Best Spam Titles

Horse in my pussy.

Let the big dick fairy bless you.

Knock down trees with your GIANTCOCK.

and an amalgam courtesy of the random generator:

Knock up alpha fairies and their cats with your horse cock.


  1. Does this make you laugh?

    It’s one of my favorites from the Onion archives; I just revisited it and for some reason thought you (of all people) might appreciate the humour. Tell me I’m right.


  2. My best spam e-mail title was misspelled: “Used tampoons for sale.”

    Actually, when you think of it, tampoons is a more appropriate spelling.


  3. Do you realized how many google searches are now going to lead to your blog from people searching for “Horse in my pussy”?


  4. The “big dick fairy” emails have kept me quite amused recently. A good one, from “Leopoldo Mullen”:

    Subject: Mini flatulent fortnight
    Preview: Shatter the glass ceiling that’s keeping you back.