Your Daily Game: The Forgotten Wingman

Do men hit the field with wings anymore? It seems in this anti-social, SJWed, MeScrewy age the wingman institution is struggling to survive. Do men even sarge? Solo? I see a lot of slores gallivanting around after 5pm, but not nearly as many men.

A teaser I’ve dropped on chicks which has proven surprisingly effective requires the use of a wingman. It’s a line delivered with an attitude that you’d describe as “cocky-asshole”, so be prepared to back up your bluster with the necessary ZFG to bat away the girl’s indignant reaction.

I walk up to the girl and say, “My buddy over there says you were checking him out. Maybe try not to be so obvious, he spooks easily.”

This works no matter what she was doing.

  1. Not checking either of you out. Now she’ll protest her innocence and/or your arrogance, which opens fruitful avenues of flirtation.
  2. She was checking out your buddy. Wave him over, because she’s ready to talk. Ideally, he’ll have a relevant reply at the ready, such as, “Ah man, I didn’t want to get dragged into this” or “damn, the pressure is on”.
  3. She was actually checking you out, in which case she’ll likely play along or suddenly turn shy. You could go many different ways with this. You could affect an air of sudden realization, “Oh wait, that was ME you were checking out. Well, this is awkward”. Or you could act the part of the disappointed friend. “Now I have to go over there and break the bad news to him”.

This is classic Assume The Sale Game, with a winged twist. The idea is that instead of lamely enduring two rejections from mutual inaction, you work together to ensure at least one of you gets a hot lead.


  1. on January 3, 2019 at 10:57 pm Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

    We used to hit the field with wings back in my day.


  2. A good wingman technique, when standing next to one or more hot chicks:

    Loudly, to my friend: “The trouble with women is that they always think everyone is talking about them!”

    Wingman supreme, also loudly: “I know! They take everything so personally!”

    Me: “It’s so self-centered!”

    Wingman: “Totally a turn off! Why do they all take everything so personally?”

    Guaranteed to have at least one girl (maybe more than one) interrupt you and say, “You know, I’m not like that at all.”

    At which point you and your friend can immediately move to keep her qualifying herself: “Oh yeah? Prove it.” (flash a wry smile at this point).


    “You can start by buying me a drink.”

    h/t John Cleese, when comedy once had balls:


  3. Yet another variation of “Dancing Monkey Game”. Small wonder that so many men have withdrawn in disgust.


  4. I would love to do wingman game. Unfortunately there are too many soyboi and limp wrist suck ups that worship female between legs kitty power to even take one on.

    It’s one thing to get the “just be yourself”, “don’t trick women with game” passive aggressive dudes. But I’ve been actively cck-blocked by guys thinking they have to protect the women from my advances.

    And while it’s amusing to see the women not appreciate such protection. Stunts like these really test a bro friendship.

    Also there is the very real effect of training a wingman, said wingman’s game improves and he bails into a long term relationship because to most poor saps “long term” is the goal of learning game.

    Back when I had a decent wingman it was fun to see women respond to two men actually working together rather than stumbling over each other for her affection. But that was before the Dark Times before the MeToo Empire.

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    • on January 4, 2019 at 12:06 am SteveRogers42

      At some colleges, the (((usual suspects))) officially train the male students to clock-block any guy who appears to be making progress with a female. Posters are printed, slogans are coined, all to “protect” strong empowered wymyn who don’t need no man.


    • on January 4, 2019 at 12:15 am Captain Obvious

      “see women respond to two men actually working together rather than stumbling over each other”


    • on January 4, 2019 at 3:32 am Carlos Danger

      Just being you works well if you have a strong masculine presence. Then they open you and seek to flirt.


      • True, but cut out the middleman:

        “Just be masculine.”


      • Masculinity is not as attractive to women as Alpha is… Alpha is universally attractive to women.

        If you can demonstrate the Alpha Triad traits – passionate, dynamic and authentic displays, women will be attracted.

        Now you still need to act on that attraction. The first step is being able to recognize that a woman is becoming attracted… Then lead her through seduction.

        That is where Game comes in… Think of game as a language. The verball and physical language of female seduction.

        Naturals are “native speakers” who grew up with some fluency… Or maybe just a tourists handful of phrases… Enough to orser food and find the train station. And get laid.

        For the rest, learn game like any other language. Become fluent.

        Reap the rewards.


      • @Sent

        Of course, you are correct. Alpha is more attractive than masculine (assuming masculine and alpha are different things).

        I was critiquing the unnecessary circularity of the old “just be you, as long as you = alpha” nonsense.

        Just be alpha.


  5. As ostensibly one of your younger (though it’s been 5? years) but seasoned readers, the answer to your question is, no. Wings don’t exist anymore. At best you drag a buddy along that fucks it up or a guy that steps on your toes. I’ve been solo for awhile now. You have to have that right mix of guy that is both ambitious but willing to let his ego slide for the greater good and I don’t think I know anyone but myself like that.


    • Wholeheartedly agree. In my younger days, there were a few of us who all did really fantastic British accents. We’d go out to bars in larger cities and pretend we were part of a band: Brit-pop, post invasion hardcore, etc. Whatever nonsense we could come up with that day. Couldn’t play an instrument to save our lives but didn’t matter.

      All of us worked as a team on chicks in the bar: some nights you were buried in thots, some nights it was someone else. I don’t have a single friend now that would try such a thing for the betterment of anyone else in the group.


  6. I came to your site after finding ur article on how porn lowers men’s standards, which I thought was pretty good. Disappointing, though, to see that u peddle this ‘game’ shit. I understand why ‘game’ and ‘pick up’ have become phenomenon in our culture. Society losing morals, becoming hedonistic and decadent, feminism, growing polarisation between the sexes and relationship capitalism and the gensesis of dating dynamics where people want to just capitalise on each other. All of this creates a culture of broken people who raise more broken people and then you end up with the likes of Julien Blanc. The epitome of a desperate loser. So maybe this ‘game’ shit is understandable but it just contributes to the destructive forces in society that destroy morals and harmony between the sexes. Just like feminism. Its just a different side of the same coin.

    [CH: i disagree. Game *can* contribute to social dissolution, but it doesn’t have to. THink of it this way: Game gives men options. Men with options are choosier and therefore less likely to prostrate themselves for substandard women. The overall effect on the dating market is to elevate both men and women to be better people.]


    • Game isn’t the same as pick up. Game turns the fem-centric fabric of social interaction on its head. It isn’t a destructive or constructive force on a macro level but individually it evens things out. Read ‘The Rational Male’ by Rollo Tomassi. He explains it properly.


  7. Just watched a natural help two buddies. They entered the club together, natural does his open on a second tier two set. He did his routine but amplified it way overboard. The girls physically pushed him away, he acted ridiculous doing an exaggerated male stripper thing. His buddies followed in his wake, made a comment to them about his silliness as their opening. They chatted with the girls for 5 minutes and got their numbers. I watched natural for the rest of the night. He toned it way down as he hit on the top 50% of girls. But he seemed to calibrate for each set, he was more animated for the girls with fun personalities. He ignored tatted up fatties. It was fun to watch whenever he was near. The only time I saw him interact with a woman in the bottom of the barrel was an older woman who could have been the manager’s mother. Older model wasn’t a cougar just actied and dressed her age. He got her on the dance floor and she seemed to have fun with it. Seemed like he warmed up with the first throwaway set then sampled everything bangable plus the older unit. I left before he did so didn’t see how he ended it.


    • on January 4, 2019 at 6:36 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “he seemed to calibrate for each set”

      Been screaming that here since forever.

      Know thy prey [and re-calibrate accordingly].


  8. Men don’t sarge anymore because of online dating. The only ones forced to sarge (aka humiliating themselves as lost souls) are the one with the misfortune of a non-photogenic face

    [CH: you write like a loser who hasn’t been out of the house in ten years. Try hitting up a local club sometime. what you’ll see are men who are social winners hitting the field to flirt with real life women instead of online profiles.]


    • Lookism retard sighted…

      The power of Game, of cold approach pick up is in YOU being the chooser, and not the chosen.

      And that my friends (and you fags) is the most masculine frame there is.

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      • Of course by YOU sarging in the absence of other’s doing same, you’ve massively elevated your status and enhanced your chances.

        Chicks are blown away by cold approach. They’ve literally never been picked up before…


      • Real life pickup takes balls and gets you better looking girls. Online dating is for the lazy like the rest of the modren world.


    • on January 4, 2019 at 11:27 am Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

      bob mueller faggot


  9. It’s been a long 3 years since 2016.


  10. on January 4, 2019 at 7:00 am Elmer T. Jones

    Yeah but wuddaboug her fat friend?


  11. Rarely see guys sarge. Never see guys sarge with wings.

    I think the wing problem is there are so few guys who can have strong masculine friendships. You meed that to a) be able to cooperate in a pick up and b) handle the inevitable intra wing competition that will surface… Laugh of a “win” or “loss” to your wing.

    That kind of male friendship is disappearing. Now guys are quick to turn beta supplicant or white knight if they think that will edge you out. And they mean it…

    Vs. Good naturedly telling a girl talking to your wing “it’s all good honey, his syphilis is cleared up” … And he cracks up…

    When was the last “buddy movie” made?


    • on January 4, 2019 at 7:56 am mudsharks are the greatest losers

      buddy movies are common in bollywood and anime. i also have a hunch that it’s a very common theme the world over. except in white countries.


    • on January 4, 2019 at 7:59 am CalvinDecline

      I think the wing problem is there are so few guys who can have strong masculine friendships. You meed that to a) be able to cooperate in a pick up and b) handle the inevitable intra wing competition that will surface… Laugh of a “win” or “loss” to your wing.



      • I only see evidence these days of this kind of male bonding on lacrosse teams…

        Lax can save us, but (((they))) are trying to kill it… Under the guise of “grow the game” and girls lax.


    • Sentient on fire today.


    • All my friends deserted me after my divorce/red pill journey. Except one. Guess which one it was? That’s right, the mega-alpha dentist that has been lifting since high school. And he was the least close of my friends before. Friendships, relationships, families: modernity is the Destroyer.


  12. on January 4, 2019 at 7:57 am Rob in Florida

    I’ve been undermined by so many previous potential wingmen who have all of a sudden turned white knight or soymen mid-pickup that I honestly prefer the lone hunt. Too much single male thirst and soymen out there… I keep my buddies’ list short.


    • It’s a myth that you can’t be successful solo…

      It’s great and if you are pretty good, much better than a subpar wing.

      Yes solo can invite some shit testing like “so where are your friends?” Or “you’re out all alone!” Etc.

      Guess what? You WANT shit tests early… So you can smash them. This is how it works…


      • on January 4, 2019 at 9:25 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        “Where are all your friends?”

        “I just fell out after fucking his woman and drinking his beer.”


      • What’s your reply to “all alone”? I go with “It was past their bedtimes” but I’m not in love with it.

        I agree with the stuff re: wings going white knight. I go with my brother, he’s fine but my buddies are shit. Try to steal so you have to clown them and it hurts their feelings.

        I started gaming with women wings 90% of the time about 6 months ago and I think they work better


      • @DB

        Preselection. Chicks work well as wingmen because if she can stand the sight and presence of you (works better if she’s at least cute) then who is this other chick to resist?

        Same idea as being married: chicks love the ring because at least one woman can handle being in the same room with you. Plus, their competition mindset works against them. “Gee, I just know I’m better than his wife.”


      • What’s your reply to “all alone”? I go with “It was past their bedtimes” but I’m not in love with it.

        Well almost anything works. The key is in congruent delivery… You know it’s a shit test, you know she knows it’s a shit test, you know she knows you know it’s a shit test…

        The words aren’t too important. UNLESS… you can use them to get to the next step…

        HB Snotty: “SO why are YOU out all alone!!!”

        You: “I needed a drink… Just broke up with my Russian girlfriend… Yeah… we’d been going together about a year. But you know… I guess my being married was a problem for her… or something. Chicks!”

        etc… segue into a DHV story


      • stuck in mod of course… Short answer – the words don’t matter, it’s the deilivery, that you know it’s a shit test… and use whatever you say to spin into the next phase, DHV story.. etc.


      • on January 4, 2019 at 11:44 am Carlos Danger

        So where are your friends- I don’t have any.


  13. I suppose now’s as good a time as any to provide the obligatory wet-blanketism:

    If you’re using your game skills to find a good woman and create a traditional, nuclear, ethnically-homogenous family, then good luck and god speed.

    But if you’re using your game skills to spill your seed into yet another infecund hole and leave in your wake the ruined husk of another alpha widow, then you’re part of the god damned problem. And by the way, fuck you.

    Poolside is for cowards and bitch boys.


  14. I see chicks doing more than men. Unfortunately, 99% of the time it’s the cutie winging for the hilda.

    A good wing woman works well too…preselection and all.

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  15. It’s not really dancing monkey game…

    Game is primarily two elements. First, it’s using power of suggestion because women are extremely suggestible. They can, unbelievably, be convinced that they are attracted to you as long as you steadfastly and playfully maintain they are.

    Second, even if they know what you’re doing, they love it because they love guys who come across the room and run the script on them because they love attention and get physically aroused by male attention. Hence the phenomenon of the “attention whore”. For many women, the attention of sex is better than the actual sex.

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  16. Pardon my ignorance, but what is “sarge?”

    I’m not up on all the terminology and slang, and UrbanDictionary provided such useless definitions as “taking an enormous shit” or “a sex life consisting entirely of masturbating,” neither of which seem applicable.


  17. on January 4, 2019 at 11:42 am angrymidwesternermd

    Female wings who aren’t attention whores do pretty well on the in person level, especially those that you have hooked up with but stopped hooking up with. Remember the good ole days of friends with benefits?

    Married males who you knew when they were single make excellent wings too. They never white knight anymore! Maybe some instinctive level wants you to get with someone so you are no longer a threat to them.

    Pardon the sportsball metaphor, so much of winging is like running a pick and roll in basketball. Simple, effective, and extremely versatile. Only requirement is that 2 people be on kind of the same page.


  18. In my single guy winging for a buddy days, I’d just walk up to random attractive women and introduce myself, then tell them they should meet my friend.

    About half the time they weren’t interested, the other half of the time they would say something to the effect of liking my confidence, and I would end up running on them.

    If guys don’t do things like this anymore, I imagine there’s lots of banging not being done.


  19. Back in the day I was known for being a good wingman. It’s both an art form and a science.


  20. I only roll solo (sarge). That was a bold concept way back in the Tyler Durden/Mystery days, and is one of their concepts thats actually stood the test of time and a man’s game.
    Like Willen DeFoe said in Platoon, “I work best alone…”


  21. Just moved to DC. Any tips on finding a wingman in a new city?


  22. I have never used a wingman. Met all the girls I dated thru school or work.