¡SCIENCE!: Tattoos Are A Slut Tell

From this ‘umble hot tub jive machine, circa 2007:

Does she have a large trashy tattoo anywhere near an erogenous zone?


Today, from SCIENCE:

…a new study has revealed the effect that having tattoos has on your sex life.

Researchers from the University of Miami have found that people with tattoos are more likely to have a higher number of sex partners in the past year.

In the study, the researchers surveyed 2,008 adults – some of who had tattoos and some who didn’t.

The survey revealed that people with tattoos were more likely to be smokers, to have spent time in prison, and to have had a higher number of sexual partners.

Worryingly, these individuals were also more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health issue, and to report sleep issues.

Professor Karolin Mortensen, who led the study, said: “Previous research has established an association between having a tattoo and engaging in risky behaviours.

I read somewhere that in America, women with tattoos have begun to outnumber men with tattoos.

As the tattoo is associated with high sociosexuality (willingness to go all the way right away, frequently, and indiscriminately), it stands to reason that women are reacting to a sexual market which is careening toward an r-selection dynamic: fewer dads, fewer damsels, more cads, more tramps. Women are going crazy with tattoo fever because they’re subconsciously advertising to less dependable but aggravatingly charming men that their vaginas are open for business, no questions asked.

Unfortunately for women with tats who are looking for loving commitment, men don’t want sluts except as sexual playthings. And the lsmv men who must settle for sluts will resent them for the duration of their short-lived simulacra of normal relationships.

What men want when looking to invest in a woman for longer than a night is clear to anyone without an agenda or a butthurt ego:

If you’re a low-option beta, you might have to choose 2 out of 3.


As a commenter suggested, your next pickup venue should be a tattoo parlour. Easy pickuppings!


  1. Tattoos like shit especially long term. Shout to Catherine of the pussy hat.

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    • Ever seen a WW2 sailor with a tat? In his 90s?

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      • Yes I have. And his wife likely died happy. Or, at the very least, walking by his room at the retirement home hoping to get a peak at him. Before he cusses her out back to her half of the home. (My great grandpappy, real example!) LOL

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      • ever seen anyone in their 90s?

        of course tats are a slut tell that’s why they call them tramp stamps


      • Nads, My grandfather was a WW2 sailor with an anchor tattooed on his bicep. By the time I knew him in his 60s, the tattoo was just a greenish blob on his arm. He and my grandmother found it embarrassing. But the inks now are such that they don’t run like that anymore?


      • Yes. I grew up around men like that before tats were as well done as they are today. I don’t mind them on men but not on women.

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      • In Germany, they call ’em “ass antlers.”


      • on January 24, 2019 at 12:48 pm Corinth Arkadin

        My grandfather had tattoos of some weird writing (faded with age, and he never said what it was) on his forearms with that old ink that had trace metals in it.

        That was when tattoos meant something bad and women didn’t get them.


      • Back in the day, tatoos had to be earned. A man didn’t have a tat unless he’d been behind bars, served in the military, worked in a unusually dangerous blue-collar job, etc.

        As a gen-Xer who earned his tat, there’s nothing that pisses me off more than when I see some sleeved-out millennial who I just know has never missed a meal in his life or even been in a fistfight.

        Tats need to be earned.

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      • Feral Sigma, tattoos are traditionally associated with prisoners, soldiers, faggots, and prostitutes.

        How did you earn yours?

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      • Feral Sigma, tattoos are traditionally associated with prisoners, soldiers, faggots, and prostitutes.

        How did you earn yours?


        I actually spent a night once in the county juvenile lockup with Alex Garcia, most prolific mass murderer in Arizona history. He still holds the title, I believe.


      • on January 24, 2019 at 5:06 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Good Answer.


      • While visiting a small-town nursing home in Georgia in 2007-
        I saw an 80+ year old, drooling, senile-demented Jewish ex-biker-gang-slut covered in tattoos on her draped crepe-paper skin. I should have gotten a photo for a poster, no young lady would ever get a tattoo after seeing that horror.


    • The tramp stamp is the tell tale sign to a strong man that he is likely getting laid tonight. And for the weak ANTIFA harpy tampon, the wailing proof of what he can never attain that he is pathetic.


    • You called? I love men but I don’t make my life decisions based on what they allegedly prefer. However, I agree that aging with tats isn’t a good look.


      • never mind all that, what are you wearing?

        and where is my sandwich?

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      • on January 24, 2019 at 12:38 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “You called?”

        So you’re a s1ut with tats?

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      • So you are looking for a real chauvinist after all. The stories here write themselves. Can you cook?


      • Captain Obvious, Carlos called me by name.

        Carlos, My decision to forego tattoos has nothing to do with seeking a particular kind of man.

        To the larger point of the post, yes, it makes sense that women who get tattoos are more likely to have liberal attitudes about sex. But men are not monolithic in their attitudes about women having tattoos or women sleeping around. It’s a big world out there. I would never advise a woman to make major decisions about her appearance, finances, or sex life based on trying to get a man because (a) it’s not hard for most women to get a man (as I think CH even acknowledges), and (b) there are lots of different types of men out there with different preferences.


      • on January 24, 2019 at 1:03 pm Carlos danger

        Thanks for volunteering all of those details.


      • “(b) there are lots of different types of men out there with different preferences.”

        No there isn’t. Don’t come into a male space and tell us about ourselves. You don’t know.

        95% of (non Af-Am) men have the exact same preference but you fat slobs don’t provide it for us at all anymore. So, yeah, some guys will still shoot their goo into some fat warpig. That doesn’t mean they have ‘different preferences’ it just means that they still (barely) would rather put up with a woman’s b.s. for a real live fat box instead of dying off into porn. But only about 2% of men are getting what ALL men prefer. Once again, it’s because you and your fat gender are failing our country.

        The age of escort acceptance and sex robots is dawning. You’ll see what men prefer then. It’s not warpigs. A lot of fatherless young women are going to work as receptacles and retire at 28 instead of giving it away for free or enduring a loathsome beta just to have kids.

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      • > (a) it’s not hard for most women to get a man (as I think CH even acknowledges)

        This is the SMP in the west now, bros. Women can be post wall tatted blue haired pussyhat Nigger Lives Matter hambeasts and they will still have a line of orbiters begging for the pussy and handsome Tinder matches ready to pump and dump. Any suggestion that the improve themselves or not be groace pigs is met with REEEEEEEEE. I keep in touch with a few aging Bluetropolis sluts and the stories are shocking.


      • True,

        I was friends with a 215 pound grandmother pushing 50 whose face looks like Lyle Alzado (at playing weight). She told me about a chadly doctor who was begging her for a playful skype session so he could get off. Woefully unattractive women are getting naïve, middle-aged American professionals who have no idea far into the gutter they are going.


      • Are you writing here because PuffHo fired you?

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      • (b) there are lots of different types of men out there with different preferences.

        Not that wide of a range in preferences really. But what one prefers, and for what one settles can be a wide range. The pic in the opening piece is a good example – both are quite pretty, and the differences are not that great.

        [CH: catherine is revealing herself to be a femcunt operative. there aren’t “lots of different preferences” out there among men. most men prefer a very tight gradient of beauty and youth.]

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    • on January 24, 2019 at 12:42 pm Captain Obvious

      STUDY: “Worryingly, these individuals were also more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health issue, and to report sleep issues.”

      How badly deformed must your Amygdala be to not immediately realize that people with tats are mentally ill?

      It would be like not instinctually realizing that birds fly & snakes crawl & fish swim.

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      • on January 24, 2019 at 12:50 pm Corinth Arkadin

        But can that fish ride a bicycle?

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      • My brother has several. He’s fine upstairs, very level headed.


      • Obese people are mentally ill too, but we are not allowed to notice.


      • on January 24, 2019 at 3:45 pm gunslingergregi

        I agree with you that male thirst is real – and endlessly astonishing to me. It took me years to understand how much men want us – not just sexually but in terms of some kind of feminine energy ””””’

        i’ll go first you know the thirst is real and then go on to come on this site and talk shit on us saying negative things about woman
        well apparently they are attention whores 🙂


      • “You are right, but women’s definitions of the maximum will vary…….”blah blah blah.

        Who fucn cares what a bitch “thinks”


    • Easy to get a man? Or a woman if you are a man? Well, it all depends. Assortative mating is going on here. It is easy, if you set low enough standards. If you want to extract the maximum from the market, you have to keep trying and be patient. Much like any other major commitment, such as buying (or selling) a house. This is not rocket surgery.

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      • Thor,

        You are right, but women’s definitions of the maximum will vary – just as men’s preferences vary. Yes, if a woman wants a traditional Christian husband who believes in old-fashioned gender roles, then probably tats and sleeping around are best avoided. But a woman attracted to tats and sleeping around probably doesn’t want that kind of man anyway.


      • just as men’s preferences vary.

        Sometimes a man’s alleged ‘preference’ was nothing more that the only thing he could get, hence even the tatted go-grrls will ALWAYS have a goodly supply of thirsty betas from which to choose.

        Which is why we lose.


      • Greg,

        I agree with you that male thirst is real – and endlessly astonishing to me. It took me years to understand how much men want us – not just sexually but in terms of some kind of feminine energy (admittedly an imprecise thing).

        [CH: careful, that male thirst has a small development window. You’ve got ten years, fifteen max, to capitalize on it.]

        What I also see in real life, and very much on this site, is a need men have for validation from women.

        [this site teaches men that ridding themselves of that need for validation is the stuff of powerful seductiveness.]

        Here at CH, it manifests as bragging about how many women you can get into bed.

        [it really doesn’t. this is a big tell that you are a puffedho shill who has never read much on this site and came here carrying a sloppy load of prejudicial caricatures.]

        In real life, I see that sometimes (eyeroll) but also a desire by men to please women, to make us happy, and to impress us. It took me years to understand that and it still amazes me. It’s a quality in men that I find incredibly beautiful and touching – but a quality that can become warped in dangerous and terrifying ways when men feel rejected or damaged by women or when women don’t play by the script some men have in mind for us (or the pedestal they want to put us on).

        [you write like a pre-wall casualty trying to sound approachable to men with less experience dealing with your kind. both sexes try to please the other, it’s just that many men have been led astray about how to do that successfully.]

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      • on January 24, 2019 at 4:16 pm Belle Igerent

        “feminine energy”: yes, what sane man can go a day without nagging, coerced reality TV dating dramas and unfunny jokes?

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      • Oy vey! Since CH did such a good job of dissuading you of your misconceptions, I’ll just add:

        Who bitch dis is?

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      • Heh, heh… “feminine energy”…rarin’ to go, so long as the climate is controlled 24/7, and the road ain’t too bumpy.

        Otherwise it’s Princess & The Pea Syndrome.


      • CH,

        Thank you for the advice to a capitalize on male thirst within its allegedly 10-15 year window of maximum opportunity. Better advice to women is to enjoy being pretty, keep it in perspective, and never stake your sense of identity on your looks or male thirst.

        Also, I prefer “battlecunt.”


    • Carlos,

      I don’t believe I volunteered any details, other than that I personally don’t have or want tattoos, and that only because I was asked (or an assumption was made) and it seems germane to the discussion. People here seem weirdly curious about my tits and my cooking skills, as well.


      • on January 24, 2019 at 1:55 pm r1verboatgambler

        Nothing weird about that. Good to see that you ranked those in the correct order, at least.

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      • it’s because you’re a woman and we care about womanly things

        dumb bitch

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      • People here seem weirdly curious about my tits and my cooking skills, as well.


        What else you good for? Conversation?

        Pay especial attention to 1:16 to 1:30

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      • R1verboat Gambler, I also agree that those are the correct order. Cooking is fun but there is such a thing as take-out.

        Trav777, I am glad you care about womanly things. How do you square that with not liking us at all?


      • Which brings us to this evergreen:

        Q: You have a choice between two women… one is smart as a whip, has a six-figure income, and vivacious, much sought after by society parties… the other is demur and shy, and wants to be a stay-at-home mom… who do you choose?

        A: What are you, gay? The one with the biggest tits, of course.

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      • Trav777, I am glad you care about womanly things. How do you square that with not liking us at all?

        Touche` 😉


      • on January 24, 2019 at 2:14 pm Carlos Danger

        Sure you did. Far more than you think. BTW cooking is a way to give of yourself for someone you love that isn’t sexual. Its a critical skill for having a family. It forms the most important basis for interaction for all members of the family.

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      • on January 24, 2019 at 2:17 pm Carlos Danger

        A man isn’t a man until he has children and a woman is never fulfilled until she becomes a mother. You need to lay off the Luciferian ideals and stop fighting nature.

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      • Carlos,

        I am not sure what I may have inadvertently revealed about myself. But I am happy with who I am so it doesn’t bother me, if you in fact have been able to read me.

        You said: “BTW cooking is a way to give of yourself for someone you love that isn’t sexual.” That’s lovely and I couldn’t agree more. It fascinates me when you guys occasionally say something that makes you seem human.

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      • It fascinates me when you guys occasionally say something that makes you seem human.

        Geez, talk about being damned with faint praise!

        Even the monkeys fall out of the trees sometimes.

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      • Greg, It is faint praise, but you gotta admit with the negative things on this site about women, you can’t expect a woman to come here and say, “Hey, you guys are AWESOME!” But I am a big believer that we all share a common humanity even if we may be differently situated socially (in ways that may be unfair) and in terms of our physiology. I am guessing you are all a lot meaner from behind the keyboard than you are in reality.

        [CH: “negative things on this site about women” = “bringing balance to the force”.
        adjust your perspective, and you’ll get this place.]

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      • But we ARE awesome, toots.

        I am guessing you are all a lot meaner from behind the keyboard than you are in reality.

        Mean? The only reason I come to the chateau is because it’s my one chance during the day to relax.


      • Ha ha. Well, happy relaxing, Greg. I didn’t watch the Mulan clip but I will.


      • on January 24, 2019 at 3:41 pm gunslingergregi

        negative things on this site about women,””””””

        name some catherine


      • on January 24, 2019 at 3:51 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Also, Donny Osmond will make a Man out of you.

        I shouldn’t say this, but Marie Osmond….WB

        Just to say I did it



      • on January 24, 2019 at 5:00 pm gunslingergregi

        aww ran away nobody kicked u out
        act like u got a pair he he he


      • We talk about women as they actually are. If the observations seem negative to you maybe it’s because women are so sub-standard right now in so many ways. These are shortcomings in your gender, not us being ‘negative’. Right now females are deteriorating so rapidly because of feminism coming from one side and outdated chivalry coming from the other, converging to spoil you all to otherworldy degree. This has left women with ZERO accountability and no capacity for shame or self-criticism and it’s brought out the worst in your gender. STFU and go find a squat rack.

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      • Because that is your worth, slag.


      • Carlos D “(a) A man isn’t a man until he has children and (b) a woman is never fulfilled until she becomes a mother.” (a) Young Kapone be a grown ass mayne when he be skippin skool an boostin’ mini jordans fo Dan’tae, yo. Meanwhile, 15 year old Terence who died in a trench in Paschendale, for God and country, while family men stayed at home, was lesser. (b) *another human being flickers into a woman’s solipsistic fairytale, for more than a brief second, once she becomes a mother. (Fulfilled is a bit of a stretch).


  2. on January 24, 2019 at 12:14 pm Sorcerygod at sorsgod.wordpress.com

    The smoke from the alpha car escaping a tat-slut can be seen for miles away the morning after their dalliance.


  3. on January 24, 2019 at 12:19 pm Sorcerygod at sorsgod.wordpress.com

    Rough-hewn man: “Babe, I gotta go. Got things to do.”

    Tat-thot: “But Jack, I was making breakfast. Cereal! See, I can cook!”

    RHMN (picking her up and swinging her around to giggles): “You know how special you are to me. But I got court in the morning and my lawyer wants to take me out to lunch afterward.”

    TT: (suspiciously) Is your lawyer a WOMAN?

    RHMN: (shoving her away lightly) I don’t like when you don’t trust me, babe. It makes me angry. REAL upset.

    TT: (suddenly backtracking at the scent of alpha-runaway brewing) Hey, that’s okay. I’m bi anyway.

    RHMN: (beaming a dark smile) I’m so beautiful a male I think I deserve a threesome. I’ll pencil you in Tuesday at 1. One me, two you. Two menages, three babies. Four fistfights, five dripping wet cunnies . . .

    = = =



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  4. Yet my cousin (who I mentioned briefly in a former post) insists men will lurv her for just the way she is, a 17 year old supposedly addled with depression and her side of the head shaved Rihanna hair cut (or is it muhly Cyrus) and making sure men ask for permisshunz.

    She’s in for a rude awakening, I want to shiv her but I feel that may break her. As much as I hate shitlibs, when it’s fambly it seems harder.

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  5. Related Truth: A girl who smokes is advertising they will put anything in their mouth.

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  6. I’ve come to realize that the wall isn’t just symbolic.

    A wall might start to put it in people’s minds that this is a line to protect.

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  7. on January 24, 2019 at 12:39 pm Hackett To Bits

    Tattoos = high probability for slutty sexual behavior and / or promiscuity.
    However, not all women on the slutty side advertise this with tattoos.

    [CH: true. i once lay with a girl who i found out later was a slut, who was tat-free. but that’s why there’s the seminal CH post “It’s easy to identify a slut” to help men spot all the slut tells.]


    • on January 24, 2019 at 1:47 pm Hackett To Bits

      Corollary: prominent tats = 99% probability of cray cray. One chick who enjoyed my anal intrusion had a thigh length abstract tat of her own design (she was the artist type) and the usual back of neck / lower back suspects. She didn’t it well when I broke it off.

      Discreet ones = not necessarily slutty, one chick I dated for a while got her first for me, a small bikini line one for my private viewing.


  8. on January 24, 2019 at 12:44 pm Corinth Arkadin

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd in our Race to the Bottom Degeneracy Sweepstakes, from Marie Claire, who brought you the Nicole Kidman sex doll cover a few months ago…

    Unicorn Underarm Hair



  9. The spell on these people can be broken by just straight up real talking them when they brag about getting another tattoo. “Cattle wear brands, too” is my reply. Double points if there already wearing the bullring through their nose.

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  10. My boss has tats: one on the back of her neck, one on her inner forearm, one on her foot…just to name a few

    And she smokes

    Fellas, I don’t get out much, but reading your anecdotes, coupled with our ‘umble proprietor and his posts and I’m seeing this shit unfold in real-time with my female-dominated office.

    I’m not getting tired of eating popcorn


  11. Oh yes. And it has long been known that men in prison have much more tats than other men, on average. None of this is surprising. But I would love to see some kind of tatistical breakdown, for men and women separately.

    I have translated thousands of texts, a few of which deal with anti-discrimination policy. Apparently, the person making hiring decisions is not supposed to take an applicants gender, race etc. – but also having tatoos -into consideration (except for affirmative action, try and square that circle). Now, as far as I am concerned, there is a big difference between say color and tats. Mainly, nobody gets to choose the color they are born with. BUT you CHOOSE to have tats, and they say something about you.


    • Prison tattoos are also characterized by having only greenish tint and nothing else, and being cruder than professional ones. The tint comes from the fact that the prisoners can only do them using ink from normal pens, which renders them on the skin greenish.


      • on January 24, 2019 at 3:55 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I’m noticing a LOT of socks today.

        Come on, you faggots, you can’t even bother to spell names right?


  12. “The survey revealed that people with tattoos were more likely to be smokers, to have spent time in prison, and to have had a higher number of sexual partners.”

    *googles tattoo parlour near me*


  13. In other news: Water is wet and the sky is blue.

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  14. “Slut-tell” is a bit of a misnomer. Really they’re hypergamy-tells.

    Women are sluts by nature. They are designed for vigorous reproduction, and will pursue this without compunction with the man who is sufficiently Alpha. Whether or not a woman will be a slut FOR YOU depends on how ruthlessly hypergamous she is.

    Ymmv, but in my experience, the tattoos aren’t so much a slut-tell as they are a hypergamy/tell. The tats tell you that she’s on the prowl for Apex Chad and likely won’t spread her legs until she finds him. But rest assured, she WILL spread her legs when she finds him.

    Tl;dr: A woman’s slut-tell is that she is female.

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    • Second this. Also they do not define risky in terms of masculine and feminine. Psychiatry is gender neutral pseudoscience, and the studies that look at behaviors between sexes are too minimal to be reproduced.

      A chad sleeping around, not so risky. Some girl whoring it up, very risky. A chad smoking (or using a high quality vape mod) while throwing back a couple of beers, not so risky. Some sloot pounding shots and chain smoking, very risky. A chad oil driving for some fun, not so risky. A white girl sleeping with Tyrone and his bros is a death sentence.

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    • No, they are “Slut Tells.”

      What’s a slut anyways? Somebody who can’t lock down her men even after sleeping with them, or somebody who sleeps with men before finishing examining whether the man is even good enough for them.

      All women are hypergamous. Not all women are sluts.

      Sluts have all sorts of quirks that repell men. Identifying slut tells is important.

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      • “What’s a slut anyways? Somebody who can’t lock down her men even after sleeping with them”

        By that logic, every girl you’ve ever slept with and not committed to is a Slut—except for the one YOU committed to. And even if that weren’t embarrassingly puerile, that non-Slut woman that you committed to was made a Slut by every man she slept with prior, but could not lock down.

        This is a classic NAWALT argument.

        You’re trying to identify the “good girls” among the sea of detritus. The “good girl” is a myth, a fallacy. They all exist on a continuum of licentiousness.

        All women are hypergamous, no question. But trying to decipher Sluts from non-Sluts is a fools errand. They are all Sluts. It’s only your Savior Complex that makes you believe you can find and protect forever a non-Slut.


  15. I hate to say anything to either a girl or boy about their tats because there’s nothing they can really do at that point… removal surgery is expensive and imperfect, as of now.

    I just keep my own temple plain… I believe that’s the way God wants it.

    Youse yeggs do whatever you see fit… all is permitted, though not all is enlightening.


    • Also, FYI, the chicks in the pictures look very cute and wholesome, but sadly it also looks like it could be the opening shot of a porn scene where two “stuck up snobby private school girls” have a threesome with a “nerd” helping with their homework.

      Fucking porn has ruined so much of my perception, and many other men, too.


  16. when I see these disgusting whores on dating apps with a tattoo on their breast, I immediately swipe left. it’s a purposely misandrist thing to desecrate something so important to men that way. only a closet homo would bang a whore who mutilated her breast.

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  17. Tattoo= “I’m willing to make a serious,permanent, ugly choice based on current fashion, a whim, and intoxication, all while letting an unattractive man paw me for hours.”

    Women: “It doesn’t mean she’s a slut!”

    Man, chicks and their gaslighting nonsense.

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  18. A guy I read once had a theory that tattoos were a shit test, and was linked to women getting fatter, being ruder, being sluttier, being more masculine, being more career minded, and dressing more poorly.

    Basically, his idea was that women were making themselves progressively (ha!)uglier to shit test men to see if they were really all thirsty betas. They were just waiting for one attractive alpha male or pride-having beta to say to them, up front, “No, that’s ugly. That makes you ugly,” and walk away, so that they could snap out of it, end the charade ,and go fix themselves to be sweet, thinner, more coquettish.

    Of course, given the permanence of sluttiness and near-permanence of tattoos, that seems like a stretch, but the idea that all these bad, disgusting, ugly behaviors, looks, and actions by women are really cries for help resonates.


    • on January 24, 2019 at 2:09 pm Carlos Danger

      Most modern tattoos cant be removed


    • on January 24, 2019 at 2:39 pm Very Occasional Poster

      Bingo, we have a winner.

      My daughter on her 16th birthday stuck one of those removable cow rings in her nose. We were driving to have a birthday dinner and I told her to take it off, that it was repulsive and ugly, and one of those things people do to shove ugly in other people’s faces, taking advantage of their politeness to make them uncomfortable. She refused. I turned the car around and drove home. I felt bad about her birthday dinner, but I never saw that ring or anything like it again.

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    • I remember an old coworker of mine having a conversation with some other chick (both were in mid 30’s) about how proud she was for getting her tramp-stamp:

      Me: “Yeah it’s exciting now…but in 20 years it’ll become a gramp-stamp”
      Office Slut: “Ohh y-yeah I get THAT b-but *insert random bullshit excuses for slutbrand of sacrifice*”

      I walked away about 5 seconds after I said it so I didn’t even hear her reasons for getting it. Was working for globohomo at the time, so I still never understood why I was never sent to the HR Gulag. Dodged a bullet with that one lulz.


  19. What we are seeing is a regression into Odinism from Christianity. The Western world looks more and more like a place run by the Indigenous Peoples of Europe each day. Women are promiscuous. Are able to freely divorce their husbands. There is violence in the streets. Men are going on adventures to foreign lands to start businesses and slay pussy. I wonder how much of this is taping into old genetic memories and behaviors and how much is culture.

    There’s a mound of work done by Arab travelers on Europe during the Dark ages, and similarities are everywhere. The only difference being now the White Men have to deal with Nigs, Chinks, Liberals, ZOG, and their own Women on top of the Muslim Invaders. Interesting times we live in.

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  20. My old man was an 82nd paratrooper and he the insignia on his forearm. I told when I was about 10 I was going to get a tattoo like that on my chest when I go to airborne school. His response “If you ever get any tattoos airborne or not I’ll beat your ass no matter how old you are” Needless to say I don’t have any tattoos.

    Another time my mom tried to buy us boys a latch hook kit where you used yard to follow a pattern. He came un-fucking glued over that and told her that’s not what boys do as he signaled for us boys to get our asses outside and find something to do other than sit around like a bunch of pussies.

    Another time my second to the oldest brother pierced his ear. Dad came home late and flicked on the bedroom light and saw the ear ring and made my brother stand up in front of him. As soon as my brother stood up he ripped the ear ring out of his ear and told him only faggots wear that shit.

    My sister tried to date a middle eastern guy in high school the kid came over and dad lost his shit. He told the kid to his face his daughter doesn’t like sand niggers and don’t come back.

    My sister went into the army right out of high school. she did basic training and AIT came home on leave and my dad found out she slept with a black dude and he kicked her out of the house

    If you came home from school with any marks on your skin you got your ass beat. He was a real stickler about that stuff and now I know why.

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    • My sister went into the army right out of high school. she did basic training and AIT came home on leave and my dad found out she slept with a black dude and he kicked her out of the house

      From what I saw during my time in service, every White girl in the service… and I mean EVERY one… winds up sleeping with a n1gger.

      And then they get that real perma-bitch scowl that never quite leaves their face.

      Never known it to fail.

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    • “My sister went into the army right out of high school. she did basic training and AIT came home on leave and my dad found out she slept with a black dude and he kicked her out of the house”

      My condolences. But men like your father will save this country, or it isn’t worth saving.

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  21. Why is there no chronological index? Don’t you want people to read your work?


  22. My theory is simpler: women share a brain. It’s monkey see, monkey do.

    Herd behavior. And herd behavior right now is Orange Man Bad and promiscuity good. And tats edgy and soo cooooll. Like me an my best fraaand forevaaaa have the same one!

    It’d be nice if broads wouldn’t monkey it up (credit DeSantis) with their own bodies, but such is the way of things right now.

    Glad you’re all my bros.


  23. The weirdest shit is when you take home one of those innocent looking girls and she has tattoos that the clothes hide. Don’t like it.

    I think in 2018 I fucked one chick who didn’t have a tattoo. I think all women have them now. Very unattractive. And as soon as you see she has one, she instantly goes into the ‘fuck’ list (not the girlfriend list).

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    • on January 24, 2019 at 5:15 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Fucked a brawd who had Yoshi on her ass.

      Bad tattoo when you pass 40, I’m guessing.

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      • Good thing it wasn’t Mario or Prince Toad or one of the koopas


      • on January 25, 2019 at 9:10 am Corinth Arkadin

        I goofed on her relentlessly about it, while laffing in Cobra Commander fashion at her. Almost brought her to tears.

        It is so ridiculous that anyone could be so stupid as to think it was a good idea.


  24. But my tattoo sets me apart and unique from the other 100 million people who have tattoos.

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  25. on January 24, 2019 at 2:47 pm gunslingergregi

    21 when I tatted my name on an English chick I knew for like 2 days

    by hand with a needle

    she sat there

    as I pressed it hard as fuck and each time it would pop and go in on her forearm

    not uttering even a peep

    think it was her first tat lol

    although after I fucked her

    she said I was number 32

    kind of a turnoff at time


  26. on January 24, 2019 at 3:02 pm gunslingergregi

    woman with tats is excuse to add your name

    on the face worth 2000 points


  27. Being older finding virgins is non relevant but if I had to choose between tattoos and debt I will choose tattoos any day. Keeping your life in order is much more important as a human trait and it shows consistency and discipline.

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    • I’ll take the opposite view, if only for the sake of debate.

      I can always go out and make more money, if the gal is worth it and a mother to my sons…

      … but a tattoo is a constant reminder of both her disrespect for her own White flesh, and the number of other men who have gazed upon said flesh.

      Graffiti is for the walls of slums.

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    • on January 24, 2019 at 4:44 pm Hitler is our pal

      Tattoos are an instant boner killer. Debt is not.

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  28. on January 24, 2019 at 3:34 pm gunslingergregi

    If you’re a low-option beta, you might have to choose 2 out of 3.””””


    how bout one of each


  29. on January 24, 2019 at 4:51 pm Hitler is our pal

    This is funny. As I sit here at work reading this, heavily tattooed skank, who always has some kind of drama going on, is rambling on to one of her friends about getting a protection order against some guy before he gets one against her. This chick is so trashy that she got caught fucking in the parking lot before.

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  30. on January 24, 2019 at 6:41 pm jalexanderwallace

    I’ve become utterly disgusted with tattoos, especially on women. I can’t count how many gorgeous women I’ve encountered who’ve chosen to mutilate their silken skin with meaningless blotches of ink. The human body has been turned into some sort of plaything to be scribbled all over and generally abused. It’s sickening.

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  31. The Great Karnak predicts Tattoo removal will be a thing with roasties in 5 years.

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    • I used to joke with my sons, when they were about to start college and still up in the air about what endeavor to pursue, that “tattoo removal is the wave of the future.”

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  32. Women with tats (errrrr….”body art”) outnumber the men with them by at least 2-to-1 at my gym. Tats easily (and sadly) turn an 8 into a 6. They look diseased, and chances are very high they gobbled black/brown cox. And 100% certain that they fukt a LOT of dirty White trash cox and took it up the poop shooter. No thanks.

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  33. on January 24, 2019 at 8:35 pm Diversity Heretic

    Off topic, but interesting: Why women should not be in politics.

    Joni Ernst’s (junior Republican senator from Iowa° divorce papers have become public, or did become temporarily public. Her husband claims she was having one or more affairs (quite likely given female hypergamy) and he more or less admitted to becoming a beta provider male to further her career. She claims he abused her, but also claims that she was raped while at iowa State University. She didn’t report it at the time, of course, so the “no police report, it didn’t happen” rule applies. The picture painted is one of a conniving, ambitous, hypergamic bitch who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the formulation of public policy. The fact that Debbie Dingell (D.-Mich) has come out in support of her tells us all we need to know about the genuine justice of her claims.

    But at least Mr. Ernst is rid of her!


    • “And I’m a private person, when it comes to those things.”

      Apparently not.

      So tell us, toots… what’s the motivation to “come out” now with it, some three decades later?

      What was that OT curse? “Women shall be your rulers, and yutes your tormentors”.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))