The Business Of Game

There’s an interesting article on Yahoo of all places, about the ways in which people are susceptible to subtle advertising and product placement manipulation. The author of a new book “Brandwashed”, uses Whole Foods as an example of the myriad ways you fall under the spell of clever retail strategies. While reading about Whole Foods’ devious treachery, I couldn’t help but notice parallels between retail practices and game.

Let’s take for example Whole Foods, a market chain priding itself on selling the highest quality, freshest, and most environmentally sound produce. No one could argue that their selection of organic food and take-away meals are whole, hearty, and totally delicious. But how much thought have you given to how they’re actually presenting their wares? Have you considered the careful planning that goes into every detail that meets the eye?

Game Parallel: Tight game means the girl will never be consciously aware that she’s being gamed, nor will she ever become cognizant of the amount of effort you, as the man, put into your presentation. Instead, you want her to think it will all seem to “just happen” and “it was magic”. She doesn’t need to be concerned with the messy details of seduction; she only needs to feel those good feelings.

Let’s pay a visit to Whole Foods’ splendid Columbus Circle store in New York City. As you descend the escalator you enter the realm of a freshly cut flowers. These are what advertisers call “symbolics” — unconscious suggestions. In this case, letting us know that what’s before us is bursting with freshness.

Flowers, as everyone knows, are among the freshest, most perishable objects on earth. Which is why fresh flowers are placed right up front — to “prime” us to think of freshness the moment we enter the store. Consider the opposite — what if we entered the store and were greeted with stacks of canned tuna and plastic flowers? Having been primed at the outset, we continue to carry that association, albeit subconsciously, with us as we shop.

Game Parallel: Your first impression has to be good. You are presenting yourself as “fresh, bursting manhood”, not a plastic beta cut-out. Your “symbolics” are your style, your walk, your alpha posture, your body language, your vocal tone and cadence, and any shiny accoutrements you wear to attract the child-like attention of the woman. Having primed a woman at the outset, she will be more willing to hear the rest of your pitch.

The prices for the flowers, as for all the fresh fruits and vegetables, are scrawled in chalk on fragments of black slate — a tradition of outdoor European marketplaces. It’s as if the farmer pulled up in front of Whole Foods just this morning, unloaded his produce, then hopped back in his flatbed truck to drive back upstate to his country farm. The dashed-off scrawl also suggests the price changes daily, just as it might at a roadside farm stand or local market. But in fact, most of the produce was flown in days ago, its price set at the Whole Foods corporate headquarters in Texas. Not only do the prices stay fixed, but what might look like chalk on the board is actually indelible; the signs have been mass-produced in a factory.

Game Parallel: Scripted routines and stories that demonstrate high value. The DHV story is your chalkboard price. She thinks you just rolled up with your high value fresh eggplant and kiwis falling off the truck; little does she know your story is rehearsed and was practiced on multitudes of women before her.

Ever notice that there’s ice everywhere in this store? Why? Does hummus really need to be kept so cold? What about cucumber-and-yogurt dip? No and no. This ice is another symbolic. Similarly, for years now supermarkets have been sprinkling select vegetables with regular drops of water — a trend that began in Denmark. Why? Like ice displays, those sprinkled drops serve as a symbolic, albeit a bogus one, of freshness and purity. Ironically, that same dewy mist makes the vegetables rot more quickly than they would otherwise. So much for perception versus reality.

Game Parallel: Rings, tight t-shirts, bracelets and props. The usual titillating tools of the trade. Also, negs. Negs are the crushed ice of conversation; a helpful reminder that the produce (you) that she’s checking out lays atop a cooling foundation of freshness-preserving amused mastery.

Speaking of fruit, you may think a banana is just a banana, but it’s not. Dole and other banana growers have turned the creation of a banana into a science, in part to manipulate perceptions of freshness. In fact, they’ve issued a banana guide to greengrocers, illustrating the various color stages a banana can attain during its life cycle. Each color represents the sales potential for the banana in question. For example, sales records show that bananas with Pantone color 13-0858 (otherwise known as Vibrant Yellow) are less likely to sell than bananas with Pantone color 12-0752 (also called Buttercup), which is one grade warmer, visually, and seems to imply a riper, fresher fruit.

Game Parallel: Preselection. Chicks dig the buttercup cock. You are convincing her your cock is the perfect Pantone color, at peak ripeness. Quickest way to do this is to be seen with other women, or insinuate that you get plenty of attention from other women.

And as for apples? Believe it or not, my research found that while it may look fresh, the average apple you see in the supermarket is actually 14 months old.

Game Parallel: Non-neediness. You mouthstuffed 14 girls on the walk through the parking lot to the club using the same schtick on them that you are now using on her. But she thinks she just plucked you and she’s the center of your universe.

Then there’s those cardboard boxes with anywhere from eight to ten fresh cantaloupes packed inside each one. These boxes could have been unpacked easily by any one of Whole Foods’ employees, but they’re left that way on purpose. Why? For that rustic, aw-shucks touch. In other words, it’s a symbolic to reinforce the idea of old-time simplicity.

Game Parallel: Strategic vulnerability. Temper your cockiness with brief flashes of empathy. It makes you seem more attainable.

But wait, something about these boxes looks off. Upon close inspection, this stack of crates looks like one giant cardboard box. It can’t be, can it? It is. In fact, it’s one humongous cardboard box with fissures cut carefully down the side that faces consumers (most likely by some industrial machinery at a factory in China) to make it appear as though this one giant cardboard box is made up of multiple stacked boxes. It’s ingenious in its ability to evoke the image of Grapes of Wrath-era laborers piling box after box of fresh fruit into the store.

Game Parallel: Beta provider game. If you’re good, you can plausibly promise marriage and white picket fences for years before she catches on that you’re just one giant box of erect penis.

So the next time you happen to grab your wallet to go shopping, don’t be fooled: retailers for better or for worse, are the masters of seduction and priming — brandwashing us to believe in perception rather than reality.

Game Parallel: The alteration of perception to achieve the ultimate seduction. Game is certainly about altering a girl’s perception of you, but when you do it enough times, the perception becomes reality. It is a reality the girl herself has co-conspired to create.

Whole Foods is in the business of selling produce and expensive cheeses. Whole Game is the business of selling yourself. Why wouldn’t you use every sales technique at your disposal? If you don’t out of some misplaced moral compunction, you will soon be put out of business by the competition.


  1. on October 13, 2011 at 1:19 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    “Whole Foods is in the business of selling produce and expensive cheeses. Whole Game is the business of selling yourself. Why wouldn’t you use every sales technique at your disposal? If you don’t out of some misplaced moral compunction, you will soon be put out of business by the competition.”

    zlzozozzozozzzzzoz Game is the business of selling produce and expensive cheesewhizzzzz whizzzin out of my lotsa cockas lzozlzzozzo.

    It’sss easyssysy to gizizizialalaizzz on girrllrsss lzozzozlz but can you ever get them to pay for yroru expesnive produce> zlzoozozoz?


  2. Game, like selling expensive food, has different customer sets, too.

    Similarity: Most stores want to maximize profit in the long term relationship they have with a customer: short term profits aren’t as important as repeat business. That’s where the store will throw out loss leaders, just like a proper man will throw out small and random bits of beta love when he wants repeat business (from the same dame).

    Difference: Whole Foods will reduce the price of a high margin product when it comes close to expiration – what men have doesn’t expire, so a man should never lower the price a broad has to pay for acquiring his services and products.

    Similarity: The grocer has limited hours for the shopper to visit, they’re not open 24/7. Access to the man has even more limited hours, he doesn’t come when beckoned on her schedule.

    Difference: The retailer offers plenty of competitive products at all different price ranges. The man is a monopoly, a rare specimen that any single woman can lose if she doesn’t jump at the chance offered to her.

    Similarity: Whole Foods offers fresh, frozen and prepared goods, giving the customer choice. The man changes things up on a date, bouncing to different locations to give the woman some choice of excitement.

    Difference: The store focuses on healthy, non-toxic products. A man offers a good balance of riskiness and toxic addiction to keep a woman always striving to try to make him happy.

    Similarity: Whole Foods lets customers recycle, if they desire it. The man lets a woman recycle and reuse, if he desires it.


    • Also, a submission to the Beta of the Month for the next 17 years:


      • That is really aggravating to see rich fools demand that I be taxed more. If they feel they aren’t taxed enough they can already cut a check and send it to the US government. But no, they want to hike my taxes too.


      • heh, the really sad part is that they’re not the 1%. The 1% are the Rich, and they’re quaking in their boots these days, not making blogs.


      • I agree that these people are fucking delusional if they think they are even close to the 1%.

        Though I disagree that the real 1% are quaking in their boots.


      • People are so dumb, they are not even close to the 1%.

        Everyone has such a goddamn high opinion of themselves.

        I have a masters degree and no student loans??? This is the 1%?

        Talk to me when you have a yahct with a helicopter on it.


      • 1% is only 1 in 100, which is not really that incredible – about $500,000/year if we’re using a reasonably tight standard (some would say $350,000/year). It’s very possible that these people are kids/wives of successful people, and are just bitter that their loved ones are neglecting them for the money.


      • Or more likely they are factoring in being 1% of the worlds billions in which case its prob true but not as relevant overall.


      • Notice how none of those people seems to actually have earned their wealth? It’s always “I was born into” or some derivative thereof. They can feel free to donate their wealth to some supposed bum occupying wall street if the family member who worked for it dies…

        What they want to impose a tax on income, not wealth. This only guarantees that no one can get wealthy from working anymore (unless on Wall Street or with a lot of luck). Those who are wealthy can keep their fortune. Also, have they ever heard of charity?


      • btw., how great is this:

        The sense of entitlement is mind boggling. Let me get my checkbook to subsidize your stupid choices.


      • Note how they are mostly women. And betas.


      • Hmm, if only there were organizations that take money from people who don’t need it, to hand out to the less fortunate. Guess there aren’t such things, so take it from me forcefully. But also from all these other people who DO want their cash.

        Fucking stupid mentality. I hope they all get Aids.


  3. Let me introduce you to my little friend… I call him “buttercup”.


  4. on October 13, 2011 at 1:49 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    Whole Foods offers fresh foods and soda pops and vitamin waters that nobody has stuck their cockas in yet lzozoozozzzo

    American Woemnz by the time you can talk to them legally have had lostasssa cockas pre-stuck in all tehir orfices in obdedieience to the bernakifying sex-ed promass zlzozlzz

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    • I so wish you’d just leave.


      • on October 13, 2011 at 3:39 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


        i know i know

        you tatsed my salty manlihood on her tuna salad that i tossedd when you wnet down on her without a hazmat suit that i recommend

        now you wish i would just leave
        which i do
        i just came! splllo9geoeoelelelelel! time 2 go!

        i don’t mind sharing, rarfy, if you dodn’t mind goin second lzozozozlz


      • Who jizzes a fuck what you think asshole….?


      • Rarfy,

        You’re missing the point of GBFM’s shtick — which also happens to be the point of his post above.

        GBFM is using a peculiar persona as a way to brand himself, to stand out in an overcrowded market of commentary where we all appear the same, by virtue of the medium’s format. PUA lingo calls it “peacocking.” Bad PR is good PR.

        Love or hate his style, he has been made known. Like the fellow on the street with the sandwich board and bell, proclaiming the end to be nigh, volume attracts attention.

        It’s an interesting gambit. I usually wait for his fan club to translate his prolixity into sound bites in their replies, as wading through the massive gobbledygook to discern wisdom is not worth the level of wisdom he appears to be peddling.

        And yet, his thoughts are not abjectly worthless. He is attempting to express an obscurantist connection between game and politics that may indeed have merit. By the translations of his replying fans, he does seem to have a coherent theory, despite deliberate appearances of incoherence to the contrary.

        Like many others, I wish he would speak plainly, but that would be at cross purposes with his branding strategy. It’s not enough to just have a superior product, as many failed companies know. You have to have a good marketing division, too. Cream can’t rise to the top in an undifferentiated combox colony.

        The “marketplace of ideas” (Holmes) isn’t always the best stage for wisdom to thrive, as it is subject to spam and demagoguery and audience flattery. But it stands as a rough and ready, first-level test against bullshit. GBFM’s staying power — and indulgence by the site’s admin — is testament that he is above mere bullshit. How much “above” is for his readers to discern. I for one can’t make it through the white noise. Others can.


      • But without the one-and-only gbfm, where would the serious deep gravitas of this blog be?

        LozlLzlzlz on!


  5. This is broadly a good analogy- despite the dubious SWPL-beta nature of Whole Foods! As expressions like “peacocking” convey, males display and females choose in the mating game. So the principles of advertising and image-enhancing in modern society obviosuly make for more effective display. Some of the specific parallels are a bit off, though, especially in the latter half. And good game is untimately internalized to inner game, not worn like a pair opf goggles or furry hat. In other words, the less obvious or manipulative the technique, the more effective it can be. One other difference, related to this, is that gaming a girl works best when tailored to her personality- i.e., a customer of one, not the mass-market thinking used by Whole Foods in this analogy.


  6. sorry, ultimately, not untimately. typo.


  7. Last weekend a rich-princess type was at my house for a party. As a fitness test, she asked me when I last got laid. It doesn’t matter what I said (“my pipes are good” or something)- she was looking for ‘one of those guys’ that gets fucked all the time.

    Later that night in front of a club, another flooz with a vastly over-inflated sense of SMV would interrupt our conversation to state how badly she wanted to fuck the bouncer. Who she had never talked to.

    Folks, good luck trying to find a woman who likes you for your vibe. It is abundantly clear hot American girls have embraced their basic states- they are going to fuck the quarterback.

    The game community has vastly underestimated just how committed women are to fucking the guy at the very tippy top. Women aren’t just looking for “an alpha” guy. They are designed to disregard not just you and your friends at a bar, not just most of the football team, but literally every swinging dick except the guy holding the football, getting the attention, star of the show.

    Heartiste has discovered very specific things that women look for and as time goes on he is proved right again and again. Bitches want Pantone 12-0752. Anything else, pick up lines, day game, etc., is Bush league.

    For those of you who like to pontificate about the awesome alpha things you do, and I don’t care why you do it, YOU’RE NOT GETTING AS MUCH GRADE A TAIL AS YOU WANT TO BE and you fucking know it. And this is A-OK. You are forgiven. Fresh Start.

    Either commit to being great and figure out how to get there, or shut the fuck up. Your mediocre, above-average wins might make you more successful than 90% of the male population, but the 90th percentile isn’t waking up next to these girls:

    Game hobbyists have barely scratched the surface. So far game has described how to project normalcy with a touch of superiority. We need to be projecting supremacy. We know some of the signals chicks look for. We really have no idea how to respond.


    • on October 13, 2011 at 2:42 pm a posting handle

      i’d like to see more commentary from ch (the only game writer i bother to read) about how to apply similar principles to getting ahead in male competition or the professional world. there’s not too much more to say about gaming women – some combination of game and Dale Carnegie would be interesting. while sex competition has descended back to the state of nature, the feminization of the professions has made knowledge of fox-like, social politicking much more important for professional power and financial success – something that frustrates a lot of males who are geared more towards straightforward and aggressive competition.


      • on October 14, 2011 at 9:11 am wolverinejesus

        You should talk to Adam Dada about this. He appears to have melded his online pick up persona with his real life business persona. I’m sure that the clients are lining up.


      • Ha. Comical, almost.

        A true man is a man regardless of the definition of his relationships. That the true man has relationships based on his rules is what we need more males to understand.


      • on October 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm wolverinejesus

        Good luck earning a real living. I loved the photoshop btw. Very believable, almost.


    • The correct answer to the question, “When did you last get laid?” is “That depends, what time is it now?”

      Which I remember from a classic 1980s alpha, Dan(John Larroquette) on the TV show Night Court.


    • Runaway Sexual Selection is happening now. Less and less slack is cut by women on approaches. Probably to a lesser extent outside major cities and maybe it’s because I’m in LA, but if you are not well connected within the industry, or your nonverbals aren’t down to a T that you are getting fucked by women, you’ll be fucking your hand.


    • if you think that a bouncer is a king-of-the-castle alpha (actually a high power low status position) and that just because one bar slut vocalized a primal fantasy that there is some great meaning about the general female population behind it, then youre really not in a position to be talking at ppl about attraction dynamics like you do.

      another EG. when that girl asked you when you last got laid, shes not testing to see whether you get laid to see whether you’re fuckworthy, shes just fucking with you and testing if your frame is solid (bc this type of question is subconsciously intended to make most guys nervous and/or excited. w u i think it was the latter). responding with “my pipes are good” is better than a straightfwd answer but you’re still playing into her qualifying frame. and it wasn’t witty or funny either. ie, you get a C for that test (not a fail, but nuthin to brag about). did you end up sleeping w that girl? my bet is not, even though she was ripe for the picking if you had better game than u did.

      as for the quarterback or whatev. its not necessarily being a pro athlete that attracts the babes, its the inherent, natural confidence that many elite athletes have, and that the avg joe can mimic w the principle of game.

      athlete and/or $ status alone is not enough. see for EG pro hockey player wives and GFs. take a look at the Vancouver canucks

      peep the sedin twins wives. some of the best hockey players in the world, multi-millionaires, and leaders of an almost-championship team. and super ugly wives. and they aren’t the exception either, quite a few NHL players have less than impressive SOs.

      [Heartiste: You’re right about that guy playing into the girl’s frame. “my pipes are clean” is playing by her rules. Better answer is something along the lines of: “Are you the sex police?” or a simple “perv” will do.]


      • on October 13, 2011 at 7:05 pm GreatBoobsForMen

        Would “Ask your mom?” work?


      • Agree with Student. Shocker, you just got slipped the shocker, by a guy.

        To launch into a rant catapulted by some drunk slut murmuring “I wanna fuck the bouncer” indicates weak game and frustration.

        Never take “what” a woman says seriously, ever.


      • Wouldn’t a simple “A gentleman never tells” coupled with good memories that are visually playing out in your mind be a better answer? It’s not really a reframe, but you indicate that you get some regularly, enjoy it and that you’ll be discreet about it.


      • the whole point is to avoid being led on a leash, and put her in her place for even trying to do so. see his edit for good EGs of quick n easy tingle causing chin checks.


    • “When did you last get laid?”

      “Last night. But he gave shitty head.” (yes, “he”)

      Bouncers have situational confidence/value. They’re low on society’s status pole but king of the hill in the club. Does a girl’s brain realize “I’m in a shit-hole bar?” No lol Her brain just sees “other men supplicate to him, other girls want to fuck him, and his frame dominates everyone else’s”, so she’s attracted. These are the same traits game teaches you to demonstrate.

      If you think she has to talk to the bouncer to be attracted, or that she likes the quarterback because of his sports skill or muscles, or that when a celebrity walks into the club all the girls snub every other guy because the celebrity is rich or a good actor or handsome, you’re still looking at surface-level shit and you don’t understand how the bouncer, quarterback and celebrity are demonstrating attractive traits or how their jobs/fame influence their display of those traits.

      PUAs have already broken down how to directly compete with, tool, and take girls from these guys. We call it AMOG tactics:

      And if they’re dating, there’s boyfriend destroyers for sabotaging their relationship:

      The Chateau’s version of game is very toned down and socially friendly, which is ultimately a healthier outlook than seeing other guys as competition, but understanding the above two oldschool PUA posts allows you to take girls from the metaphorical quarterback.

      But most guys don’t have a strong enough frame or enough balls to successfully use this stuff, which is good because most of them would get their asses kicked trying it lol


    • Chill, man. We all know that game will only get you so far. And that looks and money can make a difference all else being equal.
      We also know that you better buy a yacht if you want all eyez on you and bitches pursuing you like a dream.

      You forget to say that with a tight game, you chances of bumping into a 9 or 10 once in a while increase dramatically.

      Otherwise yeah, last time i checked, the war for money and status was still on.


  8. I need input.i betad up with my gf.broke up 3 weeks ago.she’s initiated contact a couple of times.we always see each other since we school together and im still keeping on the low. She clearly wants me back but there’s one problem. Her ugly friend. She’s like a fat troll from hell. My gf,rather ex listens to her,and i think not because she wants to,but because of fear of wrath of the troll. Now, whats the best way forward?im more into getting back at the troll than winning back my Ex. But i wouldnt mind a win win.


    • Before I can answer, I need to know how many new gals are you going out with next week?


    • “whats the best way forward?im more into getting back at the troll than winning back my Ex”

      there is no forward. fourth down, ur 5 yard line. u punt and hope for the best. move on. but id say you’re not getting the ball back anytime soon, esp w ur attitude and bitterness.


    • A.B. nails it.

      You’ve already lost if you’re asking for advice on a specific women.

      Don’t worry about winning the battle. Worry about winning the war.


      • If you are going to resurrect an ex, you need to follow some strict rules:

        1. If her creepy friend shows up, bail. Don’t give a reason, just bail. A man doesn’t deal with his dame’s friends if they’re not cool people. Preferably bail with your girl. Bouncing from a bad group of people is no different than bouncing from a shitty bar.

        2. After sex, kick her out. Do not let her spend the night. She lost that privilege and has to earn it back.

        3. Don’t respond to her texts, emails, Facebook comments or phone calls until you literally have nothing else to do. That means give it at least a few hours, if not a day or two.

        4. For every one time you sleep with her, sleep twice with someone(s) else.

        I’d prefer the original plan: delete her number, her email contact, and stop communicating with her because you have other things to do. So what if you run into her at school — she should be running into you and you should be with the new gals when she does.


    • Agree with above comments.

      Not only do you need to move on, but make a commitment to yourself: you will always be gaming more than one girl at a time from here on out. If you don’t, its inevitable you will end up in the same position you are in now.

      Fat troll friends, other beta guys, ex gf bitches, unknown sources are always going to hate.

      Have many options, you’ll always win.


    • Tell her the troll has been hitting on you.


  9. Cue a billion “Just be yourself” nerdrage comments.


  10. on October 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


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  11. I like grass fed beef.


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  13. 14 month old apples? I bet they look shiny and new, too (forgetting for the moment that fruit is NOT naturally shiny).

    Bite into it, though, and it tastes like 14 months on a shelf.

    It’s no wonder I gave up on fruit.

    I haven’t had a decent pear since 1982. No lie.


  14. “Why wouldn’t you use every sales technique at your disposal? If you don’t out of some misplaced moral compunction, you will soon be put out of business by the competition.”

    This applies to so many things it’s not funny…


  15. Does it shock anyone that women are statistically the primary consumers and debt holders in western culture?

    It’s fascinating that when we play on women’s (more than cooperative) emotional subconscious to sell a product it’s just good marketing, but when we key on their emotional natures to seduce them into sex, it’s abusive manipulation.

    One of the biggest shocks a guy new to Game experiences is discovering that women aren’t the rational equals of the men they’d like them to believe they are. The next shock is just how predictable and reliable it is to provoke a desired response by stimulating that emotional subconscious. And it’s not even that hard to learn to do.


  16. Heartsie, a gift for you:

    I enjoy all your minions ripping this thread to shreads.


    • the girls figured out that they could make more money and get more alpha cock by being pharmaceutical sales reps.


      • Nice!
        She’s gone though, without looking back (hopefully).


      • Singapore airlines still does it right. Not just hot ass (I’m actually not very partial to Asians) but also great service. Actually, most airlines not in the US or UK are still decent. It’s anglosphere sexual harassment law and feminism that turned the friendly skies into the shambling thighs.


    • I recently took an European vacation and flew over the big pond on Lufthansa. Every flight attendant was fucking hot, if not at least beautiful. I don’t know if it was because it was an international flight, but it certainly made me wonder why I was in airline heaven.


  17. If Whole Foods is the alpha of the supermarket business then I guess that makes Aldis the hardworking beta provider.


    • not really. whole foods has yearly revenue of around $9 billion. Aldi is at about 7 times that.

      so aldi is actually the alpha in terms of business strategy and profitability. and theyve done it w/o peacocking with pretty flowers and spray machines to boot. in that sense, theyre kind of like the “bring the movies” guy…


  18. i can’t stand how not everything in Wholefoods is organic. Its a goddamn sham.

    You’d think at least an organic food market would seel 100% organic food, but nope. check it out next time you go. its about 50% organic offerings, if that.

    Good thread though i like the game parallels.


    • they don’t advertise themselves as being exclusively organic.


    • I probably eat a more specific way than most people anywhere — my diet is about 60% saturated animal fat strictly from pastured grass-fed cows (cream, butter ghee, offal, steaks, etc). I source directly from 4 farms. Not one of them is “organic” stamped. Zero. This beef is the healthiest there is — no grain or corn feeding, which even organic fed cows can be.

      My eggs? Pastured chickens — about $9/dozen in Chicago if I go to Whole Foods. Of the 32 brands of eggs Whole Foods sells, only one is pastured. It’s also not stamped organic. Most, if not all organic chicken eggs are not pastured, they’re grain-fed. Bad OMEGA-6 fats in that shit. But, they’re fed organic grain, so they can be stamped organic. Gross.

      The same is true of the raw cheeses I buy — zero of them are made with milk from organic fed cows.

      I pass on the organic label if it’s not real food — and grain feed cows and chickens is definitely not real food.


  19. I don’t know about game and whole foods except that their store model is set up to make people spending sluts the same way certain places/people/events can make women into slut sluts, by making it seem that promiscuity is the socially approved thing to do. So, Wholefoods makes it seem like the natural thing to spend money on produce that’s obviously super-preselected just like a bar can make women dance on the bars and take off their shirts cause it’s the thing to do, or guys who make sex a priority instead of a pedastalized, delayed thing.

    Anyway, this article
    is surely needing to be read and commented on…

    “Throughout history, there was a fairly high tolerance of [men’s] extramarital flings, with women expected to look the other way,” she said. “Now we have to ask: Can we be more monogamous? Or understand that flings happen?” (She’s also noticed that an unexpected consequence of people’s marrying later is that they skip right over the cheating years.) If we’re ready to rethink, as individuals, the ways in which we structure our arrangements, are we ready to do this as a society?


    • I think Ikea is one of those places that has it figured out very well. The stores are set up in such a way that there is only one path to get to your desired product (not really male compatible) and you have to traverse through most of the store to get out, so there are lots of stations along the way for the women to get their Visa tingles. The result is usually that people end up with more (or even different) stuff than they wanted to buy originally.

      Shopping (I hate that word, I go out and buy what I need, I don’t browse or shop) there with a woman is an excruciatingly painful experience. In Australia they are now testing out a “manland”, kind of like the daycare for children but for men to stay there and play x-box while wifey maxes out the credit cards. I’d suggest putting in a bar instead and a free bottle of swedish Vodka with every 200$ purchase.


      • i never walk into a store with a girl unless it’s a lingerie or sex shop. ‘shopping’ with women is a monumental waste of time.

        the bar’s a good idea, but it should also be stocked with hot barmaids wearing not a whole lot.


    • that piece is by a woman and about a million words too long.

      who has the energy? maybe that’s another darwinian advantage they possess: the ability to yammer us into mute exasperation.

      i also scrolled and saw the word “dyadic”. you may be certain, any woman using this word is the enemy.


    • Yeah, Interesting article (long as a small book though), CH should make a blog post…


  20. on October 13, 2011 at 5:24 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    Is it just me? Every time I try to follow game, I just piss bitches off. Plus, all I attract is fat bitches. WTF? It’s no wonder I haven’t fucked in the last two decades of my existence. You know, I was emotionally devastated when I discovered that I wasn’t really attracted to adult males, despite my best efforts. If I pursue women, I risk celibacy and if I pursue my more homoerotic pederastic inclinations, I risk being publicly ostracized. Besides, I’m impotent with both men and women anyway, so I don’t really have any use for game. Too bad I’m not attracted to adult male homosexuals, because I could really have it easy; free drinks every night, free money every night, a free car and a free place to stay. I mean, I’m carved like a greek god; I’m built like Hercules. O! The misfortune! And women over 20 I don’t care about… they make my dick shrivel faster than the thought of fucking adult males, although girls under 20 are certainly attractive. The only other option is pederasty, as it was practiced in ancient Athens. Of course, to get the hottest boys I’m gonna need game. Please help Chateau H, I’m gonna need your help. I’m slipping into omeganess.


  21. Arthur C. Clarke’s third law came to mind…

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


    “Any sufficiently advanced game is indistinguishable from the behaviour of a natural.”

    Not understanding this is the main thing keeping the mainstream from accepting the truth and value of game.

    [Heartiste: Nice analogy. Very true.]


  22. Hah, marketing is game. In a way, you present yourself as a valuable good.


  23. Thats my job, actually. Applied psychology, aka, industrial psych or business psych… aka how to get customers to buy more shit and employees and customers to steal less. Everything from where to put the entrance and exit doors to the lighting to what product goes where and how to get the customers to move through the store in a specific way. Maybe thats why I’m so into game.

    [Heartiste: It’s hard to find a clear aisle in a department store these days. You can’t walk ten feet without bumping into another rack of clothes or tsotchkes.]


  24. Indeed my dear Heartiste, to philanderers of our caliber, game is an art form designed to entrance the female being. Much like a deeply moving film, or a magnificent concerto, our everyday existence is a theatrical performance. By perfecting our art, we provide women with a sensation so perfect they feel the hand of fate guiding their lives through a romantic epic. They are removed from the dullness and insignificance of their lives, and believe they have found a hero who will change the world, while professing his unconditional love. This is her fantasy that we must bring to life, with all the tricks and cleverness of showmanship. It is no coincidence that the first self aware practitioner of game was a magician.

    Alas, we must believe in our art to maintain sanity. For evolution’s ominous presence haunts us all, hinting at the bleak truth that is human nature…


  25. It’s always hilarious how people like this writer are shocked, shocked! to discover that stores actually do stuff to make people want to buy things! The fiends! I guess they should just dump everything in a big pile on the floor and let shoppers root through it like hogs.


  26. Weak try-hard post. While there’s definitely a relationship between game and marketing techniques, the specific parallels identified made little sense.


    • On the other hand, the box of erect penis analogy has had me chuckling now and then over the past few days, and will probably be cemented in my mind forever.


  27. I know this is off the topic but i need help Fellas
    Hey Fella’s,
    the name is Chi ,Firstly I’ve been following this site for a year and a half and it has completely
    changed my way of life. I know you prob here it alot but i guess thats good on ya….

    Im in a bit of a conundrum here.. Im in first year in uni, im 20, African and in Aussi for uni… The thing is that after breaking the ‘ice’ on that ethnic level with a solid Blonde 7, we’ll call her M and opening her to talk sexual (all over the net ), we organized a meet up with her week later at my place. the problem was that my homies pulled up at my apartment (hadn’t seen them for a year) so it was kind of tough to juggle the two in terms of attention wise..

    I choose to charge the chick and everything was going smooth; kino, rapport and a bit of sexual escalation, a bit because she didnt want to “get like that” infront of others. where it gets fucked was when i isolated her and we went for a walk ( i know i F**ked up) and she started getting tense (fair enough, walking with a stranger (black, haha) in area you dont know is kind of nerving) so I decided to sit her down on a bench nearby. did i mention liquor? Well i had smashed a couple of beers so i tended to touch a bit too much…. i know that sounds wrong but you get what i mean (this was after proper thought afterwards) anyways i guess i didnt read her “buying temp” proper, because she kind of rejected most advances after that on the night and everything was kind of semi awkward in the sense that i didnt think to much of the dismissal but then u could see in her eye as if she felt guilty about denying me ..

    Anyways she left and we hadnt spoken for about 3 weeks and i was like fuck spilt milk right, on to the next right? anyways i did, unfortunately wasnt close to her but was average… Just last week Sat she sends me a f.b message and she was like ‘ hey Chi how u been, it’s been a while, u know what week it is ryt?’ (It was her bday on wed facebook notifications….i hate them ) to which i replied, Nah nothing important on my calendar, what are you on. She was instantly like ‘WHHAAAT, its my bdae wed (turning 24 part of Trip-lets, she’s a receptionist at a real estate agency for further info) but we going out on Sat and i wanna hang out at the club’ to which i said ‘Seen.’

    On her birthday i didnt halla at her so on Thurs she sent an inbox askin why i didnt to which have not replied….im planning on not replying until i see her at the club, the details are already sorted on her endz: venue time…etc and also going there late.

    What i want to ask:
    1) How would i be able to get comfort from her other two sisters to the point that they would be able to let her roam around with a brotha. The thing is that even more than her friends, her sister can instantly make an assumption and rule me out in a jiffy

    2) How can i escalate with her quickly so we could skip through the phases of Attraction blah blah….. (if possible) one thing i dont want her to feel is an awkwardness that would surely cripple me…. do u reckon keeping my distance from her at some point would earn me points.

    3) What about drinks…is it a no go to get her or her sis’s any?

    Any other piece advice would be welcome. HELP A BROTHA OUT….


  28. Since when did “symbolic” become a noun?

    [Heartiste: Since business school grads earning their keep needed a new pointless jargony word to status whore over the proles.]


  29. Your gospel is reaching the masses Heartise. Watch this, and skip to 0:55

    This is a “Social Enhancer” which discerns personality type, which you can see on the top left corner. Seem familiar?

    They are waking up…


  30. Most of the worst things about our species stem directly from peoples’ ignorance of their true natures. Their manipulability and the thoughtlessness of their own decisions.

    People hate corporations and the entities that control us, but they refuse to acknowledge it’s their own nature that puts them there.


  31. on October 14, 2011 at 5:13 am evilwhitemalempire

    This GBFM is JarJar Binks.


  32. The other game concept behind this analogy is the one of mystery.

    We know Whole Foods is a story, but through clever branding and marketing they make the whole idea of shopping there an experience, you know what you want but often you’re surprised by what you find there.

    You keep going back even if you’re not buying a week’s worth of groceries.

    This would be the equivalent of an IOI.

    The exact opposite would be the utterly predictable Carre Four with its bulk food bins and where you go because it’s cheap when you need something quick on your way from work.


  33. So when your a shit product like I am, you have to just out and out lie like a snake oil hawker to sell. I still don’t believe me, however. I’m just a liar.


  34. And all the time whilst reading all I can think is : “Drat, I’m hungry.”


  35. You should stick with the one market to rule them all theme. Advertising is only game’s twisted shadow.


  36. on October 14, 2011 at 2:09 pm Humbert Humbert

    No mother should have to watch her family go hungry, if she has a hot daughter. $$$


  37. on October 14, 2011 at 2:11 pm Humbert Humbert

    I am the 1% and I want 99% of the Lollies.


  38. In an article CH posted on his Twitter:

    I found it interesting that she mostly ignored her own slutty behavior, laying most of the fault at the feet of the men, when it takes two to tango.

    Good article overall though.


  39. The #1 thing advertisers want to convince you of is that you’re special. One of a kind. So unique! So deserving of the best. The truth is, 99% of people are average. 1% are really intelligent. 99% just think they are.

    But advertisers aren’t going to get too far by telling people the truth about themselves. It’s all ego pumping bullshit. Eh?

    Just like this blog.


  40. Which is why salesmen are great at game. It’s all the same shit