The Crisis Of Male Submission

walawala leaves a bad taste in my mouth with this anecdote,

Was at a party over the weekend which was a send off for a young couple: soyboy and chubby 6 who were leaving the city to get married elsewhere.
Someone asked whether they’d be back. “She’s the boss” soyboy declared proudly grinning like he won the Blue Ribbon for best of breed in some State Fair.
Everyone cheered. I looked away. I think I was of a “different generation” to this group. The chubby bride to be smiled awkwardly. As a side note she had been banging a friend of mine who 1. was married 2. treated her like a sloot and 3. didn’t live in the city so would bang her when he blew threw town on business and couldn’t find a ho.

she’s the boss!

The sexual polarity is inverted. Men submit to women, and women are recruited into dominance against their instincts.

The soyboy kneels at the feet of his woman. He calls her his queen (he is never the king). He defers to her on all decisions. He prostrates himself before her demands. He values her opinions more than his own. He begs for her sexual table scraps and cheerleads her past and present sexual profligacy with better men. He wifes up sluts and single mommies, while lashing himself for the slightest infraction against his woman’s honor. He forgives cheaters, forgets past cock counts, and fellates himself for his enlightened attitude. He wears the pussyhat in the family.

“The chubby bride to be smiled awkwardly.”

Most women DESPISE the beta males who through their weakness foist upon women the unwelcome mantle of dominant partner. Women WANT to submit to a stronger man; they don’t want a weaker man submitting to them. The repulsion women feel for the latter is equivalent to that felt by normal T men for domineering fat shrews.

This perverted sexual market will return to healthy functioning one day, but until then we’ll have to endure a grotesque spectacle of beta male supplication as their gimp memes and cucky genes are slowly, painfully, existentially washed out of the population.


  1. on February 11, 2019 at 12:04 pm | Reply Captain Obvious


    Katy Perry [email protected] Shoes -> Ash Heap of History!article/2019/02/11/katy-perry-blackface-shoes-for-sale-backlash-pulling-from-shelves/

    Friggin hilarious.


  2. on February 11, 2019 at 12:16 pm | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

    BDSM couple red flag…

    Chubby 6 and her submissive Hubby.


    • on February 11, 2019 at 1:34 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      I got to thinking about the female personality which would enjoy being the Dom to a sloppy fat oleaginous gamma submissive – it would have to be a a Dark personality, and infused with much Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder, if not outright Psychopathy.

      Then I got to wondering what the Male Total Fertil!ty Rate must look like for masculine men versus effeminate men.

      Surely these personality types are vanishing into extinction, right?

      The early numbers on Gen Zykl0n would seem to indicate so.

      It seems to me as though Griswold & Roe, over time, would have to be intensifying the femininity in women & the masculinity in men.

      I don’t see how Griswold & Roe can produce a catastrophic flip in our personalities, so that the species comes to be dominated by masculine women & feminine men.

      Now R-Selection and polygamy could easily do that.

      But as long as sh!tlibs remain Monogamous & K-Selected, I don’t see how the masculinization of their women and the effeminization of their men does anything but accelerate their vanishing into extinction.

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      • these dommes always want to be dom’d by a more dominant

        bank that.

        I see it…i am dabbling in the fetish community and that’s exactly what it is

        CH is right- women are being forced into dominance, which is something I said a couple months ago, so I dunno if he’s aping me or what, but this is what I reckon after seeing the fetlife hijinks.

        I was TOLD exactly this several times by several different women. One was a tinder ONS a couple years ago- “I’m the boss at work so I need someone to be the boss in the bedroom.” I fucked her up for real.

        Another one, pro sailor, tall chick, taller than I, big boned girl, masculine digit ratio. Same thing- the boss at work, runs a team, “I’m so good at what I do.” I was like “you need someone who can tell you what to do and you do it, someone man enough to ride you like a bitch.” She resonated with that, first date bang. I fucked her up too lol. On our way walking to my car, I mused about how many of the guys’ asses on the streets she could probably kick and she agreed. She told me during the date yeah she goes on dates with these guys and they don’t look strong or tough and it’s like wtf do you exist for?

        I hear this crap all the time. Wonen are being shoved into roles their personalities rebel against so they get pushed into extreme sex…they really really want to get fucked the hell up by you and they want someone to dominate them so much they get all the toxic masculinity out of their system from their ordinary lives where men are supplicating spineless wimps.

        T is dropping 1% per year or was for 20 years- THIS is to blame.


      • Ive seen powerful career w0men who simply dont have the energy or brain capacity to give any thought to a date.
        One even told me that she couldn’t think and wanted me to do everything.
        So I did what I wanted…sports bar, billiards, wings then fuck.
        That’s all she wanted. To be putty in someone’s hands.

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      • @trav: “CH is right- women are being forced into dominance, which is something I said a couple months ago, so I dunno if he’s aping me or what, but this is what I reckon after seeing the fetlife hijinks.”

        A couple months eh? Wow. Did you and Aristotle used to hang out bro?

        CH been saying that for-ever


      • Another one, pro sailor, tall chick, taller than I, big boned girl, masculine digit ratio. Same thing- the boss at work, runs a team,


  3. Well, you can add “She’s the boss” to the list of things that make me cringe. So far the top spot is still the stupid grin and saying, “Happy wife, happy life!”

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    • What enrages me are writers who use the female pronoun by default (especially when they’re talking about a clearly male-dominated space).


      • In standard English the default for third person singular of unknown gender is to use the masculine, eg ‘If each person does his best’
        Now the feminists and the bacon-lettuce-tomato-queers (BLTQ or something) want to do away with that useful standard and just use third person plural (they, them, their), which is confusing to people who value the distinction between singular and plural.
        Are you saying that there are writers using the feminine for third person singular when gender is unknown? Examples? That would be actually less annoying to me than using the plural for an individual. Problem is that it’s more insulting for a man to be referred to in the feminine than it is for a woman to be referred to in the masculine


    • “This perverted sexual market will return to healthy functioning one day, but until then we’ll have to endure a grotesque spectacle of beta male supplication…”

      We all know that these women are settling….Beta Soyboy is simply a willing cuck in the vicinity.
      ALL of them will eventually be divorce raped….and a substantial number of them will simply commit suicide afterwards (divorced men suicide rate 100% higher than single men – that is why Male suicide rate is so high – Divorced Men).
      Soon enough even the BetaSoy cucks will think twice before committing.


    • “Happy wife, happy life”
      That goes without saying. Obviously

      WHAT makes the wife happy; that’s the rub. Thats the red pill; that’s what The Chateau is all about.


  4. I see it all the time. I was just at a buddy’s house this weekend who loves to ski but he had only gotten his wife’s “permission” (he used that word) to go once so far this season. He is still hoping to get to go once more in April. It’s so cringe. And it’s a vicious cycle. The wife is unhappy and bossy so he tries to make her happy by deferring more and more to her, which only makes her unhappier.

    I usually give my wife the courtesy of letting her know what I’m going to do before I do something. But I don’t ask “permission”. And when I do ask her input on things she is thrilled, because it shows I value her opinion.


    • I usually give my wife the courtesy of letting her know what I’m going to do before I do something. But I don’t ask “permission”.

      “I’ll have to check with the wife/gf to see if we have plans already” is night and day difference than “I have to check with the boss”

      The current thing I’ve seen that annoys me is when the guys are out, one of the gf’s calls, and the guy says “I have to get this.” If your gf isn’t about to go into labor, it can wait.

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    • I have jiu jitsu students who say this shit…they soon become ex-students bc they’re too wimpy to be a real man.

      I am like you need to get your bitch in line and make her understand who the boss is. They look at me as if I have denied the Holocaust or something…


  5. See also: generation iphag self-authored wedding vows. Almost uniformly cringeworthy. I attended a wedding not long back where the male droned on about serving his “queen”. Some hot birds in attendance but every one dried up in that moment. Its nit just ruinous to the marriage but the entire community suffers. At least they had good whiskey.

    Just the act of self-authoring vows is supplication; as the intent is almost always to avoid public submission of the female to God, let alone her male. Nd for males its their chance to openly submit to the dealth cult of progress.

    The fact that it turns all vag into the sahara is just a bonus. Let the dead bedroom and negotiating for sex commence!

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    • yep

      can’t remember the last time i heard love honor and obey or heard god even mentioned in the ceremony

      easy to see why so many people’s [email protected] are a joke and d1vorces are common

      a lot do the expensive w3ddings and extravagant rituals, but without god and real substance, they are just playing dress up. that’s no better than doing a courthouse w3dding. unless your union is blessed by god, it’s meaningless bs and nothing more than a government contract.

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  6. Interesting that she was chubby.

    Where I am is a major hen night destination in the UK.

    There are loads of hen nights here, and ALL the hens are fat.

    I thought it was my imagination but it’s not.

    Everything slim is clinging to the cock carousel for grim death until it gets thrown off it late 30’s and then goes on internet dating.

    On the other side, some men have got wise and aren’t wifeing them up.

    So there’s a gap that has not shown in the stats yet.


    • on February 11, 2019 at 1:01 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      English Bunz -> English 0venz, else you’ll turn a statement into a question.


    • Interesting. So are the fatties viewed as more marriageable because they have less opportunities for sluttiness? From the frying pan to the fire


      • No I think it’s the other way around. Deep in their brains they know that they’re beests and it’s a market anomaly that’s creating the opportunity for them to get wife’s up by a half respectable bloke when if there was any sanity they’d have no options.


  7. So true. I don’t have a laptop right now so Im forced to go to the public library on the weekend. Its on a college campus. Only plus is I can smoke outside the walkway and stare at hot ass. Some THOT tried to swipe my MAGA hat. She snuck up behind me and had a soyboy waiting ready to grab me and label me as some violent male. These cunts don’t know whats coming when SHTF. Its gonna be white riot what the left has coming to them. She was ugly and I let her have it.

    I got into with the chick at the IT desk as well. A third girl approached me, sat down next to me and asked me to remove it because, I kid you not, “Its hurting everyone’s feelings.” She actually said that. A fucking hat is hurting peoples feelings. HAHAHAHA. A. HAT. IS. HURTING. PEOPLES. FEELINGS!

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    • on February 11, 2019 at 1:21 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      THIRD GIRL: “Its hurting everyone’s feelings.”

      AKUMA: “Baby, just wait’ll I slap your face & your t!ts & your pu$$y. It’ll hurt so bad you’ll beg me to never stop.”


    • Toots, people’s emotional incontinence is not my haberdashery’s problem.


      • on February 11, 2019 at 1:46 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “emotional incontinence”

        Think DARK, Mr [email protected] Boomer Man.

        Emotional Incontinence is the perfect opportunity for the PUA to get his toe in the door.

        Q: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of women?

        A: The Playah knows.

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      • Are stalwart yeggs STILL talking about PUA?

        Milk is for children… meat in due season for men of the West… if’n they are men.


      • on February 11, 2019 at 2:19 pm Captain Obvious

        No PUA == No White Bunz -> White 0venz.

        But I suppose you boomers like a little milk chocolate in your cream.


      • You’re off the mark, as usual… PUA mentality does everything to NOT put buns in oven… and if’n they do, they head for the hills.

        Cap’n, you need to check your premises… you’ve become a one-trick pony, and said trick often fails.


    • I really don’t care.


    • Theres always one local company who has an old laptop to give away for free. Call them.
      Say its for a Syrian refugee if necessary.


    • Bound to be one local company who has an old laptop to give away for free. Ask them.
      You could also say it’s for a refu.gee


      • Im getting one in a few days, all those free ones wont be able to run the OS settings I use. You’re missing the point of my post. MYOB and Keeping to yourself are now socially unacceptable.


    • Anybody have an update on the big white dude who KTFO’d the teenage black girl outside the mall. There was a gaggle of chimps Oooga booga-Ing him and he put the one who stepped to him to sleep

      Or is it too early for any judicial results?


  8. I have a good friend who is exactly like this. He is a nice guy, honest, funny, and earns well into the six figures. But he supplicates to his gfs to the point of becoming their slaves. His gfs have gotten uglier, fatter, and are more enraged with him at their moment of departure. He is a high IQ guy and I’ve tried to explain the nature of women via CH, Rollo etc. I knew he’s read what I’ve sent, but it hasn’t resulted in any change of frame. Sad to see. Hate to say it, but some men are hopeless.


    • on February 11, 2019 at 1:23 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “a high IQ guy”

      Forebrain dominant. Hindbrain submissive.

      [I.e. a sperg.]

      Gotta stop thinking. Gotta stop caring.

      Intuit. Act.


    • high IQ low T

      let me do a poll, CH do a fucking poll ffs

      “Have you gotten your T checked since trav ordered your stupid ass to do so?”

      How many of you have? I’m betting not a single fuckin one of you did it.

      They did a study, bros, T fell 1% per year from 87-07. They stopped at that point. There is no persuasive reason to believe that the factors that caused its decline were eliminated. That would be another 10% since.



      • “Have you gotten your T checked since trav777 ordered your stupid ass to do so?”

        A better advice would be ……“Have you gotten your PSA (Prostate) checked?
        If you are over 40…you should worry (a bit) LESS about your T levels and more about your PSA levels (Prostate).
        Prostate Cancer kills more Men than Breast Cancer kills women…and nobody gives a damn.


  9. Any idea when the next Beta of the Month contest will happen?


  10. you go to a gun store and hear all the tough guys wanting to bomb ragheads shoot a guy over a parking spot argument then go home and get bossed around by their wives. if you bring up white genocide to these blowhards you get asked to leave

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  11. I see this shit ALL THE TIME. It’s like the guy gets off on his social empowering of his ungrateful girlfriend.

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  12. How many times have you heard this from your buddies…”Let me ask the boss.”

    Wanna play poker with us on Thursday?
    Let me ask the boss.

    We’re going fishing Saturday. Meet us there.
    Let me ask the boss.

    Hey my kid is having brain surgery next week and there is only a 2% chance he’ll survive. Can you cover me at work for a couple of hours?
    Let me check with the boss.

    My response is always sure, whatever, keep me posted, etc. Because apparently it’s NEVER ok with the boss.

    Some men, inexplicably, relish the henpecked role. I don’t get it.


  13. Meanwhile Reebok was forced to remove its feminist ads from Russia and the woman that participated in them had to explain publicly that she does not believe in feminism.

    Poor western cucks.


    • Seriously dude, fuck off. Russia is plenty cucked with that fucking mosque the size of the Taj Mahal in the center of Moscow. Russia has no lack of feminist cunts either, hence why their mail order bride scams are legion.

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      • Russia has muslims since a very long time ago, since it conquered them before several hundred years. Yet is supports people like Trump in the US, Le Pen in France and Salvini in Italy, and it told Europe not to accept refugees. There are also muslims in the Balkans too, who came with the Turkish conquest of these areas. But both Russia and the Balkan states have a priority to support their christian culture.

        Feminism in Russia is extremely marginal. They may get arrested for offending men (a woman recently), or go to jail, such those from Pussy Riot. .

        As for the mail order brides, they have lower divorce rate than US women.


  14. on February 11, 2019 at 1:18 pm | Reply bringthereality

    Don’t forget the role of “nurture” in all this.Any boys under his brand of negligent care are toast.

    Mark it: This cuck raises a boy who goes on to become a tranny suicide statistic. His child or otherwise.

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  15. CH, is it learned behavior or genetic?


  16. The good news about the abundance of Soy is that masculine men are CLEANING THE FUCK UP. I have a 20 year-old plate who said to me, just this past Saturday, “I’m glad you don’t believe in that ‘equality’ b.s. It isn’t natural.” So let the soyboys soy; I will rock out ‘wif my cock out, ‘bruv!

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  17. At the hardware store over the weekend, saw a couple (in their 50s) walking around…her walking around and him behind her pushing the cart. Her mouth going yap, yap, yap, every time that I saw them, and him just walking along. I inadvertently blocked their way in an isle due to the size of my lumber cart, a larger display plopped right in the middle of the isle, and me being totally focused on a piece of material for a project (doing math in my head for the proper dimensions). Out of the corner of my left eye, I spy the woman giving her husband (who was located behind me and to the right) the waving sign for ‘go back and around’ to the next isle (instead of asking me to please move my cart a bit so that he could pass). [Beta recognizing superior rights of an Alpha? Just basic weakness?] He must have been there for a minute before this happened. I would have gladly moving if asked, or noticed that I was blocking the pathway. Anyhow, when I saw this, I realized what was happening and shouted to him as he was turning around and walking back down the isle, “Hey, buddy, I did not see you there, sorry about that, come on and go around.” He turned and did that, and said something about his wife being all over the place (she had already turned the corner and was in the next isle), and I simply stated, “Yeah, it looks like your job is to just follow.” He lowered his eyes, realizing the harsh painful truth of those words. That was an unintended shiv that I just stuck right into him. He looked totally defeated.

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  18. I agree for the most part, but I have definitely met enough girls who “like” low valued guys. You’ll see them on the street, decent looking chicks leading unattractive beta males. (How else do you libtards breed?)

    These are not the chubby pusshatters (who are simply too fat to do better). These are good looking girls who are gunning below their league.


  19. So do these pussywhipped guys believe their behavior is GOOD? Or are they too scared to be better?


  20. There’s Public Displays of Affection and Public Displays of AFFECTATION which I see now being adopted by the Mill en dials soys.
    They almost want to over do the white knighting in a bid to stand out. The (((Shaver))) add was a good recent example.
    They don’t want to act like THOSE boys who act wude to girls but end up turning off their targets by overdoing it with the She’s the boss posing.


  21. on February 11, 2019 at 10:06 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Surrounded by group of older ladies as the music was Going
    Before wife came back
    One older lady like i want to be your wife
    She write on phone translate do u want it
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    Sang a little
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    In their heads they are fighting
    Believe She squidted jeans
    But yea i guess treat them all good
    My rapore in this area Going through roof
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  22. on February 12, 2019 at 4:57 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

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  23. Real love, though no-one’s going to enjoy it more than a few hours or days in a lifetime, is both submitting to the other: my sake is your sake, your sake is my sake.
    Both submit, it’s like neither submits submission-wise, with the difference that they are happy instead of lone.

    And yet, they are still too both domineering and feckless to learn to do it.

    The rest is war and trade — no matter in how many permutations it gets done.


  24. I once brought up in conversation with my wife the hypothetical situation of what would happen if our relationship were marred by infidelity.

    “I’d forgive you!”, she exclaimed, extremely Christianly.

    “Wow, not what I was thinking if you were the one to adulterate”, I thought to myself.

    Interestingly, her sweet, innocent response really hit me hard, and makes me less likely to ever be willing to cheat on her. I’d be screwing up too much of a good thing.


  25. Ugh, m0d.

    Didn’t even try to post a pic this time; merely forgot Captain O’s guidelines on f4m1ly-related words. Don’t use em.


  26. “Everyone cheered. I looked away.”

    Next time bust out laughing at least.


  27. He might not’ve been totally serious, but the fact that someone has slut intel on her doesn’t bode well


  28. soyboy: “She’s the boss”
    MagaMan: “What does that make you?” delivered in a nonchalance – I don’t care what the answer is – way.

    soyboy: “She’s one of the guys” – even heard military guys say this kind of crap.
    MagaMan: “So you’re like one of the girls? She’s a girl and if you’re all the same, it only makes sense”

    soiboys are infecting every place…work, school, recreation, religion. I have no interest in interacting with them but it’s often unavoidable. So if a quick response can shut them down, and allow me to get back to work, all the better.

    Perhaps someone can compile one line responses to your typical everyday shitlib, soyboy, feminist crap we have to suffer through every day. There is no time for logical debate with these people. It has to be a cutting, straight to the point one liner.