Urbanization And Female Hypergamy

Urbanization and the accompanying social disconnection have the effect of pathologizing female hypergamy, turning it from a useful Darwinian selection mechanism to an auto-immune disorder that robs women of their prime child-bearing years and elevates their risk of spinsterhood.

De-urbanization will throw a monkey wrench in the gears of the cock carousel and corral runaway female hypergamy. If you want to improve the romantic and marital prospects of beta males….that is, if you want more beta males to have access to relatively unsullied feminine women who forsake gogrrl careerism and avoid emotional pollution by shitlib hivemind propaganda in favor of family formation and hearth duties…you’ll support de-urbanization.

A de-urbanization program (aka a Heritage America Renewal Project — HARP) plus an immigration moratorium for a couple of generations are together the only long-term solution to feminist dysgenics. Federal and state incentives should be structured to support small city and town development, antitrust to break up megacorps…basically decentralization and de-scaling.

Infrastructure projects will help revitalize the US interior, making it more attractive for businesses and locals, which will limit the brain drain from rural regions to the coastal megacities. Ending immigration and thwarting the menace of Diversitopia will make good districts more widely available and thus more affordable.

Now if we can only solve the existential problem of female obesity in the heartland, we’ll truly have made America great again!


  1. Localism must replace Globalism.

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    • We won’t be able to stop globalism until it self destructs. You would have to destroy China, to start, to destroy globalism. You also can’t opt out, otherwise China would accumulate all of the wealth and then invade and destroy us.

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      • Muh China!

        Just go there, dweeb. The Chinese aren’t coming after us at all, ever. Go and enjoy yourself in that great country with sex everywhere (yes, true). They love us and they sell their shit to us. They are great partners and their women are the answer to Western male thirst.


    • on December 23, 2017 at 9:13 am Captain Obvious


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    • The concentration of people/resources in urban centres can now be abated (if not completely eliminated) with the 21st-century decentralization of communication. Internet macht frei. But with two crucial requirements:

      1. Self-enforced code of behavior
      2. Acknowledgment of and compensation for what’s missing outside of meatspace

      The new interconnectedness is a frontier, a Wild West that will be tamed from within or from without: discipline yourself online (the prerequisite for individual freedom) or the law will take over. What lolbertarians don’t understand is that liberty is for the rarefied few and that equality is its opposite and eternal nemesis. What makes those happy few (white males) so rarefied? Self-discipline and policing one’s own.

      As the the grand Millennial-iGen-Gen Z experiment proceeds apace, we will learn the hard way that, while computer connection is good for Committees of Correspondence among disparate allies, it can create at best one-third of a genuine relationship. There is no substitute for in-person communication, it doesn’t matter how good the VR gets. All of our instincts were created to deal with the embodied soul. The idiot gnosticism of our age imagines that (“wicked”) flesh can be separated from (“pure”) spirit, and then is surprised when we raise a generation of socially retarded screen junkies.

      As we celebrate the Incarnation on Monday (or the Annunciation nine months earlier, March 25), this is an eternal truth we would do well to meditate on. The transfiguration of the body — its glorification, its divination — is an irreducible yearning in man made real by the coming of the Christ, at once fully God and fully man.

      Make Christmas Merry Again!

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    • Definitely.


  2. […] Urbanization And Female Hypergamy […]


  3. Somewhat OT:

    Try Christmas Game this season.

    Use this: https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/seriously-can-please-just-stop-complaining-baby-cold-outside/

    Get the lib chicks to flip out.

    Personally I think that it’s the perfect musical depiction of the Art of Seduction.


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    • It’s my favorite Christmas song. Once told a feminist relative that anyone who doesn’t like it has either never had a romantic encounter in their life or is so frigid that no one has ever wanted them to stay.

      She didn’t like that very much.

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      • Intersexual stichomythia FTW.


        Great exchange, though not terribly relevant to the coming of the savior. Keep the Christ in Christmas! He is the Reason for the Season!


      • If we are going to stray from the Nativity in our Christmas carols, St. Stephen’s Day is the limit. Winceslas’ hyperborean cryophilia makes Wim Hof look like a lazy beach bum:

        “Bring me flesh, and bring me wine, bring me pine logs hither:
        Thou and I shall see him dine, when we bear them thither.”
        Page and monarch, forth they went, forth they went together;
        Through the rude wind’s wild lament and the bitter weather.

        “Sire, the night is darker now, and the wind blows stronger;
        Fails my heart, I know not how; I can go no longer.”
        “Mark my footsteps, good my page. Tread thou in them boldly
        Thou shalt find the winter’s rage freeze thy blood less coldly.”

        In his master’s steps he trod, where the snow lay dinted;
        Heat was in the very sod which the saint had printed.
        Therefore, Christian men, be sure, wealth or rank possessing,
        Ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing.


    • I remember some femtwat complaining about that song saying “He put something in her drink” because of the line where the woman says “Hey, what’s in this drink?” (after the previous “Maybe just a half-a-drink more/Put some records on while I pour”)

      For youse younger yeggs, that was a common expression for when a drink was a bit strong, not anything to do with roofies or mickeys or such.

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      • on December 23, 2017 at 4:48 am Mean Mr. Mustard

        You would be surprised how many women will hit the bars, clubs and dance venues not having eaten anything for hours (dieting) and then after having consumed a couple of alcoholic drinks think that their drinks have been “spiked” with some sort of date rape drug when the alcohol hits them like a tonne of bricks.

        Drinks getting spiked does happen but nowhere near as often as they would have us believe and any man that stoops to such a level needs to have the bejeezus kicked out of him.

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      • Not to say that drink spiking doesn’t happen (I saw it a few times in my youth, when people drinking suddenly passed out for no reason) but it’s not an epidemic like the mainstream out there will tell you to scare the crap out of you. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping an eye out for your drink, watching the bartender mix it, or having him open you beer in front of you or even better, open it yourself. And definitely be wary of strangers offering drinks. Because, hey, it could happen to men too.

        And yet, I concur with Mustard on this one. Of course it doesn’t make sense to be on a diet and then drink a buttload of sugar and empty calories, especially if they’re going to eat Del Taco or Pizza Hut afterwards and washing it with more sugar, but that’s just me. But getting back on topic, it’s more like, these women, forget the fact that women generally can’t keep alcohol down as good as men by nature, these women just don’t know how to control themselves. And then on top of it all, they hit on pretty much anyone at the club when drunk, even if the men they’re hitting on look like the Weinstein himself.


  4. Simple fix on the last one: stop subsidizing HFCS. All farm welfare needs to come to a screeching halt.

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    • Was just going to say that. Stop the corn subsidies.

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    • From what I understand, farm welfare allows farms to stay with rural families. When these farms go under, they often get bought by industrial farm operations. When this occurs, the local politics decouple from family agrarian politics – which are conservative.


      Look at the farm states, like Iowa and Minnesota, which have curiously high levels of liberalism for high production agrarian states. What do these states have in common? They have more industrial farming than other farming states.

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  5. Now if we can only solve the existential problem of female obesity in the heartland, we’ll truly have made America great again!

    This is the one area where the lib chicks dominate the down-home gals. Seems most rural women are almost TOO focused on family formation, at the expense of what makes men want to impregnate them in the first place.

    Rural women have their heart in the right place, but they’re seemingly also the last ones to receive any advice on diet. I guess when there aren’t that many other women around, men are more likely to take what they can get.

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    • on December 23, 2017 at 8:36 am Captain Obvious

      A whole bunch of White Chillunzzzezes out of an HB4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> zero White Chillunzzzezes out of an HB8.


      • may be marginally. Personally I lean towards function over form but who wants “ugly” children? Bunch of white kids from a HB3 is a wash compared to no kids from the HB8.

        I mean, look at all the self hating people in the large, left leaning cities. Lots of fat, pink/purple haired whales.

        Another problem is scale. Someones HB8 could be someone elses HB5 and vice versa.


      • Ugly souls make ugly children. Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo.

        This is why fatherless children have no shot. There is no such thing as K-selection with an absent dad. Teach your child how to stand like a man, to discipline his passions. Teach your daughter how to act like a woman, to behave like a helpmeet. They will be beautiful their entire lives. Even deformities become transfigured as emblems of unique virtue.

        Men teach kids how the soul defines the trait, like scars on the tested. But today’s single moms and cucked out fag-a-dads succumb to the opposite: the trait defines the soul. Flaws become obsessions harped on by doting parents of only children, hemming in the soul, defining their limits like the parameters of a prison.

        It’s like mud people bleaching their skin and hair, K pop eye surgery, blue contact lenses. They think a superficial change will alter their souls. Or worse, they absurdly call inferior traits “beautiful,” rather than accepting them as the cosmically unfair burdens that have the potential to build character into beauty. Only by this equation can equality become real; it is the only justice permitted by a universe unequal in every regard.

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  6. on December 22, 2017 at 4:07 pm You stupid stupid normie fucks

    Tell us what to think, jewess.




  7. on December 22, 2017 at 4:14 pm Emir Kusturica

    There are quite a few of globohomo plans out there in the open, advocating and working on how everyone should be penned into Urbn. I.e. Cities of Future (IBM finally gets to elope with Bill ‘Vaccine’ Gates again) and also Agenda 2030 spring to mind. As per norm, China is the lead, everyone else should conform.
    Whites should perish in the long term.


  8. Female obesity is a manifestation of several factors. Data shown here previously indicated that FO began earlier in the 20th century than is generally recognized. This may reflect the wealth of the twentieth century U.S. coupled with the development of time saving appliances and entertainment. Farm girls used to have to do work. Not so much now. Farm girls used to have to walk a good few miles to go town to go to the general store and to the church picnic or the dance. Now T.V. etc.

    The above coupled with an economy in the hands of moneyed interests that push HFCS, big Agra, Pharma etc., you then see that the Middle of the country gets betrayed for last 30 plus years.

    You want to incenivize healthy lean women? Make tax rate inversely proportional to BMI. If she’s in shape she pays fewer taxes, especially if she’s between 18 and 28. Corpulence should have a cost.


    • They had horses and cars for travel like everybody else. What they didn’t have is high-fructose corn syrup in every processed food product imaginable. Obesity, male or female, isn’t a rural-urban divide. The only thing the modern rural girl is missing is a constant bombardment of placard advertising implying bulimia is a worthy lifestyle.


  9. I would have to say that this wave of rural America somehow being attractive again is bull.

    Australia has struggled with this dynamic since the 70s. Uniform education informs the little lasses that they have more opportunity and better manly prospects in the cities. New access to media TV, Radio and then internet glamorizes the life in the cities. So the lasses go to “college” or “explore” for a few years. And they stay in the cites. Those girls from rural areas never. ever. come. back.

    Meanwhile the boys become owners of the family farm and work work work feeding the Aussie city dwellers who are well fed and boinking the hard working farmer/rangers past girlfriends. Fast forward a few decades and no children to continue the farms due to bachelors not having a woman to pop out kids. Northern states in the US are struggling with this too.

    I don’t know of anyone who is exposed to a farm work on an independent farm really likes it compared to the alternatives. And the remoteness of modern farming communities is not to be understated. These days a 2 person operation can plant, till, plow, etc a two 1 mile sections in most plains states with good equipment. If you do the math that means a grand total of 64 some “neighbors” within ever 12 miles either way (two townships). In the 1900s there would have been around 600 people working land that size. Modern mechanization and modern farming technology has caused 90% reduction in the need for labor. Which equals a 90% reduction in your fellow humans being around you.

    Tell the average western female that there will be less than 100 people in a 6 mile radius. And the closest town will contain say 400 people. And Most of those people will be north of 40. Well you can bet she will vote with her feet.

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    • Good points but rural life doesn’t need to be just family farms. Lots of small towns used to have manufacturing.


      • It also doesn’t factor in how technology could change things.

        One thing I can think of right off the bat; if those self-driving cars ever do actually manage to take off.

        Being able to read, do homework, use the internet etc….while the vehicle is driving and making the voyage there and back into essentially a non-hassle means distance really starts to become something different than it used to be.

        It might be 2 hours to the local major town but instead of being a two hour journey, that’s two hours you spent watching a movie you were going to watch anyways.

        That’s two hours reading a book you were going to read.

        Or two hours spent on the phone that you were already going to spend that time on.

        The more phone towers start popping up, the more internet lines that get out there, the more you can do and the less you miss out on.

        The easier and cheaper it becomes to run your own business via automated workers or vehicles the more business’s pop out in the boonies.


      • “Lots of small towns used to have manufacturing.”

        Yeah, but if you can save money by building your factory in Lemoyne, Nebraska, you can save a lot more by building it in Indonesia!

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      • Also uniform access to Internet means more jobs that are done completely online get to the middle of nowhere where cost of living is low.

        Railroads used to offer the experience you described until the government funded a bazillion interstate highways and waste a sh!tload of gas.


      • on December 23, 2017 at 2:41 pm Gunslingergregi

        Railroad mind boggling how profound that is just like buses everywhere cheap
        If one thing should be free should be trains and water fountains


      • on December 23, 2017 at 2:42 pm Gunslingergregi

        And carrying a tent and setting it up and carrying a handgun for bears and such


    • Oberon NSW, centre of pine industry. Everyone works at the plant, no trains attracting welfare mums. Happiest town you’ll see. Rodeo every month.

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    • on December 23, 2017 at 4:58 am Mean Mr. Mustard

      Australia is quite different to the US in that we are highly centralised.

      In a country of some 25 million; about 50% live in the state capitals of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

      We are currently also undergoing a Population Ponzi Scheme with immigrants flooding Melbourne and Sydney in particular at record rates.



    • Also, farmers back in the day had to live on the land because of the homesteading laws. Modern farmers can live in towns


    • New access to media TV, Radio and then internet glamorizes the life in the cities. So the lasses go to “college” or “explore” for a few years. And they stay in the cites. Those girls from rural areas never. ever. come. back.

      The metrosexual presumption is a big part of this site’s ethos but there is nothing inevitable about it. Youth gathering in cities is a function of the era and is historically anomalous between the twilight of the analog and the dawn of the digital. It’s true that high-density populations are better (easier) places to sow one’s wild oats, but you are ignoring the inversion of social imperatives brought on by technology. You can even see it in the evolution of this blog, which is old enough to have stretched back before the ubiquity of the smart phone.

      This (viral) story is an example of the modern socialization:


      Conducting the greater part of one’s “courtship” over one-dimensional text throws all social rules into chaos — so much so that much of the early wisdom of The Chateau, as late as the beginning of this decade, has been rendered nugatory.

      Women get their impulses satisfied through safe, long-distance attention. Men, through consequence-free onanism, games, and hyperreal porn. You don’t need high-density propinquity for that; you just need reliable WiFi.

      For relationships to go beyond the superficial, everyone (white) must retreat from the urban shitworld, especially in this era of diversity and enrichment. The stimulation of the city is only permanently attractive to sterile degenerates already consigned to the living hell of their vices (fire-brimstone-Gomorrah). The spirit quest of Gavin Macinnes from suicidally stupid punk to suburban family man is an excellent example of this process.

      “The lasses [who] go to ‘college’ or ‘explore’ for a few years [and] … stay in the cites” are from a rapidly passing era. A generation can only live through the impossibility of their parents’ contradictions for so long before they must find an escape.


  10. on December 22, 2017 at 4:42 pm traitors first

    “Now if we can only solve the existential problem of female obesity in the heartland”

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad


  11. But all of that would fly directly in the face of kike rule. They fear and hate everything you describe. Their attitude is the way they just treated Mark Hamill in the latest star Wars movie. Hate and contempt.
    Federal support/funding for decentralization would be blocked by kike owned creatures in congress.


  12. “Cities: where ovaries go to die.”

    It’s a known fact all over the world that young women are more likely to migrate into the cities than young men are. Reason being, of course, it’s harder for young men to quickly find urban jobs unless they have job offers lined up already. Especially in the U.S., where job discrimination against men is the norm.

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  13. Growing up in the US midwest in the 1960’s, most of my (many) cousins were farm kids. As a pre-teen, I took note that almost 100% of my *female* cousins ballooned up after getting married and having their first child (~6mo. after the marriage – heh!).

    So female obesity in rural America has been common for a LOOOOONG time..
    well before HFCS was commonly used in, well, almost everything!


    • Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, for example… even though she’s lost weight recently (just wait, it’ll be back):


  14. Yay – comment stuck in mod heII !


  15. on December 22, 2017 at 5:27 pm Oliver Elkington

    In Britain there has been a trend for the last 40 years for the countryside to become predominantly elderly, these rural communities are by no means dying but are simply becoming choice places to live for people when they retire or are about to retire. The country is very much divided between very young cities, mixed aged towns and an elderly and affluent countryside where you have to be quite rich to afford a cottage. At least people are on the whole much friendlier so it is easy to get into conversation with any young women you do meet, the problem is finding them as they either go into the cities or start a family in their mid 20s.


    • Well; that explains the migrant crisis in a nutshell.

      Young people don’t vote and all the old people who do live far and away from where the actual refugee’s are.

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    • That geographic age distribution is a result of an ever greater shift to a trade economy, focused in cities, over the traditional agrarian economy. A shift from the power of the landed gentry (nobility) to the burghers (merchants). The shift from monarchy, to republicanism, to (peak degenerate) democracy is a symptom of that power shift.


    • on December 23, 2017 at 4:45 am Obstinatus Ludificator

      This also describes almost every US state that is currently experiencing in-migration from other states (from CA, mostly, the cunts). In Idaho, it’s start to create a lot of resentment as people in high cost-of-living states retire and come strollin’ in with their fat retirement packages and drive up prices and drive out locals.


      • I’m in Arizona and I hear you. I almost had to move into the slums last summer because my rent had gone up so much when it was time to renew my lease.

        I hate those fuckers.


    • Baby Boomers, the gift that keeps on giving.


  16. don’t knock chubby girls until you’ve sampled

    [CH: no thx. i don’t have to sample dog shit to know i wouldn’t like it.]


  17. Sad remnant of a glorious past: The modern south.


  18. We lose because modern women have rejected whats pictured below. End of story.


  19. Makes you wonder if it is actually good in the long term to put a reverse-selection pressure on runaway hypergamy.

    Then again, you may just be left with women who will all just be single moms with cad sons


  20. Feminism…

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    • Looking for a “pet parent”? Seriously, I saw a Blue Buffalo ad where they had these two chicks (of course). One was a Purina consumer, the other one was a Blue Buffalo consumer and it was just the usual comparison ad. But the use of the term pet parent made me lulzy and a bit freaked out at the same time.


  21. Can you imagine the hot wet passion that the women in our ancestral streams felt for the men who challenged the wilds and built log and/or stone housing (a ‘nest’) for their families’ futures? And then he would have to hunt and/or farm the land, and store the food for eating in the lean months of Fall and Winter. Tackling such great survival challenges clearly proved to the women back then that these men were both intelligent and physically strong – and, hence, very worthy breeding material! You could not do such things by only being book smart (like our soft city-dwelling soyboys today), or only being strong (like our many basketball Americans and football knee-takers). It weeded out many useless men in the West, especially when the harsh winters set in (unlike in Africa, where the weather was perpetually nice, and one could run naked year-round, picking fruit off of trees and throwing spears at the plentiful game all over the place).

    Is it any surprise that these Western women willingly bore 6, 9, 12, and 14 children for such men? The survival of them and their children revolved around these strong, intelligent, hard-working men.


    • My great grandfather had 12 kids by his wife. He also won every single military medal due to him being a brave ass mother fucker with some skill at putting people in their Graves though.


    • on December 23, 2017 at 5:00 am Obstinatus Ludificator

      Those women were a whole lot tougher too. The modern urban femtwat could never manage what they did, no matter how many “credentials” she accumulates or how “empowered” she is (Am I the only one who has visceral fucking hate for that word?). They fucking moan if it’s their turn to fill the goddamn dishwasher, how the fuck are they going to handle the real emergencies that arise living in the country?

      That’s the main reason why de-urbanization is not a sociopolitical solution, outside complete societal breakdown, and most of the urbanites will be dead in short order.

      “Is it any surprise that these Western women willingly bore 6, 9, 12, and 14 children for such men?”

      Let’s not go overboard. A great part of the motivation for those huge broods were: hands for to work, and infant mortality rates that would be ruthlessly unreported in today’s spineless society.


      • Plus there was little else to do at night, amirite? kek

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      • on December 23, 2017 at 8:46 am Captain Obvious

        “Plus there was little else to do at night, amirite? kek”

        Ostensibly a throwaway line, but probably the moast important kkk0mment in the entire thread.


      • Thanks, Cap’n… the best humor always has a message of import. 😉


      • on December 23, 2017 at 10:46 am Captain Obvious

        Luddism [and a return to a simpler lifestyle] has got to be at [or very close to] the heart of any possible Game-Theoretic/Trad-Con path out of the mess we’re in.

        iPhag addiction & the lure of Clownworld are simply too strong for too many young fertile women to turn their backs on.

        On the other hand, over the long haul, differential Fertility Rates will [as always] have the final say in the matter.

        My greatest fear, though [and hence my obsession with the topic], is that the final say will be Extinction.


      • Unfortunately, today:


      • “Empowered”, “inappropriate”, and “problematic” in a three-way tie for the most enraging words of the new millennium.


      • And if you take the world “amazing” out of their vocab, they have no way of expressing what they like or admire.


      • Pretty much; lack of anything to do is a big part of birth rates.

        Look at invention of TV, Radio, video games etc…..than look at the birth rates; probably see a drop with each form of main stream entertainment, one after the other.


  22. ” The survival of them and their children revolved around these strong, intelligent, hard-working men. ”

    Shockingly, most of these men were , what we would now consider betas. The so called, “alphas”, were plying their trade in the shadows, under the perpetual threat of getting caught and killed. How the tables have turned.


    • Lmao, if you’d take those so called beta men from the past and really look at what they did, many weren’t beta. What urbanization and civilization built by others permitted is the proliferation and reproduction of these weak fags known as beta men.

      Providing for the mother of your kids and your kids by her isn’t what makes one beta.


    • Shockingly, most of these men were , what we would now consider betas. The so called, “alphas”, were plying their trade in the shadows, under the perpetual threat of getting caught and killed.

      I don’t think so. In such a situation, you’d have assortive mating with the alphas locked into stable, (mostly) monogamous relationships with the choicest pieces of ass, betas getting the HB 5-8s and the omegas getting Susan Boyle (if they’d not rather just use their right hands.) It would be the Sigmas who are hunted down like vermin.


      • I only call them beta by our current standards. The way they, behaved and believed, in no way resembled today’s so called “cad” players.


  23. Me neither.

    – Why I Don’t Want to Become a Minority –

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  24. So you have the phenomenon of certain metropolises becoming “IQ Shredders”


    And now we see they are also Fertility Shredders


    • on December 23, 2017 at 8:51 am Captain Obvious

      And you wonder why I’ve been screaming BUNZ -> OVENZZZEZES!!!


      • Your “screaming” is like a woman nagging. You may be right, but you are exhausting.

        A lot like Ann Coulter and her extremely cunty monomania about The Wall. Very feminine in a bad way.


  25. Easy solution: Immigration….. only women under 25 y/o allowed.
    How can ANY woman/feminist oppose such a pro-women/anti-men policy?
    They cant! Easy win!
    Just sit back and watch hamsters explode!


  26. Considering beta men gave us feminism, immigration and so on due to them being weak and scared, the issue is white people having too many of them to begin with.


    • cue greg, captain incel


    • Considering beta men gave us feminism

      Not true. Cui bono? Alpha males benefit most from feminism, a constituent part of which is the sexual liberation of females. Feminist legislation was passed by hyper-alphas in positions of political power. Females benefit as well, because they’d rather share an alpha with other women than have a beta all to themselves. Betas go along with it because going along to get along is what they do.

      Feminism is a conspiracy of alphas and women against civilization.

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      • Feminism is a conspiracy of alphas and women against civilization.

        An interesting thought, worthy of further investigation.

        But I’d qualify it by saying

        a) women didn’t really think in those far-seeing terms, their part was pure #metoo ego and the natural underdog petulance to “stick it to The Man”

        b) those “alphas” were not the alphas who felt aligned to said civilization to begin with, and they certainly weren’t up-front alphas, the kind of men we normally connote with the term. They were back-door puppet-masters whose only dominance was money and cunning, plied not upon OUR real alphas, rather, the petty and easily corrupted lesser dupes of our kind. And note that these “alphas” of subterfuge and envy were likewise motivated by wanting to take down their betters.


      • on December 23, 2017 at 9:10 am Captain Obvious

        If un-checked, it ends in african/orientalistic p0lygamy & R-Selection & the final destruction [at the biological level] of the White Race & Western Civilization.


      • feminism is low-value-womb lobbying.


      • on December 23, 2017 at 11:03 am Captain Obvious

        (((Feminism))) is a Psychological Warfare Campaign designed to fool lower-value-w0mbs into believing that they have a higher value [than reality dictates] and thereby to waste all of their precious fertile years in pursuit of seed which they don’t deserve.


      • on December 23, 2017 at 11:05 am Captain Obvious

        Everything aspect of (((the modern world))) was intentionally designed to:

        1) Depress White Fertility Rates, and/or

        2) Depress White Financial Reserves.


      • on December 23, 2017 at 11:06 am Captain Obvious

        Everything aspect


      • “designed to fool lower-value-w0mbs into believing that they have a higher value”

        … and sexual “liberation” deep sixes their womb value even further, to the point where they eventually become cat ladies with NEGATIVE value wombs, aka net burden on society.*

        hence why the low-value-wombs have to “lobby” society for exemption from the traditional citizens’ requirement of having to contribute. (of course this also applies to the entire Victimhood Coalition assembled by Satan’s little helpers).


      • Men, of all types allowed feminism to take hold in society, as they never really saw the impact of the whole thing. They just could not envision the long-term damning effects of it. They just hoped that appeasing these harpies would increase their chances of getting their pee-pees touched, only (as always) to have those lofty dreams dashed like so many ships against the rocks in rough seas. Lonely men doing stupid things to appease bitchy women, not even realizing that giving into women makes it worse for every other man, especially future generations. Like everything else, selfishness in the here-and-now (financial, sexual, etc.) makes it worse for the race and culture in the long run.

        Fun fact: The first territory in the Union that allowed women to vote was Wyoming (December 10, 1869), because it was disproportionately filled with lonely White men (6,000 men to 1,000 women), and they thought letting women vote would draw more women to the rugged territory. I guess banging the occasional squat, flat-faced (Western) Indian woman was not enough for them. Also, in 1889, a year before it became a state, it passed a constitution that gave women the right to vote, which then made it the first state in the Union to grant women’s suffrage. And…it was all about trying to attract Hwyte women to have sex and babies. In retrospect, a relatively good end, but the wrong (stupid) means to try and achieve it.


      • Harvey Weinstein (plus Matt Lauer, Bill Clinton, etc.) got into Feminism to meet women– virtue signaling counts, you know…


      • “I guess banging the occasional squat, flat-faced (Western) Indian woman was not enough for them.”

        Johnny, that’s a fun little factoid you presented there. thirsty betas are one of the biggest “cracks” in Western Civilization which parasites can exploit and thrive in.


      • Posturing folk who get “noticed” and given their achievement (most politically-correct office jobs) have nothing but sounding “credible” on their side.


  27. if the alt-right were to rebrand itself honestly it would be the race-conscious left. the race-conscious and color-blind left are both fundamentally anti-aristocratic, hostile to globalism, and obsessed with ppl power; the discrepancy lies in who has access to the state’s coffers.


  28. BBC now have abandoned news

    How is this news? ‘News’ is now being redefined



    • on December 23, 2017 at 8:55 am Captain Obvious

      We haven’t had “News” in moast Western Countries for a good century now.

      What we have is (((News))).


    • And the article asks: “What’s it like to be a woman in modern Mongolia?”

      First, who gives a flying rat’s patootie?

      Second, tell us more about women when Ghengis ran about, amirite?


  29. on December 23, 2017 at 9:08 am Captain Obvious

    RURAL/URBAN PHYSIOGNOMY QUIZ: Guess the personality.


    • gay ass


    • on December 24, 2017 at 8:38 am Captain Obvious

      Head of Troy police drug unit accused of covering up WARRANT-LESS search http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3616292/posts


      • on December 24, 2017 at 8:40 am Captain Obvious

        The veteran leader of the Troy Police Department’s drug unit was indicted by a special Rensselaer County grand jury Thursday on nine misdemeanor charges tied to the alleged FORGERY of an incident report to cover up the unit’s warrantless search of a home. Sgt. (((Ron Epstein))) pleaded not guilty to the charges, which include official misconduct, FALSIFICATION of records, offering a FALSE INSTRUMENT for filing and other offenses that carry a maximum penalty of a year in jail. (((Epstein))) joined the department in 1998 and was promoted to sergeant in 2007.


  30. Christmas vacation effortpost incoming:

    De-urbanization is one of my perennial favourite topics, as I loathe the city, and believe that many men feel the same way, and as my tradwife was raised in a village of 600 souls, I of course do endorse the OP’s suggestion that de-urbanization will aid de-sluttification.

    Many people are unaware of just how quickly nature can overtake the works of Man. In parts of rural Canada, near where I live, if one knows where to look, one can see many, many pieces of machinery and former homesteads half-buried and covered in Nature’s greenery, after only several decades of abandonment.

    I believe there are two competing visions here. On the one hand, the Agenda-21 globo-Satanists want to force everyone to live in concrete boxes in the cities. This is well-known, and the purpose behind it perhaps multifold: there is an environmental agenda, to be sure, but more than that, there is a general effort to crowd humanity together like so many ants in order to break our spirits. Unhappiness is a *goal* for these demons.

    On the other hand, I believe very strongly that a large percentage of the population feels as I do, and loathes the urban jungle, and feels depressed while there. The exact percentage who share this feeling is arguable, and I do respect that some folks genuinely like the city, much as that is difficult for me to grasp, but in any event I would accept a figure of anywhere between 20 – 60 percent of the population who would really strongly prefer to live in small towns or communities, and be happier there, even if they don’t realize it.

    You can hear this in everyday conversation; observe it behaviourally (why does everyone in Toronto who can afford it flee to the Muskoka every summer weekend?), and see it on forums far and wife across the internet – some variation of “I’m only in this city for my job, man. As soon I can retire, it’s innawoods for me!”

    We’ve all heard that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Here’s a very interesting one: in the Canadian province I grew up in, the percentage of the population that is “rural” has GROWN in the last decade. In our world, how can this be? I interpret this statistic as follows: small towns and villages have emptied, and many of those people have moved closer to larger centres so they can have jobs – but still want to live outside the “urban” area so they can have space and a sense of community. Thus it can be seen that exurbanization is not merely a problem or a symptom of “white flight” caused by black influx into city cores, as in the USA, but rather, a large number of people just. don’t. want. to live downtown.

    So, which vision will prevail? We all know how powerful the globohomos are, and much as I might personally prefer it to be otherwise, it remains true that cities are the powerhouses of economic and intellectual forces, and this probably will not change soon. The real estate and construction industries would certainly prefer not!

    Nonetheless, I believe that the Hwyte spirit is indomitable and cannot be conquered nor snuffed out. I place great hope in the idea of new technologies that will allow, for instance, telecommuting and 3D printing. The granddaddy of them all may turn out to be basic minimum income. I grant that this latter is enormously debatable and controversial, and perhaps not all good, but I do believe, just hypothetically, that if you guaranteed every family a basic income, a number of them would use it to live innawoods and make shift with futuristic self-sufficiency tech.

    I haven’t even delved into the ways that smaller communities are inherently better for mental health and wellbeing, nor have I addressed potential solutions for the rural obesity problem as mentioned in the OP. I will leave that for others, but suffice it to say, I don’t believe these are insurmountable. For instance, female thinness correlates with female ambition, intelligence, and drive, which TODAY correlates with female urbanization and career-seeking. But that’s changeable.


    • Any reasonable man or woman who has been stuck in rush hour traffic near any metropolitan area knows this is not how we are supposed to be living. Doing that every day is living, not Living. Cities create, and attract, perverts of every stripe.

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    • on December 23, 2017 at 10:49 pm Vagina dominator

      @ SJ. Esquire “So, which vision will prevail?”

      Easiest question of the year. The cities are huge heat sinks and require enormous amounts of energy to run. That is over. Already cities are falling apart across the US.

      The cheap oil is gone and there is no such thing as “cheap renewables” that could possibly replace that oil. So the answer is that this present social organization will continue to collapse at an ever-increasing speed. I say that bcs we are in the collapse right now. Check out the mall closings and other retail closings this year. And they have barely started.

      But people say “so what about “renewables”? Won’t they save us?”

      The following is a redacted comment by a commenter at ourfiniteworld on what worldwide adoption of solar (not even possible) would theoretically do *just* to a small portion of the resultant demand for copper.

      Currently the world uses about 175,000Twhs of primary energy per year (from Wikipedia) Assume no intermittency problem, say a world wide grid. (A whole new set of problems by itself)

      If we built out 2000Gw of solar panels in the deserts, where we get an average of 6 hours/day of sun, each year, then the amount of copper needed to do this at the average of 5.5t/Mw of solar, just for the cabling, would be 11,000,000 tonnes/yr. If we did this over 20 years, then we would get to 50% of current World energy use, or about 90,000Twh.

      11,000,000 tonnes is about 50% of current world production of copper. We then would need more copper for all the electric cars,trucks,buses, boats, trains, tractors, inverters, transformers, etc,etc. In other words enough to double the amount of copper needed just for the solar panels, so let’s make that 22,000,000 tonnes per annum of EXTRA copper needed.

      The problem is that current copper average grades mined have fallen from around 1% to about .6% over the last 20 years. We have already mined the best resources and are now getting the lowest grade resources, with only ever lower grades available. Some of the largest available not yet developed copper resources, like Pebble in Alaska, have an average copper grade of less than .4%. Extracting the copper from these large low grade resources takes lots of energy.

      Basically to mine all the extra copper we need to make a renewable future, means using a lot more the energy to do do so!!

      So the overall currently used energy of 175,000Twhs needs to grow to produce TWICE as much copper from ever lower grades available!!

      Using simple economics, it is very easy to see that to have a total of over 40m tonnes of copper mined each year, instead of the current 20m tonnes, means the price of copper would have to rise by a lot to make the low grade resources economic. The price would probably have to triple to get to a production of 40mt/yr, but still take a decade to get there. A tripling of copper prices would raise the cost of solar, not lower it, yet all the talk of renewables I have ever read shows that solar continues to get cheaper due to economies of scale.

      I’m afraid the economists that work on these numbers and theories, always assume the energy available will continue to get cheaper, when in fact the opposite is true as we reach resource limits.

      It is a catch 22 on the numbers, more expensive energy, makes more expensive commodities, which make cheap renewables impossible to cover FF use.

      People need to see the numbers to believe, 50mt/a of copper mined for 20 years to give just a possibility of 50% of current FF use by solar, is totally out of reach!!

      So now you know the answer. Cities are going to go away. In our lifetimes. It has already started.

      But right now is Christmas. so Merry Christmas.


      • Forget copper — the conductor of choice is aluminum — which is unlimited.

        Aluminum, not copper, is the conductor used by utilities.

        Curiously, the metal that will be in Big Demand is silver.

        Solar arrays use a lot of silver. Even so, it’s not going to be a problem.


  31. Women’s collective insanity continues unabated.

    – The New WTF Trend for Concertgoers: Bedazzling Breasts…-



    • A (((Cosmo))) created fad to turn women into (well, more into) strippers. Not much separating the ones walking around today, even the very young ones, from the ones hanging offer stripper poles and showing their honey pots for shekels.


  32. You just admitted you’re a beta male who wants some type of ideal society where you’re getting access to sex and marriage.

    [CH: observing a societal problem and suggesting solutions is not the same as admitting the problem affects one personally. women’s lib has been very good to me even as it has been very bad for society.]

    It makes sense, most MAGA types are incels hiding behind the shroud of TradCon.

    [that’s just your hope talking.]


    [you don’t sound lulzy]


  33. merry christmas nerds


    • on December 23, 2017 at 11:12 am Captain Obvious

      And a very Happy HanuKKKah to all our friends at the JIDF!!!


    • I thought you were a ghey Muslim?


    • I don’t think anyone on the right is denying that to the victors go the spoils.

      The difference is, in the past rulers had both a respect for and understanding of the importance of maintaining a genetically (and thus culturally) homogenous society. The nation-state model has been the most successful model for the ruling classes in history.

      But with wealth comes detachment from reality. Now westerners have this half-baked vision of a “global society” that doesn’t exist in any real capacity outside of NW Europe and the US.


    • Like

    • And may all our Christmases be WHITE, amirite?


  34. First stop: public mocking, demonization, ridicule, smearing.

    Next stop attempted genocide.

    The color book comes amid an increasingly anti-white sentiment coming from the hard-left –



  35. Using the system against itself.

    – Two heterosexual Irish men marry to avoid inheritance tax on property –



  36. goys have you seen this remake of They Live
    produced by the famous shekel grabbing/Oscar winning company
    “Fellow White People”
    Critics are raving
    **** A Masterpiece, sedating hypocrisy of highest order******
    ***** Truly compassionate and excruciatingly humanity loving*****

    (((They)) lie


    • A two-edged sword if there ever was one.

      I’ll be curious to see the next collective rogue’s gallery upon which this gets used… the current 13 don’t ring any uber-significant bells, or am I missing something?

      Does it cover merely freezing the assets that the USA can get its hot little hands upon, or outright confiscation? The way I read it, it merely says “blocking”.


  37. The shivs thrown by this Chinese dude are outright brutal.

    – Asian tells Africans they are stupid for destroying what White people built and for learning nothing –


    • A VERY small clue to what´s in store for niggers when us whites actually go down the drain.
      The constant disgusted sneer is NOT just a chink facial tick.

      Han-Chinese are the MOST RACIST motherfuckers this planet has ever seen. Mongols did us ALL such a favor keeping these bastards down or otherwise occupied for so long.


      • ” Han-Chinese are the MOST RACIST motherfuckers this planet ”

        Got to love them. Also, everything the Chinese dude said was truth, not even close to racism, unless reality is racist now also.


  38. prediction:

    #metoo will eventually be eclipsed by #whynotme as feeling-left-out fatties and fuglies who HAVEN’T been subjected to “inappropriate sexual advances” see an opportunity to get in on the latest victimhood craze.


  39. Silly Christians, Muslims can only be converted by the sword.

    – Sharia in the USA: Christians Jailed for Preaching to Muslims–Dearborn, MI Officials Sued –



    • “You shall be persecuted for my name” saith the Lord.

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      • “You shall be persecuted for my name” saith the Lord. ”

        Thats great to know, but where’s the part where Jesus says, “so take up the sword and strike the persecuters.” ?

        Too much passive acceptance for me. We are way past the “turn the other cheek” moment.


      • Just stating a salient prophecy and fact.

        How each individual handles said persecution is up to their own conscience, and may the Will of God be done.

        Turning the other cheek on petty squabbles with one’s neighbors and family is one thing. Being a doormat for the world and all its miscreants is quite another.

        Ask yourself this, if you would question Christ’s intent… did He turn the other cheek to the moneychangers… or the Sanhedrin, scribes, and Pharisees?

        Or to Satan Himself, when the devil offered Him the kingdoms of the world?

        Let’s not speak of the meaning of the Sermon of the Mount again… we’ve covered this dozens of times, and yet most of you who don’t believe from the start continue to attempt to undermine it all.


    • Was Henry Ford the one who first imported those termites into Dearborn?


      • on December 24, 2017 at 8:50 am Captain Obvious

        Those were Christians fleeing the pogroms which the j00ish apparatchiks of the Ottoman Empire were levelling against them.


  40. on December 23, 2017 at 4:45 pm Captain Obvious

    The Ketogenic Diet MIGHT Burn 10 Times More Fat Than The Standard American Diet http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3616408/posts


  41. WTF is with this bum Greg Elliot and the constant use of the phrase “amirite”? According to urban dictionary, this is a wording used by hood scum, soyboys, and other assorted leftist vermin, so does this fool even know what he’s talking about?

    Shakin’ ma head….

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    • Hey, it’s Xmas…


    • WTF is with this bum Greg Elliot and the constant use of the phrase “amirite”? According to urban dictionary, this is a wording used by hood scum, soyboys, and other assorted leftist vermin, so does this fool even know what he’s talking about?

      Apparently even my jesting shtick strikes a raw nerve on the dweeb brigade, go figger.

      It’s getting so we need a scorecard to keep track of the socks, amirite?

      Which one were you again, Luciano/Wronghaid/Sosa/Etc, Danger, no-bones/dweebstreep. Mieszo?

      All of the above?

      Return to your cheetoh-encrusted Egyptian night and stop embarrassing yourself from the safety of your keyboard, fool.


      • I’m honored that you listed me, alone, after the period. A little subconscious slip ?

        I doubt you truly believe I’m a sock or a puppet.


      • on December 24, 2017 at 8:49 am alex sosa (luciano)

        I’ve never sock puppied a day in my life


      • Miesz, I think MikeF is a sock… yours, to be exact, although with the number of socks missing from the dryer ’round chere, there are a few other suspicious usual suspects.

        And alex/luciano/Wronghaid/etc, sock puppy extraordinaire… that’s ALL you do.


      • No sock puppies at all. A lot of people can’t stand you and consider you a laughing stock..


      • We’ve been through that, Danger… the Eliot has green hair club is rife with socks attempting to make it seem like their vapid opinions are valid by mere numbers.

        Most of ’em get razzed by the rest of the chateau as well, so there’s that. Strappy, no-bones, dweebstreep, WrongHaid… quite a coterie you got there, if you’re trying to say THOSE enemies make ME look bad. kek

        The fact that you get called on your hare-brained links and CT theories which never come to fruition is your reason for hating me, we all know that already.

        And don’t try to make out like you never sock, because the style and petulance is unmistakable… which makes YOU the laughingstock.

        Be an alt-R ally and purveyor of truth or just STFU.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • We’ve been through this several times already, Danger… the folks who hate me are known socks and shills that get abused by damn near everyone else at the chateau.


      • And suffice it to say, YOU’RE the one we’re still laughing at for all those promises and personal assurances the week before the election that never came to pass.


      • Man are you obtuse. This is still unfolding and unfolding before your very eyes and you still refuse to listen. Most of the so called stalwarts agree with me and know the score and make comments to that effect that go right past your ear locks. You are the hold out Yappin Yenta. Stop compensating for a failed life here, Greg. Or are you going to come and beat us all up now to prove we’re not stalwarts like you? Only a woman could be this free of shame.


    • Don’t forget his use of “duckface” He’s one of those alphas who spends 8 hours a day online bickering like a middle school girl, you know?



  42. Happy Christmas, Heartiste. The countryside of civilization may be burning, but we here at le Château still enjoy pulling up a stool and having a proper pint of reality’s rich nectar.

    Best to you and yours in the coming year, and the realization that even if the shaft of light coming from the Château hearth cannot turn back the tide of ruin, we can celebrate being in exquisite company when the barbarian hoards overtake our walls because others were too foolish to heed our warnings.

    We few. We merry few.


    • I guess we can be thankful when the gaping wound flow slows to merely a small rivulet, amirite?

      But still: where’s the wall?



    • All things in good time, Greg. The first logical step is simply reversing the cuck policies of the shitlib establishment and actually enforce the laws of the People. A Wall is all well and good, but actually prosecuting and or deporting these animals when and where they are found is the bulk of the challenge.

      A wall simply cuts back on personnel requirements.


      • The symbolism of such a national monument would do more than fighting the courts and sanctuary cities at every turn, while hundreds still pour in over the borders each week.

        And he promised. For a guy who brags about building on schedule and below budget, I’d have expected more than words by now.

        And some of his other actions of late aren’t exactly fulfilling that MAGA promise either… unless kikes dancing throughout the world because yet another of their criminal fraud brethren got a pass, from The Man himself, makes ‘Murrica strong. :duckface


      • I’d go beat up Trump if I were you to make him do his job and to show the world no body messes with Yappin’ Yenta!


      • on December 26, 2017 at 5:22 am alex sosa (p4pg)

        greg a softy


  43. Way to go USA, you’ve come a long way. Next stop: The dustbin of history.




    • A black woman whose ashamed of her hair; that’s amazing and new.

      That and it’s kind of ironic she’s wearing a product that exists to create modesty and hide physical beauty while going and competing in a contest based on her physical beauty.

      And of course part of modesty is “not” drawing attention to yourself.

      This is such an over-all fail here I’m not sure.

      Is this one of those “This is Why We Lose” moments for us, black people, Christians or the Muslims?


      • ” Is this one of those “This is Why We Lose” moments for us, black people, Christians or the Muslims? ”

        Actually, the USA.


      • This is a spin on the usual Why We Lose… as you rightly point out, the hypocrisy and irony of the whole situation is beyond laughable.


  44. I gate pope Francis


  45. When they sent their street shitters they are not sending the best
    Namrata Randhawa and new independent state of Binomo


  46. on December 23, 2017 at 11:55 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    The Thirst is real ….

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  47. on December 24, 2017 at 9:06 am Sebastian Hawks

    Sort of how for a century the historical headquarters of Caterpillar and ADM were in the livable sized towns of Peoria and Decatur. Now carpetbagging CEOs with no roots in the communities weaseled their way into those corporations and decided to move them out of their traditional headquarters to the slimy urban hellhole Chicago because they miss the bright lights big city. Small and mid sized cities have had their professional outfits stolen from them en masse with all the corporate consolidation over the last generation. Everything now is concentrated in a few completely unaffordable blue mega cities. Time to break up all these monopolies and mega corporations and have an economy that “plays in Peoria” once again.

    On the other hand Chicago not only gives us a degenerate voting majority that drags the rest of the state down. But the plutocrats have decided to clean house and dump the worst of the worst, the project dwelling underclass, on the rest of the state. They hand Shanequa a welfare check and pack her off to the old abandoned Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul along the Amtrack corridor. As a result lots of downstate cities on the Greyhound, Amtrack lines are experiencing a crime wave due to these unwelcome new residents and their criminal brood. Chanute, the new Cabrini Green.


  48. Ending female obesity is a tough task, but the feds can reroute the long term trend by ending farm subsidies that are so messed up that in some years farmers are paid not to add more to the gluttenous surpluses of corn and wheat that have created carbface, and the GMO soybeans that have generated gayface. A total rewrite of dietary guidelines is also necessary, emphasizing most carbohydrates and trans or hydrogenated polyunsaturated fats as akin to if not worse than smoking.

    The most debilitated of the fatties who want to be healed should be able to stay in clinical metabolic wards where they can fast for up to a month at a time while receiving water, vitamin, and mineral infusions.

    Overall promotion of a culture of training (not “exercise”) through hard work and perseverance should be the norm. Self esteem will take care of itself when you’ve accomplished something you put your own physical effort effort into; muh feels need to be ignored, because they are what got people so fat in the first place by continually going for the dopamine hit.

    Lastly, globocorps like McDonald’s that profit from the obesity epidemic should be offered an ultimatum: either revolutionize their product line, or suffer debilitating taxes and regulations levied directly on the fast food industry, just like was done to Big Tobacco. No TV or social media ads, clear warning declarations, illegal to sell to children, etc.

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  49. Root cause of all our troubles is excessive ratio of reproductive age males (16-60yrs) to reproductive age females (16-30yrs). As already suggested, allow mass migration of FEMALES ONLY (no terrorist babies allowed to accompany, unless 100% female) into the US. White shitlib femmes would angrily protest, carrying giant signs: REFUGEES GO TO HELL. It’s that or what solved the issue for thousands of years: brutal war and mass deaths of men. All the rest is background noise and temporary stopgaps. Nothing else will solve the issue.


  50. Great post. This is absolutely true.

    It’s why I hate things like commuter trains, b/c they are nothing but a huge subsidy for urbanization. Money stolen from the heartland to support the big cities.

    Lots of similar programs exist thru HUB and other agencies.

    Must recognize those, work against them AND work to keep the populace in real communities.