Lesser Beta Of The Month: The Mewling Male Feminist

Are you curious what kind of wormy male wriggles just above the stinking detritus at the bottom of the male SMV barrel? Meet our Lesser Beta of the Month:

Only a limp-souled mangina can be triggered to verbal apoplexy by the term “man-sized”. in response, he posts a photo of an Amish woman — a woman who supports and cherishes the most patriarchal subculture in America — either pushing aside or ducking under a slender tree branch as evidence in his stunted juvenile ball pit of a mind that women are as physically strong as men. This is the soiled diaper of inanity and virtue sniveling which the Lesser Beta is happy to squish around in all day if it means a pat on his ASCII head from fat feminists online.

What else does the Lesser Beta and intrepid defender of ye faire maiden’s honor excel at? Disavowing “female objectification”, of course! (While unwittingly disavowing the natural functioning of his own gonads.)

“I grieve this…” Would someone pass the vomit bucket? Spewage incoming. That’s a lot of rambling incoherent poopytalk to say “you’re a butterface, honey”.

The Lesser Beta avoids slipping into Omega Male incel status by somehow securing for himself a homely female. Naturally, the daily reminder of his low SMV causes him to polish his lover’s pussy pedestal with the vigor of a man hoping to be blinded by the turgid light reflected off it.

My advice, kid. If you’re gonna do purple prose, take a T-boosting supplement before writing. It helps keep your readership awake.

Finally, our Lesser Beta in the skin-crawling flesh:

“sleepovers”. “fell in love wholly and with all my body and being”. What does he mean by this?

Oh, and you might want to stop manspreading. That insolent display of misogyny is apt to get you in the doghouse for years.

Well that was an unpleasant foray into manlet-land. Final thought: In the context of the US’s multiracial gruel, white knighting by nonWhites should be viewed as a proxy attack on sturdy White men. In fact, every whine and cringing exegesis on the patriarchy should be viewed as an extended play wail of desperation and bitter envy by the degenerate freak mafia against their Golden God White Man tormentor.

Placing bets how long it’ll be before Mrs. Lesser Beta steps out to indulge her secret fantasy of a righteous jerkboy MAGAfucking by a member in good standing of the objectifying patriarchy.


  1. How long until…?

    More likely: how long since she stepped out.

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  2. Can’t hide the truth..

    – Atlantic Jihad: The Untold Story of White Slavery –



    • Indentured servants were frequently held on after their terms were over. This is how the first chattel slave case came to be in the Court, the Casor/Johnson case. Was (invariably) a black man at end of term trying to get tf away from his black owner to go work for a white man as they treated their servants better.

      Let’s see…you come across an Ocean 5000 mi from home on a contract…you have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Yet, in history class they act as if indentured peeps had freedom to walk. They didn’t. The law enforced that contract of bondage. Emiratis are practicing modern day slavery, ffs, the entire Gulf Arab world is- some of some princess’s staff just tried to defect in France not too long ago. They take the lesser countries’ people and seize their passports; the servants are beaten and worse.

      In fact there was a case due to black mistreatment in the 1600s that forbade ownership of whites by injuns or blacks in the Americas. Such a case would have not come about if this configuration were not commonly occurring!


  3. […] Lesser Beta Of The Month: The Mewling Male Feminist […]


    • His is the grinning face that’ll be shoving bamboo under your fingernails while you’re strapped to a chair at liberal re-education camp … A true believer.


  4. If you would have told me this was a butch lesbian I would have had zero trouble believing it.

    I visually cannot discern which gender he is.


  5. on October 10, 2017 at 2:49 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    i don’t have the attention span or patience to read thru paragraphs of aids spooge

    but i see a dude who knows his wife looks like dog shit. goin to absurd lengths to convince himself otherwise is how he deals with his internalized beta certainty that he can’t do better

    i feel sorry for my man there


  6. on October 10, 2017 at 2:50 pm Brad Matthews

    Being Asian explains most of it, but what the hell was he doing watching a Hispanic boy draw his first breath? Was he the OB1GYNobi?

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    • That part was nauseating and creepy


    • So Ms Bitchface got divorced from a beaner and DIDN’T get custody of the kid?

      Or is the kid not hers at all… in which case, was it his from a prior marriage to a beaner?

      Or is it not even his kid or hers? In which case, wtf was he doing at the birth?

      Geez, this mischmasch needs a score card.

      That said, Charlie Chan DID score a White woman, so there’s that.


    • it’s actually a complex tradition between asians and hispanics. for every first baby breath from a beaner, a chink learns to parallel park. the beaner gets paid under the table.

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    • Asian man with a white girl… unusual. Very unusual. And since we know he’s spineless, we can confirm she is masculine, and wanted a feminine man. Some sad balance there.

      I bet she had a “bad experience” with the captain of the football team in HS. She only dated girls in college after that… but then, in frustration, wanted a “compromise.” And that is what she got. Her prize. That dude.

      And she walks around perpetually mad. Depressed that her girl-man can’t hold his space, or give her any sense of being protected. Frustrated that he can’t fuck (I bet they have sex > 4 times per year). And maybe even more mad at the guy from HS, whom she “hates,” but spends a remarkable amount of time thinking about.

      And once in a while… she goes and finds a bluepill dude with more going on than her wet-rag husband… and she gets a proper cocking. And is a weird bitch about it to that guy too. He is confused by the experience, doesn’t like her or know what to do with her, but will dump a load in her when she has the itch.

      Asian man… stays at home. Writes his sad, public love-grievings.

      It’s a morality tale. Don’t be anyone in that picture.

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      • Standard for when it does happen though. When Asian guys end up with white women they tend to get the 3-4/10 nerdy chick who was passed over in high school/university. They are the white women that tend to be too intelligent to date black but too physically unattractive to be able to snag a white guy.

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      • Holy hell brother DoG, that might just be the best comment ever written on this site.
        Game set Fkg match.

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      • shit like this is why asian dudes aren’t with white chicks that often. the japs were the only asians with any real alpha in them


    • He must have found him after his mother shat him out after illegally crossing the border.


  7. wow, immigration is magic!


  8. “The Lesser Beta avoids slipping into Omega Male incel status by somehow securing for himself a homely female. Naturally, the daily reminder of his low SMV causes him to polish his lover’s pussy pedestal with the vigor of a man hoping to be blinded by the turgid light reflected off it.”

    a lot of truth in this. in a past life that’s what i usually did. always picked girls who weren’t that great in looks or even in personality. didn’t even try to go for the hot sweeties even though i probably could have gotten them. seemed easier and that i was less likely to fail. but fail i did.

    once i started getting my act together and putting myself out there and taking chances, i started wanting more than what i had always settled for. then those better girls made me up my game. i had to rise to the occasion with each of them and i became a better man in the process.

    if you always pick friends, lovers, jobs, etc that are at the lowest level you can achieve, you don’t have any occasion to rise to, so you don’t. you stay the same day in and day out.

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  9. “Holy shit you make me want to vomit ” R lee emery, full metal jacket. Seriously I can’t believe this shit exist


  10. I was gonna ask if that kid was his, but I just can’t bring myself to think so.

    Which basically means that Mrs. Lesser Beta did already step out for an alpha fuck, then found herself a beta provider.

    Future cucking inc…


  11. Well, she’s not a land whale, so there’s that. Nevertheless, he’s batting way over his head and he knows it. Wonder how long since she got MAGA-pounded by an evil sheeiitlord. She craves it–you can see it in her eyes.


    • that’s the thing though. he isn’t batting over his head. she’s no catch. look at the bitchy neurotic soul radiating out of her face. that bitch is probably a nightmare to live with.

      he is just brainwashed like so many other men to think anyone with a vagina deserves love devotion and worship.

      if he wised up and saw her for who she really was, he’d realize there are better women than that.

      then he’d have the opportunity to rise the challenge of getting and keeping them.

      but for now he has sold out and resigned himself to living a life with a mediocre woman because it’s easier than facing the reality of his choices

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      • on October 10, 2017 at 3:59 pm traitors first

        ya know and I say this for all the guys reading this so maybe it will help them when they are feeling like sh!+ because of their blue pill days ……..
        Be a better man, Read the chateau but I look back on those blue days and I’m sure you can too and think…………… even in my bluest of bluest days ……….. there’s not enough liquor, crank, or viagra to make me wanna tap that and this idiot is not only begging to tap it he married it just so he might be able to tap it every once in awhile ……. I’m sure there’s a name for the thing that is andrewhuth but lesser beta or manlet ain’t it. This should definitely be filed under never ever ever never become this fu<k'n guy.

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      • yeah, that’s the saddest part of this. he didn’t just bang her on a night of drunken desperation, he married her.

        gave his life over to her. gave up any options he might have had to get a better woman.

        did that and he still has to be on his best behavior and jump through her hoops to get an occasional pity fuck or a handjob. what a sad existence. and wholly unnatural for a man to live like that.


      • on October 10, 2017 at 7:16 pm Vagina dominator

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      • on October 10, 2017 at 8:04 pm traitors first

        Meme of the Day goes to Vag Dom

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  12. A different meditation on a woman’s face:

    I looked at that face, dumbfounded. The lights of métro stations flew by; I didn’t notice them. What can be done, if our sight lacks absolute power to devour objects ecstatically, in an instant, leaving nothing more than the void of an ideal form, a sign like a hieroglyph simplified from the drawing of an animal or bird? A slightly snub nose, a high brow with sleekly brushed-back hair, the line of the chin – but why isn’t the power of sight absolute? – and in a whiteness tinged with pink two sculpted holes, containing a dark, lustrous lava. To absorb that face but to have it simultaneously against the background of all spring boughs, walls, waves, in its weeping, its laughter, moving it back fifteen years, or ahead thirty. To have. It is not even a desire. Like a butterfly, a fish, the stem of a plant, only more mysterious. And so it befell me that after so many attempts at naming the world, I am able only to repeat, harping on one string, the highest, the unique avowal beyond which no power can attain: I am, she is. Shout, blow the trumpets, make thousands-strong marches, leap, rend your clothing, repeating only: is!

    She got out at Raspail. I was left behind with the immensity of existing things. A sponge, suffering because it cannot saturate itself; a river, suffering because reflections of clouds and trees are not clouds and trees.

    — Czesław Miłosz, “Esse” (1954), in translation


  13. So is that beaner kid his wife’s son? And based on what he wrote, was she preggo with said beaner kid when this chink wifed her up?

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    • that’s what it sounds like to me


    • How did the beaner father get c-u-s-t-o-d-y? She must be a piece of work, if that’s the case.

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    • i just looked at his instagram page. i think the kid in the picture is his nephew and he was their for the birth. the sleepover thing makes more sense if that’s the case.

      from what it looks like, he and his bitter hag looking w1fe have no children. she’s probably his beard and she’s seeing other men on the side.


    • on October 10, 2017 at 3:57 pm PANAMA JANE BRUH


      [CH: your vision is blurry. kid looks all Flip to me.]


      • on October 10, 2017 at 4:13 pm traitors first

        @CH and panama “IT”
        and people wonder why I look at pictures like this and say look at “IT”

        make sure to use the proper pronoun …… “IT” what gender identification do they identify as ……. “IT” let’s see half this half that …… “IT” but there are like 28 different gender identities …….. “IT” non-white like panama …….”IT”


      • on October 10, 2017 at 4:51 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        Flips, beaners, turks, dune coons, all mixed up mystery meat halflings look the same. It could be any of the above.


      • Eh, it’s some kind of a wog. As my maternal grandmother was fond of saying, “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”


      • There’s no way that kid has any White in him… definitely beaner and/or chink MAYBE.

        [CH: agree. whatever the component ingredients of this mystery meatball, it’s a safe bet white is not in its recipe. if he is part white, then the white side of his family was denied phenotypic expression.]


      • That boy is 100% Orc.



        Joke’s on you, dweeb… kid’s half-Asian, half-n1gger… and since the one-drop rule is always in play, he’s a n1gger.

        Although in the future, if I were he, I’d learn some spanish and go through life passing as such.


    • Nope, I did try out of curiosity, but I just can’t work out what’s going on here. Going to draw me a diagram someone please?
      OK there’s that chinesey lookin’ fella with what seems to be his kid, and he got d.i.v.o.r.c.e.d., after that I’m floundering. He’s uncle to Genghis Jr. there in the Faceborg page? How? And he’s shacked up with that passive-aggressive-radiating Patti Smith lookin’ burd? Is she ex- of some of the others he mentions? Or their mother? Everybody’s mom? Who is Heather?
      Gawdstrewth I’m getting too old for this.

      That’s not a family, it’s some sort of committee. And occasionally the less bright/machiavellian members get voted off and new ones drafted, looks like.


  14. on October 10, 2017 at 3:06 pm Brad Matthews

    “because at its core it serves to dehumanize and to normalize the lie that one gender has more worth and is more capable and more important than others. Harvey has broken so many lives already. Let us not add to that by unnecessarily breaking each other further”

    I will go out on the limb that pretty little mormonite is lifting that women are more capable of bearing children than men, and that dude in the background can probably lift the whole damn tree. I hope that did not unnecessarily break anyone further.


  15. If that’s lesser Beta I’ll stay at incel Omega thank you very much.


  16. “It’s really sad that women feel the need to help objectify their bodies when we should all realize all our bodies, of any size, are magic”

    damn, brah…you’re gonna need to take protein shakes before and after each lifting session if you want some muscle tone.


  17. His wife wouldn’t be bad at all with better hair, a little makeup, and a smile.


    • nah, there’s no hope for her


    • sure

      but she chooses to look like that instead.
      just like every other woman out there who makes no effort at all to look good for her man.

      i’m lucky to not be living like most. have a great girl myself. but there are a whole lot of men out there with women just like this.

      they only get dolled up for special occasions or on nights out with the girls. time spent with their men usually means dumpy clothes or ugly pjs, no makeup, no effort on hair, etc. sad times


      • She actually reminds me of an ex of mine. Very pretty girl, but she could look somewhat like this, minus the ratty hair (her hair was never anywhere near this bad) after missing a night of sleep and with no makeup. She had a spectacular body, which obviously helped a lot.

        You’re right though, this guy’s wife chooses to look like this. That’s the sad part.

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      • right

        some girls still look hot with messy or wet hair, no makeup, dumpy clothes, etc. most don’t and that’s understandable. they can’t all be 10s.

        problem is when they don’t even try to look their best for you. that’s making a statement about their level of love and respect for you. if they dress better for their employers, friends, strangers, than they do for you, that’s saying something.


      • on October 10, 2017 at 6:51 pm shawn gallagher

        When women tell me that they never wear makeup, I always think that they should.


    • on October 10, 2017 at 5:43 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      i saw the pic and thought emma watson on meth

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    • on October 10, 2017 at 11:33 pm Revelation Means Hope

      She’s not living up to her genetic potential.
      If the soul inside her were clean, innocent, hopeful, joyful.
      If she put on some tasteful makeup.
      Grew out her hair and got it styled.
      Dressed nicely, feminine and sexy.
      She’d be passable.

      Since none of the above are in the pictures here, nope.

      And since she won’t ever have the soul inside to make the outer appearance attractive, nope.

      But at least she isn’t fat.


    • on October 12, 2017 at 1:17 am DissesMYisland

      Yes but if she had all that she never would have never become his wife. Catch-22 and all


  18. Every ‘male feminist’ type I’ve ever met was an ugly incel beta who only adopted the ideology to try and get laid by women. It’s f**king pathetic.

    In other news, the NFL starting to backtrack massively on the ‘protests’ now that White America is choosing not to watch/spend money on it anymore:


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    • That’s why it’s so vacuous.

      Why are lower betas convinced that they have a more accurate grasp of the nature of women than alphas do?

      No one thinks laypeople understand physics better than Newton, so why are so many of these omegas and lower betas convinced that they see this side of women that other guys don’t?

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      • They’re armchair quarterbacks. Backseat drivers.

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      • Because they’re the ‘secret kings’ in their own minds and only they know how to give women the romantic love they deserve rather than those awful alphas who only offer no-strings sex which they think women don’t like.

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      • Inside, they know they don’t know women. They say things like this as a mating strategy because they know of no other way to get a girl’s attention.


      • it’s because girls treat them like girlfriends and tell them a bunch of crap that sounds good but isn’t actually true.

        girls vent to each other and fantasize out loud about romantic gestures and sensitive men. but girls understand that’s just talk and venting their emotions. they know it’s not actually based on anything real or practical.

        men will listen and think the girls actually mean all of it. then they go off thinking they know something other men don’t.


      • The one thing that I don’t get, from a biological perspective, is why mothers seem to do their best to blue-pill their sons.

        Even mine, who picked up my dad’s rather fierce race-realism and pro-white attitude, did her best to persuade me that women are delicate romantic flowers waiting to swoon into the arms of a caring and gentle gentleman. It took somewhat prolonged contact with women for me to break out of this beta mindset and realize that women are generally raunchy, treacherous wenches who respond best to being dominated and treated cavalierly.

        I don’t think that this is unique to her, either. I’ve observed it in several other women as well.

        From a biological viewpoint, this makes no sense. Their son is carrying their genes; it’s in their interest to have him successfully pass those genes on.

        Why, then, do they make direct efforts to program their sons with a losing mating strategy, instead of, say, encouraging them to be harsh and brooding cads?


      • I truly think it’s a shit test. Women shit test their sons to see if they have the survival instincts necessary.

        I think women henpeck their sons to wean the cowards of the litter. And when there’s no dad, it can really get out of control

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      • Yeah, that makes sense. A compulsion to constantly test the fitness of all males within hearing, including their own offspring.

        What a species.


      • on October 10, 2017 at 6:21 pm Brad Matthews

        Because they would subconsciously resent the fierce independence from them that would create.


      • The greatest irony in the world is that like Hollywood, women ate the ultimate fascists.


      • *are lol


      • on October 10, 2017 at 7:33 pm Vagina dominator

        Guys like this are scared. They are naturally weak personalities who are afraid of being punished if they are not “good”. But they have no independent idea of what “good” is so they carry the views of th first person to bully him, his mother.

        After his mother was done bullying him, she passed him onto other women so they could bully him.

        He never had the good luck to be bullied by men, especially by strong men, so he never got exposed to and forced to conform to a higher notion of what is “good”: things like facing facts and cultivating your independence of mind, which are elements of the human personality unkown to women.

        Women should give birth and breastfeed and do chores, but they don’t have the moral equipment to raise boys.

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      • @Ironsides

        Didn’t personally have a dad present, and mom is high IQ. HB9 in her day from the photos. As you can imagine, growing up was one huge, vicious, shit test.

        Hated her then for it, but she left no stone unturned in terms of tracking down weakness and twisting, HARD. Thanking it for her now though, psychologically hardened me a lot. I mean, I ended up reading Chateau instead of the NY Beta Times, didn’t I?

        Humans are no different than any other animals. Courage is the only thing that matters.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 2:11 pm Bored housewive in Bogota called Esmerelda

        Ironsides: they can’t help it. It’s their nature to destroy weak males and adore strong ones.

        A boy is a weak male. Ergo …

        I had the same experience as LeShitlourde, but, I think because of my introverted personality, it damn near destroyed me. Took years, and a lot of martial arts training, to come out the other side and realise that I’m now pretty much bulletproof against criticism and browbeating. But childhood with that sort of mother was true hell.

        I thank every day for the Chateau. Like another commenter upthread, I never miss a post.


      • Well, that sounds quite unfortunate, about your rotten mothers, chaps … mine was pretty much the opposite. Extremely supportive of both my dad and myself — comrade, shield-on-shoulder, etc. etc.. However, she also did her best to persuade me that the average woman was like that if she was attracted to a guy, and pretty much succeeded in persuading me.

        Accordingly, when I started my first relationship, I expected that the wench be a friend and ally pursuing the same goals, someone who could be relied on. The shit-testing, fickle, complaining, treacherous, obnoxious actuality was like being blindsided by a semi. Not knowing any better, I just tried being nicer, which of course resulted in my being walked on more.

        It actually took several years of astounding failures before I finally figured out that I was being far too congenial, pleasant, and trusting, rather than not enough. Thick skull, seemingly.

        So was she just totally ignorant of what other women are like, and is herself an anomaly? Does she hail from a period of time when the shit-testing bitch was rare, or at least rarer? Or despite her general “staunch ally” actions, was she obeying a biological urge to trip me up, either consciously or unconsciously?

        Personal observation indicates that during my adult life, all the women I’ve met have been precisely as depicted on the Chateau, or worse. In fact, I wasn’t successful with them (other than one lucky screw with an absolute sloot) until I developed a sort of rudimentary “game,” though I didn’t realize it was a “thing” at the time.

        Yet the relationship of my parents appears to be of a completely different species. I’m hard put to explain the differences, as well as the fact that I was apparently “set up” to fail with women by being given too rosy a picture of them.

        That’s why I keep returning to it — I’m curious about whether there’s a general principle at work that no longer is (ie is this a throwback to an era when relationships actually worked without a constant struggle for dominance and endless shit-testing) or if my dad just hit the jackpot as far as female personality went.


    • the hatred that everyone feels towards male feminists, including real feminists, shows that everyone intrinsically values actual gender roles.

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      • Maybe I’m weird, but there are a couple things about feminism I don’t mind. Just a couple though.

        For example, I don’t care so much about shaving. Legs should be smooth, but I just never had a repulsion towards a reasonable amount of armpit hair. It’s like pubes: it’s there for a reason and has a function as a secondary sex characteristic.

        No bra? Alright with me, swing low sweet chariots. Tasteful, shorter hairstyle? No problem, it doesn’t get in my mouth all the time trying to make out.

        The problem is that the skypes have taken any intelligent, low-impulsivity white women and shoved them through the feminazi corporate meat grinder to where they’re all burnt-out childless sluts.


    • forget lacrosse players at southern universities, most people get a rapey vibe from male feminists


    • remember, when a girl who is ya friend tells you to just be yourself around women, she means “just act this way around girls who are within your strike zone, looks wise”


  19. This clown is Beta the Huth

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  20. Kid don’t look like his…


  21. Sports fans are pretty depressing people – erasing your identity and wearing the name of another man on your back and paying a lot of money to watch said male…

    But Irish soccer fans take it to a new low
    Thousands of Irish males (mostly out of shape) descend on any European city all dressed in green with green wigs, leprechaun costumes – you name it.
    Some even dressed up as women.

    Then they have banners that read ‘We’re only here for the Swedish girls’ (no fucking chance there)
    ‘Angela Merkel Thinks We’re At work’ ( see we are the nigs of Europe)

    Then we have them gaining international attention by dozens of them serenading some pretty girl on the street (pedestalizing to a new level…submissive behavior as well as giving the girl a vastly over inflated ego)

    Once the muslims get the numbers, the Irish will roll over and die.


  22. on October 10, 2017 at 3:28 pm PANAMA JANE BRUH


    [CH: CAPSLOCKHUSTLA is the only commenter funny enough to earn his locked shift key. you are not worthy.]


  23. on October 10, 2017 at 3:32 pm Carlos Danger

    Wow, just wow.


  24. Beta of the month…..


    • on October 10, 2017 at 3:42 pm Muerte aka Luciano


      started off believable.


      • on October 10, 2017 at 7:45 pm Vagina dominator

        Why fake? Doesn’t sound fake to me. It’s pretty typical for a lot of these kinds of completely fucked-over guys. Complete with no paragraphing.

        “I swear, if you don’t stop hitting me on the head with that hammer, I’m going to move my head!”

        But I knew it was going to go bad as soon as he said their high school sex was “vibrant”.

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    • ok, first off. My brain forgot how to read as a self-defense mechanism while I was going through this.

      However, just because some high school couple is … I mean it’s fake who cares but just because some girl friend of 10 years lost that loving feeling and the dude is into other dudes…it’s gay not beta. and she’s cheating on him because she doesn’t love him. so wat?


    • hard to say if this is real or not. i’ve heard worse stories than this in real life so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was real.

      the worst part of the whole thing is that he is even considering having a talk with her to fix it. there is no fixing this.

      after all the time and energy he invested in this girl, she still wanted sex with other men and she acted upon it. that’s the only thing that matters here.

      he stayed with her after she had sex with another and that basically tells her she can do whatever she wants and he will tolerate it. she doesn’t respect him and any power he may have had in the relationship is gone at that point.

      she is also never going to find him as attractive as she once did because he pussied out and she got rewarded for her bad behavior with his continued commitment to her. there is no winning here. dumping her is the only answer.

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  25. “Harvey has broken so many lives already.”

    Enough about Mr. Weinstein, let’s see what else there is in the Hollyweird sewer.

    “(While unwittingly disavowing the natural functioning of his own gonads.)”

    Self-mutilation is a sin, boy.


  26. This is too depressing to even process.

    Bring back more Generation Z Pinochet adverts. Always warms the heart


    • on October 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm Vagina dominator

      Did you watch the Pinochet doco? nice. K1lling communists. Watch that with your morning coffee and start the day with a spring in your step.


  27. Low hanging fruit.


  28. There’s a reason there are guys like this.

    Guys like this consistently come up short in pecking order battles starting in grade school, up through high school and settle into personalities like this. They failed in athletics and general popularity (and usually academics, too).

    A lifetime of experience has taught guys like Mr Asia Man here that when they battle straight up, they lose. So they go at it from the side and try to compete on “niceness” hoping to pick off a girl who might have grievances toward the same men who have been giving him wedgies for years.

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    • good point

      he probably started out with friendship game and listened to her cry over all the bad men in her life before him. of course no fault of her own. she’s an angel who just has bad taste in men.

      he takes her side at every turn. tells her how she deserves so much better. time was running out for her. she’s too damaged to get better men now so she settles for her white knight best friend and they live happily ever…

      poor schmuck


    • Yeah his issues might go so deep that he’ll never be able to adjust.

      Plus he was an orphan or something according to a comment below. Two parent households, even with a beta dad, are light-years ahead of the alternatives.

      Raise your sons, folks. It’s not that hard: don’t put them in front of an idiot jewtube box all day, make em go outside and ride bikes and dig in the dirt. Boarding schools aren’t bad either, Trump went to one.


      • beta dad isn’t always better though

        if dad is beta and mom is the typical bossy bitchy feminist in charge, the kids will learn that’s how men and women should be.

        most kids will emulate what they see growing up. and only the strongest ones can see what’s broken and not repeat that in their own lives later on.

        depends on the level of beta and more importantly how messed up the mom is. if it’s your average beta with a decent mom yeah, kids will be okay. if mom is no good and dad isn’t able to make it right, that’s bad news for kids.


      • Well kids generally have good instincts, but they can be subverted, especially if they are smart.


    • This. Thinks he can commiserate his way into the pants of women slighted by the same guys as who slighted him.

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  29. “Oh, and you might want to stop manspreading.”

    CH, I think the correct term is vagspreading.


  30. “On other days, even when I’m gazing deeply into her eyes, lost in conversation, I realize her face is a total and utter mystery to me”

    Those are the days he should worry most about. Clearly she is lost in thought of the guy that railed her and tossed her like a used tissue. Skittles anyone?

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  31. on October 10, 2017 at 4:28 pm traitors first

    I have to give you guys credit here, I couldn’t read all of it without throwing up in my mouth, just a little at first but the more and more I read, the vomit just overwhelmed me ……. I don’t typically wish people would shoot me but if I were this “IT” I would be praying for that on a daily basis.

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  32. Its never the Jevvs fault, never !!

    – Tablet Mag: Weinstein Perviness ‘Specifically Jewy,’ ‘Playing Out His Revenge Fantasies On The Goyim’ –



    • Lots of skypes are now worried there will never be a Inglorious Basterds II.

      Weinstain had said “Brad Pitt wants to do Inglourious II. We all want to do it!”

      Whinestein’s producer partner (((Lawrence Bender))) said of IB -” this movie is a f–king jewish wet dream!”


      • Movie sucked anyways. Pitts accent was terrible and the bear Jew scene was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen


      • never understood all the hype with that movie. think it was just your average movie that people say is cool because they are told to think it is.


      • Remake of a 1970s Italian movie


      • on October 11, 2017 at 3:02 am Oleaginous Outrager

        It’s a popular genre for a group that loathes the fact that it was white men from the West who rescued their sorry asses from total annihilation and they desperately need to shout “Nuh huh, we fought just as hard and had as much to do with winning as those guys did!”

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  33. “We used to stack fucks like you five feet high in Korea… use ya for sandbags.”

    — First thing to spring to mind upon seeing the manlet’s features revealed while scrolling past most of his bleating.

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  34. wow, this is sad, a baltimore sun article has a 5 person murder team being charged with the murder of a missing girl. And these murderers all come from good decent families with a long history in the Annapoliss community, like Darvin zacharaias-guerra, Brenda Argueta, Ervin Arrue-Figuero, and…brace yourselves…Ronald Adoney Mednez-Soza of the Edgewater Mendez-Sosas family which has roots that go back dozens of weeks in the area.

    The local community has been hit hard, especially in light of Hispanic Heritage Half-Year which Maryland has forced upon her inhabitants.

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  35. That was painful to read – I had to force myself to finish it.


  36. Fuck reading this is worse than being questioned by the police after selling a pound of weed. That Asian is going to feed himself a bullet breakfast one day if he doesn’t get his shit together.


  37. Go figure, it’s an invader…send him back

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  38. From his blog’s About page:

    As a one time child runaway and orphan living a dead end path in South Korea until the age of 8 1/2 years old to that of a life of possibility and opportunity after being adopted into a loving “United Nations” of a mixed family,

    What a waste of a hard-knocks start. Should have stayed in Korea, joined a martial arts school, enlisted in ROK Army.

    [CH: i think it’s true what’s said about expat asians — they’re replicators not creators, and when asians come to the US they see that anti-Whiteness and feminism are the ruling orthodoxies, so they parrot it for the presumed gain in social status.]

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    • it’s a shame Hollywood promotes this nonsense


    • Its a Korean thing. Koreans never do anything by half. The batshit craziest asian SJW’s are Korean. You will also find Koreans who put the most Deplorable Deplorable to shame when it comes to patriotism. They are either macho or complete faggots. Nothing halfway.


    • I’ve seen it personally, primarily with Asians adopting nog culture, hook, line and sinker.

      They’d crack me up because they would want to sound as if they themselves were tough, but the contrast was hilarious, the came across as pathetic posers.


  39. on October 10, 2017 at 5:31 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    jew of the blogosphere advising harvey weinstein to flee the country



  40. “On other days, even when I’m gazing deeply into her eyes, lost in conversation, I realize her face is a total and utter mystery to me. Some days she is a vision of home–calming and steadfast and on other days she is a land foreign—a curiosity and complexity that I’m eager to discover and rediscover time and again.”

    How much estrogen do you have to mainline to be able to write such faggoty, cringey shit?


  41. The other day I starting rereading texts and Facebook messages I sent to girls in my blue pill days.
    It was a terrible experience.
    I clearly saw where I had no chance from the off with some girls.
    I came across as a needy effeminate nice guy. Total cringe.
    A lot of wasted time and years.

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    • Yeah I have a couple blue pill memories that make me cringe in retrospect even now years after the fact. Just makes me realize realize to never go back

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      • not too long ago i was cleaning up some things on facebook, untagging myself in photos, etc. i did a search for my posts and found a shitload of posts to a girl i had been into for years.

        these weren’t even in the messenger part. these were posts to her wall that any of her friends could see. was pretty pathetic.

        i ended up deleting them. but in retrospect, should have probably kept them as a reminder of how pathetic i was in case i needed it someday.

        on a side note, i don’t advocate stalking but you can also search for posts your girl or anyone else has made too. can’t see anything that isn’t public or posted on a mutual friend’s page but it came in handy for me when i was suspicious of my cheating ex.

        saw all kinds of things going on that i was unaware of. also good to see what she was liking as far as photos and posts on there too. a real eye opener that’s for sure.


    • I think back on the approaches that I made and the only wonder is how ever ever got laid. If only I had mastered the CH Commandments at that time (sigh).


  42. Who the f*ck is this mystery-meat freak? Jesus in heaven, guys/gays? like this should be gassed and burned just like the ‘evil Nazis’ did the sixty gorillion jews during muh Holocaust. But seriously, this guy needs to be thrown off of a roof.

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  43. on October 10, 2017 at 5:58 pm long dong silver

    Couldn’t make it thru the posts. The first sentence of each tells me all I need to know about dude. Its exactly what a dude who is hitched to a manish, tall, homely female with clown sized feet to boot. Probably closet lezzy. The poor schlub gets it 6 times a year and thinks that’s normal. It’s all sickening, virtue-signalling treacle.

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    • I just had a moment of empathy.

      This is what you people did when you were cucked up blue pilled poz’s, and you were trying to write the perfect set of words to make yuh girl love you again. or yuh LJBF girl to be muh sex partner.

      failed prolixity to get the sexity.

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  44. The nephew in question. Look into those eyes and tell me this burned rice dindu won’t have a criminal record.


  45. I swear my T levels just dropped from reading this article.


  46. on October 10, 2017 at 6:43 pm Chris Theoharis

    Look at the Amish woman glare lightning at the dork taking her picture. Zoom in.


  47. He’s not the father of the boy?


  48. lol…Oh that AndrewHuth. Reach for the closet handle, Andrew, reach for it.


  49. Andrewhuth talks about how all bodies, regardless of shape or size, are beautiful. This is another inane bromide from a mangina who has obviously never bedded woman of any degree of hotness, if he has even bedded a woman at all. His experience, if he has any, is exclusively with bitter, ugly, blue haired fatty feminists.

    The fact is most people, the vast majority, at least 90% of all humanity, have hideously ugly bodies. You would not want to see them naked under any circumstances.

    True beauty is powerful because true beauty is rare, especially female beauty, whose highest expression exists among white women.

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  50. What a f’n homo. I see that big wall of text and I already know I dont want to go down that rabbit hole and read that garbage. Anytime you see a person posting multiple 500 word novels on facebook or insta, they got serious problems. I bet he posts R.M. Drake motivation quotes all day when hes not posting pics of the wife, as she contemplates slitting her owm wrists.

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  51. I was in Texas doing boat rescues right after hurricane Harvey. It was most certainly a man sized effort. If not for the sheer physical undertaking, the dehydration the exhaustion, the manpower, things were definitely coming into play like leadership, decision making, emotional stress. Shit that made a lot of fellas tap out early. Even plenty of tough southern boys. I didn’t really see any women in the thick of it, or any women that had the balls to even contemplate going into areas with feral dindus, downed power lines etc.
    with that said, tons were helping out, many times I was handed a bottle of water or coke (only for the caffeine, otherwise peasant food) after coming off the water by girls as young as middle school. Everyone was doing what they could. Like they say why be a second rate man when you can be a first rate woman.

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    • “why be a second rate man when you can be a first rate woman.”

      wise words

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    • on October 11, 2017 at 2:49 am Oleaginous Outrager

      at its core it serves to dehumanize and to normalize the lie that one gender has more worth and is more capable and more important than others.

      These hopeless fucks can never understand that it’s not more capable, it’s capable in very different ways. Of course, their failure at all the things that are generally considered masculine makes it imperative that they “break down gendered constructs”.

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    • on October 12, 2017 at 1:33 am SteveRogers42

      Bravo Zulu.


  52. I just noticed the schnozz on the alleged gook…

    If I didn’t know better…


    • on October 11, 2017 at 5:42 am Muerte aka Luciano

      every1 a jew!


      • Every… fucking… time.

        The phrase has become a watchword for a reason, eggnog.


      • What chink has a beak like that? And has pretensions to hyper-romantic melodramatic prose as literature?

        I’d bet a double-sawbuck there’s some kike in that “United Nations family” of which he boasts.


  53. Let’s face it, Greg. Show me a dye-in-the-wool Leftist goy, and they are much less than six degrees from a (((don’t eat bacon))). They are either in their close circle of friends, or an influential professor(s) at the university, etc. Without (((them))) behind the scenes, subtlety (and, often times, not-so-subtly) instigating, proselytizing, suggesting, rewarding, and punishing certain behaviors, the Left would fall apart.

    I am sure that this faggot Asian has a Skype/Eskimo in his inner circle of ‘friends’, especially on Assbook (even if he does not even know they are a Skype), rewarding every cucky statement he makes.


  54. He’s clearly pathetic, but for a dorky chink like him to snag a slender white girl – maybe it works sometimes?


    • Nah…she’s going to forever regret how long she tarried, because she “deserved” only the best, etc., only to discover, too late, after finally hanging up her cock jockey silks that her final options that didn’t involve putting a shotgun in her mouth was…well, whatever that thing is. And you know she HATES him for it.

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      • yep, easy to think a guy is in good shape as long as he has an okay girl on his arm.

        everyone envies the ugly rich misfits or nerds who get hot girls. they say, who cares if she’s with him for his money, resources, etc. as long as she’s there. problem is, most of those guys don’t keep the girls they catch. if they do, there’s usually some resentment and unhappiness on her part to go along with it.

        if a man doesn’t have good personality traits, charisma, game, etc.to go along with the money or whatever other resources he had to draw the girl in, he won’t be able to keep her satisfied and enamored long term. without fail she’ll end up resenting then hating him for fooling her into wasting her time on him.

        gotta have what it takes to keep your girl interested and hot for you. that is what matters most. resources, chores you do for her, things you do to help her out, etc are not the be all end all that people think.

        a girl going through the motions with someone she’s only with because she made a commitment or because she’s worried she can’t get a better deal somewhere else is no way to live. she’ll hate you for it and you’ll feel like shiz for being used.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 2:31 pm Bored housewive in Bogota called Esmerelda

        ‘cock jockey silks’



    • I highly suspect she’s significantly older than him. And she definitely has slutty cvntface too.

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  55. I bet she has a disgustingly hairy vagina.


  56. on October 11, 2017 at 2:57 am Oleaginous Outrager

    somehow securing for himself a homely female.

    Homely? More like homeless. I bet their relationship started when he helped her get her shopping cart full of cans and bottles back up on the sidewalk.


  57. on October 11, 2017 at 3:31 am Vagina dominator

    “43 anti white commercials” Posted July 2017. This has got 106,000 views and 3,450 comments. (I have not watched it all yet, but we are certainly not alone in our views here)


  58. on October 11, 2017 at 3:38 am Vagina dominator

    California Governor Jerry Brown continues with anti-white agenda.

    “Assembly Bill 1505 will allow cities to once again require an affordable housing component in new residential projects, a requirement that had been ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal in 2009.”

    Jerry Brown: “I say you’ll damn-well live with niggers and turd world mystery meat and like it!”


  59. Straight away…”I made this image”. You took a photo, you pathetic pretentious ponce!

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  60. ““sleepovers”. “fell in love wholly and with all my body and being”.

    That just screams Michael Jackson level pedo activity. Can someone run this degenerate’s face through the pedoFace algorithm app, my own inbuilt detector went right off the scale when I saw that pic of him draped over the little boy.


  61. on October 11, 2017 at 4:20 am Vagina dominator

    “Sperm donation fail: White lesbians get black baby, sue sperm clinic for ’emotional suffering'”

    Comments are excellent as different grievance communities turn on each other..



  62. on October 11, 2017 at 4:35 am Midnight Avenue J

    His wife looks like an insect. Praying mantis, likely.


  63. on October 11, 2017 at 4:55 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Camille Paglia might have an annoying voice but makes some damn good points here.


    • Wondering out loud here. As Camille Paglia correctly points out, …. during late phase of dying culture, one of the usual hallmarks of that condition is that anti-masculine forces gain culturally sanctioned power, ….. does it not beg the question …. “is there a (((common element))) with respect to this reoccurring dynamic within western history?”

      If so, then why do the likes of Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson (both students of western history, who, by and large, are worth their salt) not ask that question?

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      • They still have an eye on their careers and respect within academia.


      • OK – to get a better handle on this wondering out loud that this Camille Paglia clip led me to, I just googled “camille paglia on the jq” and came up with this link:


        Apparently this Tablet Magazine is an American jewish magazine. Well, CP’s answer to the last interview question is quite telling. My take on it – CP is enamored with the idea of the jews as the west’s necromancers or occultists (which they in fact are in my estimation). But ….. she seems to fail to see what unchecked necromancy or occultlsm leads to. Mmmmmm – interesting.

        [CH: occultism is just another word for sophism.]


      • Greg – yes maybe. But it could be a deeper problem with respect to the academics that we tend to value for their insights (that perhaps they themselves are too enamored of certain perspectives). People like Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson should be called on this. They should be pressed to answer – which is it?


      • There’s two things that don’t last long in this world… a n1gger who fights cops and an academic who names the jew.

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      • Greg – yes. But perhaps there is a roadmap emerging for a method to de-link this pervasive jewish control of academia. The jews are the tribe that is especially adept as ‘voyagers of the unconscious mind’ (or maybe that is better said as ‘voyeurs’ with respect to jewish tendency). But ….. this skill, let too much out of the bag to run roughshod over the dominant culture, …. unchecked, …. becomes a disaster. An apt metaphor for that unchecked jewish occultism: George Soros.

        Non-jewish and insightful academics that have influence (like Camilla Paglia and Jordan Peterson), owe some of their success to the fact that they themselves, are adepts of similar expertise as in ‘voyagers of the unconscious mind’, …. but the difference …… CP and JP and similar non-jewish academics are not marked by the jewish tendency towards psychopathy (of the BPD-like flavor), that more-so marks the jewish academic endeavor. Our own academics must be made to face this issue of issues.


      • CH: “occultism is just another word for sophism”

        CH – maybe I am not choosing the best words to impart my meaning here.

        The common meaning of occultism = ‘knowledge of the hidden’

        The common meaning of sophism = ‘reasons with clever but fallacious and deceptive arguments’

        So…. yes, very often what passes for occultism is in fact sophistry. But would you say that of Jordan Peterson (who makes the study of hidden unconscious forces his line of inquiry)? Would you say that of unadulterated Christianity?

        What I am insinuating here is that what is now needed, in support of the maintenance of the integrity of the western endeavor …… is the study of the contingencies that bear upon the study of the western occultist endeavor, be it the likes of Jordan Peterson or Camille Paglia on the one hand, or the likes of Jacques Derrida and his ilk on the other hand. There is both commonalities and differences between such non-jewish and jewish endeavors. The genuine western occultist endeavor, is in some ways derivative of the jewish version, but this derivative nature is limited, …. and does not partake of the whole of the jewish tradition around occultist pursuits, but chooses sage insights, piecemeal fashion, by way of resonance with the western mindset. This needs to be better understood.

        For instance – personally, I don’t think it can be stressed enough that Christianity is a European construct. Europeans saw the value in the story of the Passion Of Christ, as a roadmap for their own existential discoveries, a narrative by which these discoveries could be coalesced around, and Christianity would have remained an arcane and inconsequential judaic backwater sect if it was not adopted in this way by European minds. What this means is that Christianity is actually not contingent upon the old testament (except metaphorically). It is not contingent upon judaism (except metaphorically). That part of the institutional Christian heritage (i.e. – that Christianity is contingent upon the old testament and judaism itself, not just metaphorically, but actually) is probably subversion by way of Jewish Retards (these types have been around for a very long time). This story of the Passion of Christ is a western concept. It is the west. The west is Fairness

        The jews are not God’s chosen people. As long as the jews are afflicted by that idea they cannot understand fairness. They cannot understand the west. This is the current quandary that is now coming to a head.

        Furthermore, as long as the west does not properly differentiate the precise derivative nature of Christianity by way of judaism, western Christianity will continue to be plagued by ideas like “yes….. the jews are God’s chosen people, but the jews failed God’s test at the critical juncture”. No ….. that is still a wrong-headed idea. It is wrong because the jews were never set apart as God’s chosen people in the first place. See what I mean? But it must be recognized that this type of thing applies to the whole of the western occultist endeavor (it is much much bigger than just being about the correct perspective about the roots of Christianity).


  64. The picture of the Mennonite or Amish girl is right out peeping tom casting. Creepy!!


  65. on October 11, 2017 at 5:57 am moriheiueshiba77

    That ‘man’ is cringeworthy. I would guess his wife is being serviced regularly by someone else


  66. on October 11, 2017 at 6:19 am Muerte aka Luciano

    fem1nists demanding that we see even ugly bitches as beautiful is like browbeating ppl into seeing dorito crumb covered basement plankton as millionaire high status playboiz

    fem1nism is the most successful jooish psyop because it strokes the fragile ego of half the population

    even women who consider themselves anti-fem won’t throw out the entire package

    if these ar thots like on red ice really want to help the cause they can go make white babies instead of preying on wn thirst


    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:28 am Muerte aka Luciano

      culture can survive anything except feminism

      if it ain’t completely pulled out by the roots, we fucked.


    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:42 am Muerte aka Luciano

      but really

      civilization is a fucking aberration. the existence of civ is as mystifying to me as the universe itself

      civilization is when the interests of the expendable sex subordinate the interests of the reproductive gatekeepers

      real shit

      civilization is the concrete manifestation of the male mind


  67. Male feminists are like Jews volunteering to build a gas chamber. They are the definition of lost hope. As someone said in a different blog, let’s hope that their self inflicted masculinity shaming will cause them to not reproduce


  68. on October 11, 2017 at 7:32 am HungarianPatriot

    “And because I’ve earned the right for you to care a little what I think of you” Hahahaha oh man…


  69. someone posted a pic of Perseus slaying Medusa the other day, so I put on my redpill reading glasses did a bit of research. interesting stuff here. perhaps worthy of a chateau discussion if not a full post.

    “In a late version of the Medusa myth, related by the Roman poet Ovid (Metamorphoses 4.770), Medusa was originally a ravishingly beautiful maiden, “the jealous aspiration of many suitors,” but because Poseidon had raped her in Athena’s temple, the enraged Athena transformed Medusa’s beautiful hair to serpents and made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone.[6] In Ovid’s telling, Perseus describes Medusa’s punishment by Minerva (Athena) as just and well earned.

    In most versions of the story, she was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who was sent to fetch her head by King Polydectes of Seriphus because Polydectes wanted to marry his mother. The gods were well aware of this, and Perseus received help. He received a mirrored shield from Athena, gold, winged sandals from Hermes, a sword from Hephaestus and Hades’s helm of invisibility. Since Medusa was the only one of the three Gorgons who was mortal, Perseus was able to slay her while looking at the reflection from the mirrored shield he received from Athena. During that time, Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. When Perseus beheaded her, Pegasus, a winged horse, and Chrysaor, a giant wielding a golden sword, sprang from her body.”

    so pretty girl is raped by alpha shitlord Poseidon in the wisdom goddess Athena’s temple. Athena punishes Medusa (not Poseidon). interesting… did Athena want Poseidon? Perseus says “meh. bitch had it coming.” why? was she being a skank? anyone hear read Ovid?

    Perseus gives pregnant but bitter Medusa the catlady cure and out comes a winged stallion and a giant warrior with a golden sword. not bad. where my winged stallion at?!?



  70. someone posted a pic of Perseus slaying Medusa the other day, so I put on my redpill reading glasses did a bit of research. interesting stuff here. perhaps worthy of a chateau discussion if not a full post.

    “In a late version of the Medusa myth, related by the Roman poet Ovid (Metamorphoses 4.770), Medusa was originally a ravishingly beautiful maiden, “the jealous aspiration of many suitors,” but because Poseidon had raped her in Athena’s temple, the enraged Athena transformed Medusa’s beautiful hair to serpents and made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone.[6] In Ovid’s telling, Perseus describes Medusa’s punishment by Minerva (Athena) as just and well earned.

    In most versions of the story, she was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who was sent to fetch her head by King Polydectes of Seriphus because Polydectes wanted to [email protected] his mother. The gods were well aware of this, and Perseus received help. He received a mirrored shield from Athena, gold, winged sandals from Hermes, a sword from Hephaestus and Hades’s helm of invisibility. Since Medusa was the only one of the three Gorgons who was mortal, Perseus was able to slay her while looking at the reflection from the mirrored shield he received from Athena. During that time, Medusa was [email protected] by Poseidon. When Perseus beheaded her, Pegasus, a winged horse, and Chrysaor, a giant wielding a golden sword, sprang from her body.”

    so pretty girl is raped by alpha shitlord Poseidon in the wisdom goddess Athena’s temple. Athena punishes Medusa (not Poseidon). interesting… did Athena want Poseidon? Perseus says “meh. bitch had it coming.” why? was she being a skank? anyone hear read Ovid?

    Perseus gives pregnant but bitter Medusa the catlady cure and out comes a winged stallion and a giant warrior with a golden sword. not bad. where my winged stallion at?!?


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      • curious what the (((enemies of civilization))) think of the Medusa myth…? well, of course it’s a metaphor for men’s terror of having their balls cut off.

        “In 1940, Sigmund Freud’s “Das Medusenhaupt (Medusa’s Head)” was published posthumously. In Freud’s interpretation: “To decapitate = to castrate. The terror of Medusa is thus a terror of castration that is linked to the sight of something. Numerous analyses have made us familiar with the occasion for this: it occurs when a boy, who has hitherto been unwilling to believe the threat of castration, catches sight of the female genitals, probably those of an adult, surrounded by hair, and essentially those of his mother.”[14] In this perspective the ‘ravishingly beautiful’ Medusa (see above) is the mother remembered in innocence; before the mythic truth of castration dawns on the subject. Classic Medusa, in contrast, is an Oedipal/libidinous symptom. Looking at forbidden mother (in her hair-covered genitals, so to speak) stiffens the subject in illicit desire and freezes him in terror of the Father’s retribution. There are no recorded instances of Medusa turning a woman to stone.”



      • Medusa as pussyhat Ashley Judd Catlady role model!

        “Medusa’s visage has since been adopted by many women as a symbol of female rage; one of the first publications to express this idea was a feminist journal called Women: A Journal of Liberation in their issue one, volume six for 1978. The cover featured the image of the Gorgon Medusa by Froggi Lupton, which the editors on the inside cover explained “can be a map to guide us through our terrors, through the depths of our anger into the sources of our power as women.”[21]

        In issue three, Fall 1986 for the magazine Woman of Power an article called Gorgons: A Face for Contemporary Women’s Rage, appeared, written by Emily Erwin Culpepper, who wrote that “The Amazon Gorgon face is female fury personified. The Gorgon/Medusa image has been rapidly adopted by large numbers of feminists who recognize her as one face of our own rage.”


      • “single, attractive, late-30s female seeking strong male companion to share life with. you: masculine, financially secure, a good listener, compassionate, likes cats…

        a little about me:

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      • Next time some woman complains about her tits getting stared at, let’s just say it stems from a survival instinct related to that Medusa thing.

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    • Athena punishes Medusa (not Poseidon). interesting

      How so?

      Poseidon was the younger brother of Zeus (that’s why Zeus got the heavens and Poseidon got the sea), and Athena was Zeus’ daughter (sprung from his mind, if memory serves), so Athena wasn’t going to punish a god who outranked her.

      The fact that she punished Medusa, and Perseus (and everyone else I’ve ever heard) blamed Medusa (note all the gods helping out Perseus), one surmises that perhaps that alleged rape was more a seduction, and in a sacred temple at that, by Medusa.

      Also, if Medusa was so beautiful that she could inspire all of mankind to jealous bouts, as well as tempt gods, well… the women Olympians never did have much patience for THAT sort of effrontery by a mortal.

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      • — … Olympians never did have much patience for THAT sort of effrontery by a mortal.

        And pride is the worst of Mortal Sins.


      • interesting stuff, GE. I was taught the classics in the public school system, just as the poz was beginning to take hold. it’s good to go back and revisit this stuff. there’s more there than our contemporary interpreters have led us to believe.


      • Speaking of what they’re not teaching in schools anymore, I was pleasantly surprised that the google doodle the other day was famous Norwegian explorer Nansen.

        Had me (((scratchin’ mah haid))) why they’d did out a White hero for a change…

        … then I saw that not only was he a big-time arctic explorer, he also worked tirelessly after WWI to help out “refugees” and the “Nansen Passport” allowed many of them to travel, though officially stateless.

        There’s always gotta be an “oh, by the way” in there somewhere, amirite?


  71. It really is a long self invitation to a progeny free future. This is a Darwin-award the hard way.

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  72. “Standing with girls all over the world #FreedomForGirls” International girls day today.

    Not going to link it but the video is a disgrace.

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  73. Not my usual speed to defend a skype, but the faux outrage in regards to Harvey Weinstein is a bit sickening.

    If there’s an actual forcible rape, I will change my tune. But so far all I’m seeing is hot actresses fucked a fat jew to get famous. Then whined about it after they enjoyed the fame, but got old so they can’t repeat the trick.

    Women have agency and are often self-serving and revisionist. All mainstream stories are told without this in mind.

    Fellas, if the stories we’re hearing are true, then Mr. Jewy mcWeinbergenstein boned hot legal age actresses in exchange for brokering fame. He’s scummy. But what it means is that he may have been ONE OF THE GOOD ONES. Unless they’re holding back to protect the rest of the tribe, Weinstein may be one of the only producers who wasn’t a pedophile.

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    • As if the term “casting couch” hasn’t been around since (((hollyvood))) began…

      Hell, check out this line from a novelty song “I Want A Casting Couch For Christmas” from the early sixties by comedienne Kay Martin:

      You’ll be surprised how far it gets you
      If you show a jew some jitsu
      On a casting couch

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      • on October 11, 2017 at 9:23 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        GE – That’s the most laughable thing about this affair: all the cockroaches scrambling for cover and pretending that this all wasn’t SOP and an open secret in Hollywood since the 30’s.

        Witness Mick and the boys being pretty blunt about it in 1981:

        Step on the ladder
        Toe in the pool
        You’re such a natural
        You don’t need no acting school
        Don’t need no casting couch
        I’ll be your star in bed
        Never, never let success
        Go to your pretty head


    • Weinstein is being made an example of, or sacrificed for some reason i think.

      They’d ordinarily never touch a skype and a big Hil supporter. Maybe there’s been a backroom deal to rebrand the Democratic party and they’re putting the old guard on notice?

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    • on October 12, 2017 at 1:45 am SteveRogers42

      As Terry Crews might say: “At least he’s straight”.


  74. on October 11, 2017 at 9:33 am Muerte aka Luciano


    i dunno how dudes can blabber on like this

    grammar and correct spelling is mentally draining enough for me

    why would u expend this much energy on something that won’t result in $ or getting that good good

    fuck that


  75. He retweets David Rothkopf..says it all.


  76. I don’t like him though as it’s clear he is a white supremacist. He abandons his ethnic upbringing to live in a white nation and he upgrades to a white women


  77. AA with a thorough and insightful analysis on the Weinstein under-the-bus throwing:



    • I dunno… is it actually believable that outing one (for a change hetero) hollyvood kike, whose casting couch only featured age of consent women, is really going to be enough of a cover for all the other swinery going on with queers and pedos?

      Where’s Sessions? Where’s Trump? If it’s all true, how about a tweet, at least, to get the ball rolling?


      • Greg, stop being a cuck about Trump.

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      • Anglin speculates that it’s a high risk “controlled demo” strategy of letting crazy hookers (the actresses) make enough noise to drown out any revelations of the illegal pedo stuff.

        As to Trump and Sessions, why are you asking us? Talk to them.

        [CH: anglin is right to call it a controlled implosion. the pedo stuff would be a nuclear detonation of jewlywood and everyone associated with covering it up. throwing swinestein under the bus is also a desperation ploy to protect other elite degenerate jews from exposure. they figure focused firepower means fewer targets, but i wouldn’t bet on that. not anymore.]


      • The natural goal of the Weinstein Affair – what is ironically a piece of Jewish theater – is to prevent any allegation of child-rape and/or murder by high level Jews from ever getting published, and if it does ever get published, for it to be a tiny footnote of a much larger scandal involving normal prostitution with famous actresses.

        So, expect a lot more noise, ongoing. If it starts getting close, some other kike will get thrown under the bus.

        That having been said, this is certainly incredibly precarious what they are doing. And it could spiral out of control. There are just too many people involved for it to be controlled 100%.

        You might start hearing about Hollywood suicides.

        Conclusion from the AA article just mentioned. I must agree and thought the same a few days ago.


      • You yeggs said Trump was going to drain the swamp, and he’s indisputably an “in the know” guy, so if he or one of his bulldogs (such as Sessions, whose fucking JOB it is anyway) doesn’t put a stop to this, either

        a) he’s in on it (highly doubtful)

        b) he knows but he’s biding his time (meanwhile, the Moloch stuff continues, so when, Mr. President, when?)

        c) he’s afraid, the Eyes Wide Shut crowd is too powerful (again, highly doubtful, Trump can muster 5 thousand lead-pipe black-ops guys who will sweep in and make arrests before any of these pervs knows what hit ’em)

        d) it’s all a bunch of bullshit – yes, there are queers and even pedos in Hollyvood and elsewhere, and yes they’re often (((directors))) and (((producers))) and use their clout to get quid pro quo sexual favors, but the idea of a worldwide ring of elites doing this and able to keep the lid on is just another CT)

        I can think of no other explanations… and I’ve yet to hear any of you yeggs address this since Trump’s election.

        And if you think throwing one kike casting couch producer to the wolves (has HE even been arrested yet?) provides enough of a smoke screen to keep a lid on the other far worse stuff, well… sounds like you’re just coming up with weak excuses for why the lid hasn’t blown off the whole “pizzagate” stuff, which we’ve been promised will happen Real Soon Now since the week before the election.

        So fuck you and your “cuck” bullshit… if anyone is cucking, it appears to be Trump and Sessions, and it pisses me off because either they’re not doing what they promises, or all you CTers are so full of shit you’re carrying more water for the Synathedral than their loyalest soldiers.


      • As to Trump and Sessions, why are you asking us? Talk to them.

        Really, PA? (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • I agree with controlled implosion.

        But that begs the far more interesting question… what was the impetus?

        Was something about to blow that they couldn’t control so they just deflected it (probably)? Organic bravery of washed-up whores (less likely)?

        There will be theories floated that this was intra-tribe warfare. Bigly unlikely. You think a band of chosenites are going to step up to defend the honor of some soulless starlet sluts? Very little chance that is the explanation, even less of a chance that his brother gave the go ahead.

        The thing with the media is that they never tell the truth. Remember: This is the story they WANT you to believe. If you’ve watched them lie as much as I have you know that the true story is far worse.

        I’m not too interested in any Hollywood blowout story that doesn’t name Dan Schneider.


      • — Really, PA? (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        You are sharp witted and an all around good guy plus a big reason why I read the comments. But allow for a small airing of grievances: your impatience with Trump comes off like you’re expecting us to hand you something. No need for you to have the last word on every bit of God Emperor speculation. It’s a wild ride for all of us.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 1:34 pm streetsweeper

        “You yeggs said Trump was going to drain the swamp”

        yeah! I’m mad as hell too! what the hell?!? he should’ve arrested Soros, nuked the middle East, deported every single brown person, built a 50 ft wall around the US, dissolved the Fed, and a million other things by now! instead he’s just sitting on his ass, playing his supporters for fools.

        what the fuck? doesn’t anyone know how to run a country anymore??

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      • on October 11, 2017 at 2:17 pm Carlos Danger

        Read AA’s article before you call it stupid. He also says it is risky for them.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 2:24 pm Carlos Danger


      • Read AA’s article before you call it stupid. He also says it is risky for them.

        I read the damn thing and found his premise less than convincing, which is why I asked the question if you yeggs actually believe it’s enough of a smoke screen to cover up the more heinous stuff, if said heinous stuff actually exists to the extent believed.

        Right now, the idea that actresses have been “raped” on the casting couch makes most Americans (((shake they haids))), knowing full-well that Hollyvood is full of whoring starlets, and with X number of actresses vying for .0000005X roles, who do you EXPECT is going to get the green light? The virgin who stands by her principles or the one who drops to her knees in the producer’s office?


        [CH: you are correct that the operating procedure in hollywood is quim pro quo, and that no one is an innocent naif in these matters, but that doesn’t fully excuse the degenerate behavior of the rainmakers. while this sjw-esque anti-male sexuality crusade has the air of a moral panic, i hope that all the shit in the world is coming for swinestein and his ilk. it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.]


      • No need for you to have the last word on every bit of God Emperor speculation. It’s a wild ride for all of us.

        Who’s asking for the “last word”?

        All I’m looking for is an explanation as to why nobody’s getting arrested, since if even half of the stuff the CTers say is going on is real, one would hope that SOME sign of swamp draining would have occurred by now.

        We didn’t elect Trump to be BAU Washington, did we?

        I’m not hearing any rational explanations about all this, just more squid ink and half-assed CT now about this kike producer who, I’ll bet, never gets arrested.


      • Whenever I rankle Danger, dwwebstreep is sure to show up, go figger.

        And of course, get a ‘like’ from no-bones jones, under his idiotic sock puppy alias.


      • But allow for a small airing of grievances: your impatience with Trump comes off like you’re expecting us to hand you something.

        And a lot of you yeggs come off butthurt that your wild accusations and speculations should never be questioned.

        I expect my friends and alleged allies to speak truth or at least answer some straightforward questions that would explain the logical inconsistencies of their positions. It’s no more than I ask of myself when among supposed peers.

        If that expectation is too much to ask, then the flaw is with the ones who doesn’t want to answer, not with the questioner.

        I think the past record shows in no uncertain terms who addresses sincere posts in an honest and forthright manner… and who tries to continue buffaloing their position and weak hand.


      • [CH: you are correct that the operating procedure in hollywood is quim pro quo, and that no one is an innocent naif in these matters, but that doesn’t fully excuse the degenerate behavior of the rainmakers. while this sjw-esque anti-male sexuality crusade has the air of a moral panic, i hope that all the shit in the world is coming for swinestein and his ilk. it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.]

        No doubt about it.

        But the time to clamp down on these fucks was back in the thirties and forties, film industry-wise. There’s a story that one of the (((bigwigs))) demanded sexual favors from Shirley Temple’s mom (probably Temple herself, but even today (((they’ll))) only admit to the mom), and when refused, that lost Shirley the part of Dorothy. She was the top box office draw for four years running at the time, mind you. The official story is that the directory didn’t think her singing was good enough.

        By the fifties, they were lodged like trolls under a bridge, and even the fags were starting to throw their weight around, demanding sexual favors from young actors. (can you say James Dean?)


  78. So she looks like a piece of crap, and he is obviously an optionless loser, who just with his presence confirms to her what a piece of crap she is.

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  79. does he even rift?

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  80. i noticed that in his bioblurb he profusely thanked his host nation and family for adopting him when he an 8-year orphan in south korea. i dont remember ever seeing an african, latino or rapefugee do the same


  81. Very funny. Please, more analysis on Andrew Huth posts. He’s on Facebook. There’s great stuff there for you pick apart.


  82. What do you guys think?

    Should a man tell his woman how good he is with women?
    Im thinking about…Sixteen commandets of poon:
    XI. Be irrationally self-confident.

    I know you shouldt have to tell a woman how good you arew with women, in order to convince her.
    My woman sense it, she can feel it. She tell me from time to time that I must have been with a lot women, and so on.

    But last night, I thought ” Be irrationally self-confident.” and I told her that yes, all women I have been with had orgasms. Electrifying orgasms that made them shiver and their whole body shake, after made love with them.

    Was this the right thing to do?


    • meh, the point is to make the convo about sex in a way that doesn’t skeeve them out like an old uncle putting a hand on her knee, so sure. why not?

      I use Wild Things game where I say “no little girl ever can ever make me cum” works like gangbusters.


    • on October 11, 2017 at 2:18 pm Carlos Danger

      Action speaks louder than words. Flirt openly with those who flirt with you.


  83. White men, don’t sign up !!

    – SHOCKING TRAGEDY – Between 2002-2009 Over 4 Million
    US Military Members & Veterans Committed Suicide! –



  84. on October 11, 2017 at 2:19 pm Carlos Danger


  85. She looks at the cam like she has some side dishes regularly


    • on October 11, 2017 at 3:01 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      the lighting hides a lot of wear and tear

      she probably looks about 15 years older irl

      she’s a miserable smv 2 trapped with a sackless rice fagget

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    • yeah but the side action is probably a butch lesbian, a desperate mangina hubby whose wife won’t put out, or some saggy titted old man with greasy hair and bad breath

      she’s no prize. she’s not getting any better than that


  86. The lack of subtlety of thought in evidence in that man’s excruciating verbal diarrhoea confirms my suspicion that the Oriental brain is wired differently to the white European brain.

    For example, he states that there is apparently a lie that “one gender has more worth and is more capable and more important than others”, but has anyone ever said that men have more worth or are more important than women? Most people will agree that men and women are different, have different strengths and capacities,but “more important”? He assumes that white people think in the same crude and primitive (Oriental) way that he does.

    Also, the Oriental is of course famous for his conformity to social norms, and Mr Huth has simply tuned in to the prevailing spirit of the age, and is just parroting what he perceives to be the “correct” opinions about race, culture, women, and so on. But he pushes it to a degree beyond the average white libtard.


  87. Meanwhile cuck Trudeau worries about toxic masculinity. http://www.marieclaire.com/politics/a12811748/justin-trudeau-raising-kids-feminist/


    • “Toxic” is another of those words the bugmen seem to have latched onto and ruined with their jowl-shaking sanctimony (and insanity).


      • My working definition of Toxic: “Any object that promotes/generates profound fear from those who don’t know how to handle it.”


    • Why don’t these libs ever challenge the heavily misogynistic lyrics and music videos characteristic of rap music? Doesn’t that offend them? Or are blacks the only group allowed to broadcast their “toxic” masculinity?


  88. Fucker set his comments to followers only, lol! We threatened his little hugbox with truth, and like a true coward he reinforced his little echo chamber and retreated into it suckling his thumb and clutching his blankie!


  89. This is enough to induce cringe bumps. Here’s a a follow up to the nancy boy at the top of this page. Justin, he-ain’t-my prime-minister, Trudeau:

    “I love Ella, and I worry—because as a father, son, husband, and citizen, I witness the unequal obstacles women and girls face every day. It’s 2017, yet in Canada and around the world, women and girls still face violence, discrimination, stereotypes that limit them, and unequal opportunities that keep them from achieving their dreams. It is maddening to me that my brilliant, compassionate daughter will grow up in a world where, despite everything she is as a person, there will still be people who won’t take her voice seriously, who will write her off—simply because of her gender.”

    Out of touch this boy. But, he’s got a product to sell – to newer up and coming bobble-heads.

    There’s more:

    “I want my sons to escape the pressure to be a particular kind of masculine that is so damaging to men and to the people around them.”

    His brand of damaging.
    There he is. In a massaged retooled past. Living vicariously. This is a follower.

    Up here, all one needs is nice hair.



  90. Please, more analysis on Andrew Huth. Funniest thing I’ve read in years


  91. He looks well groomed enough and is obviously university educated which suggests he has a good income and was probably why she chose him over lesser white betas with less social status. But his esteem is rock bottom and the pretty Asian babes wouldn’t have given him the time of day. This guy has been totally misled, but like the majority of men out there, he’ll have to learn the hard way, despite any amount of early alarm bells going off.

    The better betas which she would have much preferred, but who still have high standards, probably overlooked her.


  92. I would bet the Amish girl is 15 at most, which makes the picture taken while hiding in the bushes even creepier.


  93. Re:40s ass-rapey ((movie makers))

    They produced the best propaganda cover for the ass raping of Europe at the hand of Yankee Purridans as led by Imperial POTUS FDR.

    and you’re bellyaching about ((them)) shafting a few dozen teenagers?


  94. He’s not a bad photographer TBH


  95. “So, expect a lot more noise, ongoing. If it starts getting close, some other kike will get thrown under the bus.”

    There is always the option of massive documentary on Saudi predilections or a ‘Putin’ expose.

    Or, maybe they just push the panic button and go straight to WW3.


  96. […] Sissy-shaming works. From a reader, an update on CH’s Lesser Beta of the Month: […]


  97. Low T beta male going to war on Instagram for his alpha wife. I’m sure shes not fucking anyone behind his back