Beta Of The Month: On Bended Knees… Forever

Not to gloat over my prowess at uncovering the world’s cringeworthiest beta males, but I think you readers will find it particularly difficult in this edition of Beta of the Month to stare at these train wrecks without averting your eyes.

BOTM Candidate #1 is a Rainman Jr. looking guy who earned his FIRST HUG (after four years dating) on the day he proposed to his girlfriend. Aww. Slow down, Romeo!

6/10, would hug. She’s wearing sunglasses to hide her shame and contempt.

In the interest of fair and balanced shivving, maybe the guy is sniggering like a retard because he’s already boffed this chick and he likes the feeling of getting one over on her oblivious dad. But judging by that disrespectful boner protruding in his pants, I’m guessing this tiny amount of physical contact is the first he’s received since his umbilical cord caressed his neck. So for the sake of BOTM continuity, let’s just call it and state unequivocally that this beta is loping into marriage on the basis of a platonic side hug. And is that a wallet he’s holding? At least he knows he’s gonna have to pay up to get a hug on the other side that maybe, if he’s lucky!, includes a brief tit brush, tastefully clothed.

Poor bastard. He has no idea the hell matrix that awaits him.

It takes a special kind of beta male delusion to conduct one’s personal affairs in the belief that marriage will open the pearled pink gates of sex. If your girlfriend can successfully parry your irresistible betaboy charms for FOUR FUCKING YEARS and reward you with a hardcore side hug the second you promise her an early retirement plan option, then it’s a good bet she can easily glide through another twenty years of sexless (that is, sexless with you) marriage once she has a ring on it and any incentive for good behavior from her has been removed from her consideration.

A young(ish) woman saving herself for marriage is not necessarily a bad thing in the big civilizational scheme of things, but she should at least be showing signs of sweating hard to restrain her base impulses while in your company. If it looks like she’s happy parceling out tidbits of affection you can get from your mom with less effort, you had better not think that marriage to her is somehow going to magically cause her desire for you to erupt like Mount Vaginius. Marriage is just a dotted line and the smoking barrel of the state apparatus pointed at your head; it’s not an aphrodisiac that can make a woman suddenly tingle for the timid twig of a beta male.


BOTM Candidate #2, submitted by reader Matt, is a manlet who… um… well… yeah, I’m having trouble typing this out. The mere motion of tapping my fingers into legible patterns that describe this hapless creature might transmogrify my hands into clawed, chronically fap-worn vestiges of scalzification syndrome. But, I soldier on. The dude is on his knees begging for forgiveness from his girlfriend in public, who can’t stop slapping him in the face in front of gawking onlookers. The craven puling he vomits defies every tenet of manhood, not to mention good taste.


The video is too grotesque to be staged. Yes, this guy is really on his knees, in the public square getting slapped around by his frail Asian girlfriend for some transgression that may or may not involve another woman or perhaps a Pokemon hug pillow, and bawling like a baby. What’s going on with the other girl standing next to her? Is she keeping away good samaritans? Providing color commentary? Moral support?

“You hit him real now, You no exist to him. You take that? Harder, hit harder! I want… I mean you want to see his shame burn in his face like a three day sake bender.”

Asians are weird.

We laugh at stuff like this because it helps ease our discomfort. You see, beta males and their antics are inherently discomfiting to the human senses. This is why we cringe when we see a beta male profusely apologize to his battle-axe girlfriend for some minor mistake, or a beta suck-up who wears “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts, or a beta orbiter who listens attentively while his unknowing dreamgirl dumps her problems with her boyfriend on him. The behavior of the beta male violates some universal law, or some deeply ingrained neurological module that goes code red when an expected sex role is turned on its head. It’s the same feeling one might get seeing an everyday and familiar object that would exist in the state of nature deformed into a monstrous aberration.

Conversely, when we see a charismatic alpha male handle his woman with expert care, and refuse to bow and scrape for scraps of female approval (or for stays of female punishment) when he has done her wrong, or not quite done her right enough, we relax. We exhale. We smile contentedly. We do this because such a scene means that everything is right with the world. Everything is cool. This is normal and the sun will not explode tomorrow.

I propose a new emoticon for sackless beta males:


Note the micropeen and vague vaginal evocation.

The voting:

The Bended Knee Beta of the Month is...

For those wondering why it’s not more correct to label these two candidates omega males rather than beta males, take stock that they at least have slender girls in their lives, in however limited a capacity. The typical omega male is either an involuntary celibate or a wiping implement for a blubbery land whale. The beta male has not reached the depths of loserdom that the omega male occupies. The problem with the beta male is that the prize he has managed to acquire keeps threatening to slip from his grasp. He lives in a constant state of fear and horror that his tenuous hold on his girl will fray, and she’ll sail into the arms of a better man.

In some way, the beta male is worse off than the omega male. Many omegas learn to accept their invisibility to women, and find contentment in dropping out of the mate race to pursue more readily available pleasures, like food or hobbies. Betas, in contrast, can see the ass ring dangling inches from their reach. So close, they are taunted constantly with plump juicy rewards, if they just try harder. And that is why they fail.


  1. I wouldn’t hug her…..elbows are too pointy.


    • It’s really odd that she’s wearing sunglasses while he isn’t.

      I don’t understand elitist body language very well [being myself, at heart, just a happy-go-lucky hillbilly redneck], but my general impression is that, for the elites, wearing your sunglasses while you interact with people who are not wearing sunglasses is about as big a sign of disrespect as is the infamous “turning around and showing them your back”.

      From his point of view, the elites would say that it’s not very good “optics”…


      • How do you know they are elites? I’m missing the signals. I thought they looked like villagers. (I’m a village woman too)


      • The USA isn’t surrounded by water like Cyprus.

        In the USA, it’s a very elitist thing to work your way to a beach like that – normal folk can’t do it [because they simply can’t afford to get anywhere near such a destination].

        And her clothes – the little black shoulder-strap blouse/camisole thingamabob, together with the sunglasses – says that she still harbors dreams of becoming an elitist herself.

        Whereas he is still dressed kinda/sorta like a “man of the people” [although with disturbing traces of “Justin Bieber” in him, certainly for a fellow of his age].


      • “Elitist” to go to the beach? C’mon man.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 11:25 am depressed_danny

        Check your beach privilege.


      • The Great Lakes don’t count, obviously.


      • “The Great Lakes don’t count”

        Tell it to Chicago, but if you insist on ocean, NYC is a beach town.


      • It’s a beach far enough south so that the “succulent” cactus* can still grow in the background there, along with the boulders at the water’s edge.

        So we’re talking Corpus Christi, San Diego, maybe Santa Barbara, or somewhere in Mexico [possibly Baja California].

        In other words, highly elitist.

        And BTW, from what I hear, the beaches around NYC and NJ and Connecticut are becoming cut-throat-edly elitist nowadays – it’s getting damned difficult for the common man to make it onto many of them anymore.

        *Unless they’ve invented some ‘succulent cactus’ plant which can survive the winters of Maine or Nova Scotia.

        But don’t kid yourself – this picture was NOT shot at a “common man’s” beach:


      • > “with disturbing traces of “Justin Bieber” in him”

        I want to get back to this point, because it’s so very crucial.

        Women tend to mature a good ten [if not twenty] years earlier than the boys who are their classmates.

        So even though the couple in this picture could very well be the same age chronologically, being classmates from the same class in school, the girl is just light years ahead of the boy in terms of physical maturation and emotional maturation and psychological maturation.

        If you posit that, say, on paper, they are both chronologically 25-years-old, you are still left with the glaringly obvious and undeniable Dark Enlightenment truth that, physically & emotionally & psychologically speaking, she’s 35-going-on-40, whereas he’s more like 16-going-on-17.

        And from the Dark Enlightenment point of view, the idea that girls should be marrying boys of exactly the same chronological age is simply nuts.

        In fact, it puts me in mind of a huge broo-ha-ha from a few years ago, between John “The Derb” Derbyshire, and Andrew “Bareback” Sullivan, after The Derb had observed, in passing, that most women achieve their height of beauty circa 15-years-of-age.

        [Which Bareback then used as a springboard for accusing The Derb of being a pervert or a molester or a child pornographer or somesuch.]

        But it really is true – from the point of view of Mother Nature, a 25-year-old young man really does have very roughly the same physical and emotional and psychological maturity of a 15-year-old girl, and 25-year-old boys marrying 15-year-old girls is probably very roughly what Mother Nature intended for our species.

        So the 25-year-old fellow in this picture really ought to be waiting another good decade or more before he starts to think about settling down [unless he wants to be hit with a statutory rape conviction], whereas the 25-year-old girl in this picture really ought to be looking for something more like a 40-year-old man who is moving into the prime of his career.


      • I thought they looked like villagers.

        Out of the mouths of Cypriots. Stupendous turn of phrase.

        I will be borrowing it — mostly to mock the “elite” pretension about their superiority over the great unwashed, but also to keep the bourgeois rubes from their mediocritizing tendencies.

        I crown Naomi the Princess Borat of the manosphere.


      • BORAAATTTTT?!!!!

        reehhhh.. .that’s not kind Matthew King. LOL.

        It has been a long time to see your comments, I am happy to read your comment again.


      • Being a villager is not a bad thing anyway really. I am one of the most village women I know from the young women, Most young women desperately try to reject their village-ness and be like city women, calling somebody a village woman here is actually an insult now. It implies a lowly and uneducated woman. Even if I am uneducated, I think I am not ignorant. Women move to the cities, or go to London and Athens – and come back more ignorant than they were before they left the village.


      • > “I am one of the most village women I know”

        Will you please move to a Red State in the USA and let a real man knock you up and have children with you?

        Your ovaries are not going to keep bursting them eggs out of their follicles forever.

        The clock is ticking.


      • I can hear it *tick tock tick tock- my biological clock* 🙂

        Zombie Shane I don’t even know what it is – Red state?


      • If I was his friend, I’d slap him too.


      • Who needs dating? This is the FUTURE… whaaaaaaa???


      • I have to do it all the time out of necessity.. my eyes are very sunlight sensitive and I tear up. For some people sunglasses are really needed, not just a fashion thing.


      • She isn’t a platinum blond with electric blue eyes.

        She has dark brown hair.

        And probably brown eyes.

        Dollars to donuts says that she has no ophthalmological need for the sunglasses whatsoever.

        She’s wearing them to establish behavioral/sociological dominance over him.

        Nice guy not donning sunglasses.

        Versus evil bitch staring him down from behind her sunglasses.

        It’s pretty straightforward, actually, when you think about it.


      • Lol, I’m a medium blonde with greenish eyes. Also some girls will wear sunglasses to avoid squinting, which leads to wrinkles…

        I just don’t want you to throw over a cute girl who’s crazy about you just because she wears sunglasses! 😉


      • I wear sunglasses, a big hat…pretty soon I”ll be wearing a burka!


      • Kate, you disrespectful, uppity slut! 😉


      • HAHAHAHA!


      • Yes, let’s make this about you. Thanks for that.


      • Lol. I forgot the sperg factor here. I just didn’t want ZS– or any of you– launching a great girl for wearing sunglasses on the (*possibly* wrong) assumption she’s snooty.

        You’re welcome. 🙂


      • Wearing sunglasses in a photo is a sign of disrespect. Period. No excuses. When people take a photo with me, they take off their sunglasses.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 11:27 am haunted trilobite

        Taking a photo and stealing someone’s soul is also quite disrespectful


      • Who do you think works at the Red Lobster in a beach town? There’s always a ghetto and/or crackahood to supply the help. Don’t walk behind the curtain of beautiful, downtown Hamilton, Burmuda unless you’re willing to risk ending up unconscious and bleeding behind a dumpster.

        As for the sunglasses thing, the code is far more complicated than a simple binary. There really isn’t even a hint of dominance seeking to be seen here. I often wear mine indoors, at night, without any social issues arising from it.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 11:37 am depressed_danny

        Because what we accept socially is fukkin repugnant.

        Eyes are the windows to the soul. If you’re wearing sunglasses and you’re not;

        1) Flying a fighter plane

        2) Sitting at a table with cards in your hands

        3) Being a bad enough dude to save the president

        then your sunglasses are uncalled for. It’s a cheap trick to make yourself appear more attractive, since it hides the placement of the eyes (a major feature in symmetrical beauty). Why do you think the majority of women wear them, especially the massive kind, lean more toward 5 on the old 1-10 scale, I’ve never seen legitimately pretty girls (8+) wear them religiously like the majority of women in the 4-7 range do.

        The fact that this chick is wearing sunglasses in a picture shows that she doesn’t have enough respect for her ‘fiance’ to have her face shown with his. Notice how even he recognizes this with his down to the ground, slightly to the side stare. Unless this was just a bad picture taken before they got a good posed one (a slight possibility) or the comments are photoshopped, then the Beta dynamic is easy to spot.

        “Who do you think works at the Red Lobster in a beach town?”

        Well, if the OC taught me anything, it’s tough James Dean types from Chino.


      • There is no shame in being an open cockpit tail gunner and we need eye protection too. I wasn’t in Dallas so we’ll never know I guess, but I hung out with his kids afterward.

        Nothing untoward happened to them while I was around.


      • > “Eyes are the windows to the soul.”


        People hide behind sunglasses, or refuse to make eye contact with you as a means of establishing social dominance over you and humiliating you.

        It is said that in the Clinton White House, the Marines and the military liaisons from the Pentagon were ordered to look down at the floor when Hillary Clinton walked down the hall, and that they would be fired if they dared to look up at her and try to make contact.

        There are even stories of uniformed officers hiding in broom closets when she was on the premises, for fear of a demotion [or something worse, like an artificially manufactured dishonorable discharge].


      • My soul came into the world alone and it is going to leave it alone.
        In between I can choose to share it, but I don’t owe it to anybody.

        You’re going to have to rate it, son.


      • I agree It is extremely rude to talk to somebody with sunglasses on or not make eye contact.

        If somebody does not make eye contact with you when touching glasses to make cheers/toast here, it is considered so rude. You don’t greet somebody, and especially never do cheers without direct eye contact. It means somebody is rude and shady, and if somebody doesn’t look you in the eyes when doing cheers, they will most definitely be called out on it- it’s a big thing. Do you have that there?


      • > “Do you have that there?”

        Here in the USA, elitists try to get away with it all the time.

        Whereas normal, ordinary, “salt of the earth” folks understand the importance of just plain old-fashioned good manners.

        That’s why I’m sensing this terrible “normal guy” hitched to “chick with elitist aspirations” dichotomy in the photograph.

        She wants to move to Foggy Bottom and work for the State Department.

        Or maybe the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

        But he would be just as happy moving to Peoria and working as an engineer for Caterpillar.

        It does not bode well for their future together.

        Been there. Done that.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 11:30 am haunted trilobite

        That’s because she hasn’t her shape-shifting under control, and was afraid she’d reveal her reptillian eyes in an unguarded moment


      • “Because what we accept socially is fukkin repugnant.”

        “I agree It is extremely rude to talk to somebody with sunglasses on or not make eye contact.”

        Eye Contact? EYE CONTACT? You can’t handle eye contact!

        The goal of capitalism is to reduce all human interaction to the cash nexus.

        Here in America we are on the ball all the time time is money waste not want not you think money grows on tree he’s a loser no-account nobody he made good did very well is successful has a beautiful home went to a good school knows all the right people his car is to die or beautiful kids and wife does nicely did you see her clothes you didn’t go to the right school time is money time is money most toys most toys.

        Too clever by half.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 9:05 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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  2. I thought 1 was sad and a little bit weird… then I saw 2. That was disgusting, it was abuse and people were actually recording it?
    If it was a woman to the floor and a man slapping her repeatedly in public, the police would be there in a flash. It took too long for people to try to intervene. I felt deeply saddened watching that video that people could just stand by and watch.


  3. John the Baptist. What happens to good men when a beta man in charge makes an irrational decision based off some woman seducing him.


    • An intriguing use of the Game lens to understand Scripture! I like it Earl, and it’s apt.


      • I also wanted to make sure that the chinaman getting slapped by some tart isn’t even in the same league as John the Baptist getting beheaded.


      • Depends what definitions you use. John the Baptist according to the hosts definition wouldn’t be an alpha at all. He may have influenced men but in the woman department he scored a big 0. The man who ordered is death at the woman’s request was getting alot of royal strange. So either alpha isn’t all about the women your banging or your interpretation is way wrong. I’ll let you decide.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 12:01 pm haunted trilobite

        It’s very beta to kill on behalf of a woman. Chances are you’ll end up in prison and be sodomised by the crips, bloods, aryans, wetbacks, prison officers, etc


      • on October 11, 2013 at 12:27 pm The Burninator

        Chances are? Actually, chances are, if you live in one of many of the states in these united States of America, that you will be found innocent by reason of self defense. Not applicable in all states of course, but most, if it is justifiable self defense.

        There is nothing beta about killing in the defense of the weak and helpless, and “alpha” does not mean one has to be unconcerned with human lives. There is only beta in the strong bowing and groveling before the weak. I can slay somebody on your behalf, or the behalf of a woman I don’t even know, simply because I value human life and do not value the lives of violent predators. That’s fine. It’s when I lay out my strength on the tree and tell the weak and their vultures to eat my liver day after day, it is then that I become beta.

        The vase majority of self defense shootings in my state are acquitted. Most don’t even make it past a grand jury.


      • on October 12, 2013 at 6:03 am haunted trilobite

        I’m unfamiliar with situations in your state, and will take your word for it. In the context of the death of St John the Baptist, however, Herod supplicated to his wife and Salome, and wasn’t defending a poor defenceless woman from a nasty predator. According to the story, Herodias didn’t like that John denounced her marriage to Herod as incestuous. Of course other historians believe it was simply a case of a powerful leader snuffing out the threat of rebellion someone with lots of followers.

        As a power figure, he didn’t have to justify upholding the honour of his snowflake wife, but like you say, people are clever enough and can find all sorts of ways to justify killing nowadays. I was referring to the kind of love-triangle intrigue stories you read about in the papers, where the woman and her lover plot to kill the husband to get him out of the way, as it has a lot in common with the old biblical tale. If they’re caught in those circumstances, they become prey in prison, coz career-criminals have a code of justice that looks down on that one-off crimes of passion murderers. It becomes a case of cons vs squares.


  4. #2. I think the “first hug” comment has to be tongue in cheek, from overprotective dad. The second one is sadly believable, even if it’s too painful to watch.


  5. I think that is the parent saying daughter got the couples’ first hug. Sounds like a parental anti-slut defense. I’d disregard such testimony about their snowflake.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 8:40 am RappaccinisDaughter

      Ditto. It’s Dad/Mom indulging in a harmless, comforting lie to themselves.

      The second one is just straight-up domestic violence. At this point, it’s hard to even talk about it in terms of alpha/beta/omega whatever.


      • I have been hit by a woman; once.

        The issue isn’t the violence, it’s his reaction to it. I wouldn’t put money down that he’s walked away from her even now.


      • Why did she hit you?


      • Because I married her.
        Beyond that I believe she was trying to induce me to hit her. It seems she’d played that game before; more than once.

        The things we learn about our “sweethearts” during the divorce, rather than before the marriage.


      • Many men have similar stories.
        Why are women able to get away with hiding things before marriage?
        Is it that they are good at hiding, or men are blind?

        [CH: Men primarily need to assess the face and body of a potential partner. Women primarily need to assess the character of a potential partner. Hence, the emergent property of women more often pulling the wool over men’s eyes regarding their own character.]


      • Good explanation.

        So earl is essentially right: Men are “blind” because they only evaluate female hotness without giving much thought to character, and women are “sneaky” because they learned to assess a potential mate’s character and hide theirs in the process.

        Maybe men should transcend what comes naturally to them; learn to go beyond their sexual natures when making such important life-decisions as choosing a wife.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 1:32 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        It’s kind of shocking how often men are the victims of domestic violence. What’s even more shocking is how cavalier society in general—and law enforcement in particular—is about the whole thing. Like it’s funny, a joke, like he’s a pussy for even complaining.

        Just because women tend to be physically smaller doesn’t mean they can’t hurt a man quite badly. What makes it worse is that most men are trained from the time they’re tiny little boys not to hit women…even in self-defense. And here’s the sick part: That’s good advice…because if the cops show up and she has a single bruise, he’s the one that’s going to jail. Never mind if she bashed him over the head with a frying pan while he was watching TV and he was just trying to get her off him.

        The thing is, the laws don’t need to be changed. The laws as they exist are gender-neutral and *should* suffice. What needs to change is society’s attitude.


      • CH and Earl are both right. Nonetheless in my case things went a bit differently. She orbited me for a couple of years before we started seeing each other and I really wasn’t much interested. I had interests elsewhere. She wasn’t what I would call hot. She was certainly right up there at the top of the scale, but she was all pretty, not hot. She could have easily passed as Audrey Hepburn’s blonder sister.

        A picture to look at, but not lust inspiring. Something like a flower.

        So I had time to evaluate her and was actually swayed by her intelligence and character.

        The thing is, while I had time to evaluate her, she had equal time to evaluate me.

        Somewhere in her youth someone had presented her with a menu of personality disorders and she had ordered one of everything from cluster B. She had tried all the usual eyelash batting and such and gotten nothing in response. She made an overt offer for me to sleep with her, bundled with a face saving bail out clause, and I politely took the bail out. I suspect that is what made her decide she had to get me. She used all her cluster b skills to figure out what it was I would respond to and became that.

        Eventually she, well, charmed the pants off me.

        And so I, the hitherto non-manipulable, became the manipulated man.

        In retrospect I can see where I made myself blind to some real red flags in the way she had treated other men she had been dating where I could see them, but to this day I still can’t point to any flaw in how she treated either me or the people around me. She performed brilliantly.

        Until the knot was tied.

        Then all the hells of cluster B broke their bonds. I wasn’t just being flip when I said she hit me because I married her. That essentially was the reason. That and that she was 29.


      • Every time I read about the topic of women hitting men, the number one reason women give as to why they hit their man is that ” he did not understand me or how I felt ”

        I have seen this multiple times

        Another interesting fact is that in most cases of domestic abuse, the woman is first to hit/to use physical violence – the woman themselves admit it to the police.

        and in most cases where the woman is the first to hit, she usually uses a shoe or a cell phone or some hard object.

        It is a myth that women are not violent, in fact they are more violent than men ( don’t lesbian have the highest rate of domestic violence?), but since women are weaker and smaller, they are the ones who end up bruised and battered if the man is the type to hit back

        In my old computer ( under a pile of dusty boxes ) I have saved documents with all the numbers and sources, maybe someday I will dig them out and post them here.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 1:35 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I just spent 20 minutes Googling looking for an article I read about 3 years ago on the topic of DV. It was a very Red Pill kind of account penned by a woman who ran a DV shelter, talking about how the extent to which the women in the shelter participated—even precipitated—the violence.

        But I can’t find it, damn it.


      • I know I will sound like a conspiracy theorist-paranoid but Google tends to make search results lean…left

        Anything that makes women, feminists, gays, lesbians, non-whites, illegal aliens, liberals/democrats look bad is either hard to find on Google or has simply mysteriously vanished from search results soon after it was posted.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 10:51 pm depressed_danny

        “I know I will sound like a conspiracy theorist-paranoid”

        Sort of, but I think it’s less Google elevating PC articles and more of society elevating them. What’s popular makes it to the front pages. Truth is almost never popular, hence people don’t often visit pages that espouse truth. They’d rather just re-read pages that reinforce their own politically correct view of the world – something most of us are guilty of as well, except we look at sites that reinforce our suspicions about the way things really are as opposed to PC feel good dogma.

        It’s like with Youtube videos. An ‘inspirational’ video of a ‘disenfranchised’ young man singing really good on X Factor gets nearly 100 million views. A man giving a lecture with a solid theory behind it backed up by facts about how Americans have less freedoms today then they did even 15 years ago, and how in the future more freedoms will be taken away, barely breaks 100,000 if it’s incredibly lucky.

        I realize there are real conspiracies out there, but I think most are less a carefully controlled plan by some NWO cabal and more can be boiled down to the fact that the majority of society is just generally shitty and apathetic, and smart people at the top of the pyramid know how to use that.


      • Search youtube for ‘erin pizzey domestic violence’


      • on October 11, 2013 at 7:02 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Well, here’s some good stuff. Warning: May cause unsafe blood-pressure levels.


      • “And here’s the sick part: That’s good advice…because if the cops show up and she has a single bruise, he’s the one that’s going to jail.” ~Rapp’s Daughter

        Sure because cops are scumbags doing the Statist bidding of Big Sister for a handsome salary.


      • Agreed. There are far too many assuming that there hasn’t been any conjugal visits, with perhaps another shortly in the offing (the stiffy can be anticipation of the imminent after all). That is why number two got my vote.


    • Yeah, I read it as a self-aware joke from the dad. Obviously they’ve been doing more than hugging, but he doesn’t want to know about it!

      The second video…I have no words. I’m glad she was arrested for assault, that was horrible to watch.


  6. “We laugh at stuff like this”

    Speak for yourself. I let it remind me never to let assholes get away with bullshit.


  7. How is the asian scene winning? That beta’s behavior is a one-time thing that could be explained with drugs. However, the side-hugging boner-popping-marriage-proposal is years of effort to get to a platonic hug and “Seal” the deal for marriage. It cannot be explained away with a one-time judgement lapse like the other.

    It seems quite clear to me that Example #1 wins.


    • agree, and the asian factor makes it impossible to understand as representative of anything. too weird period. plus he might have been getting laid by multiple chicks


      • Exactly, At least the Asian dude was really cheating. That white dude would never cheat because he has no options.


      • Her standing over him slapping his face,him kneeling,the sexual talk-(You ask other girl while I your girlfriend!??) leads me to believe there is some type of S&M thing going on between those two. This is some type of sick sexplay-even if the poor boy doesnt recognize it consciously. I’ll bet they had hard sex afterwards. And I bet he lapped her snatch like a champ!


      • on October 11, 2013 at 5:09 am The Burninator

        I kind of thought the same thing OracleC. No sane person would put up with that, in public, lacking some ulterior motive such as sexual arousal/sexual play. It doesn’t seem something even an Omega would put up with intentionally. There has to be something else here, more than we’re seeing.

        As to number 1, he really does have the look of the “You’re just like my brother!” guy who has been friend zoned his entire life. And why would parents say something so utterly emasculating about him on a public viewed website? It doesn’t seem very appropriate, but maybe I’m missing their twisted sense of humor? Regardless, if it isn’t his first hug, their comments still point to there not being a lot of hanky panky in the relationship, if you ask me. Could be wrong, ultimately there’s no real way to know.


    • The side-huggers could be a pair of mormons or fundies.

      But kneeling in front of a girl and letting her slap you repeatedly? Definitely more beta. Also, the Asian chick had coke-bottle glasses and was even declared ugly by the onlookers. It’s easy to get a thin girl if there aren’t any fatties around to get stuck with.


  8. Things like this just make me cringe. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve been the “dirty secret” of the chaste girl saving herself for marriage. She get horny on the date and comes to see me to work it out afterwards. Had more than a few going for their MRS degree in college. Her clueless boy-toy would get nothing, and I’d be doing that chick six ways to Sunday. Can’t fault the women for it – it’s the man’s fault for putting up with that sh*t. Had one that I sent down the aisle on her wedding day with my wedding gift running down the inner thigh – boyfriend was completely clueless. Unbelievable that there are guys out there that put up with that non-sense. But they deserve everything that is done to them – any man with so little respect for himself, deserves none from anyone else…


    • Regardless of whether the boyfriends were wimps or whatever, you’re still a scumbag, JS.


      • The women were worse scumbags


      • Women would get a stoning and burnt at the stake for that behavior.

        That’s probably overboard…but I definitely wouldn’t marry the hag.


      • Obviously. It’s sad that good men have to suffer because of women’s whims and the men that enable their lusts.


      • This is why I would NEVER marry a non virgin.


      • Too bad that virginity can’t ever be 100% guaranteed. You’d better not marry.


      • Maybe I’m beating a dead horse but for what it is worth, here I go anyway,

        if a man likes to rape 8 year old girls; he is a scumbag, he is 100% wrong. There is no debate about this. the man is a piece of shit.

        but if mothers bring their 8 year old daughters to him to be raped, aren’t they even worse than him?

        well the woman who is about to marry a man and who of her own free will sees another man on the side and has sex with him the day of her own wedding, she is about as bad as the mother who brings the daughter to the rapist.

        betrayal does not begin to describe what those two women above are doing to everyone who loves and trusts in them.

        who is worse? the enemy on the other side of the battlefield shooting at you/trying to kill you?

        or your wife for providing the enemy with better weapons, better ammunition and telling him when you will doze off so he can come and kill you in your sleep?


      • “Regardless of whether the boyfriends were wimps or whatever, you’re still a scumbag, JS.”

        I disagree, because he wasn’t stealing anything valuable, just cum holes.

        This type if of woman is a latrine.


    • Well you get none of my respect. Earlier societies would cast you and the woman out for the scum you are.


    • Thats how you justify it? Because they dont know better they deserve to be tricked and lied to by you and whatever whore they are with? How about theft or child molestation, or murder is that also OK if the mark cant figure it out? Lol, basically your argument comes down to “no one has had the good sense to put a wrench through my fucking skull so I guess they deserve it.”

      Dont worry boss, your day is coming.


      • i doubt he lied to or even knew the guys necessarily. is this story new? because i don’t want to cause a ruckus but how many comments about married women giving it up are on here? it’s constant. it’s a very fertile field, as well. i know i’ve posted my share. i didn’t make any promises to their husbands, so unless i’m a friend of the guy, if it’s available i’m not questioning her why she’s making it available. for all i know (and at times explicitly) the husband is into it.


    • if it wasn’t js it’d have been someone else. if a palatable woman wants to give it away you’d have to throw a lot of scumbags out to stop her


      • Yeah this is what happens when men have no honor amongst each other anymore. Tarts can give it away to any cad they want.

        Those women are sluts…and those men need to be publicly shamed as the omegas they are.


      • his examples are not even married though, there’s a huge spectrum of what men and women claim is commitment. and i don’t think ‘anymore’ applies here. how much interrogation needs to be done to make sure you don’t hurt a man’s feelings by sleeping with a woman? facebook friends list interviews?

        it is hugely disappointing to me learning how the world works, and it takes the wind out of my sails to even interact with women. but i don’t think it’s new.


      • i don’t know that ‘anymore’ applies here. being less talked about doesn’t necessarily mean it happened less. and i’m not sure how deep the investigation needs to go to make sure we don’t hurt another man’s feelings. do we interview facebook friends lists? the example above wasn’t even about married girls, and there’s a huge spectrum of what people call relationships.

        my friends’ girls cheat too. just not with me. that’s my personal line, but it doesn’t stop anyone else.


      • You relate to the dude getting hitched. Too much.


      • Shaming doesn’t work with men. We think with our dicks.


    • “Can’t fault the women for it”

      Oh really?

      “it’s the man’s fault for putting up with that sh*t.”

      No, it’s your fault for being a dirtbag. Who apparently can’t pull hot single chicks willing to be seen with you in public.


      • What you don’t see is that if he didn’t fuck her, someone else would. So many women are hell bent on throwing their pussies at a remotely decent man that it becomes funny after a while.


      • No, I get it. I just don’t think “if I don’t do it, someone else will” justifies anything.

        If I walk by a homeless guy passed out on the street with $40 sticking out of his pocket, I don’t say to myself “hey, if I don’t steal this, someone else will.” I don’t steal, so I don’t steal. Period.

        It’s called having a moral code.


      • there’s no stealing going on, unless the woman is an object incapable of decision-making. i can’t tell you how many women say they’re ‘split-up’ or ‘leaving’ or whatever they say to make themselves feel ok with their nature. there’s a limit on the background investigation necessary when taking a woman to bed. she knows her situation, i don’t. any fault is hers. the original example wasn’t even married, but i’ve been surprised more than once to find a girl is married post-coitus.


      • Except our buddy up there clearly knew he was “gifting” a bride-to-be. That’s different than a guy who doesn’t know (and doesn’t want to know) his partner’s relationship situation. I agree it’s not either one’s responsibility to do a background check on a potential partner. And I *never* said the fiancee wasn’t mostly to blame. She is.

        “Stealing” was a metaphor for “doing something morally wrong”. If you don’t think it’s morally wrong to fool around with a married woman or a woman who’s about to be married, then have at it I guess. All I was pointing out is that if you do feel it’s morally wrong, you can’t justify it by saying “hey, if I don’t do it someone else will.” (Unless you’re Biill Clinton.)


      • yes, you’re right amy. and so is earl for that matter, in a global sense. i am very much disheartened by the way things are.

        i don’t know about everyone else, i’m just guessing, but most guys that go from beta to learning alpha come from being a nice guy that wanted a fairy tale love and got completely run over. i’ve been on both sides of this stuff. like i could give some botm candidates a run for their money. i now choose to be on the more fun side, because i don’t think there’s any fixing it, it just is.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 5:31 pm gunslingergregi

        yea hot woman never don’t have a dude it seems
        or almost any woman
        every chick I know has broken up with their dude
        well former hs chick said in bed lonely
        then talked about boyfriend so yea
        it is a sick world what can ya do
        every chick I talk to has some dude or dudes orbiting her begging to be with her supposedly


      • Silly woman. You dare confront me with logic? Haha.

        If in your twisted little example the homeless man is supposed to be the woman, then her money isn’t sticking out… she’s throwing it away.


      • No one will ever believe you haven’t cheated, while hamsterifically labeling it as something else. And continuing to judge those exactly like you.


    • “Can’t fault the women for it – it’s the man’s fault for putting up with that sh*t.”

      You sound just like a feminist. No wonder you like it.


      • i think part of that is that in this arena we are men trying to take control of our choices and lives, and blaming women is as helpful as blaming the weather. obviously she deserves blame but in terms of living our lives or improving our lots we can only work on ourselves, as men. so i think it’s more a practical judgment than that she’s ok for doing it.


    • >Can’t fault the women for it
      If we can’t fault women for dishonesty and adultery, then truly, women are above all blame.


      • That is the joke, though.

        Women are rewarded by the society for cheating.

        I have literally seen dudes begging for forgiveness when their girlfriends fucked around on them.


      • wait how did you see me doinf that 😉

        i mean i was close to that, my girlfriend in high school visited her sister for a summer, while i worked and pined for her (letter-a-day), and she came back morose and unhappy, so i did anything i could to make her happy (uh huh). years later realized she was just down because she’d cheated all summer and had to go home. and i’d have stayed.


      • i mean i’d have stayed even had i known at the time. and then begged her to be happy with me. whew. bracing memories. i remember the older mexican dudes i worked with saw her picture and they were like oh man you better visit her, she will fuck around on you.


      • Older people from conservative cultures often have some very good wisdom, because the cost of fucking up there is high.


      • Ah well… You are learning now. That’s the important thing. “Now”!

        And don’t be disheartened by female behavior and tendency to cheat. Once you know how to play them, they almost never do. At least those who you want to get in some sort of a long term arrangement with.


      • Feminists have always said that women are unaccountable, well they don’t say it in so many words, what they do is they blame men for everything.

        A woman murders her own kids: the husband was not nice enough to her, she felt lost, distraught, it was cry for help and blahblahblah

        A woman robbed a bank: a man forced her do it

        A woman regrets having had sex the night before; she can accuse the man of rape and make him pay for her mistake

        and so on and so forth

        making women unaccountable has always been the goal of feminism

        which is why sane men/good men are anti-feminism.


      • “If we can’t fault women for dishonesty and adultery, then truly, women are above all blame.”

        No: four year old children/possessions _below_ all blame.

        If they like you, it’ll be for the wrong reasons, if they don’t like you, the same thing.

        As part of my campaign against that stupid debate rule, I should mention Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler.

        While some women screamed in the ovens, many others screamed at his rallies.


      • There were no ovens.


    • > “Had one that I sent down the aisle on her wedding day with my wedding gift running down the inner thigh – boyfriend was completely clueless.”




      • We are beginning to see the results of a few decades of feminism

        women who make themselves fat and unhealthy
        women who binge drink
        women who smoke
        women who have foul mouths
        women who have ugly tattoos and ugly body piercings
        women who dress like prostitutes
        women who are very promiscuous
        women who demand tax payers pay for “the pill “so that they can fuck around
        women who on their wedding day have another man’s cum inside them

        and this is the short list


      • on October 11, 2013 at 12:48 am Cad and Bounder

        Yep, but all of this has taken place over a few decades where the economy was able to support racking up the debt in order to subsidise the feminist agenda.

        It wont always be like that. Problem is that the results in society that these cretins have created (single mums, dependency culture, white illegitimacy rates approaching the blacks of previous generations, a bifurcated society in terms of income and culture) are long term structural ones. And worse, the misguided consensus is that the only solution to them is create more debt, and institutionalize more sexism and racism, by discriminating against white men.


      • Women who tumble head first through hell’s gates taking as many men possible.


    • I can second this as well though I do not say it beaming with pride as I once did in my late teens and early-mid 20s. I use to routinely bang my ex’s who had current boyfriends. As I got into my 20s this then turned into married ex’s and my philosophy was much like JS. I.E. If you can’t keep your bitch on a leash, how is that my problem? And I also have a disgusting tale of the girl taking my “gift” down to her boyfriend’s house literally 20 min later so he could lap it out of her. That is the utter pathology of the extreme whore, they are sociopathically guiltless about acts such as this.

      As I said, where I differ now is with a more mature worldview I find it pretty morally reprehensible because, yes, the poor guy is clueless but you are still fucking over a complete stranger “just because”. The sad commentary though is the other responses here which are 100% true. If not JS, some other swingin’ dick would step right in and fill the role (pun intended). This is just part of the greater moral decay we all know about. Female sexuality left unchecked by society as it is today allows many women to simply regress to the mean. (Whore)


      • taking “gift” to her boyfriend’s house.
        If that means what I think it means- that is beyond vile.


      • Embracing, what’s happening here and what I warned you about before is just hearing about this stuff is degrading and damaging to your value system, although titillating and superficially exciting for you.

        Although you’re disgusted now, hearing about it normalizes it and will tend you make you lower your standards for yourself. You should be putting your time into learning something constructive and positive instead of these bizarre, alienated American-based things.

        It’s for people who are already corrupt.


      • Thank you for your concern, and warning. It is meaningful to me. I understand your point, but I disagree with it to an extent. Human nature is sinful, and corrupt. We are born with sin and corruption. Closing our eyes to this is foolish, ignorance is not bliss. You say that this is “bizarre alienated American based things”. Do you mean that a small island is immune to such sin and disgusting things? It is not, if anything, some things are more difficult to ignore in smaller populations, everything seems much more concentrated. If I want to be ignorant to human nature I have to stay locked in the house- and even then I still face my own. Awareness of bad things is constructive when we let it fuel our drive to become better Christians every day. You face the temptation if you physically put yourself in the situation, which of course I don’t. Awareness of these ugly things merely serves as a reminder of how much we need Him because of how corrupt human nature and society is. It is not exciting for me, it’s saddening. If this lowers my value system, then so be it


      • How do you suppose things go down then? Kisses on the forehead?


      • “If you can’t keep your bitch on a leash, how is that my problem?”

        Am I my brother’s keeper?

        The difference is if you know the slut has a boyfriend or husband and you still stab the guy in the back anyway. This has to do with male honor amongst men which many of these cads don’t have anymore. Pussy or getting their rocks off is on the pedestal.

        And that’s why women can do this reprehensible acts…and guys rationalize that some guy is going to do it anyway so it might as well be me.

        However just because women have the tendency to act this way…doesn’t mean men have to allow it. It should be clear as day now just how moral a woman can be when all the guardrails are taken off…and that they should be put back in control of the Patriarchy.


      • didn’t mean to be too argumentative above because i do agree with you earl. that’s the world i was prepared for growing up, and what i wanted. so knowingly doing stuff like that is low. but i have done it in the past, especially with exes. i don’t know how to get the world back to that state, other than to expect everyone to be a man and take care of their house. i think that might be more broadly successful than getting men to not take free samples.


      • Well considering how morality has been destroyed by the banking system…only an intervention from God may be the turning around point.

        I would say most if not all have suffered from this disease:

        It isn’t about respecting your fellow man anymore…it’s about how much money you make, what toys you own, what your bedpost count is, what khakis you wear, what car you drive, if your pride, ideology, religion is bigger and better than some other guy’s…and you’ll step over anyone to make sure you get yours.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 6:35 am The Burninator

        A description that fits civilizations of any and every age, differing solely in the scale of economics. It’s how mankind has always acted, and there has never been some kind of idyllic past where everybody walked around chaste, honorable and stain free. I’ll go so far as to say that the degree to which we think such a thing has existed is the degree to which we’ve had the cold hard truth hidden from us. Chaucer’s age had as many cretins, cads and greedy people as our age, they just made it sound classier.


      • This is white knighting because you are implying the slut has value. If your neighbor had a decaying raccoon carcass in his yard and you sniffed at it, are you a thief?

        This is how much meaning fucking a slut has.

        It is the guy’s responsibility to find a loyal woman if he wants one. If he marries a piece of emotional carrion, then he’s earned this shit.


      • Seconded.

        Like the slut CH discussed a few days ago, who willingly let some dude grope her tit in font of her boyfriend, and chuckled at him. That’s a pretty common example of a product of the modern day world that has magically transformed itself into a slut factory.

        She isn’t relationship material at all. Sure all women have same impulses. But some learn to control them.

        If a “dude” wants a slut to be his wife, then he’s asking for it.


      • Oh come on now.

        All a man really needs these days to keep his woman in awe of him is avoid the subservience. That’s all it takes.

        I really don’t think of a man who willingly chooses to be subservient to a woman to be my brother.

        In so far as bringing patriarchy is concerned, I agree. But I am fine either way, so I really couldn’t be bothered to take the initiative myself here.


    • on October 11, 2013 at 4:40 am Hugh G. Rection

      The decent thing to do here would be to at least tell the guy before the marriage trap snaps close.


  9. Someone ought to post a cliff notes version of the video. I had enough after 40 seconds.


  10. #1 might be super religious or autistic. #2 has no excuse. That’s just disgusting.


  11. The “first hug” comment was a joke, I think.

    Still, No. 1 is still the bigger beta, because of the marriage element — he’s just volunteered for a lifetime of slavery. And done so with a shit-eating grin on his face.

    No. 2 is some kind of weird Asian shaming ritual. The girl is still just a girlfriend, and even if his abuser decided to dump a bucket of raw sewage on his head, he still a free man after that. Even if he never touches another living human vagina again for the rest of his life, at least he’s not married.


  12. on October 10, 2013 at 9:15 am Broseph Stalin

    The asian guy was cheating on his GF and got caught, cheating is more alpha even though he did act like a bitch when he got caught


    • what if she’s rich as all hell for example and he needs 5 mins to get back in. still awful but not as awful as the 50 years the other guy will get, if she doesn’t divorce him. plus, asians.


    • All I can say is that you have one of the best handles I have seen. Well done.


  13. Hey YaReally, you never actually broke down my FRs… but I guess that means I’m not pushing for the close hard enough. Going out tonight.

    Also gave myself a newbie challenge for daygame to just approach/say hi to 5 random people each day after work for 21 days. Approaching still scares me (especially during the day) so this is just easing me into it. I’m on day 4.

    Really this last weekend was probably one of my worst weekends out. Totally out of state (really just annoyed in general because… I dunno, my normal circle of friends just annoy me… I don’t think I like talking to some of them anymore, is all. (Might just be my fault cuz apparently all I do is talk about pickup (according to a good friend of mine)). But my buddy encouraged me to approach out of state, which I did, so that’s totally fine.

    Anyway, gonna push myself into hotter sets because these okay sets (with girls that are OKAY, but not hot enough for me to want to bang them) are uninteresting. I’ll just focus on using them to get in state and go from there.


    • Nonetheless, still appreciate you Ya for the help! Lol trying not to sound butthurt…


    • “Really this last weekend was probably one of my worst weekends out. Totally out of state (really just annoyed in general because… I dunno, my normal circle of friends just annoy me… I don’t think I like talking to some of them anymore, is all. (Might just be my fault cuz apparently all I do is talk about pickup (according to a good friend of mine”

      It probably is your fault as you talk about pickup all the time. You dont want to burn your bridges in pursuit of the poon man. Talk about pickup SOME of the time not all of the time. It would be like if your crew only talked about cars or football after a while you would get annoyed.

      Pickup, if you so choose to go down this road, should be a PART of your life not consumed by it. From what I see here you already are consumed by it. Probably have some form of OCD which can be very beneficial to you as it helps you learn new things on another level that most people simply dont have the drive to do.

      Everything in moderation man you shouldnt go around life thinking about pickup all the time. Shut it off from time to time and when u see a cute girl if u are feeling right say whats up to her.

      Fill your life with good things, your work, the gym, other hobbies and interests, friends and family. Women are everywhere and they will come when you are ready.


      • “It probably is your fault as you talk about pickup all the time. You dont want to burn your bridges in pursuit of the poon man. Talk about pickup SOME of the time not all of the time. It would be like if your crew only talked about cars or football after a while you would get annoyed.”

        You’re definitely right on that. My bad 😛 I’ll try to talk about it less.

        “Pickup, if you so choose to go down this road, should be a PART of your life not consumed by it. From what I see here you already are consumed by it. Probably have some form of OCD which can be very beneficial to you as it helps you learn new things on another level that most people simply dont have the drive to do.”

        Well how am I going to get a handle on it if I don’t work on it? Though honestly, I still feel like I read about as many hours as I approach (I go out 3 times a week Thurs-Saturday).

        “Fill your life with good things, your work, the gym, other hobbies and interests, friends and family. Women are everywhere and they will come when you are ready.”

        Video games. Pickup. Work. Friends here and there. That’s how it’s been for a while 😛 Yeah time for some re-evaluation…


      • Sounds like you got it down my man.

        About 2 years ago I also got consumed by pickup and drove my friends nuts. As this wasn’t my first obsession (the OCD in us) I backed off. I’ve gotten better about balancing my new interests this comes with age and emotional maturity.

        Everything in moderation is a maxim I live by 🙂


      • @Hunter.

        Check out this post I read on the RSD sub-Reddit a while back:

        So it’s totally up to you what you want to do. You’re in the right place if you want to talk about pick-up.

        One thing a lot of guys go there is that PUA consumes them and it’s all they talk about with others that don’t do PUA. PUA becomes their identity. I get that you have to fully submerge yourself in it, no doubt; but if PUA is all you got, I think it’s best to talk about other things with people.

        One of the common things I noticed about the guys I was in the NYC Lair was that if you removed PUA from them, as in if you pulled out the rug from under them, they had nothing left to stand on.

        A string of girls flake? Nothing left to stand on.
        Leads go cold? Nothing left to stand on.
        A room full of people who aren’t into PUA? Nothing left to stand on.
        A night of negative reactions from girls? Nothing left to stand on.

        (I’m guilty of all this and more, I’m not looking down on it)

        I’m trying to say, I’m trying to shift to less talking about PUA and more doing the PUA. Especially in the Lair, you become validation seeking as you value your self-worth based on your conquests, daygame sets, text threads, etc etc.

        Something to keep in mind. But also recognize that you’re totally fine speaking about PUA here or wherever the fuck you want.


      • Immoral thanks so much for the crazy relevant article. You really know how to help a bro out, man, appreciate it.

        My action/talk ratio has been relatively level (50:50 between reading/talking about pua and action), so I think I’m just going to mainly talk about it here from now on. Some talking for friends who ask for help, but that’s it.

        When I really want something, I kind of go all in. I haven’t been exercising (mostly to prove that it wasn’t the muscles that attracted girls) or even playing video games as much as I used to (mostly because recently released games have seriously been lacking in terms of their combination of story and gameplay, in my opinion). Nevertheless, I’m done with the bitch chatter.

        Thanks again, Immoral! I hope to one day provide as much value on these comment threads as you and all the other dudes on here who actually care about improving themselves.


      • With re: to talking about PUA all the time, that’s your choice. Your identity is changing. PUA is becoming part of who you are. I personally only talk about PUA with two people — my wing and a really good friend who is pretty red pill naturally. And I’m glad that I have them to share this part of my life with.

        So, if your current passion is PUA — find people who are as into it as you are and hang with them. Let yourself grow, dawg.


      • I did just what you prescribed this past year by hanging with guys who were really into PUA. You def grow from it and learn a lot of stuff and get the chance to give back.

        All good.

        For me, it got to a point where I realized that I could still maintain good, nurturing relationships with my non-PUA friends. These are friends I’ve had for 18+ years and those kinds of bonds do not come around easily.

        So yeah, I stepped back and assessed the situation. I embraced the mentality and group of guys who preached PUA night and day but at the end of it, you take away the PUA and there wasn’t a lot left standing.

        Besides that, only a few of the 50+ guys in the lair could I see myself actually being friends/hanging out with had it not been for the PUA. A lot of people I wouldn’t normally associate with. Similar to how being in a fraternity forces you to socialize with guys only because you’re in the same frat. If you weren’t in it, then you probably wouldn’t even chill with them; why put up with that if you already have a decent social circle outside of it all.


  14. If this is in China, then this clearly shows the effect of a country that has a lot more guys than girls. These guys don’t put the vagina on a pedestal…they put it on the damn freaking moon!


    • They kinda have to. That’s their only hope.

      And yet there would be a few cads who’d be swimming in pussy even in China and India.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 4:26 pm AlmostAnonymous

      It’s Hong Kong.

      There are more girls than guys here, and many women are unable to find a partner that meets their requirements.

      Many men pick a wife from the mainland.


  15. Heartiste, I sincerely believe that the couple in case #1 are a fundie Christian couple. I have heard multiple stories of fundie Christian couples saving their first kiss for their wedding day. In fact, one of the Duggar daughters is currently in a courtship with a young man and her father only allows her to give him side hugs. So maybe this isn’t a case of a young woman being disgusted by a beta boyfriend, but a case of a young woman wanting to hug/kiss/go further with her boyfriend, but being prevented from doing so by her parents/religion.

    If it is the case, maybe it is taking all of her self control to keep her from actually hugging/kissing/going further physically with him.


    • That kind of fundie bullshit isn’t Biblical, and actually speaks very highly of a lack of true commitment to a religious life. Adhering to made-up rules in the belief that it makes one a “better Christian” usually only results in the actual, important, truly fundamental rules being broken/ignored in favor of outward symbols of devotion. I believe this sort of thing is actually condemned in the Bible.

      I can’t tell you how many people I know like this whose kids grew up messing around with witchcraft and killing their pets for fun. Or who give lip service to all of it while putting it to the underage girl from their church who’s staying at their house.

      It’s not self-control, is my point. It’s devotion to a bullshit set of rules that only serve to further beta-ize the men involved, and remove real responsibility for personal behavior. Even if that’s the case here, it’s not an excuse, and it doesn’t change the gender dynamics that will inevitably leave that poor boy a withered, divorced, cowed husk of a man.


      • Have you ever watched the Duggars? Neither Josh nor his dad are withered, etc. they’re probably the best example of contextual alpha. And if the kid in this pic ends up divorced, boo hoo, what does he lose, 70% of the used clothes they bought at the thrift store. Fundies are able to save themselves for marriage because they get married and get married within a year. Not much of a hardship.


      • That should have said get married young and within a year.


      • More Christians need to read the story of the prodigal son, and start talking about what the Bible *actually* says, rather than their prideful, purified version of what they *wish* it said.

        No wonder Christianity’s on the decline nowadays – instead of talking about the deep wisdom in the Bible, they prattle on about the sort of childish morality which should have no place in Sunday School.


      • The prodigal son isn’t a license to sin only a way back if you do.

        Christianity is in a decline because people make it fit whatever they want not because it isn’t true.


      • “Faith, hope and charity, but the greatest of these is charity!” Not a bad value system.

        Nuts gravitate to any popular philosophical or metaphysical culture and abuse it for their sadistic/OCD/paranoid/whack job ends, it’s not Jesus’s fault!


      • Cynthia and Aurini: I wasn’t arguing about whether this girl, her boyfriend, and their families should or should not do what they are doing. I couldn’t care less about their life decisions. I was only pointing out that there is a high chance that they believe in only side hugs when courting, and saving the first kiss for marriage, and that this belief is common among fundie Christian parents.


      • And I was pointing out that conforming to an unnecessarily constrictive belief system does not make a man somehow any less beta than if he was secular and engaging in the same kind of behavior. If they believe only in side-hugs before marriage, good for them. The lack of sexual contact still has a destructive effect on his masculinity.


      • I do not think that the lack of sexual contact in a fundie Christian courtship destroys a man’s masculinity. If you have ever watched the Duggars on TV, Jim Bob Duggar is very clearly the leader of his wife Michelle. Their son, Josh, is also very clearly the leader of his wife Anna. Anna seems to always defer to him and acts very submissive. Jim Bob and Josh seem to feel secure in their masculinity and their role as heads of families.


      • It’s not the lack of sexuality in-and-of-itself that destroys the masculinity amongst fundies; it’s that it goes hand-in-hand with the general denial of all things masculine.

        Duggars sounds like the exception, rather than the rule. Overcoming human nature is one thing, living in denial of it is another.


  16. As far as #1…

    It probably depends on if he was the one who imposed the physical touching limits…or it was her.

    Him…I’d have some respect because at least he imposed a boundary which betas never do. She would of had to put in 4 years of her youth to get that sidehug.

    Her…then yeah he’s in for marital hell.


    • And I say this if they didn’t dupe the mother and actually did have their first hug be after 4 years. That doesn’t sound believable…but I’ve known of guys who won’t kiss until they get married.


  17. Beta #1, is due for a lot of circle-rubbing on the shoulders, which is a weird Churchian way for the feral-ettes to express dominance over the captured beta.


  18. on October 10, 2013 at 10:00 am alexandrahamilton87

    What gives away the game on the religious couple is that they waited four years. There are those bizarre “courtship” circles where people don’t touch before marriage, or at least engagement, but consequently,courtship in those communities is a matter of months, not years.


    • There is no courtship. There are compatibility checks and status tests performed by families. There are discussions. The guy/girl just get to say yes or no to the marriage. Once they do, then they’re pretty much pair bonded for life.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 1:42 pm alexandrahamilton87

        The popular-in-those-circles book Kiss Dating Goodbye advocates a return to traditional courtship, with “dates” consisting of chaperoned walks or dinners with the family. What you’re saying may be true about some families, of course, but the main community of these ultra-Christian types that don’t kiss before dating does endorse choosing a mate to court, although of course the family’s blessing and supervision is a given.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 11:01 pm depressed_danny

      I doubt she is this virgin that most people in the comments are making her out to be. The guy might be some weirdo fundy type, but I’ve never met a religious chick who takes her sexual mores seriously. Even if she’s never lost her v card, almost all ‘Christian’ girls have given blow jobs, jerked off or had anal sex with the guy they’re not marrying. The influence of religion is far too weak in both the west and youth today to think that just because she prays on Sunday doesn’t mean she doesn’t lay every other day.

      Their rationalization is just a religious themed hamster wheel. One chick I met at a party was going on and on about how Christianity is the way to salvation. She had a nose piercing and was wearing lulu lemons. Someone straight up asked her if she’s ever had sex. She immediately and loudly replied that she had; but it was okay, because she had a close, personal relationship with Jesus so that means that all her sins are forgiven. Even as she commits them again and again and again. It’s doubtless that most so called Christian girls have the same rationalization.

      If Jesus is real, I seriously doubt he’s the schmuck that all these religious types seem to think he is.


      • on October 15, 2013 at 8:47 pm alexandrahamilton87

        Mainline Christians maybe, but there are still fundie sects around the U.S. I know a girl, in DC working no less, who doesn’t believe in doing more than holding hands before marriage (she may loosen up enough for a kiss after engagement, she says). She’s now 25 or 26, not particularly pretty but not a landwhale, a smart, warm, feminine and chaste girl who enjoys fine bourbon. Such women do exist, although they’re certainly rare.


  19. ” some deeply ingrained neurological module that goes code red when an expected sex role is turned on its head.”

    I watched the first half of “Super Fun Night” last night (I know, and preemptively, fuck you guys). I can’t put into words how uncomfortable I felt watching disgusting land whale Rebel Wilson (Warning, link not for the faint of heart —,r:17,s:0,i:139&tx=97&ty=64) pretend to be a “Russian model” during a blind triple date with a normal guy and two geeks. It wasn’t her pretending to be a model that bugged me; it was the set up that any normal-looking and -acting man wouldn’t immediately make an excuse to get the fuck out when he saw a date that looked like her. Fat acceptance propaganda uncut and straight from the tap. Horrific.


    • What did you trick me into watching?

      A show about three loser women, who don’t make any effort with their appearance (her two roomates could get up to six, maybe seven by simply giving a shit about their appearance); a protagonist who thinks she has a chance with the good-looking, well-dressed boss dude, while ignoring the fat dorky guy who she might have a chance with; a series that’s certain to never have a resolution where she realizes her true SMV, and has to settle?


  20. on October 10, 2013 at 10:11 am Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    Greg Dyke calls white people hideous. YKW controlled ponce is white himself. Kosher race views for his masters.


    • “Greg Dyke calls white people hideous. YKW controlled ponce is white himself. Kosher race views for his masters.”

      Very nicely done. Here we have good, subtly off-kilter bit of racist innuendo with a special touch– a great bit of whimsical incoherence!

      While more crude knuckle-draggers like DAS BOOT OF LOVE grunt out their infantile hate in direct but clumsy three or four word phrases, here it’s hard to tell exactly WHAT the raceboob writer is accusing Jews of.

      Therefore, you win the Subway Masturbator Raceboob Award of the day For Poetic Spiritual Rancidity!


  21. ooooooooooookay…I’ll take this one….Hong Kong video. Yes, the made the media here. There’s a lot going on in this. The security guard there just watching for one….this is Hong Kong.

    But it’s timely in the sense my own HK girl-friend and several before her have all tried to do this shit on me.

    The guilt trips, the nonsense. This is one of the few times where anti-game tactics like yelling, shaming, reframing, calling girls out on their nonsense actually work on these chicks.

    Culturally you can see why. If most local guys are prepared to be slapped in a public square, then the one guy who actually says “You’re full of shit…” totally turns them on.

    My latest one I covered in another post suffice to say my text rant pushed her over the edge and into qualifying mode where her only tactic was to threaten to not come to a party I was organizing. I then went the way of that chick: “Why are you so rude? Why are you trying to ruin this? Why are you so selfish?” yeah…good times.

    In previous relationships this type of incessant battle for the soul of the relationships through shit tests that got out of hand always ended with me dumping the girl—or even if I got dumped, not supplicating or begging for her back.

    Time passed—in EVERY case the girl returned, gave gifts, apologized.

    In one case a girl that had this same character as the hyena in the video after being dumped by me….and blasted for being a disloyal cunt…every year she takes me out for my birthday, she comes to every event I organize, she stands by me in every situation…basically she’s still in love with me.

    Hong Kong women are all like this woman in the video—they all have this inflated sense of entitlement even if they look like her.

    Guys meantime have this idea that if they are “nice” they will somehow get the girl.

    The current girl I’m having problems with, chased and chased and chased. We banged so hard, my building management put up a special warning not to make so much “domestic noise”.

    Ultimately there are times with these women where some vulnerability game is needed. But “browbeating game” works.

    That guy should have just blown up at her and then walked away…


  22. ooooooooooookay…I’ll take this one….Hong Kong video. Yes, the made the media here. There’s a lot going on in this. The security guard there just watching for one….this is Hong Kong.

    But it’s timely in the sense my own HK girl-friend and several before her have all tried to do this shit on me.

    This is one of the few times where anti-game tactics like yelling, shaming, reframing, calling girls out on their nonsense actually work on these Hong Kong chicks.

    Culturally you can see why. If most local guys are prepared to be slapped in a public square, then the one guy who actually says “You’re full of shit…” totally turns them on.

    Hong Kong women are all like this woman in the video—they all have this inflated sense of entitlement even if they look like her.

    Guys meantime have this idea that if they are “nice” they will somehow get the girl.

    The current girl I’m having problems with, chased and chased and chased. We banged so hard, my building management put up a special warning not to make so much “domestic noise”. Then I kind of started to push-pull. The unpredictability was freaking her out. So she goes cold. I pull wayyyyy back. Then I bounce back and slam her for ignoring me…she gets defensive, then counters by threatening to break up. “ok”. I say. “ok i’m getting my stuff” she replies. “Ok. I’m busy, next week we’ll find a time”. I say.

    This is totally not what she’s expecting…and back to the video…


    • “We banged so hard, my building management put up a special warning not to make so much “domestic noise”.”

      It really does cement a story on how hard the banging was. Here’s my internet high five.


      • Yeah…I was slapping her ass. But like most of these princesses, these HK girls try to flip the script so they get the upper hand.

        I discovered game as a result of an incident—not nearly as humiliating as the one in the video—that woke me up.

        As I’ve written and realized, there is no magic “text” or approach. It’s a case of filtering and then escalating more than one girl at a time.

        In Hong Kong the problem is that inside every princess is a little monster like the one in the video.

        That girl isn’t even hot but when a girl realizes her power through sex and a guy is conditioned into thinking his sexual urges or looking or gaming other girls is “bad”—you get this situation.

        Viewed through the filter of game that video sums up the extremes of not having game.


  23. The other girl in the video for #2 is the girl he supposedly invited back to the apartment.


  24. this is a repeat of above, but i’m reading a classic 1979 book and i almost can’t believe how much good stuff is contained on this pair of pages


  25. What’s the alpha response to this scene? Is it permissible or even obligatory to advise a fellow man to get off his knees and stand? Should we wait for the guy to fail, assume he’ll fail and wash our hands of the whole scene, or consider this a joint effort against these self-righteous females? Sure, he might reject or rebuke our advice, but if he does, he’s chosen his fate. I can’t help but imagine of my son, kneeling before one of these creatures, and feel moved to make this a teaching moment.


    • Consider the fact that if you got between them he might stick a shiv in your back for interfering with his precious cupcake.


      • While a reality-based and genuine risk, your argument seems to cross from darkness-enlightened self-interest into freeze-inducing fear. Besides, my thought was that one would be facing the male – with one’s back to the female. Surely we’re not all chained to a course of inaction. Most of these guys just need to KNOW. I get that sometimes the men are beyond redemption; I know such females lack the self-reflection to be women. Still, can’t we ignore the female and work with the male to make a man?

        Isn’t this under the same brotherhood-inspired motto as, “Don’t approach women collecting court-ordered alimony or child-support payments?” The corollary being, “If you see a man in distress, assist him; if you see a woman in distress, obtain a deposit before rendering services?”

        I can’t stand watching this stuff over and over and over and over and… [exasperated]


      • “While a reality-based and genuine risk, your argument seems to . . .”

        . . . calculate a reality-based and genuine risk. I like to do that before I jump off a cliff. I’ve got a scar collection and a divot in my left collarbone that turns out to just right right to settle a violin into, but I’m not dead: yet.

        Others are.

        In any case, things are not always as they seem. The point of my comment was to make suggestion about the social dynamic between the two interested parties.


      • Lost my reply… ah, well.

        My thought was one would face the male, back to the female, and make a sincere attempt to teach the male to be a man. I suppose the shiv would be to the gut. Risk assessment per attempt.


  26. The first one is obviously a joke dude
    Number 2 is a classic Narcissist- Codependent relationship. This man needs professional help


    • Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Like the parents are clinic escorts and they’re mocking fundies who save their first kiss for the wedding ceremony.


    • Exactly.

      and even though decades of feminism lies have brainwashed almost everyone into believing narcissists are males and co-dependent are females

      this is a lie

      most men are Betas, and being Beta is the same as being co-dependent

      most women are narcissistic

      the only difference is that when the man is the narcissist and he goes as far as beating up his woman, she has bruises to show, the bruises can even be used on front pages of news paper to help the feminist anti-male propaganda

      but the psychological abuse that men suffer at the hands of narcissistic women leaves no traces that you can show on the 6 o’clock news

      with psychological bullying, there is nothing to see, nothing as spectacular as the black and blue face swollen face of a battered woman, but many if not most Betas are just as badly battered in their self esteem, in their souls

      I do not have any links to any scientific data, but I am 54 years old, and for decades have heard such a large number of horror stories from people I know, friends, and family members, neighbors, co-workers and what they told me about their relationship or about other men they know, their own brothers, cousins, friends, co-workers etc etc

      there are MORE men being abused ( psychologically ) by women than there are women abused ( physically ) by men.

      most men are Beta, most men are psychologically abused by women

      Every man I have had this conversation with agrees.

      Women are more violent, but their violence is psychological, it can not be seen, photographed, measured, it is not easily proven

      Evolution has made men better at physical fights, but it has made women better at psychological warfare because they lack the physical strenght

      on top of this crazy situation that the present culture refuses to acknowledge (as if men could never be victims of women), men are ashamed to seek help, so most don’t and suffer in silence, and when they do seek help odds are fairly high they will be told ” man up” …either that or no one will believe them

      or the woman is so good at lying and manipulating that everyone believes her version; she was only mean to him because he treathened to beat her up! she is the one who is the real victim!

      is it any wonder that the vast majority of suicide are done by men?

      if you read up a little about what a narcissist-co-dependent relationship is, you will see it describes the typical relationship because most women are to some degree narcissistic ( they feel entitled” put a ring on it now! even if I have gained 40 pounds! ” ) while most men are beta/co-depedent ( ” maybe if I am nicer to her she will stop treating me like shit? maybe if I buy her flowers more often? maybe if I do the laundry? maybe I should get down on my knees and beg her to forgive me even if I have not done anything wrong? ” )

      The present culture encourages women to be that way. In almost every tv show, tv ad, Hollywood movie, etc etc the woman treats the man badly – as if this was perfectly normal – and he is usually an overweight clumsy dumb beta she can barely tolerate

      Mistreating men is the new “normal” , mistreating them psychologically of course as women don’t want any evidence left behind

      psychological wounds are often deeper than a few bruises, psychological bruises do not heal as well as a black eye.

      most of us men have lost a fist fight either when we were kids, teenagers or even adults, and almost none of us are psychologically damaged in a permanent way because of this bloody nose or chipped tooth or black eye

      but when you suffer months and years of abuse at the hands of a narcissist woman, the wound takes forever to heal or never completely heals

      Narcissists suck the life out of you, the more you try to appease them, the more they demand from you, it gets worse and worse until the Beta man has lost all his self confidence

      Of course there are male narcissists as well, but the present culture encourages woman to be that way, the present order of things, the leftists establishment and the judicial system pretty much forces men to be subserviant/co-dependent to those narcissistic evil women.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:57 pm Greatest Beta

        I have been in LTR with 2 narcissistic women. BOTH of them played massive mind games, did all their little fucking tricks. Both were beautiful near dimes. The type of girls that would get compliments on a daily basis. Except my core was stronger than them and I ended up dumping both of them.

        The first one chased me for 2 years. The other fought not as long tho.

        I knew they were fucked in the head but DAMN it they know how to push a mans buttons. They probably use the excess affection as a tool for manipulation but as a sucker for feminine affection I find myself having a soft spot for these bpd npd type women.

        But alas, no more as its a matter of time until one of them really bites my ass, either with psychological/emotional trauma or a kid.


      • > “But alas, no more as its a matter of time until one of them really bites my ass, either with psychological/emotional trauma or a kid.”

        CHILDREN are what you are SUPPOSED to be getting out of the relationship.

        Otherwise you are just fornicating purposelessly with the poor bitches.

        Gee whiz, dude.

        “A kid” would be a blessing.


      • Having a child with a narcissitic, cruel, and manipulative woman would not be a blessing, it would be a curse, upon both him and the child.

        What are you, a feminist? Don’t try and turn a ho into a housewife. The point of his comment was to help others understand how to filter out the horrible women who would make horrible wives and mothers.


      • “Evolution has made men better at physical fights, but it has made women better at psychological warfare because they lack the physical strenght”

        though hast shit for brains.

        you need to start all over……back at the very beginning.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 4:19 pm Greatest Beta

        for most men the quote holds true. For the men that actually understand things on a higher level there is no challenge.


      • Not sure what you mean by ” though hast shit for brains”

        but if you meant it as an insult, then it is you who are too dumb to understand what I am saying

        When someone thinks I am stupid I am amused instead of insulted because I know my IQ is closer to 200 than it is to 100, yes I am at right tip of the bell curve, where less than 2% of people are, fuck you very much


        most tv show made for women are about mind games

        all the daytime soap opera that tens of millions of women watch are about some women playing mind games on everyone else

        all the ultra popular tv shows that women love are about women using mind games to either win a man, steal a man from another woman, or tarnish another woman’s reputation or get someone’s money

        women are fascinated by women who can manipulate, deceive, control, fascinated by women who play mind games so well that in the end they win the alpha male and/or his money

        women are fascinated by stories of women using mind games

        look at teenage girls, they rarely get into physical fights, no what they do is they use psychological warfare against girls they don’t like and they are cruel and relentless and they will not stop until the other girl is destroyed…some develop an eating disorder or even commit suicide after such psychological abuse

        teen boys get into fists fights and then move on

        Women use their brain to destroy others instead of using it to create things such as rockets, computers, the internal combustion engine etc

        women and men are into different mind games, that is why us men we need some help with “game”, why there are sites like this one to help us understand how the female brain works

        and what are shit tests if not mind games?

        and who is naturally into mind games – does not have to be taught as it is innate?


        men need help to survive the mind games of women

        but women do not need any help, it is in their DNA to play mind games and drive everyone crazy

        many women themselves admit they are bitches but also say they can not help it.

        they can not help it because it is in their DNA, it is in their hormonal system, it is programmed in them and has been for tens of thousands of years

        evolution has made them that way


      • 105 at the outside. maybe add 5 points for the whole ESL thing making you sound less bright than you actually are, but only slightly.

        like I said, go back and start over. no, better yet, start with a Dionysus/Apollonian tragedy, then read CH and RM over again until you can recite it verbatim.

        then we can talk.


      • Did you mean “thou” instead of “though” when you were trying to write?

        Also, if you tell someone they’re wrong isn’t it customary to include, like, an argument or support for your point? Of are you, like, an icon that are supposed to bow to, just because of your Alpha Snowflake status?


  27. I’m skeptical that #1 is for real.


  28. on October 10, 2013 at 10:42 am michael savell

    Candidate 2-I might just be wrong but apparently there have been a few
    pseudo videos going round this area of HK on the same kind of topic so -careful.


  29. You’d have to be an aspie to not pick up that #1 is a joke.


  30. “A young(ish) woman saving herself for marriage is not necessarily a bad thing in the big civilizational scheme of things, but she should at least be showing signs of sweating hard to restrain her base impulses while in your company.”

    Exactly! A woman can save herself for marriage, but she at least must do some things to satisfy him, while she doesn’t go “all the way.”

    Also, 4 years isn’t normal. The longest this could be sustained is 6 months from the time you meet to the time you walk down the aisle.

    Marriages where the girl saves herself, and where the dating doesn’t linger for more than a few months do very well.

    Anyway, I say the Asian guy takes the cake here. What a pathetic creature.


    • Heh, it reminds me of the answers my married brother and sister-in-law both gave me about the sex before marriage question (back when I was young and stupid).

      Sister-in-law: “there are guys out there who will respect any boundary you set, and they’re fine with not getting sex for years.”

      Brother: “eventually, you have to sleep with him if you don’t want him to break up with you.”

      Maybe the extended dating/engagement periods we’ve set are contributing to the sexual free-for-all we’ve got these days. To me, it seems much more sensible to seriously date a guy for under a year and get married relatively quickly, rather than drag it all out for four or five years and necessitate a bunch of premarital sex to hold the relationship together.


      • “Maybe the extended dating/engagement periods we’ve set are contributing to the sexual free-for-all we’ve got these days. To me, it seems much more sensible to seriously date a guy for under a year and get married relatively quickly, rather than drag it all out for four or five years and necessitate a bunch of premarital sex to hold the relationship together.”

        Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Never date for longer than a year if a woman is planning to stray a virgin until the nuptials. But also for people who are having sex, dragging it on for years is foolish, especially for the woman because chances are the guy will not marry her after she gave him all of herself for years.

        All those relationships that drag for years never end in marriage, or worse divorce (the stats are really high for couples living together before marriage). Why would any man of sound mind and body marry a woman he’s dated for 5 years, especially if he’s sleeping with her? In addition, if he’s not sleeping with her for those 5 years, he has issues, but that’s beside the point. 5 years of sex is like a marriage, why make it legal just to break it soon after? By 5 years, most men are ready to unload a wife, let alone a GF, and start grazing in greener pastures. How do women date for years, guys who won’t marry them?

        You’re right! “The extended dating/engagement periods we’ve set are contributing to the sexual free-for-all.” I would add that it’s also contributing to the messed up lives and emotional baggage of women.


      • This makes some sense, except… how well do you really know someone after a short, non co-habitational courtship? The guy posting above who said his wife started freaking out and hitting him after marriage… don’t you think he might have caught that if they dated longer and/or lived together? I was raised very tradtionally and I still don’t *really* believe in pre-marital cohabitation, but I also think you can’t know someone really well until you’ve been with them in a variety of situations and observed how they handle situations and react to stress. I’m not sure how to strike a good balance on this issue.


      • I think the issue then becomes… societal expectations on marriage and of marriage.

        Marriage is not, really, about getting some kind of deep romantic fulfillment for the rest of your life. It’s about perpetuation of the species and a mutually beneficial relationship between man and woman. When it’s viewed as the former instead of the latter (as it is these days), you end up with that “unhappiness” syndrome that leads to discontent and divorce. When it’s viewed as the latter instead of the former, length of courtship fades into the background, because your top-rung psychological needs are the last thing anybody (including you) care about, and your future spouse doesn’t have to be a “perfect” match.

        It’s a trade-off for sure. I’m not sure where the right balance is, either. But generally speaking, co-habitation before marriage removes any incentive the man has to commit. From the female perspective, it’s bad strategy.


      • Amy, you make a very good point, but I want you to consider this:

        When sex is part of courtship, it might blind you to other things you should be paying attention to. So even though, instinctively, you think you need to spend lots of time with someone to get to know them, it might actually be a hindrance. You might get to know them faster if sex was limited to only fooling around and no penetration, which might obviate the need for a prolonged courtship to get to know each other. This is how it was done in the old days. Because people couldn’t have sex before marriage, they hurried up and got married.

        Some points to think about:

        First, to limit non-compatibility, date only people with potential. They should have similar background, race, and shared values.

        Second, I don’t think that no sex is realistic. It only works when the girl is youngish and wants to remain a virgin, and not within a long prolonged dating period. However, relationships where a couple dates for 5 years without touching each other are crazy and not healthy. Why should any man (or woman) subject themselves to this nonsense? If you are not having sex, the objective should be to get to know each other quickly, and get married within a few months.

        Third, when sex isn’t the focus of the relationship, the couple is free to think clearly about the character of their partner. Do they have the qualities I am looking for in a man/woman? Sex clouds a lot of that when marriage is the objective of dating. Of course, if it’s not, like for men into pumping and dumping, or girls wanting to date cads/louts for sexual thrills, this is not applicable to them.

        Fourth, if a woman isn’t a virgin, doesn’t mean she should jump in bed with a guy too soon either. If you want to limit STDs, partner count, and emotional pain/baggage, I think you should wait like 3 months before you sleep with a man. By then, you’ll know if you’re compatible, without the sex being the focus of the relationship. Of course, you have to be a high-value girl, so he thinks you’re worth waiting for. Thus, it only works for attractive women with feminine and good-natured character. I’m not speaking about fat ugly bitches. That said, it doesn’t mean I think no sex is normal. No. Men need sexual satisfaction which women need to respect. So, fool around, but don’t go through with penetration. It’s also a way to show him you’re attracted to him, but want to make sure you’re right for each other and you’re not an easy girl. Then once you finally sleep together, you have established a very strong foundation for this relationship to last. Hopefully, from then on, it won’t be long before marriage is the next step. That shouldn’t be more than a year, tops.

        An interesting article about the fourth point. The author, a cad himself, agrees with me.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 11:31 pm depressed_danny

        “First, to limit non-compatibility, date only people with potential. They should have similar background, race, and shared values.”

        Beta males (70% of the male population) do not get this option. Unlike women they are not getting massive amounts of dating offers. Unless they choose to learn Game and use it on women, their dating life will be limited to less then 10 women before they begin to reach their 30s and feel the overwhelming pressure to marry and start a family. And hey, for those of us who do Game, we quickly learn what a bum deal any sort of marriage is, so there’s not much middle ground there – for men of course.

        Also FYI, Askmen is Beta central. Those guys are the biggest wanna-be pretenders on the planet.


      • “Third, when sex isn’t the focus of the relationship, the couple is free to think clearly about the character of their partner.”

        For men it’s the opposite; sexual hunger can cloud a lot, and if a man hasn’t yet slept with a woman (or received any sexual attention) he’ll be prone to over-looking her flaws on the off chance that she’ll give it up to him.

        Women are the opposite; fuck them right, and they’ll overlook just about anything.

        It’s ironic that self-satisfied women tell the “Men are like hardwood floors” joke; like feminism, it’s utter projection on their part.


      • I would add that it’s also contributing to the messed up lives and emotional baggage of women.

        We do best as people when there are limits on our behavior. Don’t tell the liberals that, though, they’ll think you’re being cruel.


      • And here we go again: another long thread with two women clucking at one another.

        Two paragraphs, five sentences each.

        That’s what the females should be limited to posting.


      • So long discussion threads about whether or not the Joos are out to get us are acceptable, as long as they’re being posted by men, but two women talking about an actual topic isn’t okay.

        I’d be fine going somewhere else, but there are exactly zero decent, active blogs addressing these issues from the female side of it. Until that exists or CH kicks us out, I’m afraid you boys are stuck with us.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 11:25 pm depressed_danny

      “Also, 4 years isn’t normal.”

      It’s actually pretty normal for a massive segment of the male population. Far too many dudes with no real flaws beyond shyness remain sexless for years at a time. A good chunk of the guys in high school class graduated virgins; none of the even passably attractive women did. It’s likely that most modern men (Betas), by the time they get engaged, will have had sex with less then 6 women. A few of those will be one time one night stands, and most will have been months and years apart. Their female counterparts, on the other hand, have slept with 6 different guys before they turn 20. Women can satisfy their sexual urge with minimal effort – and they do so.

      Of course as a chick Lily, you have no idea about how hard it is to get sex since you can literally have it any time you want. Which is why most of these ‘Christian’ marriages will be a morally upstanding guy (virgin) marrying a pretentious holier then though gal (not virgin). He enters into the marriage with eyes only for her, knowing no other love. She still has memories of some past alpha haunting the bedroom. She isn’t as committed to him and therefore the marriage is in jeopardy from the start.

      “Marriages where the girl saves herself” practically do not exist in this day and age. They are so rare as to be irrelevant as a point.

      Sorry to sound misogynist, but you girls really have no clue about sexual dynamics in regards to men.

      cynthia says “Maybe the extended dating/engagement periods we’ve set are contributing to the sexual free-for-all we’ve got these days.” No, dating/engagement periods have nothing to do with the sexual free for all. Women have been given complete free reign to be whores and they do it without hesitation; they can have all the sex they want and have no fear of being left with an unwanted pregnancy, or struggling financially. The majority of men cannot or simply do not want to Game; where do they fit in in this sexual free for all?


      • The main problems are the Pill and second-wave feminism, true, but extending the period between initial introduction to marriage from a few months to multiple years has to be contributing, in some way, however small, to the lack of sexual chastity amongst younger women. Before, you got married in your teens and the first time you had sex, it was with your husband. Now, most of us are aware we aren’t culturally permitted to marry until our late 20s. That leads to an increased willingness to engage in out-of-wedlock sexual activity because we’re told, from a very young age, that we’re “missing out.”

        Little girls are no more born whores than little boys are born rapists. It’s a behavior that’s socialized in. Little girls instinctively want a commitment, not a series of men who use them for sex. Fucking around tends to destroy girls, psychologically, in the long run. I submit that more young women would be willing to be chaste if it didn’t equal a decade or more of celibacy.

        Yes, as a woman, I know I’ll never truly understand men’s sexual dynamics or what a man goes through with this. (but don’t go turning all “protected victim class” here; if there’s no dialogue there’s no understanding, saying you’re here to educate us and there’s no questioning allowed is what black queer feminists do to punish the white straight ones) At the same time, there are a lot of other psychological underpinnings of female behavior that the manosphere ignores outright, that could explain a lot of this more fully.


  31. on October 10, 2013 at 12:27 pm NoMartyrsForSluts

    The first is so pathetic it hurts. The second is just confucing.


  32. Both of these guys are little bitches, but they are far more manly than Gay-Boi Barack for sticking us with Janet Yellen. If the Bernankified dollars weren’t worth sh*t then they are going to be especially worthless now.


    • I’ve heard of a successful hedge fund manager who shorts companies if they get a female CEO.

      Now the Fed has a female CEO…


    • Obama as far as we know is very beta, he’s the president but it is Valerie Jarret who tells him what to do…Obama’s wife is quite bossy as well…and this is the short list of women who tell him what to do


      • on October 10, 2013 at 11:34 pm depressed_danny

        Obama is definitely going to go down as one of the weakest, most ineffectual presidents in American history. He’s lucky he’s sorta black so all the guilty liberals and ghetto trash will still shout his name out and support him.

        But man, can you imagine having been an Obama supporter back in 08 and seeing now what a mess you elected in? At least back with Bush you knew what sort of President you were bringing in.


      • AND with bush it wasn’t all or nothing. if you turn on obama now, you’re accused of racism, etc. back then, there was anti-war protests, there was porkbusters, the tea party started, etc. from his own party. and i don’t remember the bitch-like vindictiveness when bush didn’t get his way.


      • “Obama as far as we know is very beta” as your petty, jealous ass seeks affirmation from an imaginary “we.”

        I love it when my fellow nobody-from-nowhere keyboard jockeys talks down about the most powerful man in the world. ESPECIALLY when he’s black.

        That just has to fucking gall a zillion underachieving whites like me.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 5:56 am The Burninator

        He’s quite likely gay and has a beard wife. Everything about his snarky posture, wording and demeanor suggests that he likes a little meat pole action on the side to me. It’s not his policies, which I loath, as Bill Clinton had basically the same ideological beliefs but clearly is a strong heterosexual, rather its his whole presence. Gay men seem to go either the flighty goofy flaming path, or the deadly serious, stare in the eye, violent, snarky path, and damned if Obama doesn’t just radiate the later to me.

        Even if I’m totally misreading him, it’s not hard to see that he is run 100% by the women in his life. The guy is an absolute beta schlub, no matter whether he made it to President or not. Other Presidents come across as alpha because they really put in a lot of time, work and effort to get to the office, where Obama appeared out of nowhere, had a large army of people paving his way through life, and seems to have never had to have struggled a day in his way too blessed life. He practically sucks the womens’ dicks he puts on them. Beta-max, in my book.


      • Ive done a few experiments where I ask black people, specifically black women; would you be surprised if the obamas get divorced 5 from now?

        They get real “wordy” but their answer is some form of “no”.

        If he is gay, would he then come out of the closet?

        Thats a tough one, because despite being very smart and calculating (clever) I suspect his “handlers” would make that call.

        For example, some high profile “hate crime” with a gay victim will occur. Thats when Obama is trotted out and admits he is a gay man and how he feels he failed the victim by staying in the closet all these years.

        Everybody will start crying, even Michelle.

        (((shakin my head)))


      • True. And Moochelle has done more for the country than her worse than worthless hubby by trying to combat obesity. I’ll give her credit for that.


  33. Has this been posted before? Surely the husband of this woman is a good candidate for BOTM too:–shes-proud-it.html


    • This one wins for BOTM. The two original candidates look like Hugh Hefner compared to this.


    • He’s gay. There’s no other explanation.


    • Nope. This contest is reserved for men. This guy might as well get a sex change done. He looks like a typical liberal hipster boy.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 3:36 pm gunslingergregi

      the only problem is she is not telling the truth


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:40 pm gunslingergregi

        sex every ten year kids not ten years apart
        he does everything
        he was gone for three weeks at a time
        he always cooks but she cooks sometimes
        she doesn’t have much of an imagination though and talks about the only thing he is missing from a normal relationship is his ironing done but I think dude prob gets his clothes drycleaned
        and on the subject of nannies he is the one hiring them
        he he he


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:43 pm gunslingergregi

        and if hiring household help how much shit is there for him to do around the house again lolzzzzzzzzzz
        and talks about he likes that she delegates
        yea not to him she tells the household help what to do and he doesn’t have to go into the minute details of it


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:55 pm gunslingergregi

        first pic she leaning into him he leaning away from her
        2nd pic he faking there ain’t no food in that pan
        3rd pic he may look a bit goofy but punched above his weight
        he standing stright though her crotch is touching him she leanin slightly back
        last pic
        he center of attention
        she in background suporting role
        looking like ready to jump up if he needs something
        she in the subservient position and happy about it gritting her teeth and drinking cause she know he out banging
        also this pic as well she leaning towards him he leaning away from her
        she came up with the she won’t fuck him cause he ain’t fucking her no more facesaving shit on why he got tired of pussy


      • bingo. as always.


      • > “3rd pic he may look a bit goofy but punched above his weight”

        Talking about the wedding picture?

        Say that “HB” = “Hot Babe”.

        And that “HG” = “Hot Guy”.

        Then in the wedding picture, she’s about an HB7, maybe even an HB8 with those big perky Brit titties [she even has a little of that Basic Instinct Sharon Stone look about her].

        Whereas he’s maybe an HG3 or an HG4 in that wedding picture.

        Now fast forward to the present, all these years later, and she’s kept herself in pretty darned good shape and she still has some nice big perky upright C-Cup titties.

        Whereas he still looks like a complete dork.

        So, yeah, he punched way above his weight in marrying her.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 4:43 am Hugh G. Rection

        Maybe they’re not even his kids?


      • Maybe??

        She has a six and a two year old, and only makes love to him once a decade. You do the math.

        Oh, and judging from their looks, the kids are definitely full brothers, so they have the same father.

        I think I may be in the minority in my role as an anti-wife. I have many friends who put their husband’s needs above all else.

        One has sex with her husband every Friday night without fail ‘otherwise he’ll be grumpy all weekend’ and another, who is blissfully unambitious, supports her partner’s blossoming business while raising their three children.

        These guys win.


    • sweet jesus why


  34. I think you should strongly consider that her dad was cracking a joke. That is by far the most likely scenario.


  35. bwahahahaaaaaaa…what i love about the youtube clip that actually made me laugh at loud is at about the 1min40sec mark, the chick beating the dude stops for a sec to look at her watch, as if to decide whether its still worth her time to continue carrying out this beating. Yeah, yeah, still got time *SLAP*

    i’m going with hugboy being the bigger beta because i cannot rationalise it without mental issues coming into play. whereas for all we know, the asian chick’s family could be triad or yakuza and this guy just doesn’t want his throat slit so is willing to take the beating and public humiliation. its unlikely but its a possible reason, i can’t think of anything for hugboy proposing marriage without sampling any goods after 4 years


  36. I voted hug-man, on the pure basis that his predicament involves marriage and the Asian guy’s does not.

    Imagine the years of suffering ahead… Beta males are insufferable.


  37. on October 10, 2013 at 2:53 pm gunslingergregi

    she saying you act like I don’t exist
    Asian dude tells her you were there and said it was ok
    she says really I said it was ok


    • on October 10, 2013 at 3:01 pm gunslingergregi

      but yea he sticks with that chick he in for lifetime of hell on earth
      know Asian chick I guess beats husband throws shit at him so ahh yea he didn’t do shit on first incident and it only got worse from there
      she like a ten though he old maybe its worth it gave him two kids when she was young and hot
      Asian dude


  38. on October 10, 2013 at 3:05 pm gunslingergregi

    exchick was kicking husband in face and shit slapping him screaming
    so uhh yea
    bitches can abuse physically
    no doubt


  39. on October 10, 2013 at 3:18 pm Hammer of Love

    This is my little tribute to the Beta of the Month. Hope he enjoys it.


  40. ForeignBride slaps me around like that every day.

    She was a virgin on our wedding night though. I plowed virgin ass when I was 50 and laid-off from Encorpera.

    Go ahead and laff. Can your empowered wife cook anything beyond a “corn dog”. Didn’t think so.


    • on October 10, 2013 at 3:58 pm gunslingergregi

      oh shit lol the dirty little secret bout Asian woman
      they tough bitches


    • on October 10, 2013 at 4:00 pm gunslingergregi

      I guess ya figure ya deserve it for what you got ya don’t


      • on October 10, 2013 at 4:04 pm gunslingergregi

        only have to set a Asian chick right one time though and good to go
        got to pass that shit test a fail and might as well get another chick


    • i was punched in the eye while driving by my asian girlfriend. she thought i’d plowed a whore, and rightly so since any man (i wasn’t one) would have given the circumstances. but yeah it was a wake up. and it wasn’t to bait me or anything.

      i could have won a few botm contests in my day. but i was known for my kindness and that made up for it 🙂


      • on October 10, 2013 at 4:49 pm gunslingergregi

        it was to bait you though see what she can get away with but also yea just her being pissed
        now the woman in my wifes family were also down to fight for me against dudes so yea again tough bitches
        they saved my ass he he he


      • on October 10, 2013 at 4:53 pm gunslingergregi

        and everyone know about it so I got to have mad respect props up in that area
        just like cops in my town still talkin bout when my exchick went nuts trying to get me out jail
        ya just got to get em fighting for you not on you lolzzzz


      • holy shit. i will refrain from exploring those depths but thank for the benefit of your experience brother 🙂


      • on October 10, 2013 at 5:16 pm gunslingergregi

        if your gonna have multiple chicks you will have to deal with certain things


      • on October 10, 2013 at 5:23 pm gunslingergregi

        but yea I have been extremely kind to my wife no doubt in most areas been there for her when she needed me
        I make her feel special she makes me feel special
        its good stuff he he he


    • on October 10, 2013 at 4:55 pm gunslingergregi

      if ya like it though fuk it I guess its your thing


    • Depends strongly on country of origin. Korean– terribad. The worst. Thai and Vietnamese, bad. Chinese, slightly less so. Japanese, not at all.

      And even with the absurd ballbreaker Koreans if they are true “ForeignBrides” as you claim they are not initially hip to just how fucking GOOD western women have it (though of course none realize this) so all you need to do is choke her out maybe one time after you receive physical violence. She will be right as rain after that…


    • What man puts up with his woman slapping him every day? She’ll lose respect for you eventually. Can’t you make her stop?


      • What man puts up with his woman slapping him every day? She’ll lose respect for you eventually. Can’t you make her stop?

        Hi Baby… as I said above I’d let you slap me once. Then I’d hang a golden 6 pointed star around your neck while you hopelessly flail against me. I’d choke you, just a little with the chain, not enough for unconsciousness, but enough to remind you. Then– you’d get a 130 IQ “turbo shot” Starbucks style. So, based on your posts; I’m assuming you are Ashenkazi descended? I didn’t see fit to comment on that whole Einstein thread, why? You paint me with a brush that doesn’t fit as most foaming at the mouth YHW girls do. I am quite aware of IQ differences in populations. AK YHW are generally more intelligent than your average European. OMG!!! How dare I acknowledge that as the “anti-semite” I am. Hysterics (you) and reality (me) are what separate XX from XY. Always was, always is, always will be. I’m here to help…


      • Jay, I like my men masculine and aggressive, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t last 5 minutes with you. Chocking will have me running for the hills.

        Besides, if you think I need a bit of chocking to stop me slapping you, I have news: I don’t slap my man no matter how “scoundreling” he is. If I can slap him, he ain’t a man, period. I like men I can respect. But, let’s say in the event some crazy wave of hormones took over my mind as a result of your indiscretion and misbehavior, I have other manipulative more effective tools to spring on you besides attempted slapping.

        “So, based on your posts; I’m assuming you are Ashenkazi descended?”

        As I have stated many times, I am philosemtic. I love the Jews and I stand in Israel’s corner in its fight against the Arabs who are also the West’s enemy. I am not crazy about liberal Jews though, just as I can’t stand liberals in general. My family has business with Jews (investments) and made money with them. Just like with every group, there are good and bad. Overall though, they are smart and compassionate. Their liberalism stems from a need to be fair and do right by people (even for other races), however unrealistic it is. It doesn’t stem from wanting to eradicate white society and destroy white gentiles, as the antisemtes claim and slander them. Jews are highly moralistic people and they feel responsible to serve an example to the world by doing good deeds. That’s why they are liberal; not because they hate Christians or Gentiles. Regardless of whether liberals are evil people or just misguided and think they’re helping, their polices are destroying the culture. The only thing I hate is Jew haters that try to substitute Jew for lefty in order to drive their hateful anti-Jew agenda (not save the culture), and the demented conspiracy theory they post here as if it’s a confirmed fact.

        “You paint me with a brush that doesn’t fit as most foaming at the mouth YHW girls do. I am quite aware of IQ differences in populations. AK YHW are generally more intelligent than your average European. OMG!!! How dare I acknowledge that as the “anti-semite” I am. “

        Actually, as nasty as you can be at times (judging from your posts), I don’t think you’re the worst antisemite out there. There are much worse than you, as at least you acknowledge the Jews are smart and you also acknowledge that many Gentiles are liberals and they also contribute to the destruction of the culture. Besides, I think you make a lousy racist when you often declare you’d sleep with girls of all races, so long as they were hot. I guess, your dick isn’t as racist as you think, eh? 😉

        “Hysterics (you) and reality (me) are what separate XX from XY. Always was, always is, always will be.”

        Which means what? I don’t understand what you mean.
        Oh, let me guess. You mean that women’s hysterics is what separates them from men?

        “I’m here to help…”

        With pussy tingles?
        I think I’m giving you pussy tingles.


      • Lily,

        Detox my Buttox.



      • on October 11, 2013 at 6:22 am The Burninator

        There’s no need to “choke”. The few women who have tried to hit me have found their arms and back pinned against the wall very quickly, their legs blocked from kicking and a silent, calm direct stare into their eyes confronting them. Then they rail, snarl, scream profanities and eventually end up crying in desperate helplessness as they realize that they are clearly unable to move and that I utterly control them and can at will. After that they calm down a lot and become a lot more reasonable. Fortunately that has only happened a few times. I don’t tolerate violence or even the hint of violence from men, I sure as hell won’t tolerate it from a woman.

        I won’t hit a woman, but if she deigns to enter a man’s world by trying to hit me she gets a very clear lesson that Hollywood has lied to her about women kicking the ass of men, and that she is in fact far, far weaker and frail than I am. But there’s never a need to hit a woman in earnest, short of her pulling a gun or knife on you. It’s uncouth and low behavior, men can do better.


    • Wait Uncle, I don’t get it- she really hits you?


  41. Can’t we get a alpha of the month/year thing going here. I think everybody in their right mind knows not to publicly beg for a woman or to stay with a 6/10 for four years in a sexless relationship.


    • on October 11, 2013 at 6:25 am The Burninator

      It’s a humorous exercise, so I get why CH does it. That said, we’re surrounded by legions of betas on a daily basis, in fact it is/has become the norm for men, so the novelty of it wears thin.


  42. Nothing wrong with wearing sunglasses at the appropriate time/season. In the summer time there’s not a minute I’m not wearing my sunglasses outside. I get headaches/eye pain without. I take them off when I walk into a store or stop to talk to someone face to face.

    I agree though the fact that she’s wearing sunglasses and he isn’t is bad form. It’s not fun to try to hold a conversation with someone and when you go to look them in the eye all you see is dark frames/mirrors staring back at you.


  43. on October 10, 2013 at 4:17 pm gunslingergregi

    Conversely, when we see a charismatic alpha male handle his woman with expert care, and refuse to bow and scrape for scraps of female approval (or for stays of female punishment) when he has done her wrong, or not quite done her right enough, we relax. We exhale. We smile contentedly. We do this because such a scene means that everything is right with the world. Everything is cool. This is normal and the sun will not explode tomorrow.”””””””””’

    yea it feels good when doin it right


  44. One child policy: there’s a 3.8% gap between the number of men/women in China. Small as it seems, this is enough skew to permanently change the behaviour of all participants. More men than women is completely unnatural. Nobody know their place anymore.
    You have a similar effect with dogs: In Mexico a whole pack of dogs will turn and run just because you turn your head (instinctively knowing they could land up on somebody’s plate). In decadent countries daschund sausage dogs will drag their tits over the sidewalk without shame and cock their head towards you withscoffing arrogance: What are you doing on my sidewalk?

    Seriously, at first I thought it was kink with a nerd girl, but alas, ain’t no playtime.


    • What the hell? At least China doesn’t have nearly as much of a frivorce/illegitimacy problem as the United States. Most women still know how to behave like women, and most Chinese men are less murderous/thuggish/deadbeat than American men. The heavily male Asian societies are a lot more functional than Western societies when it comes to marriage, gender roles, and care of children.


    • This is Hong Kong, no “one-child policy.”


      • True… but for some reason, people in HK have only one child anyway, so the effect would be similar, just not as drastic.

        Any country that has had a below-replacement birth rate for a long time has an unnatural ratio of men pursuing younger women due to a population pyramid that narrows at the bottom, in addition to the natural ratio of 105 men per 100 women. The white American population and most of Europe and East Asia is like that too.

        South Korea is so bad that it’s the highest user per capita of the mail-order bride industry.

        I theorize here that below replacement birth rates produce beta males, or at least turbocharge the betatizing process.


      • on October 11, 2013 at 7:29 pm AlmostAnonymous

        Wrong again,

        Many couples who have children have more than one. There are likely more families with more than 1 than those with only 1. 2 is a normal size.

        The problem is many couples choose not to have any children (too expensive and stressful), or they wait too long and can’t have any (1 in 6 couples are now infertile).

        Plus, there are the over abundance of single women in their 30’s who cannot find a man who meets their standards.

        Oh, and there are more women than men in Hong Kong.


  45. Yo FwaCK all the commentors here (including, unfortunately myself)
    But Heartiste’s blog is boss. Good man.This entry is a sweet piece of advice. ##Mindfwacked


  46. on October 10, 2013 at 6:27 pm Jon's Coffee Shop

    Oddly, the first one offends me more than the second one. Just thinking about the amount of alpha cock that cute girl must be taking behind this poor souls back…it’s too much. Masculine honour does not compute well with the alpha fucks beta bucks imperative. I know i should just accept it as a normal part of female sexuality, but it repulses me every time i see it.


  47. Based on #1’s smile and his fascination with the turtle or whatever on the ground, I can only assume that he is “special” and very lucky to have found someone to take care of him. He aimed for marriage and hit the target, and who knows, maybe he gives her anal while she wipes the drool from his chin. The father making the comment has blinders on.

    #2 is party to his own enslavement and not just a victim of prenatal alcohol poisoning. There was some mention of crushed glass, but really it could have been worse. He got down on his knees instead of building an actual pedestal for her.


  48. I shut off the video in literally three seconds, it was that painful to watch.


  49. I give a pass to the Japanese. 70 years ago, they were an over-achieving alpha male dominated culture. Then, they picked a fight with the United States, and we cleansed the alpha out of their genes. Virtually any male who was either alpha or had even a hint of alpha was killed in battle. The results are predictable and unsurprising.


  50. re: the video,
    This should help temper the Yellow Fever too many Western guys have. Asian ladies are a nice distraction but they can be ultra bitches. Soooo, never let them rule the roost!


  51. “Parachute woman, will you blow me out? Parachute woman, will you blow me our? Well, my throbbing heavy itching just to lay a solid rhythm down.”


  52. …someone has to comment on this. Is this beyond Beta?


  53. There are not many ways to lock-down the ownership of a name that translates straight into English, well before birth, as, Lioness-of-God.


  54. I was literally screaming WHAT THE FUCK the entire time in that second video. I couldn’t even make it two minutes before punching something on his behalf. I’ll admit to being less-than-alpha myself, but this video went against all of my senses. I don’t even know how a male of any category could just take that from any women, nay, any other person. I still can’t believe it. It’s just, it can’t be biologically possible. Right?


    • Hong Kong males are generally beta. Valentine’s Day in our office looks like Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby…huge bouquets everywhere while the girl is kind of cuddled by her beta her bf.

      Every girl I’ve gone it with tries to bend me that way. Then it results into an epic battle for control of the relationship. We break up. Then invariably they come back….only this time they are chastened but by then I’ve moved on.

      This guy is the alternative.

      Girls here get away with stuff because guys let them. I call out all of my HK gf’s if they suddenly turn cool: “Lazy”..”Do I need to start fucking other girls?” etc. Somehow if they’re not talked to like that…they talk like THAT (cue video)


  55. That dude needs to tell her “OK, now I need you to hug my penis with your vagina.”


  56. Best line is from the peanut gallery: she’s so ugly how can she do that?

    Excellent question.

    He’s got his Happy Meal and his Sadness Life.


  57. A question for Ya, Immoral and anyone else who would like to chime in. My attention-seeking crazy girlfriend has created yet another drama. She insists on re-claiming all her stuff and then boycotting an event I’ve been organizing.

    I get that this is all a big attempt to piss me off and try to hurt me because she knows how important it is to me.

    What do I say about this? Do I just give her stuff back the way Ya had suggested: no emotion.

    Do I bring up that she’s being a complete and utter mean-spirited cunt for trying to marr the joy and satisfaction I would get from owning and putting on this event?

    Or do I just say “Here, bye” and not utter another word about this and disappear into the night.

    I question the timing of this break up. Why now when all my attention is turned towards this big project that will get huge recognition? Am I correct in assuming that a break up could be post-poned until after all this but she’s doing it to be shitty?


    • Just do your thing. Why do all ya kids need to “discuss” everything? My main girl doesn’t even know what I am doing almost all the time.


  58. Gf coming over early next week to pick up her stuff. She’s also insisting she’s boycotting my big event I’ve been organizing for the last 6 months. So far I haven’t reacted. What if anything should I say to this blatant attempt to make me feel bad or try to enlist some type of supplicating apology? Should I call her out or just give her stuff back and proceed with my event as I would if she was coming.


    • Walawala, help us out here.

      What’s YOUR goal with this girl?

      What do YOU want accomplished out of this?

      No judgment here man. If you want her to chase you down the road so you have some kind of validation; I feel that.


      • Just an update….now ex gf texts me today: “Reminder: I will pick my stuff up at 9:30”

        I didn’t reply. She follows up 2 hours later with another panicked text: “OK?”

        An hour later I reply: “bring dessert”

        Her: “just bring it down and meet outside”

        Me: Nah, you pack it up. too busy.

        She shows up, dressed up from a dinner but it was clearly for my benefit. She was also wearing the perfume I got her for her birthday.

        I was cool. She brought some chips I’d bought 2 weeks ago the last time we were out and I’d left with her. “You ate them didn’t you?” I said.

        She laughed….no no no.

        She collected her stuff while I watched Louie CK’s comedy special.

        Then as she was leaving, I said “What are you doing? What is this?”

        She didn’t reply…put on her shoes, said bye and left. I let her go and didn’t follow her out.

        20 minutes later, I get a text: “Thanks for caring for me these past 9 months. wish you success in your big event”.

        I was speechless. But…I didn’t reply.

        We talk a lot here about alpha and beta. I think in this situation I was mostly alpha but perhaps beta back-slid.

        In the end it doesn’t matter. She left, she left. How I behaved while this was happening is more important. I was pleased with myself for keeping my cool, not begging her to stay and talk.

        I do have a big event this week which I my focus. She’s shitty for pulling the plug like this just before it when she had planned to help me.

        Always a beginning. Sucks to be in this position. I’m thinking of what I said and did during that time, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a feeling.

        Her logical brain was not sure, her emotional brain is still in love with me.

        To interfere with that conflict would destroy the impact I would have on her. She needs to feel a sense of true loss…

        But girls contact for validation more than anything. She doesn’t want to feel bad, she doesn’t want me to hate her for blowing me off just when I needed support. She’s conflicted and confused. Basically anyone who would do this is not the kind of person I would want to be with.

        I watch the videos of the guys prostrating themselves and realize that 3 years ago that would have been me…if not physically then at least calling, begging etc. Now…while I may be confused and hurt by this, i’m not acting on that.

        Time for some reflection…and to line up new girls.


    • on October 12, 2013 at 1:40 am AlmostAnonymous

      Seriously, why does it matter?

      This “big event”, will it fail if her presence is not there? Is this “big event” all about her? If not, then proceed as if it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t matter.

      There are plenty of women in Hong Kong for you to choose from. Don’t suffer from oneitus with this one.

      If you get into the habit of apoligizing to her, you might as well get on your needs and let her start slapping your face. Start small, keep it private but then work your way into a public audience.

      If you want to keep a relationship, don’t ever let her have hand. Especially with Hong Kong Princesses (*hack spit*).

      Maybe this relationship is over, maybe she’ll come back. Meanwhile you should be looking for someone else.


      • Thanks.


      • on October 12, 2013 at 7:35 am AlmostAnonymous

        Looking back, I realize that I might sound a bit harsh.

        My first HK wife was a complete disaster. Looking back, with an honest viewpoint, I now realize the fault was entirely mine.

        Wife #2 ( yeah, slow learner here ) was headed the same way. And then I found the manosphere, specifically MMSL.

        Talk about night and day difference. I’ve now got an incredible, happy, woman who does everything for me. I often have to pinch myself because I still have a hard time believing it.

        So, is she the one? Is she the one worth spending your life with? If so, maybe she needs a little bit of beta, just enough to calm her fears, but not so much as to give get hand ( that way leads to doom and madness ).

        If not, then you know what you have to do.

        The amazing thing is, since I’ve discovered Athol Kay, and our host, Chateau Heartiste, my attractiveness to women has gone up a thousand percent (and it was already pretty high, given my ethenticity).

        immoralgables asks the key question, “what do you want?”

        Don’t let my initial advice screw up something that could be wonderful.


      • Thanks, I’m now lining up a series of new girls.

        There is no “one”…. I realize now that even though here i’m posting my inner-most doubts, in real life, I’m more focused.

        I went to a party this evening and she was there. I ignored her totally even though she was oddly enough sitting behind me. Just blanked her.

        Then right near the end of the night I looked over to signal a dance.

        At that very moment some other guy came by and asked her.

        I turned my back and sat down. She waited, staring at me.

        Then I danced. We didn’t talk. I just made some off-hand comment about where she bought her outfit and thanked her. I could feel the sexual tension in the way she was holding me.

        Then I thanked her, turned my back on her and grabbed someone else. She left immediately after that.

        Without game…I would have been a needy beta. Now, I projected an “I don’t give a shit” attitude….

        This flips the switch on HK girls like your now-wife. They flip out…they’ve been allowed to do that—like in the video. But standing up and providing some vulnerability–just enough—balances it out.


  59. My goal is to have her back to respecting the cock. But as I analyze this…the shit-tests have gone too far.


  60. Oh, one more Goal…not to be beta in any of these interactions…


  61. Holy. Shit.


  62. I think she’s wearing shades to diminish the appearance of her awful fivehead.


  63. Treating a whore/carousel rider like an adult/lady will only make her resent you. She probably won’t even know why exactly she hates you. But deep down she knows it’s because she isn’t worth it, and hates that fact there’s a man, any man, dumb enough to treat her in a way she hasn’t earned.


  64. After some reflection one must conclude that Boner Guy is the winner. He spent four years (and will doubtless spend many more) as this woman’s platonic lap-dog. In comparison (and even without making allowances for any possible cultural difference) Asian Dude may well within the hour decided never to speak to the violent bitch again. Men often get on their knees where women are concerned (as in proposal to marry) and to some extent that position is merely play-acting. Even allowing himself to be assaulted merely says that no violence she can inflict has any effect on him. In the event she is herself later arrested, so her behaviour has proven quite pyrrhic. Asian guy will learn form this, Boner Guy never will.


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  66. This is even more sickening. The guy is on his knees apologizing and the girl shoves icecream in his face and walks away.


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  69. For those who think the video for BOTM #2 was staged, here’s the news that the woman was arrested: