David Blaine Is A Toolbelt

And all those suckers camping out to watch him sit in a box are his tools.

Drop the retarded endurance test “magic stunts” and stick to card tricks, dude.


  1. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Think of all the money he’s made off of these ridiculous stunts.


  2. Among other things like a stroke or a heart attack, he’s risking blindness from excess blood flow to his eyeballs. Yeah, he’s a tool.

    Or else, he’s just a weird guy. Or a normal guy with a weird job.


  3. Welcome to three years ago.


  4. Speaking of celebrities, Chris Kattan just discovered the meaning of divorce theft. Gad Day’yum. Za Prenup, it duz nuuuutheeen:

    “Sources tell TMZ there was prenup that would’ve given Tutt less that 10 grand — but a renegotiation just upped the ante to a low six-figure sum.
    Tutt’s lawyer, Ronald Richards, told us: “My client is very relieved that she can leave this two month marriage with some resources that will allow her to rebuild her life.””



  5. David Blaine is a part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Pussy Posse”, a gaggle of dorky, beta-looking actors like Tobey Maguire, Lukas Haas, Kevin Connolly, led by queen bee DiCaprio. None of these guys looks like an alpha-male, yet they’re known to get truckloads of ass.

    Since the ideas and ideals of masculinity are frequently discussed and pondered on this site, can anyone tell me how the fuck that woman-man DiCaprio is considered to be such a good-looking actor. The guy is clearly a low-testosterone individual, based on his childlike face and build, yet he pulls in so much ass, and is taken seriously as a conventional leading man. Our society is seriously going to hell when this putz considered believable as a South African mercenary. What happened to the Burt Lancasters and Robert Mitchums of the world?