Where Is The Lie?

A very confused shitlib cartoonist thought this would make America a bad country.

Most normal White men look at that and think, “Finally! Paradise!”.

ps why are there still migrants trying to get into Angrywhitemenistan if it’s so bad?

pps why do shitlibs fear a White America?


  1. on November 15, 2018 at 11:24 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Given the situation in Florida this year expect similar results and in the 2020 where it takes a month for Enriched cities to give electoral returns for ratification.

    That cartoon isn’t so far off the mark of the likely consequences.

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  2. Wait, wait, wait. . .Angrywhitemenistan exists?

    Fat chance. There’s a good article in DS about a town in Georgia whose white citizens voted to segregate into it’s own community, free from their black leaders. Naturally, it failed.

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  3. Same old story. Non-whites desire power and control and success just as much as whites do. The SJW mentality is entirely about vilifying straight white men. That’s all it boils down to. Why? Because straight white men have had a pretty good running achieving some of the greatest societies and scientific discoveries in human history. If you were born and raised in the United States and don’t fit the profile, then you develop a festering insecurity, which the media nurtures at every opportunity.

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    • Well put. This is exactly why the (((media))) do it at every opportunity.

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    • Agreed, spot on. What I find interesting is the magical thinking. If I can get my ass over here I’ll live on easy street and Inwont have to learn the language or pick up new skills and I can call whitely a racists because, err well….reasons!

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    • I have also found that SJWism has a large anti-Christ an component to it. Any thought or mention of public Christian piety is abhorrent to them and, if given the chance, they would stamp out any vestige of Christianity in the public square. Essentially, it’s “Non serviam” all the way down.


      • And yet, how many of our own alleged alt-R allies shout from the rooftops that Christianity is a jewish mindfuck virus, purposely invented by the (((tribe))) with the intention to enslave and eventually eradicate Whites…

        … while at the same time (((their))) media at ALL levels and their army of useful stooges have been doing all they can to deride, corrupt, and eradicate Christianity?

        Can’t have it BOTH ways, yeggs.

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      • let’s look at the facts, gayg-

        Seriously, let’s.

        Cuckstains are the ONE GROUP that ACTUALLY spends their OWN TIME AND MONEY to go to Africa to help niggers.

        They GIVE BIRTH TO THEM for fuck’s sake, on purpose even!

        You ask why the jew media does what they do and defiles Christians?

        LOL…dude. Really? WHY THE FUCK do you think I call you CUCKSTAINS?

        You are CUCKS. You are their BITCHES. They spit in your face and defile you while they destroy you just like they did to the founder. You’re a whore in a gangbang, a pass-around slut.

        And yet the evangelicals and the ardent cuckstains CLING to this shit, waiting for doomsday. They not only fucking put your messiah in piss but then they convince you to destroy yourselves, your daughters, and everything you hold dear by helping not only niggers but Israel.

        DF is wrong with you?

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      • try-hard, you are an ass of the first order who spews forth all the agitprop that kikevision can produce…

        You need to get out more, especially of your DC Babylon, and see actual Christians in the real world, rather than the Bad News Bears Mickey Mouse club that you see in the (((MSM))).

        And for a nearly fifty-year old man, you need to stop conversing like some snot-nosed renegade from South Park.

        You’re a stench in the nostrils of God, and an embarrassment to the very idea of manhood that you allegedly support.

        You fairy.

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    • Envy.

      As a response to any and all liberal talking points, just repeat: Why envy White Man so much?

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  4. The question I have always had was why do shitlibs worship the 3rd world?

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    • My working theory is that’s it’s a mutated version of Munchausen by proxy. . .

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    • they dont worship the third world. everyone loves “the world” until it comes time to send your kids to school or marry your daughter off.

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      • I don’t get people who want to visit there. ‘blowusupistan is so nice this time of the year’. I hear this and I loose my shit ‘Why the fuk would you want to go there!?’ and you get a non-sense answer like. oh you wouldn’t understand or the people are so poor. Smh I just don’t get it.

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      • I get wanting to visit. Wanderlust, yada yada. Traveling is dreaming awake, and it can be exciting and highly informative to see dangerous places, even shitholes.

        It’s the ones who return and want to import those same people who can’t maintain their own nations and communities. That’s the ignorance, the insanity, that boggles the mind.

        I am realizing now that it’s more of a plain old stupidity and naivety, often born from an anxiety-riddled, vainglorious, virtue-signalling ‘compassion.’ It is femininity unbalanced, unchecked, and hyper-anxious about making sure all the other women, soyboys, and Churchians nearby see you as ‘accepting’ and ‘forgiving.’

        It’s foul. It’s all anxiety-riddled, superficial head, no heart. Which is why they keep screaming ‘you have no heart’ to conservatives.


    • so do your GOPe and zio alt klke paymasters. mitt was born in mexico and he’s a mason judeomormon. you all know this but you hide from it. the (((republicans))) love open borders. you must live in buttfucknowhere, america. population: zeros.

      ps. your moniker indicates an obsession with one of the guys i fucked over on oct 16, 2016. that happy idiot didn’t see it coming, like the world. how do you think donald got that laptop? i have roman reach, bitches. i told you all. and that is why you’re here to spam pizzashit and altjew shit. that or you’re just dumb.


    • on November 15, 2018 at 11:42 am John Joel Glanton

      Because they’re lowborn and inferior thus if even a starving nigger in Africa deserves love so do they.


    • shitlibs love to talk about disenfranchisement, but thanks to the 19th amendment and massive third world immigration, no one has been more disenfranchised than white men

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    • They don’t “worship” the 3rd world, they merely want to play the Great White Father (Mother) without the actual travel and infrastructure hassles of colonialism.


      • call it christian ethics


      • on November 15, 2018 at 5:47 pm Libertarian_Pill

        Trav, it’s one thing to want to help the oppressed of the world, to alleviate their suffering, etc. I think it’s admirable, at least as far as the intention goes. It’s quite different to want to import everyone who is suffering, and to promote their cultural values which contributed to their current misery. You cannot conflate the two.
        You’re basically saying that someone is a cuck for feeding a stray cat, when in fact one would be a cuck if they brought in every stray cat they could find, they would neglect their own family for the sake of the cats, and would ask that their family change its behavior to mimic that of the cats.


    • Mrs. Jellaby in Dickens’ Bleak House completely neglected her family for the social approbation derived from her support of dubious missionary efforts in Africa.

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…


    • Why do shitlibs love the Third World?

      Because its “FUCK YOU DAD!!” on a civilization level.


  5. If only…


  6. on November 15, 2018 at 11:37 am John Joel Glanton

    So what’s wrong with any of that? Looks like a place I’d like to live.

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  7. i love seeing cartoon walls.

    it’s the closest thing those of us top of the class brilliant MAGA bros that donald rode to victory will ever get to the real thing.

    fucking MAGA! buy my book! MAGA! shoot your bar and burn your house and laugh and open the border and unload the prisons! MAGA!

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  8. The thing is, they assume the rest of the world sees just as they do. It is the same reason you can openly express radical shitlib / NPC views in a corporate space and nobody thinks twice about it. Come in w/ some RealTalk and your azz is out the door with the quickness.

    A related anecdote- On Halloween I hung out w/ a grad school chick and her grad school friends. One of them was a mystery meat of uncertain lineage I think dot indian or some other mud race in that general area. I didn’t care enough to ask.

    But she had a very interesting outfit on. It was a big ass white envelope with this ugly face drawn on it. Like a walking letter basically. So I inquired about it–

    Shitskin Chick: “Oh? This? I’m ‘an angry white male’ get it! White mail, with an angry face drawn on it.”

    JDC: “It is very clever. How’s that working out for you?” (Fight Club ripoff but necessary)

    Shitskin: “???”

    JDC: “Being clever, you are really making an original statement there!”

    At this point, she likely sensed she was in the presence of an Ur-Shitlord and quietly demured about her awesome shitting on white men costume. But how fucking ballsy is that to walk around a halloween party with an openly racist costume when the same bitch and people like her are constantly whining about cultural appropriation esp. at halloween?

    This is like the article about the chick that tried to have the guy imprisoned for 99 years for NOTHING. This happens because there are no consequences. I could have lit shitskin on fire but one call to the police and I’m on some hate crime list. Clown World 24x7x365

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  9. “That Widows movie looks good”

    Produced by 2 tribe, 1 gay and 1 woman and directed by a nig pet.
    Not been to see a movie in 5 years…seems I’m not missing much


  10. Angry white men Afghanistan sounds awesome and Would get us way more progress into the future than the Nonbinary purple hair dystopia that mentally ill brainwashed liberals are leading us to


  11. Ans yet the the shitholistanis still want in.

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  12. also anyone else loving richard “federal babysitter” spencer pivot? it’s like he’s gonna pretend he didn’t have a fat russian bride for the last few years to ride the putin fervor, and they reassigned him another uhhhhhhhh beard? it’s like the female version of him, so maybe he’ll be happier with this new assignment? funny shit. it’s like they are going to pretend i didn’t hear him on podcasts with mike peinovich and andrew anglin and azzmador shitting on irish or italian people while proclaming to be a pro white movement- all while hiring jews and taking money from young 12 year old white kids in order to paint them as malcontent nazis.

    how the fuck does some anglo-germanic-zionist plan on building a white ethno state without romans? anglos, germans, and zionists are 3 groups of people that have never built anything on their own. richard should shut up, tuck his dukie dick between his gine, and just…come out already. whatever you are. just come out. or keep peddling himself to other fantastical losers on jewtube. what an intellectual.


    • how the fuck does some anglo-germanic-zionist plan on building a white ethno state without romans? anglos, germans, and zionists are 3 groups of people that have never built anything on their own.



    • Dude tone it down a little. I thought you hasbara “insider” types were more subtle.


      • “anglos, germans, and zionists are 3 groups of people that have never built anything on their own. “
        OK so gentle ridicule is never going to work on a bot that’s this turbo.
        Let me spell it out. “Fuck right off you absolute cabbage. Don’t you have some beetroots to mongle or something, peasant?”


  13. So why are “The World” gathered at the foot of the wall, and WHY THE FUCK is the White guy trying to sell them on “paradise”?

    Even the shitlibs who think they’re clever can’t keep their memes logical, let alone any sort of clever beyond SNL snark.

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    • on November 15, 2018 at 12:11 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      The cartoonist was too much of a coward to top the prohibited list with Jews.

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      • Even when you’re on (((their))) side, you’re still on a leash.

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      • I suspect that may have been who the “elites” on that list were, but he still didn’t have the guts to make it explicit. (He also didn’t want to give the goys ideas. )
        Still though, I think the cartoon was very constructive because it brings the real issues out into the open.


      • The REAL issue is, if there WERE an Angrywhitemanistan, most Whites would immigrate there in a New York minute…

        … and so would most nonWhites, if given the chance.

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      • Make that emigrate… and DUH on me.


  14. on November 15, 2018 at 12:14 pm Deter Naturalist

    Today’s entire Leftist Premise rests squarely on maintaining the perception that Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous can be placed endlessly on MasterCard. It has worked for almost 40 years…so it’s permanent, right?

    When the Debt Volcano finally blows (we’ve had our small earthquakes and our occasional belch of smoke from the mountaintop presaging eruption) it will utterly destroy the last vestiges of go-along-get-along keeping so many people in a complacent fog.

    The gain in living standards sought by 3rd worlders moving to the USA yields motivation quantity “x.”

    The collapse in living standards coming to most Heritage Americans when the debt blows will provide motivation quantity “10x.” Everyone knows that the pain of loss far exceeds the pleasure of gain.

    The good news from the cartoon? Americans already have the world’s best guns available at the nearest shop. German, Austrian, Czech, Israeli, Brazilian, Italian, and America’s Heritage Colt, S&W, Ruger, Springfield Armory, etc.


    • on November 15, 2018 at 12:19 pm John Joel Glanton

      I’m moving to the States for precisely that reason.


      • As long as you’re huwhyte.

        If you’re anything else, fuk off, we’re full.

        Actually, fuk off anyway if you aren’t already an American citizen. You couldn’t keep your own country from turning into crap, it’s unlikely you’ll improve the situation much over here.


      • on November 15, 2018 at 5:43 pm John Joel Glanton

        Yeah I’m pretty white man 100% Anglo-Nordic stock.

        Looking at your demographics, you need all the military-age, Fascist, gun-owning Saxons you can get.


      • You gonna behave when you get here , right ? What kind of skill or profession are you in ?


  15. Everyday the likes of the Guardian ‘s view is “America is shittttttt’ especially for people of dirt
    And yet they want the dirt to come here ???

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  16. If you read the comments on the lines of NYT, Wapo, Guardian.. I cant live with these people.
    If anyone ever invades I’m not fighting a war for people who hate me

    James Woods cucked over the fires
    Let Milano’s fucking horses toast


  17. on November 15, 2018 at 12:18 pm John Joel Glanton


  18. Stephen Colbert could hardly contain himself last night with the House picking up more Demon reps, but with his pedo connection to John Podesta, his leanings are hardly surprising



  19. Shitlibs do not seem to realize they live a life of decadence. They have peace, security, time and wealth to post yard signs, stick solar panels on a roof, sort out recycling etc not to mention g#y rights, tranny bathrooms, gender pronouns…

    Non whites dngaf…about these things.
    Which is why the future will be entertaining at least

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  20. That cartoon . . . looks like a pretty solid plan.


  21. on November 15, 2018 at 1:02 pm Elmer T. Jones

    Cartoon would be funnier if he was saying “Our niggers don’t want you here either!”


  22. Dude is right, it’s horrible here migrants, just go ahead and stay home. k, thanks.


  23. These libtard cartoons and anti-White antics are the best weapon we have.

    Ever been to “Heritage America?” Try it. I’m talking small town Trump Country. The places that make Gulf Shores and Panama City look absolutely cosmopolitan by comparison.

    Yuuge disconnect between those people and the guys on this board. Commenters here regularly quote Kundera, complicated legal principles, history, to say nothing of the elevated diction.

    Try conversing like that in small town Trump Country. You’ll be viewed with suspicion, at best.

    But they understand being made fun of. They understand when they’re under attack. That’s what Trump tapped into. And we need more of it.

    We should be sharing this puerile poz far and wide.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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  24. on November 15, 2018 at 1:11 pm clarence boddiker

    note the “Angry” white man thing too… as if we don’t live in a world consumed by the sexually retarded angry muslim and the angry, sexually retarded feminist blue hair. or the angry sexually retarded anti-fa thug.

    and you can hear each of their responses:

    Muz “how is it sexually retarded to seek an afterlife where I have a 100 foot erection and no refractory period to eternal virgins” this is real.

    Hey, I have plenty of sex, you just wouldn’t know them, they live in canada. about 34 years ago.

    Hey, I’m in a polyamamorous relationship.


  25. I like the jab at muh climate change with the smokestacks in the distance.

    Because industry is bad, cheap energy is bad. Right.

    The dusky invaders they fetishize are fleeing places where such smokstacks are rare. Or unencumbered by whitemale regulatory environs. See china and india for actual smokestack cities.

    Instead it is garbage fires, mountains of plastic bottles in the middle of the rainforest, and open sewer trenches next to drinking water.

    The self-righteous progs simply can’t let go of the tried and true noble savage. Progress like industry and energy production is bad. But progress where hoardes of filthy castoffs from shitholes that can’t provide basic infrastructure flood the badwhite world is good.

    Shit is getting retarded. The left is basically at the “please clap” phase. Its grand.


  26. here is the twitter of the leftoïd cartonist


  27. on November 15, 2018 at 1:43 pm John Joel Glanton

    This is the thing though. Despite the fact that they mock us and paint us as evil and ignorant, they are the ones who need us. Why are they always begging outside our door? Why can’t they just leave us alone, we don’t want them. Why do they need our attention so badly? It’s not even about gibs or money. They want to be white, to fuck white women, to dress up and take part in genteel white society, they want to shit on the palace floor and be loved for it. Rap singers talk about European fashion designers and flaunt white women in their videos. They move to white neighborhoods when they get paid big. Black politicians and activists use spooky mumbo jumbo about ancient glory copied from Greece and Rome.

    In short, this picture unwittingly epitomizes what this is all about, with “The World” standing outside our doorstep groveling. “They’re coming for free government welfare” is a cowardly cuck-out, equivalent to “Democrats are the real racists”. They aren’t here for money, they’re here because they hate being black and want to forget it. As if 40 dollars out of a paycheck paying for niggers really hurts you. It’s not about that. It’s about what we’ve lost to the multicult; the spiritual, national, cultural aspect of life that no longer exists. How come the Japanese have no problem sticking with their own kind? It’s not about money or anything else, it’s about these subhumans forcibly inserting themselves into every aspect of our lives, from literature to movies and video games, community events, government and making everything ALL ABOUT THEM. It’s about our ability to exist without them and their constant insistence that we accept them.

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  28. on November 15, 2018 at 1:56 pm Enfant Terrible

    The proto-shitlibs from the 60’s wanted to end colonialism because, the poor colonials were oppressed by the European. Now that the 3rd is even worse without the European there to rule over them, and teach them how to be civilized, then the 3rd world has to be brought to the realm of the white man, in order to bring the white man down to the level of the 3rd world. This way, everyone will be happy while wallowing in misery, poverty, exploitation, and so on.


  29. If you switched the Yes and No pages, you’d get Current Year America


  30. on November 15, 2018 at 2:43 pm whowantsgingersnaps

    “why do shitlibs fear a White America?”

    Shitlibs just take their marching orders, they don’t know why. Those who fear white men are the Money-Lords™, those who control the central banks and create the world’s currencies. The only people who will storm the Bastille (and win) are white men. When white men reach their boiling point, absolutely nothing will stop them.


  31. The elites run the media and want docile workers, which white men tend to not be.


  32. I tell you, white men need to take to the streets in droves. Leaders are needed who can get support.

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  33. on November 15, 2018 at 3:22 pm Eduardo the Magnificent

    Real Whiteangrymenistan would be shooting those invaders standing at the base of the wall. Never give a sucker (read: leech) an even break.

    Also, they missed the #1 entry on the YES list: GOD


  34. I saw a pic of some Proud Boys on twitter posted by some leftist tranny (who goes by the pronoun “they”). I replied that I thought that they looked like faggots because, lets face it, calling yourself a “Proud Boy” and walking around in those outfits is pretty fucking faggy.

    Lo and behold, I was beseiged by all of these people saying I was way out of line. These same folks brag behind a keyboard about how they love to punch Nazis, but if you call a Proud Boy a faggot or retard, well you are the worst person ever.

    No idea what to make of this.


  35. Funny how those shitworlders will risk their lives to get into Angrywhitemenistan.

    Funny too how shitlibs of all colors would cry like the beeotches they are if they were ever prohibited from living among the white citizens of Angrywhitemenistan.


  36. I read the list and thought, *”That sound about right.”*

    Everything would work and nobody would be confused about which bathroom to use.


  37. Jesus, shitlibs are so dumb. The first question a rational person would ask seeing that cartoon is: if Angrywhitemenistan is so bad, why does “the rest of the world” tries to break the wall and come în? And the corollary to this question: if the “rest of world” diversity is so great, why is not the other way around, angry white men trying to break the wall they built to protect their diverse paradise?


    • Dunno. Ask the Israelis. They are the smartest and bestest ever, they claim, and they seem to think walls, eviction of non-consanguineous tribes and iron domes are the best thing ever. For them alone.

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  38. […] via Where Is The Lie? — Chateau Heartiste […]


  39. on November 16, 2018 at 7:59 am gunslingergregi

    cept the rich moving the fuck out what that tell you


  40. What if a kid got their hands on that wall and accidentally killed somebody?