International Truth Day

– people will only turn against an alpha male when he attacks a weak woman
– it is open season on weak men who do not know their place.  attacking them will raise your status.  defending them will lower it
– total honesty can only be accomplished anonymously
– sexually attractive people can get away with more.  and they will have more willing apologists excusing their actions
– when confronted with uncomfortable truths, most people will resort to the “cultural conditioning” argument. it is fear of the unchangeable that motivates them
– when a woman praises a man it is more often given with the goal of changing his behavior
– when a man praise a woman it is more often given with the goal of earning her sexual favor
– status is everything; nearly everything in life is best understood through the prism of status wars
– there is a sexual market.  it operates under the same basic laws of supply and demand.
– marriage is no escape from the sexual market
– the sexual revolution benefited alpha males the most
– prostitution is dating minus self-serving rationalizations
– prostitutes and sluts undercut the only source of women’s power
– ‘crime causes poverty’ is truer than ‘poverty causes crime’
– young single women will always vote liberal as a rule.  big government is a husband and father substitute
– shame is a powerful motivator.  it is a dying art in the west
– alimony is ransom
– no-fault divorce is the poison in the well of the institution of marriage
– absent total war or economic meltdown, age of marriage will continue to rise, birthrates will continue to fall, and the percentage of the never-married will increase
– success comes to those whose desire is stronger than their fear
– uncontrolled jealousy is your worst enemy.  controlled jealousy your best ally.
– hate is as natural as love. like love, it’s most rewarding to throw yourself into it completely
– love can exist without fidelity
– make love when you can, because it is good
– lenin said it best: who? whom?
– proximity + diversity = war
– good people care more for the death of a pet than they do for 100,000 tsunami victims
– there is no meaning of life except to fuck.  it is utter pointlessness.  you are a machine designed to serve the interests of recombinant dna
– nerd = fat woman
– celibacy is living death
– effeminate men are detestable
– so are aggressive bitchy women
– the exceptions don’t make the rules
– we are animals
– hurting people is fun
– there’s no god
– there’s no soul
– there’s no karma
– we’re all going to die
– and it’s much later than you think



  1. “prostitutes and sluts undercut the only source of women’s power”
    power over men. women’s power is immense otherwise, but it doesn’t pertain to you.

    “love can exist without fidelity”
    for a man, not a woman. however, lying about infidelity shows lack of respect, and therefore lack of true love. if you are honest about your infidelities, then you can still truly love.

    “nerd = fat woman”
    i am a nerd and not fat.

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  2. on May 7, 2007 at 8:41 pm Not Bitter

    Words of advice a friends mother gave her in high school:

    “You can be fat, or you can be a bitch; but you can’t be a fat bitch. Nobody likes a fat bitch.”


    “It’s a point of honor to swallow.”

    Great advice.


  3. Bitchy women are detestable, until they get the good hard fuck they need. It does wonders for the entire office staff that put up with her!


  4. “when a woman praises a man it is more often given with the goal of changing his behavior.”

    oh, you’re so brilliant and witty … haha.


  5. irina: “women’s power is immense otherwise, but it doesn’t pertain to you.”

    which woman is happier — the loveless fortune 500 ceo or the young, pretty salesgirl dating the man of her dreams?

    “for a man, not a woman.”

    true. i don’t counsel lying. a man with integrity (and options) does not need to resort to lying to keep his girl around. lying is fear-based.

    “i am a nerd and not fat.”

    i meant male nerd. it’s funny, but every self-confessed female nerd i’ve met or dated has never manifested anywhere near the full panoply of nerdiness i see in my male nerd friends. for instance, no male nerd could write a blog similar to yours — they are simply incapable of any emotional depth. you could strip away your name and pics and i would still know your blog was written by a woman.


  6. i just like to think that the ability to feel deep empathy, birth children, nurture entire families, and glue together communites and cultures is pretty powerful. i would think that having read my blog you know i ain’t competin with no men in the man world. no point in that.


  7. Wait a sec. I’m a nerd. I read sci-fi/fantasy novels, I play video games and I even read comic books every once in a while and I’m not fat and I am more than capable of emotional depth.

    You’re generalizing a bit too much.


  8. “hate is as natural as love. like love, it’s most rewarding to throw yourself into it completely”
    There’s nothing rewarding in hatred.

    ” uncontrolled jealousy is your worst enemy. controlled jealousy your best ally.”

    ” sexually attractive people can get away with more. and they will have more willing apologists excusing their actions”
    sad but true.

    Good post. I’m sure it will press a lot of buttons, but you do offer up some great points.


  9. Oh I see, that does make sense.

    However, semi-nerds are ok though.


  10. jo, you’re a woman. it’s male nerds who are emotionally stunted and socially dysfunctional to a degree that very few women can match. basically my point is that the typical male nerd is as unattractive to women as the fat girl is to men.


  11. “There’s nothing rewarding in hatred.”

    it’s a guy thing, mm.


  12. Power and Weakness are relative terms. What one person may consider his or her power, another person may consider a source of weakness.

    As for prostitutes removing sex as a tool of power for women, this has been the case ever since prostitution became the world’s first “profession”. Throughout recorded history, men have used prostitutes, or as far as the nobility is concerned, they’re called concubines. The wives of the nobility didn’t care if their husbands did so, since the wives’ power no longer flowed from sex, but rather from their position as wife to the nobleman and mother of his children. Wives of commoners had much more of a problem with prostitutes, since their power still flowed from sex.


  13. This list shows the dark place that too much focus on the game will eventually lead you to. The only escape is to let a woman show you what selfless love is all about. Surrender, my friend.


  14. hurting people is NOT fun!!


  15. Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.


  16. Let me guess — Nietzsche is your favorite philosopher.

    Only you would probably answer that by saying something like, “he’s not a philosopher, just a truth-teller.”

    One random observation, since you brought up politics…

    You say, “young single women will always vote liberal, since they’re looking for a husband or father substitute”.

    What about all the people — male and female, young and old, who vote conservative “as a rule”, because they’re looking for a strong authority figure — i.e., a father substitute.

    I think this is much more telling than young women voting liberal for the reasons you propose.

    Most people who, as a rule, vote conservative, are, IMO, spineless people ruled by their own deep, dark fears (of change, of life, of liberty)…

    Most young white males who vote conservative as a rule are the biggest effeminate wusses and wimps out there, when you scratch beneath all their macho posturing.

    (Personally I think that if he counts himself as a conservative, he doesn’t fit in that category, because he appears to be a hardcore realist — something most American conservatives aren’t… but that’s another thread.)

    Not all conservatives are detestable, but “conservatives” who fit this description are pathetically detestible, and unfortunately, in US society circa 2008, this is the plurality if not the majority of so-called “conservatives”.

    Sorry for the political diatribe but you brought up politics didn’t you, so you must think it’s somehow salient in the scheme of things.

    By the way — you are an irreligious libertarian who votes “conservative”, right? I’m an irreligious libertarian who votes liberal.

    Now, how do you square your atheism with the fact that for the great majority of conservatives in the US, their religiosity and their political beliefs go hand-in-hand?


  17. Joe T = definitely NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer.


  18. on August 3, 2008 at 7:03 pm themightypuck

    “there is no meaning of life except to fuck. it is utter pointlessness. you are a machine designed to serve the interests of recombinant dna.”

    This makes no sense. What do you mean by “meaning?” Your conscious “self” has no stake in the next generation. You owe nothing to a future you won’t be alive to experience. If you want to throw “meaning” to the wolves, why make an exception for fucking. Fucking is great and all but why do you grant it “meaning” status above, say, writing a book or building a pyramid?


  19. His comments re ‘womens power’ are silly. A woman has extraordinary power! But the power she has,to manage and grow a family,keep her community strong,support her husband, care for friends and relatives etc etc is the power to make a better family and community,and the rewards of this kind of power do NOT appeal to the feminist bitch POS and the career narcissistic bitch. When they hear about womens “power” they automatically think:getting shit for free,at mens expense.


  20. forgot this one

    – religion is a defense mechanism for death.

    … hurting people is fun…


    somewhat off as a sweeping generalization

    if literal.. that pretty lie will, and should, perish

    …fucking>hurting (addendum to better than)


  21. no God, no soul and hurting people is fun?
    besos para usted tambien, querido.
    deseo mejoras.


  22. Amen.


  23. I think when he means “hurting people is fun” is emotionally abusing/using women and dumping them. As a jerk in recovery I can tell you that the less I care about people especially women the better results I got. Screw the feminist indoctrinate screwed up my natural tendencies.


  24. There is no divine god but there is a thing that has made us think it’s god.

    There may not be Karma as a general rule of existence, but it certainly exists as an occasional extraordinary exception to the norm. Amazing coincidences are also a part of this. The cause: the thing I mention above, it’s devious and tricky.

    there is a soul, but it’s not what we assume it to be like. Nor do I really think it goes to a place that is even remotely like what we conceive Heaven and Hell to be.

    We are all part djinn (for lack of a better word) This is why the soul’s existence holds true.

    If there is no point to life, then there is no point to life. Don’t toss in fucking as part of a snide little effort to show how cynical and jaded you are to all things soft and “weakly” human. You casually imply your lack of concern for the finality of death, but i’d sincerely like to ask you how little you care the day after you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    If you can still be flippant in such a state, then maybe you can be taken seriously.

    no bullshit about how you’re already suffering from a terminal slow illness called life. An imminent and certain death is miles of terrible away from the far off speck on a nearly limitless horizon which is most young men’s perception of death.


  25. Whats the point in being bashing him when he assigns meaning to fucking as showin off how cynical he is. He just means something like “if you want to find a meaning, the most truthful you can get is our biological drives, so stop fooling yourself”


  26. […] The worst part of the season, however, is the people.  Holiday shopping draws everyone out from under the rocks of their hipster covens, gated communities, gentrifying neighborhoods and bucolic suburbs, and shoves them into one mall.   The shopping experience becomes  a melting pot of class resentment, as history tells us time and again that proximity + diversity = war. […]


  27. You think life and the universe have no meaning, but that is clearly not the case. Do you understand what the words I am writing mean? If so, then q.e.d., meaning exists, outside of fucking. Where did that meaning come from, if it was not inherent to the universe in the first place? Dreams are also a part of the universe, a product of it, and therefore just as “real” as anything else. In fact, many dreams have resulted in the creation/invention of that which was only dreamed about before. However, dreams have little function w.r.t. fucking. You have a few good points, which are exaggerated to make a point, but your misogyny is a bit much to take, and unfortunately takes away from your readers’ ability to be happy. Instead, they will be just like you.


  28. […] women in the way that gelded, feminist-indoctrinated (largely white) Western men do. Three, proximity plus diversity equals war. Basically, any white woman who ventures alone into a place like Haiti is looking for trouble. She […]


  29. on May 23, 2010 at 10:42 pm criolle johnny

    This list shows the dark place that too much focus on the game will eventually lead you to. The only escape is to let a woman show you what selfless love is all about. Surrender, my friend.
    MQ wants you to “surrender”, to “let a woman show you”. This clearly demonstrates the concept of male minds and lives. We’re never “happy” until we do what women want.
    When a woman says “I love you”, she means “I own you”. When a man says “I love you”, he means “I surrender”. That’s why they want to hear it! That’s why they fish for it, try to pry it out of you.
    THAT kind of thinking comes out of a “dark place”, a smelly dark place!


  30. on May 30, 2010 at 2:51 am unlearning genius ...

    -the purpose of life is to fuck?

    too simplistic, the goal of recombinant DNA is successful reproduction and transfer into the next generation not fucking … fucking is just a means of the body to that end … grandparents are the happiest when they see grandchildren .. people are also happy when they see that their name is famous and spans generations because it helps their spawn … the idea of just fucking rampantly is a good idea if you are lower SE only .. beyond a certain point it is more optimal to ensure quality offspring … look around you man is infinitely complex than your simplistic philosophy ..