Unmanliness from a Woman’s POV

I checked out a link to this woman’s blog and she has a useful chart listing the differences between traditional men and metrosexuals.

I really liked this part:

Traditional Man
Ignores or disapproves of feminism.

Metrosexual Man 
Claims to be supportive of feminism with women, but inevitably disses it when drunk with his male pals at the pub.

She’s pretty as well.  I could see myself becoming vulnerable in her presence.

Of course, whenever I read a woman’s opinion on what she likes in men I always ask if these are the men she claims to want to sleep with or if they are the men she actually sleeps with.


  1. She has some interesting viewpoints, but her blog reeks of claptrap…


  2. Interesting blog. Sweden’s an interesting country. It invented gender equality, free money for single mothers, and the whole paraphanalia of the welfare state as we know it (I know the Brits did stuff after ww2, but it was more statist nationalizations rather than tinkering with societal mores). Sweden then exported this system around the world, but unfortunately most of the world don’t behave like swedes, so that was that. Now Sweden has decided to become Muslim. Interesting to see how it all works out!


  3. Reading about her criticisms of Swedish manhood one wonders if Sweden is not becoming Muslim in order to return to traditional mores. Swedish men have become such feminized pussies that Swedish women vote for lefty parties who import patriarchal muslims, it’s a possibility, i think Fjordman opined on that at one stage.


  4. on August 26, 2007 at 7:30 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Sometimes we overlook the obvious: The very name of this woman’s blog has the word “princess” in the title. This is telling as to how she thinks of herself. The amount of women who refer to themselves as “goddesses” and “queens” or whatever, says something about the inflated egos of today’s women. What other demographic would have a magazine called “Self?” Why do women think that arrogance and self-obsession is attractive? I guess became men are blinded by vagina and go for this stuff. To me, any mention of a word like “princess” means I’m gone. There are many vaginas and men need make women realize this.

    Anyway, I think Roosh once said something like “Never listen to what a woman says, watch what she does.” So I’ll believe this woman’s ideas on men when I see them.


  5. Now Sweden has decided to become Muslim.

    Considering that according to the highest estimates Sweden is about three percent Muslim, they’re doing a pretty crappy job of becoming Muslim. You’ve been reading too much LGF.


  6. Interesting to see how it all works out!

    may we not live in interesting times.

    Swedish men have become such feminized pussies that Swedish women vote for lefty parties who import patriarchal muslims,

    my theory is that, generally, as societies go through the crucible of feminist revolution, the women eventually come to see the government as a potential daddy and provider substitute. since married women already have their daddies/hubbies, they tend to vote more republican.


  7. Peter:

    Sweden only 3% Muslim? Try checking out Malmo some time.

    And how much of Sweden was Muslim twenty years ago? And how fast is the share increasing?

    If you’re going to make inane statements like that, perhaps you might learn something by reading LGF.


  8. Sweden only 3% Muslim? Try checking out Malmo some time.
    And how much of Sweden was Muslim twenty years ago? And how fast is the share increasing?

    So? Check out Newark or Detroit, or watch an NFL game for that matter, and you’ll never believe that the United States is only 12% black.

    Here is a report from MSNBC on the Islam population of European countries, which gives the 3% figure for Sweden.

    As for the rate of increase in European Islamic populations, this article from the Financial Times is worth a look.


  9. I though feminism was simply the belief that men and women should have equal rights? I like being able to vote. You’re telling me most men disprove of this?


  10. Peter:

    “Berlin is a Muslim city, Paris is a Muslim city, and even Madrid or Turin to some degree,” Jocelyn Cesari, an expert on European Muslims at Harvard University, has said.

    Yes indeed, that article from FT was worth a look.

    By the way, I worked in downtown Newark for nearly twelve years (and lived to tell about it). Yes, it is true that the US is only 12% black, but it is 33% non-white Anglo, and we can expect that share to top 50% by 2050.

    Now what does this have to do with “unmanliness”? Simply that one can see the parallel between the relative decline of white America and its embrace of feminism. Non-white groups are more patriarchal and tend to restrict women’s activities to breeding first, everything else later. And while it is also true that their birthrates are plummeting (Iran’s for example, is in a tailspin–if we can get through another ten years they won’t be quite as much of a threat), they are still higher than those in the West. Furthermore, the uptick in birthrates in white Europe is among fundamentalist Christians who haven’t bought into Swedish socialism or la dolce vita.

    I make no judgment regarding whether this is good or bad, just that it is happening. Cf. Philip Longman’s 2006 article in Foreign Affairs, “The Return of Patriarchy.”


  11. Holy crap I want to bang this girl.


  12. It’s a market correction.


  13. parts of the swedish economy are pretty hilarious. they have government mandated childcare over there, entirely done by women, and it’s for everybody. what this means is that large numbers of women go to ‘work’ each day, which entails minding other peoples children, while they themselves hire minders to look after their own. it’s one giant nursery where all the women just swap children for the day, and this is called work.

    i agree with roissy that women in the west have come to view the state as a husband that looks after their children. this has contributed to unmanliness by making traditional breadwinner male virtues slightly redundant, and has allowed women to get pregnant by morons and thugs and then just marry the taxpayer – which also has a dysgenic effect. one study in london showed that criminals had twice as many children as non-criminals. this would not be feasible without the welfare state, as women would not dare go near such obviously useless males if the government wasn’t going to pick up the tab.

    an astonishing amount of the wests internal problems can be traced back to this decision, birthed in sweden, to start giving taxpayers money to single mothers. it has been an unbridled catastrophe, leaving underclass women dependent on the state and underclass men bereft of all the familial trappings that civilize all males.


  14. Islam’s the manliest religion you can go for. Why all the protesting?


  15. Islam’s the manliest religion you can go for. Why all the protesting?

    Islam is manly in comparison with contemporary weepy stain of love-the-world Christianity or today’s liberal Western secular male.

    But historically, Islam hasn’t been too manly when matched against Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski, Richard Coeur de Lion, etc.


  16. cuchulkan:

    Exactly. Can you imagine what life under Hillary will be like? After all, it does take a village . . .


    Read Philip Jenkins’ “The Next Christendom”. The future of Christianity is in the Third World–and I can assure you it won’t be quite as accommodating of Islam as the “weepy stain of love-the-world” variety to which you refer.


  17. Sestamibi, you’re probably right abut Jenkins but I wouldn’t write off the West that quickly either.

    I think some new and strong form of Christianity will spring to life in Europe when the push comes to shove.