Ron Unz’s Flimflam

Ron Unz lies a lot in an article about the Alt-Right which he penned last year but reposted yesterday. I think the strawman-per-word ratio in his id-shaped rant is higher than anything I’ve read outside of a feminist tumblrrhea screed.

His main contention is that the “alt-right” are being deplatformed and de-personed because representatives (whoever they are) exaggerate the criminal threat of latino immigration, and the Soylicunt Valley nerdos who have been thrust into the role of Speech Police can’t tolerate the lies.

This is an utter inversion of the reality, which is that the Big Tech Poindexters can’t tolerate the truths which dissident outposts daily level against the corrupt Globohomo worldview and nation-dissolving agenda.

The “alt-right” (really, a constellation of realtalkers who refuse to parrot neolibogisms) is silenced because they write truths that the masturbators of the universe don’t want to read.

Simple as that.

Censorship has historically been used as a tool by the powerful to suppress the views of the powerless who threaten the former’s hold on power. That Unz can’t or won’t grasp this ineluctable fact of no-holds-barred status jockeying between antagonistic groups says a lot about what kind of resentful agenda motivates him.

KenH puts it best, in a reply directly to Flimflam Unz.

Unz: Okay, I guess all my [hispanic crime rate] “numbers & stuff” just make your head spin, so I won’t bother citing them.

LOL. No, it was pretty straightforward stuff as I recall. I just got the whiff of a political agenda that is absent in most of your other work, but I could be wrong.

First, the alt-right are damnable liars but in the case of The Daily Stormer it’s a paragon of truth? I can barely keep up with your ever shifting narrative about the wicked alt-right, but it’s good you have a high opinion of the Stormer. There’s still hope for you.

Breitbart is a civnat site, not alt-right. They do lead their readership to believe that America is awash in Hispanic illegal alien crime while mostly ignoring the high crime rates of blacks which is far worse and much more of a threat than Hispanic crime in many cases.

The available evidence proves that on a per capita basis whites have low crime rates while Hispanics have higher crime rates than whites while blacks have significantly higher crime rates than both whites and Hispanics. This is borne out by the prison statistics which is the only reliable source since local, state and federal authorities conceal data or resort to shell games and often times count Hispanic offenders as white as demonstrated by other posters.

Now if we put some of the data through the Unzian spin cycle along with a sprinkling of Reedian subterfuge we can claim that whites and Hispanics have comparable crime rates and conclude that Hispanics are simply brown skinned Swedes contrary to what some doomsayers on the racialist right say. So let em all in and breed with them since they’re really……us!

Even if, for the sake of argument, you and Fred Reed are correct it wouldn’t matter because whites have a right to exist as whites and exclude whomever they wish from their nations and societies for any reason. Hispanics vote for the anti-white Democrats anywhere from 65% to 72% and polls consistently show majorities of them support bigger government (which means taxing whitey), restrictive gun laws and speech codes. There’s other reasons.

So we are not the same people and it’s most definitely not in our racial interests to have such a large and growing population of Hispanics within our borders.

Well stated.

Crime rates are bracing and all, but it evades the central thesis:


Unz, for reasons which I may explore in a future post, has a chubby for amerinds, or more precisely a chubby for imploring Heritage Americans to sit idly by as they are swarmed by the tens of millions with genetically, socially, culturally, behaviorally, and psychologically alien invaders from the south, and then chiding Woke Whites to shut up and accept it lest they feel the wrath of Cuckersperg, Inc.

His evidence for holding this view? Hispanics have lower crime rates than blacks, and it’s gauche to talk about race.

Yeah, ok. Those are wonderful non sequiturs.

It’s gauche to talk about anything which upsets the reigning orthodoxy, but talk about those things we must if the reigning orthodoxy is malevolent. Politeness never saved a nation from civ-death.

Hispanics have a lower crime rate than blacks. True, and Whites lower still. (Unz’s cooked books say the hispanic crime rate is about 25% higher than the White crime rate; the FBI says it’s about 100% higher. Unz ignores misattribution sample bias and the known generational regression toward higher crime rates among the children of first gen hispanic migrants. So let’s split the difference and say hispanics are roughly 1.6x more likely to commit crime than are White Americans.)


No dissident writer I’ve read has ever claimed hispanic crime is as apocalyptic as black crime.

No dissident writer I’ve read has ever claimed every invader hopping the border was a rapist or murderer or drunk driver.

Sensationalist reporting of hispanic crime isn’t a lie. It’s an attention grabber. Sensationalism may be distasteful and ethically suspect, but it isn’t the same as directly lying about the hispanic crime rate.

California shitlibs are NOT happy with the hispanic invasion, despite Unz’s assertion to the contrary, as evidenced by the alacrity with which those White shitlibs retreat to gated communities and pen themselves off from majority-hispanic enclaves.

Even if the hispanic crime rate were a fraction of the White crime rate, it would still be true that a closed border means at the very least one less criminal act committed in America. “But Whites commit crime too!” isn’t an argument, it’s a vapidity.

Finally, crime is just the technicolor tip of the society-wrecking spear of mass nonwhite migration into America. The disruption of mass amerindian migration extends to lower social trust, more welfare exploitation, less comity, higher housing costs (driven by White flight and the subsequent White fortressing), less competence and productivity (relative to Whites), and, not to be undersold, ruined aesthetics. In short, less of this:

And more of this:

So to Unz I say, I think we’ve had more than six decades of evading stone cold truths, and now it’s time to give truth a chance. The alternatives — appeals to class (that don’t work in a multiracial pressure cooker) and polite economic arguments — haven’t done a damn thing to reverse America’s collision course with Diversitopia.

We need a full scale, shock and awe attack on Globohomoism.

That means hitting the tikkun olam universalist religion from all angles, economic, classist, social, environmental, and racial.

The salvageable slender reed of Unz’s tirade against his fantasy of the alt-right, such as it is, is that race should be forbidden from pragmatic political discourse about border policy because it turns off too many normies (and reading between the lines, it offends Unz’s sensibilities). If we don’t want to have our speech silenced, we should stop talking about subjects which anger the censors.

That’s Unzianism, in a nutless-shell.

I have a less cowardly view. The censors should be defied and punished, their houses of anti-American heresy razed and replaced with services that actually benefit native stock Americans and uphold the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment.

To give that slender reed its due, pragmatically I can see the need in the present time (when an enemy media controls the horizontal and the vertical) for camera-ready politicians to couch race-based arguments in thinly-veiled class-based rhetoric, but this says nothing about policing free-thinking outposts of dissidence. The former does not necessitate the latter. These proposals aren’t mutually exclusive. The “realtalk-right” should continue telling it like it is, and Unz-sponsored candidates for office can avoid racial truths while pursuing policies that essentially abide those racial truths.

If this is what Unz argues, then he should say so without resorting to unmerited attacks against his perceived dissident competitors enemies. Otherwise, readers will rightfully suspect him of ulterior motives, (such as suspicions which include cynically interpreting his “American Pravda” series as a plausibly deniable shield against valid accusations of anti-gentilism).

If, on the other hand, Unz nurses a deep-seated bitterness about living as a minority in this country, and has some kind of primal compulsion to visit that bitterness on the majority by reducing them to a minority in their own country, then nothing I write here will resonate with him, and we should thank him for giving Steve Sailer and Audacious Epigone a platform, and no more. TBH, that would be enough to recommend Unz.

In the meantime, contra Unz’s concern trolling, Whites will no longer be the witches. The Narrative will die and be replaced by a new, more truthful narrative.

Since we’re on the subject, CH once again will clarify its stance on the National Question:

All illegals and their anchor babbies should be deported.

The Wall should be built to prevent future waves of foreign invasion.

Birthright citizenship should be ended.

There should be a 60 year immigration moratorium, followed by (if wanted) immigration quotas that favor NW Euro countries.

The White Christian population should be restored to 80%+ of the total US pop.

If the latter is impossible, America should — correction, WILL — in time separate into distinct ethny- and race-based geopolitical entities. It is inevitable.


  1. on December 28, 2018 at 1:56 pm Corinth Arkadin

    That late 50’s-Early 60’s pic is exactly how I pictured America would be as I grew up.

    I was wrong.

    BTW and OT…I saw a bumper sticker in the back window of a vehicle yesterday.

    It had the the Stars and Bars and General Lee, with a quote: “If I knew America was gonna turn out like this, I wouldn’t have surrendered!”

    This was a car parked in a generally VERY blac area.

    I didn’t know if I was gonna shit or go blind. Is this real or is it Memorex?

    I wonder if he poasts here.

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    • I am just old enough to remember the America that is represented by that first pic, and I mourn its passing. It began to die around 1965 or thereabouts. Let’s bring that America back again!

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 2:47 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I even wore my hair like that, Elvis pompadour with the DA in the back. I was a real punk rock-rockabilly kid. Total incongruity within Philly in the late 80’s-early 90’s.

        My dad (not quite a boomer, born a little before it) was flabbergasted. He hated (HATED!) hippies in particular and long hair in general, and old school pre-’62 Catholic [*Mel Gibson activated*], so even though he hated my style, he allowed me to keep it. I think he knew it represented America of the late 50’s, a time which had given way to the late 60’s shitheads and a time I think he wanted back.

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      • I too was surprised at Unz’s near-polemic.

        I think he’s just interested in not getting banned…or something. It was stunning coming from a guy who went off on jews’ nepotism in the ivy league.

        by ANY data, hispanics have a crime multiple of 3x or so…Unz just didn’t find a strong correlation between them and crime, which is fair.

        The most stunning part of his screed was his resort to “things are pretty ok here in Silicon Valley so therefore…” which is reasoning by anecdote. In my comment I said someone please check on him to make sure he hasn’t fallen off the wagon.

        He’s making an argument to be honest…you wanna know what he’s saying? We’ll be ok as long as we’re a big minority and run everything. Aka apartheid works.

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      • I like this america better than the first picture.


      • I looked at the pic and tried to place the decade. At first I thought the 80s since the guy on the left was rocking some facial hair and the guy on the right had the Burt Reynolds open shirt. But then the giveaway…those cuffs on the jeans. That was pure 1959.


  2. Soylicunt Valley = SillyCohen Valley.

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 3:50 pm Captain Obvious

      CH: “Unz, for reasons which I may explore in a future post…”

      (((Unz))), for (((reasons))) which I may explore in a future post…

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      • don’t tar the guy; he’s been almost alone in dissident media for a long time.

        This guy ratted on his own people’s malfeasance in Ivy admissions, repeatedly. Called out niggers for their .9r to crime.

        has people on his site who say shit you simply aren’t “allowed” to say. Read it.

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 4:54 pm Captain Obvious

        His entire site is a PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE CAMPAIGN.

        Nothing more, nothing less.


      • Can you please elaborate on your mention of psych warfare below? I am ignorant of this.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 6:08 pm Captain Obvious


        Saul of Tarsus
        Flavius Josephus
        Alexander Hamilton
        David Ricardo
        Karl Marx
        Sigmund Freud [obviously]
        Emma Goldman
        Rosa Luxemburg
        Alisa “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum
        Milton Friedman
        Ron Unz

        They’re all probing you for PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAKNESSES which they can then leverage in order to destroy you.

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 6:29 pm Captain Obvious

        Ron Unz discovered that you Civ-Nat Boy-Scout Spergtarded Fools were nursing a terrible grudge because the j00ish mafia had denied you your rightful admission to Harvard [which was instead given to some connected j00 inbred idiot moron like Jared Kushner] and Unz sensed [correctly] that your grudge was a PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAKNESS which could be leveraged against you [to his tribe’s benefit].

        And so Ron Unz promised* you a fair admissions policy to Harvard, in exchange for you letting down your guard, and trusting him, and allowing him to sneak up behind you and slide the [email protected] of Unlimited Brown Immigration For All Eternity directly into your liver.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 6:31 pm Captain Obvious

        *For the record, Ron Unz has no intention whatsoever of bringing about a fair admissions policy to Harvard.

        Harvard [along with Princeton & MIT] is the Crown Jewel in the Frankfurt School’s Galactic Empire, and the only thing in all of G0d’s Creation which will ever remove Harvard from the Frankfurt School’s philthy reptilian claws is precisely Zykl0n B.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 7:44 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Which is why many of us go to that Dark Place.

        I gave up going to Princeton after military service because I didn’t want to go back to Jersey.
        I also knew I would have been removed for fighting with faculty.
        That almost happened in the University I ending up going to, which means I should have gone to Princeton. Would have been in a better place.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm Captain Obvious

        CA, if you go to That Dark Place, and truly STOP CARING once and for all, then the j00ish mind virus can’t work on you anymore.

        The j00ish mind virus can only work on people who are stupid enough to e.g. nurse a grudge which a j00ish sooth-sayer like Ron Unz can come along and flip to his advantage.


      • In addition to Harvard, Princeton, and MIT, the Frankfurt School are also quite fond of Columbia, with its journalism school being the feeder program for fake news agents


  3. So to Unz I say, I think we’ve had more than six decades of evading stone cold truths, and now it’s time to give truth a chance. The alternatives — appeals to class (that don’t work in a multiracial pressure cooker) and polite economic arguments — haven’t done a damn thing to reverse America’s collision course with Diversitopia.

    I think it’s more clarifying to point out that when the rich push diversity it’s an act of class warfare against poor, working-class whites.

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  4. Oh, and please bring it down a notch until he has properly made himself deserving of the thrashing. We all have hangups and it’s a difficult thing for a Jew to rationalize his way out of his instinctive minority advocacy.

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 3:51 pm Captain Obvious

      Go suck a Rabbi’s puss-infected c0ck, JIDF infiltrator.


      • Ohoho, a live one! But if we’re going to dance I insist upon leading. To that end: Why is it so offensive that I’m unwilling to purity spiral as a first recourse? Is it plausible that I’d prefer to make common cause with Steve Sailer’s webhost rather than foster enmity where it’s unnecessary?

        And if that were plausible, then which of us is more likely to be JIDF?

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    • Don’t you have more whining about VD to do on your shitty blog?

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  5. on December 28, 2018 at 2:21 pm Anonymous White Male

    I believe Ron Unz is of (((the tribe))). That explains a lot.

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    • Many Jewish commentators will concede on a point, yet willfully withhold a more important item. So they condemn feminism while supporting open borders. They bash the BLM while chiding white nationalism, etc. They always cling tightly to some aspect of their Jewishness: i.e. an adversion to honest work, a hatred of the host nation, a jealous hatred of the Alpha Euro-male, etc.

      The only way that a Jew that really be free of this nonsense is by extracting himself in every way from the tribe. And the vast majority are not willing to do this.

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      • “Many Jewish commentators will concede on a point, yet willfully withhold a more important item”
        Not just Jews, but many leftists do this. But since Jews pretty much invented the left and wrote its playbook, point taken.
        Another commentator coined the term “idea permanence”. It’s based on object permanence, the concept in child development that young enough kids don’t consider an object that they no longer see. That’s why peekaboo surprises them- after you covered your face, the kid doesn’t figure that your face is still there behind your hands. Open your hands and it’s Oh Wow where’d your face come from?
        Some lefties will concede a point one day and then the next day will argue with you from their same starting point as the day before. As if the progress you made only counted towards yesterday’s debate, not today’s, and is therefore forgotten. They lack idea permanence. Or honesty


      • Jews pretty much invented the left and wrote its playbook.

        Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin (1814 – 1876) was a Russian revolutionary anarchist, and founder of collectivist anarchism. .. considered among the most influential figures of anarchism, and one of the principal founders of the “social anarchist” tradition… one of the most famous ideologues in Europe, and he gained substantial influence among radicals throughout Russia and Europe. .. “was born to a noble family of only modest means”[3] – the family owned 500 serfs .. military training at the Artillery University .. was commissioned a junior officer in the Russian Imperial Guard .. After two years he left the Imperial Guard .. made his way to Moscow, hoping to study philosophy. .. engaged in the systematic study of Idealist philosophy .. became increasingly influenced by Hegel and provided the first Russian translation of his work. .. went to Berlin in 1840 .. encountered and joined students of the “Young Hegelians” and the socialist movement in Berlin. .. abandoned his interest in an academic career, devoting more and more of his time to promoting revolution. .. During his six-month stay in Zürich, he became closely associated with German communist Wilhelm Weitling. Until 1848 he remained on friendly terms with the German communists, ..

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      • Another name to add to the long list.


      • Spot on, but their jooishness is encoded into their genome. Racial memory is passed down via genetics. That is not a scientific proof, but it is nonetheless true. A jew can not change its nature no more than the leopard its spots or the negro his melanin content.

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      • “Some lefties will concede a point one day and then the next day will argue with you from their same starting point as the day before. As if the progress you made only counted towards yesterday’s debate, not today’s, and is therefore forgotten. They lack idea permanence. Or honesty”

        Like a repeatable daily quest with an npc…

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 3:54 pm Captain Obvious

      It explains EVERYTHING.


    • on December 28, 2018 at 5:41 pm Dr Strangelove

      See my comment below.

      Unz has gone full retard on the talmud, Protocol of the Elders of Zion, the ADL, the “holocaust”, and Israel’s role in the Kennedy assassination and 9/11.

      While he does have a Reed level blind spot on Latinos, he did some excellent work connecting crime rates to Dindu population levels in the US.

      Read his stuff, even if he is cucking out on the alt-right.


    • ron unz did some good work exposing jews role in 9-11 and other thing but he cant suppress his jew DNA. so naturally he goes back to the jews basic plan..the extermination of the white race. I said for a while that jew fuck was a trojan horse and I say the same of that hook nose jew steve miller that is trumps “anti” immgration czar

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      • I like some of the things Miller says and does but you’re right, he is suspiciously unlikable which might be intentionally counterproductive to the border agenda


  6. Which is not to say “stop”, but rather “be a bit more patronizing”. Shivs are for killing, so until he needs killing I advise more patience, more entreaties, less shiv.


  7. on December 28, 2018 at 2:28 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    There’s nothing wrong with America. It simply is what it is: a settler country founded on commercial interests.

    If you really want white countries, go fight to preserve them in Europe where the case for blood and soil nationalism is far stronger.


    • on December 28, 2018 at 2:56 pm traitors first

      @ Petty Gay Douche
      An Indian, a black, and a white guy are sitting around a camp fire.
      Indian says,”Once we were many, now we are few.”
      Black says,”Once we were few, now we are many.”
      White guy says,”That’s just because we haven’t played cowboys and noggers yet.”

      So just in case you’re too slow to figure it out, We’ll stay right here and fight. You go back home where you belong, I’ll even provide the one way ticket, bucket of fried chicken and watermelon.


    • on December 28, 2018 at 4:20 pm Captain Obvious

      Jesus H Chr!st, Yossi Cohen lit the strapon signal for this thread, didn’t he?


    • How many non-whites signed The Declaration of Independence?


      • on December 28, 2018 at 4:50 pm Captain Obvious

        How many j00z signed The Declaration of Independence?

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 4:53 pm Captain Obvious

        (((Alexander Hamilton))) attended the Constitutional Convention about twelve years later, but was not a signer of the Declaration.


      • It was somewhere between 0 and 0 :o)
        It was all British and maybe some Ulster which was British.
        And two Italians probably British Italians, Paca and Caesar Romney.
        No seltzers on the list.Most of them were down in the W Indies importing slaves and making money on sugar cane plantations.


    • on December 28, 2018 at 7:54 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Looch, you also forgot to mention that whytes founded this country and made it great, therefore should run it in perpetuity.

      Instead…you want it turned into a termite mound straight out of Star Wars Episode II or Starship Troopers.

      BTW and OT, has anyone worked with “The Ultimate Blacc Race, We Were Never Colonized” Ethiopians?

      They communicate with that clicking shit they call a language? It’s all insectoid clicking and consonants.



    • The United States was created by white men for “ourselves and our posterity.”


      • When I like to make libtards heads explode I mention the preamble to the Constitution “for Ourselves and our Posterity” (descendants)
        It wasn’t formed for the benefit of the Indians, slaves,non English Euros, or the King of England etc
        Over time they could change this like with the Germans etc but the premise was that the country was formed for their benefit. Nothing unusual because every country does this.No one forms a government to benefit foreigners.
        But men wanted to be enlightened and liberal (in the good sense) minded and wanted to spread their ideas to the world sometimes not really knowing they were digging their own graves because most of humanity didn’t think as they did and just took this as a foible and weakness they could exploit.
        Like missionaries who want to convert the savages and cannibals you may end up in their cooking pot.

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    • “go fight to preserve them in Europe where the case for blood and soil nationalism is far stronger.”
      If we have to fight anyhow, what’s the point in building a strong case? ‘Right of Conquest’ is morally a pretty weak case but it will do rightly if our fighting is strong enough.


      • Might always makes Right.And the people who were able to control things just so happened to create a better world eg Roman or British Empires.


  8. Didn’t Molyneux tweet some alt-right straw man BS not long ago? Their (((owners))) must be calling some shots.


  9. Unz is a puzzle. He’s written some incendiary and interesting stuff in his American Pravda series — for example, he claims that the Holocaust didn’t happen or was materially exaggerated.

    And at the same time, he tries to pretend that Hispanic crime doesn’t exist.

    I cannot make sense of him. It is incredibly hard to separate the wheat from the chaff in his work.

    Is he a sophisticated troll?
    Does his writing on the Holocausr reflect his personal animosity against his father?
    Is he just a knee-jerk contrarian?



    • maybe he just has a blind spot for spics

      he set out to prove a correlation between them and crime and found it was weak to nonexistent.

      so i guess that salved his conscience or something…fuck I dunno. Spics aren’t the worst immigrants, they’re eager to be ruled at least.

      he pulls no punches on any of the rest of it, which was what was so bizarre about this particular article. I’ve been readin his shit for 10 years or so…never saw anything like this


      • “I’ve been readin his shit for 10 years or so…never saw anything like this”
        Maybe he is just slightly more controlled opposition than most other controlled opposition? I don’t know….
        But i NEVER trust these guys. EVER. Being Norman FInkelstein, Gilad Atzmon or Unz.
        I just believe Unz to have been given the role of building up goy-trust over a longer period of time and doing so by digging deeper than the rest of them. By all means, take what you can from this man. But trust him? NEVER.

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    • I have a theory that people like him and Fred Reed have some kind of subconscious attachment to the fundamental Spanish-ness of Latin and South America.

      I know quite a few drop dead gorgeous white girls who are 100% Argentinian and Brazilian. Their European blood somehow remained untainted (yes, they were multi-generational South Americans).

      Spanish is a European language. Much of South and Latin American architecture, religion, music (well, some of it), to some extent cuisine, and ethnic lineage is European.

      But it is impossible to separate the Spaniard from the indigenous Aztec or Mayan genes that most of them carry. Those were a much more clever people than the Africans or even Arabs but they were also significantly more brutal and savage.

      Part of what causes American recoil at southern illegals is that we all know it. We’ve all spent a guilty turn on BestGore or 4chan and there’s three major categories of violent shock content: Africans being lethally retarded, Chinese getting ground up or executed in accidents with modern technology, and South Americans being unimaginably brutal.

      With the exception of the most recent beheading video out of Morocco the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th video I most regret ever watching (like, very seriously regret) were all South Americans acting like their ancestors.

      Look at the VERY widespread and disturbing bastardization of Catholicism with South American death cult demonism. Its weird, creepy, and pervasive the tangible South American fascination with death and depravity.

      But circling back…..I think some commentators cannot get over the Spanish European parts of Latin and South America. Some parts of it *are* beautiful, successful, advanced, and peaceful.

      But its mostly the parts with the white people.

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      • I second this as it’s the best explanation why Unz is not afraid to talk shit about blacks. Plus, the USA had always seen the Central and South American countries as its sphere of influence until the special people came. I wish we would go back to our roots and stop worrying about Europe. We’re not European.

        For the record, Unz has never advocated for open borders and has argued against it (look at his debate on the bugman-named “Intelligence Squared” program). He makes the same point as other alt rightists have made about terrorism and Muslims. Forget about terrorism and forget about crime because the facts (and the lived experiences of UMC whites) are against you. Unz acknowledges California is a shithole in several respects which are directly attributable to having 40M people on the same plot of land.


      • Japan has 3x the population, on a smaller plot of land, yet Japan is not a shithole.

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    • It takes no courage for a jew to write about any jooish topics to include The Holohoax (it has become fashionable in recent years for some jews to question The Holohoax– heroin chic so to speak). However, it is still taboo, even for joooooos, to challenge colored-minorities and any of the narratives/excuses created to account for their dysfunction. They must support and maintain the narrative of ‘poor minorities oppressed/persecuted by us evil whitey Nazi red-necks’. The irony is that it is jews who created those narratives. So, Unz is not ‘courageous’.

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  10. I think UNZ suffers from the same problem that a lot of boomers and other pundits suffer from.

    It’s really simple, they live in a nice area, and don’t have direct daily contact with the savages.

    Now, honestly I do feel safe in my area, I don’t have ms-13 running around or savages running around with facial tattoos. But, honestly the crime in this area is terrible,

    For example, the number one crime here is property crime. When these guys are finished doing the “jobs americans will not do” (LOLZ) they drive around our ‘hoods in their little beat-up pickups stealing everything that’s not nailed down. Bikes, lawn mowers, just anything left out they can grab easily. They fence this stuff in those shitty little mexican weekend flea markets that everyone knows about. I have caught them on my property, they don’t put up a fight they just run.

    Second crime is the credit cards. It’s a fucking nightmare I get my cards stolen ALL OF THE TIME. You simply never know at any gas station out here if they are going to get your card or not. It’s a constant. annoyance.

    Everyone is suffering from the high car insurance rates out here, because, they simply don’t buy insurance so everyone suffers when they crash, or worse, crash drunk and do major damage or kill someone.

    Now this is a nice little rural area and the crime is a huge annoyance, I can only imagine the hell of a barrio with the “real” ms-13 type criminals.

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    • The Beans give “Californication” a whole new meaning.


      • I was thinking the same thing. This guy lives in the San Joaquin Valley amidst the Mad Max chaos that it is presently.


    • on December 28, 2018 at 4:27 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “I think UNZ suffers from the same problem that a lot of boomers and other pundits suffer from.”

      (((Ron Unz))) was Physics major at Harvard.

      (((He))) knows PRECISELY what he’s doing.


      • dude SHUT THE FUCK UP


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      • on December 28, 2018 at 4:50 pm Captain Obvious

        And like clockwork, F-Street arrives back home at Dulles on the 6:30PM flight from Rio de Janeiro in order to defend a fellow hebe.

        The pattern never fails to repeat itself.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 7:57 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Wasn’t CHRISTmas a few days ago?

        Too much of the Laiphrog made me soft. Hell, I hope I didn’t let my guard down, FUQ!


      • oblivious, if ANYONE is a fucking kike disinformation agent, IT IS YOU

        you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP with your monotone

        good fucking god, just please die already

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    • Lived for a decade or so adjacent to, and daily walked or biked through a neighborhood infested with MS-13. Some shootouts with a rival group I think Latin Homies. Other than the danger from stray bullets they seemed to leave gringos alone. Street crime seemed to come from the negros. I talked to a Columbian dude about this and he said yeah they prey on the Latino community and as long as I don’t interact with their criminal activities they should treat me civilly. That was what I experienced.


      • Yeah, living in a Hispanic neighborhood with a strong gang presence is kind of like living in an Italian neighborhood a century ago with a strong Mafia presence. As ling as you don’t engage in any acts of overt disrespect and keep your nose where it belongs, you won’t have any trouble.


  11. As a general rule, the only Latinos that should be immigrating to the US are the 10% that make up the wealthy class (and they happen to be white and/or lighter skin). Most of those people however are fairly comfortable living in home countries and inside their fortified neighborhoods: they have their private schools, their cars, their travel visas, etc.

    The vast majority are simply not capable of living in an advanced country without denigrating it in some way (as well meaning as some of them they might be). Eventually, you see the various bad habits arise that plague Latin America: i.e. larceny, a lack of cleanliness, and a disregard for organization and proper manners.

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 4:31 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “the 10% that make up the wealthy class”

      The j00z ran the trans-Atlantic chatte1 s1ave trade via the Iron Triangle of Holland, Cuba, and Brazil.

      South of the Rio Grande, the overwhelming majority of the wealthy class is either j00, crypto-j00, or the descendants of j00z who interbred with spaniards or portuguese.

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      • “The j00z ran the trans-Atlantic chatte1 s1ave trade via the Iron Triangle of Holland, Cuba, and Brazil.”

        The Jewish ability to commit a crime and then cast somebody else as the culprit is part of their DNA.

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 7:58 pm Corinth Arkadin

      That percentage isn’t Latino, they’re Spanish. European Whytes.

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  12. A Ukrainian dude “helping” his cheating wife to move out. 😀

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  13. Left Ohio when the Amish went south. Now just no country for old men.
    Going on two feet of snow and more to come in these mountains.

    The conquistadors and texicans do not mind lost gringos.
    Rob trains, sell horses. Do not forget to call your wife.

    Mormons and batshit crazies head to Utah and Kali. Always about preservatives and inbreeding.

    Perhaps that would work out for some here. Hard to raid genomic stores on the great divide.


  14. on December 28, 2018 at 2:57 pm Dr Strangelove

    Gentlemen regarding the (((issue))), you might find the articles he’s recently put up under the American Pravda heading on his site quite interesting.


  15. on December 28, 2018 at 3:01 pm traitors first

    @CH you’re second picture reminded me of a joke

    What’s the difference between California and Mexico?

    There’s more whites in Mexico 🙂

    Sad part the jokes actually true at least the numbers I was able to find, and they say we’re not being invaded, ha.


  16. Good thing that you addressed this directly CH
    In my view this is one of the most ((subversive))) articles I have read recently
    for different reasons one of them being that he (Unz) got some credits for his work prior to this and therefore assuming the viewpoint of well meaning insider
    So what unz tells us essentially (minus bs he wraps it in it)
    1- Al right is lunatic fringe with no relation to reality
    2- White being minority is not such big deal look how commifornia is thriving
    3- Big CA Tech is not anti-white just not informed/caring enough
    4- Hispanica are not violent or tribal in other words natural conservatives lolz

    Not only that these are blatant lies but they represent exactly frontlines of globoshlommo attack (weak points of defense)
    It is premeditated and wrote in a manner of an insider aiming directly at those standing on fences thinking about joining the fight
    In summary it is an attempt to revert to previous well working concept, slowly boiling the frog, that is

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    • Alt-Right people are always talking about the horrific future consequences of white Europeans becoming a minority, but they already became a minority decades ago in Silicon Valley, and these days are probably down to around 30% or so. Yet everything is perfectly fine here. Well, not perfectly fine since everyone is always complaining about traffic being terrible and housing prices ridiculously high, but these aren’t exactly the central concerns raised by the Alt-Right
      lolz perfectly fine
      this excerpt alone gives you the the full picture of the article
      do not worry goys everything is gonna be

      Ooh, goys, you’re a hot little number
      Waitin’ out there on the lines
      For you, goys, it’s a matter of love
      And me, it’s a matter of time
      Do not worry
      Everything is gonna be fine

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 4:36 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “premeditated and wrote in a manner of an insider”

        Ron Unz is a minor sanhedrin.

        He was sent over to the Dark Enlightenment with the assignment of tempting & corrupting & enslaving the weaker and more malleable personalities, such as Steve Sellout & John Cuckbyshire.

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    • Winner, chicken dinner


  17. In fairness, Unz also argues for a sharp reduction of legal immigration levels, on the order of 50% – which is roughly what Stephen Miller’s RAISE Act would accomplish. He claims that this is achievable through a “grand bargain” between Republicans and Democrats, which I find ridiculous, but I do give him credit for focusing attention on the fundamental issue, which is legal immigration rather than illegal immigrant crime.

    I suspect he’s right that many Democrats are amenable to discussing legal immigration curbs, provided that the “rights” of illegal immigrants are protected in the process. I don’t think the trade-off is worth it – putting 20+ million illegal aliens on the “path to citizenship” is probably too steep a price to pay for cutting immigration levels by roughly half a million a year – but one way or another, the nation-wrecker of mass immigration must be addressed by Congress. As things stand, there has been no movement whatsoever in that direction since mid-2017.


    • “we’ll let you reduce the levels by 0.5 million per year for ten years as long as you give us 20 million in one year. This sounds like a good deal, right goyim?”

      Meanwhile they know damnned well those 20 million *adult* illegals have 2 to 4 kids who will reach voting age in the next 5 years.

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  18. Ron Unz is pretty brave for an online J0oaish intellectual, with his recent articles saying his childhood religio is savagely supremacist & corrupt, & he even risked published his striking conclusion that 1939-45 holocawsting claims are, Unz says, most likely a massive hoax of his tribe

    Unz built the most powerful intellectual-tier alt-right-type site out there, so wrongly assumes others can do the same if they too take the cautious lotsa footnotes edjumacated approach … he allows a lot of critique also of himself, so that to his credit too

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  19. — If the latter is impossible, America should — correction, WILL — in time separate into distinct ethny- and race-based geopolitical entities

    For reasons that are a mystery to me, I like to put myself into the shoes – or more accurately, into ‘da haid’ — of a nonWhite in America or any White country. What I feel on these jaunts into their skulls is their simple and unbridled joy, their unshaken belief in a bright future that rests on this one, single foundation: wypipo will continue to play by the rules.

    Those rules being, that we (I’m back to me now, a White) will continue to be the inanimate backdrop of social capital that lays a nice habitat for blacks, browns and yellows though our competence, niceness, our imbecilic good cheer. One-man-one-vote and the browning of America mean that we’ll resign ourselves to the shifting electoral reality just like individual trees continue to stand around and cast shade and look pretty no matter how many trees around them are cut down.

    Whether we’re talking about a 70-IQ black or the 110-IQ Asian, they lack the flexibility of imagination that woudl et them envision a dynamic system within which, when pressure is turned up on Whites, Whites stop playing by the rules of present-day’s strange, unstable moment of transition between the old complacent America of plenty and the new America whose myths of plurality are becoming Boomer-relics.

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  20. CH your itemized stance on the National Question addresses the supply, but not the demand.
    Any mud person contemplating hopping our border should instantly dismiss the thought as folly, because there should be absolutely nothing for them here. No job, no benefits, no Section 8 or SNAP, nothing. Their kids can’t go to school. They can’t vote. They can’t see a doctor or clog up the goddamned emergency rooms. Since they are by definition criminals, they will spend their time in the US broke, hungry, hunted and homeless and waiting until the inevitable arrest and deportation.
    First deportation is free, amigo. Get caught here again and it’s 18 mos in prison then deportation and the jail sentence doubles with every arrest and conviction.
    Fine the shit out of businesses that knowingly employ illegals. Make it financial suicide to employ them.
    Deportation of all that are here. Anchor baby/chain migration bullshit gone. Build a wall that will put the DMZ to shame. And then put measures in place to make that wall completely superfluous.

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    • I’d rather deport them to Antarctica than pay for them to be housed up in a prison cell, where they’re free to make new friends and lift weights all day.


      • Boned…you haven’t heard my proposals for prison reform.
        “Arbeit Macht Frei” adorned the gate to Auschwitz.
        “The Days You Work Are The Days You Eat” will adorn the gateways into US penitentiaries when I’m in charge.

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      • @b … The Danes have announced they’ll put their ‘problem’ Moslem migrants on a faraway island possession FOREVER (Bornholm?).
        Sounds good.


      • Its a catch-22.

        You can’t just deport them, they’ll be back in here in 35 days. That’s no punishment…..”go back to go”…lol

        We also don’t want to house them forever…..I get that too. A US prison has three meals a day, TV, drugs, shelter, and ample opportunity for all sorts of fun crime with your homies.

        Being in jail in the US is better than life in most real barrios.

        I think you have to attach other real penalties. No immediate family can get ANY sort of legal standing for 10 years, even if they obediently stayed home.

        I also think you need to threaten every one of these shitty countries with economic shoah if they don’t throw the deportees straight in *way worse* jails for crime against the nation.

        “Oh but the internal affairs of other nations and their people are not our affair!”

        Yeah, well all that oil and cheap Ford cars can suddenly be not our affair anymore either, Jaun Mexico, and you fucker’s can’t eat oil.

        Estaban and Hulio go straight to jail when they get off the deportation plane or you fuckstains can go eat dogs and cats for 25 years.

        We don’t give a fugg anymore. We got more oil than we can drill for decades right now.


  21. “That means hitting the tikkun olam universalist religion from all angles, economic, classist, social, environmental, and racial.”

    PLEASE focus on the racial. It is the anti-White agenda that is most dangerous.

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  22. Good post. Now, please do a post on Jim from Jim’s blog.


  23. — not to be undersold, ruined aesthetics.

    This is the heart of the matter, with aesthetics being material proxy for the unbreakable spiritual and metaphysical substance of a people.

    Sometime in 2009, I told a loudmouth-gamma US-born Indian commetner here, No: even though you vote GOP and have college education and blah blah, you can’t be an assimilated American because assimilation is not just mimicry of behavior, it’s not even a natural comity between White and Subcontinental temperaments in a very superficial sort of way — assimilation is also physical appearance.

    He lost his shit.

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 4:39 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “He lost his shit.”

      I pity the poor Untouchable who had to clean up that mess in the middle of the street.


      • Hmm… I wonder if despite all the UNESCO bullshit that the “untouchables” weren’t untouchable because they had to clean up shit in the street but because they shit in the streets to begin with.

        I mean if I had a sizeable chunk of the population that pooped on their own floors I’d be like “Lolzz no one can touch you nasty fuckers, that’s gross” too.

        Did the Brahman caste just have a word up on public disease and implement a basic public health policy? Is that all this has been about?

        I mean fuck they’ve had western sanitation and leadership since the 1800s and they still can’t potty train half the country.


  24. He’s where I was at years ago. Thinking that if I just made a logical and well based argument, I could change minds and attitudes. It took me years to hit the truth of it: Lefty and his prog lickspittles arent ever going to listen or be honest or play on a level field.
    Nowadays my attitude is fuck them – with a chainsaw if one is handy.
    Perhaps Unz sees himself in Lefty’s gun sights, who knows. All I know is that being the voice of moderation is no way to get along with leftists. We are going to have to k**l them before anything important gets settled … or they will k**l us.

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  25. Why attack Ron Unz? Are there not enough real enemies out there? He does incredible work for “us” even though he’s Jewish. His site has a massive following and never fails to shine the light on the real nation-wreckers. You must understand the Jewish mindset and the courage it takes to go against the tribe. That’s why I always give good Jews like Unz, David Cole, Finkelstein etc. a lot of latitude. Disappointed to read this even though the analysis is correct.

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    • What the fuck is causing you to think there are “good Jews”? We have no friends except each other, and many times not even that. Going down the road you’re describing will hopelessly bog us down in trivial bullshit instead of clarifying the battle lines and getting the upcoming civil war(s) won and over with.

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      • (((The Remnant))) is Hasbara


      • There are good Jews because I know at least two. Do the research. Some of the most effective exposure and opposition to Jewish nation-wrecking has come from Jews. Even Hitler had his ‘favoured Jews’. I’ll give you a list if you want. Having said that I know that the demonic project to destroy Western Christian civilisation has been masterminded by Jews….but there are rare exceptions.

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      • Deary Me, could you elaborate? I mean, your credentials are flawless and all, yet not everyone sees how Remnant’s perfectly logical post would be oivei-tier subversive.


      • Eduard Bloch is the only edeljude from Adolf Hitler’s life that I’m aware of.


    • When the watch is clicking and and the midnight is near nobody should be given “a lot latitude”
      It is true that unz did some good job in the past but this article leaves one wondering if all of that was done just in order to take the stage which he could not get otherwise
      try to square “perfectly fine” giving it a lot of latitude
      It is next 5-10 years which will decide the fate of white America and by extension all of the west yet here is unz telling us that everything is going to be perfectly fine
      The most successful subversion is the one coming from inside and had an outsider written this you would have dismissed instantaneously
      Yet in this case seeing through the prism of his previous work and as an alleged allay you are ready to find explanations/excuses and thus allow the others who are already wavering to be further tranquilized and got inert
      Alt-Right people are always talking about the horrific future consequences of white Europeans becoming a minority, but they already became a minority decades ago in Silicon Valley, and these days are probably down to around 30% or so. Yet everything is perfectly fine here. Well, not perfectly fine since everyone is always complaining about traffic being terrible and housing prices ridiculously high, but these aren’t exactly the central concerns raised by the Alt-Right

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      • You have seriously lost your mind if you think the bay area is anywhere in the same universe as “perfectly fine.” Those little details you mention are only small components of what happens when the wrecking ball of mass non-white immigration transforms areas of the United States into foreign, hostile countries inside our borders.


      • Cortesar, this this this. In my experience, people like Unz (lack of ((())) intentional, this is for everybody) who cuck out partially almost always end up cucking out fully. It’s dangerous to give them latitude.
        I regret that I once recommended him, but to be fair to me, he’d written some outstanding essays in American Pravda without much indication that he would disparage us like this. The man has talent, drive, ambition and guts, but so are a lot of sellouts.

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      • “The most successful subversion is the one coming from inside and had an outsider written this you would have dismissed instantaneously
        Yet in this case seeing through the prism of his previous work and as an alleged allay you are ready to find explanations/excuses and thus allow the others who are already wavering to be further tranquilized and got inert”

        Agreed. Nice hot take.

        Still though, it is disappointing that Unz would “flip.” It is fitting that his article comes over as ham handed and hysterical: as if Hispanic crime has ever been but one of a hundred legitimate grievances.

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      • Someone who’s for real will evolve, like Ann Coulter did on immigration. She used to only rail against illegal immigration, now she’s against all of it.
        Somebody like Unz will distance himself from the deplorables, we’ll call him on it, and he’ll go full cuck.

        It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between the two.

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 6:03 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ‘Still though, it is disappointing that Unz would “flip.”’

        Unz didn’t flip.

        He just got impatient and turned up the heat on the frog a little too quickly and HOPEFULLY you Civ-Nat Boy-Scout Spergtards will wake up and notice how you were all played for the fools that you are.

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      • Unz didn’t flip.

        Which is the reason the original usage is in quotation marks, Captain.

        Don’t be so dense, IF you can help it.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 9:35 pm kentuckyjerard

        “He just got impatient and turned up the heat … too quickly”. Maybe Shabbos was coming


      • “…You have seriously lost your mind if you think the bay area is anywhere in the same universe as “perfectly fine.” …”

        He’s citing unz’ article.


    • on December 28, 2018 at 4:46 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “His site has a massive following”

      His site was DESIGNED to have a massive following, precisely so that all the malleable & compliant personalities, such as Sellout & Cuckbyshire, would be lured into bringing over their ludicrously naive Civ-Nat Boy-Scout readerships for the express purpose of corrupting and destroying the minds of those readerships. was always a psychological warfare initiative & will always be a psychological warfare initiative.

      Just EVERYTHING ELSE the j00z do.

      Every time a j00 opens its mouth, or puts a pen to paper, or types on a keyboard, it does so for the sole purpose of mounting a psychological warfare campaign against the goyim.

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    • Leopards cant change their spots.
      A nigger will nig , and a joo gonna joo.
      They are kinda hard-wired that way.

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    • remember the old Lon Chaney werewolf movies? during the day he was a real nice guy but when night time came no matter how hard he fought it he turned into a werewolf. that is Ron Unz acting like a regular guy then his jew DNA kicks in and no matter how hard he might try to maybe stop it he turns into a radical inbred jew fuck.

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    • “Why attack Ron Unz? ”

      Did you read the post


  26. A+ for adapting Martin Luther’s exhortation that synagogues and jewish houses be razed to the ground and all Talmudic writings removed from them.

    Only the jewish people themselves could turn a philo-Semite like Luther into an anti-Semite and the second-greatest German.

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  27. I think Unz’s main point was that black criminality is a far bigger problem but doesn’t get much attention from the alt-right. Is he wrong though?

    [CH: black criminality doesn’t get attention from realtalkers? what planet is he on?]


  28. What I love about people like Unz is there total lack of self-awareness in terms of how transparent there psychology is in the eyes of the people that disagree with them. To all the readership here, every argument he’s made has been so thoroughly poked full of holes and decimated a hundred times over it’s a wonder that anyone still can get roped into thinking it.

    As you’ve said, it’s the narrative, not the truth that seems bizarre from the outside in. It would be bizarre if people who looked, smelled, etc so wildly different acted the same. It would be mind blowing if there was the reason why damn near all black countries are poverty-stricken warlord territories and race not be the most major’s damn near Insanity to think of that bringing people to America from countries that are terrible would not make our country worse.

    It’s kind of like the Lewontin Fallacy. Anyone who bought that crap before it was unequivocally disproven by genetic scientists necessarily proved themself delusional a total idiot. how could you go along with something that’s so clearly is contradicted by your own two eyes? Or in terms of intelligence, how could you interact with any non-negligible number of blacks and maintain the ridiculousness that they are broadly as intelligent? It becomes this huge network of interconnected lies and misdirections in order to explain something in terms of environmental influence that’s so clearly innate.

    Genetic science is progressing forward at a breathtaking rate. Soon, all these ridiculous notions will be throw it in the garbage bin of history, much like a geocentric model of the universe.


  29. Globohomo-ism is predicated on the “equality” of radical sexual autonomy.

    Radical sexual autonomy is self-annihilation.

    A mass of self-annihilators equals “default elite.”

    Our “default elite” is a cabal of ruthless faggots.

    A vicious cycle of master baiters.

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  30. Ron can grasp much, but he is psychologically invested in a romantic notion of late 80s, early 90s California which wasn’t quite the near broken polity it is today. It was bustling with eager, obedient Mestizos offering cheap landscaping, and painting services (although often in the employ of a profiteering White traitor in management).
    Unz contended (in a TAC cover story, 2005-09 era) that Hispanics did not inflate crime, and amount to a net a burden on the safety net compared to natives as a whole. The problem is that the Hispanic Illegals most certainly constitute a huge burden compared to White natives. It was the extreme criminality of the SoCal Black natives which skewed the data making Hispanics seem relatively benign. Whites should not be lumped in with Blacks in these statistical analyses as their behavior is significantly different.

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    • so if unz proves that “hispanic” crime is low no other matter needs to be considered
      alt right who he so much derails never have had the hispanic crime factor as the primary reason why they should not be let in (legally or illegally)
      looks like either he cannot grasp the simple concept that white europeans wants to be majority in their domains or he is purposely shifting goal post obscuring the debate and thus keeping the frog being slowly boiled
      you decide

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      • Unz must have looked at stats and not mug shots/arrest records, because if he did he would see a lot of the goblins are identified as White and that would blow this half -assed thought experiment of his to pieces and be embarrassed to post what he should have known is absolute skunk scat. I’m pissed more at him for being sloppy as hell on his “research” than his kikery.

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      • Can ANYONE these days honestly call it mistake to NOT know by now that the “Whites” listed in crime stats are hispanics, often swarthier than Herbe Villachez with a deep tan?

        There’s misinformation and then there’s disinformation… when reported by (((ykw))), I first assume the latter.

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    • on December 28, 2018 at 6:00 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “but he is psychologically invested in a romantic notion of late 80s, early 90s California”

      No, you Civ-Nat Boy-Scout Spergtarded Fool.

      YOU are psychologically invested in a romantic notion of late 80s, early 90s California.

      And Ron Unz is preying on that psychological weakness of yours.

      All that Ron Unz cares about is that j00z win & goyim lose.

      And he will leverage whatever & whichever particular psychological weaknesses he can discover in you in order to ensure that j00z win & goyim lose.

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      • Chillax El Capitaine Evidamente,
        What I’m getting at is that far from Unz being a dispassionate, objective data processor, he has as much bias & ethnocentric instinct as a Wasp that me.
        Unz probably craves Diversity as a comfort zone so he doesn’t feel like an Outsider.


    • @Q … Coulter has also asserted that 2,000 Americans (all types) are KILLED by ILLEGALS annually.
      That’s SIX (6) / Day!


      • Like negro crime, I’m betting it’s mostly against their own kind, so that makes it somehow “not to worry” in the eyes of Shitlibistan.


  31. on December 28, 2018 at 6:55 pm BrachaBenedicta

    CH, aren’t you bring a bit unfair to Unz? It’s quite clear that he’s detached himself from the anti-gentilic community, if you read his posts about Judaism. I think he’s maladroitly trying to say that Soylicon bosses don’t see the reality that the less fortunate redneck plebes have to live with, since money insulates them from it si well. He’s surprisingly obtuse in his writing, I would definitely concede.

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  32. Somewhat OT:

    Proud Feminist Wallows In Loneliness & Cat Urine

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  33. For all Unzs of this world we have but one simple question
    Should America (and the rest of western world) continue to exist as majority white europeans country(ies)?
    The answer to THE question is the dividing front line of the war that was declared upon us
    It is simple as that

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  34. Unz, for reasons which I may explore in a future post, has a chubby for amerinds,

    A subplot about Ron Unz is that he has spent the majority of his adult life as an incel, despite his wealth. Mexican working class women are the only women in his neck of the woods who will still have sex with a lesser Beta who has money. That was all that was needed for him to defend Mexican invaders to the death.

    Just see any video of Ron Unz speaking (preferably 2010 or later), for proof about how he is *not* the type of man who can get more than a Latina 4, even with his substantial wealth.


  35. Unrelated tranny nonsense:

    Yeah, “she’s” totally normal, no mental issues here… Don’t be transphobic, you misgendering POS..

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    • Nothing says “I’m not a mentally ill degenerate! I’m a real woman!” more than challenging a man to a fistfight.

      Go play in traffic, you piece of shit.

      And stay away from our kids.


  36. No such thing as rights. If they exist, they are enforced through the barrel of a gun anyway.

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  37. Ch what do you recommend when meeting girls your gf intros you to? Kiss on cheek? Handshake?

    [CH: pussygrab.

    for real, it depends on context and relationship dynamic. i’d say avoid hugs at the least.]

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  38. I’ve almost never been more turned-on.
    I had to look up no less than 3 words in the dictionary and I’m still dripping wet.
    Not lying.
    “We need a full scale, shock and awe attack on Globohomoism.”
    Yes, please ALREADY!!! Please. Yes. YES!


  39. on December 28, 2018 at 9:29 pm kentuckyjerard

    Unz’ whole article is so j00ey. It’s of the genre of “Dear Fellow Whites” journalism. The following section is particularly revealing. This is Juish naturalism in a nutshell. And it may not even be intentional. For *him* everything probably is just ducky. A j00 feels a stranger everywhere he goes anyway:
    “Alt-Right people are always talking about the horrific future consequences of white Europeans becoming a minority, but they already became a minority decades ago in Silicon Valley, and these days are probably down to around 30% or so. Yet everything is perfectly fine here. Well, not perfectly fine since everyone is always complaining about traffic being terrible and housing prices ridiculously high, but these aren’t exactly the central concerns raised by the Alt-Right.
    But whats the white birthrate (to heterosexual non-trannies) in that area? Like .02 children per couple?
    He says no statutes are torn down. He forgot what they did to Saint Junípero Serra y Ferrer. Because of course that’s not a confederate general, just some goy saint.


  40. on December 28, 2018 at 9:49 pm kentuckyjerard

    This is all a shame because Trad Cats had a way of dealing with Jews and Beaners: convert ’em. Beaners you don’t even have to convert, but they have to be under pre-Vatican II norms. That mitigates a lot of beaner-like behavior. Plus they tend to marry within their caste because they’re not being stirred up by J00s all the time. . BUT VATICAN II HAPPENED FIRST. No more converting the Juice. The church has to “inculturate” to beaners rather than beaners inculturate to Rome. It was like the Western movies where the first thing the banditos do is nail shut the back door. The first thing they did was pass Vatican II. Same year as the immigration act of 1965. Voila. There is no way any longer to make Jews and Beaners functioning parts of our society. The production code was in effect for 35 years and J00s gave us a lot of good comedy like the Three Stooges and Jack Benny. But that’s when Catholics had the whip-hand. After the early 60s… no more! Vatican II also had stuff in there about Church-State relations (Dignitatis Humanae) which in practicality told Catholics to bug out of contraception, abortion, pornography.


  41. on December 28, 2018 at 10:19 pm Diversity Heretic

    As CH says, Ron Unz gives a number of Alt Right/Dissident Right columnists a platform, so he is performing a valuable service. The Unz column cited by CH does contain valuable observations about how Silicon Valley normies/shitlibs view the Alt Right. I see similar attitudes in central Iowa. Victor Davis Hanson (yes, I know he’s a neocon) has a more grittily realistic of Hispanic migration into California in his book Mexifornia.

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    • But what does Hanson say to do about Hispanic migration into the Central Valley? Oh what’s that? Jack and shit? Then get him out of here, he’s useless.

      He’s the same clown that thinks more civics lessons are the answer to a neo-Bolshevik mob showing up at Tucker Carlson’s house. Laughable, silly.

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    • As CH says, Ron Unz gives a number of Alt Right/Dissident Right columnists “a platform, so he is performing a valuable service. ”

      i know, right? almost like a honeypot for visitors.


  42. “everything is fine here in Silicon Valley”

    That’s an epig meme cause the biggest fact about the Bay Area lately is that its covered in poop and needles now.

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    • See the YouTuber ‘Invisible People’– not revelatory, but an eye-opener to the white man’s condition in Jew-Run America.


  43. CH, glad to see this post. Nice Christmas present. I was going to comment on Unz but there were so many problems with Unz’s polemic and it being Christmas, I passed.

    + It is laughable that just because Hispanics are not as violent as Blacks (no other group is that violent), that Whites don’t deserve their own lands.

    + Californians have voted with their feet. Californians never voted to become a brown, socialist state and true heritage Americans there did not welcome this change. This was mandated by the courts. California was a red state. Like most third world socialists nations, California is great for the affluent and the poor. So it has attracted plenty of would-be elite’s, elites and third world moochers. The middle and working classes have been consistently fleeing.

    + Feed Reed is an intellectual fraud. He writes about how diversity was forced on that populace in the US and has hurt the quality of life while writing that whites are bigots for not embracing these conquistadors. It is laughable how Reed tries to portray Mexicans as being an advanced culture while it is easy to see that by any objective metric they are second tier. From living in Mexico, Reed knows that Mexicans would never accept an invasion of Asians even if it meant an improved economy. Only white shitlibs are that stupid.

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  44. Where Unz is at his best is on issues that are not relevant to the daily lives of white people: 911, Kennedy assassination, holocaust, admission to the ivy league, etc. When it comes to THE issue important to the descendants of goys, he is a loyal member of the tribe. One could make a compelling case that he is fake opposition


  45. It does not matter if Fred Reed and Ron Unz are right about those wonderful beaners, Mayans, aztecs, squatemalans, etc. (and they observably are not correct…if they were so great, their own nation’s would reflect this…). I still don’t want to live in Mexico, Squatemala, honduaras, El Salvador, burritoville, etc.

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  46. This essay sets me straight on the Unz question. Much appreciated, Mr. CH.


  47. Unz is one of ‘those people’–turns his head left and right furtively and whispers ‘Who’s a Joooooo’.
    I disagree with your bullet points at the end. I would modify them such that all illegals/anchor babies, negroes, Hispanics, Orientals, muslims, Hindus, and those joooooos should be deported. Only white western Euros should be allowed to migrate to Murica, and we need a 100% white America. One can always dream.


  48. Wilhelm Weitling, 1808 – 1871, German-born tailor, inventor, and radical political activist .. gained fame in Europe as a social theorist .. successful inventor of attachments for commercial sewing machines, including devices for double-stitching and the creation of button holes. .. father was a young French officer who was billeted in occupied Prussia, .. mother, a household maid .. raised as a Roman Catholic through the age of 12, and read the Bible attentively, retaining an ability to quote scripture throughout his life. .. In the fall of 1837 Weitling emigrated to Paris.. would remain there for four years, becoming deeply involved in the radical political ideas of the day, in particular the writings of Fourier, Owen and Cabet. .. joined Parisian workers in protests and street battles in 1839. .. urged installing communism by physical force with the help of a 40,000-strong army of ex-convicts. .. Much to Marx and Engels’s annoyance, Weitling’s giddy blend of evangelism and protocommunism attracted thousands of dedicated disciples across the Continent. .. Karl Marx, in an article from 1844, referred to Weitling’s work as the “vehement and brilliant literary debut of the German workers,”


    • A tip o’ the yarmulke on a subtle form of “pay no attention to the current men behind the curtain”-cum-“you’re another!” gambit.


    • Anita Whitney (1867 – 1955), was an American women’s rights activist, political activist, suffragist, and early Communist Labor Party of America and Communist Party USA organizer in California. .. daughter of a pre-eminent family whose members included the American Supreme Court Justice Stephen Johnson Field and the multi-millionaire speculator and magnate Cyrus W. Field. .. ancestors include a Congregational clergyman, and, Revolutionary War Captain .. attended both private and public school growing up in Oakland, California .. attend Wellesley College from which she graduated in 1889 .. campaigned actively for women’s suffrage

      You don’t have to be so ignorant, even though it feels so good.


      • Whoever even heard of the likes of this broad, except in some kike-written feminist studies textbook?

        Proportions, mensch, proportions… “Whites commit crimes too!” is a lamer defense than “Vee vuz chust folloving awders!”


      • Women’s suffrage and a more than trivial amount of socialist & communist enthusiasm — two powerful currents in the story of white goy civilization.

        And just like with evolution and global warming, fantasists desperate for childish self-serving explanations will lie their faces off in order to deny them.


      • So all the disproportionate (((other names))) that have taken significant places in the rogues’ gallery of (((Marxism))) and it’s various minion tentacles are all lies and mentioning (((them))) is ignorance, eh?

        Last time, Schlomo… the following gambits DON’T work ’round chere:

        a) “See, Whites commit crimes too!”

        b) “There are more Whites doing or on X than nonWhites!”

        For the noobs and peanut gallery, numbers alone mean nothing… PERCENTAGES of population versus involvement is where the rubber meets the road.

        And finally, the oldest of the chestnuts:

        c) 110? Vee dindu nuffink… OY, the poisecution!”

        Long-gong miscreants the West can tolerate… actives germs in the current malaise, many of which just happen to be (((a certain kind of germ))), is the real issue.

        Note how the allowed opposition can rail all they wish about the symptoms, but if they actually name the disease, they never work in this town again.

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      • (((Bb)))’s shiling gambits be flat, but the yeggs ’round chere see sharp.


    • you mean not ALL destroyers of good through the ages have been kikes?

      insightful, zvi. yawn

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    • We won’t so ignorantly fall for your kike apologia, Schlomo.

      We already know there were plenty of long-dead and also very-much-alive shitlibs and traitors of our own kind in our midst. It’s been mentioned once or twice at the chateau, disingenuous (((ass))).

      And that gives (((YOUR))) kind a pass, how?

      This distraction agitprop gambit never worked ’round chere before, and it ain’t workin’ now. I thought (((you people))) were supposed to be smart?

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  49. on December 29, 2018 at 1:06 pm Tatless & Beardless

    O/T, came back from a newly extended pub with a TV that had the frontal size of the average house and an audience of men so in to their f00tball. A team scores, and the roars are beyond belief about a team that is tied to a town/city they have never been to and for players they have never met and who only look like half of them.

    Having read so much of this blog, I wonder if the [email protected] of the universe have capatilised on this inner cucklodry that is in so many men. It is like getting excited about a neighbour’s job promotion and him buying a flashy new car that is better than yours.


    • I think it was the esteemed FastEddie who once remarked that n1ggerball is the Achilles heel of the White man.

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      • SBPDL has for far longer been calling college feetsball the opiate of the masses. surprised you didn’t know that, well actually I’m not that surprised

        I mean kiersey’s been at this shit for fuckin a decade i think…


      • Can’t I compliment another bro ’round chere without you try-harding your way into yeggdom?

        You fairy.


      • Can’t you tell that Tavis Smiley was deprived as a child ?


      • on December 30, 2018 at 2:55 am Tatless & Beardless

        But back in the day (40+ years ago) men usually supported the team of the town/city they were from, which included players from that town/city. This was understandable, especially for those that play the game themselves. But the whole global thing has changed everything, except they haven’t noticed. It’s about as easy to identify with a typical UK f00tball team as an indigenous fr3nchman can identify with his [email protected] team now.

        The thought occured to me that I should have really been handing out leaflets to them, directing them to this blog, except that’s going to work as well as the [email protected] trying to convert people in the busy streets here.

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    • sport battles on the national level are proxy for war. i can see being proud of the victories of ones national team (in theory). hell, i was at the town square, drunk, hugging strangers and singing the anthem when we reached the semifinals at the ’94 world soccer cup.

      now i wouldn’t bother – half the Bulgar national team is morrocans and brazillian noggers, so not my war anymore. at least the french are far more screwed with 100% orc representation. lol

      i really don’t understand the infatuation of human americans with local sports teams though. it’s not national level, players are almost all noggers, what’s that proxy for then? not warring nations. so warring tribes?

      but tribes don’t exist anymore, right? there is just one tribe, the human tribe, right?

      that’s how the coach gets coached into cheering for yesterday’s janitor screwing his daughter.

      ugly shit.

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  50. Instead of Diversitopia try Dyversitopia – closer to dystopia

    As to your answers, good luck with that. In a globalized world, the Chinese would outcompete Americans unless they get an influx of smart people to push their technological advantage forward. There are already areas that the Chinese are better than Americans, and that will continue unless the US of A leapfrogs them again. But it should be a 60-year moratorium on shithole countries (heck, a permanent one)


  51. The 1980s were the last white decade. White movies, white music etc.
    Those of us who grew up in this era know what has been lost.
    The Trump campaign had a retro 80s feel to it with fashwave etc
    Trump should have been President in 1992. He was sharper then and a better speaker and was at the height of his game.
    It’s been downhill since.

    I hate to say it but 1950s America is not coming back. We would be as nostalgic if today’s nation was not so shit.
    Over the holidays I was out at a bar with 20 something white shitlibs and they said basically that anyone who is not a shitlib is immoral. So I snapped and told them a few truths.
    But these are white kids who stand up for non whites first, have no racial solidarity with other whites and they are totally brainwashed.
    My facts were greeted with blank stares.
    They may question their beliefs at that moment but once they retreat to CNN and shitlib world they are reassured in their pozz.
    And these kids live in 90%+ white areas.
    I’m an immigrant so did not go to school here and I’m more patriotic than they are.

    Millions of whites are like this. There is no way to save this nation except winning a war or economic collapse.
    My solution is to move somewhere new and start over.


  52. ‘Flim-flam Man’– was not that a movie?


  53. Unz is the genius who says Asians are somehow underrepresented at top colleges, with his reasoning basically that because the Ivies choose not to have the same admissions criteria as Caltech, they are being discriminatory.


  54. Unz is the genius who says Asians are somehow underrepresented at top colleges, with his reasoning basically that because the Ivies choose not to have the same admissions criteria as Caltech, they are being discriminatory.


  55. Latest unz’s comment
    Jeez no man has even been able to move goal posts, to obscure, to muddy water as kikes
    What anglin says in this article is exactly contrary to everything unz wrote in his, yet somehow the kike uses it as some kind of confirmation of his lies and semi-thruths
    Is he stupid or just another (((manipulator)))?
    You judge
    As for myself I stand with my previous verdict, just another kike case to be filed under
    “How to deceive stupid fellow white people and other tikkun olam stories”

    Ron Unz says:Next New Comment
    December 29, 2018 at 9:29 pm GMT • 300 Words
    Incidentally, since so many of the agitated rightwingers here believe that I’m a dreadful liar about all sorts of immigration things, someone pointed me to a different source that some of you may find much more credible.

    That Andrew Anglin fellow runs the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer, which despite being totally deplatformed still gets more traffic than all the other Alt Right websites in the world combined. And maybe for that reason, he can be much more candid than most other rightwingers. He just had a lead editorial in which he ridiculed the whole “Build the Wall” nonsense, and correctly pointed out all the talk about it was because of the totally brainwashed stupidity of most anti-immigration rightwingers:
    We currently have a million people coming in every year through the various “legal” methods who do not leave and are often given citizenship…People are stupid in general, and most simply do not understand that the real threat to America is legal immigration…

    The wall is largely a symbolic gesture in the larger scheme of things, and speaks to the absolutely brainwashed nature of the mass of conservatives who believe that legal immigration is “okay.”

    I remember before Trump having these conversations in Columbus, Ohio, and hearing people say “it’s the illegals that’s the problem” and replying “well what about all these Somalians?” People would look confused for a minute and then say “aren’t they illegal?”

    Hearing them talk about “I just want it to be legal” is infuriating, as they do not have any clear explanation as to why they believe this, and the fact that there is virtually no difference between the two allows liberals to exploit their inability to explain a difference and make them look stupid.
    Since I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing in lots of my recent columns and comments, maybe that Anglin fellow has been reading them. Ha, ha. ha…


    • Everyone ’round chere has already admitted that The Wall, per se, isn’t going to solve much, when we’ve already got tens of millions of illegals already in the house, not to mention the 40+ million negro population.

      But it WILL help some, and the optical/symbolic significance will be nothing to sneeze at.

      If it were such a useless waste of time and money, the shitlibs and allowed opposition alleged rightists wouldn’t be screaming like wounded rabbits over the very idea of it. They’d welcome it as a boondoggle and one more reason to rag on muh gummint and Trump in particular.

      How about in the coming year we make an honest attempt to NOT keep going over the same stale debates that have already been gainsaid innumerable times?


      • “If it were such a useless waste of time and money, the shitlibs and allowed opposition alleged rightists wouldn’t be screaming like wounded rabbits over the very idea of it. They’d welcome it as a boondoggle and one more reason to rag on muh gummint and Trump in particular.”

        That’s the second time you’ve made this poorly justified argument


  56. Not his best work.


  57. on December 30, 2018 at 8:15 pm Darth Caucasious


    In my humble opinion, aired here under the auspices of the noble lord of the Chateau, this point cannot be emphasized enough. I understand Heartiste’s position, stated many blog posts ago, that WN has a greater precedent in the United States than anywhere else in the world, but I would counter that this nation was founded on the principles of the enlightenment and that attempting to push ethno-nationalism onto the pan-Eurpoean descended caucasian population of this country contradicts many deep seated mores inculcated over generations. Obviously, the message resonates more deeply with some American caucasian regional populations than others, though.

    For the people of Europe, this message should work spectacularly. They are, after all, living in their ancestral homelands which have been opened up to the sons of people their ancestors fended off for generations as invaders and unwanted interlopers, absorbing only the bare minimum at any given time unless subjected to conquest.

    If this idea can be pushed in Europe to the greatest extent possible, it sets a precedent in the States to forward a more coherent concept of the Homeland, of what that means and how the individual is expected to integrate into it.

    Just an idea, and perhaps not a particularly insightful one.


  58. on December 30, 2018 at 10:25 pm Skyscraper of flesh

    I use rhetorical attacks against people like Unz. Simply throw it back in their face harder.
    If Unz ever saw his wife’s pussy, he’d know she had a clit piercing and is the town toilet.
    Like that. Logic will not work. Channeling his inner beta to drive people away from him will.