A Test Of Your Game Knowledge

How many Game acronyms can you identify?

Can you describe the concepts behind each stage of the above seduction flowchart?


Bonus: Chateau, Game, and PUA concepts, illustrated (credit to the forgotten reader who sent this in eons ago):


  1. Give Indicators of Disinterest in order to Demonstrate Higher Value. If she gives Indicators of Disinterest, repeat – if she gives indicators of interest run compliance test. If she complies move forwards, if you get another IOD repeat. If she refuses to comply return to giving indicators of disinterest… Always worked for me!

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    • CH, df?

      why are you giving this fucking spergy shit any airtime at all?

      women are not flowcharts. they are not state machines

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      • Is doing hours of horse stance “spergy” of you’re after a black belt? Fill in same analogy for mastering the guitar or anything else. Seduction has an anatomy. Newbs and the blue pilled have to learn it.


      • on November 28, 2018 at 12:25 pm SpecialGuest777

        I don’t need no flow chart to piss on lil niggers


  2. I like the chart but your ‘correct’ answers on the male SMV test are a better way to ‘teach game’ to beginners IMO. ZFG, ZFG, ZFG


  3. There should be an addendum for all aspiring womanizers:

    Zero porn allowed. This should have been made clear from the absolute get go. A respectable male should not be watching porn at all, it is deliberate self-cucking.

    We don’t make excuses for fatties binging on junk food, we shouldn’t make any excuses for the sex equivalent. Why would a man who consumes that Jevv garbage have any use for the treasure chest that is the Chateau.

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  4. on November 27, 2018 at 4:12 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Get the motorcycle, get the private pilot license, get a used F150 and be good at a few mechanical, electrical and plumbing tasks.

    Get your licenses, graduate or vocational work done in your twenties.

    Don’t get hitched until 30. I’d even suggest getting a vascectomy early (reversible) until you want to have a kid.


    • I’m in favor of removing the walls around their gated enclaves, especially right after busing in the diversity they’re so anxious to bestow on the rest of us.


  5. Time for a wider discussion about the differences between comfort and rapport and why comfort is critical to the next step of seduction.

    Finally, the chart leaves out LMR last minute resistance which is a when a woman hesitates before banging you. There’s a whole volume of game literature on overcoming it.


    • on November 27, 2018 at 5:15 pm Captain Obvious

      Lick you finger and get it on her c1it.

      That will solve 99% of all your problems with the female sex.


    • Wala

      Yes good point. The IOI IOD loop is the Attraction phase. When you move from opening (A1) to her giving you iois (A2) to when you are reciprocating iois (A3). Once you start getting compliance you can move into comfort.

      Here is the full attraction model described by you know who…


      • The remaining main phases after Attraction being Comfort and then Seduction.


      • He nailed it and despite changes in technology and attention span social conditioning MM still works

        [CH: mystery method is still sound advice. the fundamentals of seduction don’t change.]

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      • just can’t watch this.

        reminds me of “how to lose weight” videos which will also drone on for an hour. The reality is it takes one sentence.

        same with pickup. I used to suck with women. Then I got more interesting. End of story.

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      • “add dhvs which improve her chances of survival and replication”


        dark triad ftw

        “if a bum bumps into you…”

        girls will think it’s hilarious when you order super super spicy soup, take it to go and then hand it to the first scumbag meth head gonna steal the tailgate off your truck bum you see


    • wala is correct

      and if you’re doing it right, she doesn’t need the clit rubbing either.

      if a girl needs clit rubbing, fingering, oral to get off, you’ve got a sexually dysfunctional chick on your hands

      that or she isn’t that into you and/or wasn’t sufficiently warmed up mentally/emotionally enough before you got her pants off

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    • There’s no such thing as LMR. A girl who doesn’t want to fuck you doesn’t go somewhere isolated with you. They resist a bit because it turns them on more. That’s how all mammals mate and we’re not any different. I and my blog of course recommend staying within the local laws at all times.

      Real resistance is how a woman would react if a hobo jumped them in broad daylight with a rusty knife and his hog out. And even then, about one out of fifty women would love that.


      • This is good advice right here. Its scary stuff in the #MeJew era but women want to be taken, not convinced. There’s something to be said for sure about giving her plausible deniability and the whole “oops, I tripped and fell on his penis” type of carefree LMR melting but consider this:

        A woman’s attraction battery gets used up the more *she* takes the initiative. They have different definitions of this than we do. A woman who merely comes up to your apartment is going to feel massively exposed, almost sexually drained, in how obvious and whoreishly she made her intentions known.

        She needs you to take the initiative and recharge the tingles. Most women are going to do this by playing hard to get. They are going to say “no”. They like saying “no” and being forced anyway by masculine power. That gets them wet.

        But there’s only so much you can do in the current year. “No” is a legal term now. To proceed with force is assault. And women like that. From their porn viewing habits to the lip bites of Femen whores being dragged off by police.

        I don’t have any further advice other than the plain fact that the men who have the balls to venture into that territory are the ones who will win the pussy. No way around it. You gotta take the risks. Whether its dragging off the wench who gave you eyes on the village raid or pinning the Hillary voter’s hands above her head after she purrs “Not yet…..”

        Dunno what to tell ya. Them’s the facts. I don’t really believe in the anti-slut defense anymore. If she allowed herself to be alone with you where sex obviously happens she’s invested in slutting it up. Resistance at that point either means you fucked up in the moment and its already over or she wants the Big Penis to subdue her.


      • I like that metaphor: the slut battery. In retrospect, totally accurate. Spontaneous sex is far hotter than long-anticipated sex. The only exceptions I can recall were virgins. At first I disagreed with Krauser when he said that he’s against kino because it diffuses sexual tension rather than creates it but now I’m totally on board.

        I’ve only ever lost out on chances to fuck girls by moving too slowly (i.e. more than two hours), and never by moving too quickly. And before I found game, the only times I got laid were when my move came totally out of the blue. Constantly probing girls for IOI’s to see if you’re getting closer to her pussy is a crutch for the insecure.

        Women criminalized normal male sexuality so that only the baddest of boys could fuck them. No psychologically normal woman is losing sleep over the fact that beta males are too scared of the law to bust a move. Subconsciously, they rejoice at the weeding out.


    • well well look what the cat dragged in lol

      LMR? You mean like when they say “maybe we should do this next time”?

      yeah, I just keep going. You can have fun with your “game literature”.

      the notion that a bitch who’s 3/4 naked with my hands on her cooch should be actually taken seriously as far as her words…gtfoh

      How much less organic and authentic can shit be than this? An HOUR long video about how to pick up women…spend that hour being a better man ffs not learning to disguise your inadequacies better

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  6. I seem to have missed the notes on incurable STD’s on those charts..


  7. PUA challenge:
    How do you game a sweet tourettes chick?

    Kidding aside, how much mental illness does one tolerate for some wet hole in one? This includes leftist/feminazi ideology, which these days pretty much means EVERY western white woman.

    Things to ponder..


  8. Speaking of last minute resistance, I have not every experienced it in the situation I will describe. 21 year old blonde thot. Claims ex used to hit her. They broke up three weeks ago. She’s for a real bad attitude. I like to play with fire. Had her number for about a week, meet her at a bar, she ends up driving to my place where we keep drinking. She’s having a great time, she’s in my bed, it’s getting heavy. I try to take off her pants, she freaks out crying and leaves. Was this my fault or do you attribute it to her craziness?


    • No, bitches be crazy.

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    • I believe a woman (and possibly a man) who has been really badly hurt, physically, emotionally, financially or whatever, should be treated with gentleness. If there is a problem at any stage, back off immediately, even way back. Now, you might not have any idea about what her prior experience was (or lack of experience, for that matter). But be prepared to back off when you meet resistance, re-establish comfort and trust. And then you may try again.


      • I’m dealing with this exact scenario right now. Beautiful 23 yr old blonde babe. She still lives with her ‘boyfriend’ at the bf’s moms house. The bf is like 30, why he still lives with mom…who knows. BF and bf mom are both emotionally abusive, I think they let her live there so she can babysit the young adopted kids? It’s all stupid.

        I’ve taken her out twice now, just us. First to a concert (her choice of artist) and then to a retro dance night. Concert was great, fun. Dance night was GREAT FUN. Light physical escalation the first time, medium escalation the second time. Never pushed anything. She was ear to ear grins the whole time.

        Where did the bf think she went those nights? She made up a story and CORROBORATED it with the friend she supposedly was out with. The second date night we ended up snuggled up on my couch where we passed out happily.

        I was finally rudely awakened at 4:30am by a cell phone blaring. It was hers, her dude was calling. She didn’t answer. Your woman is in my arms, happy. It’s all over for you man. Beta assholes are the worst kinds.

        Game is fantastic, but underlying psychology should dictate how hard to push the momentum. COMFORT AND TRUST. So important. I’m building comfort, trust, and taking her to endorphin boosting events.

        It’s working, her friend told me yesterday she is interested and wants to see me more, but that I need to have PATIENCE. So it goes.


      • ……”have patience”. I dunno man. I’ve heard so many stories of women telling one man he has to wait for her and then she goes off and lets her hair down at the bar and lets Chad take her home and bang her asshole out.

        Not discounting women who have histories of assault or abuse, that’s a whole different load of emotional upside down world that I don’t know if anyone understands, least of all her. How else do you explain the sobbing woman crying about just wanting a gentle man to trust who keeps turning around and fucking the abusive ex while spinning orbiters?

        The more I think about it the less I want to think about it. We were never supposed to be trying to seduce broken women because there were never supposed to be broken women. Its not supposed to make sense. Women were supposed to marry off young to their first pair-bonded Lord of Her Life and spend two to three decades bearing children and living the rest of her years in blissful satisfaction of a life well lived surrounded by grandchildren.

        Not these brain-addled, deceived, barren, lonely, hypergamous messes whose entire lives are being lived upside down and backwards in a world full of men out to use them for pleasure. With hundreds of loads of incompatible DNA floating around in their brains and fundamental hormone cycles put on hold and eggs withering away.

        Fucking hell.


      • on November 28, 2018 at 3:34 am PBR Streetgang

        I’ll never understand why men given the skill set for seduction would invite such trouble into their lives … this story sounds like the preamble to a murder-suicide – isn’t there any normal, well adjusted 23 YOs blondes from good families with fathers who own diamond mines – or am I being naive and utopian?


      • Yeah. High school is neat innit?


    • nah, she crazy. First issue is never get a chick in your bed with her pants on. Establish the boundaries. Bed is for nudity. You wanna keep your pants on stay on the couch.

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    • She still lurves her ex and “cheating” on him with you is too much for her emotions to handle.


    • Lawyer up.


      • i’m with wala on this

        whether she’s nuts or you did something to spook her, crying and leaving like that is a seriously bad sign

        if you haven’t already, i’d follow up with her and lay down some comfort game. then when/if she replies with some positive feedback, make sure you keep those texts or take screenshots so you have them if you need them


  9. on November 27, 2018 at 6:41 pm gunslingergregi

    ex just brought my other black ex over

    haven’t seen in like 2 years

    I was like did ex tell you I was going back to wife

    she like we don’t talk about you

    lol right why ya showed up now after all this time he he he

    told me I was a pussy connoisseur

    told me i’m all about money bet a chick could pay me to be able to date me and be able to have dude on side

    rofl so know what she was thinking he he he

    awww everyone popping up before I dip I guess

    gave her hug when she left she said by brother


    • on November 27, 2018 at 6:55 pm gunslingergregi

      how bitches make up with you in the hood they bring another bitch rofl


      • on November 27, 2018 at 7:27 pm gunslingergregi

        and black ex chick paid ex to bring her he he he
        not to say that shit happens every day


      • on November 27, 2018 at 7:42 pm gunslingergregi

        although another chick came and visited I ain’t seen in while and paid the ex too
        talking bout she was ready to start having her football team of babies rofl
        white chick though
        I tried to get her number back ex wasn’t with that lol


      • on November 27, 2018 at 7:45 pm gunslingergregi

        everyone knowing i’m going back to wife guess on another level
        3 in last few days
        its cute I guess saying goodbyes


      • on November 28, 2018 at 12:57 pm gunslingergregi

        lol just saw first bitch to ever rape me at store
        she was beautiful the wall is a bitch


      • on November 28, 2018 at 4:34 pm gunslingergregi

        saw white chick I aint seen in 4 years at store
        getting weird a little
        she had kid was chubby as fuck with her dude
        guess doing good

        guess got to be seeing chick who said I hate white boys and drove my truck into pole and tried to kill me soon lol


    • Q predicted this.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 10:35 pm gunslingergregi

        she might of been keeping bitches away
        alpha bitch I guess
        like watching the godfather or some shit
        who the fuck is she


  10. I practiced game for a long time and I began to notice that my target would give off the biggest IOIs a few minutes into the interaction, then cool off and I would have to heat her back up for the close. Then I realized that if logistics were favorable you can cut out 90% of the effete verbal part of game.

    Girls want to be dominated. That’s not after hours of chit chat and foreplay, it starts as soon as she sees you as high status. When women talk, their words have no relation to the truth. Women communicate through subtext and implication. Establish that subtext and you can bone her in fifteen minutes.

    There’s only one flowchart you need. DHV>sexual subtext>isolate>close. If it’s social circle game and you have an established high value, you can literally just get any girl in the group alone on the flimsiest pretext and start fucking her.

    At a party: “Oh thottie, you’re going home? I forgot where I hid your shoes. Let’s go look for them.” And then in the hall: “Maybe they’re in the bedroom”

    At a bar, after one drink: “I’m popping out for a smoke, come with and keep me company”. Outside: “Want a taste? Yeah? Open your mouth.” Take drag on cig, kiss her, lead into alley

    On your motorcycle: slip your clutch hand up her thigh and feel how wet the engine vibes are making her


    • Same flowchart champ. You just put in different words.

      The main issue for guys is HOW to DHV. Once you are dhving and she is showing iois per the chart up top, isolation is just a compliance test…

      There is a lot of game involved in DHVing…


    • You might want to try graduating from black chicks eventually. They’re a crutch, and not a particularly healthy one.


    • I call this the meat test.

      If you catch a woman looking at you like a you’re a piece of meat, she wants to fuck you. Period.

      I’ve never failed to fuck a woman who looked at me like that. Happened to me at Lowe’s on Saturday. Popped in to buy a replacement hot water stem for my kitchen sink. Sex on Sunday — day. No date. No dinner. No movie. No alcohol. No nothing. All she needs at that point is a pretense, some plausible deniability. Watching football was it.

      Fortune favors the observant and the bold. Once you see the look you have to ACT fast. That’s it.

      P.S. I’m old and average looking.


    • on November 28, 2018 at 3:59 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      I miss university days when you could just go out on the dance floor at the bar or pub or da club and when last call/last song of the night came on at 2am you could just grab a random girl (or she grabs you) and do close dance-makeout-cab-fuck back at yours or hers.


  11. “A man may ask anything of a woman, but unless he wishes to behave like a brute, he must make it possible for her to act in harmony with her deepest self-deceptions.”
    ― Milan Kundera, The Joke

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  12. Here’s How Many Messages Men Have To Send To Women On A Dating Site To Be Sure Of Getting A Response – Business Insider



    • Notice that older women (i.e., desperate, hitting the Wall) are much more likely to reply than younger women.

      If you want a younger woman, it’s IRL game or nothin’.


  13. Just having a casual convo with friend about family. So, his nan and his mum both cheated and employed hypergamy. Nan with captain of a famous ship and mum with someone she knew from school. Dad in meantime stays loyal and provides for the family while mum runs off for two years in some fucked up romance before returning. This came up casually. Funny, because my mum did the same. I can give very long lists of female solipsism, hypergamy and societally enforced entitlement to do as the fuck she wants and somehow it’s the man’s fault. Endless examples. Men of course cheat too but women are generally better at hiding cheating which leaves you to wonder just how many women cheat like fuck. Yes they often get caught but even more of them don’t. Don’t beleive for one minute that the hamster doesn’t stop turning, keep your A game strong and put yourself first.


  14. Classic, that’s what I used to teach at bootcamps 7 years ago.

    Thanks for sharing, brought back good memories.