Government Shutdown A Boon For Beta Males

CH has been at the forefront of predicting rather astutely that beta males experience worse results in a sexual market where women are economically self-sufficient and can follow their tingles to alpha cad land, and conversely do better (i.e., maritally or otherwise lock down prettier women in their beauty primes) in a sexual market where women are increasingly out of work and needing a charmless company stiff to support them. Right on cue, a news report states that a major “sugar daddy” dating website has seen a 50% increase in sign-ups since the government shutdown, and that half of the new members are single moms.

A lot of government bureaucrats are women. A lot of government teat sucklers are women, many of whom are single moms with low impulse control. When the money flows freely, the pussy flows freely… to fly-by-night alpha males with the right mix of JERKBOY CHARISMA. When the State Sugar Daddy money spigot slows to a sad dribble, so too does the willingness of women to indulge their darker desires with exciting but unreliable swains. In tough times, beta provider males enjoy an expansion of their sexual market niche.

Do you know what wonderfully focuses the mind of a single mom? Visions of her bratty bastard starving to death in her arms. Yep, works every time.


In related ♥SCIENCE♥ news, a study found that divorce risk correlates with the wife’s share of household income.. The more money your wifey makes relative to what you make, the likelier it is she will stick the divorce court shiv in your hide. This shouldn’t be news to regular guests of Le Chateau, where we have been saying for a fucking long time that economic self-sufficiency reduces women’s need (and thus desire) for beta provider males, and creates incentives for female-initiated divorce and cad chasing. However, it’s always a fun time when one of these studies comes out reaffirming ancient wisdom. You just know it gets under the skin of the right sorts of degenerate freaks.

Game-less beta males who espouse feminism are really working against their own romantic interests. One wonders if they realize this, or if they do but just enjoy the feeling of cucking themselves into prostrate submission.

John Scalzi: “The latter, dudebro! Tee hee.”


  1. Strip club fare should improve also.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 9:22 am The Burninator

      Heh, you beat me to it. That thought popped into my head as I was reading it as well. Support Single Moms and all that stuff men say about strippers in lieu of “paid dancing whore”. Not that I mind strippers of course, I don’t. And yep, gonna be some new legs on that brass pole I’ll wager.


      • Well, as you were typing I made the additional comment below. Great minds think alike.


      • This was a good post but with a gaping problem in the thinking of the CH blogger who constructed it. Let me update the definition of alpha here.

        Bad economic times are more of a boon for alphas than betas because alphas are ALWAYS better at adapting to circumstances and providing the right stimulus to get the best results.

        All PUAs over, say 27, should be happy about financial collapses. Men over that age are almost always way better off financially than the 18-21 year olds they, as alphas, will pursue. It only helps very young males when girls that age are swimming in money, including federal student loan money and grants. The 29 year old alpha doesn’t need to be hampered by college girls flaking on him because they’re swimming in money. A DHV is a DHV. Money and success is more of a DHV when times are hard. That doesn’t necessarily give the advantage to betas.

        This is because you aren’t alpha if you eschew, at all times including financial crises, the prudent use of money that your alphatude should have helped you gather if you’re over 27.

        Let’s look at the myth of sugar daddies vs the reality.

        Myth. Shutdown hits. 26 year old female government worker signs up at the website, finds a dozen betas who will pay her rent if she goes to the movies with them or who will follow her menu of things she will do for a certain amount of cash.

        Reality. Shutdown hits. 18 year old daughter of male government worker is walking around campus, pissed that her dad just told her that she’d need to find a teaching assistant job or something because he can’t afford to send her more than $100 per month through Christmas 2013. Suddenly she meets a professor type looking for the cafeteria. She takes him there and eats with him. He’s charming and they hold hands for two hours while the cafeteria staff clean around them. He tells her that he can take care of her and uses very skilled techniques to get past her ASD to establish an arrangement that she’d never consciously dream of making.

        OK, so the myth above is very much a reality in the US. But the reality I described is also very real and visible around you. Just go to a nice restaurant and pick out the alpha sugar daddies.

        There are Alpha Providers and Beta Providers. The former is powerful in an economic downturn.

        Don’t knock him. Be him if that is what it takes when others scramble for resources.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 10:00 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      hey heartsietztz!! hearrsteeitz!!!!

      in honor of da government shutdownz being good for betasz, i penned some additionlal eversez verses!!

      IN PUSSY DA BETA DOTH DROWN zlzozlzozo”

      i’m a beta a beta herb tool
      and now i be getting da pussysys every night
      once upon a time da ladies played me 4 a fool
      but now i am da masta beta who cashes in on their plight.

      now i get me pussy at least once a week
      just as long as i pay da billz
      for her bastard kidsz her little fleet
      i buy dem food and her pussy i get to drillz

      i getz to drill it once a month
      as is my divine right in our holy matrimony
      it isn’t quite as tight as it was once
      back when she was buttexed by bernanke zlozozoz

      i getz me some pussyies now at least once a year
      a dry, wrinkled pusysys which pumped out five kidz form five fatherz
      a pussysy dat once held a dozenz cockasz dear
      during thosez college weekendz filming porn vidz with tattooed llzlzozolerz

      but hail me da beta hero who answered bill bennet’s call
      i done manned up like kay hyowitz titsz commanded
      and as da american empire doth fall doth fall
      i loyally serve my bastard kidz and bernankified wife
      and give them everything they demandeth

      and jesus christ da chruciansz jesusth smileth upon me
      as the meek shall surely inherit the earth
      da tattooed loserz got her young thin hot tight for free
      while i pay just to smell her bernankifed-std’d girth



      • you need to do a collected works or a playlist for the gbfm one coc rule world tour. maybe not in the comments section but somewhere

        also heartiste quit giving these guys ideas, we’ll never get out of this mess if they realize there’s an upside for them in it. and just imagine the deal-making of the creeping sigmas right now…


    • Dvorak’s law would imply as much.




    • Went to a strip club yesterday. Much quieter than usual. Half the number of usual strippers. Stripper I know said lot of guys not coming because they’re worried about some gov. crisis. Did I know if economy was going to be in trouble again?

      So it looks like people on gov support can’t go to strip clubs anymore. Don’t understand why. It’s not as if welfare checks have stopped.


  2. Tee-hee.

    Mancotte has been on the rag about how the shutdown disproportionately affects women recently, too. [1] But I guarantee you she won’t connect the dots in her argument to the most important dot, which is that the government exists to transfer money from men to women. As soon as the government shutdown ends, she’s going to forget all about this little episode.



    • People like that make their living on stopping short of inconvenient dots.

      I had the misfortune to sit through a local newscast a few days ago. They literally spent half of it sobbing about how the shutdown is killing cancer victims, homeless people, puppies and kittens, etc etc etc. Not a word, of course, about how people in the Imperial City (formerly known as DC) are doing so well these days you’d think they’d struck an oil deposit the size of Pluto under it.


    • “the government exists to transfer money from men to women”

      oh yeah.


  3. “When the State Sugar Daddy money spigot slows to a sad dribble, so too does the willingness of women to indulge their darker desires with exciting but unreliable swains.”

    Hmmm maybe?

    Based on my observations of the trailer parks and ghettos; complete destruction of the “government spigot” may be necessary, or even civil war.

    Never underestimate the ability of women to function on a “sad dribble”


  4. I have heard exactly this on news stories about 1) single moms on government handouts threatened with cutback and 2) single moms working as exotic dancers for strip clubs faced with civic shutdowns :

    “Without this program/strip-club I wouldn’t be able to go to school.”

    At least the strippers are contributing to the circular flow of money in the economy.


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    Do you know what wonderfully focuses the mind of a single mom? Visions of her bratty bastard starving to death in her arms. Yep, works every time.


  6. Hi folks, I need some advice. I have seen some improvements with my wife since implementing some of these concepts. One example of positive change: I stuck to curt replies during a phone call in which she was asking why I was taking so long to get home, I communicated what was going to happen, then rang off. Several minutes passed before she called back, and wanted to know, “Was I angry with her?” She herself did not sound angry, but sounded confused and respectful. Good! Typically such phone calls are full of strife and shit tests which I seem to be learning to recognize and pass more quickly, while improving my frame a bit.

    Here’s the new development. This morning she asks me what is happening with me, and why am I being such a jerk lately? (If she labels what I’m doing jerk behavior, would you consider this good or bad? I realize that one of the mottos is “Better to over-jerk it than under-jerk it”, but I am not looking to alienate her.) I didn’t reply, just carried on with what I was doing. Then she asked why I’m not receptive of her physical affection as much (not really accurate), and why I don’t kiss her as I leave for work? So I went approached her for a kiss. She knew what I was doing while I was still across the room, and she was balling up to prevent me, which would ordinarily have pissed me off. But what I did was I darted in front of her and seized her arms and held her down and kissed her, which she half-protested, half assented, while saying “I don’t want you to kiss me!” I say, “Hey you said you wanted a bye bye kiss!” I kissed her some more. Then she dropped the subject, which is *unheard of* with her. Let’s hope that was a passing grade.

    One more note. Her complaint this morning ties back to a big argument we had last week on the same somewhat nebulous complaint that I am ‘becoming distant’ etc (again BS because we are more physically connected recently, though I am verbalizing WAY less than usual). I think I detect that she is hamstering about last week but that it took an entire week for her to come up with the right words (screw up the courage?) to shit test the subject again.

    All thoughts or advice appreciated, thanks in advance.


    • Women thrive on emotional turmoil. I go through this daily with ForeignBride. It’s exhausting. This morning had the usual go-round, and then she made “French Toast”.

      Then, just as I was typing this, she sneaks up on me while I am working which really pisses me off, and showed me this on her iPad :


      • Emotional zen with women is the only real advantage you can get.

        Although it may take going rounds with a punching bag, firing guns off at a shooting range, or having a complete disconnect to your ego to do it.


    • Read this if you haven’t already:

      “The coda to this week’s relationship game posts is a sampling of comments from reader Dave from Hawaii, a guy who kills wild boar with a knife for fun, wherein he discusses his transformation from nagged beta husband of a contemptuous wife to alpha husband of a loving, grateful, gina tingly wife (same woman!), all by assiduously applying to his marriage the core principles and yes, even the specific tactics, of Game.”


    • on October 9, 2013 at 11:05 am MikeInRealLife

      You might do better asking this over on Athol Kay’s “Married Man Sex Life” forum, though I had to abandon that forum because of an invasion of hamstering females. Still, some of the men there can offer good advice if you can tolerate wading through the women who have begun to overrun the forum. I found some useful info there that I’ve applied to my marriage with success.


    • ‘she knew what I was doing while I was still across the room, and she was balling up to prevent me, which would ordinarily have pissed me off. But what I did was I darted in front of her and seized her arms and held her down and kissed her, which she half-protested, half assented, while saying “I don’t want you to kiss me!” I say, “Hey you said you wanted a bye bye kiss!” I kissed her some more.’

      Gay. You should have fucked her. Srs. You also should have whispered something hella dirty into her mouth.

      This ‘well you said you wanted a…’ kind of flaccidizes the entire shebang. Who gives a fuck what she wants — it’s all about what you want.

      And why the fuck are you even arguing with her lol
      I mean, I’m totally for starting drama with chicks….and yeah, I’ve had my missteps….BUT….the way to do it is to just put all your feelings out there then refuse to acknowledge hers (ya srs). Then just fucken leave for a bit or go party or whatever. Come back drunk or otherwise reeking of a good partying time that several other women were interested in…’ll get it in for sure.

      O ya, and here’s a simple line that causes tingles: “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.” And then proceed to leave or continue doing whatever it is you’re doing.


      • Baby steps… give the guy some credit for taking action and shifting her expectations. If he keeps up the good work, she’ll wait to put on pants until after he’s left for the morning. He’ll get there.


      • For sure. It’s implicit that the guy is doing really well. I was just kinda like ‘o snap u gotta gone so much further!’


    • @Husbandman

      You are SLAYING this. Keep doing what you’re doing and trust in it.

      Also some shit here might help you if you haven’t read it, especially his book and the forums:

      First up the reason you’re confusing her is that you’re changing. This will always happen with everyone. If you’re a pushover nerd in high school then when you come back to school from summer vacation with a bit of a backbone, people will go “wow you’re such a jerk now!!” But it’s relative…it’s not that your behavior is jerky it’s that COMPARED to the identity/label they have of you in their reality (“Bob is a shy meek nerd who can be pushed around”, “Husbandman is a Nice Guy who never answers in one word or goes for the kiss without permission”), what you’re doing is different and seems worse.

      Now the kicker is that people are lazy, they don’t WANT to re-label everything in their life all the time because if something you thought “was”, suddenly “isn’t”, that opens up all kinds of cans of worms and ripple effects an unpredictability and people want predictable stability they can rely on.

      So when you try to break out of their label, instinctively they try to put you back in it so their world makes sense again. So when Bob the nerd finally stands up for himself they go “Bob what’s with you man you’re never this angry you used to be cool and chill why are you freaking out man” and shame him for the same behavior they applaud in the guy who always stands up for himself. They want Bob to stay in his label.

      When you get more sexually aggressive, it’s not that she doesn’t WANT you to be, it’s that it’s different from what she’s used to and makes her nervous so instinctively she’ll try to put you back in your cage. When you don’t entertain a conversation about why you’re late, it’s not that that specifically freaks her out, it’s that that’s different behavior than she expects from you so she’s confused and has to ask what’s up and will often try to shame you into going back to your old label/behavior.

      This is especially true in close relationships like a marriage, where she’s seen you day to day. With the “change over the school summer” example it’s unexpected but at most people ask “what happened?” In a close relationship it’s super blatant so your wife looks for an immediate cause which is that you’re angry or having a bad day or something happened but she sees you daily so she’d KNOW if something happened (often she’ll accuse you of cheating because in her mind it must be something outside of home like a new girl starting at work)…and if its none of those things, she starts wondering if its HER. Like maybe you’re mad at her or losing attraction for her or bla bla bla. Because she feels like she knows you so well, she’s looking for an explanation for this new behavior.

      Now the catch to all this, the thing to remember through all the testing (and there WILL be more), is that if you are congruent enough to a new set of behaviors for LONG enough, people will accept the changes, re-label you, and stop testing you. But before they get to that acceptance stage, they will test you and possibly put you through HELL trying to get you to crack. Because they don’t want to relabel you if it’s going to turn out that this was all just a farce. Then they have to re-RE-label you lol. So they need to be convinced that this new you is legit, by you staying congruent thru all the tests, before they re-label you.

      And so far you are doing fucking awesome man:

      “I stuck to curt replies during a phone call in which she was asking why I was taking so long to get home, I communicated what was going to happen, then rang off. Several minutes passed before she called back, and wanted to know, “Was I angry with her?” She herself did not sound angry, but sounded confused and respectful.”

      Flawless. You stated what was happening and refused to engage in drama about it. That’s how men should be and how women want them to be. Note that she calls back looking for an explanation because this is new behavior and doesn’t fit her label/expectations so she’s looking for a reason and assumes its her.

      You’ll get that a lot because she’s your wife. But keep calm and reassure her “no, I’m not mad at you, I just don’t see the need to discuss why I’m going to be late. I’ll be home around 8 like I said, and we’ll have dinner. See you then, babe.” Like weaving in that any changes you have are a result of a mindset shift and not a failing in your relationship with her.

      I actually used self help as a scapegoat. Like “oh, ya, I got reading a book in the self help section on my lunch hour and it had some good points about not wasting time on drama in my life and some other good insights that got me thinking about how I handle things in life”

      I recommend doing the same. Because then you give her the “why are you being different?” excuse that she needs so she doesn’t stress that its her. Because ideally you’re not running a jealousy thing here, it doesn’t sound like your marriage is that bad, you’re just trying to be more alpha and attractive, so you don’t need her freaking out that you’re banging some girl at work and taking you to relationship counseling…you just need her to accept that you have some new mindsets and you still love her and she can basically enjoy the new you. As you become more alpha she’ll instinctively realize that other girls may be attracted to the new you, so the jealousy will handle itself down the road.

      So blaming a self help book (nothing red pill or real cause she’ll read it and you’ll have drama, just say “some tony Robbins book I don’t remember the title”) lets her relax that you’re not cheating or divorcing her or having a mid-life crisis but also lets her pin a reason down “oh it’s those tony robbins books he’s reading!”

      Her reaction of confusion/respect is exactly what should have happened. So well done. And you can TELL in her voice as body language that she respects you a bit for it.

      “This morning she asks me what is happening with me, and why am I being such a jerk lately?”

      Right. Remember you’re not being a jerk, you’re being different from your label of being a supplicative pushover. This is why I say blame the Tony Robbins books you’re skimming at lunch hour or something. Even buy one and keep it on your desk at home. This gives her the explanation she needs.

      “(If she labels what I’m doing jerk behavior, would you consider this good or bad?”

      It’s good. 🙂 remember the behavior itself is NOT jerkish. She would accept the exact same behavior from the “nice guy with an edge” at work, but because its DIFFERENT behavior she’ll shame it to try to get you to go back in your label…until you’re congruent with it long enough that she re-labels and accepts it…and will ultimately love and respect the new you, because you’re improving for the better. You’re not developing alcoholism, you’re developing alpha traits like being sexually confident and not wasting time on drama phone calls.

      “Then she asked why I’m not receptive of her physical affection as much (not really accurate)”

      Ya it’s bullshit. She’s just testing you. If you were a beta chill you’d be saying “ohhh I’m not??? I’m sorry babe I love you mwah mwah mwah” and ultimately she would lose respect for you the same way as if you engage in phone drama. Your mindset should be a solid frame of “no, that’s silly. Shush.” the way you wouldn’t let a 5yo convince you the sky is green. She’s just seeing if you’ll be congruent or let her shake your frame. You’re in for a lot of this lol

      I like blaming self help because you can make it fun. “You know…(eye-fuck her) Tony Robbins says I should do…(get closer)…THIS. (pin her against the wall and makeout)”. So it’s like she has an explanation for a radical shift in your behavior and you’ve turned it into something fun rather than scary. Like Tony Robbins is telling you to be more attractive VS making her scared and worried you’ll leave her. So then Tony Robbins becomes a good thing and she’s more receptive to your changes.

      “and why I don’t kiss her as I leave for work? So I went approached her for a kiss. She knew what I was doing while I was still across the room, and she was balling up to prevent me, which would ordinarily have pissed me off. But what I did was I darted in front of her and seized her arms and held her down and kissed her, which she half-protested, half assented, while saying “I don’t want you to kiss me!” I say, “Hey you said you wanted a bye bye kiss!” I kissed her some more. Then she dropped the subject, which is *unheard of* with her. Let’s hope that was a passing grade.”

      goddamn BEAUTIFUL. This is pro alpha shit right here. You really aren’t as beta as you might feel sometimes, if you even THOUGHT to handle this test in this way…keep letting this alpha side of you out, that was absolutely flawless shit-test passing.

      Notice that she says no don’t do it but doesn’t fully resist and when she tests you you don’t apologize for it you’re just like “hey you SAID you wanted a kiss ;)” like a cocky confident sexual boss. Flawless and guaranteed she was mind-blown all day over it while you were at work.

      “Her complaint this morning ties back to a big argument we had last week on the same somewhat nebulous complaint that I am ‘becoming distant’ etc (again BS because we are more physically connected recently, though I am verbalizing WAY less than usual”

      Right. Again this is “sky is green” bullshit. But you haven’t given her an explanation for your new changes so she’s clutching at straws to find one and worried that its her.

      So give her an easy pitch to hit, tell her you’re reading some Tony Robbins cause a buddy recommended a book etc and you didn’t want to tell her because self help is lame but it turns out Tony made some good points and told you to go for what you want, and what you want right now is…(kiss her). Then she can ease her mind about whether your relationship is fucked or what’s going on with you and she can both blame and thank Tony for your new behaviors. 🙂

      But most importantly keep on keepin on. You are doing awesome and seem to have the natural alpha instincts for this somewhere in the back of your mind. And your relationship doesn’t sound too bad as it is so it won’t take much to fix it. Really this whole thing should be fun for both of you as you learn to grow a spine and she watches her husband get more and more manly and attractive. There’s no downside to it even if it means now and then you have to lay the authority smackdown on her…as you saw from that phone call, even if she’s miffed in the moment, she respects you more for it, and she can’t be attracted to a man she doesn’t respect. 😉

      Good luck dude, let us know how things go!


    • on October 9, 2013 at 11:55 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      hey da sayu thigz been happing to me!

      Hi folks, I need some advice. I have seen some improvements with my wife since implementing some of da lotas cockasz “bring da moviez” concepts. One example of positive change: I stuck to butthext during a phone call in which she was asking why I was taking so long to get home, I communicated what was going to happen, then splloged on the waitresses’ face. Several minutes passed before she called back, and wanted to know, “Was I angry with her?” She herself did not sound angry, but sounded confused and respectful. Good! Typically such phone calls are full of sex and bukkake which I seem to be learning to recognize and pass more quickly, while extending my cockasz a bit.

      Here’s the new development. This morning she asks me what is happening with me, and why am I jerking off lately in her face? (If she labels what I’m doing jerking behavior, would you consider this good or bad? I realize that one of the mottos is “Better to over-jerk it in her face than under-jerk it in her bung”, but I am not looking to alienate her.) I didn’t reply, just carried on wacking. Then she asked why I’m not receptive of her physical affection as much (not really accurate), and why I don’t kiss her vaginal area as I leave for work? So I went approached her for a kiss. She knew what I was doing while I was still across the room, and she was balling up to prevent me, which would ordinarily have pissed me off. But what I did was I darted in front of her and seized her arms and held her down and butthexted her, which she half-protested, half assented, while saying “I don’t want you to butthext me!” I say, “Hey you said you wanted a bye bye butthext!” I butthetxed her some more. Then she dropped a load, which is *unheard of* with her. Let’s hope that was a passing grade.

      One more note. Her complaint this morning ties back to a big argument we had last week on the same somewhat nebulous complaint that I am ‘becoming distant’ etc (again BS because we are more physically connected recently, though I am verbalizing WAY less than usual, and the augmented distance is due to the increased length of my loststas cockasz, so now i have to stand in the dining room to bang her in the kitchen). I think I detect that she is hamstering about last week but that it took an entire week for her to cum in my face and squirtr (screw up the courage?) to shit test the subject again.

      All thoughts or advice appreciated, thanks in advance.

      da GBFM



      • zlzozozzllz, thanks GBFM that is hilarious. Thanks also YaReally for the thorough reply and encouragement, and Scray for the honesty. And Immoral, the Dave in Hawaii post is handy. I’m loving the developments at home, and will report anything else good.


      • Two things:

        1) consider joining or at least reading the MMSL forums. I don’t read them myself but a skim looks like guys post their progress and share their epiphanies as they apply this stuff to their marriages there and that support network can be a big help, knowing that other guys are dealing with similar situations/tests and seeing their results. You’ll feel alone in this at points, your wife’s instinct is to cram you back into your label even if ultimately that leads down a path that will end in a bad relationship for the both of you…so sometimes it helps to know you’re not actually alone and your relationship is totally fixable.

        2) delete the fuck out of your Internet history or only surf at work or something. Cause until she has an explanation for your changes, she will keep digging and digging to find one. You don’t want her stumbling across the Chateau or some red pill sites that have her putting you on the defensive. Pretty much guaranteed she’ll be snooping thru your Internet history and social media (Facebook etc) profiles if possible. This is again why I say to blame Tony Robbins…once she has an answer, she doesn’t have to snoop lol

        Good luck!


      • Google Chrome incognito mode saves huge headaches with re: to deleting internetz history and shit.


      • This msg is for Yareally.
        I read the entire Yareally archive in the past few weeks. I have some questions for you. Before that, I would like to say that I’m extremely envious of the life you are leading. I make very good money (mid 6 figures) but would gladly exchange it for your lifestyle. I wish I had known someone like you 25 years ago.

        I’m 48. I was an introverted, nerdy beta male all my life. Went thru a difficult divorce 4 years ago.

        Discovered that my wife was cheating on me for more than 10 years. She had an inclination for very intense sexual acts which I was totally clueless about. The process of discovery of her affairs & the divorce left me shattered.

        I began reading game blogs 3 years ago. I know it’s too late for me to become the alpha seducer of 18-25 yr old hotties. However, for the sake of my mental health & the 25-30 yrs I may still have left, I decided to embark on a process of self-transformation. Rewiring old patterns is tough. Your blog has been inspirational. One conclusion of mine is that my beta tendencies arose from having a very beta dad & a mother who dominated the family.

        My questions:
        1. Would you say that you had a decent childhood? I know you were nerdy, but other than that did you have a healthy, loving relationship with your parents & siblings?
        2. Can you list some psych books & other resources that helped in your transformation?
        3. If I make good progress in 2-3 years, can I at age 50+ expect to attract goodlooking 35-45 year old women ? I no longer want a marriage, just want access to good sex or as PUAs say ‘high quality pussy’ ?

        Once again, I appreciate the insights you share. I salute your contributions!



      • You are setting your sights too low.

        I am 46. Divorced 6 years ago. I have a gorgeous now 20 year old girlfriend who lives with me (knocked her up). She adores me, worships the ground I walk on, cooks, cleans, dresses the way I want her to, etc. She brought home a girl the other night for us to play with because she knows I like threesomes. And she didn’t totally freak out with jealousy the next day. Talks constantly about how she’s going to lose the baby weight as soon as our kid is born. Goes to college and does 12 hours/week of yoga. She’s physically active and it is very enjoyable for me to be with a woman for once in my life who doesn’t bitch the entire time on a hiking trip about it being too hard. She’s a political libertarian and doesn’t have stupid religious beliefs.

        I’m 6’2″, and weigh 270 pounds. Fat by any measure. I say my hair is salt and pepper, but who am I kidding, it’s grey. Own my own house. My own business. No credit card bill. No car loan. I don’t live ostentatiously, but I don’t owe anybody anything, and I save for retirement. I’m still nerdy and introspective but…

        I have learned three things since my divorce: 1. How to fuck like a beast, I always do my best james deen impression. She’s pregnant sure, but I can still slap her face while I fuck her, that won’t hurt the baby. She begs to be mistreated in bed, and it makes her wet as fuck. 2. How to treat women the way they want to be treated outside the bedroom. Take the red pill – it changed my life. I never did the PUA thing at bars, but I read about how to treat women, and I followed the advice. You, sir, as the older man, are the boss – believe it, and act like it. 3. How to dress. I had a girlfriend for a while who dressed to the nines all the time. I told her to take me on as a project, and she did, she taught me how to look my best.

        Finally, IDGAF about kids being alpha, beta, whatever. I have one adopted child from my long shitty marriage but I always wanted two. Now I’m going to have another in a couple months.

        My friends and relatives and even strangers judge me sometimes, but again, IDGAF, I now have what I always wanted – a young, pretty, blonde girl, and for whatever reason in my youth I was afraid to go for it. I’m not afraid anymore. My number was 3 when I married. I’m not sure of my number now, but I estimate it is around 40. I’ve had some good times.

        Maybe you don’t want kids like I do, then wear a hat, get a vas, whatever. But as a mature man in your 40’s you should be able to date attractive 18-25 year olds with a couple years of practice even if you’re as homely as me. I started on 30-something ex-party girls who were realizing their time was up and worked my way down. For a while I had a fwb who was 3 weeks from her 18th birthday when we started. I met my gf when she was 19. This whole time, I’ve never dated a divorced woman. I date mostly 6-9’s.

        You can do it.

        Oh, at one time it would have mattered to me that my ex-wife was jealous as fuck of me, in that it would have made me feel good. All I care about now is being an effective co-parent of our child, I don’t take pleasure in her discomfort, and I do whatever I can to keep conflict low between us. I remember the day, the hour, when all the anger and hate over being dumped by her slipped away. It’s important that you do this somehow in order to move on and be successful in life.


      • on October 14, 2013 at 2:14 pm gunslingergregi

        nice story


      • @strelnikov

        would be valuable to the CH audience I’m sure to get some idea as to where & how you met the many women you enjoyed post-divorce ie. online, social circle, professional networks etc?


      • @Jonathan

        “She had an inclination for very intense sexual acts which I was totally clueless about.”

        If it’s any consolation, this is pretty common. Best I can figure it is that a lot of women hide their crazy fucked up sexual desires from their Significant Other because they see that guy as a potential Provider and a part of her future life…so for her to be like “hey, I want to do this crazy kinky shit” is risking freaking the guy out and scaring him off. They don’t care as much about scaring off a random hook-up or fuckbuddy, so they’ll let loose with them and then go back to their husbands who have no idea they want crazier sex.

        Sorry to hear it happened to you, but the past is the past. You’re only 48…take care of your health/body/mind and you should have a solid 15+ years of adventures with women ahead of you. Plenty of time to play the field and/or find a decent chick to settle into your 60s with. 🙂

        “I know it’s too late for me to become the alpha seducer of 18-25 yr old hotties.”

        I wouldn’t rule it out. If you’ve generally got your shit together (finances, physical health, grooming, clothing style, etc.) you should be able to do fine with the 25-35yo girls, with the occasional <25 girl.

        The main issues with being older are:

        1) having, or at least looking like you have your life together because being a slack-ass like me at 25 is just fine, at 35 is possible to get away with, but at 45+ is interpreted as a sign of not taking care of yourself or handling your shit. So time to add some daily exercise, make sure your wardrobe is well-fitted and modern, take care of your grooming, etc.

        2) access to girls. I took up pickup when I was around 24, so gaining access to girls was easy for me…I just added "going to the bar/clubs" to my life. At 48 your main issue will be that you'll feel like an outsider in most bars/clubs and probably not have friends to hit them up with (since they're likely married or hopelessly Beta etc.), which is where the most girls hang out in one spot and where you can get a lot of practice in each night you're out.

        If you live in a major city, especially a career type city, there's likely a 35+ nightlife scene (usually 1-5 high-end lounges/clubs, often with a Happy Hour around 5-8pm depending on the city). But if not, you're going to be looking at doing daygame in places like the street, malls, parks, etc. on your lunch hour, weekends, etc. And probably going to have to do it solo. So it's going to be a challenge, I won't blow smoke up your ass lol

        The other option is creating a lifestyle where you're around plenty of women regularly…ie – bartending, photographic models, taking yoga classes or joining hobby groups in general, working in a store in the mall, joining a gym, taking a college class…someting where regardless of how high/low value it is, you're interacting with women on a regular basis. Some of these are tricky at 48, you probably wouldn't want or be able to get a job working at an American Eagle in the mall where tons of hot girls enter the store on a daily basis. So think about areas of your life that you could tweak or add to that would bring women into your space, if you want to avoid the bar scene and cold approaching entirely.

        Another option is online dating, but the girls are usually pretty low quality. It can help to do some online game just to get used to going back and forth with girls, but women online have an elevated sense of what they deserve in a man, and are bombarded with 50+ messages a day from guys…it's basically a huge validation-fest for them and even if you get their attention, and keep their attention, and get them out on a date, often they'll turn out to be fat or have a shitty negative personality in-person, etc. and being decent at online game doesn't necessarily translate into having solid game in-person on the date. Personally I prefer approaching women in-person so I can see right away what she looks like and how her personality is and what our chemistry is like etc. Nothing is worse than wasting a few weeks messaging a girl online only to finally meet up and have her turn out to be disappointing lol

        "One conclusion of mine is that my beta tendencies arose from having a very beta dad & a mother who dominated the family."

        That's probably a big influence…but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. You could have the most justified reasons in the world for being wired in an unattractive way, but girls don't care. All that matters from here on in is what you do every day. It's like if you wanted to start a business, but you're kind of a slacker…maybe you didn't have good productive role-models in your life, maybe your business partner stole all your money and crippled the company, etc…that all sucks, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is whether you start heading toward your goals or let that hold you back or excuse you from trying. You sound like you're determined to get a handle on this, so you're already heads-above most guys who would just fold-up and write themselves off and spend their next 30+ years just waiting to die.

        "1. Would you say that you had a decent childhood?"

        Oh ya, I lucked out big-time. Parents were together my whole life, tons of love in my family, dad was the authority figure, mom was the loving figure, never got beaten, no worries about divorce, they had a solid marriage that I'm not even sure is possible to find these days (part of why I have high standards for girls that want to be my actual GF is that I've seen a solid LTR up close). Our family didn't really talk about relationships/sexuality though, and my dad is fairly alpha but I was so far entrenched in my "I'm an introverted nerd" identity that I couldn't see it at the time and didn't learn from his examples.

        "2. Can you list some psych books & other resources that helped in your transformation?"

        Pretty much all my psych learning was via reading/watching stuff from the PUA community which usually contains bits and pieces of popular psych stuff. You can pretty much pick and choose videos that sound interesting to you here:

        Also I'm a fan of Tony Robbin's positivity challenge:

        I think a lot of people get stuck in negative/hopeless thought-loops and victim mentalities etc. that hold them back more than not knowing how to Neg or do Push/Pull…especially older guys who have a lifetime of bad habits and excuses and justifications built up as a part of their Identity. That stuff makes it harder to rewire their brain.

        Ultimately the best thing you can learn from is "the field", aka going out and approaching women. You'll learn more in a weekend of actually approaching and talking to women than you'll learn in a month of reading. Your instinct will be to stay in your comfort zone and "prepare" for this whole journey, by reading everything you can, books, blogs, watching videos, etc. so that you can go out and approach with competence and be comfortable approaching…but in reality everything will go out the window the second you say "Hi, my name is Jonathan" to a cute girl. All that'll actually come to the surface in that moment is the stuff that you've built up first-hand reference experiences of actually using.

        You will weird some women out. That's going to happen. That's fine, just don't shit where you eat (like hitting on your co-workers). Find ways to be around girls you don't have to see again if you weird them out. This is another reason why we use the bar/nightlife scene, because there's so many people you can just move on if you weird a girl out without any real consequence aside from feeling awkward for a bit. If you're pulling in 6-figures, consider travelling to nearby cities for a year or two instead of approaching women in your home-town that you might have to run into again.

        "3. If I make good progress in 2-3 years, can I at age 50+ expect to attract goodlooking 35-45 year old women ?"

        Oh ya lol no problem at all. In 2-3 years you can fix a lot of your mindsets, learn enough game to be attracting women and filling out your dating life, and build social circles and/or a lifestyle where you regularly meet women. It'll take work and it'll be one of the toughest things you've done in your life, but putting in the effort is entirely in your control.

        You won't get there by reading though. You'll have to make an effort to put serious time into going out and approaching women. There's no shortcut. But if you want it, you can get it…you're only 48, what's a guy's life from 20-30 look like? A couple years of awkward learning from 20-22, followed by a couple years of being decent and getting laid from 22-24, followed by 6 years of full-out adventure. There's no reason your 48-58 couldn't look similar to that, except that a 20-30yo tends to be placed in more situations that involve meeting women…so you'll have to figure out how to arrange that in your life.

        Good luck. Congrats on starting the next chapter of your life. 🙂


    • When you use game, you’re going to get drama. The secret is to not let her pull you into her frame. When she tries to make it a bad thing, refuse to accept her interpretation. Don’t argue, get angry, make excuses, or explain because that’s accepting her interpretation. Ignore her or ignore the issue and continue with a big smile. My woman has been very mad at me and a few minutes later laughing with me.


    • Husbandman,

      Please be cognizant that you suddenly changing your behavior from mewly Beta to arrogant Alpha will cause you to become incongruent in your wife’s eyes. Unless your change in personality is gradual.

      Additionally, you could go too much Alpha, which is needed for an HB10 Russian used to dealing with thugs from Moscow, but completely not necessary for a past-her-prime housewife in America.

      Since we’re talking about your marriage, which is a much bigger deal if it were to blow up versus some short-term relationship with a regular America ‘ho, I’d advise you to either take YaReally’s advice to go to that marriage website or this man’s advice and start sliding various personality traits more alpha:

      Read all three parts. I’m actually in a serious relationship and has been following his advice very closely with my girlfriend for the last 16 mos. Our relationship, let’s just say, is by far the best I’ve ever had. Girlfriend is giddy the entire time and wants to be a woman for me (incl. lots of sex). I cherish being the Alpha/Beta man for her (I shoot for a 5/3 Alpha/Beta ratio).


      • Great DdR, I will check those out. Good point about congruency, that has been the main challenge so far. Good news is that wife is only 28, and very sweet in general. She keeps trying to pin down the change to something having happened in my life, like a conversation with a friend or something. She is addicted to ad hominem explanations of things, and as a woman, of course does not have a disinterested value for just improving our relationship. There has to be a ‘reason’ for the behavior switch from me, even if the hidden truth is that she strongly approves. So I am considering using some version of YaReally’s Tony Robbins as a dummy for the real red pill. Having been reading Dalrock, I have also shown her a couple of things I read there which she did not disagree with. (We are Christians, and she is self-consciously anti-feminist, which we discuss all the time. OTOH, it’s obvious that all women her age have been somewhat contaminated by the feminist lies, it’s near inevitable at this point. So she would NEVER tolerate Chateau-type posts.) Work blocks “Married Man Sex Life” for some reason.

        The most useful insight I’ve gotten from you all so far through my brief browsing here is to see that she actually does require some level of tension and playful ‘drama’ from me to be satisfied, whereas I have been idiotically trying to do be a compliant yes man, which she obviously hates.


      • Those look good DdR, thanks, will explore. The good news is that my wife is only 28 and sweet. I am picking up on the importance of establishing/maintaining congruency. The trouble, as YaReally astutely anticipated, is that she is wanting to attribute the change in me to something concrete (such as a mysterious conversation with a friend) so that she can discredit the change, even though that is fallacious reasoning, not to mention that it is beside the point. If the changes are good for both of us, she ought to welcome them, and of course she does unconsciously, but is having hamster issues. I have shown her some things I read on Dalrock, and she did not disagree with them at all, but doesn’t see how they definitely apply somewhat to her own attitude. (We are Christians, and she is strongly anti-feminist, at least consciously so. But we all know that even very feminine girls struggle to resist go-girl bullshit fever.)

        Married Man Sex Life will not open at work.

        Apologies if this is repetitive, seems like a previous attempt to post vanished.


      • Those links were worth following. Looking at my life, all my sliders are about dead at 0 across the board. I’m congruent, but not very alpha.

        Interesting perspective. I’ve done a great deal of reading on these topics, and hadn’t ever run across anything quite like that before.


    • Yes this sounds just fine. You enjoyed it, didn’t you? That’s the best signal.
      You, as a man, naturally enjoy being the leader in your relationship. She naturally enjoys it when you are the leader too.


  7. Women are now about subvert the entire Beta male process entirely once Janet Yellen is confirmed as Fed Chairman.

    Women go from being Bernankefied to being Yellenated. They don’t even need to pretend they need a Beta man while they continue getting their butthext quantitatively eased by the Fed’s lotsa cockaz.



    • I told you guys a woman is going to take over Bernanke that will make him look like a picnic. There will be a day you will miss him lol.

      All we need now is Hilary to win the presidency, a woman to run NYC, and the chick trifecta is complete.

      Liberalism on fire. Watch the country going down the drain. Ugh!


      • on October 9, 2013 at 10:25 am Hugh G. Rection

        She’s basically a female version of Bernanke, so there isn’t going to be a policy change. Just setting forth the policies of Greenspan and Bernanke.


      • She is a female version of everyone who ever served at the Fed, not just Bernanke and Greenspan.

        The Fed chairman is just a figurehead. The monetary policy is set behind the scenes by the 12 member banks that make up the Fed. Thus, people are delusional if they think a particular Fed chairman is going to be radically different.

        The new chairman usually continues the policy of the one before him. After all, the new chairman isn’t someone from the outside; he is one of the Fed governors already setting policy. I guarantee, you’ll criticize every chairman, even in a 1,000 years from now.

        The only reason I don’t like a female chairman is that it further emasculates and feminizes the culture. It gives women more power when they should be reverting to more traditional roles, instead of marginalizing men. It might even pave the way to a president Hilary.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 3:07 pm Hugh G. Rection

        The monetary policy is set behind the scenes by the 12 member banks that make up the Fed. Thus, people are delusional if they think a particular Fed chairman is going to be radically different.

        Behind the scenes… The minutes are published some time after the meetings. Makes for very boring reading, although there are some beard jokes now and then.

        Quite simply, there can’t be radical changes in monetary policy because it would wreak havoc in the markets. For example, you can’t just jack up rates by 100 bps. Any change in policy would have to be done gradually. Just notice how the stock market reacted after hints off tapering the asset purchases.

        The only reason I don’t like a female chairman is that it further emasculates and feminizes the culture.

        It’s just a figurehead, as you said. Men are still running the show.


      • Even if she’s just a figurehead, I meant that it looks to the liberal masses that women are running the show, so more should be in positions of power. It encourages regular women to seek careers instead of seeking traditional roles. Like the military, the Fed and all of our institutions have become social experiments. The presidency will be next. BTW, the president is also a figurehead. Other than his race bating and appearing to the Black masses like he’s the most powerful man on earth, how much different is Obama from Bush? Don’t get me wrong, I still like Bush over Obama but the difference is very small.


      • @anonymous – you’re an idiot. Your stupid conspiracies of the Rothschilds controlling the world is silly and reeks of the mind of a child that hasn’t matured yet, so he looks for weird shit to explain the world.

        You’re a damaged idiot. Idiots like you are the reason the country has been emasculated – men who aren’t mature enough to discern reality from fantasy. With men like you, who’s worried over stupid women ruining the country?

        FYI, contrary to what some of you idiots think, and for better or worse, the Fed’s job is not giving the Rothschilds rights over your money.

        Congress charged the Federal Reserve with ensuring “the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates” as well as given regulatory responsibility over many consumer credit protection laws.”


      • The creating the Fed was drafted by representatives of the Rothchilds and their American agents in 1913. An informative and easily read introduction to this topic is Ed Griffin’s book “The Creature From Jekyll Island.”

        The Fed is technically owned by its member regional banks, whose stocks are unavailable for purchase or sale on any public exhanges. The identities of the shareholders are unavailable for public scrutiny.

        “…the Fed’s job is not giving the Rothschilds rights over your money.”

        We goyim do not “own” the paper “money” in our wallets or its abstract version in our bank accounts. The courts have said so.

        Each dollar is an instrument of debt, which is why it is labeled as a “Federal Reserve Note”, and enters its existence in the form of an interest-bearing loan for which we tax serfs and subsequent generations are held liable and which is owed back to the Fed.

        Since the nation’s money supply by definition equals the principal of the national debt and is therefore substantially less than the sum of the principal and the interest, there is never enough currency in the system at any given time to defray the entire debt “obligation.” More debt money must be issued to service previous debt. Given this arithmetic feature alone, interest on the national debt qualifies in every moral sense as usury.

        The Fed creates no wealth, invests no tangible capital, performs no productive labor, takes no risks. It simply enters digits into electronic ledgers or prints numbers on paper and cloth and then collects interest on loans conjured from nothing.

        IOW, by dint of income tax and legal tender laws we goyim are forced essentially to rent a usurious abstraction of money from counterfeiters.


      • Nonsense conspiracy, the oldest in the book – i.e. the Jews want to control your money. You idiots implicate the Jews in everything sinister, especially the Rothschild. Pretty soon, you’ll claim they are space aliens too. FYI, the Rothschilds intermarried so much with non-Jews generations ago, they are probably more Aryan than your ass is.

        “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” he makes lots of assertions about the Fed that have not been proven. Besides, just because he writes about a meeting that took place 100 years ago, doesn’t mean it’s a sinister plot against the “goyim”. So yes, I call it a conspiracy theory de jure.

        It’s interesting that all the Fed haters are usually antisemites as well, speaking about the goyim this and the goyim that. Yuck!


      • on October 9, 2013 at 3:08 pm Hugh G. Rection

        They do have some good wines though.


      • Then after the Second American Civil War and 30million dead, we’ll finally have the political willpower to revoke voting and property rights from women.


      • From your lips to God’s ears


      • I doubt it. Revoking “voting and property rights from women” will not happen. Don’t hold your breathe.

        However, maybe, if people see that traditional roles are better for marriage and family, many women will choose that over careers. In addition, if men in the future will insist on marrying only traditional women, it will further force women to go back to traditional roles. As much as you guys scream over feminists, you fuel their power by dating them.

        Anyway, I don’t see society ever reverting to the 1900s. People are delusional if they think this, and they’re wasting their time daydreaming over something that will never happen. Better spend time thinking how to force back traditional values instead, like CH is doing. I don’t think he believes women’s power will be reversed to that extent. It’s a nice fantasy, but it ain’t going to happen.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:18 pm The Burninator

        True on guys empowering feminists. I screen for that up front. Once she is on the hook and intrigued and asking “what are you looking for in a woman” I always, ALWAYS, directly start with “Well, first, she can’t be a modern feminist”.

        The number of women who coo and purr and say that they really can’t stand modern feminism is rather interesting. I had figured, especially after enduring the hell of the 1990’s, that modern feminism was the default mindset. Maybe it’s the type of girl I go after (the kind actively, openly and unashamedly seeking alphas). Dunno.

        But yes, going out and scoring a feminist isn’t doing much to eradicate feminism. All its doing is creating women who secretly long for the return of the alpha after he leaves, while covering it up with double heaping scoops of feminism shouted to her sisters as a way to justify to herself that she hasn’t betrayed “the sisterhood” with her secret longing. Seems rather self defeating for traditional men, in my opinion.


      • “The number of women who coo and purr and say that they really can’t stand modern feminism is rather interesting. I had figured, especially after enduring the hell of the 1990′s, that modern feminism was the default mindset.”

        It is the default mindset! Think about it – women expressing disdain for feminism don’t like the image of the unattractive fat shrill feminist that pops to mind initially. They’re not really against much of what feminism stands for, and they don’t even realize most modern women are feminists, even they. They believe if they let men open doors for them or wait 3 dates before sex, it makes them traditional. It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not nearly enough. Hence, you have to be very careful who is truly anti-feminist, and who only talks a good game. Most women are either afflicted, or recovering feminists with some unshaken residue. How can you not be in this culture? We are all hostages of feminism.

        That said, some are much worse than others, so definitely stick to the kind of girl you characterized as “the kind actively, openly and unashamedly seeking alphas.” Hahaha……..I like this description. Girls that unashamedly crave alphas, are easier to purge of the feminist mindset. They love/need/crave masculine male attention, and sacrificing feminist notions is a small price to pay for the kind of emotional security an alpha provides.


      • That is, a lesbian woman running NYC! Look at the male competition. Anthony the Wiener? di Blasio would be even worse.

        As someone still paying on a mortgage, I can’t say I am unhappy with a loose monetary policy. See debt is not like a pussy. One you don’t want to be in, the other you (guys, anyway) do.


      • “As someone still paying on a mortgage, I can’t say I am unhappy with a loose monetary policy.”

        What most people don’t understand is that this type of monetary policy is good for people that owe money or need to borrow money, like to buy a home or start a business. Since this is a capitalist society, this type of policy has been favored and used more often in the history of this country.

        The savers don’t like this type of policy; they like a strict gold standard, so interest rates go up and they get interest from the banks for the use of their money in savings accounts. While it sounds good on paper, it will make borrowing money super expensive, which will bring capitalism to a standstill. All this Fed bashing makes you wonder how many people really understand what they are saying, or simply quoting shills on the internet.


      • What you say is dead on until the buck stops and other countries no longer trust our currency. The only reason we have avoided inflation with all this printing is because of other countries taking our currency and using it as a store of value. China, Russia, Brazil and others are starting to look at how to undue this situation so our cheap money ways can only last so much longer.


      • It’s not that simple, look up “petrodollar” and related “Bretton Woods II” stuff. It’s been argued that apparently overreactive and rash US foreign policy like regime change in Libya were because of Libyan monetary independence. And it’s a hard equilibrium to change. Did you know that the value of US $100 bills held overseas is much greater than the total value of US currency circulating within US borders. A lot of international business still gets done with bags of those portraits of Ben Franklin.


      • I hope your right but history has never been too kind an example to this type of situation. It may have a century more to play out who knows but it doesn’t feel sustainable and no great power really has been over time it all ebbs and flows.


      • There is a flux/market equilibrium to consider here though. By your very own wording you are saying savers (aka lenders) prefer higher interest rates, but then proceed to suggest high interest rates destroy capital accumulation; both can not be true. You can not have investments and capital accumulation without money willing to fund it, and one’s eagerness to fund is dependent on risk and return assumptions.

        Instead what is true is that demand must meet supply at an agreed upon (non-FED influenced rate) to assure a rate that doesn’t distort and result in fluctuations. The gold standard was problematic for many reasons, but the FED is problematic because it distorts and doesn’t allow for a clearing rate to be achieved.


      • Why a non Fed-influenced rate? The Fed has proven very effective at influencing rates. Market participants deeply respect its power. There’s the saying “Don’t fight the Fed!”

        One may not like the Fed, but there it is. It’s reality.


    • Makes sense that would be the transition….Jewish women are more masculine that the men.


      • She’s a feminist (like most women are nowadays), but she isn’t masculine. She has been married for years and has a son with her noble-prize winner economist husband. Their son is also an economist. I think her father was too. Economy is also one of the fields in which Jews excel. It seems that in her case, she lives this stuff. It’s in her blood. Still….her appointment is feminizing the culture, and more a social experiment than anything else. There were plenty of men for the job, but women are replacing them everywhere. Gee, I wonder what men will do once women replace them? Hang out at home all day long and play around behind their wives back with barely legal girls?


      • There are Jews and Jews, with the women too. Some Jewish women marry young, marry once and have 8 kids while wearing head covering and dressing modestly whenever they go out. Not very masculine to my way of thinking.


      • I’ll use the word Satanic work from now on. For that guy doesn’t care what religion you subscribe to as long as you follow his code of ethics.


  8. How about that…women love money. They could care less where it comes from.


    • correction: a woman likes the feeling of control over her disposition that money brings.

      like I say, stupid and easy to trick.


  9. Transcend alpha/beta.

    [CH: Can you transcend breathing?]

    Deliberative alpha behavior is inherently approval-seeking and outcome dependent.

    [You can say that about any goal-oriented behavior.]

    Find success on your own path pursuant to your own terms.

    [Game is seduction on a man’s terms.]

    The females will follow.

    [They will follow men they desire. Or fear. Same difference.]

    Females are ALWAYS seeking a provider.

    [It is required.]

    It is just that alphas and betas provide different things.

    [The nature of the provisions is related to the availability of the options.]

    Alphas provide tingles, ego boost, entertainment, and betas provide material comforts.

    [The difference is that alphas can provide both, should they so choose. Betas cannot.]

    There is no shortcut to success with women or anything else.

    [But there are greater and lesser expenditures of energy to get what you want from women.]

    Do the work to become a successful person.

    [Inspiring the lust and love of many beautiful women is the most fundamental metric of male success.]

    Overcome the “need” for a woman’s approval.

    [Is the natural human libido an approval-seeking psychological flaw to be avoided?

    ps stop trolling. you sound like a fool.]


    • There are only two responses that I disagree with:

      “The difference is that alphas can provide both, should they so choose. Betas cannot.”

      Alphas cannot provide security, and arguably they cannot provide stability.

      [CH: Donald Trump is an alpha. You were saying?]

      Women want both of these and the inherent nature of alpha is such that he cannot and will not do so.

      [Depends how hot the woman is. Many alphas find the strength within to commit to sufficiently inspiring women.]

      If you are saying that alphas can sometimes be beta, then you are not being logically consistent with your own definitions and they are meaningless.

      [Providing is not necessarily beta. Providing because there is no other option for attracting women is beta.]

      Is he then an alpha that is occasionally being beta, or a beta occasionally being alpha?

      [You seem to be confused about the nature of alpha and beta. It’s attitudinal, not fiscal.]

      “Inspiring the lust and love of many beautiful women is the most fundamental metric of male success” is just flowery prose

      [You have a strange definition of flowery.]

      placing a woman’s approval on a pedestal.

      [Did an MGTOW eat your brain? Hint: It’s the immutable nature of the sexes that one must stoke desire in the opposite sex in order to fulfill the prime directive.]

      Survival is the most fundamental metric of success.

      [No. Fucking is. A street bum pissing himself can survive on handouts for a long time.]

      Then perhaps reproduction. But outsmarting vapid chicks

      [Normally you’re a more sane commenter than you’re demonstrating here. In fact, the stupidity in this comment is so egregious it makes me wonder if someone is sockpuppeting your handle. Do you really think only “vapid chicks” love a charming man? Of course you don’t. You’re just saying that to score a retarded dweebling internet debate point.]

      to sleep with them is not necessarily the most successful reproductive strategy.

      [In the state of nature, it would be. But, thankfully, prophylactics thwart the end goal.]

      If you are perhaps suggesting more generally that the pursuit of pleasure is fundamental, then there are more efficient means to that end.

      [The prime directive is the continuance of one’s genetic inheritance. The good feelings a man gets from, say, running a company or mastering a musical instrument, are merely emotional tools to help him achieve the ultimate goal of passing on his genes with high quality mates.]

      Please set me straight. You sound like a woman.

      [You’re just saying that because I handed you your ass.]


      • on October 9, 2013 at 10:57 am The Burninator

        Alphas are not inherently unstable by definition. Where did you pick up such a notion? They may be unpredictable in some sense, but that doesn’t mean that an alpha cannot lock down a good paying job (the infamous alpha example being the professional football player) or, more appropriately, start a highly successful business. Why wouldn’t I enjoy the absolute fun to be had in stripping all of my competitor’s of their lives savings through rabid competition? Do you somehow view alphas as uncompetitive towards other men? If so, I think you need to re-evaluate your position, as it doesn’t accord with nature at all. Alpha wolves don’t stop competing with other males in the pack, they rather hold the dominant position because they are unbeatable by the rest of the males in the pack, and in fact will be the first in line to battle rival packs (hence, providing security).

        If a woman is high enough value as an alpha would see her, there’s no need for him not to provide security. It’s only logical to do so, even if it’s just to keep yourself comfortable and she’s along for the ride and benefits from it as well. I’m not understanding where you’re getting your assumptions from. Are you defining alpha as ONLY the degenerate nonchalant bum who scores all the chicks because he just doesn’t give a shit about anything in life? Sure, that’s one type, but there are others as well. Star athletes (good money), rock stars (good money), Wall Street traders (unbelievable money and a “kill’em all” attitude towards the world), etc. Hell, Donald Trump is on his what, third wife now? He doesn’t give a shit how he treats women, and they swoon over the Uber Hairpiece Man. There is no exclusive need for alphas to be unstable and unable to provide “security”, as long as they maintain their alpha frame (hey, I’m learning the jargon!), anything is possible.

        The phrase “alpha fux, beta bux” is a bit overused and oversimplified. It explains a woman’s motivation, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that betas don’t get fux (they do) or that alphas cannot make bux (they can).

        Can you clarify?


      • on October 9, 2013 at 11:00 am The Burninator

        CH beat me to the punch, heh, we said basically the same things in answer.


      • Alphas cannot provide security, and arguably they cannot provide stability. Women want both of these and the inherent nature of alpha is such that he cannot and will not do so. If you are saying that alphas can sometimes be beta, then you are not being logically consistent with your own definitions and they are meaningless. Is he then an alpha that is occasionally being beta, or a beta occasionally being alpha?

        You’re confusing cads and alphas. Two different things.

        There are beta cads… those are the ones who screw multiple 400 lb landwhales and leave them with a spawn or two then r-u-n-n-o-f-t.

        There are also alpha providers. They take care of their women/wives but don’t take any crap from them and inspire deh tinglez in them.


      • Donald Trump – no current or former woman of Trump is going to tell you that she ever felt like she was in a secure and stable relationship.

        [CH: Are you going to move the goalposts like a woman or are you going to argue like a man? You said an alpha can provide neither security nor stability. I countered that a wealthy alpha can certainly provide security, at least of the financial variety. And often of the commitment variety. The only difference between my version of alpha and yours is that you pretend to believe alpha males are incapable of long-term bonding with a sufficiently attractive woman. You would be mistaken in that belief.]

        I agree that these prototypes ARE attitudinal and it is inherent in your definition of alpha that he instills dread, lack of availability, abundance of other options…all things that do attract women yes, but do not provide them with a sense of security and stability, which they DO want.

        [The aloof alpha traits are necessary but not sufficient for maintaining an LTR.]

        It’s not some fluke that women since time began have been attempting to get guys to commit and settle down.

        [“been attempting to get the most alpha man they can get to commit and settle down”. ftfy.]

        Yes, what women want IS inconsistent. They want to be floored by alpha attitudes AND comforted by beta reassurances in the same man.

        [Comforting reassurances are not inherently beta. But weakness and fear are.]

        This is why the entire alpha/beta paradigm must be transcended.

        [You can as much transcend the alpha/beta SPECTRUM (not dichotomy) as you can transcend your need to breathe air.]

        It is not logically coherent.

        [Keep telling yourself that. Sometimes apparent tautologies are so because they distill great truths.]

        Is this the new definition of beta: Providing because there is no other option for attracting women is beta?

        [Study the rudiments.]

        This is probably the 20th different incarnation of “beta” that I have seen on here.

        [Humans are complex social creatures evolved to overcomplicate the rationales for simple genetic urges.]

        These alpha/beta concepts are a philosophical mess and should be scrapped altogether.

        [Why don’t you start your own blog and get cracking on explaining that grand philosophy sloshing in your head?]

        If one’s choices are MGTOW or making a clown of oneself to push the buttons of some chick (vapid or otherwise),

        [False premise. Do you know what kind of person relies on false premises a lot to argue a vacant point? That’s right. A woman.]

        you go your own way.

        [This is something incels say.]

        The greatest men have done this throughout history, going off without women to pioneer new civilizations instead of sticking to the bar scene in their place of origin to try to score chicks.

        [Those greatest men more often than not reaped a substantial pussy reward for their efforts.]

        Don’t get me wrong,

        [Oh I’ve got you dead to rights.]

        I don’t believe those are the only choices. I do believe there is a way to better oneself and to nurture qualities conducive to personal success.

        [Stalin, meet Sidewinder. I knew there was something between you two!]

        And with that success will come women.

        [Nerds have plenty of success playing video games, but the women don’t come. Seems there’s something more to the art of attracting the ladies than just MGTOW, or a refined version thereof.]

        But if shagging women is your end-all/be-all,

        [It’s every man’s end all be all, whether or not he admits it.]

        it is going to be difficult for you to be a strong man.

        [“I’m not a celibate, I’m a strong man for ignoring women’s desires!” Defining desperation down.]

        Just as there are things I would refuse to do, even if it meant my death, there are things I would refuse to do if it meant my celibacy.

        [Name some.]

        That is the strength and idealism in men that women are drawn to.

        [Strength and idealism and getting laid are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re BFFs.]

        You seek comfort, poolside, from the affection of women.

        [False premise #3. Typical of an incel to confuse comfort for love.]

        I respect that you don’t hide this,

        [Passive-aggressive womanly debate tactic, #312.]

        but you should be less defensive about men who want more from their lives.

        [Clear case of projection.]


      • You seem to be advocating a r-reproductive strategy.

        [CH: This here is not an advocacy forum. It’s a reality forum.]

        This strategy has been demonstrated to work on low value women, on a global scale.

        [It works on high value women in K-selected societies as well. See: sneaker fucker.]

        I’m a k-strategy man.

        [Congrats. So am I. With lots of K-selected hot chicks.]

        You spread your seed amongst the LCD,

        [False premise.]

        and I seek virtue and higher purpose.

        [Debating a sith lord like myself is not a path to virtue. I’ll make sure of that.]

        Generations of history have led to my people conquering and ruling yours.

        [False premise #2.]

        Certainly we have a great deal of back sliding going on in our culture, but we still seem to be in control for now.

        [Dysgenia is rampant. How much backsliding can a K-land take before it’s too late to rebound?]


    • Actually, what you should say is ‘transcend pre-defined SCRIPTS for alpha/beta behavior.’ An alpha wins pussy — by any means necessary. Being alpha is going after what you want without apology or regret and if your tactics fail to get you what you want, you move on.

      Tony Montana said it best: the only thing that gives orders, is balls.

      Now that I’ve become entangled with several hot (ya, I say they’re 6-7’s or whatever but my friends…and most guys…due to an easy scale, consistently rate them higher) girls in close quarters….I can say definitively that women LOVE to be treated like nonsense creatures. They love a guy who will not respond to their bullshit and also lay down the law stone cold. Love, love, love it.

      But let’s really get down to business —- farting, ultimate alpha?


      • on October 9, 2013 at 11:00 am RappaccinisDaughter

        No, farting doesn’t equal ultimate alpha. Anybody can fart.

        [CH: Yeah, but can just anybody fart and not sheepishly apologize for it?]

        It does equal ultimate funny, though.

        [Come on baby light my fire.]


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:14 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        OK, but only if you let me call you Fartiste.


      • lol

        I hadn’t farted with 7 yet, but last week I was at her apartment hanging with her and her little dog. While she was in the bathroom I was like ‘man I gotta cut one, and now’s the perfect time.’ However, she returned from the bathroom pretty quickly and I was like ‘ooooooooh….maybe a bad idea.’

        She walks in and blinks, waving her hand in front of her face ‘Ewww, it smells like shit in here……did….did you fart?’

        “Fuck no….it was your dog.”

        “…my dog?”


        “…….she only weighs like 4 pounds.”

        “Then that’s pretty fucking disgusting then….”

        “(laughing, puzzled) Okay, well….I’ve had this dog for over a year and SHE’S NEVER done anything like that…”

        “Ya what a weird day to pick to assblast your entire living room (leans back)….”

        “….so gross…”

        “…if you don’t shut the fuck up she may cropdust the area again. Because she doesn’t give a shit………only the aroma.”

        “…ohhhh (sits down next to me on the couch and makes a face)…”

        “By the way….not when you said it, but like just after you said it….I farted.”


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:39 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        That’s good, but it’s kind of entry-level. Farting 101. That’s like “pull my finger” territory. I think you’re ready to move on to the more advanced stage of gameplay. Here are some ideas to get you started:

        1. The Squeaky Toy: Out of the blue, tell her that you really need a hug. Right now. When she asks why, don’t answer; just say “Hold me.” (Bonus points if you can get a little moist around the peepers when you say it.) When she hugs you, whimper, “Tighter.” When she squeezes you good and hard, bust ass.

        2. The Cup O’ Soup: Fart into your cupped hand and whip it at her face. (NB: This works best if you’re standing really close to her.)

        3. The Hot Water Bottle: She bitches that she is cold. Lean your ass up against her leg and beef. (You only get to count this one if you fart DIRECTLY on her. Farting in her general direction is for Frenchmen whose mothers are hamsters, and whose fathers smell of elderberries.)
        Once the move is executed, ask her if she is warmer now.

        4. The Yo Quiero: If she has a cat or a little Paris Hilton yap dog, wait until she’s talking to it in a baby voice. Then fart on its head.

        5. The Editorial: When she is talking, wait for her to pause a moment. Ask her, “Do you know what I think about that?” Then fart.

        Do not attempt these advanced moves unless you are fully confident in your sphincter. Sharting causes you to lose all points.

        [CH: I laughed. If a man can shart and maintain frame, he’s a jedi knight of game.]


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:45 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Not bad. Kinda reminds me of this guy:

        I also like the dutch oven.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:55 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        He never wrote any follow-ups, though, did he?


      • on October 9, 2013 at 3:10 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Don’t know, there are none on the best of craigslist.


      • i’m not taking the chance she thinks she can reciprocate. i am not ashamed of gas but i announce and take it out of doors. i hear a woman fart and i will lose my lunch. vagina’s another issue, it’s retained air from a snug fit. perfect.

        if gas is a problem, by the way– atkins. no carbs, problem solved. on atkins you get any pressure and you better hit the toilet, like now. because it’s not gas.

        i generally count out loud any time a girl belches and keep her aware of the fact that i don’t want her getting too familiar and showing off her tampons and stuff. “that’s six. we don’t want double digits.” doesn’t matter the subject, they generally like being kept in line.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 1:46 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Good point, burke. Turnabout is fair play in the world of gas.


      • Nah it’s actually Phd-level tho. One day you’ll understand.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 4:03 pm gunslingergregi

        [CH: I laughed. If a man can shart and maintain frame, he’s a jedi knight of game.]””””’

        i’m a jedi knight of game oh fuck yea


      • With the woman who eventually ended up as my wife, I did the “pull my finger” trick after about 5 dates (well after we were already having sex).
        The look of shock on her face cracked me up so much that I fell off her bed laughing so hard.

        I was raised never to do that kind of thing, and probably the only reason I did it was that I was also seeing 2 other women and had inoculation against oneitis. I found that treating her (and the other women) like an annoying little sister was exactly the kind of thing they eat up. Just not all the time, for those of you with Aspergers.

        To this day, years later, it is one of the favorite stories she tells to close friends. Her family also when they visited us in America.


    • Not trying to defend Sidewinder, but everything Ive learned that is pro game and pro alpha is tempered by what I see in the ghetto.

      [CH: Alpha is amoral. The ghetto version of it sucks. The Casanova version of it is pretty cool.]

      Without the distraction of employment, or some artistic endeavor… it can easily mutate into a fratricidal self destructive loop.

      [Those aren’t distractions; they’re aides.]

      Just sayin.

      [Beats payin.]


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:06 pm The Burninator


        Game is a tool, not a values system.

        I can give you a sidearm. What you do with the sidearm determines whether you’re the “good guy with a gun” or the “bad guy with a gun”. Either way though, you’re still the guy with the gun. Same with “alpha”.

        Ghetto can be alpha, clearly. So was John Donne, a court dandy from hundreds of years ago who engaged in poetry and enjoyed attending theatre (at the time called masques). Lord Byron, who didn’t have a ghetto bone in his body, would out alpha even the most ghetto thug easily. Game is value neutral on the morality scale.


      • The Casanova version of it is pretty cool……i submit the Cassanova version of it is Sigma.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 3:12 pm Hugh G. Rection

        alpha, beta, gamma, delta, omega and now sigma. Jesus Christ.


      • Jesus was definitely a Sigma. Or a mechanism of much needed social control.

        either way, right you are my large and throbbing friend!


      • on October 10, 2013 at 7:40 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Yeah, can somebody explain to me what gamma, delta, and sigma are supposed to be? Google isn’t being very helpful here.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 8:59 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Thanks! An interesting read.

        I’d be somewhat more inclined to agree with that model than the traditional alpha/beta/omega one. I’ve always thought betas get a pretty bad rap on CH; my experience with betas is that they actually tend to be fairly successful in their interpersonal relationships. They’re just not leaders. And that’s OK. It doesn’t make them sissies or pussies or losers. In order for society to function, there have to be followers. Betas are the glue that holds society together.


      • You’re welcome RD. I thought it was funny how Vox used double-meanings with some of his Greek letter categories, like “Delta” for change and “Lamda” for homo.


      • [Those aren’t distractions; they’re aides.] –CH

        You mean things that help a man get pussy?

        Yeah, I agree. But is that the reason men engage in them? I say NO for the artistic endeavors, and I might even include religion.

        You may have been successful in reducing sex to a set of primitive bio mechanical principles; but art and religion appear to be above your pay grade?

        You can’t know why the painter wants to paint a picture because he himself doesn’t know.


  10. Totally a newb question, but how do you become a better kisser? Got my first real kiss while in college, but since then I’ve really never gotten used to it. I always dread whenever the girl wants to kiss me because I’m like “Oh great, how am I supposed to make this good???” I’ve kissed girls several times before, but I’m not completely sure what I’m supposed to do. Last time I madeout, it was too slobbery and I was like “aw shit, this again”. How do you makeout without getting saliva all over her? Lol sorry, I just wanna get this handled.

    If the advice is to kiss more girls then fine, I’d just like to know the best ways to learn if there are others.


    • Practice makes perfect.


    • The guys I found to be good kissers always had prior experience with other girls. Also, brush your teeth.


      • Awesome, thanks Immoral. At work, but I’ll give these a read. And Lara… “brush your teeth”… thanks…lol


      • on October 9, 2013 at 2:55 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I don’t think she’s trying to be a jerk. I know it seems basic, but it’s actually awesome advice. You have no idea how many fine guys are out there having their game wrecked, RUINED, by stank-breath.


      • No worries, I was just kidding with Lara. I carry mints and brush my teeth 🙂 Good advice from everybody, thanks!


      • Also, do oil pulling once a day. It cured my bad breath, something that brushing and flossing did NOT do. Among other things, oil pulling reboots the balance of bacteria in your mouth to the ones that are supposed to be there. It also makes your teeth smooth and glossy and whitens them over time. Keep brushing and flossing, of course. Oil pulling even started getting rid of the athletes foot I’ve had since forever.


    • The first one should be gentle with only some light, light, light tongue. BUT…just end it with a little nibble at her bottom lip. Works for me every time. Also, kinda lightly caress your fingers over your cheek into a gentle hold/cradle of her head (your thumb should be like, just in front of her ear and your other fingers should be back there). If you do the first kiss right, the entire dynamic between you both will change, and she’ll like……WANT YOU. And all you have to do is escalate from there. The way to control slobber is — as most things in the game are — let her bring her tongue to you. That’s a great indicator of where she’s at anyway. Once she starts wanting to play tonsil hockey, you know she’s DTF fo sho.

      I may have disadvantages approaching and building attraction, but once I get to this point I know the bitch is gonna fall in love.


      • Hahaha Scray, your comments. But seriously, thanks for the breakdown. I’ll give all the advice on here a shot for sure.


      • This. Kiss a little and then pretend to come in to kiss but pull away, causing her lips to physically search for yours. I agree, totally flips the script.


      • this is one area where you should take a chicks advice. the one area where they are often honest is in how to build sexual tension.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 11:02 am RappaccinisDaughter

      Less is more, especially to start. Don’t try to jam your tongue in her mouth like you’re force-feeding her.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 11:11 am The Burninator

        Less is more, especially to start, is also a good practical rule of thumb when it comes to cunnilingus. In fact, the same rules for both apply in equal measure. Less is more to start, intensity builds, light teasing, more pressure but not smothering pressure, increased tongue, building intensifying responses, then off to the races.



    • I’ve learned that being a “good kisser” is much more about what you do with your hands and body than what you do with your lips. Put your arms around her and (softly) take control. And yeah, don’t get too slobbery.


    • The purpose of kissing is to let the woman taste your DNA, so she can determine if your genetics are too close to hers. Kissing is instinct. So don’t worry about it; enjoy it. And she will too.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 1:00 pm gunslingergregi

      but yea practice intimacy kissing its fun
      back of neck bite on the cartid artery gives em that feeling like they bout to be eaten
      right below ribs
      suck on inside of leg right by the putty
      basically all the kill points are sensitive


      • lol nice. Thanks man.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 8:08 am gunslingergregi

        ya think ya want to jump in and go buck wild get the deed done but one of my most vivid memories of the hottest moment between me and a chick was touching the breast of my next door neighbor for the first time and we hung out for while before that
        it was hot for real
        innocent tender it was nice
        still didn’t fall in love with her but i love her as a friend i guess
        she always gives me the big hugs even now


  11. Fred Reed’s long-lost brother John suddenly opens up with both barrels:


    • JTR has a lot of good stuff

      “The results of the experiment in integrating women men into the same barracks, units, and same chain of command are also in. It has been a total disaster. And the experiment has been going on for 37 years. It is a crime that it went on more than five or ten years.”

      I read his “succeeding” book. Interesting method of game in that one–writing letters to hotties (back in the day when people wrote letters, ~60s), going to lunch, and then “next”ing immediately if it didn’t go his way. Landed his wife that way. Wouldn’t work today just with the amount of flakes going on, much less accounting for social media and the effects it has on a girl’s ego. But interesting to place in context with Text game, FB, and the contortions guys have to go through today.


      • His real-estate guides are very practical also, in contrast to a lot of books that try to pump you up but leave you with no useful information.


      • Agreed. He blows Kiyosaki out of the water. Very thorough and actionable info.


      • His Kiyosaki fan page* ( is where I first ran across him.

        * Okay, not so much a fan page as a brutal and systematic dismembering. Too bad Casey Serin never read it.


      • His main point is that male commanders can abuse female subordinates with impunity. They can also abuse male subordinates with impunity as he notes from his own experience in Vietnam. I’d rate a commander being willing to get you killed as worse than undergoing sexual abuse..

        I suspect that in a battle situation, a commander who is saddled with females who cannot do the job would abuse them or get them killed to protect the rest of the unit. Why women would sign up for that sort of incompatible situation, where their status is only maintained by a culture of lies about their fitness, I don’t understand.

        Other than that, my experience in the work world suggests that women would be abused less by a male commander than a female one, and they would probably enjoy that abuse more or dislike it less when it occurs. Maybe he’s slyly suggesting a separate female service academy knowing that, like all women’s colleges, it would hardly get any applications.


  12. So what is the correct explanation of Roosh’s field data from Denmark, then?


    • I’ve met a couple Danish women. The word “lesbianish” comes to mind.


      • As it happens I’m in Denmark now. Danes are known for being standoffish. The corollary, supposedly, is that they are very warm once they like you, but I’ve never been here long enough (or gamed one well enough) to find out. It reminds me of the Seattle freeze, though at least Danish women have much better style and more respect for their bodies.


    • Highly egalitarian cultures like Denmark tend to be xenophobic. All Danes are equal and all are better than non-danes.

      Roosh came in spouting game meant to indicate higher value. This not only rubbed against Denmark’s egalitarian ethos, it highlighted Roosh’s position as an outsider.


      • They all seem able to detect my nationality at one glance (and no I’m not fat), which might explain a lot of near-misses from cars and bicycles.


      • If that’s correct, doesn’t it cut against the thesis that attraction is biomechanical rather than cultural?

        [CH: Not necessarily. Danes may be more innately disposed to avoid romance with outsiders.]


      • As a person who lived in the Netherlands-also an egalitarian land with a similar culture- I call on bullshit.Game and value work greatly there too.

        Otherwise why do you think so many men in scandinavian countries are into some kind of sport or hobby,learn foreign languages,travel like crazy,take care of their looks and buy BMWs and Audis(yes they do)?

        Let’s use some logic here.

        Roosh is simply a person who is not equipped with necessary game skills and charisma to evaluate the Danish market.

        Roosh has not much value in Denmark.He is a nobody there and cant offer anything to “have -it-all” and “seen-it-all” Danish women.
        He has some value in Eastern Europe-because of his american passport.
        His looks,needy behavior,weird mannerisms and fashion sense are also below the waterline.

        His only chance was game.

        If he would have some game,the greatest value equalizer ever,he would easily get laid with 7s in Denmark and would not be so butthurt.
        Since it did not happen we can only conclude that he has no game.

        When you are reading Roosh-you are basically reading tips on game from a frustrated nerd who just panicked and ran away from it all.

        Sad, but true.

        He is also not white european,he is middle eastern man.That does not help in Denmark much.

        And all this dante law rubbish talk is just plain bs.Scandinavian women love to tell this crap,yet they always go after successful guys.


    • I’m surprised they need maternity leave in Denmark. It doesn’t sound like anyone is having sex.


      • I’ve been observing carefully and have yet to see any.

        That said it seems odd to me that Roosh would have so much trouble here or that he would describe the place as a Borg cube. There are plenty of attractive and feminine-looking women and they’re at least polite if not effusive. Maybe, despite their unfortunate leftism, they’re still very culturally ingrained against hooking up with relative strangers (or, as sfer says, foreigners) to a degree he didn’t expect?


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:38 pm Hugh G. Rection

        I’d also say that they maybe prefer the foreigners to look like them?


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:48 pm gunslingergregi

        i liked Denmark it was clean and food was good
        castle i stayed in owned


      • Their birth rate is about 1.7 children per woman. Slightly lower than for white Americans or other Scandinavians, but substantially higher than for Germans.


    • I don’t know, but his experiences don’t really prove much except that he’s not good at getting Danish women. It may very well be that he’s mastered tricking girls into thinking he is high value in America, but his knowledge of Danish culture isn’t good enough to trick girls in Denmark.

      By the way, I was in Denmark 15 years ago and thought that the place sported the highest average beauty of any place I’ve been.


      • I haven’t read Roosh, but Im wondering, what cover did he use while in Denmark?


        Seems to me it would make a difference?

        He certainly can’t tell the truth.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 2:44 pm Big Game Hunter

      Let me be honest. If Roosh is having problems getting laid with ethnic Danes in Denmark, that’s because of several reasons, but #1 is because he looks like a muslim and acts like an American. To be sure, there is a large-ish number of women that go for that muslim look just for the multicultural and islam-is-so-alpha appeal – we can thank ‘the Cathedral’ for that, I suppose – but for that group I think Roosh doesn’t look and act nearly muslim enough.

      I’m no natural alpha or anything, so take my words with a full plate of salt, but. The thing about Danish or Scandinavian/Nordic women in general is that you don’t want to get full cocky asshole on them, unless (maybe) you’re really very, very attractive status or fame or wealth-wise (in which case they might tolerate & expect that); your MO should be to just charm them with verbal skills or physical alpha displays. They are, even the loud Germanic lines, mostly shy or at least introverted at heart. That don’t mean they don’t get cocky or arrogant because that’s just modern female entitlement, and in these countries females have always had more position than in most others (because females have hands and brains, too, and when it’s my-prized-balls-are-freezing-through-two-layers-of-bear-skin cold out there, it’s pointless to have the women closed inside some harem doing nothing when they could be doing useful work). Roosh is too much of an “international man of mystery”, too. He isn’t a credible person in that environment, so he looks like a walking joke to the more intelligent (in relative terms, of course) parts of the curve. And (even) I suspect his game isn’t half as good as he thinks it is. Game works (and has worked for me personally, too) in Scandinavia, of course. You just don’t turn it up as high as in, say, LA or Washington DC. No where near as up, actually. Tone it down, keep it simple. Just don’t go in like some third world country, thinking that just being from USA is so great to her that you can be a needy beta and score twice a night.

      What I do? Don’t be a total asshole, throwing hard negs and such, no matter how smoking hot she is – keep it soft-ish. Don’t be a wimp, putting her on a pedestal – they’re hella tired of that, because they get it everywhere, all the time. So? Be witty (and this is relative, because a lot of Nordics are very… quiet, and couldn’t be witty if their balls depended on it), even funny, but above all, confident and surprising, and value yourself – and from that basis imply and in some cases outright state that her presence would amuse you or give you pleasure in some way (that is to say, she is valuable, but no so valuable _as_ You). You don’t want to be every other guy, and every other guy is two different types of guys: guy one is the shy-ish local guy of limited vocabulary and lots of predictability, and guy two is the aggressively extroverted foreign guy who’ll grope her tits within ten seconds of meeting her and telling her she has beautiful eyes. Also no need to get complicated, or into social status games or such with Nordics (that have not been Americanized) – they’re not built for that, mentally, the whole introverted by nature thing again. Flashing money or driving an expensive car is better than nothing, to be sure, but not half as impressive as in most other places, because women can earn a few bucks on their own, even doing absolutely fucking nothing, and unless you’re movie or sports star level wealthy, it doesn’t really much matter to them.

      For full disclosure, I’m Finnish by birth, lots of experience living in the general region, from Norway to western Russia. Natural beta, but man have I changed my life with learning game. Game works here, do not doubt it. It’s just that it must be kept to lower levels than in Eagleland, or it won’t work all that well.


      • Nice to hear that camel jockey game may have lost some its’ luster in Scandinavia. That was getting very annoying.


    • Bang Iceland, Don’t Bang Denmark.

      I had a Danish girl interested in me once, but indeed she was self sufficient financially. Nothing dyke-ish about her though. But from what is said here about Roosh, she would have kept her distance.

      I never knew an Icelandic girl.


  13. on October 9, 2013 at 11:55 am Reservoir Tip

    Here’s one for whoever wants to tackle it:

    Been dealing with this girl at school lately. She’s French, kind of the alternative type. Anyway, to begin she had hunted me down on facebook and messaged me. Eventually I grabbed her number and we text a bit. She’s ALWAYS texting me wanting to hang out on campus, and we have a few times. I’ve escalated sexually via a text, and my advances were well received. Only, I try to escalate in person, by touching and whatnot, and she literally will not have it.

    I’ve never dealt with anyone so finicky about touching. She’s by no means the “girl girl” type, so I don’t get what the deal is. Should I warm up to her more? Or be more aggressive and literally take a kiss?

    I know she’s interested. Her FB says she has a bf, but she’s literally never mentioned him, except once in a shit test that I passed with flying colors. She’ll also double or triple text me if I don’t answer back, and she’s almost always the one to text first.

    So what do you guys think?


    • Get close. Try to kiss her — go 90. If rejected, laugh it off…joke around…repeat in 10 mins.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 12:09 pm The Burninator

      If she recoils at touch but is clearly turned on by you, make her touch you.

      “Hail to the king baby. Give me some sugar.”

      Any excuse, yes, any excuse, to use an Army of Darkness reference. It’s a curse.



    • Was it a public place? She may be worried that people will think she’s a slut if she has a boyfriend.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 12:40 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Smells like cocktease.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 12:46 pm Reservoir Tip

        I wouldn’t eliminate the idea of her being a tease. Maybe I’ll go low contact for a bit and see how she reacts. She doesn’t really seem like the type who is into bullshit, though, so I wouldn’t EXPECT her to be a tease, if you get me.


      • But it sounds like you’re already pretty low contact. You would just be going lower still because you don’t know what to do.

        I don’t either, just saying … if the reality is that you want contact, and none of the ideas here achieve it, just write it off as undoable and conserve your precious time.


    • she needs a reason to lay down her logic.

      invite her out or over for drinks and get her alone but DONT ESCALATE PHYSICALLY and watch her. she starts drinking heavy from the go, she is signaling that it needs to “just happen” and she needs plausible deniability. give her what she wants. just don’t let her get past a buzz or headchange even though she is going to say after that she was wasted.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 1:41 pm gunslingergregi

      she might be virgin take it slow
      get other chicks too
      have fun with her


    • on October 9, 2013 at 1:44 pm Cad and Bounder

      1. Could be the public place issue mentioned earlier, you need to get her somewhere private to be sure.

      2. You may have triggered her ASD with the sexual escalation by text. Stop doing it. She’s not dumb, she knows you want to fuck her and, by the sounds of it, she wants you to succeed.

      3. When you say ‘alternative type’, is that a byword for overly sensitive arty-farty type? If so, then this is a clue that my best guess is correct. She wants you, but her ‘guilt’ over her distant bf is triggering ASD in her. Sounds plausible?

      She may have feelings for the bf, but want to fuck you. Women eh?

      If I’m right then you should be able to finesse-close this, and plenty on here will advise you how. Before they do that, and before you fuck her, bear in mind one thing. You should give this girl a lot of comfort AFTER you have fucked her, if you want to do so again.


    • First off: She wants to fuck you. So keep going. Now for the dynamics/plan-of-action:

      “I’ve escalated sexually via a text, and my advances were well received.”

      “Only, I try to escalate in person, by touching and whatnot, and she literally will not have it.”

      “Her FB says she has a bf”

      What do you think the difference between texting and in-person is? No one will ever see her texts. But someone might walk in on the two of you.

      She won’t accept your advances unless:

      1) You have guaranteed isolation, where she KNOWS no one will find out or see you or her. Even a stranger in a park might know a friend of a friend who knows her boyfriend. You need FULL isolation.

      2) You continue to act like she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Bringing him up will trigger her ASD. Just proceed as if you don’t know that.

      3) You create a situation where she can go from hanging out to sex all at once. If you’re breaking out of prison, you don’t open the door, step outside, look around, then get back in your cell…then go out, walk down the hall and knock out a guard, then go back in your cell…then go out, down the hall, knock out the guard, get to the fence, then go back to your cell. You go all or nothing and make it over that fucking fence before the hounds bite your ass off.

      So don’t even TRY to escalate on her until you have full isolation and a few hours together where you can escalate all the way to sex. You know she wants to fuck you, she just needs you to handle her logistics. So create a situation where you have FULL ISOLATION, and TIME. Something like studying together at one of your homes (lie and say you have a bunch of friends coming to study together and then don’t invite anyone else and pretend they all flaked when she gets there lol). Studying in a library together is isolation, but it’s not an environment you can lead things to sex, so it’s no good. Studying at home with a group of you is an environment you can lead things to sex, but doesn’t give you isolation. You need both.

      Inviting her out to drinks is great if you can do it, but there’s a solid chance it’ll trigger her ASD because you’ve sexted her and she knows drinks = sex. If you hadn’t been sexual via txt, she could go out for drinks because her ASD wouldn’t be paying attention since you’re not a sexual threat. She might be up for drinks, but it’s a low % play. Even coming over to your place to study is a low % play now because of the sexting…her ASD knows not to be in isolation in a location you can escalate to sex in with you now.

      That’s why I recommend having a “study group” flake on your guys (or have some buddies over to study for an hour who know to fuck off and leave you two alone suddenly (have them fake reasons to leave))…it doesn’t seem like isolation so she can agree to it. It’s a big ol’ web of lies, but because she has a boyfriend and you’ve sexted her, you’ve created a tricky situation for you where the highest % play involves lying.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 6:50 pm Reservoir Tip

        Solid advice, everyone. Thanks. Too bad college can’t teach this stuff. Or maybe I should be glad it doesn’t. 😉

        I’ve invited her to my place, and she’s agreed to come over sometime. Sounds like you hit the nail on the head with the isolation aspect of things.


      • “I’ve invited her to my place, and she’s agreed to come over sometime.”

        Shit, that’s DONE, son. lol

        Remember: she won’t ever ever ever pick a time to come over. YOU have to pro-actively arrange the study date or whatever it is. Act soon, while she’s in a highly attracted state…a month from now she may have moved on or be feeling guilt. Push for this weekend if you can, or next week (she may have to juggle around plans with her BF and need an extra week or two).

        She knows what’s going to happen, so you don’t have to acknowledge. Play it 100% platonic friend-zone until you’re in person. No more sexting or hard flirting…you want the guards thinking you’re asleep in your bunk so they walk away from the cell, not hearing you rattling the bars and sticking around to make sure you’re not up to something.

        She might flake on you, because you’ve sexted, but if that happens just play it cool like it’s no biggie and push for it again. She might just need to know that you won’t freak out and be needy/clingy (and ruin her BF relationship by falling in love with her and bringing drama to her life).

        Good luck!


  14. Reminds me of the time I had a bedbug infestation; I wrapped up my mattress and they scattered out to the couches and chairs. Fucking parasites.


  15. on October 9, 2013 at 12:51 pm gunslingergregi

    they get rid of hud and food stamps there will be a line of bitches around the block at my door


  16. I’ve found the next beta of the month…
    Definitely good for a laugh. This guy is looking to give Schwyzer and that Sci Fi tool a run for their money…


  17. It should be pointed out that economically self-sufficient women are not “self-sufficient” at all. Virtually every woman who has some degree of success of this type receives a great deal of government protection.

    The “self-sufficiency” of today’s women is wholly dependent on Affirmative Action, set-asides for female-owned businesses, pressure from feminist advocacy groups, pressure from liberal and Marxist public sector supervisors, male-run businesses seeking to get some kind of advantage in the marketplace, etc. Remove all of that and you have a society as it should be.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 1:17 pm gunslingergregi

      my sister in business and yea every single woman in her business gets money from outside that business from someone or somewhere
      yea businesswoman is a joke


    • I’m another Mark and I agree with the Mark above about the illusion of female success. Lots of middle class women are just as dependent on the government as the stereotypical inner city welfare single mom but like to pretend to themselves that they aren’t. Take away all the government jobs, affirmative action and unfair divorce laws that transfer economic resources to ex-wives and you’d see that. The females who don’t benefit so much from big government are mainly the ones married to white males. For them, the government is just something that taxes away money from their husband that could have gone to them and their children. This is why married women are really the only group that votes Republican as Steve Sailer has pointed out. We can’t afford the welfare state anymore and it’s going to be necessary to wean women off government dependency and get them married or we’ll have a standard of living collapse.


      • lower case “mark” here.

        There are also other disadvantages to White female “self-sufficiency”:

        1. There are far too few White babies being born. Western civilization in now threatened because of this. The surplus of mud people now overflowing into the Whitelands is going to require the flow of an ocean of blood in the future to correct.

        2. The White females who have had sexual relations with non-whites have permanently contaminated themselves. After all, what normal, self-respecting White man is going to want a race-mixing White slut to be the mother of his children?

        3. Feminist propaganda has rendered many White females psychologically unsuitable for marriage or any kind of long-term arrangement. They have deep-seated animosity toward normal, traditional White men.

        4. “Self-sufficient” White females will attempt to disrupt the power struggle in a normal, healthy long-term relationship (the correct balance being a situation where men have nearly all of the power).


      • “There are far too few White babies being born. Western civilization in now threatened because of this. The surplus of mud people now overflowing into the Whitelands is going to require the flow of an ocean of blood in the future to correct.”

        Whose fault is that? Mine? haha. You and all your ilk sound like complete, sore losers. You possess a helpless, pathetic, victim psychology.

        And “Western Civilization” is not a magical, mystical realm only whites have access to. It is preceded (and ultimately generated) by a set of values and ideas anyone can adopt.

        [CH: Nope.]

        For evidence I give you wealthy non-white countries all around the world. Deal with it.

        [So much is said in what isn’t said.]


      • Because one-word statements and non-arguments (i.e. “Nope”) are clearly superior to reasoned arguments (that took more than half a brain to write).

        Try again, and try a little Stormfront jr.


    • mark it’s my impression, from not very much data, that the situation here (USA, I assume you are here too with the phrase “affirmative action”) is worse than Denmark. The Danish guys I’ve known aren’t whipped. TI suspect things are more actually equal there, rather than equality meaning screw-the-men.

      Further I think that a lot of cynical men here would have happily “competed” in Denmark, found a compatible girl without an undue amount of stress so that the whole idea over practicing and discussing “game” wouldn’t appear on the radar screen, and gotten on with life. Really I don’t know of a place that’s as hostile for men as the USA.

      Maybe that’s all gone down the tubes in Denmark too, but with the Muslim “invasion” of Scandinavia comes a set of very conservative male-centric customs and norms. Our recent trend of immigration across the southern border also brings in a traditional customary lifestyle, but in a much less influential way.


  18. But the wife has more to gain from divorce if the husband out-earns her. If she out-earns him, she should be stuck at work while he raises the kids (his highest and best economic use after all) and she pays him alimony and child support.

    But I get the impression that isn’t how courts always decide things when the wife has the higher paid job.


  19. They do realize, do they not, that this (partial) government shutdown will be over in a couple weeks max, right?
    My guess is that a sudden increase in sign-ups for a ‘dating’ (HAH!) website (puke) is more likely because they saw something about it on Oprah/Dr.Oz/GMA or some other bullshit TV show.
    Or Twitter.


  20. When I visited Brazil, every guy I met had a smoking-hot girlfriend. In Russia I met an old guy with bad teeth who’d separated from his wife and had a girlfriend of about 30. She was sort of cute, but she seemed very stressed-out and never smiled.

    These guys were not rich, not foreigners, and not gamers. Just stable, decent men in countries with no welfare benefits, domestic violence laws, or chilimony enforcement — a glimpse of our future.


    • Hmmm…it has less to do with welfare and family law than it does with the gender ratio. Some poorer towns in my county are up to 25% Brazilian and I kid you not, the women are noticeably uglier than SWPL women. Since Brazil I believe has massive emigration, and moving to different countries is more a male thing, it is no surprise that the women in Brazil have to put in a lot of effort to look good. Brazilian-American women are still better looking than Mexican women, but since there are relatively few of them compared to Brazilian-American men, they can let themselves slack somewhat in the looks department.


      • You have to keep in mind that to many American guys, ‘smoking hot’ often translates to ‘not fat’ or simply ”wearing a bikini’. Thank the Puritans, whose values run DEEP in these Yoo-nited States.
        I live in an area that is heavily (50%) Hispanic – mostly Mexican – and while there are quite a lot of hottie Chicanas in their teens and 20’s, something terrible happens to them right around early-to-mid-30’s.
        Extremely rare to find an attractive Hispanic woman over 35.
        And the only ones who want anything whatsoever to do with White guys are – you guessed it – the overweight, middle-aged Single Moms with 2 or more kids (in rehab) and tons of debt.


      • That depends where in Latin America you look. I was in southern Brazil, which had a lot of immigration from Europe. Amerindian girls age much faster — Mexican states set the age of consent at 12-15 (or “puberty”) so that these chicas can snag husbands before hitting the Wall at 25.


  21. Will donor conceived children ever become as cheap as breast implants?

    The industry is very powerful and has a great PR machine. Has this topic been addressed by the CH?

    Below is what I suspect is an industry produced video for the phenomenon:

    But here is a link to a lot of the pissed off/depressed children of the procedure:

    All of the secrecy, non disclosure and lax record keeping makes me suspect Ive stumbled upon the holy grail of something very, very white?

    But is it just a proxy for the feminists?


    • “I know that she was blonde. I know that she was a college student. I know that she was a dancer” — Allegra

      Actually darling, the only thing you know is what you were told.

      You have no proof.


  22. This, too, is real talk!


  23. […] A variety of manosphere-related studies. Related: Divorce risk correlates with a wife’s share of household income. […]


  24. My comment yesterday seems to have been lost. So I’m pasting it again here.

    Hello again Yareally,

    I appreciate your long point-to-point reply. You seem to be a conscientious person. Your input is highly valued.

    As you’ve rightly concluded, I am really determined to rewire myself. I’ve got nothing to lose. For a few months after my divorce, I was angry but mostly disillusioned. I almost went the MGTOW route. But then I realized that life is not much fun without women. It is women that make life exciting for us guys. They may be frivolous, crazy & untrustworthy but many of them are simply too delightful to give up. They are delicious from head to toe, front & behind. Boobs are God’s ultimate creation!! They smell wonderful, are soft & cuddly & with the right babe you can have great conversations. I love their laugh, their smile, their softer instincts, their silky curves, their delicate fingers. My instincts say that if you know how to deal with them, life can be an adventure to look forward to. I cannot imagine being MGTOW.

    I’m a very analytical guy with graduate degrees in Engineering & Finance from a top university. I began making 6 figures at 29. I’m decent looking, 5’ 10”, average build, not balding, a bit of grey. I’m one of those ‘logical’ guys that needs to understand how & why things work. Last 3 years have been trying to make sense of female behavior & my own reactions & assumptions. A whole new mental world of cause & effect has opened up since. I now have a better grip on female attraction to male dominance, the need to ‘change her mood not her mind’ etc.

    After my divorce I wasn’t sure how to go about enjoying ‘the pussy paradise’. I didn’t know if it was even possible at my age. Game blogs, Tyler Durden, Rollo Tomassi & a few others gave me the confidence that my sex life could begin anew.

    In the last 2 years, I’ve approached 21 chicks (13 in the past 6 months). I’ve slept with 4 (age 40 approx), but they were not exactly good-looking. One was downright ugly. I haven’t weirded anyone out yet. But maybe that’s because I approach older chicks who are comfortable with guys my age.

    I’m a believer in direct game. It suits my personality. I don’t seem to have the patience to play indirect. I’m too introverted to go indirect & then indulge in kino & banter to sexualize the interaction. (Here I will boast that once she sits down with me, my conversations are quite engaging! I’m still trying to figure out why that is.) Luckily I travel a lot for company work (to Europe, Asia & within the US), so can practice without adverse consequences.

    Usually I wait till I’ve interacted with the woman at least 2-3 times (even if it’s just hellos & smiles at the coffee shop). The 3rd or the 4th time, I ask them if they’d ‘care to have coffee with me’ or ‘go for a walk with me in the evening’. If they ask why, I tell them with a very straight face: ‘I find you attractive. I want to spend time with you’. That is all I say. Nothing more, nothing less. (I tell them my name only after they’ve accepted.) 9 have so far accepted & the 4 I slept with happened between dates 3-7. Of these, I can have 2 again anytime I want. Surprisingly 3 were married but still accepted, didn’t sleep with me though. One replied: ‘I’m married, just not wearing my ring. But if you promise to behave, I’ll have a small coffee with you’. She said this with a very warm smile, not an entitled bitchy way. It turned out to be a 3 hour date in the Galleria mall in Houston. Ended with a very warm tight hug. She kept whispering: ‘Be good. Be good’. I’m still hoping to bed her. We do exchange emails. Nothing sexual though. But she knows I want her. It was shocking and thrilling at the same time. I couldn’t believe it was so easy to approach a married woman. It was only after these episodes that I understood the PUA concept of ASD & ‘not acknowledging that she has a BF/husband’. I also discovered that 40 yr old women can be as giggly & girly as 20 yr olds. (I discovered a great difference between me & most guys. I am completely comfortable interacting with a woman even after she says no. I feel no embarrassment, no awkwardness. I don’t know why that is. Infact, I become more free & relaxed in her presence. This is very puzzling to me. Maybe you can explain why.)

    Anyway, my problem is that I want to hookup with babes who are age 35 & below. Older chicks are not that exciting. I want the best that is possible for me. I don’t yet have the confidence to approach 30 yr olds. But even if I have to restrict myself to just 35 – 45, I want to fuck the best of these good looking mature hotties. I want to be the 50 yr old with the tightest game. Even if I fuck just 10 really hot 30-35 year olds, I’ll die happy knowing that I may not have had the best view, but at least I saw the movie.

    A big obstacle I face is that I’m uncomfortable approaching within earshot of other men. I am like Adam Sandler in ‘Anger Management’. I’m quite confident amongst men, just uncomfortable being watched during the approach. I need to work on my ‘sense of entitlement’. Another goal I have is to develop my sexual technique. I’m too old to fuck like a 20 yr old, but I want to be so good at all else that I can surprise a 35 yr chick enough that she will want it again & again. I’m thinking of hiring a classy escort to teach me every damn thing. It would be like having a ‘sex school’ diploma. If you have any other suggestions, please enlighten me. I am eager for guidance.

    Guys like you are my inspiration. All the guys (Tyler, Janka, other less famous ones) who are at the forefront deserve high praise.

    A million thanks to you!!!

    @ strelnikov
    Stories like yours keep me motivated. Could you post more specific details about your transformation? How do you approach? Someday, maybe I’ll snag a young hottie & I’ll have my own story to share and make everyone jealous.



    • “I almost went the MGTOW route. But then I realized that life is not much fun without women.”

      lol agreed. I look at it like a lot of people get bitten by dogs. Some people decide they want nothing to do with dogs or that risk and just don’t ever own one, and that’s cool, that’s their decision…but some of us would rather put some work in to learn how to train the dogs and minimize as much of the risk as we can. We might still get bitten, but we’d prefer to try to minimize that risk and take our chances because we love having a dog around.

      Women are crazy but I love ’em.

      “Luckily I travel a lot for company work (to Europe, Asia & within the US), so can practice without adverse consequences.”

      oooo, this’ll come in handy. Most older guys are established in a specific city where they’ve built a career/home/etc. and are stuck gaming while worrying about their reputation. Anonymity is a huge bonus.

      You could theoretically ask for a number from every single woman you see on a business trip, get shot down by every single one of them, and there would be no real consequence. If it were me, I would be dropping into the lounge at each airport before and after flights, asking the hotel clerks about nearby lounges with Happy Hours, or checking into hotels that have hotel lounges (these are great, if you meet a woman in one you both likely have a room upstairs in walking distance), hitting up grocery stores to grab a few things and do some approaches, hit up tourist landmarks during the day, etc.

      And I’d be going for striking up a conversation, dropping that I’m from out of town and checking her logistics (is she a local, tourist, where’s she staying, where’s she going, etc.) then shooting for making her my tour guide if she’s a local (then escalating on the Day 2) or a “let’s explore this city together” adventure if she’s not a local, and ideally go for the insta-date (ie – “let’s grab a coffee, come with me” off the initial conversation) but a Day 2 the next day or two is alright too if you’re there for a few days.

      I don’t know what your schedule is like on business trips and all, but see if you can find points in your day where you can take an hour and drop into a local lounge or grocery store etc.

      “I am completely comfortable interacting with a woman even after she says no. I feel no embarrassment, no awkwardness. I don’t know why that is. Infact, I become more free & relaxed in her presence. This is very puzzling to me. Maybe you can explain why.”

      Freedom from outcome. Once she says no, your brain says “well, then there’s no more pressure…when there was a chance she might say yes, I had to worry about whether she’d say yes or not, but she’s said no so now I can just relax and fuck around”. Remaining cool and brushing off a “no” is attractive to women because it indicates that you have an abundance mentality which is usually backed up by an abundant life…ie – her “no” doesn’t devestate you because you have other women or can meet other women. So she says “no”, then you demonstrate high-value by being unreactive about it and still being charming and relaxed and fun, and often she starts getting attracted because you’ve DHV’ed.

      “I don’t yet have the confidence to approach 30 yr olds.”

      Think of it this way: You’re 48 now. Will you feel any more comfortable approaching 30yo’s at 55 than 48? Odds are you’ll feel MORE like you’re too old to be approaching them. So do it while you can. 😉

      Age really starts to become irrelevant when both people involved are past a certain point. Like an 18yo might screen out a 30yo, but a 28yo is less likely to screen out a 40yo, and a 38yo is less likely to screen out a 50yo, even tho all of those are a 12 year age gap. So if you’re hitting up girls in the 30+ age range, you’re really not going to find many girls that go “I’m really attracted to you and if you were 42 we could do this, but 48 ewww”

      The key is that if she’s attracted, she’ll view any of your “flaws” as “features”. So avoid age-related conversations until you can tell she’s attracted to you, and then your age will make you “mature, not like those silly man-children that I normally date”. This just means you need some tight initial attraction game (teasing, being charming, push/pull, etc.), which it sounds like you’re on the way to developing already.

      RSD Ozzie here is 43 now (40 in this vid):

      “I’ll die happy knowing that I may not have had the best view, but at least I saw the movie.”

      lol I’m stealing this.

      “A big obstacle I face is that I’m uncomfortable approaching within earshot of other men.”

      Everyone is. 🙂 It’s one of the hardest parts about daygame, is pushing past the feeling that everyone is watching you. They ARE watching you, because you’re the most interesting thing going on in the room if you chat up a woman, especially direct/bold. But you’re heading down a path that 99% of them will never have access to, let alone go down themselves…and heading down that path means learning to become comfortable being the center of attention.

      Here are some vids on being the center of attention, getting out of your comfort zone, collecting reference experiences, daygame, etc. Not sure if any of it will help you…your problem is 100% internal/mental, so reference experiences doing it is the only way to get past it, but these might help give you some mindsets or perspectives to think about:

      “I’m quite confident amongst men, just uncomfortable being watched during the approach.”

      If it helps: you’re being watched, but it’s because the men are watching wishing they had the balls to approach a girl like you do, and the women are watching wishing they were getting approached like you’re doing. 🙂

      The main thing is that to get past this you need reference experiences of being the center of attention. That’s why I suggest doing a lot of approaches when you’re travelling. You have the opportunity to approach a lot, consequence-free, and gain those reference experiences fast. A lot of guys don’t have that freedom. You should be doing at LEAST one approach a week. Or when you travel, maybe set a goal of one approach a day while you’re away from home.

      Even if all you do is get rejected a bunch, you’re teaching your brain “it won’t kill me if I approach and try to pick a random girl up…people will watch, but that’s it, the world won’t end, it’s no big deal” and occasionally you’ll get the girl and start building references of “not only won’t it kill me to approach, but I’ll probably land a hot girl like that one time…go ahead and watch, everyone, take some notes and learn.” lol

      “I’m too old to fuck like a 20 yr old, but I want to be so good at all else that I can surprise a 35 yr chick enough that she will want it again & again.”

      lol this was similar to my attitude when I was a shy awkward nerdy hermit living in my computer room. I read/watched as much about sex as I could so that if I DID finally get a girlfriend someday, I would be amazing in bed.

      I’m lazy and not in great shape, so I’m big on finding ways to get a girl off that don’t involve basically doing a thousand sit-ups as fast as possible. I recommend:

      Squirting 101 – you can find clips from it around the net, but I recommend torrent’ing the full video. This shit blows girls’ mind…I make pretty much every girl I’m with squirt, and if she doesn’t full-out gushing squirt (some girls squirt more than others, I was hooking up with a chick who could give Cytheria a run for her money lol I stopped seeing her ’cause having to let the bed dry out for a day and a half was too inconvenient), they at LEAST have an epic orgasm thru manipulating the g-spot while going down on them etc. I recommend this vid ’cause this guy’s description and demonstration of the technique is solid and you can see how other guys don’t get what he’s doing and can’t pull it off.

      Sex God Method – Give this a read. A woman’s orgasm is primarily mental. Understanding that it’s not about how big your dick is or how deep you can thrust or how long you can pound away is key…if you understand how to turn her on mentally, tease her, build things up etc., you can get her to a state where she’s literally orgasming as soon as your dick slides in her. Ya, there are girls who just love a good hard pounding and it’s good to do that now and then if you can, but even then everything is enhanced a shit-load when you understand how to turn her mind on.

      The sad/funny part of it is that even just watching/learning from those two sources, you’ll be light-years ahead of 90% of guys. My player buddies and I always quiz girls on other guy’s techniques and shit and it’s the same story over and over…the dude just rails away at her as fast/hard as he can go trying to show off, and half the time she doesn’t even get off. Girls don’t come back to me for my charming personality lol…they come back to me because I know how to fuck them proper.

      The key is in quality over quantity. Like I could just bend her over and try to thrust away for 30 min, and ya, the thrusting feels good to her because there are nerves down there, but it’s nothing special and might not even get her off.

      But if instead of that, I bend her over with a little more force, grab a fist-ful of her hair with one hand pulling her head back, wrap my other arm around her throat so it’s in the crook(?) of my elbow and growl into her ear making her feel like she’s helplessly being fucked by some kind of animal, and I do that after an hour of building up the sexual tension and teasing her with fingers/oral getting her close to the edge and backing off before she orgasms etc., and as I finish I talk dirty into her ear, cover her mouth with my hand, etc., I can just fuck for a couple minutes and it’ll send her over the edge because I’m creating an entire experience for her…and I don’t have to do nearly as much work as the 30 min of thrusting lol

      Even with oral/fingers, you don’t have to ram away at that shit. Do a bunch of teasing and not-quite-touching, breathing on it, super slow light licks etc. The anticipation/build-up is more exciting than blasting away. Ideally I like to tease them at the edge until they get to the point where any light touch I do feels super intense. Sometimes I’ll just do the absolute lightest touches through their orgasm and it drives them nuts.

      “I’m thinking of hiring a classy escort to teach me every damn thing.”

      I’ve never fucked one, but honestly I can’t see them teaching you much. They probably fuck a LOT of shitty lays (if those guys were good lays, they wouldn’t need a hooker), and I’ve found that most girls don’t even realize they can squirt or understand wtf I’m doing down there that’s blowing their mind. Like the hotness and/or amount of sex a woman has had doesn’t seem to have any real correlation to how well they know their bodies or how much they know about sex.

      You’ll gain a lot more knowledge from checking out Squirting101 and Sex God Method. What I would do if I was you is check those out, and then call up any of your current/past hookups that you can call up, even if they’re not hot, and try the techniques out on them…especially the squirting stuff. As soon as you pull your fingers in the right place the girl can tell you’re doing something different so that one’s pretty quick to tell “hey, she’s really responding to this”…get the timing right (do it when she’s turned on and closer to orgasm VS right at the start) and you’re likely in for a show lol

      “Guys like you are my inspiration.”

      lol happy to help. Props on handling this part of your life. You only live once and it ain’t over yet, esp if you have the right attitude toward this.


      • Hey Yareally,

        Thank you so much for helping me with your feedback.

        Will definitely incorporate your suggestions into my game. It may be slow but I think I’ll get there eventually. You just made me realize that I was not utilizing my opportunities to the max. Unfortunately, I’m usually on a tight schedule during business trips, however, with better time mgmt, I may be able to increase my approach frequency

        Will watch all the videos & read the Sex God Method. Maybe I’ll become the ‘Sex God’ as Marissa Tomei says of Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want.’

        Every once in a while, I’ll post an update.

        THANK YOU SIR!!!



      • lol good luck. Let us know how things are going down the road.

        “Unfortunately, I’m usually on a tight schedule during business trips, however, with better time mgmt, I may be able to increase my approach frequency”

        Ya I just wanted to demonstrate how you’re surrounded by more opportunity than you might realize, but that you’ll still have to make an effort to utilize it.

        It’s like RSDTyler says about meditation: “it’s not the actual meditating that’s hard, it’s finding 20 minutes in your day to actually sit down and DO it that’s hard.” I don’t meditate but when it comes to pickup I find time for it and manage my schedule to make time for it. That’s why I can post here so much, I have solid time management skills and this is a hobby to me so I make time for it. While other guys play Xbox or surf YouTube or practice the guitar, I post my long rants here.