Comment Of The Week: The Jerkboy Will To Power

COTW winner is Leonard D Neubache, extracting a source of the love women have for jerkboys, and holding it aloft like the 17th Poon Commandment.

Women don’t like jerkboys because they call them out on their bullshit. That’s just the expression of what’s truly valuable about the jerkboy.

The actual substance of value is his will to power.

If he has no will to power then how will he protect her or her children? If he has no will to power then who will protect and provide when things get tough?

The conformist nice guy is humanity’s dodo. He survives in good times but when things get bad (and they inevitably do) he is worthless.

Women are fundamentally hardwired to accept this, no matter what they say. Look at the state of white men and look at how many white women are welcoming foreign conquerors.

The will to power is the only imperative worth a damn.

Hard times create jerkboys.
Jerkboys create good times.
Good times create niceguys.
Niceguys create hard times.

We’re at Stage Four now. Over the horizon, Generation Jerkboy shimmers into view. Shit’s about to get interesting.


Comment of the Week runner-up is gunslingergregi, with this oldie but goodie from 2009,

Problem with american woman they treat their job like they should treat their man and treat their job like they should there man.

Problem with american men. They treat there woman like their boss instead of like their subordinate.

A person who does not have enough expected of them at work will quit.
American men are not expecting enough out of their woman.

I left GSG’s original syntactical and linguistic collage as is, because it’s a part of his persona and if you have the dedication to puzzle together the full, intended meaning of his comments, consider yourself a learned man. Rearrange and swap a few words above, and you are staring at a scintillating gem of wisdom.


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  2. Merry Christmas, CH. Thanks for everything you do.


  3. Can someone just answer me this, please? Why am I called crazy and unreasonable for wanting a submissive wife? That’s the bridge too far today? Fuck everything.


    • on December 24, 2017 at 11:57 pm Vagina dominator

      Maybe it is that you are asking for it instead of expecting it and walking away when you don’t get it.

      But do you really want submission? Are you willing to accept its costs too? Nothing is free.

      Do you habitually accept anything else? Then people know that you may *say* you want submission but you will *accept* something else. The image is false.

      People take us at our own estimations. But they will also check us out for cracks in the facade.

      Most guys would be more than happy to have just a *cooperative* wife, one who pulls in the same direction as her husband and didn’t go out of her way to fuck things up.

      But if she were like that, she wouldn’t be a “strong and independent” woman, I suppose. And we are supposed to admire that.

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    • a buddy of mine had a very submissive, hot girl who was ready to turn convert his seed into future people. he dumped her because he supposedly wanted a more assertive woman. he was deluding himself. he didn’t know how to put her to use, was the the problem.

      he’s a relatively masculine guy in the shitlib context where we both live, but he’s not truly dominant. meaning, he doesn’t really go after what he wants.

      when you want a “submissive” woman, or, a woman who can complement your dominance, you have to make sure that’s the message you’re putting out there. they will sort themselves out based on how serious you are about that.

      most women are submissive. the problem is, post sexual liberation they won’t submit for anything less than rape, which obviously you can’t do. therefore, you need to find a girl who hasn’t had too many partners, who has some sense if dignity and isn’t racing to the bottom of the “I’m an insatiable whore” barrel. she’ll submit willingly to the right guy, with little effort on your part other than being your dominant self.

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      • on December 25, 2017 at 8:44 am Captain Obvious

        “with little effort on your part”

        SH!TLORD: Get off your B!rth Control. Make your body clean and pure for me.

        MISTRESS: < thinking to herself > …okay…


      • PJ

        This is exactly the type of girl our young Romeo found… 16.


      • Sentient, yeah. no beef with that.

        that story could have had a better ending, though. if the parents were truly “evil”, then they deserved to see their daughter leave them behind for a better life. he turned them into martyrs and then he turned the gun himself, and lived. so now he’s likely a vegetable for life. not very shitlordy.


      • on December 25, 2017 at 10:45 am Captain Obvious

        But the poor kid is only 17, and, from his vantage point, the entire world was arrayed against him – he’s never seen Goodness & Decency in his life – all he knows is Clownworld.

        Remember, these are kids here – Romeo & Juliet – not grizzled worldwise cynical old adults clinging desperately to their precious memories of Better Times.


    • on December 25, 2017 at 9:05 am Captain Obvious

      “Why am I called crazy and unreasonable for wanting a submissive wife?”

      Not sure what you mean by submissive – it could simply be kind, gentle, sweet-hearted, supportive, cheerful, friendly, well-mannered, nurturing, comforting, loyal, L0VES K!DS, etc – which is pretty much the only reason any of us are at Le Chateau.

      Or, in this day and age, for the Betas, it could be nothing more than “not snarky most of the time”.

      But if submissive means “yearns to play the sub in a brutal relationship with a bulldyke psychopath, where heavy emphasis is placed on exceptionally large ana1 toys”, then remember that those qualities will be bred into any ch!ldren [and especially into any BOYS] which she b!rths for you.

      In that case, I think I might zero in on the bulldyke dom for breeding purposes…

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    • Women don’t know what they want dude. That’s why they shop endlessly and never know what they are buying. Women don’t care what you can offer them, just what you have done for them. Promises are like the wind, gifts and pleasure are the goods that get them to take you home.
      Never be a friend to her, and don’t let her bitch about you. When you listen to her complaints, they better be about someone else. When she complains about YOU, you just entered a quagmire. Relationships can turn into quagmires quickly. Complaints about you are a sign you stepped into a tour of Nam. Get enough dealbreakers from her and her friends beforehand. These dealbreakers can end your tour in Nam.

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  4. Except that is not true
    I have known many betas men who carried heavy burden in though times
    carried it silently without ever asked to be thanked by their self obsessed useless wives
    On the other hand many of what you call jerkboys would disappear at first sight of trouble
    So why womenz mistake brutality and sociopathy for strength?
    Is it atavistic?
    Or is it driven by their sexual desire to submit to a brutal man ?
    For centuries they were not allowed to make these kind of choices/decisions
    We children of 21st century should have a very good idea why?

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    • on December 24, 2017 at 11:51 pm Captain Obvious

      “On the other hand many of what you call jerkboys would disappear at first sight of trouble ; So why womenz mistake brutality and sociopathy for strength?”

      The Hamster ain’t an idiot. It can sense that The Frankfurt School has coarsened & brutalized & poisoned the culture.

      The Hamster knows [email protected] well that it ain’t the 1950s/Eisenhower/Father-Knows-Best era anymore.

      It’s the era of psychopaths like (((Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Mark Phuckerberg and Jeff Bezos))).

      And the Hamster can smell it in the air.


    • Re: betas, a while back, someone here said “The hamster knows no gratitude.” That ought to be carved in very large letters in a very large rock. Carrying a heavy burden a long way generates no tingles, as JudgyBitch illustrates. In the modern unregulated sexual market, they’re allowed to squander all their assets (youth and fertility) on PowerBall (heh) tickets chasing the elusive apex alpha. Materially, their downside is protected by thirsty betas and Big Daddy State. To them it’s an asymmetric bet.


    • Your effort doesn’t excite ’em, making ’em make effort to come to you does.


    • Seriously, much of the “hot” bad boys only look/sound like that– hard they ain’t. See douchy Jax Taylor on Vanderpump Rules:


    • Carrying burdens is what betas do and they have to think about way back in the reptile brain, what happens when all of society falls?

      Sometimes the only way to survive and carry on is to know when to cash your chips and get out of there.


  5. do you ever have problems sounding condescending to women? i keep crossing the line from teasing to just insulting.


    • on December 24, 2017 at 11:53 pm Captain Obvious

      As long as you don’t come off as butthurt [and/or creepy] – if you can pull it off with a twinkle in your eye – then your notch count should keep rising.


      • on December 24, 2017 at 11:54 pm Captain Obvious

        At least with the ho’s.

        If she’s a 1-in-a-million Nice Girl from a Good Family, then skip all the Game nonsense and move immediately for sealing the deal.


    • this is an important distinction. the difference is “teasing” allows her a way to save face, an “out”. whereas “insulting” pretty much sentences her to inferiority. a girl’s tingles need s-o-m-e hope for pleasing you.

      for example:
      teasing: “you look cute. those eyebrows, though…”
      insulting: “”you look cute but you’re fucking eyebrows look ridiculous”

      with confident girls (sloots) it may not make much difference. they might even prefer the abuse. but a gentler, sweeter girl will shut down. not necessary important in the big scheme but you reap what you sow. if you get a girl who’s immune to pain don’t expect her to treat you well either.

      if you want a nice girl, you’ll have to be more skilled with your words and that means not being too zealous in your efforts to knock her off her pedestal. (it’s a good idea to see whether she’s even ON a pedestal before you start backhanding her.)

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      • on December 25, 2017 at 8:51 am Captain Obvious

        PJ, trying to make that same point up above here.

        You’ve got to up your background research & your instincts & your in-the-field experience so as to judge quite how jerkish you need to be.

        If she’s a Keeper, then I’d pretty much skip Game entirely. Whereas if she’s a Ho, then you might need to thrust the pedal to the metal to the point where you break her and she’s a sobbing screaming hysterical hawt mess for you.

        [Of course, the latter scenario begs the question of “You break it, you own it”, but having a conscience doesn’t jibe well with the Darker Triad aspects of Psychopathy.]

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      • “having a conscience doesn’t jibe well with the Darker Triad aspects of Psychopathy.”

        what about a sense of justice/right & wrong? I made a decision awhile back that I was never going to reward sloots/cunts/mudsharks/traitors etc. with my attention, and that I would reward good girls (girls who resisted poz tsunami) in whatever way I could.

        why we should reward sloots with ANYTHING? even punishment serves their agenda of maximum resource extraction/minimal accountability. they should be ostracized, should they not? they had their chance.

        there’s a new crop of untainted women coming up right now. what better way to keep them in line than to show them that if they serve the poZ, they cease to exist to the Men that matter?

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      • on December 25, 2017 at 10:28 am Captain Obvious

        PJ, I’m in 100% agreement with you – I’m all about finding the Nicest Girls, from the Bestest Families, and moving immediately for teh BUNZ -> OVENZZZEZES.

        But for the n00bs and/or the would-be playaz, if they want dat ho ass, then they better grow the spine necessary for breaking dat ho ass.


    • You are being to logical. Less logic, more emotion.


    • Con-Descending means lowering oneself (descend) to the level of an inferior. Because we have fetishized equality all out of proportion with reality — “you think you’re so much better than me!” — any act that hints at the presumption of superiority is automatically characterized as “insulting” if you haven’t already demonstrated a plausible case for your excellence. (The most demonstrable excellence being physical: tall, white, and handsome.)

      Part of seducing a pozzed floozy in this degenerate age of equalism is explicitly reestablishing male dominance over her weak female frame, something that she doesn’t even know she is dying for you to do. That’s why teasing, humiliating, and punishing a woman can get her juices flowing.

      If you aren’t dissecting her for this ultimately ameliorative purpose, you aren’t demonstrating your superiority: you’re just being cunty, and possibly demonstrating the opposite — your inferiority. You are gouging with an ax rather than carving her a scalpel. If you unburden her of her defenses with skill and precision, you aren’t just demonstrating your rhetorical excellence, you are also stripping her down to lacy psychological undies.

      She has to trust that you are skilled enough to handle her in so vulnerable a condition, and along the way it is easy to go wrong, especially if your By The Numbers PUA Technique is showing. Women are fairly dumb though, especially the daddyless ones. Despite your mistakes, they have a tremendous “will to believe” you are The One she can trust to let up inside her.

      You keep “crossing the line” to insulting because you’ve forgotten, or have never known, your natural Nobless Oblige as a man. Insult with the purpose of improving her rather than taking advantage of her, and she will cooperate with her own seduction.


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  6. There is indeed something missing from the modern white male.

    He doesn’t “feel” ambition. When he wants something, he begs permission for it. He doesn’t just seize it like a nigger or Muzz.

    Most WNs over about 25 are still too decadent and weak, and I include myself in this assessment. “Hope” kills urgency.

    White men aren’t going to get white women back into the home willingly. Only when white men conquer the mino, will women come running back.

    The best white men left have something special, and are far better than their System equivalents. Murdoch Murcoch’s propaganda bets anything ZOG can create:

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    • There is indeed something missing from the modern white male. He doesn’t “feel” ambition. When he wants something, he begs permission for it. He doesn’t just seize it like a nigger or Muzz.

      It’s missing by design, and the “design” is called refinement. White man doesn’t just seize like a nigger because he doesn’t want to act like a nigger, much less become one.

      True: whites have become so successful that we allowed ourselves (and our posterity) to become detached from the most primal things. Living among our own kind, we don’t have to behave like animals. We can park our bikes without locking them, for instance, or let our daughters walk alone to a trusted neighbor’s house after dark.

      And yet we are closer to our primal nature than seems evident by civilized behavior. We really can turn it back on in a life-or-death situation. Still …

      He who fights with niggers should be careful lest he become a nigger. If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you.

      The secret of white success has always been self-discipline. Your best friend or your worst enemy. Charitable neighbor or unrelenting sociopath. We can emulate their ferocity, but they can’t emulate our balance and control. That’s why we never ultimately lose.

      Only soyboys and bugmen fail to respond to real talk — haven’t you noticed that in your life? Most white normies are one meme away from shitlord. But we’d rather tend to our private lives than mix it up with the browns, if only out of an instinct for hygiene. We want to “be nice … until it’s time to not be nice.” It’s more a matter of intelligent timing than it is a question of our ability. And even when that “kairos” arrives, a mere reminder of our wrath should suffice. Inferiors know our history in their bones Our multicultural pretenses are in fact the cruelest taunt, urging demi-bestial creatures to believe that equality with us is a thing to be grasped.



      • While we shouldn’t lack refinement.

        Ryu does have a point; WM seem to be lacking that “will to power”.

        Tact doesn’t hurt but we should still have ambition and it seems like that is something we as a people lack nowadays.

        Though maybe that’s what happens when most of the women around you get fat.

        What’s the point of working hard and achieving for something that’s degrading yourself to get?

        And sure; ambition for ambitions sake is better or best but most men don’t have that.

        They need a concrete goal to aim for, not hypothetical or conceptual ideas.


  7. on December 25, 2017 at 2:20 am Gunslingergregi

    Merry Christmas to you to bro


    • CH is the star on top o’ the chateau… wise men still seek it.

      And a very Merry Christmas to you, gunny… one of the true seers of the chateau.

      A likewise shout-out to some of the more intrepid men ’round chere… including some of those I’ve knocked haids with on occasion::

      Matt King
      Cap’n Obvious
      The late, great whorefinder
      Joshua Sinistar
      Canadian Friend
      John Mosby

      Of course, there are others I may have missed for the moment.


  8. on December 25, 2017 at 6:42 am alex sosa (luciano)

    white iq + white discipline + white will to power = unstoppable

    vasyl is a harbinger of change


  9. Got sick of being a “nice guy” and dumped my girl who finally admitted she was FZing me.

    Lesson re-learned. I’m going back to being the jerk.

    No mercy. No quarter.


  10. But men must work, and women must weep,
    Though storms be sudden, and waters deep,

    All feminism and shitlibtopia rages against this truth. Women can’t be tingly all the time. They are made to weep.


  11. It’s hard to look at a manjaw, cunt covered in tats, wearing her mental ilnesses on her sleeve, and give a shit about anything in thr world. You’re fighting 3rd world inbred sand nigs for a damaged cum dumpster.

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    • That’s the hardest part about swallowing the red pill, or maybe that’s the black pill, the truth of the world makes it that much harder when you realize just how few women are even worth the effort in the first place.