Reader Mailbag Participant Responds

I received a thankful acknowledgment from emailer #1, “D”.

I enjoyed the feedback, I’m glad to have received it, thanks.  I had only stumbled upon your blog after all of that happened, so, no, I did not have an enlightened perspective when approaching that situation.  Now I do 😉

Sounds like it was an authentic advice seeker. Sir, your incredible betaness is forgiven. But henceforth you cannot plead ignorance. PS ditch the smilie.

My goal is to learn from what would have been appropriate counter tactics to her:

1. killer shit test…I actually did not reply “LOL” (that was my comment when I wrote it up to send into your blog).  My original reply to her was, “I did not mean anything negative with my text message and if you want to break it off that is your right (I’m fine with it).”

What would have been an appropriate reply to “pass” the shit test?

Ok, good thing the “LOL” isn’t what you sent. Unfortunately, the text you did send is even worse. Too wordy, too apologetic, too passive aggressive. An appropriate response to her “Good luck” text would have been: Radio silence for a day, then a text message saying “You too.” Your goal at that point was to get under her skin and make her wonder what you’re thinking.

2.  Regarding these: (your comments)

I bet this is what her gina was thinking: “What kind of beta kisses me for hours without closing the deal?”

This one she apparently got over because the day after she emailed me reiterating to me how she enjoyed her time with me and said we’d have to do it again soon….so it left only one issue ….the following:

I bet this is what she was thinking: “Is this guy toying with me?”

So how could I have defused her anti-slut defense barrier?  Should I playfully have said that she can’t take a joke?

Since you already activated her ASD, you needed to deactivate it. One way to do that is to cancel a scheduled date. Another way, in your specific case, is to cut off all texting. Don’t tell a girl she can’t take a joke, no matter how playfully. Saying that is walking back from your supposed offense, and therefore giving her power. An alpha does not walk back; he owns his offensiveness. Reversing an activated ASD is tough, and not something for the faint of balls.

By the way, everyone should check out the comments to yesterday’s post for the… stimulating… banter between me and the whore entity known as Feministx. Good times.


  1. It’s emails, like all those above,
    that provide me with an endlessly
    replenished wellspring of encouragement
    to freely expand my
    patented Asshole Game yet further
    happily convinced
    that even educated readers of Game
    are clueless herbs


  2. Hm. Whenever I’ve encountered ASD my normal response is to tell a story showcasing my non-judgmental nature or point something out about someone else and make a comment like “I like how open that person is with their [scarf|hat|stupid shoes]”

    Since you are via email. I think the right response would be something like: “I just saw a cute puppy…dont judge me” or something that eliminates any hint of you judging her as a slut.

    I could be wrong but its worked for me.


  3. on October 8, 2009 at 9:41 pm Cannon's Canon

    “PS ditch the smilie.”

    it was a cocky-funny alpha move to rekindle attraction after your email address had gone stale in his contacts folder.


  4. on October 8, 2009 at 10:08 pm unlearning genius


    “By the way, everyone should check out the comments to yesterday’s post for the… stimulating… banter between me and the whore entity known as Feministx. Good times.”

    So you are elevating this bitch instead of ignoring her. Women don’t care if the attention is positive opr negative .. they just crave attention. By giving undeserved attention you elevate them. Way to go alpha man.

    [editor: elevating, de-elevating… whatever happened to just having fun?]


  5. on October 8, 2009 at 10:50 pm unlearning genius

    [editor: elevating, de-elevating… whatever happened to just having fun?]

    I always hear this from women .. “[my name], can’t you stop analyzing everything .. and just have fun please”

    [editor: maybe they’re onto something.]


  6. Actually, I would interpret the response as her have decided she liked massages from him, not sex. When he answered he expected more, she shut him out.


  7. FemX is a piece of work- twisted and phony. She should ask herself if that future-husband surgeon from the old country would actually tie the knot if he knew of her, uh, proclivities, real and imagined. lots of brainy Harvard indian girls are available who have *not* gone over to the sexual dark side.

    i still don’t get the hours of foreplay with no close. that’s a red flag that there was something wrong with this chick from the getgo (other big red flags: shrink, terminal academic): sexual block? deliberately cockteasing? so, mailbag reader 1, good riddance.


  8. Many of us read #1 and thought “God, could anybody BE that beta”… and then we looked in the mirror and a despondent, lonely beta tear slowly made its way down our sad little faces as we remembered our own, *ahem*, “mistakes”.


  9. on October 9, 2009 at 1:31 am unlearning genius

    Shit, FemX is Indian? .. All is sense now. Poor nerd she will marry is fucked! Here is what will go down

    1) FemX’s mom approves of some “decent” brown guy.
    2) FemX will marry the guy and teach him how to use his dick.
    3)Femx soon realises that she has absolutely no need to even appear remotely attractive to him .. he loves her “unconditionally”
    4) Femx gives in to her inner fatty and soon starts putting on weight….
    5)FemX has a child .. let’s hope it is HIS
    6)FemX is just another fat brown married bitch ..
    7)FemX’s husband realizes quite late what life is all about .. starts going to strip clubs … starts chatting with women .. discovers roissy’s blog and is suddenly heard using the term “neg” ..
    9) FemX is now fat and ugly and realizes her husband may be dicking around
    10) FemX’s husband syphons money into an overseas bank account with assistance from my establishment…
    11) FemX’s husband utilizes my establishment’s services to vanish suddenly to a new corner of the world and starts a new life with access to ALL his money ..
    12)FemX remembers this post .. realizes how much of a worthless bitch she was then and how utterly worthless she has now become .. goes into spiral depression .. puts on even more weight..

    Yup the story is not pretty.


  10. “what about throat-slash-with-knife Game?”

    Slash-the-throat-with-a-knife game can be effective as long as you stand contrapposto before and after (and during if possible).

    And don’t worry about splatters. It’s beta to be try to clean up the splatters yourself (an exception can be made for licking the blade clean while maintaining eye contact with the hottest girl standing).


  11. My two cents’ worth of advice to the guy who kept apologizing – if you ever have to apologize, do it Corey Worthington-style:
    HER: You asshole – how could you do X, Y, and Z? What do you have to say?
    YOU: Um… sorry?


  12. Breaking news.. Barack Obama wins the noble prize for peace..

    Hey, henry kissinger also won it, years ago.

    In other news.. many commentators on this blog consider ritual suicide.


  13. What is a proper response to an acquaintance who says “why are you staring at me?” in a playful way?

    [editor: you’ve got a little something dribbling down your chin.]


  14. on October 9, 2009 at 10:05 am The Cock of Obama


    (i swear, the entire planet want my DICK.)


  15. “In other news.. many commentators on this blog consider ritual suicide.”

    Yeah, because the correlation between those who hate Obama and revere the Nobel Peace Prize is a shiny 1.0.

    But thanks for the unintentional comedy 🙂


  16. “(i swear, the entire planet want my DICK.)”

    The Cock of Obama has a cock? What about the cock on Obama’s cock? Is this like a fractal pattern?


  17. fembotX, you caught any loads on your face lately?