Telling A Girl How You Will Seduce Her

A while back on this blog Chuck left a comment suggesting a new type of game routine to run on women. It involved telling a woman exactly how you plan to seduce her, in step-by-step detail. I thought this idea was nifty so I tried it for myself. The following conversation is not verbatim (who can remember their conversations in minute detail?) but it’s close enough to the spirit of the interaction.

Scene: A local pool hall. Stick in hand.

ME: I’m gonna need you to move aside so I can take this award-winning shot. You might want to take a picture.

GIRL: [sarcastically] Oh excuse me! I don’t want to interrupt your concentration.

ME: [I take the shot and scratch] You’re bad luck.

GIRL: [laughing] I’m sure that was it.

ME: [I leave to get a beer at the bar, then return and sit on a stool next to her. She is sitting comfortably out of earshot of her friends.] I have a confession to make.

GIRL: I don’t like the sound of this.

ME: The pool thing was just a ruse to capture your attention. I know it worked because you’re still sitting here, hanging on my every word.

GIRL: I don’t know if I’d call it hanging. Maybe laughing at every word.

ME: [thinking to myself this girl is filled with spit and vinegar. it’s on!] I’m going to seduce you and I will tell you how I will do it. First, I noticed you from across the room. I don’t think you saw me noticing you, but that doesn’t matter.

GIRL: [wide-eyed look] Ooookay.

ME: Then I decided I would talk to you. It was a quick decision; less than one second, really. I avoided any possible discomfort of breaking the ice by teasing you with the first words out of my mouth.

GIRL: [folding her arms and nodding her head] This is getting good.

ME: Then I gently knocked your ego in line by saying you’re bad luck. This part was important because all women are born with bigger egos than they deserve, and this makes romance difficult.

GIRL: So this was all a script then? That’s not very romantic.

ME: The concept was scripted, not the words. Now notice how I’m sitting here with my body a little turned away from you. I do this so that I don’t look like I’m *that* interested in talking with you.

GIRL: Why would that make me interested in you?

ME: Women want men who show some disinterest. Also, you may not have noticed this, but when I came over and said I had a confession to make, I put my hand on your forearm. Briefly. It was too quick and subtle to be obvious. It’s important that I break the physical barrier in a non-threatening way as soon as possible, but to do it so that you barely notice. It’s an art form.

GIRL: Actually, I did notice.

ME: You’re just saying that now. As we sit here and talk, I’m going to move my body a little towards you as you begin to impress me more with your conversation skill. Soon, we will be facing head on.

GIRL: What if I turn away?

ME: You won’t, but if you do, I turn my back on you until you rejoin the best conversation you will have all year.

GIRL: That’s a big claim!

ME: It’s also another part of my seduction of you. A little arrogance is attractive to women.

GIRL: I’m not a big fan of arrogant men.

ME: Just wait, you will be. So now you see I am smiling, but not too much. Smiling too much looks goofy. You’ve said a few funny things that impressed me.

GIRL: I think in a seduction it’s the man who’s supposed to impress the woman.

ME: This is what most men think, but it’s not true. A good seduction surprises you. Next, I ask you questions that show I’m a discriminating man who wants more than just looks in a woman. Looks are overrated. So for instance, I will now ask you if you have more than 20 pairs of shoes.

GIRL: I don’t, but what difference does that make?

ME: A girl with too many shoes is high maintenance. You’re not high maintenance, are you?

GIRL: I probably am, but don’t let that stop you.

ME: Now I mirror your body language and facial expressions. This is a subtle psychological ploy that makes you think we are soulmates. It’s all on the subconscious level.

GIRL: Really.

ME: I can see your interest level is peaking. Here comes the best part. Right when I notice your interest level is high, I disqualify myself as a potential lover.

GIRL: Disqualify?

ME: Yes, I will tell you, like I’m telling you now, that we could never work out, you’re way too cynical for me.

GIRL: I’m cynical? I guess after all this I am.

ME: Then I would tell you a story that warms your heart, such as the time I saved my 3 year old niece from falling down the stairs. I might also drop a mention of my stripper ex-girlfriend, which will intrigue you.

GIRL: Intrigue me? I’m not lesbian, if that’s what you mean.

ME: No, you would be intrigued in the same way men are intrigued by women in sexy cocktail dresses and high heels.

GIRL: You’ve really given this a lot of thought.

ME: Hold on… finally, I will tell you to join me on the couch over there, so that we can talk in more privacy about deeper things. Then I would whisper a secret in your ear, which would arouse you. Whispering is very arousing. If the moment is right, and it usually is, I would kiss you. Since you are now twirling your hair, I would expect the kiss will happen.

GIRL: [stops twirling her hair] How does twirling my hair mean a kiss is going to happen?

ME: Hair twirling is a sign of romantic interest.

GIRL: Or maybe it’s just a habit.

ME: Maybe, but not likely. After the kiss, if I’m feeling it, I would invite you back to my place to admire my photographs.

GIRL: And if I declined to go?

ME: I would take your phone number instead.

GIRL: And I would give it?

ME: You would give it.

GIRL: And you wouldn’t call.

ME: Who knows? But you would relish the anticipation.

We talked for another twenty minutes, and I did eventually secure the digits.

A photo of a heavily bearded man on Halloween:



  1. on November 5, 2009 at 1:37 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    Jeff Dunham is awful.


  2. Wait wait wait…. didn’t this happen in that Will Smith movie Hitch?

    I will call this move the Hitch move but by next week everyone will be doing it so I’ll have to talk about the time I was almost homeless and taking care of my sun but got an internship at big financial company and worked my way up to being a millionaire


  3. I call this Gonzo Game. Thanks for the link.

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  4. well done. good banter. and yes, as the best of us know, the best seduction is under the radar, and surprises when it surfaces suddenly.


  5. on November 5, 2009 at 1:47 pm Cannon's Canon

    kyle orton has really let himself go


  6. Cannon’s Canon:

    “kyle orton has really let himself go”

    shit, i thought that was kurt warner and his wife…


  7. Interesting style. I notice that “self-aware” game seems to work well on “smart” chicks, the same kind who usually say they are “too smart to fall for those stupid lines.” I think this kind of thing works well at some place low-key and mellow- maybe an outdoor lounge with some weeshy band playing. Inevitably, there will be at least one guy trying to run game on a girl who is obviously not feeling it. This leads to several easy ways to “game without gaming,” which I’m pretty sure is how Musashi ran it on the Geishi girls way back when.

    (1) Touch her shoulder and point the guy(s) out. Establish touch and direct her actions in the same move.
    (2) Girls love gossip, secrets and feeling like a co-conspirator. Sets up the classic, “lean in and whisper” move that is so crucial.
    (3) Gives you the chance to set up all sorts of hypotheticals about what you would do differently if you were gaming her. This is the equivalent of a Joe Frazier left hook to her anti-slut defenses, because any sort of hypothetical/roleplay scenario allows her to participate in the seduction without actually feeling like it’s her. There’s a reason that most girls love roleplay and will do all sorts of insane stuff in bed they wouldn’t normally do otherwise.
    (4) If you’re a true master, you and the girl join forces, eliminate the loser and set up the G Manifesto-approved “Vicky Christina” move. Strictly for live men, not for freshman.


  8. That would work on me.

    I feel dirty now.

    I notice that “self-aware” game seems to work well on “smart” chicks, the same kind who usually say they are “too smart to fall for those stupid lines.”



  9. Warner’s wife had a real turn around:


  10. 1 digit isn’t much proof. More study is needed.


  11. Seems like it would be tough to pull off well.

    Definitely something a more seasoned player should be working with.


  12. the skeleton is Achmed, the dead terrorist

    “I kill you !!!”


  13. on November 5, 2009 at 2:19 pm Biting Beaver

    This is the only NON-RAPE post i have read on this blog that pertains to women.

    I actually like meta narratives….At least you make your intentions known in a…reverse psychological manner.


  14. Sounds like Pitbull game: “at the ho-tel mo-tel holiday inn… 2, I’m gonna undress you, 3 you’re gonna undress me, 4 we’re gonna freak some more…”


  15. I really like this post. I’m all about experimenting with different pick-up ideas. I have of course told girls about this, but never this outright…as the method of pick up. It seems like something that would entertain me….


  16. BB

    by avoiding talking about rape you

    – showed how sexism pervades society. You ignored all the women raped in the world by refusing to talk about their ordeals

    – mind-raped yourself, by denying your own nature

    You are a rapist and a sexist. The Male Power Structure won once again


  17. BB, get raped.


  18. “kyle orton has really let himself go”
    —I disagree; I think he’s having the time of his life.

    And wouldn’t you let yourself go if you played for the Bears?


  19. Krauser:

    Don’t be afraid to show up alone at a girl’s home base. It shows that you are confident. I am currently seeing a girl, and our first “date” was her inviting me to a house party she was hosting. It was late and I went alone, and she told me later that she was really impressed by the fact that I would go to a party where I knew no one, confident in the fact that I would be able to handle myself in that social situation.


  20. on November 5, 2009 at 2:29 pm Tom Leykis Jr

    This works. A variation is what Valmont does to Mme de Volanges in Liaisons Dangereuses. It’s the what you see is what you get tactic.
    Women are tired of betas’ schemes that they can sniff out from a distance, and they despise direct vulgar approaches (maybe not American girls, but you know what I mean).
    A man who speaks honestly his mind with confidence is a novelty and will raise her curiosity and anxiety to unknown levels.
    Will he follow through with what he said? Will this be the man whom I will really be able to be myself with?
    The fine tuning is important: a too rude or sarcastic approach may upset her. You must sound either sincere or playful.


  21. lurker: That would make sense…if he played for the Bears. Try the Broncos.


  22. I run this game, too. I call it breaking the fourth wall.

    Seduction is performance art: It’s acting. I break the fourth wall by explaining how I am really an actor, and that we are on stage together.

    Another thing I do is invite the woman onto my stage. I grab her, pull her in closely. Then I’ll start pointing out other people. I’ll ask her questions:
    “Do you notice how that woman has her shoulders turned away towards the man?”
    “That’s a classic sign that she’s not into him.”
    “Right! What a loser!”

    Together we’ll critique body language, and discuss the failings of everyone else in the bar. This builds rapport with my target. It also plays into her female narcissism.

    It is us criticizing those losers over there. Any man who can build rapport while stoking a woman’s inherent narcissism is going to close.


  23. “Together we’ll critique body language, and discuss the failings of everyone else in the bar.”

    This works well with women. Also see: the Cube routine in “The Game”. Women love this crap.

    An all-time favorite of course is Marry,Fuck,Kill. Throw a little twist on it with a chick, after going through a number of other people, and especially after pointing to a man the woman would obviously Kill, point to yourself. You’re golden if she says “fuck” or “kill”; walk away if she says “marry” or that she doesn’t know.


  24. “A photo of a heavily bearded man on Halloween:”

    Wow, Roosh has really let himself go. No wonder he’s so defensive about his looks.


  25. I like this reverse engineering technique.

    Mad innovative.

    You need to be feeling really good with tons of dash and swagger to pull this off.

    A pool hall or similar environment were conversation with no interruptions is key.

    The only real downside I can see from this Game is that it could throw you on too high of a pedestal.

    With many girls, if your Game is too innovative and confident you can appear out of her league. Too “Movie” game.

    Later when she comes back to her reality, you might seem like an Enigma. Filled with broken pictures.

    And lose her.

    This would work perfect on a girl that really has some juice.

    – MPM


  26. As VK put it, this type of pull is straight out of Hitch but I suspect the next big pick up move will be where you’ll be the only survivor after a plague wipes out mankind turning them into vampire monsters. After many years in isolation with your dog who becomes infected in an elaborate attack set up by said Vampires you must kill your only companion. Distraught you will then attempt suicide, be saved by a woman that shows you that you are no good with people anymore. In your basement you would have found the cure to Biting Beaver’s vampire infection. You may have cured her but she calls it rape anyway. The vampire’s attack your fortress of solitude and in a twist of white knight irony, you sacrifice yourself to save the woman that saved you, killing yourself, Biting Beaver, and the vampires that attacked the lot of you. The cure to feminism winds up in a small flask handed over to the last human survivors. The end.


  27. What’s cool about this is it can only be executed by a man with options.

    If you truly don’t care about the results, or potentially turning off a woman, you can play games/conduct exercises like this.

    They’re fun, and they’ll work a good percentage of the time.

    She’d actually love to use this whole exercise against you, but she’s obviously intrigued and recognizes it takes balls and total indifference to follow through with this.

    Even if she “rejects” you, you’ll matter, and it probably won’t be the routine that she rejects anyhow.

    I haven’t ever done anything this direct, but I’ve done variations in describing my environment, and just how toolish other guys are being with women and why the woman I’m talking to is more attracted to me than them.

    It makes for great conversation.


  28. “Together we’ll critique body language, and discuss the failings of everyone else in the bar”

    This works absurdly well, it separates everyone there into two groups, us (you and the girl) and them (all the easy target bottomfeeders bars attract.


  29. L-dub,

    Good point on the demonstrating value. The key is to demonstrate superior awareness and understanding, while avoiding sipping the Haterade for too long. A fine line to walk at times, but those who can pull the “Charles Blondin” will be well-rewarded.


    I like your style, but I think I’m partial to Big Bank Hank’s advice:

    “Ho-tel, mo-tel, holiday in. I said, if your girl is actin’ up, then you take her friend.”

    Although, I will concede that driving off in “def OJ” probably doesn’t have the same appeal as it once did.


  30. on November 5, 2009 at 2:47 pm Dr. Grzlickson

    “the skeleton is Achmed, the dead terrorist”

    See the first comment.


  31. Off topic,but I need advice fast.I’ll try and be brief.

    Me: At a library on my lunch hour.

    Her: Tall,great ass,sexy black hair,pointy nose.Has seen me here before.Looks kinda snooty in a swpl-ish way.Here again,better dressed than last time.Black high-heeled boots.Has given me sideways glances.Seated herself and her laptop about 15 feet to my right.Slightly turned with her back towards me.Sweater displaced a bit revealing lower back and top of panties.

    Do you think she might be interested? What would a master do in this situation?Any advice or opinions?Quickly please.


  32. Cliff Arroyo

    Wow, Roosh has really let himself go. No wonder he’s so defensive about his looks.

    hey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to get that six pack. watch those calories, do 10 daily sets of 300 crunches. it really helps


  33. Luvsic

    “Even if she “rejects” you, you’ll matter, and it probably won’t be the routine that she rejects anyhow.”

    I think this is a great point.

    You will certainly stick in a girls mental, win, lose or draw.

    She will probably remember you and “what if” when she is standing on the altar with some beta.

    side note:

    I think this move would be best executed with a custom suit and a lit cigarette hanging from your lips the entire time.

    For style points.

    – MPM


  34. G,

    I always figured you were the “movie game” type. The way I see it, being an Enigma ain’t a bad thing. Zorro swooped plenty of chicks. Greg from accounting is still trying to buy the chubby chick with bad hair another drink.

    Everybody figured that James Bond was able to get the girlfriend of the criminal mastermind to reveal secrets because he seduced them. I always figured he was able to seduce them because he got them to become a co-conspirator. A shared secret is a powerful thing indeed.

    That could just be me though, I’m still young. One day I might have to worry about being too high up on the pedestal, but for now I’m still climbing the tower like Billy Lo.


  35. Lucius Hunt

    “I always figured you were the “movie game” type. The way I see it, being an Enigma ain’t a bad thing. ”

    Its not a bad thing, for me.

    I was speaking for everyone else.

    – MPM


  36. Nice, I didn’t something similar (but not as involved) off of an apocalypse opener last month. Mid-afternoon by Trafalgar Square (London):

    Krauser: Hi
    HB8: Hi *stops*
    Krauser: I had to stop you. You’re gorgeous.
    HB8: *smiles* Thanks
    Krauser: Would you like to come home with me?
    HB8: *shock awe, quickly recovers poise* No.
    Krauser: OK. Is that coffee from Pret?
    HB8: Yes
    Krauser: Cool. I normally go to Starbucks myself. I like the coffee of the day though to be honest if I’m gonna spend a long time in a cafe I normally do Cafe Nero because they have those lovely distressed leather sofas… blah blah… bullshit
    HB8: Come walk with me

    We walk down to Trafalgar Square and she’s really pleasant, asking me about the opener and do I do this much.

    Krauser: I’m a fairly direct guy. When a man approaches a woman it’s always based on a sexual dynamic. I see no reason to try to sneak in under her radar.
    HB8: You could be a little more roundabout, like ask her something normal
    Krauser: Yeah I suppose but that’s not me. Give me some feedback then. How did you feel when I said that
    HB8: It was kinda shocking…. but cool.
    Krauser: It looked simple but there’s alot going there. When a man stops a woman he’s got to demonstrate value without scaring her or being creepy. It could’ve sounded really weird but instead I was just putting the option out there. I wasn’t trying to persuade you to have sex. I put it out there as non-needy. I like sex, but I don’t need it.
    HB8: Yeah, I caught that. *smiling*

    After ten minutes I number close by typing my number into her phone and then ringing to mine. She walks off then calls me two minutes later to check she’s got the right number stored. I take that as an IOI. She’d briefly mentioned a boyfriend in passing, and that she lives nearby. She suggested I join her in a bar later after I’m done in Tiger Tiger. I know I’m not going to because it’s pulling me into her reality. Later that night we swap texts:

    Krauser: You’re still thinking about it 😉
    HB8: A little! doesn’t happen often in london!
    Krauser: But all the time in Greece? I’m at Tiger Tiger
    HB8: Yea greece is a little bit different. I’ve just hopped into the bath…
    Krauser: Bath texting? You’re weird
    HB8: Thanks…. multi tasking? lol. ur in a bar with ur mate and ur texting… that’s equally weird. lol
    Krauser: Make sure you soap yourself properly
    HB8: Thanks for the tip, couldn’t have done it without u. lol
    Krauser: I’m helpful like that

    I leave it for the week and then on the Thursday after a Colombian blows me out I call. She picks up right away and after a five minute chat she invites to to [salsa night]. Says her male friend is teaching there but she’s not dancing so why don’t I join her. I figure turning up alone to her base is gonna chode me out so I decline.

    Next, while out Friday 11th I restart, late on while I’m in a bar. The whole time I’m trying to follow his text game maxim – Send only those texts which you’d be comfortable having appear on a jumbotron in front of the whole world. Meaning, if you aren’t comfortable with your text game being public, it must be beta.

    Krauser: Old Street tonight
    HB8: I’m off to the cinema tonight but could meet up later if ur around
    Krauser: Yeah, that’s a plan. Text me when you’re done
    HB8: OK
    HB8: *later* Would you like to meet in covent garden or is it too late for you?

    This is 11pm. I call. I say I’ll be finished with my friends at midnight and then I’ll call to arrange to come over to her place (she’s at home now). Midnight comes, I call and no answer. Twice. I text “hey” to no response. Fuck.

    Next morning at about 11am I get this:

    HB8: Hey Krauser – I’m so sorry about last night! I fell asleep in front of the tv, didn’t realise how tired I was.

    We arrange an early afternoon Day 2 for Saturday. She shows up, goes well.


  37. hormoaning, good point.

    But really, after playing for the Bears at any time, who wouldn’t let themselves go?


  38. Lucius-

    Great point on self-aware game. Talking about guy/girl dynamics (avoiding jargon, naturally) and conveying your understanding of the dating market has been, for me, a huge demonstration of value. I’ve never thought of going as direct as his post. I really like it, though. It’s almost easier- because now the conversation doesn’t have to flow naturally, since you’re providing the narration as well.

    Damn, you’ve been on fire lately.


  39. @ chuck

    walk away if she says “marry”



  40. I like it. Probably not the best idea, but you’re witty enough to make it work. Good stuff.


  41. If you truly don’t care about the results, or potentially turning off a woman, you can play games/conduct exercises like this.

    WTF is this beta shit? Of course I don’t care about results. I have options. Not closing one chick means nothing to me. There are so many more.

    Even if that does not apply to you, act as if it does. Your subconscious will get the message, and your conscious mind will be directed accordingly.

    I’ve done variations in describing my environment, and just how toolish other guys are being with women and why the woman I’m talking to is more attracted to me than them

    Beta and needy.


  42. Well, Roosh dedicated an entire last post to bagging a comment I made. So I thought I’d come over here instead.

    This post reminds me so much of thus guy I met in Buenos Aires.

    He picked up well out of his league with this technique, except slightly modified. He started it as a third person hypothetical how about how a real man should really pick up and then move it into first person. The girls, all of them, would be so horny… it was unbelievable to watch, just unbelievable.


  43. to DF:

    Your rant made me pee myself. Very omega of me, but it felt so good.


  44. Dang. Thats good.

    On a slightly different tangent – something I have run on chicks with some success is telling them exactly the type of man they are intererested in, what physical type, and even told them of their secret desire to be dominated by a man…..scored a couple bangs from this. Not rocket sceince – but it worked.

    Its amazing how many women will open up to you and tell you of their desire for a manly man.


  45. This sort of game works because it is SO not ordinary. Chicks love truly surprising approaches. Plus, this schema gives her formal permission to act on her authentic gina-tingles.


  46. It sounds a tad too clever. We’ll need a post-digit flake report.


  47. G manifesto,

    is there ever a time a not to be in a custom suit smoking a dart?


  48. That’s a lot of effort.


  49. As Lucius Hunt said, this would work best with smart chicks. Dumb girls wouldn’t see the beauty and art of the whole thing.

    The “You’re bad luck” line is so perfect, I wonder if you missed the shot on purpose so you could use it? (Unless you’re playing with really excellent players, then shots early in the game aren’t that important anyway.)

    Or do you have an alternate line ready in case you make the shot? I’m thinking something along the lines of, “See? Even with that distracting sorority girl top your wearing, I still keep my laser focus and make my shots.” But I still like the “You’re bad luck” option better since she already seems in a playful mood.


  50. It only sounds good if you have a tiny dick or game.


  51. Not so long ago, my mom died. She had about 12 million USDs in her checking account when she passed.
    If you hear from me a “go-fuck-yourself” sort of comment please understand that it is meant sincerely…


  52. I’m vaguely amused by how much of Game boils down to:

    1) Be confident
    2) Be entertaining

    Girls like that? No shit, really? I never would have guessed.


  53. on November 5, 2009 at 4:40 pm Epoxytocin No. 87

    For the love of biomechanics, do not continue this into the bedroom.


  54. on November 5, 2009 at 5:25 pm David Alexander's Mom

    I’m really impressed that you remembered nearly every word of our interaction!

    I might actually forgive you of your ignoble attacks on my son.


  55. For the love of biomechanics, do not continue this into the bedroom

    His Poxyness is perhaps referring to maybe talking about proceedings with clinical detachment?

    ‘Cause surely outlining what you’re going to do her is occasionally called for and very hawt. With the bonus addition of stronger consent.

    His Hotness Doug: I don’t know why I say this — why would innocent little me even have a clue? — but you probably know a lot about that. You could even expand to Poxy about what I mean, if the whim takes your wonderfulness. And if you know what I mean.


  56. work

    G manifesto,

    “is there ever a time a not to be in a custom suit smoking a dart?”


    Being in the shower of a “Salon Suite” in Wynn Las Vegas with two fly Exotic Dancers immediately comes to mind.

    – MPM


  57. on November 5, 2009 at 8:29 pm Epoxytocin No. 87

    @ BHË

    His Poxyness is perhaps referring to maybe talking about proceedings with clinical detachment?

    Um, yeah.
    With the crowd here, I suppose it’s not a bad idea to explain jokes afterwards.

    “…and now I’m going to pause two inches into your vagina, and remain there in small-amplitude, low-frequency oscillatory motions, in order to amplify the eventual fury of your orgasm…”
    Maybe if the girl’s nerdy enough…?


  58. Good fun I’m sure. Another tactic which works is looking at your watch and saying, “anyone who doesn’t want to see my penis in the next 5 minutes better leave.” I mostly recommend this at house parties. No, I didn’t steal it from Tucker Max.



    You wrote this a couple posts ago:

    “Law 32: Play to People’s Fantasies
    The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment. Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.

    “Women appreciate honesty” It sounds nice as a truism, but people overwhelmingly prefer fantasy and perception to cold harsh truth. If women held honesty in such high regard they’d never put on blush to make their cheeks flush, never wear high heels to lift them 3 inches, never dye their hair, never get boob jobs, never inject collagen, and the list goes on and on. The truth may set you free, but it doesn’t make it pretty or any less painful.

    The only reason women express any desire for honesty is to protect their own interests, not because they appreciate it as a virtue. They want honesty from a man so they’re not led to believe that the sexy oncologist they meet in the club one night is actually a part time sandwich artist at Subway. They want to know that they’re emotionally investing in a winning bet, not because of some ephemeral, high order need for integrity and virtue.”

    I thought you were dead on with this.

    Where can I find your other 31 laws?


  60. Most awful example actually encountered:
    The woman’s breasts were referred to as mammary’s glands.
    I never finished that book.
    It wasn’t a romance novel.


  61. JC: That is a quotation from 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.


  62. on November 5, 2009 at 9:27 pm Epoxytocin No. 87

    @ JC

    That’s from Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. An extremely popular book – and, unlike most popular books, deservedly so.

    The 48 laws are listed here.


  63. on November 5, 2009 at 9:32 pm Epoxytocin No. 87

    …but, Rollo, that was a nice job of presenting rules #32 and #7 at the same time.


  64. This may also demonstrate the irrelevance of whether “word gets out” about game.


  65. on November 5, 2009 at 9:47 pm unlearning genius


    “This may also demonstrate the irrelevance of whether “word gets out” about game ”

    Men have been trying to wet their dicks without getting it chopped off for all of eternity! The “word gets out” about game won’t do anything .. if anything women will be able to seprate out chumps even faster. The skill factor in game comes from the logistics aspect .. just the fact that in a modern anonymous setting .. the best strategy to increase your mating frequency is to increase your mating effort …


  66. Hello from Eastern Europe!

    This is my first comment. I’ve been reading your blog for 2 months now and it has truly helped me work my “game”( currently at it’s best).

    I couldn’t resist not posting when I saw this entry because what you wrote is truly gold.
    Why? Because it focuses all her attention on you, on your words, on your gestures, on your subtle dominance of the conversation. If you practiced this method 2-3 times it seals the deal (min. phone number). You can project so much value in so little time that it boggles her mind.

    Great blog man!


  67. This sounds like a conversation between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. They are rumoured to be a guy couple.


  68. Telling her how you plan to seduce her might work by:
    A) Preselection. You’re saying: ‘I’ve done this many times before. And it worked, many times before.’
    B) Demonstrating verbal domination. She needs to match the level the conversation is at i.e. feels stupid.
    C) She is qualifying herself either way. What’s wrong with her if she falls for it? What’s wrong with her if she doesn’t?
    D) He didn’t do this as much in the example above but it can help build the fantasy. By i) playing on the sense that is all inevitable (assuming the close) ii) What is special about her that you tell her what you’re going to do? She now has the opportunity to build a fantasy or feel a special relationship with you out of this.


  69. Even though the typo in pupu’s previous comment was unintentional, it works like a bait for more comments. If none of you care to respond, Pupu will leave another comment with a nice typo or two until someone could not take the grammatical abuse any longer and decide to say something. And pupu will speak back. And we will be happily ever after.


  70. @pupu- the typo did not really change the meaning in that first post, now did it? you just want attention… 🙂


  71. This leads to several easy ways to “game without gaming,”

    ha that just made me think of Bruce Lee’s art of fighting without fighting… basically Jeet Poon Do….


  72. Maurice,

    Pupu just wanted to tell you guyz how she would like to seduce all of you.

    And, yea, it is very nice to get herself some attention as well 🙂


  73. My complaint is regarding the denial of the role of chance and over emphasis of the so called “skill”.

    I thought that most people understood that there is implicit amount of chance with any interaction. Not every set is open-able. I don’t ever recall anyone on here saying that Game was completely deterministic.


  74. Poxyness:

    …but, Rollo, that was a nice job of presenting rules #32 and #7 at the same time.

    LOL! Yes, why didn’t he cite?


  75. on November 5, 2009 at 9:40 pm unlearning genius

    “That’s a lot of effort…”

    I agree! All this BS is just glorified sales call. I am reminded of woody allen .. The most expensive sex is free sex.

    All he’s is doing is playing in the casino of short term mating. Sometimes he lucks out and then tries to come up with elaborate theories and to derive universal truths … maybe he is just a tall symmetrical guy and maybe the girl is just too damn drunk or menstruating (and consequently looking for a high T symmetrical man for short term mating) .. ah, but no .. it must certainly be “psycho-sexual dynamics” at play .. I am not denying that there is a skill factor involved here at all. My complaint is regarding the denial of the role of chance and over emphasis of the so called “skill”.


  76. on November 6, 2009 at 1:14 am unlearning genius


    “good Luck trying to get past LMR if you ever get together with her again! ”

    We need more data to predict that .. If this was working there would have been ample evidence .. including medium to heavy kino, display of best sexual attributes (chest thrusting, leg movements or hair tossing) or usually an expression of anger/agitation, moralizing or moral chastising.. basically any sign of high emotional it does not matter … the actual conversation rarely matters ..

    I usually get the “although you are an asshole on the outside I think you are a sweet person on the inside” line from some women as i am putting my jeans back on .. I disagree though .. i think of myself as a spherical asshole ..from the skin all the way to the marrow ..


  77. on November 6, 2009 at 1:26 am msexceptiontotherule

    Alright, there will be no zombie-vampire-plague crap that harms anyone’s dog. If the remake of Dawn of the Dead managed to not only include someone’s dog but ended the movie with the dog perfectly ok, if a little tired of having to navigate through the rush-hour-traffic-of-zombies transporting supplies, only to find that with all of the people that didn’t get to the roof and attempt the helicopter thing DEAD – there was more work ahead with finding something to eat that wasn’t part of a zombie….

    I think that the next strategy should involve large-scale staging of a pseudo-plague-zombie-virus turning everyone in the city into very fast dead people desperate to tear you and the girl that you’re going to “save” into pieces and eat those pieces. You’ll have a legitimate reason to take her somewhere with you alone, all you need is to get a bunch of people to be “extras” in zombie-plague makeup & internal organ accessories.


  78. Ozymandias

    I’m vaguely amused by how much of Game boils down to:

    1) Be confident

    Sure, but being confident breaks down as well.

    You may as well say that driving breaks down into a man and his car. But what are the mechanics of the car?

    Confidence has subcategories and postures and sometimes even routines.


  79. @unlearning genius..
    Girls love to tease..they love to tell their GFs how a guy tried to game them and failed…Kino and other regular IOIs would mean nothing in this case, you will never figure out if she is genuinely interested in you or playing along for a good story she can tell her friends later..Overall Bad Idea!


  80. on November 6, 2009 at 1:28 am msexceptiontotherule

    nothing like being the last two people on Earth requiring sex. and you can pretend to be eaten trying to keep her safe, so you won’t have to talk to her again.


  81. on November 6, 2009 at 2:01 am unlearning genius

    “Kino and other regular IOIs would mean nothing in this case, you will never figure out if she is genuinely interested in you or playing along for a good story she can tell her friends later..Overall Bad Idea!”

    But man, half the skill is in learning to spot the true signals from the fake ones. I am not talking theory bro .. if you are careful you can even see changes in facial redness and at times sweaty plams and a hundred other signals of genuine emotional arousal. This stuff cannot be faked at all.

    a genuine gina tingle cannot be faked also … not with me .. I have gotten good at recognizing bluff gina tingles or bitches trying to hook me in by bloating my ego .. half of my problems come from having to filter out bitches that are obviously angling for stuff .. which is why, i am somewhat susceptible to a young innocent but strongly resisting woman who is trying hard to suppress her gina tingle related arousal ..
    Fuck this “talk” crap .. the really useful stuff is all in the face and the body .. emotions cannot be faked, talk can be ..


  82. on November 6, 2009 at 12:20 am David Alexander's Mom

    I must make a confession. Ever since I stumbled upon this blog, with my daily internet perambulations, I have felt gina tingles so strong I am reminded of the magnificent copulations that led to my beloved son’s birth. Oh dear!

    You have made me feel young again. You have made me feel like a woman, which is so hard in this day and age of feminist bluster. When I read your posts, I want to instantly forgive your transgressions against my omega son. The gina tingles overwhelm my moral outrage.

    I only ask that you provide manly guidance for my son, and look past his obvious flaws in character and see the beauty that lies beneath his exterior. He may be an unathletic, geeklike railfan with a middling-high IQ, but even he has the potential to rail young, delectable pussy like Conservative Cock, Maurice, Wendy Schwartz (with an appropriate strap-on), and yourself.

    My only wish is that my son not turn into a beta like Half Sigma, and can be worthy enough to one day conquer the cleft of a woman as dignified and discriminating as FeministX. Please, do me a favor and teach this manchild the subtleties of game, whatever the obstacles or resistance that may come your way.

    Yours truly,

    DA’s Mom


  83. on November 6, 2009 at 2:43 am Cannon's Canon

    god there are some handsome barrier-breakers!


  84. Good Luck trying to get past LMR if you ever get together with her again! Girls never want to know that they are being gamed ..even though they subconciously know it..They all want to believe it ‘just happened’ Every time I brought up game before a girl i have slept with, it has always back fired…Its a huge break in rapport..shit tests to the power infinitum!


  85. I love the photo period subliminally acknowledging the freakshow.


  86. One of your better ones in recent months. When you lay off the social commentary and misogyny, you really are a charming bastard.


  87. @hcl
    That’s a good thing. So women w/ a little more self-respect can keep on moving.


  88. Here’s another really funny writer who (at first glance) seems to espouse your basic point of view — JIM GOAD.

    Current featured article on his website (advice for women): “How Your Mouth Can Help You Keep a Man: The Role of Fellatio in Achieving and Maintaining Human Intimacy”

    Here’s the first bit….


    You want to keep your man, don’t you? Keeping a man is a woman’s fundamental project in life. No self-respecting lady wants to grow old alone, a crabby, unwanted spinster cursing the fact that love and beauty have passed over her like the Angel of Death sailing straight over a blood-splattered doorway.

    In today’s fast-paced workaday world, with women expected to perform increasingly extreme sexual acts merely to keep their man from wandering, it becomes difficult to master the latest methods of pleasing your man even while frantically employing every hole that God gave you.

    Above all else, you don’t want to be alone, and that’s where your mouth can help. The mouth that God gave you was never solely intended for whistling Dixie and nibbling on Lean Cuisine microwave dinners. That mouth is a wet, warm, wondrously supple instrument designed to bring you and your man closer together under the giant floppy umbrella of intimacy…..



  89. [Preface: I’ve not read all the comments.]

    Wouldn’t recommend this logic game. CH could pull it off** precisely because 1) He’s successfully entertaining the girl. 2) Showing off his alpha verbal brilliance. 3) Enjoying himself.

    ** This approach risks losing right there any girl looking for monogamy, as the subtext says “I’m a player and not deeply interested in you. I’m toying with you.”


  90. Very interesting to see if he “seals the deal”… am guessing, as a commenter previously noted, that he’ll face “shit tests infinitum” due to anti-slut defenses raised to max. And again, it’s already blown if she’s a monogamy/commitment type: You’ve unstealthed yourself as the sociopathic player you are.


  91. Ozymandias

    I’m vaguely amused by how much of Game boils down to:

    1) Be confident
    2) Be entertaining

    Girls like that? No shit, really? I never would have guessed.

    Me either.
    Hey. You forgot:

    3) Be handsome


  92. Off topic,

    Is Maj. Hasan, alpha, beta, omega?

    I already committed to omega as my guess @ 1/2∑.


  93. on November 6, 2009 at 1:06 pm gunslingergregi

    ””””””on November 5, 2009 at 8:39 pm Lupo
    Good fun I’m sure. Another tactic which works is looking at your watch and saying, “anyone who doesn’t want to see my penis in the next 5 minutes better leave.” I mostly recommend this at house parties. No, I didn’t steal it from Tucker Max.

    I’m gonna have to use that one.


  94. on November 6, 2009 at 1:20 pm gunslingergregi

    ””””on November 6, 2009 at 11:30 am Firepower
    1) Be confident
    3) Be handsome
    Yea but then you just have to point say two words and the chicks go back to your house. Isn’t that too easy?


  95. on November 6, 2009 at 1:25 pm gunslingergregi

    Already tried zombies taking over the world zombie game last two people on earth and saving the woman and yea it works good.


  96. Maurice,

    That was Pupu. The sad truth is that when a woman spells out her true intentions, she rarely sounds real.


  97. on November 6, 2009 at 1:54 pm gunslingergregi

    Looks like pupu maurce happily ever after awwww


  98. Am I the only one that reads Pupu as “Poopoo” ?


  99. Zunder is a tool. Sorry, hadn’t said it in a while.


  100. unrelated, but silly ladies complaining they didn’t get on top 10 books list:

    maybe they should write better books!


  101. Hi I’m lurker
    I’m A jerker
    ‘Cause my girlfriend’s a Hungry Hippo porker (300lbs)
    And I can’t bear to hurt her
    By being unfaithful to the fat squirter

    So instead I flog my log
    To a pic of Rush
    But I gotta keep it hush
    Or my girl might find out
    and sit on my face (each cheek 100lbs)
    and turn it to mush


  102. pupu

    This sounds like a conversation between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

    Haha you’re right!


  103. This makes me miss east coast girls even more.

    A conversation like that would barely get off the ground with most people in Vegas or southern California


  104. jh,
    i moved from Vegas to nyc last year and hate every minute of it, weather wise and women wise..cant wait to move back to vegas or so cal when the economy gets better


  105. We talked for another twenty minutes, and I did eventually secure the digits.

    You forgot to tell us the part about how you called her, had anal sex for two hours and an orgasm that shot a hole through her AND the bed.


  106. Funny–I ran game like this last night. Ended . . . well.


  107. That was a great pickup. I’ve done this a couple times too but I noticed it only works in low-key venues and somewhat intellectual girls.

    Then I twisted the idea and made it more playful, so it works in different settings and on different girls. Some people call this “prepping” where you state what you’re going to the girl in advance.

    Then you gauge her reaction to see if she is receptive to your advance. For example, you could say “If you don’t stop looking this cute…..I’m going to kiss you….”

    This is a great technique for fast escalation. Use with caution…you might end up with too much fun 😉


  108. Your conversation sounds like a lot of work just to get the phone number of some broad. I prefer a more direct and brief approach. Your giving the girl too much attention I think. But I am probably better looking than you, so I can get away with talking less.


  109. And the last lines were-

    ME: Now i’m going to go home and masturbate over internet porn

    GIRL: Gross, ok whatever


  110. “hypothecary” and “Chris”

    you both love hating, yet the joy of your months may have been reading this post and imagining that you would have the balls to do the same


  111. XCite: i’ll share it on facebook and see what happens.


  112. In a world that never stops working making a pass a someone is against the sexual harassment policy.