Carrying A Girl Across The Bang Threshold

You’ve got a limbically lubed girl on your sofa. It’s late, the tension is thick (your pants pleats have flattened out). Whoa, tiger! You should know that LMR (last minute resistance) is coming. Are you prepared? Reader Mason shares a very typical anecdote illustrating the precarious tightrope that men must walk between beta orbiter and alpha orificer.

Dear Heartiste Proprietors,

Please allow me to share a wonderful story of how I SO BADLY fucked up and found your blog, which led me to erase the traces of betadom that disrupted and ruined an obviously good opportunity.

I met a cute brunette with blue eyes at an event and she talked about being “stressed about her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend”.

FYI girls don’t bring up problems with their relationships like this unless they are already one labia flap into the idea of cheating.

We hit it off and I asked her to drop me home.

I invited her to come up. She giggled.

The giggle is the loin wriggle vocalized.

I have an apartment by the pool. She stood on my balcony and started talking about her problems, how she had anxiety disorder. I did some light kino by touching her feet (she had a weird foot band on) and putting her hands in my palms.

She then came into my living room and sat down on my close sofa. And said hug me.

Don’t be so quick to hug a woman who solicits it. That’s a mild compliance test to see if you’d fit comfortably into the emotional tampon role instead of the sex god role. I’d have teased her, “hmmm, I dunno if you’re ready….my hugs are potent.” The idea is to get her begging for your hug, and in the mental space where she feels like she’s chasing you.

I did BUT immediately leaned in for a kiss like a moron. She backed off and said “I have a boyfriend”.

That was predictable. What she flung out was classic beta bait. Specifically, she tried a version of the “fishing for flattery” ploy. She’s “anxious” and “stressed” and wants reassurances from you that nothing that has happened — or will happen — is her fault.

Now here’s where I really fucked things up. I’m usually immaculately articulate but I just spaced out and sat back in my seat for an awkward 5 minutes. Her boyfriend messaged her and I told her not to take the text and she agreed. Now, despite my awkward silence for another 10 minutes she didn’t leave and stayed plopped on my sofa with heavy breathing and even said “look at my hair, it’s multi-colored”, asking me to run through it.

You were getting hardcore signals to proceed carrying her to dizzying heights of ecstasy and to ignore whatever empty protests to the contrary she may have thought necessary to squeak out to make herself feel less like a slut. Her “I have a boyfriend” feint was the verbal equivalent of the gif above. “I don’t know how I wound up in his bed, I swear I told him I have a boyfriend!”

She wants to feel desired again; obviously BF is not giving her that. But she won’t just “cheat”, so she’ll structure her seduction in a way that absolves her of responsibility for her hoped-for surrender to you.

I found your blog, Heartiste, and read through a hundred posts. I feel like an idiot because I thought that my typical dominant, aloof personality wouldn’t work on the “sweet, shy, innocent” girls.

Liddl’ betaboys with limited dating experience are often the ones to dishonestly and self-servingly assert that Game only helps men pick up bar skanks, but that is not true, unless they want to stipulate that skanks and non-skanks are essentially different sexes who respond to different male mate value cues. In fact, the girls that fall the hardest for jerkboy charm are the tingle-deprived “sweet” girls who otherwise languish in niceguyland where jerkboy charm is notably absent.

I should have laughed off her silly first kiss rejection shit test and tried again. I should have negged her. She asked me to twirl her fucking hair. I should have escalated kino gradually, asking her to sit on my lap, then kissed her neck, and then kissed her, and then pulled away feigning disinterest. Your stuff is ALL on point.

There’s no way a girl would act this way in the hopes of gaining a “friend” or a beta orbiter, right?

There’s only one way to find out. Force the issue. Make your intentions known, and if she’s insincere she drop her bluff and forget all about her boyfriend.

I mean, the fact that she came up to my room at 11:30pm and stayed for 2 hours alone makes me feel that this was an opportunity beyond obvious and I blew it.

Yes. Or she’s a psychocunt who wanted to torture you with the scent of her lush womanhood and slap your probing lips away when you made a go at it. A (thankfully) tiny minority of women amuse themselves by tempting and rejecting betas in an endless cycle of quasi-dominatrix humiliation.

Nothing lights the fire in your loins (heh) like a rough encounter with reality. Unlike the larpers here I’m not going to pretend I’m a total alpha or anything like it. I’m a young 20s guy with alpha and beta traits and I’ll have to weed out the latter.

This describes most men.

Laugh at me and feel free to share the story with your readers, but goddamnit, I owe you a debt of gratitude for waking me the hell up.


I won’t laugh at you. The mistake you made wasn’t unique to you; many such cases!

Lessons learned:

  1. “I have a boyfriend” is an anti-slut defense if uttered within intimate contexts. If you hear it, relax. It means she’s looking for an excuse to continue being with you. You should have replies at the ready. My favorites are “I don’t care” and “right“. Better yet, ignore her and plow when she drops that line. Don’t give it the dignity of a direct response. Change the topic or shrug your shoulders or get yourself a beer from the fridge.
  2. Always Be Escalating. If she murmurs to you to stop, don’t. Physically escalate as long as she’s giving in to it, and don’t quit unless she’s walking out your door in a hurry. Sure, offer token (and temporary) signals of compliance to her rebuffs, but don’t get down on yourself, don’t sulk, and don’t think this means you have to keep your hands to yourself the rest of the night. If she’s in your bedroom for two hours in the middle of the night, her last minute resistance (LMR) is a perfunctory obstacle she tosses in your way which she fully expects (and hopes) you will hurdle.
  3. Push-Pull is the spice of seduction. If she asks you to run your fingers through her multicolored hair, tease her about it. “I dunno, it looks kinda greasy.” That’s the push. Pull her back by reaching over to gently cradle the back of her neck with your hand, while saying “See, I was right”. Frame everything she says and does as an advance ON YOU; this way you can “reject” her advances, which is a huge turn-on for women. No woman can resist the curiosity incited in them by a man who isn’t slavishly throwing himself at their taunting sex.
  4. Remember the Takeaway and the Freeze-out. If she’s insistently coy and bantering way more than she’s perforating, it’s time to flip the script. Her: “I have a boyfriend.” You: “You’d better not stay here any longer, or you might start getting the wrong idea about me.” Or: “Oh, don’t get ahead of yourself, I don’t see you that way. We hardly know each other.” The Freeze-out is even more powerful. That’s a tactic where you simply get up off the sofa and make yourself a sandwich if she objects to your roving mitts. The key is to be utterly unmoved by her objections, as if you expected it and know she’ll eventually come around (or outlive your patience).

Finally, if you want to experiment with nuclear psy ops that can close the deal (or blow them out) a lot faster than is typical for women, try this bedroom finishing move when a girl agrees to come to your place: tell her she can’t go in your bedroom. When she asks why not, you have a rule that a girl has to be naked before going in there. A surprising number of girls will agree to this rule, and an idealistic young beta’s heart will have suffered another jolt of arrhythmic cynicism.

The bang threshold is similar to the nuptial threshold, except in the former you aren’t legally bound to one pussy for life, don’t have to worry about your savings and imputed income being transferred to fund a new boyfriend, and carrying her over it is a lot easier at her pre-marital weight.


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  2. Wow, I’m gonna use that “I don’t let a girl into my bedroom unless she’s naked”.

    I’ve used many times “let’s go watch a movie in my room” works about 80% of the time.

    I’ve probably stolen this through synthesis of various PUA lines but “Don’t get your hopes up, I don’t fuck on the first date” is a nice way of broaching the topic of banging…or “We can’t fuck until we get to know each other better” with a follow up for fun of “Ok I guess I can make an exception” or “I guess we know each other better now” once you’re about to dip your stick into her warm, wet flesh.

    I’m sure some of you alphas will say “lol that doesn’t work”…but it works for me and will probably work for some other former incels.

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  3. on October 24, 2017 at 3:21 pm WereallPalestinians now

    Great breakdown. This post could save a million lives and improve the quality of life of another million.
    True story


  4. Mason, at 20 you’re way ahead of the game. You’ve found the right source in heartiste, just be careful of some of the PUA websites you come across. In my opinion, and we all know what opinions are worth, crosscheck other sites with Heartiste prior to implementing tactics. You got to the finish line, just didn’t know how to tear open the ribbon. You will next time though! Good on you for your honesty, you’ll learn quickly by being honest with yourself. And failing is the fastest route to succeeding.


  5. why not just litterally cite Mystery Method instead of paraphrasing it as if you came up with it

    [CH: the links i provided in this post go to archived posts that reference plenty of Mystery-style Game. jeezus do i have to hold your hands or what?]


  6. This happens to married betas, too. Last minute shit tests, etc. Plowing, re-framing, state control all still work and is still needed. Believe you me.

    But if my wife ever says “wait, I have a boyfriend” I’ll probably lose that state control thing.


  7. OT:

    ‘“It is clear at this moment that a traditional conservative, who believes in limited government and free markets, devoted to free trade, pro-immigration, has a narrower and narrower path to nomination in the Republican party,” Flake said, his voice trembling with emotion.’

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      “But I am interested in something that comes closer to a conspiracy, the notion that former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was kinda, sorta shoved out the door at the White House in August.

      I don’t believe it. I think that the “shoved out the door” meme was a cover story. After all, why signal the Democrats that something is up with: “Trump Sends Bannon Out to Elect Populists to Senate in 2018.” What would Sun Tzu say about that?

      The point of the right rebellion, from Trump to Brexit to the weekend’s elections in Austria and the Czech Republic, is that conventional right-wing culture and politics has failed, that gentlemanly conservatism and libertarianism doesn’t move the needle; it only perpetuates the “ratchet” whereby every left government moves the needle leftwards, but right governments don’t move the needle back as far.

      The assumption that Breitbart made and Bannon makes is that you have to win the cultural battle before you can win the political battle.

      And one thing Bannon knows is that we cannot continue to kow-tow and apologize when the liberals use their cultural hegemony to brand you as a racist or a “white supremacist” or the swamp brands you as an extremist.

      And that is why I think that the GOP establishment, the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party operatives with bylines in the media should be very afraid.”

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      • on October 24, 2017 at 5:42 pm The Philosopher

        There are two things to care about in politics. Money and genetics. Flake protects the rich (i.e. the jews) and protects the jews demands for social openness (open borders). Flake is a cuckold. He serves the satanic star. You can’t be a conservative with just the free trade stuff. You have to be tribal.

        Flake is actually a neoconservative or Trostkyist communist. He would agree with everything Irving Kristol said in the 60s about free markets and blacks being brilliant.


      • @Philosopher forgot to mention it above but Flake was sobbing about ARE VALUES (and how he would have gotten away with it if not for the evil Drumpf) because he will not run for re-election in 2018.

        ‘Rick Wilson ✔
        This isn’t a win for Trump. It’s a loss for the Republic.’

        SLemon: ‘This is why these figures need to keep being beat down, because they will not dare accept that Trump and the American people want some other than their boomer bullshit conservativsm.’

        MadScienceType: ‘[B]oomer conservatism is about high wages (for them), cheap labor (for them), low taxes (for them) and tons of spending (on them) never stopping to think that all of those are mutually exclusive…in the long run at least and who gives a s**t about the long run? Spending it all, kids!’

        The Cuckservative: ‘The bonus of f****ts like Flake taking their watching chairs and going home is that consultants like pissdad are going to lose even more influence and money. Watersports Wilson knows that cuck prototypes like Flake and Corker becoming endangered species in Washington is very bad for people like him who only get paid to run cover for their traitorous behavior.’

        Quads: ‘Republicans are experiencing grief and denial. They’d convinced themselves that Americans supported free trade, fiscal responsibility, small government — liberty and the Constitution. But men don’t want nice ideological constructs, they want what’s in their own best interest. Americans want jobs, security, prosperity, and social belonging — real fleshy things. Political ideologies are only vehicles that drive people toward things they want. Voters didn’t elect Republicans because they support a gorgeous Republican fantasy about sensible fiscal regulations, but because those ideas promised jobs, security, etc. Trump cut out the middleman and offered the prosperity and happiness voters wanted all along. Republicans’ whole self-conception was a lie. Their Constitutional vapors were never wanted, are no longer needed. Until they accept this there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.’

        Cinco Jotas: ‘Consider this: Mutha-fuckin’ Donald “King Kong” Trump is using his twitter feed to make sitting GOP senators (plural!) rage quit a full year before the election. Trump has beaten them so badly (140-letters at a time) that they’re not even going to try to fight. The GOP is saving millions on primary fights because Trump is the King of Trolls.’

        Considering how accustomed cucks are to surrendering to the likes of Butt Nekkid, one can only imagine how watery their bowels get when under Twitter fire from Trump.


    • on October 24, 2017 at 6:44 pm Vagina dominator

      Upside down, of course, like all Jew propaganda

      “Traditional conservatives” sought to conserve the traditions of our people, not to overturn every element of our lives and beliefs and hand our patrimony over to the savage and unteachable colored peoples we’d just spent the last millenium pushng back from our gates.

      ”Flake said, his voice trembling with emotion.”

      He is called “Flake”. Sometimes you have to think there may be something to Nominative Determinism.

      Anyway,show him the garotte, so that the emotion he trembles with is FEAR.

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      • on October 24, 2017 at 8:03 pm The Philosopher

        Exactly. You cant believe in no banking regulations and desire americans to he replaced by third world people en masses and still say you are a ‘conservative’. Thats a mockery.


      • Re: Nominative determinism

        Like that Jamaican noggin in the 100m dash. I think you’ve spoken on this before but future parents would do well to name their kids wisely. No fagg0ty bullsh1t.


    • what a cuck piece of shit.

      Oh yeah and Hillary and the DNC paid for the Trump dossier. All of them are dirty. If Sessions doesn’t move to file charges he should be fired then charged.


  8. An army that won’t rape won’t fight -General Patton, God bless his memory

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    • … unless they have a huge technical and military advantage.

      but that’s besides the point. what good is raping and fighting if you can be duped into fighting for your enemies?

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    • Patton never said this.

      In fact, in a letter to his wife, he expressed deep regret and disdain for what the Red Army did in Berlin, and how he could have prevented it all, if he had been allowed to take the city instead of the Soviets.

      Don’t besmirch his honor… he was one of the few general staff soldiers who held that concept dearly.


      • The history of the White Man from 1700 to 2017:

        He expressed deep regret and disdain about becoming a cuck…but he did it anyway.
        He expressed deep regret and disdain about immigration…but he did it anyway.
        He expressed deep regret and disdain about feminism…but he did it anyway.
        He expressed deep regret and disdain about killing his White brothers (Englishmen killing Germans, Frenchies killing Russians)…but he did it anyway.
        He voted for (((Donald Trumpstein))) and it was like living under Hilary Clinton presidency. There’s no difference between DT and HC.

        plumpjack is 100% right. what good is [email protected] and fighting if you can be duped into fighting for your enemies?


      • no-bones, your inanities notwithstanding, the point is there’s already enough bullshit in the world without us yeggs adding to it.

        If the man didn’t say it, he didn’t say it.

        And it’s a stupid, piss-poor thing to say from ANY general, assuming someone did actually say it.

        Now run off and click a few more likes on your n1gger butt buddy… or is it actually your sock, and you keep playing with yourself?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • It seems like a twisted variant of Patton’s statement in his famous “speech” that things were decided by politicians who “didn’t know any more about fighting than they did about fucking.”

        The rape quote above is to the best of my knowledge fake.

        The Soviets committed approximately 80-100 times more rapes than the Americans in Germany, even though they only occupied 1/5th of the territory. Their behavior was atrocious enough so that the Americans and Russians in Berlin soon got into shootouts, which the Americans usually won due to being better shots and less drunk.

        Truman and Stalin hastened to separate their armies before cross-cultural loathing led to out-and-out, open combat between the ordinary soldiery.


      • Now run off and talk more about yeggs. Nobody uses that word.

        You clown-fairy.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • no-bones, is that your way of saying “Gee, Eliot, you were right about this being a phony Patton quote!”?

        Find a better way to express yourself, you no-account asshole, been banned, sock puppy halfwit.


  9. “I have a boyfriend” is chickspeak for her essential question: “my expensive eggs are reserved for alpha males, are you one?”

    Best answer is to ignore it. Let your behavior answer her.


    • That’s when you break out the ham radio.

      Or, there’s disregarding what she said by replying with something totally out of the blue.


    • on October 24, 2017 at 6:29 pm strongwhitecock

      Answer with, “No. You don’t.” When she looks at you quizzically or asked what you mean, put your hand on your chest and say, “You’ve obviously been single in here for a while; your head just hasn’t caught up to your heart.”

      It’s like giving them permission to act on their emotions (what woman doesn’t like this) while reassuring them they aren’t a slut (removing anti-slut defense). Best to use this with a dominant Best to use this with a dominant, know-it-all tone rather than tender tone lest you come off as beta.

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      • that’s not just a ploy either. it’s the truth that’s she’s felt single for awhile if she’s gotten to that point. girls aren’t like men, even if they try to blame alcohol or say they got lost in the moment, no woman gets to the point of cheating without having thought about it for a very long time.


      • on October 24, 2017 at 6:51 pm Vagina dominator

        “No you don’t.”

        You’re in my head.That was my first and instinctive response too. But I don’t know that I would discuss it any further or justify it. Just shrug if she asks why. Chicks HATE logical explanations.


        “Because you got googoo eyes.” Or any other BS nonsense at all.


    • Know your audience.

      If she’s willing to be in your rooms alone despite the boyfriend she’s already decided that you might be worthy of her…seriously if her instinct was put into words out loud it would sound like that.

      Verbal witty responses work differently depending on the girl.

      “No you don’t ” is teasing the kid sister response. Funny, but not mean. Best used on the girl next door type.

      “Really? Don’t see him here though.” More edgy, best used on the proto-THOT.

      “Does the chastity belt chafe much?” A-hole response to the entitled HB7 plus.

      “Not anymore you don’t” with a caress to her face, laser eye, is for the girl you’re interested in keeping around.

      Your goal is to make her want to please you by forgetting about the boyfriend. Betas acknowledge the girl’s charms prior to her acting to please, alphas do so afterwards.

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    • Well considering I’m surrounded by weak faggy betas every day…these chicks are not having babies with alphas


    • >my expensive eggs are reserved for alpha males, are you one?

      Do you practice safe sex?


      • Married, happily so, with offspring. My game-isms are from my youth.

        If you’re actively dating currently, one way to decide on safety, from my recollection, is to discern how much of a feminist she is. Blue hair, tats and piercings are proportional to the risk of infection. It’s not 100% but…

        Also, you must also be aware of her social class. The lower the class in relation to you, the greater the risk of an “accident” that she keeps and you pay for, for the next two decades.

        As always when it comes to women, the buyer beware.


  10. A general rule is once a girl knows she could sleep with you, that’s her “notch”.

    Once your thirst is telegraphed, actually having sex is superfluous to the woman. She’s already validated… why take on the potential risks of sex with some dude she barely knows?

    Now, its a case by case basis. Her sluttiness, horniness (often cycle dependent), drunkenness also play a role. But in general, most girls worth laying (read: White girls) are perfectly happy to just play goalie and make out, allowing boob feels and giving no nookie.

    It makes her feel good, wanted.

    To go further with a girl, she needs to think she has to win you over because you’ll walk away if she doesn’t.

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    • this is exactly why a “committed” girl cheating on her boyfriend/husband should be a relationship ender. NO EXCEPTIONS

      plenty of girls in relationships go through periods where they are feeling neglected or getting bored with their man so she will seek out attention from others.

      but most of those girls will be satisfied with a nice glance from a man at the grocery store, flirting with some dude at work or girl’s night out. the girls who are really unhappy but still in love with their men, will at the most, allow a kiss or some fondling before enforcing a hard limit and stopping short of full blown sex. she is still in love with her man at home and got the attention she needed. done deal.

      so unless she is naturally a slut who you shouldn’t be an LTR with in the first place, a girl who goes all the way with another guy has already built an emotional connection to him. and in order for her to be able to do that, she has lost some of her emotional connection to you or she never had it with you to begin with.

      slut or broken/non-existent emotional bond and betrayal, either way it’s cause for dumping her. NO EXCEPTIONS

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      • So many puritanical/religious comments on a blog like this. So much fail.

        First off, they don’t cheat if you give them the mix of strength and emotion that they need. Second, why assume there must be a goal of LTR/marriage? Many many women make great FBs.

        Each person in a happy life can contribute something. The fishing buddy, the tennis buddy, the sex buddies. No need to hunt for some mythical perfection. This is beta.


      • “they don’t cheat if you give them the mix of strength and emotion that they need.”

        believe that if you want but it’s stupid to let women off the hook and blame men for everything they do.

        you have to have game, strength, all that but we are not fully accountable for everything they do. you can take two women, treat them the same way and get two different outcomes.

        some women are shitty. some are not. that’s why the wisest among us have learned to be discerning. we don’t try to turn sarcastic sluts into LTRs or break a sweet girl’s heart by pumping and dumping her. game is more than just playing the hand you’re dealt. a big part of it is learning to be the dealer instead so you get to choose the cards.


    • Cheating for women is saying “I want out of this relationship”.

      Some betas out there rationalize their woman cheating as a “momentary slip up” or some sort of heat-of-the-moment mistake.

      But he’s projecting his psychology onto women. Men’s appetite for variety is insatiable, and even if a man is perfectly happy with his girlfriend, side pussy is a constant temptation. Even if a man’s wife is a 10, he’ll happily be banging 7s or 8s on the side. There is no female analogue to this, because women hardly ever have any sort of compulsion to bang men less alpha than their boyfriend or husband.

      But if a woman cheats, it is communicating something different entirely. Women cheat as a way to express their lack of respect for you and to take out her anger at your weakness. And if you choose to stay, she will lose all respect for you, throttle the sex to zero, and metaphorically wipe her ass with you for money and support for as long as she can get away with.

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      • exactly right

        there is no recovery after a girl cheats and the relationship will only get worse.

        i get trying to stick by your obligations especially if kids are involved but there is no happy ending if you decide to stay. and it’s bad for the kids.

        even if they aren’t told about the cheating, they will see and feel that something is wrong with the two of you. they will lose respect for you as a man.

        son will grow up to be a pussy who gets used and abused by women and daughter will grow up to be a whore like mommy. best way to prevent that is to teach them a good lesson. show them strong men don’t tolerate cheating. leave and get a better woman so they can see how things are supposed to be. that’s the only way.

        besides that, getting over the fact that she was with another man was something i couldn’t get over. i don’t know how any man could. i had a girl cheat who i was head over heels for. i would have done anything for her. full blown oneitis.

        but after she cheated, i couldn’t stand the thought of touching her again. going where another man had been. leaving her was the best thing i ever did in my life. after her was when my life really began.

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      • on October 24, 2017 at 5:22 pm earlthomas786

        ‘Cheating for women is saying “I want out of this relationship”.’

        It’s the cowardly, stab in the heart way of saying it…but you are right.

        When she just actually tells you that, it’s less hurtful than her using some other guy.

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      • It’s also the vindictive route. Cheating is intended as an insult much of the time.

        It’s a way of saying “here’s the treatment you get when you think that you can be that beta and still have me!”.

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      • on October 24, 2017 at 5:47 pm The Philosopher

        Theres another thing I’ve noticed in that sometimes a woman stays with a guy past sell by date just because its expected of her, or inertia. But really shes kind of looking for someone to seduce or whoo her. The relationship is over in her head, but she will go through the motions. This happens a lot in LTRs.

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      • true

        i find it funny how many people have said to me that women cheat because they are insecure or some shit.

        it’s the opposite of that. it’s arrogance and inflated ego. women cheat when they think they deserve better than the man they are with. justified or not, it’s about them thinking they are superior and wanting to rub your nose in it.


      • that last comment was directed at LeShitlourde in reference to cheating being intended as an insult


      • Should that be a deal breaker for a potential LTR then? If when you first hook up she is cheating on another guy? Or is that just a myth that a “good girl” wouldn’t do that?


      • Obviously go for the bang, but is a girl cheating on her bf a serious red flag, a potential cause for concern, or no big deal?


      • Meaning is a girl cheating on her bf with you more a reflection on her nature, or the nature of the man she is cheating on?


      • not necessarily

        she may be cheating with a man she isn’t into and found you to be a better fit. you could be the love of her life. that does happen. doesn’t mean she’s naturally a cheater and going to do it you.

        what you have to consider is whether it’s a pattern of behavior or not. has she had a lot of sexual partners including random hookups, casual boyfriends, multiple LTRs, etc. has she cheated on men before, does she have a long history of going from one guy to another quickly, etc. those are all red flags. a girl leaving one man she wasn’t in love with for another man she isn’t always an indicator of something

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      • *she may be cheating with you because she’s with a man she isn’t into….


      • also depends on how long she was with the LTR and how she views the cheating. does she put all the blame on him for her wanting to stray or does she take responsibility for it, see the part she played in the failed relationship, and feel guilty?

        in my experience, girls who always blame their men for everything they do wrong are serial cheaters and bad LTRs in general.


    • on October 24, 2017 at 6:58 pm Vagina dominator

      Good comment. Very true.

      If you give her emotional satisfaction first (if she “finishes” first) there is no need for her to blow your load.

      So keep her thirsty for validation. That is key.


    • williamk… that is a pro comment. Perhaps one of the best comments I’ve ever read at the Chateau.

      It also explains why direct game is so hit and miss, even for the highest quality men.


    • — why take on the potential risks of sex with some dude

      Female sexuality is that of prey. Her physical fulfillment is being taken down like a baby gazelle and ripped apart. But that’s heat-of-the-moment stuff, does not play well in the forebrain, which is what she’s using to arrange her evening.

      In feminist paradise her hindbrain brings her to your room, her forebrain (duh — what else would it do) withholds consent. That 115 IQ is there for a reason.

      There’s the rub: by natural law, coming to your apartment = consent. Baby gazelle gets ripped apart. Except that here and now, the wild cat is not allowed to pounce.

      Stable society: unchaperoned women are fair game (and some of them will seek out the tearing apart)

      Unstable society: no such thing as Alpha when it depends on her Yes.

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      • on October 25, 2017 at 6:08 am earlthomas786

        That’s why the shaky idea of ‘consent’ when it comes to sex is stupid…it’s too subjective and allows a woman to change her mind when the predictable emotional consequences come after the act.

        Sexual morality is objective. The farther away you take sex from God’s design, the more trouble you’ll get yourself into.


  11. (Aside) WAPO has an article on Anglin today..written by a muslim I think. Interesting read..totally dismisses the claim that muslims wanting a caliphate :..’what nonsense and anyone who believes this is deluded’ ha ha nothing to see here..move along.
    It’s quite amazing how Anglin is a hunted man and for what exactly?

    Then we have the comments where the libtards show how unhinged and rattled they are “how dare he say that about the Charlottesville girl..I’d love to run him down with a jeep”..actually every comment seems to espouse to violence. I see this on facebook all the time.
    Let’s stop these nahzees by erm..dressing up in black and punching them..and stopping their freedom of speech..yeah!
    Since November I have seen liberals openly calling for Trump’s assassination, calling for an end to democracy as their candidate lost and the 2nd amendment does not really mean free speech.


    • and I back that up with the realization that I have no idea what liberal ideology is or what exactly liberals believe in. They do not either and any probing cna show this.
      Liberals are basically a cult- the outliers and freaks in society who have banded together into an union of numbers. Their faux values is their mantra to bind them together. Like everything else it’s all about access to power and resources.

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      • comment peut-on être God Damned BND plant Fischkopf?!


      • Liberals have a vague of idea of “feels” and equality, a need to rebel to have a crusade and a bit of a martyr syndrome.

        The problem is; in wanting to defend “all” of the down trodden, all the minorities……that’s a whole lot of difference in values, believes and goals ultimately.

        Plus they can’t acknowledge the murkier aspects of life or that some cultures might have negative values outside of our own.

        Because if they….it’s not really bigotry to be against them is it?

        Why they can’t acknowledge the crime rates and racism of black people.
        The pedophilia of the gays.
        The sexism, homophobia and terrorism issues with Islam.
        The Bigotry and often traditional values of the Hispanics.

        Whatever the hell else I’m not thinking of.


      • on October 24, 2017 at 5:48 pm The Philosopher

        A jewish mind control cult. The shock troppen.


      • on October 24, 2017 at 7:07 pm Vagina dominator

        Liberals are just people with no feelings of tribal attachment or loyalty who can see something in it for themseves if they go along with whomever they think is most powerful.

        The fact that the can lie to themselves about their motivations is neither here nor there.

        The problem is, if you were the powerful ruler, wouldn’t you make use of and reward and advance these slimey but useful types, or would you like to breed a more troublesome and questioning followership?

        The problem is that as long as we live in a centralized, static world where there are no longer frontiers to flee to or to conquer, then dependent and toadying shitlib types will rise in society.

        Only a geographically expanding culture needs brave and independent and cleareyed and creative men and women. So I say, let’s tear it down and break it up and start again and let’s see how shitlibs breed in those conditions.

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      • @VD If you stop and look though, they’re not really even breeding that much right now. Liberalism is essentially human selfishness writ large.


    • Speaking of muslimes, here’s the new stats in Sweden


    • We’ve done enough pointing out the hypocrisy of their calls for violence. They’re full of sh!t about everything else – what else should we expect.


    • on October 24, 2017 at 6:51 pm traitors first

      I hate the BezosBlog ………….. having said that in reference to AA and TDS here’s a link that people should find interesting ……….
      I’m not worried about shitlibs who call themselves “trigger warning” but it’s good information to have that your enemies are preparing. Just when you thought these people (I use that term loosely) were totally opposed to the 2nd amendment, much less the 1st. Talk about uber hypocrites, like most jacobins or robespierre he was totally opposed to the death penalty, personally puts over a thousand men under the guillotine.


  12. Nice dig about the weight at the end. Very true.

    Some wives plump up after getting hitched, either before kids or after. Some of us are lucky and don’t have to drop the dread bomb to keep them thin.

    I am reminded that you want to meet Mom before you make a commitment. She is what your girl will look like in 25-30 years.

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    • yes, always check out mom and pay attention.

      one of my exes who i would have probably stayed with if she hadn’t cheated had an ugly ass mother. i ignored that fact because i was full blown in love with the girl.

      dodged a bullet with her for sure though. she held up pretty well for a long time, then started morphing into an ugly troll just like her mom. teeth, hair, eyes, body, everything started turning into her mother. she now looks a lot like a retarded witch. thinning hair, big ugly teeth, pointy nose, the whole deal.

      on side note: this is exactly why i made a comment about a girl’s big rabbit chompers in a previous post.

      buck teeth might look kind of okay when a girl is young and hot, but as she ages and her face settles, sags, loses all it’s collagen, those teeth start to look bigger and uglier. if you’re into dating girls who look like rodents, more power to you but that’s not my thing.


      • “buck teeth might look kind of okay when a girl is young and hot, but as she ages and her face settles, sags, loses all it’s collagen, those teeth start to look bigger and uglier.”

        Hmm..I’m rubbing my chin and thinking, maybe this partly explains the obsession a good number of men (myself included) have with chicks with braces. Partly in itself, most chicks with braces in themselves do look bonerrific. But also, maybe it’s also that self improvement angle that braces give. This is a woman who wants to improve her looks.

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  13. i’m a personal trainer

    the female clients i’ve fucked have all had BFs


  14. on October 24, 2017 at 5:28 pm earlthomas786

    ‘The bang threshold is similar to the nuptial threshold, except in the former you aren’t legally bound to one pussy for life…’

    Unless your momentary event of ecstasy produces a little bundle of joy…you know, one of the final results of sex. Just remember, ‘forgot to take my pill’ sometimes just happens.


  15. As a recovering beta who has only just discovered his inner alpha I’m having trouble getting the jerkboy right to clearing the bang threshold. What are the best posts in the archives I should look at in terms of escalating kino and what one should do when you’re alone with a guy?

    Basically, I can talk to a girl without nice guy neediness. But how do I get her tingling when we’re alone?


  16. who’s the braud in the gif


    • i’d like to know too. she’s a cutie.

      have watched that at least a dozen times. brain keeps thinking i’ll get a glimpse of something lol


  17. on October 24, 2017 at 5:51 pm The Philosopher

    Trump better hope tax handouts for the Caymans people fails. Because if he signs that and ends ocare, they will get rid of him having no other need for him.


  18. “and carrying her over it is a lot easier at her pre-marital weight.” Now THAT is phucking FUNNY!!!!


  19. “what’s a boyfriend?”


  20. “I have a boyfriend”….aka, an accessory. And they say men are the objectifiers. Pfft.


    • on October 24, 2017 at 8:10 pm The Philosopher

      Theres another thing ive seen of some good looking women having ‘prop’ boyfriends. These are nice beta types to show off to the parents and friends. But she will be doing cads all tge while.

      Rollo tomassi is right in that the beta bux alpha fucks is the feminine imperative. Women actually psychology seek safe men for dads and take the seed of the cad to cuckold if they can get away with it. The number 1 option is to keep an alpha. But that is impossible in a sexually deregulated market courtesy of our good jewish friends pointing out how religions are scams…except the jewish holy book which mandates israel and its protection.


    • on October 24, 2017 at 8:13 pm The Philosopher

      Theres a certain ‘look’ to the prop boyfriend. I wish i could link peoples fb pages…a kind of ‘sensitive’ brown eyed watery look. I normally would never tell a friend he was being used as a prop. These people are nice guys with great looking women now living the blue pill dream. A liveable dream is worth a thousand mundane realities.


      • on October 24, 2017 at 8:16 pm The Philosopher

        On the other hand someone that is or was a loser and cant get girls even that way needs to hear the full truth. My experience in telling full on losers what they need to do and how womeb really are is that they lacl willpower and character to do anything even if yhey accept it. That is the real reason they are considered losers. Not their bad looka or height in my opinion.


  21. on October 24, 2017 at 7:02 pm Brad Matthews

    She was shopping. She has a boyfriend she wants to dump, but women never leave until they lock in a replacement. Especially when they are married.

    [CH: monkey branch theory. works for men too btw.]


    • monkey branch theory works for women. Not men.

      Some men (beta males) shop for women. Most alphas go through cycles. LTR, then single, plays the field, harems, LTR again. (Johnny Depp’s life story)


  22. Always Be Escalating. If she murmurs to you to stop, don’t.

    My favorite go-to when a girl would verbalize “We shouldn’t do this” or similar was to agree with her and continue doing what I was doing.

    HB: “We shouldn’t do this.”
    Moses: “You’re right. This is so bad.” [continuing to ‘do this’]
    HB: [even more into it]

    Sometimes when I felt she was about to verbalize LMR I would do it first — “This is so bad…we don’t even know each other…” as things heated up.

    Worked like a charm every time.


    • Had a gal request that I not refer to her as a “naughty little girl” because of our age difference. I realize now I should have escalated.


  23. on October 24, 2017 at 8:39 pm Observasaurus Rex

    Maybe I’m getting old, but all I could think of during his story was “she is not worth this much hassle”. Even picturing an 18yr old version of Melissa Joan Hart or Sarah Michelle Geller, I see myself vaguely waving towards the door with a “drive safe” and a wide mouthed yawn.


  24. “I have a boyfriend”
    “You’re right – we shouldn’t be doing this.”

    Then proceed as planned. The agree-and-amplify response establishes that the two of you are, in fact, “doing this”.


  25. “I have a boyfriend”
    “I don’t want to hear about your problems”

    “I have a boyfriend”
    “What’s his name?”
    “Wow …
    “That’s my boyfriend’s name. Wait a second …”

    “I have a boyfriend”
    “That’s just gonna make it more exciting”


  26. “I have a boyfriend.”

    “Me too.”

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  27. on October 24, 2017 at 10:09 pm Unacknowledged Legislator

    This one, is a bit cleaned up for Paul C Roberts, but at quick glance, its spot on. RIP Left of America and don’t let the door hit your ass.


  28. “But I have a boyfriend!”
    I respect that. (and go for the kiss right away)


  29. hahhhaaha
    one cannot complain about not living in the most lunatic of all ages

    Actress Heather Lind made allegations Tuesday claiming when she met former President George H.W. Bush, 93, he ‘sexually assaulted’ her from his wheelchair


  30. jeez
    one cannot complain about not living in the most lunatic of all ages


    • Here is the rapist


    • Here is the rapist


      • What comforts me is that I too can use my power, which isn’t so different from a President really. I can enact positive change. I can actually help people. I can be a symbol of my democracy. I can refuse to call him President, and call out other abuses of power when I see them. I can vote for a President, in part, by the nature of his or her character, knowing that his or her political decisions must necessarily stem from that character. My fellow cast-mates and producers helped me that day and continue to support me. I am grateful for the bravery of other women who have spoken up and written about their experiences. And I thank President Barack Obama for the gesture of respect he made toward George H. W. Bush for the sake of our country, but I do not respect him.
        ” I can be a symbol of my democracy”
        this is what happens when you let dumb cunts run loose
        Jesus Christ it is true that I have fun from time to time but tell your father that I am on the verge of lolz breakdown most of the time

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      • Nothing more than another shit test these girls are doing but on steroids. Going after a 90 something former President no less. Maybe her precedent is not much the Weinstein case but the case where Taylor Swift denounced some radio DJ for grabbing her ass also during a photo 90s. Which is not possible as Swift has no ass.

        And of course, this girl is definitely not ugly, but that angry bitch face never fails.


      • it does make you wonder where his left hand is, though…


      • If he’s senile, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he copped a feel.

        Nurses are familiar with crude come-ons from drugged-up patients coming out of anaesthesia.

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      • “If he’s senile, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he copped a feel.”

        he apologized, so guilty as charged (cucking in the first degree)

        “These sluts are on fire.

        I have no idea what the Jews were thinking letting them off the leash.

        This whole bitch is going to get burned down.


        George H. W. Bush has apologized to an actress who accused him of sexually assaulting her while they posed for a photograph together four years ago.

        The actress, Heather Lind, wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that she was standing next to the former president when he “touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side.” Lind also alleges Bush told her a “dirty joke.””

        men, if any woman ever accuses you if any “inappropriate” behavior, either flip the script or double down.

        “yeah, I grabbed it. took a week to get the smell off”

        “nobody wants to grab her, except in her dreams. I WANTED to grab the fertile young intern next to her, but I couldn’t reach her from my wheelchair because that washed up cougar blocked me.”


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      • “Nurses are familiar with crude come-ons from drugged-up patients coming out of anaesthesia.”

        this is true. most of them don’t complain about it or call it sexual assault though. they just chalk it up as part of the job and take it as flattery. same with waitresses and bartenders. they get attention from men all the time. the good girls laugh it off and the not so good ones, take it as an opportunity to get attention, either by complaining about it, or by using it as an opportunity to set the stage for cheating on their boyfriend.

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      • Let’s call it Grandpa Game:
        Notice how senior citizen men can act somewhat lecherous and young women just giggle it off. How do they do it? Their age related frailty makes them not appear to be physically intimidating. Wonder if a grandpa that lifts would get the same reaction…

        If Bush Sr were not a former POTUS, this [email protected] tale would have been a BIG yawn.

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      • The Jews may have unleashed the one force more implacable than they are: a horde of thots who can garner immense attention and play the victim in front of the media by relentlessly exposing (heh) every real or imagined bit of “harassment” from even slightly famous men.

        What the hell were they thinking? This stands a good chance of burning a lot of them to the ground alongside the goyim.


      • What the hell were they thinking? This stands a good chance of burning a lot of them to the ground alongside the goyim.

        Dude! Haven’t you learned by now that that’s the Big Tell of Evil? Satan knows he’s going down with everyone else he can take with him.


      • did anybody here know who heather lind was before this? me neither. apparently she’s some c-list actress. i guess being known as the chick who got fingered by a senile ex-president in a wheelchair will be at the top of her cv.

        but wait…she happens to have an identical twin sister.

        ‘you molestered me’
        ‘oops, thought you were christina’

        at least she’s thin.


    • It’s interesting how “sexual liberation” turned into a sort of “hysterical yet voyeuristically leering ultra-puritanism.” This is the most schizophrenic shit that can be imagined.

      [CH: it’s part and parcel of the post-america dehumanization protocol.]


      • on October 25, 2017 at 4:13 am earlthomas786

        It’s almost like there’s morality and responsibility that goes with sex…it’s not all free love and having your body treated like it’s an object.

        It is amazing how women don’t get cause and effect very well. They think the freedom is good, until it actually happens.


      • Puritanism was never based upon female hysteria from fucking too many guys and then complaining about all the others thinking it was open season.

        Youse yeggs gotta stop writing your own dictionaries.


      • It’s because most are left out and are jealous and bitter. Feminists want to be top banana and can’t be is all. So they spoil it for everyone else too.


      • on October 25, 2017 at 6:15 pm Vagina dominator

        It’s push-pull. The result does not matter. All that,matters is that you be constantly off balance.

        To keep your mental balance, just always remember (((who))) is behind it.


    • on October 25, 2017 at 1:45 am Vagina dominator

      What part of “women are followers” does this not clarify?


  31. on October 25, 2017 at 3:35 am ModifiedLiving

    Beta test: Come and hug me….
    Response: I’d rather kiss you…
    Gauge a response to this, maintain eye contact with cheeky smirk. Don’t just dive in finger first at her clitoris like Vagina Dominator suggests. If she rejected the kiss, lord knows how she’d react to your grubby finger spearing at her pussy.

    Shit test: I have a boyfriend.
    Response: Perfect! So you won’t mind if I don’t call you tomorrow morning.


  32. Developing nerves of ice is muy importante. As a younger man, I fumbled in the red zone from seeming too eager.

    But in the past few years, refined by game studies, I’ve become able to give off an air of complete unflappability whilst approaching consummation. “You were so confident.”…”Next thing I knew, my bra was off!…”, etc.


  33. ‘i have a bf’

    says every girl i’ve fucked in my time as a personal trainer

    most of them in the gym to tighten up and hunt down alpha cock


  34. slip into a convo that u can help a girl get the body she wants

    knocks her off her pedestal. u don’t think much of her.

    i’ve gotten digits with this


  35. i think women r intimidated by ripped men because a man who’s hyper attuned to his own body will be just as critical of her’s

    work this


  36. Wow, terrible advice…”Physically escalate as long as she’s giving in to it, and don’t quit unless she’s walking out your door in a hurry. .” Yeah, that’s sure to help your defense in the felony rape trial. I do the opposite at the sign of any resistance – – point to the door and say “You’re here because you WANT to be. If not, there’s the exit.” I don’t want a woman around who is anything other than clearly, enthusiastically desirous of getting into my bed. Life is too short and dangerous for anything else.

    [CH: only an incel dork or bitter lonely femcunt would misconstrue the natural and delightful progression towards sex between a man and a woman as felony rape. if she’s heating up (slowly, as most women do) the last thing you want to do is get all butthurt and point at the door the moment she moves your hand from her crotch.]


    • I remember a higher beta unsuccessful takedown of a lucious but engaged redhead. She was a roommate of a good female orbiter and we had spent a night out drinking and stuff, female orbiter departs, we go back to my place to smoke illicit cigs out the window.

      I leaned in for a kiss as we were sitting across each other and she went for it. I was able to escalate until we were on my bed making out. God, the tits were spectacular, even if we were still over the bra. She’d mention fiance, I’d go “mmm hmm” but I guess I didn’t do enough of whatever because she finally got the guilts and left.

      she called me the next morning to hang out by the pool. Bikini. But then the finance showed up and that was that.


  37. she: lemme see your bedroom
    he: you’re not dressed for it
    she: what?
    he: your birthday suit


  38. on October 25, 2017 at 7:43 am Ralph Stanley

    True story: I once made out with a hot married Scandinavian girl in the kitchen of her apartment while her husband was asleep in another room. We were both in our 20’s and living in a major North American city. I had been a serious beta in college and was only beginning to come into my own in my mid-late 20’s.

    We had flirted all night and my lust, coupled with a disgust that she would flirt in front of her husband, drove me to make a move. I was also too dumb to know I was playing with fire. I do NOT recommend this behavior, unless you want play a starring role in a true-crime story.

    A friend of mine had tagged along and was sorta cock-blocking me (was dropping comments and making me feel bad). He kept walking into the kitchen to stare at us. It was a good thing, actually, because the husband eventually woke up and came into the kitchen. By that time we were only talking, but he put an end to the party. She was divorced not long after (was it a green card marriage?).

    We’re “friends” on social media. The girl is still smoking hot but has had a string of boyfriends over the years. No husband, no kids. Has probably hit the big 4-0. Stupid “fashion” career. Is always posting retarded liberal platitudes, including “#MeToo”. [snort] Me too!


  39. on October 25, 2017 at 8:01 am Diogenes the Cynic

    Her: “I have a boyfriend…”

    Me: (Gayest lisp possible): “Me too!”

    Her: (giggles)

    This shit works like kryptonite.

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  40. on October 25, 2017 at 9:49 am Captain Obvious

    PHYSIOGNOMY QUIZ: Guess the personality.


    • Cuvkservative, RINO?


    • Outwardly religious. Loves the NFL. Just reminded everyone in the department to submit a time sheet. Faps to wife’s friends. Visits prostitutes.

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    • on October 25, 2017 at 11:14 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      Lester the Molester.


    • on October 25, 2017 at 11:45 am Captain Obvious



      • on October 25, 2017 at 11:50 am Captain Obvious

        That filthy fat phucking J00 took $9 million from the Obama/Clinton DNC, funnelled the money to a Mossad Psy Ops outfit called “Fusion GPS”, in order to create a fake dossier on the Goad Emperor, and then the filthy fat phucking J00 lied about it for more than a year.


      • on October 25, 2017 at 11:52 am Captain Obvious

        Two quick points:

        1) The filthy fat phucking J00 came out of Minnesota, where the J00z [Kohl, Franken, etc] have a stranglehold on the collective Insulae of those hopelessly malleable far-northern Lutheran fools, and

        2) I warned youse guys a long time ago that “Fusion GPS” was a Mossad Psy Ops initiative.

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      • on October 25, 2017 at 11:56 am Captain Obvious

        BTW, the picture which (((Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT))) poasted was of the GOY, Christopher Steele, not of the filthy fat phucking J00, Marc Elias.

        Remember, the Talmud forbids (((them))) from testifying against one another.

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    • hmmm, scummy dnc bagman


    • Can’t youse yeggs tell a kike lawyer by now when you see one?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      [CH: i’ve been meaning to ask…what’s a yegg?]


      • If you want to make a yomelet…


      • I can tells them but I can’t tells them much.


      • A yegg is an old gangster term for one of his gang… it can also mean just a thief or lawbreaker in general.

        I first heard the term in the movie Miller’s Crossing… the wop gang boss jokingly tells the star (who’s acting like he wants to join the Italian’s gang to get revenge on his former Irish boss) that he’s glad said star seems so smart because “we only take yeggs what’s been to college”.

        [CH: damn i need a smoky pub and monochrome palette after reading that.]


      • One meaning is a criminal who blasts safes with nitro though I don’t think anyone’s used that since the 50’s


  41. Quiz answer: Diversity Coordinator at a small college.


  42. on October 25, 2017 at 11:14 am Captain Obvious

    Las Vegas shooter’s laptop missing its hard drive


  43. other lessons learned/ch maxims confirmed:

    – do not do ‘long distance relationships’ or let your bitch go on a vacation without you

    – girls who dye their hair unnatural colors (or worse, multiple colors) are psychologically defective. sometimes batshit insane

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    • on October 25, 2017 at 11:41 am Captain Obvious

      “psychologically defective”

      Also girls who wear bangs.

      And girls who wear hats.

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      • yes to all including bangs and hats. means they are subconsciously trying to hide something. guilt, current or past sluttitude, evil soul…


      • not saying an occasional hat isn’t okay. i’m partial to girls who wear hats occasionally in the summer to protect from too much sun.

        it’s the ones who wear different kinds of hats all the time. stocking hats in winter, baseball hats and visors the rest of the time. those are the ones you have to watch out for

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      • Functional hat? No worries.

        Ornamental/novelty hat? Big Fucking Attention Whore Problems. Steer clear, gents.

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      • Annie Hall syndrome. I remember thinking that movie lame and wondered why all the girls seems to lurv that stupid D-i-a-n-e K-e-a-t-o-n character.

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    • unnatural color hair girl can be high sex drive, easy to close?


  44. Here comes your enrichment.

    – Hordes of Africans Waiting to Flood Europe –


  45. The great awaking ?

    – Poll: Majority Of White Americans Say Whites Are Discriminated Against In America –


  46. Men,
    Please allow an old man to add to the discussion. A few months back I twice ran into the woman whom I had always remembered as the best sex partner in my life. Thirty some years had passed. On the second chance encounter I got her phone number, and the following day called her and she invited me over. We did the catching up of life story etc and it became clear we still had our chemistry.

    Previous to this, I had read here at CH the power achieved in standing behind a woman and kissing her neck. So when what must have appeared to her as my making it the time for me to leave, I walked over to the kitchen sink and washed my hands. She had followed me close behind of course, and I said nothing to her as I dried my hands. I then turned her around and moved right in on kissing her neck while breathing her in. I held her head in my hands while working her neck, and she backed up against me. Here, I knew not to waste time on titties; my hand was in then her pants. I kept on her neck and on her clam for a bit then I abruptly stopped, zipped up her pants, and said I had to go. A week or so later we hooked up and we’ve been going at it ever since and it literally feels like I’ve gone back in time.

    She later said that she was puzzled by why I was washing my hands. I didn’t tell her that I had known where they would shortly be and that I knew she would appreciate them being clean. Also, in that time at the sink I set in my mind my intention to have this woman again…to have my hands in her pants.

    Sure, we had history and had balled each other while in our 20s so this isn’t a textbook example of Game, but I did want to share the power of CH’s truth about the neck from behind and making the intention of of taking control of a willing woman’s body.

    Fwiw, she and I are not 58 year old fat bodies pounding decrepit uglies. I’m in construction and my life depends on my remaining strong and fit. I’m in the gym every other day and in the pool for a mile of laps every other. She’s been into yoga (I know) for 25 or so years. Now, I must cop to needing the boner pills, yet my lady says she respects me for being open about it and bringing them into the sack time.

    So, stay fit and strong. Set intentions for time on clam. Keep her guessing and mix up any and all ideas found here with those conjured on the fly.

    [CH: great anecdote.]

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  47. on October 25, 2017 at 3:28 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    Another seminal poast to add to the CH canon, perhaps one day to be compiled in its entirety by candlelight on a long, dark, northern winter night.

    It reminds me of a situation some time ago which to this day I look back with a mixture of regret and consolation that I have at least progressed.

    August 2006. A starry, Alberta night. Just starting out in the corporate world, I was on an extended business trip to Western Canada. Head office sent a few of us out there and put us up in the same hotel. I was new and most people on the team were from various parts of the vast organization. It was one of those business trips where one puts in long days, and spends a lot of time with colleagues in restaurants and bars after hours. If you have a good group of people, you can build some solid camaraderie, and this was no exception. Incidentally, I’d picke up Neil Strauss’ “The Game”, during this junket, but it would take me years to put the principles into practice. There was no Tindér back then and one had to do pickup the old fashioned way. I picked up an ok-looking barmaid in Edmonton, got a post-drinking handjob from one co-worker in her 30s, and shooed another less-attractive coworker away from my hotel room, and that was about it for a summer. It was the height of the oil boom in Western Canada and the ratios were terrible at da clubs, if that helps explain away the lacklustre results.

    Anyways, near the end, head orifice sends a few more staff out, and one is a very cute, slim with a big rack, blue eyed, 23 year old brunette. About 5’6″. I’d bump into her in the lobby a few times, or during a group dinner, crack the odd joke. She talked about a boyfriend back home. On my last night before flying (and it’s always the last night it seems), I rapped on her door to invite her out. She said she’d just gotten in and wanted to stay in, but invited me to have a few beers in her suite. (Girlz who drinks beers: easy). Wouldn’t you know it, a while later we’re sitting on her bed, somehow migrating from the couch to there.

    This girl was away from home and the boyfriend for the first time, having fun with an expense account and staying in a hotel at the company’s expense, and drinking with a guy on her bed. All signals were flashing that she wanted to bang. But you know what? I did fuck all. I didn’t even go in for a kiss. I was nervous, thought that I shouldn’t do anything because of the boyfriend, and like a lot of unawares North American men in their early 20s, had gotten laid hitherto largely because of the girl taking the initiative. When I saw her back at head office a few months later, she was a different person; fun times were over, and presumably back in the arms of the boyfriend. Game literature helps articulate a way of improving one’s results in the poosy department. But it’s also age and the confidence and impudence that accrues with it that
    ultimately is the driving force behind putting it into action. Many men will go into their 30s and 40s without ever gaining the confidence to grab it – sad!

    [CH: long dark winters are conducive to creative output (and perhaps to evolved higher IQ)]


    • on October 25, 2017 at 3:39 pm Les Saunders, Protestant


      10 years later to the date, I’m on another assignment and holed up in a hotel on the other side of the world. I’m talking to the concierge and in walks a sexy 25 year old Chinese girl, checking in (I know). I strike up a conversation, she’s here on vacation alone, I tell her, let’s go out and see the city tonight. We head out, drinks on balcony, local food, venue change to another rooftop bar. I stroke her lap and thigh. She’s wearing both engagement and wedding rings. We get back to the hotel, I invite her to my room, have to convince her to not get off at her floor. Get her back, she puts up resistance, turns her back to me. I go for her neck, and before you know it, her clothes are off and she’s getting banged.

      What a difference 10 years makes.


  48. Lot of gold in this post