Austrian Politician Has Heavy Sack

There’s one word to describe the guy in this video — balls. Via Dennis Mangan, an Austrian MP unloads on the rank hypocrisy of the Turkish ambassador and the vile stupidity of the open borders one-worlder assimilationist suicide cult.

“Mr. Ambassador, enter the Orient Express and go back to Istanbul, your wonderland!”

If only we had a few men with big brass ones like him on this side of the Atlantic, instead of the smarmy, unctuous faygalas like Barney Frank, Lincoln Chafee and Harry Reid we seem to endlessly be stuck with.

Europe is waking up. Will America follow? Or is it already too late to make a difference? There’s hope and change in the wind, all right…


  1. First?


  2. Angry politicians ranting in German. What’s not to like?


  3. liberal society’s freedom of speech only works when you are speaking what they like to hear. Otherwise you are a scary hatemonger who should not be allowed to influence the public.


  4. Xenophobic rants are always best in their native German.

    [Editor: Limp wrists are always floppiest in their native liberals.]


  5. That was glorious.


  6. @ Mike:

    A facile, inaccurate, and painfully unfunny accusation. Typical passive-aggressive bullying tactic.

    The hypocrisy the speaker had been forced to endure was simply too much to bear and he unloaded. The number of people applauding (despite the breach of decorum) indicates what a relief it was to them to hear somebody finally standing up for something.

    Standing up is manly; your comment was womanly.


  7. on December 4, 2010 at 12:00 am Professor Woland

    About a third of the people in the chamber were turning their heads 90* in both directions and avoiding all eye contact. Their body language looked like uber Omegas trying to hide in plain sight. If they had tails they would have put them between their legs.


  8. If it weren’t for the sickening double standards and hypocrisy of media and mass entertainment on these issues I’d not like this kind of rabble rousing attack.

    However, in the current circumstance, with virtual media censorship of efforts to restrict incompatible or non beneficial immigration in the Euro ancestry world with screams of “racist, racist, racist”, I have to agree with Chateau.

    Though if things started going strongly the other way beyond immigration restrictionism towards bigoted hatred or violence towards citizen Muslims, I’d definitely reverse positions.


  9. Day-yum, I ain’t never been first on a blog comment before!

    Maw, Paw, Auntie Jean … !!!


  10. “Though if things started going strongly the other way beyond immigration restrictionism towards bigoted hatred or violence towards citizen Muslims, I’d definitely reverse positions”

    Wonder why.

    Just like you’d reverse positions on whether women should be, say, doctors, if things lined up the right way?

    Naa, couldn’t be.


  11. Whoo-Hoo !!!


  12. [Editor: Limp wrists are always floppiest in their native liberals.]

    Bwa hahaha.

    This is Nigel Farage’s best clip by the way, better than the one above:


  13. [Xenophobic rants are always best in their native German.]

    Any time you are man enough take the S-bahn anywhere through Berlin after 10 pm, but especially through Kreuzberg. You will adjust your tolerance levels for Turks appropriately there after, if they don’t saw off your brainless head first.

    It’s called Germany for a reason, probably cuz it’s not full of Turks.


  14. The observation here, obviously, is that reaction against multiculturalism and invasion is strikingly more advanced in Europe. Can you imagine a president in this country making Merkel’s remarks about multiculturalism? They have Merkel, we have people like Newt Gingrich.


  15. Xenophobic rants are always best in their native German.

    [Editor: Limp wrists are always floppiest in their native liberals.]

    Oh gee, I didn’t know anti-immigrant rants are Alpha.

    [Editor: You got the reply your insipid smear deserved.

    *snipped usual lib tardation*.]


  16. [Xenophobic rants are always best in their native German.]


    Pat Buchanan’s The Death of the West, which I read around this time, proved equally seismic: one thing was to realize that the White man had lost his soul; quite another was to realize that this foretold his physical extinction, and therefore a future for the West that now resembled the past in the Caribbean. Imagine my horror thenceforward whenever I read celebrations in the British and American press of increasing multiculturalism, twinned with joyous imaginings among fashion-conscious literati of a convergence with Brazil. They seemed idiotic, reckless, and ridiculous emanating from comfortable middle-class brains who had never once experienced daily life in a Third World banana republic, with all the frustrations, irritations, and dangers that experience entails. They had evidently never rented a car at the Aeropuerto de Maiquetía in Caracas and seen it conk out after only ten miles, in the middle of the freeway, at night, amid mountains lined with zillions of grim shack-like dwellings. They had evidently never seen their savings halved from one minute to the next by a sudden currency devaluation. They had evidently never had to suffer the inconvenience of frequent power outages, water shortages, freeway muggings, and naked bureaucratic and professional corruption. They had evidently never lived in a city surrounded on all sides by hills lined with miles and miles of unsightly shantytowns, teeming with angry, poor, criminal, illiterate hominids looking for blood and handouts — the same hominids that only a few years earlier had overwhelmingly supported the Communist dictator Hugo Chavez, who last January deployed army troops bearing machineguns into his nation’s supermarkets in order to ensure prices were not adjusted following yet another currency devaluation. Already as a child I had concluded that a nation was as good as its people: the United States was prosperous because Americans had brains, worked hard, and followed the rules; the Caribbean republics were poor because its citizens were stupid, lazy, and corrupt. Hence, replacing Europeans by Third World immigrants meant substituting Third World dysfunction for European civilization.


  17. [It’s called Germany for a reason, probably cuz it’s not full of Turks.]

    The MP in questions is actually Austrian…


  18. In b4 10 thousand comments.


  19. [Xenophobic rants are always best in their native German.]

    [Any time you are man enough take the S-bahn anywhere through Berlin after 10 pm, but especially through Kreuzberg. You will adjust your tolerance levels for Turks appropriately there after, if they don’t saw off your brainless head first.

    It’s called Germany for a reason, probably cuz it’s not full of Turks.]

    And cue the racist rants, they arrive right on time. Soon, we’ll get the clones staring at their “Alphas say shocking things with no apologies” screensaver ready to shotgun blast the comments with wacky racist shit to prove their cred.


  20. Oh gee, I didn’t know anti-immigrant rants are Alpha. Guess the Statute of Liberty is a beacon of America’s Betaness throughout the world.

    Or maybe we’d be smarter than to try to apply terms for getting pussy to political positions. I guess not. Continue your thinly veiled rant against non-white people under the guise of the xenophobic rants about the death of our empire.

    Or just get back to talking about broads. I think we all know which people would rather hear.

    You’re right, Mike. You really nailed it there. Sleep tight–everything in American will be just fine and oh so egalitarian and multicultural. Roissy just had a bad dream. Nothing to worry about.


  21. GET TO DA CHOPPA! (sorry, couldn’t resist)


    Seriously, here’s a Brit commenting similarly about the Ground Zero conquest mosque:


  22. Racist rants have their place. One of these places is definitely welcome in the mouths of desperate European politicians tired of PC double-speak.

    When Saudi Arabia lets Christians build churches there, or Copts get full rights in Egypt, or Turks stop harassing Kurds or Christians, then I’ll have sympathies for Turks in Austria.


  23. Ewald Stadler has a curious history. He is a neo-Nazi and took millions of dollars from Saddam for public relations. I guess you have to get it where ever it is coming.


  24. Indeed they are, Mike. Particularly when the immigrants in question are arguably (and by arguably I mean there is data to support rational conclusions based on national self-interest, not some “phobia”) a net drain on society while those who are masters of discourse smear anyone who makes such arguments with career-destroying labels. You know, kind of like you just tried to do. Of course, you’re not a master of discourse – you’re just a dog baying on behalf of its master.

    To take a strong position and defend it, even if that position is unpopular or even dangerous to hold – that is manly, and by extension that is also “alpha” whichever way you slice it. Taking stands like this and responding to those who do is a part of how men talk to one another, and if you can’t do that how the hell are you going to talk to someone more “other” like, say, a woman? You’ve proven twice now that you can’t argue or discuss like a man, you just try to shut down discussion like a woman on her period. “Stop talking about this, talk about someting *I* want to talk about! Bigot! Meanie!” Pathetic.

    Oh, and helpful hint: the “Statute” of Liberty poem was written by a socialist woman. I think you can fill in the rest for yourself.


  25. The Saudis will let Christians build churches and the Copts will get full rights in Egypt when McRib is Halal.


  26. Mike is a troll, intentionally or otherwise, he has no argument.

    It is, however, exactly the kind of response you get from those who who mimic without consideration the egalitarian tropes and platitudes of liberalism.

    Rational arguments with indoctrinated liberals are not possible, as there is no argument – no debate, only a conflict in inculcated values and beliefs – and puerility and gullibility. It would be akin to attempting to engage a woman logically when she puts up last minute resistance.


  27. It is the multicult left’s zero-tolerance policy on straying from the party line that could bring back real racism. Sure, actual racists always hated immigrants. But then people who thought immigration was hurting the institutions that made the country strong and cohesive became racists. Then, people who looked at wages or environmental impact became racist. Finally, people who got angry at foreigners insisting on institutionalizing their foreign laws, languages or custom became racist. No need to argue any of the merits, just dismiss them and kick them out of power.

    The left has succeeded in the unthinkable, elevating the unreformed racist into the political vanguard. The racists can now hide amongst the 70%+ of Americans who oppose illegal immigration, for instance, or those who do not want a Mosque at Ground Zero.


  28. [The MP in questions is actually Austrian…]

    I know, there is almost zero difference between Osterreich and Bayern.


  29. [And cue the racist rants, they arrive right on time. Soon, we’ll get the clones staring at their “Alphas say shocking things with no apologies” screensaver ready to shotgun blast the comments with wacky racist shit to prove their cred.]

    Cue the limp wristed spewings of progressive fucktards with no clue about what is going on outside their little ivory tower. I’m ok with being a racist if you’re ok with getting your ass kicked by turks.


  30. NoNam

    Doesn’t it occur to you that Europe is badly fucked up if only “Neo Nazis” dare say the truth?
    You did not even try to refute the force of this guys remarks. You just dripped some sour breast-milk of try-to-shaming on him. That will not stop a train.


  31. I’m sick and tired of arguing this shit. Let the war begin already and lets be done with it.


  32. The less Turks in the world the better. That entire country, along with Syria and Lebanon, is property of Western civilization and the Eastern Orthodox faith.

    The only people who have problems with violent savages are people with no skin in the game. And if they have no skin the game, they aren’t human and should be treated as such.


  33. Correction:

    *The only people who don’t have problems with violent savages are people with no skin in the game. And if they have no skin the game, they aren’t human and should be treated as such.


  34. Why can’t we have politicians like that, who actually feel passion about looking out for the interests of the 300 million people who already live here? We’re burning the seed corn of our ancestors and working hard to flush their accomplishments down the toilet. I wish all these holier-then-thou losers would come up with something better than a lame Nazi reference or even more comically implying that this is somehow related to being able to pick up girls.

    Why is all this diversity so great? Why shouldn’t people point out the hypocrisy and the negatives? There’s a whole class of stuff white people likers who wear not seeing what’s in front of their face like some kind of a badge of honor. It’s sickening how cheaply they are willing to sell their own country.



    Roissy, please psycho-analyse this asian chick cruising for cock on the internet.


  36. Muslims are always trying to blow us Americans up.

    Take one Mohammed Osman Muhamad. A man of Somali background, a naturalized US citizen, he told classmates at High School in OREGON! and later at Oregon State he wanted to kill the infidel. The infidel being both White and non-Muslim. A double bonus.

    So Mohammed Osman Muhamad tried to blow up thousands of Americans at the downtown Portland Christmas Tree Lighting Festivals. There is nothing Muslims hate more than Christmas, and nothing the like more than killing little American kids. Mohammed Osman Muhamad chose the site and time to kill as many little kids as possible.

    The FBI gave him opportunity to step out of the plot, again and again, and he was raring to go.

    So I for one, after this guy, Major Hassan (14 dead at Fort Hood), the guy in Arkansas (1 dead, two wounded), John Mohammed (22 dead IIRC), and of course Faisal Shazad the Times Square bomber, prefer America to have NO MUSLIMS IN IT AT ALL. Since Muslims belong in America the way Americans belong in Mecca and Medina.

    When they sell porn, bacon, beer, bibles, and menorahs across the street from the Kabaa, we’ll talk. Until then, lets have Muslims stay out of Western lands. We’d all be happier.


  37. This is what happens when a guy is good-looking:

    [Editor: I’ve seen ugly men pull this off, too.]


  38. on December 4, 2010 at 3:06 am almost 40 year old virgin

    Bah, stating some rabid quasi fascist as the epitome of alpha?
    I though better of you R.

    Thankfully somebody already posted Farrage´s awesome rant.

    Here´s another good one:

    BTW how many of you “alpha” dogs” meekly stood in line for the junk fondling at the airport? Or watching some fat cunt sexually harass your current squeeze, or even kids?

    Thought so.

    Much easier to parrot the fair and balanced agitprop on TeeeeVee and complain about tha Muslim torrorrists.


  39. Muslims are like women shit testing the West. Its about time the West regained its balls and bitch slapped those fuckers back into line.

    Seriously, islam is the most decadent and backward religion in the world. However, because they are so fucking nuts limp wristed liberals are too scared to even acknowledge the evils of islam and instead thinks that if they bend over and let themselves get buttfucked then their Islamic overlords will be nice to them.

    @ Mike the Mangina: Islam is a religion of conquest, muder, rape and pillage. It is not a race. Please shove that phony racist argument up your well lubed arse and start thinking for yourself instead of mouthing empty liberal slogans just so you can have the privilege of licking a hairy feminist arm print.


  40. your all a bunch of fucking pussys. Typical of westerners to pick on the weak. Your nations are fucked up because of liberalism, feminism, terrorist federal reserve, and manipulative media. All in the hands of Jews, you all know this but you dare not speak it cuz your pussys. They made gays socially acceptable, and pushed feminist masculine bitches you have all been victimized by onto you. 19 guys with box cutter bypassed norad, air defenses, and used flight school training to hit a building from 30,000 ft up at 500mph. Only military training could muster that shit. But keep talking shit about muslims and immigrants even though they are only in your countries because your men and women dont make enough babies together.


  41. Roissy cant complain about immigrant while advocating a lifestyle that further increases immigration. You see if you fuck all the loose american women you want while getting a vascetomy to avoid the “oops” pregnancy traps that is advocated heavily on here you will effectively have created a demand for 2 immigrants based on YOUR lack of procreation. So stop complaining about something you yourselves are contributing to. That kinda hypocrisy belongs to women


  42. on December 4, 2010 at 5:53 am charles martel

    Mike, you sir, are a pathetic bitch. You probably think words like strength, honor, courage and sacrifice are meaningless. You are beneath contempt. I pity your worthless existance.

    Any western male that isn’t stirred by that speech is not worthy of being called a man. You are an insult to those that gave all for western civilisation at Poitiers, Lepanto and Vienna.

    You will remain free only so long as there still exist real men for whom western civilisation means more than the right to sodomise teenage boys. It is you sir, who our enemies look upon and eye a plump decadent prize ripe for picking.

    If islam triumphs, and given the large number of traitorous curs in our midst, such as yourself Mike, it will mean death for real men. For you Mike, it will mean slavery and castration, perhaps a post guarding the harem where you’ll nightly here the lamentations of your womenfolk. At that moment Mike you’ll doubtless think how merciful and kind your master is.

    Miserable wretch.


  43. Turkey’s entry to the EU is mainly supported by the British government because it wants to counterbalance the French-German axis in Europe by allying itself with the Turks – French and German hegemony in Europe apparently being a higher threat in their eyes than the Islamization of the continent. Needless to say, the Americans are supporting it as well. The British have always been more than willing to screw Europe over for their own benefit.

    On another note, I find it dishonest that many Westerners blame Islam for honor killings. Honor killing is mandated by the ancient tribal customs of people like the Kurds and the Pashtun, not by Sharia.


  44. I agree that the West needs to stop this inane tolerance of a religion/people that show no reciprocity. Can you imagine the outrage if Christians wanted to build a church on top of the ruins of Saddam Hussein’s presidential palace?

    At the same time, the West needs to GTFO of the Middle East and stop involving itself in their affairs, including propping up governments like Saudi Arabia. You can’t expect to fuck around over there and not expect them to fuck around on your home turf.

    The irony is that feminism is perhaps the primary driving force that has made Western culture so limp-wristed; yet Islam may be the world’s best hope against global feminism and a global world order.

    So while the knee-jerk reaction of many Americans is to send (and pay for) more of our young men off to die to fight Islam’s soldiers, you have to ask yourself what do we get from succeeding (we know what the troops get – a prosthetic limb, perhaps guinea pig status for the effects of some new US military weapon, and girlfriends/wives that are busy sucking/fucking bad boys back home)? But what do American citizens get? An increasingly feminized nation that increasingly transfers wealth from men to women? Ever bigger government, and ever further meddling in individuals’ lives? And, ultimately, a global world order?


  45. Höllenhund

    there’s an effing huge difference between what the british government are up to and what the British People want.

    They will NOT give us a referendum on EU memnership because the chickenshit b’stards KNOW that we’d vote to be out tomorrow. YES, we would – look at ANY poll asking an even approximately straight question. The majority want OUT. They know that we can’t be persuaded, so they don’t even try to convince us that we’re better of in.

    I’m English and I work in France, I love Europe BUT the EU is a facist pile of shite that we need to be out of.

    There is no democracy in the EU at all. And no effective democracy in the UK because the poliscum ignore what the people want.

    In the UK there’s a small resurgance of the far left BNP (nazi scum) because that’s where the lefties end up when looking for someone to speak on race. The right end up in UKIP when looking for a voice on the EU. No major party will address the issue (have they been bought out, by any chance?)

    Until the BNP (British National Party / nazi / Bald Knobhead Party) starting get votes a few years ago NOBODY was interested in addressing immigration (sound familiar?).

    Now, like Merkel, the main stream politicians just make _enough_ comments to get suckers to believe that their concerns are being addressed.

    I’d wait to see anything being done before I’d believe anything ANY european / brit politician said.

    I told you lot not to elect obama, he’s a clone of that useless, posturing, bare faced liar, war-monger Blair.

    You should have learnt from our mistakes.

    Even as we continually fail to learn from yours(!)

    I love the States but I fear that we’re just behind you, circling the drain (for much the same reasons)


  46. I’m not an American, Sceptic Brit, and I wasn’t talking about the sentiments of the common folk in the UK wrt the EU.


  47. How dare this politician stand up for his heritage by attacking Islamism,foreign ethnocentrism and multi culturism which was responsible for dead amorous teenage girls(what a waste!) and a quickly growing fifth column!Quickly some one inform Obama about this fiend!…though the former may have to brush up on his Austrian……


  48. @Rum

    It isnt government policy in Turkey to kill or behead Priest and Bishops, anymore than it is American policy to do a drive by shooting. Yet it happens and on a more frequent basis than it does in Turkey. Also, it isnt policy to bury alive 16 year old girls but it does happen (probably not in Turkey) and when it does the Turkish authorities only responsibility is to try and convict.

    Now, Germany was a warmongering country that twice orchestrated the death of millions. It needed people to do shit work. European countries took the excess populations of these countries, those who were least likely to fit into those respective societies and turned term them into low wage slaves. Now the jobs are gone and when young men dont have shit to do, they act up and need machismo and arrogance to fill whatever void unemployment and marginalizations leaves behind.

    Visit Detroit or Saint Louis if you need an American version of such phenomena.

    Stop getting all indignant and self righteous. Also there is nothing Alpha about not having principle. This guy would take money from Ahmedinjad if he was offering.


  49. Hound of Hell? (Sorry, school was a long time ago…et actuellement c’est mon francais qui marche le meilleur (pas bon, mais le meilleur))

    With your tag I’m not surprised that you’re not American, but I still wanted to make it plain to others that the gulf between political ‘leadership’ and the people is just as big in the UK as in the USA. The lack of democracy allows the ‘leaders’ to march towards an ever closer union regardless of the pleb-scum view. Immigration with no integration is killing traditional society.

    The problems sound hideously similar, ever expanding state leading to the destruction of society.


  50. Encouraging sign, no surprise it’s Austria, where non-PC views on this sort of thing are widely held and increasingly said. Austrian rightwingers are very alpha on this compared to the pussified Germans.

    Stadler is no neo-Nazi, but a longtime member of the Freedom Party (FPOe), which is a bona fide rightwing party unlike anything in the USA, and increasingly mainstream.

    Because Austria never got ideologically ‘helped’ by the USA after 1945, like West Germany, they still have something of their own views. No Jews either to maginalize the domestic culture.


  51. People should read the history of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, the multicultural empire which preceded the rise of the secular Turkish state. Read about the slaughter of Christians at the end of WW I. Most people don’t know that Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) was a Greek city until after WW I. Think ethnic cleansing on large scale.

    Islam is a wildly hostile, aggressive, and expanding ideology. People always forget that most of the Muslim world today used to be Christian (Indonesia maybe excepted), until it was conquered by force.

    The last Muslim crusade into Europe ended at the gates of Vienna (That’s in Austria) in 1683. Islam came very close to erasing Christianity from Europe. That has been its goal for many centuries.

    Islam is unable to co-exist with other religions. Islam always exploits. For example, during the long occupation of Eastern Europe by Islamic Turkey, the Christians were exploited and were forced to provide a baby tax to the Empire, to serve as soldiers and officials in the Empire.

    A big reason why Islam and Christianity always had frictions was, you guessed it: WOMEN.

    Have you wondered why Muslim kill their daughters if they date Christians? They have to. Otherwise, women would leave the oppressive culture of Islam in droves for the must freer culture of the Christian world. So, they murder a few every now and then.

    Islam is a sick mindset.

    Islam has only one goal: Submission.


  52. Reading the the early works of the founding fathers (sexism alert!) makes me sad. All of the wisdom about avoiding foreign entagnlements, sticking with the gold standard, etc, gone with the wind. Here is a choice quote from James Madison w.r.t. immigration. I’m sure GBFM will shortly add it to his lexicon.

    When we are considering the advantages that may result from an easy mode of naturalization, we ought also to consider the cautions necessary to guard against abuse. It is no doubt very desirable that we should hold out as many inducements as possible for the worthy part of mankind to come and settle amongst us, and throw their fortunes into a common lot with ours. But why is this desirable? Not merely to swell the catalogue of people. No, sir, it is to increase the wealth and strength of the community; and those who acquire the rights of citizenship, without adding to the strength or wealth of the community are not the people we are in want of.

    James Madison on Rule of Naturalization, 1st Congress, Feb. 3, 1790.


  53. I dont get it. What does PC have to do with immigration? Im an immigrant
    to the USA. Americans are more PC than anyone from my country. In the USA, everywhere there are plenty of immigrants, there is higher quality girls. Miami, California and NYC. In fact, most hot girls i have met in the US are either European, Latin American or Canadian. Everywhere else, rampant obesity. If that aint alpha, so be it. Id rather bang real quality women than roll with fat
    American she-males.


  54. Ron Paul is right, we need to get ourselves out of foreign entanglements. We need to stop building bases in the middle east. The fact of the matter is western elite steal resources and land from africa, south america and the middle east. Then those countries try to attack us.

    The citizens have no idea what is going on, and then the same fucking elite tell us, the reason they are so upset…is because they’re simply evil.

    We’re litterally poisoning their children and OUR OWN soldiers using Depleted uranian shells…We just need to get out of all this crap all together….


  55. The Founding Fathers forgot to state in addition to all those thing is to make lotsa babies and export your excess people around the world lest it be the other way around.


  56. Based on my knowledge of HBD, it seems odd that the Turks are such a problem. The Turks originated in Eastern Asia (their language is related to Mongolian and Korean), so you think that they would have reasonably high IQ. But then I remember the factor that links them and other lower IQ Asian/Middle Eastern regions – Islam. I read somewhere about the Muslim propensity for inbreeding, and I think this must have a lot to do with it. This is why in Britain, Pakistanis are much more of a problem than Hindu Indians, and it probably has a lot to do with why the Turks, once technologically and militarily the envy and scourge of Europe, have gone backwards.


  57. A few quotes I’ve found around the net:

    “What Alibhai-Brown exposes here is not merely a sexual double-standard, but also an ethnic or religious double-standard, where Muslim men have one standard for “our girls” and another standard for white girls, who are categorically presumed to be immoral.

    If Alibhai-Brown has been willing to address the vicious attitudes among (some) British Muslim men that helped foster the environment in which the Derbyshire rape-gang flourished, wouldn’t it behoove someone to examine the problems among British whites that contributed to this horror?

    The pimps in Bradford who talked to Alibhai-Brown about “cheap” white girls from “the estates” — British vernacular for government low-income housing, what we Americans would call “the projects” — weren’t just making up a stereotype out of thin air. In 2008, 45% of British births were to unmarried women and, in some low-income areas, the illegitimacy rate was as high as 68%. Such figures certainly indicate that a casual attitude toward pre-marital sex is commonplace in the U.K.

    It isn’t just Muslim men who regard promiscuous women as “cheap,” you know. Wouldn’t it be rather hypocritical to stigmatize as “cheap” the lower-class girls in the estates who drop their knickers for every Tom, Dick and Mohamed, when similarly immoral behavior is exhibited by those at the top of British society?”

    From another post:

    “Al-Zahar also made the case for Islamic feminism. As he put it, “We are the ones who respect women and honor women … not you. You use women as an animal. She has one husband and hundreds of thousands of boyfriends. You don’t know who is the father of your sons, because of the way you respect women.”

    Something to think about.


  58. Gramps,

    Your take on history is very blinkered. Most of the Muslim world was actually Hindu or Bhuddist. They become Muslim the same way the Americas became Christian and European.

    Also, Muslim girls, or rather girls that come from cultures that commit acts of honor killing arent killed because they date Christians. For many Muslims where this problem is common, it could be because they are dating a different kind of Muslim, not from their caste, tribe, or even family. Or that they are dating period.

    Why the hell would any Muslim girl want a Christian?


  59. Islam is the common link for much, shall we say, unattractive behavior. Once freed of this ideology, most of these people would be just fine, just average folk. Look at what has happened to Iran since the Mullahs took over.

    Islam can’t co-exist with democracy. People overlook the fact that all the Arab countries are secular dictatorships, not Islamic states. Without the secular dictator, you would have an Islamic govt. Just imagine conservative Islamic regimes controlling the entire Arab world. Thank God for dictators. The example of Iran is instructive.

    All of our problems are of our own making. Blame our politicians who dropped the barriers to immigration to this country in the 1960’s, resulting in our current sorry condition. (You can guess which of the two main political parties engineered it.)


  60. In the 20th century there were the anti-colonial movements resisting western colonialism. In books and film these movements have been portrayed as being just and good, that it was noble for these people fight for their own land for their own people free of western colonization. If it is good for a people to have their own land as universal principle, why doesn’t this apply to western people? It seems like hypocrisy to me.


  61. although I agree with the chateau on a lot of subjects, this is plain wrong.

    if you guys could understand german you would be able to pick up the hatred, the vile, disgusting contempt this man has for all turks,
    but him being a member of parliament, especially if I was a young turk in austria i would be shocked.

    turks in austria came during the same period of time and for the same reasons as they came to germany, in the aftermath of WW2 for economical reasons.

    speaking for germany i can savely say that most turks are as serious about islam as most christians here are about christianity.

    but if your grand dad came to austria 50 years ago, worked his ass of in shitty jobs to probably start his own small family business, contributing in every way possible to society, that is more like a slap in the face.

    think about the prjeudice the WASPs had against jews and italian-americans in the 50s and your not even close.

    yeah, germany is pussiefied, some things will not be touched upon in public debate, truly beta in some ways. but the same goes for austria, who denied their part in WW2 war crimes to this day.

    and if its between islam and nazism, i choose islam. At least they allow you to convert, know what i mean?

    and this austrian guy is sort of an ungrateful bitch, too.

    remember the prequel to WW2? yeah, the turks stood side by side with the austrians…

    and you guys applauding this cunt, you should read about Attaturk, the turk who had the biggest balls of all of them, and mor or less singel handedly turned the beaten corpse of the ottoman empire into a secular state. wresetling his countrymen out of the claws of islam in a couple of decades…


  62. Excellent. I hope we see more of this.


  63. Matt,

    The translation isn’t pefect, but I didn’t notice a discrepancy in the connotation of the German word usage versus the connotation in the English word usage. Please give specific examples where the English fails to express his “vile” tone.

    Listeners need not speak German to understand the intononation of the speech.


  64. Here is an example of a real man. English and Swedish men must be perplexed and frightened by this man.


  65. Matt: What …? A lot of Austrians are downright proud of Austria’s role in WWII, they are just sensible enough to say it very quietly and behind closed doors, lest they be arrested. Besides, the allegedly crazy Austrian painter dude who warned Europe about the perils of Cultural Marxism and being taken over by the Americans and their fucked-up economy and disgusting family-unfriendly values … oh, let’s just not go there, shall we?

    As for Ataturk, he was an awesome guy. Brave, brilliant, he totally “got” what Islam was really about; hence his whole political program in Turkey. There is nothing wrong with Islam that digging up the old boy and cloning dozens of him and sending him all around the ummah wouldn’t fix, fast. But, guess what? Dude’s dead. And getting deader by the day, and Turkey is changing, fast. Get over it.


  66. Who wants to bet Mike votes Democrat and thinks Obama is a right-winger?


  67. Charle martle – “…if islam triumphs, mean death of real men…”.
    All of the alpha traits that we espouse here are much more prevalent in these “3rd worlders” than they are us. They’re the ones who will cut somebodys heart out if they cross them. They’re the ones who have harems and bang multiple women. They’re the ones who don’t take shit from anybody. They are the real men you talk about.

    Western civilization is the great Beta civilization. If checks weren’t placed on alphas (ie no polygamy, slut shaming, etc. – as Roissy has talked about) so that the betas could have families and would have a reason for advancing civilization, we’d be exactly like them.

    You guys need to realize that none of us are alpha. We’re all betas.

    You should all go over to ricky raw’s site and read his series on ‘the myth of the middle class alpha male’.


  68. While his speech would have been better and have more impact had he used less harsh words, the gist is true, and the “tolerance” has really turned into a one-way street in this world. He makes excellent points.


  69. “Ron Paul is right, we need to get ourselves out of foreign entanglements. We need to stop building bases in the middle east. The fact of the matter is western elite steal resources and land from africa, south america and the middle east. Then those countries try to attack us.”

    Cut the crap.

    Do you think without bases there, the marxists and the feminists here would favor stop the mass immigration?

    No, they want the destruction of the West. Period.


  70. Matt would of been the Austrian that threw open the gates at Vienna for the Muslim horde to enter.


  71. Hah, someone beat me to the Nigel Farage videos.


  72. Gramps, more women seem to be converting to Islam than men, even though it should be a vastly better deal for men from a first look.

    For instance, in an interview last week with Reuters, the Islamic supremacist Hamas movement’s “foreign minister” Mahmoud al- Zahar told the Christian West, “You do not live like human beings. You do not [even] live like animals. You accept homosexuality. And now you criticize us?”

    Al-Zahar also made the case for Islamic feminism. As he put it, “We are the ones who respect women and honor women … not you. You use women as an animal. She has one husband and hundreds of thousands of boyfriends. You don’t know who is the father of your sons, because of the way you respect women.

    if you can sell them the canard of equality hook,line and sinker, surely the above utterance doesn’t seem that far-fetched.


  73. on December 4, 2010 at 1:57 pm schfifty five



  74. They cut off the last few seconds of the video. This was the rest of it.


  75. That video got me all riled up. I love the Germanic/Austrian languages.


  76. The question is, of course, who are the a-holes that got Europe and USA into this multi-culti mess in the first place. I’ll give you on guess.


  77. NoName

    The presentation of the history of Turkish entry into Europe you offer is not what I would disagree with. And I expect politicians to be whores, most of the time on most issues, Austrian ones included.
    But we should be thinking about the future. If Islam cannot co-exist peace-ably in close proximity with Western ideas of limited, more or less constitutional government (which is my view) then where is this all headed?
    There seems to be a belief (or hope) in certain quarters that Islamic immigrants to Europe will cheerfully throw away the core ideas of their religion just because they find themselves in a different culture than before. If this turns out to be wrong… well, politics will get interesting and guys like Stadler will be considered limp wristed moderates.


  78. Jews are fucking hypocrites. They reserve for themselves a special racial identity while everyone else is supposed to be tolerant. Their rabbis constantly attack assimilated Jews. Looks to me like the plan is to wipe out the identity of everyone else while they keep their own.


  79. First of all, diversity is America’s greatest asset, more greater importantly important than some 16 year being buried alive, cities turning into drug addled murder dens, and other alleged atrocities.

    The fanooks who love the diversity are really being the Vichy government for America, hailing their new whatever overlords. The votes of the incoming ruling class – the diversitad – is more important to these politicians than any relic of the old West.

    And this blind eye to the crimes of Islam is simply liberal white guilt…I see this even from Catholic leaders who think that criticism of this sort is similar to the intolerance slavs felt by the Nazis.


  80. Any discourse on a matter of some import advances through several stages, depending on its complexity and emotion.

    The first stage is rational. Each party comes to the debate with an open mind and a willingness to compromise.

    When this fails, stage two begins, where parties dig in their heels and look to avoid defeat.

    Stage three comes in when there is no middle ground and parties must call a draw. In matters of immediate relevancy such as how to apply tax money in a very strained economy, this begins to look ominous.

    A society based on law and order can be the final arbiter, but when it is discredited, violence brews.

    Are we as a culture entering stage 4?


  81. Worker’s Paradise, Master Race and now “Submission”… tyranny as utopia– same old shit, different year. And left/libtards bootlickers still suck up to bad guys hoping they’ll be nicer to ’em, as always. Keep you bullets rubbed in Spam and your powder dry! McRib and extra bacon on everything for Victory!


  82. Why the hell Matt do Turks belong in Austria? Do Germans belong in Turkey? Should they run it as a colony? Demand special privileges? Be above the law? Degrade Islam into a mocked, abused religion no one dares defend?

    Nope. You’d be against that. But you’re for it in Austria and Germany, just against Christianity, not Islam, and White German speakers, not Brown Turkish speakers.

    Turks have no business in Europe, just as Europeans have no business colonizing Central Asia.

    And I have news for you. Ataturk has been dead for more than 90 years. His state is an Islamic hell-hole run by poor Islamists from Central Anatolia who are cozy with AQ, Iran, and Jihadis of every stripe. They want conquest being unable to provide a decent living for themselves, being Muslims and all. Hard to create a math and science driven economy when your ass is up in the air five times a day and Allah determines everything, not scientific theory. As far as Nazis go, if you want original racial sin, Turks slaughtered more per capita far longer and further back. So they are even more laden with original racial sin and deserve to be punished.

    Sorry, you don’t win a status contest. No hot chicks here to sleep with you for parroting PC dogma.

    As for Jews, about 75% of them are so SWPL they think destroying Israel is a good idea. The voted Obama about 75%, and he’s the most anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli President ever. Obama is Farrakhan’s buddy. Yet Jews love him. Why? SWPL-ism. Too much money, status concerns, living in the bubble.


  83. This site is really getting sidetracked. Are you sure you don’t want to get into politics Roissey?


  84. Whiskey, what kind of dirty asshole did you pull that statistic from? Get a fucking grip.


  85. It’s a shame that the only visible, vocal, tangible, out-in-the-streets resistance to the liberal self-flagellating hegemony are the uncouth proles, who make a negative stereotype and strawman for liberals to use. It’s frustrating.


  86. “In the 20th century there were the anti-colonial movements resisting western colonialism. In books and film these movements have been portrayed as being just and good, that it was noble for these people fight for their own land for their own people free of western colonization. If it is good for a people to have their own land as universal principle, why doesn’t this apply to western people? It seems like hypocrisy to me.”

    Good point. While we are at it, why don’t third world nations take in immigrants unlike themselves if diversity, multiculturalism and immigration are such good things?

    Wouldn’t it be great if Muslims were made a minority in Turkey? Shouldn’t blacks be made a minority in Kenya and Haiti? Why not “vibrant” black sections of Tokyo, Seoul and Jakarta?


  87. Van Damme had it right about kiss-ass diplomacy and appeasement:


  88. @chi-town: Is not the Jewish religion thats hypocritical, is the Zionists(Israeli nationalits).

    Everytime someone critizes Israel they are called anti-semite and associated with Hitler. But then Israel view the Palestenians like the Nazis viewed Jews. But unlike the Nazis, Israel doesn’t set up gas chambers because it needs US $$$ to finanance their occupation.

    As for the Open Border Immigration + State Wellfare…. that fucking nonsence destroys local state economies and makes them dependent on Federal $$ (which comes with its own demands). Eventually that same nonsence will destroy the nation’s economy if it is not checked.

    I agree with Nigel. And like him, I hope that economics destroys the EUSR (European Union of Socialists Republics).

    that’s it for now…


  89. I am wondering where this was in Austrian or Euro Parliament if its in Austrian its kinda preaching to the quire sort of thing.


  90. Why would a Muslim woman would want a Christian husband? I think they call it freedom.


  91. @havana

    Lets put it this way, any one of them who wishes to retain their Jewish identity while ramming multiculturalism down everyone else’s throat.

    This is part of the Jewish religion. Nehemiah 13:

    “So I contended with them and cursed them, struck some of them and pulled out their hair, and made them swear by God, saying, “You shall not give your daughters as wives to their sons, nor take their daughters for your sons or yourselves. 26 Did not Solomon king of Israel sin by these things”.


  92. on December 4, 2010 at 6:17 pm Vincent Ignatius

    Too many Westerners have accepted cultural relativist bullshit. The fact is, WE ARE BETTER. If it wasn’t for the West, the rest of the world would still be living like the barbarians they were before Western imperialism enlightened them. Western imperialism was the best thing that every happened to most other cultures.


  93. The left doesn’t want diversity. What they want is the nominally white Christian west to surrender to the population boom in the 3rd world, and become leftist multicult polyglots like Brazil. Meanwhile the many nations sending their excess populations to the west would remain monocultures, while the traditional culture & identities of western nations would be extinguished by demographic replacement. This is essentially the screenplay for “Idiocracy” on a global scale. Western leaders won’t find the nerve to defend national borders until they confront the parasites (eg. the cosmo milieu of the Wall St Journal edit page) who seek short term gains from population growth (while externalizing the costs to the middle class).


  94. @northshore. yep. For the most part, see the link about the british just importing people who aren’t culturally opposed to communism. They then just shove them in welfare ghettos.


  95. and this reminds me of a recent adam corolla podcast where he, a rather middle of the road guy, says he realizes that most of these leftist types simply hate this country…which I’d say is true for most leftists and their view of western civilization. Empty headed multiculturalism lets them view everyone but their own as benign.

    and as someone else pointed out above, those who don’t agree are distasteful proles…the wrong kind of white people the SWPLs would say


  96. on December 4, 2010 at 6:59 pm Anonymouses Anonymous

    The reason you will not hear this rant int he USA is because we have a freedom of religion. The courts have bastardized that to mean a member of congress cannot call out any religion as acting badly. The closest we came was Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech.


  97. This is great. The only thing that can defeat the spread of Islam is Christianity. I like that he was defending priests, that no liberal ever will. Jesus Christ is Lord people . . . wake the fuck up!


  98. on December 4, 2010 at 7:52 pm betondo fuchatuch

    Fuckin brass-ass balls.

    Strong men always like to hear commentary from other strong men. But since wimps vote too and have bigger numbers, bon vivants will always die early – and be buried balls first.


  99. 1) Imagine what would happen if an Imam was murdered …

    2) We didn’t ask for your illiterates…

    3) Get on the orient express and go back …

    4) This country is not made up exclusively of tolerance romantics …

    5) There are people sick and tired of the one-way tolerance street …

    6) A few in politics will NOT accept this …


    All I can say is: Fuck Yes!!!!

    Get your sorry asses on the orient express, and get the fuck out! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    This courageous man said what millions of Euros are thinking all of the world — and to wild applause with almost every line which is encouraging.

    Here’s hoping that Germany rises like a phoenix from the ashes and that they win this time!!


  100. Now, Germany was a warmongering country that twice orchestrated the death of millions.

    Germany didn’t orchestrate anything the first time around. WW I was ignited because a Serbian anarchist shot an Austrian monarch to which Austria responded by an ultimatum leading to starting a war against Serbia. A network of military alliances drew all major powers in Europe into war as a result.


  101. on December 4, 2010 at 8:27 pm Turds of Misery

    Xenopohobia should be directed at extraterrestrial races, not our own. We’re all human beings here people…


  102. Based on my knowledge of HBD, it seems odd that the Turks are such a problem. The Turks originated in Eastern Asia (their language is related to Mongolian and Korean), so you think that they would have reasonably high IQ.

    No, they didn’t. Just look at them. The Turks are of the Mediterranean race.


  103. Awesome. Just totally freaking awesome. I’m so damn glad I saw that I don’t even know what to say. Is there hope? Dare I hope?


  104. […] Austrian Politician Has Heavy Sack « Citizen Renegade. […]


  105. on December 4, 2010 at 9:15 pm Professor Woland


    You need to learn the word Gastarbeiter. In English we call them guest workers. Most of the Turks came to Germany under the premise that they would return. This leads to the joke, “there is nothing as permanent as a temporary worker”. No matter what you think of the Germans, it is the Turks that did the invading. Just rather than getting in their panzers and turning Ost they used diplomats and anchor babies.


  106. NorthShore said: “The left doesn’t want diversity. What they want is the nominally white Christian west to surrender to the population boom in the 3rd world, and become leftist multicult polyglots like Brazil.”

    Yup, they want us the be like the “rest of the world,” no more exceptionalism like rule of law, high quality healthcare on demand, high quality education on demand as far as your ability can take you, not having your futures in life determined by who you are or what group you belong to, etc. The rest of the world is jacked-da-f*ck-up corrupt, tribal and back-assward… when the UN talks about a right to education and heathcare, they mean an Eighth Grade education and basic healthcare (like first aid and an emergency room) because that’s the “rest of the world” (where all that might not even be guaranteed because of BS we’ve eliminated here). Leftists feel guilty about what we have here and hate it because they can’t control it (and feel good about themselves and non-impotent for once in their miserable lives) so they want to destroy it. Vote Republican and always so if you value you way of life and freedoms, don’t let left/libtard f*ckers ruin it for us and our children.


  107. Oh yeah, and… go eat a bag of sh*t and some pork rinds, you jihadist motherf*ckers!


  108. It is not a wake up call, unfortunately it is a death rattle

    Europe will become Eurabia in about 30-40 years, because of demographic changes. Native European…f-it lets call it what it really is…whites only make 1.5-2.1 children per family while muslim families makes 3.5-8 children per family, simply put in two generations whites will be minorities in their own countries. Holland will be first, in only six years!!! Mohammed is the most popular boy name for newly born in London, enough said.

    So what will be the result? Well..we had an exact same scenario in the 90s, the muslims became the majority and the goverment lost control and the bloodshed started, Bosnia was the place.

    However, Serbs are not PC-pussies and they did what they did, feminized WOW/porn addict “men” in the western part of Europe wont be able to do the the same let me tell you.

    It was kind of cool to listen to an angry guy laying down the law in German though, its been a while.


  109. What a bunch of limp wristed faggots you all are. Don’t worrry though – I hear that lots of the muslims are gay too. Then you can discuss your political opinions after the hadji’s are done raping you.

    It’s a real shame, that the strong have to carry the weak, and that anyone who happens to save the West will have to save you pussies too.


  110. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Martell Thornton, TWT POLITICIAN. TWT POLITICIAN said: Austrian Politician Has Heavy Sack « Citizen Renegade: Why can't we have politicians like that, who actually fee… […]


  111. More:

    “France’s Warning To America,” by Rachel Marsden


  112. If you don’t believe my rant, here’s the “rest of the world” that left/libtards would have us be like (though perhaps not quite as badly in their intention)… I was over there in Liberia, it’s that jacked-up.


  113. Talk about massive insecurities. Turks and most muslims have a masculine identity. Go up to one and call his mom a whore and see if you can walk away on two feet. They marry 16 year old virgins who have never had a boyfriend, Their women stay at home and don’t question them. THey don’t marry used up child support/half your worth chasing cheating whores like most of you will. The turks and arabs have built empires as well. THey didnt just loot the world like Europeans. There is no feminism in their lands, they dont beg for sex. Whores arent even viewed with humanity. Women arent in politics, they aren’t your boss at work. No homos either.You should all be looking up to them instead of feeling threatened by everyone and everything under the sun. They get to lay next to women that have never felt the touch let alone the penis of another man.Your all super betas,talking tough online usually is a huge sign.


  114. I wish everything would burn in Europe, as it has in Eastern Europe. May your men be drunk and apathetic, may your society crumble and may your women become worthless, soulless whores like the ones in my country. May war begin and may this putrid generation burn in a nuclear winter. I fucking hope hell breaks lose just so I could tell everybody around “I TOLD YOU SO YOU WORTHLESS CUNT”.

    Fuck it, nothing is going to happen, nothing ever happens, the elite have everyth ing planned out so that nothing can intervene.

    Ex nihilo. Nihilo fit.


  115. OT,

    Julian Assange emerging as a serious, albeit unorthodox alpha. No wrapper FTW.


  116. Naw, Assange is just a troll gettin’ his lulz offa this. He won’t be so happy in a jail cell with Sven going “Sqveal like a pig, ja!”


  117. “No, they didn’t. Just look at them. The Turks are of the Mediterranean race.”

    They came from Central Asia, you dumbass. They were forced into Antiolia by the Mongols and set up there, shoving out the rotting corpse that was the Byzantine Empire, who eventually, after finding its balls again, was abandoned by the Catholic West to die. Today’s Turks used to be pagan, but the Islamist converted them and that’s when these fucking savages took up a “holy war” against Holy Constantinople.


  118. And, what would Ronald Reagan say versus Islamofascism and the left/libtards who’d kiss its ass?


  119. @Anonymous

    great video man, thanks


  120. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and “assimilating” with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


  121. Anon,

    Reagan was a great president, but do you remember that he signed the immigration amnesty act of 1986?

    (Not to mention he traded weapons to Iran so they would pressure their friends who had taken Americans as hostages.)

    Too many people make him out to be some sort of demigod when he had serious flaws. Hannity is a chickenhawk douche who views Reagan the way a six old views his mommy. “What would Reagan do?” I guess it holds some sort of appeal to the idiocracy. Pathetic.


  122. Since the 1960s, most white people have believed in a Star Trek future where race and ethnicity don’t matter. That vision now appears as a utopian fantasy to me and, I sense, to an increasing number of others. I wonder if historians will look back on this time as the end of the post-racial dream.


  123. on December 5, 2010 at 2:00 am Double D On the Money

    The deeper truth.

    Take it viral:


  124. “Since the 1960s, most white people have believed in a Star Trek future where race and ethnicity don’t matter. That vision now appears as a utopian fantasy to me and, I sense, to an increasing number of others. I wonder if historians will look back on this time as the end of the post-racial dream.”

    I’m sure David Duke agrees with you. Rest assured you are not alone. Its rough to be a white man these days. We are constantly victimized and overrun by icky brown skinned people and abused by women. If only we could venture back to Jim Crow, we wouldn’t have these problems today.


  125. Brian, what’s wrong with whites wanting to live in all-white countries? Don’t you support their right to self-determination?


  126. ASDF,

    If whites want to live in an all white country, who the fuck is stopping them from leaving our country?


  127. One of the fascinating things I learned about during my trip to Germany last September is that funny-looking word in the title (pronounced something like “grun dungs zoo shooss”). As Harold Meyerson pointed out in The Washington Post, Germany’s economy is kicking butt. Republicans, of course, hate this. To them, a big government, heavily unionized, social democracy like Germany is supposed to be the poster child for the wrong way to do things. Yet Germany prospers. But here’s something even they would have difficulty arguing with: Germany’s government helps the unemployed start businesses with start-up capital. Maybe we should consider giving something like this a try.

    Der Gründungszuschuss roughly translates into “start-up grant.” It is a program for the unemployed that gives a monthly amount of seed capital for those on unemployment. The grant is means-tested and is paid on top of unemployment, health and other benefits. For example, a married couple with children can get a grant up to just under $32,000! A single person who is unemployed and has no children can get up to just over $25,000. The benefits are paid out over a period of nine months. After that, there is an extension of benefits called the “building phase” that pays an additional $400 per month for six months.

    The German government expects that 20 to 30 percent of these businesses will fail. No matter. As policy, they’ve decided that they’d rather have people with an entrepreneurial bent out doing something rather than sitting around. This money isn’t just thrown away. There are an extensive state-sponsored classes that must be attended to learn how to start a business properly. A carefully written business plan must be submitted to a board. The government also supplies free business consulting to help get the start-up off the ground and avoid pitfalls. There is an extensive array of government seminars to help grantees manage their businesses to success. A person can pull out of the program at any time without fault, including for being called back to work. In fact, even if one is called back to work, they can still complete the program. The government requires grantees to spend at least 15 hours per week on their start-ups. (I had one of those Michael Moore “You’ve got to be kidding me” moments on that one.) Want more? The grant is tax free.

    I learned about Der Gründungszuschuss from a friend in Cologne. (You can learn more about it by reading here, provided you read German. But you may be able to use one of those translators.) His older brother was laid off from an internet service provider in 2008, got the start-up grant in 2009. He now has a small search optimization consulting firm with a partner and a secretary. In two years, he went from unemployment right into tax-paying independent businessman. And he put someone else to work and got some private capital off the sidelines.

    Just imagine if we could get something like that going here.


  128. Brian,
    So you support European countries in their efforts to expel icky brown people?


  129. There’s nowhere left to leave to that liberals don’t want to turn into a mocha paradise.


  130. Antarctica is available.


  131. They’d follow us there too.


  132. White people just can’t get a break. There are immigrants and icky people all over.


  133. The Statute of Liberty is a beacon of America’s Betaness throughout the world because of the remarks inscribed upon it by the Jewish lady.

    Where I have lived on the Arabian Peninsula (10 years and counting), I have met one immigrant whose father was granted citizenship.

    Although the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia frown on Christmas, I was frequently greeted by “Merry Christmas” by Saudis.

    The shopping centers in the UAE and Oman are decorated for Christma.

    The international hotels in UAE and Oman have Christmas creches.

    I have seen more Catholic nuns in their habits shopping in the malls in UAE than I saw in Paris.


  134. A video to ponder.

    a tale of two societies



    our children will soon have no country of THEIR own if we do not fight for one now.

    Wake up.


  136. Harmonica:

    They came from Central Asia, you dumbass. They were forced into Antiolia by the Mongols and set up there,

    If genetic origin of the Turkish people is in Central Asia, then why do they look absolutely nothing like Central Asians such as Kazahs? The guy whose comment I was replying was explicitly talking about genetics (HBD).

    Here’s one picture of a Turkish national football team:

    You don’t understand the difference between linguistics and genetics. You are like those people who claim Finns are genetically Asian because our language belongs to the Uralic family of languages.


  137. @chi-town,

    The rabbis are complaining about assimilated Jews because American jewry is not-breeding and intermarrying itself into extinction.

    The intermarriage rate is sky-high for all Jewish communities in the US; children rarely take on the Jewish identity; and this represents a massive change from even 2 generations ago.

    Jewish women are at the forefront of not having babies.

    Jews may be the worst of the liberals, but they’re exterminating themselves first.

    No conspiracy there. Just sad delusions.


  138. Hey, Hitler had ‘brass balls’ too!


  139. I can always tell when the blogger hasn’t gotten any poon in awhile. This is one of those times. 😮


  140. Dude Roissy…you disappoint me. Aggression never solved anything. WAKE PEOPLE. THIS WORLD BELONGS TO ALL OF US. white, black, muslim, jewish, christian. Two wrongs dont make a right and that Austrian politician is definitely wrong.


  141. How much chocolate syrup gets added to milk before it really isn’t milk anymore?


  142. To the poster who said Islam spread like Christianity spread to North America:

    I heartily agree. War, massacre, oppression, and genocide was how Islam was spread. A big difference was that Islam became parasitic off the Christian civilization it conquered. Remember, the original Muslims were barbarians from Arabia.

    The lenient attitude of so many liberals in the USA to the depredations of Islam speaks volumes about their intellectual and moral decay. They used to be better than that, but, since many of their beliefs have been falsified by the passage of time, and since they have been forced to endorse the unrestrained murder of innocents, they increasingly deny reality. They are not even hypocrites, since I think they think that believe the rubbish they say. Liberals also never admit to being wrong, and NEVER take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. If they did, they would stop being “liberals.” Introspection is not their strong suit, these days.

    So, to my liberal fellow citizens and to Muslims everywhere, let me try to make this easy for you:


    This is a fundamental difference. The Koran prescribes the death penalty for a Muslim who converts. This is sick.

    That video on Liberia should be a wake up call.

    A black guy from Liberia decided to write a book about the country’s history (The Years the Locusts Have Eaten). He found that there were essentially no more written records of Liberia’s history left in Liberia. He had to use the US Library of Congress.

    Liberia is not unique. Think about Rwanda, or the the Congo, or any place in Black Africa. Do you remember (of course you don’t) when Ghana was supposed to be Black Africa’s best hope?

    Closer to home, Haiti is instructive (all whites killed by govt order in 1802).


  143. Everybody that supports the most backward religion of the world earning a hold in the civilizated world with whiny cries of “raaaaacist” can go die in a fire.

    And all the pot shots to white people sound like they come from…..wait for it….embittered, self.hating whites. And Niggers.

    Although there’s a better explanation to why the First World nations are there than “white people are better”, but is too long to type here. Look around the history of property rights.


  144. This politician should be directing his anger at his own government. The European Union is very guilty of failing to deal with immigrants that arrive illegally and commit crimes. The law-abidding ones that follow what is expected of them to arrive legally are usually not the ones behind these crimes (as they tend to be better educated). Whether it is due to laziness, fear of backlash for being “politically incorrect” or incompetency, the EU has no excuse. For years it has been rewarding illegal behavior of immigrants who (let’s face it) come from the bottom of the barrel in their own societies.

    Even worse, many Europeans, especially northern ones from the Baltic states, are too docile and trusting of their own governments that they direct their anger away from the root cause of the problem.


  145. Robert in Arabia:

    The 3rd Reich was one long violation of human rights and the human spirit. It came into power by force (Forget the legend about the Nazis getting power legally), maintained itself by force, and was destroyed only when greater forces arrayed themselves against it.

    It committed evils which, at the time, were beyond the imagination of most people.

    That said, I agree that our modern American culture is corrupt and is decaying very fast. But, I would rather have this corrupt culture over anything like the 3rd Reich. At least we have the freedom to choose which road we will take as individuals.


  146. on December 5, 2010 at 12:11 pm Christain white knight crusader

    Disappointing that it appears that roissy has left such a small minded turk hating faggot to post such nonsense.

    It is evident from this writing that the author wants nothing more than to have the austrian shemales ‘heavy sack’ in his mouth.


  147. “Europe is waking up. Will America follow? Or is it already too late to make a difference?”

    This statement seems to imply that on the issue of fundie Muslims in Western society the U.S. is further down the path of capitulation. That is not remotely true. It can’t be “too late” for the U.S. when it comes to accommodating Muslims the way that Europe has, because the U.S. has not done so.

    Europe is responding so strongly because the problem is so acute there. Their unique cultures and their political processes are seriously threatened by the sheer numbers of Muslims, combined with an unthinking “tolerance” that extends even to tolerating intolerance. The U.S. does not face nearly the same crisis. And given the political strength of Christianity in the U.S., it may never.


  148. The last two minutes of that David Duke video (13:00 forward) is inspiring. David Duke is right. White Americans and Euros the world over have a right to be ourselves. We have a right preserve our heritage and cultures just like every other race. Those who mock this idea are the evil ones.


  149. Heavy sack? Heavy sack? To hell with that. This bastard’s got no sack whatsoever, let alone a heavy sack.

    If he went out there and started bashing the jews for forcing Third World immigration–along with a number of other civilization-destroying policies–on Europe, then he’d have a heavy sack.

    As it is, he’s just doing the jews’ bidding, stoking the fires of European-Muslim animosity. Lately, Turkey has grown a pair of balls and hasn’t been playing along with Izzy and the Judeo-International. It needs to be taught a thing or two.

    Let’s get one thing straight: the Muslim is the symptom, the Jew is the disease.


  150. on December 5, 2010 at 1:19 pm Cannon's Canon


  151. “It committed evils which, at the time, were beyond the imagination of most people.”

    You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about, you ignorant goy.

    Read about the Russian Famine, the Holodomor, Decossackization – millions systematically slaughtered at the hands of the judeo-bolsheviks – all before Hitler even came to power.

    To hell with your egalitarianism and your “human rights” claptrap. You start yapping about that shit in the Congo like some little prissy SWPL bitch, and a cannibal will come along, saw your head off with a dull machete and piss down your esophagus.

    You start yapping about that shit in Israel, and they’ll run you over with a f*cking bulldozer – twice!


  152. Hey, Rosenberg.
    Are you a Rosenberg as in Julius and Ethel, or as in Alfred?


  153. Off topic: divorce firm pays for divorce so it can split the “winnings”.


  154. Yeah because anyone who criticizes Islam is doing the bidding of Likudnik Jews. Muslims will saw off your fuckin head too.


  155. This is sad, its easy to place the blame on others instead of taking responsibility for it yourself.

    This blog is turning neo-nzi little by little…

    From my perspective the higher the variance in culture the stronger the individual freedoms per citizen.

    [Editor: And the lower the trust they have in each other.]

    If Austria wants to close the gates of Austria to immigrants so be it, it is their right…

    [As it is within the US’s right to close their border as well.]


  156. I think what’s throwing the defenders of diversity into a tizzy is that teh HBDers think that the bloody actions of the diverse incomers…from burning cars in Paris to the stuff this Austrian is talking about to Portland Somalis thinking that blowing up a Christmas gathering is good stuff..are inherent to their genes. Or something.
    Instead of HBD, blame the left for bringing in millions of savages (uneducated dirtworshippers and worse) into their countries to shift the voting dynamics. immigration without assimilation is colonization. These lefties forgot that little side effect of their plans…if they even care as you can see some diversity defenders more shocked by the criticism of Turkish immigrants than the behavior thereof.


  157. Just because the German National Socialist Workers Party was nationalistic doesn’t mean that nationalism equals nazi. Get a clue, societies can defend themselves and be proud without ill effect.


  158. Democracy is the problem. Rule by Democracy is rule by the filthy proletarian hoardes.

    What we need is monarchy, ordained by the Christian God. Yeah it’s not perfect but the alternatives have been apocalyptic. Germany abandoned the Kieser, rise of hitler and millions dead, Russia abandoned the Tsar, rise of stalin and millions dead, France murdered Louis, rise of the filthy jacobins, ultimately Napoleon and millions dead. Spain dumped the King resulting in disasterous civil war.

    Britain retained the monarchy and became the worlds greatest power, until the destruction of the house of lords and women voting. E II being the worst monarch in English/British history.

    Limited Christian Monarch, strong Lords/Senate, no women voting, property rights=stable, strong, patriarchal society with women and jobs for all betas! Huzzah for the King!


  159. Reading the comments makes me disparaged to be a reader of this blog.
    Steer clear of such topics, I say.


  160. Well, the founders of this country (USA) were absolutely against a Democracy. They wanted a Republic, and severely limited the right to vote.

    It is also why they had the Senate and the House. To restrain the rabble.

    All that holds this country together now is the fact that the Federal Govt can still print money. When they can’t, watch out.


  161. “Democracy is woman’s greatest invention. Indeed, it even reflects her character: purposeless, irrational, subject to public opinion and passing fashions, rambling, confused, underhanded, scheming, in love with its own purity.”


  162. on December 5, 2010 at 5:20 pm Skeleton Hands

    Keep fighting the good fight, Roissy.


  163. on December 5, 2010 at 5:54 pm flyingsquirrel

    @Schmoe: Jesus. The people mentioned in that article are total scum.


  164. Roissy/Chateau, these haters aren’t nearly as funny or interesting as the ones you used to get. I think you’re slipping a little.


  165. Harmonica:

    They came from Central Asia, you dumbass. They were forced into Antiolia by the Mongols and set up there,

    If genetic origin of the Turkish people is in Central Asia, then why do they look absolutely nothing like Central Asians such as Kazahs? The guy whose comment I was replying was explicitly talking about genetics (HBD).

    Here’s one picture of a Turkish national football team:

    You don’t understand the difference between linguistics and genetics. You are like those people who claim Finns are genetically Asian because our language belongs to the Uralic family of languages.


  166. on December 5, 2010 at 9:12 pm Chris from Dublin

    Dead on!!


  167. @Dieter

    Wenn hier einer Anna nass macht bin ich daaaaass



  168. The immigration story, in one easy lesson:


  169. This video is getting wide attention. My grandmother of all people sent me a link and, no, she’s not German speaking.

    Sadly, there are so-called White Nationalists here like @PRCalDudette and @Ryder who praise the Turkish for their one-way racism. WNs, I guess, now have a strange habit of admiring racism in other races while declaring everyone “separate but equal”. WNs like isolationism displayed by others.

    @Ryder argued with me a few months ago about how he admired Turkish men for establishing a culture where the best local women aren’t supposed to date foreigners while they, themselves, plundered western women with abandon. I could have accepted that point of view as admiration for guys playing dirty and winning, but then he said with all seriousness that a western man should ask a Turkish man for permission before he had sex with the Turk’s sister.

    Then over the weekend, @PRCalDudette praised Muslim women in Turkey for having spear-headed the recent Islamicization drive specifically because this would help regulate their husbands’ sex lives, which were apparently too profligate for the dudette’s preferences in the recent past.

    Do WNs who think like this have political power in Wyoming? Was Dick Cheney (from Wyoming) a WN? He was VP when Turkey turned Islamic (since 9/11/01).

    Anyway, Hitler also promoted this kind of Islamic bullshit in direct contradiction to common sense.

    We Americans did as well when the Soviets were battling in Afghanistan.

    Austria has always been the backbone of Europe on this issue. They had to be: the battle that saved Europe from becoming Muslim was at Vienna.


  170. What can one expect from Islam when Sunnis and Shiite muslims are more than happy to butcher each other.

    Howard Bloom had this stuff worked out years ago.


  171. Germans have the biggest balls in the world, ever since the extinction of the Mongolians and Spartans.


  172. Africa for Africans; Asia for Asians; White Countries for Everybody?

    Annihilation by Assimilation.

    Every white country on earth is supposed to become multi-cultural and multi-racial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country.

    The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

    Immigration, tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

    All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

    Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race.

    It is genocide.


  173. I agree that our modern American culture is corrupt and is decaying very fast. But, I would rather have this corrupt culture over anything like the 3rd Reich.

    Yeah! Because there are only two ways ahead: either America becomes majority NAM, or it becomes the IV Reich, a New National-Socialist Germany with Facebook and Ipads.

    Having said that, I will repeat myself and say again that Islamic Sexual mores are conductive to turning any people uglier. Since Islam conquered mostly countries of already ugly peoples, it just reinforced what was there all around

    But islam, being simpler than Christianity, is a very good religion for stupid people. And they sort of recognyze the ugliness of muslim women, therefore they created the Hijab, that retards in the West want to ban. As Jean Marie Le Pen once remarked, “the hijab hides ugly women”, being then good for women and society


  174. I miss kickabitch


  175. I think that anything new I had to say here ran out by early 2010. I only repeat myself now

    So let it be. This “white survival”, “white countries for white people”, “western civilization is superior to the rest”, “blacks murder and rob” is inherently loser argument. Those are loser arguments for loser people, despite being mostly true.

    The only “racist” argument that can win a debate is hitting on the ugliness of non-white women. And how non-white immigration reduces female beauty in the West (though I am prepared to concede that East Asian mixing with white people does not necessarily decrease female beauty)

    It is amazing, you can be surrounded by the most rabid leftists you know, but if you see black/mestizo people in the TV and casually remark “there ain´t a single even barely hot chick around” they will agree. Obviously, they will become furious if they ever know that behind the remark lies the desire of promoting HBD.


  176. That’s an amusing way of looking at the hijab and there is definitely a point to be made that allowing less attractive women to mix into the west only raises the sexual market value of the hottest white women as the whites are bred out of existence (a generation or two of high child support minimums will kill off the upper middle class white population).

    However, if you go to Istanbul, you’ll see that the city is incredibly modern, literally bridges Europe and Asia and has some of the hottest and smartest women on Earth.

    Like the elites of Mexico City are a far cry from the low IQ types they send across the border to the US, the types that go to Germany from Turkey for the low wage jobs are quite different from the upper middle class and upper class of Istanbul.

    White PUAs would definitely want Istanbul to be a target ground for game (and in a future generation, Baghdad and Tehran – both centers for hotties).

    But the older women of Islam and the insecure males don’t want the hotties to be seen as competition to them (make themselves look ugly by comparison and give hubby the idea that he might be happier with a younger woman). The whole Islamicization of Turkey can be seen as a way for older women to reign in the sexual appetites of Turkish men (controlling the men) just like religion is used in the west for the same purpose by insecure older females.

    9s and 10s are blocked by Turkish society from dating westerners, more or less. Its sickening to be a westerner in Istanbul who is used to dating great looking women from other cultures and then face this cultural cock-blocking.

    If you look at world history as ultimately sexual politics, the Austrian was ranting about Turkish guys coming to Europe where they can get laid with white Austrian and German girls, but Turkish culture would cock-block Austrian and German guys from going to Istanbul or going into Turkish communities in Austria and Germany to do the same.

    Of course, one can always go to the riviera of Turkey where there are tons of German and Russian women.

    Obviously, if one thinks of other cultures as having ugly women and lots of those people come to your country to claim welfare, etc, you’d also be quite pissed.

    But, believe me, it really pisses men off when the invading culture has hot women who are untouchable.

    Hitler is said to have been mainly pissed at the Jews because he’d been highly sexually attracted to a young Jewish woman in Vienna when he was a struggling artist there. Her family shunted her away from him for not being part of the tribe and he vowed to destroy the kind of insular people who would think like that.

    Insular tribes create strong emotions in those purposely left out. The Muslims are going to have to open up.

    Those who want the Muslims to clamp down further on their women while we clamp further on our women (if possible), are not being realistic about the way things are bound to happen over the next generations.


  177. Islam serves the same purpose in the Muslim world as feminism and Christian fundamentalism serve in the western world. Its older women cock-blocking the men.


  178. Matt and Mike need to get together and butthex each other


  179. Okay. Roissy, I like game. And I agree about the west being the only countries who have to two way assimilate. But I grow weary of the racial hatred. I don’t hate white people, I have many of the same gripes with minorities that you do. I’m black, and American. And this is my country. I am just as American as the Anglo Saxons, the Italians, Irish and Germans and those of you who are mutts and don’t know what your history is besides “white”. I believe in what America stands for and I think a more libertarian approach could fix many of our ills in this country. I believe we need to wean ourselves off foreign oil, so we can get out of these muslim lands. We need to promote local job growth and industry and stop the outsourcing. We need to scrap the Fed. We need to close the border to the south to stop illegal immigration. We need to scrap federal education mandates and let schools teach on a local level so they can teach the student and not the test. And we need to bring back God and some morality in the schools as well as corporal punishment. I believe we can do this rationally without hatred or abuse of other people. But with a firm strong unwavering hand. Some people are so small they have to hate to feel strong. I say the strong have no need to hate, they just do what needs to be done.


  180. …with Rosenberg licking both their puny little nuthacks.


  181. I think there’s a natural tendency to see women of one’s own race as more attractive than other races, but, except for African and Aborigine women, I think objectively it isn’t true.

    The reason to oppose 3rd world immigration into the West is because of theses people’s lower IQs and because the Western elite hate white people — considering them to be the only evil race — and want to punish them for earlier colonization, and eventually to destroy them.


  182. Jerry wins the Godwin’s Law award, and in spectacularly lame fashion, for his “Anyway, Hitler…” nonsense. Hitler also promoted painting, dipshit. Should we look down our noses disapprovingly at anyone sitting at an easel? I mean, those damn Nazis might paint a swastika or something. The rest of your post was incoherent.

    Let me point something out to you, Jer, and to anyone else still interested. Your post is precisely the sort of thing that gets people like PRCal and others irritated beyond belief – it’s an attempt to remove someone from a conversation by ham-fisted smearing and guilt-by-association tactics. Unfortunately for you, forums of this sort are still relatively free so your tactics may be met with the contempt they deserve.

    Doubtless you justify this behavior to yourself with the thought that these posters are “evil white nationalists” and therefore deserving of any underhanded dealings you can employ. Others of us disagree with that approach and are tired of seeing it used to silence those who raise uncomfortable questions. Go back to the mainstream media if you don’t want your feathers ruffled, faggot.


  183. @ Whiskey

    Actually Europeans had quite a long presence in Central Asia.They had been apparently Greek colonies in Afghanistan and Bactria(present day Uzbekistan) even before Alexander arrived.The Kalash of Pakistan (the only non Hindu pagans in subcontinent) as well as some Pushtun tribes may be their descendants.

    Please note that Central Asia for most of history was a drifter haven, sometimes colonized Huns(ancestors of Turks) ,sometimes Mongols ,sometimes Iranian tribes and Greeks as well as the occasional Maurya,Gupta(from India) imperialism in order to stop Scythian and Hunnish invasions from Bactria.

    Islamized Turks who hail from current day Uzbekistan(and who earlier migrated from Mongolia) gradually slaughtered or converted the Graeco Slavic inhabitants of the Anatolian peninsula over a period of 700 years culminated in the Fall of Constantinople in 1453(which Greeks still refer to as Black Tuesday).After 1453, the flow of culture from Constantinople to Moscow was severed entirely plunging the latter into their own mini dark age(the Mongol occupation didn’t help the Russians either)

    Of course then there is the Armenian genocide, Cyprus etc.

    The Turks have some audacity!My problem primarily is not that they have such a bloody past , most nations (esp Muslim nations) do.Its their current ethnic arrogance that is a serious problem.They don’t even recognize the Kurds who they call “Mountain Turks”.They shamelessly appropriate other cultures ,go so far as to claim Trojans as the precursors of Turks!The genocide of Armenians occurred AFTER Turkey was secularized and the Caliph deposed.Oh yeah the Caliph!The new fellow is getting all nostalgic about him!Im sure that will bode well for all!

    Turks are NOT European and do not belong in Europe just because Ataturk had a delusion..I mean dream.


  184. @Thucydides

    What got your panties in a bunch faggot? Are you also into monogamy like PRCalDudette?

    You wouldn’t fuck an Estonian 10?

    Hitler was in love with a Jewish woman early in his life.

    Her family wanted her to have no part in that.

    Whatever that means, its interesting.

    I have White Nationalist friends but the low IQ ones shouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time here talking about how its evil to want to have sex with lots of women.

    Now if you agree with the regulation of males, which is where I have the biggest problem with low IQ WNs, then go ahead and tell everyone how men should be regulated.

    Otherwise shut the fuck up.

    You’re defending a panty-waisted faggot in PRCalDudette.


  185. [Others of us disagree with that approach and are tired of seeing it used to silence those who raise uncomfortable questions.]

    Others of us? So you agree with PCCal that it was a good thing for older Turkish women to promote Islam in order to reign in their husband’s sexual activity?

    That’s raising an “uncomfortable question”?

    No, its stating a mangina point of view.


  186. @Thucydides

    If it makes you feel better, I don’t see the mangina statements of Ryder and the Dudette as necessarily representative of the WN movement.

    Stormfront has lots of heated arguments and there are intelligently guys without Asperger’s Syndrome on that forum.

    However, you should be asking @Ryder, for instance, if he really stands by his statement that an American man should ask the permission of a foreign man before having sex with that man’s sister.

    @Ryder ran away like a little girl on that and @PRCalDudette consistently refuses to state definitively whether she’s for any of 3 progressive feminist initiatives to regulate male sexual and behavior.

    And there is a well-known tendency for at least half of WN males to defer to females just as the Nurnberg Laws of 1935 were in total deferment to the desire of German women not to be abandoned for beautiful Russian and Polish women in the planned Lebensraum expansion.

    Remember, conservatives like Eisenhower destroyed the Nazis and conservatives would destroy them again.





  188. Nice video but the overall argument could be stronger. Austria has no duty to integrate Turks anymore than Turkey has a duty to integrate Chinese or Tongans or Zambians. It doesn’t matter if they’re well-behaved or not, or if they’re engineers or if they’re street thugs. Austria is for Austrians, Germany for Germans, Turkey for Turks. They should not be in European nations in large numbers, it doesn’t matter what they believe, what their profession is, etc., they need to live in their own countries.


  189. betas fail fem shit-tests => fems go for thuggz

    libs fail multi-cult shit-tests => voters go for idiocrats

    sack up, Weimar!


  190. lol Jerry lashing out. U mad, Jerry?


  191. It’s amazing that some commentators speak of HBD yet have no clue about some of the major peoples of the world.

    There are many differenet theories about turkic (both as a culture and/or people) origin, some even posit that the original turks were white. In fact western turks like crimean tatars are white versus eastern turks are naturally asian looking. Turkey is called turkey because of it’s culture and language not it’s people. As part of the mediterranean cousin group Turks(Turkey) are most similar to greeks, italians, syrians. Even some of the first turks that arrived in Anatolia(e.g. Cumans) were white. The original anatolians were a mixture of greek, syrian, caucasian, aryan iranic tribes and others. They were not slaughtered as one poster said, Anatolians simply changed their name to Turks, becuz they got conquered by a minority ruling elite called turks. The turkic tribes didnt’ have geeat numbers and wherever they were present outside of their central asian homeland they were very few in numbers. Asian DNA is miniscule in turkey and that’s why the average Turkish guy looks more southern european than mongolian.

    So in other words from scientific point of view Turks are whites/caucasian(whatever you wanna call them) as are most people west and north of iran/west afghanistan and the Levant (excluding most arabian peninsula). Just becuz everyone is setting up tent in Europe, doesn’t mean all the non chritian heathens are the same people.

    On a sidenote, i get the feeling that in Europe anti-Islam rhetoric is code word for all immigrants esp. black african immigranst (most violent acts by immigrants esp. in france seems to include them), since islam is one of the few outside influences that you can openly rile against and still get away to some extent.


  192. @PRCalDudette

    Heh. Nice to see you back. No, @Thuc flew off the handle because she thought I had been attacking White Nationalism itself instead of the 50% of mangina males in the movement who aren’t at all in agreement with this blog except for posts dealing with the destruction of white western countries by the far left.

    So I was wondering what got her panties in a bunch.

    Real men would know that, while the Austrian politician’s rant was excellent, he would have had more balls if he’d attacked Sweden for its feminists and told the Swedish ambassador that she was Persona Non Grata until Sweden reversed its anti-male lawmaking.

    Plus there was a strange anger about my having mentioned Stefanie Isak. She wasn’t even Jewish but the little impotent Adolf thought she was.


  193. @PRCalDudette

    But now that you’re back, you can maybe defend your comment that it’s a good thing that older Turkish hags have used the recent Islamicization as a tool to control their husbands profligate sexual ways.

    You are, after all, totally against the host’s point of view against getting married, especially to American women and you’re against the idea of a man taking advantage of the sexual revolution and all the young women with whore fantasies and box sets of Sex and the City at home.

    Also, you never answered:

    1) Do you think the feminists in Sweden were correct in criminalizing johns? Should the feminists of Israel, now using that personable male conservative lawyer as a spokesman, get johns criminalized in Israel as well?

    2) Don’t you agree as the host and most readers of this blog, that it’s wrong that feminists in many American states are pushing hard to raise the age of consent to 18, which is a progressive point of view considering we’ve had 6000 years of civilization where old hags like yourself weren’t obsessing so much about the competition?

    Note that standing up against feminist incursions on the so-called borderline of male behavior, doesn’t mean a man wants to hang out himself at the border. Few of us who want to stop the illegal Mexican invasion want to live on the Rio Grande.

    So, therefore, while I wouldn’t pay a professional for sex nor date a 16 year old, its important to remind fems and their mangina enablers on the right that neither of these actions should get a man arrested in a patriarchal society, especially after 6000 years of these things being legal (in terms of the man not being criminalized).


  194. […] Look, I don’t really know how to tell you this. Actually, I do. You have to watch this. That is all. Via Roissy: […]


  195. @ Gig I think that anything new I had to say here ran out …. I only repeat myself now

    Your angle on arguing rightie politics by pointing out their effect on female beauty is a genuine intellectual contribution, your wry and offhand style notwithstading.

    So feel free to repeat yourself. This blog has an entirely new crop of readers/commenters, so you may as well be like the professor who teaches the same subject to a new class of students every year.


  196. on December 8, 2010 at 4:00 pm rebelliousvanilla

    I ❤ Stadler. All European women should have his babies, maybe they will have sons with actual balls, instead of the children of the usual spineless white men. 😛


  197. Anon,
    quoting rachel marsden on this blog is retarded…

    Rachel Marsden veered into national consciousness in the late 1990s as the Simon Fraser University student who cried date rape, accusing school swim team coach Liam Donnelly of sexual harassment during what she said was a 16-month romantic relationship. The two had met at a local swim club in 1990 when Marsden was a teenaged competitive swimmer. She later tried out for the SFU swim team, but quit after a few weeks. Donnelly denied the charges and ever having had an intimate relationship with Marsden. In 1997, an internal SFU investigation found him guilty of “severe sexual harassment” and he was fired. He fought back, alleging Marsden had in fact harassed him since 1992. Months later, he was reinstated and exonerated of all charges after making public suggestive emails and sexually explicit photographs sent by Marsden. The after-math of the lightning-rod case dragged on for years. Marsden, who admitted to some of Donnelly’s charges but held to her original allegations, was championed by feminists — ironic given her later vilification of them. The university was disgraced; several faculty members, including SFU’s president, stepped down.

    * 1999: SFU threatens to evict Rachel Marsden from the campus residences for continuing to stalk Donnelly, for harassing and stalking SFU’s Harassment policy co-ordinator Patricia O’Hagan (leading O’Hagan to quit, change her number, and move) and also SFU Criminology Professor Neil Boyd, who takes his case to the RCMP. Clearly a woman with no sense of her own irony.
    * 1999: Rachel Marsden’s father, then 56 years old, is suspended for inappropriate conduct toward his female students, reportedly having taken a student on dates, and showing up at the student’s workplace to give her gifts.
    * 2000: Rachel Marsden’s father, Claude Arthur Marsden, is found guilty of professional misconduct. “Mr. Marsden engaged in a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old female student.”

    * 2004: Marsden is convicted of stalking and harassing Michael Morgan, a Vancouver radio host with whom she worked (or tried to) at radio station CFUN, according to some reports from 2002-2004.

    * 2007: Marsden is escorted from the building by her new employer, Fox News, after the infamous Salon piece and after some rumours (propagated by her, it seems) that she had begun harassing the host of “Red-Eye”, Greg Gutfeld.
    * 2007: Marsden accuses Tony Backhurst, an Ontario police officer and unsuccessful Tory MP candidate of “leaking security secrets to her” after he files a complaint of harassment against her and the RCMP launches an investigation.
    * 2008: Marsden gets dumped by Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia, so she leaks some of their email and instant messaging conversations to Valleywag, and sells some of his stuff on eBay (I’ve preserved the auctions in PDF here and here).


  198. Yes! Another political post. American males are too busy watching monkeyball to give a shit about the future of their country. America is a failed experiment. It will be studied in the future so as to never be repeated.


  199. L’il Brit kike follows in Austrians footsteps. I suspect he’s being groomed for a spotlight.


  200. I’m rather new to the MRM. Been on The Spearhead for a short time. Left because a comment of mine was omitted because it touched someone’s neo-nazi sensibility.

    My comment was about anti-Semitism. It later “miraculously” appeared after I posted about it in the forum but my patience had already run out with them.

    Same has happened here. Yeah, I’m funny like that.

    But as I pointed out in The Spearhead, there’s a problem in some parts of the MRM.

    For someone that, like me, just arrives and takes a look around, testing the waters to see what is going on, the image this place (as also The Spearhead) gives, is predominantly one of white supremacists, anti-Semites and neo-nazis.

    No proof is needed of their presence. They are as obvious as an elephant in a room would be.

    What is also clear, as in The Spearhead, is the tolerance for their buffoonery that gives this pretense of a “Men’s Rights Movement” a very peculiar color and smell.

    Peculiarly enough some black guys choose to adorn themselves with a portion of the anti-Semitism. Or maybe it is only one with different names. Or maybe he’s not even black. If he is, it is a load of fun to see a black guy playing the anti-Semite. I guess the irony is lost on many of them. Nazis the world over are not known for their sense of humor or introspection abilities. I guess anti-Semitism is “cool” amongst some blacks.

    Blacks sporting neo-nazi attitudes remind me of feminists being soft of pisslim fascism. They are the first ones who will be raped and murdered if pisslamists ever come to power. Same with blacks and nazis. But irony is not for them. You need at least to double the brain power of the proverbial hamster and they don’t measure up that high.

    The problem is that if some men really want to create a MRM with any hope of being taken seriously and grow, this mixture of black and white Ku-Klux-Klan is a joke that will turn into a serious impediment.

    Both in The Spearhead and here you guys are playing a game, that’s all. This collective masturbation interspersed with “joooooos” this and “jooooooos” that and “what was wrong with nazi Germany” and “I love the German language” and so on and so forth, ad nauseum, can only be taken seriously by wankers with swastika tattoos who are given to collect key rings with iron crosses and pictures of big German WW2 artillery pieces. We know them well, don’t we? They are usually just a gentle push away from homosexuality.

    I have to recognize this is a little frustrating to me. I’m a Jew, there’s not a collectivist bone in my body and I share all the basic tenets of a rational interpretation of a MRM, To me America is not only exceptional but the best country that ever existed and the West as a civilization is the best that ever existed and I am very much against all that opposes the principles both America and the West in general were founded upon.

    But there’s no chance in hell for me to share a movement with the KKK wankers I’ve met in The Spearhead and here. You guys make up a sorry bunch.

    I suspect that there are some very decent and rational people both in The Spearhead and here but so far my testing of the MRM waters has produced too many unsavory characters for this company to be appreciated.

    Now, I don’t pretend to have a solution to this problem. But somebody ought to start appreciating that this fledgling MRM has a serious problem and be quick about it.

    Otherwise a lot of decent people are going to be repelled by the evil stench that surrounds these places AND the mere mention of said stench is going to be used against any possibility of creating a real MRM. Those in the MRM that are decent and rational seem to be shooting themselves in the foot by allowing the neo-nazi wankers to color the movement.

    This racism and neo-nazism in some parts of the MRM is quite similar to feminism. To begin with, it’s irrational. And then racism is very similar to sexism. You are really acting like feminists. Are you sure that’s what you want?

    Is all you want a little skinhead wankers club? You’re already there.

    Keep feeding the neo-nazi, black nazi and white supremacist trolls and very soon it will be so easy to quote their [email protected] as evidence of the lack of morals and seriousness of the MRM that it will get to be ridiculous. If I was a feminist I would be carefully building a data base of all the stupidity I’ve already found and have a field day with it. Why give ammo to our enemies? Isn’t the situation bad enough, already? Do we really need to adorn ourselves with swastikas and racism?

    I pass.

    Many others will too.


  201. @Zeev

    Don’t pass on the MRM. This site isn’t the central place for that. This is the go-to site for PUA material. is the MRM “leader” (he now runs Fathers & Families which just stopped a rise in Ohio child support). Mens News Daily seems to have sold out to a Republican outfit. But is excellent for MRM.

    What this site was promising for, at least before an WN element became a problem in the past few months (mostly for promoting White Knighting while sullenly disagreeing with the Chateau’s chosen lifestyle), was that it brought the PUA Movement and the MRA Movement together for the first time.

    That was a big step. And the host proved quite efficient at bringing most MRA issues to the forefront here while getting more than 3000 viewers per day.

    There are only about 4 regulars here who gratuitously slam Jewish and black people.

    Others will make valid comments about how:

    1) Jewish Americans tend to vote with the feminists
    2) Black Americans tend to vote with the feminists

    Nobody questions the IQ of Jewish people here. Only one asshole thinks talk of “ovens” is funny.

    You could shut him down easily. Stick around.

    So, while I hear you about the gratuitous racist remarks from 4 regulars that badly hurt the credibility of the blog, the biggest problem with these exact same people is that the DON’T AGREE WITH THE CHATEAU’S LIFESTYLE AT ALL.

    And yet they still hang out here.

    It doesn’t make sense but I’ve written before that its often the case that a blogger or forum moderator will get into a type of Stockholm Syndrome where they respect and coddle “regulars” who are poison to their message and reputation.

    Some WNs have laughingly stated that anyone who promotes the Chateau’s lifestyle, such as in wanting to date hot young women, will “discredit the MRM”. They tend to only want the MRM to look at the Marriage 2.0 problem (which signifies that they’re staring into the abyss after foolishly getting married to a formerly pedestalized American woman).

    And some WNs only want to preserve the white race from being deliberately diluted. That, in itself, is no threat to you.


  202. Zeev you sound like a real kook, and a typical zionist douchebag.

    First you do your whining about racism and bigotry against jews, then go on to spew racism against Islam and blacks in the very next paragraph!!

    “Blacks sporting neo-nazi attitudes remind me of feminists being soft of pisslim fascism. They are the first ones who will be raped and murdered if pisslamists ever come to power. Same with blacks and nazis. But irony is not for them. You need at least to double the brain power of the proverbial hamster and they don’t measure up that high.”

    You are using a tired, worn tactic of trying to stifle debate through threat and intimidation. You are trying to imply that the MRM movement will never go anywhere, and will certainly never catch on among jews, unless everyone starts censoring each other and purging unapproved viewpoints from all the blog comments. And you are calling others Nazis??? I think you are the one who doesn’t grasp irony you piece of shit.

    You also act like there would be no reason for a black man to be an anti-semite. Um, where have you been for the past 50 years of Jewish-lead social policies that have turned Black America into a cesspool of dependency and crime?

    Fucking moron. get fuct you jew-supremacist bastard.


  203. Thanks a lot, Jerry. I’ll check those sites out. I’m too new to the MRM to have found half of it, yet.

    I know all about American Jews. I curse them frequently. But a Jewish collectivist politically correct feminist idiot is not such because he is a Jew but only because he is just a collectivist politically correct feminist idiot. Same as a black anti-Semite. I know he’s not anti-Semite because he is black but simply because he is anti-Semite. His color has nothing to do with it.

    A sizable percentage of American Jews voted for hussein soetoro. Out of being liberals and PC. Morons the whole lot of them who did. They voted for a rabid enemy of both America AND Jews.

    What count are a man’s ideas and actions. If I’m OK with his ideas and actions he may very well be blue with yellow dots all over his skin. What’s it to me? We both bleed the same.

    Preserving the “white race” doesn’t make much sense. Just let anyone ask “why?” and there’s no rational answer. What we should strive to preserve are the morals of the Founding Fathers. The “white race” doesn’t exist, anymore. As for Jews, we are so racially mixed that I suspect there not a race in the planet that has not contributed genes to our DNA.

    People confuse ideas and consequent actions with race. That’s irrational and not supported by ANY scientific evidence whatsoever.

    Your worst enemy might be the most similar to you as DNA goes and your best friend might be so different that some will suggest you don’t belong to the same species.

    Race guarantees nothing as to the value of one individual to another or to a cause.

    I’m a Jew. Another Jew might be my mortal enemy. Take Dianne Feinstein or Charles Schumer or others. Fascist collectivists all of them who want to deprive me of my rights and turn me into a collectivist serf. I would prefer any other, independent of race, to be in their place. What good does it do to me that we are all Jews? They are fascists. I’m a Capitalist. They hate America. I love America. The America of Thomas Jefferson, BTW, not the one of the bower marxist.

    I would expect the MRM to get to be a serious, important and decisive movement. It is sorely needed. And America and Western civilization might be in the balance.

    As with any important endeavor there comes a time when games and foolishness have to be set aside and people need to start getting serious. The time comes when some people have to be told to go play outside because adults need to get down to business, now.


  204. Zeev_Zwaard

    I’m rather new to the MRM. Been on The Spearhead for a short time. Left because a comment of mine was omitted because it touched someone’s neo-nazi sensibility.

    My comment was about anti-Semitism.

    Hey bro – I know you, don’t I?


  205. Jerry


    Don’t pass on the MRM. This site isn’t the central place for that. This is the go-to site for PUA material. is the MRM “leader”

    So, why post here then. Or at the Spearhead? Got a reason? One?

    That was a big step. And the host proved quite efficient at bringing most MRA issues to the forefront here while getting more than 3000 viewers per day.

    Aha – foretelling “The Doom of roissy” lest he replace the un-PC zealots with PC ones.

    Pure genius. I think you’re really Karl Rove incognito.


  206. @ on December 16, 2010 at 1:18 pm JohnnyDrama:

    Rant away. I have no use for your kind.
    @ on December 16, 2010 at 2:08 pm Firepower:

    Yes, Sir. From The Spearhead.


  207. Antii-semites on these boards, especially in the MRM movement, are just one more indication of how freeing and dangerous the Internet is. I love it, but it does mean you need to deal with every stupid retard douchebag that crawls up out of his mother’s basement with Hakenkreutz tattoos on his arm and a crew-cut screaming “JOOS JOOS JOOS”!

    They throw up such a Jew hate-on that they almost forget to hate Blacks and Mexicans (and Asians, but that’s more of a severe case of envy). And their ethnic hatreds – pro-white, anti-black, anti-all-blacks, anti-Southern European white, anti-Semite, anti-Asian, whatever- are all irrational. They use data to reinforce their preconceived beliefs,

    [Editor: If the data is true, then how are their beliefs, preconceived or otherwise, relevant?]

    and exaggerate the flimsiest bit of evidence out of all proportion. Like the Religious, they Believe and anything they hear, read or see just reinforces their Belief. They’re closed to reason.

    As bitter, pathetic discarded males, they clog the MRM movement disproportionately, and their bile is especially noxious because of their marginality. It’s no help to the MRM, that’s for sure.

    They didn’t reason themselves into their anti-semitism. You can’t reason them out of it


  208. haha – I bet if you demonized blacks and latinos like that for their quantifiable crime stats, instead of the PC white male, you’d actually make enemies.

    Enemies who’d thwart those recent earthshaking accomplishments of the mrm over the past decade.


  209. The MRM is a long way from getting serious.

    Just take a look at the clown who challenged VAWA in New York three years ago. He was a gamma, taken to the cleaners by a lower class Russian woman but still pining after her. The liberal New York judge had him for lunch. He was his own lawyer (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing if he’d been competent). IMBRA was “fake-challenged” by dishonest dating sites that knew that they could present fake profiles of foreign women and hide behind the law if asked to prove the women exist.

    Nobody of higher status, such as a retired veteran, has stood up to the plate IN COURT, WHERE IT COUNTS, at least against the feminist federal laws.

    It would probably have to be a retired guy or even someone’s mom or sister doing the challenge because the current justice system isn’t set up for people who are busy doing careers and not close to a federal courthouse. The fems are prepared to drag anyone through the mud who dares appear in court.


    I didn’t catch what you meant. Are you saying you are an MRA, a WN or both? Were you saying that you consider this blog to be a central MRA meeting point? I wouldn’t go that far, but I praised the host for staying on top of the subject and pushing it out to a fair-sized reader base (Inmalefide is still way ahead of him in understanding MRA issues).

    He just needs to look for those who completely and totally disagree with his lifestyle…and ask why THEY bother commenting here.

    Obviously, I comment mostly to bring light to MRA issues and a long comment of mine has occasionally ended up reprinted at or some other MRA blog.

    Being seriously un-pc doesn’t have to mean, however, being rude to others who haven’t been rude first. That bullshit just destroys good forums as only the lower IQ people tend to stick around as years go by.

    I can write a book on the shells of sites, such as, where only the lower IQ people remain as regulars after many years past a prime.

    This blog is still on its way up in popularity so it will be a while before its starts to seriously degenerate.

    The host can prevent that from happening by culling the low IQ people mercilessly, even if they seem to be “friendly regulars’.

    Hosts have free speech too and its their “home”.

    As I noted, its not rudeness to Jews and blacks that the host has a problem with in the comment section here.

    Its mostly manginas and White Knighters who disagree with him but don’t have the guts to directly confront him.

    Look up on this thread where I asked the Dudette some key questions about her attitudes toward the regulation of men. Those questions remain unanswered.

    Why? Because the host would then know for sure that the Dudette completely disagrees with the entire theme of this blog. Its only incidental that she drools “Jooos” all the time.

    This host could do more to confront those who completely disagree with his lifestyle and hang out here for God knows what reason (they seem to think they’re waiting here for the Second Coming where women will be pure again and the host can become a good social conservative like they think he really wants to be).


  210. The Bolsheviks, Cultural Marxism, Jewish influence in America, Cult of PC, Liberalism, Multi-Culturalism, Feminism…it’s all inextricably tied together.

    This isn’t a reason to hate any one group or be a bigot.

    However, I take major exception to anyone who would shout down, stifle debate, or censor people who want to talk openly about any of the so-called “protected groups”.

    There is no limit to the amount of bile people are freely allowed to spew about WASP Americans, but the instant people lump Jews together as a cultural group and talk about a negative aspect of their culture, the ADL has a shit fit and people like Zeev turn purple bellowing “Anti-Semite!”.


  211. And let it be clear, the politically correct types here would talk about how its best to marry American women (one’s tribe) and how it should be a criminal act to get a lap-dance, that’s the kind of rhetoric that would pass just fine at a church social in Kansas.

    Brownback would be proud of that talk.

    That’s the kind of rhetoric they can print in the newspapers and all the church-going types would love them for it.

    So let’s not pretend we’re talking about the host needing to come down hard on “dangerous bad boys who make un-pc comments”.

    The host needs to come down harder on the milquetoast politically correct types here.


  212. @JohnnyDrama,

    The Bolsheviks, Cultural Marxism, Jewish influence in America, Cult of PC, Liberalism, Multi-Culturalism, Feminism…it’s all inextricably tied together.

    Yes, they all got together to form a Secret Plan to Bring Down White Upstanding WASPY folk.

    They had meetings in little rooms where hey stuck pins in voodoo dolls of White Men (non-Jews).

    Most of the Bolsheviks were executed or tortured by Stalin.
    The Cultural Marxists were mostly European until the 1970’s. They had so little influence, they had to live in academe. That’s their only stronghold now. Most of the common people give them as much regard as ever, ie, none.
    Jewish Influence: you mean, the contradictory Jewish influence that simultaneously seeks to prop up and destroy the state of Israel, surrounded by hordes of teeming bloodthirsty multitudes? Israel’s best support and worst friends?
    Cult of PC, Liberalism, Multi-Culturalism: For that, blame misguided white people, because they and their sanctimonious guilt complex-induced self-righteousness bred and created it.

    Feminism: Much of the blame for this falls squarely on the White Knighting of feckless conservative white males.

    Stop trying to exculpate the White Masses. If some Great Conspiracy of Evil worked its mojo on them, they participated wholeheartedly, made themselves their own worst enemies (KKK anyone?), and burned bridges all on their own. They voted, enacted laws, allowed the cops to become ruling powers, and are so easily manipulable that it’s debatable if they even deserve to maintain their own inflated egos.


    The secret alliance between Blacks, Hispanics (don’t they love each other) and Jews (more love there), has always been a myth.

    And on anti-semitism: talk about people who just can’t win. They immigrate and are called rats and disgusting ne’er do-wells living on the handouts they manage to scrounge up; within 3 generations, in the teeth of massive discrimination and active ethnocentrism, claw their way up until they’re at the pinnacle of American social and economic life – almost single-handedly and without support of any kind; and then go on to manage their affairs better than anyone else manages their own.

    So what is it: Hordes of scary, stinky reprobate poor thieves and prostitutes flooding into the country, or evil super-intelligent monsters bent on world domination?

    Anti-semites can’t read history to save their asses.

    The Scots pulled off what the Jews did, and in fact did a much better job: They created the modern world, in many respects. The brits conquered them, and the Scots went on to found banks, invent technology, build the British Empire, and populate and create nations overseas. To this day, Scots and their descendants are over-represented in the halls of power.

    The great historical losers, vis a vis their potential, were the Asians. Obviously, they’re got something going on that White Supremacists should really be worrying about – they’re like the Jews, with an effective and productive culture, bent on success at all costs, but there are billions of them.

    And Jews can’t even get it straight to let Israel defend itself. PC-Multi-Culty Jews undermine Israel so much it’s amazing it has any international support at all. So much for Jewish Hegemony.

    Stop worrying for even one second about Jews. There are many times more PC, Multi-Culti Waspy Feminist whites in this country than there are multi-culti Jews and they have far greater power.

    Stop looking for scapegoats. Our elites have betrayed us, no matter how you define “our elites”, as all elites in all societies eventually do. We white people are 100% responsible for every situation we’re in – every single damned one.

    Without exception.


  213. I mean seriously, it would be insane to suggest that anyone who’s ever had a serious problem with something I said was “a politically incorrect bad boy” of some kind. I write the most politically incorrect stuff imaginable (for a church social or feminist or WN blog, not for any room full of normal guys). I get attacked by the politically correct in almost every case.

    The only exception was when a WN said that a man should ask a Japanese man’s permission to date his sister and that I was dishonorable for disagreeing with that.

    That shit was so weird that it couldn’t be labeled PC or un-pc.

    It was just way out there.

    Gorby is correct that its Mr. Whitey Social Conservative who supports feminism (I’ll add often by coming to the same conclusion about the need to regulate men’s sex lives and for the same reasons) more than other races in general.


  214. Or its Mr. Whitey Left Winger SWPL Metrosexual who supports feminism. Black dudes and Jewish guys might mindlessly vote Democrats out of tradition, but left wing white dudes specifically vote for “women’s rights”.


  215. That Brit from earlier commenting how Sweden’s lost its balls but has lots of muslims whose asses they’re kissing instead…


  216. @ on December 16, 2010 at 3:33 pm Gorbachev

    I agree with you.


    @ on December 16, 2010 at 4:10 pm Jerry

    Yeah, I may be in the wrong place for the subjects I want to discuss. My fault.


    @ on December 16, 2010 at 4:42 pm Gorbachev

    “Yes, they all got together to form a Secret Plan to Bring Down White Upstanding WASPY folk.”

    Goodness, man! Don’t give away our plans!

    “And Jews can’t even get it straight to let Israel defend itself. PC-Multi-Culty Jews undermine Israel so much it’s amazing it has any international support at all. So much for Jewish Hegemony.”

    Gorbachev, you couldn’t be more right.


    BTW, feminism is one of the ills killing Israel.

    Funny, with all this talk about race and skin color, I’m often asked why my skin is so white, even by MDs. I could pass for a garden variety white supremacist, any time. Problem would be doing it with a straight face.


  217. BTW, I too am very much against “the vile stupidity of the open borders one-worlder assimilationist suicide cult”. And it is not about race. It is about the ideas and actions of cannibals that should not be admitted into civilized countries.

    There’s a funny thing about race and cannibal attitudes. Often the cannibals seem to be a pretty racially homogeneous bunch and by rejecting them and loathing their mere proximity one seems to get into a racist position. But it is not a decent, clean, civilized and rational man’s fault if a bunch of cannibals all belong to one single race and all look alike. The guy has a right to defend himself and what’s his, regardless. And to those that go around screaming “racist” at every turn of the road I say (1) I’m not AND (2) think what you will; it is you who have to live with your ideas.

    I pose that the point is this: racism means attributing moral value on account of race. But judging the attractiveness of someone for our neighbor on account of his cultural background, his ideas and his probable consequent actions is simple wisdom.

    We can’t be expected to wait until the cannibal has begun gnawing on us to wish him away.

    More to the point, as pisslims go, who in his right mind would want to have them near? They are a bunch of unhygienic savages out of the Dark Ages with a fascist ideology who are very clear about their intentions to enslave or murder the rest of humanity. Why would any rational individual want them near himself or his values?

    And I use the term “pisslam” instead of “islam” in order to express how much I despise and loath that collectivist-fascist ideology and all of its practitioners. They should not be allowed to live in any Western country.

    And for those slow enough to reach for the “racist” card: no, pisslam is not a race, it is an ideology, a moral and political system. Pisslam is practiced by people of varied races and race tells us not if somebody is a pisslamist nor if he isn’t.

    As to why we have all the “smarmy, unctuous faygalas” the answer is simple: “one man, one vote”. That’s why. What we should have instead is “one qualified man, one vote”.

    How do you qualify voters? The same way you qualify anybody else. You define the qualities needed to fulfill the job for which you are selecting the individual. In this case you have to decide what kind of country you want. The America the Founding Fathers built is good enough for me. Anybody in tune with that moral and political construct qualifies. Anybody not in tune, doesn’t.

    And if you think voter qualification is too much of a problem just look at where amateur unqualified voters have brought us: a failed marxist administration that’s dragging the whole republic into the abyss.

    We judge the qualifications of people for most everything else. How come the most important political job in the world is granted for mere existence?


  218. @Zeev

    If you want to discuss MRA issues, this is one of the best places, as long as you’re not another moralist who, for instance, agrees with this radical feminist report by CNN on “human trafficking” which says that Israel needs to criminalize men for being attracted to the babes in the video (I can’t find the video in this article but its at the CNN site somewhere and the actresses they used to represent Israeli whores were hot, probably hotter than the real thing):

    Note in the comments, “Miriam” says with a straight face that its great that the USA gives Israel $3 billion per year because:

    at least she (Israel) is protecting the rights and values associated with free Western society that she shares with the US

    The rights of men who might want to fondle one of those babes in the video (had they not been actresses but adults who knew what they were doing), are completely lost on Israeli feminists like Miriam.

    But Israeli feminist women are not the main enemy.

    Its the white male “conservative” Israeli men who are the Jewish man’s worst enemy.

    For instance, the so-called conservative spokesmangina for the JIDF (Jewish International Defense Fund), David Appletree, likes to sound so tough as he fools American neocons with all his tough anti-terrorist talk. But he buys this CNN “women as victims” line hook line and sinker and he will tell you so at his Twitter page.

    Appletree also says that it was correct that an Israeli judge jailed an Arab Israeli man for saying that he was Jewish and, thus, succeeding in having sex with a Jewish Israeli woman.

    She had said she was raped because he had lied that he was Jewish.

    This JIDF spokesperson agrees with her. So did the judge.

    This JIDF spokesperson has 60,000 American conservative followers on Twitter who lap up his every word about the need to stand together with him and his type.

    By the way, Miriam is such a great name and all feminists should be forced to change their names away from something so traditional and feminine sounding.

    I’d still like to see Islamic nations start to directly talk about feminists the way we westerners talk of terrorists.


  219. For instance, a Saudi Billionaire should give the MRM a billion dollars. I’d be a full-time MRA for 100 grand per year.

    The Saudis could buy the Chateau out of its other obligations, fund Fathers and Families and put the Spearhead and Inmalefide up there with Gawker and Jezebel.

    And the idea of men setting up their own country, with UN membership, passports and laws, is dead serious.

    It wouldn’t be that hard to do.

    The brightest MRAs just need to have the time and funds to move around, a condition that isn’t really met at the moment.

    Look at how Assange is now living on a 750 acre estate in southern England (a rich Brit paid his bail and offered him the run of the estate). If he wasn’t a left winger (he’s no libertarian), he’d be organizing funds for the MRM now.


  220. Once we had a country of our own, where women would flock to despite not having the right to vote, we could diplomatically play havoc on enemy states (feminist states) and make alliances with those like Putin and Berlusconi, giving them tips on how to ridicule American manginas most effectively.

    At the very least, someone out there should start a particularly anti-feminist Wikileaks clone.


  221. @ on December 17, 2010 at 9:53 am Jerry and
    on December 17, 2010 at 10:12 am

    Israel is going to die of political correctness including feminism. And, as always, it’s the men’s fault. You are right. Israelis are going to end up dead because of their desire to be “nice” to everybody. I’ve been telling all Israelis who have ever listened to me to learn the story of Carthage. They were big. They were strong. And they ceased to exist. We should learn about it, too.

    Israel is the canary in the mine. Look at what happens over there. It’s happening in the rest of the West soon after and here, a little while later. We are all in the same boat, going down.

    On the Communist News Network, I never watch it. I only watch Fox just to know what’s going on.

    All a Saudi billionaire wants us is to become pisslims or die. A pisslim is the worst kind of enemy you can have. Don’t ever trust one unless you are quite sure he’s dead. The only good pisslim is the dead one.


  222. Jerry, as to a MRM country, it’s just a fantasy. Not that I don’t like it.

    We have a country built on Freedom and for Freedom: the United States of America.

    There’s no place to build another one unless you manage to do it at the bottom of the ocean or on the Moon.

    Anyway, if America is lost for Freedom, what do you think the fate of a MRM country would be?

    Let’s fix this one or sink with it.

    Let’s put it this way: would you be willing to die for an MRM country? Then how about thinking of risking it all for America?

    You know, like: “And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

    I keep thinking we are more than them and better.


  223. I can think of about 15 countries, most already filled with gorgeous women, where the men would gladly accept a new Constitution, an influx of MRAs and a few billion dollars.

    Money is king.

    Logistically, it might hurt initial acceptance into the UN and other organizations if we said women couldn’t vote but the new Constitution would be written to iron-proof the rights of all individuals, not just the women which is where things have gone in most western countries since women were given the right to vote.

    Betas wouldn’t be allowed to vote. Or at least, every voter would have to sign an affidavit agreeing with each part of the Constitution before being given a voter registration number.

    I’d be dictator anyway. (just kidding) 😉

    The US Constitution was poorly written because it was basically a first try.

    Look at the stupid way the right to bear arms is written in juxtaposition with “and form a militia” or whatever. That is now seen as sloppy and, sure enough, the liberals will take that sloppy writing and say it doesn’t mean an individual can have a gun in his home.

    Now look at the way the Right to Assemble is written. It continues in the same sentence with “and protest peacefully” or whatever. This is, for men’s rights, very sloppy because the liberals (and their social conservative friends) are now saying that men don’t have a right of any kind to be with foreign women, even on foreign soil, or “assemble” with women who were legal yesterday but not today.

    We will never get the US Constitution rewritten properly. A Men’s Rights Amendment is unlikely in our lifetime unless MRA countries and MRA-allied countries put intense pressure on the United States of Feminism.

    This means that, as much as some Chateau readers might love particular areas of the US to live in long term, other MRAs who would be perfectly happy with similar real estate and similar shorelines plus a similar standard of living, could do well with living under a properly written Constitution.

    Like South Korea and Saudia Arabia, we would not extradite American or European dead beat dads (but maybe take $400 per month or something fair if it was determined that the mother deserved custody and her parents couldn’t help take care of the baby).

    These guys could get asylum from us if they pass other immigration tests.


  224. Fact:

    Thomas Rose, federal judge in the 6th Circuit appointed by GWB, said on May 25th, 2006 the following upholding IMBRA:

    “There is no fundamental liberty interest in an American contacting a foreigner for a personal relationship”.

    This ruling stands to this day.

    But, anyone living near a federal courthouse can legally challenge this ruling by writing “I challenge this” on a restaurant napkin, and a federal judge in the circuit he or she is in would have to rule on whether he or she agrees with that ruling.


  225. @ on December 17, 2010 at 11:30 am Jerry

    I hear you. But it’s not happening.

    And then, why give up America? And to whom? To Bwawny Fwank in his pink tutu? To Nancy Ahpelosijad? To the hitlabeast? To the Al-Hopiyah, Al-Changiyah obamaphiliacs? Why?!

    The US Consitution didn’t exist, once. Do you want to re-write it? Let’s go!

    Sounds easier than a MRM country to me.


    Here’s a good one:


    Here’s another good one:


  226. America is built on pseudo freedom, if it would be completely free it would be anarchy, models needs to have frame, pick the one you like. People that follows the laws are free to do whatever they want. America is not such a bad place after all, compared to other countries, but of course, the laws are written for a society different then the problems that occurs today, and should be modified, cleverly, no need for drastic changes, things could work out fine if there would be a smart person in the right place. No people that calls themselves WN please…


  227. america isnt built on FREEDOM at all, but on ordered liberty. freedom is a platonic child’s concept, liberty is a political concept–it is the right to be as let alone and unencumbered as feasibly possible by the governing entity–not the “freedom” to do as one pleases irrespective of the consequences in reality.


  228. The most successful conspiracy is not a conspiracy at all. It is millions of individual actors, pursuing their own self-interests, which happen to be in concert with a much wider goal or action.

    This is how you could best describe the Jewish influence in America. Millions of people who share a specific cultural background, a specific set of neurosis and insecurity, a specific set of common goals, and a common set of tools used to achieve them. All bound together with the cohesion that comes from focusing on how you are an ethnic minority in a hostile environment.

    Nah, it’s not a traditional “conspiracy”, because it doesn’t need to be.


  229. Gorbachev

    Yes, they all got together to form a Secret Plan to Bring Down White Upstanding WASPY folk.

    They had meetings in little rooms where hey stuck pins in voodoo dolls of White Men (non-Jews).

    You mistakenly use a jesting tactic to diffuse an argument that is susceptible to countering – by pointing out the evil cabal of KKK neo-nazi whites (holding absolute power) who’ve recently rounded up all the poor Jews into camps and confiscated their wealth and Madoff penthouses.

    Again, if you demonized blacks and Latinos thusly for their quantifiable FBI crime stats, instead of vilifying the PC target white male, you’d actually make enemies.


  230. @ on December 16, 2010 at 3:33 pm Gorbachev

    “They didn’t reason themselves into their anti-Semitism. You can’t reason them out of it.”

    Yup … yup, yup, yup, yup.


  231. @Firepower,

    Anti-Semites suffer from too little information, too much information and self-reinforcing delusions.

    Jews are hardly a united front. The “Jews are Taking Over the World” meme makes as much sense as black peoples’ notions about Whitey inventing AIDS to kill Blacks. Sure, it’s possible, not too damned likely.

    It’s hallucinogenic. I think it’s rank envy – deserved envy, because Jews make regular prole whites look like a bunch of hapless losers, which is a relatively accurate assessment.

    The strongest anti-semites are usually the trash and crap of any community – white, or black (which has obviously more crap than other communities). Jews are smarter, better at looking after their own interests, work harder and are better at making money. Face it: there’s no conspiracy, just better skills at doing things that need to be done. Like studying medicine or science or banking. Suck it up and stop blaming the successful. That’s Loser Talk.

    A hundred years ago, people were blaming Jews for being poor, shiftless, stinky and helpless, hordes of Rats flooding in from Eastern Europe, prostitutes and organized criminals and thieves. Now that they helped create modern America (Hollywood, NYC, much of modern science, philosophy for better or worse, etc.) and clawed their way up from nothing to near the top of the heap, they’re suddenly trying to take over the world? Puh-lease. Give me a break.

    It’s not even marginally rational. Jews can’t agree with each other on the time of day. They cut each other up, undermine each other and knock each other down almost every day on every issue. That’s been true for 4000 years. Their greatest enemy is always *other Jews* (except for, maybe, the Nazis and the Czars, who were organized about it).

    If any group in America deserves to bask in their success, for God’s sake, it’s the Jews. They’re the one group that can be said to have truly earned every damned penny of it and then some.

    What I see in anti-semitism is this: shame and envy. Despite being beaten down, discriminated against, and derided, Jews just got on with it and did everything better. Punish them for being superstitious and poor? Then, when they stop being religious and superstitious, punish them for being brilliant and rich?

    Get real. Use a mirror.

    And on Israel: The Christian Right supports Israel more reliably than any Jewish organization. Much of NY Jewry has it in for any Israeli politician who has any sense (ie, beat down those damned psychotic Muslims or start swimming to Europe).

    Half the Jews in Israel want the barking-mad settlers out of Arab land, and when you listen to these settlers on the news, they always have NYC accents. I’ve spoken to people in Israel who say that the biggest problem they have are these insane religious American Jews coming to Israel and causing problems. Then you have the Lefty-Jews, who do everything in their power to undermine Israel and its security. And the right-wing Jews, who want to make peace impossible and create a greater Israel.

    The problem with Americans is that they only see the “Jews” that are visible publicly – to them – in the media.

    *ALL* of the media types are left-wing, multi-culti nut cases – not just the Jews. But anti-semites are unable to get outside their narrow little worldview long enough to actually tell what the fuck is going on. It’s like that with everything here in the US.

    We see Asians doing well in school, and don’t realize that we let the smart ones in. We assume all Asians are the same. In Asia, there are literally billions of stupid Asians – we just don’t get them here (by and large).

    The only group that has more anti-semitism with its own sensible internal justification is Muslims the world over – because their ideology is one of hatred, violence and nauseating self-righteousness. They enshrine anti-semitism as Words from God, along with hatred of Christians. They don’t need to come up with fancy conspiracy theories about Jews, because God tells them to kill Jews whenever they can. And they’re not allowed to ask questions. Islam is always bad news. It’s never good.

    White Nationalist organizations have no public support and can barely organize themselves, so I don’t believe the leftist claptrap about organized racism, either.

    The truth is – all of these conspiracy theories are absurd. Jews don’t sit around trying to take over the world.

    You’d be smarter to go after Masons than Jews.


  232. @Zeev_Zwaard

    BTW, feminism is one of the ills killing Israel.

    Funny, with all this talk about race and skin color, I’m often asked why my skin is so white, even by MDs. I could pass for a garden variety white supremacist, any time. Problem would be doing it with a straight face.

    Jews are intermarrying in the US at a staggering rate, too. Pretty soon, they’ll have bred themselves out of existence.

    The WNs and anti-semites go ape shit about how Jews are responsible for the downfall of White America.

    Well, maybe.

    But they can rest happy in the Jewish reality: The poison that seems to be wholly Jewish has been swallowed in mega-doses by Jews themselves. Non-Jew whites will last a lot longer than actual Jews.

    Jews today don’t have kids, don’t get married (bitter Jewish NYC unmarried feminist anyone?), marry out (upwards of 50% by some estimates; almost 85% in Australia historically; even higher in Canada than in the US, according to a Canadian Jew I know), or just opt out of the system altogether at much higher rates than other whites.

    But none of that makes any difference to anti-Semites, right? It’s all JOOS JOOS JOOS!

    Give me a break. The hallucinations of the delusional.


  233. If Jews are going to take over the world somebody forgot to tell me. And where TF is MY SHARE?!! Man! This is so wrong.

    “Jews can’t agree with each other on the time of day.” Yup. That’s correct. Whenever you’ve got two Jews discussing you have, at least, three diverging opinions. Frequently more.

    “The Christian Right supports Israel more reliably than any Jewish organization.” That’s so sadly true. OK. Let’s make that “most” Jewish organizations.

    Gorbachev, if you are half as clear and right on other stuff as you are on Jews I’m voting you for President.


  234. @Zeev_Zwaard

    They all call me Jew Lover here. It’s not like I deny that Jews are smart and make money and whatnot. And that they look out for interests slightly different from parts of the rest of our society. But there are really dippy notions that pass for realism and anti-semitism that make little to no sense.

    – Belief: Jews caused feminism and multiculturalism to destroy our society. Reality: Jews themselves suffer from these things far more than anyone else. They inflict it on each other more virulently and aggressively than anyone else.
    – Belief: Jews have too much power and seek to displace whites. Reality: Jews with power rarely even identify as Jews. They inter-marry and inter-breed almost freely. Jewish culture is almost “New York” culture by now, and is distributed pretty evenly.
    – Jews support Israel and distort American foreign policy. Reality: The American religious right are the real pro-Israel nuts. The Jewish communities in the US are profoundly divided on Israel.

    Anti-semites only see what they want to see in Jews. They have no ability to evaluate subtlety, see opposing sides or see the tragic diversity in the Jewish community.

    If you can even call it a community.

    I should know. I was married to a Jew. I dated others. I’m not the least bit Jewish myself – I come from a radically conservative Catholic/Episcopalian NE background, small-town and Yankee to the max. When we saw black people, my parents would point them out and say, wow, look at that! Someone who doesn’t look like us!

    But Jews get a bad rap mostly from people who don’t understand them at all. They’re the least self-helping, most fractious, most argumentative and self-defeating White people that exist.

    More than half the Jews I personally know are married or have bred with non-Jews. The stats bear this observation out. Most of the Jewish women I know are brazen feminists and the Jewish men hen-pecked to death – feminism has utterly devastated the men among most Jewish communities in ways that would horrify average American non-Jewish males. They’ve accepted and swallowed the multicultural and relativist pill so deeply that they often can’t even criticize Muslims who call for Israel’s death.

    Others call for a Mid-East war to exterminate the Arabs.

    Others preach that Jews have more “soul” than non-Jews.

    You can get every kind of self-defeating, contradictory ideological claptrap from any collection of Jews.

    When was this complaint about Jews most relevant?

    At every point in their history. Jewish historians have been lamenting this for the last 3000 years. They said it when the Romans attacked; they said it when the Greeks were Hellenizing them; they said it about the Babylonian Jews; they said it before the Talmud was compiled. Their history is one of

    It’s like some kind of Jewish curse.

    They can’t take over the world. They’d need to have some coherent ideology or cultural identity first.

    And they don’t.

    Accusing the Jews of trying to take over the world is one of the cruelest jokes ever perpetrated.


  235. Gorbachev, you have an unusual and pretty amazing knowledge of American Jews and I would say, Jews in general.

    “Jews . . . are . . . the most self-defeating White people that exist”. You know, I get that . . . like a really heavy weight one is not sure one can cope with. It’s so true. And so sad. Not that I am like that but so many are. It’s Carthage all over again.

    “You can get every kind of self-defeating, contradictory ideological claptrap from any collection of Jews.” Yes, you can. It’s amazing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said to other Jews “WTF is wrong with you?! How does ANY of that help?! Do you WANT to die?!”

    Intellectual arrogance is one of the components. And existential irresponsibility is another.

    Intellectual arrogance makes many Jews so fall in love with a collectivist (and so, wrong) idea that no amount of reasoning can move them away from it. Like collectivism, socialism, whatever you want to call it. And feminism, sex-socialism.

    And existential irresponsibility, specially within such a safe society like America makes them think “aaaaaaw! . . . what’s the worse that can happen?! . . . c’mon! . . . you alarmist, you! . . . it’ll never get to that!” Another sub-component of existential irresponsibility is the inability to learn from history.

    “It’s like some kind of Jewish curse.” Yes, it is. Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

    My hat is off to you. Remarkable.


  236. @Zeev_Zwaard

    For good commentary on the intellectual failings of Jews, read Josephus (hated because he sided with the Romans, the traitor). His characters in his “history” had lots to say about Jewish inability to see straight.

    Jews may be individually cleverer and hence are good at inventing, say, most of modern science and creating much of our financial system (pluses and minuses, both, of course) and good at arguing against detractors – but when it comes down to it, they’re very bad at conspiring, very bad at agreeing and making decisions, and very bad at ethnic self-interest.

    Any look at Jewish history from any period will illustrate this effectively. They’re culturally incapable of organization or dominance.

    Part of this is due to intellectual arrogance.

    And, incidentally, they didn’t start to get “clever” until they were forced out of Palestine and into exile.

    The actual breeding model -the smart/clever Jews found ways to survive, and stayed in the group, the stupid/lazy ones married out or left, etc., a process that continues for 1500 years – was easily capable of breeding a genetically smarter population in that short time.

    Prior to that, there’s no evidence at all that Jews were particularly clever. No moreso than, say, the Greeks or the Romans themselves. Back then, it was all about religion.

    But put a people into a minority position and then force them to survive on the margins – and this is the keystone to evolution. It’s always the margins that create the forces to be reckoned with, the innovators, the creators.

    Watch Israel fall back to the mean for white-Euro native skills in short order.

    All this talk of global conspiracies denies the very nature of Jewish culture and identity. Even by entertaining these notions, anti-semites and White Nationalists illustrate their near-total ignorance of actual Jews and Judaism.

    That’s why anti-semitism is so often hallucinogenic. Anti-semites use Jews as a tapestry on which they paint their own fears and illusions. They project powers and abilities onto Jews that simply don’t exist.

    Aside from the ability to invent, say, science, and win Nobel prizes. But that’s one of those inconvenient little facts that can be twisted round to hurt Jews somehow, no doubt.


  237. Gorbachev, your insights are quite remarkable. I’m quite impressed. You are a real pro.

    The MRM needs guys like you.


  238. Roissy, you’re an anti-Muslim bigot. Plain and simple. This is not about being PC. There is nothing alpha about pandering to far-right populism and propaganda. A little intelligence is part of being an alpha male, and not know-towing to extremist propaganda, generalizations, stereotyping and feeling all good-inside because “I-know-something-those-stupid-liberals-don’t-know-about-immigrants”.

    Ridiculous. A low point for this blog.