Comment Of The Week: Oneitis As A Consequence Of Thwarted Early Pair Bonding

PA earns another COTW with a Theory of Eurasian Oneitis,

Oneitis is a symptom of frustrated pair bonding instincts in the higher humans, who are wired to marry their first girl at 14 – 17 and bond for life.

Game is a way for men to get over oneitis, but at a cost of a piece of their romantic souls. Once you lose your oneitis, you have lost a dizzyingly euphoric innocence that you’ll never regain. But most men are willing to sacrifice that for an end to their involuntary celibacy.

Alternately, young men could avoid oneitis by, as PA said, locking down their first true love. (Alternately, these alternatives only exist in an alternate universe that isn’t lashed by intergalactic clouds of poz matter.)

Interestingly, another commenter noted that women respond to their thwarted pair bonding instinct by becoming LESS able to bond, (beta men go the opposite direction and become supplicating and desperate for an authentic monogamous bond).

The thwarted pair bond coarsens both sexes. In men who overcome oneitis, a clear mind and heart exposes them to the interchangeability of women and erodes their protector and provider instinct, coaxing them to repudiate their natural male role as a “bridge over troubled water”. These men accumulate a lot of notches, and may even fall in love with a few of them, but they will rarely if ever be captivated by their own yearnings. Their passions are compartmentalized and controllable and thus, earthly.

In men who are overcome by oneitis, their scrote-shaped anima is venesected and their urge to stand firm in the face of female drama is weakened. They are worse off than men who have defeated oneitis, because the former have no command of their love lives. They are buffeted by female whims, and this creates a negative inward spiral of anhedonic navel-gazing betatude. They only experience one-way love, and that’s akin to being tortured by one’s desire.

There is no such thing as a woman overcome by oneitis. We call a woman like that, a “woman in love“. Men will treasure her.

The woman who has overcome her oneitis is a force of darkness. She spreads filth, disease, malice, dysfunction, hysteria, and vice wherever her pain finds a victim to possess. The woman who is denied her deepest desire for a lovestruck pair bond is a future catlady, pussyhatter, careerist shrike, feticidaire, STD factory, recyclable mistress, and barren womb. She is She-vaj, Destroyer of Nations.

Why do women and men diverge in how they respond to thwarted pair bonding? Part of the reason is simple biomechanics. Women can more easily access empty sex to distract from their distress, to give their egos a shallow and fleeting boost, and so that’s what they do. And women who fuck around a lot are ruined for love.

Men don’t have that avenue of easy sexual access, so their denied pair bonding urge manifests as cloying neediness (picture a drug addict seated and strapped in, just out of reach of a gram of happiness). These men aren’t ruined for love if they can’t get any love to ruin. If these men could get a woman, they would bond instantly, strongly. Too strongly. Hold on tightly, until she lets you go.

Another reason is the inherently deeper well of romanticism that both blesses and curses men. When a man’s romantic yearning is continually denied, he either gives in to cynical solitude or recommits himself to his frisson quest, in which his frantic paddling for the slore pushes him farther out to sea.

Oppositely, when a man who has overcome his blue-balling oneitis is dispirited by flings with broken unloveable women, he gives in to ennui and inconsideration. These men haven’t lost the ability to pair bond so much as they can’t find a reason to do so. Their romanticism is only partly fulfilled by sex and the aping of frenetic love with chronically un-bonded women. The magic is gone; every sleight of hand and hidden trap door is beheld by increasingly jaded eyes. He goes to the show to amuse himself, but the wonder is left behind to stalk his dreamy nostalgia. Still, if a rare woman were to present herself, he would remember that old feeling, and it would come storming back.

Women have a stunted version of male romanticism. As the more practical sex (see: women spreading their legs for invaders to save their hides and genetic legacy), women whose pair bond window has closed or shattered don’t react as do men stricken by oneitis; the romantically underdeveloped woman is an all-business bitch-in-waiting. When her brief moment of romantic abandon is denied (her teenage to early 20s years), she will swap her bonding instinct for a predatory sexuality and rationalized self-centeredness. When the Wall hits, there will be no safe passage to the other side for her.

Finally, women react to a deprived pair bond the same way they react to any desire of theirs that is deprived: Sour Grapes. They spite that which they cannot immediately possess, consume, and control. Their spite provokes self-defeating behavior, for example pushing away good men, staying with bad men, and denigrating the True and Beautiful for the solipsistic gruel of gogrrlism. It’s the “if I can’t have it, I’ll curse it” egoistic howl.

This is why women denied an early-in-life pair bond are, unlike men, less able to bond later in life: what is cynicism in men is destructiveness in women. The cynic can be uplifted; the vandal only restrained.

Multiple flings genuinely reward men with higher self-esteem despite germinating cynicism. In contrast, multiple cockas scar female self-esteem, and the longer the cocka line, the lower her self-esteem — which is attuned to different rewards that include love and commitment and family — until her self-hate is propelled outwards at men and society. This is why the woman denied a pair bond is driven to remake society in her misery, and why it is in the interest of a nation to prevent the growth of a large, enfranchised group of bitter single childless women.


COTW runner-up is R.G. Camara, with his HAGiography of Jessica Valenti,

One favorite story about Valenti, when she wrote her “autobiography”, she revealed she was a massive, drug-addicted slut back in her NYC high school. At one point, she got sick of the skinny-armed NYC guys and hooked up with a bodybuilder whose body she loved to get banged by because his body “felt like a real man should”—who was apparently in his mid-20s while she was in high school. Then he dumped her.

Then she partied her way out of college, and only got her groove back when she became a professional man-hater.

Why human failures like this are listened to and given a platform is a combination of human stupidity and deliberate propaganda by those in power.

Again, fuck this gay world.

Women denied their fleeting moment of youthful pair bonding with an alpha male become forces of feminist destruction for the rest of their lives. Beta hubbies hardest hit.


  1. This might be the single most informative and insightful post you have ever written, and that is certainly saying something.

    What you have presented is a snapshot of what is truly causing dysfunction in our society. While I strongly suspect that there is a genetic component as well, be on this, the failure to Bond and reproduce in the way evolution has charted for our people is probably the single biggest factor causing the decline of the West. Talk about cognitive dissonance. We are not living our lives the way evolution has programmed us to do so in order to survive the scarce resources and brutal winters of our Nordic ancestral homeland.

    [CH: sometimes, especially when i’m outdoors with nature as my companion, i can feel the mystic vibrations of ancestral alpine homelands calling to me. it makes me a believer in generational memory.]

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    • Seconded… although I would add we’re not living our lives the way God intended and instructed us to do… that’s the trouble with saying “programmed by evolution” because, while we are indeed products of the natural kingdom, the moment we deny the power of free will is the moment we admit we’re not truly sentient creatures.

      Or, as Dostoevsky reminded us, “if there is no God, then everything is permitted”, i.e. there is no right and wrong, and it’s all just a struggle for survival in the minuscule amount of time we’re given on this hurdling ball o’ mud.

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      • It’s almost as if there were an instruction manual for white civilization, and the moment you deviate from it you become deviant.

        “So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

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    • I think there’s really something to it as well.

      We’re all familiar with the social nuclear weapon of single motherhood, but I think we are less conscious of the personal emotional consequences of it all.

      It’s not just women who are miserable. I think men are more “programmed” for volume as it were, but not programmed to really get it.I think we want to really pair bond as much as women do as a rule. Even Hef got married (several times).

      By nuking monogamy and family formation, it doesn’t just make women miserable and encourage the tragedy of bastardy, men get less connected to everything as well.

      There’s a part of me that didn’t want to get over my own one itis. Like there would be something wrong with it, that it was better to carry the burden than let it down. Of course there was a greater part that realized I didn’t need the stress, not long term. But getting past it does take something out of you that lasts longer than you think and takes longer to heal than you think possible.

      Of course it’s worth it, despair in some ways is the worst of all sins since it takes away the desire to get better. That’s why of all the enemies in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, if I recall correctly, despair was the only enemy Pilgrim faced twice.

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    • Thirded.

      ‘The magic is gone; every sleight of hand and hidden trap door is beheld by increasingly jaded eyes. He goes to the show to amuse himself, but the wonder is left behind to stalk his dreamy nostalgia.’

      Gaze into the abyss and vice versa. Every time I read one of the unsparing looks into female nature here, one part of my brain sees it for truth (based on experience) and another part still wants to wake up in some better world where it isn’t true.

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 3:53 pm Corinth Arkadin

      It’s also longer than sh!t.

      Jesus, don’t drink and read. FCUK!


    • It’s a fine post because it’s a stepping stone to the truth, but not quite there. In this world “lashed by clouds of poz matter,” discerning even partial wisdom is a reason to celebrate.

      Using Occam’s razor, the better explanation is that men and women want the same thing here — unitylife/love — despite the varying (and complementary) methods the sexes have to get there.

      The cloud of poz matter most responsible for CH’s inability to acknowledge this is the lie which denies sexual dimorphism. We have to do battle against that lie so often and to such a degree that we are naturally suspicious of any phenomenon that both men and women might share. We’d rather find convoluted explanations — e.g., “women in love are beta males” — than acknowledge our hearts, male and female alike, are restless until they rest “in Thee.” The divine Oneitis with a capital ‘O’.

      CH has transcended his old self but still doesn’t want to “put away childish things.” “Pair bonding” is another term for love rightly understood, which is, the desire to give oneself entirely to another, as in “no greater love has a man than this.” To wrap it up in the apocalyptic sexual politics of this gay earth in the current year is to miss the basic (and eternal) lesson that a 14-year-old can grasp.

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    • I would agree. This is almost “The Misandry Bubble” Tier. Were it longer and had more studies attached it would be right up there.

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 7:56 pm Diversity Heretic

      Regarding the CH comment, I too often feel better in a forest. I really like the Three Dog Night song, “Out in the Country.”

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      • I agree that there is such a thing as genetic/inherited memory, too. I love how people say that’s crazy but will discuss animal instincts without drawing the connection.


    • Once again, physiognomy rules.

      Look at the most beautiful people around you and examine how their lives are lived.

      The most organic alphas of either sex I know – the women who have been more beautiful than their peers since middle school, the men who have likewise always held a dominant position way up the social ladder – usually seem to end up finding each other and forming an actual love that lasts and a real family.

      Alpha players tend to settle down as well as they come into their own. Usually alpha women go straight for the top, get the alpha, and then stick with him, happily. It’s almost always the betas of either sex who float from relationship to relationship (or no relationships) and have things break down 20 times over and over.

      Petri dish wars.

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      • truth. top tier smv specimens have remained largely unaffected by the current dystopian bear sexual market.

        what HAS been affected (and effectively gutted) is the society-sustaining model of blue chip pairings between the average Janes and Johns. aka the beta male patriarchy. Janes are going all in on alpha hedge funds, leaving the average John to play around with chubster penny stocks.

        but here’s the thing: are we going BACK to the beta male patriarchy? is the unleashed-woman orgasm machine somehow going to be UN-invented? come on…srsly.

        if women have temporarily gained an evolutionary upper hand (with (((help))) ) because they’re free-er to shop their wares to the highest bidder, and as a result men now have to substantially up their game in order to bring the unleashed whores back under submission (where they WANT to be) , does that mean we’re all doomed?

        you either you believe in the perfect sensibility of ever-evolving and adapting life systems or you don’t. and if you DO believe in it/them then you’re already busy embracing the idea of alpha male fitness as a superior social model and casting off the idea that every single guy deserves his own wheat field virgin just because he’s willing to keep his job on the assembly line for 35 years.

        and no, alpha male-ish fitness does not mean embracing nigger behavior. it means doing things on your own terms. and that includes starting your own tribe and doing it, ON YOUR OWN TERMS. as much as possible.

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      • “Petri dish wars.”

        exactly right. and there WILL be a winner.

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      • Good analogy with the stocks.

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      • Most of the sex market distortions are because of the bizzare circumstances of modern life. As soon as the resources start to dry up (they are), things will reset, but with thousands of years of damage done already.

        Humans we’re meant for times when smoke signals were the fastest communication. Women’s hypergamy has gotten out of control because it wasn’t designed for modernity, too many options blows out the circuitry and backfires.

        [CH: more truth in this comment than a thousand national review articles and a thousand social science syllabi.]

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      • on November 15, 2018 at 2:26 pm TerryThePirate

        On the other hand, there really are more alpha women than alpha men who are willing to make a commitment or are able to give a woman everything she wants (since many women want so darn much). That’s why female 9s and 10s who hold out for an alpha don’t necessarily get one, and only “settle for a beta” (as they see it) after 28 or 32 or so. Not to mention the 6s-8s who also hold out for an alpha. And then there are the men who think they’re alphas–or that they will be when they make more money–and hold out for the woman they think they deserve. All around, too many people holding out for the perfect and missing out on the good.

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    • Might be informative and insightful?


      DNA studies show the opposite. A minority of men reproduced historically, a majority of women.

      What this article was was CH fell off the wagon backsliding into romantic notions and pedestalization.

      Biology for humans isn’t about pair bonding. We’re fucking mammals…not birds (some of them pair bond).

      I submit that CH is entirely wrong and everything he wrote was dysgenic in nature and will be wiped away (as we’re seeing transpire). We are flouting nature with our idealism. Nature bats last. If we do not reproduce as is our evolutionary mandate, the DETERMINATION OF SUCCESS from a natural perspective, IS THOSE WHO DO.

      A parasite race, like niggers, may come to dominate the earth simply because our lineage was a dead end. This would not be the first time this has happened that a species was subsumed because it was outcompeted or parasited by another. There were at least a dozen early hominid species, never mind the “big brain” neanderthal….where are they now? Remnants of them live on in asiatics and whites, but tiny remnants only. So what if they were taller or anything-er than cro magnon? Cro magnon won.

      That we are better looking, smarter, more creative, smell better…is all irrelevant. We got confused about who God was and what He wants. We forgot our purpose.

      [CH: i can’t disagree with this comment, but does it really invalidate my observations and associate theoretical framework presented in this post?]

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      • free my comment…and John Gotti


      • Trav is on point. the Darwinian game of life does not care about your feelings. unless your feelings lead you to pass on your genes.

        there’s no going back to “there way things were”. ever.


        and that can be backed up with SCIENCE!


      • the old patriarchy selected for obedience. and what did obedience get us? Dresden. civil rights. roe vs wade. holocaustianity.

        and we want to go BACK to that? no thanks.

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      • the old patriarchy selected for ob-edience. and what did ob-edience get us? Dresden. civil rights. roe vs wade. holo-caustianity.

        and now we’re supposed to go BACK to that house of cards? no thanks.


      • plump, the examples you list are examples of how our country and culture have been subverted and corrupted since the new deal. the people ruling us do not have our best interests at stake and have manipulated us into doing things that are not in our interest. if we actually controlled the institutions and through them the culture in our country, a proper patriarchy could be established.


      • “plump, the examples you list are examples of how our country and culture have been subverted and corrupted since the new deal.”

        friend, all that “subversion” was accomplished in a 90% white Christian demographic America. medals were handed out for swallowing that “subversion” and were placed on mantels all across this “one nation under God”.

        what kind of “country and culture” can sustain itself over the long haul with that kind of slavish tolerance for subversion?

        but let’s take it further back. how about that brother-on-brother bloodbath known as the civil war? was America subverted beyond hope then too?

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      • CH- i would say that perhaps the observations are in some cases on point, but the notion of pair bonding as desirable or NATURAL?

        This is absurd. It’s counterfactual and contraevolutionary. Thus, it by definition cannot be correct! Reality isn’t what we wish it to be, we all operate in a “matrix” of evolutionary biology that has given us the game, the field, the rules, and the refs. We cannot step outside that.

        Not until we CRISPR it away, certainly. We cannot do this anymore than these special rats can erase beauty or try to pretend like black women are pretty. There will still be a multibillion $ skin whitening industry in asia that *WE DID NOT* create nor “foist” on them. It’s innate.

        It’s God expressing His desires to us. We were supposed to have exterminated our “human” rivals, not coddled and fed them.

        Any race that does that is an evolutionary dead-end. Evolution endowed men with the urge to get tons of bitches and knock them up, not for a pair bond. This pair bond shit is jesus crap. It’s fucking jewish.

        It works for some bird species, but I know of few others that do it- it’s actually very rare. For them it conferred differentially higher offspring survival rates, but for us? No. Pair bonding is a MODERN delusion. Puritan shit.

        The proof is in the genes- it wouldn’t BE THERE if it weren’t an advantage or at worst neutral. It’s beneficial to our survival as a species and a race to NOT pair bond and sorry betas, for you people to get ZERO PUSSY.

        Look around you at the fucking DYSGENIC sprogs fucking everywhere! You know what this was the result of? Betas getting pussy! Pair bonding! Marriage!

        ONLY alphas should reproduce. Otherwise it is DYSGENIC. The ENTIRE mating ritual of nearly EVERY mammal is a competition to prove worth. And then you get some pussy.

        And a FEW sneaky smart fuckers get it too because alpha is not merely strongest and fastest.

        Bottom line I don’t wanna hear more fucking romanticization of betas getting pussy or any artificial arrangements that have REDUCED our fitness as a race! Betas DO NOT DESERVE reproduction. Fuck you that’s the way it is.

        Beta weaklings, beta cowards, beta idiots. Your genes should die with you.


      • CH- i would say that perhaps the observations are in some cases on point, but the notion of pair bonding as desirable or NATURAL?

        This is absurd. It’s counterfactual and contraevolutionary. Thus, it by definition cannot be correct! Reality isn’t what we wish it to be, we all operate in a “matrix” of evolutionary biology that has given us the game, the field, the rules, and the refs. We cannot step outside that.

        Not until we CRISPR it away, certainly. We cannot do this anymore than these special rats can erase beauty or try to pretend like black women are pretty. There will still be a multibillion $ skin whitening industry in asia that *WE DID NOT* create nor “foist” on them. It’s innate.

        It’s God expressing His desires to us. We were supposed to have exterminated our “human” rivals, not coddled and fed them.

        Any race that does that is an evolutionary dead-end. Evolution endowed men with the urge to get tons of bitches and knock them up, not for a pair bond. This pair bond shit is jesus crap. It’s fucking jewish.

        It works for some bird species, but I know of few others that do it- it’s actually very rare. For them it conferred differentially higher offspring survival rates, but for us? No. Pair bonding is a MODERN delusion. Puritan shit.

        The proof is in the genes- it wouldn’t BE THERE if it weren’t an advantage or at worst neutral. It’s beneficial to our survival as a species and a race to NOT pair bond and sorry betas, for you people to get ZERO PUSSY.

        Look around you at the fucking DYSGENIC sprogs fucking everywhere! You know what this was the result of? Betas getting pussy! Pair bonding! [email protected]!

        ONLY alphas should reproduce. Otherwise it is DYSGENIC. The ENTIRE mating ritual of nearly EVERY animal is a competition to prove fitness And then you get some pussy.

        And a FEW sneaky smart fuckers get it too because alpha is not merely strongest and fastest.

        Bottom line I don’t wanna hear more fucking romanticization of betas getting pussy or any artificial arrangements that have REDUCED our fitness as a race! Betas DO NOT DESERVE reproduction. Fuck you that’s the way it is.

        Beta weaklings, beta cowards, beta idiots. Your genes should die with you.


      • — Pair bonding! Marriage!

        You’re isolating one function within a complex system and extrapolating a false larger conclusion aboth that system.

        Humans are social animals and when you get only alphas reproducing (however you define as alphas, but let’s quantify them at 10% of all males), you will get individual fitness by the situational and shifting pressures that define Alpha. What you lose is group fitness when situational betas are disenfranchised.

        Pair bonding! Marriage! is NATURAL. They makes it possible for human groups that are destined to exterminate their aesthetic and spiritual lessers to act cohesively and with self sacrifice.

        This is why good miIitaries make adooltery iIIegal. Otherwise the charming captain would be nailing his unexceptional corporal’s wyfe, and then getting fragged.

        Male promiscuity is maladaptive, which is why it only thrives in late decadence: when it’s open season on grain seed, then the grain seed is gone.

        Pair bonding! Marriage! is how that corporal feels, at 14, when he sees a virgin his age and is told that she will be his possession. That girl, in turn, being his social peer and not being fat or tatted or road worn, will be thanking her fortune that she didn’t end up an old maid or with an 0mega (lowest 10% of men shouldn’t reproduce. That’s the grain of truth in your point of view)

        [CH: trav is making the common category error of assuming that evolution stopped at the african dik. we euro-types have evolved a stronger pair bonding urge]

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      • I was going to make a lengthy response, but PA already did and better than I ever could. And CH, are we surprised Trav stopped on afrikan? Guy is saying we should go back to being bonobos… lol

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      • Civilization is built upon the opt-in of Betas. If you turn all the Betas into goat fuckers then all you will have is more goats.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 10:11 am DA GBFM lzzzlzloozozozlzlzoz


      Hey Heartisteststzt! This simple gem of a video spans a lot of topics here:

      Please do share!


      Da GBFM



    • on November 14, 2018 at 10:15 am DA GBFM lzzzlzloozozozlzlzoz

      DA GBFM hasth a severe case of oneitsisz!!

      One chick on Monday
      One on tuesday
      one on wednesday
      one on thurs day thor’s day
      one on friday
      one on saturady

      and then generallzy on sunday
      da GBFM rests like da Lord
      who created all
      and da GBFM takes a break from oneitis
      and has his Sunday aftertoonz threesomesz

      and den sleeps well until monday when
      it all starts over againz
      like sysypihus rolling da rock up the hill
      and getting his orcksz off
      only to have it all back rool back down
      such is lifez

      [CH: i first read that as “like syphilis rolling da cock up the hill” and laughed]


    • “it makes me a believer in generational memory”

      Carl Jung was so right

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  2. it’s men invade, women invite all the way down

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    • Biomechanics is God, and he makes Moloch look like your favorite uncle.

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      • Pffft. *fartnoise* Biomechanics is God’s bitch.

        If the earth were a couple thousand miles closer to the sun, there would be no “bio,” and if the universe’s expansion rate were a smidgen off, there would be no “mechanics” to speak of.

        Where was Libertardian when He laid the foundations of the universe? “Tell me, if you have understanding. / Who determined its measurements—surely you know! … / Do you know the laws of the universe? / Can you use them to regulate the earth?”

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      • BOOM… roasted. 😉


      • Queen- lol.

        If your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle.

        if if if if…most powerful word in existence.

        Evolution IS GOD’S WORD.

        Everyone who violated it went extinct.


      • “Evolution IS GOD’S WORD.”

        You’re painting a bullseye around your bullet hole.

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      • In trav’s Bible, Scripture reads “Man created God in his own image.”


      • That’s what we’ve done Gayg.

        God has changed as we have.

        He became a pussy at some point who loved faggots…wonder why that was, huh?

        Back in 722 he killed muslims.


      • The more you keep up with that antiChristian shtick, the more you make yourself look like what’s wrong with the world.

        Even if you don’t have faith, mocking God has too steep a downside versus any possible snarky satisfaction it may give you.

        And that whole “gayg” thing is quite possibly the lamest attempt at ridicule ever seen ’round chere, which is saying a lot… so lame, in fact, that the only one who giddily mimes it is Danger, your compatriot in all things Eliot, though he be a good catholic boy.

        THAT should tell you something.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  3. Related re: Sour Grapes and female reaction to what they don’t / can’t have.

    This is one of the most explicit RealTalk articles I’ve seen in a while but not in the way they intended. Jada Pinkett Smith just straight up tells the truth, for whatever reason. She dislikes and is triggered by blue eyed blond white women.

    I respect that level of honesty. If more n1ggers would just say “I’m jealous of what I will never be.” We could start an honest dialog, but that will NEVER happen so enjoy this one off while you can.

    There are some SERIOUSLY realtalky nuggets in here:

    “I have to admit I’m guilty to that to a certain degree because I do have my own biases, specifically to blonde women.”

    Preach it sista, dem crackas be so pretty weez be triggered!

    Next money quote, because it reveals in black and white (see what I did there?) the utter Catch-22 that is ‘race dialog’ for any white person, even wahmen.

    (Jada asked host) to share her opinion on the racial divide between white women and women of color.

    “Any time I want to have a conversation [about race] I’m afraid I’m going to offend somebody just by starting to talk,” Price said. “I feel like I’m going to say the wrong thing.”

    This is the Gordian Knot we’ve been tied into. White people need to talk about race and their privilege but WHAT WHAT U SAY CRACKA!

    And finally again from the blond haired blue eyed interviewer (after first giving proper racial guilt acknowledgement of her disgusting privilege)–

    “I feel a lot of times trying to be friends or trying to reach out to women of color, sometimes I feel like they don’t want to be my friend.”

    They don’t want to be your friend. They want you to die, but not before you boost them into power and become a loyal sycophantic slave. Black women would like nothing more than to see blonde white women and Beckys in general on their knees. Which is why they are shaming them so hard right now for not voting democrat.

    The hatred of white women by black women is no fucking secret to anyone who’s been around both. One is at the TOP of the SMV food chain, the other is at the bottom. Even black men don’t want that nappy azz pubic fro and purple slit. Who would?

    This puts white wahmen in an untenable position, and by design. Stupidly because of their herd mentality and ultimate desire for social status they follow along blindly. This is why I keep saying the same thing over and over. The BEST thing that can happen is what is happening now, the ‘pets’ turning hostile against white women. Nothing makes a herd scatter faster than not being safe.

    Safety / Stay in the Herd is written and encoded in the lizard brain of every white wahmen on earth. When their physical safety starts to be in danger they will run, not walk, to wherever it can be restored. HOWEVER, if / when that time comes be sure to keep a long list of names of those who so easily sold out our civilization for status and shekels. The mistake must never be repeated.

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    • I think I smell the next CH thread.

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      • I am in my 50’s. There is a related point that I leave to fellow readers to analyze.

        Out here on the West Coast–White women (in my age tranche–45+) are absolutely terrified of Asian women taking their men. Some women in this age tranche are in very good shape and easy to be with, but the vast majority simply balloon up and adopt even more unstable, nasty attitudes. So there is story after story of White guy with Asian woman, and that is observable in the restaurants/streets/wherever in any West Coast city. And the White women hate it.

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 3:55 pm Corinth Arkadin

      1990’s Jada Pinkett I would stick my wick into.

      If she wasn’t a lezbo. BOP!


    • She raised a poofter. And she blames white culture.

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    • Even black men don’t want that nappy azz pubic fro and purple slit. Who would?

      Come on, Jay, you know who would.

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    • Trav will be by shortly to defend the “purple shit”…

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    • The BIG takeaway from Ms. Smith’s confession is that, she’s not some ‘Precious’ hambeast negress feeling envy at pretty blonde White women, she’s probably the best her species can hope for, beauty-wise, and in no small measure due to a good dose of cream in THAT coffee.

      And she has the entire (((MSM))) touting her type up 24/7 as a beautiful and desirable woman…

      … yet the envy STILL burns.


    • And keep in mind, she’s not some hambeast negress… she’s probably in the top percentile of her cream-in-the-coffee type… a type which is touted by the (((MSM))) as beautiful and desirable…

      … yet the envy STILL burns.


  4. This is a really deep and insightful post. It is greatly appreciated. I can relate to a lot of it. I fell extremely hard for a girl when I was 18, later went on to screw well over a hundred (some truly wonderful and/or beautiful); I have cared deeply, and genuinely loved, but I have been single for most of the years since.

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    • I was engaged to my childhood oneitis at 18. Worshiped the woman, moved across the country for her, took her virginity, wanted nothing more than her until she broke my heart.

      My N is about fifty (shocking if you knew me) and days still go by that it hurts 20+ years later. Married now to another woman but would trade it all and a draft pick for the 18 year old.


      • on November 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Married now to another woman but would trade it all and a draft pick for the 18 year old.”


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      • My story is pretty similar.

        She turned out to be a slut and it makes me physically ill to have later found out that everyone knew except for me and how much of a huge cringe fest it all was…

        But she was a 17 year old church girl and seemed to be Perfect ™.

        I’m an unrecognizable person now and happily married for many years with kids.

        But, yes, part of me would go back in time to be with her again. CH is undeniably right that those feelings come only once for most men and they are some of the most powerful that you will ever experience. And I don’t think its any kind of “oh, it was just your first time, like your first time trying X drug” sort of thing. Nope. I’ve tried some good shit once or twice over the years and it is not the same circuitry. Those two and half years and that blisteringly potent cocktail of hormonal pair bonding agents are burned so deeply into my brain that while every other woman I’ve been intimate with, including my wife, rarely show up in my dreams…..she still does.

        You can’t argue with the god of biomechanics.

        The ancients were right. Marry your first and make your first the one you marry. That’s not some stodgy religious finger-wagging.


      • on November 14, 2018 at 4:25 am DissesMYisland

        Shockingly low? (Aka you’re a HM10 stud and your Bitch count should be 6gorillion+?)


        Shockingly high? (Aka you pinched above your weight class after Ms. Oneitis?)


      • Right. Because she was EIGHTEEN. It was all sexual attraction. Society taught you how to spin all kinds of poetry around and add all kinds of deep, castle-in-the-sky meaning to what was simply a TIGHT ASS. You invented the love, meaning, etc. You wrote all the poetry and projected it onto her. You were taught well how to do that and you did so. Even two year olds watch cartoons depicting pedestalization.


        Love is physical.

        If you went back in time, you’d still love her if her personality/character changed here or there. It wouldn’t have mattered. You could have withstood all kinds of tweaks to her character and still been in ‘love’. But swap out that tight, 18 year old ass with a boxy, flaccid, pock-marked, sedentary 42 year old’s ass and you would have NEVER fallen in love. Admit it.

        Love is physical. Thousands of years of civilization have leveraged that youthful, physical attraction into the foundations of society through rituals, mental schemas, laws, mores, sentimental paradigms etc.


        A maggot-like element of our culture has ruined that foundation in order to ruin us (because that’s what they do). Let the chips fall then. Some will try to maintain things in the face of it. Others will make the read that the decay is already so advanced that it’s unstoppable and find new ways to adapt; new plays to make in a new reality.

        Meanwhile, don’t miss out on the knowledge that LOVE IS PHYSICAL. Play your cards right and you can have oneitis levels of euphoria a couple hundred times in the next 20 years just sans the overall, soaring, emotional, psychological panacea of true, 15 year old’s oneitis. It’s not so much pie-in-the sky as it is pie-on-your-chin.


      • Good comment, John James… but I will add a proviso that a good woman who you’ve wifêd up in your youth, has born you children (especially sons 😉 ) and continues to be a dutiful helpmeet can still hold strong sexual attraction through the years when there’s a bit of a blush off the rose and a wilt in the petal.

        As the saying goes, Love is blind… that’s why we men have to feel our way around. lzlzozlzozlzolzozlozl


      • @ disses

        Shockingly high. Few would think that my N is that high. Most would be shocked it’s double digits.

        @ Capt. O

        What I meant is that I’d trade the carousel and 50ish N for the naïveté of being 18 again and having her as the pair bond.


      • on November 14, 2018 at 11:38 am Tatless & Beardless

        My instinct from aged 16 always told me to let the woman choose who she wanted whilst doing the I did the bare minimum. I wish men wouldn’t punch above their weight, I really do because it always ends up in a mess and just leaves a shortage of good quality supply.

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 11:52 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “What I meant is that I’d trade the carousel and 50ish N for the naïveté of being 18 again and having her as the pair bond.”

        Do you have ch!ldren by your current w!fe?


      • on November 15, 2018 at 2:38 pm TerryThePirate

        You do know she’s not 18 anymore, right? (By now, she may not even look as good as your wife.)


  5. “Multiple flings genuinely reward men with higher self-esteem despite germinating cynicism.”

    and that cynicism is overcome when you return home after a fling and your girl makes you food and fucks better than your fling

    always be flinging


    • Dubious advice, at best. There’s a reason that the gods of the copybook headings wrote: “You can’t have it BOTH ways, mate.”

      Individual mileage may vary, but don’t think you can base a society on profligacy.

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      • I’d take the society a step further into polygamy. A blast from the past with huge societal and interpersonal benefits.


      • Funny how all the proponents of polygamy fancy themselves a future role as grand Poobah, much like all the broads that believe in reincarnation say they were Cleopatra.

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      • Two wives is reasonable for most dads with 3+ kids. The domestic support structure is optimal and the man is freed to grow and mature in his endeavors. He enters his clan den where TWO fugguble women await and he breeds both. Like a double barrel baby cannon – just what every western household needs to stymie the deadly ensuing tidal waves. It’s not being a big poobah to have two. No poobah – nah just ‘TWO-bah’ . . . heh . . . ‘tuba’ (a poly joke) okay but yeah two just works plain better. There’s even a song ‘three is a magic number’ and it really is. Two wife households should be as common as one wife households. You start with one. Everyone does. Maybe you stick with the economy ‘one wife’ clan. Fine. It’s your clan. But just don’t legislate the west to starve down it’s numbers by imposing a ‘one wife’ cap on especially a healthy handsome strong smart western breeder man with two hot balls ready to roll. It’s your game western man. Play it.


      • Those who fantasize almost never make themselves out to be the big losers. Or worse, the forgotten. A mere statistic in the earth as all of Creation moves on without a thought for them.

        It’s why all these SJWs and fatties shriek as they do. They know they’ll be forgotten, and it terrifies them.


      • I’d take the society a step further into polygamy

        Polygamy, where you get 8 fat wives and your neighbor wants to blow you up. Ever wonder why polygamous societies are so violent? When beta male bob doesn’t get his rocks off, he turns into beta male bomber. Are any of these mass shooters getting laid? Monogamy is and has always been the answer.


      • One lid per pot always sufficed. 😉

        Although I must admit great amusement in that scene from Ben Hur where the shiek says to Heston:

        “One god, THIS I can understand. But one wifê? It is not civilized… (he nudges him with a grin)… it is not… generous.”


  6. great post…it’s like roosh says, “all thats left for normal men are rotten women”

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  7. on November 13, 2018 at 2:08 pm Northern Observer

    Fuck this gay world. Truer words were never spoken. They have made our social order and culture a contemptible thing, something to be spat on and shunned. Bring forth the counter-revolution now!

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  8. If you wanted to start a family with a woman, how would you make that decision? Would you consider “being in love” a form of one-itis? If so, wouldn’t that mean you would need to use other criteria other than your emotions to guide you in this process?

    If you have hand, she will be more into you than you are into her. She’ll be in love with you and you won’t be quite as in love with her. This is how you want it to be. But that also means that you will forever wonder if there is someone out there you might ‘like’ more than her. It would follow that you’ll need to make a decision on other more objective criteria and, in a weird way, you’d have to settle while she doesn’t.


    • on November 13, 2018 at 2:22 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Help each other, protect each other and provide comfort to each other.

      That’s all a marriage needs.

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    • At this point, unless you are religious, if you want children don’t marry the broad, just consider her a rent-a-womb. Then get DNA tests on the kid when he pops out—BEFORE you sign anything saying you’re the father.


    • You feel protective of her
      You desire her
      She’s either innocent or you’ve dommed her into total loyalty
      You’re fond of her personality

      Don’t think too hard about it

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    • When you attempt to love a mortal, broken thing, it will always fail. The trick is to love by, through, and with her to the eternal good. “Oneitis” is a neologism for idol worship. False idols don’t just disappoint, they suck the life out of you, chew you up, spit you out.

      “[Y]ou will forever wonder if there is someone out there you might ‘like’ more than her” is masturbatory adolescent garbage. What infatuates you about a beautiful woman is the eternal beauty of which she is only a momentary reflection caught at just the right angle to smite you. Keep your eye on the multi-dimensional ball, and you will discern this same quality in many things and many people. Devote yourself to that singularity which unites them all, of which each is only a poor and incomplete representation “through a glass darkly. Encourage beautiful things to be beautiful, and you will begin to see pulchritude even in her flaws. Those idiosyncrasies which your beloved possesses then become a unique cryptographic key to the eternal things, a key personalized to you and your own quite flawed perceptions.

      Ama Deum et fac quod vis. Love God — the Beatific! — and do what you will.

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      • Augustine?
        Lotta Catholic school. Full product. k-12.


      • I imagine that both King’s and your penmanship is superb. 😉

        (for yeggs what don’t savvy, nuns took singular pride in assuring, by any means necessary, the correct holding and use of writing utensils by their young charges.)


      • Nope. Pubíc school product. College professors were Jews who conveníently skípped Anno Domíní ríght up to atheíst líberalísm, where we resumed the (((narratíve))). All of my relígíous educatíon was remedíal and autodídactíc, startíng wíth that gay prot Tíllích.

        But a host of angels were watchíng and surroundíng me as í meandered.

        Te Deum laudamus!

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      • Nope. Pübic school prodüct. College professors were Jews who conveniently skipped Anno Domini right üp to atheist liberalism, where we resümed the (((narrative))). All of my religioüs edücation was remedial and aütodidactic, starting with that gay prot Tillich.

        Büt a host of angels were watching and sürroünding me as I meandered.

        Te Deüm laüdamüs!


      • Nope. Pubic school product. The rest of the fascinating details are in mod hell.


      • King, you hit the nail on the head with that one.

        I needed to read that at the time I read it. My thanks, good sir.


      • I have found that age and the reality of relationships cures that yearning to roam. Unless of course your wife is a bitchy old cow. That drives a lot of thirst.

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 4:33 am DissesMYisland



    • “you’d have to settle while she doesn’t.”

      Meh. So what? Is there a squat rack in the basement that’s she’s using 3 times a week with proper, slightly below parallel form? Then don’t nitpick. Anyway, it’s interesting to observe a male mind acknowledge hypergamy. A man would use reason to not allow it to blow his life and his children’s lives into smithereens. Women don’t have such worries.


    • With a tribal and extended-family mentality, which whites do not have anymore, part of that wanderlust of the loins would be checked by a man’s fraternal love and loyalty for his wife’s brothers, father, relatives, as well as his own extended family, and his time and energy focused on pairing up all the young ones with good mates for their future and the future safety and moral fiber of the entire community and extended family.

      With work to be done, relationships to be maintained or created, battles to be prepared for and fought, sex, sleep, and eating, well, all that would rightly take up a man’s imagination and energy for 24 hours a day.

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  9. I’ve covered this exact topic recently on my own blog.

    In short, marriages in traditional Europe (arranged by parents or requiring parental consent) weren’t the miserable affairs propaganda makes them out to be because of this pair bonding instinct. Your community knows better what matches will work than some dumb 15-year-old.

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    • It all comes back to this infantile and totally false notion that is elevated to untouchable status in the west: That the individual knows themselves better than anyone else.

      And it’s bull. In fact, I would assert the opposite. The less invested someone is in whether you live or die, the more they are able to call you for what you are.


      • The unrestraíned world relígíon of líberal uníversalísm: all sovereígnty devolves to muh “índívídual” and therefore all truth claíms become atomízed. The one-man-one-vote democratíc ídeal always must decay ínto relatívísm (*ínsert cheap Prot jab here*).

        You can mítígate the ínevítable slíde vía republícan ínstítutíons, as the anglosphere has for about eíght centuríes, and only explícítly ín the short last two. But the slow rottíng of those ínstítutíons — líke the separatíon of powers, restríctíons on the franchíse, límíted ríghts — ís the hístory of our country. They begín to declíne as soon as they are ínstítuted and are propped up only by cultural (ethníc) homogénéíty and ancestor worshíp.


      • To bring it closer to home: PUA was the rejection of this forced and false egalitarianism at the basest level. The “manosphere” always was going to be the seed of reaction because men competing with men for women is foundational to politics in the rawest form, where deluding oneself is fatal. The resolution of a million competitions among alphas will be the basis for the new aristocracy. The alpha males who translate their power-moves from the SMP to politics at the man-to-man, eye-to-eye grassroots level, will weed out the soys from the boys, and establish a “liberalism” only for the strong, i.e., only for those who have inherited/learned the discipline which translates into a capacity for being free without destroying oneself.

        The problem with remaining PUA is that the change is générational. You need a tribe to impart the hard-earned wisdom to, giving one’s children a leg up on the competition which will yield the establishment of the Second American Republic as the New Founding Fathers slip into senescence and the kingdom to come.

        CH can “feel the mystic vibrations of ancestral alpine homelands.” He is “a believer in générational memory” but with no génétic issue. Therefore he, like the left, will have only an intangible “intellectual” progeny rather than the flesh and blood of his ancestors, who weep for the end of their line.

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      • “CH can “feel the mystic vibrations of ancestral alpine homelands.” He is “a believer in générational memory” but with no génétic issue. Therefore he, like the left, will have only an intangible “intellectual” progeny rather than the flesh and blood of his ancestors, who weep for the end of their line.”

        Not that it matters to you, but this is why I skip over your comments.

        With all due respect, you’d make more friends around here without posting shit like that. It doesn’t add to the discussion and it makes you look like a pompous ass.


      • Well, Roy, I disagree. A rebuke from a friend is more valuable than the cheers of the peanut gallery more often than not.

        Further, there are some of us here who, while enjoying the camaraderie, are not here to “make friends” foremost, rather to sharpen that which needs sharpening.

        Third, you obviously DON’T skip over his comments, so curtail that passive-aggressive Alinksy shaming language bullshit.

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      • With all due respect, you’d make more friends around here without posting shit like that.

        Thanks for my due respect!

        Friends tell friends when they are fucking up. It is a major element of friendship, if not the essential one. For you to be made uncomfortable witnessing this regular practice of brothers makes me suspect you have little experience with the bonds men share. Or you are sensitive like a woman, disturbed on everyone’s behalf over common masculine rancor.

        See what I did there? I’m glad *you* are my bro, too, so I’m going to tell you to STFU from time to time. I want you to be better, not just feel better.

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      • common masculine rancor

        heh, heh… remember that phrase the next time you think I’m black-pilling. 😉


      • Like the way Jada Pinket Smith viscerally envies and hates pretty blonde girls, there are men who hear real intellectual banter, and viscerally hate it. They sense their… inability. So, it MUST be the other person’s problem, his smugness, his attempting to ‘impress’ the other boys, etc., etc.


      • Well-said, pelayo1683… and a most apt analogy.

        One of the sadder character flaws displayed by several yeggs ’round chere, allegedly our alt-R allies, more’s the pity.


  10. on November 13, 2018 at 2:10 pm Enfant Terrible

    Yes, the problem with the modern world is that we are living under the illusion that we have already overcome all of our biological constraints. The truth is we have not, and this disconnect between biological realities, and delusional lifestyles is what is driving many people insane, and/or substance abuse of all kinds.

    I believe this type of discussion/analysis could take place in a healthy society free from the special people mind control propaganda, but as is, I don’t hold much hope. A true western society could reinvent itself, to incorporate the modern and the traditional, but how can this take place, when it’s constantly bombarded with narratives that the traditional is wrong, evil, retrograde, and so on.


    • The industrial revolution really set off this whole mess. Society moves fast, people evolve slowly.

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      • Not really. People evolve across more than generations and less than lifetimes. We have gone from agricultural to industrial to informational in the space of one long lifespan. Not fast enough for Marxists, but lightspeed for Burkeans.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 4:39 am DissesMYisland

      Fire up the ovens?


      • Nah, gotta clean up my room first.
        No point, personally I’d leave ’em totally alone, let’s call the whole thing off etc.
        What you have to do is permanently and totally fuck up the ability to print money out of bagelfarts, backed by by nothing more than our own future labour.


      • ^^^me. Senior moment, chaps.


  11. Something I’ve been realizing recently is that women are more practical than men because they are less inclined towards abstract thought. Men get oneitis because they remain committed to the imaginary map they had in their brain of what the world was going to look like. Women live in this world, their thoughts and behaviors are more short-term, immediate, and impulsive by nature. They see something, their emotions tell them to want it. They may be broken up by a breakup, but they still seem to remain more focused on whatever is in front of them.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 4:43 am DissesMYisland



    • They may be broken up by a breakup, but they still seem to remain more focused on whatever is in front of them.

      Exactly… is why a girl who is “deeply in love” with her fiancee can split with the guy, and you’ll find her 6 months down the road already knocked up by some other dude. They keep their eyes on the prize (motherhood) haha.

      I think I saw this quote here:

      “Men are the true romantics… Women just want to be slapped and choked”

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    • Men: “Gonna dump all my sexual emergencies in this one. She fine. That way all the lads will be brothers, and fighters for the same Grayne”.
      Burds: “yea wot fuckit IDC, they all gotta look after their old mum, don’t they? Farver is just a hoppertunity to upgrade”

      tl;dr tribal war.


  12. on November 13, 2018 at 2:13 pm John Joel Glanton

    Would be nice to go back to the days when you could work in a factory with no education out of high school and support a family with some to spare. The rat race kills a lot of romances.

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    • And why do you think that is?


    • I think you mean unrestrained money printing or deficit spending, which are functionally the same thing. Money created from nothing to support the welfare state and endless wars for some country. And to buy more votes to allow even more deficit spending.

      The ability of our government to print, err borrow, with no limit, was planned and implemented by a certain tribe known for their usurious habits and mistreatment of people not in their in-group.

      What most Americans don’t get is that when the government borrows money to fund things (IE $1T per year for medical care roughly), it is creating money out of thin air. That money isn’t a pile of cash saved up by people, or a stack of gold bars. It is typed into a keyboard by the Federal Reserve or its member banks.

      Then that money is spent into our economy. But it never existed before and it is backed by nothing. Therefore borrowed money dilutes the value of every existing currency unit the minute it is spent.

      The value of the USD since 1913 has dropped over 98%. It’s not a cohencidence.

      All the money printing was enabled in large part by women voting. The government started its explosive growth after women’s suffrage. Likewise our tax burden. Add women to the workforce and import 100 million foreigners to dilute the labor pool, and we have stagnant wages and ever rising costs (devaluing currency in reality) for the last 40 years at least.

      We are not at a place where it is rare that a man can earn enough for his wife to stay home. When the median wage in the USA is about $15 per hour, or $30k per year, that means half the labor force makes less than that.

      Here in my low cost of living area, you’d need to make at least $60k per year to support two kids with a stay at home mom. The problem is that here only about 5% of the jobs pay that much.

      Most pay around $10 – $15. Why? Huge labor surplus. Where did that come from? Mexicans and women.

      It’s very hard for most families to survive on one income in America. In most places you’d have to make at least $100k per year. Only small percentage of Americans can earn that.

      The first part of the solution would be for the government to stop borrowing and deport the illegals.

      As long as women and net tax takers can vote, that will never happen. They outnumber net tax payers by a large margin.

      It’s becoming evident that none of this was an accident.


    • on November 15, 2018 at 3:46 pm TerryThePirate

      Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer “simple” jobs that pay enough to live on, let alone raise kids. Technological advancement and rollbacks of pro-worker labor law have both contributed to this problem; but only the latter can be reversed.


  13. on November 13, 2018 at 2:30 pm gunslingergregi

    why I don’t fuck every woman I can
    want to keep it special
    and only so many relationships
    although put a 60 year old with a 20 ish and watch the sparks fly he he he
    to me I collect souls
    and kind of believe only so much soul to give I could be wrong


    • on November 13, 2018 at 2:32 pm gunslingergregi

      out of all the woman I knew when young though I didn’t fall in real love or tell a woman I loved them till I met my first wife at 21 or so


    • on November 13, 2018 at 3:56 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Gunslanger, i heart you

      No Homo


    • That is true. It is especially hard on women.


      • When you’re my age, Carlos my prophet, being hard is a welcome surprise (heart).
        And I wouldn’t ever waste it on an horrible old woman who’s spent her entire life insulting Men.
        Gotta go low. Chronologically that is.


  14. on November 13, 2018 at 2:37 pm gunslingergregi

    kind of a reason facebook evil though too
    talking to chick on it I looked up who I knew at 16
    she was all ready to come see me and leave the husband and 4 kids at home
    why woman should marry as virgins if that marriage don’t work out ok go ride the carosel if you want
    but at least give em that one special moment in their lives

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    • gunny, you are truly one of the treasures of this here chateau.

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      • The forts ov da slinger should be broadcast on megascreens before any Premier League match. Dissent, came there none.


    • on November 15, 2018 at 3:54 pm TerryThePirate

      She was ready to leave her husband and kids for another guy? A sign of poor character. If you’d married her, she might be doing the same to you about now. You dodged a bullet, my friend.


  15. Valenti’s SOI BOI husband works at Vox/Cocks media.

    I hope xe still has to taste the body builder’s semen when xe kisses xis “wife.”

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  16. WOOO Lindsay Lohan is looking fine at 60 y.o…



  17. If you don’t choose your women wisely, (((they))) will do it for you!

    Behold! Your future American woman!

    Isn’t she beautiful America??


    • on November 13, 2018 at 3:41 pm Hackett To Bits

      32 years old…

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 3:59 pm Corinth Arkadin

      WTF is that?


    • I got one sadder than this… check out Rita Hayworth in The Wrath Of God.


      • Come to think of it, this Nielsen gal is another one… check out that picture Sentient posted on the Whitaker Phiz thread and look at her now.


    • Poor woman. She was abused by hollywood and drugs. I don’t feel a bit sorry that place is burning. I can’t believe she isn’t at least ten years older than me… because that’s what she looks.

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    • She has a lot of pain in her eyes. Hollywood is a demanding and cruel master, especially for children. She was not meant to suffer this fate and it shows. Her parents put her down this road and destroyed their daughter in the process.

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      • damn it all to hell. why’d you make me look that up GE? it’s tragic. Rita Hayworth is one of the greatest beauties there’s ever been. did not want to see that.


      • meant that last comment for Greg Eliot.
        but you’re right Danger, can see the pain in her eyes for sure. hope her parents feel some deep shame for letting down their girl like that


      • Don’t let the jews raise your daughter

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 12:06 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Don’t let the jews raise your daughter”

        Pretty much sums up the entirety of USA culture since at least 1960.

        Well over half a century now.

        Either you pwn your daughter, or else the j00z will destroy her.


    • Hahaha poor Lindsay…

      It’s too bad all she’ll ever be remembered for was her sexy figure in that “mean girls” movie. She set my teenage loins ablaze lol… she was in all the magazines and all over the news at that point. “America’s sweetheart” at the time kinda like Jeniffer Lawrence when she arrived on the scene.

      But got damn, that fame got to her quick… I think -right- after mean girls is when she started partying with Paris Hilton. Lindsay hopped up on the white pony at that point and never looked back (as you can clearly see)

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  18. So basically God was right all along.

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    • Right there is the beginning of all wisdom. You either acknowledge it “like a little child” or you spend your life running in descending circles.

      But it’s your lucky day! Because, as the prodigal son found out, rebelling against truth is the one labor of Sisyphus, the one game of spirals, you can escape simply by saying, “I believe.”


      Always praying for the return of my prodigal e-bro CH.

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  19. One theory on mammalian penis size is that there is selective pressure for larger penis’ when there is a lot of sperm competition. Humans have proportionately the largest penis size of all primates, Gorilla’s have the smallest. Gorilla’s have a single dominant alpha male with a harem and the females only copulate with him – 2 inch penis. So I would be inclined to see it that pair-bonding in humans is mostly likely a relatively new adaptive consequence to improved outcomes of child-rearing with K-selection orientation, as well as the rise of western civilisation causing this change. Female human ancestors were no doubt riding the cock carousel long ago and it may be their natural evolutionary current state, as it takes a long time for selective pressure to have an affect. This doesn’t mean that pair-bonding isn’t beneficial, just that when you take the constraints off women hypergamy asserts itself ten-fold and we end up with used up sluts who if not for contraception would have no doubt picked up the genes of a couple alpha males along the way and pumped out more chads to complete the cycle again.


    • I thought human member size was due to human sheath size, which was so large because human children are born with huge heads to hold our huge, yet-to-develop brains. We have big heads because we have big heads.

      [CH: i’ve read that too, and it makes sense. it was the large vagina, evolved to accommodate big brained babies, that created a selection pressure in women for men with bigger dicks who could satisfy their distended sugar walls.]


      • on November 14, 2018 at 12:08 pm Captain Obvious

        Except that the men with the largest brains tend to have the smallest penises.

        And the men with the smallest brains tend to have the largest penises.


      • Cpl Oblivious-

        baby brain size isn’t correlated with adult brain size and what you say is false

        dick size is correlated with race which is correlated with intelligence but there is to my knowledge no direct correlation between dick and IQ that does not inherit from race


    • The correlation cannot be ignored.

      Everyone believes that whites and asians had to grow up in the hardest environments, thus we “adapted” via intelligence.

      that’s not necessarily how evolution works. Apefricans got there via testosterone and violence. They’re still here too.

      And right now, who feeds who? Who lives as a parasite off the other?

      Don’t assume evolution grants your wishes or likes what you like. The evolution of intelligence itself is an accidental byproduct of a slack-jaw mutation in ancient hominids millions of years ago. It wasn’t a “response” to anything.

      White and asian intelligence probably grew as a result of a SAFER environment, not a more dangerous one. There are way less diseases and danger in europe than in africa. The consequent increase in caloric intake and whatnot would have led to more intelligence in a feedback loop.

      This could have been caused by happening to live somewhere relatively fertile and without recurrent flooding.

      Bc riddle me this- eskimos live on the ice to this day in places and they are dumb as fuck.

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  20. Related: I have recently boned up on my Biblical reading, and gotten to read about the actual Jezebel from the Bible. She isn’t some “loose” woman; she is, actually, a mass murdering devil-worshipper who murders hundreds of people and , in one instance, gets an innocent man murdered (by having slanderous lies made against him) just so she can steal his land from him when he wouldn’t sell it.

    So that feminazi site called “Jezebel” —which I’m sure Valenti has written for—is literally celebrating a murderous, perjuring, thieving, demonic psychopath as their hero. Not some “misunderstood” woman or some “slandered” woman; a literal mass murderer, perjurer, and thief.

    This is like if a group named their website in honor of Ted Bundy or Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacy or Beria. You’d know right away that group was sick and evil.

    Seriously, feminazis have been telling us who they are in the very titles of their organization, and we haven’t noticed.

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 4:10 pm Corinth Arkadin


    • on November 13, 2018 at 4:11 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      I named a motorcycle Jezebel. After it Almost killed me.


    • on November 13, 2018 at 4:23 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Not so much. She was a foreign wife who ran into trouble with the Hebrew prophet Elijah. She was a Jew killer.


      • The foreign wife being key as it made her worshipper of Moloch who had corrupted Ahab and the nation. RG’s basic story is still correct, she was a murderous bitch. In the OT, murdering Moloch worshipping non-Jews isn’t such a problem, although she probably did that too.


      • dude, you’re seriously going to take a jew’s word for it?

        jews wrote that whole book, THEY are murderous bitches


      • Um, yeah dude, she murdered scores of God’s prophets on her own, then when her own god was proven false in a test of sacrifice and fire she threatened Elijiah’s life for besting her instead of abandoning her false gods, and then she pulled the whole slander-Naboth conspiracy to get Naboth murdered just so her husband could score some land.

        Read the First Book of Kings for the whole story. Jezebel was a psychopath.


    • Think “Medea” Benjamin taking that name.


  21. I wonder if a liberal brain would hurt after reading this. The cognitive dissonance recognized seems like it could break someone.

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  22. Once again affirming my belief that the most important and insightful writing currently being produced on the planet can be found right here.

    Keep swinging that War Hammer of Truth, CH. I know you prefer the incisive cut of the shiv, but these pieces often have the effect of a skull bludgeoning.


  23. Oneitis is a form of virtue signaling by betas determined to wallow in their misery over the loss of what they’ve been programmed to be someone special. Think about it. If you’re taught at an early age about wimenz being special, when it doesn’t work out you’re left thinking somehow you’ve failed and want to prove to her and the world that you’re worthy.

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    • That’s insightful. It’s the male’s version of alpha-widowhood. They can pine away over a higher SMV oneitis figure as if they kinda had that SMV too, instead of taking their true place and draining their balls in the warm, overly soft receptacle of the fatty that would be their true reward (at least in Anglo lands)


      • on November 15, 2018 at 4:03 pm TerryThePirate

        By the way, wasn’t there some evolutionary value to fatties? Like, if a fatty was pregnant–with your kid–and there was a famine, she–and your kid–would likely survive? (Of course, it’s possible to overdo the surplus-fat thing–as many chicks do nowadays.)


  24. What about married bros red pilled 20 years in?

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  25. Alright CH. Get out of my head.
    Today I was pondering the plight of a nephew, a strapping young lad who was dealt a blow some time ago. Basically his first girlfriend from high school who was a year older went off to college and he caught her monkey branching. That is, she was trying to end it for the standard “we’re so far apart now that I’m in college” routine but a screwup in text communications led him to discover that she was taking some cock already from someone else.
    Doktors Note: I knew this was going to happen and tried to warn him.
    So my sister describes to me that her son was more than depressed but also appeared to have suffered a physical shock of some sorts that laid him out for nearly a week.
    This had me thinking that what we have come to consider a milestone in growing up – thanks to, well, we know who to thank – actually does some level of trauma that “breaks” a man.
    Of course I’m thinking of this today as latest thoughts about life have led me to take account of how little I care about women these days and would sooner sell them all to arabs for slavery were it not for good trade ethics.
    But yeah, I’m thinking there is more than just some sadness going on here. Something “breaks”. Or breaks out.
    Knowing who and whom in all this, let the consequences come.


    • Being a sensitive guy myself, I remember my first broken heart threw me for a loop for several months, back in my teens.

      I told my children, when they were of the age when broken hearts abound, that they should be sure to not think it the end of the world or that “she was the ONLY one” type soul-mate nonsense, because not only was my subsequent love for their mother much deeper, but had I done anything rash, they themselves would have never come upon the earth.

      It appears to have worked. 😉

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    • It happens to all of us. Nearly all of them were dodged bullets in retrospect.

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    • So have you tried any RP-based explanations? I think plebbit has deep-sixed TRP. for political reasons (haven’t checked), but there’s always Mr Tommassi, non-political. He’s very good on branch-swinging etc. Or even Padre Dalrock.

      Right now he’s likely still pedestalising bitches, and won’t take kindly to Pretty Lies being eviscerated MacHeath-style right in front of his horrified eyes, like wot Monsieur le Châtelain does.


    • I agree. Almost like the amygdala hijack when shitlibs can’t even anymore and drop.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 12:13 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Something “breaks”. Or breaks out.”

      Something breaks == Too cowardly to make the journey to That Dark Place.

      Or breaks out == Going to That Dark Place. Ceasing to care.


    • on November 15, 2018 at 4:09 pm TerryThePirate

      That’s why they call it heartbreak. And it’s as old as the hills. Just part of the human condition–and maybe in some cases a consequence of aiming for someone who’s “out of your league”. Anyway, it happens to almost everyone–men, women, “who and whom”, etc.


  26. on November 13, 2018 at 5:22 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

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  27. In many areas, such as architecture, music, art, etc, optimal results are obtained in the presence of constraints, not in the absence. For example, Jazz that required improvization over a fixed harmonic pattern can be amazing but nearly free form Jazz is universally crap. Poetry conforming to a rhyme and meter is almost always more profound than free form verse. Houses that are remodeled on a limited budget are usually more esthetic than those where money is no object. It turns out that human creativity is the most highly exercised when constraints are neither too tight or too loose.

    It’s not surprising then that pair-bonding works on the same principle. In the not so distance past, women had a complex choice to make: do I choose a relatively high status beta male and enter into a stable fruitful relationship, or do I risk getting pregnant and dumped by an alpha male beyond my reach, and at most have a single child and be ostracised and despised in society. Maximizing the fitness of their children and their own happiness required working within (in my view reasonable) societal constraints.

    With the onset of contraception and the outright rejection of sexual norms, these societal constraints were lifted. The unrestrained hypergamy that followed ironically resulted in the overall unhappiness, broken relationships, and lack of fertility among women. In other words, women, who have evolved for thousands of years to live in largely monogamous societies where men are the head of the household are flailing in the feminized misandrositical era. Is this a surprise to anyone?

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    • Confirm thy soul in self control
      And liberty in law.

      The analogy is a walled garden, where the chaos of nature (jungle) is tempered by the order of reason (artifice) so that life can thrive maximally.


      • on November 13, 2018 at 6:28 pm PBR Streetgang

        There was once a garden man had all to his own – and only one constraint … then it was decided man should not be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him … and nobody’s been able to constrain women since.

        I want my rib back.


      • Precisely. Liberty is only possible when enough people act altrusitically enough to exercise moral self-discipline to enable people a sphere wherein he can be free. License, ironically, destroys liberty.

        As to your second comment, is it no wonder that the word “paradise” comes from the proto-indo-european “pairi-diz”, literally a “dig-around”, denoting a walled garden?

        (Also below, thanks GE. ‘ppreciate the hat tip).


    • Nice comment, Tipsy. Tip o’ the ten gallon.

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    • Ordo ab Chao, bitchez.

      you fools thought Chao gon’ stop at the monarchies? once AutreChienne’s carotids (and Franz the Arch’douche’s and Nicky R’s) stopped spurting, you nincompoops wuz gon lord over the Vineyard?

      what a cup you have garnished with y’all foolishness. and the cup shall be drunk to the bottom, dregs and all, imbeciles.

      the nation is history,
      (“nation? what nation? we don’ need no stinkin’ nation! spracht Maricon),
      the family is kyboshed,
      the attack on the individual is full steam
      (when’s Ahnuld gon get his dick’n’balls cut?)

      meanwhile, keep wondering “how could this have happened to us”, brainiax !? odiously, JuliusCesar, 1.ii.140 does not apply!

      (@King; somehow it still eludes these morons that “The Garden, you did not build THAT.” have eyes, but don’t care about seeing etc etc etc)


      • gunny does the Jeremiah bit a lot better.


      • on November 14, 2018 at 7:59 am gunslingergregi

        Jeremiah condemned people burning their children as offerings to Moloch.[15]””””””

        he he he


      • on November 14, 2018 at 8:04 am gunslingergregi

        , Johanan fled to Egypt, taking with him Jeremiah and Baruch, Jeremiah’s faithful scribe and servant, and the king’s daughters.[43] There, the prophet probably spent the remainder of his life, still seeking in vain to turn the people to God from whom they had so long revolted.[43] There is no authentic record of his death. ””””

        fuck probably ended up living forever just like me


      • on November 14, 2018 at 8:07 am gunslingergregi

        but yea oink 72000 overdoses 40000 suicides of people dying to leave the us lol

        think yea been happening


      • on November 14, 2018 at 8:09 am gunslingergregi

        think the lack of freedom not enough ho’s legal and cops up everyone’s ass is working


      • on November 14, 2018 at 8:11 am gunslingergregi

        thank god though dui and no smoking signs and rehab were implemented to “save” all those lives


      • on November 14, 2018 at 8:13 am gunslingergregi

        where is the mothers against nog drug dealers there isent you say no shit
        you mean mad was funded by someone hmm interesting


      • on November 14, 2018 at 12:16 pm Captain Obvious

        The Seer see-eth.


    • Tipsy, you’ve received a veritable bukkake of likes.


    • Further, after the great bally-hoo the other day on the Whitaker thread about “Nordgoddess” Nielsen, it appears she’s out on her derriere for being lackluster in carrying out Trump’s will.

      Alas, the manic depression that sometimes visits the chateau! 😡


      • What’s that supposed to mean, alt-R ally?

        We’re supposed to be like the kid who found nothing but horse droppings and swore adamantly that he MUST be getting a pony?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • I’d rather hear some more about how sensitive you are. It brings tears to my eyes.

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      • Not many here or elsewhere in my travels across the altright internet ever believed that putting a Swedish woman, or any woman for that matter, in charge of anything outside of her home was a good idea.


      • I’d rather hear some more about how sensitive you are. It brings tears to my eyes.

        Snarky’s gonna snark.

        And remain irony deficient… but that’s to be expected from a mid-level IQ.


      • Not many here or elsewhere in my travels across the altright internet ever believed that putting a Swedish woman, or any woman for that matter, in charge of anything outside of her home was a good idea.

        Well DUH!

        The point is, our (ahem) God Emperor seems to keep making these type of mistakes, and even among the chateau glitterati, it wasn’t too long ago she was being hailed as a shield maiden.


      • And on another fine note, here’s what’s being touted as a “top US Intelligence official”


      • FFS. I said she was a shieldmaiden not because she was a particularly good pick for a cabinet position (no woman is) but because her classical Scandi looks were a fine match for Whitaker’s shitlord aura in “birthing” a fine policy. It was an exercise in aesthetic-political mythos, not a trenchant analysis of her performance on the job.

        There’s a great deal of ruin in a nation, we take what we can get. And it means a lot to avoid dwelling on imperfections. Meantime you are convinced that truth can only be found by cataloguing/belaboring outrages against the righteous, assuming betrayal until proved otherwise. Try concentrating on the good and the beautiful in the world, and you might discover the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are comparatively not that difficult to endure.


      • muh alphabetsoup nondenominational,

        Odious is not wrong about the going to the Cape of No Hope.

        He is Not Wrong in the least. not until any and all human hope is lost, can HOPE fill one’s soul. And that HOPE, the gates of hell will not defeat.

        Peace out

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      • Ah gets a bit tired of our hopes getting propped up and shot back down in such short order, often within a matter of days.

        So sue me… I’m getting too old for Clown World politics in particular, and bullshit in general. The fact that I get called a black-piller, when there are several others who are far more along that scale, means I’m hitting some raw nerves on the God Emperor bandwagon, and believe me, it irks me as much as it does those of greater sang froid.

        So, when ah (((shakes mah haid))), don’t take it personal… unless, of course, you’re one of the usual suspect dweebs, shills, and/or muh-dikkers.


      • And a tip o’ the mitre to you, oink.


  28. Article is
    X L NT

    Wish I had known your writings before my marriage and subsequent wife-driven divorce.


  29. on November 13, 2018 at 7:15 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Among them is a future Minnesontan Senator and a couple of election supervisors.


  30. on November 13, 2018 at 7:34 pm Captain Obvious

    G00kette single-handedly destroys entire Australian strawberry industry


    • on November 13, 2018 at 10:10 pm Captain Obvious

      YDNEY, Australia — A former strawberry farm supervisor was accused in court Monday of retaliating over a workplace grievance by putting needles into the fruit, sparking recalls that devastated the Australian industry… My Ut Trinh was “motivated by spite or revenge”…


    • on November 14, 2018 at 12:29 am gunslingergregi

      they couldn’t of xrayed them ?


    • on November 14, 2018 at 12:30 am gunslingergregi

      or borrow airport scanner


    • So simple an act of terrorism, even if just on the personal level, and behold the enormity.

      Back in the day there was a similar instance in the ME involved oranges… something about a syringe used to inject poison… but that one smelled like some happy merchant was trying to corner the market for his homeland, so it fell into the memory hole rather quickly.



    Netflix pressured the girl in stranger things to kiss a black despite her strong resistance.

    Look how low they will stoop to promote their agenda.

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  32. You didn’t quite cover all the possible outcomes. I was struck by a vicious oneitis at age 23, survived as a dead man walking, fell into mindless sex with women I didn’t know and from which I gained nothing, began to date and then married a woman because she desperately wanted to marry me.

    I was thinking about my oneitis as I walked down the aisle, age 31. I reinvented myself as a whole human being by force of will, had two great kids and am still married to the woman I eventually fell in love with.

    In my early 40s I looked up my oneitis. She had become a professional cock collector, a quasi-hooker and an abhorrent human being. She was broken and broke, wanted my money of which I now had plenty, offered to be my mistress, thought she could take me for one more ride down Sucker Boulevard.

    Here’s the thing. I saw her for the imperfect, immoral and ugly human being she had become but the echoes of the oneitis were still there, an addict’s hunger for a perfect high, now forever out of reach.

    Oneitis is not about any one woman, it is about chemical changes in the brain that bind a man to one uterus long enough to serve God or Darwin’s design. Recognize it for what it is, it is not shameful, it is not weakness, but it is terribly obsolete.


  33. Higher humans are NOT wired to marry early, it is exactly the opposite, have you just missed the whole Hajnal Line thing and what it is about?

    [CH: i don’t want to put words in PA’s mouth, but i think what he, and I, are driving at is not necessarily early *marriage*, but early pair bonding, which in a historical context would mean an extended period of courtship with one girl. what is ahistorical is what we have today: delayed permanent pair bonding preceded by a decade or more of casual sex and short-term broken relationships.]

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  34. on November 14, 2018 at 3:05 am zeta male pond scum

    after a lifetime of serial bouts of oneitis and the concurrent decades of incel i realize it is far too late for me. (strangely though i’ve never harbored illusions for the nature of women, i have two older brothers who provided a study in contrasts that illustrated in no uncertain terms what worked and what didn’t)

    i sincerely hope that the generations rapidly coming up behind me can rebuild from the destruction wrought by mine and the preceding four generations.

    it is also why, in spite of agreeing with 90% of the tenets of alt-right dark enlightenment thinking, i find myself to be a poor spokesman for those issues. it doesn’t matter what the loser sells, his palpable aura of failure guarantees that no one is buying. and ultimately if you can’t sell your self in the sexual market it’s going to be difficult to sell anyone on anything else. as a man in my 20’s – 30’s, i couldn’t understand (no, i could) why in political or philosophical debate i could be on point in every way vs an interlocutor and still walk away feeling they were unconvinced even when they had no argument.

    now past forty, i do find bits of hope in sites like this and with my increasingly rare encounters with young people of substance. my fear is that demographically it may be too late for american society, but then i remember that the long march took decades to accomplish, it may take decades to undo. were i a praying man, i’d pray there’s enough time. my time is gone.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 3:37 am gunslingergregi

      uhh if American shit aint working for you why keep doing same shit expecting diferent result

      go get a mexican


    • i could be on point in every way vs an interlocutor and still walk away feeling they were unconvinced even when they had no argument

      That’s because you thought your job was to convince people of the truth rather than simply show them. Proclaim rather than persuade. Another man’s conviction is beyond your control. Speak truth and move on. “If any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.”

      Learn to pray. You are not above it. Thinking you are is your major malfunction at the heart of a self-fulfilling loser existence.

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    • Dood……ffs.

      You’re past 40, OOOOOH, start digging your grave.

      I’m past 50 and swimming in it still.
      Just banged a 24yo hb6.5 this week.
      Oldest(live in but about to dump)is 35.
      I’m 6’2″, 260lbs not in as good of shape as younger, but not a bag of goo either. A broke down old vet that brings NOTHING to the table but a psych pimphand, a medium sized johnson, and a ZFG attitude.

      You may grasp game, but you HAVE NOT internalized it.

      Reach down, grab ’em, and ZFG the world bro.

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 12:55 pm Captain Obvious

        zeta mps: “i find myself to be a poor spokesman for those issues… as a man in my 20’s – 30’s, i couldn’t understand (no, i could) why in political or philosophical debate i could be on point in every way vs an interlocutor and still walk away feeling they were unconvinced even when they had no argument”

        dblr619: “a psych pimphand”

        Zeta, I’m just guessing, but you read like a guy who was always dead on with the analyticals, but who never paid much attention to the psychologicals.

        You certainly seem to be suffering from something akin to melancholy, so I don’t want to accuse you of being an emotionless creature.

        And I’m not gonna lecture you on trying to find something to provide you some joy in this life [particularly not if you suffer from clinical depression].

        On the other hand, there’s no law anywhere [our semitic overlords’ best efforts to the contrary notwithstanding] which says that you have to be miserable for the rest of your life.

        And there’s certainly no law which forbids you from attempting to understand other people’s psychological makeup – trying to put yourself in their shoes, trying to imagine their points of view, paying attention and learning what inspires them versus what demoralizes them, figuring out their weaknesses & their strengths, paying close attention to the ebb and flow of their emotional states over the course of days & weeks & months & years.

        Now I don’t know whether a full-blown Sperg could ever re-invent himself as an honest-to-G0d Empath [a true Empath is gifted with the ability to look past all your bu11shit and see straight through to the bottom of your sou1], but it seems to me that working on improving a sense of psychological empathy with other people could go a long, long way towards solidifying your relationships with them.


      • on November 14, 2018 at 12:57 pm Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: If you have an analytical but humble mind [arrogant pricks need not apply], then you can learn to laugh at yourself.

        And if you can laugh at yourself, then maybe you can make other people laugh, too.

        And if you can make chicks laugh, then you can slay all the p00ntang from here to the Swedish Bikini Team and back again.


      • Yeah, chicks dig modest respectful men.
        Did a fag hack your account….?


    • STFU and stop whining bitch.

      Get some T.

      Get some cocaine.

      Get bitches.

      Once you’ve mastered this simple discipline, ditch the cocaine.

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    • Eat right, pray, work out… life begins at 50, my friend.

      Though your labors be many,
      And the rewards be few,
      Remember the mighty oak
      Was once a little nut like you.

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    • I second what King says.

      Go read Gabriel Bunge’s book on Despondency. Notes from Evagruis Pontus on despondency, which is considered by many desert and ascetic fathers to be the most oppressive of all the passions. I believe them.

      Know that your sickness is of a spiritual nature, and only spiritual medicine will truly heal you. The rest is very important, the physical, mental and emotional, but the root is spiritual. Only Holy Orthodoxy can show you the way out. There is a way out.


  35. on November 14, 2018 at 3:47 am gunslingergregi

    after a lifetime of serial bouts of oneitis and the concurrent decades of incel i realize it is far too late for me.””””””

    my fear is that demographically it may be too late for american society”””””

    you obviously don’t fit in go where you wanted dude
    why would you care bout demographics when you couldn’t build a life there
    maybe some where else you could have a life and quit talking bout your life over at 40 maybe even have hope
    America to make loot in other places to live a life and raise kids away from the demons


    • on November 14, 2018 at 4:03 am gunslingergregi

      if all I had to look forward to was the bitches I know here now

      i’d be in a world of shit

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    • on November 14, 2018 at 4:09 am gunslingergregi

      but god in his goodness allowed it to be possible to escape from hell


    • on November 14, 2018 at 4:17 am gunslingergregi

      some people love it
      some people prob love divorce rape to each their own


    • on November 14, 2018 at 4:22 am gunslingergregi

      onitis for a country that keeps fucking you up is like onitis for a woman who keeps fucking you up

      there are other countries where you might actually thrive

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      • “onitis for a country that keeps fucking you up is like onitis for a woman who keeps fucking you up”

        Damn. That is one hell of a great line.

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      • I strongly agree that patriotism for ‘merica today is simply stupidity, like wanting to “serve” in Iraq. I could not walk about as a proud white Catholic European man until I left ‘merica and repatriated the family back to Europe.

        America does not like you, stop being its victim. If you’re an old world European at heart and soul, leave these shores with a clear conscience. If America were a real identity, people would not go on about what they really are: German-American, etc. If every Patel and Gomez can be an American, I’m out.

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 1:01 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Damn. That is one hell of a great line.”


        The Prophet speaketh.


      • Place matters. I have chosen cities over women, and I am glad I did. I have fallen in love more often, and more deeply, with places than with women. I see now that this is perfectly natural. It may not be the case for every man, but for many men, and many great men throughout history, it most certainly is the case.

        I needed to read these particular comments. It is confirmation of what I have come to realize. This is the last time I return to America. I need to make peace with it.


      • Great country song lyric


      • Great country song lyric


  36. Time to get a bigger trophy case 🙂


  37. Here is a post in waiting CH

    Fuck the metoo angle… Look at these bitches


  38. Cum? Spinach dip?

    With fat girls it’s six of one, half dozen of the other…



    • Joe Jackson’s Sunday Papers was more prophecy than satire, I see.

      This is Clown World, wherein a quarter-century old cum stain is news.

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  39. my N-count is only SIX(6) as a 26 years old chinese asian, how many pussies a man has to acquire to COMPLETELY GET RID OF ONEITIS/NEEDINESS.



  40. ” .. lashed by intergalactic clouds of poz matter.”
    [Tam doffs ridiculous widebrim hat with big curly feather, bows deeply, hand to heart and one foot right forward]
    “My lord, I am quite, quite dumbfounded!”


  41. No worries. Early pair boding between men and women will be illegal in 2030 if they get their way.

    Gender expires in 2030.

    Dear Heartiste, whoever you are,

    If you are a real person, and you care about men and women, then you need to start telling the truth about the SOURCE of our problems.

    Wake up men.


  42. on November 14, 2018 at 7:57 am DissesMYisland

    Thread of the year? So much good stuff. king especially

    And almost “NO” GE Vs CD drama


  43. This possibly may be brother Heartiste’s best essay ever

    Heartiste is America’s – nay, the West’s, modern-day Publius Vergilius Maro – or as we know him, ‘Virgil’


  44. “PA earns another COTW with a Theory of Eurasian Oneitis,”

    A very interesting insight and perspective from anthropologist Peter Frost on the antecedents and reasons for NW European men’s attitudes on dating, mating and procreating – and is presciently suggestive of how this is a major reason for their civilizational greatness –

    Peter Frost: Young, male, and single | Evo and Proud


    Finally, there’s “game.” My attitude toward game is like my attitude toward gender reassignment. Both are attempts to push the envelope of phenotypic plasticity beyond its usual limits, and neither can fully achieve the desired result. A lot of boys aren’t wired for game, and there are good reasons why, just as there are good reasons why some people are born male. Male shyness isn’t a pathology. It’s an adaptation to a social environment that values monogamy and high paternal investment while stigmatizing sexual adventurism. Our war on male shyness reflects our perverse desire to create a society of Don Juans and single mothers.

    [CH: Diversity + Proximity = SHY BOYS LOSE]


    • false equivalence is false

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      • “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

        so what is Man to do when the help is straying?

        Well, first he gets right with God; and he puts on Cloak of Prayer.

        Then, with Blessing, he arms his hand the Rod of Game, and goes forth to reclaim what God Ordained for him.

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      • I like this oink better. 😉


    • lol “wired”

      Yeah, most of us aren’t natural Chads. I’m certainly not. That’s why society has to mold boys into men through education and trials and tribulations and shit. Most people have a lot of unrealized potential, especially now in these soft times.

      Adapt or die. Getting over approach anxiety and shyness is a lot easier than getting gassed in a trench in Belgium or freezing to death in Russia, which was what used to solve the gender ratio.


      • on November 14, 2018 at 1:07 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “most of us aren’t natural Chads”

        You’ll be a full blown Chad if you go to That Dark Place and STOP CARING.


    • I totally agree – but it’s still interesting to understand the genetic and cultural origins of this attitude largely found among NW Euros – much of what was also touched upon in your article


    • [CH: Diversity + Proximity = SHY BOYS LOSE]

      I totally agree, additionally, I am *not advocating* for male shyness – but it’s still interesting to understand the historic genetic and cultural origins of this attitude largely found among NW Euro men – much of what was also touched upon in your article


  45. on November 14, 2018 at 9:41 am Jim Bob Cooter

    Came across this researcher and video while trying to better understand dopamine. It turns out dopamine isn’t a result of short term excitement but is in response to an anticipatory outcome. This is why it’s so insidious with escapism and people turning to porn, cigarettes, social media, alcohol, etc to escape their momentary or chronic misery.

    Led me to this video on oxytocin

    Oxytocin is the bonding chemical and it all relates back to preparing for childrearing. The chemical induces a person for investment and provisioning. It’s natures way of ensuring the mother is dialed in to the upcoming demands. When sex is correlated to reproduction, this is optimal. However, sex is divorced from reproduction and primarily recreational at best and escapism/void filling at worst.

    So you wonder, does the body, being the adaptable tool it is, eventually meter down the oxytocin after enough won ton dalliances? Does it condition the body to forget about it’s requirements over a period of fruitless sex across partners?

    The excitement chemicals like adrenaline, cortisol, noraephrenephrine, etc still exist pre sex but the cement binding like oxytocin stops coming.

    And it also makes one wonder, is there some virginal reserve of this chemical? Do males absorb oxytocin post coitus via skin to skin contact and fall under the spell of their teenage love? Do the pheromones override everything in short order leading to heartbreak eventually when the anti fertility culture wins?

    Now, this is just a snapshot of the chemical components going on internally.

    Couple that with the external influences and brainwashing and it’s no wonder.



    Study out of Ohio State says your sex life will closely match that of your mother’s.

    There is no longitudinal data on fathers, largely due to the outdated but lingering view that mothers are the most important figure in a household.

    Interesting they even commented on that.


  47. Like

  48. An historical observation on this very topic from the ancient world … the real, existential, mystical answers to the questions posed by this wonderful essay

    Their marriage code, however, is strict, and no feature of their morality deserves higher praise. They are almost unique among barbarians in being content with one wife apiece – all of them, that is, except a very few who take more than one wife not to satisfy their desires but because their exalted rank brings them many pressing offers of matrimonial alliances. The dowry is brought by husband to wife, not by wife to husband. Parents and kinsmen attend and approve the gifts – not gifts chosen to please a woman’s fancy or gaily deck a young bride, but oxen, a horse with its bridle, or a shield, spear, and sword. In consideration of such gifts a man gets his wife, and she in her turn brings a present of arms to her husband. This interchange of gifts typifies for them the most sacred bond of union, sanctified by mystic rites under the favour of the presiding deities of wedlock. The woman must not think that she is excluded from aspirations to manly virtues or exempt from the hazards of warfare. That is why she is reminded, in the very ceremonies which bless her marriage at its outset, that she enters her husband’s home to be the partner of his toils and perils, that both in peace and in war she is to share his sufferings and adventures. That is the meaning of the team of oxen, the horse ready for its rider, and the gift of arms. On these terms she must live her life and bear her children. She is receiving something that she must hand over intact and undepreciated to her children, something for her sons’ wives to receive in their turn and pass on to her grandchildren.

    By such means is the virtue of their women protected, and they live uncorrupted by the temptations of public shows or the excitements of banquets. Clandestine loveletters are unknown to men and women alike. Adultery is extremely rare, considering the size of the population. A guilty wife is summarily punished by her husband. He cuts off her hair, strips her naked, and in the presence of kinsmen turns her out of his house and flogs her all through the village. They have in tact no mercy on a wife who prostitutes her chastity. Neither beauty, youth, nor wealth can find her another husband. No one in Germany finds vice amusing, or calls it ‘up-to-date’ to seduce and be seduced. Even better is the practice of those states in which only virgins may marry, so that a woman who has once been a bride has finished with all such hopes and aspirations. She takes one husband, just as she has one body and one life. Her thoughts must not stray beyond him or her desires survive him. And even that husband she must love not for himself, but as an embodiment of the married state. To restrict the number of children, or to kill any of those born after the heir, is considered wicked. Good morality is more effective in Germany than good laws are elsewhere.

    ~Publius Cornelius Tacitus, The Germania

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  49. Oh all right then; I give in, Levantines; here’s the Secret.
    Do you have more than 100 days of Winter (I mean proper fuckoff, the enamel is flaking off my teeth Winter) in your currently occupied territory?
    Above that latitude, one can approach perfect, fit and calm women who know what’s up.
    Below .. well… are you planning to actually feed your innumerable “wives” and their idiot spawn? Or can maybe a few of the brood-cows shift for themselves, men regardless? Eating beans, and berries, or some such. Maybe worms or nuts.
    Africa vs. Jack Frost
    Who will WIN? eh?


  50. “she enters her husband’s home to be the partner of his toils and perils, that both in peace and in war she is to share his sufferings and adventures. “
    Good lad. This has “aye been” (… the case, since time out of mind, going back even to King Edwin’s day, round here).


  51. There is is very much bitter truth on this post. I have thoughts about all,, but this is the parts I want to say,

    “When her brief moment of romantic abandon is denied (her teenage to early 20s years), she will swap her bonding instinct for a predatory sexuality and rationalized self-centeredness. ”

    I agree,, BUT I think so there is exceptions that we can not put age on. For example, I have a theory that for the more part a woman’s sexuality does not really “awake” until she knows a man in that way (sex). So if a woman does wait and she waits to the late twenties and then she is in love and he leaves from her,, she will react nearley the same as a love struck teen I think so. This is a contrast to male sexuality, like I understand because from puberty it is always awake. I could be very wrong with this idea,, but in my experience is like that. So is it so dependant on age or more at what age the sexuality of the woman wakes up? Does it make sense?

    I really believe it that heart break makes women bitter and more hard,, maybe more likeley to have sex with many people because the value of sex decreases. It becomes something not so important. I have read studies which they say women who been with many are more likely to cheat or divorce. Is it the same for men,, if men “sampel” many women, is it more probably that they will not be so satisfied with one woman and they will want to stray? I am very curious about that.

    Re. “The wall”. It is bitter,, but is reality. If we have some thing to show for it it makes it a more easy pill to take. I talk with my sister about this, we talk about when we were more beautiful. I was late bloomer and I think so my peek was 21 years old. I am 27 now. I have a horizontal line in my forehead, and my face is not chubby in cute way any more. It has lost fulness makeing my weird face shape very clear. (I have abnormaly heart shape face). It will only become more worse so I supose so I can say the wall is on her way. It is sad,, but it is ok. Because I have amazing son, amazing husband, and I know how to cook good. 😄


    • Actualy I just noticed the line is there only when I move my eyebrows 😂

      But,, my point is the same. We know when our beauty is declining. Better to not be like Jessica Valantis and just try to handle it with so much grace as possible.


  52. Surprised no one mentioned this by now, but I imagine that there is a high correlation between oneitis in boys coming from divorced parentage. Just as there is between slutiness and neediness in women that come from broken families.

    It would make sense on a number of levels.


  53. on November 14, 2018 at 4:26 pm TerryThePirate

    There is no such thing as a woman overcome by oneitis. We call a woman like that, a “woman in love“.
    Or–if her affections are not returned–a “stalker”. (See also: “bunny-boiler”.)


  54. Another great article from Heartiste which, I believe, is the primary reason for NW Euro men’s historical attitudes towards women (*and what I feel Peter Frost was trying to convey in the article of his I posted
    several comments up)

    IE, it is not really NW European man’s ‘shyness’ that is an issue for him with women – but rather, it is his choosiness, his thoughtful appraisal and judgement of an appropriate dating and marriage partner – so as to be sure he was with the best possible woman for what he had to offer, because he knew it was meant to be a lifelong commitment

    In fact, all this is what made monagamy in the first place — and is, in fact, what fundamentally made the Aryan race possible in the first place as well

    Male Choosiness, Female Beauty And Monogamy | Chateau Heartiste

    Here’s a hypothesis that I haven’t seen elsewhere: More beautiful women will be found in monogamous cultures, or among monogamously-inclined races.

    Where women don’t (or can’t) sleep around, and where men are expected to assume a heavy economic and emotional responsibility for the women they woo, men will be choosier about the women they date and marry. Monogamy selects for male choosiness.

    If you’re a man, and you’re limited to dating only a few women in your lifetime, and there are onerous familial and cultural pressures to marry the first or second woman you date, you are not going to throw away your one shot at a girl — not to mention all those resources you accumulated to win her over — on an Amanjaw Marcuntte. You’ll take your time assessing the available female goods, and aim for the hottest babe you can get. You’ll waste little time or energy spelunking slutty fat chicks or mustachioed feminists.

    Over eons, this results in the more monogamous races and cultures of humanity producing more beautiful women. …