Is Spain The Worst Country In The World For Players?

A reader forwarded an article about Spain being the world capital of prostitution.

Prostitution is so popular (and socially accepted) in Spain that a United Nations study reports that 39 per cent of all Spanish men have used a prostitute’s services at least once. A Spanish Health Ministry survey in 2009 put the percentage of one-time prostitute users at 32 per cent: lower than the UN figure, perhaps, but far higher than the 14 per cent in liberal-minded Holland, or in Britain, where the figure is reported to oscillate between 5 and 10 per cent. And that was just those men willing to admit it.

Now you may, in your precious naïvete, think a country that has brothels on every corner is a paradise for womanizers seeking easy prey. If you define “prey” as women who will put out only if you pay them cold cash for services rendered, then you may have a point. But most players and connoisseurs of the art of seducing women to give it up freely would not consider paying for it a noble exercise of their talents. Nor would they think visiting a whore to be a worthy prize for the months and years they dedicated to learning game. After all, what greater pleasure is there than to bed a woman who embraces her surrender willingly? For some men, paying for it has its uses; but for men who pride themselves on their seductive prowess, a willing lover so overcome by desire she would be unable to charge for her wares should the thought even occur to her is the most exquisite conquest of all.

To meet this vast demand, an estimated 300,000 prostitutes are working in Spain – everywhere from clubs in town centres to industrial estates, to lonely country roads to roadside bars, the last often recognisable by gigantic neon signs of champagne bottles or shapely females, flashing away in the darkness. And recently, on the French border, Club Paradise opened with 180 sex workers, making it the biggest brothel in Europe.

Upside to an army of hookers: The average man gets a shot at experiencing the unequalled pleasure of fucking a beautiful young woman.

Downside to an army of hookers: The ranks of hot civilian chicks freely available on a weekend night are noticeably reduced.

As the clubs get larger, the clients get younger. According to studies carried out for the Spanish Association for the Social Reintegration of Female Prostitutes (Apramp), back in 1998 the typical client was a 40-year-old married male. By 2005, however, the average age had dropped to 30 – and it appears to be getting lower. “The kids are going because they see it as a quick way of getting what would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco,” Alvaro says. “You’ve got the money, you choose the woman you want and it’s all over and done with.” His own logic is even more brutal: “I go when I don’t have a girlfriend.”

And here we see the crux of the reason why Spain is a horrible place for players seeking to game girls into bed: The country is so full of hot, entitled princesses who play a mean countergame of hard-to-get that men are flocking to whores for some sweet relief. The dead giveaway is the quote that hooking up “would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco”. Spain is a country full of blue-balled betas and egotistic stuck-up bitches. In desperation, the betas turn to whores, and in response the whore business booms. The only other explanation for Spain’s high prostitution rate that makes any sense is the notion that Spanish men are horny bastards who need a platoon of girlfriends, wives and whores to adequately drain their balls.

In a player’s calculus for spots to travel, the hotness of the local girls is only part of the equation. He must also consider the susceptibility of those girls to smooth talking. If the girls are hot, but refuse to put out, that places the country squarely in the “scenic tourist trap” category. All show, no blow. Spain would seem to qualify, as would Argentina.

If the women are ugly, but put out on the first night, that places the country in the “old ruins” category. You get a quick fix of unsightly culture for the low price of bus fare. This is the option for swarthy Mediterranean men fleecing vacationing middle-aged Brit women of their vaginas and wallets. It is also the option for American men who prefer the tight holes of Thai ladyboys to the enormous caverns of obese American women.

If the girls are hot *and* put out on the first night, you have found Kiev, Vladivostok, Reykjavik, Warsaw an imaginary nirvana. This is the option for blog writers and diplomats. More about this, I will not say.


  1. What category is Sweden in?


  2. how ’bout those beta males, huh, guys? pretty lame stuff.


  3. Maybe the whores I use are different to the ones in the western world but as far as I can see the girls are actually really into it most of the time, especially the younger ones.

    It’s not like I used to imagine at all, a dirty woman in a dirtier room, a mere Vasalined-up hole in which you have what amounts to little more than a posh wank.

    It helps if you are fit and not old, nor impotent.

    And of course your attitude going in is probably the most important thing. The worst time you can go is when you can’t get laid otherwise. There are two times when you use go brassing:

    1) When you are getting laid the most

    2) When you need a quick reminder that the thing between a woman’s legs has a price, and to be honest it ain’t that expensive.

    Regarding 2), the following “eject” conversation has taken place more than once in my head, and once in real life:

    “Sorry, you want me to buy you a drink? How about this. I’ll buy you a drink if you fuck me.”

    “blah blah blah how rude, appeal to other men in the vicinity.”

    (pointing at her crotch) “Well do you even know how much that thing is worth? On the local market I can get it for $200, even cheaper if I consider offshore options.”

    “blah blah some appeal to how only desperate men use whores what a loser etc etc”

    “Don’t get me wrong honey. I don’t pay a whore for sex. I pay her to leave me the fuck alone once we’re done.”



  4. If you want easy first night lays go to Thailand, Philippines or China. Practice then go to better places like Russia, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

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  5. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about gaming Spain, like an Argentina but fives times more expensive.

    I went there for a couple weeks many years ago. It wasn’t enough time to game the local chicks, but I saw nothing encouraging.

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  6. Prostitutes serve a purpose for men with a girlfriend or wife who want something on the side.

    What movie had the line of something to effect of

    “You don’t pay a whore to fuck, you pay a whore so she leaves after you fuck her.”


  7. You are dead wrong on this. Widespread prostitution drives down the cost of sex and is therefore great for players. Women will put out more easily when they know men can just get a relatively cheap whore instead. The worst countries in the world for players are where prostitution is least accepted, namely Scandinavia. Women seek to ban prostitution in order to limit the availability of a cheap substitute. Usually under the guise of morality, but when they get really empowered, they just criminalize johns, as they have done in Norway and Sweden, and don’t even pretend it’s about anything else than driving up the cost of sex. I have personally felt how successful this has been. The price of street hookers doubled overnight after the new law went into effect here in Norway in 2008 and women became more difficult across the board. I have only gotten laid once since and would love to move to Spain.

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  8. I actually thought that Spain/Argentina were like Brazil ergo hot exotic and easy to meet and greet, etc…


  9. I sort of agree with Arpagus the supply drives down cost at least in Ukraine…


  10. In traditionally catholic nations prostitution is common. That’s because the Church’s tought (St. Augustine to be more precise) that allowing prostitution is a lesser evil than forbidding it. The holy men argue that if you forbid prostitution people will get into sodomy, raping and seducing young females (just as some castle visitors). And it seems the priests are right. Iberic countries and it’s former colonies have way less promiscuity than barbaric up north nations, despite all the tropicalia propaganda.

    Latin men are not beta neither alpha, they are something between both. I had a lot of difficult when reading PUA stuff because the situation here seems to be different. We’ll get into that Alpha/Beta division because modernity is arriving here, a bit late, Deo gratias.


  11. The candidates for the next 2011 Fallas festival in Valencia are in:


  12. New flash. Porn and prostitutes are a coping mechanism that many men use because of their experiences and the attitudes and behaviors of the modern version of women.

    The more men that use those outlets, the less hopefully the more deflation women get hit with in the coming years.


  13. My bad. It should say the more men that use those outlets, hopefully the more deflation women get hit with in the coming years.


  14. on December 6, 2010 at 10:34 pm Rant Casey - BR

    I supose that most of the whores in Spain are foreign. And a good number of them is also Brazilian.

    Why I know this, is every time we have news in our TV about it.

    In that dramatic tone: “one more criminal organization of human trafficking is dismantled. The group was formed by 2 brazilian men, and 2 from spain/romania/russia/alabnia/another tipical mafia country”.

    More on the same: “the women were led to believe they were being called to jobs like secretary, cook, etc, and once there, had theyr passports held and were forced into prostitution”.

    All the time on TV.

    Of course most know very well that they are leaving to work as prostitutes. Plenty of travestites too (and I dont think travestites blieve that Spaniards want them to babysit, cook, or work as secretaries).

    Anyway, that makes Spain look even worse from the seducer’s point of view. Even the prostitutes need to be imported from promiscuous 3rd world countries!

    Damn… unless you are Antonio Banderas that place sounds like hell.


  15. on December 6, 2010 at 10:40 pm Rant Casey - BR

    Italy is another prefered destiny to Brazilian whores and travestites.


  16. Anyone have any stats on Muslims in to Spain working as whores?



  17. Let us not forsake the fact that the legal age of consent in Spain is a mere 13 yrs old. Is there a correlation? Perhaps the available but guarded like a bank vault teens are driving the younger men to whores?


  18. i’m spanish, from madrid

    yes, there are a lot of guys who use prostitutes here. they are betas who can’t get laid unless they are extremely lucky finding an ugly girl willing to put out.
    i know a couple of them who try to keep it in secret cause pepole laught at their backs.
    99% of the whores are from another countries (south america, africa and e.europe mostly), but they are very ugly. very ugly.

    gaming here is expensive, the entrance with one drink to any decent club will cost you a minimum of 10€

    most of the hot girls prefer to meet guys though their social circles, you must have tight game to pull anything above a 7 at night from approaching. is possible.. but hard and luck is a factor
    one night stands are rare, girls here don’t want to risk their reputation, if they sleep with a guy on the same night they will be called ‘puta’ (slut) by their friends

    but not everything is bad, there are some good things.
    first, noone approaches at night. maybe 2-3% of the guys, so you have a huge advantage and is very rare to compete with another guy for the same girl.

    second, noone runs day game. i’ve never seen anyone in my life doing it. They fear too much to come across as creepy.
    i really need to improve here, that’s why roosh sould publish his day game book soon for me to read it.

    third, there are a lot of hot girls.

    Is not that bad.


  19. I lived in Andalusia (southern Spain, more or less) for years up until a while ago. And I’ve hung out in several puticlubs, as they call them there, while my friends went and got their dicks sucked or whatever.

    The only time I was remotely tempted to pay for that shit myself was in a whorehouse in Dos Hermanas, when the most ethereally lovely Polish girl came up. She spoke like six languages and god knows how many in the sack, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    Anyway, a few points about the Spanish sitch, at least in the South:

    –The chicks are *all* foreigners. Eastern European, West Indian, East Asian, South American. So it’s not the beta girls from Spain at all.

    –Spanish women are not especially easy to get in bed, but if you talk to them right, it can be done. Lots of times.

    –Although the whorehouses in question are I think probably very pleasant as whorehouses go, they fucking grossed me out. I didn’t and wouldn’t do that. Therefore it’s maybe better to take your chances with the locals. At least if you’re me…


  20. I hadn’t seen Vicen’s comment before I posted mine, by the way. I tend to agree with most of what he says.


  21. Spain is a bad place to game, because the whole idea of game is to convince women that they should have sex with you because you are some kind of rockstar imitation. They won’t put out because being a player is ridiculously stupid. If they wanted sex they could get paid for it and not go through all the bullshit.

    Game allows the sluts to be sluts. But if the sluts can get paid for what the do and be socially accepted for doing it then game has no use. You are left with marriage minded women who never put out for anything less then a few months of commitment.

    Once again roissy thinks ALL women will drop their panties for an alpha. Even fucking super alpha actors fail. Not all women think the same or have the same standards. Those are the women who will not fall for game without commitment .

    [Editor: Troll. Ignore it.]


  22. After traveling extensively in Argentina, I can say you are most certainly correct. Beautiful women…but entitled and unwilling to put out.


  23. Spanish girls – or Hispanic girls in general, are by far the trickiest to get safely clear of after you have rung their luv-bell. After penetrating the barriers of Catholic guilt and hostile family expectations you can expect to find a hyper-energized vag-hindbrain connection which makes for frenzied fucking and afterwards a fierce investment in your capture.. The forebrain, where some reason normaslly operates, is totally inoperative in these cases. It is all “Fuck me or I will kill you!!!” along with “Try to get away and I will kill you!!!” And they often do carry knives.
    After a few doses of this lots of guys might conclude that putting some cash in the deal to help with your escape is simple economic wisdom.


  24. FWIW, Prostitution was widespread in pre-Victorian England, and considered a bane of society, perpetuating poverty and preventing family formation.

    Prostitution is a major, major thing in both Africa (lots of migratory single male workers) and … the US!

    All those illegal aliens require lots and lots of prostitution. Trafficking in young girls (often considerably under 13) out of Mexico is a major business for the Zetas and Gulf Cartel, and other criminal organizations. This fits in with Human Rights Watch warning that immigrants transiting Mexico face rape if they are female, no matter the age. Mexico is a dysfunctional monstrosity, and the same for Mexican men, in the US or in Mexico.

    Widespread prostitution is a sign something huge in a society is not working. A middle class land has family formation, not endless sex and sex for money.


  25. The gift guide from 12/1 and the post on farting from 11/19 were written by Roissy. Everything else in that timeframe was written by Roissy v.2.lame.

    Go ahead. Read them all.

    Unhelpful, unfunny, sanctimonious, overly-political, and whiny.


  26. Roissy, do you think that more guys banging prostitutes in favour of putting effort into gaming women will force those women to lower their bitchiness when they realise that men aren’t paying them the attention they used to?


  27. man spain and argentina sounds like the pits. this really sucks because physically they really hit my attraction buttons in every way. the only women who i find more attractive are brazilians.


  28. i wonder why the spaniards/argentinians have these specific entitlement issues ?

    as a corollary does this mean they are much better ltr prospects ? less likely to cheat on you ?


  29. spain has the highest proportion of immigrants among european countries (it’s a result of their erstwhile housing bubble). could it be that the large # of prostitutes simply reflects the large # of poor foreign women in spain who need cash?


  30. BDS- if it makes you feel any better Roissy’s supposedly working on a book so all that quality writing you’ve missed out on can possibly be in your hot little hands in due time.


  31. Beta Body Language…the Hovering Hand.


  32. Whiskey’s right about the Mexicans having lots of prostitution “houses”.

    Ive read about “underground brothels” in the local newsmedia being busted. The motivation behind the busts were human-trafficking allegations which apparently turned out to be quite true. Some of the girls were teenagers, being kept against their will, forced to have sex with 20 men a day. The Mexicans were running these businesses, and there were apparently secret “passwords” customers were to say at the door in order to gain admittance.

    Its funny how our white swpls never write anything in the local alternative newspaper about this. Its like they collectively decide to ignore the story, even though its a true human rights abuse.

    This is the second blog post Ive read on my new mobile phone. I think many more people will have access to various blogs via their mobile phones during their downtime on the job, lunch hours, etc. When one gets home after work, they might have errands to run or things to do, but during the down-time minutes of the day (like being in-line making some purchase or another), if you have your phone with you, the ability to check out what your favorite bloggers are up to is literally sitting in your pocket. I think this will make blogs more popular, even though it may not lead to more comments in the comment section (now I see why people favor blackberries, my fingers are too thick to type very well on the e-screen’s keypad, even with the swipe funtion……I’ll have to buy one of those pens).


    Spain is a pretty far-gone place isn’t it? Its a shame. They are a beautiful mediterranean people.
    I think a potential usage of prostitution for a young guy is to get a sexual monkey off his back if he is pining for a girl with particular characteristics.

    For instance: A guy might be in a good relationship with a average brunette girl with a relatively flat chest. She will be good mother/wife material and she loves him. He has fantasized for years about banging a big-tittied blonde (or red-head, or middle-eastern girl, or asian girl, whatever). If he can find a call girl online that fits these attributes, he might be able to fuck her four or five times and get over it, without searching out and having an affair that might see him lose a gal that really loves him, etc.

    There certainly are women who fit sexualized catergories a married man might think about that his wife just can’t offer.
    1)A spinner (I think every guy has dreamed about nailing a little 100 lb chick and having her every way from Sunday)

    2)A big-tittied girl (big natural tits that is)

    3)A particular ethnicity. Lots of guys want a particular ethnicity at least once. I think its called “planting a flag”.

    4)A particular hair color or skin tone.

    5)A bubble-assed girl. Surely many men have wondered what it would be like to make J-Lo’s ass their own for about 10 hard minutes.

    Prostitution would enable many guys to get some of these monkeys off their backs without them having to lie to and lead on several different women about them “being the one” and all of that. It would enable some married men with the resources a safe affair that would not necessarily break up their marriage.


    Overtime: I wonder how many indebted college graduates with useless degrees will have to be on stripper poles and working as escorts in the future? I bet it will be more than a few.


  33. A high percentage of sex-purchaser among males doesn’t necessarily mean that is it unusualy hard to pick up women. In my über-feminist homecountry of Sweden buying sex is seen (at least in mainstreammedia and amongst most women and male academics) as a vile crime. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to pick up women (it isn’t, allthough it’s not impossible). If prostitutes were moore accesible i think i could consider to purchase some sex now and again (considering it was attractive hookers of course).


  34. you are not making any sense. spanish culture is among the most macho/aggressive in terms of pretty much everything. The upshot in prostitution is not indicative of blue balls. READ HISTORY. roman and japanese history. In fact, prostitution increases with “increased needed services for miliatry professionals” i.e the roman legions or the institution of the samurai as a warrior class.

    Ultra macho cultures or ultra-liberal cultures tends to have lots of brothels.


  35. on December 7, 2010 at 3:27 am Cannon's Canon

    it was just a few months ago when the success of germany’s world cup squad was lumped onto the shoulders of its cultural diversity. ozil was really a turk, podolski was really a pole, klose was really a slav, boateng was really ghanaian, and mario gomez was a true german (named “mario gomez”). it was as if all the various races and cultures combined to assuage each others’ weaknesses and create a ‘Master Team’ that attacked with the style of the brazilians and defended with the industriousness of the, uhh, germans. italian commentators chastised their governing body for omitting balotelli (black) from the squad.

    yet, it was spain who won the world tournament. spain, whose basketball squad posed for the old index-fingers-stretching-eyelids group photo on their beijing olympics trip. i don’t trust any the romance-country natives personally, but spain is still pretty fucking WHITE.

    and now we find out that spanish girls typically don’t comply with sexual advances easily? that “reputation” over there is valued and future time orientation is a yoke on the local females? well, i guess all that “marrano” mythology is over-emphasized!

    wow, what a broken system, where the most bountiful male providers are actually incentivized with the affections of the hottest chicks and the head-tilt alphas settle for bar slags, as opposed to everywhere else in the whole western world. DEFINITELY WOULDN’T WANT TO GO THERE, MIGHT SACRIFICE MY ALPHA CRED

    and who, racially, comprises this small group of roustabout women? oh, you don’t say!

    // yes, maybe it is some J-genes that keep these girls selective, heh. or moop-genes, who knows


  36. “The country is so full of hot, entitled princesses who play a mean countergame of hard-to-get that men are flocking to whores for some sweet relief”


    Spanish girls see themselves as the best in the world: more atractive than others from developed countries and richer than others from poorer countries.

    I live here and sometimes is fucking depressing.


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  37. 1st post – my 0,02 – Mediterranean countries didn’t suffer from the hippie/feminist bullshit to nearly the same extent as the US/Northern Europe, so they are an interesting look at how I think the West was before feminism: Men aren’t separated into “alpha” thug shitheads and beta suck-ups, but rather combine traits from both in varying amounts; the women meet men primarily through mixed-gender social circles, so most suitors have been vetted/social proofed in a balanced way, by both genders, instead of by catty, cosmo-reading whores.

    Yes I think from a strictly PUA perspective, spanish women are hard to game, but they are far better LTR material. They do have some entitlement complex, but they are overall attractive, thin and age very well, and make great LTRs, so I can see why they’d have some standards. Relative to American women, they aren’t that princess-y since they can actually back up their attitudes with something. The spread of prostitution will lower this entitlement complex somewhat, IMO

    That said, this is not a bad thing to be discouraged. There are already enough places where you can game loose whores with tired mystery/style crap. I’d love to see a return to mediterranean type SMP. Fun as gaming is, it is a sign of a sick society and ultimately unfulfilling.

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  38. To the guy who asked about muslim prostitutes in Spain: Not sure, but in France and Italy alot of whores are moroccan and some are Turkish.

    All this talk from muslim imams about Euro women being less virtuous than muslim women because they don’t dress like garbage bags is pure crap. Truth is, once free from the constant threat of being murdered by their fathers and brothers, middle-eastern women are whores. Often “assimilated” north african women in France will take on the thug-worshipping, aggressive ghetto attitude of their african counter-parts


  39. it’s possible that the “hover hand” is beta-derived (and the pictures would appear to support that hypothesis), but personally, i can recall doing it when i was younger because i had an extremely visceral fear of offending a girl and landing my ass in jail. i used to think body contact was only permissible during the last phase of courtship, and that anything else would be essentially sexual harassment.


  40. I’ll also add that there may be other factors at play here (though I’m speculating). As noted earlier, most prostitutes are foreign and Spain gets a ton of illegal immigration, so that will boost supply. Spain has been hit VERY hard by the economic crisis too, so that will also put upward pressure on supply and somewhat on demand from down & out unemployed Spanish men

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  41. Spanish guys are pussies and have no idea how to talk to women. That’s why they don’t get laid and prefer the company of hookers. I’m Spanish-Canadian and have lived in Spain for a long time. Many of my friends would hit on girls by telling them how beautiful, amazing, and sexy they are. Spanish guys like to pedestalize and worship women.

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  42. Spanish chicks have a few bad things like smoking a lot and having a less feminine voice, but that is about it. They are proud women and take care of themselves.

    I live in Portugal and Spanish chicks are way easier than Portuguese ones. This is when they are on vacation here, and when I go to Spain. They also don’t even like Portuguese guys but I get laid anyway.

    I have the most experience in Seville, the south of Spain.


  43. Im spanish, and you’ve forgotten the ethnic angle.
    Half the hookers are east european and half south american.
    Why put up with entitled feminist shit when you can fuck a russian chick for 50 bucks?


  44. “The country is so full of hot, entitled princesses who play a mean countergame of hard-to-get that men are flocking to whores for some sweet relief.”

    According to Roissy’s logic if a girl refuses to be seduced for a pump and dump she is a bitch. If she lets herself to be easily seduced she is a slut. So every women is a bitch or a slut, no matter what she does.

    Truth is in a more or less catholic society virtuous women are more likely to think with brains and not vagina and not put out, seek a holistic man with both alfa and beta characteristics and then settle down and be faithful.

    In contrast of that, the fallen women are more likely to understand that they are fallen and start charging money for their vagina.

    This situation contrasts with U.S. where nearly all women are fallen government employed sluts, but they don’t understand that. And if they do, they just charge money after divorce not prior to coitus.

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  45. Banging some feminazi poon in Scandanavia sure didn’t help the cause of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.


  46. 3 posts in one day? Roissy is on a writing streak!


  47. big tour d’amour then…from marriage as a deal, to divorce theft, and soon back to the prior arrangement, where she either puts out or is left over.


  48. So Swedish men were “Alpha” for letting the feminists criminalize them for this while the Spanish men were “Betas” for standing up to the feminists and maintaining the right to do this? 😉


  49. “Spain is a country full of blue-balled betas and egotistic stuck-up bitches.”

    No doubt the bitches are scheming frantically to deny the betas access to the whores. And then the next step after that is shutting off the cyberp0rn! Damn you, betas, don’t you know you’re supposed to have no sexual outlets at all?

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  50. The US Congress is about to vote on iVAWA which will allow millions to be sent to the Spanish feminists and feminists in other countries to build the political power to get men criminalized for the above:

    One might think the Republicans will not allow a lame duck Congress to vote on something like this, but you might be wrong.

    Heck, even the new Tea Party Congress might vote for this in January.

    That’s because nobody is on TV telling the American public that feminism is even a problem, except some say they’re a problem only because of the abortion issue.

    In 2005, Bush and Brownback were proud to be photographed with the VAWA documents in their hands.


  51. Does anyone have a link to show if the two Swedish feminists that slept with Assange were hot?

    The Daily Mail article talks about a YouTube video freely available showing the young Jessica in pink.

    Alpha behavior was described by these feminists themselves. They both willingly went to bed with him.

    Apparently the old feminist Sarah had written an essay once about how to use false legal charges to punish a man for cheating on her with a younger woman. When this happened with Assange, she was apparently filled with hate.

    Nobody sane believes Sarah’s charge of rape. Everyone knows she’s just angry he slept with someone else so quickly after she slept with him.

    This is the exact emotion older women feel when it comes to paid sex with younger women. That’s why I take some of those on this blog who get so hot under the collar about the subject, to be women pretending they’re men in order to influence this blog on the subject that older women feel the most bile about.

    Regarding the young Jessica – He’s accused of insisting on unprotected sex the morning after consensual sex with a condom (she had wanted him to spend the night in her bed). More likely, what was really going on is that she thought twice about it and wanted to force him to take a HIV test. It is possible that he forced it in unprotected but I doubt that.

    Did she sleep with Assange otherwise consensually because he was a big left wing hero?

    If so…maybe Mark Zuckerberg can take lessons from him. Depending on what they look like, maybe most men here can take lessons from him.

    What was the age difference? In Sweden of all places…


  52. Its possible that Assange was the type that wanted to go bareback and would break a woman’s confidence at the last second or during the act in order to get his wish. This seems to be the crux of the legal case against him.

    But, legally, young Jessica needed to cry rape right after he took the condom off and plowed forward. If she kissed and hugged him while wondering “why did I allow him to go bareback”, and then took him to the Enkoping Train Station for another round of hugs and kisses with her left wing hero, then only in Sweden would there be a case. Or?


  53. on December 7, 2010 at 8:49 am Rant Casey - BR


    Im spanish, and you’ve forgotten the ethnic angle.
    Half the hookers are east european and half south american.
    Why put up with entitled feminist shit when you can fuck a russian chick for 50 bucks?

    Hum… I hit the target even in the price.


    Spain is so full of Brazilian prostitutes that every brazilian (specially women) that travels to Spain spends a good amount of time retained in the airports, giving explanations to the authorities.

    Recently it was a scandal in Brazil that a PhD in phisics was retained and missed a congress.

    Of course the media simply portrayed the spaniards as evil and xenophobic, and forgot entirely of the rountine influx of illegal whores.


    I wonder what a spanish pick up artist is like.

    What I would do is act like a friend who is not trying to impress her. Keep an alpha vibe but dont hit on her. That is… do the unexpected.

    In places where women act this hard to get, they are used with guys befriending them with second intentions. They try to display themselves as loyal and “someone who understands her and values her”. Theyr bet is in being a prestative friend who makes it clear that they are a romantic option.

    In Brazil we call it “Rice Friend” (never the main dish).

    Anyway, I’d willingly walk to the friend zone. But not in a mushy way. Let her wonder what is wrong with her that this particular friend never hits on her, or hints interest.

    Important rules: never empathize when they talk – and they will do it – about her love interests and this or that guy. Pull another subject like you are shaking off a boring topic. Make fun on her, and eventually treat her like she is a male friend. Dont look after her when outside – let her look for protection instead of becoming her guard dog. Show a lot of interest in other acquitances.

    Its guaranteed to make the hamster go crazy. She will spend time wondering what is wrong with her: she is falling for you but you dont see her potential like she sees yours.

    If it dont work you are not losing anything – not even wasting time. If getting girls in that place depends upon meeting someone of your social circle, then that is preciely what you are doing – investing in your social circle. By the way, you are pre selected – you’re not with her, but girl friends tend to be jealous of male friends that hit on everybody else but them. The other women will notice, and they will enjoy “robbing you” from your friend.

    From my experience, when a girl think that you just dont hit on her because you think she is unnatainable, they will often hint interest (bait!) just to see if that is the case. Theyr look of frustration is so amusing.

    Roosh seem to have tried all the standard PUA stuff in Argentina without much sucess. So its worth giving it a try and win in the long run.


  54. Sorry, you have it wrong. What it’s saying is most guys are increasingly disinterested in paying for alcoholic late nights out in the hope of meeting someone just for casual sex in Spain, so now those clubs where people meet for casual sex are being deserted by men who would rather screw and dump a girl for money and go exercise and have a massage afterward in the daytime instead. Wonder what effect that will have on sex ratios and male empowerment in the clubs where half the interesting guys have gone off, and the rest a have smile from getting laid free or paid, and a very real sense of what pussy is worth? Maybe the feminist oriented press aren’t telling the whole truth about legalizing prostitution, eh?

    As for Spanish women, they’re quite good looking generally, often sexy and fun, especially the wilder ones. They’re a catholic culture, so they’re more inhibited from going to bed with you quickly than the Western European girls, but less so than middle or upper class Asian women, for example. Girls can get away with having flings if they move to a big city, it’s not like their families are usually keeping them under surveillance. It may make some girls more interested in long term affairs for sure, but I think it’s clear it makes the sluttier sisters more available too. Girls still want casual sex, but now a sinking number of men are willing to invest a decreasing amount of time and money in it.


  55. Good point Dr. T: That’s why, whether its true or not, its counterproductive for guys on this blog to ever put forward the idea that this activity is “beta” or “gamma” instead of “value neutral” (no points for game but if she’s a 10 who cares). Regular women need to know the value of a night with them, in terms of their physical appearance and presence, is low for any man, even all the men more than 2 points below them on the looks scale.

    The value of a woman’s personality is another matter.

    More on the charges against the Wikileaks founder:

    When both women compared notes (Jessica having been so upset about the bareback episode that she confided in a female stranger, Sarah who was hosting Assange at her place and had slept with him as well), they found that he clearly had a penchant for bareback.

    The linchpin in the case seems to be that a condom had seemed to “break” when he had been with Sarah the day before. So with the older Sarah, the condom had “broken”. With the young Jessica, a similar thing had happened.

    If he’d really had the intention of conning them (if the condom hadn’t really accidentally broken with Sarah), there is apparently a case of intentional deceit.

    I’d hate to see a Swedish feminist win with a rape charge after a night of consensual sex…but if he pulled off the condom without their consent in both cases, and if they aren’t working for the CIA, then its possible he can lose this. The whole case will be about whether there was a pattern of deceit with multiple women.


  56. the best thing about this blog is the comments. The content is starting to slide. I read some of chateau’s older articles and they are exciting and really funny. He should just post once or twice a week if ideas are running short.


  57. Spanish men live with their parents well into their mid-30’s or longer. This is uber beta. The other poster was right, Spanish men act like Pu*sies and then complain that the locals are too tough for Game. BS. Act like men and leave the nest at 18, not 36.


  58. This post reads like sour grapes to me. Spain is a Catholic country and one with a divorce rate of only TEN percent despite the divorce laws favoring women (oh, and they do, their prime minister is quite socialist). Furthermore, their women take care of themselves and look good into their 40’s. Countries . That should put things into perspective.


  59. on December 7, 2010 at 10:15 am Rant Casey - BR

    GG has a point.

    By the way… only ruined cultures are pick-up paradises. (Except if that ruined culture is muslim, of course).

    For what other reason Chateau conects declining of america with widespread slut behaviour?

    In civilizational terms Brazil is a fucked up place. And probably because of that, its an awesome place if all you want is putaria. Though, its a pretty depressing place except when I’m fucking.



    As a Man you will ALWAYS pay for sex in some way. You may finance it (marriage), you may buy it retail or wholesale (dating), you might rent it (prostitution) and you might just beat off to the advertising (porn), but rest assured, you WILL pay. You may even think it’s free in the beginning, but that’s just the introductory offer – you’ll be making payments in the future.

    There will ALWAYS be an element of exchange when it comes to sex – even when you’re single and beating off to porn. It’s easy to make these self-righteous declarations of how you’d never tolerate being manipulated by sex, but every time you see an ad with an attractive woman selling you beer you are. You simply don’t perceive it as such. If it were an overt manipulation, and made obvious to you often enough you might have pause to think you’re being led around by your dick. But this is rarely the case, and in fact, depending on a guy’s personal options, he may accept his circumstance in spite of being overtly aware of it. Anything can become normal.

    However, the vast majority of women aren’t overt about it – their natural communication preference being covert, but also to ensure that this exchange stays subtle and gradually becomes normal for a man. Obviously if you find yourself negotiating sex for something tangible, on some level you realize the dynamic, but women rarely operate in this fashion. And those who do generally have such a low opinion of the men they’re with (or just men in general) that they become comfortable enough to actually be (usually mockingly) comfortable in acknowledging the exchange.

    Martin Lawrence once had a great line in his stand up routine, “If women would fuck in a cardboard box, a man would never buy a house.” Even the drinks you buy for that ONS you had still cost something. Even the Fuck Buddy girl who’s sexuality is on-demand still sees her sexuality as an investment – it may not cost you now, but payment will be due at some point.


  61. I think AlphaRising’s comments above are on the mark regarding Spanish women — they make great LTRs and are very very attractive. I was just over in Spain in August and walking around the Madrid airport and all the Iberia airline chicks were very flirty towards me. I probably had the benefit of being an attractive “exotic” foreign man, but still, American girls’ flirtations are not on par with the flirtations of Spanish women. The difference is night and day. Visiting Spain is like a breath of fresh air after dealing with American princesses — especially those here in DC.


  62. @Girly Girl

    There’s truth to the comments. The 2 biggest male babies on the PGA tour are both Spanish. Sergio Garcia is a whiny wuss and Jose Marie Olazabbelll??? acts like a scorned woman. Don’t let the diversity crowd pollute your mind with their drivel. Most stereotypes have some truth to them. Modern Spanish men are pus*sies.

    Older Spanish women do seem to take care of them selves, but I’d be curious to see how they look outside of the metropolitan areas.


  63. Rant Casey – Actually, rich Western countries with open minded and beautiful women are pretty non fucked up as most stats go, and they’re great pickup countries, but only if you’re an alpha. If you’re not, they suck.

    What you’re experiencing is actually mostly just income disparity, because Brazil is relatively poor, so you’re a lot richer than them. The average Brazilian probably doesn’t consider Brazil a sex paradise, because he can’t afford very much quality sex. If you lived in Germany or Netherlands and made 10 times the average salary there instead, you’d probably get at least the same selection of girls. But of course there are other variables, like you say, islamic countries refuse to share the love, which may be why they’re 1000 years behind everyone else except Africa in terms of development. And of course stuff like walking around half naked all day helps too.


  64. another confirmation:

    Would you rather date someone who dumped his or her last partner or someone who was the dumpee? For an article in Evolutionary Psychology, Christine Stanik, Robert Kurzban and Phoebe Ellsworth found that men will give a woman a lower rating when they learn that she dumped her last boyfriend, perhaps fearing they will be next. But women rated men more highly when they learned that they had done the dumping, perhaps seeing it as a sign of desirability.


  65. Alpha Spanish men are perhaps the most alpha men in the world. See this Roosh post about “Soccer Player Alphas”:

    Contrast this Spanish behavior with Julian Assange, the Wikileaks guy facing rape charges. Girls sought him out because they thought he was alpha, but ran away when they realized he was a nerdy fanboy.

    If you are a Spanish girl, the alphas are very alpha and worth holding out for. It’s the perfect recipe for blue-balled men looking for an outlet.


  66. Back then “in me yoof” I’d pay-pull ’em from time to time, invariably en route to a lonesome bed all boozed up after a bad night’s run (this was well before the days of PUA science) but there were also other ways of co-ercing them (not forgetting the occasional two-up which was quite fun – always on the house, of course) but these days – nah – I’d never pay for it. That would be doing gross insult to all those years of hard spadework.


  67. I disagree.

    The dead giveaway is the quote that hooking up “would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco”. Spain is a country full of blue-balled betas and egotistic stuck-up bitches.

    Spain is a promiscuous country. Brothelism and pornification are observed steps to becoming a jaded post-western Islamic hellhole. When porn/prostitution/Jet’s sideline hostess is a viable career path for chicks 8.5+, their sexuality becomes monetized and, while diluted, harder to get.

    I don’t think Spanish men are betas inasmuch as decades of anti-shaming sluts has led their women to maximize return on they ass.


  68. on December 7, 2010 at 11:20 am Rant Casey - BR

    Hello, Dr-T. Thanks for adressing my comment.

    Rant Casey – Actually, rich Western countries with open minded and beautiful women are pretty non fucked up as most stats go, and they’re great pickup countries, but only if you’re an alpha. If you’re not, they suck.

    I see. I was based on the perception that many of the rich western countries are becoming decivilized.

    Its probably a mistake to rely only in economic/social indicators (though they allow insight in basic truths). Stats make Sweden sound like paradise, even though…

    What you’re experiencing is actually mostly just income disparity, because Brazil is relatively poor, so you’re a lot richer than them.

    In fact I’m a native, and self-educated working class male. Not an expat.

    The average Brazilian probably doesn’t consider Brazil a sex paradise, because he can’t afford very much quality sex.

    In Brazil, the tiny and irrelevant middle class is the sexually frustrated class. Rich and poor are not complaining.

    The riches live in an hedonic utopia in Brazil. The poor dont know better than whore around with each other. And the middle class struggles with shitty jobs, monthly college payments (not student loans in here), and try to look earnest.

    If you lived in Germany or Netherlands and made 10 times the average salary there instead, you’d probably get at least the same selection of girls.

    Dont get me wrong, I’m not rich. I’m a 20something taking my shots at good business deals, and this matter is not settled yet.

    From my outer apearance, most people consider me a loser or an average Joe at best. (They are about to be proved wrong, in no more than a couple months hehehehe).

    Good luck for me!


  69. For LTRs, if she’s not a virgin, you want to be the most alpha man she’s ever been with. That’s why it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid women who had been the dumpees. Somewhere in their minds they are still in love with their old boyfriend. Be especially wary if she “hates some asshole” in her past who dumped her.

    On the other hand, the girl who did the dumping gives you a ear-zero risk for thinking of her ex or going back to him.


  70. TLM, in many Mediterranean countries children live with parents into their 30s for economic reasons. The cost of living has increased drastically due to the euro (which was originally based on the currency of a much strong country, Germany). Grocery stores simply changed the price signs from escudos (as in Portugals case) to euros while employers lowered wages accordingly.

    In Milan, my friends who graduated from Boccini, a top business school got jobs in investment banking. The starting salaries are 700 euros a month while rent is far more than that. Is it any wonder then that moving out is so difficult to do?

    Typically what happens is that moving out occurs when marriage arrives for the children. In which case, the respective families assist them in buying a house so they can move out together.

    Living alone is becoming more common, and will probably be a normal thing in the future. But with the debt problems, I doubt it.


  71. Ibiza. Circa A.D 1999. Young Spanish girls in the disco. OMG! Killa!


  72. on December 7, 2010 at 11:29 am Rant Casey - BR

    Same situation as Brazil, GG.


  73. @TLM,

    Oh, I am sure there are Spanish men that behave that way. My people are not fond of Spaniards or Spanish culture to tell you the truth, so we do like to make fun of them (world cups give a lot of good fuel for that).

    However, there is still something to be said about the dynamics of their culture as a whole.


  74. Sounds like the situation taking hold in Canada. Pages and pages of ads for prostitutes, it’s a booming business because the average Urban Canadian man is full-on MANGINA. Not to mention urban Canadian women are stuck up fembots, and the gay population is rising incredibly as well.


  75. Perhaps this explains why Spain has the lowest of the low birth rates in rapidly disappearing white Europe.


  76. That’s too bad GG, because over here in the states, a guy still at home in his twenties typically has the letter L burned into his forehead for being such a loser.

    What’s wrong with getting several guys together and pool resources to rent some party house. I just couldn’t imagine trying to Game women while still sucking off of Mommy & Daddy’s teet.

    Here’s a thought. How about the young folks getting screwed by the EU rising up and dumping that ridiculous idea all together. I don’t see the benefit to any group except the assholes in Brussels. The way things are going financially, it can’t be too long until one of the member countries decides to go old school on another. It’s well past time for those long festering historical grudges to boil over.


  77. on December 7, 2010 at 11:51 am Rant Casey - BR

    Girly Girl… are you portuguese, ora pois pois?



  78. Whiskey–FWIW, Prostitution was widespread in pre-Victorian England, and considered a bane of society, perpetuating poverty and preventing family formation.

    It’s not worth much. Your implication is that prostitution stopped being widespread in England during Victorian times. In fact it probably increased then if anything. It was also socially accepted that it existed as a safety valve for young gentlemen (and less importantly others) that had the beneficial effect of their putting less pressure on their sweethearts or wives to have sex, or too animal sex, or too much of it. Prostitutes were not socially accepted except at the very highest levels. There’d long been a tradition of some actresses also being courtesans to rich and socially prominent men, usually aristocrats. These were accepted in the racier regions of high society and in some ways revered. Lilly Langtree is an example. There were others.

    The religious types that are most down on prostitution are Calvinist and Evangelical type protestantism. Also puritan type feminists. Sex positive ones, not always. A split there I think. Mainstream protestants e.g. Episcopalians, not so much.


  79. You need to write about the sex charges against Julian Assange. Apparently one of the accusers is a radical feminist.


  80. Seconding sabril.

    Roissy, I know Assagne probably offends your deranged nationalist sensibilities, but out of loyal to male kind, you need to speak out against the injustice being done to him.


  81. Yes, it is.

    But it is also a great place to test and improve your skills. I live in Seville (most important city in south Spain) and here it’s really hard to get laid (not impossible though). However, every time I travel abroad everything becomes a hundred times easier.

    This place is like “school of hard knows” of game.


  82. @Rafael

    Spanish girls with close family networks sound a lot like some Italian girls I know: you pursue them, and they lead you right into a waiting circle of female relatives who have all been expecting you. They have seen your kind before.

    In that situation, escape the circle’s presumption of superior numbers by hitting on the grandmothers, who love it.

    Be a rascal.

    Simple divide and conquer. I was surprised it worked. Seeing this charm offensive, this granddaughter who was renting a room to me while living in the apartment at the time took to walking around our apartment wearing nothing but empty cut-off sweatpants and a bra. This was an improvement.

    I charity banged her at the end of the month, just before returning to the States.

    This was twenty years ago. Italian girls vary by city and region. Florentine girls are rare as hen’s teeth and very insular. Roman girls are more open. YMMV.


  83. I have also heard numerous times that it is difficult to “score” in Spain. I have also heard that the Spanish are rather conservative and that many women will not do it prior to marriage. This would explain the widespread availability of prostitution. The same is true for Thailand (but not the Philippine). The “regular” Thai people, especially women, are sexually conservative. So the men all go to prostitutes when they want to get laid.

    In my experiences, I found the Australian women to be the easiest to score with. Also, they are quite fun to be with (unlike many American women).


  84. @TLM,

    The EU, for all its mutual mental masterbation has gotten many things wrong. Europeans tend to be part of three groups, 1) those who know things arent right but it doesnt affect their lives negatively enough for them to leave complacency as a mental state, 2) those who realize there is no room for them and their overly ambitious pursuits, 3) those who naively believe in the benevolent forces of government.

    The political class is too pompuous and too believing in idealism to see the road they take themselves and others onto. For them, the EU is a religion as it provides them comfortable lifestyle.

    There is a reason why many do leave their countries to pursue opportunities abroad. Such individuals tend to either be academic, researchers, entrepreneurs who do not want to deal with European red tape.


  85. Disagree with this post. If prostitution is widely accepted and thus a viable option for the native men, then the native men develop no game. This means that (a) you’re competing against lesser opponents and (b) women’s expectations of game are calibrated toward a lower standard of game.


  86. If I were to give the number one thing that is used to keep men down, it is the idea that there is something wrong with “paying” for sex; whereas being able to “seduce” women gives one a higher echelon of manliness. This bizarre concept plays off men against each other. It puts men in the statistically impossible situation of competing against all other men for a small number of women who are available, attractive, seducable, and free of such baggage as STDs or some agenda (say, she wants you to support her kids).

    Let’s put aside the fact that men “pay” for sex in any number of ways, in which picking up the check for dating is the least. We might look at men who are currently doing 18 years child support payments because of a slip up in birth control (or a woman lying about the same). Or who are doing jail time on false or trumped up charges of rape. Or who spend an inordinate amount of time and energy working up their “game” and then playing the very real games that women play–time and energy which could be spent enhancing one’s economic situation or expanding one’s inner truths.

    Ah, but that does not have the perceived value of being better than all those “Betas” who “pay for it.” Yep, it really shows who is top dog. Until the PUAs reach the day when they lack the looks or the youth or the sang froid to game women, or when they find themselves paying child support to several different women and suddenly have other things on their minds than roaming clubs and singles bars.

    Then what?

    Has anyone stopped to think about the long term consequences here? That by buying into the sexual revolution, you are undermining society? And you are also undermining yourself? Women’s power comes from having a commodity — sex — which they can parcel out selectively and in return for something (like a wedding ring and a male supporting her plus her children in perpetuity). What prostitution does is destroy this female monopoly. It’s one of the reasons why women have generally promoted the criminalization of sex work. They (correctly) can’t stand the competition, any more than any other monopoly. What boggles the mind, though, is why men would then support this criminalization and their own consequent marginalization.

    But we know why. It’s because too many men believe that they are going to be different, they too will be “Alpha” males, getting all those babes that “Girls Gone Wild” and Hef’ have told them are out there. If they just game or practice PUA or if, if, if…

    Of course, if any male, including the lowly “Betas,” can have sex at any time via sex workers, then the status of being an “Alpha” evaporates. And perhaps the “Alphas” might even contemplate why they are wasting so much time and energy chasing the almighty “V”.

    Men need to see a common interest among themselves. When men compete with each other, they open themselves up to exploitation. The system is rigged against men in too many ways to mention (check out MRA sites for more on this).

    Men need to stand together. This means dumping the competition between “Alphas” and “Betas” and whatever other Greek letters we might cook up.


  87. Downside to an army of hookers: The ranks of hot civilian chicks freely available on a weekend night are noticeably reduced.

    Higher end hookers go to bars and clubs as civilians and date too. What’s a terrible risk for marriage could be fun for play. Of duty and off the meter, she’s got to be gamed and seduced. It’s a step beyond gaming hot strippers to be sure, but hey. Maybe there’s some effect of the sort Chateau is positing, but I think it’s likely small.

    Ambiguity about slut shaming at least among a substantial risque crowd = happy hunting ground for players, even if the player really wants to be hunting semi good girls, or good girls, to further corrupt. Where any reputation at all about being a slut tends to make it much much harder for a girl to get most any desirable guy, rather than just turning off some of them = much tougher for players. I think this effect overwhelms the “hookers are too busy hooking to ever go out looking for fun at night and so if they’re a substantial percentage of the hot young female population it’s scarcity” effect.

    As well there’s genuine religious belief that extramarital sex, and while sometime such a girl can be seduced despite her beliefs, if such beliefs are widespread and deeply held, that definitely lengthens the odds a good lot. Especially among Muslims.

    I’d be about certain that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and the Gulf and Arabian peninsula generally would be VASTLY worse for players that Spain. Oh sure, I’ve heard it can be done in those places, but I’d guess it’s few and far between (not counting among the expat communities high end an south Asian lower end that are guest workers in the oil rich countries.)


  88. on December 7, 2010 at 5:34 pm soopertrooper

    In some cases it may just be high standards combined with lack of social life. Who knows what it is in Spain? In my case I’m gay but I have very particular tastes and very high standards so I’ve only ever had sex when paying for it despite being young and good-looking. I know in Spain unlike any other European country you can find male brothels of the kind you can only find in the third world (and you can’t find them everywhere in the third world either).

    Liked by 1 person

  89. Nah, it’s not that hard to get laid in Spain – with hotties too. Nice theory though.


  90. I think you people are overlooking a crucial factor here.
    Despite what has been going on in the last 50 years, Spain is a brutally rural-minded nation.
    Think of it as a bunch of backwater towns that grew in size and appearance and you’ll start getting things about this odd nation.
    Even in the two most cosmopolitan cities (Madrid and Barcelona) you stumble all the time with ‘locals’ talking about their ‘pueblo’ (town). Add to this the fact that Spain is seriously fragmented in regions which have different histories, languages, cuisine, traditions, political parties, etc… what you get is a nation-state where people do not move much. 200 miles away is a different ‘country’.

    General unemployment is 20%. And it’s 40% among young people. They are called the ni-ni (neither-nor) generation: neither work nor study. This means a nation crowded with moneyless beta guys who live with their moms. When they get an euro they run to the whorehouse.

    Very few people here can speak English properly, let alone another language. Even when tourism is such an important economic sector. In a nation which is visited every summer by millions of hot foreign chicks eager to sunbathe and have some crazy fiesta, a shockingly low number of local guys have banged foreign tourists. It could be (should be) The nation of gamers, but it is not.

    All this makes it very tough for the local beta guys for obvious reasons.

    But of course…!

    Throw in a guy who has traveled, speaks languages, and has a reputation for having dated foreign girls (not just banging desperate summer tourists), and all the unavailable Spanish vags magically start flooding.


  91. The euro and other economic factors have screwed the aspirations of many 20 – 30 somethings in Europe.

    “”In Milan, my friends who graduated from Boccini, a top business school got jobs in investment banking. The starting salaries are 700 euros a month while rent is far more than that. Is it any wonder then that moving out is so difficult to do? “”

    The same has happened in Greece, where the term
    “Generation 700 Euro” has been coined.


  92. Things have gotten so bad in Greece that upon return from a holiday from there in June 2010 a relative of mine explained that in Athens , brothels are offering customers the services of stunning Russian whores for 20 – 30 euro.


  93. Very interesting stuff…

    I would say Brazil is one of THE best countries for both categories in South America. They’re one of the hottest, most down to earth Women I’ve ever come across…


  94. Check this. If you’re paying for that pussy you’re a trick, plain and simple. I don’t pay bitches, bitches pay me. I keep my pimp hand strong. Can you dig it?


  95. Breeze, prostitution is pretty normal here. I live in a quite nice neighborhood, and there are a few brothels along the road. You’d never know that’s what they were from looking at them. They look like mini-spas, if you can pick them out at all.

    Anyway, easy, cheap, and legal prostitution doesn’t make women less bitchy. Most Israeli women aren’t particularly feminist in practice. They’re just very materialistic and hell bent on finding a husband of their respective ethnicity/religion. The widespread availability and use of prostitutes seems to make them even more bitchy, just in a conservative way rather than a feminist way.

    The fact that a guy can hire a prostitute for casual sex means that there is no need for girls to be at all benevolent about sex. Seems you’re either a prostitute or a mercenary. If you’re just loving, few guys here will have a clue of how to relate to you.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if things were similar in Spain.

    In the end though, I’d rather have this kind of situation than the confused puritanical denial of the anti prostitution crowd. A loving woman will find who to love, same as a mercenary will find who to capitalize from, and a prostitute will find a John. So long as the lines are clear, most women have a chance. It’s when things are confused and nobody knows their place that things get messed up.


  96. Men in western Europe are all a bunch of short, waifish, little metrosexual pussies. I can see why their women charge them. Hey guys, why don’t you try loosening up your pants a little bit and growing a sack.


  97. PA–

    On the other hand, the girl who did the dumping gives you a ear-zero risk for thinking of her ex or going back to him.

    True. Unless she dumped him for cheating on her, and she wasn’t on the very of doing it anyway.


  98. I don’t know. My experience in countries with prostitutes is that it creates a serious competitive disadvantage for the single women, making them much easier and more receptive to being gamed.

    Spanish culture in general is a bit cold and reserved, so you may be mistaking this for that.

    But honestly, compared to places like Brazil, or Thailand, or even Amsterdam, where prostitutes run amok… and women are extremely easy and willing, I can’t see there being a clear correlation between Spanish prostitutes and their women.


  99. on December 7, 2010 at 8:03 pm Professor Woland

    In a lot of Latin American countries it is still verboten to get divorced. The pattern is for men to marry and have his ligitimate children. After that, if he has the bread, he can start a new family. He cannot get legally get married so the kids are technically bastards but he can have as many families as he can afford. The first wife still retains much of the family wealth and status while the second, third … partner is typically younger and much lower on the socio-economic heirarchy.

    I am not sure if Latin-Europe is similar but I imagine the aging first wives buy a black dress and go out to pasture at a certain age.


  100. GG

    That’s sad. I’ve run into several British expats over here who have no intentions of ever going back. Some that are entrepreneurial. However, we have our problems on this side of the pond with a hostile anti-small business contingent that’s making it frustrating to being self-employed. Wonder where all the producers will find refuge?


  101. on December 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm Rant Casey - BR

    @ Tony Ryan,

    I liked your blog.


  102. Yeah, I spent a month in Spain. It has some of the coldest, snottiest women I’ve ever met. French, German, and Italian women are much nicer and easier.


  103. Having visited Reykjavik, I can say that the women there are very insular, and though they will flirt, the majority are not receptive to putting out for most people. A grand master might score some frosty poon, but the majority of us are left with icicles in our hands there.


  104. Its such a shame people like that ruin Sweden.
    I remember a guy in the Swedish newspapers that was charged for raping his wife 350 times, he got jail. She claimed he was raping her for years, but never did he use force,,,, ? Why didn’t she divorce? When you read the details it was things like, she had sex with him because if she wouldn’t he would be in a bad mood the next day and so she felt forced to have sex with him, why don’t the police laugh their ass of and send them to a relationship counsellor instead? is that something to be jailed for? She also had accused a teacher for sexual harassment and also her dad. The whole spectacle happened when she wanted to divorce and have single custody of the child so threw in the rape thing, Swedes love that.
    And look at this know, these two women, not to talk about the poor swedish king, he is also in some feminist Schcandal.. Its practically so distorted beliefs in Sweden know, it gets uncomfortable to live there as everything is forbidden that is life and everything has to be secure and healthy enough to become deadly boring, and the guys should be jailed for touching a female student, oh what a paradise on earth.


  105. I skimmed this entire thing and did not really come to any deeper understanding of wtf is happening in Spain.


  106. I hope Roissy is going to write something about the rape charge against the WikiLeaks guy… should be very interesting 🙂


  107. How about posting everyday pictures of women during the day and night, and take submissions for negs.

    I hear a lot of creepy negs that identify the guy as a future baby shaker.


  108. Huh??

    I traveled in Spain back in the mid to late 1970’s and had no problem getting laid. I guess things have changed.

    Speak the language (or at least enough of it).

    Learn what the game is there. Play that version of the game, not yours. Game can be flexible. There is not just one version of game.

    Say what you must say and do what you must do to get laid. Then get the hell out of the country.


  109. The bang in Spain falls mainly on the payin.

    [Editor: This blog needs more comments like this.]


  110. This is pretty retarded. The whole “I don’t go to whores because I have game” thing is very American. Guys who don’t visit whores are pussies who are afraid of it. I’ve fucked lots of girls and lots of whores, different things for different times. Maybe it’s an Asian thing, but most of my friends who are alphas have fucked way more whores than the betas. It’s something fun to do with your friends.


  111. Therandom9

    Being rich is not alfa. Having much money and throwing it on cheap bitches is neutral, but throwing it on expensive ones is beta. Cheap and expensive is defined as a relation to your income.

    Alfa is when girls pay you to have sex with you. If this has never happened to you than you don’t realize the full potential of game. If you are creative you can do more than just pick up girls in clubs.

    Having sex with no money paid by neither man nor women is lesser alfa.


  112. Therandom, Americans have this idea that sex for money now is somehow less than sex for money later. Sex for money later has been marketed as “romantic love”.

    In cultures that historically have only humanitarian or familial love and call the rest lust, which is all it is, it’s easier for guys to shag prostitutes because they understand the world more clearly.

    This is not something that is going to change anytime soon. It is probably wise to leave Americans and other feministically raised men to their illusions in that. This is one that doesn’t do any particular harm so long as a guy has enough awareness to wait until he feels familial love for a woman before making any romantic gestures. This would probably also provide sufficient “aloofness” to get the job done of showing that he recognizes his own value.

    The problem with this illusion though, is that it makes it harder to get prostitution legalized or at least decriminalized. It goes along with the view of beauty as a virtue rather than an asset or commodity. The beauty-in-a-jar folks who’d rather have scars than a little fat want to keep their social advantages.

    From what I see around me, easy prostitution nukes that out of the water. When a Russian, blonde bombshell costs a mere $71.50 per hour, you need your wife to be respectable and fertile, not “hot”…especially when if she’s hot and you’re poor, she can go work as a prostitute behind your back, and you’d be the last to know because it’s 100% legal.


  113. @Therandom9

    Yes, it is mostly an Anglo thing. Queen Victoria tricked some men into thinking it was manly to do her will or at least come close to it.

    They wouldn’t believe that their own sisters and their mother (when she was 18) probably discretely took money from an older man (or got her grade raised) at least once.

    They can’t believe that many if not most young woman want to fulfill whore fantasies…get paid for being beautiful…and there’s no reason on Earth why one shouldn’t go the direct route if she seems mercenary and you don’t have time to waste on her (if she’s not marriage material and she’s not about to go home with you based just on your game).

    Feminists don’t disapprove of pure game. What they disapprove of is anyone cheating at game. All men should live their lives in a manner that feminists would disapprove of. 😉

    The descendants of Victoria’s ideological sycophants still do mental gymnastics to come up with policies that women would approve of. While its no longer cool to condemn the sexual revolution, the new battle cry is that one has to play fair and only use “pure game” to get good looking women and only those women within 2 points on the looks scale (the host implies a man should be satisfied scoring women only two points higher in looks).

    Game gets you 2 points higher on the looks scale than you are. To do better than 2 points higher, you may need a wing-man like Ben Franklin…at least on an off night and there’s a 10 in front of you.

    Upper middle class college students can be bought (stripping at first) because they don’t do it for the money so much as to fulfill a whore fantasy.

    This blog taught me (indirectly) how to get multiple females to come home with me at the same time (by cheating at game with my friend Ben but using it at the same time), which is ironic considering that one can’t directly teach this here without getting flamed. The host doesn’t want to go there.

    The bottom line is that all men, even if they have a macho superiority complex about never wanting to pay for sex, need to stand up to the feminists by at least condemning their attempt to make “johns” criminals (or worse: making it so making an indecent proposal to an adult and being tape recorded doing it, could cause felony charges to be made against the proposer).


  114. For fucks sake.

    Spanish women dont put out and dont like to fuck everything under the sun and this is seen as a problem? You cant complain about feminised harpies in the west and then complain about the more traditional, conservative women at the same time. Ill take the conservative wife material over the shitty SNL anyday. Jesus, we hate them for being whores and we hate them when they dont act like whores.

    What do you want? Decent women who dont fuck anything with a pulse or whores you can stick your dick in? If its the latter, what is difference between blwoing 100 bucks at a club chasing poon (with no certainty) or just paying for a sure thing?

    Get your fucking priorities straight and review your own expectations too. You cant have the best of both worlds.

    A slut is a slut FFS


  115. Have you even ever been to Spain? What is this country you’re describing???
    I lived there for a year.
    Reason one for going for hookers: they’re _dirt cheap_
    Reason two: they’re Eastern European hotties who are there because they like Spain.
    Reason three: there is no solitary player culture. People live with their parents until they marry.

    The consequence: guys are not nearly as needy as anywhere else.
    I had no problem getting a 18yo hottie for a LTR there. Try spending a few saturday nights in Castille. Leon, Valladolid, or Salamanca are prime spots for getting the hottest girls around for free. The problem is they won’t fuck you until three months in, as they’re catholic virgins.
    NB, for media about Sex in Spain: if you speak Spanish, the La Mar de Noches radio podcast (Los 40, every night 22-00 CET) is excellent, as is everything by Lorena Berdun.


  116. @ Jerry
    You are right when you say betas should not be criminalized for going to prostitutes. But this doesn’t mean it is good for a man to relay on prostitutes. It is definetly not good to give money to a female just because of sex. Women must see that they are being valued for character, humility and integrity, not for their good looks. Otherwise entitlement will continue to blossom.

    So the best would be to have legalised prostitution, so any man could get cheap sex and women would see the true low cost of their vaginas. But at the same time it would be good if only very few man would visit whores, so that price remains low because of low demand and men would learn to game their wifes.

    Women should not have whore fantasies, they should be afraid to “become that fallen woman”

    But you are wrong when you mention “macho superiority complex” That is feminist lingo. A man must not be called “macho” among other men for doing manly things, like being an alfa and getting women for free.


  117. [But this doesn’t mean it is good for a man to relay on prostitutes.]

    True. Keeping options legal doesn’t mean the option is good for anyone to “rely on.”

    Let’s remember that only a small percentage of paid opportunities for men (who know what’s going on) would come from professionals that one would call “prostitutes”. Most opportunities would come from situations that your (or my) sister and mother will never want to talk about: a discrete agreement with a pre-selected man who has already established attraction and made an indecent proposal for something non-serious like a strip-tease or a handjob.

    This is why feminists have banned relationships between employers and employees, professors and students plus anyone in authority with someone under 21. The whole panoply of sex harassment laws needs to be overturned by the US Supreme Court (which is now looking at the Walmart Case as of yesterday).

    The host has said that this is not Beta but “Value Neutral” assuming the payer already has hotties in his harem.

    Also, considering that game can only get a man only 2 points higher on the looks scale, by saying “I will never pay” means that, if one is an 8 now, he must either think that he will never get less good looking as he gets older or that he will be perfectly fine with having to settle only for women 2 points higher than he is on the looks scale as his looks drop to a 5 or below.

    An Alpha 5 can still only get a 7 unless he cheats.


  118. [A man must not be called “macho” among other men for doing manly things, like being an alfa and getting women for free.]

    It’s established on this blog, at least by the host, that this activity is “Value Neutral” (not necessarily Beta) depending on whether the man can get hotties for free on other nights of the month and/or has a hottie harem that he is cheating on.

    He’s also mentioned once that old men shouldn’t have to choose among old women.

    You’re saying its “unmanly” to pay and that reflects what feminists want you to say and what Queen Victoria would have been proud to hear you say.

    The fembots and social cons would have no problem with your statement so you’d have to wonder why you’d want to have a philosophy they’d approve of.

    I say live and think in ways that they would hate you for.

    But your attitude is ultimately OK with me because you’re cool enough to say men shouldn’t be criminalized for this sort of thing.

    That’s the bottom line.


  119. There’s room on the side of this blog to put up warnings to people not to get into ruts such as assuming that a subject like this is an either or thing for men in terms of game strategy or the status others perceive them to have.

    Its ridiculous in the extreme to imply that an Alpha would never pay for sexual activity. Astonishingly naive.

    Strip clubs are filled with Alphas warming up – getting into the right frame of mind. 😉

    In fact, its a feminist shaming mechanism to imply that a man automatically loses his Alpha status if he pays.

    I mean says who? Some anonymous commenter on a blog?

    Alphas will game women for free benefits most of the time, but might game women for a paid benefit now and then (unless he is OK with 25% less action than he could have had).

    Betas will try and fail at both – Betas don’t go to professional prostitutes as often as Gammas do and Betas won’t understand anything about how normal women can be convinced to do something for cash. Betas don’t think of most women as whores (they pedestalize them) and generally keep trying and failing to get into relationships.

    Gammas wouldn’t be allowed to pay 99% of the women who would do something for cash. That’s why they have to go to the cheap professionals who take all comers.

    But that isn’t to say that an Alpha wouldn’t notice that some 18 year old just started working yesterday at the local strip club.

    Professionals lose their value every day, but someone who just started yesterday is not something the gammas deserve. 😉


  120. Most direct paid sexual activity is only available to men who have established attraction and have some pre-selection. It is always discrete and almost never discussed, even in memoirs written on deathbeds.

    Professional prostitution is about 1% of paid sex opportunities (or some such low number – I haven’t measured it scientifically).

    Every comment or post about this subject should recognize that there is a huge underworld of paid sex where the women would never be described as true prostitutes.


  121. @ Jerry

    Every women who sleeps with his man, because he gives her money is a whore, even if she is his wife. She is just a prostitute with a single customer, that is all. This kind prostitution is more common than prostitution in common sense, no doubts about that.

    An alfa who would fuck any women regardless of whether he pays or games for free is a very rich man or a fool and a total sex addict.

    I am not rich enough to waste my money on something I can get for free. Actually pussy is the only thing you can get for free in this world aside from oxygen, you have to pay for everything else including such basic things like food and roof over your head.

    I don’t see game as a tool to get sex only. I am not a sex addict and I don’t need sex only. What I can get from a woman through game is also food, shelter, good time and even money.

    You can value your alfaness by the size of your harem. For me – if you pay them then you are slave for them all. You are a tool. Cool you are an alfa for the 6 you seduce, but you are a chump for the 9 you pay to bang.

    For me it is only accepatable to pay to a women if you pay for something outside of sex. If she cooks for you and cleans your toilet (mine does) – fine pay her(I still do not). if she raises your child and actually teaches him to love his father (not just sends him to school where he/she gets feminist brainwashing) pay her some little.

    But I don’t pay for sex. Fuck, my cock is a gift. Women must kneel and beg before recieving it.


  122. come on Roissy Citizen Renegade, be realist. most of the chicks you fuck are cheap easy sluts who will spread it for you for free just because other suckers were acting beta with them and were taking them seriously. American chicks are easy chicks by all standards. Spanish chicks, regardless whether they are entitled princesses, virgins or bitches, are not easy. Spanish chicks are socially schizophrenic, like all chicks of coutries where the sexual revolution has made half of its impact.

    Prostitution is the only way for a man who does not want to be humiliated for sex. This is something that players will never understand because players come from places where chicks are easy.


  123. @Hooligan Harry,

    Don’t forget what Alvaro says in the article:
    “The kids are going because they see it as a quick way of getting what would take a lot longer to happen if they went to a disco,” Alvaro says.

    So Spanish chicks go out into clubs and dress and act like whores, but on the other hand they humiliate men for sex. They are socially schizophrenic.


  124. Roissy,
    remind me. didn’t you write a post about buying gifts!!!


  125. @Ubermind


    I will have any female visitor to my apartment wash the dishes while I do the laundry or whatever.

    A good cook is priceless.

    Charlie Sheen is right, however, when he says he pays some women to leave.

    I have a traditional wife kind of girlfriend whom I want to spend most of my time with (she cooks, cleans, spends six hours spooning on a Sunday afternoon – something I ultimately want more than sex). I can’t afford the time to date more than one or two other women who might want to spend massive amounts of time at my apartment doing the same thing.

    That would be a guarantee of getting caught. Even having two girlfriends in one town who don’t know about each other is a nightmare I’ve written about before.

    I think a secondary girlfriend, aged 27, just saw me with the primary two days ago and I may have lost her. She would have had the idea that we were in something exclusive and requiring long-term romance. I can’t blame her if she was pissed at learning what an MLTR was the hard way.

    Plus, the mercenaries are the ones 18-21 who are too young for an actual romance with me but love hanging out and are glad when I suggest something daring and bad as a way to hang out. Roissy’s posts on how women like jerks taught me a lot on how to make indecent proposals.

    There are few things that will make a woman think you’re an asshole more than asking her to be your concubine.

    And the host is correct that women seem to love assholes.


  126. on December 8, 2010 at 9:18 am nothingbutthetruth

    I am a Spaniard.

    “The country is so full of hot, entitled princesses who play a mean countergame of hard-to-get that men are flocking to whores for some sweet relief”

    True. As someone said, most prostitutes are foreign. For the average man, it is difficult to get laid. The reason is the following:

    “Spanish guys are pussies and have no idea how to talk to women. Many of my friends would hit on girls by telling them how beautiful, amazing, and sexy they are. Spanish guys like to pedestalize and worship women”

    This is the problem. Pedestalization of women has been huge in Spanish culture for centuries. I think my country has always been a matriarchy. Women have been seen as virtuous human beings. The image of the Virgin Mary has been the ideal of woman until thirty years ago. This has changed but the supremacy of women has not changed.

    Traditionally, women have been the bosses in the family and men have done what women say. Spanish men have jokes about women “having the pants” in the relationship.

    Things have got worse with feminism. Spanish women are very feminist. They don’t have the princess complex of American women and they are good professionals. They don’t romanticize “career”: they deal with jobs like men do. But, in a relationship, they always want to be on top. They are not very affectionate and they are angry when things are not done the way they want it done. They are very bossy. Spanish men are affectionate and submissive. Pure betas. This is why they don’t get laid. (By the way, Mystery-like types with the funny hats don’t get laid either)

    And now you know why I expatted….


  127. NY Post reports “Hooker Gets Off Cheaply”:

    One of the girls Eliot Spitzer probably did finally got off with the 30 days in jail she served 5 years ago.

    Note she wasn’t convicted of prostitution but of trying to pretend the income was coming from somewhere else. That is bogus – a conviction of money laundering can hurt any business career she might want to now go into – she doesn’t deserve to be hurt by the government in terms of her future; especially while Spitzer makes millions on CNN.

    She should have been let off with time served and no conviction. It is not as if she can continue doing the “crime”. The biggest “punishment” for a prostitute is the passage of time. No need to rub it in.

    She had charged $2000 per hour.

    That is 10 times what she would have been worth in Europe five years ago.

    This artificially high market price (on what she once was) was only possible in feminist New York where the governor of the state was apparently not getting offers of free activity (or else he was blind or a super beta).

    Since most men would not pay $2000 or could not, it should be clear that feminists and old church-ladies harass this type of “industry” in order to jack up their own perceived value.

    Spitzer should have been thrown in prison for paying too much.


  128. Whoa, boys, remember, we’re talking about WOMEN here, for fuck’s sake.

    An obsession with sex is BETA all the way, and this includes the greatest Alphas.

    True Alphas have too many plans, businesses, plane tickets, travel plans, and ideas in their heads to think constantly about picking up the truly weaker sex.

    I mean, look, women are basically amoral, spineless, drivel-filled blobs of idiotic protoplasm. I got too many things going on to deal with THAT obsessively.

    Focus on YOUR plans, YOUR dreams, YOUR businesses, and YOUR overall stud-stardom, and I swear, you won’t be able to keep them off you. Why? Because every woman on the planet is a FOLLOWER, not a leader. They are inexorably drawn to self-possessed, sang-froid, testosterone that has good intentions toward the universe. Period.

    For THOUSANDS of years, for example, their sex has yet to produce a single great painter. They are incapable of doing so. They are incapable of evaluating social trends and dangers. They’re just not wired that way.

    They’re wired to make little cavemen and to keep the cave warm. That’s it, and don’t ever let a fembot or (worse) mangina tell you otherwise.

    Nikola Tesla never married. He was so brilliant a cult developed around him claiming him to an ALIEN from another planet. (True, true, true! Read about it)

    He could of scored gazillions of chicks. His response? BAH-HUM! I’VE GOT WORK TO DO –

    Get it?


  129. SV Warrior


    I traveled in Spain back in the mid to late 1970′s and had no problem getting laid. I guess things have changed.

    Wow – gee – gosh-a-rootily, chief. Ya think “things” have “changed” in the US since Carter was prez?

    ya think?


  130. on December 8, 2010 at 7:07 pm Another Alpha

    The only people who criticize the use of prostitutes are those who have never been themselves.



  131. Mr. C–

    Things have gotten so bad in Greece that upon return from a holiday from there in June 2010 a relative of mine explained that in Athens , brothels are offering customers the services of stunning Russian whores for 20 – 30 euro.

    You would think they’d move to Germany. It’s not like many of them are likely to be fluent in greek.

    Or ok, this time of year maybe Italy.


  132. Gerald Celente on the decline of the American Empire.


  133. America , the crypto-fascist state.


  134. on December 9, 2010 at 8:47 am Back On Topic

    According to Esther Vilar in Manipulated Man, every woman belongs in the category of prostitute. It is the prices and terms that differ vastly depending on the female and social environment one is in. Not all sex is about money, but certainly about resources and tangibles.

    Imagine one is at a an irish pub, amidst a variety of men looking to hook up. In this arena we see the rich investment banker who is playing sugar daddy to some skank and getting his dick wet. On the other side of the bar we see the bohemian dude with no money to his name, but he will use the gram of coke he has to get laid, because the girl he is talking to, her eyes just lit up like a christmas tree when he offered her to do a line. Then, just two tables down there is Joe Hollywood, speaking with a super hottie. He has all the right connections in the movie industry who can easily get any woman a screen test and launch her career. This girl is absolutely over joyed about getting into show biz and is already to fuck him right now. This is what would rightly be known as the John Derek method. Across from Joe Hollywood we see the run of the mill american guy. He just bought a modest but nice house in the neighborhood, he is a decent guy, hard working and easily coerced. He talking with a girl who is looking to find a place to live and someone who could play the role of useful idiot. Not far from Mr. All American we see the Joe Trucker who is a happy man because he just paid some cash for a blowjob in the shopping mall parking lot by some 18 year old twat who is trying to save money buy a Gucci Bag.

    There is always a reason a chick is with a guy, a practical reason.

    I have to say that it is real pathetic to see guys jumping through all these hoops and demeaning themselves, while all the time proclaiming to be “alpha” and that guys who pay for sex are “losers” that gamers never pay for sex, yet getting rejected 90 percent of the time and happy to get pussy from the occasional sack of pig vomit.


  135. Anonymous says, “Women must see that they are being valued for character, humility and integrity, not for their good looks.”

    LOL! Oh goodness, my sides!

    Y’all need not to say that kind of thing around women old enough to understand that we’re *tolerated* when we have character, humility, and integrity, but only truly valued when we’re hot (which includes socially convenient for the feminized).

    Well, when we’re hot or the guy is too old to get it up and we’re too old to care.

    So women shouldn’t be bitter if we didn’t win the looks lottery. Just pop out some kids with whoever will take you and not kick your butt too often, ignore the porn or cheating and buy a vibrator, and be glad you at least got the chance to breed. Until balls come back into fashion, this is how it’s going to be.

    Men are human, and humans are stupid…but we’re stupid survivors. If you’re strong enough to survive, make some kids, and raise them well, then as a woman, you win. Asking for more nowadays is like asking for miracles.

    …and guys, please, for the love of all that is holy, stop lying to women that any but a scarce few behavior based fetishists value “personality” in a woman. It’s because of whoppers like this that average women think they have more options than they do, and this puts them in a relative deprivation mindset.

    Women should know that romance dies, and that if they take the wife route, they should expect it to, and focus on being good companions and good mothers. Leave the hot sex to the hot chicks. When a wife ages out of that, it will take a highly exceptional man to keep it up, and most men are not highly exceptional.


  136. Nicole

    Cheer up. I once had a black girl friend. She was a Doctor. She was a weight-lifter. She had no gag-reflex Her pussy was apparently indestructible. Maybe, somehow, in Karma-land you benefit from her good luck.


  137. Nicole, you are right that men value looks over personality by far. However, you are wrong about men being particularly selective about what we consider hot, particularly with regard to weight. I think if you are honest you have to admit that plenty of men really like fat women and all sorts of women. You have nothing to complain about compared to beta/omega men. You have the chance to breed and I don’t because literally no woman will let me. I have only had one sexual opportunity as long as we’ve known each other and you have a blog full of stories about suitors you more or less turn down because you can be so picky and you always have love too.

    Anyway, easy, cheap, and legal prostitution doesn’t make women less bitchy.

    It does, everything else being equal. There may be other cultural differences that outweigh this, though, but it is generally true. Women would be even more bitchy without prostitution at any given place.

    The fact that a guy can hire a prostitute for casual sex means that there is no need for girls to be at all benevolent about sex.

    I live in a place where johns are persecuted and whores are prohibitively expensive, yet I have never met a sexually benevolent girl. I don’t think women ever have sex for anything but selfish reasons. Neither do men, but that is not a problem because we are so indiscriminate.


  138. Jerry “Most direct paid sexual activity is only available to men who have established attraction and have some pre-selection. It is always discrete and almost never discussed, even in memoirs written on deathbeds.

    Professional prostitution is about 1% of paid sex opportunities (or some such low number – I haven’t measured it scientifically).

    Every comment or post about this subject should recognize that there is a huge underworld of paid sex where the women would never be described as true prostitutes.”

    –> Then why do you care soooooooooo much about legalizing that 1% lol. Thats a lot of effort for something so marginal!

    Something doesnt add up here, you wouldent be so, um, passionate about the subject if it were really just 1% hmmmmm


  139. look audrey you feminist marxist foo’

    it’s a common shaming mechanism trope technique of marxist feminists to imply/explicitly state that paying for sex is the same as prostitution. obviously it’s not the same thing as all men pay for sex in some way, and direct payment = prostitution is just not true especially if she’s an eastern european muslim virgin 17 year old with the sexy curves of a potato sack.

    you probably live in ubermarxist (that’s short for feminist marxism btw) usa where women are not living in poverty and go to school and have jobs and therefore think they’re entitled to date men who are less than 20 years older than them. well let me tell you, we should keep all women in abject poverty because otherwise who would i pay to spoon with me for 6 hours on the weekend. no sane woman who doesn’t need rent money would spoon with me for that long.

    plus in the us all men pay for sex via child support = stealth alimony!!!!!!!!!11111one1

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  140. @Derry

    Excellent satire. 😉

    Hi Audrey,

    Good point. I’ve noted that its of no interest to me whether a given country or community bans professional prostitution. It can lower real estate values and make it hard for a man to game normal women anywhere in the vicinity such as a city center (guilt by association with the vicinity – it was once impossible to game gorgeous commuter women in Manhattan anywhere near Times Square).

    Pros that take any comer would also be prone to diseases (note the porn star yesterday who said that, in only month month of working, he caught every STD imaginable). The least a smart community can do is mandate hot water showers for pro activity (which neither Nevada nor Amsterdam ever bothered to do apparently). Its great that the Amsterdam Red Light District, with its small rooms without showers, is getting dismantled for the above reasons. Dutch women were never friendly with tourists anywhere near that area because of guilt by location association. They’d get friendly (be open to game) only on the trains 10 minutes out of the station to the exurbs.

    However, criminalizing the act of paying even an amateur can easily result, ten years from now, into police states where young women can tape older men making indecent proposals and have them arrested for that like it was a tape of someone planning to rob a bank, etc.

    Sweden is a mess now because of that attitude.


  141. And the first step in getting a male activity criminalized is when you get men themselves to shame each other about it rather than discuss things dispassionately, professionally, respectfully.

    Guys who emotionally thought dating foreign women was “beta” did nothing to stop the IMBRA law from being passed (the “that doesn’t concern me” syndrome) and guys who think paying for sex is “beta” instead of “value neutral” are guaranteed to sit on their thumbs when their politicians pretend that all paid women are “victims of human trafficking” and set up honey trap sting operations to entrap and arrest men (now going on in Florida, California, Sweden and, soon, Israel).

    Most men, including the ones who would scream the loudest against “paid sex”, would be very vulnerable to well done sting operations involving seeming amateurs who might make offers to a man while manginas stand ready behind the scenes to make an arrest if he accepts. A Google search will show how vicious some of these operations are that are going on now in California and Florida. Lots of “Christians” are behind this sort of thing.


  142. Rum, the “once had a…” says it all really. Why didn’t you keep that one?

    I’ve found that being sexually adventurous is no more advantageous than having a good personality if one is not hot and/or socially convenient (quotient depending on the femininity of the guy). I got shelved by one guy, for an even fatter, and exponentially less physically fit prude who is now sort of pushing him into shagging me because she doesn’t care since she’s done her social duty and secured a “nice Jewish boy”. I’m not taking the offer since he had his chance already, but you see this is the sort of bizarre situation packing a coiled python under one’s skirt, but not being a hottie invites. People do all kinds of psychological acrobatics to figure out how to get the sex without giving the respect.

    Quite a few women are falling into a trap of self inflicted misery by not understanding how these things work. If I understood it, rather than viewing my first marriage as over when my husband started with his b.s. I’d have done the old fashioned staying with my parents or his, while he worked his hoe chasing ways out of his system, or at least got them down to a discrete player level.

    This is one reason I stay with my second husband. I understand now what I didn’t understand then. For an “ugly” girl, being celibate or having discrete but hopefully respectful affairs is a normal maturation of marriage. Understanding this would have even helped me in my affairs. Instead of looking for a sort of mini-romance, I should have been thinking in terms of getting respectfully laid. This means shagging guys who are worth the experience and able to be “the man” in the exchange, but not worrying about how long it’ll last or other stability issues.

    Like, if they break my bed, they should fix it, but if they don’t want to accompany me to the opera then well, I shouldn’t be inviting them anyway.

    I’ve been a bit spoiled by having a husband who, though he’s in the fetish market, handles his bitches exceedingly well. There are very few men like him in the world, and I am fortunate to be in his company. I should not expect others to be on his level.

    – – –

    Arpagus, it is difficult for me to imagine Israeli women being more bitchy than they are. I am for anything that keeps some kind of limits on that.

    Maybe if there wasn’t legal prostitution, the dirty looks and then intense argument I got into for publically discussing the “oops” trap would have escalated into an actual fight. That was a surreal moment as it was.

    As far as many men liking fat women, I think you’re sort of right, but sort of wrong. Some very strong men actually enjoy a fleshy woman, and will take a bit of visual distortion to get the reward of the squishy. Some men though, “like” fat women the way a thief “likes” an unlocked door.

    …and as I said before, Arpagus, you have love. I love you, and I’ve never met you in person. You’re a unique guy who isn’t brainwashed, and if I was 20 years younger, I would hit that…in just about every position you can imagine, because I was very bendy back in my day.

    We’d have problems years down the road if we had a pre teen son who was shagging his 35 year old piano tutoress, as I would be freaking out, and you would be patting him on the back, but that wouldn’t break our relationship so long as you at least let me kick her ass.

    I am positive that if you ever encounter a woman anything like me, all your years of suffering will become a distant memory that you’ll laugh about together.

    Hell, if you meet one who’s my age and going through her trying out cougardom phase, you’ll have that until your mindstate of throughly drained ballitude attracts a younger, hotter, tighter virgin-I-mean-version.

    A beta or omega is so because he is too invested in the mainstream and its standards to break out. Since you’re aware, you can’t fit either of those labels. You’re not doomed.

    I can admit though, that sexually anyway, it is easier for women since the male sex drive is an awesome force of nature that has room for just about any woman. However, the female sex drive is nothing to be sniffed at either. When you read my blog, try looking at it in the context of what worked. What kind of guy could I not bring myself to say no to?

    Near the top of that list is a brooding emo lawyer who looks like Hannibal Lecter. You don’t have many of his problems.

    He did spend many years alone though, as do some of my platonic friends. Something you should know though, is that the main reason most of my platonic male friends are platonic is because I know they wouldn’t appreciate it if I shagged them.

    They feel they’re too good for me, so I get classed as the sister or auntie figure. Only one of them seems to realize that I have a vagina at all, but we are way too far in the siblings-like realm. Another, I lost when I lost enough weight that the fact that I have a vagina was psychologically unavoidable, and he experienced unexpected protective feelings he wasn’t prepared to have for me. I stopped being a suitable mother figure when he had to deal with my sexuality because more men were coming out of the woodwork, and one of my belly dancing demos gave him a boner.

    If there are any decent but non hot (my mainstream definitions) women in your vicinity, they’ve likely had years of being LJBF’ed or classed as pump-and-dumps. Feminists are whispering in one ear that their problem is that men don’t value women, so they need to be more feminist. Feminized men are whispering in the other, “You’re a great girl BUT…” If they’re lucky, the latter happens before the sex, but more often than not, it happens after…after she has given her spleen for a guy, he decides she’s not good enough. For a non raging slut, it only takes one or two of those before she becomes paranoid or hates herself, or believes that men hate her for not being beautiful or trendy enough.

    Once you figure out a way to override those two voices, you’re in.

    Being maybe a little too honest, I’m in the latter category. When I was a teenager and in my 20’s and objectively beautiful, guys across the range behaved as if they thought they were too good for me. Two flakey fiances, and a husband who was blinded by the plethora of hoes jonesing for a big Black cock in the DC area, and I was sure the vast majority of men either didn’t view me as female, or “liked” me like thieves “like” an unlocked door.

    …and I did not go for players. I go for brooding intellectual types…nerds like me.

    I found one who was not screwed up, and was willing to go halfway across the world because there was just no way I was going to find another who didn’t secretly think I was the dirt on his shoe once my usefulness to him passed, or he got a “better” offer.

    When he aged out and his needs got more specific and didn’t include vanilla sex with me, I was back into the hell again…and it is a hell…an ocean of water, and not a drop to drink.

    So I’ve given up. I’m 40, and don’t have the patience for the b.s.

    You owe it to yourself and to whatever girl is floating around somewhere in Norway thinking everyone around her is insane or evil, to stop being down on yourself. You’re way ahead of most guys even here.

    Nobody else here would be brave enough to admit to feeling anything for a woman who wasn’t skinny. Very few will even admit to having any attraction to their 30+ wives…their WIVES.

    In my view, that makes you one of the scarce few who will admit to having a functioning penis. If someone else thinks that’s a bad thing, they’re daft or a coward of the misery loving company flavor.

    I still think you could benefit greatly from some time in an area of the world where women aren’t so feministic. I don’t know what Norway is like up close because I haven’t been there, but from what others tell me, it sounds just awful.


  143. One major downside with Spain is that most people are rabid leftists by default. Remember, the “antifa” credo started in red Barcelona (“¡No pasarán!”). All the nationalist types are cooped up in Asturias.

    Talking politics of course is the ultimate game-killer, but the fact is that when a European woman expresses her holy tolerance of Sambo the black idol of the masses, my libido is killed anyway and in a saner society my stronger impulse would be to strike her half-dead.

    Spanish women may be better for LTR. But I guarantee you that 8 of 10 will very quickly reveal themselves to be no more traditional in their values than postmodern American whores. They will tell you that Jamal and Mustafa should be let through the gate at Melilla to pursue better lives in Europe, yes, we are all human beings and everyone deserves a chance. And they will mean it. Browse the chicks over at to see what I mean. They’re all iPodpeople, all SWPL college twats. Franco died in, what, ’75? Both Argentina and Spain ultimately suffer from a far-left swing of the social pendulum after very recent authoritarian regimes of the right. This is the root of their strutting too-good-for-everything cunts.

    That said, someone could cull the nuggets from this thread and arrange a Game: Spanish Edition, but as tourism is down anyway, and I at least don’t have $15 merely to ENTER some sleazy fucking euro-club, there are surely better things we can all do with our time.

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  144. Spain is a Catholic country and one with a divorce rate of only TEN percent despite the divorce laws favoring women

    Spain also has the lowest birthrate in Europe. This talk of it being a “Catholic country” conflicts with the super-spawners of Mexico, also supposedly due to their “Catholic” status.

    Clearly it is otherwise: Spanish women are too entitled to breed, Mexican women are not entitled at all. Similarly Tajikistan has the highest birthrate in Central Asia and is also the poorest, ranking with Africa on the list of world’s poorest. Sweden is one of the richest and has fewest children. See how this works? White people respond to the best living standards by investing more in themselves than in offspring.

    So much for “Catholic” Spain.


  145. Let me add that as far as aesthetics, Spanish and Argentine females are in my opinion the most desirable creatures on the planet. If you want a cheaper option, at least for prostitutes, go to Costa Rica — the San José airport alone is crammed on any given day with the purest criollo blood north of Buenos Aires, and the poor janitors have had several times to clean my brains off the floor after my head exploded from all the visual stimuli.


  146. […] – “Sex Differences in Book Dedications“, “Is Spain the Worst Country in the World for Players?“, “The Assange “”"Rape”"”: A Case of Spurned Groupies“, […]


  147. I’m not surprised mono-lingual, American man-children would dismiss Argentina as a destination. I guess your Red Sox baseball cap and transparent “game” doesn’t work on real women. Drunken northern sluts chocking on vomit are more this site’s idea of femininity.

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  148. I just saw “tensión sexual no resuelta” and found it awesome. There may not be an English translation to the movie though.


  149. Hi, everyone. I’m a john and I’m spanish. Also I’m running a blog ( which I encourage you to visit if u want to really to know what really is the situation of prostitution here. If u don’t read spanish then the best choice is to check the blog of Laura Agustín (look for it in google).

    Also I’m here to answer u any questions u have. The information displayed above is clearly partial. First of all the numbers and facts given: it’s not true at all the number of 300k whores (in a country of 45 M ppl), but it has been popular due that institutions as the “Instituto de la Mujer” (Women’s institue, a feminist lobby very friendly to the ideas of our actual president), the “Union General de Trabajadores” (General Labor Union, biggest spanish union, of socialist inspiration) or the “Plataforma por la abolición de la prostitución” (Platform for abolition of prostitution”) have repeated it CONSTANTLY. The truth is that there are no real data, all are stimations. This one in particular (300k ho’s) has been made by the social work professor “Maria José Barahona Gomariz”, of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (the public university most popular here, in which I study by the way).

    Data offered by APRAMP (Asociación para la atención y reinserción de la mujer prostituida mens really Association for the attention and reinsertion of the PROSTITUTED woman, they think -and say- that every ho is forced, a victim and that they must be helped… with public funds, of couse…) it’s oriented not to inform about the reality of prostitution but to get more and more public subventions. They are a ONG (Non Gubernamental Organization) which we call here in spain “OeNeGetas”, its a word joke that means sth similar as “hard faced” (ppl that lives from others… well it’s a term from here I don’t expect u to understand it)

    But going to the point, its easy to fuck for free in Spain? Well depends of who u are, the city (south is far hotter, in all aspects of the word, than north) and of course the girl. All in all I’d say that it’s pretty hard in small towns but in bigger ones it gets easier, specially with foreign girls. And have the number of whores an impact on this? If I had lived always here I’d say that of course, because it`s true that many men go with them cause they don’t get sex by the other ways. But guys, I’ve been also in latinoamerica and FUCK THATS THE PARADISE FOR BOTH “PLAYERS” AND “JOHNS”. Here prostitution is accesible, but there aren`t “a brother in every corner”. In Colombia there is. Many, many, MANY! whores and also A LOT of funny and cute girls who want to fuck u “by the face” (is the expression “por la cara”, it means free). There they have more whores and u can also fuck a big bunch of no-pros. It’s pretty easy, at least it was for me 🙂


  150. I’m living in Northwest Spain, the region known as Galicia, a place full of treacherous people who display a constant passive-aggressive behavior, among other serious flaws of character that they misunderstand as “national pride”.

    Galician men are mostly stupid and primitive betas, no galician woman has told me that her father was different to a total wuss. we have ruthless psychopaths who consider themselves as “smart” at the other side of the spectrum. (They get laid like most of us but they pay the price for being with a entitled Spanish woman) In the game framework, Galicia is like the rest of Spain but to the extreme.

    If you are so unfortunate to land in this country, beware: Be careful about any “red flags” in the character of the woman you are gaming, most of them have serious mental diseases. They are nagging, irrational, have serious cognitive problems and are collectivist, you are expected to friend and support their stupid families, friends and associates. Since Spain suffered the Catholic Inquisition, a dysgenic process has taken place here: The best, ablest, beautiful women were attacked by the ugly and the inferior as “witches”, and exterminated. To this process we should add the consequences of long term Socialism and Feminazism, a system that creates a social atmosphere where the beautiful, the intelligent and the capable are censored and attacked and the worst elements of society (the fat, ugly, bad character entitled princesses and beta men) are encouraged to reproduce. Think twice about this if your are planning to date a Spanish woman or even worse, to have children with them.

    I never liked the idea of coming to a brothel, due my seduction skills. But after my horrendous experiences with spanish women, I made contact with some independent professionals from Eastern and Northern Europe who I’ll never forget: beautiful, nice, interesting to talk to, sex goddesses who are capable of giving a proper deep throat blowjob (unlike spanish women) and have a soft and sweet voice, unlike the “spaniolas” who have a voice several octaves down due to heavy smoking and drinking, and use it to command the betas to their service.

    With help of some friends, I have set up some private parties where only foreign and GOOD CHARACTER women are allowed: NorthAmerican women, Brazilian women, Norwegian women, Asian women… we enjoy Life, at the end!

    My advice: If you got some balls and self-esteem, don’t waste your life with SCUM.