Jeff Bezos Failed The Jumbotron Test

What’s the word I’m looking for when an oligarch at the helm of a company which invades the privacy of its customers and pushes for a dystopian regime of 24/7 surveillance of Americans gets his personal life exposed by the very privacy-killing society he eagerly advocates for the peons?

Oh yeah….TRUMPMA.

This is too funny. Text messages between Betazos and his Wall-imminent lover Dirty Slamchez were hacked and released to the public.

(fyi Betazos was sexting Sanchez months before he celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife. It doesn’t sound like they were separated during his affair, as his publicists claim!)

Some samples of Jeff Bezos’ tender texts:

I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon

“alive girl”

His non-alive women only felt that way in bed.

Does he show his love with his eyes independently, like a chameleon? One eye scans her tits while the other eye takes stealth screenshots of her email and location?

I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you

“I want to deliver myself to your doorstep”

You know what I want? I want to get a little drunk with you tonight. Not falling down. Just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you. Listen and laugh

The soy is strong in this one.

I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!! Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you.

ALL CAPS!!! Betazos is in luurrrv. Aw such a romantic. It’s like he just now discovered how to write 8th grade love notes. This guy should be sexting about jamming his drone into her inbox; instead he’s fantasizing about building a life of domestic tranquility with her. What a goober!

Leave it to a soul-born beta like Bezos to fall in love with a botoxed has-been. How many years and billions had to accumulate before women started reciprocating his ardor and making him feel like a human man?

I love everything about you. I love that your last pic takes me completely out of my head. I am crazy about you. All of you. I need to smell and touch you. I want to hold you. I know you’re right for me. I know we fit.

I like it when you’re strong, and I like it when you’re vulnerable. Everything. The only thing I don’t like is not being with you. All of this is just straight from my heart. I love everything about you.

Bezos is really in love with his wallstress. It’s not the illicit sex that breaks his wife’s heart, it’s his emotional betrayal. Women can handle a cheating husband if it’s purely physical, but they can’t handle the loss of a husband’s love.

Cooing sweet nothings are ok if the man says them, in bed, after he’s fucked the cunt out of his girl. But not in text messages. Bezos failed the Jumbotron Test:

Every text or email or recordable instance of conversation you have with a girl must follow this simple rule:

If it were given a public airing, let’s say on a blog or a sports stadium jumbotron, you should feel comfortable with what you have written for the world to see.  You should not feel an urge to wince, because it will be clear to everyone reading it how alpha you are.  If the thought of someone other than you and your girl reading your permanently archived romantic exchanges makes you cringe with embarrassment, then you are doing something wrong that will eventually lead to your girl dumping you.

Jumbotron FAIL.

After gaymullato’s kiss attempt is denied by the first stringer, check out his awkward finger tapping on her shoulder. I bet those two stopped having sex after the kids were born. The sexlessness causality runs both ways: he’s a closet case, and she’s repulsed by his unmanliness.

Now Betazos can join gaymullato in the Jumbotron FAIL Hall of Shame.

You LOSE, Jeff. No prime for you!

The racy messages — which reportedly included a snapshot of Bezos’ junk

Complete with user reviews.


Reader comments:


Perhaps the attraction came from the excitement of something forbidden, since she was the wife of a friend? Otherwise, I don’t get it.

I wonder how Sanchez’s husband feels about being cucked by the richest nerdlet in the world? Maybe not so bad, since Sanchez is well past the age of spawning any bastards.

Neither Bezos’ wife nor his mistress is worth a free drink, let alone 70 billion. That said, I’d give the nod to the mistress. She’s about a point higher on the 1-10 scale. That’s good enough for Betazos to fall head over heels!

From Paper Shuffler,

Imagine being the wealthiest man in the world and getting romantic feelings for some middle-aged goblina…
BAP was right… the elites really aren’t anything special are they…

Nope, and they HATE HATE HATE that we’re pulling the curtain back on their laughable pretensions.

Mob Barley,

The richest guy in the world
Went for a 49 year old chick

So little competition out there

It’s never been a better time to have freedom, testosterone, and Game.


his friend’s wife. pathetic weasel.

Yep, and P.K. Griswold explains why a weasel like Bezos did what he did:

This is exactly what I’m getting at, bros. Bezos reeks of OPTIONLESS BETA..

This guy’s got more money than god, but when he looks to cash in his newly acquired SMV chips, he buys the first thing that appears—his friend’s wall-impacted, mud blooded, tranny-ringer wife! (With whom they probably have dinner once a month.)

Why? Because she already knows him; he doesn’t have to cold open this brawd.

This is truly pathetic. Bezos may be a successful man, influential, wealthy beyond compare. But when it comes to front-holes, he’s a thoroughly blue pill, pedestal polishing, shaking-in-his-boots beta. Full stop.

Sometimes I wish I was a woman because it’s ten times easier to fleece a thirsty goon’s empire than it is to build your own.

All the money in the world can’t save a game-less, charmless, needy betaboy supplicant from dating “up” to a middle-aged trap show.

Smart women know this, and like PK wrote it’s ten, no ten million, times easier for a woman to fleece a beta billionaire than it is to build her own wealth. The ease of this is precisely why these women fuck and fall in love with much less wealthy but sexyasfuck challenging jerkboys on the side.

From PBR Streetgang,

Paid $69,999,999,980 more than the going rate.

He’ll probably wind up stalking her after she leaves him for a retired football player.

From California Caucasian,

I’ve managed to score more Grade A just owning a house. Filled the kitchen of said house with shiny pots and pans, can make a killer omelette… the ass flows. Being able to nominally cook anything = panty drop…

How can a rich rich oligarch do so poorly? I’m just a poor fuck who won’t buy drinks, but I’ll make you a cocktail at home…

guest replies,

Thank you my boomer.

Broke: Skittles man

Woke: Boomer omelette man

Bespoke: Sending most of the population of California to New Auschwitz

Corinth Arkadin,


I wrote poems to my women:

Roses are Red/Violets are Blue/I Wanna Eff You/Every Which Way/Including The Butt

newlyaloof close this post out,

Amazon meet MAGAzon.

One more shiv…


Thought: maybe Bezos is an open borders globohomo fanatic because he thinks the millions streaming in from south of the border are all Lauren Sanchezes like his loverlady?


  1. “Wallstress!” hahahah … we don’t deserve you, Herr Heartiste! we don’t deserve you

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  2. CH…find this guys contact info. Teach him. He needs you. And then turn him to our side.


    • on January 11, 2019 at 3:33 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA


      • How weird, I –just– watched this for the first time ever this week. It was trippy as fuck and actually not as awful as people said it would be. Typical speculative 70s future stuff actually. That line is classic though “The gun is good, the penis is evil”


      • on January 11, 2019 at 7:26 pm Corinth Arkadin

        LOL glad all of you on on my wavelength. This is one of the best movies ever conceived.

        The GUN is GOOD

        The PENIS is EVIL

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      • Get rid of the stupid s&m leather costumes, dial down the hippy bullshit and this could have been a good post apocalyptic fantasy movie

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      • on January 12, 2019 at 10:39 am Corinth Arkadin

        Jay, ZARDOZ makes much more sense on multiple viewings. Listen to the commentary track too, it’s both insightful and inexplicably hilarious in parts.

        John Boorman can make damm fine films, most people can’t get on his wavelength though (he bitches about it in the commentary).

        Excalibur remains one of the finest movies ever made. Never saw The Emerald Forest though.

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      • Emerald Forest was about the kid who got lost in the jungle and became part of a tribe, right? Pretty good, even though I’m stretching back to being 10-11 when I saw it. Excalibur is just awesomely good.


      • I’d never heard of Zardoz before. Check out the Google images for an idea of how radically male body standards have changed since then. Judging from Sean Connery’s physique in that weird red bondage costume, I could easily be an extra in a 1970s action movie. Both Connery and I would be laughed off the screen nowadays though, like pretty much any natty.


    • CH…find this guys contact info. Teach him. He needs you. And then turn him to our side.

      Best comment.

      For all the practical power of the wisdom of game, it’s useless if it remains confined to manipulating bar sluts. Bezos just got humiliated in a way that changes a man’s soul. He is readier than ever to receive the balm peddled here that transfigures men like him into the alpha shitlords of unlimited resources they should be.

      If you think you can’t influence men like him — a humiliated omega who must be baffled at his impotence and a perfect candidate to hear the word — then what good is all of this mutual masturbation? It’s bullshit that we can’t bring him over to our side, we are just not aiming high enough or dreaming big enough.

      *This* unique brand of influencing the culture and politics is what you should be focusing on, Game 2.0, rather than counting fucking orgasms.

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      • there you go. if our own resident-illiterate Matt King gets this point then it should no problem for the rest of you. get out there and put these tools to use in the real world. the time is now.


      • Twerp. Not even big enough to plainly agree with someone you don’t like, you have to focus on your personal issue like a woman. I don’t need your attaboys, faggot, get out of my face.


      • I do like you, Matt. lighten up. you’re way too sensitive. jeez.


      • Not agreeing with… or even liking… King is one thing…

        … but to say he’s “illiterate” puts the burden of character and credibility on the caller.

        C’mon, yeggs… if’n yo’ gonna insult a man, come up with something with at least a semblance of validity.

        Sheesh… can’t even bust a man’s chops properly… this is why we lose. 😉


      • Aww! I like you, too, brother. All the more reason to tell you to stop behaving like a gossipy woman fixated on personality above substance, and to emphasize that “like” has nothing to do with anything. It isn’t a matter to “lighten up” over; it’s the cancer of this otherwise noble gathering of once-and-future lords speaking about the great question, Which Way, Western Man?

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      • come on, Matt. you’re one of the smartest, most articulate-est guys here. which is why ironically calling you illiterate shouldn’t possibly be taken as anything other than a bro punch to the shoulder.


      • Hell, pj, at least put a smiley face or something to let us know when you’re being facetious then… your initial post reads just like the regular mean-spirited snark that we see too much of ’round chere.


      • Great idea Matt. You wouldn’t happen to have his email address, would ya?


  3. on January 11, 2019 at 2:28 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    You’re doing betas a disservice.

    Mentally and physiologically – he is an omega.

    And an omega with too much power should send a shiver down your spine.


    • I was thinking this is how the supreme gentleman would’ve ended up had he achieved his dream of winning the lottery so he could buy (aka get fleeced by) women. OTOH, ER would’ve done better if only by virtue of having a younger peer group.


    • on January 11, 2019 at 3:09 pm William of Orange County

      This is people’s exhibit A for how – as so many have said – you can’t buy alpha…

      You might be able to fake ZFG, but beta is going to eventually come through.

      It’s fucking depressing. Billions of dollars couldn’t get this recently swole billionaire beta to overlook the botox-queen.

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      • I see it all over so cal. endless supply of gameless rich fools.

        they shower bitches with money and cant even charm a chuckle out of them

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 5:47 pm Sorcerygod at

        The way to avoid beta and get into alpha state is to see the secret life of women, how they talk (privately), how they act (less than publicly).

        As a kid, I heard young girls complaining “men are such assholes.” It puzzled me always because all the guys I knew were so decent, esp. to girls. Now I know they meant men THEY WANTED were the asshole ones.

        Chicks have no sense of their sense of cruelty and their catlike delight with killing the hopes of males. It is very difficult, on the other hand, for 98% of men to go ZFG in their attitude to men. I can do it because I genuinely DESPISE women and because I’m a stone-cold bastard, but even I have at times become empathetic, to men and women.

        Final takeaway: when a woman got her husband to drive down so she could visit me, it was the final tooling of the beta husband. I wonder if he even got the joke was on him.

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 5:48 pm Sorcerygod at

        …attitude toward WOmen, typo


    • If he was Omega, considering his tastes, I think he’d be going after Donatella Versace.

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    • meh

      not gonna shit on him for havin strange taste in women

      Pr!nce [email protected] had [email protected]…i mean df is that?!?! He’s literally waiting for mom to croak to be king and he was in love with that hag…

      sometimes rich apex guys like this are weird af…u don’t think bezos got pussy? pussy would have thrown itself at him constantly with a trebuchet…gtfo here if you think he was an optionless beta

      he walked into a room and pussies got wet bc of the STATURE of the man as the “richest man on earth.” Why? Bc men were intimidated by him and his wealth and that is a cue to women that this guy has status. He is the president and CEO of a gigantic company.

      Mfers bowed down to him as king of scamazon and he owned the Pest too. He made fucking CITIES give him billions to host his HQ2.

      You people calling him beta need to recalibrate- you’re beta.

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      • Yeah, that’s a take on the situation that’s undeniable. But the question remains, why did punch down on this slunt?

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      • This reminds me if Schwartzeneggar cheating with his squatemalan troll maid. Still can’t figure that one out. Real strange tastes.

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      • It’s because his mission is his mission, and women are not. Isn’t there a Poon Commandment to that effect? Appeasing easy women is not a priority while building empires. He saw no utility in it, and as he is learning painfully right now via the upcoming divorce rape that women are subversives and parasites best left at a distance when there are worlds to conquer.

        To train him up would take a couple consecutive weekends — witness the uberdorks who become PUA brands after taking a seminar or two. But for someone with immense power like Bezos, he would require private consultation and a mentor who could translate the basics of game for the masses into the unique lessons for a singular figure like him, i.e., he can’t go “sarging” down at the club.

        Thirsty proles on the outside looking in get confused why men like Bezos aren’t “bangin all the HBs!!?!?!” because that is what they think they would do if they were in his position. And yet, they can’t properly fathom being in his position because they have no understanding of what it takes to get there. At the same time, because they’ve gotten attention from hotter women than literally The Richest Man in The World, they preposterously count themselves superior in what they imagine is the most crucial way. With an ounce of insight, he can have their girl tomorrow, but in a million years of effort they still wouldn’t be much above rubbing two nickels together.

        The man needs a team of masculinity advisors the way he needs a team of divorce lawyers right now.

        All that said, this exposure is obviously Trump using the Enquirer to slay an enemy.


      • This reminds me if Schwartzeneggar cheating with his squatemalan troll maid. Still can’t figure that one out. Real strange tastes.

        “You mean just because a girl is pretty you want to sleep with her?”

        “Naw, we pretty much want to nail the ugly ones too.”

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      • on January 12, 2019 at 10:42 am Corinth Arkadin

        Arnold’s problem was prob. his ranging hormones. His wife must have shut him down (or the fact that he’s Catholic, the Madonna/Whore syndrome and all that), and he needed a nice warm place to shove his kock.

        The kid that resulted is not as hideous as I thought he would be.


      • he can’t go “sarging” down at the club

        That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.


    • How is he an omega mentally? That makes no sense at all, he is apex alpha in that department.

      And physiologically? No; he’s ripped now. Did you not see the picture from about a year or two ago?

      Behaviorally though? Yeah that’s a valid observation. Good call.


  4. There are lots of ways to be alpha.

    Tim Tebow. Famous virgin. Just got engaged to….
    Miss Universe 2017, who is 23.

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    • Good for him

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    • Read the details of their engagement. Fucking cringy. Tebow is a churchian cuck just waiting to bloom.

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 8:36 pm SteveRogers42

        That young Clemson QB is the same way.


      • Stop squeezing that one-dimensional insight so hard. As useful (and as needed today) as the adoption of a more realistic approach to the SMP is, you can’t interpret all social phenomena through the women of great men.

        Imagine for a moment that there are some things in life more important than loin friction and that it is imperative you choose one and only one woman for the rest of your life: from that perspective, landing a peak-SMV Miss Universe as he enters his own prime of life isn’t such a terrible consolation prize.

        Whatever else you want to call a man who rose to the top of his vocation, twice, when he was hardly 20, labeling him a “cuck” decades in advance of any evidence is worse than dumb, it’s dumb and bitter.


      • I’m thoroughly with the King on this one, can we at least hold off calling Tebow a cuck until he’s done something to deserve it? Same with the closet fag talk.

        So far Tebow has stayed out of the cultural shit fights, and good for him. I love it when celebs have the decency to keep their trap shut about what they’re not qualified to discuss publicly. *M7 bows down on one knee in celebratory prayer*


      • It’s a pattern, King. Every guy who sets up an engagement event of this magnitude that I have seen or read about is sowing the seeds of his own downfall. Managing expectations. How is he going to top the engagement week?

        I am not begrudging his successful lasso of a 23 year old Miss Universe. Great! I am pointing out the super cringy shit surrounding it.

        I have read about his family and upbringing. They are right on the center line for the target demographic that adopts kids from overseas and brings them here, and imports them by the bushel, engages in that level of cuckery, etc.

        You are a tedious mother fucker, King. I am glad you only show up here irregularly.


    • and like all women in less then a year she will hate Timmy who is almost perfect male. it is in their DNA to do this. some will stay with the guy their whole life some leave but they all end hating you and it dont even bother them to go to bed with a guy they hate


      • What are you talking about.

        She won’t hate him if he knocks her up AND THEN goes through pain of natural child birth. And has a baby.

        At that point her life will be on track.


      • what are you talking about?? you have ZERO experience with them. ALL WOMEN WILL HATE YOU AFTER A YEAR MAYBE LESS. PERIOD. I don’t care you are . I don’t care if she has 5 kids she will hate him for ruining her body and tying her down. this aint Ozzie and Harriet TV show


      • Most women will hate you immediately… but the ones who don’t won’t hate you ever, so long as you make them feel like they matter in your life.

        Try it. 😉


    • Ugh, it’s that fish-fished quasi-nigger from South Africa. Innsmouth look, kraal variant.

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    • Look at every single picture of them. She’s gonna take Tebow to the cleaners. Tebow is too nice. Hope I’m wrong on this one but I highly doubt it.

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    • Has he been having wet dreams his entire adult life? Odds are, he idea what in bed, or has erectile dysfunction . Shes been getting throat fucked since junior high.

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    • on January 11, 2019 at 5:36 pm Captain Obvious

      Trevor Lawrence is arguably the best amateur athlete in the world [and in four or five years, he might be the best athlete in the world, period], and yet he’s head-over-heels in l0ve with an HB6 pygmy who leans away from him.


      • on January 11, 2019 at 5:49 pm Captain Obvious

        Watching some Clemson highlights – h0ly phuck do they look like they could have beaten two or three of the worst teams in the NFL.

        I’ve never seen anything like Trevor Lawrence [& the field hands at wide receiver].

        And he’s dating a bottle blond mystery meat pygmy with dark roots?


      • Holy cringe. He leans into her, she can barely stand touching him. The fucking national championship quarterback. I hate 2018.

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      • HB6? that girl is hotter than anything you’ve ever had, stop fronting

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      • Damn photo is beyond cringeworthy.

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 7:13 pm Captain Obvious

        F-Street, she’s an exceptionally NORMAL looking girl [with very dark roots].

        Y’all JIDF agents posing as Eggplants need to cum on down to G0d’s Country and learn what Hawt really looks like.


      • @cap

        I’d give her a 7.

        but the beta tells are pinging hot with this dude
        -tilted gay head
        -body leaning in
        -body facing her while she faces out (should be reversed)
        -fag arm wrap around
        -shit eating smile

        he gunna get needy beta dumped.

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      • He looks slightly less retarded than Eric Stoltz’s Rocky Dennis character. Good player though.


      • on January 11, 2019 at 9:21 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “he gunna get needy beta dumped”

        G0d I wish you were right – it would be the best thing that could possibly happen to him.

        But the little gold digger will ride him all the way to his first NFL contract and then she’ll sue him for “palimony” or some ridiculous nonsense like that.


      • on January 11, 2019 at 9:24 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Good player though.”



        He’s easily the greatest amateur athlete I’ve ever seen in college football.

        Montana, Marino, Elway, take your pick of the Manning boys – none of them could shine this kid’s shoes when they were amateurs.


      • on January 11, 2019 at 9:38 pm Captain Obvious

        Against 12-0 Notre Dame & 14-0 Alabama…

        CLEM-ND: 27/39 ATT/COMP ; 327 YDS ; 3 TDS; 0 INTS
        CLEM-BAMA: 20/32 ATT/COMP ; 347 YDS ; 3 TDS; 0 INTS

        TOTAL: 47/71 ATT/COMP ; 674 YDS ; 6 TDS ; 0 INTS

        That sh!t’s simply insane.

        No freshman has ever done anything even remotely resembling what that kid just did.

        He was throwing passes which would make Tom Brady or Philip Rivers green with envy.


      • It’s the phyz. The guy just doesn’t have it.

        Alpha is damn near 100% phyz y’all. And I don’t mean that in the whole “women only care about looks fml” beta nonsense. What I mean is there is a certain estrogenic signature that is virtually impossible to wash out.

        That’s why you gotta be so careful with these endocrine disruptors. Check everything, ESPECIALLY if your baby mama is preggo. The easiest way to destroy the genetic potential of a zygotelord is to inundate it with plastic crap or ZOG-approved hormones

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      • HA. What Travis said. More of this cheap-seats criticism based on one camera angle in an attempt to validate the poor choices of your empty lives.

        What do you know about the decisions and trajectories of great men? You might not be able to to escape your plebeian lives, but you don’t have to publicly emote like a pleb. Have some dignity.

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      • No freshman has ever done anything even remotely resembling what that kid just did.

        None other than Tim Tebow “remotely resembl[ed] what that kid just did.” Twice. With a Heisman on top of it, the first ever as a sophomore.


      • P.S. That “pygmy” is probably pushing six-feet, given that Lawrence is 6’6″


      • oh he’s beta huh?

        what are you guys who know who tf he is? I had no clue who the guy in the photo was until you people watching sportsball told me

        this dude is beta? You need to recalibrate- YOU’RE BETA.
        You know his fucking feetsball stats? Beta.
        You watch this shit on TV? Beta.
        You care about the bitch he’s with? Beta.

        I was at Stephan Braun in Belgrade a long time ago and in walks fuckin Novak Djokovic. What’d I do? Talked to him like a man. Everyone else was in awe of the dude. I just said hey man what’s up, we talked about a tournament he had upcoming in Monaco.

        omg omg you talked to Novak? What did you say? jfc he’s a man like I am not a god

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      • “You know his fucking feetsball stats? Beta.
        You watch this shit on TV? Beta.”

        Uh- this. x1000
        WTF are you guys doing watching afroball and afroball jr. Hollyweird is crumbling. Afroball is the epicenter of poz. They own at least 3 days of the week. Where else do we throw White cheerleaders at half-retarded apes? Where else do we see White cucks prattling off stats about how many yards Jamal ran last season?

        Turn that shit off. I dgaf if it’s “the playoffs.” It’s nig idolatry.

        And throw your Mkombe Tarflavius jerseys in the trash.

        Djok has the reputation of being a social, laid back guy. Also pretty based. On record many times saying women don’t deserve same pay as men, etc..

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      • on January 12, 2019 at 10:44 am Corinth Arkadin

        This fag is Peter Frampton 2.0.

        Some of you younger folks won’t remember Frampton (I barely do). His cuckoldry is the stuff of legend.


      • I still say she ain’t leaning away from him… she’s just trying to keep her balance from that heavy haid of his resting against her.

        That kopf is twice the size of hers, fer cryin’ out loud… and I’ve seen pictures where she’s hanging on him like a cheap overcoat.


      • Kid is 19 Cappy… he has a lot of growing up to do.

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      • on January 12, 2019 at 1:32 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “he has a lot of growing up to do”


        He’s a little boy in a grown man’s body.

        Those THOTs are gonna [email protected] him.


      • Sorry to break it to you but nobody knows this guy “in the world” and he will never be one of the best athlete in the world, maybe in America, the world doesn’t follow American football. The girl is cute, he will have many others like her if he is successful. Trying to asses things from one picture with one girl when someone is in his teens is just ridiculous


      • Trav laying down the absolute truf in this one.


  5. It can’t be said often enough:

    70 Billion for an ugly mexican.


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    • She was on KCAL9 in SoCal, along with another gal, Maria Quiban.

      My buddy was in love with Sanchez and this was when Lauren had just started her botox protocol, but it was noticeable–specially the collagen lips.. (Trivia time: she’s in a bit part in Fight Club as a news caster in a helicopter taking about when Operation Mayhem tags all those buildings’ windows.)

      And Quiban, despite being a pelligrino, has aged much more gracefully. But since she’s part of that Asian milieu, at 60 she’ll blow up the spot.


    • It actually stuns the mind, in a way.

      At least pick a physically perfect 20-year-old Ukrainian whore or something, jeez.

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      • don’t you think he had those? df?

        he got TIRED OF THEM

        dudez please. a billionaire walks in the room, ALL WOMEN’S HEADS TURN.

        Bc every man says “holy shit he’s a billionaire.” With reverence. Say it to some chick sometime, oh bla bla bla this guy i know he’s a billionaire…watch their eyes.

        its like you people bitching about his car…df is a car when you have net worth over $100B. these things don’t matter to you anymore.

        even the size of his yacht and jet…meaningless.

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      • fucking try hard trav…

        go have spaghetti with Epstien on pedo island

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      • Really, your criticisms of far, far superior men of world-bestriding accomplishment does nothing more than expose your inadequacies and insecurities.

        I just don’t get why he isn’t banging Ukranian whores?!?! Well, there is a lot about the life of singular figures that would “stun [your] mind.” You have no frame of reference, and it is best to be silent, observe, and learn.

        This is a major problem of slave minds. They extrapolate their constricted experiences into a realm they have no experience with and misinterpret the generosity of the noble (free) as instances of weakness, error, “cuckoldry,” which they might in fact be down in their underclass world. Their behavior is in play with entirely different factors than you are used to reckoning with.

        I am not saying, would not say you are a slave mind. But you should take care of the temptations toward that loserish attitude. It’s entirely too easy to compare your manhood against people of greatness and count yourself adequate if only measured by a special yardstick of your own imagination. Be honest and be better.


      • “Really, your criticisms of far, far superior men of world-bestriding accomplishment does nothing more than expose your inadequacies and insecurities.”

        Funny. My biz partner and I have nothing but respect for his biz acumen. That said, he’s a traitor to his people and his country. And I enjoy any excuse to laugh at and shit on him.

        I want traitors burned, not turned.

        Hope he’s divorce raped and cannibalized by the libtard.


      • @queen

        “This is a major problem of slave minds. They extrapolate their constricted experiences into a realm they have no experience with”

        You are the KING of this very domain. Time and again it’s been shown here you have very limited field experience with women.

        And oddly your are very defensive of Beta Bezos in this post.

        Bro his texts have been outed, read them and get a grip. Hes a gameless tool. His character archetype is common as dirt. Rich dude with no game who took the easiest and sleaziest path to some strange.

        end of story.


      • That’s an incisive criticism by Ripp. We are really supposed to pretend that Bezos’ personal life doesn’t categorically make him out to be a worthless sap, and worse, a NOBODY?

        But it does. Bezos’ revealed personal life shows him for a chump.

        Dignity counts for a lot. Turns out he isn’t able to be a man with women! which counts for a lot. Fucking loser.

        Which is more admirable in these our times:

        1. To your name, 100 billion hard earned (if not necessarily fairly), but for whatever unknown reasons, you act like an omega with women; or

        2. Not so much money but you got Game


    • She’s been lipo’d, botoxed, siliconed, and with any luck the doc threw in a couple of man stitches to fix the damage Hernandez had done…so maybe it wasn’t such a bad deal afterall.


  6. How does Bezos’s ” mistake ” fix this issue ?

    – Fertility rate for white women plummets BELOW the limit needed to maintain the population in every single US state –


    • Not really an issue. The lowest states for white fertility are MA, CT, RI, OR, and CO, all in the 1.3-1.5 child/woman range — all full of pretentious white shitlibs. And Utah is full of cucked Mormons, so its crashing birthrate isn’t a loss either.

      If Trump has triggered white shitlibs so hard they’re now dying out, it’s no loss. A nice Nelson Muntz HA-HA to that.


      • This assumes that shitlibs and/or their children won’t change their attitudes as they get to experience diversity up close.


      • I suspect most of them won’t, irishsavant. It’s a religion. We see them getting martyred all the time and thanking the holy niggers who killed and thus blessed their children, etc.

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      • The only upside to white birthrates plummeting is that the birth depression is mostly with our racial garbage anyways.

        Libs are mostly congenital cowards, hormonal mix-ups, narcissistic blowhards, corporate faux-alpha doughboys, etc.

        Problem is there is so much contamination in not just our mutation load but also our physical environment such as screen addiction crap and xeroestrogens and what not.

        Problem is that, yes, our current scenario filters out the weak but if the strong are 10% of the population how can we get anything done? Even if the white race was composed of nothing but 6’4″ 160IQ Nordic ubermenschen, it doesn’t mean anything when drowned in a sea of browns that can slaughter them all when they decide to get riled up about something.


    • everything is cyclical. the fertility rate will fix itself once the huwhyte population stabilizes post coloured population readjustment. USA was twice as nice with half the meat, and maybe better with even less

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      • I like your optimism grey.

        but the porous border needs to be stopped. we need Darth Bader Ginsburg to die and another MAGA judge to be confirmed.

        we need to shitlib tech-media oligarchy to be hit hard with libel suits and trust bust.

        the millenials are a fucking awful generation of lazy entitled super sluts and soy boys….

        help me Huwhyte Trump Kenobi you’re my only hope

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 9:49 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “the millenials are a fucking awful generation of lazy entitled super sluts and soy boys….”

        Have you seen the picture of the boy who k!dnapped Jayme Closs & murd3red her parents?

        Talk about Peak-Soy, Peak-Endocrine-Disruption, Peak-Salamander-Neck:


    • on January 13, 2019 at 11:52 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      I fixed that stat for him.

      Many sons, few daughters.


  7. First, I am vomitting a little bit over the romantic bullshit

    Second, I am totallyt convnced that this an is not competent to run Amazon, let alone Washington Post.

    I am really curious as to what goes on behind closed doors there.

    This love-letter dude is sending warehouse workers to meet horrible deaths at the hands of robots? Not buying it.

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  8. Money, fame, even power can’t buy alpha, exhibit Omega


    • on January 11, 2019 at 5:11 pm General Pinochet

      But surely lifting would fix Omega? It changed your life. I guess his soul is Omega, if he still has one.


    • Sure it can. I can think of a couple red-pilled self-help books available on Amazon itself. Jeff could have an assistant beam it to his Kindle for $0.00 on the platform he built himself.

      Although his error was monumental, it isn’t complicated, and can be easily corrected for the future.


  9. At first I was like ouch, this is going to be one expensive fucking divorce.

    Then I saw his messages..

    The betaness made me just think fuck it, I hope she sells her mega chunk of his Amazon share to a competitor. That could REALLY fuck him up.

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  10. Also. His messages look like they came from a pajeet.

    Bitch lasagne.


  11. Sports dood Clay Travis (of CNN “boobs” infamy) talks about the Bezos divorce and adds a funny sports-themed spin that divorces should have caps like football does:


    • Few times I’ve listened to him, he’s pretty funny.
      F Betazos. F any of these traitors who make their beds with the libtards. They are male version mud sharks. As much I agree the divorce system is insane, I want these traitors to burn in the Clown World they’ve created.

      Mud sharks beaten and acid washed by their black pets? Justice.
      Betazos space exploration company find a wormhole in his ass from this galactic divorce rape? Justice.

      Burn libtard. Burn.

      Hat-tip to CH on this post and all commenters. Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a single post. That Obongo gif just got sent out to several friends of mine.

      I’m just so happy you’re all my alive bros! I just want to read The Chateau and drink coffee with you! NOT A LOT OF COFFEE. JUST A LITLLE BIT!

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  12. “Bezos is really in love with his wallstress. It’s not the illicit sex that breaks his w!fe’s heart, it’s his emotional betrayal. Women can handle a cheating hvsband if it’s purely physical, but they can’t handle the loss of a hvsband’s love.”

    Not just a hvsband’s love.

    I’ve noticed that women take the fact that a man has fallen in lurve with a given woman very, very seriously, far more seriously than the man himself does — for example, if he’s an alpha with an abundance mentality, or figures his falling in lurve is a mistake because the woman is unavailable.

    The old joke that a man can have multiple girlfriends if they never meet each other is even more important if he’s in lurve with one of them. Because in that case, if the other girlfriends find out, they’ll dump him immediately.


    • this is important to remember…if your main girl gets a whiff that you’re cheating you have to remind her that SHE is the main girl and none of these other hoez are getting what she’s getting

      appeal to her resource acquisition lizard brain.

      and I don’t luvvv them hoez…act like she’s being stupid for even bringing it up. gaslight

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  13. Also, while we are on the subject, one need look no further for an example than the late Anthony Bourdain.  A second marriage to appease his pussy partner in crime ended up becoming a suicidal cuckfest as she opted to open the cunt to the dominant MMA white men without any effort while her husband remained a respectable, glob✡list kitchen beta.  He doth hangeth himzelf thinking that such depressing Shakespearean-style sacrifice would garner public sympathy and grant him ze ubiquitous young poosay in the afterlife that all his radical Muslim terrorist friends rave about, but NOPE, his wife-piece will initiate her War-Bride/Light Switch and activate the cheat codes to regain entry to the cock carousel fo’ FREE and get railed by huge prison cocks to quell her grief.  (Note the headlines say MEDIA mourns Bourdain’s death, because afterall, these events defied their narrative as it was the white man in the end that gets to bust the nut and out-competes the minorities and ze glob✡lists.  CNN weeps)

    I realize the wheels are starting to come off this post, which is good, but ze globalists promized to maketh ze flying cars built by ze Chinese very soon so my point will then make sense because Zen we will no longer need rubber tirez and ze fossils fuelz to run our mobile entertainment vroom-vroom centers and zat means I will have doneth my part in respecting diversity by handing overth my jobz to ze poor families in Asia and helping zem avoid ze rice food pantreez while simultaneously saving ze environment becuz Jennifer Lawrence on ze TV sez we have to vote to stop ze climate change and my single mommiez told me to rezpect and believe ALL zah waahmiinnzz so she can haveth that airspace to herself to smoketh her Virginia Slimz wizshing it was the dominant cocketh of ze tax-funded lllegal Immigrant rape-fugee Chad-man, and…


    Ahh that feels better.  Just got a hit of red pill solution USP from my auto-injector pen.  My Deep State Manchurian Candidate shyt started to take over.

    Have a good day.


  14. This sure is a public a humiliation for the wife, I almost felt sorry for the broad. Then I came back to Earth.

    I’m with elooie, she’s gotta be out for revenge.


  15. I am suspicious of how much Bezos contributed to Amazon now, after all of this. Is he the real power, or just a figurehead?

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    • Yea this is my thinking.

      I mean if you follow the shit Amazon has done, lets just say in just the last 2 years alone, it’s really hardball, politics, election-stuff, blantant worker exploitation, etc.

      Not the kind of stuff a lovesick teenager can pul off.

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    • on January 11, 2019 at 3:37 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA


    • well there’s you, who has a b!tch as a personal trainer, right?

      i hear stories about tough guys who like to be dommed and shit…gross but this is what i hear.

      bezos was sappy on texts, just cringeworthy but how one dimensional do you guys think people are?

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    • Leader of men does not necessarily make you good with women.

      Bad take. I’d even call it an anti-CH take.

      You should be looking for the similarities between game and power rather than being comfortable/complacent in the lie that there are differences. After all, don’t leaders of men — men of power — naturally attract women?

      What a man chooses to do or not do with that generated attraction, yes I agree, is a different story. But inspiring that attraction from what you are (as opposed to what you trick her into thinking you are) is at least 80% of the way to horizontal. All you have to do at that point is shut up, i.e., not fuck it up with beta tells.


      • Most leaders of men I know are crappy with women and have ugly, bitchy wives and drool over anything young and pretty that talks to them. I see this daily as a matter of fact and I work in an organization that lives and breathes leadership of men.


  16. I’m going to assume Heather is a woman and point out the lack of female understanding of male fidelity. A man’s fidelity is directly correlated to his own integrity. Love plays a part but it’s not the bedrock. You can’t tempt a virtuous man out of his word, which is all marriage is. You can have a young, tight, ideal in front of him offering every debauched act he’s ever dreamed of but he won’t do it. Not because of love but because of his own self respect. I said it, I stand by it. This is also the source of IDGAF. I want to do it so I’m doing it. I do what I want, I do what I say, fuck you.

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  17. Michael decides when to muhdik, not Barry


  18. on January 11, 2019 at 3:29 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    The crazy film Zardoz explains this shit. The Nappy wearing Connery shows up in Google Campus and fucks all the bitches.


  19. Haha


  20. There’s a cultural thing called intimacy, which is what Bezos wants badly. Any man not a natural alpha or savage really. You folks are implicitly poo-pooing intimacy in general, which is important for a higher quality of life as opposed to social atomization (lack of reciprocity not lack of proximity per se).

    That now old broad has tight intimacy game. It ain’t her looks though I respect the body, especially from ten or twenty years ago. This line from Bezos struck me: “I like it when you’re strong, and I like it when you’re vulnerable.” I once fell in crazy love with a chick I met in a club. She sequenced her emotional position and social behavior perfectly. It was a feelings adventure. I tell you it is incredibly intoxicating if you are not a soulless man, and impossible to counter by the uninitiated. (Parent sheltering is a major injury for many reasons in my opinion.) I have never experience anything like that before or since. I don’t think I can now.

    You know who is the same way, able to generate great intimacy tingles in the guy? Pattie Boyd, the first wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, before becoming a dysfunctional junkie. Do all women have this adventure intimacy game in spades or is it an artful talent only possessed by a few?

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    • Eh, you can have intimacy without being as cringe as that. It’s not like he’s 17 and she’s his first crush.

      He’s (soon to be was, lol) the richest man in the world, yet he’s on the same level as a pajeet.


    • Yeah, I’m kind of divided.

      On the one hand, that feeling of intimacy and rapport is immensely satisfying. More so than the mere application of muh dik, IMO, and as Reality Doug points out, is necessary for a higher development than negroid grunting in the bushes around the kraal.

      On the other hand, his writing is almost poisonously bad. Painful, in fact.


      • Actually, you shouldn’t even be writing this shit at all. Bask silently when you’ve got the chance, and save the enthusing for your nation, a sunset, whatever.

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      • well, cmon man

        NOBODY here has ever said anything sappy to a girl, EVER

        bc we’re all buying them skittles to show how much we don’t care bc they love us for that which sort of begs the question as to why nobody here has a woman

        it’s like ppl shitting on me for expensive meals…it’s just jealousy.

        now bezos did some sappy shit and OHHH LOOK YOU PUNK

        listen, he could have all of you killed for his couch change and nobody would care.

        I personally hate the guy but I ain’t gonna shit on him for loving some broad

        after the 50th flawless ukranian, df more are you gonna want? You people don’t get it (not specifically you IS)

        when you mow through chicks, pretty and BORING, you end up at the end of the day with someone who you can fuckin laugh with. I have a girl like this, she’s like 2 feet tall and viet, rate her maybe a 5 or 6, but she makes me laugh. the lawyercunt i mentioned before I clicked hard with…she was tall and blonde and pretty but i’ve had better, easily better. give her a 7 or 8. Best I could do? Who cares, they’re ALL gonna get old and ugly.

        Me and the gook ain’t gonna end up together anytime soon but at the end of the day my time with her was a fuckton more pleasant than my time with a lot of much hotter women…

        bezos doesn’t NEED your validation like Trump does…he’s actually got billions he made himself. hot bitches to him are like cars, get it?

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      • well ok I am gonna give your argument consideration
        but WHY write crazy stuff like this?


      • as I said there is something profoundly wrong with childishly infatuated a 50+ man


      • “WHY write crazy stuff like this?” A nerve was struck. True black pill is bad enough. What’s gonna make life worth living? From evo psy we know men vary more than women. Beta ain’t all bad. Context is everything.


      • on January 12, 2019 at 6:57 am gunslingergregi

        as I said there is something profoundly wrong with childishly infatuated a 50+ man””””””’

        whats wrong with it
        thats what you want to still be able to be at 50 madly in love
        why my notch count slow i guess
        allthough i’ll let any bitch suck my dick


      • on January 12, 2019 at 6:58 am gunslingergregi

        not that he really sounds madly in love
        with billions think he could of been more creative than coffee


    • on January 11, 2019 at 4:12 pm Enfant Terrible

      A woman will generate those feelings in a man when she is young, beautiful, fresh, like a flower. No man is immune to that, but getting the butterflies for a middle-aged butox ravaged whore is a ridiculous state for a mature man to be in.

      The man is having a middle-life crisis and went after an old hag, instead of just getting over it by banging hot young whores. It would be better for his reputation than look like silly fool.

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    • on January 12, 2019 at 7:00 am gunslingergregi

      yea for me intimacy is where its at


  21. Tebow and fiancée pass the body language test, imo:

    And other than the c-u-n-t Greg Elliot’s universe, the girl is white.


    • on January 11, 2019 at 10:54 pm Captain Obvious


      That chick is beaner.

      His children are going to be very short, very brown, and very low IQ.

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    • Got room in yo’ haid for Cap’n Obvious too, moopsie?

      Since you insist on bringing my opinion into the matter:

      On her best day, she can be accepted into White Society, but there are too many pictures of her that show coffee in the cream.

      Now go get a life, sock.


    • I looked this critter up out of mild curiosity and the first one I hit states almost immediately that she’s from a “Cape Coloured” background.

      Cape Coloreds are mixed White and Negro. This is a known fact and has been for several centuries. Hence the name.

      So even the modern poz doesn’t think she’s White.

      She’s a wog. And a kind of unsettling looking one at that with those wide-spaced nigger eyes like [email protected] [email protected] has.


    • This comment section really fucking sucks sometimes.

      Matt 7:5


      • The point is Tebow’s body language. In this imperfect world of poz, we take what examples we have to discern the principle, rather than constantly going off on nit-picky tangents that we all basically agree about anyway.


    • Looking at a sampling of the pictures available online, I think I see a wiff of the 10K stare. Because of this news I found out Tebow is an outfielder for the New York Mets. He’s still got cred. Remember that Christian leader with no limbs and the hot wife? This could go either way. Her notch count will be the make or break of this union. Anyone worried for Tim Tebow?


      • In regards to the initial pic above, the body body language is a solid pass, but something in the eyes say pain to me. Even if there is discomfort from the eyes, the source could be anything. Perhaps I am just too bitter to trust a woman not an inexperienced teenager, but that’s where I think it’s at, gentlemen.


    • on January 12, 2019 at 1:38 pm Captain Obvious

      I: “Cape Coloreds are mixed White and Negro.”

      RD: “Anyone worried for Tim Tebow?”

      Speaking of Coal Burners [and Chosen-Coal Burners at that], anyone worried for Prince Harry?


    • So she’s a South African Meghan Markle?


    • This picture makes me feel better about Tebow. I will pray that he gets every good thing he has more than earned in life.


    • Not white.


    • And other than the c-u-n-t Greg Elliot’s universe, the girl is white.

      Looks like this latest attempt of yours REALLY blew up in yo’ face, boy-san.

      Let’s call such an epic fail an “In yo’ face disgrace”. lzozlzozlzozlzozlzozlozl


  22. “she’s repulsed by his unmanliness”

    And he’s turned on by Michael’s manliness.


  23. @ Really Doug,

    I agree. I think that Kimberly Guilfoyle did the same thing with Don Jr. Some women run that game well.


    • Yeah that one confuses me too. Don Jr played hooky on hot pussy day at the Trump Senior Finishing School.


    • Thanks, MikeF. Brilliant observation. What these emotional cats can’t handle is objectivity and free idea exploration. The question I am trying to answer is why do some women score hit status husbands repeatedly, even when not young. This is simply applying game methodology to posit ideas and get solid theory. Little minds think that what they have experienced is the whole of human history and experience. You’re right, I forgot about Kimberly Guilfoyle. The match is obvious in terms of political power. She will be an asset better looking that Hillary Clinton, but she’s also got the two high-profile ex’s to fit the pattern. Fucking Gavin Newsom! Oh, she’s a real conservative, not. I wish the less philosophical could critically consider ideas as if they were not avatars of the people who express them. Hard to believe such men have game.

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      • Please disregard this from the above comment: “Little minds think that what they have experienced is the whole of human history and experience.” I misread some things in this comments thread, though I think it could apply to some other comment threads. My apologies.


      • on January 11, 2019 at 5:56 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “The question I am trying to answer is why do some women score hit status husbands repeatedly, even when not young.”

        They’ve got “Female Game”.


      • on January 11, 2019 at 6:57 pm Macro Investor

        Female game is just push/pull. They act aloof, then they give you some attention and fun. Repeat, repeat.

        The key is not to get hooked and act beta. Lots of kino and eye contact to show them your interest, but never say you have interest. IE – don’t fail that jumbotron test.

        Acting aloof is a shit test.

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 9:57 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Female game is just push/pull.”


        We’re talking many many standard deviations above that.

        Bishes who fool a Beta into thinking that he’s the center of their universe.

        Bishes who pretend to cling to every word he says.

        Bishes who touch the beta with a warmth & softness & a seeming kindness like he’s never felt before.


      • I reinstate the following statement for Macro Investor: “Little minds think that what they have experienced is the whole of human history and experience.”


    • I will note that Guilfoyle knows where some of the lefts bodies are buried and being with Jr ensures her protection. They are both nonstop campaigning so I wouldnt be surprised if knocking boots is not their main focus

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      • on January 12, 2019 at 1:42 pm Captain Obvious

        Yeah, if she’s with The Don Jr, then she’s got Secret Service protection [which is not meant to imply that I’d trust the SS in a (((Meyer Lansky/Jack Ruby))) scenario].


  24. on January 11, 2019 at 4:07 pm Enfant Terrible

    Lol, me love you so much, me want to smell you. ahahahaah…


  25. on January 11, 2019 at 4:08 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    Miss Sanchez would be fun for a fling. I’ve fucked worse.


  26. What’s amazing is that as smart as Bezos is, he threw his wife overboard for a woman with a track record for d1vorce, is 49 and about to turn into a raving menopause monster, and has a plastic surgeon on speed dial. Plus being an on TV attention whore will change any woman for the worse.

    Maybe he just likes getting punched in the balls so much he decided to bring this on himself and make it a full time endeavor.


  27. I just realised why he called his company “Amazon”.

    He likes strong, manly women.

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  28. Got a new bartender this week…God bless the sweptback… I still don’t know what her face looks like…


  29. Hope the laugh isn’t on us — like the sorcerer’s apprentice, you chop it in half and get two in return…$70 billion is a lot of moolah to start another HuffPo(funded by her divorce, iirc) or God forbid.


  30. “Dirty Slamchez”
    I love this website.

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  31. Re: jumboton gifs

    It’s amazing you can be the most powerful man in the world and your girl still sees you as a beta bitch


    • That’s why the CH alpha-beta-omega triage is exactly right and the Vox Day model of modernity past is not evergreen. Women’s instincts are what women go by, period.


      • Nobody follows the “Vox Day” model, they hardly know it exists, and putting it on par with the classic “triage” is an elevation it does not deserve.


      • @King, I wrote a poast ’bout that called “A Critique of Vox’s Socio-Sexual Hierarchy”. The proof is referenced there. And if not enough, just ask our resident minion ‘vfm#7634’. All things ultimately Judaic are absolute ideologies, and VD’s fans are comic ideologues. They sure do believe in that model. Krauser goes by the identity ‘Sigma Wolf’ and has an honored blog roll link from CH, just up and too the right.


    • he’s gay. always has been

      Trinity was known for pairing spinsters up with gay dudes who had a political future so their optics were right


    • He might very well be the first lady man in 2020.


    • When you’re that ugly you know any dude that goes for you is a bitch.

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  32. I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!! Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you
    and have breakfast with you
    and then take a walk with you
    and smile together with you
    and then go back home with you
    and then have a launch with you
    I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!!
    beyond lulz, reveals a profoundly defective being on multiple levels
    the question is how this caricature of man manged to become so filthy rich
    jeez a very few 16 years old gen z would write something like this
    somewhere somehow there must a terrible void, so delusional to think that the presence of a shallow cunt would fill it


    • He had so many witty options available, and went with boilerplate beta schlock.

      Jacked Bezos: ” your Amazon deal of the day, my Prime cock in your mouth, 20 minutes remaining on this deal”.

      Regular Bezos: “I want to smell you” .

      Yuge fail!!!!!!

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  33. It doesn’t make up for the life-shattering divorce and total loss of ambition, but I will say: I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the fact that I was banging 24-year-old cuties after my divorce and the richest guy in the world was pulling…this.

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  34. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your elite. This guy wants to put shock collars on real men so they don’t take breaks. I’d like to see him try to put one on me in person.

    The richest man in modern history talks to women like an autistic 8th grader.

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  35. on January 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm Elmer T. Jones

    Goes to show how constraining wealth and celebrity can be. Even on travel away from the wife he can’t just ditch his entourage and work the cocktail circuit or drop by the Golden Oceans Massage.

    For all his options, could not understand what Donald Trump saw in Stormy McPornHo.

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    • On one hand they have fixers who can accommodate whatever warped urges they might have, probably things that would make Elagabalus cringe. On the other, it all goes into the bl4ckmail file in case they step out of line and need to be W31nstein’ed pour encourager les autres.


  36. on January 11, 2019 at 6:07 pm Captain Obvious

    Gwyneth Paltrow Brings Ex-Husband Chris Martin, Children On Honeymoon With New Husband Brad Falchuk


  37. Off-topic but always on. Keep pushing that Scarlett R. I love it. Shut down your engagement avenues. Take a nice big bite out of your profits all for the virtue signal…

    Glad you’re all my bros.


  38. Bezos is the newest member of our overlords to bang the wide of a friend. It is almost like they are sociopaths, who not only don’t have loyalty to the masses, they don’t have loyalty to each other.

    Gavin Newsom banged the wife of his friend and campaign manager. Gore hooked up with his friend Larry David’s wife. I imagine there are a lot more

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  39. Not sure the Obamas stopped having sex after the conception of their daughters. Michelle has publicly stated that both girls were conceived in vitro, so good chance their marriage was never consummated.

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  40. Tony Gonzalez’s sloppy seconds. hah


  41. on January 11, 2019 at 7:04 pm Mandy been here a while

    His children must be humiliated by all this. But that is nothing compared to the misery Bezos released on our working class.


    • on January 11, 2019 at 7:22 pm Captain Obvious

      I suspect the most humiliating thing for the children [and especially for the sons] is when the Mom moves on and starts taking dick from someone other than the Dad.

      I don’t see how that doesn’t activate an Oedipal response which ends in some sort of serious psychological devastation for young men [and/or ends in them going postal on a mutha phucka].

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  42. […] marriage. By the end of this week communications spurring from his affair with a 49 year old matron had entered the public domain (archived). The US state of Washington, where the Bezos family resided, is a “community […]


  43. on January 11, 2019 at 7:06 pm SpaceCadetGlow


    Truly, this is the day that the Lord has made!

    “Wallstress.” That’s brilliant, just brilliant. 2019 is off to a wonderful start.


    • on January 11, 2019 at 10:21 pm clarence boddiker

      The richest cuck on earth…well soy on earth…can’t pass the jumbotron test.

      It’s glorious.

      I think our billionaires need to go to Russian Billionaire Training Camp. Surely, there’s a female NCAA pole waulter or volley ball girl he can worship.


      • And just who has a perfect score on the jumbotron test, going all the way back? Life is a process of suffering into wisdom.

        He richly deserves ridicule, but only as a means of hazing into the brotherhood, in the “we’ve all been there” way. This is his pivot point, where he can begin using his powers for good, or to literally billion-tuple down on omega resentment.


      • on January 12, 2019 at 3:17 pm clarence boddiker

        yeah, right, everyone has failed the jumbotron. It’s the kobayashi moru. JK…but it is right of passage for all men.


  44. Jeesh,, this is the best he can do?, the near richest man in the world? I can find a dozen young girls running checkout at the local supermarket hotter than her. A couple of them even flirt with me, and I am pushing 60.


  45. I haven’t laughed this hard at someone else’s misery since November 9th 2016

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  46. Bezos must be friends with JEBburitto and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or, they all belong to the same fondue circle.

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  47. I just couldn’t help myself. Must have been in one of those moods. Every time I read another one of Bezo’s “love messages” I would laugh harder until I lost control and spilled coffee over my expensive roll top computer desk. Then I laughed about that too!!


  48. I gotta disagree- the mistress has a weird face, would not choose her over the wife.

    Those released texts reveal this to be far worse than anyone would have imagined.

    Why couldn’t he have awkwardly fooled around with an ambitious twenty something marketing intern instead? How does all that money not instill the zfg attitude? He’s got enough to have everyone who’s ever looked at him crosseyed killed


  49. talented and highly skilled street shitters are rubbing their hands
    A frontal attack aginst white working men continues on two fronts
    messicans on south and street shitteres from everywhere else


    • this of course is a yuge betrayal of clown’s base the very people that put him in power
      those of you working in IT and engineering be prepared to work more for less money
      for the rest we all agree that we are living in an extremely ugly world
      looks like it will become a lot uglier
      ugly like new jersey

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      • Round chere CCNAs and MCSEs get about $15/hour being on call 24-7.

        I’m long retired from that shit. H1B ruined that in diverse areas.

        People in White states still make good money — I know some. But down here in diversiland that just isn’t the case.

        Denniger wrote a nice article on it yesterday. Can’t post links but its at market-ticker.

        You will know it when you experience it. New Englanders have been long insulated from the effects of their virtue signalling do gooding bullshit.

        Not much longer.


    • Winning! Gotta keep those wages low and living costs high so that we can ensure our demographically displacement! Trust the plan, guys! G0D Emperor to the rescue! [email protected]@!


    • So long as he bangs this hottie and that hottie, and tweets a shiv now and then, he’s aces ’round chere, amirite?



    • Thanks DJT for helping gut our wages with the Pajeet mafia

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    • So now he isn’t even tweeting for us. What a jerk.


  50. When I saw a pic of Bezos’ mistress my first thought was “Is that the best he can do? Really?”


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  51. RE: CH comment, “I bet those two stopped having sex after the kids were born.”

    Just reminding everyone the they produced their “girls” by in-vitro fertilization. Harambe and gaymulatto may have never had physical congress.

    Just sayin’.

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  52. on January 12, 2019 at 1:26 am The Philosopher

    Bezos is an interesting example of the extremely rich. Other than inheritance, and being a psychopath jew, it seems the only way to get mega rich is be a slightly aspy computer/math nerd. The only tech billionaire that seems not aspy is the Oracle guy.


  53. Jews jamming the signal now.


  54. on January 12, 2019 at 7:05 am gunslingergregi

    It’s not the illicit sex that breaks his wife’s heart, it’s his emotional betrayal. Women can handle a cheating husband if it’s purely physical, but they can’t handle the loss of a husband’s love.””””””



    • Yeah, because the “tea party” section of the female psyche is constantly scanning and hamsterizing about how she will gossip and relat her life atories to her coven of femme friends.

      She can romanticize anything an alpha does to her cunt coven. That is the hamster and her femmecunt group will eat it up like the latest episode of Sex and the City. A beta with pooploads of money can also provide enough status whoring and cover for her grrrlfriends to buy into whatever she sells them.

      But an obvious dork, weakling, beat of a man, with money, who then emotionally chooses another man? There is nothing left, nothing left to go to a tea party about and brag about to the cunt coven.

      If she can fleece him for his money, then she can show up at the next tea party, brag about her material revenge, and her fellow femme hamsters will all run around in a tizzy and revel in the rote activity of it all. Stuff is happening! And my girl WON!.. says the hamster.

      The sun rises, the sun sets. And w it, every woman’s hamster.


  55. Wha?!?!? De Bezos can done phuck him a white girl and she done stay ALIVE thru it?!? How he done DO that?!

    All da white bitches i done done it wit NEVUH be breathin aftaword.


  56. As much as I think it’s hilarious, how did text messages between two people get leaked? It sounds very, very planned. I thought the readers here had better intelligence.


  57. here is another obama son
    released recently from jail to make our neighborhood more safe lolz


  58. lolz lil goy anglin look how many french wignats is out there
    there even some who are non irony nahzes


    • But, BCE shabortesar,

      it’s good thing French monarchie git’dun beheaded, no?



      • Sure it was lil cockroach anything rotten and utterly decadent like you should be exterminated
        To illustrate the state of Louis xviii France just one example among many there was a comtesse or some other title which name escapes me who had 16000 servants while populace lived in utter poverty and misery
        Let them eat cake said la salope autrichienne yet her head rolled
        Rarely in history there was an equal example of disdain of ruling cast towards ordinary people, rarely if ever there was a starker contrast as it was Versailles
        of the time when compared to filthy narrow streets in which Louis subjects lived


  59. With all the gleefulness about Betazos getting divorce raped by the system he helps to maintain, and the pointless back and forth about the hotness of his sexual partners, we’re collectively missing the lesson to be learned.

    Betazos is filthy rich, powerful, respected, unreasonably confident, and also jacked. So looking at this story, what went wrong?

    The answer is Commandment XII: Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses.

    What we see here is a failure by Betazos to bring his weakest link up to par with the required baseline for it not to break his back. Betazos, with all his business acument failed to understand the most basic rules about how a powerful man courts and beds women. And none of other qualities can protect him from the negative impacts of his laxity in that regard.

    Playing to your strengths is great, but it can’t be done at the expense of not fixing your glaring weaknesses.


    • on January 13, 2019 at 11:55 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      The wife appears to have been a significant business partner.

      Bezos is getting exactly what he asked for.


  60. I am confused,, I did not know men talk that way! My husband never ever would talk that way to me and I do not know any man who talks that way. Even poets do not talk SO desperate.


  61. on January 13, 2019 at 6:26 pm Underachiever

    Obama’s kids are adopted. I think he is the antiChrist.


  62. on January 13, 2019 at 7:58 pm Proudly Unaffiliated

    The funniest thing would be for someone to send Roosh’s new book, Game, to Betazoid. Maybe with a note lamenting his plight and that this might help.


  63. sanchez is a tranny…look it up