The Cuntescending Woman

Reader Matt has a Game question about how to handle a cuntescending woman.

Hey, was hoping for your advice here. I met this girl who’s married and in her 30s. I’m in my 20s and not attracted to her at all, yet she kept calling me her “little brother”. Because I’m not attracted to her I don’t want to be with her. But it still seemed like she was kinda friend zoning me anyway, a subtle form of disrespect. Because I want all women (even the ones I’m not interested in) to respect me im curious about your take on this and if it is a sign of disrespect, what to do about it.

I wouldn’t be so quick to assume she’s disrespecting you. Is she condescending? Sure. But women will sometimes condescend to relieve sexual tension, aka flirt. This particular woman knows she’s married and older than you. (And remember that in older woman years, a 10 year age difference is like a twenty year gap.) Rhetorically placing you in a “do not touch” glass case is how she spares her ego, given that she probably (and rightly) figures you, as a younger man, wouldn’t be attracted to her. It’s a case of sour grapes. (“i can’t have him, so I’ll pretend he’s off-limits by patronizing him like a little brother”)

It’s unusually casual for a woman you just met to refer to you as her “little brother”. She’s creating an artificial emotional distance between you two because she’s attracted to you but doesn’t want to jeopardize her marriage.

Don’t get all bent out of shape the next time she says it. Be calm and composed. Reply in the prescribed CH manner, with amused mastery:

“That’s sexy little brother to you.”

Replying this way let’s her know 1. she’s not worth taking seriously and 2. you are on to her true feelings for her. Even if she doesn’t have those feelings, you come out on top because you will have assumed the sale and thus regained hand over her. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.


  1. Very solid post. Take heed Little Brother…

    Animus = Attraction.


  2. Most important lesson I ever learned. Girls who are teasing me are girls who are attracted to me. Girls who call me an asshole while smiling are DTF.


    • Same with men. I’ll tease a girl about her hair being unkempt, she’ll make a pouty face, and I’ll be all “Just kidding, come here!” And give her a nice tight hug that might lead to petting or even sex.


  3. Try this: “Hey, Older Sister”, or better yet, “Elder Sister” (sounds like “Elderly”).


  4. on November 6, 2017 at 8:49 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Call her grandma.

    [CH: haha, tough but fair]

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  5. […] The Cuntescending Woman […]


  6. More then likely to get the, “gross” comment or maybe “that’s creepy”

    [CH: that means it’s game on. “you called me your little brother and you wanna lecture me about creepiness?” anyhow, no that is not likely the response he’ll get if she’s being flirty. if she’s a cunt, sure. but then she deserves nothing less.]


    • Gamesters want to push it to a shit test. Make her squirm a little. You have to add some tension or it’s boring.

      If she calls you creepy or gross you have to go AA with it.

      Or something pseudo-intellectual works well with 30s chicks.> Yeah I’m gross. But I make up for it with my charm/wit/…whatever you want because this is your bitch.

      One I have used is > You look like the type who goes for creepy guys.

      You can use voice inflection however you want with that. Believe me, if you drop that line on her she is going to fuck you. Remember to get the number from her and map out your logistics.


      • on November 7, 2017 at 8:46 am Captain Obvious

        >>> You look like the type who goes for creepy guys. <<<

        SHE: You're my little brother.

        YOU: Your SEXY little brother.

        SHE: OMG, that's like so creepy.

        YOU: Says the older sister with the fatal attraction to the creepy asshole jerk-boy little brother.


      • on November 7, 2017 at 8:51 am Captain Obvious

        Delivery is gonna be key here.

        Dead pan.

        Eye contact.

        Breathing, pacing, depth & sonorousness of the voice.

        You could throw in a little raising of the eyebrows and/or the slightest smirk at the corner of your mouth, but be careful, because that might come off as actually creepy [not just metaphorically creepy].

        Getting the delivery “just right” is so vitally important in all of this.


      • on November 7, 2017 at 9:19 am Captain Obvious

        >>> “Remember to get the number from her and map out your logistics.” <<<

        YOU: Says the older sister with the fatal attraction to the creepy asshole jerk-boy little brother.

        SHE: < …stunned silence, nether regions moistening… >

        [now hold the eye contact until it feels like you've held it too long, and then, very suddenly]

        YOU: Gimme yer number.

        [still deadpan, still deep sonorous voice, still creepy jerkboy asshole]


      • Mystery at work


      • a dude wearing eyeliner? He’s your chick magnet role model? GTFO here


      • on November 7, 2017 at 11:32 am Tes tos Tyrone

        Trav, I think that’s precisely the point. Mystery is a total validation of game. The dude wears eyeliner, his mannerisms are actually extremely effeminate bordering on full homo, and he’s a freakishly tall, skinny doofus… And yet, he still pulls. The broad is enraptured.


      • Trav. You’re a confirmed idiot/troll. Yes Mystery beats anything you got betabitch.


    • I always think that on these kinds of posts but Heartiste seems to like to play his game on the razors edge.


  7. If she’s a cunt and out of concern for losing your job you can’t cuss her out or do the normal things man is called by God to do, just throw some charm at her.

    Pump her entitled ego up +10,000. She’ll let you get away with murder or embezzle company funds for you or something like that later down the line. She may just be a miserable person who deserves nothing more than to be played and exploited.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 8:11 am Captain Obvious

      >>> Pump her entitled ego up +10,000. <<<

      Like OMG your tits are so perfect they haven't even started to sag yet!


  8. even in the time of total cuntocracy you can still stumble upon this
    therefore do not ask for whom the bell trolls

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    • on November 6, 2017 at 10:29 pm Diversity Heretic

      That woman beautifully articulates the case for white nationalism. Perhaps there is hope yet.

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    • Nothing against this cutie per se, but I’m pretty sick of “red pill girls”.

      Girls are always necessary for social proof. But when you let them become leaders, when they amass social media followers and youtube subscribers, then we become *their* social proof.

      This girl obviously has a brain, but its part of a larger pattern. A 7.5 realizes she ratchets up her male attention by glomming on to a male interest (is it any surprise Lauren Southern started as a cosplay girl?) So she uses that to amass beta orbiters. Doesn’t really matter how smart or talented she is, chances are her reasons for being in the field are more about her than about your interests.

      Thus will always be the problem with “red pill girls”. If they were truly red pill, they wouldn’t be talking to you on the internet, they’d be cooing at a White baby.

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      • on November 7, 2017 at 1:15 am evilwhitemalempire

        “Doesn’t really matter how smart or talented she is, chances are her reasons for being in the field are more about her than about your interests.”
        It’s also true that manginas and white knights are only really interested in laying feminists.
        But that doesn’t stop them from doing a lot of damage by lending their support in the process.

        At least this woman is one raindrop no longer contributing to the flood.
        Plus females aren’t just good for our ‘social proof’.
        They’re also far more likely to be listened to by blue pill men.
        Who cares if all they do is rehash old MRA or white nationalist talking points.


      • yeah…shit orbiting around whether women approve of it is going nowhere. Nobody should care about her “opinion” of any movement and trying to persuade women to “see the light” is futile


      • Oh come on. She’s a ray of light in a miasma of darkness.

        Fuck sake, be realistic.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 4:06 am Vagina dominator

      Good. But got babies?


  9. “I knew there was something creepy about your flirting.”

    That’ll nuke the hamster.

    Use at your own risk in a workplace though.


  10. I have to disagree with CH here. It’s a power play, she’s putting herself as an authority over the kid. “Little brother” is the key that this isn’t sexual, when she could have chosen from a long list of metaphors to label him.

    No man in the history of humanity can get all women to respect him, so throw that notion out the window. The key is never her respect for you, but yours for yourself. If you don’t like the way she behaves or speaks to you, don’t acknowledge her existence. If she calls you out on the cold shoulder (which she will), a nice gentle smile with “I don’t appreciate the way you speak down to me” is enough before going back to ignoring her. If she wants to argue about this (and she will), get up and walk away.

    Step and repeat until the day comes when she treats you differently. If she can’t do this, she’ll at least stop interacting with you. Which gives you more time to respect yourself.


  11. “hey, it’s BIG brother”


  12. Ran into this problem last week. She said “oh, your 22? (She’s 25) I feel like a pedophile.” In return I said with extreme confidence “Oh you think I’m young? I’m still old enough to be your daddy” and it worked effortlessly. Smiles and giggles and submition everywhere. By the way ch, I started reading you about a year ago. On deployment, and another reader who soon became my best friend helped me with problems I was having with my girlfriend (who was betatizing me).
    -22 year old white boy.


  13. Her: Don’t be creepy
    You: I am the hottest creep you will ever know.


    I have fucked multiple girls using this counter to “creep”.

    Also, the first time she says the little brother thing, reframe entirely to a neg. If she persists then you can use the hot brother line. But see if you can completely reframe first first.

    Her: You’re like my little brother
    You: Is it windy out?


  14. Simple, and this one goes to the single mothers:

    “If you were capable of being a loving person and nurturer to your husband and children, you would likely still be married.”

    In other words: don’t kid yourself darling. You aren’t the fresh, prime rose you are making yourself out to be. More likely that withered cactus.


  15. on November 7, 2017 at 4:18 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

    what if it’s after a break up but u still talk to each other?

    an older chick (5 year age gap) called me her brother/baby bro after we stopped dating


  16. OT:

    A white cop took a DNA test and it said he’s 18% black. So his department tooled him for it and he sued for racism. LOLZ.

    Must be in his blood.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 5:38 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

      18% black? really?

      that’s no drop in a bucket


      • on November 7, 2017 at 5:40 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

        nigguh sounds a like a gamma who can’t take a little ball busting


      • Way back in the day, before strict segregation, there was not a little miscegenation in the south. That was before the one-drop rule. In most states, a similar racial classification system was in place as was once in place in colonial Mexico: Once a person got below one-eighth non-white, they were considered genetically white enough to be considered legally white. Because of this, many white southerners have a considerable quantum of negro blood.

        During what is called the Great Migration, there was also, unsurprisingly, a lot of migration of poor whites into the north for the exact same reasons–especially Michigan, due to all the auto industry jobs available. Many white Michiganders trace their lineage to the south.

        Just a theory.


      • ^Plausible way to explain it to newbs at the government office to get your free sheeit verified at least.


    • Obviously one of those fake DNA. Very few of those DNA tests are accurate. If any. How would you even be able to prove if they are?


      • everything I read says this too. they aren’t very accurate and are based on averages compared other samples. there are some good videos on jew tube comparing results and such.

        it’s mostly a gimmick and an entertainment type thing is my 2 cents. with a built in investment for the company to resell your data.

        I believe most of the results are subbed to LabCorp. And the company is mostly a front end data set and display to show you pie graphs and charts and shit.

        but hey, I’ll be a nigga too if I can get some gibbs



      • Exactly ripp. Give me a piece of paper that says I’m black and I can be protected under EOE and get free sheeeit too.

        You want a membership to the Apache tribe? Just find you a corrupt company and slip an extra few fiat dollars in those greasy palms.

        I saw at least one of these where they were taking DNA by region meaning if your Ancestors were Vikings who pillaged Northern Africa and decided on an extended stay, that could show up as Berbers or some odd shit.


      • Just take a look at these Indians:

        You wouldn’t believe how much their casino rakes in!

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      • @feral


        its got me thinking. I wonder what the process is to claim feather indian roots and get some government gibs.

        roll in shirtless with animal skin underwear and a feather head with mohawk, and spear in hand, boo boo boo boo boo boo gimme some shit


    • AncestyDNA is supposed to be the most accurate one yet even they admit it’s kinda bullshit.


      • If someone reading this is smart enough to explain DNA inheritance I would love to read it.

        I know you get all of your mother’s DNA encodings but your father’s DNA shows up stronger when it does show up.


      • is all about owning your DNA after you’ve signed up and been tested. Your composition is totally irrelevant, and their efforts to decipher things for you will reflect that.

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      • Lol Data mining away your identity (((FTW))).

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      • on November 7, 2017 at 6:13 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

        i wouldn’t doubt that companies like 23andme r in league with the deep state

        if u can’t bust dissidents by the book then harvest their dna and frame them for shit


      • on November 7, 2017 at 8:21 am Captain Obvious

        “If someone reading this is smart enough to explain DNA inheritance I would love to read it.”

        For genealogical purposes, there only two lineages which are reliably traceable via DNA:

        1) Mother from mother from mother… via the “MtDNA”

        2) Father from father from father… via the “Y Chromosome”

        Determination of “mixed” lineages are pretty quickly zapped by the complexity of it all.

        Note that MtDNA is extra-chromosomal:


      • on November 7, 2017 at 8:28 am Captain Obvious

        Also, in terms of sending off samples to these libraries, note that (((YKW))) moved in pretty quickly and now own many of the larger DNA databases, so if you send off a sample, and if anywhere in the chain of custody [which can involve multiple frontend organizations, testing laboratories, and database backends, etc] your sample passes through a j00-ish controlled entity, then you can rest assured that Yossi Cohen & the Mossad have a copy of your entire genome.

        I’m becoming so troubled by these DNA databases [and the potential for catastrophic abuse arising therefrom] that I don’t think I’d send off anything without first creating a fake identity [to include a fake street address] for the results to be mailed to.

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      • I think I had that backwards. I think you “get” all of your father’s encoding but where your mother’s encoding shows up it becomes more “dominant”.

        Quotes are for words that need to be explained in more Scientific language.

        So if for example someone had a great grandmother who had a father with a Jewish last name, how would a person know the most possible Jew DNA possible? I’m thinking like maybe .08% doing some half baked calculation off the top of my head.


      • A good analysis would look at certain sections of your DNA and compare them with known populations. By looking at very large numbers of genetic markers they can get a decent estimate of where you came from. My buddy’s g/f is hispanic and they got her one of those programs (I think it was Ancestry by DNA) and it looked about like what you would expect. ~40% Native American ~40% European and ~10% African. On each category they narrowed it down a bit, i.e. whatever tribe of indian was the largest, etc and some cursory information about that tribe, locality, whatever.

        It was really interesting, I look forward to getting one myself. I did notice she was a small percent Jewish and there was a paragraph about the Holocaust. I couldn’t help but wonder because it was a very small part of her heritage but took up a disproportionate amount of the summary.


    • Almost sounds like a small-scale conspiracy to rip off the police department.

      This guy have a cousin working at Ancestry to help set up this little money grab for “racism”?


  17. on November 7, 2017 at 6:26 am Brad Matthews

    That was a masterfu analysis. Well done.


  18. Avoid her. She is out of line and her behavior is manipulation to stroke her ego. No good can come of this. Take it from your Uncle Elmer.


    • Let me add that this puts her in a prime position to cock block an opportunity with a nubile young woman or even an older available gal. If not an overt tactical strike she will use gossip and innuendo.


    • In the guise of “protecting her little brother”. Or worse she will try to hook you up with a fatty.


    • also, the young buck “doth protest too much” methinks

      rejection is OK, live’n’learn


    • on November 7, 2017 at 3:05 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      I can picture this broad now. She wears jeans and black boots, smokes, drinks beers after work, makes crude jokes, and is a mouthy, unfeminine bitch in every way. Not a great looking face either. She has a name like Tammy or Barb.


  19. That’s sexy little brother to you. Great line and surely something that will make her hamster spin – given that she IS actually attracted to the guy.


  20. Make it plain that her incest fantasies are disgusting, predatory and unacceptable, by identifying them as such to her. With a huge smirk, of course, laugh it up, as her next move if rebuffed will be to try and get invisible hubby involved in a nice round of ‘Let’s you and him fight’ to assuage her hurted fee-fees.

    Raddled old cougar in heat, the smell must be ghastly.

    Don’t let her go all “Mrs Robinson” on you, it’ll spiral into THe CraZy almost instantly if you capitulate. I mean real, belted canvas jacket and the big syringe crazy is what you’re facing in those sorts of women. That’s why you’re apprehensive. It’s like static on the radio when you drive under powerlines.

    A constant workplace hazard to the jobbing tradesman doing house calls.

    On the other hand you could just cut to the chase, and bring a bottle of Stolly and a tube of KY and bum her to unconsciousness in the bathroom.


  21. Those DNA tests results are bullshit. Every person I know who gets them always say their results concluded that they are some percentage of a minority, which is exactly what those Lib-orchestrated companies want you to think. They want to brainwash you into thinking, well, hey, if I’m 6% black or hispanic or mexican or whatever, then, how can i say No to diversity…

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    • 0% asian, 0% african, 0% celtocuck, 0% scandocuck, and 0% ashkepath.

      eat shit, mongrels!


      • Too bad… a bit of scand blood might have smoothed out the wrinkles in your nature. 😉

        That said, if you be slav, odds are there’s a bit of Viking in your tree somewhere.


      • gots some Imperial Rome blood in me, 20%, that’ll do for fuehrer-genes.


      • 100% pigheaded inbred buffoon. Your family tree is as straight as a phone pole, you habsburg halfwit.


      • on the other hand

        Massa Mosby’s ancestry was the main reason for anti-miscegenation laws’ passage.

        eat shit mongrel cracker rape!


      • Herr Greg, please note Massa Mosby coming out strong and clear for miscegenation and diversity.

        In case you still wonder where ((frontrunners)) take their marching orders from.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 7:59 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

      nah b

      my results came back pretty consistent across different services

      a bit of north african is as “exotic” as i get


      • on November 7, 2017 at 8:39 am Captain Obvious

        >>> a bit of north african is as “exotic” as i get <<<

        WTF, I'll respond to Li'L Miss Brandeis PhD in Behavioral Psych: If you're White, and if you get into genealogy, and if you can find your way to a Royal Line [in, say, England], and if you can work up that Royal Line to Spain, then ultimately you'll trace your way back to Mohammed himself [because many Spanish royalty had a touch of "royal" muslim blood, and pretty much all of sunni royalty traces its roots to Mohammed].

        Although, in Li'L Miss Brandeis PhD's case, she's doubtless picking up Sephardic ancestry.

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      • Moops… the card says it.


    • I’d be kind of interested in a way, because I’m in the odd position of being able to trace my ancestry back about 400 years through documentation. As such, I pretty much know everything that went into my genetic background.

      It would be interesting to see what kind of B.S. they pulled — “You’re 25% Zulu!” … “Yeah, riiiiight…” — but I don’t want to give some random bunch of scoundrels a sample of my DNA, either.

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      • on November 7, 2017 at 8:54 am Captain Obvious

        >>> “trace my ancestry back about 400 years through documentation” <<<

        As I'm saying to L'il Miss Brandeis, if you can latch onto a Royal Line, and follow that Royal Line back to Spain [== the former Iberian Caliphate], then you'll probably get all the way back to Mohammed.


      • Call em on it and then threaten to go to all the major press outlets and to court if they don’t give you $$$$.

        Do this one company at a time until you got them all.

        Then write a book about it.


      • And of course get your dna samples back from them to be destroyed.


      • Ironsides, it is not possible that you can account for all of your ancestors back 400 years using a genealogical method. If a generation is 25 years (or so) 400 years would be 16 generations. You would have 2^15 ancestors or 32,768 people. Maybe you could cut that number down slightly from inbreeding but you would still have tens of thousands of ancestors. You could trace a single lineage back 400 years but it seems very unlikely you could account for anywhere close to all your ancestors.

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      • True enough, I stand corrected.


  22. Never, ever use the word “sexy” at work. Just don’t do it.


    • y not

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      • HR departments desperately search for instances of sexual harassment which they can use to rationalize and perpetuate their holy crusade of fighting and destroying a non-existent glass ceiling.


      • y not…

        Start your own business.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 3:13 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      You can call yourself sexy. HR can’t prosecute you for that. When I speak in a second language, i always say, “yeah, I have an accent, but I’m told it’s sexy.” The brimming confidence and allusions to sexiness (sex) never fails to get girlz squealing.


      • on November 7, 2017 at 3:14 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Pro-tip: learn to speak French, and drop it to a gravelly baritone like Jacques Chirac. Then whisper into their ears. They cream their pants.


  23. Maybe she’s into weird Oedipal stuff. Or maybe she wants to bang high school studs but won’t do it for some reason.


  24. Totally disagree on the DNA tests.

    I got mine back, and I KNOW they were accurate because they 100% successfully and accurately NAILED all of my minor health problems.

    Three minor health problems, in particular, were mentioned, one was rare, and one turned out to be genetic. I had never known that particular problem to even be genetic until the test. Needless to say, it was really helpful and explained a lot.

    IF the tests are not accurate, what are the odds that it would nail all of my health problems, out of 1000’s of genetically-influenced diseases, with 100% accuracy?

    I made my GF get it done too. Told her if she was more than 5% Jew I was gonna push her in an oven.


  25. on November 7, 2017 at 9:29 am Captain Obvious



  26. “Is that what you call all the younger guys you’re attracted to?”


  27. Why does the commenter care about what an unattractive girl thinks of him?

    Unless he’s playing the social circle game and trying to date her friends I would just ignore her as its not worth the trouble at work.

    Focus your efforts on attractive women! Much like a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep, a confident male does not concern himself with the opinions of ugly women.


  28. CH: CNN vs Red Pill

    [CH: not gonna watch fake news cnn crap. looks like a male feminist pretending he was once a red piller to perform the ol’ Fake Renouncing and Redemption for the shitlib femcunt audience. more likely, he’s a black dude who loved the anti-feminism message of the alt-right but hated the race realism message. obsidian? haha. ps was this blog mentioned?]


  29. Captain Obvious: “…then you can rest assured that Yossi Cohen & the Mossad have a copy of your entire genome.”

    And what are they doing with it? Picking and choosing who will survive the Great Pandemic? Picking and choosing who gets to prosper and who must die? Seriously, (((they))) have gotten into and appear to have cornered the DNA/ancestry market. I have been wondering why.


    • I’m guessing if they wanted to get as many DNA samples as possible, they’d offer the service for free or a nominal $9.95, not $60 to $80.

      I’m too lazy to google-fu, but I wonder how many they actually have in the database.


      • At that price, I’m guessing they figure just the “better off” folks are availing themselves of the service, so if they can squeeze in a bit of yahudi heritage, even if just 1% or so, they’ll reinforce the idea of that good ol’ Judeo-Christian heritage, amirite?

        And that’s about as much of a CT as I’ll attempt at this juncture.


      • On a side note, if that “man’s DNA stays in every woman he’s had relations with” stuff is true… and note, I think that’s BIG IF… then trace elements of damn near ANY variety of heritage is possible, amirite?


      • on November 7, 2017 at 1:14 pm The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

        most men r technically cucks then


      • Funny, the first thing your minds goes to.


      • From conversations with Russians, the Soviets seem to have put that rumor about to keep their women from screwing the groid students they hauled in to teach them communism.

        I’ve heard at least one story about some Russian woman coupling with a dindu, getting mar ried to a soldier, and years later popping out a pickaninny, resulting in the soldier k1lling her — though in fact she hadn’t been with anyone else since they got [email protected] ried. Sounds like a cautionary tale along the lines of water demons to scare small kids away from spots where they could drown.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 2:33 pm Enfant Terrible

      Yeah, provide a DNA sample, and somewhere, there will be a biological trace to yourself. Mind you, doctors also have this information, so it probably really doesn’t matter. Who knows.


  30. on November 7, 2017 at 12:12 pm Fredrik Sørgard Johnsen

    Don’t get all bent out of shape the next time she says it. Be calm and composed. Reply in the prescribed CH manner, with amused mastery:

    “I see you more as a grandma” smirk

    She will laugh or get pissed, either way she will like it


    • on November 7, 2017 at 12:20 pm Fredrik Sørgard Johnsen

      I realise the grandma comeback was taken, for an all out nuke, go for this instead:

      Next time she says it, or anything for that matter, be calm and composed. Reply in the prescribed CH manner, with amused mastery:

      “Must be very tough being a woman facing 40” take a zip of drink and stare blankly ahead


  31. “Because I want all women (even the ones I’m not interested in) to respect me”

    You are very needy, desperate for attention, and insecure. You’d be better off solving those problems, rather than memorizing a 500 branch decision tree of pickup lines.

    [CH: to be fair, there is a drive natural to men — a will to power — which seeks respect and admiration from all sources, regardless of romantic interest. it’s not so much a need for attention as a need for admiration.]


    • on November 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm Fredrik Sørgard Johnsen

      You have a point but be careful because the indifference can also be used an an excuse to stay out of the line of fire due to cowardice. I have seen many beta friends waste their opportunities saying to themselves they dont care if the girls like them or not.I do get your point though, but the guy have to be genuinely indifferent as a default in order for the comments to work.effectively. Any hint of subjective emotions such as abandonment or anger and its over. There definitely is a difference between dont care (Because I frequently bed hotter, tighter and wetter girls) and I dont care (Because I jerk of 10 times a week).

      [CH: asshole game implies state control. uncaring assholes get the girl. caring assholes are called douchebags.]


    • With all due respect, Heartiste…

      There is nothing “natural” about malignant narcissism

      There is no “power” in being outright personally and emotionally dependent on other peoples opinions of you.

      There is no “will” if your very identity, and every action you take are completely determined by the approval from and thoughts of others.

      The “natural” drive for a man is to choose his own identity, personality, morality, etc,,,,and then live it. Every day, and in every way, in every situation, for his entire life. Even if others dislike him for it. Even if it is tough. Even in the face of all opposition. Even without getting the hottest girl. Even without getting the most money. And regardless of how “small” (or un admired) a person he may be in the grand scheme of things.

      That’s how i live, at any rate.

      [CH: once men taste dominance over others, they tend to crave it more. i’m not making a moral judgment, only a biomechanical one.]

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      • A man is defined by his choices and by his actions, Heartiste, not by his instincts and feelings(biomechanics).

        Giving in to and acting on “tastes” or “craves” is a conscious choice, and a man is responsible for his actions. Feelings are not an excuse for a mans behaviors. Nor are emotions a basis for a mans moral code.

        Self control and responsibility. That’s the core difference between a man and a boy…or a man and a mindless wild animal.


      • I like what you say, and I wish indeed that you were right.

        Ed Latimore similarly says “not caring what others think is a superpower”.

        However, is it even possible? Do you honestly don’t care AT ALL about the image that you project? Hard to believe.

        Say you are dating a hot girl. She is great in bed, and pleasant to be with as well. That alone satisfies you. But wouldn’t the fact that she is arm candy material also count? Wouldn’t you like, even if just a little, the casual glances of jealousy from other men?

        I know I would. And I would rather not, but can not help it. That’s why I miss being a kid so much. Back then I had a titanium frame and DGAF all the time. It is much harder to pull that off when sexual attraction enters the picture. You have to compromise a bit.


  32. on November 7, 2017 at 12:56 pm The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)


    i never understood this

    why did my ex not want to introduce me to some of her girlfriends?

    for context: she was an older career grrrl and i was an unemployed hoodlum at the time

    she would break ur boy’s balls for not knowing what a salad fork was or how to hold a wine glass

    got on my nerves a little bit actually

    like it’s a fucking fork


    • on November 7, 2017 at 12:58 pm The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

      co is totally right about judging a woman by how she treats the wait staff


    • why did my ex not want to introduce me to some of her girlfriends?

      You’re probably trying to do a bit of humblebrag here (e.g., “I was so hot, she didn’t want any of her bishes coming on to me”), but…

      … I’m guessing it was just a simple case of embarrassment. kekekekekekek


      • on November 7, 2017 at 1:19 pm The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

        ‘thank god ur cute’

        she used to say shit like that when i would say/do something really retarded


      • ‘thank god ur cute’

        she used to say shit like that when i would say/do something really retarded

        That might be an amusing go-to for replies to your posts ’round chere..


  33. She doesn’t have to be an HB7 in order to provide a throat for you to fuck.


  34. on November 7, 2017 at 2:29 pm Enfant Terrible

    Stay away from married women. Do not cuckold another men if you do not like the idea of being a cuckold yourself.

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  35. on November 7, 2017 at 2:31 pm Enfant Terrible

    Stay away from married women….Do not cuckold another man, if you are disgusted by the idea of being a cuckold yourself.


  36. I’m kind of struggling with a game question myself. I feel like I’ve always been a lot better at dealing with LMR when it comes to ONSs rather than relationships. I’ll do the clasixs like just agree and keep seducing her or pull it out and start jacking if I’ve reached a seemingly insurmountable roadblock, but with my steadys that I’ve coupled with multiple times, I just don’t feel like beating around the peach fuzz and the bush.

    When it comes to girls I’m actually in a relationship with, (whatever the hell that means these days) I find myself lacking patience with these teasing types of games when I just wana get my damn dick wet.

    Case in point: Couple nights ago this girl I’ve been with a couple dozen times comes over. She’s 29, blonde and banging body. I’ll forego the traditional ‘.. outta ten’ system and call her cute and pretty. Sassy af too, which I like but can become tiring at times. I’ve known her a few weeks and I’m calling her my ol lady when I introduce her to people at this point, mainly just to fuck with her.

    She gave me shit about it the other day at the grocery store and I smirked at her and said: alright. I’ll think of something different, and she smiled sweetly as if to say: thank you. The next person I introduced her to was buying bread in the next aisle, an old guy from my church I attend infrequently. I said, hey there Larry! This is my fuck buddy, M. The look on her face and the blush that consumed it was priceless. Bruised the fuck outta my shoulder she hit me so hard later on, the little shit. But I digress.

    Anyways, she comes over to spend the whole night with me for the first time a couple days ago (so we can cuddle and actually sleep together. Still haven’t taken her on a date yet, heh.) We fucked for a long time and I couldn’t get off cuz i had a couple too many whiskeys and a zanny so I told her I was getting tired and wanted to lay down and let her kiss my belly button for a minute (this is what I always tell a girl when I want a blowie. Usually works. Sometimes they tease ya with it and start kissing back up to your chest, but rolling your eyes at her when she looks up at ya sends her right back to the honey at the south pole, quick as ya like.)

    So I lay down next to her and she says she’s tired and just wants to snuggle. I’m cool with that, but haven’t popped yet, so I’m annoyed and kinda drunk, but it’s like 3 in the morning, and I oblige her feminine whimsy. We pass out and wake up plenty early before work, and I snuggled up to her and whispered that I wanted her to kiss my belly button again. God I love them morning blowies.

    She pouts, and turns to kiss me. I don’t think we have time, she says. I just wana snuggle. Can’t we just be together without you always thinking about sex? I feel like I’m just being used for sex, she says. And your wads are so huge. I dont want to gag or l’ll throw up.

    I roll my eyes and exhale a good deal of air from my lungs. My testicles feel like bowling balls. Not those little six pounders either. Those bigass fifteen pounders. Jesus Christ, I said.

    Long story short I got mad and told her to fucking leave. Not cool or laid back I know, but I had a long day at work to complete, and i just wanted a goddamn blowjob for chrissake. She acted like I was asking for one of her kidneys or a fuckin bone marrow transplant or something. I’ve noticed that northern girls are less inclined to give blowjobs (all the way to poppage) way more than southern girls. Northern girls always say: well, what do I get out of it? A mouthful and a dayful of my gratitude is what I always say. Jesus.

    Anyways, the tall blonde and I have been arguing over text the last couple days about what I expect of my ol ladies. And I’ve got a decent harem I can hit up in my call log (fuck Facebook, btw. Has ruined women and turned them into feminist hoes that are educated solely through fucking ‘memes’) but I actually like this chic and don’t wana just run off and fuck someone else because we had a problem at this point.

    Any tips fellas for dealing with LMR when you’re kinda in a relationship with a girl? ZfG has become a clíche to me. Girls see right thru it unless you can act like fucking brad pitt as Joe Black and actually mean it. And the only way to Actually Fuckin Mean It is to have another girl to run off to. When I’m horny, I just wana get the fuck off. I dont fuckin masturbate unless I just cain’t take it no mo and the pressure feels like Mt. Etna bout to splode in my trouzas.

    The only way to truly not give a fuck when you are horny is knowing you can go to another girl’s house and get off there. Girls will pick up on that shit waaay faster than any ‘acting’ about not giving a fuck in a heartbeat. And I could do that, go be with another chic that lives down the street five blocks, but I’m trying to be a good guy with this one for once. I dont wana whine like a bitch or ultimatum her ass. I just want her to blow me on command.

    I need to have sex everyday or at least every other day or I start to get angry. I told her this going in to our little ‘only be with each other’ agreement. And I want her to just blow my ass to climax a couple times a week. Am I asking too much from her here? How do I get her to do this without being a pouty little beta or saying I’m just Guna see someone else?

    Post script: we kinda worked shit out I guess. I basically told her what I expected of her and she said she would oblige ma needs. Blew me like a champ last night. We’ll see how long it lasts.

    Our last few texts this evening, where I was fucking with her per usual:

    Me: there’s only room for one chief in this ship. Learn to deal with it or have a nice swim.

    She: you make me want to love you, hug you, kiss you, fuck you, punch you all at the same time.

    Me: woulda been nice to see suck me in that list. But thanks.

    She: your sexual game is so much more on point than your emotional game.

    I have CH to thank for a damn good share of that sexual game biz. God women can be such a pain in the ass, but I’ll always love em.

    Any educated tips on keeping your chic-in-chec when it comes to the aforementioned leisure of her compliance, aka getting fucked on the regular, without the unexpected momentary foreclosure of the well manicured and tasty muffin shop are appreciated … i just dont get it sometimes. Closin both the Front door and the back. The humanity.

    Peace from South Dakota, dudes.

    Post post script: It’s hunting season. Go out and hunt something if you can, guys. Hunting and shooting something big like a mule deer and gutting it and dressing it out all yourself feels fucking good, bow or a rifle. Makes ya feel like a man to hunt your own meat. Makes ya feel like a man to have your girl always do what you want.

    Long live liberty. Long live America.


  37. I don’t get why you’re all so hostile to this woman. I agree with the diagnosis but seems to me the only reason she’s drawn so many negs is that the guy isn’t attracted to her. Seems a bit unfair to me.


  38. Referring to yourself as “sexy” or “hottest” fill in the blank is try-hard. The best name for her is aunt or auntie. Granny is harsh, big sis is just silly. Aunt Peggy for the laffapalooza win.

    [CH: not at all, if you say it with obvious self-awareness. mischief makes the man.]

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  39. This might be a little late, but I was the asker of the question so I’ll jump in.
    When I said I’d just met her, it was on a travel tour group so it had probably been a couple of days and we’d been in fairly close contact. For those claiming I have an unhealthy desire for power, it’s mostly just that I have a desire to understand the social dynamics of men and women more.

    But I think CH has hit the nail on the head with the analysis. It was my gut instinct that she wanted to create that artificial distance to hide from the fact that she couldn’t have me and this response has confirmed it. From Robert Greene’s book 48 Laws of Power: “Law 36. Disdain things you cannot have: By acknowledging a problem you give it existence and credibility… If there is something you want but cannot have, show contempt for it. The less interest you reveal the more superior you seem”

    Because she’s gone back to her own country I can’t test out this response at this point. If one of us visits the country of the other I may be able to try it then. Haha. I’ll know for future reference with similar situations anyway.

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    • “If there is something you want but cannot have, show contempt for it”

      This is how I should go about not getting laid… unfortunately I suck at bullshitting myself.

      I am surprised to see Greene endorsing this mindset, I thought it was a bit pathetic. Whatever works I guess.


      • @Oscar. Greene isn’t necessarily endorsing this mindset. In the book he’s showing a set of laws people use to gain power over others. He tells readers they can use the laws to gain power for themselves or instead defend themselves against power. I choose to defend myself against power.

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      • Understood, thanks for the clarification 🙂