One Surefire Way to Bait a Breakup

for the caring, sensitive man who stops at nothing to spare the feelings of the girl he wants to dump.

“I hope if we have kids one day we don’t have a hot daughter cause… woo!… you know, I don’t know how I’ll control myself.”

field tested.  motherfucker approved.


  1. That’s disgusting. I don’t doubt that would work every time.


  2. almost as good as leaving hypodermic needles lying around.
    or saying “i love you”.

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  3. As good as:

    “I love you. I want you to be the mother of my kids…”

    same day, different time, waiting for the right time.. i.e. some scene on TV,

    “I believe the mother should stay home to raise the kids. Kids needs their mothers and I aint letting my babies grow in the hand of a minimum wage feminist indoctrinated state worker”

    1. Even if most women prefer to stay home rather than share the financial burden, they want it to be their decision. This way it is your decision, and we all know what women think about men’s decisions/wants/needs.

    2. By claiming you are anti feminist, you claim you are anti woman, means anti her.

    3. By being against a minimum wage state nanny, you are showing you have no compassion for the poor souls.

    If she has baby rabies, run. forget about being nice or civilized. Run. Nothing works.


  4. on July 30, 2008 at 12:53 pm SovereignAmericanMale

    Tell her, I am fucking your (sister, daughter, mother, best friend or all of the above).


  5. on November 12, 2010 at 11:41 am rebelliousvanilla

    z.g, that wouldn’t work on me. A man told me that he’d expect me to stay at home and so on if I married him and I liked it. Actually, instinctually, I don’t respect men who DON’T tell me what to do. Obviously, the packaging of the message would make MOST women be repulsed.