‘Bang’ Review

bangcover.jpgI feel like I am coming from a somewhat different perspective than the average reader of this book on pickup by Roosh V.  I have put in a lot of effort gaining as much knowledge as I could from seduction oriented books, DVDs, and websites, to advance my game in the field with women.  A couple years ago I even met Mystery of VH1’s Pickup Artist when he was in DC to see what he had to say in person.

So when I read Bang I already understood not only the concepts of pickup from meet to bedroom, but many of the specific openers, qualification tactics, and conversational routines, and have spent many nights out applying those lessons and improving my skills.  But after reading it, I was surprised to find that Roosh has brought a welcome dimension to the study of game — elegant simplicity and clear-headedness, as well as some new tactics I was previously unaware of.  This slim but powerfully condensed book lays out the foundations of game — from female psychology to the winning male attitude to the sequence of pickup from approach to sex — in a concise, detailed, and readily-accessible manner that can get any guy on the ground and running right away without spending weeks of time and thousands of dollars on a vast library of pickup material.  The occasional flashes of droll humor also make it an entertaining read.

Bang offers both useful reasoning and highly specific techniques and lines.  There is rock solid advice like this:

By now you’ve probably noticed I like asking questions or bringing up topics that stir up a little insecurity or doubt.  This is because I want her to focus on her flaws and problems instead of my own.  She’s on stage being evaluated, not me, increasing the likelihood she will do things to impress me.

And plenty of specific lines, routines, and conversation starters to ask a girl, like this:

So I’m going to grow a mustache, and I know it’s going to be popular once I start the trend again, but I’m wondering what kind of mustache I should grow.  Should it curl up or down?

For the beginner or casual player, I would recommend this book because it is short and sweet and avoids the pitfalls of overwhelming with excessive theorizing.  It is too easy to fall prey to paralysis by analysis as your head swims with new information, yet Bang does an admirable job of keeping its message focused and practical.  If you are an advanced student of seduction, Bang serves as a convenient refresher book to reference as needed.

You can order a copy of Bang here.


  1. $17. 50! When does it come out in paperback?


  2. was “mystery” as big of a goofball as he seems on tv????


  3. Was Mystery wearing:

    A fake beard?
    A top hat?
    All of the above?

    Was he flanked by the swarthy Persian guy and the pasty English bloke?

    Did you pay money to meet this guy?


  4. no goggles (cowboy hat) but he was wearing guyliner, pierced soul patch, and the same victorian jacket he wore in one of the later episodes. he had no wingmen with him at the time.

    my impression — ferociously intelligent, gangly tall (and i’m 6’2″ so the fact that i noticed says something), annoyingly high-pitched voice and dorky laugh, ever-present eye gleam, and quite charming. there is definitely an undercurrent of nerdiness in his demeanor. it’s hard to describe, but you just get the sense that he hasn’t got natural machismo or laid-back social skills. his system (mystery method) is practically a photograph of the inside of a nerd’s mind in all of its systematizing and break-it-down-ness brilliance.


  5. Roissy–I have only seen the show once but that is exactly how I would have imagined him even just from seeing him on tv (re: above comment). He seems like the biggest nerd ever that figured out some key to getting laid (his method) and in doing so, allows himself to become more and more bizarre almost as an experiment to see if it would detract from his ability to get ass.


  6. Thanks for the review.


  7. I’m curious to read a review of Bang by someone who either a) isn’t Roosh’s friend of b) isn’t a social maladroit.

    Enough of Roosh’s posts have been so completely off, like saying Third Eye Blind’s album is the “best album of our generation” or when the dude in his Player or Poseur sketch turned out to be gay, that I’m reluctant to give it the time.

    I also find the systematization of essentially tricking girls into boning who would otherwise have nothing to do with you to be a little bit creepy, as you guys mentioned with Mystery’s creepiness.

    A huge element to being “cool” is not caring, which these guys are the antithesis of. I feel bad for ’em, that they felt the need to reinvent themselves (Mystery being the extreme case) through some need for validation from, like I said, women who would otherwise have nothing to do with them. They expend enormous amounts of time and energy getting back at the chicks in high school who wouldn’t give them the time of day.

    But hey, if it makes them happy, more power to ’em, and props to Roosh for finishing a book.


  8. Did you do Mystery’s “in the field” weekend boot camp, or did you just pay to attend one of his lectures? I read he’s charging like $5,000 for the weekend boot camp now!!!


  9. […] Roissy: So when I read Bang I already understood not only the concepts of pickup from meet to bedroom, but […]


  10. paul – i paid for nothing. he was giving a free mini-lecture for the local DC seduction “community”. i was in a room with about a dozen other guys. i went to satisfy my curiosity and at the behest of an acquaintance.

    i think it’s stupid to pay $5K for a bootcamp. you can get everything you need to know from free shit on torrent sites. from what i’ve heard, whatever confidence or skills boost a guy gets from a bootcamp usually dissipates a few weeks later. and mystery is not exactly hands-on anymore, delegating much of the critical field wingman and feedback duties to his 2nd tier instructors.