Where Men And Women Meet To Find Love In The Current Year

Rod Dreher, Über-Poseur Pussy-Pedestaler Christcuck Cuckstian Cuckstraordinaire and advocate for the Craft Brew Selfie Option, linked to a Free Northerner blog post (and tangentially to this rumble abode) to explore the reasons why young Christians have stopped meeting their potential spouses at Church.

I’ve discussed the same interesting dating market changes underlying the graphic Dreher featured at his blog and highlighted in this older CH post (with correct attribution along the margin of the graph, so the spergatroid dreher commenters can quit their bitchin’….and fyi, readers email unattributed jpegs to me all the time, so if I post a few without PROPERLY linking the source you can sleep soundly that the oversight wasn’t intentional).

Excerpted from that CH post, remarking on the sexual market changes to women and their place in it caused by the rise of bars and online dating as the primary mediums facilitating courtship:

Every inception source of romance is down over the past 70 years except for bars and online. What happens in bars and online that doesn’t happen in the normal course of events when couples meet through the more traditional routes? That’s right: Intense, relentless, and usually charmless come-ons by drunk and socially clumsy [ed: thirsty] men, that pump girls full of themselves. We’ve entered the age of the narcissistically-charged woman who houses in the well-marbled fat of her skull ham a steroid-injected, Facebook-fed hamster spinning its distaff vessel’s place in the world as the center of existence.

This is coming at the change from the angle of women’s egos, and how their over-inflated and over-stroked egos will be a barrier to love and marriage. But there are other ominous portents in the major changes to the way men and women meet.

As you can see from the graph, every avenue for meeting the opposite sex is down over the last twenty years, except one. The percentage of couples who met through college is down (partly a result of college becoming 60% female-40% male). Couples who met through family is way down (continuing a long-term trend). Couples who met through Church is down (and almost near zero). Couples who met through work is way down (and likely to hit rock bottom after this #MeToo sex panic burns itself out).

The majority of couples still meet through friends, but that too is on a downward trend, set to be eclipsed soon, if the trajectory holds up, by restaurant/bar, which is the only meeting place that is upwardly trending. Couples who met through online dating appears to have leveled off. This might be a temporary lull as privacy and security issues are worked out, but I suspect it’s the calm before online dating takes a nosedive as a matchmaking facilitator. I predict this because it has dawned on women that men use online dating as a sex supplement to their “real” dating lives, and it has dawned on men that women use online dating to hide their physical flaws (fat) and to aggressively filter out any but the top 5% of men in looks (which is an unstable selection filter utterly divorced from the reality of what women want in men, and which means that exclusive online dating will end badly for women’s romantic hopes of commitment with a good man).

Ultimately, the best weapon against internet-abetted female ego validation is LOWER MALE INVESTMENT. If a man must deal with a woman’s hypergonadal ego, (and consequently her revved-up hypergamous impulse), his first order of business must be neutralizing the influence and unclogging the romance-blockage of her ego. This, in practice, means FLIPPING THE SEDUCTION SCRIPT as soon as possible, and creating the perception that you are the chased and she is the chaser.

What does the massive and radical change in the way men and women meet each other mean for Western society? Can we glimpse the ropey contours of our future Jizztopia?

Relevant, from that older CH post,

This isn’t your Greatest Generation’s dating market. Prairie farm ladies aren’t waiting at home for a battle-weary man to rescue them from spinsterhood. Women aren’t effusively grateful to men for giving them the opportunity to exit the singles market. The sexual market has, in sum, devolved from a K-selected one to an r-selected one, and all that goes with such a cataclysmic change. The era of High Male Investment and Low Male Sexiness courtship signaling — poems and flowers and punctuality and appeasing her parents and stressing your financial stability and lavishing her with promises of eternal devotion — is OVER. Or, at least, its effectiveness greatly attenuated. We are now in the era of Low Male Investment and High Male Sexiness, or altered perceptions thereof.

Church won’t be restored as a meeting place for singles any time soon, barring some unforeseen seismic shift in attitudes toward religiosity and patriarchy (the two go together when both are healthy).

Neither will college, as long as it remains a warehouse for aggrieved Diversity and intellectually mediocre but conscientious girls, and antagonistic to young White men. Feminist cuntsent culture is turning campuses into anhedonic deserts.

Family? Age of first marriage is later than ever, fertility is down, single mommery is way up, miscegenation is up, and families are geographically and socially atomized to the edge of becoming total strangers with a shared genealogy. Family will continue its downward slide as a matchmaker.

Meeting as coworkers? MEEEE TOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Nope, the days of the corporate office as informal imprimatur of marital proposals are past us. The future is the increasingly rare (and risky) after hours bang in the janitor closet.

Social media, video gaming, porn, and the attendant isolation are undermining the service of friends as the primary means of bringing people together for the making of loves. It’s possible friends can come back as the major matchmaking vector, but I wouldn’t count on it happening until Generation Zyklon matures, and by that time it will have assumed a much different pallor than what it has been for most of the last sixty years.

Online dating is stagnating. I predict it will crash further, for the reasons noted above.

Restaurant/Bar is the new Family/Church, and given that post-atomization friends mostly meet offline at bars nowadays, these venues will also be quasi-dating services run by close friends and acquaintances. The upward trend should continue.

Anything new on the whoreizon?


SWPL shitlibs shudder at the thought because clubs imply exclusivity (as well they should…no club is worth the membership that doesn’t have exclusionary practices), but they’ll have to get over it or just admit that their preferred venues are de facto exclusive clubs. How many blacks and browns do you see at craft breweries? Artisanal distilleries? Shooting ranges? Bowling alleys? Painting classes? Wineries? Art shows? You get the idea.

As Diversity scours at our communality and social bonds, expect to see implicitly White (or nonWhite) clubs re-emerge as forces of social glue and romantic promise. If Gen Zyklon is real, this movement will be helped along by a renewed support for the principle of free association.

One more possibility that I don’t think is a positive development: ideology will loom larger as a requirement for meeting the opposite sex. I hate this trend, because it elevates the abstract (pussyhattery) above the concrete (blood sugar sex passion). What this portends is a dire future in which ideologically oriented clubs and venues become the dominant medium by which people meet and pair off. After that happens, it won’t be long before Civil War 2.

I’ll end this post with a comment pulled from Dreher’s post, by Tex Austin:

Historians will one day seek to unravel the mystery of how, in our present unsustainable cultural moment — rife with contradictions as it is — a corner of the blogosphere intended to help hapless “betas” learn how to “bang HB 9’s” morphed into the source of the most convincing arguments for traditional sexual morality.

That said, I never thought I’d live to see Rod link to Heartiste!

Why wouldn’t he? I’ve had nothing but the moloko plus of love for Rod! Who was first to praise Rod for standing firm with Trump and for recognizing the yuge shift in the political and cultural landscape that Trump’s rise represented?

Rod is an hero to me. A true Instagram Christian. A man for the times.


  1. […] Where Men And Women Meet To Find Love In The Current Year […]


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    • Last year mypostingcareer had a thread going about Dreher and what an insufferable piece of work he is:


      Really great reading.


      • on December 22, 2017 at 10:23 am Captain Obvious

        Wow. That was gut-wrenching. I forced myself to read the first page, but there were still seven moar pages after that. Yikes.

        I was sort of vaguely aware of “Crunchy Cons”, from back when my Dad still had a National Review subscription.

        Of course, that was about exactly the same time as when I discovered Joseph Sobran…

        Anyway, I had no idea that Dreher was such a psychological basket case. Cluster-B Narcissistic Personality Disorder + Non-Specified Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder is some pure, unadulterated EVIL.


    • lol

      lucius is an old incel


  2. “A true Instagram Christian”

    Speaking as a Christian, this is the deadliest shiv I’ve seen wielded here.

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  3. Open mic night at the craft brew bar…loads of SWPL chicks there dying for entertainment.

    “I shoulda learned to play the guitar…”

    Don’t be that guy. Learn to play and you’ll stand out.

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    • Then come off stage and battle against her iPhag to hold her attention. Once you get it, tell her you are a MAGA Shitlord. Watch head explode as the other SWPL girls circle the wagons to protect her and call 911 because– RAPIST!

      It is a nice little pipe dream, reality will be much more grim. Sorry to piss in your Cheerios but I’m a realist above all else.

      Of course you can coddle her with shitlibby lies if you just want the bang but you’ll need a shower and a soul eventually.

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      • on December 21, 2017 at 7:04 pm Captain Obvious

        Lotsa black-pilling in this thread already.

        I seem to recall a Nordic blonde icy-blue-eyed ex-lifeguardette out there somewhere in DC…


      • Lol.
        Sincerity makes human relationships impossible.
        You can spare yourself all showers, and farm a verdant soul, but that comes with living a solitary’s life.
        It’s one of the options.


    • just learn how to palm mute and play in Drop-D

      u’ll look like a bad ass


    • also

      learn some basic flamenco and mess around with opening tunings


  4. Just to see the other side, I made a man’s account to see what men’s options are in online dating and oh boy is it bad. Mostly fatties or single mothers. As a millennial, dating is absolutely atrocious. Guys don’t even ask for your number. They ask for your Snapchat which is just an app where you trade pictures all day. And there’s been a lot of men I’ve began talking who I have looked up on Facebook and they’re already in relationships. And me and my friends have all shared the complaint even casual sex is hard to come by. Men don’t seem as interested in NSA sex. One 22 year old I talked to hadn’t had sex in 4 years. And he was ok with it.


    • Yeah Dating Apps are horrible places to find a date.

      Better to hit up gyms, dance clubs and somewhere else like that.

      Helps to weed out the fatties if nothing else.


    • on December 21, 2017 at 7:37 pm Captain Obvious

      A, where are do you live, very roughly?


    • Where are you at in Lootsyanistan, Anon ?


    • on December 22, 2017 at 3:16 am Obstinatus Ludificator

      Have you been paying attention lately? There are “strings” attached to “excessive” eye contact, never mind sex. The price has exploded as the product has substantially worsened.

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      • The price has gone up and quality has gone down. This is a bubble. The jew speculators don’t let any market safe. When the bubble explode betas uprising will became alpha as rivers of traitor blood and women chained to their new masters are the start of a new west destined to span across all space and time God has given to White Men


    • Tits, or GTFO.


    • Just to see the other side, I made a man’s account to see what men’s options are in online dating and oh boy is it bad. Mostly fatties or single mothers. As a millennial, dating is absolutely atrocious. Guys don’t even ask for your number. They ask for your Snapchat which is just an app where you trade pictures all day.

      Online relationships are a simulation of the embodied relationship. All surface with the false appearance of depth. It’s easier to be witty or pretty when you have time to craft your official image. The improvisation muscle becomes atrophied. Virtue (of any sort) can be simulated, but not in real time, not in person. Your peers retreat to cyberia (snapchat), putting distance between you rather than closing it (intimacy) because they only have the chops for a highly structured, low-pressure game wherein everyone can “curate” himself into perfection.

      And me and my friends have all shared the complaint even casual sex is hard to come by. Men don’t seem as interested in NSA sex. One 22 year old I talked to hadn’t had sex in 4 years. And he was ok with it.

      Sex is easy, and it’s only ever truly NSA online when he’s playing with just himself. Intimacy is hard. We have locked each member of the millennial generation into their own dark, windowless rooms during their formative years and expect them to function socially when they come into contact with another human being.

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  5. why we love dogs


    • this of course is not an ordinary dog He is PUA trained and thought how to steal the frame from early puppyhood


  6. Yeah, it looks like “restaurant/bar” is the only option for a lot of men. Although, I’d amend it slightly to “bar/pub”, since restaurants without bars are generally too expensive and inefficient to work well. Coffeehouses might work too, at least for day game.

    I do also see online dating imploding, primarily as men, especially those with IRL game, bail. It might still work for those under 25 (due to age matching) and/or who look like Calvin Klein models, but it’s pretty much useless for everyone else.

    College may work for certain subcultures (those in the Greek system, the SJW set, those in the larger majors which are more sex-balanced, etc.) but again, not well for those who aren’t.

    Churches have collapsed as venues because most have become so feminized and pozzed, especially within the last ten years, that the young men have bailed. It’s amazing the pozzification that has been burning through even evangelical Christian churches these days. I’ve noticed it even spreading to the Mormons.


    • Makes me wonder; what with it being so hard to even find a quality women as it is.

      If what we see is an increase in game or the solo don or if eventually; men just start going with foreign online brides.

      Think the swedes are starting to do that; hitting up Colombian women for brides.

      People being Solo Don’s “might” have an up growth but what with “Metooism”, rules or laws against asking women out are starting pop up so aside from the risk taking types, don’t see the common man going that way.

      I’m almost surprised that bars have seen a growth, especially considering how intoxication could lead to a rape charge.

      Though maybe that’s why we will see a drop there as well in the future.

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      • The chart only goes to 2010. A lot has changed since then.


      • It’s not hard to understand at all. Bars / pubs are literally one of the last places available where people can spontaneously meet others who aren’t in their social circle (if they even have one). I do not see any real replacement for them on the horizon.


      • Looked up a more recent one:


        39 percent met through friends
        15 Percent meet at work
        12 Percent Bars or Other Public Areas
        9 Percent Sports/Religion/Hobbies
        8 Percent Dating App
        7 Percent Through the Family
        6 Percent School
        1 Percent Speed Dating
        3 Percent Other

        And the 2010 chart has it at around 25%?

        So it’s dropped by essentially at least 50% since 2010, factoring that other public areas are being included here. So essentially Bars+all outside encounters+day game.

        I guess the only real question left is; where do all the good looking people met?

        Have people rate who gets studied and factor that in. I’m almost confused that I’ve never heard of that being done.

        One thing that just accurred to me was; this was also a sample “representative” of the general population.

        IE Lesbians and Gays are in there as well.

        I suppose that might also include PoC so their dating habits would be affecting this as well.


    • Even the Greek system is becoming less effective for assortative mating. 1) With the female/male imbalance, the frats are comparatively smaller or fewer in number relative to the sororities. A mixer if you’re a guy means 80+ women for your 50+ guys. No incentive for men to pair up in that context. 2) Hookup culture not relationship culture in college generally. 3) Women not looking for anything permanent to disrupt career/grad school path. 4) The liability risk for the national organizations for drinking/hookups gone wrong/roofies, etc.

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      • My alma mater still has more frats than sororities, and the sorority chicks are still typically able to select their future hvsbands among the frat bros by the time they graduate.

        I’ll grant that like everything else nowadays, it’s less likely to be happening as time goes by, considering my alma mater added a couple new sororities in the last decade or so, and at least one frat was suspended due to various mishaps. But it still works at least fairly well here.


    • >> It’s not hard to understand at all. Bars / pubs are literally one of the last places available where people can spontaneously meet others who aren’t in their social circle
      — vfm#7634

      [Online and] bars/pubs are one of the last places where men KNOW that girls won’t scream “MEEEETTOOOOOOOOO” for talking to them. Those men are seeking safety. I don’t totally blame them.

      You can meet folks outside of your social circle literally anyplace there are folk you don’t know. The more foot traffic… the more options. #bigcities

      But… bars/pubs offer some suggested “permission” to approach. And the alcohol to fuel such an approach.

      THAT ^ is why they are popular with men.

      Bars/pubs have the volume of folks (sort of), the booze, and the “permissionz.” Cue the once-timid, now drunk and bold approach!

      NIGHTGAMER: “I can’t stay long, but I’m looking for a female opinion… who lies more? Guys or girls?”


      The reality is, you can walk up and talk to girls… anywhere there are girls.
      “Permission” is an illusion. And wanting permission is -2 SMV.

      *cough* DAYGAME *cough*



      *cough* *cough* *cough*
      *cough* *cough*

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  7. An hero?

    ::subtle in obscurity::


  8. on December 21, 2017 at 7:21 pm Gregory Daniel Nikolic

    Men need to wake up and realize that — beneath the ego-preening — women are STARVED for someone to stand out as relationship material.

    Once you have what she needs, **DO NOT OFFER IT FOR FREE**. If she is dying to commit-up with you, you should be treating your love and relationship concomitants as your “sex” that you are “opening your legs” to her for. Your relationship is worth about 10 times what her physical sex would have been worth . . . .

    . . . in 1930.

    So keep those relationship “legs” closed, gents, and exploit it to the hilt for yourself for all you can dream.


  9. on December 21, 2017 at 7:27 pm Gregory Daniel Nikolic

    By the way HBomb Oracle (Heartiste), Merry Christmas from Sorcerygod / Xwarper / etc / etc etc.

    Me. I still plan on employing you as #2 in my corporation in Toronto if you want. I’m serious as an icepick in the eye. Someone is looking out for you (think of me as a lottery ticket).

    And to the rest of you all? Saucy Queer wishes you the very best.


  10. +1 on the Clockwork Orange homage… a propos in re the dystopian environment for today’s forlorn questing beast (ahem) pursuers of soul mates.


  11. Holy shit. That June 2009 beta of the month article was brutal.


  12. As much as I utterly despise CrossFit , I could see it being a great club-like venue to pick up masculine bodied women.

    I have a childhood friend that divorced a few years ago who has tried the dating websites & apps and he says it sucks, and all the controls are skewed towards the women. He’s so fed up he’s moving to Colorado for his love of skiing and the abundance of fit women, no fatties. Hate to see him go, but completely understand.


    • He should be careful in Colorado. A lot of the young women are hard left, and there are more fatties than you might think.


    • ” What a crock of shit!

      Looks like pro-weed types follow the gambits of the queers… EVERYBODY in the past smoked weed, eh? ”

      That’s not my quote genius, its directly from the article. SMH

      Do you even read brau ?


      • What are you, some kind of asshole? I wasn’t addressing you, I was addressing the author’s claim.

        Of course, you in your petulance (Danger) have to take it personally whenever I question your links.

        Now I’ll join you in a good, vigorous:
        (((shakin’ o’ de haid)))


      • Addressing triggers mod? Really? (((you know what)))


    • To get back on track, crossfit:

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  13. “If a man must deal with a woman’s hypergonadal ego, his first order of business must be neutralizing the influence and unclogging the romance-blockage of her ego.”

    That was her parents’ job when she was 5-15 years old. You know what I don’t like to do when I buy a new car? Assemble the car.

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    • Parents no longer do that job, has been like this for a few decades already.

      Communication technology (Internet) is changing this, as much else.


    • Thanks, liberals!! (“Communities” ain’t as responsible as “parents”… )


  14. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-20/did-bushes-try-hide-connection-second-mile

    Jerry Sandusky network and the Bush clan. CO was right about this.


  15. on December 22, 2017 at 5:44 am pathfinderlight

    The general meaning of the graph is that society no longer knows how to help its members get together. Meeting through family, friends, church, and to a lesser extent college is necessary for the social proof to go to men more likely to benefit society. When women are expected to meet men by themselves, they select based on tingles first. In any selection process, the first cut is based on the most important quality.


  16. get a gym membership

    saw the sexiest quadroon doing leg curls. my focus was all fucked up because all I could think about was this breezy sitting on my face


  17. Playing music has been my savior. In a room full of gym rats I am a slim beta with a good job. On stage (and especially on tour) I could hook up with random women who were otherwise out of my league. It doesn’t hurt that I’m naturally outgoing.

    I think the key is finding scenes that work for you. Dance clubs are tough unless you have serious game, have a good wing man with connections, and/or are seriously good looking. I did occasionally have success there – I had a super alpha buddy who was plugged into clubs in NYC – but it wasn’t the right scene for my angle (funny thing: this same friend had trouble transferring his “club game” to the hipster chicks in Brooklyn, who preferred a more beta approach).

    I did better better this way:

    1. Work hard to integrate yourself into several cliques of female friends (be it work, co-ed sports, book clubs, whatever). Women who have boyfriends are perfect because if you’re simply “funny” or ” cool” (not a slimeball) they will let you into the circle as long as you’re not actively hitting on anyone.

    2. Once you’re in these circles, even tangentially, invitations to hang out will pop up (“Hey, it’s Tiffany’s birthday and we’re all grabbing drinks.”). House/apartment parties are especially good because the fact you’ve been invited is pre-selection. I always did well at house parties.

    3. Meet as many girls as you can, especially those with boyfriends. In your 20’s those relationships are precarious. When I met my wife, she was in a group 4 or 5 girls, all of whom pretty but had “serious” boyfriends. Within a year I had my pick. They weren’t virgins by any stretch but they had been in long-term relationships rather than riding the cock carousel at the clubs.

    4. Once you have a girlfriend, you can really score, provided you live in a big enough city to fly under the radar. If you have any other talents (music, art, acting, sports etc.), that’s always a great angle.

    All in all, if I were single tomorrow I would avoid the Tindr nightmare because I know I wouldn’t thrive there. I would probably join a bunch of local lame ass activities and/or book clubs where I could meet women and invite women to my gigs.


  18. OT,
    what do you guys think of Stefan of the Free Domain Radio?


    • He’s ok. He has just enough race realism to be “controversial” which is good. He is no fan of feminism. He goes a little overboard with libertarianism but that’s ok. He has interesting guests on from time to time.

      My biggest complaint and the reason I have not been able to sit through a whole podcast of his in spite of agreeing with almost everything he says is he takes forever to make his points. His hour and a half long show could be condensed down to about 10 minutes if he just stayed on target. He just goes on and on and on. Some people may like that slower pace but I don’t have the time or patience for it.


      • Yeah, that’s the one thing I dislike about him. All the rambling to finish a point and all that unnecessary setup that goes nowhere.


    • I don’t like his personality because, although he talks a good game, he’s whiny and weak AF. He wouldn’t (or maybe just couldn’t) have your back when TSHTF. He’s literally all talk, and no action.

      Also, he’s incapable of logical argument if someone really disagrees with his fundamental position. Pretty ironic for the master arguer.

      He’s also Thernobitch’s butt boy and part of the Cux Day centipede.

      The biggest problem I have with him is that he refuses to discuss or even acknowledge the JQ. He damn well knows, you can see it, he just won’t say it. VERY much like thernobitch and cux day in that regard (as is the obsession with shekels).

      Having said that, I’ve come to realize that all these alt-lite “personalities” are important stepping stones for normies on their journey of awokening. Very few people go from being normies to WN without intermediate steps.

      And like everyone else, he occasionally has a good insight. But I’d have to agree he takes a long time to get o his main point. And yes, sometimes he never arrives, like the JQ.

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  19. There are more men on dating sites than women. The ashley madison dump of user data revealed that. The truth is I suspect that women who are attractive aren’t in need of meeting men. Unless online dating radically changes, it isn’t a good option. Meeting in clubs makes sense, it’s like a pre arranged location men and women agreed on but I can’t help but think something is wrong if alcohol is required to get things started.


  20. I am surprised with the bar/nightclub results. After reading Roosh and ROK (and witnessing first hand), the whole bar/nightlife crowd seems to be one big sausagefest after the smartphone/Tinder revolution.


    • on December 22, 2017 at 10:41 am Captain Obvious

      Use Day Game to find the Nice Girlzzzezes, from Good Families, who aren’t taking the sausage up their r3ctums every [email protected] night.

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    • Maybe it’s less that the amount of people getting laid there is going up and more that everyone other option is dropping down significantly?

      That and it would also help to explain why so many divorces happen, persons usually a little different when they don’t have a beer buzz going on.


  21. ” Sardamov draws on key findings in neuroscience to explain decreasing attention spans, a crisis of curiosity, and waning interest in and knowledge of complex social issues in the United States and around the world. Attributing this trend primarily to the effects of information overload, ubiquitous screens, and constant access to the Internet, he argues that chronic over-stimulation generated by the current socio-technological environment fosters addictive tendencies in today’s young people, many of whom will graduate from profit-driven universities both mired in debt and unprepared for life in the outside world.

    This worrying and worsening situation also breeds apathy, disengagement, and social dysfunction, and almost certainly contributes to the ongoing decline in written and spoken language, and even basic cognition. All this among an increasingly-narcissistic and entitled populace weaned on celebrity culture, safe spaces, and political correctness. As with many mostly technological problems, the solution is too often seen as the application of yet more technology. If we wish to stop this downturn, however, and ultimately change course, we must be prepared to face some very uncomfortable truths. ”



  22. In my diocese, we have a bigger focus than most on 20s/30s groups for young adults. It’s not a large focus, but more than I’ve seen in most places.

    Our parish tries to put on good events. The problem seems to be that while a wide variety of girls turn out for these, the guys that attend are usually of the soyboy phenotype, with a decided lack of masculine or more traditional young men (the kind who view their careers as a way to support a family, like guns, drive trucks, etc). I don’t know why that is. We have a lot of those guys in the parish but they never come to those events.

    My SO and I met online. We go to the same parish, and before we met, both preferred the same Mass time, but we never would have met through the church.

    The question is, how do you fix that? Is it just that church has become less appealing to men in general, or that Christianity is perceived as some kind of weak liberal bullshit, even by conservative guys?


    • Sponsor church shooting and fishing events. Have some red pill retreats that touch on the man’s role in the family.

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    • Men don’t see Christianity in the proper context and the problem with that is that it starts at home. If a foundation is not laid down and an example set before them–via fathers–then nothing will take root. Sure you might have those few seeds that settle in fertile soil, but most are ravaged by the weeds or end up on concrete.

      I mean how often do we speak on here of sons raised in single mother households, or even those that do grew up with dads, but their dads are “yes dear” soyboys.


    • on December 22, 2017 at 10:53 am Captain Obvious

      No offense, but in my experience, chicks [doubtless like you yourself] are HORRIBLE judges of closeted-s0d0mite tendencies in men.

      Almost all priests now [and ministers in Chr!stian churches, for that matter] are closeted-s0d0dmite ch!ld m0lesters, and the masculine Greater-Beta/Alpha dudes [whom you chicks covet] aren’t gonna want to be within a country mile of that environment.

      This sh!znat has to be organized by MASCULINE heterosexual men, with sufficiently good leadership skillzzzezes to corral the choice studs, lasso them, and lead them into the stall with the fillies.


    • Find a priest that he himself practices hunting or boxing and go to his church.

      That’s where the POZ won’t go.

      That’s where you will find the men…and the women will follow.

      And BTW:


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    • Probably a couple reasons; one lots of the well off masculine men may simply be finding SO’s on their own, at work etc….whenever the opportunity presents itself.

      Another reason is that many women will put the Priest above their man as an Authority and for most men; there is only “one” Man of the house and that’s going to be themselves.


  23. Then there’s also Cultural Appropriation against Men of the West:


    Could we do a White House petition to ask the God Emperor to cancel his Netflix subscription?


    • N1gger Greek gods and demi-gods, n1gger Valkyries, here a n1gger, there a n1gger, EVERYWHERE a n1gger-n1ggers.

      Fuck this ghey (((MSM))).


  24. This is getting confusing

    – Black Journalist Suggests Charlie Rose Is Racist For Not Sexually Harassing Her –


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    • They were already complaining about that with Harvey.

      I guess this is starting to show; men just don’t find them all that attractive.

      Most be a pretty serious blow to their ego’s really.

      Think your hot stuff than finding out everybody else is getting raped “but” you?

      Make you second guess a couple things.


      • Actually reading it; just seems to be jealousy over not being the center of attention.


      • It also translates to a bizarre sort of “racial privilege” doesn’t it……which might be why they feel the need to jump the gun here.

        Want to get ahead of the game before anyone thinks to point out how these is a unique burden white women face that WoC don’t.


  25. I am surprised about the college rate dropping. I still see that as a place where HB8s+ meet their husbands.
    The rate for restaurants and bars would also include the staff. Staff/servers at these places all seem to hook up. Also hooking up with workers from nearby bars & restaurants seems common in my world. It’s a low wage/cash tip high late night alcohol riddled subculture.

    If you factor out sugar baby sites, online dating is probably down. I don’t know if the sugar baby stuff has reached it’s peak. 2 years ago I tried it for 6 months and loved it. It was amazing.
    My first ‘date’ was an 18 year old who told me over dinner she is horny all the time – and i was banging her in my car overlooking a historic site an hour later. And all for the cost of a steak dinner. She was a sold HB8.5 and studying chemistry and from a good home/rich parents.
    So not some drug addict homeless person. She told me all the college girls are doing it and they wear their coach bags as status.
    Nowhere else in my life would I get to bang an 18 year old without losing my job, social shaming or what not with this little effort. And once they get a gift, they leave you alone and don’t look for drama, a relationship etc.
    Actually I was slightly uncomfortable at how forward, sexually experienced and aggressive these girls were.
    I banged another 10 in 5 months , then left it to focus on a LTR.
    I’d say the majority of college girls have done either this/ dancing/sex cams. Feminism has given them freedom to be their natural sluts.


    • The college rate is dropping because less and less men are going to college and in college 80% of women are going after 20% of men, making it so the men that do have relationships(as in plural) have no reason to settle down.


    • College never was a place for good men to score– great scene to be a hot lout.


  26. Both online and bars are tough sledding for men who aren’t tall and good-looking.

    For the rest of us it’s day game. Day game. Day game.


  27. “Problem with american woman they treat their job like they should treat their man and treat their job like they should there man.

    Problem with american men. They treat there woman like their boss instead of like their subordinate.

    A person who does not have enough expected of them at work will quit.
    American men are not expecting enough out of their woman.”

    -gunslingergregi, 2009

    real shit.

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  28. If the daughter is a reflection of a father’s parenting, Then what does this say about Trump ??

    – Kushner Foundation Gives $342K to Chabad — Still Surprised About Jared and Ivanka’s Synagogue? –



  29. “How many blacks and browns do you see at craft breweries? Artisanal distilleries? Shooting ranges? Bowling alleys? Painting classes? Wineries? Art shows? You get the idea.”

    Go to any Latin American country, seek out a city like Mexico City or Buenos Aires, look for the upper class clubs, and I guarantee you that, unless you give the bouncer a good tip, they won’t let you in unless you’re handsome, or white. You rarely see lower caste people at these clubs, unless they work there, or it’s a hot mestiza chick.


  30. on December 22, 2017 at 3:35 pm Abelard Lindsey

    The immediate take from that graph is that there appears to have been more social change since 2000 than there was even during the so-called “social revolution” of late 60’s and 70’s. That graph does not include all of the stuff since 2010 (when things still seemed normal in comparison to today).


  31. In the last 5 years my sex drive has dropped. It could be age or abundance but I think i have become desensetized to sexual stimuli. We are surrounded by sexual imagery from women wearing yoga pants everywhere… to the media.


    • could be overworked.


    • Even managed properly, women are an incredible time sink. Statistically, none of them are worth taking seriously. None.

      No exaggeration. I now ignore 80% of texts and calls from women and it doesn’t hinder the relationships at all. Think about that. Even they know that they’re mostly full of shit for the majority of the time.


      • the only behaviors a man should reward regularly (with his attention/approval) in a woman are those that show good character: patience, loyalty, submission, femininity, kindness. and even then, frugality is key.

        everything else (i.e. her attractiveness, her attention, almost everything she says) you can safely ignore, or respond to at your leisure.


  32. I have a dating niche that i bet no one on here has thought of..
    get a hobby where you meet men your fathers age.. believe it or not those guys will introduce you to there daughters
    as a hobby i do non ferrous metal casting, and i have been trying too get a name among the antique car guys for doing hood ornaments emblems and shifter knobs, end up meeting lots of cool people and most of them have single whore daughters there more then happy to introduce me too. over the last 2 years i have met about 7 girls this way. (i work 40 plus hours a week at my day job, and im a single dad so this is more then enough ginch for me)

    the real prize however is not the girls, but access too knowledge and tools. No joke dated a chubby girl for two months just so i could convince her dad to sell me his fathers Bridgeport milling machine.


  33. Definitely ain’t your grandfather’s or even your father’s dating market any more… forget the good man schtick, be a playa and begat sprogs by the cartload.


  34. amazing post.
    thank you.