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You should have listened to what mama said
And walked away with someone else instead
You should have listened to what grandma said
And married someone more like Fred

You should have listened to your inner voice
While you had time and still a choice
You should have reached for the emergency brake
Before it was too late

You see the clever girl looks for a clever boy
To another extent than the clever boy
Will ever look for a mate
Who goes to round-table debates
And runs a little bit late
When she does work for the state

You see the clever girls look for the clever boys
And then the clever boys seem to have a different choice
They want a good-looking chick
That likes to blow them away
Someone who laughs at all the
Funny little things they say

I have a friend who’s in this MENSA club
He has no trouble to admit
He wants a woman with ambitions
That go as far as raising kids


  1. My response, in lyrics (Treason by Velvet Chain):

    I have a window in my mind
    I can turn to look right through you
    Won’t cost you anything but time
    To see me feel like you do

    Your cold and frozen mind
    Locked in a winter’s season
    You only live your life one time
    Now you must find a reason

    I’m standing in your shoes
    I feel your conscience cut right through me
    Sensation oh so cruel
    You keep your pain so close and cozy

    I see a complicated maze
    Debris of dead compassion
    A love came like a hurricane
    Then left its devastation

    While you are breaking down
    You’re building up your best defenses
    And when you finally drown
    You’ll lose your lover and your senses


  2. I can see why you like my blog.

    A truly clever woman puts her brains to better use. The girl in this song isn’t that smart. 😉


  3. on November 11, 2007 at 11:51 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Shouldn’t we give the composer and performing of this song some credit? It’s Pelle Carlberg, a Swedish indie singer-songwriter.

    Also, having the song title printed out helps in understanding the song much better. It’s called: “Clever Grils Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls.” Pretty clever title!

    Here is Pelle doing it live on YouTube:

    He also has a song about how he retaliated against a female critic, “Go to Hell, Miss Rydell”:

    It’s interesting that our boy Pelle hails from Sweden, where they actually proposed a “man tax” a few years back. The feminist party (which was thrown out because of this proposal) wanted men to pay extra because they were men. This is one example of the radical feminist thinking that has poisoned Swedish society, and probably infused Pelle’s songs. Any ideology that needs to prop itself up by demeaning others is no ideology at all. It is a hate group.


  4. on November 11, 2007 at 11:51 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Sorry! That should have read “our boy Pelle.” Hey Roissy, can you correct that when you “moderate?”


  5. DBA, in India, males pay more tax than females and they are happy with it. 😉


  6. Broken Arrows–I guess that goes a long way in explaining why Sweden will have sharia imposed by 2050 at the latest.


  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


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