Uh oh.

“People are treating those phones like they are gods,” she said. “They’re bowing down to it at the table, bowing down to it when they’re walking. Here we say we don’t bow down to idols, and that’s getting dangerously close, I think.”

Story. Greg Cochran once wrote that the Amish exemplify the natural selection process he calls “boiling off”, meaning that every generation there’s a time in an Amish person’s life when he or she can choose to join “the English” (i.e., the outside world….haha if only the naive Amish knew how little of the “English” remain in America) or stay within the Amish fold. What happens is that a certain percentage of Amish leave (boil off) and what’s left behind is a community with distilled “Amishness”, more Amish than the previous generation with all the behavioral characteristics and beliefs that entails.

But it often happens that technology outpaces natural selection. What happens when the iBorg infects the Amish community with its iDivide algorithms faster than the Amish can boil off their least committed community members? You get what you see in the photo above: a portent of a fully assimilated and converged Amish holdout.

The good news: the Amish population has increased 150% in the last 25 years, thanks to their women marrying young and birthing a-plenty. I’d much rather the Amish inherit the future of America than the urban yenta shitlib cuntsortium and swarth swarms.

The bad news: iBorg will rapidly decrease Amish female fertility. And America will have lost something truly precious: a living memory of what this nation was like before it succumbed to the Globohomo contagion.


  1. End times.


    • on September 15, 2017 at 1:14 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

      Only end times if you see bikers circling Amish groups, Captain Morgan’s opened in one hand and hand on the throttle with the other. As long as the police and National Guard succor the Amish, they can go on their undisturbed way, getting tight virgin pussy and enjoying their all-white enclaves. Only the collapse and disintegration of White Nation-States would mean the end for them.

      Until then, it’s Amish in the endzone in the football game of life.


      • It wouldn’t be bikers circling them, it would be hordes of blacks gang raping da white wimmin.
        And yes in 30 years I can see it happening unless there’s a war and we win.
        Trump is not building a wall or ruthlessly driving out all illegals. He’s a liar. Just like Obama was the left’s wet dream who was a liar to them.


      • A friend of mine who grew up near Lancaster County said he would often see Amish biker gangs on the prowl. They belonged to the more liberal sects that kept the clothes but ditched the horses and buggies.

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  2. Shame, she has near perfect feminine features from this angle.


  3. Reminds me of those ads for Farmers Only, a dating site for rurals… allegedly.

    One of their more recent commercial has this chubby little negress, with obvious put-on country girl accent, talking to a White girl about “looking for a cowboy” or some such thing, and voila, a White stud shows up, and he and the negress smile happily towards one another, to the tune of that catchy jingle “You don’t have to be lonely, at Farmers Only dot com!”.

    Kiss my ass, sez I. Can’t (((shake mah haid))) enough.


    • The alt-right should create Framers Only, working to set the country back on track towards the original framers version.

      “Get a chance to live boldly, at Framers Only dot com.”

      Eh…needs to be workshopped some more.

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    • Want to say I’ve seen a ad recently that said Farmers Only isn’t just for farmers anymore it’s for everybody.


    • on September 17, 2017 at 8:21 am whereiscourtney

      Exclusively-catereed dating sites (ie. Farmers Only, Christian Mingle, Black People Meet) always get infiltrated and overrun by trolls. Even on subscription-only sites as well. Ridiculous…


  4. What next, a rumspringa app?

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  5. I’m curious to see what apps they come up with, at least. Imagine an Amish dating app. Just saying. Be only a matter of time before one girl shows her ankles, then the other will show some calf. Etc.


  6. on September 15, 2017 at 12:04 pm Wrong Side Luciano

    this why I love the homie varg

    technology creates the illusion of an advanced cultures

    hides the mental stuntedness

    the learned helplessness

    the enslavement to instant gratification and quick solutions

    mothafuckas have outsourced every aspect of their lives to machines and specialists


  7. I have a business repairing the iBorg
    Very very profitable
    I’d rather people buy more iBorgs


  8. OT

    Holy shit it looks like CH ghostwrote this Townhall article:

    Liberals Surrender to the Awesome Power of Conservative Sexiness

    When it comes to Trump men, Korey admits, “I can’t seem to stop, especially since the election.” I’ll bet she can’t. It’s only natural that once she tried a real man she got a taste for it. Somewhere deep in her subconscious, via the echoes of eons of evolution, her reptile cortex is telling her, “The guy who has the assault rifle and the muscles will be the better choice to father a brood of strong young warriors who can conquer the competing tribes, and you’ll be queen of the wasteland!” At the same time, her lizard brain is warning her, “That guy with the light blue Obama ‘HOPE’ shirt will probably scream and demand you come into the bathroom and kill the spider for him – assuming he is identifying as male that day.”

    So it’s no surprise that Korey stepped in to the MAGA camp because she is really on an unconscious quest to MAMMA – Make American Men Men Again. Sure, she says her Trump-centric crush “was ill-informed, sexist, and loved to start arguments with me,” but in the end, Korey chose him over some pajama-clad geebo who just wants to curl up in his room in mommy’s house, put on some Mumford & Sons, sip a hot cup of cocoa, and peruse the copy of “What Happened” he got for 40% off on Amazon.


  9. Doesn’t trouble me in the slightest. The ones who are predisposed to become electronic Junkies will boil off, leaving a stronger group behind.


    • on September 15, 2017 at 12:40 pm meistergedanken

      I think you missed CH’s point, so let me tweak it a little: what if all the women in an Amish community were injected multiple times with heroin? Do you think all the inevitable addicts – actual junkies – would “boil off, leaving a stronger group behind?” Think it through, FFS.

      That whole Social Darwinism thang doesn’t work if it occurs all at once in one generation. You get that, right?

      [CH: right that’s what i was saying. tech can advance, infiltrate, and divide a culture faster than “boiling off” can sustain that culture’s continuity.]


      • As with educating children these days, you can no longer “let things develop” or leave things to chance. I forbid smartphones and television in the house. Damn computer/internet is bad enough.

        I have very good reasons as to why, and when I face these questions I simply point out that day’s NSA or other hacking news story.

        The Amish have a much simpler reason, one that’s very easy to point out and demonstrate.

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      • on September 15, 2017 at 1:48 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

        @ Per

        It sounds like a reasonable parenting strategy, but what will you do at the point when constant embedded electrode-type links to the internet’s successor becomes widespread and ubiquitous, a la every kid has them in his head? Your kid will only be fit for the reservations of the world.


      • Sorcerygod Zillions there is going conspiracy theory on us but he does have a point.

        Cutting your kid off smart phones can in the long run potentially hinder their ability to compete if you are keeping them all a generation or two behind in technology.

        Native American’s may have been sturdier and better warriors, didn’t mean anything when the repeating rifle got made.


      • on September 15, 2017 at 8:29 pm Vagina dominator

        @ random guy “Cutting your kid off smart phones can in the long run potentially hinder their ability to compete if you are keeping them all a generation or two behind in technology.”

        A few things about this.

        1. What does a man “win” nowadays by immersing himself into this competition? What are the rewards? Family life? The love of a good woman? Rest and relaxation? A sense of achievement? Satisfying personal relationships? Pride in skill or workmanship?

        If you were saying “become a surgeon” or a veterinarian suggesting some skill area (pls, not fucking computers) , then maybe that is rewarding in various worthwhile ways, but to become an indebted office clown, the game is no longer worth the candle.

        2. I understand that people may think I am tedious on this subject, but the Modern Age is now coming quickly to a close. Teaching our children to cultivate callouses on their butts and sit up straight in the hope that teacher will choose their raised white hand from a sea of brown hands, well, that’s not going to work.

        We should all forget about raising another generation of children to serve the globohomo monster. Self reliance. Human-scaled skills. working with the hands and the brain together in a world where in the course of a day we use the *entire* body, standing up, squatting, walking, lifting and pulling as we solve practical and theoretical problems.

        Food-raiser, herder, carpenter, vet, tool maker, understander of basic engines.

        I can see that many engineering courses may be suitable.

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      • on September 15, 2017 at 8:31 pm Vagina dominator

        This white man is amazing. His site at https://primitivetechnology.wordpressDOTcom is really satisfying to watch.


      • CH, let me tweak your comment: “Right that’s what I was saying. Diversity can advance, infiltrate, and divide a culture faster than ‘boiling off’ can sustain that culture’s continuity.”


      • Primitive Technology is a great site. I watch it often. I want to teach my boy using it and try much of what he does out. I am keen on the earthen forge and kilns he makes. Learned how to make charcoal watching this. He makes his own stone axe and then uses it to make a whole house with a kiln, forge, earthen oven, a garden patch, sandals, etc. The house has a ceramic tile roof and is wattle and daub construction with a stone floor.


      • https://www.youtube.com/user/jastownsendandson

        This another good channel. It teaches how to preserve meat and other foods, cooking without electricity, making cheese, pickles, an earthen oven, rending lard, etc. Also has lots of good recipes. This is a chance to learn how good British food can actually be. The only pot you really need is a Dutch oven.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 4:34 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        Damn computer/internet is bad enough.

        I know, right? I mean, look at this place!


  10. I live near enough to Lancaster to visit on a whim if I wanted to. It’s tourist-y but the Amish who live there are pretty genuine. My dad comes from way up in NY state near a small but isolated Amish community. When I visit relatives, the differences in the two Amish worlds are apparent.

    Amish believe that some technology can serve them, as a bridge between them and “us”. Some is necessary, if they’re to travel our roads, etc.

    It’s quite strange to me to see any Amish with a smart phone of any type, for any reason…but in the case of Lancaster Amish, at least, I’ve long since figured they’re putting on a show.

    The Witness was all about corrupting their culture.


    • It might be worth noting that the girl(s) pictured might not actually be Amish but rather Mennonite. The Mennonites are a more technologically forward group, but they maintain the same sense of dress and preference against cosmetics.


  11. In fairness though she’s probably Mennonite, they’re waaaayyyyy more lax about tech in their lives. Like the Hasidim. Dress, outward behavior is culturally simple but actual life is high tech.


  12. Sure they’re not Mennonites?

    [CH: the jew york times identified them as amish, so if the pics show mennonites you can blame their editors.]


    • on September 15, 2017 at 1:12 pm Hackett To Bits


    • The NYT is never wrong/duplicitous/deflective in its reporting!


    • on September 15, 2017 at 2:29 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      There were plenty of Mennonites where I grew up. They were divided between old order and new order. New order would drive cars, but the car had to be painted totally black. Some even had internet, but the electricity had to be coal or wood fire powered. Old order were horse and buggy. There’re many Mennonites from Manitoba; most have assimilated and their only connection to the group is through attending church. Their church leadership have become big pushers of importing low-IQ, inbred, Muslim Syrian refugee welfare parasites. They don’t even prioritize Syrian Christians – apparently that’s not a Christian thing to do. Fuck ’em.


    • Who am I to question the knowledge of a 24 year old junior junior editor.


  13. The head covering type indicates that these women may be Old Order Mennonites rather than Amish. The Mennonites have a more permissive attitude toward technology than the old order Amish.


  14. Over the course of the last decade, a significant Amish community has gotten established a short distance from my farm in south-central Michigan.

    The bad news is…..most of the girls/women are porkers. Sad.

    [CH: that’s surprising. i would have thought all that field work and healthy eating assured a slender and supple womanhood, but maybe the awful western diet and the associated chemfare has finally snaked its way into the amish microbiome.]

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    • on September 15, 2017 at 1:19 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

      Just transfer a bigger load of chores onto their feminine shoulders. More lifting and carrying (builds those tight glutes Heartiste was raving about in one article) and for cardio, some combination of carrying milk long distances over the shoulders and bend and shovel of hay in barns. X.


    • You sure they weren’t all pregnant? 😉


    • CH, Amish life might be simple in many ways, but their food is full of sugar and refined flour combined with lard.

      The fat + carb combo on overload is the kiss of death for many people, especially those maladapted to metabolizing fructose.

      Amish women mightn’t get as much exercise as you think. Fieldwork is for men. Women do the work of raising and feeding everyone else. What food the men can inhale and stay thin, the women cannot else they run to fat.

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    • on September 15, 2017 at 2:36 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      I think a great deal of their time is spent siting: canning/preserving, knitting, talking, minding children, peeling potatoes. Not a lot of movement. And indeed, lots of pies full of flour/lard, bread.


  15. I noticed a difference today in how the London terrorist attack was reported. My sources (Fox, Breitbart, BBC, Facebook, Gulag) it was nowhere near the proir level of reporting.
    Just wonder if this is a new strategy.

    ‘Nothing to see here goy, this is the new norm’

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    • Like the excuse (((they))) use for underreporting negro crime, muslim violence is no longer newsworthy due to common occurrence,

      Dog bites man = not news.

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      • on September 15, 2017 at 1:39 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

        The MSM is in a difficult bind. Most of the news of the world works against their Jointly Agreed Cultural Narrative. It goes beyond spin; the Mainstream Media has to actively distort. For example, there must be tons of footage of black gangbangers firing pistols, but how much gets shown? But with the Internet, this is easily accessible.

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  16. on September 15, 2017 at 2:16 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    They’re good people. But I’ve never seen a hot Amish /Mennonite/Hutterite/Shaker girl. Granted, They’re incredibly dowdy/fusty in their appearance, but even their faces don’t seem to excite me. Then again, perhaps I’d have a different opinion if I saw that dowdy 19 year old not in modest clothes at the farmer’s market but laying before me, with a wedding dress thrown acrosst the room.

    CO, a noted proponent of the Amish, may be able to weigh in here.


    • If they bred with white outsiders just once and then returned to the fold, their looks would improve considerably. Good-looking babies. Many hotties would be created. I’m certain of it.


    • Terrifying considering the likelihood that she never thought about shaving.

      Do Amish girls even shave their legs? Maybe they’re like the French


      • on September 16, 2017 at 5:22 pm whereiscourtney

        It varies depending on the community, their rules and the respective girl’s personal preference. If allowed by church elders and a girl desires to shave, it’s highly doubtful she shaves her private parts.


  17. the transistor is both the greatest and worst invention of the 20th century.


  18. As much as the Amish get right, rejection of technology never leads people anywhere. It reminds me of the last refuges of proto humans living on the sentinel islands who throw spears at helicopters.

    It’s the lack of discipline and weariness of technology that sucks people in. Whatever alphas manage to come from the millennials need to shame their sons away from being teleporn-addicted omegas. The risk of getting sucked into the supermachine and drowned forever is too high to not.

    People always overdo technology when it first comes out, then go all Luddite, then find a better middle ground.


  19. I think the Amish are on the money with seeing the outside world as “The English”. English culture is the bedrock of progressivism.


    • Wouldn’t surprise me; English were big on conquering and enterprise.

      Conquering gets you access to plenty of land and resources with people who work damn near free or full on slave labor.

      “Progress-ism” is a good way to get more workers to compete against one another than you had before. Why business often supported that kind of stuff.

      Why pay for two train cars when you can have one to carry both whites and blacks? Get women to work and you double the amount of workers competing for the same jobs.

      Be pro-immigration and you can just ship in millions upon millions of them.


  20. Amish Paradise indeed


    • The best part of that parody was that Coolio got upset that Yankovic covered his song.

      I churn butter once or twice
      Living in an amish paradise.


    • on September 15, 2017 at 7:59 pm Vagina dominator

      Hate to jump on guys contributing positively in the comment section but to me this is just another image of the overwhelming psychological submission to Jew overlordship (yes, a ship used in Operation Overlord).

      Why the fuck did a man allow himself to be sent from his life and family Ohio to die in Normandy?

      Whites fighting whites? Whites killing whites? So Jews can rule?

      Isn’t it about time that white men started saying

      First: What’s in it for me?
      Second: What’s in it for my k1ds?
      Third: What’s in it for my extended [email protected]?
      Fourth: What’s in it for whites who think and live like me?

      And if someone says to you “But ism this and ism that” just tell them “Fuck off with that bullshit kike.”

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  21. on September 15, 2017 at 7:52 pm Vagina dominator

    The part about “bowing down” strikes a chord with me. All of our computer-directed activities require an unhealthy and submissive posture.

    Think of a man sitting before a computer at a desk, oriented left to right, his hands on the keyboards. Rotate pic 90 degrees. He is now in the correct position to face Mecca, bowed down in submission.

    My point is this: the brain receives constant feedback from the body. Hours spent in submissive postures mean – to the brain – that we are submissive people.

    Healthy men will not submit to this habit.


  22. I’ve always had kind of mixed feelings about the amish. I think think the lifestyle of living off the land, being loyal to your kin and tribe and having big families is cool but they strike me as kind of hypocritical. They don’t want to be worldly but they have no qualms using money and doing business with outsiders. I dunno.
    I can’t think of anything more worldly than the dollar, and it seems like the amish have quite a few of those.

    Also the self imposed restrictions on technology seem completely arbitrary. If you are ok using metalworking to make a plow, and bwnefit from all the mechanical advantages of that, by what rationale would you not also be able to form that same metal into a tractor? Maybe one that runs on ethanol which you produced yourself. Just seems kind of dumb.


    • I gives these old order sects credit though – they use our dollar but they don’t give money to the (((bankers))) if they can avoid it. Thrifty, save, all loans are done through the church, no interest paid.

      Tribal much like the khazars. Do anything for a tribesman, but be shrewd with everyone else. Tight fisted but less devious.


      • And they’re a good example of how much we could all prosper if none of us were debt slaves to bankers (inflation excluded of course).


      • “No interest”

        Except 10% of everything. I guess that is better than getting raped by (((credit card companies))).


    • They adopt things if it helps the comnunity; shun if they perceive it won’t. A tractor with rubber tires will spend more time on the road travelling away from the community.

      They get legalistic though. I knew old guys who made money taking Amish by van to shopping centers a few counties over.


      • Yeah. It’s a weird cult. I had some Amish guys come do some work and they showed up in a truck with power tools and everything. They claimed they didn’t own the truck, and tools and stuff and therefore it was ok. I think the church decides everything and can get very creative and flexible with what is acceptable, especially when there is money involved.

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  23. Its probably very liberal New Order Amish doing this. Troubling, but the Amish are a very varied group, and then there are Mennonites. It will be a cold day in hell before the Old Order use cell phones.

    I held out forever not having a cell phone. I still kind of hate them, but I finally broke a couple years ago because of women. Its difficult to get them to commit to anything in person and a lot of game is impossible without being able to text. How the hell did we survive before telephones at all?


  24. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it’s the young girls and women pushing this nonsense the most. If the men of the community don’t get a lock down on their women – and I mean NOW – they’re going to have to watch their entire way of life dissolve in less then a generation.
    Just like we did.


  25. They’re a bunch of cousin marry-ers, though.


  26. My parents live around 2 Amish communities. I was actually stunned to see an Amish girl in the pic with a cell phone. The two communities that live down the road from my parents ban their children from tech. The 1st time they get to use a cellphone is when they get to “go wild.” I can’t remember the name of it, but they get to be free from the communities for a time when they turn 16, & see if they want to be Amish or go into the real world.
    I’ve talked to several teenagers over the years participating in this activity. I’ve only met 2 former Amish who stayed in the modern world. The technology shock and cultural shock is too much for most of them to handle.
    They make great stuff too. One community builds furniture and car ports. I witnessed a 10 yr old kid and his father build a covered carport in about an hour. Absolutely impressive. They 2nd community makes absolutely awesome dairy products and soaps. A lot of local women get their products for organic food desires and exfoliating soaps.
    The social conventions they place on the kids are awesome.


    One response said he had one in Michigan where they are all fatties. It’s not like that in Tennessee where my parents are. They women are ridiculously hot in a natural sense. It’s a common joke around my parents town that a man should get a hot Amish girl. They look awesome in the face. Pretty, no clown face makeup, and very delicate/feminine.