A Business Idea

I have to hand it to the women who started this website where jilted girlfriends send in photos and rap sheets of their alpha male badboy ex-boyfriends as a warning to other women.  It’s a pretty good concept, though judging by the limited database of cads the site has amassed and the immense number of potential nominees it may not work too well in practice.  My favorite bitch-fest so far:

If you like alcoholic, emotionally retarded borderline pedophiles, this guy’s for you! A man in his 30s who cheated on me with a high school student and then moves on to a heroin-using teen he met through– who else?– her high school teacher. Clearly this is one quality gentleman. Also, you can look forward to the insanely boring sex life (whenever you actually get to have sex, as he’s usually drunk or crying) and marvel at all two positions in his vast repertoire. If you’re into chemistry, you could take a scraping from the two inches of dirt and grime in his bathroom and help in the crusade to cure cancer. Bonus!! Act now– before the onset of delirium tremens and get FREE moments of lucidity!

In a moment of panic, I searched their database of offenders for my name.  Phew!

This admittedly valuable service for single women gives me a business idea.  A similar website for men could warn single guys away from dating certain women.  Of course, the particulars of how female candidates for public ostracization are chosen would be different than the male version.  Just having guys write in horror stories about their exes or bad dates would not stop potential suitors from trying to get with these women because as long as the girl looks good there will be enough men willing to grin and bear her personality “quirks”.  For instance, posting dire warnings and accompanying pics of pretty golddiggers (and is there any other kind of golddigger, really?) would only encourage guys who don’t mind paying for whores to ante up.

No, the idea only works if it taps into a dating concern all men share and is powerful enough a disincentive to at least give other men pause about dating any women, even the pretty ones, included on my website’s perp list.  And it’s not STDs (with the exception of HIV).

The dating concerns that unite men in fear more than any other are, one, getting hoodwinked into having a kid and, two, not seeing a return on his investment.  Therefore, there will be two categories of offenders.  Women who “forgot” to take their pill or punched holes in condoms which resulted in surprise pregnancies and women who didn’t put out within a reasonable amount of time.

I really like the idea of outing the cockteases and the sexually chaste.  Granted, identifying women who made guys wait more than six dates before sex, or who accepted at least three time and money consuming dates without coming through on her end of the bargain, doesn’t necessarily mean she would do that with every guy she dates, but it does suggest an underlying willingness to do so when it suits her needs.  Just knowing that a girl is capable of holding out for a long time is enough to give men who might be interested in dating her a chance to customize their game and subvert her ‘Rules’ strategy.  I see my website’s service as filling an information gap that will help streamline dating efficiency.

The website name I am considering:


Please do not steal my idea.  I know patent lawyers with white belts in tae kwon do.

It seems the domain name is registered.  I’ll need to get more creative.



  1. I think every man, upon learning that this site exists, checks to see if he’s listed.


  2. on September 13, 2007 at 3:43 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Nice idea.

    But have the Alpha Male lawmakers rigged the system, though, so that any sitte specifically criticizing women would be considered “hate speech?”

    As I mentioned here once, I work in media for one of the big papers. I’m half-tempted to e-mail you if you’re serious about this. If you really intend to do it, I already have promotional ideas.

    I think the name might need more teeth, no pun intended.


  3. You’d spend most of your time dealing with subpoenas demanding the IP addresses of men who’d posted things on the site so they could be sued for defamation of character. Heck, you might even get sued yourself, for facilitating the alleged defamation or something along that line. Not worth the legal hassles.


  4. if it doesnt work out…can i have the domain????


  5. That quote made my day. We women sure can be vindictive bitches. It’s fantastic.


  6. I’m going to make up a fake profile about my self and put it on that ex girlfriend site. Then put my e mail address and see if I can score a woman who likes men with really small janxs


  7. i bet if a guy put a really bad badass fake profile of himself on there he would get tons of hookups. come on, we all know how women think.


  8. vaginas are super evil!


  9. http://nullp0inter.wordpress.com/2007/07/29/the-truth/

    I had the idea first :-D.

    You ddi refine the the characteristics to look for though.

    This would be real easy to slap together.

    PHP + MySQL + Apache + Domain Name


  10. The problem with sites like this, is that you know that doesn’t matter how good the guy really is, if he broke the girls heart, or if he really didn’t like her THAT way, she’ll post that out of vengeance. I’d never believe anything posted there…


  11. Virgle’s right on. You would be so much better off with a solid profile there than on match.com.


  12. broken arrows/nullpointer, let’s get on this.

    superevilvagina.com is ready to soar!


  13. hahahahaha. one problem in your business model: in the presence of vagina, men will believe anything, no matter what superevilvagina says. how the hell do you think strip clubs stay in business???