The Left’s Plan: Drive A (Bigger) Wedge Between White Men And White Women

Other realtalkers are picking up themes first discussed in the hallowed halls of this blog.

The fact is, white women are a big part of left-wing activism. The original Women’s March, held the day after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, was mostly white women. The aggressive protests against Kavanaugh’s confirmation were driven by white women. On Tuesday, white women were instrumental in giving Democrats control of the House, and an astounding 47 percent of them voted for Andrew Gillum–a black man–in the Florida gubernatorial race.

This is not enough for leftists. Until a large majority of white women vote for progressive, non-white candidates, it will be proof they are racist and need re-education. […]

White women are probably scapegoat-du-jour because leftists believe they can be pressured and intimidated. White men are too much the enemy to be reasoned with. White guilt is a powerful weapon and leftists hope to bully white women into servility.

Unfortunately, the Creepy Left’s plan is working. Women really are more gullible than men, and they fall harder for the disingenuously weepy-alternating-with-angry pleas of The Fuggernaut to help them remake America in the image of a thousand dreary, violent, corrupt nonWhite shitholes. You can see the results of their plan here. The trend is bad: 43% of White women voted for Dem House candidates in 2016. 49% of White women voted for Dem House candidates in 2018.

White women have been abandoning their White men for a while, but it really picked up pace with Trump’s election. Their abandonment is reflected in every facet of our degrading culture: from increases in mixed-race dating, to miscegenation, to voting, to pussyhat mass hysteria, to PoundMeToo, to anti-White protesting.

But The White Woman Wedge isn’t yet big enough to assure the Left electoral dominance for generations and beyond. The Left is nothing if not impatient, so they’re hastening the arrival of Post-America by browning the country as fast as they’re brainwashing White women.

Which tactic will win permanent rule for the Leftoid Equalism Fuggernaut? Browning, or Brainwashing?

Traitorous Anti-White shitlib judges are doing their job to support the Browning. Divorce, childlessness, the cock carousel, later age of first marriage, and declines in the marriage rate are accelerating the results of the Brainwashing.

It will be both tactics that “win” it for the Left, and maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. The transformation to Post-America will happen so fast and unequivocally that currently slumbering and cucked Whites will be shocked into a Real Resistance that washes all the scum off the streets.

If you were wondering where all the Left’s hate for masculine White men was coming from, this post explains it.


Facecock is all-in on the Brainwashing part of the Left’s plan to terrorform America:

FACEBOOK DELIVERS FOR DEMOCRATS: Erased 2 Billion GOP Page Views in Purge, Eliminated Conservative Content to Suburban Females

“What big tech has done to conservative and other undesirable publishers is nothing short of a digital Kristallnacht.”
— Andrew Marchs, filmmaker

The Left actively targets the weakest links in their natural enemies, and right now that means suburban White women. Faceborg does its part for the Party by censoring dissident political opinions that could influence White women to vote against Democreeps.

If it means dropping a giant deuce on the 1st Amendment, then FaceZOG will do that, safe in the knowledge that their Democortez clients will protect them from civil rights lawsuits.

“Build your own internet backbone and social media company” is sounding more like a rationalization of banana republicanism instead of a libertardian snark about first principles.

All right, then, shitlibs. Kill 1A, and then 2A. And then rule over the wasteland you’ve birthed in your short-sighted idiocy.


  1. related, people are woke…and are being silenced

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 11:43 am John Joel Glanton

      The Jew is our misfortune.

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      • No, white women are our misfortune, read the post.

        “The Jew” can’t be responsible for every damn thing.

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      • “white women are our misfortune”

        And they’ve been made into what they now are by the Jooz. That’s the point.

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      • Who is this greeny-sheeny comin’ ’round chere with his Alinsky muh jooz gambits that haven’t worked for years?

        Some JIDF noob apparently got sent here so his more experienced shills could get a laugh at the tyro’s efforts.

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      • “The Jew” can’t be responsible for every damn thing.

        Who said the jew was? Everyone here has admitted that traitors of our own folk are likewise a big part of the problem.

        But just because Eve was beguiled, and Adam beta’ed out, doesn’t mean the Devil gets a pass, Schlomo.

        We’ve explained this before, and many times, at that.

        Come up with a better effort of shilling or GTFO.

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      • Jews create the magnetic field that unhappy White people align with. They have crafted a storyline to attract Whites who are somehow disaffected from normal society. Without that narrative, these Whites would have to suck it in and up their game, or drown their sorrows somehow. Jews have weaponized disappointment.

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      • …And they’ve been made into what they now are by the Jooz. That’s the point….

        The gay Jew guy that runs the Bravo network Real Housewives franchise has done considerable damage to white women in this country by poisoning their minds. This dude has made a fortune getting pretentious status & approval seeking, past their prime, skanks to line his pockets with gold by profiting off their vanity & jealous nature. And all it took for him to pull it off was to put a coven of these ‘women’ in a room together with cheap wine and TV cameras.

        And white suburban women ate it up.


      • Jews have weaponized disappointment. -Discard

        Truer words never spoken

        Jews certainly are the absolute masters of making other people, and peoples, feel as **envious** as they are


      • on November 10, 2018 at 10:54 am John Joel Glanton

        They’ve already made multiple confessions: The Protocols, Rosenthal Interview and many others. And just lol at Clinton being a heritage American.

        That said, I don’t believe in any conspiracy hocus-pocus or that all Jews bear responsibilty for what some religious fanatics are doing. Just deport them to Israel, problem solved.


    • “We had to repeal 1A because the surveillance state caught someone googling for bad words”


    • so women…wedge…wtf are you gonna do about it?

      If someone stepped to you and your woman and tried to drive such a wedge, what would you do?

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      • I’d definitely push back my tagliatelle for starters…


      • BOOM… marinated.

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      • My take. We weren’t meant to live among non whites, just like browns weren’t meant to live among blacks. Facts.

        But here we are. So whites have been intermingling with blacks and browns for decades. They are aggressive, they mature faster as well. Our kids , well the not so ready for war kids, crumple under that pressure. You either fight back, start acting like them(wiggers and mudsharks), self hate(school shooters cutters and emo), or Stockholm syndrome it up via virtue signalling(libs).

        I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Unfortunately my own mother remarried a black man and moved me and the siblings into inner city of Detroit. We fought on a weekly basis BECAUSE we were white. I’m proud to say I’ve been in 30 fights in my life, some I won some I lost but I would not take any shit and still don’t. My older brothers fought, the middle one whooped everyone who dared. He was a D1 full ride athlete. Maybe it made him, us meaner. Were all either supervisors , veterans or our own business owners. Idk if the environment made us this way or dna was already there. Ill relate this later.

        Currently work somewhere where we get aggressive guys coming in, if left unchecked will absolutely ruin the dynamic for the worse. Im always getting into semi shouting matches because they been getting their way for so long(weak coworkers). So my followup aex to grind is holding these coworkers accountable….why don’t you stand up for yourself when u know you’re in the right? I don’t get it and I’m glad I wasn’t born like that.

        There are whites that are weak or better put, weren’t made for war or to be around an aggressive other. I’ve come to accept this, even some of my buddies. That means we have to somehow push aside the weak ones and take back our weak ones on the other side. For it is not their fault they know not what has happened to them.

        We don’t watch tv in my home. Me and my wife vote straight red. We attend church. I refuse to have my son pozzed or white shamed. We don’t hip hop in my home. Every one of us practice shooting all kinds of guns. He will lift. He’s already been in kickboxing. Doing my best to not make him one of the other.


      • Give me ten thousand families like FormerlyAnon and I’ll build you a nation.


  2. Northern Europeans are organizers. Without the white women to keep things organized, with checklists and meeting deadlines, as Northern Europeans do, the Left falls into complete disarray.

    The Shame attacks must be amped up against the Weak Whites, especially the women. I know of no white men left who are redeemable, except a few young ones who just don’t know any better and have not had anyone to red/black pill them. The older ones, hopeless. A few will just follow the crowd once the crowd swings rightward.

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 11:54 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Northern Europeans are organizers. Without the white women to keep things organized, with checklists and meeting deadlines, as Northern Europeans do, the Left falls into complete disarray.”


      The Left is organized by the j00z.

      The Whites you see in The Left are simply the marionettes – the idiot mouth breathing hired hand actors & actresses who are sent out to be the public face of Leftism and to read from scripts written by j00ish psychological warfare experts.

      The j00z have been organizing for at least 3000 years now – maybe even 4000 or 5000 years – we Whites have nothing in our entire history which is even remotely similar to j00ish organizations.

      Organizing [for the purpose of destroying the goyim] is what Satan created the j00z to do.

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      • Yes, eskimos have their organizational abilities and intelligence. True. But without the do-gooders of N European extraction pitching in, not even the NAACP would’ve gotten off the ground. They need some whites to keep things organized, running on time, etc. The Tribe ain’t enough. They need useful idiot whites in every one of their endeavors. They can’t do it with dirt peoples alone.

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      • You misunderstood me. I wasn’t saying that Northern Europeans are THE organizers. I was saying that N Europeans are naturally skilled at and attuned to being organized, as opposed to most other peoples outside of E Asians. There is still even a striking difference b/w N Europeans and their Latin, Southern Europeans brothers in terms of desire and ability to organize and delivery in a timely fashion.

        Fewer white women will only cause them more pain in terms of organizational skills and pulling off plans in a timely, organized, and efficient fashion. White women CAN get down to business and cut through the nonsense when they want to, when they’re focused. In a way that the dirts can’t. From my experience.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 12:47 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I was saying that N Europeans are naturally skilled at and attuned to being organized, as opposed to most other peoples outside of E Asians.”

        I strongly disagree there.

        N Europeans are far & away the least organized group of hominids on the planet.

        N Europeans [with their Universal Principles & Suicidal Altruism] are so badly disorganized that the idea of Tribalism is utterly alien to them.

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      • That’s an interesting take. But I’d say that has more to do with individualistic tendencies (which were not necessarily always there, hard to prove) than organizational ones. And yet, you put a few whites together from disparate nations and we can get far more done, with more organization and precision, than dirts from the same tribe.


      • on November 9, 2018 at 2:28 pm Carlos Danger

        CO if you believe Northern Europeans are not organizers, you have never been to Europe. They excel at it. The Dutch, Germans, Swiss, the French are all very well organized, to a fault even, The Brits are the least organized of the lot, somewhere between Italians and the French.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 2:33 pm Captain Obvious

        I think we’re using the concept of “organizing” to describe two diametrically opposing concepts, and it sounds to me as though you’re describing Europeans who are organizing to insure their own destruction.


      • Least organized group on the planet? Africa and India are on the planet.

        This is where “the joo” thinking gets you. The lefty Jews aren’t the shotcallers. Do you think FDR was a Jew? The clintons? Both of them are heritage Americans, Obama’s mother was a Mayflower American. Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman and their globalism wasn’t the covetous Hebrew pulling the strings. Rockefeller was really Rothschild before the name change you see.

        Let’s go to overseas maniacs. Lenin, Jewish? Robespierre, Jewish? Engels, jewish? Mao, the cantor? Castro, Castrovitz?

        The reason we don’t have organizations like the dread j double o is that the organization should you’re thinking of don’t exist. They are made up.

        The biggest argument against “its all the jooooo, don’t you understaaaannnd” is that it becomes a fucking verbal tic. You could be in the middle of getting gang raped by ISIS and blame the Jew. You trigger like SJWs whenever anyone suggests it might be our own fault when white people screw up.

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      • Do you think FDR was a Jew? The clintons? Both of them are heritage Americans, Obama’s mother was a Mayflower American. Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman and their globalism wasn’t the covetous Hebrew pulling the strings.

        If you’re trying to sell the idea that the frontmen and people we’re allowed to see up front and center are the bosses, that week-old gefiltre has been peddled before.

        Who the FUCK do you think you’re talking to, ’round chere?

        Rockefeller was really Rothschild before the name change you see.

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I rest mah case and (((shake mah haid))).

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      • Greg, if the Jews are capable of what you’re saying then they really are the master race.

        It’s all Jew all the time with you, you really are a picture negative SJW. The Jewish world domination thing is about as real as white privilege and the patriarchy. Do you really think no one can be a crooked bastard without a Jew pulling the strings? When you say Jew do you mean the devil?

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      • It’s all Jew all the time with you,

        Actually it’s not, but you shills often let your feelz override your reading comprehension, and since I happen to be one of the first to slap down your type of shilling, I become the muh jooz poster child in your eyes.

        I’ve often spoken of the power of the (((MSM))), for one… we could go into other areas of political influence, finance, social sciences in university, etc., etc., etc., but let’s just focus on one catastrophe at a time.

        Are you going to say that (((folks))) of the Judaic-Hebraic persuasion DON’T dominate Hollywood, TV, the music industry, etc., ESPECIALLY the control areas of production, distribution, and green-lighting of scripts, up to and including every stupid little 30 second commercial?

        The names are out there and long-known… and anyone who doubts it can just read the credits at the end of pretty much any show or label.

        And the Big Tell remains that, if you say (((they))) control anything, you’ll never work in that industry again.

        So spare me the “all jew all the time with you” mishigas… you’re not fooling anyone with the muh Clintons, muh FDR folderole. It’s all been discussed innumerable times ’round chere, and that milk for babes closed out of town long ago.

        You want to run interference for the vee dindu nuffink oy-veyers, you’re gonna have to bring meat in due season.


      • >i>The Brits are the least organized of the lot, somewhere between Italians and the French.
        Au contraire, dear boy. Brits are the most efficient of the lot.
        Otherwise Rationing wouldn’t have worked, for over a decade. And we’re the world champions at Queuing, make the Ruskis look like arabs.

        I suspect the early introduction of the Factory System, industrial discipline (all those railway timetables etc.) and (former) racial homogeneity on an overcrowded island had a good part to play. A bit like the Japs.
        We just don’t get bogged down in tickets, dockets, IDs and due process when Actual Common Sense is required, unlike any of those Continental Teutons you cited. It works because cheats are (or were) absolutely despised and in mortal danger as a result, and because basically everybody knew everbody else’s cousin and wouldn’t want to fall out. Fuck the Irish though.

        Couldn’t work now, unless we brought internment back for the “unassimilated”. We’re good at that too, invented it in fact, all that barbeldywire and starving wimminz&kidz. ‘Er old man once ran a prison camp in Kenya. An absolute laff riot, by all accounts.
        You can’t run a hideously polyglot empire by rubber stamp and brute force alone. Something the Germans never understood, although they may be getting the hang of it with the EU.

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      • gang raped by ISIS and blame the Jew
        Funny you should bring that up. My ass is still throbbing and swollen like a bagel. So how come IS have never deliberately attacked Israel, and apologised profusely when they did fuck up once? And islamist wounded were treated by IDF medics in field hospitals.

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      • Greg, if the Jews are capable of what you’re saying then they really are the master race.

        From a cohesiveness standpoint, they certainly are masters… well-intentioned but naive goyim allow them into the ranks of a given area of society, then through nepotism and networking on steroids among their own they eventually turn it into a closed shop through all sorts of shrewd and often underhanded methods. From that point on, one has to “play ball” their way or it’s the Dynamic Silence treatment… or worse.

        Scripture tells us that Satan is the current ruler of “this system of things”… further, the Book speaks of “those who say they are Jews, but are a synagogue of Satan” and “ye are of your father, the Devil”.

        So when daddy is running the show, is it any wonder that all the little bubelehs prosper?

        There’s your “master race”, kike.


      • You could be in the middle of getting gang raped by ISIS and blame the Jew

        Especially if Da Joo was the one who all but forced a country to let them in (as ‘refugees’, e.g.) in the first place, through legal jew-jitsu and (((media))) agitprop..

        Do we REALLY have to go over all the kike influence in governments and media throughout the West pushing for this sort of immigration into our lands?

        Jeez, I thought you people were supposed to be smart,but you come ’round chere yet again peddling the old chestnut arguments that have been gainsaid dozens of times?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))



      ‘Every Senate pick-up we had was because of Trump. Republicans and conservatives sat back while he did the work for us. … [T]he only emails I got from Republicans were asking for money. The emails I was inundated with from the DNC, OFA and MoveOn were all about organizing and mobilizing. They told me where to meet, what to say, where and when to vote. The offered rides to the polls, help with registration. They were all over college campuses. They told me who to call, what to write, what to say. ‘

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      • Smart, organized people often make the mistake that others will ‘just get it’ and be smart and organized too. This is a problem. Those working constantly with others with organizational problems or low-intelligence, or work within a system already built and organized well (see: military), know to spell out every single step for the idiots. (see: military). Dems have their organizational systems because it’s been run and setup by white and eskimos for low-iq people. Heck, for peoples who don’t even speak English. They LITERALLY spell it out for them. They’ve had to for over 50 years now.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 5:24 pm Flyover Hayseed

        Hell, the local Democrat party in my home state sent me a special form they created, much of it already filled in, enabling me with minimum fuss to get the absentee ballot we needed from the relevant county elections clerk. IIRC, I didn’t even have to address or stamp it. Just put it in the mail.

        I owe a special thanks to the democrats for making it so convenient for to cast our straight Repub ticket well ahead of schedule.

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  3. Hard men create good times
    Good times create soft men
    Soft men create spoiled women
    Spoiled women create bad times
    Bad times create starving women
    Starving women look to hard men
    Hard men slay poon and rebuild

    This stuff will work itself out. Eventually.

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  4. White women’s biggest barrier to going all the way to fuggernaut: none of them want a mixed-race child, even ones who are attracted to men of another race.

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 11:57 am Captain Obvious

      Ergo the relentless 24×7 barrage of (((advertising))), on every existing media outlet, demanding {White Women}x{Black/Brown/Mud/Yellow} miscegenation.

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      • I’ve even seen a few commercials in passing that show a negress and a goober beta boy

        Most recent was a Progressive insurance ad, the ones that make fun of men turning into their dads with (((Hollywood))) stereotypes of boring dads.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 12:17 pm Captain Obvious

        Progressive Insurance == (((Peter B Lewis)))


      • Yeah, that Progressive commercial is so nonsensical, and the actual appearances of the negress and dorky White man used so defying of real world logic, that one has to believe that the (((agenda))) is more important than actually selling product.

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      • “I’ve even seen a few commercials in passing that show a negress and a goober beta boy”

        I’ve been seeing more and more Kip/LaFawnduh couples IRL, believe it or not. Very weird phenomenon… but real.


      • Obvious for a long time that the (((agenda))) is more important than actually selling product. A diaper ad in Ireland features an “Irish” black family. Straight away they’re marginalised probably 97% of their target market.

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    • No woman wants a child that doesn’t look like her. She may accept it, but she doesn’t want to not see her face looking back at her…


    • Yep. Which is why (((they))) push it so hard.

      But Trav has said it a million times, and I agree: broads are overgrown children. They don’t have any agency. Wtf are they supposed to think when a guy takes off his MAGA hat to put on a Dontavius jersey and spend all day Sunday (and Monday.. and now Thursday) watching afroball.

      I am open to any and all suggestions to getting afroball loser cucks to turn that shit off. In my experience you’d have better luck convincing a heroin addict to put the needle down.

      Glad you’re all my bros.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 12:09 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I am open to any and all suggestions to getting afroball loser cucks to turn that shit off.”

        Helmet Spearing.

        Helmet -to- Helmet contact.

        Do you want your IQ 115 White son to receive a 15MPH+15MPH helmet-to-helmet collision from an IQ 85 ch!mpanzee in high school football?


      • I don’t know what can be done there. Even Vox Day is addicted to sportsball, and we’re apparently just mad because we didn’t play sports in high school, or something. Sportsball is the biggest example of cucking for negroes that white men are known for.
        How anyone can admire the white athletes, when they are surrounded by googles, is beyond me.
        But what can you do?
        How can you expect anyone to care when a white girl ends up slain at the hands of a google, when that google has been praised to high heaven by cucks praising him because he can run faster than humans can?


    • unfortunately the civilization wreckers already factored that into their well-thought-out plans, which is why they always attack the sexual marketplace from all possible angles. they are fully aware that many white women would rather have a mixed race child than NO child at all, or a child with a white soyboy.

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      • the “solution”, if there is one, is a grass roots campaign: virile white men have to decisively choose their woman one at a time and start their tribe with her. this is not hard, but it requires an iron will and deep faith in the future. which i guess is harder than just talking about how things should be different.

        playing along with the ‘free sex’ charade only prolongs the problem. women know when a man means business. they just have a hard time with sorting through all the posers.


      • Another solution: conception then marriage at 17, given a decent HS girlfriend.

        Anything else is Poolside, something most men won’t be in the position to enjoy.

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      • There is only one solution: semi-arranged marriages, as was the norm for Europeans up until very recently. As is the norm for Hindus and even Indian Christians today. And a society-wide reward system (dowry contracts, etc.) for the blokes that bite the bullet for the rest of us and marry the uglies and breed more white kids with them.

        Without a system which gets a large portion of your ugly women married and breeding, you cannot sustain the population, period. If you’re going to directly or indirectly shame any male who doesn’t land himself a 7 or above as being ‘less than’ and ‘not alpha,’ then all your bros and you will be fighting for slim pickin’s. No one will ‘settle’ if all you will earn is the secret or open scorn or pity from your supposed friends, neighbors, or family. This is exactly what is happening today. There aren’t enough cuties to go around. Period.

        People have to start marrying again for God and Nation, for community and family, not merely for personal preference. To be part of something much bigger than your own vanity, lust, or ego. Otherwise, you can’t breed enough kids, and your peoples get outbred or genocided.

        [CH: one insurmountable problem with your theory: men don’t get hard for ugly women. a better strategy you might want to consider is an anti-obesity campaign.]

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      • “Another solution: conception then marriage at 17, given a decent HS girlfriend.”

        this would work, but the [email protected] structure has to be there, along with the right, “woke white” narrative.

        the correct narrative is paramount to everything. “c1vil rights” and roe vs wade were enacted by a 90% white-demographic America. never forget that.


      • “CH: one insurmountable problem with your theory: men don’t get hard for ugly women. a better strategy you might want to consider is an anti-obesity campaign.”

        Such a system is naturally an anti-obesity campaign. Ugly girls will know their value, it being an accepted part of reality, and be far less prone to unrealistic chad-seeking and daydreaming, thereby seeking to increase their low (ugly)face value to all takers by staying slim, feminine, and agreeable. The mother, father, and other relatives will be incentivized to enforce expectations of attractiveness, agreeableness, and home skills on her so they are not left with an old maid cat lady on their hands to support, emotionally and otherwise, the rest of their days. All men, gammas, alphas or otherwise would be policing them more so as not to get stuck with a fatty, or not to have disgruntled gamma or beta males as their neighbors. It’s competition, all against all, or it’s an extended family, lifting each other up.

        You have probably seen some of the whales these Indian men wife up. I don’t agree with it, would not wish it on my worst enemy (ok, yes i would), but they don’t have demographic problems. They want to be accepted and stay part of their tribe, to avoid being shamed and isolated their whole lives, so they wife up, they start breeding. Heck they don’t even waste time dating because they know that moms and pops were do most of the legwork for them finding them some potential mates. That’s a type of social and economic security and support network that whites cannot even freakin imagine. Even though it existed for all of us not that long ago.

        How far we have fallen.


      • one insurmountable problem with your theory: men don’t get hard for ugly women.

        Naw, we pretty much want to nail them too.

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      • GE, that’s a When Harry Met Sally reference, yes?


      • Of course!

        Never saw the movie myself, but that and the “I’ll have what she’s having” are the quips made famous.


    • I see tons of white girls (could be just 4 girls) toting their mulatto mutt kids


  5. Women are not like men. When Dems bitch at white women and blame them for losing, many white women feel shame.

    We have a harder time shaming them because the dominant cultural narrative supports leftist ideas, hence, our opinions matter less.

    The best hope is to raise red pilled boys who will make tank grrls understand that the world of Instagram is a lie. We cannot expect women to lead. That’s our job, and we better do it.

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    • on November 9, 2018 at 11:59 am Captain Obvious

      The best hope is to find a White chick who’s got an internal moral compass [Amygdala > Insula], put as many White bunz in her White 0ven as is humanly possible, and then homeschool all of them.

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      • A White broad with an internal morale compass and innate loyalty to her men is right next to the unicorn bathing in the fountain of youth.

        It’s up to you to make her into what you want. Pygmalion her ass already.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 12:14 pm Captain Obvious

        FE, one of the very few noble aspects of being a playah is in gaining some actual real life experience in differentiating between those chicks who are utterly hopeless versus those chicks have some potential.

        Find one with some potential, and then mold her into something good.

        PRO-TIP: It really helps if her Dad was a sh!tlord. Then 99% of your work has already been done for you.

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      • CO-
        You need to take a walk outside and hit on some under 35 broads. It is considered cool and stylish for all of them to hate Trump. Their dad, no matter who he is, is no match for her peer group. Deal with the conditions as they are.

        As CH said to you on a previous thread, quit giving broad advice. It’s not your bag.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 12:44 pm Captain Obvious

        FE, you’re describing the daughters of Meta-Cucks.

        If all you cross paths with are the daughters of Meta-Cucks, then I feel for you muh brutha.

        Try Gaming a Sunday morning evangelical church rather than a Saturday night sh!tlib drinking hole.

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      • Cap, nobody goes to church anymore, ESPECIALLY young women.


      • In that case, I take it back. You may very well know what you’re talking about (though I don’t know how threatening to beat the crap out of an Evangelical broad on a Sunday would really go down. Sounds weird, but I’ll defer to you.)

        From now on when you give broad advice, just place an asterisk that reads:
        *Only applicable to Evangelical broads in church on Sunday.

        I’ll do the same:
        *Applicable everywhere except Evangelical Church on Sundays.


      • Evangelicals went to church,
        They never missed a Sunday…
        Evangelicals went to hell
        For what they did on Monday. 😉


  6. West Hajnal-ian, Nordic women are the absolute worst, on average, of the Volksverräter – traitor(s) of the(ir) people – in this sad regard.

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  7. I teach some college students, mostly girls, a type of partner dancing. Several of the girls fall for the Lefty shit and whine about Gender Representation in shit. Whenever I want to Trump the topic on sex/gender I demand that one of them by themselves go flip the tractor tire in the corner of the gym that I flip with ease, while it takes 3 or 4 of them to do it.
    That silences them.

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  8. I have noticed on the Chans that one of the frequent (((shill))) moves is to blame everything on white women and subtly try to encourage white men to give up any dreams of a white family and find solace with Asian sluts or porn.

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    • Some of the alt-R allies occasionally try that gambit ’round chere.


    • Trust me I’m no shill, but my opinion is not as informed as you guys.
      I really don’t know how to avoid the Asian chick thing. To me they’re more attractive than our women by a dozen times over. They don’t get fat like WW and they will actually defer to a man (on the surface). During sex, they actually care whether or not a man is enjoying it.

      Is it possible that Asian chicks are what WW need? Someone to make them feel the heat of competition. While the dorks who date Asian, like my old gamma self, are not as desired by WW, we are the “beta bucks” fallback for WW. Maybe if we are with Asian women they will understand just how toxic their behavior is.

      Wishful thinking on my part. We have to have white children. All this is depressing af.


  9. Educated white women are seeking an alternate financing mechanism. The old social order of using the family as a way to pool resources only works if you marry and have children; both of which are becoming dicier for women. Black women have long since given up and have just go straight to socialism.

    As Steve Sailer has pointed out, the gender gap falls along the lines of the marriage gap but if that is not to happen, then women are forced to marry Uncle Sam who like all other government employees, is a Democrat.


  10. Any philosophy which defers first female reproduction to 30+ is so obviously flawed it is truly sad anyone manages to fall for it. Can’t they just tell it’s obviously wrong?


  11. It should also be noted that married white women voted overwhelmingly for Trump whereas single white women favored Hillary. White men need to start marrying and knocking up white women while they are young instead of waiting until they are hitting the wall


  12. an effective tactic employed by the left for the emotional manipulation of entire demographics:

    1. spin off fringe groups that relentlessly shame, intimidate and even commit violence against some group (white women, immigrants, jews, etc.)

    2. claim that those groups are actually run by your opposition. it’s all the fault of drumph and tucker’s violent and bigoted rhetoric!

    3. mobilize the mainstream body politic to offer sympathy and protected status to the targeted groups… provided that they fully commit to policing the narrative and voting democrat

    the left is basically a giant protection racket for the weak and pathetic.


  13. Women cling to frontrunners. Unless Republicans can successfully brand Democrats as low status losers, Women will continue to lean Democrat. The idea that women are empathetic bleeding hearts is risible and silly. Think of liberal women you know… do they volunteer time or money to people actually in need (i.e. not political causes)? Of course fucking not. They want to fit in with high status circles, which Democrats do a good job of assuring them are uniformly liberal.

    The geographic bifurcation of rural-Republican and urban-Democrat will only make this worse. Rich areas becoming more Democrat will only make women want to be Democrats more.

    Branding Democrats as the party of the rich is a bad strategy. They’re losers. Remember that. Fucking losers.

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    • “The idea that women are empathetic bleeding hearts is risible and silly.”

      It doesn’t matter what they really are. It matter what they think they are, what gives them good feelz. For half of white women, the good feelz come from rebelling against (white, evil) Daddy and bestowing her faux-compassion on poor dirt peoples. And yes, also virtue-signal to their liberal friends. All feelz.


    • Right on William I’m older 58 and have been dating suburban white women for 15 years – the divorced crowd of them are mostly children and the ones never married for a decent amount of time are completely nuts. They want to believe they are young and hot (so very easy to game) and gravitate towards confidence but then implode with anxiety when they land an alpha. Almost none of them get their hands dirty with actual charity work (unless following the alpha) and live in their little white world but “feel for the poor immigrants.” They typically have terrible finances even though getting their >50% in the divorce, there is no practicality to them at all, we have to flip the script as you say.


  14. on November 9, 2018 at 12:41 pm Captain Obvious

    Rush Limbaugh doing this “White Women” story right now.

    [About 2:35PM Eastern time.]


  15. The accountability is on White Men. A broad’s attraction for you has to be greater than her desire for her friend group. Then you can mold her into damn near anything you want. This is great news because broads have no idea how to have friends. Ever notice how often they change their “best friend foreverrrr!” It’s a carousel that rivals the cock. They have loose confederacies until they find a man. So be the man. Make it fun and funny not logical.

    Examples (all White broads under 30 heavily libtarded with several grad school brainwashed. All gay mulatto voters):

    With one, every time we were going somewhere and saw an ambulance I’d turn to her and say, “Niggas is dyin’.” She’d hit me. By the end SHE was saying it to ME.

    Another told me at the outset that she HATES how racist I am. She taught gymnastics to kids. I gave her a steady diet of blackie jokes over the course of a year. By the end, she would come back from work and literally say to me, “I hate naggers.”

    Another one was a triple whammy – christcuck parents, college professor parent, and in grad school. She was learning the names of different chemicals and neurotransmitters in the brain. I said they all sounded like names blackies give their kids. It was an ongoing joke.

    One broad at a time. Entertain yourself. You’re doing God’s work.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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    • Glad you’re all my bros.

      Iron sharpeneth Iron

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    • This is true. My wife has been a shitlib pretty much her whole life but voted a straight Republican ticket on tuesday.

      On the morning of the election I told her “If you care about securing the existence of our people and a future for white children you should vote all Rs.” And she did.

      Glad Fast Eddie is my bro.


      • hahahahahahahahahah

        Standing ovation. I love it.
        Need more guys like you Johnny. I’ve seen too many guys flout the law of nature and bend to their woman’s politics.


  16. on November 9, 2018 at 1:29 pm BrachaBenedicta

    White Christian Americans are under occupation. It’s as simple as that.

    It’s a malevolent and bloodthirsty occupation. May the occupiers burn to death slowly.

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  17. When the leftists are done with the Women
    They are going to drop them in a heartbeat
    and they will be left as rape toys for the diversity they imported
    if you don’t believe me, look at europe

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  18. on November 9, 2018 at 2:59 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    When Joshua knocked out Jericho he scrambled up the whore Rahabs window to gain access to the city gates. Right? This is Judah 101.

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  19. on November 9, 2018 at 3:03 pm Carlos Danger

    I recommend Charles Hugh Smith


  20. I’ve been seeing this for a long time. Most men that I know have been shaking off the poz at an increasing rate. The women are sinking deeper into it. The tragedy is that many of the ‘men’ are afraid to reveal their actual beliefs to their women.

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    • I don’t question the veracity of what you say, but how is it possible that a man can be afraid to voice his beliefs to his wife or girlfiend? Nothing could be more pathetic. I aggressively assert my beliefs to my wife and whenever she wants to have a political debate with me then I let her have it. For example I made her look at the South Africa farm murder pictures and read the graphic details to her. It always boils down to Race, Race and IQ. That’s what I keep telling her.
      I don’t consider myself to be an especially masculine or dominant personality – my favourite writer is Virginia Woolf – but I really think modern men are a pathetic lot of wankers if what you say is true.


  21. Every single one of you except me and few other euro guys on this site started life inside a white American women. You’ve spent the rest of your lives trying to get back inside white American women. White women are not “the problem.” They are your other half. If she now has a wandering eye, perhaps you dropped the ball. Only a loser blames women as women.


  22. on November 9, 2018 at 4:37 pm Elmer T. Jones

    And the background music is an annoying ukulele jingle that assures them they are making the right buying decision.


  23. OT: How do you game your wife into another child?

    Got 2 young boys. Second one sadly has some physical setbacks. He’s a lot of work for us, and her specifically, even though I love the little guy.

    I want more, she feel like she has her hands full.

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  24. POCs don’t want to be the sidekick in the White Libshit narrative anymore, they want to be the stars. Silly Whites don’t get it. There’s a long history of libshit condescension for their pets. The libshits can’t see it, but it’s obvious to the POCs and they’re tired of it. Atticus Finch (of “To Kill a Mockingbird”) is not a hero to Negroes.

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  25. >All right, then, shitlibs. Kill 1A, and then 2A. And then rule over the wasteland you’ve birthed in your short-sighted idiocy.

    Don’t talk like a fag CH.


  26. I redid the quote –

    The fact is, _single_ white women are a big part of left-wing activism.

    Most uber liberal women I know are single. It’s like liberal feminism is an old sh!t test that women keep doing even after no man is interested in them.

    I really believe that feminism starts as play acting by women to telegraph their need for firm manly patriarchy. Go into any women’s studies or fem lit class and the girls that really scream the loudest are the vag’es that get used least. The girls with boyfriends who boink them are quietly zoning out to thoughts of getting plowed that night.

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  27. Nominee for cotM


    the correct narrative is paramount to everything. “c1vil rights” and roe vs wade were enacted by a 90% white-demographic America. never forget that.

    Fucn ay….^THIS^


    • on November 9, 2018 at 9:21 pm gunslingergregi

      yea I don’t mind diversity penance for sins of our mothers


      • on November 9, 2018 at 9:22 pm gunslingergregi

        I have gotten along with almost every nationality
        who is really supposed to give a shit about the people who can kill over 700 k babies a year


      • on November 9, 2018 at 9:31 pm gunslingergregi

        the jews who made it easy to get rich are problem?

        they couldn’t even wipe out the palistinians and use them as constant leverage to make money woe is me shit

        now woman killing 1.5 billion babies shit that is evil


      • on November 9, 2018 at 9:34 pm gunslingergregi

        if gonna do all that should only kill babies after they are born to keep the good ones


      • on November 9, 2018 at 9:35 pm gunslingergregi

        woman really that stupid lol wtf


  28. on November 10, 2018 at 1:22 am gunslingergregi

    wow California 467 out of total of 1982 officer involved shooting


    • on November 10, 2018 at 1:42 am gunslingergregi

      so shortage white woman and shortage white men bout mil a year
      being born
      so from 16 to 32 for white men
      16 mil white men
      how many alphas per hundred
      there been some female ods for sure but constant white dudes being killed
      chick over other day with ex was with white dude 7 years he just snorted some shit and died now she with a nog
      they killing white dudes or putting them in jail and getting the woman


    • on November 10, 2018 at 1:44 am gunslingergregi

      it kind of takes an alpha to not give a fuck about starting heroin knowing you allways gonna need loot


    • on November 10, 2018 at 1:45 am gunslingergregi

      betas the ones not doing drugs afraid of losing job not having money end up on street and such or get record


  29. There needs to be discontentment stirred among these women for these women. Naturally, women focus their anger more on other women than on men.


  30. I see the Democrats becoming the party of women and republicans becoming the party of men (with married white women). I don’t know if we will be able to get enough non white men or whether uni educated white suburban men will come back into the fold so we can compete. Interesting to see that Cruz reportedly got 40 % of Hispanic men.

    [CH: 40% is pretty much the ceiling in hispanic support for republicans. “we’ll make up in volume what we lose in sales!” writ large.]


    • “I see the Democrats becoming the party of women and republicans becoming the party of men (with married white women).”
      More like the Dems becoming exclusively the Party of GibsWanters, and the R’s becoming the party of theTaxBase. And one is getting bigger than the other. Like having a deer tick the size of a cow.


  31. They are arguing that the exit polling data is evidence of voter suppression. The exit polling data. Not the actual vote, the exit polling data. They don’t realize that these are two different things.

    These people are very, very dumb.


  32. […] Other realtalkers are picking up themes first discussed in the hallowed halls of this blog. The fact is, white women are a big part of left-wing activism. The original Women’s March, held the day after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, was mostly white women. The aggressive protests against Kavanaugh’s confirmation were driven by white women. On Tuesday, white women… — Read on… […]


  33. Last Shabbat we met with the tribe from mother’s side. My little cousins who are most of the times spoiled brats decided to go nagging the Dragon.
    Alas the more I shooed the more incited they got!
    So I laughed to my self, “What the hell, if I can’t smack them let’s show them who’s the king of the hill…”
    A pillow I took and thus began dispersing the (little) crowd, who seemed to be as terrified as much as ruptured.

    Lesson Goyim. Your degenerate wymyn are like little kids. game them instead of gaming vidja and crying in online forums.
    bonus: stop shoving cheeseburgers down your flap throats while prasing your descion to buy a truck and no faggy suv (as if ur wymyn care anyway) – it’s not Kosher.

    bonus 2:
    When you cry ‘but the devil created them for us pure whities!’ after your laughable Conspiracy claims (hint:they don’t qualify as theory) don’t pass logic tests, you just sound like a soygoy and a pussy