Democrats Are The Party Of The Rich

From Sean Davis,

Prior to Tuesday’s election, Ds held 55 of the richest 100 US House districts (median household income, 2017) and Rs held 45. After the election, Ds will hold 73 and Rs will hold 20, with 7 seats yet to be decided.

The richest House districts (median household income, 2017) in *10* states flipped from R to D this election: CO-6; GA-6; IL-6; IA-3; KS-3; MI-11; MN-3; NJ-7; PA-7; SC-1. UT-4 is likely to join, making 11. The rich turn ever more to the Democrats.

Who are “the rich”?

White “new economy” liberals
Suburban soccer moms

Wealth has moved from manufacturing to finance, tech, media, and entertainment. Wealth has therefore moved from White Christian men to White HR catladies and nonWhites.

The Dems are becoming the party of the rich because the rich are becoming the demography of the market dominant minority and virtue signaling White women who live in gated communities far away from Diversity™.

America is bifurcating along multiple axes:

Whites from nonWhites.
Rich from middle and working classes.
Rural from urban.
White women from White men.

The splits are accelerating, worsening, deepening.

This isn’t going to end well.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

You only had to listen to me.


  1. on November 9, 2018 at 12:00 pm Jonathan Castle

    57% of white women voted for Cruz in TX (according to whining libs who demand WW go back to the plantation).

    Are WW waking up?

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    • slap them, they’ll wake right up

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      • slap them with tagliatelle!


      • Or bend ’em over your knee and spank ’em if you’re too squeamish to give ’em five across the face. They might even like that and want more.

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      • Sentient: “beep boop travmanbad boop beep”


      • Travman fraud more accurate…


        issss BACK!

        $4000 dollar shekel spaghetti for tha bitches


      • feel free to come check anytime bud.

        But anyway, back to the OP. Dems are party of rich.

        They will say “SEE, being a dem makes you more successful!!!!”

        They will ignore that Chavez’s daughter has $4B. Yes with a B. In a collapsed, hollowed-out, communist economy. $4B.

        They’ll pivot and tell you that if you wanna be rich vote democrat, see! NOTHING you smear them with is going to have any effect bc their NPC script is inured to that. You’re NOT dealing with actual thinking humans here…you’re dealing with scripted characters.

        FFS, they been pushing gun control for decades and it’s actually never factually worked anywhere. Blacks correlate to crime, guns do not. But they still push it. That’s their script.

        Demoncraps will reject any notion that they do not epitomize virtue- this is the moral clarity of the bolshevik vision.

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    • Yeah voting for a cuckservative…that’s progress!


      • Big D, what’s the alternative, faggot? I’m tired of you cocksuckers talking shit and offering no solution.

        “Well, just don’t vote, guise.”

        Insufferable smug prick. Fuck off.


    • on November 9, 2018 at 5:35 pm baked georgia

      in texas that’s a very low number compared to previous elections


      • Right. But Cruz is an absolute turn off to women.
        He is “creepy” personified.
        I think a lot of it is that he is such a gamma that he turns off women on his own side.


    • Single white women are still fucked in the head.


    • Who cares about only one state? In many other states they voted D.

      Taken as a whole, they moved to the left, and less voted R than in 2016.


      • they were told to. By the shiny box. It delivers the script.

        All women are NPCs.


      • on November 10, 2018 at 9:06 am traitors first

        “All women are NPCs.”

        AWALT for the win


      • because that’s 36 electoral votes. together with florida 29…


      • Yes, baked georgia, but you look at the total US numbers to understand how women voted in the US (or men, or non-whites, or every other group).

        For example in California whites voted D. Did whites in the US vote D though? No. Thus you look at the national vote to understand the behavior of a certain demographic group and how pro-democrat they are, how pro-republican they are, etc..


  2. Its rule by, and for, Jews, faggots and catladies


    • on November 9, 2018 at 1:30 pm Captain Obvious

      The catladies are at their very worst when they weasel their way into the bureaucracies.

      Catladies with bureaucratic power can inflict almost unimaginable pain upon their serfs.

      And because the bureaucracies always reward the Passive Aggressive personality type, catladies are buoyed by an inexorably structural psychology which inevitably lifts them to the top.

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      • Catladies are the female equivalent of incels, only worse.

        Whereas incels take out their anger in a moment of rage and die in a bulletstorm, the catladies use the system to inflict pain and suffering on the world.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 2:15 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Cat ladies are civilization killers.

        Nunneries were the only answer.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 2:16 pm Captain Obvious

        Or stoning them as witches.

        Our ancestors were so much profoundly more intelligent than are we.

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      • Catladies are both a cause and effect of the progressive death cult.

        They are both a downstream effect of feminism as well as a cog in the dehumanising and demoralizing managerial state machine that spins gold into lead, poisining the next generation of women to the truth and beauty of western civ.

        Pozzitive feedback loop of barren, angry women.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 4:58 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Pozzitive feedback loop of barren, angry women.”

        Except that after three or four generations, it results in the removal of their genes from the Tree of Life, and something like Generation Zykl0n arises to replace them.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 8:40 pm gunslingergregi

        Generation Zykl0n arises to replace them.”””””’

        is how many million 10 years equals 20 million drop in bucket


      • on November 9, 2018 at 8:42 pm gunslingergregi

        Members of Generation Z were born between the years 1995-2009 and represent a quarter of the population of the United States””””’

        but only like 25 million white


      • Catladies, or kat-fraus, im Deutsch, were often the butterface, plain-jane becky-beta females, who possibly got some fleeting attention from ‘Chad’ and ‘Hans’ when in their younger, teenage years … who morphed into hideous, omega hausfraus, and with it, smv invisibility, after they hit their wall (which for many of ’em, probably came at the age of 23)

        And they have been simmering about it ever since, hence, ‘pu$$yhat’ & ‘rapefugees welcome’ in Germania

        Believe me, ‘altruism’ and ‘bleeding herzen’ do not in any way, shape, or form motivate these low-smv, lesser beta and omega females. These cretins care for nobody but themselves, and their vanity

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 2:47 pm Carlos Danger

      That is because our nation was deindustrialized in order to financialize everything. That system favors money lenders and those who can print money from thin air. All that is left is non productive industries that don’t produce capital and favor the physically weak conformists- once again so Jews aren’t threatened and can easily control these people. The long term cure for this is to reindustrialize and definancialize.

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      • yes- it got jewed out

        now we “need” immigrants economically…or something. That’s what they say bc that’s what economists say.

        things that grow no matter what…that’s like cancer behavior. Our economy is supposed to serve US, not the other way around.

        If our economy ACTUALLY needs mud people who go on welfare and do shit work for slave wages then our economy is FUCKED.


  3. What is leftism other than a moral fig leaf to justify the monomania of the rich? Open borders, constant war and a big government doling out cash and perks to insiders. Aside from Trump, Buchanan and a few others, the two parties have been in agreement about these donor friendly policies since at least the 1960s. The only question for voters has been: do you want your left wing policies with flag waving and bible thumping (GOP) or anti-white celebration of freaks (Dems)? More aesthetics than politics.

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 12:50 pm Captain Obvious

      Leftism is a Psychological Warfare Campaign masked as a moral fig leaf.

      It’s an ideological wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      Always has been, always will be.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm Captain Obvious

        What we need is a psychological warfare campaign to counter the innate wh0re-ish-ness of women which drives them to go chasing the shekels.

        Obviously Game fits the bill, but it can’t be a clever smart-aleck buttoned-down chr!st-cuck Game.

        It’s gotta be a dark ugly ruthlessly masculine Game.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:12 pm Captain Obvious

        Point being that as it becomes clearer & clearer to White women that the Left is indeed the party of the Super Rich, we will need stronger & stronger [& arguably moar vio1ent] Game in order to lure our women away from their innate whore-ish-ness [which would have them running off in search of wealthy Leftists to whom they can spread their legs].


      • “Point being that as it becomes clearer & clearer to White women that the Left is indeed the party of the Super Rich, we will need stronger & stronger [& arguably moar vio1ent] Game in order to lure our women away from their innate whore-ish-ness [which would have them running off in search of wealthy Leftists to whom they can spread their legs].”

        at the end of the day they want to spread for the stone cold killer who likes to spoon. (and choke fuck her).

        so play it safe, and be that guy, even when times are good.

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      • ESPECIALLY when times are good.

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      • Yes Cpl Oblivious, I agree 100%

        we need some kind of campaign to bring our women back. If only there was something we could look to, maybe something like history, to see how our grandfathers did it only 50 years ago, or gosh, if there were just someone we could ASK about this sort of thing, you know, get their input on the situation.

        Then we could scheme and strategize and sperg and come up with a campaign instead of something totally natural and organic.

        Something dark and ruthlessly masculine. Maybe if there were a religion that already had these components, we could adopt it. I dunno, I’m all out of ideas. We must spend more time scheming tho.


      • Trav must look pretty good in a turban, the way he touts the religion of peace ’round chere.

        Did you hear the one about the sultan who fell on hard times?

        He could only afford a flying remnant.


    • The Left always said “Eat The Rich”, and painted muh Rich as the fat cat “old, White dudes.”

      Can’t have it bOTH ways. ye who view the world through every material lens but the one that actually matters… the racial one.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:08 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ‘The Left always said “Eat The Rich”’

        The j00z said “Eat The Rich” when it benefitted j00z to have the rich eaten.

        But the j00z deploy an inductivism of deductivism: They’re constantly re-jiggering The Narrative in order to find the precise attack vector which maximizes j00ish outcomes at any particular moment in time.

        And as biological psychopaths, the j00z won’t even bat an eye at the thought of flipping on a dime, and suddenly crying out “Eat The Poor!” [which is effectively what they’ve been doing to Blue Collar Whites for at least a decade now].

        >>>>> “Can’t have it BOTH ways”

        The j00z not only have it both ways, the j00z have it ALL ways.

        That’s why the psychopath always has at an insurmountable advantage over you in any possible confrontation: Because the psychopath isn’t worried about silly little romantic conceits such as intellectual consistency; the psychopath only cares about WINNING.

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      • That’s why the psychopath always has at an insurmountable advantage over you in any possible confrontation: Because the psychopath isn’t worried about silly little romantic conceits such as intellectual consistency; the psychopath only cares about WINNING
        but (((they))) did hammer into them all of these silly concepts after having killed all your natural instincts
        these lost souls, these NPC’s are the victims an edmuhcational genocide unprecedented in the scale and magnitude

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:47 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “these lost souls, these NPC’s are the victims an edmuhcational genocide unprecedented in the scale and magnitude”

        Cortesar, it’s already having an YUGE darwinian effect on the underlying biological nature of the White race – going back to at least about 1960 – coming up now on three full generations.


      • The Left always said “Eat The Rich”…….

        I thought it was Krokus?


  4. Communism is always imposed by the rich at the top down, with the assistance of the useful idiots on the bottom.


    • on November 9, 2018 at 2:42 pm Carlos Danger

      Communism is nothing but the restoration of a two class system that enslaves the lower class for the benefit of the wealthy. It is the inner party that owns and controls the wealth.

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    • Marxism>Communism> Freudism>feminism>socialism>education> Unionism etc Unions were taken over along with their funds by the seltzer drinkers almost as soon as they were formed.
      All just schemes to get over on the naive goyim.


  5. on November 9, 2018 at 12:24 pm Deter Naturalist

    All the same thing:

    Asset markets rise due to mass-psychological optimism and trust.
    Lending & Borrowing become a way of life (same reason.)
    Living beyond one’s means becomes a way of life (same reason.)
    Deciding that things you don’t like should be eradicated to make the world better becomes fashionable (same reason.)
    Equalism theological dogma becomes fashionable (same reason.)
    Open borders seem like a great idea (same reason.)
    Wealth inequality rises as the wealthy own the assets that their peers are bidding ever higher in an upward spiral (same reason.)
    Industry is shipped overseas to make stuff for pennies and retail it in the USA for big dollars, enabling the rich to get way richer (same reason.)
    Industries that “make stuff” disappear; industries that entertain, or serve “desires” (including medical services) proliferate as demand is fueled by borrowed money (same reason.)

    We’ve been in “up mode” since 1981/82 (bonds & stocks, respectively.) The quantity of debt in existence *EXPLODED.*

    Along with that, belief in the palpably INSANE exploded, too.

    All of it will reverse when this near-forty year mania finally ends, and all this pathological trust and tear-off-your-clothes/run-in-circles optimism rolls over and moves toward its opposite pole. People today are so open that they’re like Peoples Temple cultists listening to Jim Jones.

    Few people alive today really remember what it was like before this long boom. I figure that if the top really was “in” this past September, we’ll know for sure by January. If we’ve finally (FINALLY) ended this longest-ever Extraordinary Popular Delusion and Madness of Crowds, much of what’s out of balance today will to back to balance (and then overshoot the other way.)

    It won’t pay to be a globohomo cultist when that happens.


  6. Maybe it’s time to reconsider our opposition of busing the less fortunate into the “good schools” eh?

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  7. We indeed have a very ominous challenge to the long-term health and well being of Nord-ish, Heritage America posed from the existential threat that a Asian & $emitic ‘overclass’ presents … Interesting that the most miscreants on the socialist, social justice wankers Left never, ever seem to notice that so much of Amerikwa’s wealth is vastly disproportionately controlled by these non-Whites

    To add insult to injury – there are some on the ‘Right’ (so-called ‘race-realists’ and ‘HBD’ nerds) that indirectly at least, almost applaud this takeover – the loss of the good jobs, income, and social status that are taken from Founding Stock, Heritage Americans from these alien Others

    Their excuse is pathetically often the childish, cowardly retort: “Well, at least they’re not NAM’S” (‘NAM’ meaning non-asian minority – ie, ‘at least they aren’t ‘Blacks and Latinos’)

    Guess what – the existential threat posed by this alien overclass to Our collective racial and tribal well-being is much, much greater than anything posed by any “NAM”, by far

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  8. on November 9, 2018 at 12:26 pm Oswald Spengler

    The Democratic Party has become a coalition of the very rich and very poor, united in common cause against the middle class.


    • Nothing about race? (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 2:18 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      No it’s a racial alliance against white man.

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      • Every non-White tribe in this country voted in the majority for Dems, and our ultimate dispossession and destruction.

        Jews, blacks, aztecs, chinese, streetshitters, mohameddans — all.

        Even among Whites, those voting for smaller government are a slim majority.

        The graphs being posted on Twitter that show this are good red-pilling material for salvageable civnats.

        Work it everywhere you can. We have to wake up our brothers and sisters — as many as possible.

        Not all of them can be salvaged — those can be left to the diversity for their cannibal pots. Think Haiti V 2.0.

        Eventually a full blown race war — a fight for survival and resources — will come to these shores. Denying that is foolish; equivalent to denying the impact of the Hart-Cellar act, NAFTA, or the importation of the the moneychangers and their evil usurious ways.

        Ever since (((they))) have attained positions of influence and power, this has been the goal, along with extinguishing us, our religion, our culture, and our history.

        Our very existence reminds (((them))) of their own inferiority and they cannot stand it.

        Ashketpathy is indeed real.

        Final redpillling question for normies:

        Why are there more Holocaust museums in teh USA than there are WWII memorials or museums?

        We didn’t do it. But we did sacrifice 250k White men for it (only 760 blacks died in WWII — another redpill gem).

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  9. Sam Syzyf Hyde

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    • I downloaded all the MDE episodes via torrent and this sketch was shoahed from the clips. That is mysterious.


    • Cortesar, I literally laughed so hard that I had to wipe the tears from my eyes after watching that video! Thanks! It needs to be shared widely and I’ll do my part to do exactly that.


  10. Face it. You guys have lost.

    Look at Arizona. Look at Georgia. Look at Florida.

    white women are increasingly bearing Children of Color. Conservative pundits SE Cupp and Mary Hamm say that Idris Elba is the sexiest man in the world.

    Men of Color have grown up fighting and are unapogetically masculine.

    white boys are effeminate and play video games


  11. Personally I voted against Yoder here (I live in the affluent Johnson County, KS suburban of Kansas City, formerly Yoder’s district). As repugnant as voting for a female, lesbian, “Native American” socialist was, Yoder had a powerful committee chairmanship he used to bring in masses of street shitters into my hometown and elsewhere. That Kochsucker RINO was corrupt to the core and had to go. Hopefully once we rinse out the Chamber of Commerce-owned RINOs by 2020, this won’t be an issue anymore.


    • Things are going to get much better now that so many cucks have been cast out. Let them get their votes from Democrats.
      A traitor is worse than an enemy. The traitor knows us better that anyone, because he was once us.


  12. Numbers don’t lie. However, I know many shitlibs who are not well off, nor are they very poor gimmedats. They are simply aping the beliefs of the high status liberal class. It will always be thus.

    Portraying Democrats as the party of the rich to try to appeal to imaginary bleeding hearts will not work. Pretty much everyone is out for themselves and for their own status. We need more Trumps and Thiels, and we need beautiful people and celebrities who will signal pro-White politics. Party of the rich? Fuck, I’m jealous of that branding.

    [CH: i don’t want to portray dems as the party of the rich to appeal to bleeding hearts. i want to portray dems that way to mindfuck preening shitlibs who still cling to the outdated belief that republicans are the party of the rich.]


    • A girl I was dating in 2013 had this little cousin (about 10yo or so) who said he was a Democrat. I asked why, and he said “because they always win!”. Honest kid. This was right after Obama’s re-election. Anyway, kids a tranny now. I wish I was joking.

      I think sometimes we fail to grasp how easy manipulated people are by status indicators. The facts are all in our favor but don’t matter. This is a propaganda war.

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      • “Anyway, kids a tranny now”

        LMFAO I just spat bevvy everywhere, thanks for that



      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:19 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “kids a tranny now”

        I am strongly of the belief that if you simply shut up and listen to little kids, then you’ll be able to predict what they’ll grow up to be with just about 100% accuracy.

        The manifest psychopathy & nihilism of winning for the sake of winning is completely consistent with the very same psychopathy & nihilism which results in e.g. transgenderism.


    • Sorry but Dems became the party of the rich right around 2008

      – Stimilus 1,2,3,4 (Bush was only respnsible for 1)
      – Tarp (Dems had both houses when this passed)
      – 4 Trillion Dollars (that we know of) printed and handed to rich people
      – Dodd-Frank Bailout Forever bill
      – Bizarre giant stock market pumping with the money coming from mysterious places
      – Get out of jail free card for all Wall Street Crininals for 8 years

      I mean I am sure there is more.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:24 pm Captain Obvious

        Similar things happened in the Great Depression & in the Panic of 1893.

        If you amass a great deal of cash prior to a crash, then you can move in and scoop up all the assets for pennies on the dollar.

        In the Great Depression, the j00z moved in and purchased countless mills [textiles, furniture, etc] which had gone bankrupt.

        And in the Panic of 1893, the j00z purchased their crown jewel: The New York Times.

        What was new about 2008 was that the idiot goyim actually paid for the j00z to behave in this fashion.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 2:51 pm Carlos Danger

        All the drivers of financialization and deindustrialization. The 2008 crash was planned and orchestrated to this end.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 3:00 pm Carlos Danger

        Charles Hugh Smith is right up your alley.


    • we need more Trumps and Thiels, and we need beautiful people and celebrities who will signal pro-White politics
      lolz celebrities signal pro-White politics
      how this new genre is called
      purple beyond fiction?
      Point is of course on the immense hypocrisy of these f*uckers of which
      ordinary white folks suffer
      but you want celebrities which ones
      kartrashians, robert de niro,……
      That fact that you are using “beautiful people” is telling in iteself

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      • Bronze Age Pervert style beautiful people.


      • I tell you what I want for “celebrities”
        I want them to be relegated to its rightful place on the social scale
        just a little bit above common criminals, that is


      • Bronze Age Pervert style beautiful people
        I heard the phrase many times from the fake world
        that inhibits urban jungles of today
        Faced with that image of beautiful I once ran into a museum seeking
        an escape in Picasso’s exhibition


      • If I was say Elon Musk I’d give a million to Anglin, CH etc and other woke dudes
        Cant believe no one rich is on our side.
        When our nations turn into third world shitholes the rich will suffer too.
        Cant they see that?


      • on November 9, 2018 at 3:00 pm Carlos Danger

        Bigger capital controls smaller capital. They won’t let you get as rich as Elon Musk unless you follow the rules of your benefactors. The system is most rigged at the top. The same people who can make you can also gang up and break you by no longer doing business with you. Then the flow of easy money and sinecure investments dries up like a husk of wheat.


  13. The left are made up of narcissistic, virtue-signaling sociopaths…and while sociopaths do not care at all about other people, they still care a great deal about themselves. The only way to fight this is to either force and redirect diversity into places where (((they))) are trying to avoid it themselves, or give (((them))) a dose of the public discomfort and feelings of a lack of safety that they have no problem heaping on people like Tucker Carlson.

    Like Jewish lightning from the sky, the sudden discovery of ballots in FL make it clear that the left has no time for fairness or election laws, so if it’s a war they really want – what other choice is there…


  14. The hypocrisy in the very many of the far left is something astounding. I know one man (a lawyer) he is coming from a very rich family with a big law firm. His office (I will not joke about this things but really it can sound like parody),, in the office he has very huge frame of Obama, Ghandi, and others. I know this because his office is exactly oposite from out main Church in the centre. He drives the more late model of Mercedes and his garden is so big it can hold 200 tents of home less people. But there is no home less people in his garden,, he still drives the expensive cars?? Why?? If he is socialist and socialism is good, they must show to us the way, no? They will not because the most of them are comfortable financialy,, And it is for that reason they feel ok enough to shout about politics to the rest of us. Leftists are 1 of 2 people. 1. Poor brain washed working class decebt people 2. Wealthy greedy with agenda


    • Limousine liberals
      Smoked salmon socialists

      Any big shitlibs I know live in 85%+ white areas with a median income of around 100k plus

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      • red diaper doper babies, h/t savage nation


      • Gulfstream greenies


      • Gulfstream greenies


      • Send the caravans straight to the districts listed in the OP and make suer every fucking one of them arrives.

        Bayonet any stragglers that try to escape into red counties.

        Let the shitlibs get a bite of the big ol’ shit sandwich they’ve been feeding us for 30 years.

        Let their schools start wasting resources for ESL programs and become hazardous for their children. Let their roads get filled with drunk beaners. Let their main streets get filled with mexican grocery stores and let them press 1 for English at their bank.

        Let their hometowns turn into Tijuana like mine did.

        It’s the best redpill there is. Direct exposure to diversity. Real diversity, not the talented 10th.


  15. I heard once that the right was pro inequality and the left was not, for things like economics, and societal standing. I don’t think so anymore, especially since the rich have realigned with left wing values. The fight now is who gets to sit on top of the pyramid. The left is fine with inequality. Maybe the right took the rich for granted, or maybe the rich hate the hoi polloi, or maybe they are just hedging their bets.


    • on November 9, 2018 at 1:34 pm Captain Obvious

      On social surveys, “Rich” is a self-selecting statistic, and it overwhelming self-selects for outright Psychopathy.


    • The more powerful the government gets
      The more rules and regulations there are
      Business Success becomes more and more about being able to naviagte the government “maze”
      – getting government money
      – navigation of endless stupid regulations
      – bribery and graft
      – Payout and kickbacks

      Who do you think survived the “great buiness purge” of 2008 – 2016?
      Two types of business
      – Business that got government money
      – The most corrupt un-ethical businesses

      It was “selection event” for corruption

      My rolodex wehn from 1000’s in 2007 to hundreads in 2012 to, literally, in the 10’s in 2016. These guys are GONE, no phones, 404’s and just *poof*

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  16. on November 9, 2018 at 1:35 pm gunslingergregi

    might as well just have one party then quit faking it


    • on November 9, 2018 at 1:43 pm Captain Obvious

      We just lost about 40 RINOs in the House of Representatives, to include their leader, Cuck Ryan.

      And we lost at least three Cuck traitors in the Senate: Corker, Flake, and McTumor.

      Cum January 2019, it’s gonna be a radically different GOP.

      The big question right now is whether we can unseat Cuck Ryan’s chief lieutenant, Kevin McCarthy, in the race for Minority Leader.


    • on November 9, 2018 at 4:25 pm Reinald Vallejo

      Make Fascism Great Again


  17. on November 9, 2018 at 1:39 pm Captain Obvious

    Thinking about the kkk0mments on this thread, all of us ex-Tradcon ex-Churchian ex-Chamber-of-Commerce playahz are now speaking in a tone of voice which is starting to sound like Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and Upton Sinclair.

    A century ago, they were all “socialists”.

    And they ridiculed elite Anglo-American culture for its effeminacy.

    Something strange is afoot.

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    • I’ve been thinking about this also. in the past many shitlords fancied themselves “socialists”. has the meaning of the word changed? or were they simply the chosen’s tools (who drank themselves to death)?

      I’m leaning towards “tool”.


      • We must remember the context of the times. Socialist now is different from socialist some years before because our situations and the times are different.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 1:56 pm Captain Obvious

        PJ, I don’t know what it means.

        But 75 years ago, the GOP was seen to be the party of effete panty-waist tea-totalling Beta men who dutifully remained loyal to their wives until [email protected] did them part.

        Whereas the DEMs were the party of ribald drunken scallywag miscreant hyper-masculine womanizing Alphas.

        But fast forward to 2018, and the DEMS are the open-mouthed soy-boy incel cucks, whereas the Alt Right has become the bourbon-guzzling p00n-slaying party of the working man.

        These are very very strange times.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 4:27 pm Reinald Vallejo

        There’s nothing wrong with true nationalist Socialism.


      • NS is how white people live. It’s our blueprint.
        It goes back to Rome, Sparta, Alexander…the 1930s just saw it brought back but the idiot shitlibs think it was a new movement then and that is the only reference


      • The salute is a Roman friendly salute to show you were not carrying a weapon
        The swas is an ancient aryan symbol
        Again shitlibs think AH invented it all

        The history and racial lines of our people is real. Its only been debunked post 1945 as everything was rewritten.
        1945 might as well by year zero.

        The stab in the back theory is real as well.


      • Step 1 of NS: Have a Nation.
        We are decades away from even thinking about Step 2, whatever that is. If we ever complete Step 1, we may just quit while we’re ahead.


    • q for you
      how the ideology that despises the rich “shekel uber alles” crowd on one and the parasitic “welfare till the grave do us part” crowd on the other is called?


    • I can see now why Jefferson wanted a nation of yeoman farmers. Soft times make soft men and elites become corrupt. Cities are not natural places to live and the smartphone was invented by Satan. Spending most of my life in Bluetropolis has fucked me and a lot of people I’ve known up (many who came from nice Heritage America families).

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      • Yep. I sound like a broken record but the nahzees wanted to return to an agrarian society as much as possible
        One time I was forced to watch ‘Hit….lers children ‘ and instead of being horrified, I was inspired.
        Boys taught by men about race, history, culture…and learning how to fights, hunt, machine, work hard…the value of doing a good job ignoring the material benefit etc
        I’m bringing up my kids like that


      • on November 9, 2018 at 2:57 pm Carlos Danger

        I can see now why Jefferson wanted a nation of yeoman farmers.

        That was never a mystery for me. They are the most resilient and inventive people of all and are also still prosperous. The war on white people today is really a war on this very idea. Yeoman are never slaves.

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      • guest I’ve been thinking about this for the past year, how no man was meant to live literally on top of another man (apartment complexes) and how that arrangement crushes the soul. Perhaps it’s not so destructive for the insectoid oriental folk, but for the white, brown, black this is cancerous. Perhaps if those inner city nogs were not stacked up in Section 8 Orthancs, they’d be less feral.


      • I’m bringing up my kids like that

        How is this possible in Fairfax County were everyone dreams of owning enough land for a garden but spend their whole day in traffic?


    • You are really on to something here Captain, and blessings to you for it

      Socialism – before it was co-opted by very hateful, and very rich Jews in Europe, thru their new religion of Marxism – was originally the creation of very thoughtful European Aryans, who cared for the common man of his race, and was sick to their stomachs to see what the effects of Jewish finance-capitalism, thru the excesses of the Industrial revolution, did to his nation and Volk

      Much of the nascent ideas of socialism came out of England and France, with philosophers like Robert Owen and Pierre Proudhun, both of their respective countries hardest hit by Jewish depravity;
      such with the two (((French))) “revolutions” – the infamous one in 1789 and the lesser-known Communard “uprising” of 1871

      England, of course, as the home of the Jewish banking kabal (the ‘City of London’ in particular) was ground-zero for the blueprint for the engineered, calculated destruction and subversion of an Aryan nation from within

      Both €ngland and £rance – once the ‘land of the Angles’ (Angl-land) & ‘realm of the Franks’ (Frankreich) – became essentially the corporate property of Jewry (just like in da good ‘ol US of A today), money
      and wealth became paramount to a goyische “man’s” social status, no longer his honour, sense of character, or personal courage.

      Our less-fortunate racial brethren we’re treated accordingly, with, particularly in England, the lower classes living a hallow, horrowed existence – with children as young as four – being exploited for their labour with no pay, particularly as chimney sweeps (with many of these unfortunate kinder dying, both from cancer after a mere few years into their young lives, or, quite often, on the job, getting stuck in a chimney, with some supremely sub-human ‘master sweep’ adult lighting a fire under them, thinking this would ‘dislodge’ them, because they felt the kids were ‘slacking’).

      *Charles Dickens, in his timeless masterpiece Oliver Twist chronicles their sad plight, the very first victims of ‘laissez-faire’ (lazy-fart) Jewish-inspired, economic Mammonism

      But, across the North Sea, and to the east, the racial cousins of Britain and France were on a totally different course for the betterment of society – which they believed was possible only thru the betterment of all men – not just for the putative ‘elites’. That nation, of course was Germany.

      More on this to follow…


    • on November 9, 2018 at 8:38 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Nothing strange. We are experiencing pre-revolutionary conditions. Fourth turning and stuff. Well, I guess it does feel strange in that there is this ominous vibe in the air, this tension you can cut with a knife, all last shreds of civility gone, we are basically sitting on a fuse. Like something enormous is going to happen soon…


    • That was the big transformation brought by the Frankfurt School. The FS ideologues – all of them Special People – realized that workers can’t be their desired “agents of revolutionary transformation of society” because, by the end of the day, workers are loyal to the nation/ ethnos they belong to as much as the peasants, not to their transnational, cosmopolitan class.

      So they needed more destructive, violent and resentful “agents of revolutionary transformation”, capable and willing to destroy nations, traditions and cultural legacies. And they found that “women and minorities” can successfully fill up the role of agents of revolutionary transformation of society (aka nation-wrecking). Sadly, they were right.


      • Even peasants become suspect in communist systems. The peasants in the USSR were feared because of their faith in God and sense of connection to the land and therefore the old national order.


      • London, Steinbeck, Sinclair, etc. belong to the pre-Frankfurt School form of Socialism, before “bourgeoise privilege” was replaced by “white privilege”. That’s why their Socialism seems so palatable and humane to us today – it was genuine sympathy for the poor and downtrodden of their society. Now we have only souless, destructive, genocidal anti-White hatred and contempt. The Frankfurt School Genetic Communism.


      • “Even peasants become suspect in communist Systems.”

        The peasants were considered a” reactionary class” by Communist ideologues since the beginning. The farmers/kulaks/yeomen are the closest to land, tradition, blood and soil. Besides, they are usually self-sufficient, so they don’t need the System to survive. Hence they were considered natural “enemies of the new order” and were victims of many attempts of extermination, i. e. Holodomor.

        The hope of the Communists was the working class from the cities, until they realized workers were not revolutionary and destructive enough for their goals, at least in racially and ethnically homogeneous nations. That’s why the Frankfurt School replaced workers with women and minorities as “agents of the revolutionary transformation of society”.


      • on November 10, 2018 at 5:40 pm Libertarian_Pill

        Add Orwell to that list of socialists who were deep thinkers and had a strong sense of humanity.
        I still think it’s a naive ideology to get rid of private property, and have a few self appointed elites handle the redistribution aspect. We know what kind of people actively seek that type of power.


  18. Just making sure I understand the position of this blog:

    [CH: many strawmen to follow]

    R areas are poorer (jews dispossessed them),

    [define poorer. the black and brown base of the Dems isn’t exactly pleasantville.]

    less educated (college is bullshit),

    [Educated nonwhites lean R (small number but that’s the trend). overeducated virtue sniveling whites lean D. college educated white men lean R, sollege educated white women lean D]

    and suffer disproportionately from obesity (the diabetes belt is because of pesticides that the EPA shouldn’t regulate),

    [obesity is a nationwide affliction but it hits downscale americans of any race hardest. multiple causes. pesticides were not mentioned here as one of them, and neither was the belief that pesticide use shouldn’t be regulated.]

    opiate addiction (sold by jews, painkillers prey on vulnerable people),

    [both true.]

    and venereal disease (that stat is because there are so many blacks in the south, churchgoing whites in the country are cleaner than sluts in the city).

    [yes, it is true that niggers have ten times the rate of std infections as whites.]


  19. See the incredibly RED map of the land mass of the US represented by Republican congressmen, published amazingly by the NY times yesterday 11.8

    We are becoming in reality uber-liberal Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games, good folks outside the black holes of blue cities…..


  20. Well, this is superficially complicated.

    BUT, looked at the right way, is very simple.

    The rich are led by the super-rich. Regardless of ethnicity.
    And the super rich want POWER. Governments increasingly running the economy is just fine with them, as they expect to run the government.
    This is a form of fascism. How well it will work remains to be seen, but
    odds on is that it will work. For them.

    And then you have the large hordes that expect – and get – redistibution
    to them from the productive classes.

    So, “liberalism” is fine if you are very rich or quite poor.

    The eradication of the middle class operates at full force.
    Everybody except the very rich will be supplicants to government
    instead of independent individuals.


  21. I know of two instances were a street-shitter and a chink bought investment properties in two different 99% white suburban neighborhoods. Whites won’t rent from. What self respecting white American with middle class income would rent from a foreign brown mystery meat. It’s funny because the properties sit empty, one for almost 2 years.

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    • A lot of these things revolve around immigration. They have some money and need to have a business to get their cards.


    • You gotta be careful they don’t rent to others of their ilk, and then there goes the neighborhood. But as Sentient mentioned, it’s probably just a front for some kind of shifty shadyness, and they might not even care if the property turns a prodit or not.


    • It’s either them or the jews. And btw, how would you know who you’re renting from? People form a corp. and then let some local RE broker handle the rentals.


      • on November 10, 2018 at 9:30 am traitors first

        @Dr. Benway
        oh no dude that cost money and the muzzie are ultra cheap, they would never hire someone when they could do it themselves. They also would never pay the 10% or so without trying to haggle it down and when the agents refused they’d do it themselves. I’ve unfortunately been around these people and they want something for nothing, if they are not hiring family members or ethnic/religious members (which they try to pay as little as possible) then they hire worthless people that will work for slave wages in slave conditions while trying to get them to do premium work.
        This last sentence here would be why I would never buy a house from these people and no it’s not because they are muzzies it’s because they hire the lowest bidder to do repairs on their own personal house and get the shoddiest work down because they don’t want to pay and no construction worker is gonna do premium work for nothing.


  22. The rich as per CH:
    White “new economy” liberals
    Suburban soccer moms

    Well, there are several forces at work here. Many jobs have been automated or outsourced. This includes hordes of clerical workers (where have all the secretaries of yesteryear gone???)

    But taking one category at the time

    Because it is MUCH harder for them to come to the US, than it is for Mexicans and Central Americans.
    So the ones coming to the US are smart and/or rich, even before arriving.

    They have spent the last 2000 years doing banking and other high-IQ jobs,
    as opposed to plowing fields (the latter being very important, honorable and laudable, but it does not much select for IQ).
    Upward mobility, until the last 200 years or so, was mostly via clergy.
    So smart kids ended up in the priesthood.
    And the Rabbi was well cared for by the congregation, and had five surviving children, whereas Christian clergy (all up until the reformation, about half remaining Catholic to this day) were – at least in theory – childless
    So the Ashkenazim are on average smarter than the Christians.
    Tough shit!

    White “new economy” liberals
    Led by their idols, the super-rich, who want power as per my blog above

    Suburban soccer moms
    Also unmarried women!
    Hard to prove, but I consider them the army of “useful idiots”


  23. Eurotrash gonna eurotrash.


  24. “Wealth has moved from manufacturing to finance, tech, media, and entertainment. Wealth has therefore moved from White Christian men to White HR catladies and nonWhites.”

    A services oriented economy is better suited for effeminate men and women.

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    • The great but crazy prophet Ross Perot warned everyone about the evils of NAFTA, but he was ridiculed. He turned out to be right.


      • on November 10, 2018 at 9:22 am traitors first

        The great but crazy prophet Ross Perot

        the great but alcoholic prophet Joseph McCarthy also tried to warn us but no one listened


      • on November 10, 2018 at 5:42 pm Libertarian_Pill

        After the Mitrokhin files were released, it turned out that McCarthy had been a lot more correct than initially given credit for. The US State Department was a cesspool of communist agents. It may still be that way today, who knows…


  25. Look at all the super rich leftists…George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Koch bros….


  26. Are the minions even capable of caring what and for who their party is for at this point?


  27. About half of White women don’t care what they are doing to us. Walk away from them forever. Give your time and attention to the only half worthy of our loyalty.


  28. Bob Whitaker explained a long time ago, billionaires and the poor are a natural alliance. Neither lives by normal middle class rules. The super rich don’t have to, the mass poor either can’t or just don’t.

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 5:36 pm baked georgia

      it’s a high and low strategy. and whites that arent rich are the “between” that they hate.


    • on November 10, 2018 at 1:02 pm Reinald Vallejo

      Also we have to go to work, so we don’t have time to raise private armies or plan against internationally funded globalist terrorist groups such as antifa.


  29. “He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing”

    There’s wisdom in that quote.

    Turn off the grid for six months, these people and problems will be eliminated.


  30. What deal should Trump make with the Dems to get funding to build the Wall?


    • on November 9, 2018 at 8:40 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Why does he need to cut a deal? Whatever happened with tax their mufuggin remittances??

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      • Crowdfund it. Would 62 million Deplorable voters pay $100 apiece?

        And put a big sign on it: “Fuck off, We’re full.”


      • Exactly… slap a 15% shave on all the money being sent back to Mexico and there’s your Wall.


    • on November 10, 2018 at 8:35 am Flyover Hayseed

      Spent parts of my career, both military and civilian, with the Army Corps of Engineers. No reason that I know of why DJT cannot, for purposes of national security and by reallocating funds, as his predecessor often did, to start fortifying the border. But I was just a hairy-eared engineer. Maybe he has other obstacles I’m not aware of.


  31. on November 9, 2018 at 5:41 pm Chateau Dickhead

    Nobody gives a shit about White Men moaning about being poor. You deserve it.


  32. Suburban soccer moms and retired Boomer biyatches: making cool cars… less cool.

    Really, getting that awesome new Porsche or Jeep, just so …. grams or lard ass soccer mom can be driving one too. Why even bother?


    • on November 9, 2018 at 8:41 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Middle class white American women are some of the most disconnected, clueless, sheltered people on the planet.

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    • Every time I see a Corvette on the road, it’s some 65ish Boomer driving.


      • Not many Xers have that kind of money.

        For lots of reasons. But the fact remains.

        Inflation has eliminated my muscle car/drag racing hobby and many of my former drag racing buddies as well — who were by and large middle class.

        Everything got super expensive and wages stagnated. That equals a lower standard of living and no more muscle car hobby.

        Now I ride mountain bikes. Much more affordable and better for physical fitness. My current ride cost less than a set of Edelbrock heads.

        And I put my mechanic skills to use keeping a 15 year old TDI running rather than minimizing my ET, and maximizing my trap speeds in a 50 year old Chevy. That’s the silver lining.

        But I’ll never stop missing the feeling of massive torque/acceleration and the sound of a small block Chevy with a big cam and loping idle.

        Just can’t afford it any more.


      • Every time I see a Corvette on the road, it’s some 65ish Boomer driving.

        Well DUH!

        Every time I hear a Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, or Ronny & The Daytonas song on the radio, it’s an oldie from the sixties, go figger.


  33. We look to our (((friends))) for inspiration and learn this lesson: sell blue, buy red.


  34. On another note, Harambe Trapezius notes in her new book, (apparently), that her spawn with gaymulatto were the result of in-vitro fertilization.

    Anyone surprised?

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  35. I’m out enjoying my White Privilege. You know, the privilege of being in the company of those like me.

    I step out of the gas station convenience store. (Run by… Indians? Pakistanis? I can’t tell which and I don’t care.) The pumping area has been taken over by a gang of Beaners in their little Honda rivers. Loud exhausts, revving little engines, and Beaner music blaring out even louder. Spanish shouts at each other.

    I wait for a bus, where I’m certain I’ll finally enjoy the company of people who are like me. Wrong again.

    In my lifetime I’ve had the pleasure of watching the land of my ancestors transform from 99% Heritage White to what appears to me as maybe 10% or less in most urban and suburban areas. I’ve seen signs, posters and product packaging go from English to English and Spanish together… every fucking where I look.

    I talk about this, in seclusion, with others like me (Heritage White Males) and I find that I am not alone in my extreme dislike of this. The tipping point is not far off, my friends.


  36. Ha today another great example of diversity + proximity = war

    Somali born Isis fighter tsrrorizes streets of melbourne, bourke street, where i literally used to go to everyday.

    It is indeed high time for hard men to step up. I am also an immigrant here in Australia but I pay taxes and work hard to serve this great Nation. But Im sick and tired of kunts coming in here who don’t wanna assimilate and want shit handed to them on a platter.

    Sick and tired of lefties running this great Nation into the dirt before my very own eyes. I am asian, but for fuck sake im feeling white rage watching all you cucked whites let the lefties boss you around.

    Sick and tired of PC culture. Even our fucken defence force have amended the uniform policy to include a turban as an appropriate headdress. I kid you not. A turban.

    Its high time to take a stand against this lunacy of open borders and liberal shit, and it starts small. With our mates. In the office. Wearing the pants and taking initiative.

    I have all this angst because, yes, although I ended up here because of the vietnam war, I grew up here. I love this country too much to let it be spoiled by rotten ideals.

    So please, white men of straya, please stand up.


    • I live in south Sydney. Catching the train to work, I’m almost always alone in a sea of brown (pakis, indonesians, who fucking knows). Don’t get me started on the fucking muslims. I agree, this great country is being crushed by the open borders/feminism lunacy of the elites and parroted by the cucked jellyfish we call politicians.

      If we weren’t an island we would have become Sweden years ago.


  37. Hence technology is the enemy?


  38. Where do the blacks fit in all of this


  39. Nowadays “Left” and “Right” are just meaningless words used by the powers-that-be to keep the NPCs prisoners to the Narrative.

    The Right used to be about preserving the demographic, social and cultural heritage of your ancestors. Then it was transformed into kosher-“conservatism”: some minor deviations from the kosher-left regarding muh free markets and military spendings. At this point I can’t even decide who are the most loathsome: Tom Soyboy and Liz Bluehair from the “Left” or Cuck McCuckstian from the “Right”.

    Currently, there are only 2 parties: The Party of Truth&Beauty and the Party of Globohomo Nihilism. The mainstream” Left” and “Right” belong to the latter.


    • Apparently there is still some difference, as minorities vote D like crazy. Of course it is still a choice between the smaller evil and the bigger evil.


    • The whole ‘Left-Right’ paradigm, Theodora, came about during the (((French))) “Revolution”, as a way of corralling the golem-goyim into the appearance of differences of opinion and perspectives on governmental and societal power, i.e. ‘demockcacy’


  40. The democrats also get a lot of the coloured and slug po’ white districts so I doubt they are the party of the rich. Of course, the top people and their financial supporters from both parties are rich.


  41. Not sure that is true, a certain number of rich districts does not automatically equal all rich people, other data shows that rich people voted republican.


  42. Wacky family life creates rapey outburst from son?





  44. I bet Dems also hold the majority of lower class districts as well. The proximity of the diversity that comes along with that is more troubling.


  45. Tune in


  46. Some Democrats. This Ocasio-Cortez gal can’t afford an apartment in DC, she says. I don’t think AIPAC will help her here. And the Broke Latina had all of $32,000 in savings when she got on the SC. I bet she knew where the check cashing store was though.


    • Does she have a structured settlement but needs cash now?


    • The perennial millenial always whining about money, nothing new under the sun here . A lot of male reps bunk in their offices and you don’t hear them weeping and the wailing and gnashing of dem big toofs she got in that empty skull o’ hers .


  47. on November 10, 2018 at 12:55 pm Reinald Vallejo

    Trump is holding goofy rich liberals’ feet to their own self-inflicted fire.

    Imagine the possibilities if real Americans decided to fight and make this guy king?


  48. The ultra rich liberals do not lift people up. They construct a firewall between themselves and the peons. I get a chuckle when people start wondering out loud where their career path is and how will they afford a house in today’s market. I know somebody who was bragging their son got a job in the cafeteria at a google campus. Hell yes.


  49. Leftism is coercion. They use politically-connected rent seeking to get $. Obama buys $100mill house in Hawaii after 8 years of 200k salary. Govt contracts going to minority and women owned businesses. Affirmative Action. Black mafia of federal employees where white men’s applications don’t even get looked at. Social security/ welfare/ food stamp fraud. Scholarly publishing and tenure for leftist academics. Public school teachers union lobbying against free market competition. Big banks using bail out TARP $ to buy smaller banks. Health insurance corporations wrote and pushed through ACA mandating increased demand for their products, resulting in profits high enough for corporate consolidation and only a cartel of health insurance companies left. Income tax on working people going to interest payments to Jew banks and to buying votes from browns. Clinton Foundation tax exemptions. Millions of Obama stimulus $ going “missing”. Oil companies use US Navy for corporate security and pay corporate tax at a lower rate than working people’s income tax. There’s big $ to be made in being a greasy leftist, gotta vote to keep the cash cow


  50. compare data county and exit polls and you can the see that the wealhy are becoming more, and more liberal

    median family income over 250: 55% romney – 43% homullato
    2016: trump 48% – nasty woman 46%

    this is the highest category available in the exit poll for obvious reasons (not that many REAL rich, and even if they are they wont say their income)

    but we dont need to speculate, and just see to who goes the donations made by those in tech, hollywood, banking, press, academia, etc.

    and those that still donate to the republican party arent exactly for OUR interest like the energy and agriculture sector.

    ps: there should be caps for donations


  51. The college v. non-college white split is a lot greater than the white men v. white women split. White women have their faults, but they are our women. They are our responsibility and our property. Up to us to fix this problem.