Dennis Kucinich: Alpha Male

dennis-kucinich-and-wife.jpgGuys see a picture like this and think to themselves “wow, if he can land a babe, there’s hope for any guy.”  Clearly, Dennis Kucinich has landed an alpha babe.  And not just a tabloid exploiting fame seeking fly-by-night whore.  These two lovebirds are married.  It is clear from her body language and how she speaks of him that she truly loves him.  How is this possible?  Examining the basic facts, we see a large disparity in their relative sexual attractiveness.

  1. he is much shorter than her
  2. he is goofy looking; she is a beautiful, lithe, redheaded bombshell
  3. he is a lot older than her (31 year age difference.  she’s 29, he’s 60)
  4. she is feminine.  he is… feminine
  5. he has unicorn and rainbow politics

So how did he do it?

We get a hint of that in a couple of quotes from his wife, Elizabeth:

People who see us together understand – they see our connection. And it’s not like I’m some ditsy young thing and he’s an old fogey. He has the wisdom of an ancient and the energy of youth. Dennis says to me, ‘I’ve never seen myself as time-bound. When you make a connection on a soul level, age is not important.’

So Dennis has managed to neutralize the age objection by acting (and looking) more youthful.  This does not surprise me. Younger women appreciate a youthful outlook on life. Yes, acting young brings with it the risk of seeming immature, especially to older women looking specifically for an older man, but the risks are outweighed by the benefit of appealing to a much broader base of young women.

Another thing that comes through in her quote is the connection they share.  Connection, or mutual understanding, is one of the least understood (especially by men) and yet most important factors in what keeps a relationship strong.  Elizabeth was probably intrigued by Dennis at first because of his position of power as a US congressman, but his hippy dippy personality perfectly in tune with her whimsical “child of the soil” bohemian style sealed the deal.  They are on the same wavelength.

Here’s another quote:

As for having a family – Elizabeth says she would like children some day – Dennis says, ‘There’s no problem there.’

From this we can conclude that Dennis is confident in his ability to get hard and inseminate her with his flower power seed, despite his advanced age.  Perhaps his vegan diet keeps his arteries clear and his member functioning.  More likely, it is his incredibly hot wife 29 years his junior that helps him spring to action like a horny high schooler.  Young beautiful women are like souped-up turbo-charged Viagra/yohimbe/coke cocktails.  The majority of middle-aged men using Viagra are looking at the prospect of sex with haggard dumpy wives, so no wonder they need pharmaceutical assistance.

Connection, youthful vitality, and a high status career.  Those are the things that won Dennis his perfect 10, and they were appealing enough for Elizabeth to overlook his numerous shortcomings.  Often, when a woman is in love, she will grow to be blind to those negative traits in her man that might’ve otherwise turned her off when they first met.  This is a great example of how differently attraction works for men and women.  The mirror image of this situation hardly ever happens.  No matter how deep the connection or how youthful the outlook, vanishingly few men will want a relationship with a much older, unattractive woman.  They may want to be her friend, but they won’t want to fuck her.

The alpha male is not always obvious to the naked eye.  How many times have you walked down the street and said to yourself “what the hell is that guy doing with HER?!”  Or all those losers you know who’ve hooked up with women way out of their league.  What’s going on is that alphaness is not always a baseball bat to the head.  Sometimes it is a subtle thing, imperceptible to outsiders, a way he walks and moves or how he handles himself in conversation.

Or maybe Dennis has a 12″ cock.


  1. on June 7, 2007 at 8:13 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Good one, but it devalues you as a guy if you’re seen in public with a taller woman. It sort of plays up your, um, shortcomings.

    For example, Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino are much shorter than Tom Cruise. But you only hear about Cruise’s lack of heigh because he insists on dating taller women, which play this up. Shorter guys shuld not even fraternize with taller women in public — lest they be mocked — much less marry them.

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  2. Your premise is flawed: The evo-psych theory that women “naturally” gravitate to Alpha males has been thoroughly debunked (where have YOU been?). Some women naturally do it; many women are socialized to do it; but throughout time most women really haven’t. Since there are only a few REAL Alphas in the world this is a good thing because the species would have died out by now otherwise.

    (Lest you start throwing out animal analogies, just know that at least half the offspring of female lions are sired by Betas; DNA testing proves it. They creep on their man!)

    For the record: Alphas are a pain in the ass. Trust me I would know! A woman can be no more than an accessory to them, which to any woman who fancies herself a human being finds extremely disagreeable, if not right away at least in the long run.

    Sex with my Beta lovers was/are always better. And short guys are incredible in the sack 😉

    One more thing: Your Beta is showing. Only Betas ruminate about what Alphas do, so that they may emulate them. Hang out with a real one and you’ll see that Alphas just ARE. If you ask them what sets them apart from other men they’ll just give you this blank, confused look. Then they’ll just make something up so as not to appear ignorant. The truth of the matter is he never thought about it.


  3. Props to the man!
    His wife is in the golden age…
    I, too, usually date younger women, but last year it so hapenned I dated 2-3 19-year olds in a row, and they just can’t compare to a 25-30 y.o. Not just in bed, but behaving around a men, knowing little feminine tricks, and so on.


  4. ATR did on post on him a month or so ago, you should check it out….

    I like their story because they are both crazy new age liberal, just like myself. I believe their love is true.
    I dated a guy shorter than me by an inch or so a few months back. It really, really bothered me. I was embarassed to me seen with him. Also, the fact that he was a flaming beta (and possible closet homosexual) didn’t help.
    oh god i’m a bitch


  5. HPS, Damn girl! You had to come back “guns blazing”. I hope you brung your flak jacket.

    I’m on stone’s wavelength. I prefer girls in their mid 20s, its just the right age as they have enough experience to carry an interesting conversation. Particularly when we start talking about her gang bang experience with five black dudes from brooklyn but she says it doesn’t count ’cause it was in Cancun on spring break in ’03….wait, what?


  6. Ew he’s gross. Or maybe I’d fall in love with him too if he said and did all the right things all the time.


  7. VK, I’m pretty sure you did but I see that shit everywhere now. You need to trademark that shit, especially pretty Ricky’s tranny escapades….so where do I send the check?


  8. mm – “oh god i’m a bitch” no, you’re a woman.

    hed – “The evo-psych theory that women “naturally” gravitate to Alpha males has been thoroughly debunked”


    “(Lest you start throwing out animal analogies, just know that at least half the offspring of female lions are sired by Betas; DNA testing proves it. They creep on their man!)”

    how many betas are in a pride? if it’s 90% beta then the alpha lions are doing pretty well for themselves. or, conversely, how many alphas contributed to the other 50% of offspring? if it’s one alpha, then his genes beat out the straggler betas.

    “many women are socialized to do it”

    ah, the “socialization” rationale. how convenient. how untestable.

    “Alphas are a pain in the ass.”

    this is what women who can no longer attract them say.

    “A woman can be no more than an accessory to them”

    being a cold-hearted asshole is not the only option.

    “Only Betas ruminate about what Alphas do”

    or smart alphas.

    “If you ask them what sets them apart from other men they’ll just give you this blank, confused look.”

    who’s more dangerous? the dumb alpha who scores pussy unwittingly.
    or the alpha who knows EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING?


  9. LOL! The last Alpha I dated (not long ago; he still calls) had been married two times. BOTH of his wives left him. Both times he was crushed by it.

    Why? Certainly not because he was unkind or an asshole; the man is quite the dear overall. It’s just that they had NO IDEA what being married to an Alpha would be like: A car sitting in the garage, all nice and shiny but only driven on Sundays. The rest of the time the Big Dog would be on the other side of the city/country/world chasing his money around. They didn’t even come in second to it. Maybe third or fourth. BOOOOORING . . . and lonely.

    I was married to an Alpha and left him, for pretty much the same reason.

    The man I’m seeing now only comes across as an Alpha due to his position in the community and the family he’s from. However, he’s actually a laid-back Beta. All of the privilege, none of the attitude. Yesssssssss.


  10. Aren’t alphas the hot, manly guys we sleep with on the side to get attractive babies and have our betas care for these babies as their own?


  11. This article mentions nonmonagamy among female lions but iit doen’t include the statistic I was looking for:,11812,839992,00.html

    But I found these!

    Hyena females do the picking, and it looks as though 97% are betas!

    The cheetah girls are cheatas!

    Woooooo threesomes!!!

    Now let’s talk about primates:

    Here’s an overview of the whole nonmonogamy thing in animals, especially females. The girls are sure getting around!

    I’ve got more on seals, squid, and grackles but I think this is enough. In the wild the girls are getting it ON! This “women cleave to Alphas and are naturally monogamous while men are naturally promiscuous” bullshit is just human mate-guarding behavior, psychological warfare. Phooey! So ladies, I do believe it is time to get busy!!!

    In the wild there is a lot of blustery mate-guarding behavior among Alpha males but it’s largely ineffective. They make more babies than other individual males, but a substantial portion of Alpha broods are fathered by Betas. Which reminds me of another psychiatric essay about Alpha males: Alpha is an honorific given by men, to men. It’s rank that’s fought for, won and eventually lost. Meanwhile, human or wild animal, the females couldn’t give a shit.


  12. I am lost in the bit about you dating girls 5-15 years younger than you. Fifteen years younger?! I guessed you at maybe late 20’s… huh.


  13. irina, it is one selection strategy women subconsciously employ. keep in mind that the ideal situation for a woman is to get an alpha male to commit to her completely. often, women settle with betas as the providers and fuck around on the side with the square-jawed alpha because the alpha male willing to commit and forswear all other women is a rare creature indeed. nevertheless, the numbers of women who cheat on their beta husbands are lower than the nubmers of men who cheat on their wives.

    hed grasped:

    “This article mentions nonmonagamy among female lions”

    female nonmonagamy, whether among lions or humans, is not the same as female nonchoosiness. lionesses are still primarily delivering the offspring of the alpha lion.

    “Hyena females do the picking,”

    your breathless hyena propagandizing to the contrary, the article in your link points in the opposite direction of where you want it to head. hyena females don’t do much picking, but rather just accept whatever male happens to be sniffing around her. however, the males compete for access to the females, so again we see a situation where the top dog male (and all male hyenas are subordinate to the alpha female) gets more of his genes propagated into the next generation. that 97% beta figure you mentioned is based on immigrant males into other hyena clans. your mistake is in assuming those immigrants are beta, when in fact they are alpha hyenas that have fought for the rights to the females in their adopted clan.

    you really have to stretch to find exceptions to the woman=submissive, man=dominant storyline of 99.9999% of all sexually reproducing species. even the exceptions you’ve linked to are hardly cause for celebrating the demise of darwinism — hyena females have more androgen receptors than males, and their genitalia are masculinized clitoral pseudo-penises! yes, that’s a great example from which to draw conclusions about human behavior.

    “The cheetah girls are cheatas!”

    cheetahs as well are a flawed comparison. female cheetahs produce a new egg with each mating, something which human females cannot do. and cheating in any species is not unusual. evo psych has a whole body of research on male and female cheating. (bottom line, both do it, but men do it a lot more. the tendency for women to preferentially behave in a monogamous fashion and for men to spread the seed is settled science.)

    “Woooooo threesomes!!!”

    you sound so excited! like someone who just found a get out of jail free card!

    the warbler link, like the ones above, is studded with facts that work against whatever ridiculous thesis about human nature you nurse to satisfy your wish fulfillment fantasies, such fantasies no doubt fueled by your rapidly growing powerlessness to escape the merciless biomechanical sex preference machine that relegates aging single moms to the dustbin of loneliness.

    the warblers live under the constraints of a very specialized environment, which humans do not, and their “trios” were taken from sample sizes too small to conclude that kin relatedness was not a factor. also, in the trios of two males, one female, the males fought for mating access to the female, like males do everywhere. in 2 female, one male trios, there was no fighting for mating access to the male, for obvious reasons.

    “Now let’s talk about primates:”

    nonmonogamy in chimps is not news. neither is it news in humans. you seem to be willfully confusing cheating by females with their wholesale repudiation of monogamy. here is the executive summary: males on average and across time are more polygamous than females. this is so because it is a genetic winning strategy for them.

    “bullshit is just human mate-guarding behavior, psychological warfare.”

    your every word drips with anti-male resentment.

    “So ladies, I do believe it is time to get busy!!!”

    i understand you find comfort in sticking a middle finger in the face of human nature when that nature has turned its unforgiving indifference against your interests. it was all fun and games when you were younger and prettier and lording it over the boys. your attempt to regain control over that which you can no longer control by playing the game of the enemy you have grown to hate is transparent.

    “[alphas] make more babies than other individual males”

    thank you for proving my point.

    “Alpha is an honorific given by men, to men.”

    no, alpha is a descriptor of a constellation of character traits.
    honorifics are cultural adornments bestowed on men who possess alpha traits.

    “It’s rank that’s fought for, won and eventually lost.”

    better to have won and lost
    than to never have won at all.

    “Meanwhile, human or wild animal, the females couldn’t give a shit.”

    tell it to wilt chamberlain.


  14. One more thing: You’re a Beta. Alphas don’t blog.

    Alphas are not terribly introspective in any case, so why would they blog anyway? Alphas do not waste time trying to quantify who’s alpha and who’s beta, or sharing secrets with betas on how they can score some poon. They don’t think about you guys at all. They’re too busy being the Big Dog and competing with other Alphas for status and material goods.

    For instance, two (three?) years ago I dated the man who at one time had the biggest private jet in the world. One day Bill Gates’ jet sidled up to his at some Euro airport, forget which one. They knew each other and had worked together before on charitable endeavors (aid to Africa).

    So Bill says to my guy “How can you afford to have a bigger plane than MINE?” Because Bill Gates was the bigger billionaire, shouldn’t Bill have the BIGGEST PLANE?

    Can you guess what Bill did when he got home? Bought a bigger plane of course! It’s all just one big pecker contest, although today the game is completely shot to hell as Arabs are buying commercial jets to use privately. I guess the Alphas will need to come up with a different game.

    See what I’m getting at here? Even your run-of-the-mill working class Alpha doesn’t bother with Betas except as employees or entourages. There’s always another Alpha above him to challenge, and that’s where his focus will always be.

    See? You’ve shown your Beta ass. Too late! No do-overs!

    Now. Before you taunt me about how he “dumped” me for being a so-called “faded beauty” in favor of a younger model let’s get something straight: He’s Swiss. The distance killed it. He wanted me to stop dating other men and I refused due to our distance and his globetrotting habits (what, I’d get laid once a year? Bite me!). Since I couldn’t go with him (mom issues) we hit a stalemate pretty quickly, which lead to the Phone Fade.

    Oh: And he still calls.


  15. Hahahahah, you will sooooo come to hate the technologies that prove you wrong! (DNA matching being one of them).

    I’m not saying nurture trumps nature and never would. Both act on each other; for instance, social experience can actually change one’s brain structure, so it’s impossible to infer anything from the gender differences of old dead people. Comparisons between males and females in utero are entirely a different matter. NO: I only scoff at men’s attempts to justify the status quo by drawing evo-psych inferences from the animal world. As if your convenient hand-picked species have ANYTHING to do with human nature or human society (news flash: they don’t). Evopsychs just ignore those species that don’t fit their world view. Meanwhile, REAL biologists know that for every species that justifies dominant human male behavior and submissive female behavior there is another one that refutes it. Don’t get me started on the Bonobos.

    As science becomes more precise evolutionary psychologists anxiously scramble to refashion their theories to match the scientists’ new evidence. No matter what new theories emerge from the (almost 100% white and male) evo-psych community, these theories – surprise! – always serve to justify the status quo. In other words, a worldview that places themselves squarely on top. Which is unscientific and really, really lame.

    Oh, and those hyenas might have had alphalike characteristics, but once they left their “tribes” and joined new ones they became BETAs to the new tribe’s existing heirarchy. Now why would a supposedly Alpha-like dog VOLUNTEER to lower his status to Beta by joining another group? That was a rhetorical question; you don’t need to answer it. My point is that female hyenas (who get to pick-and-choose their sex partners) almost always choose Betas. Deal with it. Not that hyena culture has ANYTHING to do with human culture, mind you. I’m just throwing out the examples to show the world that you’re full of shit.

    I believe chimpanzees are the closest species to human, yes? Did you know male chimpanzees prefer older women? Given the choice they will pick the 30 year old female chimp over the 10 year old. Why? There are a few theories about this and one of them has to do with status. Yes, female chimps have their Alphas too. These dudes are sleeping their way to the top!

    One more thing: Casting aspersions on my ability to attract an Alpha male due to my supposedly advanced age are simply a waste of your energy. Why do you bother? I still attract Alpha through Omega and I find most of them extremely annoying. Consequently, every time you throw out a taunt I breathe a sigh of relief and think “Thank God.” I don’t believe this is the reaction you were hoping for, mmm?


  16. Another false premise: Pussyhound=Alpha in the human realm. Don’t be a reductionist. Oh, wait, you’re an evopsych nut, you’re reductionist by definition. Nevermind. Suffice it to say that what other species do to spread the DNA around has little to do with human desires or mating success.

    Believe it or not, (nouveau riche ballers excepted), about half the businessmen and old-money Alphas I know confess to being “natural monogamists” in a sheepish kind of way. The other half will always cheat, because 1) it’s a challenge they enjoy 2) they’re thrill seekers, and 3) they can afford a steady diet of high-priced call girls for those nights they don’t feel like trying too hard.

    Also: I notice that once “new rich” bachelors live the high life and play the game for awhile they get bored (married men are either cheaters or they’re not, and cheaters never get bored). REAL Alphas need a challenge. Women falling in your lap is not a challenge. Believe it or not, Alphas prefer educated, well traveled, sophisticated career women with genius level IQs, their own money, and a boatload of attitude. Now THAT’s a challenge. Only Betas look to women to be their subs. That’s because the only way they can play king is in their own homes. Then they keep their wives financially dependent so they can’t run away when they get tired of being a slave, poor things.

    I don’t think you know what an Alpha even is, frankly. Your swinging bachelor fantasy is just that: A fantasy. It’s not even the best mating tactic when it comes to spreading the DNA around. Hidden oestrus, duh. The men with the most babies are the ones who stick around to make sure the job is done. Exceptions only prove the rule.

    Not that this world needs anymore babies.


  17. hed flailed:
    “you will sooooo come to hate the technologies that prove you wrong!”

    you mean like paternity dna testing? before getting married every man should have his fiancee sign a dna pre-nup that requires her to submit to paternity testing in the event she gets pregnant.

    “social experience can actually change one’s brain structure”

    can it change a gay into a straight?

    “men’s attempts to justify the status quo”

    justifyin’ ain’t got nothing to do with it.
    it’s about explanation for a real world observation.
    honestly, you are the perfect advertisement for prohibiting women from the scientific enterprises.

    “Evopsychs just ignore those species that don’t fit their world view”

    evopsych has moved into the realm of studying human nature directly through the tools of computational genomics. you and yours are being left behind by the rapidly progressing science.

    “Don’t get me started on the Bonobos.”

    the bonobos are the feminists’ favorite primates. too bad they’re barking up the wrong tree. this guy explains it best:

    There are many poorly thought-through assumptions behind [the bonobo cheerleading]. First, bonobos are Darwinian duds. As appealing as their genetic programming may be to the students and faculty of Smith College, their genes have not succeeded in replicating themselves widely: there are fewer than 10,000 bonobos alive, no more than 1/20th the number of those testosterone-addled common chimps.

    Second, due to this relative failure to go forth and multiply, we really don’t know much yet about bonobos. So, that they are natural born pacifists must still be considered tentative. It took the great Jane Goodall over a decade to notice that the males in her beloved troop of common chimps were genocidal brutes. And it took anthropologists even longer to notice that our hunter-gatherer societies typically have murder rates that make South Central L.A. during a crack epidemic look like International Falls, MN during a blizzard.

    Third, whatever the case among bonobos, Sisterhood Isn’t Terribly Powerful among women, and probably never will be … for two fundamental reasons. First, women betray other women constantly because it’s in their genes’ interest that they do so. Your “selfish genes” encourage you to help them propagate themselves via your children and other relations, half of whom will belong to the opposite sex. You compete with your own sex in order to cooperate with the opposite sex in making babies.

    Next, when it comes to sexual violence, women aren’t protected by other women, but by men: angry fathers with shotguns, vengeful husbands and brothers, police forces, and armies. Men are both the problem and the solution. Only men are strong enough and violent enough to deter other other strong and violent men. For example, the women in any city under siege are in grave danger of mass rape, but only if their armed menfolk are first defeated and slaughtered. If that happens, though, it won’t matter how many female-only softball teams there are in town.

    Fourth, we didn’t evolve from either chimps, bonobos, or gorillas, but from some mysterious extinct common ancestor.

    “No matter what new theories emerge from the (almost 100% white and male)”

    you’re a walking parody.
    tell me, is classical music invalidated because it was made by 100% white males?
    if anything is suspect in science, it is the fieldwork of ax grinding feminists. margaret mead comes to mind, who btw was uncovered as a fraud.

    “but once they left their “tribes” and joined new ones they became BETAs to the new tribe’s existing heirarchy.”

    read some more studies on hyenas. the “beta” immigrants had to fight their way up the male hierarchical ladder in their new adopted clan before they got dibs on mating with the females.

    “Now why would a supposedly Alpha-like dog VOLUNTEER to lower his status to Beta by joining another group?”

    fresh pussy. (or in the hyenas’ case, fresh pseudo-penises.)

    “My point is that female hyenas (who get to pick-and-choose their sex partners) almost always choose Betas.”

    you might want to read for comprehension. there is a male ranking system among hyenas and the top males get more mating opportunities.

    “Given the choice they will pick the 30 year old female chimp over the 10 year old.”

    chimp males provide no direct paternal care to offspring and, most importantly, chimp females do not show evidence for menopause.
    if you want to study human nature, it’s best to study humans.

    “I still attract Alpha through Omega and I find most of them extremely annoying.”

    no wonder they don’t stick around. i mean, what with that attitude and all.

    “I don’t believe this is the reaction you were hoping for, mmm?”

    actually, it is exactly the reaction i expected.

    “One more thing: You’re a Beta. Alphas don’t blog.”

    is that your… final answer?

    “Alphas are not terribly introspective in any case”

    translation: i missed his soft caring side because he left before the sun rose.

    “two (three?) years ago I dated the man who at one time had the biggest private jet in the world.”

    translation: he de-iced the wings.

    “So Bill says to my guy”

    translation: some guy named bill asked my date if he’d like the senior citizen discount.

    “Can you guess what Bill did when he got home?”

    disappeared once your anti-hallucinogenic meds kicked in?

    “Bought a bigger plane of course!”

    twist ending! and here was i, innocent reader, thinking it would be bill’s balls on your chin.

    “See what I’m getting at here?”

    yes. you fear and loathe being invisible to men.

    “Even your run-of-the-mill working class Alpha doesn’t bother with Betas except as employees or entourages.”

    and they especially don’t bother with aging single moms with ballcutting male-hating issues.

    “There’s always another Alpha above him to challenge, and that’s where his focus will always be.”

    you just hate it that their focus is no longer on you. do you really think that all alphas are about their careers and nothing but their careers? i’ve got news for ya, some of the biggest pussy hounds i know were penniless and couldn’t give a fuck about playing the role of dutiful cog in the machine or upper class suburban status whore. there’s more ways to winning women’s love than are dreamed of in your pinched angry myopic world.

    “See? You’ve shown your Beta ass.”

    if you only knew…

    “Too late! No do-overs!”

    you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a fun hobby, i see.

    “Oh: And he still calls.”

    nursing home hours of course. no calls during wheel of fortune!


  18. Breaking it down:

    Stephen Pinker, for instance, who laments the fact that ‘today’s intellectual climate’ makes it impossible not to mention feminist theory in his account of sex difference, thinks that the goal of feminism is ‘an ethical and political position that is in no danger of being refuted by any foreseeable scientific theory or discovery’ (p. 492). When he notes that the environment he envisages for the development of our psyches is one in which ‘sex led to babies’ and ‘children were a mother’s problem more than a father’s’ he notes that these statements are completely separate from moral considerations (Pinker, Mind, pp. 468-9). Matt Ridley is also careful to argue that ‘[t]he asymmetry in prenatal sexual investment between the genders is a fact of life, not a moral outrage’. He claims that because somethings being ‘natural’ does not make it right, his detailed account of the naturalness of sex inequality is mere harmless description (Ridley, Queen, p. 174).5

    Before we find out in what sense evolutionary psychology counts as scientific, it is important to question whether it is possible to claim that scientific descriptions of human behaviour have no effect on or responsibility to society. These authors are well aware of the power of appeals to the naturalness or unnaturalness of certain behaviours which still serve as potent prescriptions or deterrents. Also by claiming to be giving people the truth or the scientific facts about sex difference they are consciously promoting their point of view. It even seems possible that the sidelong stabs at (usually a straw version of) feminist in these works reveal a covert political agenda.6 Their need to refute feminism shows that they aim to persuade rather than to inform the reader. For if their theories were really true, they would not feel at all threatened by the idea of female equality. Feminism, on the other hand, has good reason to feel threatened by evolutionary psychology. As it rides high on the wave of popular science literature, this account of naturalness of sex inequality not only effects common opinion, but is also being used in the public sphere to justify sexism.


  19. That is not a 10, an 8 at best.


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  21. on August 13, 2007 at 10:23 pm Casual Viewer

    If Kucinich is such an alpha male, why in the Hell is a female kicking his ass in the polls? He’s no apha male. The reason she is with him is obvious. She was from a poor Texas town, he’s famous. He’s her meal ticket. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Just call it like it is.

    From the 2004 election:

    “To help Kucinich in his quest for the perfect mate, a political Web site,, has begun accepting personal ads for the 57-year-old presidential hopeful as part of a contest titled “Who Wants To Be a First Lady: The Search for Mrs. Kucinich.” So far, about two dozen brave women have put their names forward.”

    Sorry. That’s not what an alpha male does.


  22. I find it funny to read things that I know are absolutely not true. How do I know that Kucinich is not an Alpha? Because I’ve been around him enough.

    From time in the mid to late 90’s in DC on the Hill and around his district on different campaigns, to working the political event circuit in the late 90’s around his area, to running into him and his wife last year at the Feast…. from this I know he is no Alpha.

    He is a US Congressman that ran for President. Some people are starf****ers. You know that. In her world, he is a star. (Weak, I know, but true).

    She thinks by marrying him, she can provoke change and a better world. I vehemently disagree with her on what she believes but that doesn’t mean that I would stop her.

    You may want to re-evaluate your thoughts on those two.


  23. *SIGH* What the hell are you people going about? How did a conversation about Kucinich lead to random c*** about big cats cheating on their partners? Yes, the guy haS bagged himself a hot wife, but what the hell has this anything to do with Cheetahs? WHAT?!!?


  24. Evolutionary psychology is the common thread; he’s arguing Kucinich is a hidden alpha

    Have you written on this strange strategy of leftism (wrt picking up girls; leftism makes plenty of sense for the middle and working classes wrt division of economic spoils); it seems like these guys aren’t real alphas but seem to get quite a bit of action.


  25. “She was from a poor Texas town, he’s famous. He’s her meal ticket. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Just call it like it is.”

    No, she’s not. She’s from England, far from poor, and she’s extremely cultured and intelligent.

    The comments about her whoring after a “star” are false.


  26. Hope is right. Texas… WTF?

    I’m votin’ for Dennis.


  27. Wow. The two people arguing over alpha-beta-bang-potency are starting their own mating dance. Fascinating.


  28. You forgot:

    He’s a flake; she’s a flake.

    She’s naive; he’s willing to take advantage of it.

    He’s somewhat powerful; she is ambitious.

    This is his last relationship; this is only her first.


  29. Eww…Guy is a Creepazoid.

    Gross as it be to admit and I know that we will have a natural aversion toward toward such thing such things. There’s definitely biological imperatives between such unions.

    Women will choose the handsome good looking guys to sire her children and the unattractive but wealthy beta to get the resource, this is not conscious of course most of the times. and of course some just pair off between uglies (omegas) lol


  30. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just finished reading the argument….LOL WTF!!! Awwww Looooong pointless arguments on teh internets: the last refuge of the socio sexual misfits douchebags…So, when is the wedding? lol Just make sure you guys have some way sort of way to protect yourselves…*LOL!!!!!*


  31. Holy shit, he utterly destroyed that bitch.


  32. Also, alone among his peers, Kucinich displayed supreme alpha behavior during the run-up to the Iraq war. While every other member of Congress was either being misled into the damn war or was too scared to speak against it publicly even if they knew the case for war was bullshit, crazy ol’ hippie Kucinich said this about the war:

    “It is wrong, it is illegal, it is unjust, and it will come to no good for this country.”

    That last part took a lot of political courage to say on the record, especially for someone with dreams of the White House. What if the war had turned out well for the U.S., as it appeared to have done right around the “Mission Accomplished” point?

    In real time, Kucinich spoke out against an atrocity in a way that literally none of his peers had the guts to do. I’m sure that made Elizabeth’s gina tingle — and even more so after he turned out to have been right, and everyone else was making excuses for their failure to take the stand that he did back when it mattered.

    Ironically, all those Democrats who got excited for war probably thought that *they* were being alpha, by following the lead of the supposedly “tough” Republicans and their no-nonsense leader. But all war supporters of both parties were merely fearful betas, stepping into line behind a self-styled alpha who happened to be both stupid and wrong about everything. A true alpha has the guts to declare that the emperor has no clothes.

    Alpha Kucinich > Alpha Bush

    (And the relative hotness of their bedroom companions proves it.)


  33. One big reason why Kucinich swooped that chick is because he is left-wing. He is one of the most prominent extreme-left wing politicians in America.

    Girls are exposed to so much liberal propaganda in college (of the kind denounced by William Buckley in his first book “God and Man at Yale” – that was in 1954! and it’s gotten steadily worse since then…) that their gina tingles whenever they meet an uber-liberal like Kucinich.

    I am willing to bet that he would never had landed such a hot girl – all other things being equal – if he had supported States’ rights and a narrow interpretation of the Constitution, if he had been a Racial Realist, if he had repeatedly violated Political Correctness, if he had favored a return to the pre-1965 immigration policy, and if he had been a staunch opponent of the welfare state.


  34. Then again, maybe they are in love.

    I couldn’t hope to explain that here.