Greatest Car Chase Ever


I did this once in my car. Here is a picture of my car:

my honda with butterfly doors. the ladies are stuck to the hood.

my honda with butterfly doors. the ladies are stuck to the hood.

This post required 8.3 seconds of effort. Quit yer bitchin’, I was… ahem… busy this morning.


  1. Ahh, R has (at least as much as is possible) made amends for the “Frenetic Fred” clip by doing the only logical thing: linking to a vid of one of the Three Manly Topics:
    1) boobs
    2) explosion
    3) car chase
    The video was so satisfactory, I’m not even going to link to a Yuko Ogura photo. I will beat Peter to the punch, however, by noting how incomparably superior a smooth mound is compared to caveman tangle, dyed or not.


  2. caveman tangle

    Hmmm. That’s a pretty good term, might be a useful change of pace from Glorious Natural Pelt. Thanks.

    Note: while I am sure most readers of this blog think that “Not Peter” is actually me, that is not the case. We are different people.


  3. Peter, I doubt if many people confused us with each other. Who would expect you to speak ill of GNPs like I do? Or to link to pictures of stunningly neotenous Yuko Ogura?

    Now let’s you and me and Virgle Kent get together and pummel SeaWanker HIV.


  4. This may sound shocking, coming from me, but there really can be too much of a good thing (NSFW, duh.)


  5. BTW, not only am I not in the DC area, I’m not even in the US. If I were to visit any Roissy posters in the real world, Gannon would be closer to home than anyone.

    (If I recall correctly, Gannon has said he isn’t attracted to Asian girls. Gannon, would you kick Yuko out of bed for eating soda crackers?)


  6. The dude probably had two strikes and wasn’t trying to go back…. I know that feeling


  7. on July 13, 2008 at 11:18 pm SovereignAmericanMale

    Good work Roissy.


  8. on July 13, 2008 at 11:24 pm SovereignAmericanMale

    And posters 1-6 have proven my point from
    Frentic Fred’s thread post 15 made to Agnostic in Re: his post 14.

    “As his posting audience, we would still watch and respond.
    We would debate all kinds of off-topic crap, and cliche abound:

    Peter would pronounce GNP, Gannon 14 yo brides, Warboat HSV would beg for a trick from the pentagon…”


  9. They never show the ones where the guy gets away. They’re driving Crown Vics, for chrissakes. Hasn’t this dude -ever- played GTA?

    This response took less time than your post.


  10. on July 14, 2008 at 1:53 am Yakking Guy

    I remember seeing one where the criminal actually did get away, despite a news copter following him; he was in a Mustang, doing about 120mph. He got to the Mexican border fence (this was in Southern California) and jumped out of the car and clambered over it. No Mexican police happened to be nearby, so he seems to have pulled it off. If the US cops didn’t know his identity (he was driving a stolen car), he undoubtedly was able to come back over the border on foot later on without a problem (this was when a US citizen didn’t need a passport to come back from Mexico/Canada/Caribbean).


  11. Here is a picture of my car

    My car is faster than your car.

    I was… ahem… busy this morning.

    It’s okay to admit that you masturbate too.

    They’re driving Crown Vics, for chrissakes.

    I’m still at a loss to figure out how criminals are unable to out run Police Interceptors. It’s a paltry 225hp with 4000 lbs of weight and not much torque. Any frigging modern V6 sedan can outrun that, a sporty 4 cylinder car could have some chance of outrunning the cops…


  12. on July 14, 2008 at 7:36 am johnny five

    aren’t those actually scissor doors?


  13. on July 14, 2008 at 9:23 am nullpointer

    actually, out here in seattle… police have to tag team in order to pull over the cars. there are so many m3s and m5s and rs4s and lotuses and ferraris from all the rich tech people that the police have to have someone with a radar gun and then the interceptor further up the road to pull over the car since they were being regularly outrun at night. hell I am the poor guy and I drive a v8 with 361 hp.they started buying jacked up charger srt-8s though… 425 hp hemi engines… *shiver*. stick a super charger on there and good luck.


  14. on July 14, 2008 at 11:38 am SovereignAmericanMale

    Midrange to high end motorcycles driven by competent cyclists remain the achelies heal of every PD. IF, just If a helo unit is in a nearby orbit, do they catch a such a guy.

    The weight to power ratio, stopping distance, and cornering makes a contest between a PD Cruiser and a midrange bike a foregone conclusion. I have blown by cops my radar told me was ahead doing 140+ and they rarely give pursuit. Most of the cafe racers tell me its rookies who love pursuit.

    As running in Texas, from the red and blue flashers has become a felony, I have severely curtailed my speeding.

    There is a chance element involved in any race. I don’t gamble my liberty with flat-tires, broken chains, seized engines and diesel slicks on the road in the mix.

    The ROI is just not there anymore.


  15. Assuming Roissy was getting a blow job while he wrote this post, I’d say that video was pretty entertaining – What city is it from?

    Watching it, it reminds me of what I get criticized for in hockey; not being able to shoot the puck or pass effectively from my left.

    As long as the cops spin the Mustang in one direction, the driver can recover ( brilliantly by the way ). But when the spun to his “weak side” he got messed up. I think people that play basketball and tennis have the same challenge.

    Roissy, what is the dating equivalent of going to one’s “weak side”?


  16. @Not Peter:
    Yeah, I spend most of my time in Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires and Rosario. Living in the US if you are strongly attracted to midd and late teens might not be the best idea. Obviously, I would enjoy making love to a cute east asian girl (even in their early twenties they look like teens). Japanese girls are probably the cutest from that part of the world. However, ceteri paribus I prefer a white, semitic or light skinned mestiza girl.


  17. #15 Todd

    It has more to do with running up against the side barrier than the LH RH thing. If he’d have had another 10-20 feet of space on that side, he might have spun around from there as well.
    I was hoping the barrier was low enough that he would jump it and tumble below.


  18. on July 14, 2008 at 6:43 pm smoothvirus

    Back in the 1990’s, in my working at night, pre living in DC days, I had a police scanner and used to monitor the local PD.

    You could pretty much count on hearing a 10-80 (chase) twice a week. Most of the time, they ended when the suspect 10-50’ed (wrecked).

    Some of the chases I listened to got pretty crazy. I remember a couple of them where the suspect went the wrong way up the Interstate at 100MPH plus. One memorable chase that began with the suspect shooting at sheriff’s deputies wound up with the suspect vehicle and the deputies cruiser crashing into each other at high speed, and then careening off the street into the parking lot of a Wal-Mart where they crashed into a third vehicle being driven by a mother and her two children. That one wound up with the deputy being so badly injured that he never returned to work.

    Out of all the dozens of chases I heard, only once did the suspect get away. The Virginia State Police were chasing this guy down I-81 at about 2AM. At some point he got on a road leading to West Virginia. He was about 25 miles from the border going about 110MPH. The VSP officer called dispatch to request the WV State Patrol to pick up the chase at the border. Dispatch called back to say that WVSP couldn’t get there for another 45 minutes. Needless to say, the suspect was going to get to the state line way before the WVSP was going to get there.

    As soon as the suspect made it to the state line, he turned off onto a logging road. The VSP officer stayed in pursuit until his supervisor came over the radio and told him to call it off. I still remember the bitterness in the officers voice when he came back and said “Yes Sir. Unfortunately. Unfortunately.”

    To summarize, if you ever get chased by the cops, do so in the wee hours of the morning and haul ass for West Virginia. Otherwise, you’re fucked.


  19. Todd #15 – “Assuming Roissy was getting a blow job while he wrote this post”

    Roissy OP – “This post required 8.3 seconds of effort. ”

    I must meet this woman.

    This story reminds me of a late-night joyride with a buddy of mine in his questionably street legal Mustang. Speedo only went up to 85. We had the needle wrapped all the way to where it was pointing downwards at the pedals. Saw the cop and slowed down – huge mistake, but the driver had an immortal terror of police (Pakistani fella, soon after 9/11.) Cop said he got us doing 119, and that was after some braking. Even he said we were dumb for slowing down – if we’d kept on going we’d have been out of sight before he could’ve pulled out. (Buddy got out of the ticket on some ridiculous technicality, to boot.)