The Wages Of Sluttery

Sluts pay a price for their sluttery. The price isn’t always immediately or conspicuously evident, (which allows women to plausibly claim that their sluttery isn’t hurting them right now), but it is paid eventually.

Case in point: Alicia “Miss Piggy” Machado, the Venezuelan and former Miss Universe woman of color and weight who was exploited by thecunt as a cudgel against Trump, but who later was discovered to have a closet full of so many skeletons that it’s all the media could do to cover-up for Machado and keep breathing air into thecunt’s attempted Trump-targeting “killshot“.

Humorously, one of those skeletons involved Machado in a Spanish reality TV show in 2005 in which she was filmed having sex with one of the participants.

The broadcast showed Acaso on top of her, with Machado whispering in Spanish about his manhood.

“Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine,'” she moans while they romp.

All fun and games, except at the time Machado was engaged to Phillies baseball star Bobby Abreu, who quickly canceled the engagement after clips of her ride on the cock carousel went online.

Abreu made the smart choice — after all, sluts are more likely than chaste girls to cheat in marriage — and this anecdote is very telling of the price that sluts, even beautiful sluts, will pay. Men viscerally know, even if they can’t articulate their feelings, that sluts are both an expedited fun time and a long, slow descent into betrayal should one make the mistake of committing to a slut.

Evolution has seen fit to give men the skill of identifying and exploiting sluts for sexual pleasure without commitment. This is a behavioral trait that evolved from the necessity of paternity assurance to a man’s reproductive fitness. Marrying a slut and getting cuckolded by her later is the equivalent of never finding a woman to bear your children. It’s metadeath.

And so men are naturally leery of investing too much in sluts….even sexy sluts who are former Miss Universes. Now a beta schlub may have promptly “forgiven” and “supported” Machado after her cheating whore sex tape leaked because beta schlubs don’t have many sexual market options; they have to put up with a lot of female shit if they want access, however limited and unenthusiastically reciprocated, to prime pussy.

But an alpha male of Abreu’s stature (and as a pro baseball player he is that despite his unhandsome face) has plenty of options among sexy women. When Narco Kingpin Baby Momma Machado cheated on him, these options allowed him to easily and quickly cut her out of his life.

What does this matter to sluts? It matters this way: Most women want the best quality man they can get. Women who slut it up hurt their chances of getting that high quality man. A slut can assuage her ego by shacking up with a dickless betaboy willing to put up with her sordid past and skanky lifestyle, but deep in her heart she’ll know she lost out on a better man because better men want nothing to do with her kind beyond a perfunctory pump and dump.

This realization will burn a hole in a slut’s soul until the day she dies (of genital herpes complications).

The mythologizing into existence of a “slut-shaming culture”, like its “rape culture” cousin, may in fact be the political manifestation of a suppressed desire by women for a change in the dating market that reduces the necessity for signaling prompt sexual availability, (and related to the latter, a suppressed desire to be ravished by dominant sexy men). This hidden motivation goes to the nature of a woman’s romantic goals, which isn’t to serve as the town sperm receptacle but to leverage her body and youth for one high value man who forswears all other women for her alone.

Interestingly, the opacity and social disconnection of the anonymous urban sexual market conspires against women’s ability to achieve their prime directive by incentivizing sluttery as a relatively sustainable, if Sisyphean, long-term strategy. An atomized, class-stratified, mass scale society loses the natural checks and balances of extended or close family, childhood friends, and neighbors to shame a woman away from the slut life. The dedicated slut can swim these sexually liberated, sperm-saturated waters for a long time, because anonymity and hyper-individualism cloak her sexual history from beta males less experienced at identifying the behavioral and attitudinal tics of the slutty girl.

But it’s a self-defeating sexual market “advantage” that women can expect to enjoy in post-America. In the end, sluttiness outs. The beta male discovers this in divorce; the alpha male through the pre-release of an unauthorized sex tape or gleaned from a wisdom gained in the dating trenches. Even a Miss Universe found out the hard way what she would lose when her sluttiness was insufficiently shamed.


  1. Spot on


  2. on September 29, 2016 at 1:11 pm Captain Obvious

    There’s another terrible toll which the slut must endure: Her hindbrain tends to judge Alpha-ness by a man’s propensity for psychopathy & violence, and the judgment is NON-CONSTANT over time. The worse the s1ut is treated by the men in her life, the more her hindbrain adjusts to a new baseline as to what constitutes Alpha. So that, if, say, as a 17 y.o. high school senior, she experiences ana1, then, as an 18 y.o. college freshman, the new baseline for “Alpha” will be {ana1 + spanking}. As a 19 y.o. sophomore, the baseline for “Alpha” will have become {ana1 + spanking + hair-pulling}, as a 20 y.o. junior, it will be {ana1 + spanking + hair-pulling + choking}, and so on and so forth, until, by her mid-20s, any interaction with a man which is short of her starring [as the deceased] in an actual snuff film will strike her hindbrain as profoundly “Beta”.


    • on September 29, 2016 at 1:12 pm Captain Obvious

      Societally, the slut-Hamsters’ collective judgment of reality very rapidly disintegrates to the point that simply being a gentleman and opening a door for one of these s1uts will imprint in the Hamster’s mind the indelible impression of “Deplorable & Irredeemable Gamma Loser”.


      • on September 29, 2016 at 1:17 pm Captain Obvious

        BTW, you see exactly this pattern in Miss Piggy’s behavior: She is initially attracted to a world-class gentleman like The Donald, then she moves down a notch to a professional baseball player, then she ditches him for some sleazy TV actor, and, before you know it, she’s b!rthing the ch!ldren of drug kingpins and serving as the getaway driver from a murd3r scene. All because the Hamster’s sense of “Alpha” is NON-CONSTANT, and keeps lusting after a bigger & bigger bang-for-the-buck.


      • on September 29, 2016 at 1:18 pm Captain Obvious


        [CH: if this is true — ie that the hamster has a self-destruct executable — then we can easily segue to the argument that a healthy society places a stop on that exe file runtime. or: sane societies know that untrammeled female sexuality is a boon for short-term hedonists but a bust for long-term civilization.]

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      • Using the computer science analogy, leftism is like malware. Feminism-ware, diversity-ware, etc.etc. Each consuming resources of the host for the benefit of another network.


      • on September 29, 2016 at 5:17 pm Captain Obvious

        Marx & Engels suspected that the family [K-Selection, {1-Man}/{1-Woman}] was the foundation of Western Civilization, and attacked it in “The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State.” But after Freud, the Frankfurt School undoubtedly witnessed so much of this self-destructive insanity in their Yenta & Shiksa Nymphomaniac patients that they must have realized that The Darkness which dwells in every woman’s hindbrain could be unleashed to destroy Western Civilization & Chr!stianity, if only the (((they))) could seize control of the culture. Then ultimately, Edison’s development of Motion Pictures [and Farnsworth’s development of television] would give (((them))) precisely the opening (((they))) needed – movies, TV, and of course the Long Gramscian March through the institutions.


      • @Captain Obvious

        It’s the tragedy of the white man to build great things, only to have it all leeched off of to ((their)) benefit and our demise.


      • on September 29, 2016 at 8:01 pm Captain Obvious

        CIRCA 3:35 ——— “At the end of August, the young cuckoo will start its lonely journey to AFRICA; it will return next spring, maybe even to the same reed bed, and try to toss an egg into a reed warbler’s nest…”


      • Nature’s prophetic


    • yes. and while she is having a harder and harder time being attracted to normal healthy men as time goes on, we are finding her less and less attractive as well. so in the end, she really has no choice but to settle for low quality men.

      anymore i can’t muster up even the slightest bit of attraction for a girl once i’ve discovered she’s had a lot of partners. not even a hate f*ck fantasy. they are repulsive to me now.


  3. Very much related: mystery after 2 middle aged Minnesota women killed at African island resort. Read the article, note the family’s comments, then use your CH aquired knowledge to develop a theory to solve this mystery. Link in my reply below.


    • Lolz! awesome.


    • Perfect. Check out the mugshot. He’s not a pajama boy.

      [CH: a skinny man with a shitlord mug taking it directly to the googles. that means the balls on him are extra large.]

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    • Charged with “civil rights intimidation”.

      Sounds like a gag that just about any late show host would have pulled, under opposite racial conditions.

      Are they going to go to the next Trump rally and round up the protesters?

      The boy better spend whatever it takes to get a lawyer to get this dropped.


    • Suspended from school (will eventually be expelled), arrested and charged with “civil rights intimidation.” For wearing a gorilla mask and handing out bananas… Where’s the intimidation?

      In current year America, the scope of your rights is no longer determined by how responsibly you exercise them. Instead, the scope of your rights is strictly limited by how the most emotionally fragile third party feels about you exercising those rights. If they don’t feel “safe”, you don’t have rights.

      We a long way from Runnymede, crackas.

      [CH: we live under a tyranny. a leftoid tyranny. someone remind the skypess within of this reality.]

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    • Definatly Shitlord of the Week material. So many lulz to be had there, not to mention balls of steel.


    • bahaha that was classic well done young shitlord. Mockery and ridicule are now considered hate speech? pussies


  4. Sorry to be a 2 comment nutjob, but doesn’t the fact that men’s penises are designed to scoop out the sperm of other men tell you everything you need to know about women? In the past, women must have been promiscuous to the extreme. Civization happened when wise, future oriented men started to control women’s sexuality.


    • I think this whole “scooping” thing is just one of those half-assed evo theories that ran amok.

      [CH: yeah i’ve become agnostic on these “penis shape proves [X]” evolutionary theories. i’ve read the claims and the counter-claims, and both claimants make good points. for instance, the penis mushroom shape could be an evolved mechanism to scoop out competitor seed…or it could be a feature that helps prevent the penis from slipping out during ejaculation. the former is more of an indictment of female sexual nature than the latter, which is why it gets so much more lurid press.]


      • Exactly. Mostly likely complete bullshit. Did they get a girl and let 10 guys run train on her and see who was the dad 9 months later?

        Although they could probably find some taste cases on Maury

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      • yeah, i find it really hard to believe that women were as slutty in the past as they are now.

        the scoop theory might come into play since men probably took women by force more often in primitive times and everyone was humping like rabbits. but CH’s comment about preventing slip out seems more likely. other animals have similar features for the same reason.


      • Test cases on Maury, heh.

        Most droll… and it’s been awhile since I’ve said that. 😉


      • If that scooping thing was true and necessary, we’d all have schwantzenstücke down to our knees.

        [CH: it might be more true for some races than for others. i hope you can see where i’m going with this.]


      • When we’re talking about how human’s evolved, we’re talking about the very distant past. I find it easy to believe that hunter-gatherer groups functioned much like chimp tribes… They still do in Africa.


      • [CH: it might be more true for some races than for others. i hope you can see where i’m going with this.]

        I see what you’re doing there… but the evolutionary explanation is much simpler.

        When yo’ wimmens be built like hippos and gorillas, well…


      • More likely the penis & vagina “competed” in an evolutionary arms race, while penises competed against each other for securest deposit of their load in the same female. While scooping isn’t much in evidence (but can’t be ruled out as an effect), overloading is: check out spider monkey mating trains for visual confirmation. The stuff plops out in a ball (“bolus”) which the female eats.


  5. And yet none of them will sleep with the Faggot -Gamma within…

    Eve, why won’t you break him/her/it off a piece?

    Two-for-one rape!


    • Awww, Whorefinder, I’m not sure what you are asking but I see you’ve missed me – a faceless, anonymous woman who could be any age, any weight, any appearance. But contact with a woman after a fashion, nonetheless. That’s a little bit sad and sweet all at once.

      All your anger just covers your hurt. You poor thing alimony!

      [CH: i eagerly await whorefinder’s boisterously recontextualized rape segue to this comment.]


      • lmao. So you’re saying that you will never sleep with the Faggot-Gamma Within, no matter how hard he begs.

        Faggot-Gamma Within loses again rape!


    • I never said that I wouldn’t sleep with the Spirit! Of course, I could be a 400-pound 75-year-old for all you know, Whorefinder.

      But it doesn’t matter. There are many sources of self-worth besides whether people want to fuck you. I’m all in favor of men (and women) trying to get laid, but have some sense of perspective, people.


      • lmao. Oh so now the Faggot-Gamma Within has a chance to break his non-anal virginity with you? Hooray! I’ll tell him/her/it to get in line behind the other men you’re inviting into your bed today.

        Two for one rape!


  6. on September 29, 2016 at 1:59 pm Wrong Side of History

    My boy got cheated on by his girl and decided to forgive her (against my advice)

    They wound up [email protected] and she literally cuck’d him with somebody she met online



    • That’s actually somewhat sad…

      And although we’ve clashed on this forum in the past… and I despise your very being and entrails… and will eviscerate all of your past ancestors, come the next life… you and he have my sincerest sympathy.


    • I originally read ‘my boy’ meaning ‘my son’ and was horrified by your response. Just some dumb friend being an idiot happens. God knows how many of my friends are pussy whipped who completely refuse to take any advice from anyone else regarding women.

      If a girl does this to someones son, I wouldn’t convict if something happened to her.


  7. A little heads up for my bro´s here.
    Get your money of your bank account and buy shit with it while it´s still worth something.
    Deutsche Bank is definitely going byebye this weekend, if there even is that much time. Silent bankrun on them is already happening.

    This guy knows what´s up.

    Prepare. Be alpha dogs.


  8. Venezuelan and former Miss Universe woman of color

    I met the woman about 10 years ago, in Venezuela. Any claim she makes to being a “woman of color” is analogous to Vox Day claiming to be a red indian. I’m sure they’ve both got some Indian blood in them, but that was way back up in the family tree.

    [CH: yeah the “woman of color” label is a joke at the expense of shitlibs who like to conflate white spaniard latinas with diversity.]

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    • CH: yeah the “woman of color” label is a joke at the expense of shitlibs who like to conflate white spaniard latinas with diversity.]

      I didn’t think that was going to have to be explained… aw, well.


  9. Someone is color blind, she is white.


  10. |a suppressed desire by women for a change in the dating market that reduces the necessity for signaling prompt sexual availability”


    Rape Culture


    These people are sexual retards. Calling anything a white frat bro (or an Army bro) does as rape culture shows they can’t handle the evaluation process of getting jiggy with a guy.


  11. Amazing post! This is something I’ve been doting on a lot recently, as I tried (VERY unsuccessfully) to try and commit to a girl who I later found out was a massive slut. One surefire sign of a slut is when you treat them well but they ruin things anyway – Either they want to get back on the carousel, or they have such low self-worth that they resent you for caring about them. Abreu found this out with the former – His fiancee was such an empty hole that she had to ruin the chance of being the trophy wife of a famous athlete by getting stuffed by strange dick.

    In addition, there isn’t any such thing as a whore with a heart of gold. If a woman is a slut then it’s usually a symptom of larger issues within her, and disorder will infest other areas of her life:
    – Bad personality with terrible mood swings
    – Higher chance of mental illness
    – Troubled relationships with friends and family
    – Inability to hold down jobs
    – More apt to indulge in risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, drugs, and excessive alcohol use
    – Health issues caused by this unhealthy lifestyle

    The last point really hits the nail on the head of why sluts are a bad investment. Most slutty girls I know have some kind of chronic health issue caused by their lifestyle (STD, organ issues, sterility, etc.). Single mothers almost always tend to be single mothers because of slutty behavior – Ever notice how many of their kids have health issues? I can’t help but think it’s either because they didn’t take care of themselves while pregnant, or they just have shitty genes that got passed down to the kid.

    I also can’t help but think that STDs are nature’s way of saying you shouldn’t fuck everything that moves. Notice how the more hypersexual the person, the worse the STDs are? HIV/AIDS tends to infect hypersexual gay men more than anyone else, types who are known to have triple-digit notch counts. Sure, a virgin could get HIV from the first time they have sex, but it isn’t likely. Hell, I got strep throat last winter from having a one-night stand with the sluttiest girl I’ve ever been with, and I never get sick from hook-ups – She was basically a walking petri dish.


    • One surefire sign of a slut is when you treat them well but they ruin things anyway – Either they want to get back on the carousel, or they have such low self-worth that they resent you for caring about them.

      “but they ruin things anyway”

      A related phenomenon is extreme flightiness and wanderlust.


    • “A related phenomenon is extreme flightiness and wanderlust.”

      yep. i see a couple of girls like that on my facebook feed.

      old classmates who are constantly talking about traveling or ‘adventuring’. i think they believe that men find that kind of girl fun and a good catch. but in reality, they appear to me as girls who will likely never be satisfied or happy unless they always have something exciting going on in their life to entertain them.

      they’re either traveling all the time or constantly going to restaurants, festivals, concerts, etc. always remodeling their homes or moving somewhere else, changing their jobs, getting new tattoos, new nails, different hair, etc.

      i’m exhausted just thinking about it. girls like that are the opposite of a good catch.


      • “girls like that are the opposite of a good catch”

        here’s the irony: when she meets you, mister zfg alpha, she quickly decides you’re “the one”. the guy she’s been waiting for all her life. the nice but manly guy that she’s d-e-s-e-r-v-e-d allll along. a fairy tail ending….until in short order she senses that you’re not buying the lies. then immediately she reverts to “all men are pigs”.

        no dear. all men AREN’T pigs… they’re pigs to YOU because honesty matters, and you’ve chosen a lifestyle that requires an almanac’s worth of lies to conceal. why should an honest guy give you the time of day, when the only thing he can expect from you long term is a soft version of armed robbery?

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      • Exactly. It’s rather difficult to get a husband if you’re moving every few months to a different city or town, or traveling all the time. Or even simply giving off the impression that you have the attention span and focus of a six-year-old.

        ONSes, on the other hand…

        …so yeah, a major slut tell.

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      • “i think they believe that men find that kind of girl fun and a good catch.”

        This is one part of it, and it’s projection on the girls’ end – They like guys who are rugged and adventurous, so they try and chameleon that to have these guys be attracted to them. Unfortunately, most of the time when females travel alone they usually just do stuff like eat food and sit around at the beach (And I suppose sample the local dick). It’s basically stuff they do at home anyway, but when they’re far away from their social group they can do wild stuff and get away with it. If a guy goes some place to go hiking or climb a mountain, chances are he’s actually there to go hiking or climb a mountain.

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  12. there’s another interesting side effect of sluttery and that’s bipolarity. the backlog of slut tracks that a loose girl has to cover becomes so profuse at a certain point that she literally has to start over and create a superficial, pleasant, “who me?” alter-ego, which she presents to the world as her socially acceptable PR rep.

    this enables her to keep her dark side hidden from view, from the world AND from herself, but it’s still there, always lurking beneath the surface. start poking around too much and you’ll see it rear its vicious head, followed shortly by her almost certainly permanent disappearance.

    be on the lookout for overly wound up face, high, neurotic energy, crazed eyes and dramatically drawn-in eyebrows. the thousand lie stare. proceed with caution and wear your shitlord attitude on your shirtsleeve.


    • yep, i suspect that’s why you see so many sluts volunteering for animal or homeless shelters and in helping professions like caregivers, nurses, social work, etc.

      they know they are dirty whores at their core so they come up with covers like that in an attempt to pass as normal healthy women. they are also the most self-righteous people you’ll ever know. putting other people down for not being as passionate about their causes as they are. how dare you not care about animals and homeless people!

      as a side note…
      anyone ever notice that non-slutty virtuous women tend to get involved in charities that help their own community, especially babies, or sick children. and the sluts get in jobs or charities that help abortion clinics, animals, and the dregs of society? not sure what that means but it’s a pattern i’ve noticed.


      • Sluts do all that stuff in mock penance – basically to assuage subconscious guilt – in a futile effort to fill the God-shaped void in their abjectly empty lives.


    • “this enables her to keep her dark side hidden from view, from the world AND from herself, but it’s still there, always lurking beneath the surface. start poking around too much and you’ll see it rear its vicious head, followed shortly by her almost certainly permanent disappearance.”

      THIS. I can’t tell you how many damaged/slutty girls I’ve known who take up some cause to appear to be functional human beings. I’ve also noticed that many damaged girls I know abandon social media for long periods at some point in their lives, if they don’t just outright move across the country. I’m assuming this is because they couldn’t hide their degeneracy or were caught in too many lies, so they have to disappear to let the storm blow over, or move to start fresh. This is why it’s a huge red flag for me when a girl has lived in many different cities or countries in a short period of time, not related to work or school.

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      • “damaged girls I know abandon social media for long periods at some point in their lives”

        yeah, in this day and age, it is a bit of a red flag when a girl is rarely or never on social media. and/or if she doesn’t have many friends or followers. most of them at least have a few hundred old classmates or coworkers in their list. simply because polite, friendly, normal girls tend to get requests since they are generally well liked. then they accept the requests because they are nice and friendly and normal.

        if they have low activity and also lower than typical friend/follower numbers, they’ve probably got issues. probably don’t get along that well with other people, especially other women, they’ll say that there is too much drama on social media so that’s why they don’t use it. but as we all know, people who say they don’t like drama in their lives are the biggest drama creators of all.


      • @88:
        I actually think it’s a good sign if a girl never really got into social media in the first place. My last girlfriend had an iPhone but rarely used Facebook or Instagram. And it was just as well, because I know from the past how much drama Facebook can cause. It was also cool because she wasn’t constantly snooping on me on social media, trying to catch me being “bad”. Coincidentally, this was the first girl I never had to worry about cheating on me – Tight game, a devoted girl, and never using social media does wonders.

        In my last post I was talking more about girls who were all over social media and then just disappear. One girl in particular stands out, she had a strong social media presence and then, surprise, really only pops up every once in a while to post photos of dogs from her volunteer job. This girl was a slut and drama llama, constantly trying to steal me from my girlfriend at the time and hiding that she had a boyfriend on social media. I assume it all caught up to her, she had a meltdown, and now posts on social media a couple times a month at most. A real departure from when she posted several times a day.

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      • And bonus points if a person, male or female, says they need to “get their life in order”, then to do so deletes their social media accounts. I don’t know about you, but Facebook isn’t keeping me from achieving my goals and dreams. I spend a lot of time on it, but if looking at memes and displays of vanity are ruining your life then you have far bigger problems.

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  13. Here’s a fun bit of lyrics as an additional verse you can sing karaoke to in place of one stanza in Josh Turner’s song, “Firecracker.”

    “Exploding cum hits her right between the eyes
    Her grin widens big at my fountain’s surprise
    The girl likes to play with myyy…talleywhacker.
    My little darlin’ is aaa…firecracker


  14. God alicia machado is ugly, i heard latina women age like spoiled milk aside from the beautiful moms who never did this stuff. She is ugly now


  15. Social media is like the angel of lights to a slut. Entranced by its glimmering beauty, it persuades them to feed their hypergamous lusts, albeit leaving a dark transcript for the awoke man to uncover their debauchery.


  16. on September 30, 2016 at 8:46 am Wrong Side of History


    I’ve noticed that when I’m in a bulk phase and my T levels are through the roof, my sexuality becomes quite niggerish. I’m obsessed with the ass and drawn to slutty faces.

    When I level off, it’s all about tits and wholesome faces I can bring home to mom.

    It seems like I fluctuate wildly between r/K.


  17. What is the race and sex of those stealing most of these Trump signs? The weakest link, of course!