The God Of Biomechanics Reveals Himself In Big And Small Ways

There’s no point defying the God of Biomechanics with your paltry platitudes and social justice shibboleths, for His rule is longer than time and His kingdom vaster than the universe.

The little revelations of the God of Biomechanics intruding meatily into human affairs include the results from this analysis of anonymous, aggregate online search data.

…contemporary American parents are far more likely to want their boys smart and their girls skinny. […]

But this question is not asked equally about young boys and young girls. Parents are two and a half times more likely to ask “Is my son gifted?” than “Is my daughter gifted?” Parents show a similar bias when using other phrases related to intelligence that they may shy away from saying aloud, like, “Is my son a genius?”


What concerns do parents disproportionately have for their daughters? Primarily, anything related to appearance. Consider questions about a child’s weight. Parents Google “Is my daughter overweight?” roughly twice as frequently as they Google “Is my son overweight?” […]

Google search data also tell us that mothers and fathers are more likely to wonder whether their daughter is “beautiful” or “ugly.”

Parents are one and a half times more likely to ask whether their daughter is beautiful than whether their son is, but they are nearly three times more likely to ask whether their daughter is ugly than whether their son is ugly.


There is a larger bias toward asking whether sons are “tall” than “short.” Parents are more likely to ask whether a son is “happy” and slightly more likely to ask whether a daughter is “depressed.”

Chicks dig power.
Men dig beauty.
The rest is commentary designed to mollify the butthurt ego.

The details:

Women prefer taller men to shorter men.

Men prefer slender women (women’s preference for thin men is relatively weaker).

Smart boys usually go on to become successful men, whom women love.

Pretty girls grow into beautiful women, whom men love.

And these are the iddies and undercurrents of our hindbrains that explain why parents’ search terms are sex-differentiated.

The Trumpening is both a return to an acknowledgement of the eternal and irreconcilable rule of the God of Biomechanics, and the repercussion of foolish revolt against Him.


  1. In other news: the sky is blue.

    Nice to get more validation…

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  2. on October 19, 2016 at 1:48 pm Divine Son of Kek

    Is my son gay?


    • on October 19, 2016 at 1:58 pm Captain Obvious

      And therein lies the problem – the Frankfurt School’s saturation poisoning of the entire culture will destroy the lives of the at-risk children. Here in sh!tlibistan, the effeminization of the herblings and the masculinization of the femcunts is simply staggering to behold.

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      • It is my solemn policy never to use the word ‘her’ to describe a male-to-female transgender. I’ll just use some neutral pronoun or their name or something.


    • on October 19, 2016 at 1:59 pm Observasaurus Rex

      I would expect that to be many times more prevalent than “is my daughter gay”. In the evolutionary past a lesbian daughter would still get knocked up and pass on the parents’ genes in exchange for male provision (females being the more pragmatic sex in this way), while a gay male would amount to nothing gene wise.


      • on October 19, 2016 at 2:45 pm Captain Obvious

        I have no idea what the “End Game” looks like if the Frankfurt School is not stopped, but one obviously possible outcome is that the soft squishy bi/h0m0 herblings will simply unbreed themselves right out of existence.

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    • Ha.


  3. Knew a couple composed of a short, fat, unattractive man & a lithe, semi-attractive woman. The G of BM must’ve had a hell of a sense of humor when their daughter ended up with the looks & body of her father, while their son’s fate was also bad ending up the same characteristics, but from the mother’s side.

    They recently divorced.


  4. […] The God Of Biomechanics Reveals Himself In Big And Small Ways […]


  5. on October 19, 2016 at 2:18 pm Sean Fielding

    Out-take from trolling shitlibs:

    A lib:
    “Pro tip: telling women that they should be denied their right to vote is not going to help you get laid or find a girlfriend.”

    Sean Fielding:
    “Reservoir tip: users of that ‘pro tip’ formulation out themselves thereby as women, phags or male feminists (but I repeat myself) who have no idea what women actually respond to. Having a heavy pair of test!cles, I’m not like that, so I ignore their advice.”


  6. Smart boys…

    We need the occasional laugh at the exceptions:

    [CH: cuckersperg is an exceptional skype. exceptionally good at stealing ideas and exceptionally bad at capitalizing on his ill-gotten SMV.]


    • i’ve never seen a skype with a hot asian chick.


      i would not be surprised if she turns out to be his beard.


      • Hot asian chicks pick handsome, rich white men. They never pick a skype or a google. Sometimes they pick an alpha hispanic (rare, but happens)


    • on October 19, 2016 at 2:48 pm Sean Fielding

      ‘Sperg must have closetsfull of those grey T’s – all he ever wears.

      Could be the pic, but his guns actually seem bigger and his moobs smaller than in previous grey T posts on CH. Meanwhile, the Siberian gatherer is looking more than ever like she’s ready to join the men on that mastodon hunt.

      ‘Sperg may finally be getting something on the side. I foresee marital sparks there before long.

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  7. on October 19, 2016 at 2:40 pm Sean Fielding

    What’s odd is that parents would think an open-ended seach on the internet could answer questions like “is my son gifted” or “is my daughter beautiful.”

    My guess is these very same parents would be timid about online IQ tests or Hot Or Not.

    Let alone observing their children dispassionately and drawing conclusions.



    If the boys not gifted – or the daughter is fat – then the kids not mine


  9. Since men dominate the tails of the curve when it comes to intelligence, the son/daughter disparity of the “gifted” searches could just be a reflection of there actually being more gifted boys than girls.

    Still wouldn’t explain the disparity in the fat and ugly questions though. I think CH’s analysis is correct.

    [CH: the author mentioned that possibility and dismissed it based on the fact that girls develop and mature emotionally and mentally earlier than boys, so it would not be a case of parents noticing their boys are smarter than their girls.]