinionated, loud, obnoxious. Don’t blog about sex bucket lists, it’s not ladylike it’s attention-ho material. Don’t attention-ho. Don’t put out easily. Challenges are attractive. Have principles that guard your vag from crappy suitors. Don’t show off about being able to drink a lot, it’s not clever. Don’t be tattooed. Don’t dress like a stripper. If you do want to do the above then go ahead but realise that the best you’ll be able to do is settle for a low quality guy that you’ll end up divorcing. Be reincarnated as a Japanese woman if possible.

        Best advice, find a guy much stronger than you are. There’s a girl I know who is a libtard lost at sea like you appear to be, I put her in her place whenever I see her. It’s most endearing to see the change from motormouth idiot to sweet female. Seems that you might need a bit of that.


      • Aside from the comments about my blog and its postings, which I hope on some level you realize is for the most part a cyber persona. I have in the past ruined relationships by speaking too candidly about sex and have learned since that is a for sure no-no. I still enjoy talking about sex, and having it (though I have since stopped after my last break-up and don’t intend to sleep with anyone else until I am in a solid, for life committed relationship….however long that takes) so this blog is a nice anonymous outlet for that side of me.

        I have no tats, Have always dressed conservatively, even my own mother has told me to show a little more skin. I enjoy looking nice but not skanky. I won;t ever settle or divorce. I may end up a lonely old maid, but I’d chose that over settling, I have never been attracted to “low quality” guys and honestly can hardly stand interacting with them. The women in my family, on both sides are strong, and never settled, never divorced (parents just celebrated 30 years last week!).

        Not sure what a libertard is exactly. I do think your advice on finding a stronger man is solid. I need, want to be whipped into shape so to speak. I got part way there with the last guy, but for all his dominating, masculine qualities, he would get overly emotional at times and that killed it. Thanks again, for the tips.

        Thank you for the advice about finding a guy stronger than I am.


      • How about you start by changing that picture.You doing shots or cum guzzling? Either way….


      • You guys are hilarious. My pic a stock photo. My blog is an online persona. I will def change the pic though if I ever start using this site to pick up men. Otherwise, I think I’ll focus on real world related advice. Which by the way, a few of your comrades provided some actual quality suggestions.


    • you need to venture into Mordor undetected and cast the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. only then will you understand what femininity is.


    • This will get me flamed, but fuck it:


      Do a search for ‘feminity’. There you go.


  63. on September 26, 2012 at 7:23 am gunslingergregi

    to be feminine cry but also be you. catfights are feminine. This chick makes me hot comes in my place just starts cleaning my shit up. Good stuff. Learn to put a personal touch on things in a feminine way. This chick will put her picture on the light switch for me to have to look at if i turn off light. Claim your territory in a feminin way.
    Learn to develop your coy look when looking at a man not a in your face shit. Be that too though. Impress with your feminity in traditional feminin roles. For the time she is here she always improves my life in some way and adds a 100 little touches here and there that you know she was there. Which even though she bad for me in some ways it is tough as hell to kick her out my life. For me that also means feeding me at the table at resteraunts. Shaving me and maintaining my body. plus helping me lose weight on the semxytime program.


    • Yes, the claiming of the territory and cleaning up – I’ve been “trained” on that one by the ex. It’s compulsive now. I go to a guys’ place and I’m folding his laundry, rearranging his dishwasher (I swear men DO NOT now how to properly arrange a fridge or dishwasher, so weird) and find them or bring them something to eat. Got the cooking and reorganization part down, as well as the adding feminine touches.

      I won’t feed a man at a restaurant…c’mon are you looking for a wife or mother? And shaving you? I mean if that’s what your into….I’ve done other things for men like gently extract in-grown hairs but I’m not a 1950’s barber. Shaving is man time.

      Sounds like you got yourself a great gal and really love her. That’s sweet! I am fairly self sufficient as well. I travel a lot on my own, had to learn how to do things I never thought I would like put snow chains on tires, find my way back to base after a wrong turn on a long hike…I was thinking about taking an orienteering class…maybe I’ll look into that. Thanks for sharing, and again, you sound really happy 🙂


  64. on September 26, 2012 at 7:44 am gunslingergregi

    my wife is actually pretty hardcore as in drop her in middle of wilderness and she will be able to live and raise a kid with nothing. Yet every pic i have of her and i she touching me in some way thats hot like she needs me. She wants to be close to me. I like the chicks who can do it all though but yea i think she definetly practiced some of her looks but they still hot.


  65. Anti-game works in these situations as long as you aren’t going to poison the well by having a hottie see you.

    What has worked for me is an obvious ‘up, down, and around’ checking out before saying anything, avoiding eye contact, and making limp-wristed ‘push away’ gestures.


  66. To add, the ‘disgusted’ facial expression in the absence of words is AWESOME for this. upper lip raised, nose crunched, eyebrows pulled down. This is a really fast easy way to get rid of someone.


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  68. on October 12, 2012 at 1:41 pm Dumpster Fire

    Holy shit. Started reading the comments and forgot what this article was about. Stick to the hate pages whore this is about putting women in their place, not shitting on black people. Hijacked thread with a racial troll. Nicole, you should be smarter than that.