A Test Of Your Game Knowledge

Is this an example of…

Name The Game Technique


  1. Frame control/agree and amplify

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  2. I’d call it agree/amplify with assume the sale.

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  3. None of the above.

    There should be a choice that says “No woman wants a man who talks to them like this and desire a man who respects an experienced and confident woman”

    [CH: lol i hope you’re trolling]

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  4. It really hits a few. He has the balls? to make the comment. She states he has ulterior motives for the comment. He doesn’t deny the motives, but negs her by his surprise she has a brain, amplifying his own good tastes.


    • on December 11, 2018 at 1:25 pm Macro Investor

      See, this is another area where betas fail. It’s not bad to want to fuck her. It’s life. It’s the only reason why men and women even meet and speak to each other. She’s doing it too, but the shit test is a game they play.

      He’s saying he’s proud to be a male and isn’t going to pretend to be a harmless teddy bear orbiter.

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  5. I predict a write-in groundswell for “pussy beggar, 2/10 would not bang, and anyway I can tell she’s a Jew.”

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  6. I vote for ZFG


  7. agree and amplify should be used as a way to say no ironically.

    this is frame control with plain old flirting

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  8. on December 11, 2018 at 1:37 pm William of Orange County

    It was a tossup for me between A&A or assumed sale. I went with A&A, but I really think it could’ve been both.


  9. Definite A&A. Always been my specialty so I knows it whens I sees it.


  10. Agree & Amplify: agree ok, amplify missing.

    Reframe: would be something like “YOU only want to fuck with me, your are a men hunter, I will call the police”

    Assume the Sale: would be something like “I am calling a cab for us now to go to my appartment”

    Neg would be something like “you are not my kind for fucking”

    Qualification would he be saying something related to how good he fucks

    Congruence/Inner Frame would be passing a shit test like not accepting being blue balled or leaving if she misbehave

    Answear: Generic Jerkboy Flirting

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  11. on December 11, 2018 at 1:47 pm Hackett To Bits

    A touch of non-defensiveness, Ignore and Plow


  12. Dude’s totally looking down her shirt.


  13. opening is direct ghetto game/beta game from 10 years ago(betas are too afraid of this now).

    his response to her shit text is several thing:

    “wow” is a neg, he didn’t think she was smart as well as cocky funny

    zfg he owned it.

    it is agree and amplify he agreed with her and amplified his assessment of her.

    direct game as well, he wants to fuck her and has communicated it in two sentences


  14. Congruence. It Doesn’t fit the bill for the other options. He maintains his frame, doewnt get nervous when she acuses him of being a pig, and returns with a somewhat sly, backhanded compliment. But its not a neg.

    He maintains his frame, hence Congruency.

    [CH: this is the most correct answer. Congruence aka Inner Frame. There’s a touch of agree & amplify and an implied “reverse” neg, but the overriding theme is congruence with a ZFG jerkboy attitude.]


    • It’s hard to judge in that narrow context. Reading the first statement made me cringe, but the follow up gave me a chuckle. It’s a good response to the “you just want to fuck me statement” (a very common test when you’re taking her to tingleland and skipping the line). Overall I would argue assuming the sale, because a guy with game doesn’t blurt of that line unless he is baiting for the test to then swat away. Second up would be A&A, but it really needs more of the prior exchange to make the determination.


    • on December 11, 2018 at 7:46 pm Andrew Jarbocka

      But the compliment, it’sa bit much, almost AFC unless it’s coming from a natural who doesn’t care


    • Tough one. But I got it.

      Who says I haven’t been paying attention.


  15. on December 11, 2018 at 3:04 pm mid-block meet-cute artist

    I vote Qualification — he’s ‘qualifying’ her as:
    1. Beautiful
    2. [ pregnant pause to let her utter her predictable reaction / test ]
    3. Smart

    Overall it’s a congruent, flirty qualification gambit.

    Underscored by a nice reframe “hey I’m a typical kiss-ass” => “Psyche!” of his own making.

    Obviously dude was not thinking in these terms while likely improvising this exchange.


  16. beta game, never compliment an unknown woman on her beauty.


  17. He was implicitly qualifying her with his response. Qualification assumes inner frame. Either answer is correct.


  18. Her: You just want to fuck me?
    The Don of sausage: Well, durrrrr, why else would we be speaking (cheeky grin).

    A girl will only ever says the above if she is considering fucking you too. If you pass the tests.


  19. Disappointing poll results. This is not A&A, muh bros. It’s inner-frame/congruence.

    His frame is boldly complimentary, so she tries to shame him, and he holds frame by complimenting her again. Her retort is dopey and obvious, so his second compliment could also qualify as a neg. A twofer.

    A&A would be something like Yeah, you’ll be large with my child before midnight. I know it sucks, but as an example. And in that case she, not him, is determining frame.


  20. on December 11, 2018 at 7:48 pm Andrew Jarbocka

    It’s gotta be jerk boy to jump from compliment to pretty awesome zing.


  21. I voted “generic jerkboy flirting”. He is having fun and doesn’t really care at all what she thinks or feels.


  22. on December 12, 2018 at 5:33 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    …most beautiful but with Cooties.”

    Might have been the better retort line.


  23. on December 12, 2018 at 5:34 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    …a beauty only equalled by your narcissism.


  24. on December 12, 2018 at 6:41 am Deter Naturalist

    …and smart, too. Do you prefer top or bottom?”


  25. This would work with hb6.5 and below with very limited to no positive results above that.

    [CH: wrong. it would work even better on the hotties, because they so infrequently experience this cocky attitude from men.]


  26. Heard the same thing to me at some college party.

    I raised my beer and responded: “I was born a Man!”

    Worked like a charm.

    Not as witty, but I always thought it was my confidence in who I was and what I wanted. I’ve heard guys respond with “no no no no I really just want “. And I always think, ‘Dude… you’re a guy. Everyone knows what you want.’


  27. I overnegged a girl I’m trying to bed and the conversation went like this:

    Her: my BF has better abs than you. (She often touches my abs and sees me shirtless because we work out together, nevertheless there’s no way her BF has better abs).
    Me: Yeah? What else?

    Her: My BF is more chivalrous than you.
    Me: Yeah? What else?

    Her: I’m gonna tell my boyfriend to beat you up.
    Me: hahah (me repeating that with a childlike high pitched voice ” I’m gonna tell my boyfriend to beat you up.”

    Me: Also remember that your BF pays you more attention than I do.

    After that she nervously laughed and agreed, and our conversation went back to normality… Was that the right answer?