Height Queens

A comment from farmlegend about short women and tall men,

Carve it into the granite, put the tablet in Moses’ hands, and behold the burning bush – the biggest height queens of all are very attractive, very short women.

Seen it over and over and over again my friends.

IME, short dudes, like me, do better with women of average height.

Yep, I’ve observed this too. Little spinners gyroscopically gravitate towards much taller men.

I’ve written about Short Man Game (including addressing an older farmlegend comment on the topic), and the executive summary is that short men generally should target women shorter than themselves, but not to rule out very tall women. The latter will not infrequently hook up with shorter men for a similar reason that very short women prefer very tall men: biological balance of any potential sprog.

Tall men do have it easier in the sense that they don’t (typically) have to worry about target acquisition based on female height, but short men can get around this snare by learning to identify which very tall women might be open to dating a shorter man, and otherwise sticking with women who are shorter than themselves.

But the very short pixies could prove intransigent to the short man’s long game. My theory is that there is a subconscious urge in very short women to mate with very tall men so that their issue inherits a height from the fat part of the bell tower curve. Average- or slightly below average-height women don’t have this concern percolating through their limbic labia, so they will be less closed off to dating a same-height or shorter man.

Likewise, very tall women may have a subconscious urge to mate with men shorter than themselves, on the 50/50 chance that they have a daughter together who will inherit a less SMV-handicapping average height.


  1. Tall women also give you tall sons. All three of mine will be much taller than I am, and I am happy about that. My oldest son is 9 years old, and is already 4’10”.


  2. This thread is worthless without pics. 😉

    [CH: you could skip down a few posts and return to check out the pic of the mountain with his tiny moll]


  3. on October 30, 2018 at 12:41 pm Captain Obvious

    PRO-TIP #1: If you can handle them, then tall chicks [about 5’10” and up] are DESPERATELY LONELY.

    If you’re at a dating site which has height filters, then set your filter for 5’10” or taller, and you’ll be swimming in positive responses to your openings.

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    • on October 30, 2018 at 12:41 pm Captain Obvious

      PRO-TIP #2: If you want your sons to have a legit shot at an NCAA scholarship [in swimming or lacrosse or baseball or similar], then their Mom better not be 4’11”.

      Just sayin.


    • on October 30, 2018 at 2:04 pm posts only tweets

      Young gals at my office is around 5’8″/9″. Long, lean legs. She’s making me change my mind about gals that height. I’ve always been partial to the 5’2″–5’6″ range.


    • Even at the bar, I go talk to the taller girls first, because they are happy to be talked to.


      • I picked up the hottest girl in the bar who was also super tall once. Just basically bumped into her in the crowd of people. turned out she was a bitch oh well lol

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    • I wish this were true. The tall ones who are thin and attractive, not so much. The cows well over 200lbs, yeah. Which are a lot these days.


      • Meanwhile my height has been a cheat code for the chicks a foot shorter than me and allowed me to have shit game with them.


  4. Reminds me of a joke.

    Did you hear about the basketball player who married a midget?

    He was nuts over her.

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  5. “Carve it into the granite, put the tablet in Moses’ hands, and behold the burning bush…”

    I do like left-handed fire-crotches.

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  6. Funny story this height stuff reminds me of. Ten or so years ago I was hooking up with a girl who was taller than me. Bland semi-cute face but killer long legs. Anyways, one night she drunk texts me to meet her at the bar she’s at. I go there thinking I’m getting laid and I see her sucking face with a guy at least 4 inches shorter than me, and at least 6 inches shorter than her. I hit on some of her friends but went home alone as prince bloomberg took home my fuck buddy. Still have to laugh at how weird that was.

    Anyways, in my experience really tall girls often do expand their acceptable height range because its either that or become a spinster.

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    • Unfortunate corollary: they expand more than their acceptable height range. They’re also more likely to mud shark (not saying all- it’s just higher risk.)

      At 5’11”, I’m considered practically a midget in the MW though I really dgaf. Whenever chicks ask me how tall I am I tell them, “I’m king of the manlets.”

      I’ve also noticed a recent trend of 5’9″ plus fitness chicks who are exclusively into little, burly MMA type guys (think Ronnie from Jersey Shore.)

      If you don’t know who that is, let me be the first to congratulate you on having a life.

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      • I not only don’t know who that is, I don’t know what “Jersey Shore” is. Presumably some television program.


  7. Will add that tall girls will almost never get cold approached by men shorter than them so as a rule they are much more approachable than average height women. It seems that the ideal height for most men is 5’5-5’8 as i have noticed that most guys i know seldom show interest in girls 5 ft 10 and taller so they are by far the easiest demographic to game so long as you feel comfortable in their presence.

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    • this can be true…have had a couple chicks at my height or a little higher recently and they are refreshed to be around someone not intimidated by them. Both first date lays.

      My spergy eldest played taller chick game at college and he was actually batting way above his weight. He was like nobody will talk to these girls. He’s even 6’2 so not hurting in that dept at all.


  8. I’ve seen this in my own life. I’m 6’4 and 230. While certainly not the Mountain at 6’9 and 420, I will say my hottest girls were the smallest and they do tend to indicate their interest very readily.


  9. on October 30, 2018 at 2:03 pm posts only tweets

    Buddy of mine is 6’4″ but the bad thing is, he’s got a hunchback. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s never worked out in his life, or to compensate for being tall, he’s “shortening” himself so as to not hover over everyone.

    He always had a thing for petite Asian women but finally [email protected] a woman that is just a few inches shorter than he. But, given that she’s north of 35, they’re having trouble getting preggo.

    Lately, I’ve become a bloodhound for a young, fertile womb. Starting to warm up to Cappy’s idea of the “oops pregnancy.”


    • on October 30, 2018 at 2:45 pm Captain Obvious

      Tell her to get off her B!rth C0ntrol.

      Tell her to make her body clean & pure for you.

      Don’t ask her to do it [Beta]. Order her to do it [Alpha].

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  10. Regarding short men & tall women: I also think as female narrative goes it works as well.

    The idea being if this short guy can snag this long legged gazelle, he *must* have something going for him. Such as an incredible strength of will, or incredible fighting ability. For example, Audey Murphy was the WW2 vet with the most kills, and he was around 5’5

    Like Nick Vujicic – https://youtu.be/nknzSWDcUgA , he has a drop dead gorgeous wife and two kids. No one is going to question that the man must have super-sperm. Sure the arm/leg thing is a bitch, but any kids that man fathers are going to be Men of Pure Will.

    And that’s another thing. Anyone who gives up about their life situation is being stupid. I mean it’s hard to come up with a set of circumstances that would be worse than that guy. He made it work.


  11. Can confirm. The shorter the woman the more she wants… no.. NEEDS to feel safe. Tallness is a useful biological proxy for her to go by to deem someone who can keep her safe. As a short guy, you can use this knowledge to your advantage though, by lifting weights, using effective game and choosing the right environment/bar to game at.

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  12. […] Source: Heartiste […]


  13. Human heights are NOT normally distributed…that is NOT on a bell curve.

    Applying a normal distribution (bell curve) to every single measurement is a Bachelor of Arts degree/Social “Science” manipulation to make non-science disciplines sound more scientific…such as Economics, Politicsl “Science”, Psychology, Women’s Studies, etc.

    Yeah yeah I know I know some PhDs wrote about called the Bell Curve…but they are Social “Scientists”.

    Normal distribution are for deterministic outcomes (the roll of dice, a coin flip) NOT vague things that cannot be measured precisely (intelligence) or things that vary greatly depending on sample size heights).

    First you collect the data then you determine the distribution…not every data set is a normal distribution…in fact very few are.

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  14. CH, height provides the illusion of protection to short women who feel vulnerable due to their size

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  15. I have one anecdote on this topic: I knew a guy who was very short, like 4’10”. He didn’t have dwarfism or any obvious medical problem: actual dwarves have odd body proportions. He was just plain ol’ short.

    I always saw him with women that were average high or even slightly above, like 5’6″-5’8″. He actually had a lot of confidence: he was good at his job, he had a black belt in some field of karate, and was really an outgoing and interesting guy.

    Once when he was a bit tipsy, he confessed that most of the women he dated had a ‘thing’ for short guys. It’s true what’s said on this blog: if you’re an outlier in any way, there are groupies for it. Except World of Warcraft. There are no WoW groupies.


  16. Height among Women is Curvilinearly Related to Life History Strategy – SagePub


    It was hypothesized that women of medium height would show a more secure, long-term mating pattern characterized by less jealousy, less intrasexual competition and a “slower” life history strategy. In three samples of female undergraduate students clear support was found for these hypotheses. In Study 1, among 120 participants, height was curvilinearly related to well-established measures of possessive and reactive jealousy, with women of medium height being less jealous than tall as well as short women. In Study 2, among 40 participants, height was curvilinearly related to intrasexual competition, with women of medium height being less competitive towards other women than tall as well as short women.. In Study 3, among 299 participants, height was curvilinearly related to the Mini-K, a well-validated measure of “slower” life history strategy, with women of medium height having a slower life history strategy than tall as well as short women. The results suggest that women of medium height tend to follow a different mating strategy than either tall or short women. Various explanations and implications of these results are discussed.


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    • Women of average height — that would be in the 5’3 to 5’6ish range for our White women, depending on what Euro ethnicity they come from — really do seem, in real life observations, to the most desirable among all men … even if the man is a taller alpha type

      Makes sense for men not to be particularly attracted to swarthoid, 4’10 squatamalan height types — or butterface, 5’10+ types of, disproportionately, some northern Euro hausfraus


  17. Another valid reason for men to have some cause for pause for the ‘Big Bertha’s of womanhood:

    Tallness In Women Correlates With Masculine Ambitions


  18. And yet another –

    Height in Women Predicts Maternal Tendencies and Career Orientation | Research Gate


    Previous research has shown that variation in sex-specific personality traits in women can be predicted by measures of physical masculinisation (second to fourth digit ratio and circulating testosterone). This study aimed to test the hypothesis that certain sex-specific traits in women (maternal tendencies and career orientation) could be predicted by one index of masculinisation, height. Data was collected via online questionnaires. In pre-reproductive women (aged 20–29, n = 679), increasing height related to decreasing maternal personality (lower importance of having children, lower maternal/broodiness) and decreasing reproductive ambition (fewer ideal number of children, older ideal own age to have first child). Increasing height also related to increasing career orientation (higher importance of having a career, and higher career competitiveness). In post-reproductive women (aged over 45, n = 541), increasing height related to decreased reproductive events (fewer children, had first child at older age) and increased career orientation. Results provide further support for previous studies that show physical masculinisation is associated with psychological masculinisation.


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  19. Just a personal example through my family’s history: Most of the women in my family (mother’s side) are short and have always had tall (well above average) boyfriends and husbands. My little (heh) sister is 4’10” and has an exceptionally tall husband, her second. Her first husband was just as tall. Can’t recall her ever seriously dating a guy anywhere near average height.

    Thanks to those family genes, I’m a short guy (5’4″), but true to form, my wife is much taller (5’11”). Thankfully, our son looks to have inherited the height gene from his mother’s side. She’s the short person in her family!

    During my dating years, I often dated girls near my height, but never one who was noticeably shorter than me.


  20. on November 5, 2018 at 8:46 am kentuckyjerard

    Corollary?… If you can minimize the risk of coming into contact with Basketball Americans and other predators, the short woman will date whatever size guy she wants because the Male Overlords have made her society safe and her height doesnt make her vulnerable.


  21. on November 5, 2018 at 8:57 am kentuckyjerard

    Impertinent question: what if youre a tit man? All this height discussion goes out the window. A flat ironing board is just … ewww. Your looking for tits, tits, tits .. 24 hours a day in fact. You dont care what “stick” theyre on.