Study: Masculine Men Prefer Feminine Women

¡SCIENCE! says….

sexual polarity for the win!

Men report stronger attraction to femininity in women’s faces when [the men’s] testosterone levels are high

Many studies have shown that women’s judgments of men’s attractiveness are affected by changes in levels of sex hormones.

Alpha fux, beta bux.

However, no studies have tested for associations between changes in levels of sex hormones and men’s judgments of women’s attractiveness. To investigate this issue, we compared men’s attractiveness judgments of feminized and masculinized women’s and men’s faces in test sessions where salivary testosterone was high and test sessions where salivary testosterone was relatively low. Men reported stronger attraction to femininity in women’s faces in test sessions where salivary testosterone was high than in test sessions where salivary testosterone was low. This effect was found to be specific to judgments of opposite-sex faces. The strength of men’s reported attraction to femininity in men’s faces did not differ between high and low testosterone test sessions, suggesting that the effect of testosterone that we observed for judgments of women’s faces was not due to a general response bias.

Soyboys are despised even by other soyboys.

Collectively, these findings suggest that changes in testosterone levels contribute to the strength of men’s reported attraction to femininity in women’s faces and complement previous findings showing that testosterone modulates men’s interest in sexual stimuli.

The more masculine the man, the greater his desire for feminine women. The less masculine the man, the greater his tolerance (if not desire) for masculine women.

Note that high T and masculinity are the primary drivers of male libido, so the preferences or tolerations of effeminate men don’t matter all that much to the Darwinian prerogative if low T males can’t get sexually aroused for the manjaws in their midst. The boner doesn’t lie.

Executive Summary: The God of Biomechanics will not be disavowed.

A reader writes,

this [study] helps us understand why more masculine female faces have become the norm in media.

Heh. The Gaystream Media is filled to brimming tears with low T limp-wrists who aren’t bothered by the lack of feminine female colleagues. You couple that with the natural selection effect of obnoxious status striving fields like media whoredom drawing in manjawed careerist shrikes and you get what we have today: Snarky, virtue signaling Fake News brought to you by the sexually amorphic androgynes who have swarmed like insects into media brothels, and who have corrupted the integrity of their occupation with the presence of their own corrupted minds and bodies.

This is why sexually chadmorphic masculine men like Trump trigger them so badly; the fear and loathing of the fancy male feminist and fierce female ballcutter for Trump is reflective of much deeper emotions than those provoked by political disagreement; this bitchback goes to the id and its force multiplier is raw envy and suppressed desire.


  1. “This is why a sexually chadmorphic masculine men like Trump trigger them so badly; the fear and loathing of the fancy male feminist and fierce female ballcutter for Trump is reflective of much deeper emotions than those provoked by political disagreement; this bitchback goes to the id and its force multiplier is raw envy and suppressed desire.”

    It’s also why I suspect it will be increasingly difficult for masculine men in shitlib convergence zones to keep a low profile or avoid political confrontation. Simply lacking the low-T soyboy face of the crowd, or behaving like any normal men would have 50 years ago, will be the equivalent of slapping a “Make America Great Again” political bumper sticker on your gun-rack strapped pick-up truck.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 3:33 pm Brad Matthews

      You can’t keep a low profile anywhere, not even the military. The contrast has become offensive to them. I had a SJW attack pack file an IG complaint against me. You MUST be prepared for it. Read SJW Always Lie by Vox Day before it happens. I wish I would have. I intuitively took the right actions, but I sure wish I would have seen it coming.

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      • Same here. Long before the internet clued me into their ways, I had to go by my wits, and a clear conscience of course.

        Learning out chops on the ground level has provided us with battle experience with which to inform and advise the next generation who may believe these fights would destroy them.


      • on November 7, 2017 at 6:48 pm Brad Matthews

        Absolutely. They have to understand they will be stronger as a result. It galvanized me to reach financial independence. I have never been more determined in my life. I will be there in 2 years and will never be subject to their slander again. Then I will be able to focus on helping other young men tear them apart.


      • I’m trying to warn a friend about a similar situation and suggested he read Vox’s book.


      • on November 7, 2017 at 6:52 pm Brad Matthews

        As far as I know, his book is the only one that provides practical actionable advice in advance. I am so f’in glad I did not apologize. If anyone has other book recommendations, let me know so I can review them.


      • But the difference between five years ago and today is, women will approach me now for sex or will hover in my general vicinity. Being a normal masculine guy now has made it so easy to fuck cute gals.

        As far as jobs and money go, there are so many way you can make money on your own and have your drothers too. Find a niche.


      • They want the T.


      • on November 8, 2017 at 10:09 am Captain Obvious

        >>> Being a normal masculine guy now has made it so easy to fuck cute gals. <<<

        LUKE 12:48 "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required"

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      • Ah yes, not me personally, but I recall a few fellow Airmen getting slapped with SARC accusations by females with shopper’s regret, getting taken up to the First Sargeant for a talking to. As I recall most these cases went no further than that, but it reminded me why I never touched military women, no matter how horny I was.


      • on November 8, 2017 at 2:45 pm Brad Matthews

        You would have to be pretty horny to touch most of them, but that was a smart policy.


      • This is why I have a VIP membership to the hottest hipster music club in my city and also go to the other hipster bar downtown. It’s so easy. I haven’t been drinking for the last few weeks because I’m transitioning into a new phase of my life. Finding a wife and starting a family is going to be part of that plan. This process currently involves setting up my life to be able to move off of the grid for a time to make some big plans. God is working in my life.

        But if I was going out, this is what I would be doing.

        Sometimes I just sit at the bar and drink until a girl comes in and sits next to me and a few minutes later we are gone. Sitting at the middle of the bar is most effective. If your buddy bartender is on duty that night, you are almost guaranteed to have a girl flirt with you. Careful if the bartender is a lady though. You don’t want to look like you are trying too hard to get her attention–huge Beta tell. This doesn’t take much game, though it helps.

        If not I find the most alpha looking dudes and hang out until a young hottie walks up. Reading IOIs and logistics are the hardest part, which is super fucking easy for me now with my experience.

        Women are even coming up to me and asking me if I hate niggers, if I’m in a White Supremacist gang, etc. I look like a raaacist I guess. Lol.

        If you doubt me then, shave your head and wear boots and wear clothes that fit right. Walk kinda like a gorilla but smoothly without an obvious display. Talk like a White man, not a nigger. It’s easy.

        Do it. You’ll see. It won’t work if you act like a faggot though.


    • This is true. I have an aggressive masculine tone to my voice and I notice every time I call a customer service line the woman on the other end is uncomfortable with me then at the end act like she wants my dick.


    • If your pickup isn’t already “strapped with a gun rack” and a MAGA sticker then what are you doing here? Get with the program brother.



    • yeah, if you live in a shitlib pedosoyfagopolis you’ll stand out simply by walking with good posture/a bit of swagger and not looking down at your phone. you don’t even need to be super tall or swole or dressed to the 9’s for (most) men to move out of your way and women to give you that deer in headlights look.


    • Iconic photo illustrating exactly what you mean.


  2. Despite my annoyance with Neo-Nazi LARPers, I must admit the regime-which-musn’t-be-named had a good grasp on masculine ideals in the arts.


    • And the ideal female form:


    • How does nazi joe offend you bro? He takes the 9-5 job and fixes the shit you don’t want to and is honest, sets the tone for society. That’s not where I live but I see that guy. You can’t blame nazi joe for who he is. Live a day in his world bro.


    • Huh….that’s basically the face of the guy from the wolfenstein games where you kill all the Nazi’s.


    • LARPers is the absolute gayest cock sucking faggot word in the entire English language.


      • In other words, if you are going to insult masculine dudes, at least have the awareness to not sound like a complete pedo.


      • nahzi-larpers oh my gowd

        Not only that the word is totally devoid of any meaning but as it has been said several times before it represents the lowest and safest form of virtue signalling
        German fascism of course did stand for physical health, masculinity, beauty and against any form of degeneracy
        In it is core it had the Renaissance idea of the return to the glorious past of Greece and Rome including but not limited to the Greek emphasis on health of body and the beauty of its muscular(and feminine) forms
        See Leni Reinfechatall’s Olympia
        But then I guess that is too much to ask from grosse merde and his likes


      • Anyone who is out there saying “Muk 3rd Reich will rise again!!” is LARPing. Sorry if you hate the word, it is ghey and stupid that people are out there pretending that Nazis are actually going to come back. And it makes it harder for everyone else on the right because that’s what we get associated with.

        Same with Confederates. Come up with a new movement for Christ’s sake stop making yourself into a meme.


      • Comeback as establishing an ethno state. Nah not many believe that is going to happen. Comeback as in growing in number and power. Yes that is happening. Disrespect it at your own peril.


    • on November 8, 2017 at 8:48 am Enfant Terrible

      That’s a fantastic face. A perfect male face. I wonder if it was modeled on a real person.

      Also, only an European man could sculpt such a statue. It is a true representation of the western ideal.

      No Jew, no Negro, no Asian, no Muslim, no whatever could ever make such a beautiful work of art.

      What a glorious future Europe could’ve had, had it not been for WW2.


      • on November 8, 2017 at 11:32 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        I often wonder what the trajectory of history would’ve been had the Allies not declared war on Germany. Germany would’ve continued to expand, and grow more powerful militarily, industrially, and demographically. Assuming Hitlah went ahead with the invasion of the USSR, I think the Soviets could’ve very well been defeated. Stalingrad is said to the turning point on Eastern front, however if Rommel had not been tied up in North Africa those forces could theoretically have been sent to Moscow to finally to put the Communists to bed. And had the Battle of Britain not transpired, the Luftwaffe would’ve had hundreds of more aircraft and pilots to unleash on the Reds.

        By 1943, with the Russo-German war over, there’d have been a 3 pole world: Greater Germany running from the Rhine to the Volga; the British Empire would’ve kept on trucking and America would continue to be great.

        The issue is that the Global Power Structure that militated for war on Germany would still be around, engaging in its projects, machinations, and general chicanery. The degeneracy that proliferated in the West in the 60s would’ve still unfolded in the North America and Britain. The British Empire, which officially died by the mid 60s, might’ve held on for another 15 or 20 years. The excuse is that Britain couldn’t keep its empire because they were broke and exhausted after WW2. Maybe the Suez and Mau Mau would’ve been easily repulsed, and Ghandi properly dealt with, thereby preserving colonial possessions. I still think the (((rot))) would’ve set in anyways.

        Would there be an Israel? The Balfour declaration paved the way for Jewish settlement in 1917 and indeed thousands of them migrated there starting in the 20s. Even Hitlah encouraged them to leave Germany and settle in British Palestine. Again though, a more muscular Britain could’ve put down the Haganah, but would they even really want to given the (((power structure))). On the other hand, a German superpower, straddling Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech, Ukraine, and southern Russia might’ve been a bulwark against the globalists. People are aghast at the suggestion that Germany would control most of Easern, but it ain’t much different than what the Soviets did. And there’d probably be fewer bread lines.

        Anyways, a fascinating topic but I don’t have time to properly expound on it.

        [CH: germany is a major cucked nation today, so i’d assume a greater germany that had “won” ww2 would be a greater cucked empire. but that’s not a given. maybe a germany flush with victory and pride would not have traveled down the path of racial abnegation.]


      • I agree with everything you say here.


      • @CH

        Considering that the Soviets kind of turned into National Communism — pretty much a fascist state with some additional bleak commie tendencies — under Stalin, rather than the Jewish-communist state of the early years, and that Eastern Europe remains fairly uncucked even now following it, I can imagine a Greater Germany following a similar course.

        Basically, the people who were educated under a “Red Fascist/Nationalist” system are still pretty high-T and nationalistic.

        Given that the Germans knew about the importance of education, it doesn’t seem outside possibility that they’d have the same nationalistic traits as a Pole, a Russian, or a Hungarian does now.

        I’m also not sure if the West would have fallen quite as far, either. The (((tribe))) would probably still be influential, but they apparently received a lot of KGB help and funding during the 50s and 60s, just as they initially funded the revolutionaries in Russia. Additionally, the fairly strong nationalist movements in Britain and America might not have been squashed as vigorously as they were once the war started.

        Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but on the other hand, I can’t imagine it would have NO influence on the resulting world if the Reich had survived.


      • I’ve read a lot of history on Hitler’s fall. My opinion is that he lost control of his mind at the end, and that was why the Nazis lost. They would have won if Hitler wasn’t on drugs/crazy at the end. America would have eventually became Nazi.

        Hitler had too much control.

        He was great in establishing the Third Reich. His political tactics to secure the revolution need to be studied by everyone on the Alt-Right.

        The Aryan Brotherhood is a powerful White Supremacist gang and part of their requirements is to read Mein Kampf (My Fight) for good reason.


    • on November 8, 2017 at 12:34 pm Marcus Aurelius

      I remember when I mouthed those exact words: “naz1 larper”.

      You have almost broken the conditioning. Don’t stop now.

      Underestimate Z1on1sts at your own peril.

      WAKE UP!


  3. >> this [study] helps us understand why more masculine female faces have become the norm in media.

    This is more about “competitive drive,” which is a masculine trait. Who makes it to the top… Lovely feminine women that have been recruited and gifted their positions… And aggressive masculine women that “conquer,” and when they win… No longer represent “women.” Those “women” are “men” in pantsuits.

    >> the natural selection effect of obnoxious status striving fields like media whoredom drawing in manjawed careerist shrikes and you get what we have today



  4. […] Study: Masculine Men Prefer Feminine Women […]


  5. >> these findings suggest that changes in testosterone levels contribute to the strength of men’s reported attraction to femininity in women’s faces and complement previous findings showing that testosterone modulates men’s interest in sexual stimuli.

    I wonder if this also works in reverse… Where high-feminity increases T in men that are close to those women.

    I bet 1$ it does.

    This is how sexual polarity works… Either side can call this from the other, with a powerful display of proper masc/fem charge.


  6. “The boner doesn’t lie”

    That could be written in stone. (no pun intended)

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  7. on November 7, 2017 at 3:45 pm The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)


    is it just me or did male sex symbols start to become markedly more fem looking following the introduction of the pill


  8. on November 7, 2017 at 3:54 pm Enfant Terrible


  9. Queue Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy!


  10. Newbloods can’t even poast what kinda shizz is that


  11. Try back later then. Bank’s closed.


  12. presstitutes one of the lowest forms of known life

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  13. Maybe this is a natural mechanism to prevent soyboys from going postal when the upteenth 10 rejects them (if they had any interest)


  14. Excellent article. Anyone here have an ear worm for Zappa’s “Bobby Brown”, now?


  15. Speaking of soyboys, this amazingly creepy piece of work, who (((slips))) and refers to his supposed dead girlfriend as his ‘boyfriend’, has been elevated to the Virginia House of Delegates:


    • I’m annoyed at the election results because they’ll give heart to shitlibs. But if they convince shitlibs to put the Latino “We Are the Future” Victory Fund in charge of next year’s campaigns…


      • White shitlib women shouting from the rooftops last night on facebook…attacking white males, Christians, middle America in their usual trashy masculine way.
        Not sure what American white males have ever done but white shitlib women hate your guts and are out of control.
        That woman who flipped the bird to Trump’s motorcade is a classic example.
        Over 40…not attractive, not a good shape, wearing Lycra and displaying trashy masculine behavior. I think she has kids so that is something but what a trashy role model

        [CH: american women are getting worse, if that’s possible. i wonder how trashy they’ll get before the country rips itself apart in a mass orgy of nihilistic despair?]


      • mod rape


      • As I mentioned last week -Virginia or the Northern part at least is lost. Gone. The ballot papers are in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese. I don’t think there is any other country in the world that is so accommodating to foreigners. And 90% of them vote Dem. It is truly bizarre.


    • That girl got shot by a homosexual dindu full of anti-beauty rage.

      Naturally, this soyboy blames the gun.

      There’s a wishful thinking phrase that conservatives are liberals who got mugged, but unfortunately thats pretty far from reality. Not only do deathwish liberals not adjust, they often double down and find something non-liberal to blame, even when they or those close to them are victims.

      They have so much ego invested in the liberal religion, that they will risk harm because the psychological cost of going anti-liberal is too great. The trade off is worth it to maintain their sanity.


      • As I’ve noted, liberalism appears to be Jonestown on a civilization-wide scale; the wogs are equivalent to the poisoned Flavor Aid, which they drink even though they know it’ll kill them.

        Jonestown was a microcosm of American leftism.


  16. Maybe this is a natural mechanism to prevent soyboys from going postal when the upteenth 10 rejects them (that is if they were interested in women)


  17. Now I see the point of war and why it’s always some Libertarian queer too high to think straight crying about it.

    Kills off or toughens up the would be soy boys. Alpha males stay home and fuck the wives (Jodies). Alpha Generals get to fuck up minority populations. Special Forces alphas do the real fighting. Win-win-win.

    Let’s kick some Commie ass again in North Korea.



  18. Give War a Chance


    • on November 8, 2017 at 5:43 am The Looch (Blood Money)

      br uh

      i been saying

      instead of boycotting corporations, WN should ironically endorse them


    • “I’d like to order two pepperoni pizzas, please. And could you put them in the shape of a swastika?”

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      • Funny because the high school boys at the Wedgy’s pizza place a mile down the road are all neo Nazis. Their pizza tastes better too. I could get them to prank call the shit out of PJs.

        “Hey I want a large only sausage. But I only eat German brands. Do you have Luftwaffe? That’s my favorite.”


      • There’s a joke in this somewhere about ovens, but I’m gonna let it pass.


      • “Do you have any of those dark chocolate easy bake cookies? They must be popular with the folk. I’ve heard you sold over 6 million this season.”


  19. Alpha fux, beta bux is at the heart of “Of Human Bondage.” (1934 )

    Leslie Howard is the ultimate beta bux… doing anti-business as a beta orbiter…

    Bette Davis plays herself as pure trash. ( Count her real life husbands. )

    82 minutes of the id.

    If you want to witness how to romance wrongly, it’s on YouTube.

    You want captainbijou’s cleaned up copy.


  20. The Strange Woman (1946) Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders, et. al. is yet another exposure of the female id.

    You want The Smoking Hat’s version on YouTube.

    It should de-tox any beta orbiter… if he can stomach it.

    It’s not a coincidence that both Lamarr and Davis ended up as femme disasters.

    Excessive beauty is a trait that is not won.

    Women don’t trust any man that’s greatly swayed by beauty.

    For it must fade.

    And then, the man will be off to the next flower.

    And in all of that, her behavior towards him will count for naught.

    He is in love with beauty, not the woman.

    It’s far better for him to make demands, compel her to act and behave.

    It’s by such performance that she can invest in the relationship.

    She sees herself as out-competing her peers… for the ultimate prize.


  21. DS is down again but here is the link for the dark web…you don’t need any special browser or protection


  22. “DS is down again”

    Fucking kikes. So oppressed. When was the last time that faggot Keith Olberman or any other bugman member of the “Resistance” got shutdown?


  23. We all wish we were born with High T. If that didn’t happen we wish we could just quit soy and take cold showers and not skip leg day. But at a certain point enough is enough. I found a legit T gel on the internet. Only available with bitcoin. Called NKNW, you can google it. Got me up to 900 in a few weeks and changed my life. Best of luck lads.


  24. on November 8, 2017 at 6:34 am The Looch (Blood Money)

    sorta related: so much of being masculine and confident comes down to strong eye contact, man

    drill i came up with

    make the most aggressive face u can and stare urself down in the mirror

    hold the stare for as long as u can while completely emptying ur mind

    after a few mins ur brain will stop subjectively identifying with the face in the mirror and it will be like a legit stare down

    hold no matter how awkward/uncomfortable it gets..empty mind. no thoughts. just hold.

    i recommend this strongly for the overthinker who can’t flow with the moment


  25. Remember this? The blonde victim’s fiance is a Democrat. Leftist whites are retarded.


  26. on November 8, 2017 at 9:15 am The Looch (Blood Money)

    i think cristiano ronaldo has the ideal male face and body

    strong but gracile


    • on November 8, 2017 at 9:17 am The Looch (Blood Money)

      perfect pecs

      not stupidly large and bitch like


      • Not sure if this is a joke but Ronaldo is a faggot. The 1982 West German team would eat him for breakfast. All modern sportsmen are pampered fagboys – take your pick. Soccer is the ultimate fag game now with endless pc mind control.


      • Tommy Smith, Liverpool
        hard as nails and women went nuts for him. he also said when his team tried so sign their first black player:

        Smith caused considerable controversy in the late 1980s when he strongly protested Liverpool’s signing of black England international winger John Barnes on account of the player’s skin colour. Smith allegedly stated that: “I never thought I would see the day when Liverpool would employ n*gg**s, I don’t want any n*gg**s playing for Liverpool”. Smith also allegedly claimed that: “if my daughter came home with a n*gg**s, I’d go stark raving mad” and that “if a c**n moved in next door to me, I’d move house. That’s not racist, it’s just normal”. These remarks attracted little publicity until they were included in a biography of Barnes published three years after he joined the club. A Liverpool Echo journalist also once remarked that Smith’s after dinner-speeches “make Stan Boardman look politically correct”. Smith is however sometimes wrongly claimed to have said of Howard Gayle, a young black centre-forward who played for Liverpool in the 1970s, that “Howard Gayle turned out alright in the end. He was like a white n*gg**s”. This remark was actually made by Bruce Grobbelaar and was later misattributed to Smith.”

        Bruce Grobbelaar fought in a bush war in Rhodesia. How common is that today? He told a nig to “pick his lip up”

        Gerry Byrne hard as fuck, played a final in 1965 with a broken collar bone.
        Bert Trautmann played in goal with a fractured neck in the 1956 final.

        Fritz Walter only survived a Russian POW camp as a Russian recognized him. He later went onto to win the world cup.

        Today soccer players are fags – prancing on about tolerance, equality and holding up ‘no to racism’ signs in their pampered million dollar lifestyles, living in their safe spaces.

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      • on November 8, 2017 at 11:11 am Enfant Terrible

        A picture of the 1982 West German team

        Lol, looks like a bunch of street brawlers…

        But I think you’re wrong. The game might have gotten faggier, but the guys playing it nowadays are stronger athletes than before.


      • “All modern sportsmen are pampered fagboys – take your pick.”

        I don’t know about that. Justin Verlander gets to go home and fuck Kate Upton every night.


      • Not sure if this is a joke but Ronaldo is a faggot

        yeah was just gonna say this – you can tell by looking at his face. i’m sure if you ran his pic through that fagfacedetector software it would confirm it.

        but the guys playing it nowadays are stronger athletes than before.

        the drugs are better now.


      • Craig..Verlanderer..I mean literally fags or boys..low T… he looks low T to me so Upton has a bit of rough on the side or will eventually divorce rape him.

        Enfant Terrible..they are fitter and have better diets but no character or backbone. As soon as the cold comes, they are wearing gloves.Not to mention any ‘fights’ which happen on game day..similar to a schoolgirl fight. Then they whore themselves out to the highest bidder and the worse is repeating all the shitlib pc stuff. Even Villanueva eventually cucked. Yeah read about that 1982 German team. I wrote along post about them on here before. Legends and cunts to a man.


  27. “Masculine Men Prefer Feminine Women”. WTF. Somebody thought a study was needed to establish that!? Who paid for the study? Was it published under a an academic grant from the United States Department of DUH!?!? That Department seems to generate a lot of output these days. I knew it was going to get bad when the DODUH, printed that very first study on the wetness of water.


  28. One thing I’ve noticed is that right wingers tend to be less obessed with politics than liberals. LIberals can’t shut the fuck up about it, because they derive so much of their ego from politics. Right wingers for the most part have more fulfilling lives and goals to focus on, so they tend not to follow things like offyear elections or day to day talking points as much.

    [CH: correct. libs are ideology-centered. i think it has to do with their disposition to abstraction, and their preference for socially atomized lifestyles in diversitopias in which ideology is the only glue between them.]


    • ya think? The current season of american horror story is pretty spot on, at least the first few episodes, on the female leftist insanity. I think the VA Latino Invasion Fund’s “white people in a pickup truck” ad also distills their world view pretty bigly.

      They hate us, they imagine they live in an ideal world of little muzzies and illegals going to school to become good lesbians and trannies while the evil white male morlocks hover in the shadows, ready to take away their abortions.


    • on November 8, 2017 at 12:43 pm The Looch (Blood Money)

      patton oswalt and marc maron opened up their latest stand ups with an identical anti-trump twitter ‘joke’

      these ppl share the same fucking underdeveloped brain and mushy body

      they aren’t attractive. they aren’t athletic.

      they have nothing impressive going for themselves so they hitch their identity to having the ‘correct’ politics

      politics is everything for these fucking squares because they have nothing else


    • Shitlibs are obsessed with personalities. They hate DT’s personality but will never critique his policies (if they even know what they are). I just had my lunch ruined by shitlibs at next table – all the usual boxes ticked:
      White female over 60
      Talking non stop rambling
      Bitch endlessly about Trump’s personality
      Bash Christians (never muslims as dat’s raciss)


  29. I don’t know about that. Justin Verlander gets to go home and fuck Kate Upton every night.

    —But how do you know he does???


    • on November 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm CalvinDecline

      True enough…

      …and as for Kate, the poor girl ballooned after a year or two in Sports Illustrated.

      Seems rare to find a rack that big without it eventually working it’s way down and creating a muffin top.

      These days, I’d wager Melania has a better figure than Kate, though I’d still toss it to both of them.


  30. It ain’t just the T levels that make men masculine.

    I’ve always preferred smart girly girls. My T level was about average when I checked. Maybe my androgen receptor count is high, me being of European descent. And I lift, despite being old. Lifting helps androgen sensitivity. I think that girls have always found me masculine, wth my T levels are. My girls have always been both girly and smart, though tomboys also are attracted to me.

    You need to look at androgen receptor count and sensitivity as well as T levels.


  31. on November 8, 2017 at 1:10 pm whitewalker mindset

    Holy shit, beta of the month candidate right here.. The woman (in a white couple) gives birth to negro children. The male, a cuck in every sense of the term, claims he doesn’t need a paternity test, because she’d never cheat


  32. Which is hottest from Andromeda? Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, or Laura Bertram?


  33. Some crazy (((stuff))) going on in Saudi Barbaria these days
    They have 12654 princes and they all started to kill and arrest each other
    Bordello is complete and entertainment high value
    35 years ago Strummer saw the judeo-barbarian alliance when a few knew what tribe a Shekelberg belonged to

    Rock the Casbah

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  34. […] He sums up the study he cites thusly: […]